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Contacting Dodge Customer Service Center

Dodge is an automobile company operating under the Chrysler umbrella. The customer service page for Dodge is eerily similar to the Jeep contact page, likely because the two are owned by the same mother company. Dodge specializes in selling new vehicles to customers through authorized dealerships, but the company also provides service to Dodge vehicles. Customers with questions, concerns or comments for the customer service team can find all the contact information they need.

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Contact Info

If you want to contact the Dodge customer service department, you can choose to email, phone or send a letter to Dodge. The three choices are there for very different reasons. Some customers want to file a complaint, but don’t want to call Dodge customer service – so they mail a letter. Other customers have a more pressing issue and want to talk with someone right now – so they call.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department for Dodge is open from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Monday through Friday. You can also call between the hours of 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. Saturday and Sunday. All hours are in EST.

  • Customer Service Department: 1-800-423-6343

Mailing Address

Dodge Customer Assistance Center
P.O. Box 21-8007
Auburn Mills, MI 48321-8007

Official Website

You can learn more about Dodge and customer service for Dodge owners, you can visit the official website at All contact information is listed on the Contact Page. The link is located at the far bottom of the website. With the popularity of social websites like Facebook and Twitter, customers are using these services to contact companies more often. The Dodge Facebook page and Dodge Twitter page are available for customers as well.

Customer Service Email

You can’t find a customer service email on the Dodge customer service website, but there is a contact page located in the FAQs section. From the contact page, click on the Find Answers link. Search for customer service email and you’ll be taken to an answer that lists all email pages for the Chrysler family. You can submit a customer contact email for Dodge at We sent an email to customer service regarding where to find the VIN number on our Dodge Durango. We’ll let you know how long it takes for the representative to respond.

Our Experience

We called the customer service department for Dodge and the phone system is set up exactly like the Jeep customer service call center. The automated recording gave us several options, but we simply held on because the line automatically connects to customer service. This time we were asked if the call had something to do with a Dodge Ram or other Dodge vehicle. We chose that option and the call was connected to an agent in less than 45 seconds. We asked the agent where to locate the VIN number and he explained the exact location. We easily four our VIN.

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190 Comments on “Contact Dodge Customer Service
  1. the person was nice but i recieved no info. i had problems at local dodge dealer no resolve with my truck. i told her i was giong to take my truck to a GM or Ford dealer she told me to do that, not good bussiness. i need to talk to a teck. person because we have changed parts three different times and still same problem. stearing box 3 times, stearing pump 3 times & hydrolic brake booster 2 times. i now have aftermarket box & pump i still have stearing problem. fresno dodge quoted me $1,800.00 to replace both box & pump, after employ got in trouble telling me lies they were going to charge me $1,497.00 now just for changing the pump only. very confusing & odd. now i am told to take my dodge truck to a GM or Ford dealer so they can fix it, very weird. is there someone out there who can help me?

    • What year is your truck? The 94 through 2001 models are notorious for steering problems. If you have to replace the parts anyway, don’t go with the Dodge parts. Do some online research, there are a lot of companies that make better stuff.

  2. I have a 2006 Ram 1500 that I bought brand new. It has rusting fender wells, bottom of tailgate ,bottom of front doors and who knows where else. I take good care of it and I am very disappointed in the body and paint quality. Is their something that you could do to fix the rust my truck? I have owned many dodge trucks and this is a problem I have never had.

    • I have a 2006 dodge truck that has rust on the fender wells,doors and tailgate.I also think that dodge should own up to bad metal or paint or something ,just like toyota did.

  3. I have a 2006 Ram 1500 that I bought brand new. It has rusting fender wells, bottom of tailgate ,bottom of front doors and who knows where else. I take good care of it and I am very disappointed in the body and paint quality. Is their something that you could do to fix the rust my truck? I have owned many dodge trucks and this is a problem I have never had. I hope it can be fixed.

  4. i recently purchased a 2012 3500 diesel 4wd. it has 5600 miles on it and the motor is knocking. i took it to the local dealership in silsbee tx. and was told they are not sure what the noise is, but would tear the motor down and try to find the problem, or would be happy to sell me another– only thing is they couldnt credit me the purchase price becouse mine is now a USED TRUCK.

  5. I have a 09 Durango Hydryd and I’m having trouble finding the 12 v battery. Can you please tell me where I can find on in the Austin TExas area Thanks

  6. Dear Doge,

    Vehicle: 2012 Dodge Durango Heat

    My father and I had a tire puncture on the highway earlier this morning. This was hands down, the worst tire change I’ve ever experienced. Thanks for making a cheap plastic assembly. Of course upon removing it, one of the pegs broke off. I guess we’ll find out home much it’s going to cost after Christmas. Over $100.00? Probably.

    My father told me not to write this letter but I felt it was an issue that needed to be addressed.

    Regards, a paying customer.

  7. Dear Sirs! I need some help in one question: time to time Dodge Ram 5.9 Magnum doesnt want to start! usually its happens when engine warmed when engine is cold or after 3-hour after I stopped the engine- firing normally OBD test shows “camshaft sens faul” and “cam/cranc shaft lost” I was tryied to change crancshaft but- engine doesnt start completely can I ask You give some consult or contacs where i can find about this problem
    Thanks! Alex from deep Russia

  8. Hello ,i just bought a 2013 dodge dart yesterday.My wife loves it.we paid 22,000 dollars for the se.The only problem is that we paid that much and didnt even get a set of floor mats with it . they are trying to sell me a set.I have owned 12 new cars in my life,4 new dodges. I think people are going to complain about this.At lease ad mats in your new car..thanks but we do love the car

    • I just purchased a 2013 Dodge Dart on Thursday, March 20, and the dealer called me the next day asking me if he could use my employee discount at one of my jobs. Very unproffesional.

  9. I had work done on mine last summer and only now found out that I should have never paid the $400 I did for new rotors. They did do the break pads free, but said I HAD TO pay for the rotors. Another dealer (Dodge) said I shouldn’t have paid because my rotor issue was due to the pads and the way they were wearing. I should also add I took my car in about 4 months before they replaced the pads and they all but said it was all in my head, then I came across the recall by chance and took it back that’s when they fixed it. Can I do anything about it now? I feel so used, and right now I’m looking at buying a RAM 1500 but with the way they cheated me already I am holding back on the truck.

    • Read my post about my 2003 Ram 2500. Do yourself a favor and buy a Toyota Tundra. According to Consumer Reports it has had the best repair record of any full size truck since it was released.

  10. The commercial for the Superbowl is amazing, please do NOT pull this commercial. Please do not let the 14% influence your decision there are still 86% of us which do believe in God. Whomever thought of this commercial did a wonderful job. Thank you for taking a stand and airing something about God.

    • Annette, while I agree the commercial was great, please get your facts about religion correct in the future. Only about 60% of Americans classify themselves as religious. America also being one of the more religious countries. This commercial will most likely air in other countries like the UK where less than 30% classify themselves as religious. If you like it record it. Better safe than sorry.

  11. I love this commercial, im so proud that Dodge had enough confidence in itself and product to make this commerical. Its wonderful.

  12. Thank you for the beautiful commercial. How refreshing to know that there are still companies willing to share ideals and principles. Thank you Dodge. Thank you farmers. Thank you God for your blessings.

  13. Just wanted to let Dodge know how proud I was that you ran the Farmer add during the super bowl. It took a lot of guts and as a Christian I truly appreciated it. I think you rock!

    Oh, and by the way I have owned 3 Chrystler Vans because I think they are the best value on the road.

  14. Was wondering, I own a 2009 Dodge Journey that I bought new from the Army Airforce Exchange New Car Sales in Germany. I have had some major issues with this vehicle mainly with the Brake System and Tires. The Vehicle has only 27,000 miles on it and it needs new brake pads. In Nov 2010 I had to have the entire Brake system replaced (Rotors, Drums and Pads) due to a rusted out brake area. I received money back for the rusted out area parts but had to pay the rest of the work out of my own pocket. The work was done by an authorized Dodge Dealer in Germany who took pictures and sent them to The Dodge Company. This work was done when the vehicle had 19,812 miles. Now two years later and only 8,000 more miles on the vehicle since the brake system was replaced, the Front Brake pads are worn completely and I must replace them. The Tires are also totally worn out at 27,000 miles and I must replace all four of them. The vehicle is not driven hard at all and you can see by the amount of miles in a four year period it is not driven alot of miles either. The question is was this a “Recall” on 2009 Dodge Journey? I have read other reveiws and this has happened more than a few occassions. Some financial assistance seems to be warranted for such an unsafe situation for my wife and two young daughters traveling around in such an unsafe vehicle. I am already looking into some sort of trade in and I can assure you the Dodge Journey is not a vehicle we would ever consider now or in the future. Of course I am letting all my associates know that this vehicle is not worthy to own. Awaiting your response. Thank you in advance.

  15. Some of the bulbs for my lights in my heater and air control panel are not working. I have been told by my local dealer that I will have to buy the whole panel at the expense of $400 to $500 to replace those bulbs. Surely, there are replacement bulbs to buy because I can’t believe that anything would be designed this bad that you cannot find replacement bulbs. Is there a solution to this problem? Thanks.

    • I have had the dash apart in my 2500 pickup several times. The bulbs are replaceable in my truck and I suspect they are replaceable in your vehicle as well.

  16. I have a 2008 quad cab 1500 that I bring to the dealership for all the services since I bought new and take great care of. The issue that I have is the chrome grill is all bubbled up and the paint on the front bumper has come off directly under the grill . This looks horrible for a vechicle that is five years old. The instrument cluster has gauges that don’t illuminate any more the needles glow but the back lighting does not work any more. When I talked to the dealership they said they couldn’t do anything for me,then was told to call Dodge customer services apon doing this I was also told couldn’t do anything about it . They said it lasted longer than three years and was told that was good. Well when you buy a product that cost as much as it did and can’t last five years with no help to an expensive fix I have become dissatisfied and lost trust in my dodge truck and it leaves me wondering what’s next .

  17. My wife and i both own dodge products, she has the 04 durango with the hemi. it has a slight knocking sound and after many many hours researching the issue sounds like there is a BIG problem with the 5.7 hemi, and you DODGE refuse to address the obvious problem with these engines. there are countless honest hard working folks out there that need this problem resloved!i will be taking this issue to a higher sourse. in the mean time i plan to sell or trade both my dodge products and will NEVER buy another. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

  18. My 2003 2500 4×4 Dodge diesel has been a horrendous piece of crap. Actually, that’s not entirely true. The Cummins engine has functioned flawlessly, but then again, it isn’t built by Dodge. My truck goes up and down the highway, I do not off road in it or pull heavy loads. At just over 70,000 miles I replaced a hub bearing, $300, a ujoiunt on the hub, $300, a front drive shaft ujoint $425. I spoke with customer service who told me I should have purchased a better warranty. I pointed out that my Toyota, which is routinely flogged off road, has 350,000 miles on it and NOTHING has failed. She then asked me what Dodge could do to make me happy. I told her, “Build a truck that isn’t a piece of s***.” She hung up on me. At about 80,000 the lift pump failed. The lift pump is used on all 2003 Dodge Diesels and about 1/2 of the 2004s. This is a crappy, cheaply made part attached to the rear of the fuel filter canister. There is not a fuel pump in or near the fuel tank on these vehicles. I did my own research and purchased an after market pump that I mounted to the frame near the tank, where it should have been in the first place. The part cost $330. my mileage improved 1 to 2 miles per gallon with the more efficient pump. Anyone who owns a 2003 or newer Ram knows all about the ventilation failures. Dodge knew the systems would fail but went right on selling them anyway. I have disassembled the entire dash three times now replacing the faulty parts. Don’t buy the, “Improved” Dodge parts, they WILL fail. I will be purchasing a new muscle car this year, guess what brand it WON’T be?

  19. I just rated my, “Dodge customer service experience” as 1 star. The website recorded it as three stars. Unbelievable.

  20. Me and my wife purchased a 2011 Dodge Nitro three weeks ago at Jack Phelan Dodge in LaGrange Il. Before we left with the vehicle we noticed that Dodge only gave us one key. Every car or truck I have had, gave us two keys with our purchase. So we asked the salesman and manager where was the other key. They said the vehicle only came with one key and if we needed another it would be $135.00. I did not like the ideal we just made this big purchase and now we have to buy another key which should have been supplied to us. Is this the new low level car dealerships have stooped to? I’m very upset with Dodge and probably won’t do business with them in the future.

  21. i had a 2008 durango with 56500 miles and had a proplem with the power steering, the prusure hose had a plastic liner in it so it got hot and got stuck in the rack and pinion, and i could not steer it so i replace all the stuff i needed to replace rack, pump and hose, was told it was out of warranty and because i fixxed it myself they were not going to do anything for me, so i had to use my vaction money to repair, then after that 2 more proplem came up so i trade my dodge for a kia, that was the smartest thing i could have done

  22. 2012 ram 2500, all chrome on truck has yellow spots with 11k on truck. What a piece of junk, dealer and ram customer service took 6 months to come up with a solution, replace chrome.
    Took to dealer, horrible service. Called Ram customer service to have work performed at another dealership, their response, can not help, have a nice day. Do not buy a Ram or Chrysler vehicle.

