Contact Earthlink Customer Service

Contact Earthlink Customer Service

Contacting Earthlink Customer Service Center

Earthlink is an Internet service provider that started in the Internet game in 1994. In the beginning the company offered dial-up Internet as the sole means of connecting your home with the web, but times have changed and technology has expanded well beyond dial-up access. Today, Earthlink offers dial-up, high-speed Internet and wireless Internet via a 4G connection. There are various plans available, including pre-paid plains though dial-up access requires a home phone.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are various phone numbers for Earthlink customer service, including numbers for business Internet support. There are no hours of operation listed. Some customer service, including customer service for cable Internet access, should be addressed by your local cable provider and not Earthlink customer service.

  • Customer Sales: 1-888-328-5885
  • Customer Service: 1-888-327-8454
  • Corporate: 1-404-815-0770
  • Web Hosting: 1-800-955-0186
  • Mail Station: 1-866-874-2071
  • Fax: 1-404-795-1034
  • Software Support: 1-800-817-5508
  • Business High-Speed Internet Access: 1-888-698-4357

Mailing Address

If you have a problem with Earthlink customer service you may want to advance your contact beyond the customer service center. In this case it is best to write to the corporate headquarters for resolution. Include all former contact details in your letter to give the corporate office a better picture of how you’ve been treated to date.

EarthlinkAttn: Customer Service1375 Peachtree St. Atlanta, GA 30309

You can also contact Earthlink customer service by mail to make a payment or termination your account.

EarthlinkAttn: PaymentsP.O. Box 790216St. Louis, MO 63179


EarthlinkAttn: Terminations1375 Peachtree St. Level AAtlanta, GA 30309

Official Website

The consumer website for Earthlink customer service is available at If you are a consumer choose the Residential Solutions link. Businesses must choose the Business Solutions link. These links take you to the dedicated websites for each service. If you already have an account with Earthlink, log in to your account at

Customer Service Email

You can contact Earthlink customer service by email using the company feedback form. According to a message on the form from Earthlink, the company takes feedback very seriously, but this does not mean all issues are best addressed via email. For pressing issues like billing and connectivity, calling customer service is best.

Customer Service:

Our Experience

Earthlink customer service is accessible via a voice-activated automated system. If you fail to answer the questions posed by the recording wait and a list of options will follow. Press 2 for billing, 4 for technical support or 5 for 4G support. After about 1:30 we made it through the automated system before being placed on hold for the next customer service agent. Our call was answered at 2:14 by a customer service representative with a strong accent. We had trouble understanding the agent, so we called back and tried a second time, but the second agent – this time in sales – also had a strong accent.

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