Contact DSW Customer Service

Contact DSW Customer Service

Contacting DSW Customer Service Center

DSW or the Designer Shoe Warehouse, is an offline and online shoe company selling today’s top designer fashion shoes for a fraction of normal retail prices. In addition to the latest styles, DSW also offers athletic shoes, handbags and other high-end merchandise.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The main contact number for DSW customer service is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday. All hours are EST. There is an automated system in place for customers who need ordering tracking and DSW Rewards information 24 hours a day.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-379-7463

Mailing Address

Customers can write a letter to DSW customer service at the Shoephoria! Center in Ohio. There is also a returns address where customers can send online order returns.

Shoephoria Center

Attn: DSW Customer Service

810 DSW Dr.

Columbus, OH 43219


DSW.comAttn: Returns414 E. 5th Ave.Columbus, OH 43219

Official Website

The DSW official website can be found at In addition to selling shoes and accessories, the official website works as a customer service and information website. You can learn more about the DSW Rewards program at or log in to your online account via

As an online sales portal, there are several pages consumers may be interested in that pertain just to online orders. DSW customer service policies for shipping and returns tend to be extremely popular. You can find out more about shipping costs, shipping policies and return policies at

Customer Service Email

We located a single form to contact DSW customer service. The form is simple enough asking just the name, email address and reason for sending the email, but DSW gives consumers the option of entering their Rewards account number and providing additional information. If you are emailing about a specific order, enter the order number in the body of the form so customer service can better answer your question or address your issue.

Customer Service:

Our Experience

DSW customer service was amazing. The phone call was answered as Shoephoria and required a voice response, but you can press 0 twice to be transferred to a customer service agent. In less than one minute our call was answered by a friendly, bright agent who checked sizing and customer comments for one particular style to ensure the shoe would fit properly.

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37 Comments on “Contact DSW Customer Service
  1. I look forward to seeing what new flat sandals you will have in Size 12 every year. This year 2014 was a BIG LET DOWN. What happen to all the cute flat sandals in different colors you offered over the last 2yrs??? Bring those back for the extra big feet girls that want to be cute too. I would buy the same sandals every year if i had to and they were cute.

  2. Can you bring back the cute flat sandals in Size 12 for 2015 please….In reds, blues, yellows, silver, gold etc….I am one of your biggest fans.

  3. I have to compliment cash register employee, Antoinette Witt, of the 34th Street Manhattan store. She is always so pleasant and moves the line quickly. A pleasure to deal with. More workers should be like her. God Bless her!

  4. Dear DSW Shoes:

    I just want to thank you all for letting me buy shoes with you all, it means a lot. It’s like you had faith in me. I really, really, like you all shoes. I just finish college and is graduating to night(May 15,2015. So, I’m really close to getting a job. Once I start work, it’s a blow out!

    Linda Cobbs
    Again Thank You

  5. I ‘m a old member sinc 1996 -97 and my code number is 305 758 08 23 I’m now in a new address
    13037 west dixie north miami florida 33161 please my send my rewards in my new address thank you

  6. I applied for a position while i was applying i was kicked out because I was having trouble with the Internet and when i finally got to it again i couldn’t because it timed out

  7. ear DSW, What gives? I tried using this reward card you mailed.

    By-the-way it has expired by now because it is past 30 June 2016.
    The online site would not even accept the reward offer. What is that all about. First, you say you can go online if you don’t find what you are looking for in the store and then I can’t use the measly 5.00 reward. Tried calling your shoe lover line. I was put on hold. The chat person was no help. She said I should call the 866 number. Tired of trying to shop your online store.
    SO DISAPPOINTED # 40035944723 I could not even link my in-store account with an online account. Would not let me establish it.

  8. Visited the brighton michigan store last week. What an awful experience. The store manager needs a lesson in customer service. Rude to me and my daughter. Rude to the staff. Just…awful.

  9. Hello
    I bought a pair of clogs a few months back and they have just sit in the sole. Can you check to see if I am eligible for return?

  10. I was in your Commack NY store today. I doubt I will ever set foot in there again. I had to wait 15 minutes to check out. You really ought to do something about this.

