Contact DTE Energy Customer Service

Contacting DTE Energy Customer Service Center

DTE Energy is an energy corporation that does much more than sell electricity and natural gas. Most customers are familiar with the companies subsidiaries in Michigan – Detroit Edison and MichCon. Whether you want to contact one of the subsidiaries or the main corporate office, much of the customer service information is listed as being exactly the same.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service for DTE Energy is available from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday and 8 AM to 2 PM Saturday.

  • Detroit Edison and MichCon: 1-800-477-4747
  • Electric Emergency: 1-800-477-4747
  • Gas Emergency: 1-800-947-5000
  • Miss Dig: 811
  • Meter Covers (Gas): 1-800-843-6283
  • Energy Theft: 1-800-441-6698
  • Home Protection: 1-800-556-0011
  • DTE Corporate: 1-734-302-4800

Mailing Address

Along with the corporate phone number there is also a corporate mailing address. If you are sending documents for an energy program or you need to send financial documents you’ll need to contact the department requesting these documents by phone for the proper mailing address. This address should not be used for time sensitive customer communication.

DTE Energy
One Energy Plaza
Detroit, MI 48226

DTE Energy Resources
414 S. Main St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Official Website

The official company site is located at This is the page where customers can register for account access, log in to pay their bill or contact customer service about a specific billing or account concern. Phoning an agent is the fastest means of resolving customer service needs.

Customer Service Email

There is no clear cut DTE Energy customer service email address or form, but there is a help page designed to get you where you need to go. If you have a complaint, simply click the File a Complaint link and send along your message. If you need help you’ll need to do a bit more work. Choose the topic to the right and read through all the topics listed. You will not find a general customer service email form. Once you get mad enough about the fact that there’s no form you can click on the complaint link and send a complaint with your issue.

If you’re interested in a quick contact, but you don’ t want to wait for an email, contact DTE Energy using Twitter or Facebook.

Our Experience

The DTE Energy system is easy to navigate. Press 0 then press 1 for residential customers. Then press 5 for something else and finally press 4 for a customer service representative. With all that out of the way you have to wait for a DTE Energy customer service agent and that could continue for more than 10 minutes. We were warned at the beginning of the call that wait times were long. The music was horrendous, but we managed to wait on hold for more than seven minutes before the call was finally answered. We asked the customer service representative if the payment address for central Michigan was the same as the mailing address for the upper peninsula.

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87 Comments on “Contact DTE Energy Customer Service
  1. I recently heard that DTE will pick up used or old appliances. Who do I contact if this information is correct?

  2. Hello I had a surpris today ; my mail to you came back and it said Unknow . Moved . well I address it again and I hope you get it in 2 days. I am waiting for answers.sincerly s.melvin

  3. It’s not my fault that the new meters could not be installed the D T E way but I do know I’m not going to be estimated,stand for pop up meter readers I’m handicap give me notice

  4. Yesterday while at a stoplight on Plainfield Avenue, in Grand Rapids, Michigan I witnessed a DTE Energy van bearing the #851703 / and license plate #CD81657 flick a cigarette out the window and it almost struck the car next to it. This discusted me, and I immediatly took a photo.

    Not only is it rude, and unprofessional to flick anything towards another vehicle, its also ILLEGAL to litter.

    Very unimpressed

  5. When the line crew repaired the pole on my property they unfortunately left me with big trenches in my yard from the truck. Am I responsible to fix all that or will you take care of it? Also, Comcast cannot re connect their line to the pole (get it off the ground so I can cut up the fallen trees and cut the grass) until another pole is addressed on my neighbors property. And are the trees my issue or yours? It’s been that way since the first storm that left us without power for 5 days. That was about six weeks ago. I know you are busy but I would like to resolve these issues. Thanks

  6. When DTE comes to fix a wire and they trim a tree in my yard, are they supposed to take the branches with them? A chopper was there but they left my backyard filled with all the branches. We were home the entire they were there. No one came to talk to us. Why would a chipper be there if not to dispose of the branches?

