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Contacting Dish Network Customer Service Center

The Dish Network is an alternative television company that offers digital television and a variety of accessories to improve your viewing experience, including 3D cinema and TV outdoors. From the official website, customers can access the support page. There is a list of contact information for the various divisions of Dish Network customer service.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers have one phone number to call for customer support, but the phone number is listed as a sales number. Under the customer support page, there are no phone numbers listed.

  • Order support: 1-800-823-4929

We located a few addition numbers off the Dish Network website that claimed to connect directly to Dish Network customer service. We tested the numbers with the following results.

  • Dish Network commercial support: 1-888-624-3474
  • Dish Network business support: 1-800-454-0843
  • Dish Network corporate office: 1-720-514-8555

Mailing Address

The Dish Network does not publish a dedicated customer service mailing address. However, we were able to locate the mailing address for the corporate headquarters. If you have an issue with your current bill, this is not the best address to use. You may find a better address listed on the back of your bill. This address is ideal for contacting the main headquarters with concerns or compliments.

Dish Network
9601 S. Meridian Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80112

Official Website

The official website for Dish Network is You can order new service, visit the support page or log in to your account from this main page. To immediately visit the support page of the Dish Network website, click on Support

Customer Service Email

You cannot email customer service directly, but you can fill out a form on the Dish Network customer service website. The contact us form asks for a name, email address, phone number and account number. You are not required to enter an account number to submit your question. We filled out the Dish Network customer service contact form. We will pass along the response time when an answer is received.

Our Experience

We called the main order phone number listed on the official website. We tried pressing 0 to bypass the main automated response, but we kept being circled around to the beginning of the message. Finally we pressed 1 for a current customer and then pressed 0 three times when we were asked for the phone number associated with the account. We were connected to a customer service representative within 20 seconds and he answered our question about service contracts with no pressing for additional personal information.

When customers want an outstanding customer service, Dish Network is at the top of the class. When we sent an email email inquiry, we received a response from a customer service representative within 1 hour. The representative answered our initial question as well as provided us with details about various products and services.The communication as well as the contact information is below:

From: DishTV
Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 4:27 PM
Subject: New Customer Sales
To: Richard B

Dear Dish Network Customer,

Thank you for your interest in Dish Network. We are excited to have you as a member of our growing Dish Network Family. We offer the best TV service in the market and we will be more than willing to assist you in placing your order.

Yes. Our current promotion called Digital Home Advantage or the leasing plan without contract offers [installation and equipment]. All you need to take care of is the $99 one time activation fee upfront. Without the commitment means no cancellation fee. I am confident that Dish Network is the logical choice for you. I suggest you place your order today to save you some money. You can also get HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz at no charge for 3 months and Blockbuster @ Home for 3 months.

We will be more than willing to assist you with the order process, please visit us at and we have a chat option available to guide you in ordering. You may log in to Live Chat so I can build the order for you as well as check which promotions you’ll qualify for. If in any case you won’t qualify for the best offer, we’ll find alternative promotions for you. My name is Annabelle T. and my operator ID is 57B. I am working from 10 AM to 7 PM EST from Mondays to Fridays.

We would also need the following information to efficiently process the order:
• Name
• Address
• Phone Number
• Programming Choices
• Number of TVs (please indicate if TVs are standard or HD)

Please have them ready once you log in online.

It will be our pleasure assisting you in getting the best TV service in the market.

Thank you,
Annabelle T. OPID-57B
TID-OR: Tonette
Dish Network E-Care

***Please include all correspondence when responding***

From: Richard B
Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 3:27 PM
Subject: New Customer Sales
To: DishTV

Richard, : Does Dish Network offer new service without a contract?

The customer service response time was favorable. Did you experience the same level of customer service from Dish Network? Let us know your thoughts.

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320 Comments on “Contact Dish Customer Service
  1. Replacement receiver delivery problem due to fact yr staff gives wrong info.First UPS was returned.I list the first tracking no. I received. The second tracking no. was the no. assigned to the return. I was told that the second tracking no. was the new delivery. Please give me a new tracking no. UPS could not find even with my name. Your staff was not able to read the entire history of this problem correctly causing me two useless trips to UPS and I still don’t have my replacement receiver. I will list my acct no. and the two tracking nos. I received.Acct No.8255909533368210/First track no.which was for the first delivery which was returned due to insufficient address: 1za2874y01472798501-Second track no. which is assigned to the returned receiver: 1ZA2874y0347279856. We need a different tracking no. for the new receiver your staff said was sent 6/19/12. I will be away all day and I hope when I return I will have a response from you. Thank you.

  2. 888-743-5750 is the number I called. I got service right away and the deal was great. It was only 34.99 with free locals, high definition, equipment, and install!

  3. I have had a nightmare with this company for 6 months. I have had to deal with a retail person who is a liar and crook, I have had no help from their fraud department a Mrs. White who gave me her # and I have called multiple times with no results. I have had no service on one TV for months, no channels,an unburied wire in my yard, no HD dish, and in all of this, I could not take care of things as my husband had terminal lung cancer and had been so frustrated with all of the lies and things not being done, I had to drop it until now. I have no idea how to get what I am entitled to. When I called to say I did not want the retailer to come on my property again, I did not ask for a new contract or any changes and they seemed to take it upon themselves to give me another years contract so I am stuck with the worst dealing of my entire life in a time I need to be grieving for my husband to have to finally try to get TV and to get this mess straight. I was told one monthly price and now it is about $30 more a month. Any suggestions on what to do?? Thank you

  4. Your new advertisements appear to be looking for an average IQ of 60 that are convinced that they are genius’s. The advertisements offend me so much that I turn to a different channel. I would definitely fire the advertisement agency that thought up such a stupid set of advertisements. I guarantee that they raise feelings of loathing!

  5. Dear Sirs: Date: 3 October 2012

    I Just got off the phone with one of your customer service representatives. He said his name is Mark, but I’m guessing that is not correct as he laughed and put me on hold 3 times, and had no real reason to do so, and the last time he was transferring me and after some 30 minutes I hung up. I was trying to connect my old TV from my Living room to my back bedroom. First he did not know that you had to sync the remote with the TV, as he was trying to have me do actions without doing this, and I told him that this had to be the first step, and he laughed, and “oh yeah that’s right man”, the gain he began to give me odd instructions, and again I told him we needed to sync the remote with the box, as I had done this action one time prior with my daughters room. We went through a few steps, which if I remember right he was doing it correctly, and before we finished he said, ” there you go we have solve the issue for TV 2, which was not at all what we were doing. I told him I was not trying to be rude but was there someone there who had more experience, and again he, and someone in the background began to laugh, and he put me on hold while he transferred me. Again I waited some 30 minutes and finally hung up. This would be bad enough if this in itself was the first time but I have had many problems with your technicians, and a few times when your guys would come out. The initial time they left the equipment that was here from the previous owner, and when the second guy came out he stated that this was the problem, and put updated equipment in, and that did resolve the issue. I could go on but you get the point, and I am paying a $100 a month on average, and expect much better service. Lastly I have written about this several times, as I was promised over a year ago when I signed up, that I would receive two $50 visa cards, I have never received any of this, as you are welcome to check your records. I am sure this is NOT how you run your business, and I am quite sure your competitors would love to have my business, as I pay with an automatic withdrawal, and I am never late. I just retired after 21 years of service to our country, and was professional, and am professional with those I work for, with, and expect the same from those I deal with. Please address this, and I would like a response.

    CPT ( RET) Charles K. Barr

  6. Ive gotten mixed up with a local carrier of Internet. Included was dish, unfortunatey Dish was the only part that worked.
    The hi speed was not hi speed,the Internet phone does not work.
    Instalation was over $1000.00
    When I try to call Dish I can only get to the first level. They cannot transfer me to the main office
    They cannot transfer me to costumer service.
    And I cannot call these departments with my cellphone, as I get routed to my local carrier of Internet. Can you please either call me from costumer service or call me from the legal department. My cellphone is 7654817801 please call ASAP… Thank you.

  7. I called after 5 years of dish put up with all kinds of problems from original installer leaving wires laying across the yard to tiling to outages often dropped service on one receiver prolbems still to numerous to list and requested to upgrade this scrap equipment I have been living with and was told to bad we cannot dothat you will have to buy the upgrade but because of my many problems she will give me movie channels for a few months than a week later they send me notice that there are rising my monthly rate because of programming cost …. I already have AT&T for Internet and if you do not satisfy my request for good working equipment then I will inquire about u verse ther picture does look very impressive at the showroom

  8. my dish tv vc No 01501407339 recharge on 30 Oct 2012 for Rs 450/- but yet not update date. date not gatting full tow months. also you are change my package without my permission. your service is very poor. please update my request.

  9. hii,
    this is yasmeen from dubai. last week i was in mumbai, my vc no 01508051675, my registred mobile no -9769844811. my complained no was 102783907, what rubish system your system, seven days i have waited, problame is ther only set top box power supped cord was burned, lot of time i tried to contact you customer care center but there is no respounds from your side, hen i got your top box yesterday morning time, till evening i didnt get chanel, i was rechaged 200 rs from hdfc net banking , still there r no mesege has not come yet. you know i am a busness women lady how essential to me to follow the nes chanel

  10. After the first person arrived to install my new dish at 6 p.m. for a 4 to 5 hour install they suggested I could have the appointment changed for the morning, which I did. Then, I received an email saying that the second install was going to be in the afternoon, after I specifically requested morning. so I called and was told that it was again changed. Are you getting the picture? How can I trust a company into my home when they can’t even get the installation done as scheduled? I’m extremely frustrated with this entire proceedure and beginning to wonder whether or not I should just cancel with you alltogether. I expect that you should be offering me some perks after all of this nonsense you are putting me through. I would have never changed the appointment in the first place if I wasn’t given the promise of a morning installation time. I do hope somebody responds to my aggrevation. Thank you

  11. I got hooked up to Dish on Sept9,2012. I was told i would get $100.00 gift card. After a month to month and a half i got them. How do i use them as it says to use on the first bill. I had already paid the first bill. I have sent several e-mails and have had no answers. I am starting to wonder if i made the right choice by switching to Dish.

    Thank you and hope to hear from someone soon.

  12. dear/madam
    my new Carnation instillation token no. 2429042 on call booking 19/11/2012 but till date 3/12/12 . not instoled my dis-tv . so please my Carnation instoled arregent base.

    rajender kumar
    railway coloney
    mobile no.-9971196972

  13. Dish network customer reps are so incredibly rude! I pay almost $80/month, and have for several years. My receiver suddenly stopped working for the last two days. I get zero channels. When I call to inquire about it, the soonest anyone could fix it was 8-10 days from now. When I asked if it could be sooner, the voice on the phone was so degrading and brusque. The first person transferred me to his manager, who was the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL AND DISRESPECTFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE REP I’ve ever spoken with. This man actually had the audacity to yell at me and tell me that I am “pissing him off”! He abruptly put me on hold, and hung up after a few minutes. Unbelievable! Cancelling my service and telling everyone with Dish network about it!

  14. Dear Sir, I am trying to return your equipment. This has been a nightmare. I hope I have the right address but with your service I doubt it. We will be sending it ourselves. We have figured out the scam. We have 30 days to return them or it is like we never told you to leave. We have been given four dates we will receive the boxes and today was one but they will be sent out today and we should get them within 7 to 10 days. I asked for the correct address and was given it and it best be right because I am mad enough that I will be writing as high as I can go above your company.

    You have an office here and I don’t see why I can’t take them to them since you are trying to pass the date for the return. Trust me you will get them from me as quickly as they can move. We have an appointment tomorrow or they would be shipped but by Wednesday they will be on the road to you and it will not take 7 to 10 days. Why do you tell customers you are sending the boxes when you don’t? Do you think I would recommend you to someone after this fiasco? Also trust me we will be going to a facility for them to put them in the box for us and to note all serial numbers and the condition of the equipment we are returning. I hope this is a practice that changes soon.

    Connie Davis

    • I also recently requested my services be disconnected. I was told that a box would be sent for the return of their equipment. If a box doesn’t arrive by Wednesday, I will run down a Dish delivery truck and toss the equipment onto it!

  15. I’m trying to get my Dad’s (Arnold Tuley) Dish Network disconnected. Seems you’re willing to hook up quickly but it’s a nightmare to quit the service. What can I do?

  16. I have emailed my concerns about my recent installation.

    When I was ordering I got prompt results. Now my Emails are not answered. Its been 5 days now. How do I wake everyone up ?