  23. I was disappointed to discover the FOB remote replacement cost is so very high and then has to be “programmed” by the dealer for another $60. I recently lost one of mine. Originally bought a new 2010 Ram 1500 crew cab. This well over $220 price to replace a “key” to operate your vehicle certainly isn’t disclosed at time of purchase.

  24. Hi, I just bought a new 2013 Durango and I really like it and the new electronics it comes with. I haven’t had a new vehicle in a while, so I have been impressed with the new features that cars can come with now. Back, 5 or 6 years ago, I had a new Yukon. Actually, it was the third Yukon I have had, back before the crash, and I had money. Anyway, they came with automatic headlights. I really liked that feature because you never had to think of the headlights, they just took care of themselves. I never forgot to turn them on and never forgot to turn them off and run the battery down. Now, just to mention a change in public opinion on the day use of headlights, over the last 20 years, more and more people have started using their headlights in the day time as a safety feature, and that includes me. I think most drivers would agree that it is safer to use your headlights during daylight hours. It makes your vehicle more noticeable on the road. Since I started driving my Yukons with their automatic headlights, I have always used my headlights day or night. I fire up the rig, the headlights come on. I turn the rig off, the headlights go off. It made me feel safer and I got used to driving with my headlights always on. After the market crash, I had less money, so I had to drive older vehicles. Vehicles that didn’t have automatic headlights. But, I just got used to having to remember to turn them on and then remember to turn them off. Which I did, most of the time, but I did forget to turn them off once in a while. Now, I have bought this new durango and I was excited that I would have automatic headlights again and could stop having to remember to turn them on or off. Not so! Dodge has had to try and make them even better, but in fact, has made them less safe. The headlights have a sensor that only turns them on in low light settings, so therefore, during daylight hours, the headlights don’t come on. In order for me to have headlights on during the daytime for safety, I have to use the manual position of the headlights. So, now again, I have to remember to turn them on. It does beep at me when I forget to turn them off, so that is nice. I won’t run the battery down, but I find myself driving for a long time and then remembering that I hadn’t turned my headlights on, so a lot of times I drive clear to my destination before I remember I hadn’t turn my headlights on. I am a little frustrated at this new and improved headlight system. I have come onto this forum to see if anyone agrees with me, found a solution to this problem, or just thinks I am crazy.

  25. I purchased a new 2012 3500 Dodge dually from Ron Carter Dodge in League City, Texas on March 27, 2012. I purchased this vehicle because I have an older brother (Pat) that bought the same truck a few months prior and I drove it home from the dealer for him and fell in love with it. After driving my 99 Power Stoke for 354,000 + miles I felt I needed a new truck. The truck has been great except for one ongoing problem. BRAKE SQUEAL when applying the brakes at light pressure. I am not one to stop hard and I personally start slowing down way before I need to when I see a stop or red light.
    I took this truck into the Dealer on Aug 16, 2013 with 11573 miles on it for the squealing concern. The dealer deglazed the pads and sent me on my merry little way. Upon leaving the dealer the first red light I came to the same squealing noise was still present. I had some errands I needed to run so I ran them and every time I came to a stop light the squeal noise was back. Once I finished my errands I went back to the dealer to indicate the noise was not fixed and that it was happening every time I come to a stop. I was told I would need to bring it in so they can look at it and make a repair. (This right after I had just spent 2 hours waiting in the customer lounge while they worked on it that morning). To say the least I was not happy but what do you do.
    I myself was a service consultant for approx. 10 and my service manager/shop foreman would have come out and put the vehicle back in the shop to the same tech while the customer was waiting. I did not have the time to leave it so I spoke with the service manager and we agreed I would bring it back another day so we (service manager/I) could drive it to duplicate the noise.

    I met with the service manager on the morning of Oct 8, 2013 and we took it for a drive and were able to duplicate the noise. Manager asked if I could bring it in on Thursday (10/10/2013) in the morning and they would have a tech look at it. This morning I was there at 8am and sat in the lounge while it was being worked on. The dealer turned the rear rotor because they stated they were a little warped and may have been the reason for the squeal. I was giving the truck back at almost 1pm and left the dealer. The first 10 or so stops the noise was not present, THEN it all stated all over again. It squeals EVERY time I come to a stop.
    I called the service manage this afternoon to inform him the noise is back and happens all the time. Manage stated at this time there was nothing more he could do for me. I was taken back a little considering I had just spent $42,000 + dollars on a new truck and the squealing noise cannot be fixed.
    In my professional opinion (understand, I did work on the service drive for Greenspoint Dodge, Allen Samuels Chrysler and Norman Frede Chevrolet combined all together almost 10 years) the pads have way too much semi-metallic fibers in them and need to be replaced. Not saying all of the pads need replaced, just the rear pads and this would most likely get rid of the squeal noise.
    NOTE: My brother Pat has the exact same truck and not once has he ever heard the brakes squeal on his dually.

    I just hung up with Dodge customer service and spoke to Jordan. Jordan seems like a nice lady on the phone and she is just doing her job, but I could tell she was just working at a call center and had no idea what rotors are because she did not even pronounce the word correctly. Unfortunately I have a new 3500 dually with a terrible brake squeal and I can’t seem to get it fixed.
    Jordan did state that I could take the vehicle to any other dealer and have them check it out but that I would have to (get this) PAY for the diagnosis. Sure the warranty is 3yrs/36,000 miles (I know this) but the warranty will not cover normal wear and tear parts like brakes, hoses, belts. This I know from when I was a consultant. I did get the vehicle in before the 12,000 miles and it was documented in the system and I was given the truck back with the noise still happening.

    This by far burns me up, knowing what I know and how Dodge will not stand up and replace the pads for CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

  26. Customer service is something that is clearly not in Chrysler’s current corporate model. We purchased a 2012 1500 Laramie. The dealer obtained it through a dealer trade. Within days of taking delivery we had the truck detailed. The detailer pointed out roof hail damage, 23 fish eyes and dirt nibs in the paint, clouding in the base coat on one side and pitted cab and side view mirror glass. The truck was inspected by 3 independent collision centers, one of which was another Ram dealer shop, and all 3 indicated that they believed that portions of the truck had been repainted. We demanded in writing that the dealer take the truck back and provide a new, undamaged vehicle. The dealer refused. We contacted Chrysler customer service to open a claim and were told that they could not help because it was a paint issue and we would have to deal with the dealership to try and reach a resolution. After 15 months of mistreatment by the dealer, area factory rep and Auburn Hills corporate types their solution is to provide an extended warranty free. Are you kidding me? We have been loyal Chrysler customers for over 11 years. We have purchased (5) 2500 & 3500 trucks for our business, one Nitro and this Laramie. Next week we will be trading every single one of them in with the local Ford or GMC dealer. I will not tolerate the type of horrible treatment, unlawful practices and outright fraud that was committed by the dealer who sent the truck after the dealer trade, not to mention an insulting settlement offer. We are done with Chrysler forever!

  27. I recently had my 2003 Ram 1500 heater core replaced at the local dealer. They informed me that the upper dash was cracking because it was brittle and it would be an additional charge but labor was free “it takes about a minute to install it”. I said i would purchase it myself as i knew someone at a different dealer and could purchase it at a lower cost. Then i noticed they also cracked the other upper dash and said nothing. I called the dealer and Dodge and they refused to correct the problem. I will never buy another Dodge or Chrysler vehicle again. BEWARE of a repair to your older vehicle at a dealership.

  28. I have a 2005 Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi that has been stalling for no reason on several occassions. The engine light and the lightning bolt light came on. The engine idled rough then stalled. I had it towed to the local Dodge dealer and was told that it was the EGR valve and that it needed tuned up per the diagnostic performed there. I spent 600.00 and it was fine for two days and when my husband was exiting the freeway it stalled .He was almost hit . After a few minutes it started but the engine light and lightning bolt light was on again. So it was towed to the dealer and I have put a new throttle body on it and it was okay for a week. Then it started stalling again. I also then put a accelerator assembly position sensor on it. It was okay for 1 day and it stalled on a busy road with myself and my 3 kids in it. The dodge dealer cannot figure out what is wrong with it. There are no active codes only stored codes. I filled a complaint with the nhtsa and saw 129 complaints for the same issue . Why is Dodge not stepping up and fixing all these vehicles we purchased? What does that say about there warranty and customer service? I will never buy another Dodge again My truck only has 113,000 miles on it. Dodge does not care or they would recall all of these vehicles with serious engine malfunctions but that probably won’t happen until someone is hurt by these junk trucks stalling in traffic and causing accidents. I hope that no one buys any of the Durangos even the new ones have problems with stalling.Someone needs to make Dodge make it right with us their consumers.

  29. I have a 2011 dodge ram 3500 the truck have 115000 miles since I purchase this truck I Ben having problems with the engine light coming on all the times ,the local dealer say it’s the EGR valve well after driving for 2 hours the light comes on again it’s not right after spend 60k for a truck having this problems,we’ll last week I did have a wearied vibration on my left wheel, I was on the to the dealer I got stock on side of the road ,I almost got in to accident , pull on side of the road I did see lots of oil coming out of the transfer Case , I tow the truck to the dealer and they tell me I have to change the ball joints on the left side ,and install a new transfer case cost me almost $6000.00 I just don’t know au a new truck got all of this problems ,it’s looks like to me pure junk, I will never bye another dodge ever ,vary disappointed ‘I m going back to ford ,and for all of you I hope this comments shows the problems they have.

  30. Had my 2011 Ram 1500 4×4 caliper frozen on the right side. Took it to the dealer to check out. Yep caliper froze, still under warranty 3yr/36K. They want to charge me to replace the rotor and brakes since they were glazed by having the caliper froze. Wouldn’t the rotor and brake be covered by Dodge since the caliper went bad? The only answer I got was it don’t work that way. Very disappointed in the service at Dave Dennis Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

  31. I bought a 2013 dodge dart have a tire problem I went to Stanley tire He looked up said that the size I needed was back ordered and could not get one till april. some china crap if I would of new that the car would still be in the lot michlin is the only good tire on the market

  32. Has there been any reports of any auto accelerations on od dodge journey’s. We had one at a stop light. When it happen we were well behind the car in front of us, once the brake caught and stopped the jump forward the engine came back to idal.

  33. I am the owner of a 2000 Dodge Ram. I’ve owned the vehicle since 2001 and through the first 10-years was reletively satisified. However, it seems that about 10-12 years is the life span of a Chrsyler product. In the last two years I’ve replaced the transmission, radiator, heater coil, air conditioner and the last nightmare has been the famed Dodge DASH! I don’t think I’ve ever saw a more poorly designed product than the Dodge Ram dash. To think that some guy/gal probably got a pat on the back for coming up using ajj the hidden PLASTIC compontents is a joke! It’s like opening the wall of a 100-year old home. May not look too bad on the outside, but once you’ve opened the dash it’s like throughing open the flood gates! Not only is the dash cover a laugh, but almost every component under the cover is plastic and as brittle as HELL!
    I’ve seen your new Dodge commercials patting yourselves on the back for winning national awards the last two years, but frankly I’ve owned my last RAM…

  34. I contacted Dodge Customer Service on 3/3/2014 via your contact email and requested a Build Sheet for a vehicle I have purchased.I was informed I would receive an answer within 24 hrs and I have not herd from Dodge CS for 3 days now. Please advise.


  36. I have a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 series.16000 miles on it bought it new last Feb. It has been using a quart of oil every 2000 to 3000 miles. I have had it back to the dealership three times.
    They tell me this is normal by the time it has 50,000 then it will be using a quart of oil every 700 miles. The reason I bought a new Truck was to avoid things like this.
    The dealer ship also said that every time I stop to put gas in it then I need to check oil this is a new Truck.

  37. Good afternoon ,

    I am having a problem with my 2014 Ram interior cab light in the back area over the rear seats . The light stays on while I am drive and once parked . However , when parked the goes off at some point . Could you please tell me how to turn the light off.

