Contact Discovery Channel Customer Service

Contacting Discovery Channel Customer Service

Discovery Channel is a cable broadcasting channel that specializes in reality, survival and informative/educational programming. The channel also sells quite a bit of themed merchandise, including clothing and DVDs, associated with the shows. You can contact Discovery Channel by phone, email or standard mail, if desired.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There are no customer service phone numbers listed for the Discovery Channel, but there is a link to the Viewer Relations contact page. This page only offers an email contact form, not a phone number. We were able to locate various phone numbers for staff at the Discovery Channel.

  • Senior VP NY: 1-212-548-5555
  • VP Chicago: 1-312-946-0909
  • VP Atlanta: 1-404-364-5839
  • VP Detroit: 1-248-764-4400
  • Senior VP Los Angeles: 1-310-551-1611
  • Store Customer Service: 1-800-938-0333

Mailing Address

Hidden in the middle of a lengthy privacy policy is a contact mailing address for the Discovery Channel. The address can be used for privacy issues or customer relations.

Discovery Communications, LLC1 Discovery PlaceSilver Spring, MD 20910

Official Website

The official website for the Discovery Channel is available at The page is dedicated to all of the entertaining shows the channel offers, but you can also find some important information in the FAQs section. The contact us page link is there to route you to the various sub-companies like Animal Planet, Discovery Health and the main Discovery Channel.

Customer Service Email

On the corporate website you’ll find the Viewer Relations email form at This form is for anyone who wants to contact Discovery Channel customer service. We sent the customer service department a question about Les Stroud, a survival expert and star of various survival shows to see if there was a compilation DVD available with all the stars shows. The contact form is multiple pages and takes forever to fill out.

Our Experience

When we called the corporate office in NY our call was answered by an operator or switchboard attendant. We asked about purchasing a DVD set of all the Les Stroud shows. The agent told us we’d need to contact the customer service department for the Discovery Store at 1-800-938-0333. When we said we could not find a compilation on the store page, she said the corporate office does not deal with store items or customer service issues. We called the store and the agent told us the Survivorman series was available, but none of the other shows offered in Canada.

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488 Comments on “Contact Discovery Channel Customer Service
  1. Contacted support via email, both times I got the exact same automated response – your order was shipped out via FedEx, here’s the link. I already had checked FedEx prior to contacting them, and even told them that…Dont bother with customer service, just cancel your order Nd get your money back


  2. Will no longer watch any of your channels and will boycott all advertisers on any of your shows until you bring back sons of guns and american guns and show support for the 2nd ammendment> You obviously have no problem making money from shows that feature guns and violence yet you cower to media pressure and remove the
    only two shows that are not violence related why not cancell Amish Mafia which glorifies vigilante justice and their favorite gun The AR15 why is this show still on the air if you are going to cancell gun shows you had better cancell them ALL. even then I still will watch something other than Discovery HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT

    • Yes and quit supporting the NAZI Fockker airplanes and
      their so called Ace Pilots. I could have sworn they lost the war and all I see is FOCKKER FOCKKER and NAZI
      coat tales. I have family killed by the NAZIs and here All I see is support for their deeds. Hey, they murdered 6 million innocent women & children. HELLO???

      Shame on your program.


  3. Hide that giant Moonshiners jar in the bottom right hand corner of screen which just blocks the visual effects of cool shows like Africa.

  4. Why don’t you just take EVERY thing on your Network off the air that AS any thing to do with GUN DRUGS and Drinking!! OOooh then you would not have any thing on there to watch!! I you are cutting SONS OF GUNS then cut the military channel off!!s too!! They show GUNS so dose about half your shows! MOONSHINERS , that’s another good one , it shows how to make ILLEGAL Alcohol , man that’s just what we need to know!!
    I guess you can tell I am not happy with the choices that you have made! I know the school shooting was bad for everyone , but don’t take shows like SONS OF GUNS off the air. If people do not want to watch them let them change chanels or put them on in a later time slot!! The american people love their GUNS and their gun shows!

  5. It amazes me that Discovery Channel has decided to cancel American Guns as well as Sons of Guns that portray legal business owners manufacturing items fundamentally inherent to the what made this country, but yet continue shows such as Amish Mafia, The Devils Ride, and now adding Outlaw Empires that portray nothing but violence and illegal activity. I am very disappointed their corporate decisions and in that Discovery Channel!

  6. I am tired of seeing animals needlessly slaughted to feed someone’s bloodlust. I see that everyday in Texas and it sickens me. I will shut my programming off. I used to love discovery channel. Now I don’t even want it on my tv. Incidently, at least Sons of Gun, and American Guns showed proper gun safety. Another thing we have little of in Texas.

    • ……amen for calling it like it is, bro. The Devils Ride is the fakest of all those produced shows. Even there vests ( called “cuts” in the real outlaw world) look like the producers had their patches made at a local “Embriod Me” shop. Pathetic. True Outlaw biker clubs would never allow themselves to be filmed. Prospects are not even allowed in the club house until their a full patched member. The producers of this show have screwed up, but it also shows you how the upper echelon of The Discovery Channel can be hood-winked by a below average producer.

  7. I despise Yukon Men . These people are lazy and do not want to get a real job. People like them have no place in society . 89-91% of Americans do not hunt. These are not their animals to kill, they belong to all of us. I hope all of the losers on the show meet a terror filled end. What is wrong with Discovery Channel? Don’t you have anything better than that. Shame on you for letting that fatso kill a trapped wolverine that was “stealing’ his food. Shape up and quit glorifying outcasts.

    • Why the hell would you turn on your tv to see someone who is behaving like most other people. Most people bore me. Isn’t the point to discover a difference from “normal”? An alternative to fitting a mold?

    • Hey Lana, I dont even know how to begin this, I am watching Sons of winter and I am supposed to feel some sort of empathy for them, these youngsters who are killing animals left and right, oh poor them, I am sorry if you want to live this way give up all and any modern equipment, live the way we did 1000 years ago, or 10,000 years ago.Sorry Lana there is no justice for a wolverine or a bobcat, wow I have duct tape I am a survivor. seriously.

    • All of you people putting these comments in here are all freaking idiots and need to get a life yall are all freaking just plain stupid ass retards

  8. Thank you for the good writeup. It in reality was a amusement account it. Look advanced to more delivered agreeable from you! By the way, how can we keep in touch?

    • Lol…. Ryan… You Da Man, Bro! Let’s do it! We’ll get mopeds, call ourselves the Mopegans, and run both “clubs” ( using that ever so loosely of course ) out of town…… And back to sububerbia where all live with their wife’s who really where the pants in all there families. They probably all work in Silicon Valley as programmers!

  9. There are hundreds of mythbusters episodes but all you ever show are the same handful over and over. Seen the same ones 5 times each and others I’ve never seen. Just wandering why this is and who set’s the lineup.

  10. your show pot cops has to be the biggest bunch of BS in the world! All you do is show the gigantic amount of goverment resources that is wasted on this war on pot. And they talk about the danger and violence of this problem, but we have yet seen one shot fired by anyone pot growers or cops what a bunch of lies you portray! I and my friends will boycot your channel until you can show some responsible jornalism. RIP DC

  11. “Weed country ” was amazingly well done and put together . This was the very best program ever that has ever been on the discovery channel . I watched everything in it’s entirety including 100 percent of your ads that were quite frequent but even that didn’t bother me . It was worth it .
    I rest again and again….. Best program ever !

  12. Why has Discovery Channel cancelled most of its ‘gun related shows’ such as a
    American Guns, Sons of Guns (cancelled last year and just aired season 5 first show Top Gun, but for how long? I’ve read things saying its political (government) pressure, fear of lawsuits,etc. Those were some of your BEST and most anticipated shows on your lineup. I am a Neilson Family member and I don’t spend as much time on your network as I used to for that reason. Beleive it or not, MOST Americans own firearms and look forward to shows you used to air. I feel there should be more no less of these shows on television as the show safe, sane and lots of people can relate to these type programs, even politicians. Your lineup is plain ‘boreing’ without these to look foreward to. Thank you for reading my concerns,
    Respectfully, Ember

    • I love deadliest catch to, But also hate the tweets, The Direct TV adds, What’s coming on next week, & What I am watching. If they would stop that , the ratings will be higher then 1.9 .It’s not the show ,It’s the channel.
      1.If people are sending tweets ( they are NOT watching the show )
      2. Adds run 10 mins every 1/2 hour(10 mins adds,20 mins show)
      Don’t need to run adds while the show is on. ( DIRECT TV )
      3. If I want to know what is on next week ( I’ll like in the TV Guide )
      4. If I am watching Deadliest on my the TV ( I KNOW I AM WATCHING IT, don’t need them to tell me ) If I am driving down the road in my car I don’t need a sign telling me that I am driving down the road in my car .

