Contact Dreamworks Customer Service

Contacting DreamWorks Customer Service Center

DreamWorks is the mastermind studio behind hit movies like the Rise of the Guardians, Shrek and Madagascar. The company also works in television, producing shows like Scared Shrekless and Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

The information we’ve collected here is for the studio that creates the movies you love, not for the movies individually. There are websites for most of the popular movies complete with contact information, games and downloads.

Phone Contact Numbers

The DreamWorks phone number you’re looking for may not be available to the public. You can contact the webmaster about the DreamWorks site or about issues with the privacy policy, but we’re not sure to what extent the webmaster will answer questions about specific movies or projects from DreamWorks.

  • DreamWorks Phone Number: 1-818-695-5000

Mailing Address

The corporate address for DreamWorks customer service is the best we could do. This address was listed in the Privacy Policy, not on the customer service page. To be a successful company driven by the love of consumers who visit the website, there is very little consumer contact information available.

DreamWorks Animation LLC1000 Flower StGlendale, CA 91201

Official Website

The website for DreamWorks is available at This is a flash site so some pages will pop-up when you click a link and others will open in a new page. Older computers may have difficulty processing the images and website in general. You’ll notice the primary function of the website is to give customers information about current and popular movies. There are links to the websites for each of the movies on the front scroller.

Social Media

Dreamworks is available on social networks, so these pages could be a customer’s best bet for contacting Dreamworks customer service.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email for the DreamWorks staff, but there is an email form under the investor relations tab. We chose to fill out that form and request contact information customers could use to call, write and email DreamWorks directly as NONE of that information is listed on the official website.

Our Experience

Within 30 seconds after contacting the customer service department at Dreamworks, we were speaking to an agent. We explained to the agent we noticed customers could make purchases at the online store. the question revolved around the corporate return policy. The agent explained customers have approximately 30 days to return an item, with a valid online order slip. The customer must contact the customer support team in order to process the return. The call was quick, easy and simple. Was your call similar? Comment below.

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27 Comments on “Contact Dreamworks Customer Service
  1. I purchased the movie Amistad put out by Dream Works. I could not view because the picture was all dark. Who do I contact about this matter? Please reply, thank you. Jean Peck

  2. I purchased the movie Amistad put out by Dream Works. I could not view because the picture was all dark. Who do I contact about this matter? Please reply, thank you. Jean Peck

  3. I purchased the movie Amistad put out by Dream Works. I could not view because the picture was all dark. Who do I contact about this matter? Please reply, thank you. Jean Peck

  4. I purchased the movie Amistad put out by Dream Works and could not view it because it was all dark. who do I contact about this matter? please reply. Thank you Jean Peck

  5. I bought one of the “Dragon eggs” and was very disappointed. The instructions are not clear enough. They tell you to remove the plastic cover and then place “egg” in warm water. They don’t say to remove both the clear plastic and the colored plastic so the egg dissolved without getting the effect of it bubbling. We were just left with an empty plastic shell. My kids were disappointed. We only found out how it works after buying another egg and trying it with all of the plastic off. The kids enjoyed seeing the egg bubble and were excited to see what was left after the water drained. The should of had this fun with both of them and I shouldn’t of had to buy two to only have fun once.

  6. I am trying to find out who I need to get in touch with about an online game I play, Dragons- Rise of Berk? Yesterday afternoon (8/23) when I was playing all was fine, went to dinner and a movie, came home logged in and everything was gone. I had dragons at levels 38, 39 and 40. And now it’s all at 0. What’s up with that? Somebody needs to fix this!!!!!

  7. Hi. I purchased Madagascar 3 a while ago and never downloaded the digital copy. I am looking for the paper with the code and must have misplaced it. I bought the movie new from target. Is there anything I can do?

  8. Hello,
    I purchased two copies of Rise of the Guardians today, neither containing digital copy codes. I purchased this version specifically because of the digital copy. The ISBN is 1-4157-6995-8. The label describes it as a BLU-RAY, DVD + DIGITAL COPY. Could you please email me the digital copy code?

