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Contacting Dollar General Customer Service Center

Winning the retail war is at an all-time high. Financial markets are unstable, the cost of goods is through the roof and the ones left holding the bag are the customers. Big box retailers claim to have better prices and selection and at times they do. What they don’t have is the passion for the customer. Dollar General has the passion for the customer who may be struggling from pay check to pay check and wants high quality goods to provide for their families.

Dollar General knows what it’s like to be against steep competition, but continues to fight and come out on top. This is why the company places such a large focus on customer service. When a company takes care of the customer, the customer in turn takes care of the company.

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Contact Info:

Questions and concerns arise and the Dollar General customer service team is ready to answer the call.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer care line: 1-877-463-1553

Mailing Address

Dollar General Corporate HeadquartersCustomer Service Department100 Mission RidgeGoodlettsville, TN 37072

Official Website

Visit, the official Dollar Generalwebsite, in order to locate the nearest location, shop the weekly advertisement or find promotional items. Customers can make single and bulk purchases online and sing-up for the rewards program. When visiting the site, customers can shop by department or shop by category. In order to save customers more money, the company offers an email subscription so customers can receive deals first.

Customers can also find ways to remain connected to the customer support department for store support or online support. The customer center features a contact page as well as FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Instead of emailing the company, customers must contact Dollar General by using the customer contact form Customers can select the department, General questions/concerns, marketing, IT or Human resources prior to entering contact information. Before we sent an email asking for the hours of the customer service department, we read the company recommends not including personal information in the correspondence.

Additional ways to keep in contact with the customer service department include:

Our Experience

When we stated Dollar General has the best interest of the customer in mind, we meant it. Calling the customer service department was a breeze. We didn’t have to endure a confusing automated system, just one press of a button and we were speaking with an agent. We asked the representative how to return items if we didn’t have a receipt. The representative explained the return policy and even offered to contact my local store to inform them I would be stopping by for a visit to make a return. Talk about going above and beyond the call of service. We were impressed with the customer service department. How do you feel about our experience? Was your experience similar? Let us know.

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275 Comments on “Contact Dollar General Customer Service
  1. On several visits to the Dollar General by my home, the personnel at the register have been on the phone. Most of these calls are of a personal nature, not a customer asking questions. Today, the person on the register was discussing an issure with another employee. She was on the phone when I entered the store and when I left. She checked out at least 6-7 people with more in line after me. When I questioned the girl about being on the phone she stated it was her BOSS. This is very rude and unprofessional. (They were discussing another employee who was on the phone all the time.) I will find another store to frequent as I also work retail and this would never be permitted.

  2. i visited dollar general several days ago and a guy named ron whom waited on me was very rude he was talking to a lady that was the manager they were talking about their work schedule while he was ringing my things up he acted as though iwas not there then they both started yelling at eachother i shop there a lot because its closet to where i live which is in clyde nc i can walk to this store when its warm but now i guess i will drive to canton nc to the other dollar general because i get good deals at dg that i cannot get anywhere else mostly on food

  3. I work for Dollar General and it’s unfair way of how management proceeds to do as they please is stressful. My boss is nice as times but he is also a sarcastic manager. He acts very immature in a way that makes you want to quit. I can’t because I need my job. His assistant manager does many things he gets away with and the manager brushes it off. I’ve thought about calling human resources for both but I honestly do no want the drama it will cause. I put up with it because I don’t have a choice. I just hope that one day this little immature sarcastic, and rude at times manager grows up before karma bites him hard. Karma will bite him anyway and his assistant too.

    • I worked for Dollar General Jane and it does not get better the managers do as they please ,break rules, have favorites that they also allow to break rules . I work now for another company and they have fixed this problem by shifting the Managers within a 25 to 30 mile radius to other stores they are only allowed to stay in one store for no more than two years, they were able to weed out all the poor management. now you would think Dollar General would have common sense to do this.

  4. I was shopping today in the Dollar General located on: 10601 U.S. 441, Leesburg, Florida 34788 . While I was shopping I picked up a scented candle and when I tried to open it I felt a pain in my thumb. The top of the jar was broken. It had a jagged edge where the glass was broken which I didn’t see until I sliced my thumb. My thumb was bleeding and I couldn’t fine a clerk around for a long while( probably for almost 3 or 4 minutes) anyway, when she came out of where ever she was I told her what happened to me. She looked so puzzled. She wasn’t sure what to do in that situation. I followed her into a back room and she gave some rolled up bathroom tissues. I covered my finger to stop the bleeding. I was hoping she would have had a first aid kit around to put peroxide on my wound. She looked around for some bandaids. She was more concerned about waiting on her customers. She finally called the manager or someone in charge. This person asked me “what can I do for you? She didn’t even know what was happening. I told her I cut my thumb on a glass candle. She asked if I wanted to fill out an accident form. I told her the cut was small and it wasn’t necessary. I finally got a bandaid on my thumb. Anyway, these woman and men should be trained when something like this situation occurs. The clerk didn’t have a clue what to do. The person in charge wasn’t any better. What if I had cut it really deep? What procedures would they have taken then? Very disappointed customer.

  5. Well I went to the store and pick up some different items that were on sale.I took them
    to the register and they were ringing up force higher price, and they were supposed to be, on sale because the yellow stickers were posted. I told the cashier that the items were on sale because the yellow stickers were up.She proceeded to tell the manager. He went to see if they were on sale. He came back to the register and said none of the items were on sale because the stickers were old and somebody forgot to take them down. I told him its not my fault that his workers did not do their job, and they are supposed to honor those prices because they were still post. The manager started hollering that the stickers were old and they couldn’t do anything about it and that’s it. He didn’t have a care in the world if his customer was there it not. I have been in other stores where that happened. They said that they had to honor that because they were still posted. The manager could have handled the station in a better way

  6. Very dissapppointed with the way a n assistant manager at this store, Eduardo Castro treated me today Saturday 05/25/2013 between 6:30 and 7:00 PM
    1) I came in to complain that 2 weeks ago the store sold me a bottle of ONE DAILY vitamin supplements that had long expired on 07/2011.
    2) When I asked him why the store sold expired stuff, he said he was not the one who sold them to me and that he wasn’t there.
    3) i told him that was a lame excuse which I did not deserve as a customer.
    4) he insisted on a receipt to which I told him I did not have. He said in that case he could not help me.
    5) i insisted that something should be done and he said I should call 888-237-4114 for help.
    6) At this point he seemed very annoyed and was disrespectfully abrupt when I spoke to him.
    7) i called the number and spoke to Anna in customer services. I told her of my dilemma and she confirmed the bottle was purchased from the store and that i could be reimbursed or could switch for a fresh bottle.
    8) initially I was quite satisfied with the result and the way Anna had handled it.
    9) I exchanged my bottle for a new one. He snatched the old one from my hand with his faced turned away.
    10) before I left the store I asked him if he could give me a receipt or some confirmation of our new transaction.
    11) he told me that because I didnt have a receipt why should he give me one I said it was only proper but he blatantly refused.
    12) i requested for my bottle back because now I felt I was being disrespected and wanted to report this attitude.
    13) He told me, lied to me that he had destroyed my original bottle and would now retreive it.
    14) I insisted and now tempers were flarring and voices rising.
    15) i called customer services again and spoke to Rosie. I told here about Eduardo’s attitude and my displeasure. He came up to me a put his face barely 6 inches away manacingly trying to intimidate me.
    16) i told Rosie my issue and he then threatened to call his District Manager.
    17) i requested from Rosie to get my bottle back.
    18) she asked for him on my phone and instrcted her to return he bottle.
    19) he reached down in a cupboard or was it a trash can and retreived the bottle he had purpotadly destroyed.
    20) i took my bottle and we wished each other good night and I left.
    I was wronged firstly by being sold expired stuff, which in itself is not a small issue, but to have that compounded by rudeness uncouth behaviour certainly is not acceptable to e and I am sure to any of your customers.
    Waiting to hear from you.


  7. Why is your store in neptune ,NJ charging sales tax on American Flags. i asked the manager and she stated it was coporate policy. The state of New jersey exempts sales tax on the purchase of american flags. NJ stat.54:32B-8.26

  8. We have a beautiful Dollar General in our neighborhood and I frequently shop there. Only 1 complaint: no clerks at check-out!Customers wait quite a while until someone appears out of a office door, and recently I waited in line behind 8 other customers with only 1 cashier, while another cashier appeared frequently in and out of this door, never waiting on any customers! She could have easily opened up a 2nd register to only get the line down and decrease the frustration voiced by many people in line. This happens frequently. The cashier doing the checking out for everyone did apologize for something that wasn’t even her fault.

  9. Dollar General discriminate against Spanish and African american. An acquaintance worked there,and he got terminated , when one night he was the victim of a robbery. Never been late, never missing money in his cash register,wonderful to the customers. DG fired him without explanation other than he was stupid and naive for letting the individual take the money, and by the way the money was taking from the supervisor hand who was taking over the transaction, she was called by my friend, he suspected something was not rigth, my friend identified the individual and later on that week the thief was caught in the next state and was in custody. I guess the policy of Dollar General is that you are at fault is you are the victim of a robbery. Forgot to mention the employee is Spanish and the boss stated to get rid of him, that he didn’t care for Spanish or blacks working there , that they are all thief and outlaw anyway.I was there with my friend when he said that.

  10. We actually have a very nice Dollar General. Bad employees don’t last long except for one young man, Marty. He smiles and is quick to the register but I have a major complaint against Marty. Why does he put food like blocks of cheese or packages of meat packaged in thin plastics in with chemicals that are clearly dangerous if ingested?? I’ve asked him to stop and bag chemicals separately but he looks me dead in the eyes and puts hot dogs next to Comet. I actually don’t like my bagged coffee next to floral detergents and in 27 years of shopping for my family have NEVER had to correct any other cashier but I draw the line at meat and cheese next to hazardous chemicals. Someone needs to explain to Marty he is behaving in an unsafe and honestly disgusting manner.

  11. I need my last paycheck from you if i don’t get Friday i will have to get in touch with the BBB AND HAVE THEM GET IT FOR ME YOU ONLY HAVE THREE DAYS LEFT

  12. I live in texarkana ark and your store in redwater texas your store there has a manger Shana Potts and the store is awesome,they are so friendly and the store looks great and the customer service is good just wanted to share

  13. Today I visited my Dollar General store where I have been shopping for 14 years. I was very put out and disappointed in the service I received there today. I had a coupon to purchase two items and get $5.00 off. The clerk could not get the coupon to scan so he checked the coupon against the product I was purchasing and found it to be legit. He attempted to post the coupon manually and when it did not work, he simply and quite rudely told me that I could not use it because he could not get the register to take it. He made no attempt to call the manager up to the front to see how to do this and I was also a bit put out that he was chomping on chewing gum all the while. I have never felt so unappreciated as a customer in this store before. Needless to say I did not buy the product because the use of the coupon was my whole reason for getting it. Customer service in this store is wonderful most of the time but I did visit today during a later shift than usual. I won’t make that mistake again.

  14. The mgr at Warren Pa DG seems like a giood guy. lknows his stock, polite to shoppers, always says hello. But I’ve had enough of some of the women there. Try asking Linda where something is. She gives you a dirty look and acts like it’s too much work to give directions. She is a large women, she can hardly walk and expects customers to get out of her way. Last month she ran into my wife with a cart. ran over her heel. My wife was in line maybe a little out iin the aisle but she had her back to Linda so Linda saw her and ran into her anyway. All LINDA had to do was say excuse me to my wife or take anohter route. I was a few feet away so I saw linda’s dirty trick, she didni'[ see me. But I saw her. Don’t tell me Linda didn’t do it on prupose. Don’t tell me Linda wasn paying attention. Don’t tell me it was an accident.. Linda KNEW exactly what she was doing. iF SHE WASN’T paying attention she shouldn’t be on the job. My wife asked me not to complain. but enough is enough. We live in Youngsville 15 min away, the DG staff there are polite and friendly. So I know it’s not me. Looks like Linda thinks she can treat customeres like dirt, and thinks her job is secure. But she’s in for a shock one day. One day Linda will pull a stunt like that with the wong person and she’;ll get punched in the nose. I’m not the only one. A lot of people can’t stand a few of the older women in there. A nice younger woman, don’t know her name, big blue eyes, long hair usually blonde, been there a long time, yeasr, is really nice to everyone. I know people who don’t shop at this DG uneless she’ there. Tell the other women to get a grip or find another place to laze around. They don’t work they just collect a check. My wife likes the DG staff in JamestownNY. We have a sign in our office” Ok to complain if you had a solution. Here’s my soultion, get rid of Lnda and the other unhappy staff and tell the younger lady iwth big blue eyes to hire people like her.

  15. My friend sent comment about Warren Pa assoc, Linda. Every time I’m in that store Linda is gossiping about a customer with one of her co worker. Doesn’t Linda know that customers gossip about associates too? People call Linda, the Brontosaurus because she moves so slow and is so large that she blocks thte ailse. She won’t get out of any customer’s way. She thinks they should make way for her. Some people call her King of the Road. People call another manager The Thing, The Frankenstein Monster, and the DG Nazi. I don’t know her name but she is something else. If The Brontosaurous and The Nazi don’t think customers gossip too, tell them think again. My friend is right if DG hired more people like the tall blond girl with the big blue eyss the store would be a better place. Heather, my wife doesn’t shop here any more. DG has a lot of competition in Warren, she goes there. Me? I like watching theses Bozo’s, one day they’ll get their comuppance.

  16. I worked for Dollar General for three and a half years up until October 11th 2013 I absolutely adored my job my customers my store I was ready to retire with Dollar General I started to have problems with my DM and begin to report said problems to HR he was taking nothing seriously even when money was coming up missing he also got caught taking penny items and selling them at his and his wife’s garage sales yet he is still with Dollar General and I was terminated I lowered my shrink by almost 2 percent and my very first year of management I work 70 plus hours a week for very little pay but still love my job and continue to stay then when I called the whistleblower hotline on my DM 11 days later he came to my store to let me go he said he let me go for doing a payout that he had himself authorized the payout happened on August 21st 2013 he didn’t let me go until 52 days later I truly believe he did this to keep me quiet on issues that could have led him to losing his job I am going to go far further with a wrongful termination suit against dollar General in my district manager I have now tried for over three weeks to get in touch with HR again with no luck I would appreciate a return phone call has anybody else had these types of issues with Dollar General after sacrificing your entire personal life for them I would have never given up my job as I had stated but clearly they did not feel the same about their employee as I did about the company I work for

  17. I shop at many Dollar General stores and never have I met such a nicer cashier. The store is # 08419 in Troutville Va and the clerk was Ciera. Super nice young lady and very polite and had a smile the whole time.

  18. I am a cashier at a DG (9443) and I have only been there 3 months and the main manger that hired me has been very hateful to many of her employes myself included. I have been accused of stealing when 1. I was not there the day the items were stolen and 2. she said she has proof that i took them. How is this possible? its not. what makes me mad is that there has been 7 people quit because of her. the manger that i worked with knows i did not do it because she worked that shift the those items got stolen. well about 3 days ago she A. either quit or B. got fired. I’m not she. There is nothing in this store that i would want to take. Every-time I buy something there it seem to break. I have everyone on my side but it seems as though the people get fired before they can mention something. Im not sure if i should quit because the district manger is the same way like the one that hired me. Lastly my basket size may be low however at night there are people at my store that wants to come and get what they need and nothing else. i have suggested things and no one wants anything but what they but on the counter. There four my basket size is low. I feel it is wrong to go by basket size or anything else. it makes me feel uncomfortable. I feel like i am being pick on way to much.

  19. how can you purchase stuff from another store .and the dollar store collect and say it there.and they want to pressed charges for thieft.from one dollar store to the other.and why does the workers keep an eye on you and follows you.and they dont have proof.they are resuming that it belongs to them brockway,pa. dollar store.

  20. I live in poteau, Oklahoma and our town has two dollar general stores. The newest one on Broadway is wonderful and was the one I normally shop at. However, I visited the other store near the police station on my way to my friends child’s’ b-day party n order to pk up a quick gift and because of what happened next I will nerve spend any of my hard earned money in any other DG store again. Before I was finished shopping, I was approached by the store mgr and 2 police officers who accused me and my husband of shoplifting. I was appalled. I emptied my entire purse onto the floor to prove I had nothing to hide. Among other personal belongings in my purse were 2 rolls of duct tape and several mini rolls of tape which by the way DG doesn’t even carry. Also in my outer as an unopened package of one temper, dental putty. The sttore mgr insisted that I had stolen these items from her store. And had me place under citizens arrest. The police all physically searched my husband who might I add is a disabled combat veteran who has fought for the freedoms of this country. Since he had no retail products on him they did not take him to jail. I was not so lucky. Upon my release I went ‘home and located my receipt from the night before proving that all the items this mgr accused me of stealing was purchased at WALMART!!!!!!!!!!!?! I took this receipt to the police station and showed the arresstng officer if for nothing more than my own peace of mind an proof of innocense. He then informed me that the mgr make these citizen arrests quite regularly……HMMMMMM….something sure smells fishy there! Maybe she’s doing this to cover what’s actually walking out the doors elsewhere . something has to be done. Now I have to fiile a civil suit against er to clear my name.

  21. on your express hiring told me to enter my ssn which I did.then it asked for my pin which is suppose to be my birthdate but I don’t understand what is the image for my birthdate does not work.i really need to get into it so the background check can get done

  22. I went to dollar general store in meridian, ms store number 4742. The new manager that is really nice. She makes a point to say hey and help you find anything you need. Her employees are always being kind. The new manager is always making sure her customers are happy. You need to have more people like her and her team in other dollar general stores. Great job you all.

  23. I worked for Dg for years and under 3 Managers all were way to comfortable the DM’s can’t be in every store every minute corporate allows managers to run a muck sad most employees just leave as I did because saying anything just makes things worse.I have never understood why when management makes a comment to a DM that a DM doesn’t speak tothat person in private there are two sides to every story

  24. PLEASE get rid of all products that have

    HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Not a complaint

    just a PLEA!!! You are my FAVORITE RETAILER!

  25. I would like everyone to be aware that Dollar General does not value their employees nor staff. I am 72 years old and I have been visiting the location in Albany Georgia on S. Westover Road since they broke ground a couple of years ago. I have noticed that it is not just this store but all of the locations are extremely hot this particular time of year! I entered the store today 05/12/2014 and was in the store for all of 3 minutes before I was feeling sweat roll down my back. I took a look around to make sure I wasn’t the only one and I saw the employees wiping sweat also! I was then informed that the thermostat is controlled by their corporate office which is located up north where the climate is known to be cooler. Please explain to me how someone miles away can empathize with someone in the south when it comes to heat? I cannot believe DG is that micro managed! Good God let these people adjust the air to please their customers! THIS STORE( S.WESTOVER BLVD IN ALBANY GEORGIA) IS UNCOMFORTABLE AND UNSAFE TO SHOP OR WORK IN but I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my sweat drenched heart for relocating the previous managers (SHALISA AND TONYA) to a location I do not frequent they were some of the most inept humans I have ever seen in retail management! The times that I have had the misfortune to visit the location on MLK in ALBANY,GEORGIA where they have been relocated it is the same thing as the other location. Tonya is always eating at the register and on the floor and Shalisa is

  26. I would like everyone to be aware that Dollar General does not value their employees nor staff. I am 72 years old and I have been visiting the location in Albany Georgia on S. Westover Road since they broke ground a couple of years ago. I have noticed that it is not just this store but all of the locations are extremely hot this particular time of year! I entered the store today 05/12/2014 and was in the store for all of 3 minutes before I was feeling sweat roll down my back. I took a look around to make sure I wasn’t the only one and I saw the employees wiping sweat also! I was then informed that the thermostat is controlled by their corporate office which is located up north where the climate is known to be cooler. Please explain to me how someone miles away can empathize with someone in the south when it comes to heat? I cannot believe DG is that micro managed! Good God let these people adjust the air to please their customers! THIS STORE( S.WESTOVER BLVD IN ALBANY GEORGIA) IS UNCOMFORTABLE AND UNSAFE TO SHOP OR WORK IN but I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my sweat drenched heart for relocating the previous managers (SHALISA AND TONYA) to a location I do not frequent they were some of the most inept humans I have ever seen in retail management! The times that I have had the misfortune to visit the location on MLK in ALBANY,GEORGIA where they have been relocated it is the same thing as the other location. Tonya is always eating at the register and on the floor and Shalisa is usually busy on the phone (store and cell) and if she is not on the phone she is flirting with any MAN that MOVES in the store. (even my husband and he can barely walk or breath !!!)