    Thank you

  38. new 2013 dodge Ram and it used 1qt of oil 3,000 miles I had it to yhe Deskins Motors 3 time and said it normal to used oil and warranty wont cover it that not right engines don’t used oil

  39. I have a 2008 dodge nitro I received a letter saying if I was having a problem with my fill nozzle my local dodge dealer would fix it. but when I went to have it fixed they said the parts are not made yet to fix it. also is there a recall on nitro’s for the traction control? A person at a parts store was telling me that certain years of dodge nitros were being recalled for that reason. sincerely Tina Fowler

  40. I am writing to your advertising dept to see if you might be interest in doing a commercial about two dodge grand caravan owners that are brothers, one from the north (Pennsylvanian) and one from the south (South Carolina). Both have Dodge Grand caravans, with over 200,000 miles and still running great. One is a 2002 with 217,000, and the other a 2005 with 225,000 respectfully. Probably the best vehicles that we both have ever owned. That’s the short of it there is a lot more that we could get into if Dodge is interested. Thanks for listening RonClark

  41. i have a 2002 dodge caravan se i take good care of it but the body is rusting out so fast i look at some more car and van and i see no rust why do i see rust on all the caravan i do not have money to fix the rust so iam asking you to help me fix the rust because the van is not safe my insurance company say it not safe.also the hood is rusting out help ,help thank you mr wilson

  42. Having brake light that comes on
    Took it to the dealer & after f
    5 1/2 hours having to pay half of the hours charge & told to bring it back but get a rent car & leave it with them to figure it out.
    I need help.
    Randel Wolf

  43. I ordered and was contacted about my new ram bumper for my truck….after it was put on….I was advised a front bumper also came with the rear and was placed on..
    Appro 2 hrs later…I was contacted to bring the front bumper back…it belonged to someone else…therefore I had to return to the shop and have my old front bumper placed back on….I had advised earlier the shop I had only bought the rear bumper…however I was assured they were right…..not so much now….will save up the money and buy the front bumper later

  44. my wife and I bought a new 2013 dodge van from southtown dodge in St Louis Mo. we were very disappointed in the customer service. We had to return nearly 3 weeks later to inquire about the title and we were told they filled out paper work wrong but they never called or tried to contact us. After purchasing the van we got home and did not no how any of the options worked I emailed the dealer and 2 months later have had no response. I would like to be contacted by someone. thank you for your time.

  45. I recently was contacted from dodge about my experience with one of your dealership and I wanted to let you know that you got almost all 0 from me. My whole experience started 3 weeks ago and is still going on. First I bought a 2012 dodge ram from another dealership. But since you are the closet dodge dealership to me for about 20 miles and I live 5 mins away from you, I choose to bring you my business. I had bought a oil change package through your dealership. I only used 1 or 2 and had a total of six. I ended up trading my truck in for a 2014 SRT-8 Superbee. I called 3 weeks ago and asked if I could maybe upgrade my package and pay the difference or get credit or my money back, I got all no’s and that is unbelievable. I bring my car to you and bring you business and you can’t help me out? That’s very disappointing. Second, after I was told no I scheduled an appointment for my breaks because they were squealing and the car only had 3000 miles on it. This was the 3rd week of May. You couldn’t get me in until the next Thursday which I understand because I’m sure your busy especially with the construction. So we scheduled for Thursday morning 5/29/14. I dropped my car off at 8. I had not received a call so I called at 2:30 pm because I had work at 4. I called and the lady I talked to said that her mechanic did not hear anything. I told her that is ridiculous so I went back up there. I got in the car with the lady and went for a quick drive rolled down the windows and she ended up hearing it. We were making our way back to the dealership and I asked if I was covered under my warranty. She said yes but she felt she had to tell me the price of the breaks. If I’m covered I don’t need to know the price of the breaks, I felt that to be very snobbish. We get back to the garage and she tells me that they have to special order them. I say that’s fine and I leave. I don’t get a call all next week about my breaks. The second week comes up so I call and I’m told they still haven’t come in. It is now June 18th almost 3 weeks and I have yet to receive a call. This is outrageous. I have never waited this long for breaks to get done. I don’t understand how this has even slipped past anybody. I don’t ever complain nor do I like to get anybody in trouble but I feel like my business just isn’t important to your company. I’m 23 I work 66 hours a week and my only toy and enjoyment is my car and for the past 3 1/2 weeks every stop I come to I am embarrassed by the squealing. And deacon is so conveniently down the street from me. Like I said I have already contacted dodge and if I don’t hear back from them I am calling corporate. I would appreciate some type of contact from your dealership not only about my vehicle but about the service I haven’t been provided.


  47. Well, my love affair with my 2010 Ram is over, time to forget her. After the the way Ram Customer Service handled a recent warranty request issue by not even discussing it with me other than denial to participate without further comment”I did not qualify”. They made good on their statement and I on mine, it was replaced with a GMC Sierra today. Would have accepted them not participating but they have no customer service if they do nothing to justify an answer. Terrible system to address customer’s requests so now they have one less.

  48. I purchased a 2005 dodge ram 1500 in 2007with 23,000 miles on it. bought extended warranty which never used. after warranty out had to replace both front hubs. now with 125,000 miles on it , had to put new transmission. they said it had already been worked on and the rings were sideways in it. they said it could not have come from factory that way. if that’s the case why are there so many recalls. after a week it is back there. same problem.after 9 Chrysler products, no more.

  49. In July of 2014 I purchased a Ram 1500 Bighorn 4X4 a $40,000 truck. I called 8-22-14 about several issues and concerns I had and spoke to Scott the Sales Manager about them. Scott took my information, which I am sure he all ready had and said, “I will call you right back”. So I waited… and waited… and today still NOTHING!!! Not only did they not address my concerns but I had recently been away on some medical issues and when I got home I thought that my registration would have been in my mail box. Not the case… so I called the DMV where it was processed and they said that Vision Dodge Of Penfield had picked up the registration on the 9th and has had the registration for a couple weeks now. So I called the dealer and spoke with the receptionist and she got snotty with me and said, “sir, you owe us $32 for the registration!” I was appalled especially knowing I just spent $40 THOUSAND DOLLARS with Vision Dodge of Penfield!!! So here it is I was blown off and was treated like crap over a balance that was NOT OVER DUE!!! That is unprofessional and in my opinion, UNETHICAL!!! Ladies and gentleman, there is no more good customer service and it is NOT about the customer anymore…!!! I am disgusted and will be copying and pasting this complaint every where and anywhere!!! Shame on YOU Vision Dodge Of Penfield (NY)… and just a personal note, I was in the military for years and since I have been home, I have seen a terrible change in the way people are treating one another… Sincerely. Ret Vet. G.Young

  50. orange park florida changed my trans fluid and stripped a bolt then put junk in place of a proper gasket . i put clean cardboard under it then found it leaked ; it ruined trans before i caught it . my family and frends cannot believe that a dodge dealer would do such trash job .

  51. Customer care needs to be renamed! I have never been treated so poorly by a major corporation. My 2013 diesel 2500 Ram lost a water pump at 1285 miles odometer reading. It is 130 miles from home and still waiting for a replacement after 8 days. The only information I have been able to obtain from Chrysler is that it is due to the dealer on or about the week of Sept. 30. It broke down on Sept. 19 and today is Sept. 26. From what I now gather from customer service, the 30th is only an approximation. By the way, my 5th wheel RV is stranded right along with my truck. If it had to come from Cummins or from another place in the Chrysler network, why would Chrysler (because they care about their customer!) not tell whomever was shipping it to expedite an overnight ship if they truly care? Also why doesn’t Chrysler maintain a better parts inventory in the interest of customer service, they have had a whole year to establish it for this truck. I had to get friends to drive all the way to the dealer to pick up our boat and us (the boat could not be properly secured) and bring us 130 miles to home. Customer “service”‘s supervisor tells me they will have my case manager call me next week and “see” if they can do any compensation for my incurred expenses and trouble. I asked why they couldn’t contact service directly and find out answers to my questions and was told “we only do inter-office memos”. This is all pretty outrageous to be called customer service. Chrysler needs to get their act together or lose customers including this one.

  52. Your Dodge Dart commercials are very offensive to me. One example is when the black guy hits the whie guy. This really sucks. If you are going to have a person hit another, let them be the same race.

  53. I bought a new 2011 Ram 1500, in Milton, Fl which has developed a transmission problem. My dealership does not have a transmission tech, so I must drive the vehicle 60 miles round trip to a dealership that can’t tell me when they can start work on the truck or how long it will take to repair it. They don’t have a loaner program, but would be happy to rent me a vehicle at $35.00 per day for an unpredictable length of time. My only other option is to take the truck to another dealership (160 mile round trip). I think I have been royally screwed by purchasing a vehicle from a dealer that can’t or won’t repair it.
    Does anyone have a customer complaint number for Dodge?

  54. Customer Service? really? I recently purchased a 2014 1500 Ecodiesel. At 800 miles the drive shaft just fell out. Yeah luckily I was pulling out of a parking lot and not doing 80 on the Turnpike. I took it in to dealer, took them 2 weeks to repair, and I had to fight for a rental car. Now at 7000 miles I would smell diesel in the cabin at startup, this continued and I saw smoke come out of the hood. I took to a different dealer after 4 days at the dealer they told me it was some collar that needed to be replaced and the part would take over a month to get in. Wow a month. I finally got a hold of Chrysler customer service, now they tell me to wait 2-3 business days for an case manager to call me. I am not impressed with their service or should I say lack of service. Had this truck a few months and its been in the shop twice already. Not happy with RAM right now


  56. I own a 04 ram 2500.It has 87500 miles & has never bin abused and has bin gently used over the years.To make a long story short, the front end has bin rebuilt twice,once under warranty& in 2013 $2000 out of pocket.Now I find out the MODE DOOR is broken.Thats the air direction for defrost,vent,ect:This door is buried under the dash.The whole dash board has to come out! what asshole designed this not to be bullet proof knowing it will never be seen again! After calling the dealer he said we know about the problem “the 06’s are notorious for doors braking. $1000-$1500 to fix SCREEW DODGE I HOPE THEY DIE AND GO DOWN IN FLAMES LIKE THEY SHOULD HAVE BACK WHEN PRESIDENT JACK ASS BAILD THEM ALL OUT WITH YOURS & MINE MONEY!!!!!!

  57. This am my 2011 Dodge Hemi 4×4 suddenly shifted into four wheel drive and would not allow me to go over 10mph. This is a very dangerous situation. I understand there is a bulletin out concerning this problem and it is an easy fix. My truck is at a local dealership attempting to get repaired. What is the fix? Am I going to be charged for this?

  58. bought a new 2014 ram 3500. trans down shifts into 2nd gear on the freeway locks the rear end up. this has happened 3 times now with 7k miles on truck. this is a serious saftey issue. dodge doesnt think so.. maybe if someone dies then it will get looked at.
    dodge stand up and back your products.
    customer service is a joke. let me talk to someone that can make a decision.

  59. I contacted the customer service center at 10:00 today to resolve with the dealership getting a rental due to my new dodge dart 2014 has electrical issues. I also have a extended warranty and the dealer nownot provide a rental. The dealer has had the car now 3 days and do not know when it will be fixed.I was told this morning this would be resolved and a rental will be furnished. I have called back 4 times and explained this story again.This is poor service for some one that has bought a new car and 4 cars from the dealer. IPAC is very non professional and will not buy from them in future.

  60. Heritage Dodge Harford rd Parkville, Md
    I made the appt today, let’s see where to start.
    I said in an email I couldn’t make it Monday and that I would come down Tuesday, I did.
    Left my house at 8:45am, arrive around 11:45, I got handed off to Jim, then back to Shaun, then John to appraise my car, then back with Shaun. I got to test drive a car, not the one I had said I wanted to see #L572844 because a manager sent it to another dealer Monday evening. No notice to me, so I get home at 3:15, used more than a 1/4 tank of gas, my car now is absolutely filthy because it rained all the way home. My car doesn’t come out in nasty weather, ask John how clean it was.
    So, empty tank of gas, filthy car, added 120 miles on my car and 6.5 hrs of my life I will never get back. Plus the time it will take for me to clean it, as it was before I drove down there. So how would you guys feel if that happened to you? So who was the manager who took care of me so well today? And Shaun did try to get me interested in another car. That used to be called the old bait and switch. Have a nice day, I didn’t. Oh, plus all the time to clean my car from all the bad weather I had to drive through.

  61. Unfortunately, customer service has become an oxymoron. I work for a company which purchases heavy duty Dodge trucks for our business. We have had a 4500 series at two different dealers in the upstate New York area- Armory Garage, and Lia Dodge, for over a month. Apparently, there are only two front driveshafts in the continental US?? And it takes two weeks to aquire one?? Fuel lines are also akin to “Hen’s teeth”, since they are also nearly impossible to aquire?? Communication with the service department was also less than adequate. Hard to believe such an old, and respected American business is managed so poorly. Chances of me ever purchasing or promoting your products? Never.

  62. who thought that taking the whole front off to change head lights was a good. one more reason not to buy a ram.

  63. I ordered a 2015 Dodge Hellcat approx 5 months ago.
    2 weeks ago I was notified I would not be getting it since it was an automatic but could get a 6 speed if I wanted.
    I have a 6 speed 2011 and want the auto.
    I did not cancel the orde so what happens now.
    I know that ordering is suspended but see nothing about production on 2015 automatics.
    What happens now.

  64. I recently purchased a 2014 Ram 1500. I like this vehicle very much but I have had a few minor concerns that needed to be taken care of by the dealership. I purchased this from Minot Automotive Center in Minot, ND. I have never received service this bad from any business that I have dealt with. Each time I made an appointment which usually took weeks and they always made me wait, sometimes for hours. This last time they told me it could take 5 or 6 hours past my appointment time. This is unacceptable to me and I know I will never go back to them again for service or another vehicle purchase. I just want the Dodge company to know about their poor customer service.

  65. Why don’t dodge flare the back fenders and put wider tires on the hellcat? That is the only problem I see with the car. It would make it look meaner and get off the line instead of melting the narrow tires.

