Contact Dominion Power Customer Service

Contacting Dominion Power Customer Service Center

Dominion Power is an energy company that serves North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio and Virginia. The company is relatively small, compared to some other major energy players in the US. All company contact information is located in one place making it simple for customers to find what they need faster. If you have an account with Dominion Power you can register for online account access. From within your account you may make changes and pay bills, among other customer service functions.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

All customer service numbers used to contact Dominion Power appear to be open 24/7. There is a chance some or all of the call centers are closed during major holidays.

  • Dominion Virginia: 1-866-366-4357
  • Dominion North Carolina: 1-866-366-4357
  • Dominion East Ohio: 1-800-362-7557
  • Dominion East Ohio Emergency: 1-877-542-2630
  • Dominion Hope (WV): 1-800-688-4673
  • Dominion Hope Emergency: 1-800-934-3187

Mailing Address

Customers who need to put that pen to parchment and send a physical letter or compliment or complaint can send that letter to the corporate office. There is a mailing and physical address to choose from.

Dominion Power
P.O. Box 26532
Richmond, VA 23261-6532

Dominion Power
120 Tredegar St.
Richmond, VA 23219

Official Website

Simply go to to find the main page of the Dominion Power website. This is the page for ALL local companies utilizing the Dominion Power name, including companies outside the main energy sector like Dominion Clearinghouse, Dominion Transmission and other Dominion products and services.

Customer Service Email

You can choose between several email forms to contact Dominion Power customer service. Choose the one that best describes your needs.

We sent an email to the general customer service department about the coverage area for Dominion Power. There was no reference number or estimated wait time for a response offered after the email was sent.

Our Experience

We called the Dominion North Carolina phone number (electric company) to see if we could make your call a bit easier. We pressed 0 twice before being placed on hold about 45 seconds into the call. The hold time lasted more than three minutes before an agent finally picked up the call. We asked the agent to tell us if coverage was available on the southernmost border of North Carolina and the agent told us that area was not covered by Dominion Power.

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18 Comments on “Contact Dominion Power Customer Service
  1. I am the Facilities Director for The Mariners’ Museum & Park. We use your sched 6TS for account #1416240008 . I would like to meet with a Dom Power rep to help me understand this rate structure & explore savings opportunities, including solar generation.

  2. Prior tenants moved out. I am trying to get service started but was told of a 100 minute wait on the phone. After 10 minutes I gave up. Why don’t you have more operators? Dominion used to transfer the service to the property manager for years but do not do that anymore. The office closes at 5. .I clicked the Customer Service Email for electricity but got the “Page Not Found” message. No email option either. So I have no power this weekend.

  3. Would someone at Dominon POWER please reach out to me. I incorrectly sent a payment to Dominion Power instead of Dominon Energy. I have received a check back from Dominion Power for $359.00, but it is made out to the wrong person, NOT ME. I am unable to put this check into my account.

    All the numbers I try for Dominon Power take me to Dominion ENERGY!!!! Please contact me via my email address below.

    Thank you.

    • We have been trying to get a medical form documented on an account 890-733-6203. After two days of waiting for your email service which we scanned the document and emailed it to you as we were told this is still not appeared on the account we are trying to now fax see it form but we cannot locate a fax number nor a person nor a voice mail nor a and source to locate your fax number is for your medical forms. This is as inefficient as you could possibly be considering you are dealing with the situation with people’s health. Would someone kindly send me the fax number so I can get this form to you

  4. We have a mound of dirt piled up in our yard that was left by the creation of a road through our property when the new power lines were installed. I’ve asked the company handling that work to move it two times to no avail. I would appreciate your prompt response to this request to have the ground leveled and grass planted to restore our land to the condition in which it was before work began on the power line.

  5. As a resident of South Carolina, I would like an explanation regarding your television ads stating that SCE&G customers will not be charged for the failed nuclear plant; however, our State Senator says customers will be charged for twenty (20) years under the Dominion plan. The 13% lower rates and “instant” $1000.00 rebate to customers is attractive, but a 20 year payback for a bad business decision is not in our best interest. Can you do better? Thanks.