  27. I have lived on Chincoteague VA all of my life, and the manager of this store is one rude person! She’s rude to everyone. I hear her talk down to people and just talk terrible to them. Heaven forbid if someone has a question or the lines are long. I’ve started going to the family Dollar because of her. She’s bad for business! She thinks she knows everything about everything! The turnover there on employees is huge! I can’t wait for the day she’s gone!

  28. i went into the dollar general in norman park ga today to buy cigarettes and thought i found a good deal on some but came to find out they was cigars while still in the store i told the clerk i didnt know that they were cigars and would like to exchange the two packs i just bought for some cigarettes instead of cigars they told me that they wasnt allowed to do a exchange or refund on them even if i had the reciept it was corporate policy all sells final told me it prevents people from buying from other stores and getting refunds from them ( REALLY i just bought them here from you told me there was nothing she could do or would but i could have a nice day this woman sees my wife and i just about every day will promise this i wont be back in that store id rather shop at WALMART than have to be atht way at least WALMART will exchange an item or give a refund

  29. During a recent visit at Store #05883 (10:38 am, 6/29/14), I experienced very poor customer service. I was due two cents in change, however the clerk mentioned that it was not that serious, as she thought she gave me my change, I stated that it is all money. I visit this store on an almost daily basis, in addition she did this exchange of words in front of her co-worker and several customers in line. I’m weighing on returning to this store, conduct of this nature is unacceptable.

  30. our local store here in Madison SD. is a horrible mess. shelves are half emptyed and stock is in metal carts all over the store and in the way. use to enjoy going in there but not anymore. being a small town its the only one we have. was never like this before but for the last month its bad. 3 people in there today and no one was working on stock while i was in there. something really needs to be done in this store please help us out. wish the lady that was there wouldn’t had left. stuff is just stacked all over. thank u for ure time i know this will do no good but it makes me feel better

  31. I love to shop at the Dollar General Store in Fort Stockton Texas.You have a new Assistant manager all the cashiers constantly call to help them ,Amy I had purchased a phone and came back to store for help from a different cashier(long black hair) who was on her cell phone when I was in line,she called Amy over and she went way beyond what she had to to help me out;I could not get the phone activated and Amy helped me to do it while the other cashier just kept making snide comments.This is wonderful that in a small town like this at least one of your employees goes out of their way to provide customer service!! This store has greatly improved since April,the floors are now clean,the shelves are now clean and you can see product and the stock is getting better.I prefer shopping here instead of Family Dollar or the Wal Mart. Please get help to the store as far as more employee’s because I always see Amy and Ilda on their own,how can someone work like that?

  32. The store I frequent is in Clarion, PA. I refuse to go back because it’s too hot! I like what they have to offer but can’t stand the heat. It is summer and I think it must be over 80 degrees INSIDE the store. Turn on the A/C

  33. Hello- I would like to file a complaint about the manager at the Minooka, IL DOLLAR GENERAL. she is a horrible mgr. #1 today she did not honor a price dispute for me at checkout. I was purchasing some soda in the refridge and BIG SIGN says 95cents (This is what grabbed my attention) so I checkout and told cashier wrong price. she charged $1.60 and got mgr. she took sign off after I showed her and did not get the 95 cents. I think if the sign was there I should of got that price. Also I asked the mgr. many times in the store about finding a product and pointed the direction as she was too busy doing stock. I could not find the item. she never focuses on the customers. I have to say this is the worst management there I ever experienced. Bad mgmt. has happened too many times there. I think u need a new manager personally

  34. I am at the Dollar General store in Carlisle Ky all the time. After memorial day and the 4th of July, I ask The Dollar General store to donate the left over flower and flags for our vets in are cemerety. Each year they tell me when they get down to a penny they will donate them. And every year they give them to someone else or whatever they do with them. If the Dollar General Store doesn’t honor our vets it is ashame. Our vets gave their life for you and me. And, I will not be shopping there anymore .And, I sure will let it be known to all the citizens of Nicholas and around counties that the Dollar General Store in Nicholas county does NOT honor our vets.

  35. This was my first order with I was in search of Air Wick Scented Oil Baby Magic Air Freshener, which the website indicated was in-stock. I placed the order for a dozen. Five to seven days later I received a box full of Air Wick Scented Oil Magnolia & Cherry Blossom. It turns out that the item I wanted was not in-stock, so Magnolia & Cherry Blossom was sent in its place. I truly don’t understand why the order wasn’t just cancelled, rather than sending whatever scent was available. At least that’s what it felt like to me. ‘We don’t have what she ordered, or what she wants, so let’s just see if this will do.’ I contacted customer service. Eric was very polite. But there was no way I was going to pay for the return shipment on this order. I was provided a UPS shipping label. needs the item(s) back before they will submit a refund.

    This order was such a waste of my time. I sent it back. I received an e-mail confirmation that the shipment was received, however I wasn’t credited the appropriate amount. My credit was $10.90 short, so I had to call customer service again.

    Ordering from is too much of a hassel. There is obviously no quality control to make certain that an order is accurate. In all honesty, I would never place another order with, nor would I recommend anyone else does. I wouldn’t trust it to be right, and the hassel of getting it back, and having to wait for a refund was beyond tolerance. Most companies when they make a mistake, they eat it! The credit to my PayPal should have been first and foremost without me needing to wait for your company to confirm receipt of the returned shipment.

    Please remove my e-mail address from your list, because there is no way I will ever be placing an order with

    I was able to find AirWick Baby Magic at Sam’s for considerably less than what was selling it for, had it actually been in-stock.

  36. I had a very bad experience at your local store # 12428 located in Moonville area of Piedmont, South Carolina today(July 19,2014)I had a 5.00 store coupon to be used with a 25.00 purchase that was good for todays date. As a regular DG customer I had used similar coupons in the past. The 5.00 dollars is usually taken from the total purchase. That was not the case today and the manager tried to tell me that the discount was taken on items that I had purchased. She was rude and so I left unsatisfied and thinking that I probably won’t be shopping there again. Also I think that you should be aware that this female manager was quite rude to the young man who was working the cash register. It was obvious that he was new, but he was being so kind and professional with everyone in the line. She belittled him when he ask questions. Many people in he line noticed this. All in all not a good experience at all. I have shopped at your store for many years but I really don’t appreciate being treated rudely. I also don’t understand the change in your coupon policy. Thank you for listening to my concerns. Diane Fant

  37. I tried to shop at out local Dollar General today. Store #08805.West Salem,Ohio I say tried because I could hardly get the cart down the aisles. I understand the need to stock, but its like this every day. I counted 14 U-boats on the sales floor. 3 were empty. Also a mop bucket sitting by some water on the floor. can’t you spend the extra payroll and do overnight stocking since this store is so small.You have to be making money, its the only game in town.

  38. I have shopped at our Perry, Iowa Dollar General store many times a week, this is the worse i have seen this store look, remarks about it and pictures are even on Facebook of hoe unorganized and dirty it is. We even have a new manager running it and it has become a lot worse since he has run it, staff are embarrassed of it also, how can you run a bussiness with only 2 staff working to check and stock and organize and clean the store. I will now start going to our Madrid store , it is out of town but, clean and organized, dont you check your stores and staff to make sure the store is being run like it should be? ITEMS ALL OVER THE STORE, FLOOR, DIRTY, NOT STOCKED, DOLLYS IN THE ISLES, ITS A MESS!

  39. The store on city avenue in moore ok. Has goneu to crap. There’s boxes all over the store, the floors haven’t been mopped or swept in months .I was in thethatre tody 8-16-2014 and noticed that the storeand the. Employees had very unpleasant odor. about. them . Dollar. General must not care or they would go in and fire the (rude, lazy, stinking. Ass employees. And try to get there reputation. Dollar general is nobody has fell and injured thm selves and and filed a law suit against them. They never put the product on the shelves. They have been out of what I went there for the last 7 or 8 times I have went there. BOTTOM LINE IS. DOLLAR GENERAL CAN KISS MY ##@ MONEY GOODBYE !!!!!!!

  40. Sept. 2, 2014
    I visited the Dollar General located in the 4900 block of Delmar Blvd in St. Louis, MO. I went to purchase a large quantity of paper goods for an elderly relative. As I entered, there was a lady stocking shelves. There were paper towels in a two pack and a single pack on the same shelf. But, no prices were on the shelf. I asked the stocking lady the price and she said, “One dollar!” That’s it! No smile, no greeting. . .no sentence. As I moved through the store, I observed that many items on the shelf were in the wrong place or not priced. I purchased the items [$58 worth] and as I was checking out, the Bounty Paper Napkins came up as $3 each. I had put back some no name brand and selected the Bounty Napkins because the prices were the same. . .so I thought. At the register I politely asked the cashier to have someone check the price of Bounty Napkins. They were priced at $2.50 [so I thought according to shelf price.] The cashier had someone to call the manager. Low and behold, up came the frowning, non-greeting, non-friendly and non-communicative stock lady! I was shocked. She went to check on the price with the same frown that she had when I entered. When she returned, she looked at the cashier [NOT AT ME, THE CUSTOMER] and said, “They’re $3!” I felt disvalued, small and like I had done something wrong. I would recommend that the regional director or area supervisor for Dollar General make a visit as a customer. This type of customer service will make a bad reputation for Dollar General. The store is in the City of St. Louis and I live in the suburbs. At the Dollar General in my neighborhood, I feel valued and am treated as if my patronage does matter. The manager at the Dollar General in the 4900 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO needs extensive training in customer service relationships.

  41. my mentally disabled brother in law was required to buy a phone for his job. he went to your highway 107 branch and bought a tracphone for thirty dollars, well your apparently untrained idiotic cashiers didn’t scan his phone in, and tracphone wouldn’t activate it because there was no way to prove that it was purchased. they said to have the store scan it in, which they wouldn`t do. so I contacted customer service who seemed to be pretty helpful and said they would have the district manager contact me. HE DIDN`T, so I called them back and got the same response four more times, STILL NO CONTACT FROM THIS FABLED DISTRICT MANAGER. so to keep him from losing his job, I had to go and purchase him a phone since he didn`t have anymore money left. IMAGINE THAT, I went to walmart to purchase this one, and NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER. they were a lot more helpful than the dollar store employees. I understand your policy about no returns on phones because of the crooks that try to get one over on you, but what about for the honest people that get screwed because of untrained employees. in my humble opinion that makes you just like the crooks that you are trying to stop. If this is the way you treat handicapped people then I definitely will never shop there again. and I will do everything in my power to get word out about this. not so sincerely yours, bruce coletti

  42. Last Friday I went into your store on Hwy. 190, Albany, LA 70711. They had four employees walking around the store while only one cash register was open with a long line. Also, the person in front of me had a basket to check out totally full. The others walking around did not try to open another register to get the people out. I was in line for 20 minutes as the cashier Linda ran out of change and one of the ones walking around had to go and get change for the register. I commented to the cashier that the paying customers keep the business going.

  43. On Sept. 26, 2014 I was in your store on 3230 Hwy 155 S in Locust Grove, GA at 4:45 pm. I have never seen such a dirty store. There were items on every aisle that had been knocked off the shelf onto the floor & in the way of customers, especially with buggies. Carts were sitting everywhere. Some had stock on them, some had paper & “stuff” on them. I was so frustrated I couldn’t get down the aisles without going through a maze. It was filthy. There is no reason this store should look like that.

  44. The last several times I have been to the Dollar General in Wilsonville Al, there was an employee just sitting outside the front door texting or e-mailings or talking on the phone while the front door was propped wide open and they were smoking. Besides having to breath the second hand smoke when I walked by, the HVAC had pulled the smoke into the store and the whole place was stunk up as I was too when I left. Dollar General lost a good customer yesterday because of this and I am sure others that use this store will consider not shopping there if the employees can’t move away from the front of the store to smoke. This is the worst Dollar General I have been in for this problem. Most others are very clean and there has not been a problem such as this.

  45. I want to know how you handle these complaint’s and do you.
    The store in my town is not safe stock is all over the isle and you can’t get down the isle with a buggy. I was cute on the arm by a plastic display because I was trying not to trip over boxes on the floor.Manger does not seem to care about the store says if you don’t like it shop somewhere else.

  46. Store #14458, has an associate working there that is an older male with braids that always has a very rude attitude! He doesn’t have any customer service skills! Instead of handing me the receipt he just put it on the register and made me pick it up and didn’t even say thank you! He is always rude but this was worse! I will not be back!!!

  47. I was visiting a local Dollar General in Astor, Florida on Hwy 40, this morning and the cashier needed to void an item for a customer and needed mgr approval…all 3 mgrs. were outside smoking, so the cashier had to go outside and call them…after about 3-5 minutes a woman came in voided the item and went right back outside….the store isles were smack full of boxes and totes that needed to be put on the shelves…you couldn’t get down some of the isles….if 3 mgrs. need smoke breaks all at the same time and the store looks like that then there need to be some changes made….If I worked like that when I was a mgr of an CVS store, I would have been fired on the spot…what is wrong with the area mgr these days don’t they make spot checks on their stores…that store will look like that for the next 3 to 4 days… I’ve seen it before.

  48. We just stopped a a new Dollar General that opened this week in Maple Lake, MN I expected to be greeted welcoming us to the brand new store but was not, not even a smile or a hello! We shopped and between the four of us spent $100.00. We proceeded to check out and the two woman working we’re very impersonal and never thanked us for our purchase. This is a small town with other stores that carry the same things for the same price or less when I drive another 7 miles, I will choose to drive further to have a better shopping experience. I have been in retail most if my life and expect more. If customer service us not the companies goal then you’re hiring the right people however, if you want to build a business the easiest way is to have excellent customer service minimum a hello or a smile. We were very disappointed to say the least and hopefully the company reads all if the comments and trains their teams to provide better service. I believe if you’re not happy doing the job and do your best then step aside are let someone who would be take your place.


  50. After reading all these complaints, I just wanted to say that the Osage City, KS. store is very well ran. The manager is always friendly and available. She is polite and knowledgeable. The store is well stocked considering that it is very busy.

  51. Is there a reason that your store does not carry the following two items? 1. thin crust pizzas 2. pop tarts without frosting. I have asked the mgr. at least 4 times and she said that they are not available. This store is located at Spring Creek Tn. Thank you, Ed Miller

  52. I was reading most of the comments on here and couldnt believe all the bad complaints …wow i have shopped at the DG stores all my life in illinois and missouri and have always had great service….i really was in shock with everything I was reading…when i take those surveys from the reciepts I wasnt lying when i push the extremely satisfied in everything…. Just thought I should let people know that not all DG stores are in need of help….

  53. Love to shop DG. I live in Trussville Al 35173 zip. Do u plan to build a new store on Hwy 11. Our present store is old , not very big . Can u at least instsll automatic door and put buggie collection in parking lot..

  54. I have a complaint today I was at Dollar General on rogers street in Clarksville Ar I NOTICED the sale on socks and sleepwear was 50% off thur Nove15 .I purchased some items.Itold my daughter so went to buy her some item on the 3 day sale the sales clerk told her there nothing on sale in sleepwear.SO I looked up your ad there it was 50% off for Nov 15.this is not the first this has happen at this store.

  55. I can’t seem to get the tide pods digital coupon which is on your ad…the sale…i could only get the ecrlkrich sausage dollar off…i wanna use the two dlls off for tide pods

  56. Store #08993 Mesquite Texas

    I was in this store at 3pm on a Saturday, there were so many stocking pallets you could not even go down the aisles hoping you don’t encounter someone coming the other way, one of us would have to back up, not to mention the fact someone could get hurt. You can’t even get to what you need. This was on just about every aisle. Also more than 10 customers waiting to check out without anyone being called to help. Sent an email to CEO with pictures…we’ll see!


  58. Today, Sunday December 14, 2014, I was in your store on Caeoline Beach Road in Wilmington, N.C. I ask the cashier for 3 packs of full floverd 100’s, shwe went to the cabinet came back to register rang me up I got to the car and looked mat the pack and she had soled me cigars, went bvack in and they would not exchange them or gicve me my money back, I paid over $10.00 dollras for 2 packs of the right kind of cigs that I asked for. Many times like this and you will loose a customer.

    very disapointed

  59. I would not normally comment to a corporation with hundreds of retail stores, but this one particularly disturbs me since I am a retired business man; having owned my own businesses in Ohio, Georgia and Florida. I have also been a vice-president of a large Atlanta-based company.

    I live less than a mile from the store on Stockbridge Road in Jonesboro, Ga. I am not prone to complain about minor itmes, but this one kind of got me and I have taken disciplinary action against my employees or managers for this kind of rude customer relations. I shop at this store to the tune of $87 per week or $4,424 over the last 12 months according to my BankofAmerica debit card.
    The store is not your newest sometimes a little cluttered; but convenient to my home. A week and one half ago I purchased a package of toilet tissue, 12 pack, of the DG brand–usually I buy a regular name brand, but these were out of stock. Upon opening the product for us I found its production was flawed and each a every roll had encountered some mistake in the manufacturing process wherein every three or four sheets were stuck together and as the product was
    progressively unrolled it ruined every second or third sheet progressively throughtout.

    I have rare complaints about DG or its chosen vendors and overlook most, but though I should return this package for a replacement possible of my usual brand name (for which I would gladly pay any price difference.) This was about 6pm 01/07/2015. The check out clerk said that since I had opened the package there was not exchange possible! I reasoned that there was no way to know that the product was defective until the package was opened. AND had only one
    roll been defective I probably would not have even addressed the matter; but they were all stuck to themselves and totally worthless.

    This is one of those “red flag” incidents. I was indignant and asked her to verify it with the store manager whom she contacted on the phone. Her decision was by the store manager. Again I tried to reason that the package was a “DG”
    clearly package product and NO ONE would have known it was defective until opening the package. I told your store manager that I had been a businessman and that this stance was ridiculous and losing a 4 thousand dollar a year customer for a $5 package of toilet paper (not a refund, just an exchange) was unreasonable.

    Actually I am a little ashamed of myself for making an issue of this–but come to think of it I am more ashamed of both your clerk and your store manager for their “totally negative customer service stance.” I am a reasonable person and though to myself, “well, just go on an finish your new item shopping.” But then I thought–that’s ridiculous. I am not asking for anything from DG. And, you must have hundreds of thousands of $4m per year customers in spite of your limited grocery and sundry stock and can afford to lose one. I will miss my little convenient and close DG store, been here 25 years! But, adios!