  66. We just bought a new 2015 dodge 1500 quid cab truck , the truck ran 1/2 mile from the dealership before it had problems , the dealer checked it out said the was no codes ,we left the truck for a leather seat change out , when the dealer started home with the truck it stop again , I can’t get my money back on the truck , I’m screwed , it’s up to the dealer what they do with the truck , no refund , this great dealer never even offered a loaner , just so upset I spend 40 thousand dollars on a truck with problems , I don’t think I can ever trust the truck for travel , I just retired and that’s what the plans were for the truck , so sad to think we gave them a bail out and be treated like crap when the truck had factory defects

  67. Dodge i just want to give you a friendly heads up on you dodge Morse code commercial PLEASE TAKE IT off the air because the flashing light can put people in to a PLEASE PLEASE TAKE IT OFF Thank you if you do

  68. I’ve taken my 2012 3500 to Dallas Dodge three times in the past few weeks to get a egr valve replaced. Tom Jones is the person I’ve dealt with in the service department. He has told me all three times that the diesel tech is not at work, or he didn’t show up today. I took it back there this morning and dealt with another member of the service department and told her this is my fourth time trying to get this problem resolved and so I asked her was the diesel tech in today. She stated he s always here he doesn’t even take a vacation. So I told her what I had been told and she said someone lied to you. I don’t understand why Mr. Jones has to lie to me. My truck is a company truck the company I work for has over 25 dodge trucks on the road. This is very very poor customer service!!!

  69. This is the worse business ever. There are recalls on your vehicle and then they expect you to pay for it. This place SUCKS!

  70. Today, August 27th, I went to my Dodge dealer complaining about what I thought was the exhaust brake on my Dodge Ram 2500, diesel no working. What I found out was that the exhaust brake keys on engine rpm and drops out at 1300 rpm. This is a really poor design as my Dodge with a 3:42 rear end and 6 speed auto transmission only turns around 1300 or 1350 rpms at 60 mph. When I go to stop, I only have exhaust braking along with my regular brakes for a split second. Logically, the exhaust brake computer should be keyed to the speedometer rather than rpm. It is virtually useless with this inferior design. Would I recommend buying a Dodge now? I would certainly inform anyone asking that it is a really nice drive so long as you are not pulling a load and not needing the exhaust brake but when you really need it, it will probably drop out. If keyed to the speedometer, it shouldn’t drop out until you are down to at least 30 mph or, better, even 25 or 20 mph.

  71. I am very disappointed in my 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan. The only thing grand is the grand disappointment it is. 16000 miles had to have front brake rotors replaced, my expense. Air conditioner has failed. Dealer can not get parts and does not know when. Probably in November or December. Fifth and last dodge Grand caravan. I can’t drive it as my allergies are awful with the windows open. So there it sits a monument to poor quality and poor service.
    I can’t even sell it till the AC is fixed or I will take another big loss in value. Never another Chrysler product for me. I don’t know how you can market such poor quality and get away with it.

  72. just sending letter to tell dodge auto builders that I own a 1996 dodge Dakota and it has 250000 thousand miles and I still drive it two hours a day back and forth it is the best truck I have ever owned thank you for making a great truck and I hope it runs a nother 250000

  73. Hello, we have a 2013 Ram Dodge. We was having issues with our radio going blank or not wanting to turn on at all. Took it to the dealership, they just gave it a upgrade. It work for a few days but, still doing the same thing. We turn off the truck to see if that would help. It help for a few days and still doing the same thing. I read more reports of other’s and they are having the same issue. We love our Dodge and have been in a Dodge for 18 years. Never had a issue until this. Please help

  74. We bought (50k+) a new 2015 RAM 1500 LARAMIE 4X4 w/new style transmission…after about 8k noticed a shake when on the high way. Been dealing with customer care for months now. Been back and forth to a couple dealers trying to fix the problem. Still trying to resolve the issue. Replaced all suspension parts, tires and rim. Balanced drive shafts, rebuilt rear end. Not fixed yet. Still under warranty. 32k on it now. This our 2nd new RAM. Had a 2012 LARAMIE w/old style transmission.. BEAUTIFUL TRUCK. Should have never went for the upgrade…more like a down grade. Hope to resolve or get into the buyback program. We have a customer care supervisor helping us now. CAC rep. wasn’t much help. Seem like they just read from a script on their computer screen. The dealership we have now is very good so I am hoping for the best.
    Please Pray for us.

  75. My interaction with Courtesy Dodge in Brandon, Florida:
    Honestly, you guys have had my new car more than what I have had since I bought it. I have been VERY unhappy with the Service Dept. as they cannot seem to fix what is wrong (all cosmetic- i.e Paint defects on the hood, ding(s), Etched drivers side window, and etc). I bought this care back in July and your service dept. has had the care ~1 month here and there to fix the cosmetic issue. You all have my car right now as we speak and I have heard nothing from you all, I dropped in off to you all on Wednesday, August 25th, 2015… I have never been asked how this inconvenience could be made up to me…. I mean you buy a car for a reason and you REALLY buy a Dodge Challenger for a REASON… You want to DRIVE it… VERY dissatisfied.
    Is there anything anyone can do…? So displeased… VERY poor representation of Dodge/MOPAR…

  76. I just recently bought my first Dodge Challenger and needed a hand book. They sent me the wrong one and charged me. Then I had to pay to return it to get the right one. They said they would refund my payment and 6 weeks later I called them and they were super rude and ugly to me and said they would not refund my money or re emburise me for the shipping cost. They said they had on tape that I ask for a Charger handbook 3 times….I know my cars, I wouldn’t ask for a Charger manual when I just bought a Challenger…..If this is they way Dodge is going to treat me after I just bought their car, how will I be treated if something really bad happens…I think I will have second thoughts about ever purchasing another Dodge vehicle…..

  77. On 8/28/15 I had my 2015 Dodge Ram into Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge at 1130 Auto Mall Dr. Columbus, Oh 43228 for a oil change and multi point inspection. On the inspection sheet they put the battery was reading Volts 125, CCA Actual 521 and CCA Spec 700. On 9/11/15 I went down to Ashland Kentucky and my truck wouldn’t start when I was ready to drive back to Columbus Ohio. I had to be towed into Superior Dodge only to find out that I had to have a new battery that cost me $100.00 for towing and $ 206.00 for a new battery including for the dealership to dispose of the old battery. I realize that batteries can go at anytime but why didn’t Performance warn me that I may need a new battery in the near future? Also when they checked the oil for me because I started to have my doubts about the service I received from Performance and the dealership in Kentucky said it didn’t look like the oil filter had been changed and they had my husband come out and look at it also which he agreed with them as well that the oil filter had not been changed. The oil in the truck was clean but the oil filter had not been changed. This is the 2nd new Dodge truck I have purchased from Performance and this is the first time that I have ever gotten crappy work from them. I have been wanting to purchase a new Dodge vehicle but if that is the kind of service I am going to get from Performance I will go to a different dealership. They have gotten very slack on there service work. I shouldn’t have to remind them to reset the oil change indicator for when its time to change the oil, or to check the air pressure in my tires, or to make sure they put windshield washer fluid in it. In fact I shouldn’t have to remind them to check any thing on my truck they should automatically do that for all there returning customers no matter who it is. I like everyone at Performance but lately they have been doing crappy work

  78. This comment is directed at Dodge management. I understand the decision to kill the Magnum came from one mgmt. person who is no longer with Chrysler. I
    know the vehicle is still extremely popular with a lot of people. I have a 2005 SXT which is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. I have not spent one single penny for repairs in 80,000 miles. I drove the vehicle from Santa Fe, NM to WA a total of 3350 miles one mo. ago. and averaged almost 30 MPG! I think that is amazing for that vehicle! I have for the last 8 mo. been trying to find a 2008 R/T. Whenever I find one with low mileage, it is sold in about 2 days. They are always at least 1500 miles from SF which would add to the cost of acquiring it. Based on my experience, I know if you brought a Magnum
    back to the line-up it would sell. Ask everyone who owns one. The closest thing to my Magnum is a Volvo V60 and they are at least $45,000. This is to just nudge you into reconsidering a bad decision! I’m 82 and spent 38 years
    of my life managing body shops at dealerships in LA. I’ve had a lot of demo’s
    along the way….some great and some not so much! None as great as my Magnum…..well, maybe one Coupe de Ville! You don’t need to send me an
    email thanking me……”your opinion is valuable….blah, blah.” Just consider
    it! Thanks, Wil

  79. On July 8 2013 I bought a dodge journey at the time I thought I was getting one of the best cars there is on the market I sadly found out that I make a HUGE MISTAKE, one of my closet friends bought a Explorer she tried to convinced me to get one, I told her NO I’M GETTING A JOURNEY (I should have listen to her) I’ve had nothing but problems with my car. On 7/25/14 at 32,474 miles I took my car to the dealer due to an issue with the transmission, then a few moths later at 52,000 I felt that something still was going on with the transmission I went back to the dealer at that time I had to pay out of my pocket after I got my car back the service man told me that everything was “fixed” for good, well on 9/16/15 at 57,000 miles I took a trip to Fresno CA (194 miles from where I live) just right before I reach my destination I started to hear weird noises and my car started to considerably slow down so I went straight to the dealer located in Clovis CA, I spoke to the service advisor, I told him I was from out of town, he told me that they were busy that day and that he was going to call me the next day, so I left my car there and I took the bus back to my town, I never got his call the next day, so I called him Friday 9/18 by that time he still didn’t know what was wrong with my car he told me to wait for his call on Monday. On Monday he finally told me that it was the transmission and it was going to be cover under the warranty to make the story short the last time I spoke to him was on 9/25 is been 10 days I still don’t have a clue of when my car is going to be ready he hasn’t be able to get me a rental so I’m struggling to get to work (most of the time I have to pay a fare) I’m not just disappointed about my Dodge Journey but I’m also ANGRY about the service that the dealers provide to their customers or I would say to some customers because I think if my skin wasn’t dark and if I could speak a better English they will treat me differently, I hope I’m wrong but so far they haven’t show me any different.

  80. I have purchase a 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack beautiful SubLime Green paint. On the 3rd day of owning my vehicle my radio went black and didn’t come on for 3 hours, my hood and bumper started to misalign on my vehicle as well. They fixed the bumper and hood gave no comment on my radio. About 7 days into ownership the steering wheel leather started peeling and had to have it replaced. Within 5,000 miles my radiator burst in the middle of a left hand turn sending the car into “limp” mode and shutting down. I was forced onto a side walk causing damage to my rim tie rod and tow links. It took the dealer months to get my parts and I had a customer care case manager who failed miserably on communication and call backs. At 6,000 miles the leather on my driver seat started to peel still experiencing radio issues and backup sensor issues as well. At 8,000 miles my vehicle has showed signs of center console leather damage and my vehicle will randomly shut off while in drive, problem with that is after 8 seconds of coasting the vehicle will slam to a start. I am currently at 9,000 miles with the weather stripping around my windshield peeling, with no explanation of any former issue either. The Mechanics at the dealership just encourage me to get rid of the vehicle. That’s the craftsmanship they stand behind? To this day I have still been waiting on the warranty of my seat, windshield, sensors, rim, and an explanation of my engine shutting down. Dodge resolution center has sent a file for review for buyback of my vehicle but have gone over a week without hearing from them and found out just 30 minutes ago the initial dodge customer care rep used the wrong number and email address. So yes, this is why they are rated at 1 star in my book, a zero if possible.

  81. I am beyond disappointed in my recent service experience at Dellen Chrysler in Greenfield IN. I have purchased 4 Chrysler, Ram, and Jeep products in the past 3 years and this most recent warranty issue is strongly steering my away from C,D,J,R. On 6/09, my Dodge Dart was taken in to Dellen with an issue concerning the transmission shifting. A transmission control module was ordered and then installed on 6/26. According to the tech, everything was all good! On the drive home, it was very apparent this did no solve the problem and the vehicle returned to Dellen the same day. More diagnosis suggested the transmission was bad and needed to be ordered. On or around the first of August, I was notified the transmission was “finally” in stock and would be replaced that week. Received a call that the work had been complete and everything was good to go and the vehicle had been test driven to verify everything was working properly. Came to pick up, drove the car for 5 minutes come to find out there was a grinding noise when driving. Returned the vehicle yet again to Dellen for diagnosis. Service tech found metal shavings in the transmission pan and noticed the rack and pinion was now bad. Seems mysterious to me that the test drive they performed didn’t reveal any of the noises I was noticing. Im also curious as to why the rack and pinion went bad, maybe a faulty install of the 2nd transmission? Anyways, now the car needed a rack and pinion and its 3rd transmission. Finally, yesterday 9/29/15 the car was ready to go. 3 1/2 months my vehicle sat at your dealership, now on its 3rd transmission, a rack and pinion that had 0 issues prior to the original visit, and a pissed of loyal customer who is very unlikely to purchase another vehicle from your company after spending close to $150,000 on 4 new cars the past 3 years. DISGUSTED in Dellen and Chrysler!