      • Totally agree. Very negative and thoughtless treatment off viewers. We just turn off till theres something worth warching. I personally wTch ever less of this time wasting activity due to ad nonsense.

  13. Once you have shown the episode about the making of the earth on discovery. Please make a repeat telecast of that episode or please send me a full dvd of that episode.

  14. Tom Selleck does one hell of a job as narrator for the North America series. Keep up the excellent work

  15. Hi I’m lily and I’m 10 years old I would love to become a storm chaser it’s been my dream forever I watch storm chasers everyday!

  16. While watching the Nick Wallenda walk over the Grand Canyon, I had to mute it. The ‘thank you jesus’ got to be so freaking annoying. Talk about a ‘stunt for jesus’.

  17. I think your advertising for naked and afraid is inappropriate! We were trying to watch the live Skywire and I was embarrassed by your ads. I think you should be ashamed of yourselves by the content of that series!

  18. I just finished watching the Discovery Channel special with Nik Wallenda crossing the Grand Canyon with my family that included children and teenagers. We were so disgusted with the previews on “Naked and Afraid”. It is unbelievable that you are actually doing a show like that. It is a tacky, tasteless preview. I can’t imagine how bad the actual show is and I don’t intend on finding out. What I really hate is that we are watching a decent show and suddenly the whole family is exposed to that trash. Needless to say, we have changed the channel.

  19. Does anybody know if the show Naked and Afraid Uncensored is actually uncensored,or is it just an extended version of the censored show? Networks sometimes mislead viewers into believing a show is uncensored,but still censor the nudity,but allow some cuss words.

  20. About “Military Channel”. Very good programs HOWEVER they hardly ever show the brave stories of the destroyer Navy!
    Just look up the story called “The Ship that would not Die!” The story of the USS Laffey DD724. They fought on the “picket” line around Okinawa and shot down many suicide planes. They took a beating. This ship now is a museum ship at “Patriots Point” in South Carolina. There were two more Destroyers there that shot down a record number of Kamakazi and were floating wrecks but survived.

  21. I am very disappointed in the Discovery Channel for showing Naked and Afraid. Your channel is really changing and not for good. You are now showing porn and we have quit watching your channel. Now tonight we are watching the animal channel and see the porn commercial for naked and afraid. We are sorely disappointed in them as well now. It is sad that you would want to lose customers like this. I have friends that are parents and no longer watch the discovery channel. Shame! Shame on you for wanting to be a porn channel. Shame!!!!

  22. I once loved the discovery channel back when you could actualy learn something from it now all you guys show are programs fit for trailer trash your programing sucks and that’s sad you guys need to take the libral gun hating stick out of your butts and put the onley decent shows you had back on sons of guns and weaponology just cause some crazy guy shot up a school dosent mean guns are bad its the people who are bad and btw criminals will always find away to get guns so taking them away from normal people and advocating this will inlet make the rest of us sitting ducks Maby if there were an armed officer or security guard at sandy hook the damage would not have been soo severe and the loss of life may have been drasticly redueced not that any loss of life is good

  23. Disappointed in your new show advertisement during Bool Oil show. I had to change the channel after seeing the naked man in “Naked and Still Alive”. I can not let my family watch Discovery. You are supposed to be a family channel

  24. Subject: Deadliest Catch.
    Captain Keith and most of the crew on the Wizard FV are bullies.
    Dane Tebo ( the greenhorn who Freddy wanted to beat up and bully) should hire a Lawyer and sue Keith and any other silent owners of the FV Wizard.
    I will not watch Deadliest Catch or purchase any products from the sponsors of the show if the Wizard is allowed to remain associated with the show. Fire the Wizard and bring on another FV to replace the wizard.
    Discovery Channel producers need to re-think keeping the Wizard.

  25. This is awesome channel in the world. I ‘ll say ‘wow’ channel.
    Can u start the show for music lover. How to learn a guitar. Plzz sir

  26. flipping thru the channels today, came upon a reality show about warlock bikers gang, I must say you give new meaning to the phrase corporate greed, no matter how you try to put it this show along with many others in your group has 1 oz of respect. to glorify ‘violence and to have one of these criminals compare themselves to member of the military is a insult to our brave military. let me ask what does your network stand for? no need to answer I know nothing that’s what….

  27. PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE cut back on the number of commercials!!!!!!!!!!! It is impossible to enjoy ANYTHING on ANY of your networks without a show being interrupted with the same commercials every 5 minutes over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!! I don’t have mesothelioma or need a lawyer, I don’t need a payday loan, I could care less about improper pelvic mesh devices and I sure as hell HATE seeing/hearing about that little white trash in training, HONEY BOO-BOO or her disgusting family members!!! Get it together! Your networks and programming used to be so much better! PS – GET RID OF HONEY FREAKING BOO-BOO!!!!

  28. Every one of you with negative comments about the naked and afraid nudity need to shut your stupid mouth. First of all, none of you were exposed to anything offensive. Second, people being naked is natural and you taking offense to it is due to your mislead upbringing and your twisted mind that can’t see a human body in its natural state without automatically thinking that it is porn. Just because you let your wife watch you rant about “naked” people on TV doesn’t make up for your internet porn addiction.

    And too the discovery channel;
    Don’t make another series that has the exact same censorship and call it uncensored. That is B.S. on a number of levels. Other than adding ammunition to the sheltered morons addressed above, it is obvious fishing for ratings at the expense of people hoping to catch an easy glimpse of a nipple. And on top of it all, its just FALSE ADVERTISING.

    • You claim “people being naked is natural”…. What? Get a clue you hippie! Not on supposed educational channels! The nudity is purely a cheap gimmick to get ratings. This goes for every other moronic unrealistic reality show on these stations who have little ethics or class.

  29. I so thoroughly enjoyed your Megalodon show that I
    discussed it with friends the next day; only to find out
    it was a fake! My friends had a lot of fun with me and
    my red face. I was shocked that a channel I trusted for
    years would pull that stunt. If the other viewers who
    were also sucked in do what I’m about to do the rest of
    shark week, you’ll be able to use your ratings for “chum.”

  30. I’ve watch your channel to learn something. Last night I wasted 2 hours watching a fiction piece of crap disguising as a documentary. Megalodon was poor fiction.

    I’m not going to watch your channel ever again until you apologize for this poor attempt to get viewers. Since you’ve do this, its like a lie. How am I ever to believe again what you’re showing as truth. Try the Sci-Fi Channel.

    • I totally agree with Tim and Joe and Billy and Mark…. Come on discovery channel you don’t have to do what every one else does just to make money, Teach my children good things not bad..

  31. Just wanted to say I’m sick of the fake dramatized episodes that are portrayed as “educational”. First the mermaids and megalodon? If I can not watch your program without being certain I am viewing honest, educational material…. I will discontinue viewing the discovery channel, as I’m sure will many others. FYI, if your going to make science fictional episodes, making the viewers completely aware prior to obligating themselves to your bogus fairy tail shows…. At least you would not seem so misleading and perceptive. I’m pretty much to the point to where every show I watch on discovery note is probably b.s. thanks 🙂

  32. Extremely disappointed in the megaladon fake. Not what I expect from discovery channel. I plan to contact all your advertisers on that show as well to voice my disgust with their promotion of the farce.

  33. i have watched hundreds of hours of excellent shows on your channel, both educational and historical. why do you bring yourselves down with garbage like “shelby the swamp man” and the ever popular “swamp people”. why would you pay money to broadcast downright stupid people? get out of the trash business and stick to history and education.

    • I can’t agree with you more. Once upon a time Discovery Communications put on excellent reality or historically accurate programs. Now all we get are hillibillies, hicks, fantasies and programming to the lowest common denominator – intelligence wise. The programming has nothing to do with the channels they produce – Animal Planet has nothing to do with animals anymore. I mean, Treehouses…? Military Channel has fewer and fewer actual military programs being broadcast. And Ancient Alines?!?!
      Discovery may be making a pot of money, but I don’t watch any of their fake and\or insulting programs anymore.

  34. Did you think the phony shark “documentary” was funny? My home has four viewers. I mean had four viewers. I will not allow your channel in my home ever, ever again.

  35. I used to enjoy the discovery channel but I’m very disappointed in the current line up airing now. It’s sad to see made up drama/reality shows on discovery channel.