  60. I am a very loyal customer to dollar general, but I have a real problem when it comes to my coupons!! it is a nightmare to check out!! there is always a problem with every coupon…even dollar general coupons! the cashier has to go over the coupon and read every little word, hold the product and coupon beside of each other and they have to run the coupon with each product . has dollar general management, corporate or employees ever been to walmart, k-mart, target ect,ect???? do they not know if the product and coupon doesn’t match, that the coupon will not go through the system????? the hold up on checking out is ridiculous!!! and all uncalled for!! this policy needs to be undated and simplified! never have I ever seen such an ordeal to use my coupons!! please evaluate and simplify your policy!!! please, I don’t want to go anywhere else!! thanks

  61. The dollar general is a store that would be used more if the stock was put out and the isles not filled with boxes so bad you cant walk thru . This is at the stores in meridian ms for sure. hwy 145 south , Collinsville, and marion . Also the carrying on of African American clerks and patrons exchanging numbers and talking about inappropriate conversation that is unacceptable in a work place . DISGUSTED WITH THE STORES IN THIS TOWN…..

  62. My Dollar store odyssey started December 17, 2014 at store number 02338 in Clarksville Indiana I don’t normally patronize this Dollar store but I was in the area so I stopped. I attempted to buy three Darden gift cards at $25 value each. The cashier was an idiot who used all sorts of excuses because she did not know how to run the cash register. Tried tell me my credit card was declined, then told me you cannot purchase gift cards with credit, finally I told her cancel my order. She didn’t know how!! She said only two of the three gift card she rang up would activate and she did not know how to remove the third card from my credit card so instead of starting over, she reached in cash register and handed me $25 cash! At that point I just wanted out of the store with the few things I bought. I gave the two gift cards I left with as a Christmas gift only to be given one of them back later and told by the recipient that one of them was never activated I took the gift card back to the store of purchase and explain what happened the manager very rudely told me all she could do was tell me to call the number on the back of the card to Darden restaurants I thought that sounded odd but I called Darden. As I suspected Darden told me it was the stores mistake and I needed to go back to the store and have it activated. Two trips to the same store both times very disappointing I was not wanting to deal with the same store again so I called the customer service the lady was very nice took my report took all the information yet I never heard back from the regional manager I called them again two weeks later I was told the manager tried to call me yet I had no record of a phone call and I certainly did not have a voicemail from him so I made the complaint all over again to Agnes in the Philippines she was very nice listen to my long complaint and assured me a manager would call me within the next three days I still do not have a call from the manager. And Dollar General store owes me $25 I made it clear that I could give them several ways to make it right they could give me a new Darden card that was activated they could activate the Darden card I still have that was never activated or they can simply put the $25 back on my credit card but at this point in time we are going on three months and I’ve gotten no resolution! As a customer service manager myself I find this absolutely Appalling!! I am a long time dollar store customer I shop at dollar stores wherever I go I’m very disappointed and would really hate to give up my dollar store shopping but I’m seriously considering it if this doesn’t soon get resolved and believe me I have shared the story with everyone I know!

  63. I want to know your exact policy on this….. I went yesterday 3/7/15 ….. to the Dollar General on Highway 270 in White Hall Arkansas.. your ad stated that the All detergent was part of the buy 10 dollars get 3 dollars off instantly at the register. I wanted to use paper coupons from the newspaper along with this sale… The paper coupon states 1 coupon per purchase …. Does Dollar General consider 1 purchase to be one bottle or is 1 purchase the entire cart which is what Latricia told me….. She dumped all 3 of my bottles on the counter and rudely told me Dollar General policy states only 1 coupon can be used…….. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOUR POLICY IS ? I was told Dollar General will not respond to complaints so prove that wrong>>>>

  64. I would like to see the key holders attentive to the store’s procedures which all eventually impact the customer.

    Dollar General (stock at $200+) is a company organized well-enough at the executive level which could mean that the store staff need to only follow store rules and policy.

    Realizing that every region of the USA is different and has different customer profiles. I have had retail jobs and even when my feet are aching and the customer is a pain, my training enabled me to successfully make the experience positive.

    In addtion, the Dollar General key holder failed to staff properly. Her closing cashier called in sick. The 9pm cashier was never asked if they could work longer. As a result of the key holder’s failure to follow store procedure, she had to “close the store.”

    Police were phoned by a customer, it seems, because they did not like being turned away before closing time. customers away. Train Demetria to plan ahead and avoid the hostile environment she created. By the way, Demetria walks about stating she had to learn this job on her and that she was thrown into the job as a key holder.

    Well, she might can spend a little less time sharing her blues and more time focusing on being proactive. Her role to Dollar General must be important as she has been at this store 3 years. But her years of service have not taught her to be proactive with good communication skills.

  65. The Store on John Barrow Road in Little Rock had one pregnant checker at 4:30 P.M. on Friday, March 6, 2015. The line was almost to the wall. There was a lady in the office who put on her coat as if to leave, she came out briefly and went back in. I finally got checked out and left. One other thing I need to mention there is a strong smell in the store. Sometime it smells like chemicals or fumes from a house that has burned. It is something that need to be checked out. I can’t go back the fumes are too strong. I am not the only one that can smell it.

  66. The Theodosia MO store at 11 County Road 637 just opened in March 2015. This week we received a “SAVE $5 on your purchase..” coupon good for this store location only. It also says the “Coupon Expires April 24, 2014”. Too bad the coupon expired over 11 months before the store opened. A waste of DG’s postage payment.
    We do like the store. Thank you.

  67. OK this website is weird. I just made my comment which I see listed as #70 and now DG wants “tell us what you think”. ??

  68. I am writing this I’ve tried to send an email with pictures enclosed of a local page in our community of satsuma Al 36572 I want to say as a lot in our community are very impressed and happy with improvements in our local dollar general a lot of people had stopped shopping at your store over the last few years unless dire emergency as of this day I am proud to say the last Month you have made a decision in management and employees for the better !!!a lot of us satsuma are happy to be back at dollar general

  69. Hello,
    I have a question. Why is the store in Lynn Indiana store constantly out of 2 liter Diet Pepsi? All of the other soft drink products are available in large quantities. Just all of 2 liter Diet Pepsi is ALWAYS gone. I mean shelves empty for 6 days a week. I know this is a trivial matter but apparently the people in Lynn really love Diet Pepsi. I have mentioned this a couple of times in the past and the employees say that a small amount of Diet Pepsi is all we can get. That’s nuts… somebody is not doing their job whether it’s Dollar general or Pepsi Corp I don’t know. I would think you would want to stock more of something you keep selling out of. Now other than this problem the people and the store are great. I’m glad your store is here. We use it a lot. The prices, products and employees are fine.

    Thank You
    John Doe

  70. I experienced a first today. I was at the Beaver Dam, Ky. Dollar General. I don’t know that location is the issue or even a particular store. I had 45$ in merchandise. I had no wallet left it at home(not purposely) but had a check book. Write my check. They wouldn’t take it without ID. I had to walk off without my merchandise. Now, I and my family are regular customers. We use checks and debit cards. With a computer system, unless there was an alert on the checking acct or name in the system, my check should have been accepted. My family is in the banking industry. We own stock in a bank. I am well aware of fraud and all that follows. However, there should be a way to help such a situation. Just saying…

  71. I HAVE never been so disrespected as I was today! I went to my local DG cause I wanted to take advantage of the 5.00 off 25. Yes I am extreme couponer and yes I used other coupons in my transaction. But the comment that came out of your sales rep mouth was uncalled for. As he looked at every coupon to make sure they were correct items he said to me ” you people always looking for something free”. There was a line behind me and I just looked at him and said ” I’m sorry your not equipped to understand couponing” and he said well I have a life to worry about and my response to him was. ” so do I and that is why I coupon to provide the best of the best for my kids. I asked to speak to the manager and was told he was on lunch at 10am. That is the last time I walk into another DG I will take my BUSSINESS to someone who will Appericate it.

  72. Your store located at 123 bypass and Tor Drive in Seguin, Texas gives very poor service. There is two checkouts in the store one at the entrance/exit doors which is more convenient to use, but they are always using the one in front of the office which always has so much junk around it you have a hard time getting up to the checkout and usually there is no one there to check you out . They are always back in the office capping to one another and you have to knock on the counter to get their attention to checkout. VERY POOR SERVICE. I Have talked to a lot of friends of mine and they are going to stop shopping there if SERVICE doesn’t improve.

    Bob Davies

  73. Ref #1023490336
    April 52015 a transaction for about 32.00 was made at store #06347 with credit card ending in 5064 i need the receipt for business expense for my husband company. So I was told i would be emailed the reciept
    If i gave the information. This was around 9:pm.
    Sincerely,mr walters

  74. We need a new Dollar General in Springtown,Texas because it is to small. they only have one freezers and the store is all junked up. Because it is so small. They have a great store in Electra,Texas and it a lot larger. Not complaining except it is just to small. I thank you for you for listing. Thank You

  75. Our local dollar general store number 12595 located in Montpelier Louisiana has the worst management that i have ever seen. the manager is always on the phone either in the office or while checking out customers, which is very rude and disrespectful. or either he is in the parking lot making out with some girl . i have 5 children and they do not need to see such vulgar public displays of affection. if he is not removed from this dollar store i will remove myself all my family and my friends from ever returning to this store ever again. do you really want to loose that much business? i can and i will make it happen.. he is a disgrace to your company and doesn’t deserve to be a manager or an employee. there is a polite young man and young lady john and Amy ( i believe are their names)who are always working and never stop and get treated like crap from your manager. i have seen it with my own two eyes. you need to take control of this situation or i assure you you will loose business.

  76. I wrote a check that bounced and I went to the store I wrote the check to pick it up and was not able to do so they said to call dollar General and I did and got told to call centcheck and I did that to I have not been able to pick the check up because of runaround from the stores I need to know where to send a money order to pick it up or run it back though the bank by 06-03-15 so I can pick it up or let me know how to pick it up thanks George I not happy about the runaround I got for that check
    thanks George

  77. There is no store sign posted that you cannot bring a therapy dog in the store. As I mentioned he is registered in the US Dog registry database (Government). There should be a sign posted and there never should have been a verbal discussion that is my opinion.

  78. Attention: The President’s Office for Dollar General Dear Sir, Overall this store is Excellent. This matter appears to be beyond the scope of its employees and management because the outside lights have been out now for more than 16 months, even after being reported to the store’s management for more than 12 times. This is a SAFETY issue because there is very little lighting outside this store. Even the Dollar General road sign is out and most of the Dollar General store letters are out as well. An area light should be installed and all of the lights that are out, should be replaced. It is a very dangerous parking area without lighting at night time and the store closes at 10 p.m. As a Dollar General shareholder, I am appealing to you to immediately have someone address this unsafe condition at the Adairville, KY store.

  79. the CEO needs to visit your Lagrange NC store it’s nasty and the parking lot has used tampons and baby diapers, not to mention the other trash laying around. the cashier has her boyfriend standing by the register like a guard, which is scary. the music is so loud and it’s gospel which I don’t mind if it wasn’t up so loud. you can’t walk without going around boxes. and nobody there speaks to you unless you ask a question. Hate to complain but you can’t fix problems if nobody complains.

  80. congrats on having the sloppiest store(s) in Yazoo City,MS.the shelves are a disaster and the floors totally full of stock and makes shopping at Freds’ so easy.

  81. Hello, I’m writing in referral to the, “Dollar General” store #12352 in Gretna, La. Several times including today, the cashier did not spin the rotating bag rack and I had to drive all of the way back to claim my left items. This happens to my mother at least twice per week, and she is disabled. Other customers have had to run out of the store to give her the remaining. I have heard many of comments from other people about this same problem. I just wanted to bring this to you’re attention! Thanks a bunch.

  82. Having read many of the previous reviews, I fear my complaints may be a result of upper management’s poor decisions and lack of concern. Murfreesboro ar has one dg store and one grocery store. That means lots of business. It is a vacation destination, with a lake, state park,and diamond mine. The store is always a piled up mess. Yellow stock carts block the isles, rendering them unpassable. Manager is usually outside smoking. If she does work on the floor, she is usually complaining about other employees. It’s a joke around town that the checkout line will be 12 people long, and manager will walk out to go smoke. The 4th of July week, we could not get down the seasonal aisle to purchase swim rings, floats, etc. I find many products at nearby dg stores that most probably is sitting on those carts blocking shoppers. I am self employed, and I assure you…if my employees showed this kind of disrespect for my customers and my business…they would be replaced. I believe you like it this way. Shame on you!

  83. I had a bad experience at ur Girard, Ks. Store Sunday. took something back and the employ would not five my arigional receipt back.after several calls to customer service in the 90+ heat i finally got it back. I had to have to check on what else i bought on card.$84.78 worth and i had to go through all that just to get my ticket from her. Thanks for getting my ticket back.

  84. I have put in several applications for employment. They asked me each time if I received food stamps or Medicare. I tell them no and within two days I receive an email telling me they are going with other candidates. They also state I should apply for jobs that are more suited for me. I have ran a large store. I made schedules for around 12 cashiers, I opened and close the store, dealt with customers and everything dealing with a store. Let me explain something to your co. I go to your stores and there is stock in every aisle, no one at the registers, they are either in the back on phones or outside talking to some guy. So I guess u are right I should find something more suitable because I wouldn’t deal with all that. I won’t be trying for a job in your stores anymore. I see what your company wants in their employees.

  85. Today ( 8/29/2015) I visited your location @ Plaza Drive/Hwy 150 in Mooresville, NC. I went there specifically to use a $5 off $25 purchase. This week’s ad circular had Cesar canned dog food listed as Buy 4, get 1 free so I purchased $6 worth @ .75 per can to get 2 free. Now I am only complaining as a principle thing and not dollar value BUT I also had a newspaper clipped $1 Dollar General coupon which was good if you spend $5 , which I had done. However, when the store clerk told me I could not use the coupon because it would be double couponing – that I did not understand because I bought the correct amount to get the free ones and get $1 off of my $6 dollar purchase for the other 8. I know it is only a dollar but that to me is not double couponning so please change your ad circulars or quit printing your coupons.

  86. My concern is with product availability. Product: DG Body Men’s Hair Shine 0 72785 10669 7. I have shopped at Rite Aid. I have shopped at Walmart. They have a policy, of if you do not see it ask for it. And within a day to three days, the item comes in the store with the customers name on it. Is there a way to get around such an availability? Amen, will U get back to me? Thank you.

  87. Lines at Waterbury, CT store on Watertown Ave are a nightmare. 1 register open- I felt bad for elderly waiting in line and those who only have Sunday off. When a customer asked, cashier said that she was the only one on register. It should be a team effort from those stocking to the manager- everyone should be on a register when you have a line of 15 customers! These people need to be retrained in teamwork and customer service!!

  88. I think you should know that the dollar general on the corner of kibby and s main street in lima oh is full of roaqches and visable to the customers

    I will never return and that is not very good for a company to display that filth

  89. I received Order Number 4230374836 yesterday and the box was soaking wet with the contents ready to come out the bottom of the box. The contents of the bottle of Downey had leaked through the plastic bag leaving about, maybe, 6 ozs. in the bottom of the container. Some of the other boxes were damaged but threw the boxes away and wiped off the contents. Didn’t know if you could do anything about it. I imagine you could check with the UPS driver and he will confirm this.
    Thank you.

  90. Well, thru online correspondence, appreciation&grace, outside my front door was a box of the product N question. This local store works hard manageing the many products U sell. Thank U, I am greatly satisfied, thru appreciation&grace, thank U again, amen.

  91. SherryCuster; KimberlyBoyle; AntionetteH; BethColf; AshleyWheeler. I am greatly satisfied with my online experience&service. Thank U again, Blessings.

  92. To whom it may concern:
    Please read all of this it is important!

    My name is Harold R Armstrong Jr I live in the state of Michigan it is my opinion that Dollar General could be a great place to work, but it is not! Somewhere down the line wires got crossed with the bean counters.
    A store gets hours to run for a week during the busy season lets say 209 hours and that is just what the store needs to run properly. Let’s break that down!
    Store MGR 45 hours on the schedule but they work around 70 hours or more
    Ass MGR 40 Hours on the schedule
    Full time key holder 40 hours on the schedule
    Part time key holder 32 hours on the schedule
    Cashier 20 hours on the schedule
    And that is just to run the store with 32 hours left over so you can get the struck done and put away on time. As you can see just to run the store itself, it takes 177 hours to do a good job. And with it being busy the other 32 hours is needed just for the truck to get the job done on time. A store should be able to run with a 5 person crew with no problem and everybody would be happy. What I am seeing is not the case, yes during busy season a store gets 209 hours to work its staff every week and that is great! But during slow season and that is if there is a slow season with Dollar General being the place to shop. What I am seeing is the hours get dropped down during the slow season and it should, but what is happening is the wires get crossed real badly here. You can see that it takes 177 hours just to run a store in slow season the bean counters will tell you that. But what is happening is a store gets its total hours cut down to 132 hours and that is exactly 45 hours less then the 177 hours that it takes to run a store. What people don’t realize is that stores MGR hours are a part of the 132 total hours because they have to be put on the schedule. In my opinion this is where the wires got crossed. The memo was sent down to drop the hours down to 132 but they forgot that a stores MGR house are a part of that and they meant 177 hours so that they could keep good people working and not loose them because of a lack of hours. You see at 132 hours it comes down to this,
    Store MGR 45 Hours on Schedule but they work around 70 hours or more
    Ass MGR 35 hours ON Schedule
    Full time key holder 20 hours on the schedule
    Part time key holder 16 hours on the schedule
    Cashier 16 hours on the schedule
    As you can see with this you will not have good people very long at all. If you want to keep good people please look into this because you have a lot of great employees out their and they are having an injustice done to them. If you have happy employees you will have more sales and very happy costumers and that is the bottom line for all !!

    P.S. I truly hope that this letter finds its way to the right person.
    Thank You
    Harold R Armstrong Jr

  93. Saturday 9/26/2015 I went to the local Dollar General in Hastings NE. All I needed was a Diet Pepsi six pack (24 oz. bottles). There were none on the shelf nor did I see them anywhere else so I asked the cashier if they had any in the back. She asked another associate who she referred to as “Cindy Lou” if they had any. “Cindy Lou” replied in a very rude and nasty tone “I highly doubt it and even if we did, there is no way of getting to it right now anyway!”
    What the heck ever happened to Customer Service???

    On 2 or 3 previous visits to your store when there was no Diet Pepsi on the shelf, I would ask Melissa who was only too happy to go back and get it for me. Your other employees could take a lesson from her on how to treat customers with respect.

    Anyway, I will never be back to your store again and you can thank “Cindy Lou” for that!!!

  94. On Sept 28th I shopped at your store on Court St in Marion, IL. It was a horrific experience. A customer could not get her bill paid. Something was wrong with the card she was using so a long line built. Then the supervisor was listening on a speaker cell phone to a conference call and trying to check people out too.
    The supervisor said to me as she was checking me out “this is a disaster”.

    Anyway, I purchased two Suave body washes and I had a coupon for buy one, get one free. When I got home, I found the coupon in the bottom of my bag all wadded up and the coupon was not used. I want my coupon used. I still have my receipt and .coupon, but I have difficult transportation. Get back with me if there is a # on my receipt that I can give U. I am even willing to pay for a stamp to send the receipt and coupon to U for a refund of $1.75.

    This supervisor needs help!!!! The store was a total disaster. I have shojpped at this store for about 15 years.

  95. Hello Dollar general, I am having an issue with the hiring process and need assistance please. I can only be contacted directly at my email address at this time which is if you can leave a phone number and a name where I can reach somebody directly I would greatly appreciate it, I was told I was hired and the manager would start the hiring process and that I need to take a drug screening. I followed the orders and went to the testing site but the next day I was contacted and told that the drug testing machine had broke down and I would have to ask for another passport to take the test again but I am having difficult time contacting the manager and human resource department and customer service for help so if anybody receives this comment and can assist me I would greatly appreciate the help.