  17. The Supervisor Hung Up On Me ! Wow

    Steven (ID: RCU): Hi, my name is Steven (ID: RCU). How may I help you?
    Steven (ID: RCU): Hello Rubel!
    rubel karim: yeah i mentioning to someone earlier before i got disconnected that they send me a remote but it was suppose to have the green UHF chip not the green IR chip
    Steven (ID: RCU): How are you doing today?
    rubel karim: i’m okay
    Steven (ID: RCU): Glad to hear that you are doing good.
    Steven (ID: RCU): For security purposes, would you please verify the last four digits of the Social Security Number on the account?
    rubel karim: 5767
    Steven (ID: RCU): Thank you.
    Steven (ID: RCU): Please give me a moment to access your account.
    Steven (ID: RCU): Thank you for your patience.
    Steven (ID: RCU): When did you received the remote?
    rubel karim: sometime last week or so
    rubel karim: i don’t know .. there was delivery issue
    Steven (ID: RCU): Generally, we sent IR/UHF remotes and it can be used to both TV1 or TV2, that is your option.
    rubel karim: I NEED A GREEN UHF CHIP
    rubel karim: it is as simple as that
    Steven (ID: RCU): Yes, you can remove the chip and rotate it to UHF.
    rubel karim: yes your right, yay !!!!… however that UHF is blue which means its used for TV2 .. aww so problem still remains
    Steven (ID: RCU): Would you like to use to TV1 or TV2?
    rubel karim: TV1
    Steven (ID: RCU): I am sorry, you must use the remote in IR mode for TV1.
    Steven (ID: RCU): That is the only option.
    rubel karim: my TV1 is in my bedroom and my receiver is in the living room
    rubel karim: so how do you solve that problem
    Steven (ID: RCU): You must keep the TV and receive at the same place.
    Steven (ID: RCU): **Receiver.
    rubel karim: why did the other representative say there is a green UHF chip
    Steven (ID: RCU): I’m sorry you were given conflicting information by previous agents; but I can assure you the information I’m giving you now is correct.
    Steven (ID: RCU): You can e-mail us at for any feedback and customer service issues.
    rubel karim: fine I understand that, but why does the guide on the remote that i received show a green UHF remote as well
    Steven (ID: RCU): I am sorry, I do not understand; can you please rephrase that?
    rubel karim: there is a guide book on how to set up the remote
    rubel karim: you got that part right
    rubel karim: second, in the guide it shows all the chips available
    rubel karim: third, the green UHF chip is in there
    rubel karim: and your telling me there is only GREEN IR CHIP
    rubel karim: so why in the world would dish put up a picture of something you guys don’t have
    rubel karim: ?
    Steven (ID: RCU): I apologize for the inconvenience.
    rubel karim: so do me a favor, ask you manager if your not sure
    Steven (ID: RCU): If you wish I can transfer the chat to my supervisor.
    rubel karim: go for it
    Steven (ID: RCU): Give me a moment.
    Steven (ID: RCU): Thank you for your patience.

    Steven (ID: RCU): Please be online while I transfer the chat.
    rubel karim: here’s an advice for you steven, find out how many chips are there in total and what they are
    rubel karim: i’ m waiting
    Kevin (ID: IDY): Hi, my name is Kevin (ID: IDY). How may I help you?
    Steven (ID: RCU) has left the chat.
    rubel karim: i’m sure you know what i need help on
    Kevin (ID: IDY): Hi Rubel.
    Kevin (ID: IDY): I understand that you are looking to get a UHF remote for TV1. Correct?
    rubel karim: pretty much yes, a green UHF remote for TV1
    Kevin (ID: IDY): Unfortunately, you cannot get a UHF remote for TV1.
    rubel karim: why noy
    rubel karim: why not
    Kevin (ID: IDY): TV1 remote will be IR not UHF.
    rubel karim: let me ask you this
    rubel karim: how many chips are there for the remote
    Kevin (ID: IDY): There will be two chips for the remote.
    rubel karim: and what are they
    Kevin (ID: IDY): Green with #1 and Blue with # on it.
    Kevin (ID: IDY): Green with #1 and Blue with # 2 on it.
    rubel karim: yay! now lets take a look at the number 2 remote it says UHF , and number 1 says nothing,
    rubel karim: if you look at the guide on how to set up the remote
    Kevin (ID: IDY): Yes, TV1 will be IR even though there is nothing mentioned.
    rubel karim: what does the guide show on how many chips are available
    Kevin (ID: IDY): Which guide are you referring to?
    rubel karim: because i’m looking at it and i see clearly that next to the number one it shows UHF Pro Symbol
    rubel karim: Making the Remote Work WIth Your REceiver
    rubel karim: Dish Network, Remote Control User’s Guide
    Kevin (ID: IDY): Alright.
    rubel karim: under the receiver DVR 625 there are 3 chips available
    rubel karim: #1 – IR and UHF #2 UHF
    rubel karim: #1 – IR or UHF
    Kevin (ID: IDY): It is not for all the remotes.
    rubel karim: i don’t care about the other remotes, i only care about what i need
    rubel karim: and that remote is 6.3
    Kevin (ID: IDY): You need to speak with our advance technical support team.
    Kevin (ID: IDY): Please call on 1-800-333-3474.
    rubel karim: why do i need to speak to them for

    DISCONNECTED !!!!! wow

  18. Listen, I was just notified that my bill is being processed again for $67.o1 and that is not my bill. On October 30, 2012 I order the package monthly which totaled $48.19 for the first year. Then it would go up to $63.19 the second year and yet you keep billing me for $67.01. THIS NEED CORRECTED NOW. I can’t keep calling you monthly to get an adjustment. Just do it and make the monthly billingof $48.19 as it should be. Thank you.

  19. i got a bad credit report from dish network,i need this strighten out.i have not ever owen or i have not cosign with any one with dish network.i did not know this was on there till i sign up for a credit card.get this fix larry

  20. Great Customer Service…NOT. As a Customer CARE agent The first order of business is to LISTEN to the customer’s concerns.

    Me to dish:
    I have to tell you the interruption of my programming is really irritating. We pay for service so why should you be shutting my receiver off while I’m watching? Thinking of letting the whole Dish Network thing go!

    Thank you for taking time to contact us.

    We understand your situation. We have forwarded your email to the appropriate department and you will be contacted with 24 to 48 hours. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. You can if you desire still contact our customer service department at 1-800-894-9131, they will be able to assist you in resolving your concerns.

    You can also visit for information on troubleshooting.

    Thank you for your email.


    Darrel G. – CN1

    TID:OR- Cadillac

    DISH Network eCare.

    Please include all previous correspondence when replying.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. I understand your concern about your signal and I am more than willing to assist you on this matter. I do apologize for the inconvenience. The steps outlined below should resolve your issue.

    1.) Change the channel using the UP or DOWN buttons and return to the problem channel to determine if the issue is resolved.

    2.) Unplug your DISH receiver for 10 seconds and plug back in. It may take up to 5 minutes for the reset process to be completed.

    If the following steps have not resolved your issue, please visit to start a live chat with a Technical Service Representative for additional assistance.

    Thank you for your email.


    Ruthel G. J4U

    TID:OR- Infiniti- Tech

    DISH Technical Support

    • Please include all previous correspondence when replying to this message.

    Me to Dish Technical Support:
    OK so you guys aren’t either reading or processing what I’m very clearly writing about. I’m writing about Dish purposely interrupting my programming at regular intervals and threatening to tun off my receiver unless I grab my remote and tell it not to.

    Depending where I am in the living room or who last had the remote, it may not be convenient to me.

    It would be fine if it happened during the night, when on rare occasion, we may have forgotten to turn the receiver off. But this is mid programming while I’m watching.

    This seems to be a fairly new tactic by Dish, starting a month or two ago.

    Dish is close to losing a customer due to this policy and now its customer support.

  21. I have a complaint to file as one of your reps (operator ID 905) blatantly called me a LIAR yesterday on the phone. My name is Kyle. I am at 1001 N Steuben in KS. My phone number on my account is xxx xxx-xxxx and my last 4 of my social is xxxx.

    Yesterday 2/15/2013: Operator ID WK5 told me I should NOT have not have been charged the $100 for my moving fee. I was transferred to Operator ID 905, she told me I was LYING because WK5 NEVER said that. I was transferred to Operator ID 6N0 and she would not listen to my concerns about how WK5 told me I WOULD get the $100 credited back to my account and how 905 called me a LIAR! She credited $25 to my account but I want the full $100 as I was NEVER initially told it would be a charge to move the service back in January. I was told from when I requested the move that relocating was free due to my contract and my good credit!

  22. dish im tired of losing my channels i pay for in the contract you provide. so if i broke the contract you would hold me to the im holding you to are contract.either fixit and fix it fast or im gone. YOU BROKE OUR CONTRACT

  23. I spoke to two Customer Service people online and one on the chat line and could not get anyone to answer what billing code Ahxfr was for. I was billed $102.70 for this “service”. This was after disconnecting my service. I was told my balance due was “only” $40.94, as if I should be great full and just fork over the money. Finally they zeroed out my bill but I am not done. I still feel they owe me money. I would never go back to Dish because their equipment is junk. During the 5 years I stayed with them my DVR had to be replaced 3 times. It is a huge annoyance to lose all your recorded programs.

  24. I wish I knew which governmental agency to contact..I will pursue this. Paid $99 for installation and @50 a month for what was clearly a 3 mo. subscription at a FL rental house. Tried to turn it off and was told I’d signed up for lifetime HD..what a crock! on a 3 mo. rental. And cancelling THAT would be $350. Then spent an hour on the phone, 1st line customer support and then a supervisor who said we could go on a snobird rental of $5 a month for 6 mo., then renew that. Relying on that info, I signed a lease for the same rental house in FL next year..since that’s where the dish will remain. Guess what?? My credit card (I don’t get a paper statement) was just charged %53 for another month I don’t want. I will contact my credit card company and any other agency I can.

  25. Thank you dish TV customer care.When we called and request, you helped us to enjoy dish TV service immediately.Even after recharged our set of box didn’t get activated.But after your kind guidance over the mobile we got it we are enjoying now. Thanks a lot to dish TV!

  26. Dish net work – I am an unfortunate new customer of this hopeless provider. New customers -please do not get trapped in their advertisement, they will try to trap in 24 month service agreement do not sign. Installer are OK but the contract stipulations are tricky and are no good.

  27. Charged my card a couple hundred dollars and said that was all I needed to pay and then they come back on and want $400.00 more from me and then don’t even refund my couple hundred you took from me. I see why other satellite companies are better. To top it off I cant even find an email address to email you my complaint. Go figure. Jackasses

  28. dish is twice as expensive as at&t.
    im paying 92 a month at dish and the same package at at&t is 49 a month, basic internet and basic tv package.

  29. Dish has to be the worst of the worst when I try to contact them it takes forever I have to listen to speech about what means nothing just let me talk with a person and get on with it OK

  30. I spend $180 a month for service with Dish and I was really surprised to find out on two occasions there are either no supervisors to talk to or the sales rep intentionally puts you on hold to see if you will hang up. Right now I am on hold for 50 minutes and I just wanted to see how long they would make me wait before I hung up. Well you guys won, I am hanging up now.

  31. weve had dish network for a few years and im afraid we are going to change to direct tv so we can watch the Yankees play baseball.i hate to change but my 80 year old dad don’t like much on tv but he likes to watch Yankees.please add yes network to your line up thank you

  32. I have been a dish customer for several years. Your decision to block KLTV from my program although my billing amount remains the same will result in my decision to change to another satelite provider. KLTV, Raycom Media is and has been our favorite channel for years. We have relied on that channel for local news as well as my wifes favorite programs like Ellen, dancing with the stars and many others. It is regretable that some companies feel that they can take away programing with no concern for their customers.

  33. I just wanted to give a huge thumbs up to your customer service, I had your service tech Jeff Olds come out to our house last week to fix some issues we were having with our satellite signal and Jeff was nothing but professional the whole time. He worked on the problem until it was fixed completely before leaving. Please let Jeff know we really appreciated his service and keep up the good work.

    Thanks again,

    Skip Groth

  34. All lip service, no action. They talk a good story, but fail to follow through on their commitments. I used to think that DIRECTV and TW Cable were the worse of the worse, but Dish is about the same, regardless of their ads to the contrary. Stay away—far, far away!

  35. I live in the Augusta, GA area and recently DISH cancelled one of the main tv stations–Channel 6 (ABC) which just happens to be my favorite station! They have since replaced it with channel WGN which I do not want and instead would like my channel 6 returned! I have been a loyal DISH customer for 4-5 years and would like to continue with you, but Direct TV is looking better by the day. Are you planning on fixing this problem or not?? Thank you.