  36. Amish Mafia is a complete injustice to the Amish. And if any of it were true, they should all be in jail — as they are doing Crimes on TV.

    I cant believe you have stooped this low!
    Time to boycott Discovery Channel!

  37. I love watching the discovery channel,but very time that stupid pot cops comes on I get soooo angry.. We “Pot Heads” really take offence when we see you glorifying the persecution of innocent poor people. Marijuana should be decriminalized or made legal for all Americans. Most of the country either smoke weed or don’t care if others do. Those cops are total ass holes. I feel so sorry for the poor people on SSI that get busted just trying to survive.. My husband likes to watch to see the beautiful plants these people grow, but I change the channel whenever it is on. And as much as I hate to say it I will stop watching your channel. And I know a lot of other people who feel the same way…. Think about it before you have another season or show another episode. If you do some research, which I assume the discovery channel does, you will learn that the health benefits and industrial aspects of pot could help save the world.. Have you ever heard of Hempcreat? better then cement. Do you know that the oil from the seeds could replace our need for petroleum products? Do you know we could save the rain forests by utilizing hemp to make paper products and cardboards? Did you know that in colonial days pot was a mandatory crop for farmers to grow? Did you know that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein and Bill Gates all smoked weed? Just to name a few… Please stop glorifying a practice that only began in the 1930’s due to the greediness of people Like the Hurst and Dows. And did you know that the American public bought this propaganda because the used predigest against African American citizens by saying they would smoke this evil weed and come and rape and pillage the white women of America?? Please put more positive shows on the air instead. Our jails are over crowded with real prisoners and I think my tax dollars could be spent in a much more productive manner. Thank you for your time and please put real educational shows on your station.. Because I hate to loose a good friend. Thank you

  38. I agree with Adam, Tickle glorifies one of the biggest health problems America has,and that alcoholic is getting rich.. If you need to throw good money down the drain, send some to me. I’m barley able to survive on my SSI payments now and my house payment just went up again.. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the next 5 years until my home is finally paid off. I just hope you don’t make a home about homeless people and I’m the star. Thank you for your time

  39. I have boycotted Discovery channel and all of it’s advertisers and I urge everyone to do the same. Discovery fit and health has programming that promotes unhealthy lifestyles and relationships. Dr. Tye does not know what he is talking about. He thinks that swinging is a great choice for couples. I know several marriages that were ruined by swinging and children who are suffering because of it. The weekly series about swinging makes people think that everyone is doing it and it’s no big deal. Discovery should be put out of business for this sick and disgusting programming.

  40. Your show regarding Megladon was DISGRACEFUL and I WILL NEVER EVER watch your channel again. This show BETRAYED ALL that is sacred for a channel that used to portray nature in an honest way…. I grew up on Discovery and I hope it was worth the ratings to your producers…. I will make it my passion for the REST of my life to educate everyone I come in contact with…. That your channel LIES and Fabricates for ratings! I HOPE YOUR laughing at your temporary success…

  41. Regarding “Nightmare Next Door”: Stop the silly background music. I believe the same track is used in “Too Cute” on the Animal Planet. The narration whimsy is just as unfitting. These are NIGHTMARES, are they not? Speak about them as if they are serious matters. Thank you.

  42. I have a home computer business and watch Discovery Channel Investigation ID all the time. I have been sadden by all the new poor uninteresting shows..Beauty Queen Murders-Evil Kin-Who the Bleep did I marry-Secrets Sins-Southern Fried Homicide and others. Homicide Hunter was good and I saw where it is cancelled.
    Please go back to filming & showing Disappeared. There are many many missing that could be covered. With this show there is some hope of helping someone.I see the same shows repeated instead of new ones.
    PLEASE film more Disappeared.

  43. After watching one episode of pot cops I had to turn off my tv. I just cannot watch cops making up charges on people. Look if these people who get arrested are growing pot fine arrest them for growing, but do not sit there and add charges that are made up. Just makes me wonder who are the real criminals, because the way the law enforcement is right now if you look at a cop the wrong way you are going to jail for something stupid like visual assault. We have the most incarcerated population in the civilized world weed is the least of our problems. If the cops on this program want to fight real crime start with the corrupt government who on record flies the hard drugs in from Afghanistan. Don’t Believe it go watch a you clip from when the war over there first started we have our Marines guarding the poppy fields it was Geraldo Rivera who did the interview on Fox News.

  44. Discovery Channel/NBC is false advertisers. They email you and tell to watch a particular show like “Gold Rush” and look for a clue to enter a sweepstakes, and there is no clue anywhere broadcasted or seen on the whole length of the show. So eprize is nothing but a fake. So, stop bugging my email account fakers. Shame on you guys.

  45. I enjoy watching Gold Rush but must say that im not a fan of the Hoffmans. But have learn a lot watching it. I have a question for the gold expert there. I have been prospecting a area that my father was told about a long time ago there are some small mines in the area but not anything major and I found traces of gold over a large area and tryed to use a metal detector but there is too much iron around. I told a small rock about the size of a ball ball crushed it and after i got all the black iron sand out of it there was a clear line of gold there. What would be a low cost way to crush ore starting out beside a hammer? And what other then a falt line or old river beds would then source of it be at? And about how much does it cost to file a claim? thanks for any help that you might be able to give me and good luck hope the kid wins it these year and cant wait to see whats at the bottem of the glory hole. Keep the dreams alive.. Thanks Agin and I will be watching..

  46. Watching “Homesteading Alaska” – they need to be turned in for animal cruelty! — has Charlotte ever heard of “Udder balm” for the poor cow with the sore udder” — and why is the calf still nursing” — Why after 70 years on the farm there is no nice big barn to get the calves and young horses out of the cold and mud? — The family seems to have all the equipment they need to do jobs – where to do get the money to do this?
    Willa Thompson – Texas

  47. I watch Gold Rush each week and enjoy the show but I do have a concern. Each episode somebody blows some sort of hydraulic line on a piece of equipment and loses gallons upon gallons of hydraulic fluid onto the ground. Who is responsible for cleaning that up because that is a heck of an environmental hazard. I mean it’s a hazard to dump a quart of oil on the ground cause of the ground water contamination that it will cause, I can’t even imagine the hundreds of gallons I’ve seen dumped on the ground in the show.

  48. love your shows ( gold rush ) hate the number of commercials !!!!! its horrible the number of commercials !! every ten minutes of show you have five minutes of commercials !!

  49. Do not buy anything from the street outlaws they are scam artist and if you order something online from them they will charge your card and you will not receive your merchandise. I’m not the only person that has had this problem.

  50. The only reason I pay for cable is for the Discovery Channel. I watch it 24 hours a day.

    However, I am about ready to save myself some money and stop cable and watch Netflix due to the fact your channels show that ASPCA Commercial constantly. I have always supported the SPCA. I donate. Like the majority of Americans, I am against cruelty to animals. Why do you feel it’s necessary to bombard the public with these terribly sad commercials? We get it, we understand, but for God’s sake… give us a break! We don’t need to hear and see the depressing music, tear-jerking narration, and slow motion clips of sad-looking wounded animals all day. I would love to get through one show without getting depressed by your commercial! Everyone changes the channel when they come on. Just research how people are fed up with this!

  51. According to the History channel and your associated channels, everyone that had anything to Biblical times was white. How believable is that? It is 2014 it is time to be truthful.

    • I actually like Les, although your complaints about him are well noted. But in his defense, he actually tries to show survival under real circumstances the average person could duplicate. It might not be pretty, but it is effective. There is no point in showing us things like what Bear does, who the heck can do it besides someone who is trained in special forces and everything else known to man? Most people in real danger need to know just how to survive until they can get rescued, Les shows that, even if it is bugs and plants. You will know which ones you can eat and which ones you cant and why. Give him a break. I would love to see him and Cody Lundin teamed up together. Viv

  52. Les Stroud n Survivorman is a Joke ! That guy couldn’t survive if he was camping across the street from a 7-11. He can’t hunt for crap. If he can’t find bugs or plants he starves. How in the hell did he ever get a show ? You guys that desperate for a Survival show ? He is a want to be Harmonica player n he’s not that good. It least Bear Grylls admits to taking a Camera crew. Do u know how many times you see a different angle from the camera hitting him n it’s not one of his. Also that has to be one of the DUMBEST things I ever have seen, put your camera down n walk 500 yards. then come back n get your camera n walk 500 yards, over n over again. Les Stroud is a geek. You could tell by the way he ran that he has about as much athletic ability as Pee Wee Herman. Yeah right he doesn’t have a crew with him, I guarantee at the end of him filming he gets up n goes into a tent with a cot n has a steak n Beer. Les Stroud is RIDICULOUS. He’s a Mr. Rogers of Survival. Truly a 12 yr. old Girl Scout could survive better then him. Get him off the Air n fill it even with your Fake Shark, even that would better. Every time I see the commercial for his new season holding a spear in the water I just start laughing my ass off. He better pray there’s Crawdads in that pond n he has bubble gum n string to catch them. Either way GET THAT GEEK OFF THE AIR, he will NEVER come close to Bear Grylls.