  96. The Dollar General at Theodosia, Missouri, is one of the largest, cleanest, friendliest, most helpful Dollar General stores i’ve ever been in – workers are always busy as a bee, but will stop & “circle” the store to help you find ANYTHING. The manager evened offered to drop off (by my house on her home from work) an item that they were out of; she said in case it comes in before I get off work, I’ll bring it to you! Love this store – if they were all this friendly & efficient, other ‘variety’ stores would be out of business!!!

  97. Is there any dollar general store in san Antonio,Texas that carries the cow picture for $8.00? I have been to several stores and they never have seen it. One manager on Callaghan rd. Stated they might have a different distributed. If there are stores that are near or in san Antonio,TX can you please email me their locations. Thank you in advance for your help.

  98. On Oct. 6, 2015, I purchased 200 tracfone minutes from Dollar General in Vaklley Grande, AL Store # 09980. It was raining and my receipt got wet and torn so that I cannot read the PIN #. I have called tracfone and talked to 3 different people. They gave me a number for Dollar General. They told me to send this email and you could help. I purchased the 200 minutes with my debit card with the last 4 digits being 7236. There is Auth # 071719 and Reference # 75071719. Can you please help me get my 200 minutes. Thank you. Reba Drinkard

  99. I shop Dollar General frequently, BUT recently you started having digital coupons and I am not one to use the cell phone for coupons! I WISH you would go back to the coupons that a person can print out, so EVERYONE has a chance to use the coupons.
    Thank you.

  100. I was interested Troy, Nc store today at 3:52.Let me start by saying that my cashier was the most attentive and friendly cashier I have had wait on me in ages. However, when I got home and started supper I was disappointed to see that the 5lb bag of all purpose flour I was using expires on November 24 2015. Now, this is not out of date but when have you used a 5lb bag of flour in 8 days?

  101. You really need to do some thorough training in your Clintonville wi location. We used to make special trips to go there. Do not think we will anymore. Other than ruining most of the food we bought tonight by horribly bagging. Who wants their laundry soap and air fresheners in with food??? That was one of the FIRST things I was taught in retail was how to bag things…The rude customer service….not even ringing in all items SET ON THE COUNTER for her and causing us not to get things because of her mistake… The store is a mess. I worked in retail over holiday seasons in a store much bigger. We had to move things ourselves to get out carts through numerous isles. Theresa’s garbage all over that could’ve easily been stacked on the retail carts that could’ve also been easily moved to the side for customers. In the busy holiday season people are in a hurry and don’t want to be missing things they wanted and took to the register, things ruined that they bought, or spend their time moving everything left around from employees.

  102. Hello!
    I am within walking distance of your CantonRd /Sanitarium Rd. store. I have applied on line for past year. I go to the store to find out if I can get a job there, but don’t even get an interview. How can I get an interview? Good Worker
    And Dependable living close! Thank You -John

  103. I went to dollar general on us31 last night around 5-6:30 p.m. I looked around and I only went in there for dish soap and found the Halloween clearance rack. I grabbed some candy for the kids and approached the register and overheard this lady say that she had left the key in the restroom. It was cold out and reminded me I should probably use it before I leave. When I got to the register and paid for my things I told the cashier that I would like the key and asked him to hold my purchase at the register until I was finished. Next he(CHRIS) had to call this lady over on the walkie talkie and she didn’t answer after hollering across the store for her she told me I would have to wait for the key while her cashier fixed her radio. Then she walked away from me and went down the aisle I followed her, she noticed money on the floor ,Picked it up and cupped it in her hand. She opened the door said there is the key and put the money in her pocket and left. I went in the bathroom and it was foul. The toilet paper was laying on the floor and the holder is visibly broke the bathroom door very dirty the floor and sink filthy. I was quite mortified. I finished gave the cashier my key as he was waiting on a customer. And asked him for my bag. He looked around and said it was right here and the lady who just left has my bag and I should go get it. I was not happy and went out there. The lady did not have my bag and I was left embarrassed , I went back inside and said she didn’t have it he said sorry and went on waiting on his customer as if I wasn’t standing there. The manager finally came up and asked me what was wrong. I explained that you guys gave away my bag to another customer and she said I DID NOT. I explained that I wanted my refund which was a total of 1.57 and she left went back to the back room came back 10 minutes later and asked what I wanted her to do. I grabbed another dish soap and since there were no more of the clearance candy I told her to keep the change for her troubles. I am furious and the bad store, the inept employees, their lack of willingness to satisfy this customers needs and I was mortified that this company would let little children and elderly in there to use that gross bathroom. Just bea\cause you are a discount store does not mean that we are not worthy of the same things big box stores offer like employees that care

  104. I have complaint about one of your employees. She works on 5th street in Plainview Texas. When I shop there she is always flirting with my husband. I asked one of the coworkers for her name. The coworker said her name is Stacy. But she wouldn’t give her last name. She has tattoos.

  105. I have been to, in the last three days, three Dollar General stores. Only one was clean, organized, polite, respectful. That was the one, in TIfton, GA, on Virginia Avenue. They were so helpful after I explained about our ordeal on Saturday night at the Hwy 82W store, and Friday at the Hwy 82.
    Friday, it was impossible to take each aisle as they came; you could not go down the aisles for all of the products blocking them. They were rude, and no one would stay at the register! They were out of most of the things we went for.
    But as bad as I thought they were, 82 East was horrible. Yes, the store was neater, but it was still a mess. There was only one register open, right at the front doors. There was a young man running it. In fact, he ran it non-stop. When it was our turn, he didn’t slow down. He immediately began ringing my items up. I paid him-IN CASH!- he gave me change. As we began to move out of the store, I asked my friend for the receipt. She told me that she didn’t have it. So I asked him, he said only, “Printer is broken”. I again requested a receipt to which he repeated, “Printer Broken”. At that point, my back was hurting very badly, and I went out to sit in the car. I was parked in the front, right (facing the store), so with the car door open, I could hear a little, but see everything. She spoke with him again just one, short time, then moved to the other register. After a few minutes she came out and said that the manager on duty had offered to re-ring them up, giving me a receipt, and then void the transaction. I said no, I want my money back. So, WITHOUT A WORD, she began backing everything out. When she finished, she reached for a Dollar General gift card and my friend stopped her. She came outside and told me what happened. I told her to tell the woman that they took cash out of my hand, she could put cash back in it. So she took that message in and came out. When I heard what she said next, I came very close to either going postal, or calling the police. She said that I could not have cash back—BECAUSE I HAD NO RECEIPT!!!!! At that point, I realized that I was dealing with someone with no morals. I told her to give me the card (could not even verify the amount–I had no receipt!) BUT that I would spend that at another store. We left and went to the D.G. on Virginia Avenue. What a store!!!!! Neat, clean, organized. As soon as we entered the door, there were two women at the registers. I immediately asked for a manager, and one stepped forward. I related what had happened. Not only could she NOT believe it, when she talked to the manager on duty at the Hwy 82W store, the very first piece of information that she relayed from her was an ABSOLUTE LIE!! Not a little white one, but a great big, bold-faced one! If that is the type employee you want, then I don’t need to shop there. Yes, I spent what what was on the gift card, plus some. But I seriously believe that Dollar General owes me an apology, and a gift card. Not a generous one, but not a modest one either. And preferably not a Dollar General one. I was upset for hours, could not concentrate at Walmart to finish the shopping trip, almost had an accident because I could not get the encounter off of my mind,argued almost ALL the way home with my best friend…….At 6:45 pm, she ruined my day COMPLETELY!!

  106. I took a slip and fall in dollar General store#10515 on Oct.27, 2015. I found the Dollar General information to file a claim myself. On 11-18-2015 I returned to that store for the first time since my fall. Going in the store the manager was at the cash register and started asking me if I was Mary. I replied I was and went on to get my items. When I got up there to purchase I was asked how I felt. I replied not good at all but I was trying to get back on track. She let me know immediately I was on video when I fell in a aggressive way and I replied yeah I know. I said look I’m not out to take advantage or get rich off Dollar General and I told them that. I did fall in your store and I have to make sure I’m ok with my medical conditions. You know it’s the law or it’s the first thing I was told when I went for treatment at the ER to file a claim I fell at this store if that’s what happen. So it started there. She then let me know she watched my slip and fall and I did do that. I replied yes I did and I couldn’t help it. When she found out I had actually talked with someone about it she wanted to know who and her whole facial impressions changed. I said you know I’ve thought and thought where could all them small puddles of water come from it was unusal for this store and I told risk management that my thought is it had to come off the drinks the man delivered. She replied that’s exactly where it come from he had just come in when you did. I said I don’t think so he was back there already putting up products when I fell. Her facial impressions where getting worse. Then she said well you know what it’s his fault. I replied well you know what I wasn’t happy with your girl here at the cash register. I won’t either because there was hardly no one in the store I saw coming in. She wasn’t busy she knew the man come in the front door right there at her. She knew it had been raining and I would think you would know there could be water come off his delivery. After I got up if she watched this video good I tried to get this girls attention over and over there were only a couple at the register. She completely ignored me and continued on with them. I was left over there in puddles of water I had just slipped and fell in. I had to get out of them and go get another cashier to help me. I also replied I wasn’t happy with the cashier who tried to help me either. I really wasn’t sure she asked me if I was ok my reply was I don’t know I’m hurting bad and just got a epidural in my neck this morning. She finally was like well if your no better tomorrow you come back and see me or the manager. Me her, and the manger has talked often about my failing health and getting these shots. That was very little concern to me and she just continued to go get a mop and mop up the water and left me. No accident report or nothing was written up my contact information wasn’t even gotten. I replied it’s clear she didn’t know what to do at this time for me and I don’t know why you the manager won’t called you live right where I do not far away at all. I said look I’ve been through a lot since this fall I called you and left you a message here at the store that night at like 2 am The nerves and muscle spams were going crazy in my back. I was walking bent over double when I could get up. I went to the ER the next day cause I was literally crawling up steps. I was on a bed full of pillows and still in so much pain I couldn’t stand it. That left side of my body swelled. They didn’t even take no x rays with me already having multi problems with my back. They said I probably did have a cracked rib a lot of bruising the rib would heal on it’s own why take x rays they didn’t believe nothing was broken that would cost Dollar General. I had to return on Nov. 2 they finally took an x ray of my back but he let me know it was only to make sure nothing was broken. Now my regular doctors didn’t even want to get involved saying it was the ER’s job to x ray you. I have just gotten from a doctors appt. over my knees and he said I had a problem that a fall like that would diffently effect. She was like um they sent you to therapy like she couldn’t believe it. Her reply was well it was an accident it’s the drink mans fault. I could not believe this ladies actions and it appeared to me as if she cared nothing about me it was who to blame and to let me know she blamed the pepsi people. I’ve never known of pepsi people going behind themselves cleaning up but I don’t know there polices. I look at it like this I fell in your store and you people have not bothered to even contact me since. The pepsi guy was the only one who asked me if I needed help when I was getting up. I believe this whole staff at this store was unreal during my accident and after. This fall has created many problems for me that is apparently not cared about. I’ve suffered greatly from this fall and to me pretty much been pushed aside I repeatly here the cost to Dollar General and it’s clear to me my health matters haven’t been the focus. When me and rick management talked I told her my focus was getting back to where I was I just had a mini stroke in July. I have degenerative disc disease. I’m eat up with arthritis in my back. I have had continues care since 2009 when I went out of work for my problems so I knew how I felt and where I was. That is true I’ve been under doctor care we just done a mylegram followered by a ct where we found out what the mri hadn’t been showing over my back which a 3 level back infusion was recommended in 2014. I’ve been under a pain mangement doctor. I have a heart doctor and lung doctor who I’ve seen for a long time. I have a primary doctor. Everyone around me was like you should have laid on the floor demanded them to call rescue and sue the heck out of them. Girl you have been out of work a long time you should get every thing you can. Sue Sue Sue. You know my personality is to stand up for whats right truth and fairness. It’s caused me alot of trouble with people but I stick to it. I feel that if no one in the world is willing to do this why do we live in this world. It’s not Dollar Generals job to pay for what disability hasn’t done or that I’m not able to work. It’s not there fault I’m sick and have all these problems. Not only that when everyone is out sueing for every little thing that happens to them prices go up for us all. All I wanted was to make sure I was ok and no further damage had been done. I worked out alot of the nerve pain bruising my knees was a great concern its plain there was a problem from this fall. My back is a greater concern an x ray don’t show damage to disc and my back already had some bad problems. I’ve worked out all I can in the top but that bottom pain is radiating down my buttocks now on into my legs every minute I’m up walking functioning it wasn’t doing that before. Do you know how that feels every minute your up doing something trying to function. I think a MRI should be taking to make sure them disc hasn’t slipped more on pressing on a nerve. No one has yet done that no I have to wait and evrything be done in the best interest of Dollar General try to work everything out on my own as much as possible. Well I’m proned that when things happen to me more and more can. I haven’t even had my head looked at. I just suffered on through my rib thank good it’s better. Thank God nothing appears to be broken. I just don’t think I’ve been treated so fair and that manger was something else. I’ve spoke with an lawyer but not hired one. I’m not afraid to stand up for myself I had to do it once before and everyone said you will never get your medical out of a medical company you will lose your job and no one will want to hire you. The lawyer who took it didn’t even really want to take it cause he felt it was just a couple thousand case if you got that, You know how it turned out the settlement went so far I had to stop at a price and say that’s fine I will take that. I continued working my job own up to I put 25 years in before I had to go out for my health problems. I’ve already been told look out for them to try to say they didn’t know the water was there. I’ve also contacted pepsi and there line was so Dollar General wants to lay there libility on us in other words. I’m waiting this out and see just how fair people are to me.

  107. I was in the Haubstadt Indiana store today. This store has so much junk in it a person can HARDLY walk. IF there were a fire people would be killed. It is ridiculous to have that much merchandise sitting around. I want a single Little Debbie Nutty Bar and there was so much crap I couldn’t find one. I will start shopping a different location.

  108. I went to my local Dollar General store today. I had a digital coupon for $1.00 off xtra laundry detergent. It seem to me you people should train your people. First the girl said you can only use a credit card so I did So I asked her were do I enter my phone number. Two girls had no idea what to do. so I paid the price without my coupon. This was your store #07214. The line was getting long behind me.
    William Kritikos

  109. Stopped by our DG in Alpine, Tx #09211 today at 12:46 12/5/15 and it was terrible! One person working and a line at check out! Some people were coming in getting one item then put it down and walk out. This is a busy store so I’m sure they would be able to employee at least 3 people on a Sat. Come on get with the program!!!

  110. I want to compliment the LaGrange, KY store # 7110. I was extremely impressed with the Dollar General’s displays stocked & actually organized. It appeared to me that after 2 years they finally have a store manager with outstanding organizational skills. Thanks, Judy Matthews

  111. On dec 12,2015 I purchased a lot of gift bags etc. I remarked it was very high but being a care giver I was in a rush. Sunday night I was able to get some gifts wrapped and discovered in the same bag were 3 TIME books along with a counter pad and paperwork for displays etc for the store. Well she charged me for the 3 books etc. guess she cleaned off her counter and charged me for something I didn’t want. Or perhaps belonged to someone before me. But I was charged for them. I returned them yesterday but could not find my receipt but had the torn coupon for next week. She said there was no way to prove she charged me. Do you have a way to research for. Register tape to show that I did pay for them. I can provide my list of the things I actually did purchase. If I didn’t how were they in my bag? Along with the store paperwork? How did I get them? Why do I have to eat the $42.00 in cost for something I can’t even use? She kept the paperwork etc for store and almost kept the books. It was store #11896. The amount $83.97 and charged on my Visa card. It was the manager who checked me out and charged me for those books. I contacted Bank of America and they notified me it was scanned but still pending. In this computer age there has to be a way to get a copy of a receipt to prove to her to return my $42.00. The people standing by thought it was insulting of her to infer that I stole them? I didn’t take it that way…….I took it as “tough crap, you aren’t getting your money back” attitude. I’m a Sr. Citizen and live on a budget and shouldn’t be charged for someone else’s mistake of overcharging me for something I didn’t put on the counter……….which was all cleaned off with everything thrown into my bag. $13.99 for these books. Someone told me you had good customer service……..can you help me?

  112. i just brought 3 bags of $1.00 cat litter i opened it up at 11pm to change my cat boxes and out came a ugly dark grey litter and its usually a whitish grey color and i don’t think my cats will like it don’t why did you change the bag style and that dark grey litter i don’t if all your stores are now carrying this litter or just the one i go to in navarre florida i hope you change back to the old litter or i guess i get my litter elsewhere and i buy alot of litter for 15 cats

  113. I just purchased your flexdrawstring tall kitchen bags (25) and must say they are a rip off. They do not fit the average tall kitchen trash container, so when you put trash in the bag, the bag drops to the bottom of the container…….won’t be buying these again.

  114. I was so thrilled that you built a Dollar General #14199, in Montezuma, IN. It was so nice to go in and shop. What happened?? This store is so dirty and with so much product in the way I can, at times, can not navigate thru the store. It is quite obvious that no one knows how to face your shelves or read tags for the right items to be placed by shelf tags. This is so frustrating. I probably will travel 10 miles and will be going somewhere else. Shame on you for not spot checking your stores. You open and seem to forget the store. I worked for many years in retail, and again shame on you

  115. We have a large tract of land for sale on highway 25 right outside Princeton S.C. What or who do I talk to about us having a dollar general built on this site. We have absolutely no shopping stores in Princeton and I along with our community would be so grateful to welcome your store on this site. The land is right on the highway. Highway 25 The realtor is Allen Tate. Please please consider this location. Thank you!! Lisa m knight

  116. Your store on Pomeroy Ohio is absolutely horrible. The manager is rude and should NOT be working in customer service. The lines are always too long and I guess it’s a crime to open more than one register ,definitely don’t want to go there if your in a hurry, and when you can find a cashier they’re extremely slow will not be going to that store anymore. Think I’ll stick with Family Dollar at least they’re friendly and polite.

  117. I was a loyal customer of DG until a few weeks ago. I needed some baggies, and there was a sale sign under what I wanted. After making sure the bags were where they were supposed to be and not misplaced by another customer, I took them to the register. They did not ring up at the sale price. She looked in the weekly flyer and found an add that said various counts and was going to give it to me until a manager nearby came over to check what was going on. She said no. There were several customers in line behind me or I would have insisted on taking her back to the display but I didn’t want to delay everyone else so I paid and left. The manager said the box I was buying was a value size but nowhere on the box was the words value pack! I vowed to never shop there again and I have not even though it was very convenient for me.

  118. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Texas City, TX store located on N loop 197 and 21st Str N. Was in line for over 15 minutes, (5:15 pm) while cashier dealt with customer issue.. There were 2 other guys in the cashier area and they both totally ignored the fact that the line had seven people lined up. Customer behind me asked them to open the other register. It took the guy over 5 minutes to get back with cash drawer.. Meanwhile, Shift MGR, standing there and the waiting line now has 12 people in it… Some one walks directly up to the Now open register, and I told the MGR, ” He has not been in line, that is rude, and you should have taken the next in line over here where we have all been waiting for 15 minutes, ” and he looked at me and said ” I KNOW “.. Yes, I told him he was RUDE …. Not to mention, that once the cashier got his issue cleared up and was able to start with the next customer, NOT ONE APOLOGY for the time delay. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!