  7. was supposed to have appliance pick up on oct. 1 between 11am and3pm .stayed home no pick up yet this is Oct 2 at ll:44. thank you closing garage door now

  8. So, since you didn’t do it, I should take the branch down above the power line?. Okay I’ll have a friend do it tomorrow. I hope he doesn’t hurt himself (k, actually it’s me — I think I know what to do)

  9. I was having partial & no power for about a week, within a couple days a line was replaced and power restored. Customer service was great & understanding with my concerns. The linemen alerted me of their presence and completed their job. Thumbs Up
    for DTE.

  10. Your customer service number during power outage. Was of little or no use to the customer and left me literally in the DARK….YOU SUCK”!

  11. I have been without power for 12 hours, I can look out my window and see homes with power across the street…iam sitting here in the dark freezing.every body has power north east west and south of my street!

  12. You keep calling me related to a billing error – the full amount due will be automatically deducted from my account this month. Please stop calling me.

  13. You keep calling me related to a billing error – the full amount due will be automatically deducted from my account this month. Please stop calling me.

  14. I contacted DTE via my phone this morning to report our power was out in half our home and I kid you not within the hour there was someone out to fix the problem! We are very pleased with the fast response Dte! You guys always try to get out and fix the problem ASAP! This is not the first time our power has gone out. Whenever we have high winds our streets power always goes out. Usually within 24-48 you gave us up and running!!!Thanks so much !!!!

  15. I contacted DTE via my phone this morning to report our power was out and I kid you not within the hour there was someone out to fix the problem! We are very pleased with the fast response Dte! You guys always try to get out and fix the problem. This is not the first time our power has gone out. Thanks so much

  16. Both your file a complaint link and get help pages are not available. I have talked to 5 reps and contacted AMI at the advice of the last rep only to find they take care of gas meters. I have been billed for an estimated amount for 3 times what my bill would be because the meter for apartment 301 at 1200 Colony Lane in Pontiac, MI, is not working and I was told there is no opening to fix it until April 7th. One of the reps said he would do his best to move up the repair date, but he has not called me back to let me know his results. That call was made on Feb. 20th. I am disappointed in the way DTE has handled this situation and hope for action soon.

  17. I would like to know how do we send in a Direct Energy Draft to DTE Energy. If we are a customer in Muskegon Mi.?

  18. We just received our bill and it was Estimated. Why did it get estimated so high. We have NEVER had a bill like this.I went out and read it today and its only at 8145, it was estimated a week ago at 8707. WHY ???? Our bill is now $308.45 , This is terrible. For one month and we haven,t even been using the furnace as we have a wood stove now.

  19. My gas meter had a leak and I called the special DTE gas leak line. I had very prompt, courteous customer service including some important safety tips. Bob from field service showed up right away and stayed to replace my leaking meter even though he had another leak problem to solve tonight. He also reminded me that shrubs/plantings should not be placed within a foot and half of the meter. He didn’t hurt mine but now that I know that I will replant else where. Anyway, both customer service and field service did a great job. Very impressive. Thanks DTE….

  20. Moved to AZ in 2012. Recently received a refund check (can’t recall time lapse–a couple of months ago maybe). But here’s the thing: (you tracked me to HI where I finally got this refund check).
    But today I received a collection letter claiming I owe $26.62. I feel this is a scam. Please respond and let me know if I owe you money–and why has it been since 2012 since I hear from you?

  21. A 2 inch in diameter tree limb is hovering 5 inches above DTE’s power line. They said they would come and take care of it and not to touch it because if we damage their line it’s our responsibility. I also said it’s very dangerous too, he agreed. This was over a week ago and the limb and danger to my home is still there. the supervisors I have spoke to either lie and then are unavailable, they don’t call back or are just plain rude and refuse to allow me to talk to their manager. I went to the complaint link on the website and surprise the “page is unavailable”.

  22. Wow.. I’ve had service for at least 8years, never been shut off and DTE finds it helpful to report $128.00 to my credit report.. That sucks! Especially when they have customers who owe thousands of dollars.. This company sucks! Wish consumers had an alternative company

  23. A gas leak was detected almost a month ago from our gas line ,and no has taken care of it. The gentleman that came out to check it said it wasn’t serious, and someone would call in about three weeks . I haven’t headed from anyone yet. Can this gas leak get worse ? Were the leak is at the grass is brown ! I haven’t been able to relax or sleep good at night partly due to knowing we have a gas leak. If it’s not bad ,shouldn’t it get fixed before it gets bad? I’ve heard were people had gas leaks and gas company knew or had come out and the next thing the house blew up !!!
    Please take care of this …….please !!!