  11. I called your customer service today and stayed on hold for 45 minutes! I have a reward certificate that was to expire today 5/21/2017 and it was not on my account. I was placing an order and intended to use the certicate. Please send me instruction on how to use the certificate I have.

  12. I have been trying to get on your website for the last (3) days. The dates are June 2nd., 3rd. and 4th. 2017. I have a coupon offer to use, which expires on the 4th. of June 2017. Your website have been down. Please respond. I need a replacement offer. Thanking you in advance.

  13. Order is messed up. Email confirming order has wrong information. Completely impossible to speak to a live human. System says you will call back. You do not call back. I have to go to store in person to fix this? Also you have my name wrong. John is a hard name for you?


  14. Hi.
    I am trying to get in contact with someone concerning when the Roanoke va location plans to open? Please write back .Thanks.

  15. I am extremely upset about the promotion you recently had for the overnighter bag. The promotion started on Thursday and by Saturday there were no more at my store in Davie Florida. I know the coupon says limited amount, but that’s rediculous. Very disappointed

  16. Hi! I had a wonderful experience with DSW Webster in TX. Manager Jodie helped me to put my order on your website. I started at home and couldn’t finish with discounts and free bag. She was patient and kind, corrected my mistakes and soon I would have my favorite Italian shoemakers!!!
    Thank you so much Ms. Jodie! I like your store, your staff helps always.

  17. 03/11/2018 I having being trying to call to place online order for for exactly 1 hour and response ..just automated voice ..This is horrible Service!!

  18. customer service line sucks. I have been trying to get on your website and calling for the last two weeks to place an order and unlock my account. Completely impossible to speak to a live human. System says you will call back. You do not call back. After this I will never ever purchase anything else from this company.

  19. I can not navigate the DSW website due to the following message:


    Close this window and re-open to continue.

    I have closed and reopened my browser and turn off my phone without any resolution.

    Thank you.

  20. I can not navigate the DSW website due to the following message:


    Close this window and re-open to continue.”

    I have closed and reopened my browser and turn off my phone without any resolution.

    Thank you.

  21. I used my $5.00 birthday reward to purchase a pair of shoes from DSW, but had to return the shoes because they weren’t as advertised. Do I get that $5.00 credit back.

  22. To Whom It May Concern:
    I have been attempting to call Customer Service at Shoephoria since 11:00am (It is now 5:30pm). Each time I have called the wait time has been four hours, which is an absurd amount of time to be put on hold. I just called now, and it was 6 hours and 45 minutes!! How is a customer to get any help? I have been a DSW shoe buyer for several years, and I would expect a more reasonable experience. Not HOURS of wait time. It makes me wonder if there truly are any representatives to help. LIVE CHAT was the same story. Please advise, as I have important questions regarding my order which I placed just after Midnight on May 10, 2018. I was to receive an overnight bag that was the gift with purchase, and thought it would be there for me when I went to pick up my ship to store order. Turns out there was only part of my ordered fulfilled and no overnight bag. They said it should be sent to my house (???)…but when will that be? Please advise. Thank you.

  23. The Customer Service at appears to be non-existent, as the hold times exceed 6 hours. That is just absolutely unreasonable. How can a company treat it’s customers like that? Not a good way to do business.

  24. Hello, I placed an order on 5-10-18 and have not received an email regarding the status of my order yet but my bank account showed money out from DSW, I was told I would receive an email SHORTLY and have heard nothing

  25. I am very upset and disappointed because I received an offer from DSW for a travel bag with a shoe compartment in return for becoming a loyalty member. I went online and placed an order and requested the travel bag on May 14th. I placed several other shoe orders after that. I received the shoes I ordered but not the travel bag. I am taking a trip soon and wanted the travel bag with shoe compartment more than the shoes I ordered! I called today and after a very lengthy wait to speak to someone I was told that there were no more travel bags, you had run out of them. First, I think I should have been contacted and told I would not be receiving the bag instead of waiting until I contacted you. Secondly, $10 was credited to my card as compensation for the bag but I purchased another travel bag from DSW that doesn’t have a shoe compartment (you have no bags that do) for my trip and had to pay over $40. I used up $20 in rewards that I accrued from my other shoe purchases and I’m not sure if the bag will arrive in time for my trip. I am a Gold Loyalty customer and I’m very dissatisfied with the way this was handled and I wanted you to know why. You should stock a sufficient number of free gifts to cover the number you offer and you should tell people the gift is out of stock at the time the order is placed or contact them if they aren’t going to get the gift.