  82. My son’s truck was damaged under the care of a mechanic Adam Kavall of Warwick Dodge ans everyone there is covering for him by saying he’s not there or not returning any of my calls after he said he would pay my son. I drive a 2012 Dodge Challenger and was thinking about after my Nissan lease is up to get another Dodge but now am very discouraged!!

  83. As I see from all these posts That I guess we have made the wrong choice in spending our hard earned money on the Dodge Corperation, I have worked 20 years for the military to be able to buy a new vehicle, I bought a Dart and a Ram 1500. I love them. I got a letter from dodge to re-finance for an upgrade newer, I had my time wasted and told that the truck I had wasn’t worth anything because of the recalls.
    To make a long story short. Does Dodge care about the customer or like the other gentlemen wrote or just a fluff email and another blow off.
    It seems that once you get the money for the vehicles you tell the customer to pound sand.

  84. Car was towed into Carman Dodge in Delaware. Some then broke into lot that night and stole left rear wheel. They wont cover it under there insurance I had to pay.

  85. hello, I took my charger in for a re call on airbags on the passanger side about a month ago. They fixed it at the Moritz Camp Bowie location in FT Worth Texas. The problem is that the airbags started to come on about 3 days ago. I took it back now they say its something else that’s wrong. Something to do with a switch in the back seat that will cost over $500.00 dollars to fix.I cant help but think that if airbags lights are coming on it should have something to do with the same thing.
    I don’t have this kind of money to pay for this For the Service Dept to charge me $119.00 dollars just to tell me its going to cost over $500.00 to fix it is so outrageous. The same thing happened when I took it in for a recall on the alternator They found My engine light was coming on. I took back to them and they said it was something else. Luckly it was still in warranty .But even with that it still cost,$100.00 dollars to fix.
    I am so very disappointed with they type of repair service we are getting here.I feel like when they fix something it should stay fixed. I am paid a lot of money for this car and I feel like they are taking advantage of us with all this repairs that should of been done in the first place.

  86. Hello,, I took my charger in for a re call on airbags on the passanger side about a month ago. They fixed it at the Moritz Camp Bowie location in FT Worth Texas. The problem is that the airbags lights started to come on about 3 days ago. I took it back now they say its something else that’s wrong. Something to do with a switch in the back seat that will cost over $500.00 dollars to fix.I can’t help but think that if airbags lights are coming on it should have something to do with the same thing.
    I don’t have this kind of money to pay for this. For the Service Dept to charge me $119.00 dollars just to tell me its going to cost over $500.00 to fix it is so outrageous. The same thing happened when I took it in for a recall on the alternator My found My engine light was coming on. I took back to them and they said it was something else. Luckly it was still in warranty .But even with that it still cost,$100.00 dollars to fix.
    I am so very disappointed with they type of repair service we are getting here.I feel like when they fix something it should stay fixed. I have paid a lot of money for this car and I feel like they are taking advantage of us with all this repairs that should of been done in the first place.

  87. Very disappointed I got a oil change today 10/14/2015 on my 2014 dodge van, I was told I had a bad oil leak,I had no sign of a oil leak. Went to dealership to get check I was told I had to make an appt to get check and appt back lodge 2 wks, earliest appt 10/27/2015 at one dealership, call another dealership appt. 10/28/2015, just to check leak. What I suppose to do in the mean time, not drive, nobody can’t answer that. I am handicap, my van is handicap accessible can’t rent vehicle because I need the conversion.Call customer service and they found a dodge dealership in the area(hammond) with an appt 10/18/2015.( she didn’t know I was handicap) Baton Rouge, LA dodge dealership service dept got bad customer service( not because of the handicap for everybody) got to get better. I will remember this when it time to get another vehicle.

  88. I OWN 2006 2500 Meg Cab diesel with about 50000 miles. the right turn signal was not working, I was going to Colo.they install tifton computer, rented uhaul trailer in Colo Springs tail lights and marker went about 20min after leaving. I call service adviser on the way home, she advise me to bring it in when I arrived home. When I tried to make a appoinment the next day, she was rude and told me need to check my old trailers I tried to inform her that had not plug in to my trailer. she did not even offer to check the computor they install 4 days earlier. Dow Chrysler Dodge Jeep Pittsburg Tx Ph.# 903 856 6010

  89. We wanted to know if you guys could make a truck that is for 11-16 year old’s so they can have practice before they take a drivers test.And we want to know if it can be a 4×4. It is a project for school it is called genius hour. And we are wondering if you could make us one. We are only 11 years old and we go to godleyisd. And the tires need to be gripe tires the color need to be purple and we want the not as big as a real truck but just like medium sized truck.

  90. I was sold a Anniversary edition Challenger that has red interior lights. One went out…Dodge has replaced it with a Green one. Now Dodges iconic stamp of 100 years looks horrible. Looks like Christmas lights all red and now one green. I’m disappointed by Dodge and will never buy another. 68194005-AB is the right part. If your going replace lights green replace them all Dodge. I want the proper part!!!!!! Anniversary edition owners are in for a surprise when one of the interior lights goes out. Car is not in original condition now with green light that Dodge has replaced.

  91. Have a Dodge caravan that needs a warranty job done and I feel like I am being treated like a second class citizen by dealer

    took in for diagnoses after having it a whole day they could not tell me with any certainty what was wrong wanted me to schedule bringing back in two weeks and plan on leaving it a whole week to diagnose and repair. I explained this was a delivery vehicle and needed it for everyday use they told me they would call car rental place and set up with me a rental , ( never happened ) I called rental place they never returned my calls , now I bring in as scheduled and they have forgotten to put me in their system and may not be able to get to it now but will try but may be into next week before it gets done I don’t have a loaner I don’t have a rental I don’t have my vehicle and now have to figure out how to make my deliveries. They have back pedaled on their statements of only being a week to get fixed because they don’t know what parts are needed till they take it apart and they don’t have time to take it apart because they are backed up which was their original statement two weeks ago and why they were scheduling me so far in advanced but I believe since they forgot to put me in their system they can’t get it done again was looking into buying a new van but if they can’t fix this one in a timely manor why should I sorry for the rant but very upset

  92. I purchased a 2014 ECO diesel in November of 2014. I’ve multiple check engine lights repaired, the radio does not work properly. I now have no heat in the vehicle and I cannot get an appointment to have it repaired for at least 2 weeks. I’m now on my 6th Dodge truck since 2004 and have never had these issues or kind of service. I’ve called customer service and they were no help whatsoever. I’m leasing this vehicle and I’m going to try to get rid of it early because it’s a piece of crap!!!!!!!

  93. 2009 Avenger that had 3 miles on it when we purchased new and now only has a little over 46,000 miles catistrophicly failed because timing chain came loose.
    Looking at $5500.00 for motor and labor. No warning of any problems. Maintenance was on regular intervals. This is a defect and should be covered through Dodge and or Chrysler. 2.7 liter interference motor, 6 cyclinder. The last one I will purchase under the Chrysler umbrella. Any timing issue destroys this motors, why make them. This should be disclosed to every purchaser before they sign on the dotted line.

  94. My car has been in the dodge shop in greenwood ms 38930 for a month. The first 2 weeks they told me they were waiting for the part, the next week they said they were waiting for a okay from Chrysler(which I don’t understand), now they claim to be waiting on dodge to respond to fixing my car. My car is still under warranty and I just don’t understand what’s the hold up. I feel that I haven’t gotten inaccurate responses on my vehicle. This is far by the Worst experience ever.

  95. I have a 2014 Durango, that I have free oil changes from Dodge, but I cant ever get in to get them because the service department at Hendrick Dodge in Cary, NC wants a week notice to get one. My Durango is a work car, and I have to travel in it to make money to pay for it. This dealer treats me like I’m some house wife with noting to do all day but wait on them. This is our 2nd Durango, but I wont buy another, not because of the car but the Dealer.
    With our Ford Explorer we bought from Crossroads Ford they have a Quick Lube Ctr. and I’m in and out in 30 minutes, that’s how Dodge soon be, but its not.
    I called to Day, ask if I could come in tomorrow or Sat. and the lady said the she didn’t have any thing until Tues. That’s just BS. Oh by the way I never had a problem before they hired this new girl.

  96. I am a paraplegic and I bought a dodge van in 2012 On November 21st the van broke down and I had it pulled to the place the works on it. They advised me that the transmission would need to be replaced. At that time I realized it was still under warranty. We had the van pulled to the Dodge dealership on 11-23-15 in Lafayette GA. Needless to say I am still waiting on it to be fixed.
    This is my only means of transportation and have spoke to them many times at least once a week always being told it was being worked on. I Have spoken to the owners son and was informed that warranty issues were not priorities.
    I called them today and was advised that they were putting the transmission fluid in it and it should be ready today. Called a few minutes ago and was advised that it would not. Was advised that the torche converter was put in wrong and that it would have to be torn down again. I was advised that it should be ready tomorrow. I really hope that I am not put off again.

    Besides this being my means of transportation.. I am the care giver of my elderly parents and I have had to ask and beg others to take them to their doctor appoints and have had to cancel doctor appointments for me as well as them. My mothers sister died this week and was unable to go to the funeral due to the can still not be fixed. This is my second dodge handicap van that I have had. If this is how warranty issued are handled I will not be purchasing dodge van (Chrysler product) again,

    They gave us a car.. but I can not transfer to it and my wheel chair will not fit in the trunk… I was advised that I was not entitled to a vehicle that the warranty does not cover that. they advised were doing me a favor by doing.

    I just need to know what I can do to get my van fixed.

  97. I have a 2008 dodge caliber with black and red seats and the black part of the seats are looking bad I have a clean up shop so I know I have took care of the seats and now the driver seat has a hole in it I have a 1998 chey that I had up until three years ago and the seats were great in it also had a 2000 dodge truck and the seats were bad in it so I think that it is the seats in the dodge cars and trucks it makes my car look bad and I hadn’t got the money to fix the seats so I telling that when I can iam going to get a different car and take my word for it it will not be a dodge I think it is bad bad that the seats look this bad and I take very good care of my car and when people look at it iam going to tell them that the seats are no good I think you should help me fix them but I know that is not going to happen so stop telling on tv how good your cars are and my car don’t have but 69,000 miles on it I iam very upset about the seats. thanks mike burton po box 42 state road nc 28676

  98. I purchased a new Dodge Caravan on 2 November 2015. Six weeks later I discovered a major leak in the top of of van and the headliner was water stained with several water dry lines. We paid good money for a new vehicle and we feel this is a factory defect, dealer wants to patch leak but we feel Dodge should replace the van because of the water damage is irreparable and result will be future rust. It is obviouse the problem existed from date the van was manufactured built on 15 July 2015. We never would have bought it if we had seen the leak then. Please contact us ASAP. If this were some other issue discovered we could accept a repaire, but not a major water leak. Thank you

  99. The Dodge dealership – Morlan Chrysler has had my vehicle since Sunday they never called & every time I called they kept stating they were too busy to pull off lot. I think this is outrageous! My car just got fixed today and I picked it up. Then the people at the service desk were rude as well as the lady at the Chrysler call center she said that they had a right to not fix my car. I don’t know about you all but I have a job, kid, school, etc to go to & I can’t be without a vehicle! I’m extremely mad & upset with the way this dealership handled themselves & how they treated me as well as the lady at the call center .

  100. 100% dis-satisfaction.
    Quoted $ 240 to have a replacement 2nd key made for my Dodge Magnum by Northwest Dodge, Portland, OR.
    Was charged $ 170.00 for a key that does not work and advised that further expense would cost another $ 300 to determine the total cost of a key.
    Wrote to Service Manager, and also talked on phone to a Mr. McGrain who identified himself as Owner of the dealership.
    I agreed to $ 240 for a key and was charged $ 170 for nothing. Never heard back from either the Service Manager nor the Owner.
    Third contact about this and not planning to ever deal with a Dodge dealership again based on the experience here. Letters, dates etc available if you folks have real mail. Roberrt and Lou Dean Kain

  101. OK – so whats the point here. Posted comment a few days ago. Went back in and confirmed it was there and now it is GONE. On the issue, charged for repairs not completed, I sent letter to Dealership Service Manager, called and talked with Dealership Owner, posted Customer Comment – now deleted apaprently, and lastly sent letter to Dodge Customer Service.
    Guess Socail Media is the only way to get anything done any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. first of all I’m only 37 years old and I have bought a 93, 98, 2006 year Dakota sport truck and a 2008 1500 ram 2013 2500 6.7 and finally a 2014 challenger srt8. I haven’t been so disappointed with your product and I’m done. I love dodge but I’m done due to the sales practices around my area.