  24. I want to pass along thanks and compliments to Mr. Frierson in field team 1113.
    During a storm last year, the security wire in our power line was broken loose from the pole. The power line was intact and we had power. I reported the issue but nothing happened. DTE had bigger problems.
    This evening a service truck was stopped by my house and I went and asked Mr. Frierson if this was something that needed to be fixed and if I should place a new call. He offered to fix it on the spot and did so. He was quick, efficient and is a wonderful public relations example.
    Thank you.

  25. I have a problem with my D.T.E. Service being disconnected over less than $40 the total was 147.00 and 3 weeks ago i opened the account and lights are off all ready .While I have a illness that cause me to need my electricity for my C.PAP machine which Im being punished by my practitioners and also being denied prescribed treatments because of the mistake D.T.E and thaw made by choosing to get a business account mixed up with and residential account.Also information needed to restore my services was faxed by my health services last Thursday and still no electricity with no machine running that implies its very much needed.And still no call stating confirmation of Medical Verification Faxed placed on the last Thursday of August .Food that was just bought is no good also smelly molded clothes which was in the process being dried. I feel like there taking advantage of people they know have apparent disabilities and also should be some reimbursement options for food gone bad which was not the fault of the consumers which keep you”ll in business of your Monopoly.

  26. I’ve lost my bill, Can someone contact me. It’s a first time bill for new service. I had questions about the bill, sent an email, no one responded, now I can’t find the bill to pay it. Lets see if I get a response this time.

  27. I pay my bill online. Went to schedule it for November 19th and it was withdrawn on October 30th. Then I get an email saying that same amount will be withdrawn on November 19th several days later. What number can I call to get this straightened out? I specifically changed the date online for the due date which was November 19th.

  28. Once again, we lost power as a result of what we believe is a poor distribution scheme. We are located at 2450 and 2471 Wyoming.
    I may be off by one, but I believe 9 of the last 10 outages are a result of maintenance/accident issues with a pair of underground feeders, across from the Cummins dealer on Wyoming and distribution heading south toward our facility.
    These events cost in the neighborhood of $250,000, EACH time.
    Trucks hit the poles seems to be the most prevalent issue that has caused outages at our ready-to-eat food plant.
    Our Maintenance Manager has attempted to get answers from DTE on every occasion, looking for a root-cause solution. Generally, he gets the proverbial run-around and never gets an answer that indicates DTE is working on this costly reliability issue
    The root fix obviously has not yet been discovered since we had another event last night. I do not have a cost on it, but it will be in the $250,000 range.
    This is completely unacceptable.
    Is DTE ever going to fix this? Drive down Wyoming, south of the where the feeders come up from the ground. Poles are leaning, parts are hanging, it is not right. With all the truck traffic, one would thing underground would be the way to go.
    Can SOMEBODY please help us?!


  30. dte did not give me all the correct information i needed to re-enroll in a shut off protection plan and it put my children and i in a bad situation and at risk for my lights and gas to be cut off. i have an agency willing to pay $1700 on my behalf if dte will enroll me in a shut of protection plan. but dte will not enroll me in a protection plan if the agency does not make a commitment first. so that leaves me in a bad way. however they will cut my gas and lights off if they dont receive the $1700 but they not willing to put me on a plan so that they can receive it. not to mention i all ready paid them $4000 this year alone. i am sickened at how they wont work with me but requires so much from me, and i have paid them faithfully.

  31. not to mention i spoke with dte multiple times over the past month and yet still nothing has happened. i am so disappointed with them and theyre actions to a paying customers.