  9. I am looking for an Astrid Action figure for my daughter, that is movable with body joints and able to ride dragons like all of the other HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON high quality male Action figures. Why have you not made more of these Astrid figures? There is a high demand for these, but I am surprised they are not available.

  10. Hey all! I was wandering how do I contact DW to ask about smthing! how would I do that? and if you don’t know how what other movie companys should I contact? P:S don’t contact 20th century cuz it said all unregistratded messages would be deleted (notice) DELETED emmediatly!

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  12. I read the very interesting article on Mr. Katzenberg in the Wall Street Journal today, and I have an outstanding idea for you. I am an author who has written a historical thriller series that starts in World War II and takes the surviving characters up to senior citizen status. You can read about the series at my website ( The series is filled with romance, suspense, adventure, and great history. The great history is captured by including U.S. Presidents from FDR through George Herman Walker Bush and other powerhouses such as Winston Churchill.
    My major objective now is to have my series made into big-screen movies or a TV mini-series. Why? For three reasons: The readers of the series are clamoring to see it on film, it would create good-paying jobs for fellow New Mexicans, and it would serve as a baseline for future World War II series. Would you be interested in producing it? I think it would be a huge hit.

  13. We purchased a set of knee supports which lasted 3 months and this company will not replace product.
    So if you buy anything from Dream Works be aware that they will not stand behind the product that they sell. They only want your money and the custmer can thak a leap out the window if product fails. I’ll never buy anything else from them and if you do I feel sorry for you.

  14. Hi guys

    I have a question my question is this what person or department need to contact if I do have idea

  15. Somewhere along the way I submitted ideas to Disney &/or DreamWorks &/or Pixar of the most popular movies out today “Gravity” “Guardians of the Galaxy” “Big Hero 6” etc. etc. I decided to go back to my wife & Lent my laptop to my cousin. Things didn’t work out with my wife & my cousin lost the web address I was given to submit more ideas . Can I be back in the loop & receive something for my submissions . I believe I might have said to spend my profits towards the advancement of better movie graphics but now I would like to get a divorce & buy my own home if possible.

  16. It is pretty lame that the 3d penguins of madagascar blu ray does not come with penguin toys like the regular blu ray, the 3d version costs more and they don’t include it, really sad marketing and customer service.

  17. I bought a magazine for my grandson with Penguins ‘Mission Launcher’ toy, which didn’t work. It isn’t a huge investment, and they are usually pretty shoddy toys, but my grandson was disappointed. I want to ask for a replacement but how do I contact the customer services? Dreamworks really shouldn’t get away with being so difficult to contact!

  18. I have items to return but no address to mail them too. Where do I return them to. How do I obtain the mailing address??

  19. I have during 15 years of experimenting, reading and following ckues in Mayan culture and egyption folklore managed to alter the DNA of corn to duplicate precious metals. But this is not what I would like to bring to your attention. I know the journey I took will make for a wonderful animation film or story using all of he Mayan and Egyptian writings, buildings, stories and the like. If you are at all interested mail me back please. We can do a story of a Mayan prince or an Egyption Royal following the route and finding all these wondrous things with the climax being the plant with the Au content. What a wonderful story ro tell

  20. hi, I love reading Jelsa fanfiction and I really want a movie. Can you possibly do a Jelsa movie by combining with Disney? Please respond soon.

  21. Do you guys make a boov mood ring from Home. If you don’t I think it would be really neat if you do.

  22. Mr. Spielberg

    I am a retired Air Force Vet who has enjoyed your projects with Mr. Hanks and especially Band of Brothers. I am writing to suggest another such project about a Band of young Marine Reservists who never went to Basic Training but went to Korea 1950. Many were still in or graduated from high school. Locally they are known as Boys of Company “C” many from the town Mr. Hanks knows from “League of Their Own,” Evansville IN. Their Story is mostly word of mouth but a local College Professor published an account of them in “Unexpected Journey.” I believe this would be a worth while project and a chance to honor men from the “Forgotten Conflict.”

    Thank You
    Edward J. Curl, SMSgt ret

  23. Is there an official language of How To Train Your Dragon? I’ve been working on trying to figure it out but I’m still confused on a few letters.