  36. Dish network tricked us into updating our equipment and then extended our contract 2 years, when wanting to cancel they will not send boxes to return equipment, i have asked them 4 times now. i do not want them and i should be able to just say no and cancel, but they are doing everything they can think of to extend our contract again because we have had it on vacation package as we don’t even live there anymore. i have paid my bill for a year since moving and even though we have had them for years they won’t let me out of contract without paying them $$$$ and a lot of it. have a complaint in with bbb that is pending. not happy with them at all.

  37. I turned on the tv to see what was on UP (I think that is the G4 channel) and discovered it was gone….what’s up with that? One of the few channels that has wholesome good programs and there are lots of channels that are awful and they discontinue one of the good ones. Who is in charge of deciding which channels are good or not. continuation of grinding America down….

  38. The worst experience ever! When I sold my house and was moving, I called to cancel my subscription. Had to repeatedly advise that I did not want to transfere my service. Just cancel. Very rude agent. Tried to tell him to mail my box ASAP since I was moving soon. No return box. Lots of emails begging me back. Now a bill for $300. Sounds dishonest to me. Contacted the BBB

  39. The customer service at Dish is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. I have only been with them little over 2 months and already regret the switch. They lie to you put you on hold, refuse to get a manager for you. The worst decision I ever made was to switch from Direct tv to Dish.

  40. Extortion, that is the word I use for it. They are demanding that I return the equipment that I own,that I purchased, stating that they do not show it as purchased equipment. So they provide no proof they ever provided this equipment but because they have a piss poor record keeping system that doesn’t show I purchased it I am to just hand over $400 worth of equipment that they will just destroy anyway. Dish doesn’t even provision the VIP722 anymore.
    I will NEVER be a dish customer again.

  41. I am so dissapointed in the programs that is on now. Who in their right mind wants to watch Law & Order and Law & Order special victims unit 8-10 hts a day. I hate here comes honey boo boo nothing but a trashy family.Why take Perry Mason ,Murder she Wrote Matlock,Rockford files and other such programs off. It is a shame to have to pay for stupid shows .I don’t know why we have to pay for all the loser shows. That is why we have cable. We can’t afford to pay a lot of money each month since we are on a fixed income. That is no reason to put trash and nonsense shows for us to have to watch. Can’t even get Leave it to Beaver,Father knows best. I am sure it does not matter to you as long as you get your money each month. Just wanted to let ypu know I think you are going down hill. Thank you for reading the complaint. Do not expect any changes.You are pd to give the cheaper customers stupid things to watch. Have a great day.

  42. Why are you taken the Weather Channel off the air? This is very important channel in our area as we live in the county. If you need to remove some channels remove the shopping channels or some of the sport channel, not an important channel like the Weather.
    I am really thinking of moving to Direct TV because of this. I have been with you since 1995. Programing has gotten worse the pass 3-4 years.
    Please rethink taking the Weather Channel off. You may loose a lot of people.

  43. To bad i have to get my dish turned off last week a month. Set my payments to be made 1st every month. So its turned off 23rd of every month. guess i soon go somewhere else for my tv.

  44. You should probably disassociate yourself with hbo to go. You advertise a service you provide for your customers for HBO to Go, however it doesn’t work and no one seems to care. I talked to a very nice guy from Dishand he was clueless. Ithen went to the HBO site and guess what? They have lots of emails regarding service and its clear HBO TO GO could care less about fixing the problem. You have always had superior customer service, however HBO is making you guys look bad as you are signing people of for a service that they are unable to provide to the vast majority of those of us who subscribed and still have no service.

  45. waited on hold 30 minutes because HD stopped working. After 30 minutes of diagnosing the problem they tell me they need to send a tech and that will cost ME $100.00. Why would i have to pay to make my TV work properly? This service is terrible. IF it rains, snows, cloudy or foggy service goes out. They eventully hung up on me after a asked to speak to a supervisor. Do not sign a contract with them because they will not hold up there side of the contract or service.

  46. I signed for two new accounts and needed help as no tech showed up to install the service at the time date I was given. Chase operator number jfn helped me immediately and was so pleasant and helpful.Dish has been a great experience for years and they have come through again thank you, thank you! sincerely Linda Panasuk another satisfied Dish customer

  47. I am your customer since 1998.Butyou can not earn my trust even after 16 years.Rather I feel you are bluffing/exploiting us.
    I called your customer service recently to review my bill as I was paying $168.00/month.We found two recevier which I was not using,so I returned those two & same some money. Then regarding American package she suggested if I chose mysmart package then it will be only $32.95 inplace of 54.99.Good I took that .then I checked & found that I lost most important channel CNN,USA,ESPN. In place of that all that garbage channel.When I reviw all of your channels of different package,It come to my mind that you guys are litterly bluffing us. In the name of America 120 you are giving 10-15 important channel. All other is the decoration to make the package beautiful.I beleive you shoul make more ckage/more option so that customer like me can get the essential channel.

  48. I called dish TV twice with 2 separate #’s. The first number did not allow me to talk to anyone. I then called customer service and requested info and prices for dish tv. The person that answered phone was Gary he gave me the run around stating that he could not send me the info I needed. Then I asked to speak with a supervisor and Gary stated he was the supervisor, then asked to speak with his manager and he refused. I guess they are doing so well that they don’t need new customers!!! My advise would be to any one that reads this to find another tv company!!

  49. please be careful when you expand DISH services and if you have cable for say internet. The techician of one service can unplug the other service. So in my case as I tried to expand dish service I lost my internet when DISH guy came and unplugged the cable connection. I had to call cable back and they had to install a new outlet (at a charge of $43). Just a lot of hassles, no internet etc.

  50. I used your service for several years and I found the bii going up and up. I called to cancel the service and customer service rep. was totally rude and hateful. I returned your equipment and had to pay $13.05. This was because I am Disable and could not take the package to UPS. I paid it and today I get a call (automated) telling me to call and make arrangements to pay the shipping charges to you.
    I will not send you one more dime!!!!!!
    I called the number they gave me and could not get through to a person to talk to.
    Do not contact me ever again.

  51. I would like to give Dish’s Customer Support kudos. Each and every time I have contacted them everyone I spoke with was professional and caring. If the problem could be fixed, it was fixed immediately. Dish is a super company. Thanks again, Don

  52. I am totally disgusted with the dishonesty of Dish. They advertise a price but good luck having them honor what they say. I signed up for dish in Oct. my bill was supposed to be set in stone for 6 months -that is what I was promised. Each month my bill has increased . Each time you call they give you the run around well this and that I would not refer anyone to this company – in fact I would advise them to run.

  53. I always liked Dish because of its good U.S. based customer service. Now they’ve moved it to manila, Philippines. I can’t understand the operators. I asked where they were located and they said the Midwest
    When I challenged them they admitted they were in manila. I’m very disappointed. Would like to cancel all three of my accounts but can’t because they’ve roped me into a 2-yr contract.

  54. Sent Dish CS an email inquiring about getting another Hopper…NEVER replied.

    I’m going to send another, but I won’t hold my breath.

  55. Dish network sucks!!! it looks like they’re all there to help you but they only want your money. no customer service and try moving somewhere where they don’t allow dish and subsequently if you have to terminate early like i had to because my leasing office didn’t give me option to keep them, now after 2 month they sent me a huge bill and now when i am calling to get explanation, they just turned rude, I wanted to keep them once we move out of here in 9 months but looks like lesson learned not even going to think about it now.

  56. Dear Cs,

    My VC No. is VC no. is 01508438247.
    kindly activate my Sony six as i want to watch the final matches of the world cup.
    As of now it shows no charges required for platinum holderss.
    Only send a mail .Kindly do the needful


  57. Had a bad experience in Bedford,IN with Dish Masters. The guy was rude and charged me $80 for doing nothing. I would not recommend him to anybody.

  58. From reading the above complaints I see that DISH only hires the worst of the worst for installation and customer service. I spent 4 weeks going through the hiring process for Dish satellite installer, but was never contacted as to why I was not hired. State law mandates written notice, and that was 7 months ago. I can also cite other state laws broken in several other reviews above. It is clear to me that DISH believes itself to be above the law. I am filing a lawsuit against DISH for the violation of 2 Georgia State Laws if I am not contacted immediately. It only costs 28-50 dollars to file a lawsuit in most counties people. Know your laws and make them accountable.

  59. We experienced a error 775 communication with the Dish. Being a technician for more than 20 years my first instinct was to check all the connections. But,contacted customer service instead. Customer service ask that we check the connection. I did and found that none of the connection where tight. In fact they where loose. I found 3 connection that took 1.5 turn to tighten and 2 connection that took .5 to 1 turn to tighten. The last and outside connection was hot enough to burn my fingers when I attempted to turn to connector. Using a end wrench I counted no less than 3 turn on the connector. That explained the heat from the connector. I am concern that there may be damage to the outdoor equipment as a result of the poor quality of the installation.

  60. Just had dish installed today and regret it with all my heart. If I could have afforded direct tv I would never have switched. You get what you pay for. Within one hour of install I called about recording and watching. We were told several times by the rep and again before he left that we could record up to six shows at the same time. Wrong! We have to buy more hoppers to be able to not have to watch what is being recorded on another set. We were lied to, flat lied to. So sorry we changed from Direct TV. Have to pay $480.00 to cancel after one hour of install. Again, so sorry we are stuck with Dish and we will always relay our regret to everyone.

  61. My Mom wanted to change to dish because of an ad she read. She called them and set up a deal that had more channels, a dvr, and a $75 gift card. She told me about it and I called a local dish representative for her and got a deal more suited to her, It had 120 channels (More than enough) no dvr (she wouldn’t use it) and a $50 gift card. Mom called the number I gave her to set it up. The guy who came out wanted to put the dish near the driveway where Mom thought it would be in the way of her driving. She told the man to come back after she got my brother to check the site. He agreed. When she called to have the man return and put the dish on the roof a different man came out. She got no gift card. When I visited I saw her VHS and DVD player is no longer hooked up, she has a dvr player, and she didn’t get the gift card. I called SE-1 Ray at Dish on Sept 1 at 11 am. He said he could change the dvr (which hasn’t happened yet) but only with an extention on the contract and there would be no gift card because Mom didn’t ask for it. Mom only wanted to change because it would save her money and she would get a gift card also. She is not very electronically savvy. So dish says when they offer you a gift card if you don’t ask for it when they arrive you don’t get it. That stinks! If I hadn’t noticed the dvr box Mom would have been paying for it longer. Also What’s with the no VHS DVD hookup. I told them she had an old TV with VHS DVD player when we ordered it. Before she had Time Warner and VHS DVD now she has less. Dish calls that a good deal. Well I call that misrepresentation to a senior citizen.

  62. Is all dish can show are out dated shows and movies. I like to watch the western channel all are on are 5 or 10 movies of the same monthly I am sure there are lots of John Wayne / Clint Eastwood and many others that were made except the same Hang them high / Rio Grande / horse soldiers over and etc. getting to believe Netflix is cheaper and can have border pick.

  63. They are crooks. Their business practices aren’t border line illegal, they’re illegal. They continue to charge my deceased father, even though I told them he’s passed. When you talk to the customer service rep they just tell you “me sorry, me help” then they do nothing or the exact opposite. I just received one letter from from their dispute center saying the account was cancelled, two days after I received ANOTHER bill for my father. Isn’t using someone’s SS# illegal?? Either they don’t care or they are so mismanaged and negligent that it’s criminal. SCUM OF THE EARTH COMPANY

  64. I have had problems since the first day I got dish little over a year ago. When I got dish installed it was suppose to between 1 and 4 hours. The tech was here from 8am to 7:30pm. I missed appointments and was unable to due my running around. I stay in Georgia and was only able to see a Braves every now and then for two seasons. And don’t let it get cloudy outside, that means no TV. My family has been dealing with this headache for over a year. I tried to call and let them know I no longer wanted the service and all I get is you are responsible for early termination. They want even give me information on how to send their junk boxes back. I will tell everyone that I see. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM DISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  65. Company shuts off all but the most obnoxious commercial sales stations like clockwork every third week of the month. Then while calling in to make payment these liars, (whose first language is not English) tell me I am “behind” three months on balance….. (which is ridiculous since they never let a single month go by)The last support person spoke poor English and was trying to talk above what sounded like a party of loud obnoxious people in the background. It seems they will promise you anything to keep you connected. Government should crack down on regulations with this band of dishonest ding a lings.