  32. I signed up for the appliance agreement and pay $19.95 per month. My refrigerator went out last night so called thinking someone could be here the next day. I was told the earliest would be next Monday which is 7 days away!! I wish I had signed up with Consumers Power as I had them before and their service was much faster. I realize that you have power outages to deal with but the other customers suffer because of that. Now my food is going to spoil and I am seriously thinking of just buying another refrigerator instead of waiting for them to come out here. I am really disappointed in DTE’s appliance service program and consider it to be a ripoff! When they want you to sign up they tell you how wonderful the program is and when you call for help it is a completely different situation! Please respond to this email ASAP!

  33. Ones, I had access to “File a complain” link and I sent it, but I didn’t received any answer to it. I wanted to send one more time but I could not get access to it !!?? Therefore, I will send it now, may be somebody will care.
    Second time complain Jan 8, 2016
    I enrolled in e-billing in Feb 2011 not to worry about due dates/late payments/shutoff. Trusting DTE system I didn’t check my statements/payments each month. BIG MISSTAKE!! First, in 2013-2014 ??? for 3 mos I wasn’t charged, my e-bill agreement was canceled by DTE without my approval or knowledge. I found out when I received the shutoff warning. Sure I was totally surprised and unhappy. Then I agreed to pay extra each month to cover the previous charges ($165/mo). Even so it was reported to my credit report as collection ruining my credit score. Second, in Aug 2014 I was enrolled in a shutoff protection program without being asked. I have hard time to pay my bills the way it is; how I will agree to pay extra when I cannot afford and also being enrolled in e-bill program. Third, I talked with a DTE representative, explaining the situation and asking to give me the proof of accepting the protection program and copies of all statements for 2013, 2014, 2015 because I cannot retrieve them on web. I received a letter with 14 rows and 4 BLANK columns !!!??? It was a jock ?? Not funny for me. On Dec 1st, 2015 and Dec 28th ???!!!! I was charged again $212. Therefore, I will cancel the e-bill to avoid the problems. I still want the docs requested and refund for the program I was enrolled without my agreement. Thank you.

  34. Your DTE Insight mobile application is not user friendly, is not easy to register, sign in or use. This is easily the worst application I have experienced, which is unfortunate considering how beneficial the app could be for consumers. The app repeatedly tells me my user id is not on file, when I try to register and create a user id it tells me this user id is already in use. I’ve wasted hours trying to register and sign in, I would rate this app a 0 on the scale of 10.

  35. I have called several times to have DTE Energy (on the caller id 800-477-4747) stop calling my telephone number (616-361-6315) looking for a Michael Kern. I have been told twice now by your customer service people that the calls will be stopped but they have not. I am now compiling a list of dates and times to turn over to an attourney to see what remedies are available for harassing calls. Since it is an incoming robo-call I can not directly tell anyone to stop calling me on there. I have already attempted to have you stop by calling in and talking to customer service reps. Now it is time to seek legal assistance. I have been told I may be able to collect some money for each call. We will see.

  36. I got a check the other day from DTE ELectric Company from energy plaza detroit for ($187.53 ) what is this for is it for a bill or to spend please let me know i don,t understand what this is for

  37. My son’s gas was cut off last fri due to a gas leak. Note on his door said it was fixed, but he needed to call to get it turned back on. he has tried for four days to reach some one to turn his gas back on, what is he supposed to do ? Today he was on hold for over an hour and never got a reply are a voice or nada, Can’t you people answer your phone???? He goes to work at 5 a.m. & gets home after 4:30 p,m, Tell us what do we do?

  38. I have been waiting for 8 weeks for DTE to fix the damage they did to my lawn while installing cable. I have called five times, listened to a total of 57 minutes of “Musak”, and been promised three times that I would get a call back. NOTHING has been done. Bluntly, DTE does not care about anything except getting a monthly check from customers. They are allowed a monopoly so can do as they damn well please…to hell with the customer. I will bet if they dug up the lawn of CEO Gerab Andersons lawn

  39. hi, i need to send you my photo ID . i have e-mail address but its not work.i need correct e-mail address. please send me as soon as possible. thanks a lot.

  40. I want to thank all your workers for their efforts. I did not expect to get my power back so soon and I am very grateful. Please pass this along if that is possible and tell them to keep their chins up the end will come!!!!