  119. I worked for DG for 5 years. The manager that came in 2 years ago did NOT like any of the keyholders. He ended up getting us all gone. I got terminated in November for doing what he told me to do. I went through dispute which was a joke. They didnt even investigate my side of things and just took him at his word. I checked into a lawyer at we are an at will state so that didnt help. If I had done something wrong I would of walked away but I dont feel like I did so I am not done yet. The government is involved now. Karma Sherlyn is still at it! lol

  120. I visited one of your stores on Baker Blvd./Richland Hills, Texas on Monday night 01/25/16. One row of the display shelf showed Lays Potato Chips were $2.95 or 2 for $5.00 and the same pricing also applied to Frito-Lay corn chips. However, when my purchases were totalled, they each rang up for $2.95. I realize that it is only .90 cents, but when I questioned the cashier about it, she advised that all she could figure was that you cannot mix/match the products – that in order for the 2 for $5 to apply, you must purchase two of each. I’m reaching out to find out if her assumption is correct and to suggest that there be signage to indicate that. I was not about to haggle over .90 cents; however, I can’t imagine why the special pricing doesn’t apply when both products are made by the same company.

  121. When I accessed this sight, I had no idea that I was joing a long list of frustrated customers. I thought my comments were going directly to customer service and would be addressed in a timely manner. If these are customer service comments, I shutter to think what the complaint section looks like. I hope that someone monitors/acts on the items addressed.

  122. I went to the Ward Boulevard store in Wilson about a week and a half ago. When I went into the store, there were boxes upon boxes just thrown in the isles. I realize they were restocking… but I am almost positive there is a store policy concerning safety. The employees were yelling to each other across the store and arguing. I continued my shopping. When I arrived at the register, the cashier was very sweet. I asked her how the online coupons worked since they had a new system. She stated I just had to type in my phone number. Upon working with the register for a while, the cashier could not find the correct way to handle it. She was apologetic. She yelled for whom I assumed to be the manager or assistant manager to assist her. When the lady FINALLY STROLLED… and I mean strolled to the front. She could not have cared less about anyone or anything. She messed with the register several times and still could not make it work. Since a long line was forming, I told her not to worry about it this time and I would use them another time. She looked up at me like I had slapped her and said, “I can open another register, you know. You just have to give me a second, damn.” Keep in mind I was attempting to keep from holding up the line. I wasn’t rude or ugly as I wasn’t even irritated …. Until then. I looked at her and told her she could keep her items and she responded with shrugged shoulders and said, “Ok. Have a nice day.” I responded with, “You won’t when your District Manager gets called.” I left the store and sat in my car. I called your Customer Service line. I never left the parking lot. After a few minutes this “manager” came outside and was on the phone with someone. She was telling her version of the story … I assume she was trying to head off my complaint. I sat there, while in the phone with your customer service department, and listened to her LIE about the situation. I told the customer service operator this. She apologized and assured me I would hear from the District Manager. She instructed me if I had not heard back in 24 hours to call back. Well, 24 hours later… no call. I called back. I was again assured I would receive a call. Here it is a WEEK LATER and I have still not received a call. Apparently, based on all of the feedback I have read concerning your customer service issues, I am not the only person to encounter such unprofessional behavior. On your Web site you claim to put the customer first. Not true. You claim to have clean and organized stores. Not true. You claim to have first rate, professional employees. Some stores yes… and some no. This says a lot about how corporate runs this company. Apparently you guys are only in business to make a profit. But at the rate you are going, you won’t continue because of your issues with employees/stores/lack of concern for customers. All I wanted was an apology. That’s all. But because nobody at your company seems to really care about the customer experience, I haven’t received one. Not that my business makes a HUGE impact on your store, but I won’t be returning. I will go to Wal Mart as bad as I hate to go into that store. They are the lesser of the two evils and that is really saying something. You guys need to really concentrate on your customer service, store appearance and gratitude to your customers for their business. This company has so much potential but it is being squandered by lack of leadership. I am positive nobody will respond to me and nobody probably will even read this. But at least I have said my peace. Thanks for unappreciating my business.. Thank you for treating me like I didn’t matter and thank you for having such crappy customer service and leadership! Keep up the good work! (INSERT A HUGE AMOUNT OF SARCASM)

  123. I’m so tired of going to the Dollar General on Elks Lake Rd in Hattiesburg, MS. And have one or more of the employees standing right in front of the store smoking! You can’t get into the store without going through a cloud of smoke! My young daughter and I have asthma, and have had many reactions because of this. It’s no laughing matter, and if there were another store close by, we would go there. I have contacted the complaint line many times over the last few years, as have many others in our community, but nothing ever gets done. With so many workers outside smoking, especially at night, how do they get any work done, or is this why the store is so messy? I’ve even talked to the district mgr, Chris Goolsby many times, and still Norhing gets done. We just seem to be wasting our time. I guess I need to call our local TV station or the paper. The Better Business Bureau might listen. I know it’s against the law to smoke so close to an entrance, so Why can’t your employees smoke around back, if at all. Is it a requirement to be a smoker in order to work there? It sure seems like it. Please do something!!!

  124. I like the clerks at the Dollar General near me and they have all been very helpful and nice. But I have a complaint. This is probably something I might notice more than others since I’m a business owner. I want to complain that the shelves are not fronted and at times in disarray. They have empty boxes on the shelves that need to be removed and this is often. They don’t have things at the front of the shelf. They are out of product, like the Chilli I normally buy. Yesterday I was in the store and wanted tuna pkgs and there were none on the shelf. I thought they were out but noticed a box on the very top of the shelf that couldn’t be reached. I got help but this is typical. I noticed at the same time I was there that the mayo I wanted was missing from the shelf but it was in a box on the very top shelf too. There was none of it stocked on the shelf. This is not a way to run a store and I see it all the time there. What are these clerks doing in their off time? Do they not have any time to keep the shelves orderly? Are you understaffed so the clerks don’t have time to keep the store orderly? I don’t like this and it’s not what I want to see in your store. I hope this is addressed very soon and I’ll be watching. If I continue to see it, I will stop shopping there. Thank you.

  125. I visited a dollar general store today 3/4/16 located at W commercial blvd &University Dr Lauderhill ft lauderdale,florida at 12:50 I was carrying a small bag containing a rice pudding when I enter the cashier told me that I have to live the bag at the cashier and that make me very embarrassed and uncomfortable because it gives you the feeling that she thinks that I’m going to steel in the store it makes me feel very very offended and upset you dollar store people don’t have the right to mistreat clients .I have been in a lot of different kinds of stores and never have been treated in such a horrible way

  126. I entered store 7137 in Princeton Illinois on 3/9/16 around 1030 am,
    At the register was a cashier who goes by the name of Caroline or at least that’s what the other cashier called her. I was ready to check out and she had her back to me on her phone making me wait, When she finally turned around it was as if I interrupted her. And she was very rude about it. I used my debit card and asked for ten dollars over and when I asked her if I could have two fives instead of a ten she screamed at me “what did You say” She shouldn’t be given a job where she comes into contact with people she has no manners ,I will not recommend this store to anyone. At least on the days where she is working.

  127. Today I had digital coupons to use. I ask the cashier if I should enter my phone number first. She told me she didn’t know. Anyway I entered my number and inserted my debit card which has a chip on it. I think my coupons would have worked, but the machine wanted me to swipe the card instead. I asked should I enter my phone number again. The cashier didn’t know. There were several people lined up to check out. I should have ask for her to void my transaction and started over, however I didn’t want the people in line to have to wait. I was very disappointed in the sevice I received today. The bad part was I had paper coupons at home, but I thought it would be better to use my digital coupons. I live on a very low income and try to save money using coupons. I would have saved money on at least 3 items I purchased.

  128. RE: FREELAND PA STORE SOUTH ST 570 526 1001

    RE: CUSTOMER SERVICE MALE…AUTH 123966 REF 20120202037



  130. I was very disappointed in the Dollar General on Scotch Road in Ewing, NJ. I went in on Monday to take advantage of the IAMS sale and the clerk said they didn’t have any and wouldn’t until Friday. The sale began on Monday and they won’t have stock until Friday. No rain checks. It’s not good business nor is it fair.
    My plan was to buy 6 bags and get 6 free. I have 5 dogs and the deal was amazing combined with my $4.00 coupons. Please… I’m reaching out to you to make this right. Yvonne

  131. I would like to file a complaint against Store #06553.

    Since when does your store no longer provide customer restrooms? Is this a local or corporate policy?

    While shopping at this store, I needed to use the facility. Posted on the door was a hand written scribble sign stating no public restroom. It is a shame that this has become the policy.

    I spend on average around 100.00 a week at this particular store but when I left, I informed them I would never be a customer in the store again.

    What happens when a customer has health issues an because of your policy has to leave?

  132. Store #12495 the employee shouldn’t be complaining about the cashier calling her for help when she’s backed up when that’s what Angie told her to do so. The Manger told her to do so for a reason, poor customer service doing so in front of customers. I hope Angie sees this. I’m a regular customer and this must be a newer employees.

  133. I didn’t get all the items I purchased. And the local store don’t answer the phone? Help please!!!!

  134. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I went to the Dollar General store twice on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 and go there often since I live close to the store and prices are fair. Once in the morning which was fine but when I went back in the afternoon to get my baby the Dollar General brand of diapers there was none on the shelf. I asked one of the cashiers if they had any size 3’s in the back. He says “yes”. So I ask if he is able to get me one pack. He says “I don’t want to have you waiting long. I would have to go back and move and move a bunch of boxes of food because they’re behind them. It’s a lot of work.” I expressed to him that I would not mind the wait. He said “You can come back tomorrow and we will have them. I tell him my baby needs diapers today not tomorrow, said I’ll go to Save A Lot and walked out.

  135. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I went to the Dollar General store twice on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 and go there often since I live close to the store and prices are fair. Once in the morning which was fine but when I went back in the afternoon to get my baby the Dollar General brand of diapers there was none on the shelf. I asked one of the cashiers if they had any size 3’s in the back. He says “yes”. So I ask if he is able to get me one pack. He says “I don’t want to have you waiting long. I would have to go back and move and move a bunch of boxes of food because they’re behind them. It’s a lot of work.” I expressed to him that I would not mind the wait. He said “You can come back tomorrow and we will have them. I tell him my baby needs diapers today not tomorrow, said I’ll go to Save A Lot and walked out.

  136. I walked into Dollar General at Dollar General # 12250 3812 E Davison St Detroit, MI 48212-1702
    (313) 366-0627 to purchase a 32GB scan disk. However, the store didn’t have one and I tried to purchase 8GB. However, there was a trouble with my visa card. My visa card keep on declining my purchase. When I inquired over the telephone what the problem was, I was informed that someone charge a purchase shortly before my purchase, and the bank frozen my account. The bank informed me that it will take about five minutes before funds were available. Therefore, I decided to see what else I could purchase within the next visit.
    I was told that I had to leave my purse at a register where it will not have monitored or the store will not assume any kind of responsibility. I informed a staff member that I was carrying a Surface Pro4 with me. On a previous occasion dated below, I was allowed to carry my purse when I informed the staff member the content and the value of my purse the demission was 15 x10. That I could. This was the same person that allowed me 4 different occasion- the most recent is listed below This was not the first time, but several times over the last 18 months, Further, on the date below, I was escorted by a female, who also had a purse similar to my, and she was allow to roam the store, but she was never challenge.
    04/28/2016 Debit Card Transaction DOLLAR GENERAL # 3812 DETROIT MI 04/28 Purchase $17.80 Cash Back $10.00 $27.80 $104.13

    On this occasion, I was stopped by the same staff member, but in a hostile tone using very colorful language. I could believe this was the same person that I talked too on the 28th. I informed her that I wanted to talk to the corporate office to discuss this matter. I was given the wrong number. The second time I was given the number- only the 800 digit were the same.
    When I started the conversation, I was constantly interrupted by this staff member that I had to move further away. When I moved further away, I was still having trouble understanding the corporate rep. I was asked to move around the front of the store to get a better reception. As a result of moving, I developed a staff member who was tailing me. When the corporate office rep. asked me, if I could ask the store to use their telephone, so we could have a clear, undistorted conversation- this staff member would not answer the question. When I informed the corporate rep, that this staff member, who was standing four feet away, refuse to given me any response. I moved toward the main door to try to get a better reception. As I was walking toward the door, I heard another staff member, to stop it, I was not worth it. I assume that this staff member, who was very slim, was going to jump be because he refuses to answer my question four times.
    When at the main doors, the corporate rep, asked me for the store number. When I asked the cashier, she turn away from me and refuse to tell me the store number. Is it a standard policy for an employee to deny me the store number? While I was talking to the corporate rep. explaining that the store employee is very hostile. The first staff member, using those nasty racial term to identify a lazy white person, to leave the store. I informed her that I was on the phone to corporate office regarding this issue. I could understand if I had a duffle bag, bags from other store with their merchandise, or plastic bags that contain miscellaneous items that had a value under $50, but this was a bag that had content that were extremely valuable and about the same size of a woman oversize purse. Again, this female, who was black and overweight, wanted to make an issue in a degrading way to me. I believe that she had any question that she could take full responsibility, or done like she down in the past and allowed to carry my bag like any woman purse.
    However, now she became extremely abuses. Instead of a verbal confrontation, she became very physical. She manages to inflict several blows to my head. At one point in physical altercation, another heavy set black male informed her by name, to stop her attack and allow me to take a few swing because there happen to be a Detroit Police Office engaging a ticket stop across the street. I felt like this was a set up.
    The setup from this heavy black male, who was wearing a construction hat was to claim that I have assaulted a staff member. This way, I would be arrested, go to jail for 30 to 60 day, and at the court date the evidence that she attacks me, and she stop only to provoke me in attacking her. Naturally, the tape of the full altercation would have been deleted, and the false statement of all the staff member would convict me. Nice Going to the staff member at this store- there plan didn’t work. However, is the standard policy of this store, to discriminate, provoke, a physical altercation, fail to use reasonable judgement, being racist, and violent.

  137. I just wanted to give kiddos to store #11296 in Rogers ,Tx the older woman that was working their 5/19/16 was very friendly it was around 10:38 am . I really do appreciate her kindness/keeping that store stocked /clean . This was my first visit at this location was in area for work & needed to buy some items .The store were i live in Temple,Tx on 31st street & also adams street is just so messy and not organized that i really dislike going to shop at those locations. But i would go drive that roundtrip 22miles to shop at this clean /organized/friendly location#11296 in Rogers,Tx . Due to having to go out in the rain and getting lost in Rogers,Tx for my work assignment .So I wouldnt mind making the drive for a pleasant shopping experience your employee made my day today 5/19/16 at 10;38 am store #11296 =0)
    Michelle Ramon from Temple,Tx

  138. I just left the Buckhannon, WV Dollar General store and wanted to make a comment on the young lady and young man who were working this Sunday evening at about 8p. These two staff persons were excellent with customer service. Only one lane was open at the time I stepped up behind two ladies; however, the lady in front of me was giving the entire store a difficult experience because of her kids running in and out of the store, talking on her phone rather than taking things out of her cart, and being generally rude. The young lady was being exceptionally good with this lady but you could tell she was in a stressful situation because many more ladies were standing behind me. Then the lady said she lost her wallet in the store which led to a collective sigh from us waiting to be checked out.

    This young lady was able to get the young man to open a register for the rest of us whom were waiting. I thanked the young man for opening a register for us. He said why wouldn’t he stop stocking to check us out because we, the customers, were more important. I told him that I would like to tell someone how nice and pleasant they were. He thanked me but said it wasn’t necessary. I believe it is!

  139. It seems when I attempt to use cents off digital coupons, I do not get credit at the store. Either the product is not packaged as coupon describes or your system just doesn’t give me credit. I attempted to use $1.00 off on Scott toilet tissue, 8 rolls 1,000 sheets per roll. I guess Dollar General was able to avoid giving me credit because 1,000 sheets per roll was marked out on the package and replaced with 1,100. When I spend my time adding these coupons to my account and don’t receive credit, I feel I have wasted my time and will not continue to do so. I like shopping at dollar general but am disappointed you put digital coupons out there that do not cover the size packaging you have available. By the way, the coupon disappeared out of my coupons as though I was given credit. I have been buying and do buy a lot from DG.

  140. Today at the dollar general in Williston,fl the assistant manager Jessica called my 82 year old grandmother the (N word) after being asked a simple question! My grandmother has lived and shopped all her life in this town and has never been treated so horribly!

  141. I want to thank you. I have made several bad comments concerning the store on Wortham rd in Saucier Miss 39574. My mom took my Aunt to the store after I left the 2 dad comments. (I was searched several weeks ago by the sheriffs dept because of my cousin that was with me and then after I complained , my mom and aunt went in the store and was treated very rude.) Stacie and the manager came out and apologized to them both. I know this was hard. I complained because I embarrassed and very upset because so many people I know was passing when I was being searched by the sheriffs dept. Stacie and the manager explained to my Mom and Aunt that they had been watching my cousin and her friend for months. I did not know this and bottom line we were being judged as guilty by association .
    So now for the point. Stacie and the manager did make thing right. They said they were sorry and this does go along ways. It made my Mom and Aunt feel better. We do understand that people steal and you guys take big hits from shoplifters. If my cousin and her friends have been stealing we are all very sorry and hope that you will take action against them. But My Aunt, Mom and myself are not shoplifters and are very embarrassed of the actions of my cousin Mandy Parker and her friend. We are against this type of behavior.
    I am sorry I had to write the complaints but was very upset with the whole situation. But know that the manager and Stacie have made it right with my family and this is very moving. We have learned things from this experience and I hope everyone involved has also learned. Thank you all, I know the whole story and I do hope everyone understands my actions as I know understand the actions from Stacie. But she did go out on a limb and was very kind to My Mom and Aunt on 5.24.16 and thank you all for coming through on trying get this resolved.
    Mary Bond RN

  142. Me my girl friend went to the dollar general store Union mo she had a ten dollar gift card and they said she could not use it on gift card why not I thought u could use anything on the gift card

  143. I visited your Store IN Rhinelander Wi.1530 Lincoln St. When I pulled in the lot at 10 30 am , it was totally empty , on past visits I noticed this same situation.Only this time the employee was not outside smoking . The store was empty , no visible active employee was noticed, no greeting. While getting the item that was in the ad , I notice it did not have a sale tag on the flavor I wanted, I picked it up anyway , I then was looking for something else and was up and down the aisles not encountering any employee yet. Then to my surprise I found a male employee near the sale item that was not marked, so I asked him if this flavor was also on sale, his response surprised the heck out of me, he said, “what ever it says in the ad !!” I told him that it is in the ad , but no sale tag was on this flavor, he again repeated for the second time , ” like I said, what ever it says in the ad ” I was now very disappointed with his total lack of training in customer service skills and told him , “like I said , it is not tagged on sale , he then found an ad , and located the items and kind of tossed it at me and said for the third time “what ever it says in the ad ” since it was in the ad,, I went to the open check out lane, and he went to the back of the store , so I stood there and waited only like 3 or 4 minutes, but put yourself in my situation and count 180 seconds, it is unacceptable . I just bought the sale item, didn’t finish my shopping. The idea ,in your operation, is to get us in as customers , and while we are in there we pick up something not on sale. This is how it works. I work in Retail , and this employee is hurting your operation . I went to Dollar Tree next , the store was busy , I found what I was going to buy at your store , and was third in line, the line move fast, I was in and out 12 times faster then the experience I had at your store, plus I bought 3 other items. And again , this is how it is supposed to work. I hope to hear from someone, the employees name was James , he lacked personality , no customer service skills at all, he never helped, or apologized he lacked a professional appearance as well. . He for sure does not like his job. I have worked in retail management for 46 years, this was the most terrible experience I have ever experienced. I really just had to get someone aware of the situation. There is a big fight for customers, and this just helps your competition . Please contact me , thanks for your time.