  66. I called last week to cancel my servive no I didn’t write the ladys name down but she made me an offer of $22.99 per month for 10 months plus showtime cinnemax plus 1 more for 3 months I didn’t go for it right away then she offered me $32.99 plus the showtime cinemax plus the other one for a year I told her I would call back I needed to talk with my friend before making a comment she aggread. at this time I asked for her name she said anyone answering could take care of this that she had it in the computer when I called everyone that I talked to said they had no offers like this. sort of dum on my part but I ended up with the $32.99 for a year that’s approximately$41.26 difference than if I had taken the$22.99 deal any way mydish was hooked up this Saturday the mans name was arron he was very polite professional an knowledgable after all I have been thru trying to get this set up guess what? I STILL DIDNOT GET THE 3 months of showtime cinemax or the other movie channel



  68. I’ve had two services with you guys for eight years and had considered you guys to be the best out of all the other cable companies. Now that I no longer need one of my services and called to cancel it I was given such a hard time as if I was doing some kind of crime. They kept me on the line for hours trying to make me keep something that I no longer need. I kept telling them that I still have service with you guys but it just went in one ear and out the other. Then he got mad and told me since I no longer wanted the service that I would have pay shipping charges after eight years of being with you guys and sending some of my friends to join your company. At lease when I was with Time Warner and Direct TV they didn’t make me pay shipping charges and I was with them less time than with you guys. I’m considering cancelling my other service now because I’m in such shock as to how i’m being treated after all those years of being a good customer.

  69. For as long as I can remember, I have been a Dish customer. Recently I purchased a home on Route 27 Hudson NY. I was pleased to see that the area already had a dish. I asked someone t come by and activate the dish so that I could continue enjoying dish programs. Not ONCE BUT FOUR TIMES this young man came into my house. I asked him about the necessary visits and that’s when he became angry because I didn’t want the “Sling” or Hopper set up. I said I was just hoping to get the dish network activated. He asked me many personal questions which I did not ask of him. Look, I don’t want any trouble, I’m afraid he will come back to my home. In all t yeas that I have been a Dish customer, I’ve never encountered anything like this TO TOP it all off, I got a bill for $480…..This is not the Dish service that I enjoyed in the past. This is probably the second or 3rd time that I have emailed you folks but I’m on disability with a week heart. I don’t have that kind of money. I need your help. This is just horrible and I don’t know how to get out of this. I do have lawyer o retainer and a judge a a friend, so hopefully with your assistance the problems will be dropped. I don’t recall signing any documents but given all the meds that I need to take every day, I may have made a mistake. Can you please help me to make this horrible situation go away? I’m pretty shook up about this. I don’t want to be scared into having to buy the “sling” or hopper. I just want my DISH service to continue without a lot of added fees. PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE

  70. since I have no feed back from anyone on Dish, can someone tell me why I can’t get any Roku programs or any net flix programs programs that don’t freeze up. How in God’s name did all this happen when all I needed was the basic Dish program?
    Do I need to report this to an attorney? This joker said I owed Dish 480 dollars. who is running this operation? is anyone reading this? Please help me.

  71. since I have no feed back from anyone on Dish, can someone tell me why I can’t get any Roku programs or any net flix programs programs that don’t freeze up. How in God’s name did all this happen when all I needed was the basic Dish program?
    Do I need to report this to an attorney? This joker said I owed Dish 480 dollars. who is running this operation? is anyone reading this? Please help me.

  72. since I have no feed back from anyone on Dish, can someone tell me why I can’t get any Roku programs or any net flix programs programs that don’t freeze up. How in God’s name did all this happen when all I needed was the basic Dish program?
    Do I need to report this to an attorney? This joker said I owed Dish 480 dollars. who is running this operation? is anyone reading this? Please help me.

  73. I am completely disenchanted with Dish; first Dish cancels CNN and TMC due to contract disputes, and NOW Dish is threatening to cancel CBS, Channel 5 in our area. Channel 5 has all of my favorite programs,including NFL Football, The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, and the local news. I’m paying $133 each month, and Dish keeps canceling stations! If Dish loses CBS, Dish loses me as a customer. No CBS, no Dish for me!

  74. Last night while watching NCIS a message came across the tv that you are discontinuing that program and showtime. Most of my tv watching is on CBS. Why would you do this. Also, when I called I was told that our service had been discontinued, it is paid Oct. 29, 2014. Why did this happen? I do wish the recording would tell ‘foreigners’ to press two, why do we in the USA have to press 1 for English. My husband so much enjoy DISH. Please do not change it.

  75. Your overseas call centers are like alot of others. They speak some english but they DO NOT UNDERSTAND the english language. If you ask them a question that is not covered in their instructions they go over and ove what that already said.

    In contrast when you speak to someone in the US your questions get answered and the problem solved. For gosh sakes get rid of those overseas call centers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. We have been with Dish for ten years. We enjoy watching the SF Giants and the Sacramento Kings. If we can no longer watch our teams on Dish, then we will no longer have Dish.

  77. I want the info to send back my dish equipment. I have called to cancel and I called because I have not received my boxes and the movers will be here this week. I need to send your equipment back to you by mail or ups or I will take it to the nearest store and drop it off. I will never use Dish again just because it is so hard to give back your equipment.

  78. If an agreement is not made on the CBS Sports by Monday, I and a lot of other dish customers will not be able to watch the rodeo in Vegas so I guess I will no longer need dish for my cable needs. Tired of having to fight to watch the channels that are in dispute all the time. I bet I will not be the only one LEAVING Dish Network!!!!

  79. We are not happy at all about loosing Denver Bronco football games. This is one of the major reasons we use Dish Network local channels.CBS is also to blame and so is the NFL.

    Dish could give its viewers free access of the game via some other outlet or CBS.

  80. You had better get CBS back or I’ll be with Comcast on Monday and I’m a 13 year customer. What is your customer acquisition cost to get all of us back?

  81. After over 11 years as a Dish customer I had enough of the various problems with Dish called them and resigned on Sept. 20, 2014. As soon as I received the shipping boxes from Dish I carefully packed the Satellite Receivers and Remotes then shipped them all back to Dish. Would you believe I have not received a Final Statement or Refund from Dish yet? What’s more, I’ve sent 2 e-mails and one letter to Dish requesting the Final Statement and Refund, But Dish does not even have the common courtesy to answer any of my correspondence. That’s right, it’s been almost 3 months and NO Replies From Dish. The next steps for me is to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, National Better Business Bureau and the Federal Communication Commission against Dish Network.

  82. Not sure what may be going on that dish may not broadcast Fox News. Would like to know if this is true so I can change my provider.

  83. Just want to say if you block Fox news on Dish, I will be headed to a new carrier. I have been with Dish since 2006. keep me as a customer.

  84. you had fox network when I signed up. if you now remove it,i believe,that voids our contract. if fox isn’t back soon,i’ll need to change providers

  85. Fox News is the reason I watch Dish. If that is deleted, I will no longer subscribe to Dish. Please get this worked out right away or consider me gone. Fox is the voice of reason in an insane world.

  86. Please inform your CEO Joseph Clayton, that I will be canceling my membership with Dish if you do not Get FOX back on network.
    This is an unbelieveable situation and will not be tolerated by me.

  87. If Dish Network can’t get your act together. Ill go back to Direct TV. ATT not much better!! Cant loose FOX NEWS or National Geo. Dish is no holding up to the Consumer contract! You Idiots Think That!!!!

  88. If you are not not going to put Fox News back on your cable, we will be switching to another cable carrier.

    Jerry Breeden

  89. Too bad you have chosen to disconnect from Fox. I have been happy with my service up till now but don’t appreciate being in the middle of your corporate battle. I was a loyal Dish customer but not as much as I am a loyal Fox supporter. I will be discontinuing my service with Dish as soon as I can make arrangements to have some one else provide this service to my home. Thank you for the past good service.
    Tom Gillespie

  90. Dish Network SUCKS. First they remove original Tru TV programing and now they have Blocked Fox News. We are looking for another service. Any suggestions.

  91. I wish you and Fox come to an aggreement, I must Fox very much.
    as a long time custumer to Dish I would hate to leave you and follow Fox. The are to me the only ones who speak the truth to the American public. I’m sure more viewers feel the same way.

    thank you

  92. stop screwing us and raising prices which it seams like dish is real good at. I am tired of not knowing if programs are still on or if there is a fight about money. maybe it is time to go to Direct TV

  93. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t watch Fox News. If I don’t have it back by Christmas, I will certainly switch to another provider.

  94. I have been with DISH for years and am very upset about the dropping of FOX NEWS. If Fox is not reinstated SOON I will be dropping DISH and going with another carrier.Shame on you DISH for trying to censer the news.

  95. As many above, I’m going to change carriers if you can’t get FOX news back on the air. Pricing is pretty much the same in the long run so as Customers we want to watch OUR choice…..

  96. I’m very displeased with Dish for dropping Fox News Channel. I switched from Direct TV to Dish last year, but I will switch back to Direct if you don’t reinstate Fox News.

  97. I’m extremely disappointed in the current blackout of Fox News. Are you just plain stupid,or are you in a hurry to lose your clientele.At any rate,I will be dropping my membership with your network if you don’t hurry up and return Fox News back on the air.

  98. I am seriously considering switching to a new network as I am frankly furious that conservative stations have to fight to stay on the channels that I pay a considerable sum to watch channels that are massively liberal and so far from the truth in their reporting. Dish has shown increasingly that that is their new direction and the cut-off of Fox is about the last straw.

  99. I’ve had your services for more than 15 years now.Use no more than maybe 15 channels and pay $90.00 a people are full of it.Within a 24 hr day 17 of it is FOX NEWS.If you will not provide we can find someone who will.Are you some kind of political zealous organization that would give denial to the American people the true and balanced news.In these turbulent times as they are you are totally un-American.I see pure greed here.

  100. Get Fox back or I WILL be switching. I am paying for a paticular service and you areno longer providing it. That make our contract null and void.

  101. I am giving DISH only a few more day before some class action should be started, my main news is FOX NEWS,if I can’t watch I programs I want why would I stay with dish.


    Our contract with 21st Century Fox (Fox), the owner of Fox News and Fox Business, has expired and they have removed its channels from DISH’s channel lineup.”

    That’s a quote from the Dish website but the truth is that “Dish” not Fox controls the Dish programming. Dish removed the channel. They can argue till the cows come home about price but don’t be lying through your teeth and saying that Fox removed themselves from the TV lineup, that is a decision by Dish to use their weakening customer base as pawns.

  103. Bring Fox News channel back , will change back to cable if not one very soon, only news channel I care to watch, so definitely will ind a provider who carries Fox

  104. Bring Fox News channel back , will change back to cable if not one very soon, only news channel I care to watch, so definitely will ind a provider who carries Fox

  105. Bring Fox News channel back , will change back to cable if not one very soon, only news channel I care to watch, so definitely will ind a provider who carries Fox

  106. So this is how you treat loyal customers who have been with you for many years and keep their account current–you remove Fox News and Fox Business Network!! I will not be recommending you DISH to anyone!!! I want Fox back and SOON!

  107. Recently, you blacked out Fox News Services over a service dispute. When I signed up with Dish I did so because Fox News Services were a part of the package. I do not watch any other news service. You blacked them out over a dispute which had nothing to do with my contract with you. You are therefore in breach of contract with me. It is therefore my belief that you should terminate my contract with you, without penalty, so that I can acquire another TV company’s service. I am not a happy customer and will never again trust Dish to abide by the contract I signed with you. No apology will be accepted from Dish for breach of contract, regardless of your reason! Set me free!!!

  108. We find it interesting that your main competitor Direct TV hasn’t fumbled the ball with their new services, only you. Any one can get weather from multiple sources. You say FOX News removed themselves from Dish. All their fault. You had something to do with it, leaving us high and dry without the quality news only they provide through the Christmas season. All reflects on your quality. Direct TV is sounding better and better.


  109. c’mon Guys lets kiss and make up. I love both of you guys [fox & Dish] your the sugar in my coffee, your my peanut butter with jelly, your the meatballs with my spaghetti need I say any more! My favorite song “Lets stay together ” Cmonnn guys I wana watch Fox on “New Year Eve” by my favorite carrier Dish!

  110. James in Texas: I am currently a dish customer for the last 8 to 10 years, I receive almost all my news reports from the Fox news Channel 205 almost every day, by losing the Fox news Channel it would appear to be political and not monetary for the shutdown of the Fox news Channel, if you would have replaced it with a Republican or a Independent news service such as Rush Limbaugh, the Drudge report, Alex Jones/infowars, or any Independent news service that Washington DC doesn’t like, I have been looking around for replacement and I have found that DirecTV has a larger package at the same price that I’m paying for my disc package and it has the Fox news Channel it is a very high likelihood that as of the first of the year I will be changing over to pick up the Fox news Channel.