  103. I have been a dodge truck owner for about 20 years. I like Dodge. A Dakota and 2 Ram 1500’s in a row. I am a very unhappy customer because of two events that have occurred in the last two months. First; a headlamp was out. When I went to replace it the socket was shorted out. I had that fixed and then discovered it still wasn’t working. The TIPM was the cause. So to fix a burned out bulb over $1000!!! Tuesday night the truck died again. This time the PCM was the cause. Another $800 plus labor. When the new PCM was installed they discovered that the PCM had fried the fuel pump. REALLY. first of all the engineers that designed it so a bulb could take out an $900 module. Dumb. Then whether the PCM took out the fuel pump or vice versa. Dumb. Think of it from the customer point of view. My current RAM is a 2007. Perhaps has a value of 8K. These 2 incidents are more than 25% of the value of the truck. I hope newer models have more modular components that cost way less to replace and some safeguards so a light cant destroy a module. I was going to continue with Dodge RAM trucks but my confidence is low. E.E. Heins

  104. I am very disappointed.
    I started out last month looking for a truck for my work.
    Making a decision. Last year renting a dodge 3500. I began looking. After the first two car lots things started getting really bad. Everybody has a way of knowing your credit score so it is no secret. But my reason for bring this to light is. I made an inquiry with a dealer in Texas. Clear lake dodge. After five emails and six text message. They told me I was approved for the truck. The dealership person Alex set the appointment to test drive and get the truck on today 02/06/2016
    Upon arrival to the dealership I was turned away. I was told the dealership use the internet to get people to come in. You are not really approved for anything. I find this to be deceptive. This is breaking the Law. This has happened over four times. This has cost me a lot of time and money. I know I have a low credit score. Still this is no reason to treat me so badly . I really need this truck for work. So far I have gotten nothing but shame. This is painful.
    Can you help
    Arthur G Thompson

    Thank you

  105. My wife and I bought a new 2015 Durango from ( dodge don whites ). Everything was fine until after we had signed the contract and got home when we realized that they had suck us with about $1500 of hidden fees. We negotiated the bottom line price and on paper we were showed what the overall price woulf be with all taxes and fees that were necessary but at the last minute they put enough fees on the contract that were not previously agreed on that added up to the amount of money that we talked them down on. I understand that we should have thoroughly read the contract before it was signed but the fact still remains that they were very dishonest and sneaky and they obviously practice shady business. This left us with a very bad taste or disgust and distrust for the dealership and the brand they represent. So in light of this we will definitely be reporting the dealership and company in general to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and discouraging anyone from buying a vehicle from that deal and company ever again. We will be reporting this to as many consumer companies, websites, blogs and social media as possible to hurt the business profits simply because what they did was not right and was basically stealing. Thank from an dissatisfied customer.

  106. Poor Service from AutoNation Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep of Pembroke Pines. I made a 1030 appointment for an oil change and tire balance/rotation for today. I arrived at 1030 but did not even get to talk to a service writer until 1100 because they only had one person working. I was then told it would take at least two hours to service my car because they were extremely busy. I asked him how long to just change the oil and was told at least an hour. What is the point of offering appointments if you just get put in line with everyone else? It seems the importance of customer service is lost on this dealership. I will not go back for service and will not buy another car from them.

  107. In 2003 I bought a new dodge ram 1500 quad cab. I was very proud of my truck. It was washed all the time and waxed yearly. My wife would tease me I was going to wash the paint of it. Five years after I bought it the rest wheel wells rotted out. Now on Feb. 2 after driving home from work, I parked where I normally do and 20 minutes later my truck is on fire. The truck was a total loss and so was my fifth wheel camper that was next to it. I have owned dodges all my life and still have a 2010 Chrysler Sebring. But after my truck rotted out after 5 yrs and then caught fire. And Dodge not admitting there is a problem with the fuse box shorting out. I will no longer ever but another Dodge product. Sincerely. Very disappointed ex Dodge owner.
    My dodge has been replaced with a Chevy Silverado.

  108. I live in a medium sized California city. In this city you would have to look very deep to find an intersection that is not marked by a car or several cars ‘drifting as portrayed in one of your commercials. I suppose these two guys are resurrected Dodge brothers or something, and they are eyeing two new Dodge cars. The next thing you know they are ‘drifting, laying rubber circles and laughing their buts off. THIS IS ILLEGAL! you can get a huge ticket for doing this. It is reckless, against the law, and completely irresponsible for you to continue promoting this behavior. I am seriously thinking about going to our local police union and asking them to assist me in filing an injunction to prevent you from this type of pandering to the “dumbed-down” society we have become. Please remove your commercial from T.V. Are you so in need of sales that you have to resort to this kind of shameless pandering? If your cars don’t sell on their merits, for God’s sake – IMPROVE THE CAR – DON’T PANDER TO THE IDIOTS THAT THINK DRIVING LIKE THIS IS OKAY!

  109. I have a Dodge Durango 2013 which incurred a technical problem lead to a complete stoppage on the road while I was driving. I relayed the vehicle to dealer’s main service centre in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), and after checking the vehicle, the engineers adviced me that the engine alternato (dynemo) is out o order and need to be changed. The cost of such part is more than one thousand US dollars. I wonder how the vehicle incurred such problem while it is almost new an run only 44,000 kilometres dring a three years lifetime. Bearing in mind that the company warranty was just expired three months ago and the vehicle was regularly serviced according to dealer’s schedule. For your info the VIN is IC4RDHAG7DC539581
    I need hep and justification for such problem that will cost me such unfair increaseable amount of money.
    For any required info, I remain
    Awaiting your prompt kind reply

  110. I bought a used dodge van and it’s broken down on me three times in the last nine months; beware of dodge service repairs!!!! It’s the same problem but they “call it something else” because I have an amazing used car warranty.

  111. I have been trying for months to have my recall notices rectified. In talking to the recall center, the suggested dealership is not convenient and I contacted Elder Dodge in Athens repeatedly to no avail. First they say they don’t have the parts, then they ask for our number or forward to service where you must leave voicemail and no one ever calls. I spoke to them again about an hour ago and was told they would have someone call back when off the phone, still no call.

  112. I bought a brand new 2013 Dodge Dart a couple of years ago. It only has 23,000 miles on it, and the dealership just informed me that the tires have worn down to the ware bar. Tires, on average, should last about 40,000 miles. The tires on my past vehicles have always lasted for at least 50,000 miles. I drive a very short distance to work and back which doesn’t include any freeway driving, I’ve rotated the tires regularly, and made sure they have the correct air pressure. It is rediculous that I now have to deal with such an expensive issue on a car that’s so new. I just spoke with a lady in Dodge’s Customer Service department, and she informed me that she’s heard this same complaint about the Dart’s tires from other customers—why has Dodge not done something about the bad tires they’ve put on these cars and instead left the burdon on the customer?

  113. Commercial Idea.
    get a black Dodge charger to blow by the line of police cars chasing the Prius and skid ahead and block the road and have G and Cowan from NCIS LA get out point their guns and say “really?”

  114. i just had work done to my 2006 ram 3500 because a monitor was not resetting the dealer informed me that there was a voltage problem it cost me 949 dollars to fix now they tell me that my fuel injector pump is bad and it will cost another 2300 dollars to fix that. it still wont pass smog . i picked up my truck today paid them 949 dollars ,now my manifold heater doesnt shut off and my truck is sluggish this was done at auburn dodge in auburn ca. i feel like they did me wrong

  115. Took my Charger for it’s 2nd oil change 2/26/16 to Hoffman Service Center in Hagerstown, MD. Arrived at 8am for scheduled appt, asked if there was any reason I shouldn’t be able to leave by 9:30am for another scheduled appt. I was told “No Problem”. Waited until 9:30 and had to ask status then told at 9:45 “No, an oil change shouldn’t take this long” by the cashier. At 9:55 (2 hrs from time of arrival) my car was pulled up and I was told all good and not much of an apology for the late arrival to next appt. 4/10/16 Oil Change message is lighting up the dashboard and my oil on the dipstick is VERY dirty! Almost as dirty as the dishonest dumb service techs that didn’t think after they made me waist 2 hrs of my life that the car wasn’t smart enough to tell me later that they didn’t even do an oil change. Just thought Dodge would want to know this is the service that represents their good name. I’ll now be inconvenienced driving at least 30 minutes to the next Dodge dealer for my service contract oil changes.

  116. my ram 2015 ram eco diesel with 12000 miles needed new motor been at the dealer for 50 days and they still cant get it dodge amityville n.y. sucks.

  117. I purchased my 2011 Dodge 4X4 pickup in November 2011, new. The dealership is also in Bemidji, MN where I live. I have had numerous problems with my new truck, of which none have been resolved completely. Ignition key sometimes will not come out of the ignition. First I have to shove the shifter up and back in Park. Next my cruise has been repaired twice since the purchase date, (presently I have only 30,000 miles on) and when I drove from Bemidji to Walker, there was no cruise again. So I am thinking the tech who is putting in either a bad new part, or a used part, does not know how to install the new cruise shifter bar. And my mileage per gallon is no where near the sticker on the window states. I have never gotten 17 mpg. More like 10 or maybe 12 mpg, and I drive speed limit. And lets not forget about tiny orange rust spots on the vehicle when I received delivery of it from the dealership. What is that all about? I have had Dodge vehicles in the past that never rusted.
    Too Bad Dodge.

  118. Contacted Dodge Corp. today regarding the reason my 1999 Dodge Caravan will not smog. I have taken it to 3 different places that smog, the Dodge dealer ship in Roseville and they could not get it to smog, also the DMV of California and they could not get it to smog. I had new smog equipment put in the car and it still will not smog. Called today and you tell me to take it back to Dodge Dealer here in Roseville and they already don’t know what is wrong and could not wait for me to leave there dealership. So do not really know what to do next if the car cannot smog by 2017 they will not renew my registration. Would really appreciate some one to contact us so we will resolve this problem as I live on SSI and cannot afford a new or used car. Really do not need a bunch of BS just someone who knows what they are doing.

  119. I live in Denver Colorado and take my car to Cherry Creek Dodge on Havana to be serviced. As a woman it is difficult and intimidating going into a service department because I know nothing about cars.
    Each time I go to Cherry Creek Dodge, I have dealt with Lisa. Lisa goes out of her way to make me feel comfortable. Lisa always treats me with respect and explains everything in detail without being condescending.
    I would like to commend Lisa on her outstanding customer service, and thank her for going out of her way to make me feel welcomed and comfortable.

  120. I own a 2006 Dodge Charger R/T 5.7L Hemi with less than 83,000 miles and my engine has blown. I drove this car less than 10,000 miles a year and had regular oil changes. My car ran hot on my way to the store(LESS THAN 5 MILES AWAY), went inside the store and waited for my husband to come and the car to cool. Added water to the radiator and started back home. The car was running good like it always do, got almost home and it started running hot again, got home and turned the car off, waited on it to cool off again and added more water and tried to start the car and it wouldn’t start. Called a mechanic out and they told me the engine was blown and it would cost 5-6 thousand dollars to repair. My husband is disable and on a fixed income we can’t afford to get the repairs done. I have read numerous complaints and something needs to be done about these problem people besides me or having. I also learned that Chysler has been aware of these problems and haven’t done anything and this is not exceptable. We the consumer are what’s keeping them in business and they should honor and stand by there product and there defects and should replace or repair things like this that has may complaints.

  121. Called to schedule an appointment for my 2014 Dodge Durango citadel at Island auto group in Staten Island NY on May 30th 2016. They said bring it in Monday June 6, 2016. Arrived at 7:10 am and dropped it off. Since the evaluation of service I have been l mislead and taken advantage of. I was given two dates of work completion only to find out today June 15th 2016 that the work was not started on my vehicle as of yet. They say that they will not get to the vehicle until next week. On June 21, 2016 I have a family reunion in North Carolina will hotel reservations scheduled and they have no loaner to put me in. If they were truthful about their service situation, I could have taken my vehicle to one of many service centers in the New York or New Jersey area. If possible please look into this problem as I am still at their mercy.

  122. new -problen elect brake next day -3 week no brake talk just service same sad story . first ram and latest one , where where help

  123. Called to schedule an appointment for my 2015 Ram 1500. I was told that I didn’t need one because it was just to replace a brake light and software upgrade. I was advise just to come in early next morning. I arrived at 7:40am the service opens at 8am. I was thinking I would be out very quickly or at most 45 mins. A few hours later, I’m still waiting! Why do I bring my to dealerships? I can’t imagine if it was a brake job or a tune up they might keep me there for days! Service really sucks!

  124. My car is in the dealer work shop since 13th June,there’s no spare parts. I am in Qatar. The dealer is United cars-Almana. My car is dodge Durango .plate number 587021 model year 2013. After 15 days they replace me a small car. I paid 15 days rent from my pocket.

  125. I had the worst service at dodge brandon. They don’t care about their customers just the sale. They don’t care if your happy. I have never been treated so bad at a business.

    • Took my ProMaster City in for service because the check transmission light came on it only has 4k miles on it. Got a call from the dealership saying they can’t work on it, have to take it somewhere else. They sure didn’t tell me that when they sold it to me. What a bunch of crooks. Never buying anymore Dodges.

  126. On Wednesday, July 20, 2016 2:43 PM, gary weber wrote:

    I am resending this e-mail because my vehicle problem has still not e-been resolved. I have been driving around since last fall with the oil cooler bypassed so I can have heat. I would like to know what you are going to do about this faulty part on my vehicle. This part has been replaced at least 5 times already and keeps doing the same thing. This car has been a nightmare and I regret the day I ever laid eyes on it. Never again will I purchase a Dodge product. Poor quality and service for sure. You can respond by e-mail. I do not want to be contacted by another one of your customer service reps.