  41. Just wanted to say “thank you” to all involved in getting power restored. Your outage app. was almost to the minute!

  42. I have been calling for three days to discuss my bill and I have been unable to speak to anyone. I have called at different times of the day. DTE is charging me automatically still even though I no longer live in my apartment

  43. my daughter lives at 1159 Edward st vassar mi and she needs a tech out there now she has gas leaking into her apt

  44. You guys took too much money out of my account over a month ago and you only paid me back for part of it. Here we are a month later and I still don’t have all my money back and no one can tell me when I will get paid.

  45. We did the online report for power outage and within 30 minutes (on a Sunday) someone was here. We have multiple homes without power and we are most impressed with the response. Thank you very much on this Sunday, muggy evening for getting out here and working on the problem.

  46. I’ve tried to contact you about an electric outage. I can get no response. Please advise me what to do.

  47. I am having trouble with my electric coverage.. unfortunately your phone number will not address my problem. When will we get power restored???

  48. I have reported about 5-6 sparkles traveling along the public wires/cables on 6/22/2017. It has been more than a month; your team has totally ignored it.

    Obviously, it doesn’t affect our house and supply directly and immediately; I just try to be a good citizen to report any potential hazard.

    Now, I learned to be not so annoying, letting everything/big event happening, pointing fingers to the system, playing waiting games, etc.

  49. dte replace a meater and something els on july 26 now my air contion dose not work I have call three times, on the phone for 45mim, today aug 1st no air.

  50. I would like to know why a dte energy pickup truck and rubbered wheel dump trailer are being used at a private residence to do roofing job? Can I get a dump trailer from dte energy to do some stuff around my house?

    • i have had my daughter use my idendty to get power from dte…i have dealt with them since 5/2015…they have sent this bill to 2 different agangies for debt colection….i have sent them many responsive and the first debt colection agengy took it off my credit….then they sold it to another colection agenecy….now i am dealing with that this has been ongoing since 2015….also contacted a att…stil nothing done…u call and they give u numbers to call…either u wait on line for a long time or u get a recording…that say leave ur number and they will call u back well will see…

  51. Anyone else ever try to call the business assistant phone number and CONSTANTLY, and I mean CONSTANTLY get the residential. The residential people give me the same phone number I’ve been calling for the business side, apparently the business department is SO busy it reroutes to residential, but then residential can’t transfer you over to business, nor handle your business matters. You can call at 2pm in the afternoon and they say try to call them back in the morning, you call them at 9am they tell you to call back in the afternoon. So there is pretty much ZERO chances of reaching the business assistance line at DTE because they must have ONE person in the room handling the business calls, absolutely ridiculous. I’ve had such a big issue with their new system they updated for my home meters and now having to try and deal with them on the business side of things is just pathetic. Soooo if anyone on the business side wants to give me a call, you can email me for my phone number. Thanks!

  52. This is Sept 5 9am in the morning and dte is not answering the phones it isnow 10:03 am and i cant get any customer service at all.They keep transferring me,Is this company being mismanaged,They have not sent me a bill since april 2017.

  53. I have called and talk to a rep about being billed for an account that I do not have with you. I live and have always lived in New York State and do not know anyone in Detroit, MI. I received a bill by email from you that says I have an account with you.for Detroit, MI. I do not know where this place is and have never been there. I ask the rep to send me form to fill out but he said he couldn’t without my social security last four digits. I do not give this out over the phone as per the government. If you check out the address of me you well find it is New York State and has always been. I would like to get this taken care of fast, please send me the forms I need to stop this billing and for you to find the right people to bill.

  54. Just want to let you know how pleased we were with the service we received from DTE on Sunday, November 5, 2017.

    We lost power to half of our home the morning of November 5, 2027. My husband reported the outage and followed our outage updates.

    The recovery times varied from 11:30 am November 6, 2017, to 9:30 pm November 5, 2017.

    At 9:00 pm November 5, 2017, a DTE employee was knocking on our door to let us know he was here to fix our outage and we would temporarily lose our power.

    He explained the reason for the outage and informed us that all was working except for our stove and that unfortunately it might be a couple of days before our stove would be working.

    My husband said the gentleman was a very nice man. We were so pleased with the service we received on November 5 because we were not expecting any recovery until the next day. Thank you!

    On Monday, November 6, at 10:00 an we lost complete power.