  111. You took Fox news off your stations. That’s about the only station that gives you real news.

    I am canceling my service with you unless you offer Nox news. Gloria Winkel

  112. You dropped my favorite channel. Get with FOX and work it out and put fox back on. My next step is looking for a new supplier, some one will be carrying FOX.

  113. DISH SUCKS!!! why should we have to pay to send THEIR equipment back to them. Come get it…we see trucks around town, why not have the driver stop & pick up. OH NO can’t do that. If we don’t send back they will charge us! Such a joy talking to the non English speaking idiots!! Tell friends, relatives, anyone on the street…..DO NOT GO WITH DISH!!!!!!

  114. no one should have to go to customer service at dish to tell their customers the truth about what is really going on between dish and foxnews. the chat line for dish is terrible , they don”t know how to communicate to the customers, how rude, there is no point in discussing the matter to dish they don”t want you to know anything they just want to collect money every month, we will probably never see foxnews. again

  115. recharge on 12 Dec 14 for Rs 1000 against my connection VC No 01513299820. but not reflected dish tv my account site. msg recd ie recharge due on 01 Jan 15. so pl check and help me

  116. I have been a dish customer for over 10 years, If this issue with Fox is not resolved very soon there is zero chance I will keep dish, I have only kept it because I was hopeful it would be resolved by now. Weather Fox is unreasonable or not, it is dish that will be cancelled! I am soon to get equipment upgrade so this will make it easier to move to another provider.

  117. We are switching to Direct TV, I am sick and tired of the belly aching by Dish Networks CEO. Totally unprofessional I wish everyone would switch over to another provider. Dish Networks upper management team must be taking lessons from the OBAMA administration the way this was pulled off. This little quote needs to be posted above each of their desks.

  118. Shame on you!! You get customers by packaging your deal and than you cut off the most important part. Fox News. BRING IT BACK IMMEDIATELY.

  119. the owner of fox news this 80 year old lonely man has no friends only those who wants part of his billons must be bad knowing you are hated by everyone and kissing ass with the saudies. this jerk is the reason fox news is not on so hope make a lot more money because that is the only friend you have

  120. Pissed is not strong enough to express our grievances regarding the blackout caused by the dispute between Dish network and Capitol Broadcasting. If it weren’t for us, the customers, you wouldn’t exist so get your act together and get us back on in the Triangle area of North Carolina. We live in an area where we aren’t able to get other services so DISH is it. And don’t tell us to use the computer or get an antenna–only something else to be an inconvenience. This pettiness is horrible. Why can’t we have our channels while you all work out your differences–why make us the victims? Give us what we are paying for.

  121. You service lately has not been good I can’t get the stations I care to watch, which are not that many less than 10 channels. If I were to subscribe to the channels I would like to watch it would cost me several hundred dollars. Then you discontinue CNN and Now you have discontinued Fox. most of the channels I can now watch are reruns. I am almost to the end of my patients I am almost ready to drop dish.


  122. You give us no option of dropping dish as our carrier if Fox is not put back on the air by January 3, 2015. It seems not to be a a problem with Fox, but with Dish. Fox is not the only channel you have blocked in the last few months, so because you have blocked the channels we watch on a daily basis you give us no other option but to drop you.

    • I agree. I haven’t received anything in the mail indicating because I no longer have FOX (which I watched everyday) I will receive a credit.

  123. Since Dish is responsible for pulling Fox News I thank you should cut cost on all packages that have Fox News included. I am paying for that channel so credit my account for your pulling Fox News channel off. I agree with some of the other comments with other people I will cancel my subscription if Fox News is not restored back.

  124. Thank you so much for having Fox off the Dish. All they do is hype up hate, fear, anger, demoralize, race bait, truth bend and twist, out and out lie, and tear this country apart and divide us as citizens, and spew poison brainwash. Their heroes are like Bundy and Putin. They are the opposite of Christian values.They are vile and sinister. They try to make us believe that cruel people doing wicked things for evil reasons is good for us. I hope Fox never comes back on. We would have happier people.

  125. Thank you for not having Fox on the Dish TV. I have never loved my Dish more.They are evil, and are tearing our country apart.

  126. I am appalled that two large Corporate America companies cannot reach an agreement and/or compromise to have Fox News back on Dish. I live in a very rural area and have very few, if no, alternatives. However, I am not looking into those alternatives. I purchased Dish mainly for Fox News and it has now been over a month with no service. I certainly hope I am getting a refund on my bill for not getting what I signed on for.

    Fox News is always talking about how Congress gets nothing done!! An example is now here that no one cares about the people paying to keep every one in a job.

    I am also not happy with Roku that freezes every time I try to watch. It would be nice if someone responded to all these issues. Beth Hamilton

  127. Fox news is about the only place you can get the truth about our somewhat questional government and what they are sticking to us.. Dish network do not care about customers that have been with them for many years and depend on them for programming they have paid for instead they care more about having a childish dispute. They don’t seem to have a problem adjusting their rates for any little trivile reason. Am starting to look for new service that can give me service I am paying for.

  128. To Whoom it may concern as after hours and hours of trying to reach someone in a managerial capacity I after nearly twenty years using dish I have as of 1/05/15 signed with another provider and have all your equipment ready to return with your last payment. Since I

  129. I was a Dish customer for years when I lived in Evergreen, Co. When I moved to New Mexico we went with Direct but after two months cancelled, paid the penalty, and went back to Dish. However, the only honest news channel is Fox News. I have had the opportunity to try all the others and have become an even greater fan of Fox News. Don’t give me Glen Beck!
    It has been almost a month and if you do not reach an agreement soon, very soon, I will go back to Direct in order to get Fox news. I am sure you have a clause that will allow you to collect a penalty, but if enough of us took the position that you were not giving us what we paid (and our paying for) the penalty would be null and void.
    Again, I love Dish, but I need to know what is going on in the world and Fox gives me that.
    John T. Measday
    A loyal Dish customer.


  131. Dish seems to have some serious management problems. You have had disputes with CBS, The Weather Channel, TCM and now Fox. There may be more that I don’t know about.
    I did not go to collage, but, can do math. If your profit is $1.00 from each customer each month and you lost 250,000 customers, thats $250,000.00 . Thats a quarter of a million dollars a month.
    Get this fixed or I will be one less customer out of your millions.

  132. I have been a customer for 14 years and now I am seriously thinking of going to Direct TV unless You ad FOX come to an agreement I will have no other choice Glen Beck is not FOX and I dont feel I should have to pay for Glen Beck instead of FOX!!! fed up!!

  133. after having been a customer in good standing for many years with numerous rate increases DISH has removed the only conservative news channel, FOX, and the only one a ‘conservative’ like myself find worthy of watching. WHEN WILL IT BE BACK ON? I need to make a decision on whether or not to stay with DISH or find a provider that will carry FOX News. Up until now we have been extremely satisfied with our service but after weeks of waiting for the return of FOX we have grown very unsatisfied. We love Glenn Beck and the Blaze but they are not a straight news source as is FOX. Please, please, please work this out ASAP!

  134. As a Dish customer I’m very disappointed that you’ve taken Fox News from stations offered. It is the only news station I watch because it is unbiased and not slanted to the left. If Ididn’t have another year with my contract I would be leaving Dish. Still might have the option.

  135. Fox News is the only news station I watch as it is unbiased and you hear of things the other far left stations won’t discuss. I still have one year contract left with Dish but that is debatable if it will be kept if we can’t get Fox News back on Dish.

  136. Get it together. I am tired of waiting for you to get an agreement with Fox News. I don’t want to change but you are forcing me into looking at different options. Please do not make me change and I do blame you.

  137. Dish Network: You have some nerve raising our rates while you have blocked Fox News. When we signed up for Dish we had Fox News. So you have breached your contract. We are very disappointed in Dish and as soon as our contract is up you will no longer be welcome in this household. You have not been honest with your viewers and it will not be forgotten.

  138. I am disappointed with customer service. I contacted them to let them know I would be moving and I needed my Dish taken down off the roof. I was told that somebody would come out on Monday Jan. 12th to take care of this. It did not happen and we are moving tomorrow Jan. 14th. I waited until right before dark on Jan. 13th and then I took it down myself. I was also told that when I get settled in my new place that somebody would come and set it back up. This better happen.

  139. I can not believe that prices go up and we get less programming to watch. You replace regular shows with more music channels and paid programming crap. Do you think I really care about how to get rid of my turkey neck, etc. And all of this on 3 or more different channels at the same damn time. So 120 channels is really 50 channels. That’s a way to screw people out of their money. Get a clue and think about this.

  140. I have had enough of your childish fight with Fox News. Both of you are leaders in your industry. You each need the other to be fully successful. If you are not going to budge from your position, then just get rid of them and tell us so. Then we can go someplace else to find them. Or, sign an agreement and both of you can declare themselves winner. But just get on with it. This is not good customer service. Thank you. Sheldon J. Bergman

  141. I would like to get what I am paying for in Dish. I watched Fox News every day and if I can’t get it I want to move to another provider. I was talking with a niece in North Carolina and they had the same problem with Dish but they recently got FOX back. How can another state get it back and we can’t? That sounds a little fishy.

  142. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why we must lose FOX network, Newson6 as well as the CBS stations. This is not acceptable!!!! Settle your disputes and keep it ENTACT!!!!!!

  143. You have dropped Fox News & now you are dropping local channel 6 news.

    If this happens I will be dropping dish. As customer I feel I am paying for services I do not receive.


  144. I have been a Dish Customer for a long time am now ready to go else where if you cannot settle your feud with Fox News. Also expect to see a big discount since I am not receiving what I have been paying for. I do not know who is to blame but settle it NOW. Also all these ignorant paid programing or stuff like the Kardashians is a waste . You have stopped giving us “GOOD” programs. How many how to renovate a home do you think we want to see.

  145. We have contacted both of our senators and our representative in the House in regard to your failure to place Fox back on the Web.

    We realize that there are laws to cover you and Fox in your failure to serve the public but perhaps they can help some in this situation.

    You both have scads of money and you need to cease being so greedy and place this source of balanced news on the web so the people that subscribe to Dish can view the news in this fashion.

    Tom Hosier

  146. I just received a notice of a $5.00 monthly increase in my monthly billing after you people dropped Fox, the channel I watch (or did watch) every night. So not only have you reduced my channels of choice you are now raising my rates?? I think you need to can the genius that came up with this one. If Fox is not back in the programing by Feb. first I will switch to Direct TV.

    Bill Kammerzell

  147. Thank you for bring Fox back. We were ready to spend money to get rid of Dish. We can now get caught up on real news. We don’t like CNN or MSNBC. Thank You again.

  148. I do not recommend using Dish bundle for phone and internet. I have been without a phone for 10 days now and can’t get it repaired. Dish says it’s CenturyLinks problem, but when contacting CenturyLink they say since I don’t have an account with them anymore I should contact Dish. And so the loop of non-action continues and I’m stuck with a 2 year contract with Dish.

  149. I have been a Dish customer for too many years and every time my payment is a day late my service is suspended. Not understanding at all. MY payment is due on the 27th of the month and if it’s not there my service is suspended. Today is January 21st.2015 and my service has been suspended. My payment is not due until next week.

  150. I had a problem with the smart card this morning and the very nice lady helped me through the process of fixing it,it took about 3 min.thank you

  151. Hello,
    Authorization for 90.99 paid to Dish acct for Pat Screws is 015194..thanks She spoke wit rep by the name of Paul. She was told that pmt was declined.


  153. I mailed my modem back to Dish as soon as I received their box from UPS ,I sent it via UPS from Augusta, Maine. Dish says they
    haven’t received it in December 04,1/05 they received it, February 2005 they have not received it. I think it a scam to screw customer out of an extra hundred dollars. I purchased modem from dish that lasted a whole day. It was replaced with next day just charged $118.If I’ve been calling them every month for 3 months trying to get this bill resolved getting nowhere!
    Try to get a whole of a talking person who speaks clear English is dam near impossible. They want new customers and money that’s it. After you are a customer they SUCK!

  154. So got charged for 4 pay per view movies, which we never ordered. We cannot order pay per view from our remote because we are not the account holder and yet after 27 minutes on the phone with customer service who did not understand what I was trying to say , She wants to act like she is doing me a favor by taking it off the bill. UMM HELLO we cannot order from our remote what dont you understand !! I live in the United States can I please talk to someone who works here !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. I never answer calls from any 800 number these days because of the proliferation of bogus calls coming in from Russian, Nigerian and Chinese scammers saying “You’ve won a free trip” and all the other lies, as they try to get credit card numbers and other personal information to scam people.