    On Wednesday, October 28, 2015 3:26 PM, gary weber wrote:

    On October 16th, 2015 I was contacted by phone by a Laurel my customer care rep. Case #27958891. The more I spoke with her the angrier I became and I finally hung up on her. I found her to be rude, argumentative and very condescending. I really don’t know why she bothered to call me in the first place. I have been in the customer service business since I was eighteen. I know how a person should be spoken to and this was not it. If this is a sample of your customer care it’s very poor at best. I bought this car new in the spring of 2011. According to what I have been told this problem is considered part of the drive train which has a 5 year, 100,000 miles .My vehicle does not. When Laurel told me it has to many miles on it I replied “If it does it didn’t when I first brought it in the first time for service”. She replied ” Well it does now! ” real snotty. I have had enough and she clinched it. I am turning this matter over to a lawyer to pursue under the Michigan Lemon Law. You will be hearing from them next.

    Sorry I am a Dodge owner,

    Gary Weber

  127. HORRIBLE customer service. We have the Dodge Grand Caravan, well the third row doesn’t fit adults, teens or a 7 year old in a backless booster. The belt fit is 5 in away from the shoulder (collar bone), 3 inches from her chest, and 1-2 away from her overall body. The lady told me “take it to a dealer”, why, so they can make me buy another vehicle and someone else can have this problem? I asked for crash test videos of the back and she she quickly said “those aren’t for the public”. DONT sell vehicles that aren’t safe! Ejection, severe head trauma, chest trama, strangulation, etc can occur in an accident with this belt fit. Pull the van!!! Remake it and put the results out.

  128. Service department closed for move! How am I supposed to know this? Jerk hit my car with hand or something to get my attention. DON’T do that! Could be doing something with my Saturday now angry.

  129. We took in our new 2016 durango for the first time ever, the tech guy did not put in the gasket to the oil filter in right and oil leaked completely out by the the time we got to the end of the dealership driveway ,all they can say is well fix any problem the vehicles has , and were not satisfied with this service and do not want our brand new 3 month old suv to keep getting fixed for a problem we didnt cause and do not know that because of what they did, will cause any future problems to our vehicle. Unsatified with the attitude of the service director in the Humble dealership.

  130. 2016 Dodge Challenger car was flashed for update and been having problems ever since with the transmission not shifting to first and second gear. The tech. Told me I need a valve body in the transmission, which took a time to order . The part the problem even worse. Right now I have a rental. I bought a new car so I wouldn’t have a problem like this. I could’ve purchased used,and bought a warranty,have some money on 2016 with only 9000 miles .

  131. I’ve been dealing with Dodge customer service for the last month. No resolve. My Dodge Ram truck has been to three different Dodge dealerships no resolve. Def system keeps giving faults putting the truck into a limp mode 5 mile an hour max. Dodge customer service fix is to give me free oil changes. Paid close to $60,000 Ford truck so I’m scared to drive out of town. dealership in Franklin Kentucky told me it had a bad catalytic converter. but they didn’t have a catalytic converter so they flashed the codes. now the dealership in Ringgold Georgia says they can’t fix the truck because it has customer service wants me to drive my truck test drive it they say. I guess so that I can get stuck out Highway again. I can guarantee anyone that call Dodge customer service will be put on hold at least 10 times forget about asking for a supervisor or somebody that knows what’s going on because after 5 calls I did get a supervisor I guess and they don’t know what’s going on. government-mandated def system is not working on the Dodge if anyone is thinking of buying a Dodge diesel he’d better head for the hills and go to Chevy or Ford.

  132. I repeatedly sent letters to Dodge/Chrysler corporation about the rear liftgate handle mechanism on our 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan and have yet to receive and answer? we have the black plastic with Chrysler emblem in the center that broke one day and the complete mechanism needs replaced at a cost of $171.00 and I think it to be a defect and should be covered by Dodge/Chrysler but their unwilling to even write me back. Sincerely, Patricia Braun Please contact me about getting this replaced ?

  133. My 2011 Ram Big Horn 3500 that has 36,000 miles would not start. On line there are many Blogs on the ignition being a problem for that truck. Since I am on a fixed income I believe this was a defect that I should not have to pay $700.00 for.

  134. Worthless. The power steering on my ’14 RAM 1500 has failed 8 times. I have 32,000 miles on the vehicle. This is a KNOWN issue and yet RAM refuses to pay for the repair unless it is in a failed state when I take it to the dealer. Since the problem is intermittent, they are in effect saying that I have to risk having a catastrophic failure while driving before they will pay for the repair. Worthless, useless thieves.

  135. I have an 07 Caliber. Have it serviced every year. Recently went in for alignment and was told that the Front Cross Member was rotted with a big hole. Turns out that there was a recall but I never received anything about it. Dealer said the extended warranty ran out 9 months ago but to call Dodge and they may go good for it. Called twice and all I heard was “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do for you. You’ll have to pay out of pocket.” Not impressed that there was a recall I was never informed of and they won’t cover it cause I’m 9 months past the extended warranty? Obviously the problem started while it was under warranty but the service center never informed me or bothered to check. How can a company recall something and only do a certain warranty and not go good for it? I’ve had nothing but issues with both of my Chrysler/Dodge Vehicles. Filing whatever complaints I can with as many places that will listen. Anyone else have this problem?

  136. While visiting the Rick Hendricks Dodge on Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, SC, I do not believe that I was given a fair assessment and opportunity to become a proud new owner of a 2017 Dodge Caravan GT with my trade in of a 2016 Dodge Caravan SXT. I was trying to be a loyal customer and keep a name brand and a product that I enjoyed and trusted. I was sent an email that “I was one of the few that qualified for a trade in, with little or no down payment, to upgrade my 2016 to a 2017”. During my visit I was given a less that accurate
    worksheet to provide me my options to purchase the 2017 Caravan GT that wasn’t even on the lot yet but could have been in route to the dealership but not truly known.
    Currently there is a $2,250 in customer cash, bonus incentives and rebates for the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan and military incentive of at less $500 depending on the dealership and the support they want to provide to their local heroes that support their freedoms and wellbeing. I am a retired and disabled veteran rated at 100% with the inability of returning back to work due to my service.
    Currently, the MRSP the new van is $35.5k and they listed my selling price as $36.9 and the average customer purchase price is $31.2k with a customer rebate of $2250, the dealership did offer me a $2500 but did not include my military discount of an addition $500. They also used the incorrect vehicle when using their dealer worksheet to present me my purchasing options (stock # loc7045, 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Laredo). In addition, since when does the customer pay over the MRSP. Is this the way your company shows appreciation to repeat customer loyalty.
    I feel that my trade in was low, they offered me only $15.5k, especially with the profit that would have made with the purchase of a new vehicle and selling my well kept van. I understand the need for profit and prep fees and so on but the fair market price for selling my current van on the street is $26k and average dealer trade in value is $16k.
    While visiting another Dodge dealership online and speaking to them they offer me $18.3k for my trade in and stated they had the vehicle I wanted on the lot, except it was not the color I desired. However, I was wiling to drive the 180 mile there and back to get the deal I wanted but storm yesterday prevented me from make that appointment.
    Bottom line, it is commonly and national known that the Dodge Grand Caravan is the bottom selling new car for Dodge. The average paid price for a new 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan was trending $2,530 below the manufacturer’s MSRP. The average savings for the 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan is 9.33% below the MSRP. But yet you want to sell it to me above MSRP and the only discount or negotiation you will do is the normal rebates. Even if I agreed to the overall purchase price of $44.3k how can that be justifiable to a financial institute when the van is only $35.5k MSRP.
    I am a repeat customer and you have profited from me on my 2016 van purchase, then the sell of it from my trade in, and your going to profit again on the 2017 purchase, couldn’t there have been some better negotiation without slapping me in my face and making it very impossible for me to afford or even to finance. Even last year when you sold me my vehicle, you did follow through on your word, as I was sold my van without an owners manual and floor matts. Which I was told I would later receive and did not. Your lot is proving to be unfit for my business and leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth. But don’t worry, there are plenty of others that deal your cars.
    Jennifer and Ron Tucker

  137. Short story I bought a 2015 Dodge Charger with 38000 MIL in November 2016 and my car broke down on the highway, I did not hit nothing or go in a hole and my axle broke on me while I was driving I’ve called dodge they send me to a dealership to do estimate they look at it told me that is too much damage they don’t fix it so they send it to a car shop and I tried to reach Dodge to see if they will pay for it they won’t tell me anything, my warranty they don’t want to pay the full damage only pay part of it and not the other damages causes by that part break in half… what should I do because that damage was a mechanical fail and so I tried to put it on my insurance and my insurance will not pay because it was not an accident it was a mechanical problem

  138. Short story I bought a 2015 Charger with 38000 MIL in November 2016 and my car broke down on the highway, I did not hit nothing or go in a hole and my axle broke on me while I was driving I’ve called dodge they send me to a dealership to do estimate they look at it told me that is too much damage they don’t fix it so they send it to a car shop and I tried to reach Dodge to see if they will pay for it they won’t tell me anything, my warranty they don’t want to pay the full damage only pay part of it and not the other damages causes by that part break in half… what should I do because that damage was a mechanical fail and so I tried to put it on my insurance and my insurance will not pay because it was not an accident it was a mechanical problem

  139. Bought two vehicles from Northwest Doge in Houston and their service is so bad, after a few years of trying, I tried the Tomball Dodge location. There service not much better. Dropped of my 2015 Ram truck on Tuesday and have not had ONE phone call from my service advisor. Is there ANYONE in the Houston area that has good service? Chevrolet constantly keeps you updated and provides superior service.

  140. We have a 2016 dodge grand caravan. This is our 3rd one. While in Florida the middle single seat would not go down. I drove a half an hour to a dealer who temporarily fixed it. When I arrived back to Canada I made an appointment in the beginning of April to have it repaired. The seat is in the upright position and has been since then. I took it to the fort Erie dealership and they stated that a part had to be ordered. We just got it repaired last Thursday the 20th of July. I paid for the extended warranty and if it takes 3 months to repair something we are in trouble,

  141. Dodge has 2 dealer service departments cheating people/ripping them off.
    1.) Neuworth motors Wilmington,nc Oil changes will put in conventional oil when synthetic ordered and paid for plus put in a bunch of additives not ordered. Diesel fuel filter, charged for 2 fuel filter change when truck only had 1 fuel filter (2011 dodge 3500 Cummings).
    2.) Victory Shallotte,nc Attempted to overcharge (charge for conventional oil + Synthetic oil). Reported that next oil change should replace oil plug. So, messed up the plug with out fixing the problem and expect me to pay for it.

    Where do I go/what do I do, can’t trust either service department to not cheat me. How many are getting cheated without knowing about it (women especially).

  142. I have a 2014 dodge 5500, we had a problem with the DPF cleaning Frequency, the dealer told us its a programming problem, the dealer reprogrammed the truck, after words the truck had NO power, would not run correctly, I had made a comment on line that I did not agree with the $125 charge for a programming problem that should of been a recall, I went to see the service manager at the dealership about the problem and was confronted with why did I report that I was unhappy about a charge, the dealership did not give me an answer other then they cannot do anything about it, I was told that all the fault codes were due to the $125 reprogramming and it cost $134 more for the diagnostics they caused, seems that someone would of test driven the truck before the truck was released?? the dealership has worked with us in the past, and I have only had very few problems with them, this time I was confronted for reporting things I could not get answers for and did not like the exchange, granted I do not have to agree with everything but I should be able to make a statement on things I disagree about.
    the dodge trucks we have had had many problems, the dealership has been working with us and we are thankful of the support we are getting.
    still don’t understand why the reprogramming made 16 codes appear and no test drive was performed after a major reprogramming????

  143. I am extremely dissatisfied with the lack of help that I had asked for from Dodge Corp.I’m having a problem with Aventura Jeep Doge etc in Aventura,Fl I have spoken to the salesman and I have left 5 messages for the GM and he hasn’t responded.I also called corp and he hasn’t responded to them!What a way to run a business!I need to get my tag but due to their stupidity I can’t get it done!They do anything to make a sale and then forget it!I have to get a lawyer,which will cost more money.I have never had anything happen like this and I have never seen a corp that doesn’t respond to a customer complaint!!No one cares anymore!!

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  145. Very unsatisfied with my customer care and the way everything has been handled with my claim. I need to be contacted by someone who is willing to make the customer happy. I’ve purchased many Dodge vehicles in the past and my future with Dodge is at risk.

  146. Contacted MARK PORTER DODGE in OHIO about the purchase of a 3500 series CREW CAD DODGE TRUCK….provided a “ERIC” with all requested information via his directive to email.

    1. Kept referring to ‘me’ as ‘buddy’ even after indicating ‘Regis’ is fine.
    2. Didn’t seem serious about responding-HAD to indicate that I purchased off of Brunswick Dodge even though live in Pittsburgh, for other BUSINESS truck, had on problem driving to Pomeroy Ohio to purchase 3500 series…Sent my Trucks, Vin, Photos of my truck and mileage as I indicated I may trade in or simply keep..
    3. Neither Eric nor anyone else from Mark Porter called back…or emailed…they have both as contact information?