    I saw a DTE truck in front of our home and DTE employees working in our yard. I was so pleased and impressed.

    Two hours later (12:00 pm) our power was resumed, and our stove was working.

    I thanked the gentleman (Brandon) for all he did and how much I appreciated such prompt service which I was not expecting.

    My husband and I are very pleased with the prompt, courteous service we received—both the gentleman on Sunday evening and Brendan on Monday morning.

    Our Thanjd yo DTE.

  55. I neeed to enroll in shut off proteciton plan at 8423 Cochise drive, under name michael plante. We are to pay 128 monthly, and I paid 150, however i couold not get the 51 dollars on nov 27, and i hope this does not create a problem. My husband and I are VERY DISABLED with two disabled teens and a 9 year old. It is the holiday season, and we are losing our home. Please set me up on a payment plan, for 128 a month. I also should mention my husband is a senior, with PTSD from Vietnam,and we can only afford the 150 this month.Please pass this message to someone in billing, I could not find your email address for billing online. We will happily enroll in a reasonable payment plan, with reasonable monthy payments, we are sorry if we fell behind, much i happening. God bless you have a greatChristmas. Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Plante

  56. I’m trying with no success to speak to someone to put my account on auto pay. I’ve tried online but it doesn’t go through. Could you please have someone call me so I can give them my card # for gas auto pay?

  57. NO one is picking energy theft line. I have contacted them couple of time and waited for hours. Is there way to reach them. I am very disappointed with their service. It is not my fault to suffer, I bought the house from landbank. If they call me and have issue sort out and get me electricity and heat really appreciated.

  58. I’m tired of getting phone called since 8 A.M. to 5 P.m. Don’t matter who is calling. I just mailed the payment yesterday. I sent $100.00 to you guys. I will pay $198.00 on the 1st of MAY. Because that is the date I get my SSI. I will make all my payment around 1st of every month.

  59. My power went out at 6:20am 4-15-18. Called to report couldn’t find my account with phone# or account number again told me that was fixed before. Put me on hold for twenty mins. on cell phone using all my power on only phone I have. Hung up!! Last time they were here left half of my meter box on ground, I’m not fixing it. Piss poor customer service as soon as I can find another electric company you’re gone!

  60. I would like to thank DTE Energy for the hard work you are doing to restore power to your customers. While we experienced an outage of approximately 12 hours, we were fortunate to have our power return quickly compared to many others who are still waiting. I know that your crew is working diligently, in cold conditions, to meet the needs of the community. Their commitment does not go unrecognized. Please forward this to the appropriate area and give your employees a huge “Thank you” from an appreciative customer.

  61. On January 23 Edison come out and fixed there line in my backyard. Next to a drain for my pool. I notified them that it was there to be careful when there digging that it was very expensive. Now I have standing water around my pool that used to drain. I will get quotes to redo the drain that was already paid for.
    They didn’t care.

  62. I have been on hold for over 50 minutes waiting to speak to a real person. I have heard all their commercials at least 30 times. Glad it is only my ice maker that I am having problems with. Still waiting…………….

  63. I need to speak to someone from DTE tonight. My parents electric went out and DTE said it would be restored an hour ago. 11:30pm Wednesday 30,2018. My mother is in oxygen and needs her machine. When will the power be restored?

  64. got a letter today about tree trimming from DTE TRIMMING IS necessary if the tree branches are interfering with power lines i do believe i have problem with the trees in my backyard hitting the lines that could cause problems my concern is are we charged i am a senior on very limited income and cannot afford this.Please repiy in some form Thank You

  65. We live at 5349 Cass City Road Cass City Mich 48726. We have DTE , in last 6 months we lost power 2 times. I can live we that , but what is upsetting to report it is a hassle talking to a PC for a long time ,asking questions that doesn’t have anything to do with power off. You talk to some one in Texas, useing our cell phone takes over a half hour!!! Years ago you called it in and you talked to a person, took 2 minutes!!!! It is a wonder after the report power off call that you don’t do a survey on the call? I would fill it out. Gilbert and Pamela Kern Upset!!