    For the last several months, Dish has been using an annoying robot to leave messages suggesting my equipment is about to become obsolete. (I let 800 and all 888 calls go to voicemail.)

    The annoying robot from Dish states to call back to arrange for new equipment. The problem is, when people call Dish Network, the annoying robot answers and gives you a range of options that no option is good for, in regard to upgrading the equipment. And if you press an option, the robot asks for your PIN. Who the heck knows their PIN, when often we might be sitting in an airport lobby somewhere or when blowing or just coming out of surgery?

    Even going to online in an attempt to contact them is worthless.

    On April 1st, 2015 (as I understand) my equipment becomes obsolete, so I am going to take the “easy way out” and cancel my service with Dish and switch to DirectTV.

    I think that DISH stands for “Discourteous Insulting Service Hampered”

    I am giving up on DISH.

  156. just want to know how much wireless internet is already have dish might get for daughter for Christmas this year

  157. I have no complain if you add special programs that for some customers, they like or they do not like it…
    I would like to see my favor programs back: Three’s company, family Matters, Save by the Bell, Bill Cosby, Silver Spoons, Family Ties, I love Genie, and all of those programs that may be for some one else may be boring and nonsense programs, but I enjoyed them and relax with them. Also, I hope you keep Bonanza, Texas Rangers… and all the good old American Movies along with all my Spanish programs, Movies and Sports.

  158. Well just let me say “don’t give them your credit card#” I was told by installation man that they needed a credit card# to make sure that cable box was returned!!!! after giving them credit card# I am now responsible for not only my daughter’s cable box, but her early cancellation fee of $450.00 and her bill also… After asking cable guy about fees he assured me credit card# was for return of box!!!! I have never done business with Dish,You will never get my business in the future!!! I also will be getting in contact with BBB, It would be different if I had not asked the cable man about charging my credit card for other fees,cable man lied to me!!!I just wonder how many other people this company has did this too????


    • Same here. Can’t a get simple question answered without it turning into a sales push trying to get my personal info.

  160. who is incharge of the channel line up im so tired of the same programs and movies over and over its time to put thenm away and put different movies on tbs,fx,ifc,have someone review all the channels to many paidprograms and info mercials since we paid monthly getting real tired of the same thing over and over lets e a good company and work with your customers you need to get in 21st century with your programs

  161. I have asked for this to be disconnected 3 times I have been told I cant I have a contract I am a 73 year old lady with a very low income and this is a great hardship on my I asked my lawyer and he said you have given other people cancallations for low income because of my low income when I got this I had a roommate and she paid half of all the bills my friend in mesa gave me a pair of rabbit ears and I can use them, I have had 7 operations on my eyes and can barely see don’t know how long this will be please send me 2 boxes and return labels to return these to you the man took the boxes when he installed them I am not going to pay for this and if it keeps up I will have to fie bankruptcy My monthly bills are almost 2000 a month and I only get 1225.00 yes I am cancalling a lot of credit cards also

  162. The movie packages are absolutely the worst in the industry. Why don’t you play something other than Die with a Vengeance? Surely at least that can be managed. Then again maybe not. LMAO.

  163. I am so disappointed with the programming we have.. We are continually losing channels and having them replaced with more Christian stations… Selling more product station… Or reruns of old kid comedy shows… You should be able to afford newer reruns and newer movies… I’m truly disgusted with the program choices you’ve made and what happened to channels with movies and where is live court TV.. A dissatisfied customer… Looking into other options

  164. And I’m not sure how you can increase your price and give us less than we had when we signed up I don’t think that I could get by with that scam when I had my business before I retired… How do u do that

  165. When I contacted Dish Network today they stated it would be Thursday before anyone could come out as the lines had been cut. Han 2 emails from dish stating someone would be here today Monday and another one stating no service till Wednesday. It was a surprise when Mr. Leo Mata showed up and the problem was fixed within 20 minutes. He did an excellent job and I Maria was told there would be no charge etc for the service as we have had dish for over 9 years.

  166. I was in the room listening to a couple speaker calls my roommate made to DISH while she was on their web site trying to get info to compare our current cable provider, direct TV, Dish or wait till our phone co expands TV service to our area. The 1st question was about the HIDEF signal being 1440×1080 rather than 1920×1080 we now have and were their any plans to boost it? The rep had to check and her answer was “it’s still HIDEF”. Later the 2nd call was a simple “the top 200 package 1st year is at $39.95 per mo, 2nd year at $74.99 per mo is there any additional charge for 2 extra TV’s. We have 3 TVs and do not need a DVR.” The answer was what is our address. My roommate told the rep she wanted general info and could give the town and zip but he said he couldn’t answer the question without an address? Great customer service. who has time for the 3rd degree to get a couple of basic questions answered? We are staying with our cable provider who has the best cust service which means a lot even if it’s more expensive and our picture and audio sometimes cuts out.

  167. Could someone tell me how to get a live person on the phone. I just want to know when my contract is up. They seam to have figured out about pressing the 0’s…

  168. You are the absolute worst company I have ever seen . You should all face criminal charges and serve hard time. As a Man I would like to have a face to face talk with one of your company men. Yes I would like that a lot.

  169. You are the absolute worst company I have ever seen . You should all face criminal charges and serve hard time. As a Man I would like to have a face to face talk with one of your company men. Yes I would like that a lot. I think you would succeed if you opened a school and taught lying and stealing you certainly are EXPERTS

  170. Not happy about loosing local channels wwmt channel 3 and local channel 7 get it together we pay for local service channels, thinking of changing service to competer.!

  171. If they do not get back channel 15 and 20 I will go elsewhere. I have a lot of shows on the station. AND if you charge me I will go also. There ARE cheaper in my area.


  173. I tried to get on to stars play and found out Dish is not on the list.Will you ever, I’d like to get stars play.

  174. Quizá solo soy un cliente mas y no les importe mis comentarios, asi me han hecho sentir, estoy muy mal por que van 3 promociones que prometen y no cumplen y lejos de eso me tratan como si pidiera un favor, ustedes me ofrecieron dichas ofertas, ustedes vinieron a tocar a mi puerta y la verdad han dejado muy mala impresion. Y ojala consideren esto por que es frustrante que no resuelvan esto nunca. Y aclaro, no es el problema pagarlo, solo lo que he querido es que respeten las promociones que sus empleados han prometido y eso es todo. Que pena que una empresa asi sea tan poco seria. Gracias.

  175. I am having problems with internet service, it is not connecting and tried to call the technical support center but due to cell phone service reception, i was getting disconnected. But my internet service continues to be down.

    Thank you

  176. My mother recently switched to dish. She hates it. She didnt receive her first statement til she had service for about five weeks. So they charge her a late fee. She writes a check for the full amount they are asking for and five days after she mails it they turn off her service. I think they did that on purpose to try to get her to do autopay. Shes 87 yrs old. Her signal foes out practically every day and she has a hard time remembering how to get it back.


  178. i called today about finalizing my dish set up, i do not agree with having my credit ran 3 times in one day, credit reports are supposed to be good for at least 30 days, yall really need to do something about that. i am not pleased with the fact that i could not place my order with the only debit card that i have because its supposedly a “prepaid card” it has a routing number and account number and our checks are direct deposited into the account, for this reason yall lost a customer to directv. yalls fault, not mine. maybe you should really think about changing a few things so you can obtain more customers in the future.
    and aggravated potential customer who is now a customer with directv

  179. Hello, My Name is Rita Rose
    I recently called in to cancel my service; I have been a customer with Dish for quite some time. I had previously called in to see if I could get a better rate. I was being charged about 150.00 monthly and had been seeing many rates a lot cheaper , not to mention I feel I was misled with the Hopper ( I really did not see any difference in the regular DVR service I had before I moved and was convinced to try the Hopper)
    I know this account shows I had you only almost 2 years but I actually had this much longer than that , most likely each time I moved they added me to a new contract canceled what I had or something.

    Anyhow, I called today to cancel my service, over the weekend I changed to a service that was much cheaper for me. The conversation with the representative was so upsetting I feel I must report this abuse. No manager, owner, CEO would approve of the way this man talked to me continually threatening me with outrageous cancelation fees and really just, being outright nasty to me. He went from stating I had a $100.00 cancelation fee because he is looking at my contract I am under contract until December 6. Stating I started on 12/06/2013. He then read me a script stating a $ 10.00 a month cancelation fee for any remaining months. When I question him about his speech, he read means I only owe $30 dollars then if I am under contract. He then said my contract was not over until 7/2016 all while screaming at me. I felt the tone was in a very threatening manner and felt compelled to tell him his tone was not acceptable I need to speak to his supervisor and advise him I will be contacting executive relations, I asked for his name he said Jason and gave an id YHP. . I did not say that I said you had an upgrade on a box any time you get an upgrade on a box your contract is automatically extended. He was screaming at me and would not let me speak with a supervisor. He went on with I need the payment now you might as well stay with us. He went on and on with this threatening conversation threatening me with fees and cost and immediate charges to my credit card along with I must pay right now
    It was at the least confrontational which I am the customer I should not be subjected to this type of customer Service. AS I explained to him If I owe a balance send me a bill. I have already explained that I have changed my new service was already hooked up so the save was not necessary. It should have ended at that

    I had just did the same with Century link they attempted to save me and once I advised the cost and it was already installed that politely said , we are sorry to lose you if you need service in the future we would love to have you as a customer again, and it was over in a few minutes. This call should have gone the same. My experience with him was unacceptable and I think you may want to monitor these calls periodically because no one should experience this type of abuse.

  180. how can you possibly think its ok to remove NBC channel 12 from our service. That is our main channel to watch. I am beginning to check on other servers and this is about all I can take from Dish.

  181. Since you no longer offer ABC I would like to switch to another carrier without any penalties is this possible or do I have to figure something else out ?

  182. I cancelled Dish because they keep dropping channels, we spoke to 3 different reps and we finally got a bill from a collection for a months service! When I called the collection agency they said they couldn’t give me the information I requested because it’s in my husbands name. What month do we owe for? I have my bank statements. I’ll NEVER refer people to your services! Shame on you!

  183. Last night a highly advertised program, Jessie Stone “Lost in Paradise scheduled nation wide for 9 pm. Every other service showed it at proper time. & according to tv guides! You however decided to show it at 6:00 without notifying your customers!!! ( and are NOT showing again for your customers) wrong! wrong! wrong! Your customer service were at a loss..what can they do? They were excellent in dealing with me but you who are the people responsible to take care of programming! Is it too difficult in this day of technology to let your customer know!

  184. We recently had a technician come out and work on our dish he replaced the DVR to the satelight receiver with a new one. It is SO loud you can’t hardly hear the t.v. and it keeps me awake at night. You can hear the thing from two rooms away. It is very annoying. The tech was nice about it and said it just had ot “warm up”. How long does it have to warm up? What can be done about this?

  185. signed up for dish one year ago because I didn’t like the cost of direct tv.
    Now that my first year is up my bill went from $78.00 and change to $112.00
    and change, so much for saving $3-400.00 every year over direct tv. I would think that qualifies as false advertisement. At least direct tv cared. the last person I spoke to at dish, basically told me I didn’t qualify for any discounts. you people(DISH) are full of dog manure and as soon as I figure out hulu and the rest I’ll call and cancel your crappy service

  186. Dish is great but I have another problem the guy that came and installed it Homer Helton he brung his nephew, the little boy came into my house and took my son’s play station 3 game I confronted him about it but never got back with me now somebody owes my son a game or $60.00. If I have any more trouble homer will never b allowed in my home again.


  188. Not happy with Dish Network. You billed me 9-9 for 79.53 I had been paying 59.00, I called and went back to the smallest package. This month on my bank statement you billed me 79.53. For the last month I have had the small package Called again. Suppose to not get a bill in Dec. and Jan. 21.11. You have blacked out Ohio State games all fall anyway. If my bill isn’t taken care of correctly I will cancel dish, which I am considering canceling dish completely anyway. To many reruns and advertising.

  189. our Dish tv VCNO- 01518683566 – payment Rs.2000 made through online on 13.11.15 . we received payment acknowledge from dishtv. Now last 2 days dish tv displaying viewing card deactivated. please activate VC card to avail the channels .

  190. See my account notes for details. It seems your firm has continued to bill my account at centurylink bundle for a period of 9 month after I had cut off your service. I have called to notify your people but they tell me I did not stop the service till this year November when my file show it was this year January. Please respond asap. Thank you.