  53. Discovery Science Channel or Science Fiction Channel?
    Your company really went of the deep end with your mermaid and gigantic shark specials….. I don’t get it. And now your reality or not so reality shows. The so called homesteaders that live only a few miles from town that appear to live in the boondocks, not so much! And lately this Mick Dodge character that you created, that has lived in the wilderness as a wild man? Let’s look at a few things, his teeth are almost Hollywood, his buckskin clothing is always laundry fresh, hiss feet have lived in shoes for most of their lives, he seems to be eating wax or mealworms from the bait shop that were planted to look as if they were giant maggots, he catches dead crabs from a tidal pool, which he makes wiggle along with stashing valuables throughout the forest like a leprechaun. And the most ridicules thing is me taking the time to write this quick note calling you out on your B.S.. So in a nut shell… Discovery Channel = Epic Fail.

    • I aggree there’s enough bad reality tv Chanel’s how can discovery Chanel fall into this greedy terrible entertainment u need to start reading again and turn off

  54. I think it is really annoying on Klondike to have in big letters ‘Klondike continues in…’ Is it really necessary?

  55. I am so sick of the encroachment on my screen while im watching your programs , your adds are almost on every corner of my screen……Please sstop , or I will not watch your ststion thank you

  56. I LOVED your Klondike mini-series. It had an exciting plot and dynamic characters.Hope you do more historical fiction like this in the future! Best thing on TV for years!! Thank you.

  57. Recently we watched your show “Klondike.” What a dreary, disappointing mini-series. We kept thinking it would get better, but to no avail. If you’re going to host such drivel, we will avoid such a waste of time. I don’t know how much you spent on this series, but it not well spent. I don’t know how you convinced the lead carrier (Rob from an excellent mini-series “Game of Thrones,” but he should be more careful about the roles he chooses.

  58. I’m trying to watch your Klondike series on demand but you have posted only part one and part three , could you please post part two. My cable provider said there is nothing they can do because you have control over what is shown and when

  59. I would like to know if you would be interested in putting our Mini Australian toy shearperds on your show. My daughters 3 year old mini is going to have puppies on Valentines Day. She is going to have 8 puppies. My grand pup Flyer was artificially insemenated. Her web site is on the ineternet. My daughets name is Amanda Armitage and lives in Woodburn, Oregon. I thought your show might be interested in have her dilervery on your show.

  60. Caleb from the show Amish Mafia is alive and well on the TLC in Virginia Beach Virginia going by the name of Brock the handyman.
    Please let Levi know.
    Thanks so much.

  61. I have been watching Alaska the Last Frontier thru live stream feed and I am quite sure that by watch the live feed I got some Trojan Virus and some other virus on my computer I don’t think I will watch it again

  62. is there anyway you could cut your up and coming attractions advertising after the preveise show so we can enjoy a full program some of the adverts are over a minute an half long and just as you are into the program you start your adverts IRATE CUSTOMER


    • Easy on the caps.
      You mean to tell me that you actually like to see these slobs take advantage of a child? Although I know it is just shock TV, using a child like this should be illegal and dealt with in the harshest way.

  64. Please take rods n’ wheels off the air!!! This is the most horrible show on TV. The people on the show are annoying! They are just wanna be car reality show. It just plain sucks! Please put fast n’ loud and street outlaws back on the snow and just cancel this ASAP! THE SHOW IS HORRIBLE!

  65. Please take Todd Hoffmanns whining, inept, blaming, cursing, blasphemous (claiming to be Christian, then talking, swearing as he does, part of the show off the air. I know you use them as a dumb/dumber crew, but surely w/all interest in this show you can good replacement!

  66. Why do you have to junk up the screen with logos? People should know what channel they are watching unless they are extremely dumb. Also other listings of shows and then captions of people talking English! You can’t see the program you are viewing!! I love the shows you offer but I’m considering not watching the channel anymore due to the fact of all the crap you leave on the screen when a program is airing! What is the need for this????? Please accommodate your viewers by making your channel pleasant to watch again and only display on the screen what is scheduled to air! The junk you put on the screen is awful and does not do you or me any good, just plain annoying. I would love to hear back. Would you do me that courtesy please? Thank you for bringing us great programming.

  67. I would like to point out a satellite view of a pyramid-shaped hill located NE of Jiepaizhen & West of Baidianxiang, in the center of Hunan Province of China. I would be happy to e-mail the pictures I got from my Google satellite search based on the story about the Great White pyramid of China perameters from the tale of the WWII Airman account. This “hill” could appear to be a great white pyramid if it was covered in snow and the sun was either rising or setting behind the top of it making it appear to have a jewel on the top.

  68. I have a few questions regarding your unwatchable “Ice Cold Gold.” Did the producer search far and wide for the seven biggest whining complainers in the country? We have to learn how to handle stress! Woo if we step on that moss we could die! Look at that fog, we can’t even see base camp! It could be a killer! On and on and on. Just awful. Unwatchable.

  69. Naked and afraid is the very worst show on TV. It is disgusting and not for kids to watch. I would not allow any kid to watch this show. Even the advertisements is disgusting show them naked and acting like they are praying to God why would you do that.

  70. OMG, is it necessary to have commercials DURING the shows now? Now it seems that having 3 corners of the screen covered in commercials WHILE I AM TRYING TO WATCH THE SHOW!! The lower right corner is the Discovery Channel logo, which seems to be there all the time now instead of shown periodically. The upper corners have commercials of whats next, new shows, and even the show I am currently watching. We are barraged by advertisement wherever we go now. We can’t get away from it. Now I can’t even watch my favorite TV shows without missing parts of the screen due to advertisments. It kind of detracts from a majestic view of Alaska, for example, when the screen is littered with ads. I am done being subjected to this.

  71. Enjoy your wide range of shows on your networks. Enjoy the Duggar series have no interest in your following of Josh & Anna Duggar whom we find boring and ‘wanna-he’s’. Please concentrate on the main Duggar family.

  72. U know I can even watch your channel with my family because of the nasty butts you feel u have to put on all day long in adds. Put clothes on the people like your other hit shows and your major audience and supporters will return. We have stopped watching and many others I know have done the same. We have blocked u out wake up

  73. Docufiction? Lies portrayed as fact. I am disgusted to find that programming that I used to consider scientific and enlightening has become no better than the National Enquireor. You can take your mermaids and shove them where the ratings don’t shine. I am not the type of person that typically complains in these types of forums, but I am pissed. I won’t be watching your networks any longer.

  74. I live here in ranger Texas and wish to have velocity to watch will I be able to get it on cable or Comcast.

  75. The best show I have seen in a long time is Lord of the car hoards, love the whole concept and the cast is outstanding I hope this fine show sticks around a long while another great show from the best channel on tv thank you

  76. I absolutely love deadliest catch, dual survival and survivorman. I do not however like how you lie about a show being NEW. the 4/23/14 episode of dual survivor said that if was a NEW epsisode and that it was the first time it could have been viewed. what a lie. I watched the same episode a month prior. Atacama desert, Chile episode. Im losing trust quick with discovery. so many shows on discovery are terrible. keep discovery basic. enough with building bikes and cars. discovery fix it it or you will lose a lot of viewers via me. trust me a lot to lose.

  77. RE: Mermaids: The Body Found

    The mermaids: the body found, was pretty good. I wish that it was true but sadly no. it was a good attempt but come on now. You people know better than that. I thought you people tell the truth. I look up to you guys for insights. But I do know you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. so from now on, tell the truth. nothing else but the truth, please and thank you.
    With fake news broadcasts; fake amateur video and fake expert interviews, the story lays out a fake conspiracy worthy of the “X-Files.” the Navy is so determined to develop their sonar technology that they’re prepared to drive to extinction an intelligent species related to humans. I think you guys need more realistic and truthful things on t.v.