  66. I sent an earlier email concerning the restoration of my lawn.
    It was damaged by your subcontractor Miller Pipeline during the Leonard Street,
    Grand Rapids reconstruction last year.
    I was contacted and Miller Pipeline said they’d be out and fix things. That was two+ months ago.
    Now you want to upgrade my meter for your convenience.
    Once you fix my lawn, I will allow you to do that.
    My experience with your meter upgrade contractor was very unpleasant, they basically told me to go pound sand.
    Phil Williamson

  67. I am a business that has several brownouts, outages regularly each year and have tried to get DTE to understand that this is happening. Yet they will try my meter which tells them that we have full power after it has returned yet I may have dim lights and/or partial power. They still insist nothing is wrong until I have to get mad at them and insist that they do more. Of course 3 days later they finally tell me that a bird got into a fuse on one of our incoming power lines. Well isn’t that a power problem???? So as you can see they aren’t very helpful at times when they insist and have a computer tell you your service is working fine when it is clearly not. When you call on the phone its always automated and frustrating to get a person on the line.

  68. It took 2 months to get a bad meter replaced and my bill is 4x what I usually pay – l have paid 160.00 but will not pay 328.59 as stated in bill. The error was the meter, DO not shut me off! I have contacted WXYZ….


  70. I have called, been put on hold twice to get to the proper dept, given all necessary information to have my deceased husbands name removed from the account and the phone dropped the call. i have called 2 other times and left info for a return call and the system wouldnt let me answer the return call.
    My husbands name is RICHARD LOCICERO, date of death 6/7/2014. My name is NORMA LOCICERO, SS#374 34 3909 dob 5/24/1936. I am on the account and I just want his name removed so the mail comes in my name.

  71. Why is there no number to call and I got a call yesterday from you and my phone is not working properly and hung up with out some more information on my account so I need my account number and routing fax number so I can send you the info you need thank you Colleen Gillen

  72. It would be Great to Talk to a Human Instead of a Computer for once at customer service about my bill as it is not currently accurate! My bills have been paid every month and now shown double the amount due I have all my Receipts and confirmation numbers from all payments along with my banking statements showing payments paid ! my last bill shows $64.34 and your online is saying $150.57 this can not be Right as I have no out standing amounts owed and I am not paying this bill till it is straitened out !!!!

  73. we lost power at the end of October for almost 4 days! we are a lower income family living pay check to pay check. we don’t own a generator and lost all of our food! we have a 1 1/2 year old and used our gas fire place to keep warm. we had to replace all our food costing us so much more then we can budget for food. now we have become so behind in our gas and light bill! not to mention our gas bill is triple what it normally is! I’m getting shut off notices before Christmas! I gave feedback in the survey and have gotten zero apologies or sympathy! thanks for the added stress DTE!

  74. Dear DTE. Thank you people so much for the (4) light bulbs. What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. We appreciate the electricity that your company provides to our homes. Your DTE people who work for your company are the best. When we loose electric because of storms or accident of a wire coming down, it seems like they are out in our area trying to get us back on power as quickly as possible. When I see the trucks out on the road I wave weather they see me or not, it’s just i appreciate them so much, that’s it’s wonderful. Thanks again for the kind and thoughtful gift of light bulbs, and may God Bless each and everyone of you for all the work that you provide. And please have a wonderful holidays and a very happy New Year, from Grant PickardGrant

  75. Today my power went out during the winter storm in the Metro Detroit area. Our power always goes out with the slightest of wind or ice & it is always such an inconvenience & so frustrating – but DTE has been made a conscious effort since Summer 2019 towards vast improvements with their response time & integrity of the service & equipment. It has been a huge comeback & I couldn’t be more satisfied with them stepping up & becoming the energy company they’ve always been capable of becoming. Today my power was only out for a few hours & even though the weather had not settled, everything was up & running. Thank you DTE.

  76. Mr. Mundorf,
    I wanted to compliment your team, and DTE on how they worked through this last power outage, specifically in Berkley where we experienced a downed tree in wires by my house. I was really impressed at how accurate the updates on the DTE website were. It was easy to monitor and when the crews showed up, they were prepared and clearly had a gameplan.
    Thanks for getting our power back as quickly as possible.
    Alex Agbay

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