  191. I called today to get extension on paying my bill i am 1 payment behind. I will make my payment for both months i was tokd due to i owe more than 300 dollars they can’t do it. Been loyal customer for over a year always paid my bill moaning can’t even get 4 day extension so my services does not get cut off. Your company so worried about new customers you don’t care about current ones. I guess once i get make next payment i guess i need to look for a new service provider.

  192. I want nbc-KOAA Channel 5 back. There are a lot of programs that I watch on a regular basis. If I don’t find it returning, I will, in all probability get a different service. This is ridiculous. I am going to check out other choices.

  193. My comment,where do I start.I received a call yesterday from a credit company telling me my account was in collections!I was surprised with this call and promptly told the lady I would handle this with dish.
    So I called dish to find out what was going on.I had Dish removed from my house 11/24/2015.I was told that I would have a early termination fee of $105.00 and that amount would automatically be removed from the account on file in 21 days.Well the funds where made available and just came out of the account the first week of January 2016.Now I am being told that there is another fee for the internet of $125.00!!!!And my balance which I was told was sent to collections.I’m being told my balance is $315.00 .My question is WHY!When I had the dish cancelled our bill had always been played and I was told by one of your customer service reps that once all the equipment was returned(which it was)And the early term.fee paid my balance would be $15.00.Now I have worked really hard to bring my credit score up and if this bogus bill is sent to collections it will set me back.I am prepared to provide the information showing proof of information I received.I have names of cs reps I spoke to and bank statement.Also dates of when I spoke to cs.Now I would appreciate it if this issue was corrected.I will admitted I owe the $15.00 and that is what I will pay.If your cs reps gave me wrong information,why should I be the one that has to pay for their mistake. If I had two termination fees I should have been told that when I cancelled contract!
    Thank you for your time.

  194. I live in N aples Fl & we have been without our CBS channel for over a week now. This weekend the football playoffs are on this channell. Please settle asap…

    This is so unfair to us.

  195. Bill Creation Date 12/15/2015
    Amt Due: $158.36

    I called Dish around the first of July,2015 to disconnect service August 14 as I was selling my home in Illinois and moving to Wisconsin. I could not continue service with Dish because I am in an apartment that only allows cable. I was told that I needed to return the receiver and a box would be sent for me to do so. I received the box with instructions and return ship label. 
    My son disconnected the TV and placed the receiver and all necessary equipment to be returned and we sent it from Wisconsin when I got moved on the 15th of August.
    I had heard from several people at work that a common practice of Dish is to claim they did not receive it and charge customers. As this is now 6 months from when I moved, I have no type of proof other than my word and you have no proof
    other than your word!
    My husband passed away last December and because he had set-up all of our accounts, I went through hell trying to disconnect everything.
    I have a good credit score and I do not want this outstanding bill to damage it. I called the 800 phone number and they said the best that they could do was reduce the bill by $50.00. I do not owe this and don’t have an extra $100.00 to donate. I would like to see $158.36 credited to my account. I also plan on contacting the Better Business Bureau.
    This same scenario happened to my cousin.

  196. Very bad service if I call the person who hav installed our set top box he is not receiving my calls. From past 5 daz our set top box is not working I hav recharged my account till feb 12 Dan y our connection hav fail

  197. it is our understanding that you and our local channels can NOT come to an agreement on retransmission consent. Here is my my view on the matter. If we lose local channels because of money then I am done with DISH. We now have the opportunity to go with a fiber optic transmission locally and I will take it. NO MORE WEATHER OUTAGES. I have put up with raises each and every year and its for higher costs………so I figure it is covered. NO MORE OUTAGES! We are a farm community that depend on our local channels for a multitude of reasons. So come on DISH lighten up. I am tired of lining your pockets

  198. I have had other cable companies run lines before, but this has to be the worst job I’ve seen.
    You came of my roof from the dish, came over the gutter and down the center of the house. All they had to do was to move maybe ten inches to the edge of the gutter, down in the corner of the fireplace chimney and the side of house.
    On the inside all looked good till I went in the master bedroom and seen a black cable going around my bathroom door, really?

  199. Service to install new receivers 3/17/2016. Receivers are not coordinated to the correct TV’s. One TV becomes very fuzzy/clears up & repeats. One remote with green #1 & other 3 remotes are blue numbers. Need to have that corrected.
    Very disappointed that not notified I would lose all recorded programming with receiver changes.
    Service man very congenial but appearance was distasteful. Shirt a lot shorter than needed to cover stomach.

  200. I just received an email stating DISH is removing INSP, a “movie” channel. What movie channel are you going to replace it with? I am on a budget and i have the lowest plan available. Not many movie channels to pick frm in my package. My contract with DISH is up in 9 days. I will be closely considering factor and how you choose to handle this situation

  201. On Thursday, March 31, 2016, I was helping a family friend while she was having Dish installed. The young man who installed the system was friendly, helpful, and hard working. As he was wrapping up, I asked him what I should do with the receiver box which was lying on the floor. He said, “I don’t care what you do with that, you can do whatever you want with it”. I wasn’t sure if he was being disrespectful or not. He had been very respectful the entire time, and I wasn’t sure how to interpret what he said. It was after 7:00 pm and he had been there for hours after a long day. Again, he had been very polite and professional. It may have been an innocent response but the intent was difficult to discern. Please do not contact the homeowner about this.

  202. Please remove the comment I just left or delete the address information. I didn’t know it would be posted to a public comment board.

  203. I’ve been a customer of dish for over 10 years. recently I returned my old receiver for a new one minus the smart card. I followed the enclosed instructions (receiver set up guide) and returned the old receiver. The smart card I cut up as per the instructions that I understood in the guide. I was told that you had received the receiver, but since there wasn’t any smart card I was to charged $50.00. If this charge appears on my next bill I’ll cancel out Dish tv and go to Direct tv and bundle.I would appreciate a reply to this complaint. And for the record you get a very poor rating for customer service as it took me 1.5 hours and 4 of your technicians to get a picture to my 2nd tv after I told everyone of the that it looked as though my tv was off channel The 4 th guy picked up on it.

  204. Please resolve the issue with not having INSP channel 259. I have watched that channel everyday and surely miss it. That is a good wholesome show MISS IT MISS IT. PLEASE BRING IT BACK ON THE AIR

  205. if you remove these channels I want you to know we will drop our dish net work and find a new carrier. we are not alone. we have been loyal customers for some time. if you want to remove channels take away some of the sports and music channels. leave like tv land, insp anll those channels we pay enough for the channels we want. thank you; Donald c. lamb

  206. don’t remove our channels!!! if you black out our channels we will find a new service. we have been loyal customers for quite some time and we want the channels we pay for.

  207. What! you are taking off via com T.V. land channel 106 and more. about all we are getting now are selling channels and two we pay extra for .we enjoy all the old sitcoms such as Raymond .we will talk with you later about the cost we are now paying.

  208. this needs to go to the fraud department, I am to send all these docs, about fraud committed against me, however, they never gave me an address to send the info to, the problem is yours for giving the scammers a dish without getting credit approval, I have to prove that I did not get said equipment, I do not even live in the state where installed. Now you have sent a collection agency to get monies from me. shame on you people at dish network.

  209. all payments are made including late payment are as follows
    2015 10-14 $151.87 check no. 2606
    11-12 151.87 2613
    12-25 152.50 paysite ref# 3590152c081
    ID 68872855
    2016 1-16 151.84 check no 2638
    2-22 141.16 2659
    3-24 141.18 2674
    4-22 145.95 2689

    how do you figure i owe $307.40. i pay bill every month plus late charges this needs to straightened out.
    if this goes up one more penny i will go else where

  210. I cancelled DirectV and switched to DISH, on June 2 2016. I am much Less than happy so far. Every time it rains, I lose reception. I’m NOT talking thunderstorm, just your Garden Verity afternoon rain. Could be equipment failure or improper installation. Secondly, I live in the State of Kentucky and cannot get the Ky PBS Network even though there is a station here in Ashland. I get PBS for Ohio and West Virginia. Which has NO interest to a Kentucky resident, except the National Programs. I would like my reception looked at and find out why I do not receive a Kentucky PBS station. Not a good way to start a new customer.

  211. I’ll cancel my subscription as soon as it expires if Dish Network does not reinstate
    the Newsmax channel and cancel that “drivel” Dish now has in it’s place. Do I get a reduction in my bill? Dish has replaced Newsmax with a channel I will never watch. I know customer service is not to blame. The idiots are the ones who came up this onerous idea. Very disappointing.

  212. Once again I get the fantastic opportunity to pay your company my full monthly bill while YOU fail to deliver all the channels I am paying for. This month it’s my local FOX network, next month who knows? I can never quite wrap my mind around the lies you broadcast on the channels YOU stop the service on. Are there really any of your customers so stupid as to believe that it’s FOX who wants to raise our monthly satellite bill? The fact is that it’s YOU who are trying to get more money, more from the local TV networks and more from your customers. Dish is perhaps the most greedy TV provider I have ever dealt with. I can not imagine how it is even legal to charge me for a service and then refuse to provide it. I’m sure you have the best lawyers money can buy to keep your company out of court for your deceptive business practices. I only wish you cared about you customers as much as you do about your legal team and trying to squeeze every last penny that you can out of us. Perhaps it’s time for me to give Direct TV another chance.

  213. I am paying for local channels put channel 8 fox in Cleveland back on the air ori will go back to cable tv

  214. I am very unhappy that I can no longer get the NFL Network on Dish. Do I need to look for another service provider?

  215. Keep losing chanels i like to watch. Got lots of channel i don’t watch. Starting to look at other options for tv. Been a loyal customer for a couple of years.

  216. I will never use Dish services. Your commercial for the Hopper is disgusting. Two siblings arguing, calling each other insulting names An example is the phrase ‘bugger butt’. At a time when children are having to be taught to NOT bully, insult or be mean to each other, you put out this commercial. Shame on you!! You need to hire new advertising staff.
    Please know that this one comment carries the weight of thousand of comments. For every one person who writes, thousands more feel the same but do not have the time to contact you.

  217. Crooks. No customer service at all. Charging my account for non returned equipment that was absolutely turned in. Why do you say in the return instructions that it’s not nessecary to send roof equipment if it is dangerous to retrieve. Than charge me for it. Worst company ever.

  218. Upset about CBS. Got a free antenna .after talking to two customer service trying to install only to be told I can’t use it because I’m too far from a tower.they know my address.why didn’t they tell me before they sent it?

  219. I’ve had enough of this standoff regarding Fox network. I’ve missed many things I’d like to have seen including the All- Star game. Enough is enough! I get offers almost daily from other providers. I like Dish but if this isn’t resolved soon then I will go elsewhere.

  220. My service has been without local channel 4 which is NBC. I want to know when this service will be restored, otherwise I may very well be changing TV Service Provider.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    David C. Griffith

  221. I guess it’s time for me to join the large list of other dissatisfied Dish customers. Yes I too am less than happy about loosing programming that am paying for but not receiving, local channel Fox 13, the NFL channel 154 not to mention loosing the INSP channel back in March which eventually was restored. Maybe we should all group together and do a class action law suit in an effort to force dish network to give us what we are paying for or lower our monthly bill. I’m not expecting to get much of an answer from the Dish customer service department. What I do believe I’ll get is a canned answer passed down to their customer service rep stating it’s Fox 13`s fault. It’s all about money at the risk of dissatisfied customers. I guess I need to join the other dissatisfied customers and say good bye to Dish and give Direct TV or our local cable provider my business


  223. I left my house and was driving east on State Route 665, which is the road I live on. As I headed towards the intersection with the stop sign for traffic going north and south, I looked to my left and saw one of your vans coming up on the stop sign at a high rate of speed. Thank God I was paying attention as he didn’t even slow down at the stop sign, just ran right thru it in front of me. I turned and tried to catch him. Finally as I got up to him I was going 80 miles an hour. This is on a road that is 55. I laid on my horn and he finally pulled over. I told him what an idiot he was in no uncertain terms and ask what his reason was to run a stop sign that could have killed me if I hadn’t seen him. He wouldn’t even acknowledge me. Not one word. He could have killed one of my 4 grandkids, my kids, my husband or any other of the people that use this busy road every day. He needs to be fired before he kills someone. This was a horrible situation and I’m so angry thinking of what might have happened if I hadn’t looked to the left and seen this idiot that has no regard for human life. It happened on West Jefferson- Kiousville road/state route 665 London Ohio. 43140. It was between 11:30 and 11:40 am. He had a beard and just glared at me. I’m sure he would be clocked in to where he was. I would certainly expect some kind of reply.