  144. I purchased a bottle of shampoo at my dg store where i always shop. The bottle had a coupon attached to it. When i got home i was putting my bottle of shampoo away and noticed the coupon still on the bottle. I took the coupon off and kept it and my receipt. Today i went back again and spent another 48 dollars showed the girl my receipt and coupon. Was told they could not do anything about it. I asked why i purchased shampoo had receipt was not my fault cashier did not take it off the bottle. She refused to give me my coupon refund. I do not think this is customer service.

  145. I went to the store with my mother
    Very horrible store not only was it mess hard to get threw the store with your buggy and plus the store stinks and the staff is very rude first a employee was following my mom around like if she was stealing I think her name was Melanie so after my mom got mad that this lady was following us everywhere and making us feel uncofterable my mom when to ask to talk to the manger which was a very rude lady named Anna who said she was the store manger after my mother explained the situation said well since she has good customers who steal all the time. They had to keep an eye on people who steal and her employe would only be following us around if we were stealing so we left after she wouldn’t give us a customer service number to call. Very rude service. Plus very gross dirty store we will never shop there agin and we are gonna tell every body about the way were treated Gotta say. Big lots ,, family dollar ,, dollar tree,, cvs ,, walgreens , and any other store will get our business please people don’t waste your time at this sorry store !!!

  146. Hello, I just got back from shopping at my local store – Huachuca City AZ – and I was card for beer… I’m 60, and as you can guess I wasn’t pleased.

    I’ve contacted Arizona’s liquor board about this very same thing concerning another organization, and in Arizona there is NOT a requirement to card EVERYONE… I was told by the cashier that they are told to card everyone.

    May I suggest you drop this behavior, it’s off-putting.

  147. I love shopping at your store because there is always good deals but I do have a problem which is the employees. They are so slow and there is always one register open when there is a huge line of people waiting to be helped. Some employees are just sour faces with no customer service experience.

  148. i have been a customer of Dollar General in Rocky Point N.C. since they opened. I was very upset with the lack of service I received a few weeks ago. There was 3 employees stocking shelves and customers in the store except myself. I got to register and told them i was ready. They said someone will be with you in a minute. I stood there for 5 mins while they continued stocking shelves. I said is someone gonna wait on me? I could see all 3 still busy stocking shelves. they replied be there in a minute. Asst. manager started walking towards me she looked at me and walked to another asile and started stocking it. so, standing there 15 mins now and said really… really… is anyone gonna wait on me? all three still stocking shelves.. finally a clerk comes up and starts ringing me up. She said sorry she wasn’t supposed to be on register but someone was about to go on break so she would take care of me.. could still see other 2 still stocking shelves. i said this is ridicilious so I will shop elsewhere where I can get waited on.So, i started shopping somewhere else.very pleasant experience at their store. They were out of something the next week I needed so I returned to Dollar General. The Asst. Manager was running one register and clerk on another one. clerk line was longer and asst. had one person she was waiting on. So, I got in her line and she checked out customer they left and she had a paper she kept punching stuff in register. I stood there 5 mins she never acknowleged me and kept doing it. So, I said other clerk’s line is empty so I will move over there can you hand her item behind counter i am buying. she said nothing never looked up kept doing what she was doing. so, I was checked out and left. Didn’t return to Dollar General for another week. Went in and another clerk asked where have you been? I haven’t sen you lately? I explained the 2 pervious visits and what happened so I am shopping elsewhere but they are out of something I need. she apoligized for my bad experience I said thanks it’s ok.. I went in the next morning and asst . manager was only one working in store no customers except one she was checking out. I got in line and as soon as that customer left was out the door. She looked at you and said I don’t apperciate you.. I knew she was gonna say something about what i told other clerk.. i replied before she could finish i don’t apperciate not being waited on.. she said that’s because your a bitch. she said the letters like b then i then t..etc. so, i said your calling me a bitch? i said wow i have never cussed any of you or been disrespectful. She clerk was in bathroom that day you waited can’t believe you didn’t wanna wait 5 mins. I said no there was 3 of you in here and I saw all three of you the whole time.. so how was anyone in bathroom when i could see you.. and i waited 20 mins not 5.. i was looking at time on my phone.. and she said she saw i was busy the other day.. ok.. whatever.. the fact is your asst. manger who is in a position of authority at Dollar General cussed at me and called me a bitch.. that is unacceptable behaviour from anyone in customer service.. especially one that is an asst. manager.. i was gonna ignore everything and keep shopping elsewhere but she cussed me that i can’t accept or tolarate.. someone who can’t control what they say doesn’t deserve a management position..

  149. I am very disappointed in your Digital Coupons. I have had to have groceries restocked and purchase cancelled 2x. I go to Dollar Store, $13 off. I go to another Dollar Store, doesn’t use any coupons. I go to another store, uses $2 or $3. I am retired and on a fixed income, using coupons allows me to buy some “extras.” Very disappointed.

  150. On July 10th I went into a Dollar General in Terrell, Texas on Virginia, there new store. The clerk was shelving items on the shelf and was on the telephone. When she acknowledged me I asked her if she had a Dallas Morning News. She said no. When I said, well I thought you’ll might since the other Dollar General on Rockwall Street did, she made a face at me, like saying so, and I don’t think that was any way to treat a customer. She was the manager. Her name was Lizzy.

  151. i was just at the Seminary store 3 employees 1 open register and a line half way around the store when i commented to the sitiing on their butt employes they should open another register they told me to go to walmart

  152. Hello! I am regular customer of Dollar Generals in Rome Ga. It’s my favorite place to shop. I went to the DG on Dean Street in Rome yesterday and it was extremely, extremely unorganized. The parking lot had trash everywhere and the smell of urine knocked you down going in and out. Please let someone in corporate know this. Thank you!

    • I visited your store address 15105 Greenwell springs rd Greenwell springs la
      On Wednesday about noon or so and i was told I was not allowed to use coupons and if any coupons were not attached to my phone number including manufactors coupons I was NOT allowed to use them either Is this true? Because I live on a budget and coupons are the only way I can afford to buy food and cleaning supplies. If this is true my question is how do your company expect elderly people to buy stuff at your store if we can’t afford it?

      I visited the an other store about a month ago on 11215 Joor Rd
      Baton Rouge, LA 70818 and the clerk told me I have to go stand outside the store and wait till I get a signal on my phone to go to the Dollar General app to get my mobile coupon because your mobile app doesn’t even work in the store. This is just ridulious, seems to me quite a few oh my friends, family and elderly friends all seem to have these issues from one DG store to the next DG store. A manufacturers coupon should be taken everywhere whether it’s printed from computer, from a newspaper are sent directly to me from the manufacturer. It’s not like you don’t get the money back from us using these. I’m upset because she wasn’t very friendly about it at all as well. But to save 2 or 3 dollars will help me save money to pay a bill or buy my medicine. So I have to ask is this
      your policy? Because If it is I as well as a few others will shop another store instead of DG.

  153. I just left the Dollar General in Granby, MO. Sept 13 at 9:30 pm. An associate, I believe her name was Rachel, assisted me and my children. I came in a nervous mother, upset and confused at what to do about my sons chest congestion. She actually worked with me for probably 20-30 min reading all the labels of medication helping me decide the best one to get. Along with that, she gave out other helpful advice to assist in soothing him. He and I left feeling much calmer and like someone out there actually cared about us and truly wanted to help. I’d give her a hundred stars if I could and I will definitely be taking my business back there and spreading the word!!! Thank you, Rachel and Dollar General!!

  154. I am currently an assistant manager and I’m having some issues at my store. Problem is if I try to talk to my district manager he goes straight to my manager, who happens to be the issue. From her appearance, to how she runs our store, and even scheduling. I love working at Dollar General, and I hope to make a career with this company, but if something isn’t done, at least half of my team has made it clear that they will be following me out the door. Our customers complain about her, and the way she runs things. I was also promised a gift card for my work on our inventory months ago I still haven’t received, even after asking for it several times. I love my store, my team, and our customers. I hate that my issues that stem from her might cause me to have to find other employment. Is there anything I can do about it, or should I just start my search for a new career?

  155. Dollar General in Baldwin WI is constantly a disaster. Numerous times my digital coupons are not taken off and sale prices are not given. Example yesterday I bought New Years paper plates on sale for 70% off Nope I get home and check receipt it rang up full price. The manager and many employees are rude to anyone trying to use coupons or who questions when things ring up wrong. I will be avoiding this store from now on at all costs. They need consistent explanations and to treat CUSTOMERS with dignity and respect.

  156. The associate was very thoughtful…explained what I would see on the screen before it came up for payment. Was very attentive!

  157. I am one of your customers that receives excellent customer service from the stores that I visit. I am using your DG Coupons and receive the discounts using my phone. Please, continue this service as well concentrating on customer service. When one needs to find something in the store, the clerks are right on time in Elloree, South Carolina and St. Matthews, South Carolina

  158. My wife and I both use our local DG stores. The closest one is in Molino, FL and the next closest is a newer store in Cantonment, FL. Each is handy to have close by, however, there is no comparison between the two. The Cantonment store is cleaner and better organized, has more selection, employees that offer assistance, and last but not least, customer check out that flows quickly.

  159. I’ve depended on the $5.00 coupons that use to be on the customer receipts every so often. Apparently, they are now offered only with higher $ purchases. My question is, “if someone goes into your store and buys what they need and you proceed to give them the coupon that will expire within that same week, why in the world would they go back and use the coupon after already buying what they need? ” The ones who DO use the coupons make a special stop to acquire said coupon …. sometimes several weeks in a row w/out coupon being offered… and now cannot get the coupon because of this stupid idea someone has thought up. This past week I tried once again to get the coupon and, of course, it did not appear. I did notice on the receipt a section that offered a $3.00 coupon and a chance to win a weekly drawing for an opinion survey. So, here I am on your site looking for said survey and it is not here. : ) why? I am getting very disallusioned with $ General.

  160. The Clorox wipes that I purchased had a sale tag in front of them stating that for spending $15 dollars on that brand, I would receive a $5 dollar INSTANT discount. So, instead of buying just one pack of Clorox wipes, I bought 2, moving total amount to $16 dollars so that I could utilize the INSTANT discount. After going through checkout, I noticed that NO discount had been taken off of my bill. I asked the cashier why the INSTANT rebate had not been applied. She gavethree guesses: 1) that discount was probably something I would get later if I signed up for the mobile app, 2) it hasn’t been working all day and 3) “I don’t know.” No where on the sticker for the $5 dollars off is there an asterisk or ANY OTHER wording stating that anything more needed to be done to receive the discount. I then found the manager who claimed he had no idea what was going on because he had been stocking all day. I showed him the sign, he read it, and said, “I don’t know either.” I returned my items. How many low income people bought extra items for that sale only to not be given what was falsely advertised to them? This is disgraceful, disgusting and plain bad business.

  161. On 3/25/2017 I took my son by your Dollar General store located at Nuburg, Ga which is in Hart County, Ga, We arrived at 10:40 AM – Two of the employees (girls) were outside the store smoking – One was sitting in her car and the other was sitting in a chair in front of the store. My son walked in the store and a couple of minutes later he came back to front entrance and told them that someone was at the counter and wanted to check out. They said “okay” but neither one got up and went in. My son came back to the car after being unable to find a toy he was looking for. He said the lady who was waiting put her merchandise back on the shelf and left the store. I thought you just needed to be aware that this had happened at one of your stores !

  162. I for some time have been thinking I needed to complain about how dirty the Gentry, AR store is. I have gone into this store many times over the last two weeks and the same stuff is still laying in the floor. Candy wrappers, merchandise, general items that no one bothers to pick up. I am sure the floors are never sweep because this stuff is in plan sight. The outside of the store has cigarette buds, candy wrappers, etc around the door. You can’t get inside the store without passing an employee smoking. This alone discourages customers who don’t want to walk pass the rudeness of the smokers being out front, employees at that. I feel they need to provide another area for the employees to smoke. We are a small community that take pride in our other stores, this store is not a good reflection on the town. Most of the employees act like it is so hard for them to check you out or answer a question. The manger is the worst with this attitude and I believe that is where most of the problems start. He seems to act like the customers are a pain for him. He does not seem to take pride in his store and seems as if he is only there to draw a pay check.

  163. I am a loyal DG customer for many years and have bought many cans of Southgate chili with beans and enjoyed it but I have
    Opened 2 cans in the past 3 weeks that we couldn’t eat. One had a bad odor and tasted awful, the one I tried today had a bad taste also. Don’t know what the problem was but now I am afraid to buy anymore. Do you know of any problems?

  164. I have gotten snagged twice. by you procedure of posting a sale price under an item only to find upon reaching the register that the item rings up at the regular price unless you buy 3 of the item. Upon rereading the sale tag in very tiny letters, almost needing magnification, this requirement is mentioned. I view this as a deceptive sales practice especially targeted at older people with limited eye site. Shame on you!

  165. I am trying to receive my New Hire Packet, would you please tell me how? It is not in my email and the Express Hire says information is not valid.

  166. I have been shopping at dollar general for a while in Purvis, Ms. Each time I have been in this store its the same problem. The manager just don’t know how to run this store. I was hoping that once dollars general had open its new store things would get better. It has not and I strongly believe it’s because it’s not run right. For one thing, there is too much crap in the way as u try to get to the checkout. The check out system just sucks up the butt. Then u have workers trying to put up invetory while people are shopping and they are always unable to maintain the cash register. U either have to hunt them down or yell for someone. WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS!! THEN when it’s time to checkout and u are lucky enough to have someone there to check u out, the line become too long &/or u having to wait for a long time just to get checked out. Then sometimes another check out opens instead of getting the next person in line first at the new checkout they Don’t they just get the pesos who is close . That just WRONG! !! If I have been wanting in line for a long time I don’t want to have to wait for another hour just to be checked out because something is wrong or some has happen with the cashier or the machine is massing up. This is not how a store should be run!!!!!!! The store number is 03398. The date is 5/30/2017. Pleas send someone that knows how to run a store to this store or do some kind of training! Thanks

  167. The store in north troy Vermont is a complete mess. Looks like the floors never get cleaned. When you go to the register there is so much behind it that it looks very ckuttered and untidy. I go in a few times a week and seems like there is always stuff in the way to get to certain aisles. There is also a new assistant manager and she is rude , unprofessional and very snobby. I have seen her just standing around talking while the poor cashier has a long line of customers. There are also to as I have gone in and the manager herself is working and she is so high its not funny. Maybe the head offices should start looking into what the employees really do because I am getting ready not to go back there.

  168. I tried to make a sizable purchase at a location in Georgia Vermont today. There were coupons attached to a product. The cashier couldn’t get the coupon to scan or void the item. There was no mananger and the key holder refused to help him. I left and won’t be back. It was extremely frustrating and continued to help people behind me.

  169. Just visited the new D.G. in Elkland, PA. The sales clerk was rude. She was texting while we waited to be checked out. She did not give us a receipt, when my son asked for his, she said it was to late – he hadn’t even moved get! My family openly heard her tell someone she hated working at that store when asked how her job was going. I really like the look of the new store, but because of the worker, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

  170. I think it pretty sad when here in Findlay ohio you have a manager and a general manager who like to treat there employs like crap if you ever wonder why you cant keep people in these stores you have to look no futher than at those managers they like to tell employes what they can put on facebook and what they are not allowed to they are cut down in front of customers they are told that they have to stand and be called all kinds of crap from customers. they are told everyday that they dont do the job right yet when they need someone to cover they will go to that person and ask them to cover my email

  171. I am making a complaint about your store in Frewsburg, NY. Here it is almost August and there are (3) big pot holes that have not been filled in with anything. I blew the tire from my rim back in June when one of those holes was filled with water. It cast me $16.95 to get that tire fixed. I hope someone will take action and take care of this issue. Frewsburg is a small town and everyone has been taking about this, so I decided to send this e-mail

  172. The dollar general in upper Darby.the store manager and the cashier by the name of omine ,are ride disrespectful don’t know how to talk to you. When in the store this morning. With my phone and my house keys and my ID and wallet with my cash credit card…just walking though the door. All I hear is ma check in I give the empty bag .going to pay for the things I pick up the chashier is very rude.and the manager try over changed me. The store is deity stink filter trashed running over in the front of the store. We needed nice people to runs the store and friendly. Not some gattao people. They are lazy store never topping on time. The best to close it.or fine nice people to running it.please please I will not spending my money at that store. Any more.

  173. I am doing rural surveys for my company in Jeff Davis parish, La. The nearest gas station was miles away and when I arrived, it was closed. The next nearest place open was a DG store. At this point, it was a restroom emergency, and not a tinkle situation. The manager would not allow me to use the restroom. For her complete lack of compassion and humanity AND the fact that I DID NOT make it to the next facility 15 minutes down the road, I will NEVER. shop your store again. I will also make sure to tell all of my middle income and low income friends and family about this experience, I believe they fall within your target group as far as shoppers go. They are all big on good customer service, so I think most of them will not shop your store again either.

  174. Dollar General is Heath Springs, SC is the most unorganized and nastiest store I have ever been into. Needs an organized person to oversee it and make sure shelves are stocked and isles are clear. Parking lot is never swept and this makes our town look awful. Please take time to send someone to evaluate this situation and correct it. I love going to Dollar General just not this one.


  175. I visited the dollar General close to my home by cunning hwy.
    Canton, Ga. 30115
    I’m a very frequent customer there and had known that for the past few years the store closing time was 10:00pm. Recently When I Left The Store at 9:45 they Locked The Door behind me. Last night I arrived at the store at 9:45 and the doors where locked…i would like To see at least a sign on the door stating the store hours..A friend of mine has also had this problem…i would never over stay the closing time, as I was made to feel like i did..i Understand and respect that the associates are ready to go…please help me by posting Store Hours.

  176. Very upset with the manager of the dollar general store in Strongstown pa. She is very rude and unfriendly and is on the phone with personal call or is outside smoking she teats her customers very rudely and is losing business as wears a small town and she shouldn’t upset so many people as she does many said they will not even return if some one doesn’t do something they will lose a lot of business.

  177. Very upset with the manager of the dollar general store in Strongstown pa. She is very rude and unfriendly and is on the phone with personal call or is outside smoking she teats her customers very rudely and is losing business as wears a small town and she shouldn’t upset so many people as she does many said they will not even return if some one doesn’t do something they will lose a lot of business.

  178. Strongstown pa. The manager is very rude and unfriendly to everyone .!!! She has so many people upset and they won’t even return while she is there. VERYRUDE!!!!

  179. Manager “Zak” at Hwy 92 store is never in the store but outside smoking and on phone. Store policy should be to leave phone in car or at home. 7 times now I have had to wait in a long line (up to 8 people) while he stands next to the Reddy Ice machine and chit chats. Parking lot is filthy with trash and cig buts! He adds to the cig buts throwing his butts on the ground when he decides to go inside. Associates do not appreciate it. I do not and will shop elsewhere! Good luck. Took 6 months to replace broken door window! What is up with that? Feel free to call me if you wish to talk.

  180. I had 2 bad experiences over this weekend at your dollar general stores. On 9/2/17 at store 12496 your cashier (Laveta) didn’t want to take the time to read my manufacturer coupon for renuzit solid air freshner. It clearly stated if it does not scan type in a code listed on the coupon. She refused and wanted to be argumentive so I left the store without purchasing my merchandise. On 9/4/17 I had to experience your manager at store 08684 not trying to listen about my DG digital coupons that were loaded but he say it didn’t come off and he really wasn’t trying to help find out why. I understand that all cashiers hate coupons but I feel that if a customer is doing right by the coupons they should not have an attitude about scanning them. I love shopping at your stores and I will continue but you should give your employees more customer service classes because they make customers hate to shop there.