  6. We currently have power billed to us thru our leasing payment how do we set up for new service a 3613 Virginius Ave, Virginia Beach VA 23452, our current address is 212 S Budding Ave Apt 103, Virginia Beach VA 23452 our move in date and activate power is Sept 6, 2018, the current resident is my daughter Jennifer and Steven Henson and they set their disconnect for Sept 6 also my cell is 757 650 7585

  7. I am writing to ask Dominion Power why they do not take responsibility for the meter box and the installation of it? Is it to save a permit inspection fee? It is asinine when a tree branch knocks the power line out to have the homeowner responsible for rewiring the main big line to the box, then say oh they take it from there. Dominion power needs their own electrician in house. This is so irresponsible on their part.
    I recently had a tenant lose power because of a tree branch falling on wires and pulling wood and power header off house, Dominion came out said I had to pay an electrician to rewire from house to box and also was responsible for meter box which was a 60 amp box, no longer available. Only to find out now an inspection is needed and a permit after jumping through hoops to fix it on a saturday. Power went out on friday at 5:30 tomorrow is Monday, they still have no power until I go down to get a permit in Norfolk, I live in Va Beach. This is the most unacceptable operation of power I’ve ever heard of, for the customer to do some wiring and then stop, then dominion power only responsible for meter not grey box. Whose idea is this? Get an in house electrician to take care of problems and it’s done, not all this run around and being without power and only partial responsibility to customer and partial to Dominion Power. The meter and meter box should all be on Dominion Power, I’m, pretty sure it saves them money not having to wire part of the meter box and reinstall a meter box. This is not new construction. Get an IN HOUSE ELECTRICIAN. Don’t care if their not in the union.
    Unhappy customer

  8. Called 2 different numbers and get a recording with no way to actually speak to someone. I have a question about my budget billing and need to speak to a real live person. It is sad that such a major company does not hire people to answer their customers questions.

  9. I have never had my electricity disconnected. The Supervisors rates are extremely low. As low as Hell. I had extremely poor experience with all of them. Extremely poor customer services.

  10. My name is Karen Taylor. My address is 7806 Winding Ash CT Chesterfield Va 23832. My account number is 2223677490, I have been experiencing fininical hardship. I have only been able to pay half of my electric bill. I would like to know what options I have.
    I will not be able to pay my electric bill until the 20th of November.

  11. Lost power in Dorian, Jarvisburg, N.C. Figured it would be 4-5 days to restored. Was restored in 26 hours. From a former telephone lineman, THANKS! PASS THIS ON.

  12. I am account # 8329381076
    I own a condo at 13640 Salk Street, Oak Hill, VA 20171
    Today I had to call Dominion Power because my power was turned off and I had painters at my house. I am getting ready to put my condo on the market to sell.

    I have not been physically living there since October, 2019; my daughter and her husband were temporarily living there. They just moved out December 20th and they took their name off the electric account to end by Jan 4th. I had totally forgotten to call and put it back in my name until the condo sells. I called Dominion Power this morning, when I was told that there was no power for the painters there today. The people I spoke to were extremely helpful considering the fault was my own. I was told it would be turned on tomorrow by the first gentleman I talked to. I asked if there was any way it could be turned on today and he replied only if I had a smart meter. He checked the records and discovered that I did! He nicely explained that he was transferring me to a person who could help me; and he quickly connected me to another extremely helpful lady, named Felicity. I explained my issue and she said yes they could turn it on today because I have a smart meter. She told me that someone had to turn off the main power switch for the condo in case of a power surge. I asked how would the painters know when it came back on if the switch was off. Felicity offered to check my info every hour and would call me when the power was again turned on. I was surprised, to say the least…and expressed my gratitude for her generous offer. And when the power came back on, Felicity called me and left me a voicemail. What a relief for me to know that the painters could continue working and I would not have to pay them to wait for a long time for power. Thank you for making customer service a priority. I thought Felicity went beyond the scope of her job to help me. I also thought the first gentleman was very helpful, but unfortunately I did not write down his name when he told me. Both did an excellent job in helping me this morning, January 5th.

    Thank you very much,
    Debby Melko

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