  224. To Whom It May Concern:

    We have been Dish customers for a couple years now and have really enjoyed the benefits of the service you offer. There have been times where channels have been blacked out because of contract negotiations, understandable. This latest black out has gone on for many months, we have missed the end of the season on several of our shows and are having to pay for services like Hulu and Netflix in order to watch the missed shows. Now we are entering football season and we are unable to watch our home town football team because the games are shown on Fox. I have called customer service a couple times and it truly seems like they don’t understand my predicament. I have been told that the NFL Network covers the game (but it’s blacked out because I live in the city), or RedZone covers the game, which it does not. I can’t have a football watching party and not be able to show but a few plays from time to time of the game. Because of this, we are having to go elsewhere for our service. We are not getting the service provided that we pay for. To that end, we feel the early termination fee should be waived, because it is not due to anything under our control that we are needing to leave. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Green

  225. This is about Dish as a whole..yet AGAIN you are having contract problems, which, in turn, makes your service less than what I am paying are blocking 2 channels here in Redding, Ca. because of this dispute, one of which is a major network!
    On TOP of not receiving what I am PAYING for, you are RAISING your rates beginning in February! Put the shoe on the other foot..just how would YOU feel if I told you guys ” sorry, I’m having a dispute with my bank, so YOU will not be paid in full”. You guys would either shut off my service, or charge an enormous fee…this is the 2nd time is as many years that this is happening! I have been a customer since 2012, but now you guys are pushing it. Last time I did not complain, did not call or write. My reward was??? Being charged for service you did not give. I do NOT want to change providers due to the hassle, but this is now BEYOND trying to be patient. The ‘reward’ for staying quiet and taking your lack of service???? A raise in my bill you guys NOT keeping up YOUR part of our agreement! Pretty darn sad.
    You guys have a good thing that we want, but to abuse your customer base the way you do is pretty pitiful. Just ONCE it would be nice to have large companies actually APPRECIATE the customers that help keep them in business!

  226. I had a service call on Saturday 2/11/17. The Dish technician was Nick and he was very respectful, friendly, professional and helpful. He made the whole service call experience very pleasant and I am quite happy with the work that was done to upgrade my service. Please give him my compliments.

    Jeannette Montano
    Apple Valley, CA

  227. we live in a remote area–no cell phone service area, flooding just day before yesterday and couldn’t get out–we rely on you. When you decide to eliminate our world by communication I conclude you must be a Republican company and don’t want us to see Saturday Night Live. You will be rewarded in Trump’s afterlife.


  228. Hi,
    I’m sending this follow up because I noticed you didn’t answer my previous email.

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  229. My name is Shona Klusman. I have sent you a previous 3-mail, talked on the hone to tell I have canceled my Dish. You have sent me a box to ack and sent equipment to me. YOU HAVE STILL NOT FIXE!D MY PROBLEM! I just had cable through you. My Winstream for Pgne and Internet is solved. I just had a simple Cable hook-up for TV wint hoy. I do not have the other 2 pieces. Will someone answer this by e-mail.

  230. I am sick and tired of you not having NBC. I’m going to cancel my subscription and go somewhere else! I’ve had nothing but trouble with your service also.

  231. Would like to resolve a billing issue but was told there was no one else to talk to about issue. Since there are no notes cancelling the account that I would still have to pay for 3 months of service which I did not use. Although I have continued with Dish service through another account – someone who moved in to my home. In fact we increased her programing to help her out and then share the cost. I am not saving any money. Of course I am not interested in paying for a service twice. I was told I had to pay since there is not a call on record that I cancelled my account I have had with them for close to 17 years… WOW!

  232. My experience with dish since the alleged download that was supposed to be an upgrade on my dvr has been awful. The representatives are either incompetence or have trouble with the truth since the information they gave was false. I had a service call today where the service person damaged our wall unit and he could not finish with the hard drive. I am seriously considering dropping dish and moving to fios. The only reason I am trying to be patient is because service has been good most of my tenure with DISH. May I get a phone number for the general offices to voice my displeasure?

  233. I was with dish for 4 1/2 years and was told by customer service that I have to send the receivers back and if I didn’t I would be charged between 300 and 400 dollars for each ? receivers although leased are out of date and should not have to be returned after 4 1/2 years but customer service attitude was such that I doubt that I will not watch tv anymore before I ever go back to dish

  234. We are fed up with Dish network. We now can not get CBS, and have lost other stations in the past. We are tired of this and plan on switching. No wonder Dish is doing so poorly, I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

  235. I want you guys to know that in Jan 23 my apartment building was in fire and four of the apartment not liveable which one of them is mine,I don’t know yet if the equipment is working cause of the smoke demage,so I won’t behaving service for some time,thanks

  236. My apartment building was on fire on Jan 23, so I don’t know if the equipment is working cause of the smoke demage,can’t live in the apartment it’s not

  237. i called to cancel my service and i get hung up on then the next lady begs me to stay because i been with dish for twelve years then she says i have to pay to return equipment i didnt pay with direct tv or dish either last time i cancelled so i told her that i would never have dish again they can take their 15 dollar boxes and use as tissue for all i care i cant wait till u call my house again asking me to be a customer and ill tell everybody i know not to use dish i work with 8000 people and when im asked what tv company is best it sure wont be dish or direct tv nit isnt about the 15 dollars its the principle

  238. I am strongly considering switching to Dish from Directv. I have a lot of questions and I want the information in PRINT, not on the phone or chat. How can we do that? I would prefer email so that I have everything in writing. Thanks.

  239. I’ve had enough of the premium movie channel, Epix, at some point. What would I like to see is to email Dish Network to drop Epix and add girlzChannel to their channel lineup instead. I’ll also email the Disney corporation to transfer some of its shows and movies to girlzChannel. No one shows big movies like girlzChannel could. EPIX: We Get Big Complaints. Epix will be taken off the air. Who wants to watch Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale on EPIX? Several people have DVDs which kills the EPIX premium movie channel. Some of the MGM and Paramount movies deserve to be on either Disney Channel, Toon Disney, girlzChannel or Freeform instead of EPIX.

  240. Hi,

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  241. Miserable. I called last week to get help with my remote and new smart tv, and the problem was solved quickly. I was on hold for 20 minutes + for the first call. Before the end of the week the remote returned to the original problem. I called today, on hold 45 minutes, the tech kept me on the phone for 20 more minutes. No fix and I don’t think she had enough training to figure out the issue. The first tech did in a couple minutes though the problem returned within the week. For as much as dish costs I would like to have better tech service. I’m pretty unhappy- and I still have a problem. I will be looking into other tv services. If I get a call back from dish I would like to talk with someone that knows how to fix things please.

  242. I have tried to contact the RIGHT person in the RIGHT department in order to complain about a really lousy/botched new customer installation.! I need INTERNET to be able to use my phone and want to add the basic “welcome pack” only for the TV !.! the Dish tech installed the dish on the roof, ran the cables and left with no explanation of the package provided, the cost, the missing internet, etc..! he also arbitrarily added $ 8.oo (on what and for what , he would not say) and left ! It will be more days to wait for internet service provided by Hughes with nobody able to clarify the COSTS of both services..! A call from a landline 5 miles away, to this Adams provided no work order number, no confirmation number, no document presented and signed but ended by him insulting me by swearing..!! very nice employees hired by Dish…and nobody on hand to address this important issue.. calls were made to various number…many operators (Mary # UA4), Rudy, and two individuals almost totally incomprehensible ..result ZILCH
    At our other residence we have been Dish customers for almost 20 years (with a hiatus of a few years with Direct…!!and never experienced such bad treatment..!! one has tro wonder what the hell is going on..??

  243. I have Dish in Florida as well as in Míchigan, I have cancelled my Services in Clare Mi. And asked to have boxe to returned equipment back to Dish. I received a call today stating the box was delivered to a address that I lived in three years ago,however I was not a Dish customer at that location. Would you please delivered box to location where I cancelled Services at ?
    Please respond as I have sent several hours trying to get this by phone, ALL OF THEM On Hold

  244. I have Smart Pack but have noticed that several channels have been removed. Wish I knew exactly what I am suppose to have for what I pay.

  245. We are so disgusted with Dish. We have had to call them many times about different problems. Over 2 weeks ago we called for instructions on how to stop a recording. The lady said she would e-mail us the owner’s manual so we could read how to operate any function. We have not received the manual by e-mail.This is the second time we were told we could get the owner’s manual on the internet. Can you help us?

  246. I am not happy with your customer service. Last week I requested a copy of the tv stations i recieved on my plan and as yet have notgotten it. I would appreciate your attention on this matter. I would also like an over view of all the plans offered.
    abbobx5@verizon .net.

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  248. Well now we get to read about the PGA Championship since you took CBS down months ago. This is really getting old, with Football staring up I wonder how many games we will have to read about as well like the Golf coverage…. Wish I could say thank you

  249. Account No 8255909074963999. I have received several emails relating to this account. I am a UK citizen and have not taken out an account with DISH. This account relates to someone in the USA.

  250. I am a DISH customer and am On contract. I have been notified that my local TV station Channel 9 WAOW in Wausau , Wi. will not be in service for who knows how long. I am paying you for their broadcasts. You are breaking your contract with me by NOT giving me access to channel ( at my home. I consider that a breech of contract and it allows me to change from your service without penalty. I intend to investigate doing exactly that and will advice you as soon as I have done so. I do expect to hear from you on the issue in the very near future!
    Regard, Chuck Bolder Merrill, Wi.

  251. I talked to Amy_OPID_G2C, about replacing 12 year old remotes, and even though my service included free equipment replacement, she wanted to charge me $20 each to replace both of my old worn out remotes.

    I contacted Israel_OPID_HMA, and he told me Amy gave me bad information and was totally wrong for telling me that and gave me the remotes for free. He then was able to help me with a better plan to save me money.

    Israel was outstanding. That’s the type of service I should have gotten from the start.

    Thank you Israel!!!

    You made my day!

  252. You should be aware that many of your customers are being scammed by a caller stating that their receiver must be changed and that a deposit of $150. is to be paid by giving them a checking acct. # or credit card. They “verify” your info by checking on the customer name and last 4 of social security #. If you refuse to pay they go to Dish and order the Hopper to be installed at customer’s home.

  253. Well you say you listen to your customers well listen to this sighed up with you my tech came to my home and couldn’t wait literally 30 seconds for my husband to cut some limbs and left now I have to wait another week to get it turned not to mention my mom had directv which she paid for but now I just lost her and their gonna cut hers off and I will be without service until he comes back that’s why I chose you instead of direct now I call to complain and the first person I talk to said they could have someone by tomorrow and the second person said no I can’t believe the lack of respect you have for someone who has just suffered great loss I’m with you for two years but I will not recvommend you to anyone bet that so disrespectful

  254. Please help, a technician came out & put a antenna? Outside to get NBC since then no tv gets service but main tv, he moved my receiver, I never had a problem before, always got channels, good….since he moved receiver Iam so disappointed….please help….or I will have no choice but to change cable providers…

  255. We had a technician come out to install an additional room set up. He left wires hanging and drooping through walkways and in addition he drilled through an electrical conduit pipe. When I called to report this issue I was told it would take 3 days to get someone out to repair. I had my electrician look at the conduit and there were wires frayed. And still being told that it would be 3 days to get repairs. Im not one to complain but this is not good business practice by no means.

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  257. Service Account #8255-9098-9072-0987
    Let me start by saying that your service is the worst. We are lucky if we can watch something for 15 minutes without interruption. We are constantly loosing service or the screen freezes. I did call yesterday andour main box will be replaced. That still leaves us without service for the 3 months we’ve had you. We don’t turn the TV on much because we know we will not watch a show without interruption.

    Then I saw my next months bill – $150???? How is that possible???? The only thing I agreed to when someone came out to was for a surge protector ($34.99)that he said would help my viewing. It has NOT at all helped- so you can come and get your surge protector. Everything else I did not agree to and no one explained. So can someone call me and explain what is going on with my bill.

    I recently read up on your service and many people are dissatisfied. We plan on joining as a group and going to social media regarding your poor service and the extra unexplained charges you want to bill.

    Please call me at 630-660-0033

  258. I have tried to contact dish day and night for two days,on every phone number.its always a long wait.You have wasted my time That pisses my off.I want one answer.

  259. Good Morning…I would like to request an ongoing credit to cover the channels (now 3 of them) that I am paying for…I have been a loyal Dish Customer for many years and hope to continue with your service. I do not feel that I should pay for channels I am not receiving. I have received a
    $5 credit a couple of times – when I have called or been on a Chat session. I do not think I should have to go through this every
    month. Please advise… Thank You! Linda Lanquist

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