Contact Dyson Customer Service

Contact Dyson Customer Service

Contacting Dyson Customer Service Center

Dyson is a cleaning company that revolutionized the vacuum cleaner and household fan. Dyson is adept at taking old favorites used around the home and turning them into technological marvels.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Dyson customer service department is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. All hours are CST. When calling customer service for product support, make sure to have your model number handy so the customer service representative can call up the product guide for your Dyson product. If you do not have the product number handy keep the Dyson product close by and the agent can help you locate the product number.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-693-9766

Mailing Address

If you want to write to Dyson customer service you can address your letter to the US office of the Dyson company. If you are having problems with your Dyson product you should contact the service number listed in your product guide or the support line as contacting Dyson customer service by mail does not guarantee return contact.

Dyson Attn: Customer Service600 W. Chicago Ave. Ste. 275Chicago, IL 60654

Official Website

We found the official Dyson website online at The website serves as a sales page for new and upcoming Dyson products. If you need assistance, you can visit the support page at There is general contact information on the page, but customers will also find an inquiry search box. The inquiry search box acts as a routing system for emails and customer contact.

Customer Service Email

Current and potential Dyson customers can contact Dyson customer service by email with questions about specific models or Dyson products in general. The Questions email address is the best means of getting answers quickly. If you want to use the online contact form visit and choose Consumer Inquiries from the dropdown menu under Specific Inquiries. Choose your topic on the Why dropdown menu and fill in the details of your communication in the email box provided.

Customer Service:

Our Experience

Dyson customer service is available by phone. You can press 0 as soon as the call is answered to skip the first part of the automated system, but you will need to choose your product from the next set of options. Choose 1 for upright vacuums, 2 for handheld vacuums or fans, 3 for general questions or 4 for open requests. We pressed 3 and our call was placed on hold for a customer service agent. We waited on hold for more than six minutes before a customer service agent answered our call.

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2 Comments on “Contact Dyson Customer Service
  1. How can you continue to show the commercial that shows the canister vac picking up and holding a bowling ball?? I own this machine and it has already lost its suction power and NEVER could have picked up a bowling ball–I have had pieces replaced twice and still this is a cheap piece of junk!!!!!!! Very dissatisfied customer and will be warning everyone !!!

  2. Thank you for the speedy delivery of my Dyson hose. The young lady who took the order was very thorough, informative, and gracious. I am very pleased, and can say like many other Dyson owners “I can’t live without my Dyson”.

    Thank you Mary D. Leas

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