  78. Why is it that the producers of discovery channel shows such as: Bear Grylls, Ax men and now for the 2nd time Dual Survival- can’t just let the people in the shows alone. It seems that they (producers) are always asking for more drama-more drama -more drama. I watch the shows for education -not drama. We won’t be tuning in any longer- until changes are made- in allowing the people in the shows to have a voice in keeping these shows real. I’m again very upset with Bear, Shelby, Dave Canterbury and now Cody Lundins treatment by the Discover Channel- their are others-we could go on!
    Bob and Cindy

  79. Why is it that the producers of discovery channel shows such as: Bear Grylls, Ax men and now for the 2nd time Dual Survival- can’t just let the people in the shows alone. It seems that they (producers) are always asking for more drama-more drama -more drama. I watch the shows for education -not drama. We won’t be tuning in any longer- until changes are made- in allowing the people in the shows to have a voice in keeping these shows real. I’m again very upset with Bear, Shelby, Dave Canterbury and now Cody Lundins treatment by the Discover Channel- their are others-we could go on!
    Bob and Cindy

  80. I tried to contact customer relations, and nothing happened. My comments never went through.

    Is there any chance that you will bring back ‘Dirty Jobs’ with Mike Rowe? It was funny, down to earth, and watchable.
    Mike Rowe seems like a likeable guy.

    Thanks for listening.

  81. Guess you guys took the easy way out today Memorial Day and ran another suck ass gas monkey garage marathon. Sucks I’m so sick of gas monkey I won’t be watching discovery channel today. Thanks for nothing.

  82. I just spent several days with Cody Lundin on a survival adventure. The man knows more than you will every know. He not only studies it, but lives it. I saw the video where Joe and Cody disagreed. Why did you side with Joe? Cody is and will always be the expert. He has spent his life becoming so. Fools that you are, I will not be watching again.. Very disappointed in your network.
    Sheri Forman. You can quote me!

  83. Since the firing of CODY LUNDIN I will no longer watch this channel!!!! JOE THETI is arrogant and boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. I can’t believe Joe tried to upstage his new partner Matt Graham on the first show of duel survivor. By running out and stabbing that boar that Matt had already killed, what was he trying to prove, that he is an ass.
    SHAME ON YOU JOE…I certainly hope the Discovery Channel gets thousands of millions of complaints on you and your so called special training and sack you before we all decide to tune out…You are a looser. My boys are special ops and say you are an embarrassment. You have no respect of nature and belong on a battle field, not a show to teach individuals how to survive. Go drink some piss, it suits you

  85. I detest Joe on dual survivor. He is arrogant, bossy and dangerous. I think you should start a new show starring Cody Lundin and Les Stroud. Both are mild tempered and both teach skills the average person can duplicate.They are both humble and people orientated. I would love to see the two of them teamed up. By the way, if Joe Tetti thinks he is so great, put him up against Bear Gryllis. imho


  87. Will no longer watch dual survival until you bring back Cody. He made the show. Those other guys are losers.

  88. My gripe is about Dual Survival. I think Joe is an ok guy, but you guys should have fired him. Not Cody. Joe seems to whine a lot & its annoying. He whined a lot when he was working with Cody. Now hes whining a lot working with Matt. He seems to think a lot of the ideas of his partner is ‘a bad idea’. Its getting old.

  89. Your network was very interesting at one time to watch, but not any more. There is too much repeating of the programming, which boring. Also you show maybe five minutes of program,and more time on the commercials. That is why I do not watch your network, as much as before. Keep up the many repeats, and I as a customer, you will be losing. And actually your replies to customers are the same b.s., not even saying that the program will improve, or what. I feel that this comment is even a waste of my time.

  90. The Deadliest Catch is pur families favourite show and we couldn’t wait for season 10. Low and behold we can’t watch it as a family anymore. The language is unedited and no age restriction warning besides it showing PG13 but nothing that says bad language. Totally disgusted.

  91. Muy decepcionado con el programa de matanza que tienen ahora, a las 8 pm donde todavía los niños ven T.V.. Pensé que ustedes daban programas educativos. Por qué cambiar lo educativo por ver la Sangre correr? En nada contribuye a la sociedad este tipo de programa, si es que se le puede llamar programa. Es mí pensar.

  92. I love watching many Discovery shows; however, the useless slaughter of ANY animals should be taken of. Also, I wont bother asking about proof that some of your shows are fake! Many, Many people think they are. That being said, Are your so-called documentaries fact, or fiction used for entertainment. Specifically, I want to know about “The Russian Yeti”, and the party of young people found dead. Was there a REAL picture of the Yeti displayed, and was there a letter from one of the students saying “The Snowman Lives”? Why would I want to watch a bunch of fake hogwash, advertised as being fact?

    Jere W. Gist


  94. Is your target viewers 16yr old trailer park boys? Quit touting you show educational programing, you did at one time. I sure miss it. Thankful for pbs. please change your programing back to the quality educational shows it once aired. if you dont, change your name to trailer trash tv.

  95. As A Active Military Person. Please bring back more of the Miltary Chanel Old Program to the New Amereica Hero Programs.
    The miltary want more Miltary Programs Like Before.

  96. hi i have had my 1974 plymouth roadrunner for 26 years and im on disability with bad back i was wondering if you a a show thet ma restore my car i have no money but i love my car and would love it to get restored please help

  97. I have been seeing alot of paranormal activity going on on these tv series and people cant solve them my husband helps alot of people in trinidad and he may be able to help people in the states who have haunted houses and people being possesed

  98. I love discovery channel, except for that stupid Naked and Afraid series. What are you trying to prove ? At least make them wear bathing suits. I still would not watch ! I even turn the channel when one of your dumb teasers come on about that program. I know you will tell you have 200 million viewers of that show which is a big lie .Keep your series informative and educational as you always have . I doubt if you will answer my email …..ROY

  99. Please stop the music, it is so loud..trying to listen to the program and music is playing over the people speaking. we have to stop watching discovery ch. it wasn’t that way a few years ago, must be someone new that thinks they know what they are doing. just lost a viewer.

  100. For Producers of Naked and Afraid

    I would suggest that a pair of eye goggles be placed in each contestants’s bag, to be used at will. A twig flipped back at the wrong time and place will take out an eye, no matter how proficient the on-site medical team or the local hospital is.

    Anti-mosquito ointment or spray might save a contestant from lifetime of a debilitating disease.



  101. I will no longer watch the discover channel—until you take off
    the stupid advertising about upcoming programs—they take up a large area—and are annoying—-i.e. the ” deadliest catch ” and ” shark week”————–give us a break

  102. This submarine shark show in shark week is terrible. First off it is a complete miss representation of any shark behavior it is made to look real and to the un educated person would appear so. You call your self the discovery Chanel but in this case the only thing anybody will discover is false information and fake encounters of this bs shark. I live in Hawaii and see misinformed people from the mainland who gave a unreal fear and hate for sharks. It is too bad that you can’t show sharks importants to the ecosystem and sell advertising. Suck a big one discovery keep hyping drugs and sharks I hope you all get stabbed by a crackhead and eaten by a hundred foot shark you d bags

  103. Your dramatized shark attack shows and fake monster hunters are ruining your channel for me. Why don’t you do whats right and tell people what is fact, fiction & dramatization? Unethical & uninformative.

  104. Your dramatized shark attack shows and fake monster hunters are ruining your channel for me. Why don’t you do whats right and tell people what is fact, fiction & dramatization?

  105. Why don’t you do whats right and tell people what is fact, fiction & dramatization? Unethical & uninformative.

  106. Up until the last few years, I enjoyed Discovery Channel for its ability to educate those of us not fortunate enough to travel and “discover” the wonders and events of the world. I still enjoy a lot of the programming, but for the programs such as the one on so called mermaids, megaladons, and last night, the “Wrath of Submarine”…. PLEASE send those scripts and scenarios to the SyFy channel. Very disappointed that I got sucked into another one of your fantasies.

  107. I’m very disappointed with the show about submarine on premiere night of shark week. After the fake documentary last year, thought u would have learned something. True fans of shark week want to see factual shows. It’s fine to do a show about a myth, like monster hammerhead, but don’t create fake headlines and video footage as if it actually happened. Someone else made a good point that shark week should raise awareness for sharks that they aren’t monsters and dispel the myth. actually that is what shark week used to be about. This is my favorite week of the year and you are ruining something I have loved for more than 20 years. Normally I only pay for the local channels, but I love shark week so much, I pay the extra money so I can watch shark week. Maybe I should save my money next year. Please stop making fake-umentaries. It’s going to drive away more loyal shark week fans than attract new viewers. I beg u, don’t ruin this. By the way, was very happy to see a show on hammerheads. Maybe u can replace fake shows with shows like that about species that rarely are shown. Thanks.