  181. I went to your store in new castle pa to purchase a Pepsi cube for 5.95 when I went in side they said it was only for mountain dew but the sign outside does say that it says Pepsi they need to specify what they mean not sure if ill go back or not ty for listening

  182. Just to let you know the manager of the Rockingham NC store on Broad Street has no idea what he is doing. He is unable to answer simple questions and has no understanding at all of your coupon system. I will never shop at DG again and I was once a regular customer. Family dollar has everything DG has and their manager is not rude to customers.

  183. My name is Martha Simmers I worked for Dollar General under Chad Ingle and he let me off for surgery on my ankle and then all sudden they were not allowing me back to work after I won the court case for the workers compensation I was not put back on the schedule I was wondering why the workers are asking me to come back cause I was never fired and I was wondering why I can’t come back.

  184. I filled out your DG survey and had hoped to see a spot for add’l. comments. There wasn’t one, so my comments follow.
    Store #02140, Mount Vernon Ohio
    We have three in town, but this is my favorite. There is also one I will never go in again. I wrote you about that one as well, but no response from you. Disappointing!!
    Anyhow, #02140. You have several truly outstanding employees here! Specifically Verjean, Sayward and Rikki. All are unfailingly cheerful and always helpful. They should be recognized for fine customer service. On the other side, the nameless woman with the awful mullet needs a refresher course; have yet to see her either smile or go out of her way ever.

  185. well yor dolar general employee sent my groceries out with another customer right in front of me and then to make it even worse the little dirty blonde sales woman for dollar general sent me the customer out to reclaim my own groceries and she refused to let me get another one off the shelf and the customer was very rude and inappropriate and your employee did nothing to help she just screwed me over on my soda pop and she even took her name badge off when she let this happen it happened at the third and lewis street dollar general right beside the warhouse market groceries store and your employee was playing the im pretty routine and shes is ugly slkinny as a rail and a doorstop personality

  186. To it may conern, hr manager, i am hoping that you would be able to help me. ihave been in retail for 20 years .Ann doing unloading trucks for ten years and doing stocking. i have applied in two of stores still but have heard back from any one. Ialso have working expernce in corp, headquarters at nordstrom in the mail room. i worked for dollar tree for a year in san antonio texas and in orlando fl. where they cut hours and left me stuck in a down town shelter. i know that be a great asset to your company. i have eighteen years expernce in the mail room and three years in shipping and receiving. if theres any that you can help,
    thank you lawrence stein

  187. A few weeks ago I visited your store #15236 on Weaver Pike in Bristol, Tn. to return a small item that I had purchased at one of your stores in Bristol, Va.
    The young lady that helped me, her name was Victoria, was so pleasant and
    treated me as if I were making a large purchase, and thanked me for coming in and hoped I would come back soon. That’s the king of treatment I like, and in todays world it’s very rare.
    Tha nk you Victoria, with that attitude you should go far in your career.

  188. My name is Robert Charles Casey, I will be informing you Dollar General today that I’m guilty of theft pertaining to your local store in Fort Wayne Indiana. I stole a pack of gummy bears when I was at the rescue mission in Fort Wayne Indiana. I have been shopping at your store for at least 10 years off and on. I love your store and the prices are awesome. I was just hungry and thirsty that day I was living on the streets, in shelters, ministries, and salvation Armies. I don’t know what gripped me that day I just had a bad attitude and felt that “Well I give Dollar General A lot of money, I work sweat, and bleed and hell they don’t ever give back to me” I had a rotten attitude. Needless to say I have been institutionalized 7-8 times due to a desire to change my thinking. I know you probably don’t care to know this but the first time I was committed was in Big Spring, TX 79720 in December 14th to December 31th in 2004. I was attending Howard College in Big Spring at that time. Anyway, I had it in my heart to inform you of this circumstance in order to avoid future conflict with your store. I always love to shop at Dollar General.

    Thank you Sincerely,

    Robert Charles Casey “Charlamange”

  189. I went to Dollar General this morning. Store #14782 in Terryville, CT. There was only one employee working at the time and she was in the backroom. I waited for over 5 minutes at the register to check out. There were 5 people behind me by the time she came up. She DID NOT apologize for the wait and DID NOT greet any of us. She huffed and seemed annoyed that we were interrupting her. This is not the first time this employee has been in the backroom when I have gone in and had to wait for her to come to the front with her saying nothing what so ever. She was not wearing a name tag last time or this time. All of the customers behind me were complaining about how this happens often. Please have the district manager do something about this. I really want to keep shopping there, but my time is important and rudeness is uncalled for. Thank you.

  190. I went to Dollar General this morning. Store #14782 in Terryville, CT. There was only one employee working at the time and she was in the backroom. I waited for over 5 minutes at the register to check out. There were 5 people behind me by the time she came up. She DID NOT apologize for the wait and DID NOT greet any of us. She huffed and seemed annoyed that we were interrupting her. This is not the first time this employee has been in the backroom when I have gone in and had to wait for her to come to the front with her saying nothing what so ever. She was not wearing a name tag last time or this time. All of the customers behind me were complaining about how this happens often. Please have the district manager do something about this. I really want to keep shopping there, but my time is important and rudeness is uncalled for. Thank you.

  191. When I read the paper this morning I saw that you have Clover Valley butter for $2.50. I went to your store at 3550 N. Highway H in Springfield, Missouri (# 08066) as soon as I could get ready. When I got there (at 1:00 p.m. on the day the ad came out) they had one box left and I had to borrow a long handled spoon from a nearby rack to get it out of there. When I checked out later I told the cashier that I wanted one more box of butter and she informed me they were out. I asked when they would get more and she said she didn’t know if they would because an outside person brings it in and they never know when they are coming. Trust me, she didn’t have much “passion for the customer.” How can a store be this poorly planned and run? They surely knew that a lot of people would want to buy the butter and yet they made no arrangements to make sure they had enough to at least last the FIRST DAY!

  192. Was just at the Dollar General Store located on Waterloo Rd & Coltrane in Edmond,Ok finished shopping due to not finding the products I wanted anywayswhen the clerk rang up the final sale it was $27 dollars and some change, I put in my bank card and she said the sale has been terminated?
    Would not allow me to my card through agine. So in the parking lot I called my bank and no surprise there’s over 500 dollars in my account so I go across the street to the local gas station no problems.I guess its not worth her time to run the card through agine ? Or mabye show me the amount she mitehit wrong to begine with ?

  193. I wish that your SALES PAPER was available at the store when I get there so I don’t have to argue with the clerk over prices. The markings do not coincide with the register when I see $2.00 and it ends up $8.00 at the register. Who can figure out prices is it ontop of the shelf or below? Send the store SALE PAPERS in a timely manner so it coincides with the SALE PERIOD.
    Get those isles uncluttered.

  194. I recently visited your store in Bridgman, MI and was shocked at the filth and general disorganization. Being a summer only visitor to Bridgman I have seen them go through a recent remodel, change in management, low payroll…. Things that cause a store to be behind in housekeeping… But this shocked me! And there were 4 long term employees working that day, (including the manager). It was really disappointing to say the least

  195. I guess since I see were other people are complaining about having digital coupons loaded but they are not being taken off on receipt there is no need for me to waste your time!!!! Whoever is reading these complaints probably don’t care to respond anyway!!!! I would like at least a gift card or something for the money I have lost going with your digital crap!!!! Looks like I will just have to go back to just cutting my coupons out by hand & taking them with me that way I know as they are scanning them if they are being deducted!!!

  196. I shop at Dollar General very often and so do my children. I am a avid couponer and usually do not buy things unless they are on sale or I have a coupon. this is the 2nd time within a week to 10 days that I have had issues with sale products and digital coupons. My first complaint is my daughter in law used my coupon for the purchase of pampers which never came off of my bill it was a $2.00 coupon. the next complaint is today 11-20-2017 . Folgers coffee is supposed to be on sale for $5.95 and I had a $1.50 off digital coupon. I brought it to the cashiers attention that it was on sale and sign in for my coupon, she said it would all be taken off at the end of my transaction. When I got home to look over my receipt. I did not get the product on sale for $5.95 and did not get the $1.50 off coupon. It is very aggravating that these damn coupons are not working correctly and the store associates seem not to give a crap,because there to lazy to check prices or give a damn.Not a happy shopper, maybe I will just shop somewhere else. The lines are usually ridiculously long anyway and there is normally only one cashier on duty until there is 10 people standing in line then someone comes to wait on people. Terrible

  197. The Store Manager in Dixon, Mo should recieve special recognition For a job well done. Twice in the past two weeks i have been shopping when he has been pushed to his limit I’m sure by customers. He handled both situations perfectly. Great job!!!!

  198. The other night I had gone in to the Dollar General store down the street from my house in Menahga, MN. Their were two lady’s working that night. My husband and I just when there to see the deals they had on toys for God child, from the moment we walked in the store this blonde/redhead short hair employee (Her name is Kim) started flirting with my husband right in front of me!! I asked her nicely to stop. She then Glares at me then walks way. While we looked at toys my husband over hear Kim and the other employee saying rude and horrible things about me. “What a bitch, I hope that ugly woman leaves soon” as soon as he heard that and told me I just wanted to leave, as we were leaving my husband wanted a treat. He grabs a snack and goes to pay for it as I don’t even want to be there anymore. I stand to the side waiting for him. Kim is the one who rang him up. The hole time flirting with him again! He told her to please stop, but she didn’t. The only good thing that happened is she discounted the price of his snake to a penny. My husband told me she does it almost every time he goes there. He also told me what she does for her family and friends giving them discounts on any and everything she can.
    I will never go back in that store again if she is there. This is a small town and just knowing she does this to almost everyone I find wrong. I called the store the next night to make a complaint. Kim was the one who answered the phone. When i told her why I was calling she laughed at me. I told her my complaint. She then hung up on me. I don’t understand how a person can be so RUDE, UNKIND, HATEFUL, and pretty much ROB the place they work at!!! The worst part is when I asked someone how to put in a complaint on her they told me not to because her family will hurt me. Her family makes up over half the town!! I know if she finds out I did she will have family do something to hurt me or my family. I’m just tired for the way she treats people that are not her family.

  199. I shop at the dollar General on hwy 34 in Fairhope, al all the time. I wanted to give the cashier $7 in cash toward my purchase and put the rest on my debit card. The cashier was rude looked at me and said what are you doing I told her what I wanted to do and she said the registers have been changed they cant except cash before cards and I would have to use my card first I said ok and waited for her to adjust the amount on the register for me to use my card all she did was stand there and stared at me for a while. I was embarrassed and frustrated holding up the line so I told her just to give me back my money and I put the whole purchase on my card. Either she was lying and just didn’t know how to work the register or your registers are really behind the times. I guess I should just go to Wal Mart if I ever have to use cash and a card again.

  200. I was in your new Holland, Michigan store yesterday afternoon (12/20/17). As the clerk rang up purchases, she was scarfing down a Danish and gulping on her fountain drink. The food and the drink was right there on the small counter space. I found this hard to watch as her fingers went into her mouth, then she picked up items to ring up and then take cash from customers. I almost walked out without my items, but needed them in that evening. This is disgusting in that it spreads her germs to customers, but also spreads customer germs to her. I will not be going back. I don’t know what your policies are on this subject, but I have been in Customer Service for 40 years and this is just not acceptable behavior for any of our sakes.

  201. The website is terrible, no where to contact someone if lost password or can not sign in for online shopping or coupons, Called 2 different numbers and got no where It is called the runaround. I just signed up for the coupons in November and the webpage will not accept my sign in.

  202. Expectations and standards. Bowling Green Ky. probably has 6 to 8 Dollar General stores. All of them are below standard as far as conditions of the store. None of the stores condition or straighten their stores at night anymore. I was a Store Manager from 2010 to 2012 and we straightened the store from 5 pm to 8:30 each night. Have the District Managers lowered their standards? Have they lowered their expectations? This is not an isolated couple of stores. This is all the stores in the area. Can someone respond back concerning this across the board opportunity. Please do not give me a generalized response of we at Dollar General take this matter very seriously and have the highest standards for our stores. This has been going on for several years and actions speak louder than words.

  203. i have been trying to get the dg coupon app i my phone and it is not going throw and i have done what what it is asked and it is still not going throw i have a $500 phone and i get all the apps i want with out no promles your app is not.

  204. I visited the Dollar General on 01/19/2018. I had a $5 off coupon with a $25 or more purchase. My items total around $34. I gave the cashier a few manufactured coupons plus the $5 DG coupon. The cashier neglected to scan the $5 coupon which defeats my reason for shopping there a second time. I feel like I was taken. I was highly upset. Not sure if I will continue to shop there again.

  205. My 14 year old granddaughter purchased a Visa Prepaid Card by netSpend at the Dollar General in Sonora CA. She has to be 18 years old to activate it and use a Social Security No. That is not possible.
    Therefore, I want a refund for the cost of the card $1.95 and the $26. she deposited on the card.
    You may send it to:
    Victoria Woodman

  206. I have been going to Dollar General store number 15310, since 2 May 2017. I never had any problems with a cashier at Dollar General until a couple of months ago. The cashier name (Ashley) explained to me that they can’t except a coupon that will not scan, but she turned around and excepted one from the lady in line before me for the exact item and coupon. I told her the reason why it did not work was because she had the same item that I did. I than asked her, was it because she is white and she looked honest and by me being black I look dishonest? I told her that she was not fair and she be consistent with the coupon policy. I spoke with the manager the next day and he said that he would speak with her. About three weeks ago the line was long and customer’s started to complain about only one register being open. I was next in line and she would not open up until the other cashier stated to ring me up, and I did not say nothing to the manager about this. But today I was feed up with it all. She had another employee name (Amber) to open to ring me up after I placed a few of my items on the counter. Than she just stood there and waited for another customer to come up, and proceeded to ring up customer’s. My first transaction was at 13:52:26 and my last transaction was at 14:01:57. I should not have to be treated like this every time she is there. I don’t think that she realize that she is in a customer service related position. I have been in the military for over 24 years and to this day I always treat people fair. I don’t think that I am asking for too much in return.

  207. We have the worst Dollar General near our house. It used to not be this way but the new “manager” is the pits. Apparently she does nothing but draw a salary. The shelves stay empty, all the merchandise is on carts all over the store, nothing is ever put on the shelves. When you complain, of course nothing is done. We have to go to other stores further away just to find cat food ,coke products, etc. It is a shame one person has to drag a store down like she has. Why on earth isn’t something done about this? I feel sorry for the workers that have to work under her. The store is store Number 10962 in Lake City, Fl. on Main Blvd. across from the high school.

  208. VERY disappointed with your Strongstown, PA store. I was in the store on Wednesday, March 15th, at approximately 5-5:30 pm. There were at least 10-12 people in line. Two cashiers were working; however, neither register appeared to be operational. The two workers both attempted to ask the manager on duty for assistance, but she apparently could not be bothered to leave the back room to help them! She literally yelled back and forth to her workers for ten minutes! When she finally did take a moment to come out front, AND DO HER JOB, she made no eye contact with any of the customers, and never even attempted to explain what was wrong, let alone apologize for the delay. Customers continued to stand, and the line grew even longer, and STILL “Nada” from the manager…If she would have, at the bare minimum, offered a brief apology, it might have gone a long way toward reducing the frustration of the customers. As it was, one of the workers was left to mumble in embarrassment that the registers rarely work as they are “hand-me-downs” from Wal-mart. (??!??) A customer standing in front of me mentioned that he is related to another worker at this store, and that this is apparently an all too frequent issue at this location. Having worked in retail myself for several years I was, needless to say, shocked at the lack of professionalism. I left the store without completing my purchase and will not be returning unless/until there has been a change in management or the current management learns/is taught to show some respect for her staff and customer service toward her customers. On a final note, I will allow that, maybe the manager was new herself, and was not yet properly trained on how to handle such a situation. However, if this is indeed true, and she was left to manage the store alone anyway, then the Dollar General apparently has a bigger problem than simple lack of professionalism and customer service at one location!

  209. store # 03906, went here today and was blown away by the condition of this store.Parking lot was full of trash,empty soda cans,empty food trays scattered all out in the parking lot,Front doors were left open,manager said they were broken and she cant get anyone to come fix them.Isles were cluttered with freight carts,cannot move around store because isles are blocked.Staff was very friendly and the manager often states that she cant get any help and is often working there by herself. This store has a good business even though it is across the street from a FREDS store which is much bigger and cleaner.Dollar General still has better prices than some other discount stores,but i guess they sacrifice price over store appearance.

  210. I would like to say a couple of things about your store in Morton, MS and how unprofessional and pathetic I find the management in this store. Until just a few minutes ago you had a young woman by the name of Jesse working at this store. Jesse has been working for Dollar General for a little over a month and she really liked her job. The customers really liked Jesse and while at church, I heard on quite a few occasions, the customers talking about their positive experience at the store while being helped by Jesse. I say this because our church is located very close to your store on 5355 Highway 80 in Morton. Our church buys from Dollar General everytime we a get together and that is at least twice a month. Having said that, after witnessing the brutal, unprofessional, just downright rudeness from your management team today, we will be taking our business elsewhere. Just guessing, I would say that’s at least 3 or 4 hundred dollars a month. Jesse goes to our church and today we were helping her out because she didn’t have a ride and needed to get to Jackson for some things. She got dressed and was as happy as you have ever seen a young 20yr old girl. While on the way in (for which she was not late) she called to find out her schedule for the rest of the week and your manager told her she was no longer an employee there. When Jesse asked why “what have I done?”, the manager proceeded to tell her that “someone” had called up there and told them that she had quit so they took her off the schedule “and out of the computer.” I listened as Jesse pleaded with the management saying that it was their mistake not hers and they continued to tell her she was no longer employed by Dollar General. Jesse has never missed a day’s work, she’s been late one time and she has stayed past time to help out on at least two occasions and she’s never had a warning or been written up for anything. I watched and listened in horror. I am appalled by the behavior of the management team and thoroughly disappointed in your establishment as a whole.

  211. I feel like a very insulted elderly lady! The manager at Pink Hill,N.C. store was very disrespectful! Yesterday I purchased hair color that had #4 item missing from the box. I had used #1,2, and 3, I agreed to him giving me the #4 item from another box. not one box of Ferisia product found. In the meanwhile,Manager had returned to stocking shelves? I stood around the check-outs waiting for an answer! Finally, I asked clerk what he was gonna do? He came abruptly to register and said ” I will do it this time but never again! I have frequently shopped at this location for awhile! He made me feel like I was responsible for someone stealing missing item! Manager has never been friendly to me, but I gave him a pass on personality!

  212. Who is the rocket scientist who decided to cut back the Roll Gold products.(0 The small cheddar pretzels.) This is a very popular product .They always sold fast. They also are hard to find I shop at the Butler,PA.. Rt. 8 south store Please see what can be done.

  213. What rocket scientist decided to cut back on the Roll Gold cheddar small pretzels, they were a good fast selling product that was hard to find. P lease see what can be done to bring them back. The whole Roll Gold section got much smaller.I shop at the Butler Pa. Rt. 8 South store

  214. ok I was working for dollar general and I didn’t have a ride to Glena and he just took me off the schedule and I asked to be transfer to Ozark mo can you help me

  215. One word comes to mind. Disgusting. Being full-time RV ers we stop at many Dollar General’s throughout the states. Today April 10th we are in Tucumcari New Mexico. I have never been in a messier dirtier store of any kind in my life and I’m a senior citizen so we’ve been in a few stores. On top of that I am in a wheelchair and there are federal laws that require you to be handicapped accessible. When out of 20 to 30 isles of merchandise I am only able to get through four because of so much merchandise thrown on the floors and other garbage. Stocking carts all over the store but no one stocking. We were forced to leave the store and do the majority of our shopping across the street at a competitor due to the mess and the lack of accessibility. I would be embarrassed to admit to working there. We wasted our gas driving there our time trying to shop in an unstoppable store. And to add insult to injury had to spend more money at a store we don’t like to go to because your store made it impossible for us.