  26. I have tried over 6 times to get through to customer service in the past week with no luck. I even gave a call back number but was never called back. I had ordered some shoes and gave a P.O. Box delivery address (but was never told they could not deliver to a P.O. Box), and was asked to contact YOU to give a physical address; however since it seems to be impossible to contact YOU, I plan on CANCELLING MY ORDER and NEVER ORDERING FROM YOU AGAIN.

  27. I was first introduced to DSW in Maryland when visiting my Daughter and grand-daughter. I had not seen that many shoes in all my life. So happy now you have a store in Baton Rouge,Mall of Louisiana , STE300. I was also elated to receive the birthday $5.00 gift card and offer for the free Cooler. Unfortunately, I’ve been sick so I didn’t get to your store until yesterday to shop. Your salesperson reported there were no more coolers so I decided to write to see if you would send me one? If you do, this Senior would be most appreciative. I did find bargains !!!!! THANKS!!!!!

  28. I have no way of knowing if my credit card was compromised by using your email site or not. However, the only site that I had used the card was for DSW and one other order at another store during the month of July. Yesterday, we were contacted by our credit card company fraud department with a suspicious charge that was attempted at DSW for $206.85 which was not my order. The credit card company has cancelled the card and we will get another. I will not be using the online ordering any longer because of this situation. I am disappointed that this is the case, but I cannot take a chance that it was someone in your system that was responsible for this compromise. The credit card company will be following up on the attempted order.

  29. I just received my first V I P 5.00 Reward and you have misspelled my name. …… Member. Number 401185870776

    Kenneth Abrams. not. I Abrams
    260 Clark Ave. Appt 1108
    Chelsea, MA 02150-2228

    Please fix

  30. Leslie Lindberg at the DSW on Skokie Blvd in Skokie, IL: I called the store this weekend to ask about a clothing item I saw in a DSW ad. Leslie went beyond the call of duty to try to locate the item in-store. She was professional, patient, friendly, and very attentive to detail on a “holiday rush” day. She wasn’t sure she found the item, but she told me she’d put a couple things on hold for when I came into the store. Sure enough, when I arrived, she was at the service desk: smiling, greeting me warmly, and ready to show me the items she’d put aside. I’d like to recognize her as a STELLAR employee of DSW who restored my faith in holiday shopping by proving there are people who really care about their jobs and the companies for which they work! Happy Holidays to DSW and thank you for hiring people like Leslie to represent you 🙂

  31. I had the nicest experience at the Fairview Heights, IL store on Sunday. I was shopping for my 95 year old aunt and your employee, Joey, could not have been more helpful or kind. He helped me find the exact show that she needed and the check out process was a joy. I thanked him for his patience during this busy season, he really does personify the Christmas Spirit. Thank you to Joey!

  32. With all the hassle and headache during Christmas shopping I must admitted for the first time during this hectic time of year that I came across the best service I ever encountered. This service was at your Atlantic Terminal outlet/store where I had the pleasure of being serviced by Chris. My hat is off to DSW for having such a professional eye for hiring someone like her. She made my day in a way that allow me to forget that there are bad people in this world. Beauty smile, professional speak and a persona that make you feel absolutely comfortable while she handed the transaction. I applause DSW for its selection of hirer. Thank You

  33. I have been trying to reach the returns Dept. for 2-days leaving my contact phone number. I have yet to receive a response. all I need is a return policy and do you furnish me with a return authorizing number?

    Please inform me so I can return to the correct address
    Order # 275595686501
    control # 27559568650102

    Thank you

    Timothy Moore

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