  108. I’ve grown up watching Discovery and it has officially gone the way of it’s subsidiary, TLC. 80% of the programming is fake, Submarine Shark, really, you did not learn from last year’s disaster fake megladon.. What a waste of 2 hours of my life.

  109. I’ve been a shark week fan for over 10 years.. This year has been a real disappointment, why would you put footage that is clearly fake on & try to pass it as real . You can clearly tell it’s computerized .. You’ve lost a fan..

  110. please stop showing popup messages during your programming.
    it is very aggravating and only ruins the program. stop showing
    twiiters which also stupid.

  111. I am very disappointed to see that discovery channel has again chosen to show more fake footage about Megladon as well as another fake documentary about another 35 ft. shark. I watch the Discovery Channel during shark week to learn about real shark situations, not made up stories about giant sharks that don’t exist. Please stop with the fake documentaries!!!

  112. Hi me an my family watch shark week every year However this year an last year have been ridiculous I think it’s stupid to fake everything the reason people look forward to shark week is to learn more stuff about sharks true facts however you guys have turned it into a sideshow this sharkweek crap with giant sharks is about as stupid as sharknado movies so congrats we will not watch again if I want fake I’ll turn on scyfy discovery is suppose to be a real channel not something stupid trying to get ratings cause if anything now you guys have guaranteed that a lot of people won’t watch next year there’s no point if you guys are willing to lie so if anything I won’t watch again an I’ll be blogging to others as well have a wonderful day

  113. I will never watch shark week again if you are going to ruin the shows by posting peoples “tweets” all of the time. I found this to be so annoying, I was cussing at the T.V. through out the entire week.
    I used to look forward to Shark Week, but not anymore. I am done with it.

  114. I just found out Mythbusters are not going to bring back Tori, Grant, or Kari. I have been with Mythbusters since day one. I will flush that show just like I did Dual Survivor. Also shows like Amish mafia and Honey Boo Boo. It seems that America likes dysfunction maybe it makes them feel like there not alone, maybe it makes people feel like there superior, or maybe they just don’t have a life. I remember when TLC stood for the learning channel what the hell are you learning with say yes to the dress or I found the gown. Please come up with some shows that are educational and entertaining. Not everyone want to watch manufactured drama.

  115. You guys really should be friggin ashamed of yourselves passing off submarine,and other supersharks as real aquatic species, is your network failing that miserably to pass of bullsh– things like that and scare the hell out of my children so they never want to go in the water again????I used to like discovery and all of their SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGABLE reputation but you just blew it! I am going to badmouth you all over the friggin place so no one watches you anymore —holes! You suck!

  116. It is so impossible to sit back and try to enjoy a good programme on Discovery when there commercial / breaks.. every 5 minutes !! And it is the same stuff shown over and over and over again . Just downright irritating !! Please have some consideration for your viewers.

  117. Just read online article “Rape Culture in Alaskan Wilderness” targeting Tanana. We will no longer watch the show. It’s disgusting what is going on, residents are fully aware of sexual abuse but chose to ignore it. Very, very, VERY hard to believe that Discovery producers weren’t aware of this. Read the online article and respond.

  118. Attention: UPDATE
    I am giving the world a great gift! An idea- making solar power mobile! Soon truckers will be enjoying the same benefits, while waiting in the truck stop, with the engine turned off! Solar power will be supplying power to energizing all electrical loads onboard trucks. Truckers could sit in their air conditioned cabins and use their computers, and other accessories, without burning fossil fuel. As, well as, maintaining full charges in onboard batteries, and charging local power grids!
    When the trucker starts the engine: Solar power is powering ignition system, (referring to propane, or gasoline vehicles since diesel engines don’t have spark plugs), onboard computers, ventilation and ac, all lights, electric water pumps, electric fuel pumps, and any electrical load that demands energy, while in route!
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    This experience of dealing with incompetent people has totally turned me off to any dealing with the US Patent Office. No wonder we are living in prehistoric conditions. All of my past dealings with the patent office on the phone, and the info. they sent me. A total Turn off! Why should I trust the patent office to do what, they say they will do, on paper too, And they don’t? They have already proven to me, that they are irresponsible, and money hungry.
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  119. The Dr. on the ID stalking show made a gross error on a program the other day. She stated the police were there to protect you. You have to be able, usually by being armed to protect yourself and family. It has been to court and the police were ruled to have no obligation to provide protection to citizens! They are responsible, and can only enforce the existing laws. As proven over and over the victims set themselves up to be victims.
    Jim Compton

  120. The dirty jobs show on Crematory is a new low. It is very sad comment on what business will do for a buck. I blocked your channel

    It upsets anyone who lost a loved one.


  122. We watch your channel all the time, but I was very disappointed in your selection of advertising during the 8:00 pm EST this evening on the science channel. It was a very detailed Viagra commercial, talking about erections in detail, too much for prime time TV. My 11 year old daughter was watching and I didn’t appreciate it, at all! Even though we have had the birds and the bees talk, I think these commercials are very unnecessary at this hour or any hour!

  123. Shark Week!!! I get that Shark Week is a big deal. Lots of advertising deals are made. Everything is always about money. But,does it matter to you at all that Sharks are endangered? Shark Week and the commercials portray these creatures as monsters! I don’t think you’re being responsible with what you show of them. What reason would humans feel any need to protect Sharks after you get done with them? They are necessary to help keep balance in the ocean. You only show them hunting. Attacks on humans ate accidents! Or maybe an attack comes from desperation as we have done so much to destroy their homes. They deserve better as they havebbeen earthlings much much longer than we have. They’re not monsters! Humans are monsters! Destroying everything we touch. You’re in a VERY unique position to HELP Shark. human arrogance sickens me!! We’re the intelligent species on the planet? I don’t find our destructive nature intelligent. Sharks aren’t able to reproduce fast enough to keep up with the rate we’re killing them. I BEG YOU ON THEIR BEHAL, PLEASE PLEASE use your position to help them! Search out the other side of them. I’m certain there is more to them than killing. I challenge you to find the other side of them. There was the story of the 3 boys during WW2,theywerr in a llittle raft for some crazy amount of time. The whole time a small groupof Sharks that never left them. If those Sharks wanyed to make a meal of them,they could’ve done so with ease. A little nip at that raft and dinner would be served. In fact one of the boys died and was put overboard. Sharks didn’t go after that boy. It was the boys who did the killing. True to human nature. They killed one of those Sharks as some kind of payback for some imagined wrong. I think those Sharks stayed with those boys for different reasons. They are Guardians of the ocean. Please stop making monsters out of them. They need help. If you don’t use your position to help paint a full picture of them,than who are the real monsters?

  124. I love the Discovery channel you guys guys are the best in every aspect,just have one question is the Wild West Alaska Show coming back will appreciate an answer and keep up what you gauys are doing you guys are the best. Thanks!!!

  125. I was listening to the radio this morning and hope that I heard wrong. The broadcaster was talking about a new reality show (as if we need any more of these things) called eaten alive that is supposed to be on discovery. For one show he described that a person would be put into a special suit and then be eaten by a snake. This is disturbing enough as it stands but he went on to say that afterwards the snake would be cut open to extract the person?????? Please tell me that discovery is not sinking to these levels. Destroying a live animal for ratings? Has PETA been made aware of this?

  126. discovery channel is a joke these days,if its not fake documentaries its naff reality programmes showing animal cruelty in the name of entertainment to endless car crap,stopped tuning into to this guff now.

  127. I’m willing to go n do things no body has done before ms is poor n low of jobs..I would like to have the horror of being in man vs wild or the other one ..but in stead of 7 days 30.60.90 days .either crab fishing or making a life in gold minning..or any other challenge u might throw my way..
    I’m tired of this life n ready to make a change inn it…all I ask is just a chance …I’m very loalittle , very dependable. ..I’m ready.
    or try to live in Alaska. ..I honest
    belive I have the will power n prove to my self.. I hope to hear from tall soon.
    ur fan
    sam hopkins.

  128. You’ve simply declined and declined and can now only rely on so called “Reality ” crap. I don’t give a hoot about the welfare of a huge snake , but a stupid attention getting stunt
    of ” being eaten by a snake” is just stupid and disgusting. I’m finished with watching your channel , at it will be blocked on my viewer list. Your next ad should read —- ” The Discovery Channel .., pandering to ignorant SOBs , who would watch a dog defecating”

  129. A lot of people are repulsed by snakes, me included. I cannot turn on your channel without an ad about a large snake with a graphic picture of this snake. That is horribly insensitive of your station. I cannot and will not watch this channel anymore.