  216. I did my first survey a few days ago and received a $2 coupon. It is only $2, instructions for the cashier to scan or type in the code
    The cashier at the store in Brownwood Tx on Commerce said it has to be printed. They are not allowed to type it in or scan the phone. This is the same cashier I complained about named Jasmine.
    Someone needs to get this Dollar Store up to speed. It gets worse and worse.
    Are these surveys even read??

  217. The dollar General store located in highway 79 Scottsboro al 35768 is the messiest & most cluttered store I’ve ever been in- also the shelves are often empty of basic grocery items

  218. I was in your Effingham store late morning 5/9. I was the only customer in the store. the clerk was seated behind the counter and greeted me as I came in. She did not offer at any time to help me find something etc. I looked for about 20 mins and then left and she wished me a good day as I left. I know how hard help is to get and keep these days. I think she was on her phone, but I don’t know that. If I ran a business, I would want to know that

  219. I cannot buy a toaster or vacuum cleaner bags anymore at the store #10132 in Cambridge, WI. Every time I ask when something will come in, I am told they do not get to order anything, Corporate sends what they want to send whether it is needed or not. Our store is so full of the same items, you can barely get a cart through the isles. Please allow managers to control the inventory to better serve a small community like Cambridge, WI. Wal-Mart in Madison, WI got my money for these items instead of Dollar General. I would have rather shopped here in the town I live in.

  220. I took several pictures of Dollar General Store Store #16797, located at 20750 John J Williams , Lewes, DE 19958. phone number 302-231-5665. The place is a mess, Stuff on the floors, boxes half unpacked, It has been that way for 3 days The clerks all look and act like they are on drugs. One young black man is the only one that greets you and at least has teeth. , manager is very young does nothing to clean the floors. We were all excited to have this convenience of your store., and not have to drive for 5 miles, I will not drive 10 miles. I plan on posting these pictures on Facebook. SOOOOO unhappy . Time to go back to Dollar Tree

  221. Just wanted you to know I like Dollar General stores but the one in Princeton, Kentucky is the worst one I have ever been in. It is run down dirty and way to small and cluttered to even go in for something small. It was an old grocery store before DG moved in and is in bad shape. There are a lot of people in this town who would love to go there but won’t because of the things mentioned. There are new Dollar Stores popping up all over the place but in smaller towns with fewer people, a new store here would make a lot more money than the current one that just keeps getting worse. Just a concerned citizen trying to let management know what the whole town knows.

  222. All employees at my Dollar General on Route 30 in north Huntingdon, Pa But I have one major concern is the landscaping is out of control I am not sure if this is a leased building or not but the weeds are so high currently that is has become dangerous to see to exit the parking lot onto Route 30 This could become a liability on Dollar General at this point Why cant you keep the mulch up and looking nice like it was when first built really looks bad Hopefully this will be corrected soon and kept nice thanks in advance

  223. I was at your 419 W. Main St., New Holland, PA store this morning. There were signs at a book section stating All Books 50% Off. When I got to the checkout, the store manager, Sam, stated they were not coming up as 50% off. When I told her about the signs she said there was nothing she could do to honor them.
    Very bad customer relations! And BTW, this store is a dump.

  224. the manager at the Kirbyville Texas store said I was band from the store for harming a employee . a statement I said to her was false she said it was reported to the police and her district manager . and one of these statements are false I have already talked to the police and I wish to be informed by the district manager here in Texas . was told by the manager of the Kirbyville Texas store of the false statement that was made about me in writing please so I can shop at my local dollar general store

  225. One of your Dollar General trucks is regularly parked overnight in a No Parking Zone in Los Angeles. The plate of the truck is marked Tennessee U624318. The Richard Alatorre Park is located at Figueroa Avenue, Figueroa and 134 Freeway, Los Angeles, CA 90041.

    Could you please ask your driver to park elsewhere to allow more parking for the people that come to visit the park.

  226. Re: store 15988
    I live nearby and stop in often. This store is always clean and well-stocked. Additionally, and more importantly, I wanted to comment on the sales associates and what I assume is the manager\superviser. I have had a few instances that required a more personal interaction as a customer. For example; I was accidentally charged twice for an item. I did not notice until returning home. When I took my receipt back, the mistake was promptly rectified. What I most appreciated was the respectful and trusting manner in which I was treated. A simple container (actually two) of parmesan cheese resulted in a favorable experience. That goes far in this small town.

  227. The new store in Springfield, Missouri, located at the corner of FR 125 and Republic Road looks like an abandoned store. The grass has only been mowed one time this year and the lot is covered in weeds over two feet high. When they came to us wanting to get a zoning change, we were promised that they would be a good neighbor and take care of their property. Nothing but lies! The job site was finished out so poor you can hardly get a mower across some of the lot. I own the adjoining property and keep it mowed like a park. I even mow about 100 feet of the Dollar General lot to try and make it look better. It is a mess!

  228. I was in Interlochine this week camping. I made a trip to Dollar Gerneral to pick up some Pop, Beer and a few other things. I just want to say that the Interlochin, MI Dollar General Store is the messiest store I have ever been in. The shelves were either empty or so full stuff was on the floor. There are box empty or full all over the store. Some of the walk ways you can’t even get your cart down.

  229. Yesterday, I was in store #10538 and one of the workers was walking around stocking the store with ear buds in ears and talking on her phone. She was talking very loud and saying the F word. I could not believe she would say something like that out loud. There were other customers in store at the time. Thought you needed to know. Customer service means a lot to me. Workers should not be talking like this where customers can hear.

    Andrea Harrison

  230. I just want to let you know how great the staff at your Peckville, PA store are. I have visited three other Dollar Generals in the surrounding area but none measure up to your Peckville, PA store. (#09380)

    Customer service is always superb and it seems to have almost all of the products I am looking for. When I’ve gone to the other stores they don’t seem to carry many of my usual products.

    Amanda waited on me today. Super efficient and polite as always.

  231. It appears that I am not the only customer that has complaints against Dollar General. I contacted their customer service center via email and never even got an answer from them. I will never shop at their store again!!

  232. I went into your store on hwy 72 in Athens,Al. There is stock carts everywhere it makes it hard to move around in the store. It was so nasty in there.I just thought you would like to know.I won’t be going in that store anytime soon.

  233. I was in the location on Volusia Rd. In Orange City, Fl. I bought several items. As we were going up the stairs to our hotel, the bag my daughter was holding that had 2 glass jars of chip dip, broke through the bag & shattered all over the ground. Then, right after that, the bag I was holding, a 2 liter of soda broke through my bag & sprayed everywhere. So frustrating. Don’t you usually double bag items that are heavy??

  234. Thursday, August 2, 2018

    On behalf of:
    Mrs. Elsie Covington
    201 B B Covington Rd.
    Ellerbe, NC 28322

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing this letter on behalf of my 85 year old mother in law who had a bad experience at one of your stores recently. This is not meant to scold anyone or cause any trouble but to point out an unfortunate situation that was handled poorly.

    On Wednesday 7/18/18 at store #10220 in Ellerbe, NC at approximately 15:43:32 (a few minutes before was the initial incident) Elsie Covington purchased 28 items totaling $59.15. After being rung up Elsie “chipped” her card and processed the transaction as credit. When it came time to sign the Ingenico device her name did not show on the screen as she signed it. The cashier tried several things but it would not work and the cashier declared the machine “frozen” and suggested that they repeat the transaction on another register. No receipt was ever printed for reference. The cashier was very apologetic for the wasted time and confusion.
    The 28 items were re-rung and paid for on register 03, transaction number 1672 at the time stamp mentioned earlier (15:43:32). Elsie was assured that she would not be double charged for the merchandise and she left.
    The next day she found on her online banking account that indeed she was charged twice. She called the store and the cashier who answered remembered the incident and told Elsie that she should return to the store when the manger returned from vacation the following Tuesday, some 6 days later.

    She returned to the store as requested and spoke with the manager. Elsie called her bank so that she could confirm the double billing and the manager did speak to the bank employee to confirm the double charge however she (the manager) required written proof – a CYA for a cash exception such as this. Elsie was told that she would have to drive to Rockingham where she had just come from (some 20minutes away) and get a printout from her bank proving that she was double charged. She actually drove BACK to Rockingham and got the required proof for the store. Elsie finally got things straightened out and though the manager was frustrated that she (the manager) had to deal with the situation it was obvious to me that it could have been handled better.
    I write this as someone who was third key at store 04868 in Newland, NC for some time and I believe that someone could have looked at the transaction record for the original terminal that was “frozen” and proved that there was within a couple of minutes time 2 transactions for 28 items totaling $59.15 on different terminals. During my time at DolGen I saw many scams and deceptions so I do understand the reluctance of the employees to just hand over money but I certainly wish that this could have been handled better. Requiring the customer to drive a 45 minute round trip to get a transaction printout from her bank was ludicrous when the proof was steps away in the office.
    Perhaps the DM could address this with the employees and suggest more efficient and fair steps to avoid such distressing and unfair situations in the future. Putting the burden of proof on an 85 year old in this circumstance was unnecessarily stressful in my opinion. There should have been a better way.
    Elsie, on the other hand has stated that she will never shop at a Dollar General again.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Bruce N. Burns

  235. The Dollar General store in Lago Vista, TX. 78645. I’ve repeatedly requested to stock more of OUTSHINE Strawberry Frozen Fruit Bars to no avail. Who do I need to talk to for this request. Apparently, requesting for this at the store has fallen on deaf ears. Please send this request to corporate office. They’ve been out for almost a week and received their delivery today.


  237. I seen in your store you sale scubs like the nurse wear on the hosptil.. it would be nice if you can get a hunter green color in them people who needs that color would buy you out..

  238. Made my first product return to your store in Leonardtown Md. today (with the receipt) and was told they needed my drivers license and phone number as it was the store policy for all returns! Are you kidding me! Any other store that I have ever dealt with takes your return with nothing else required but the receipt! I get the feeling Dollar General doesn’t trust there customers or perhaps their customer base rips them off so often that they had to implement this ridiculous policy! Whatever the reason, I am done with Dollar General and will pass this information on to all my friends. If a store doesn’t trust it’s customers, it is not worth shopping at!

  239. I
    have no problem with the store products I spend hundreds of dollar every month
    it bothers me the restrooms are been out of service for weeks, are you thinking on fix them or not? is totally unacceptable !!!! I understand a day or two but weeks??????????
    Dollar General
    Central and Benito
    Montclair Ca

  240. Your store located in St Paul Va is a mess. I’ve taken pics of this store two different times this week and it’s always the same. We are starting to go to the store in the next town. This store needs to be redone or closed. Can you not stop in and surprise them and see what we have to deal with everyday? I’m sure the Roses and Rite side stores next door ate starting to increase their sales again.
    I have photos I took last week and today and nothing has changed. Where do I send my photo’s?

  241. We visit the nearby Dollar General store often on Honea Egypt in Magnolia, Tx. We are always greeted upon entering the store. All the employees are friendly and helpful. The last visit we were checked out by Carla-she is super friendly and very efficient.

  242. I visited your store today at 8:10 p.m. I went in the store to pick up some wire hangers upon finding the wire hangers they were on sale buy 1 get 1 1/2 off needless to say when I arrived at the register after waiting in a very long line the item was ringing up 1.75 although the sticker on the shelf said 1.50 buy 1 get 1 1/2 off. When I told the rude cashier they were 1.50 buy 1 get 1 1/2 off her response was they 1.75 I said no they are 1.50 and by the way I checked numbers on the tag on the shelf also to make sure they were not misplaced everything matched up so finally she decided to come from behind the counter to check the price on the aisle where the hangers were first off there was nothing on the shelf where the hangers were that said 1.75 so we started walking back to the register and she mumbled something so since she saw the price and the tag that said buy 1 get 1 1/2 off I thought ok we have that squared away to my surprise she says if she has to over ride this I won’t be able to get the sale at this point I ask for the manager and guess what she said she is the manager I feel very sorry for this company if this is what you are hiring for managers are any thing else for that matter well I never did get my hangers I wound up walking out because I could no longer deal with it by the way I did not see a name tag on her and I did not want to ask her name the time was 8:10 pm and the location was New Orleans la and the street was crowder

  243. the Sylacauga store was in complete shambles stock buggies everywhere garbage every where…shelves were empty, where is your management team at?

  244. I posted a few minutes ago about the Sylacauga Ala. store on how nasty it was , and then I read a lot of other complaints lots of them are the same as mine, I thought it was a store problem…..ITS A MANAGEMENT PROBLEM, lack of Freds is closer and cleaner!

  245. I went to the store today and it was closed.Sign on door said closed had to run errands for manager and they were short handed for help would be back later this is not the first time this has happened.The employees are so rude and will not help you find anything.The aisles are so cluttered you can’t walk in there and shelves are often bare.This store is so nasty the floors are never swept Can’t you do better.I’m very disappointed with this store.CLEAN IT Up

  246. I went to the store in white pine tn on state street today.There was a sign on door they were closed had to run errands for the manager be back soon.This is not the first time this has happened the sign said they were short handed with help is this any way to run a never know when they are open the store is nasty and employ are rude

  247. I’m a 61 year old male, I run a Property Preservation Company and we have been purchasing all of our supplies from DG stores for 8 years. I stopped in the Moberly Missouri store on North Morley St., and after picking up my supplies, I grabbed a 12 pack of beer. At the register, a 20 something, year old girl insisted on seeing my ID. I am 3 times her age, but she had the audacity to refuse to serve me without ID.
    We have spent our last penny in DG stores, I’ve told all crews to never purchase from a DG store again. It’s bad enough that when you go in one of these stores, you have to wait forever at the checkout, or listen to an employee singing along to a song on their phone as they dance around with ear buds in their ears (same store), or you are in a line of 8 customers, while an employee sits outside smoking a cigarette (Sturgeon, Mo.), but to be disrespected by some kid who is on a power trip, not going to happen.

  248. Today is November 11th 2018 my wife and I were just at the Dollar General store in Hilmar California ZIP code 95324 After looking at your sales ad and finding that spiral cut hams Mrs Smith’s by name we’re on sale for a dollar 75 a pound we could not find them in the store the employees at your store said they did not receive any and had no idea when they would come in if you’re going to advertise something by California state law you are supposed to have it on hand otherwise it is considered false advertising if you do not display a sign stating there was a misprint or a problem with getting the proper item in stock we found none of this please contact me by email when you plan on Stocking this item I’ve looked forward to it since last Thanksgiving and I can’t seem to find it except for around Thanksgiving Easter or Christmas since your company believes that people only eat spiral cut hams on those three holidays I’m sure you will not understand why customers might want this product other times of the year

  249. Today is November 11th 2018 my wife and I were just at the Dollar General store in Hilmar California ZIP code 95324 After looking at your sales ad and finding that spiral cut hams Mrs Smith’s by name we’re on sale for a dollar 75 a pound we could not find them in the store the employees at your store said they did not receive any and had no idea when they would come in if you’re going to advertise something by California state law you are supposed to have it on hand otherwise it is considered false advertising if you do not display a sign stating there was a misprint or a problem with getting the proper item in stock we found none of this please contact me by email when you plan on Stocking this item I’ve looked forward to it since last Thanksgiving and I can’t seem to find it except for around Thanksgiving Easter or Christmas since your company believes that people only eat spiral cut hams on those three holidays I’m sure you will not understand why customers might want this product other times of the year

    We also found that an 11% discount was supposed to be offered to Veterans when I brought this to the clerk my $23 order was reduced by $0.18 which is not 11% and apparently your staff is very poorly trained you might consider that a lawsuit for false advertising could follow if you persist

  250. I am bamboozled trying to change my account from the home computer to my new phone gmail account. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!

  251. While in your store in Limington,maine to purchase the 3/$1.00 vegetables today, my husband was told this sale was for online purchase only since we doubted this was true he asked to speak to the manager who told him to take what he had and leave the store. Giving away product will be very expensive for you and not very good service to the customer. We won’t be back.

  252. i was just in your store in monahans tx and it is such a mess I told my wife not to go into this store because she could get hurt. There is freight every where. IT’S A MESS. I believe the employees are doing the best they can do because there is not enoughm help.
    With the increase in population because of the oil boom your loosing sales and profit. YOU NEED MORE HELP TO CLEAN UP THIS MESS.

  253. I had to compliment one of your employees. The store in Independence KY. I went in for the first time in a while. While looking around I could hear other shoppers checking out. The young man taking care of people was enthusiastic, polite, went the extra step to assist customers. I was amazed!! As far as I could tell he was alone. This occurred on 12/17/18 around 6-7pm. I bought a door mat. This young man was friendly & took very good care of each customer! You do not usually see this kind of service in stores. Hope you will pass along this thanks and well done!!!

  254. I have sent you probably four to five emails complaining about your digital coupons I do not ever receive them I feel like your company is ripping me off and I’m going to shop somewhere else this is ridiculous I don’t understand how you do your coupons and I don’t understand why I go on your app every single day and download The New coupons if there not coming off of my receipt I’m very disappointed in a company and I hope you can resolve this issue Jennifer laughon

  255. Someone needs to inspect the Dollar General in Adams , N.Y. things are filthy, floors, etc. always stocking racks in aisles so it is hard to get to items or get your cart down the aisles . PLEASE help your customers in the surrounding areas who rather shop local instead of driving to Watertown, N.Y. I drive 20 miles south to my job in Adams and that store is the worst one I have ever been in.

  256. Your ad says clearance on trim a tree. Lights are trim a tree. I went to buy Christmas lights. At store #13950 I was sold lights at 70% off, 20 count white light white wire. I went to store #11270 for the white lights with a white wire 100 count and was told they were not marked down. I left went back to the store #13950 to double check if they had them. They did not. I was then told the lights were not on sale (the girl from store #11270 admitted to calling the store). I went back to store # 11270 and all the lights were gone. I was told they had to pull them. She pulled them after I tried to buy them on clearance. The time to pull them was before I tried to buy them. Better still the right thing to do was sell them on clearance as your ad stated since they were on the floor. I bought what I wanted across the street at FAMILY DOLLAR. My husband and daughter already refuse to shop store #11270. I guess I will be shopping Family Dollar from now on. They have digital coupons just like you and sell the same products and are located across the street from store #11270. NOT GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE. The girl who refused to sell them to me on clearance is Billie Denette, store manager. She has a lot to learn about customer service. Better to have sold them to me then to have pulled them. Now all she has is a disgruntled customer and a loss of business.

  257. My family and I shop in our store on a daily bases. its store 19440.. we have witnessed the manager cussing out his employees and making them cry, and after the employee leaves their shift he is talking bad about them to other staff and customers. he should not be allowed to do this. He also has a young teenage girl that works there that does not go by the dress code. she wore leggings that was so tight you can see every crease in her lower half also a shirt that you could see her breast. We have also witness the manager cussing customers. It seems to me that he can just do what he wants without punishment.

  258. I overheard a conversation between two employees at the dollar general in my area zip city or county road 8 in florence, alabama. The female employee seemed upset and told her coworker who was a man with red hair that she wanted to know why he had been adjusting her work time. She said he had added breaks she never took and adjusted her clock out time to the scheduled time not the actual time she clocked out. She also mentioned someone in a higher position named Rebecca. She said other employees were asking her if her hours were being adjusted because they noticed they had been given adjusted hours as well. I love this store but altering the time they work is incredibly illegal. I hope someone looks into this. I believe her name was jessica and she also mentioned an employee named whitley.

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