    VERY VERY BAD BUSINESS ACUMEN. Also very disappointed.

  147. Horrible expierence at our dealership when buying a new truck. Trying to find a main email address to send an email to and I can’t find one. Will have to mail in letter.

  148. I have a 2010 Dodge Journey. I love it! Unfortunatley, I have no heat in the car! It only blows out cold air. I took it to the dealership and they informed me that it is the heater core, actuators, blend doors, etc. They also informed me that the car has 2 heater cores, and the cost would be about $1500 to fix it. I also was told that this is a known problem with the Journeys and that there are no recalls as of yet. I am very disgusted with this. First of all, it is mid winter and I can’t afford to fix my car, second, how can Dodge be aware that they have issues with the heater cores in the Journeys and not issue a recall. So now I am forced to drive my children around in a vehicle with no heat! I expect an answer to my email!

  149. I purchased a truck in 2001, Dec. Paid it off in 2004. Received my title and misplaced it. Went to get a new title just to find out the lien was never released. Had to spend hours trying to find out who to contact and when I finally did I find out I have to pay $30.00 to the agency who took over your financing institution to get the letter that allows me to pay $12 to the state of TN to get the new title. Thanks a lot.

  150. Batesville In. Dodge dealer having trouble keeping service appointments. Scheduled appt. a week before to repair no heat issue with my 04 Ram truck. Called that afternoon and they didn’t start on it and said it was doubtful if it would be done the next day. They explained that other customers needed their vehicle asap. I had dropped the truck off the night before and had allowed 2 days off work for it to be repaired needing it to go to work on the third day. I was shocked to see the bill of $870 of which $652 was labor. I should not have to pay overtime pay for them to have someone stay late and come in early to get it done because they over scheduled. I have been a dodge patron for 30 + years but will be rethinking my loyalty. Maybe time for a different brand.

  151. I recently bought a 2018 dodge ram 1500 and with 250 miles the Radio and Navigation went blank took the truck back to them and they say that the Radio system is defective and I would of to get a replacement unit it is now over a month and still have not got this issure resolved why should this takes so long to resolve

  152. Dodge pushed an update to my 2016 Durango and failed to communicate it to me. I was 500 miles away from home and my vehicle would not start. I missed my appointment and had to have my vehicle towed to find out that the FOB needed the push update. The total expenses I’ve incurred is over $200. After filing paperwork and waiting 3 months I was just informed that my used vehicle is under warranty and therefore my claim for reimbursement is denied. This is poor customer service and communication by Dodge. I will NEVER buy another Dodge vehicle and will share my experience will all family and friends.

  153. We own a 2017 Dodge Journey. We have problem with rear cambor adjustment. Been to shop 3 times. They installed new tires said nothing else could be done. Pulls bad to the right still. When contacted Ser Mgr said nothing else could be done. Suggested after market kit for rear end, but advised that warranty would be voided. Tried to contact Woody Folsom to discuss. Left messages to have call returned. Last time I called, I told attendant I was disappointed that he had not called back and I had no choice but contact Chrysler…..she said “That’s the thing to do.” If after market fix is available, why is there not something available for vehicles under warranty??

  154. Dodge customer service is a jk. They don’t stand behind there warranty’s!! I have a 2017 ram 1500 with 33,000 km. My seat stitching let go and they said it’s from wear or a puncture!! You guys are scam artist!!! Stand behind your cheap product!!!

  155. Recall was done on my 2005 dodge ram 1500 4 months ago .I never had a problem with rear end .now I need a whole new rear end done brought it back Kelly in Methuen ma to have it checked they said nothin wrong was done with recall and told me 3000.00 they could do rear end. Brought it else where got it fixed a lot less money.they told me the pinion nut was over tight and crushed they are supposed to be torqued but he said they use a gun instead .I have had jeeps and suvs from dodge .never again will I buy and will make sure people know about the bad dishonest service.

  156. I own a 2011 Dodge Journey. I have had the same repeated problem with heating. Heat blow warm out of left two vents and cold out of right two vent and flows at minimal capacity. I had the car serviced late Nov 2017, they changed the thermostat. 2 weeks later the same issue occurred. So after the Christmas Holiday exactly 1 month after the 1st service I had the car serviced again in which the “cleaned” the heater core. One cool morning in April i turn on the heat and guess what, same issue. I contact dodge only to be told that the heating core will need to be replaced at a cost of $1300. When the car was initially serviced it was still under extended warranty. I just went over the mileage of 60,000 mile so they want me to pay. On 4/30/2018 I called Mopar to dispute this and the Representative told me to have Hudson Chrysler Jeep Dodge call them because i am not far over the mileage and its a recurring issue. 8 day later and I have yet to have a return phone call or email.

  157. I own a 20011 Dodge Journey that I Have been having the same requiring heating issue within the last 4 months, I have had the car serviced for this issue twice for this issue while under warranty. The warranty has recently expired and Dodge wants to not charge me 1300 to replace the heater core that should should have replaced instead of doing quick fix. I spoke to a rep at Mopar in reference to the warranty and they told me to have Dodge call them since the mileage is not far over the expiration mileage of 60000. Its been more than 3 weeks and i have yet to receive a return phone call or email. Horrible customer service. And if they are expecting me to just let it go they are sadly mistaken. 1800 for and extended warranty that was never used prior. They need to take care of the problem.

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  159. Hi my name is Robin
    and I’m a big fan of dodge and I’m planning to buy a dodge charger daytona 2018 new. And I wondered something. I am not American and I know this is the American website. But this is the only way to get an answer to my question. So I live in belgium and here we have a stupid tax on horsepower that can be incredibly expensive For the ordinary person. And the dodge charger daytona 2018 has 370 hp which will cost a lot of money per month in taxes.Is it possible to put a lighter engine in the new charger daytona.the engine dat is in there is too expensive to be able to maintain in Belgium and I know that there are lighter versions of the chargers such as dodge charger sxt but I think the bumper, the grill, and the bonnet are much nicer on the daytona because its more beautiful and looks more aggressive and I would really like to have one like that
    I hope I do not waste your time with this question
    thank you

  160. I was currently in the process of purchasing a Dodge Charger but due to the high monthly car note amount, my trustee lawyer denied the motion of acquire debt. So I informed the financial individual “AG” at the (Grapevine, TX 76051) regarding the issue and requested my money and car back because it was void without approval. I have called him and he has not answered and refused my calls which therefore I had to go to the dealership on multiple occasions. I have continuously questioned him about my money and car and finall on my last visit to the dealership he slipped up and said, “My car went to the auction! He has to call the auction!” I explained to him the dealer wasn’t confirmed why would my car be at the auction and that’s why he’s not communicating back to me. Mean while I still have no choice but to drive the charge due to his negligence. In addition I had to keep requestion dealer license tags 3 times because he didnt have my Nissan. Now they are trying to keep my money for mileage absolutely absurd! He attended to change the paperwork amount and that is wrongful, indicates what I’m saying is false but I have documentation of this whole fiasco. I have been asking for my car and driving around in this charger due to no choice. Last week I sent AG another email about my Nissan and he was out of the office which his coworker Kelp received the email. So now that some one else knows about this situation he’ is trying to cover up his misconduct. Now as I sent a email on July 12, 2018 when he was out of the office I received a call less than 5 minutes of sending the email that all of the sudden the dealership has my Nissan which I don’t believe. So if someone else would not have received my email I would have still been driving around in this charger because I still don’t as of today, have my money and Nissan which I’m kindly waiting on. He has threated me that the charger will be picked up but I have been missing work & school to fix his wrong doing, disrespectfulness and lack of communication. I call on 7/15/2018 and requested a supervisor after speaking when him and he hang up the phone on me. This is just utterly ridiculous! So today I have missed my class & work to handle this issue. The only two things I want from this disastrous situation is my money and Nissan car.

  161. I own a 2001 Dodge Dakota, which I love and know it will be my last baby. I had a recall shortly I bought the truck about the ball joints. I was referred to the Dodge Jeep Chrysler Dealer in Wallace, NC, which is now out of business. The kept my truck for a week while out of town and told me they would install new ball joints and when I picked up my truck they said they had made all the repairs. Now during the last year there has been a lot of popping in the front end. We now have a new CPD dealer in town, Clinton, NC which tells me the ball joints were never replaced and that is where my problem is. I have just over come heart problems enough that I can drive and go places again. The dealer said it was to old to repair through recall. My question to you is, is there anything you can do for me and is it dangerous to drive my truck? At 75 I don’t want to take any chances of getting hurt or hurt someone else.

  162. The lady I talked with excellent, she did care about my issue. Her boss who couldn’t honor the deal after 30 days was a jerk. My salesman Joe Claxson, O’Connors (O’Con) in Pickford Michigan, Lied straight to me about options and importance of them. After spending 35k with Dodge and going through the whole headache with them. I will never shop in Pickford and stay away from Dodge products. The 2017 Durango is the vehicle we wanted, the company and integrity they don’t have. We could have lived without.

  163. How about schedule appointment and being refused working on my Dodge because I have MOPAR SCAT PACK 1 PERFORMANCE KIT install. I have open case with FCA since MAY. Now I’m driving with bad water pump and waiting for my case manager to resolve my issue. I won’t hold my breath. What a joke.

  164. We are very disappointed with our two year old Dodge Ram. There have been multiple recalls, multiple repairs, and now it is leaking something. It is not even two years old and has 35,000 miles.
    This product never wants us to pipurchase another Dodge.

  165. i am not a happy dodge customer waiting now into two months for a new radio for my challenger 8 .4 inch screen … Terrible all you get is the run around shame on dodge …

  166. Dodge Customer Assistance Center I asked if they could tell me how many cars were produced with the same color and options as mine, for the same year model.

  167. I asked if they could tell me how many 2009 dodge Challenger srt8 were produced with the same color and options as mine, for the same year model.

  168. I am interested in purchasing a 2019 Dodge Ram 2500. Can someone give me an estimated date when I can place an order?

  169. Been a life long Dodge fan starting in 1967. A few months ago I bought another Ram 1500 (2019). One of the main things I liked was the 12″ screen which gave a great picture when placed in reverse. A couple of months ago the screen changed. Every time I put the truck in Reverse half the screen is covered with the seat climate controls. Recently even when taking the vehicle out of reverse the reverse screen stays up for several seconds. Dealerships tell me it is due to factory updates. Fix the problem without messing something else up. When is this issue going to be fixed?

  170. My 2012 Dodge Journey shuts off and on randomly WHILE I’M DRIVING. Also, the battery acts like its dead randomly. I’m on my third battery. I would love to talk to someone about these issues.

  171. RAM has now lost a customer for life over $480. A recall part went out on our truck and stranded us in the middle of no where 300 miles from home. No dealership was open for the repair and we barely found a part. I was told to wait three days until they opened or get a rental car to return home which would have added 600 miles. Even though I was not provided roadside assistance and had a 120,000 extended warranty RAM would only reimburse a small percentage of the cost (not including labor & fluids). We were not even told the part we got from Dodge was not the actual recall replacement. Needless to say RAM has infuriated me and I will be spreading the news. Never again. Poor & Rigid Customer Care.

  172. Brought Durango in under own power some recall things done. Check engine light on told me repair would cost out of pocket. Informed couldn’t afford at this time and I would get car as is. Return to dealership car will not run said that out of pocket repair reason. Wow came in running now not, seems a little odd. What a total scam only dodge I’ve ever purchased will not recommend or purchase another. I’ll be trading this in as fast as I can

  173. My 2013 Dodge Avenger has been at IPAC (Ingram ParkAuto Ctr) since 13 Nov for service. I t wouldn’t turn over and was towed to the shop. On 17 Nov, they determined it had been infiltrated by rodents. It needed a wiring harness. After a month of trying to get part from MOPAR and locally, I was told part would arrive in MARCH. Three other local companies refused to sell them the part, so the story goes. I contacted Chrysler customer care and all they did was asked to have part expedited. I don’t have rental insurance since Ingram Park ?San Antonio is so “great”. I have been without a vehicle the whole time. I need help, My phone is 210-622-0572. This has been a total nightmare. When I tell friends and family, they all find this hard to believe.

  174. I am very upset on the NO SERVICE I received this morning at Prestige Chrysler here in Las Vegas (6520 Centennial Center Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89149).
    I had an 8am appointment today for an Oil change on my van, I pulled my van into shop and said I am here for my last oil change on the Package I purchased in April of 2016 (Promotion they sold me on where you prepay for 4 oil changes for $180). They had nothing on file and proceeded to tell me that the package has a two year expiration and there was nothing they could do. I was never told about any kind of expiration at time of purchase (when I got home, I found the paperwork and it also shows NOTHING mentioning the package expiring) Then they proceeded they can do oil change for $120 dollars. I can go down the street and get it done for $50.
    I would like to keep my service with DODGE but not happy at the moment. I am entitled for my last oil change on this package that I purchased.
    Any Help on this situation!
    (vin #2C4RDGCG0CR123630)
    Mike Rubly

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