  130. A lot of people are repulsed by snakes, me included. I have been terrorized every time I turn on your station and see this large snake program being advertised. How insensitive of your programmers to subject your viewers to this horror. I cannot watch your station anymore because of it.

  131. Eaten Alive! All I have to say is terrible! Please don’t ever spend weeks, playing up the most lame show that you have ever produced! I’d rather watch grass grow or some other network! Far from groundbreaking. Just a very sad attempt for ratings

  132. You at the Discovery channel are liars! You advertised that a guy is going to feed himself to a snake. Who of you thinks that advertising that falsely was a good idea? You made the national news, not about the content of the show, but about the false advertising. Why should I believe anything you say in the future? You are liars for putting the show on, and idiots for thinking this was okay.

  133. I see American Choppers is back. Very disappointing. Sr. turns my stomach. Rick is the only one on the show worth watching. Why don’t you put Jr. back on. Any man who can do to his son what Sr. did to Jr. is pathetic. Also, very shady in some of his business dealings. No respect for the man at all. I won’t watch it.

  134. Since you make it next to impossible to e mail you, with program input, I have chosen to use this sight .i want to say that jane on alaska the last frontier, is very dramatic. She screams at the slightest thing or over reacts. My god, I thought that she was an alaskan native. He husband has the patience of of a sweetheart guy. Jane, settle your a$$ down girl. Thanx!

  135. You have the best Father Christmas i have ever seen. Thank you it puts a smile on my face , evry time he comes on, merry christmas

  136. Just wanted to say that on alaska the last frontier,jane, is one big drama queen. Can you say OVER REACTS? Thanks..”….

  137. I’ve watched mythbusters almost since the beginning. Not any more. The new format: BORING. Tell Jamie and Adam to jump off the nearest cliff. They fuc*ed up a really good show.

  138. Hey, watching dual survivor here and the guy complains so much like this isn’t a show about your diary I want to learn how to service this guy is killing the show. If you want someone to put on a real show contact me. This old guy is not cutting it

  139. I’m writing about the changes on dual survival. Getting rid of Cody was a huge mistake. He is what survival is all about. I believe you chose Joe,s style over Cody because he was in the military and we are in a time where we are thanking military guys. The show is no longer a survival show. It’s all about doing the opposite of what it takes to survive. Cody survives for a living. Can’t get better than that. Discovery channel won’t ever admit it but I know there ratings are down since Cody left. I never missed an episode until they fired Cody.

  140. I want to comment about ‘Alaska Bush People’. I am outraged by this show!! What right does this ho-bo family have to kill bears in Alaska anytime they want? They have no permit – they don’t own the land yet they get to kill bears when ever they want? This is sickening and honestly I hate this show. These hippie parents dragging their ragged tooth kids around sleeping like homeless people and mooching off the land…and killing beautiful wild animals when ever they want. You need to cancel this show please!!!!! By the way – I am hunter myself but I want some sort of law to be followed and hunting permits obtained. Alaska needs to get its act together and boot this gypsy family off national forest land.

  141. Have watched ID many years. Whose idea is the stupid noisy sound tracks? Extreme annoying. Very difficult to watch and impossible to enjoy

  142. I’ve just wathed Fire In THE HOLE.You might as well have put the bomb in everyone’s hand. I’m sure that the word will get out concerning this program, so there will be all kinds of people making bombs. It showed the ingredients in a store in Mexico There was some that were blurd out but anyone would be able to figure out what the bottle’s lable saids. I will continue to watch many programs on your chanel, tho I will not watch the program that I’m writing about.

  143. Hi im trying to contact Kate and Andy on life below zero. I have a female Alaskan malamute 4 years old fixed crate trained. I have 7 acres and that’s not enough for her. I wanted to know if Kate and Andy would like her. She is #125 black white with the nask. I broke my hip and femur and cant exesize her like she deserves. If you know anyone interested all we need is to get her there. Thanks Tammy

  144. Why do you see it necessary to leave out so much of the lives of those on your programs and give only the fake, the pressurized, and the incomplete dramatized scenarios? The truth would not only be interesting enough, but would make you credible.
    All liars end up dragging society down; whether they lie to get drugs or steal a car, etc. Business men, pastors, politicians and the like, tear society down when they lie. Now, you join the above in being liars too by deciding what we “need” to see instead of reality/truth/fact—have you looked up the definition lately?
    Haven’t we had enough of actors and actresses pretending to be others,and pretending parts? We the people thought you could give us a reprieve. YOU ARE LOSING YOUR AUDIENCE, YOUR CREDABILITY, AND YOUR POWER.

  145. I really like all of your programs. But when it comes to reality some of the scene’s are staged which takes away from the show. Also the fake tire squealing sound effects on street outlaw’s is so annoying. I can live with the fake engine sounds but please stop the tire squealing. I can only stand so much of it and have to change channels. Otherwise I like the show. I do realize staging some scenes make it more exciting but it is still fake.

    • I would like to know why your producers are so stupid
      were trying to stop People getting killed by street racing
      and you STUPID IDIOTS ARE PROMOTING IT. What is amatter
      with all of you their. I used to watch your show all the
      time with the deadliest catch and some other shows. But
      were having a big problem of kids and people getting killed for
      no reason cause of street racing and innocent people are some
      from this.I don’t even watch your channel anymore i have deleted
      it from my TV.Wake Up Discovery Channel.

  146. Please don’t cancel Bush People in Alaska. My favorite show. There is very little to watch for people that is appropriate and for a Christian. This show is awesome. Im a little older than Mom an Pop Brown and Im an outdoors woman who hunts and fishes. So I relate and so envy their freedom. Put this show on Mon. through Fri. You have a hit. Thank you, Linda

  147. I watch Discovery and Discovery Science’s ‘How it is made”. I love this program and would request you to please show a few programs on how Fender, Gibson guitars are made in their factories. Even how pick-ups and guitar pedals are made at various International companies like Roland, Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, E M G, etc. I would love to watch these. Please do let mail timings through e-mail to me when screened. Thanks, Alan

  148. I am writing in regards to Amish mafia. This show has to be removed asap. I have watched discovery channel for years, and this has to be the worst show out there. I really hope this is not how the Amish live and this show is portraying them to be bad people, thieves drug addicts and so on.

  149. Really u bring back weak Amish mafia show and the new show big giant swords give me a break you need to bring back the Devils ride discovery went from the cool channel to the play Any show channel get rid of Amish mafia and big giant swords and bring back Deadliest Catch and the Devils ride

  150. Yeah I’m watching Alaska last froniter. Somehow someway relay this to Janes husband… When you or your wife take a shot of 300 yards. Use a freakin rest, a tree lay down do something dummy… He’s responciable for his wife missing that bear.. How dumb are you.

  151. Is it really necessary to replay so much of the new Dual Survival
    Episodes after each commercial break that has to many F-N
    commercials ? What the hell ?

  152. Re: alaska the last frontier. Please see to it that Jane gets this message. You yell, scream,gasp, more than any person I have ever known. Why, all the drama. It’s not like you’re a girly girl. Next time you go out of the house, put a sock in your loud mouth. Your behavior does not compliment the show. Your husband must be a saint.

  153. Please be sure that Jane, of alaska the last frontier gets this message. Jane, you yell, snort,gasp,scream and add unnecessary drama. It’s not like you’re a girly girl. I don’t know how your husband can take it. Next time you leave the house, kindly put a sock in your mouth. God, you must really need at lot of attention. Your husband must be a saint.

  154. Just watching a swamp murder show, season 2 episode 10, about the Kathy Goble murder. She was murdered in Charleston WEST VIRGINIA! There are no swamps here, there absolutely are no trees with Spanish moss hanging down. Come on, we get insulted enough and I thought better of you. Shame on you for not doing your due diligence. I am so disappointed in you.

  155. The Discovery Channel used to be a channel with some integrity. The “reality”(and I use that term loosely) shows which dominate the viewing schedule are all misleading in their validity and honesty, and completely thrive on concocted drama. Sure there is some fine print that states that they are a dramatization, but we both know you are just trying to outright fool viewers. The same can be said of the History Channel. You really destroyed some great channels, with a lot of good content that was beneficial to children, students, and the population in general. You honestly have to look for programming at 4:00 A.M. to get actual history. It is just sad that you totally gave up your integrity, and honesty for ratings. Another note, if I were Amish, I would take great offense at the Amish Mafia show. In fact I take offense on behalf of the Amish! The thing is these channels really helped develop my love of learning and science in general. What about the child that would’ve been turned on to science if the original Discovery Channel from several years ago was on? Is he now going to be intellectually engaged by the fake drama of a supposedly Amish man bashing windshields? I would be very ashamed if I were you. Shame on you.

  156. I just happened on the new episodes of Survivorman, I actually yelled with delight. Well, until I read the information on the BRAND NEW EPISODE. Not only have these upcoming (so you say new) episodes been run before. There absolutely terrible shows. I’m telling you I’ve seen every show Les has made, these shows are unwatchable. Disappointment is a understatement. Come on Discovery Channel your way better than this, so is Les!

  157. the Brown family is a joke They dont know how to use a rifle or even a chain saw correctly I love discovery channel but this family is such a phony I would like see them try to survive by them self without outside help They could not do it I was Raised in Adirondack Mounains in NY and i really doubt they could be dropped off when it is 20 below zero even witht proper clothes aand survive You do not wear leather jackets when it is extremely cold I landed at Anchorage Airport friend had passed away was 40 below zero Absolutely no way they could survive that the way they dress. City people that have never been in these harsh conditios might believe ths but nobody been in extreme weather would believe this story they try to get people to believe this story I am sure you get other comments that are basically same as mine

  158. One of your best shows is “Alaska The Last Frontier”. It is the best reality show on TV. How the two families survive in Alaska is very informative. Otto is a “Hoot” and very creative. Every one on the show are interesting people. Keep this series, its a winner.

  159. Volume during the transmission of Discovery Channel in Lahore (Pakistan) is very low as 15 Points comparing to other Channels, despite moving the Volume to 100 points we cannot hear the voice of any program.

    Discovery Channel’s transmissions are very interesting but we cannot enjoy despite sitting near the TV.

  160. I watch discovery channel – probably too much. BUT what is up with the commericials!!!!! Showing the same commericials over and over again. Gosh I think i can give you the whole commericial on New Girls on the Block, the dinnasaur and Boston med. Over and over again. HEY TRY it, sit and watch the shows, the same commericials over and over again. What torture……No one likes commericials but showing this over and and over again, is just painful….

  161. Very good show ” The Last Frontiersman” need more episodes!!!! Is there only one? Would make a great series……How can we see more??

  162. Also why can you show men’s chests without censorship but you can’t show a woman’s ? I think it’s pretty hypocritical that you do that it’s the same thing nipple and tissue women just have more tissue then men do. I want you to show women’s breasts on the show Naked and Afraid just the same as you showing men’s cause like I said it’s the same thing women just have more tissue then men do and besides it’s a whole lot prettier then men’s anyways

  163. I am happy there is less of Elliot on the deadliest catch. If I want to watch dysfunction I can watch the news or go to the in-laws. You could eliminate him completely and get better footage elsewhere. Keep up the good work. Also like your bait show. Keep fortner around!
    Take care.

  164. I watch your medical programs with great interest (diagnose me). I was paralyzed 6 1/2 years ago and am still extremely I’ll. No doctor can diagnosis or help me. Can you help me PLEASE!!! Thank you.

  165. Deadliest Catch Elliott Neese – With DSC’s on-going support for a known drug addict I would think a boycott is in order. If a single deckhand so much as breaks a finger-nail DSC should be held financially responsible. Every man deserves a second,maybe even a third chance but this is out of control. It’s bad enough seeing him walk around in his flat brimmed hat and sagging pants but when you add DSC supported heroin use – it’s enough. DSC is not so special they should not be held to a standard that the majority of their viewers hold.

  166. Just watched show about us Marshall, it’s good they take crooks off the streets, BUT discovery producers and/or U.S. marshals are not very gun aware. Saying someone armed with ar-15 that fires 800 rounds per minute. Gives people wrong idea about semi auto rifles. Shame on you discovery.

  167. Oh, should have said, semi auto rifle can NOT fire anywhere close to that rate.
    Unless discovery is anti gun?… Are you

  168. Potential new documentary

    I am a 65 yo, US Army Captain, Veteran. I will be leaving everything I own in Las Vegas, to begin a quest in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. I have prepared a back pack with all that I can carry, a 9 mm pistol and a good pair of boots. that I will use for this adventure. My objective is to bring free Medical care and xmas presents to those who are isolated and have limeted to no access to resources common to most people. When I arrive,I will select a puppy to be with me, to train. as I begin to map out a route to follow. My dog and I will be hiking and living alone on the trail most of the time. I will be using my Social Security pension, selling furs I trap, mushroms and gensing I collect to fund this program year around. I plan to leave at the end of July 2015 to begin this adventure. I have limeted experience in the survival issues and will take the challenges as I encounter them. I am very photogenic and can be most entertaining when filmed. I am also an exellent film producer as I have made a number of film for professional matters. I would like to open discussions to have my recomendation concidered for a possible screen test or series.

    Thank you

  169. Hi sir . My name is Daud gull 35 year old christan single person in pakistan in city rawalpindi. so i requiest for u plz plz plz sir i ll join your channel discovery and i need a job plz i have egood experiance in the driveng plz contact me plz plz .. God bless u sir

  170. I am a fan of “The Little Couple.” When are they coming back? Congratulations on your wise decision to cancel the Duggars.

  171. I’m disappointed in your decision to pull 19 Kids:
    President Clinton had sex in of Oval Office and remained President. Josh was a teenager and has changed his life. At this point he would be a good spokesman for the teenage world. How many young men could he help. How many young mothers might not abort their baby.

  172. The parents of the show “Bush family of Alaska”, should be arrested for child abuse. The kids dental issues are terrible and should be taken care of. I know it is not a money issue as I have researched that Billy writes children books as is worth a lot of money. Also did Bear have an accident or was he born retarded? All of the children are very immature and need some schooling to grow up responsible. This show is like watching child abuse as it occurs!

  173. Why do you put shows on that lie to people and make a mockery of science. Megladons do not exist that show was fabricated that’s just stupid and all those actors are stupid two

  174. In regards to 19 Kids and Counting….I will not only boycott TLC and Discovery but I will boycott all advertisers who air their commercials during this disturbing show. I will also contact each advertising company. I used to love watching 19 Kids and Counting but I am disgusted this show was not cancelled immediately. If there are any spin-offs I will also boycott. I hope you realize that by allowing this show or any spin-offs will do irreparable harm to your businesses. Thank you.

  175. I would like to know why haven’t brought back the shows : Ice Lake Rebels and Edge of Alaska? You got me hooked on both and then they just disappeared?? Also, on Alaska The Last Frontier Jane and her husband keep talking about their children but we never get to see them, What gives?? Also, I would like to write to Otto Kilchner, how do I do that? Thank you

  176. What happened to that great new show Air Pressure?? Everyone is talking about it and we never knew about it…Everyone watched the 2nd show and we all set it up to tape and then week 3 it wasn’t on. We searched for it and see it isn’t on…No info at all about it…what happened???
    If you cancelled a show before it had a chance…same on you!!

  177. I love your shows BUT the music is so loud we can’t hear the commentator. PLEASE turn down the music. Why do you even have it??? We want to watch the show not hear loud, horrible clashing music. Please consider.

  178. Your station logos are irritating. You have reached a new low with that pulsating red spot. If you are so proud of them, why don’t you show them during commercials? Furthermore, cancelling your most popular show, American Gun because of liberal ideology shows exactly what you are. For those reasons I have removed discovery from my channel guide.

  179. Airing phony documentaries like The Russian Yeti lives and the Mermaid body found only damages your credibility. I may as well be watching WWE. If you keep up this kind of trash, I believe you will lose a lot of viewers.

  180. Dearest Discovery,
    It would seem that you would realize that Sundays are “family ” days. This channel has always been a favorite of mine. However, I am saddened by the continued showing of the most pointless show I have ever seen named “Naked and Afraid”. What is the point to these folks being naked?? I was hopeful for some relief from what I feel is obnoxious this summer. I certainly would not want my grandchildren to have access to it. And I am sure I am not alone. You have many wonderful shows! Why not give us a rest from a solid whole day of stupidity.
    Marlene Gero

  181. If you do not stop showing that shark week commercial so much people are not going to watch it…you are overdoing it

  182. On the preview of episode12 season 2 Alaskan bush people when Ami is sitting at the table with the state trooper you forgot to blur out the iPhone that’s by her bottle of water. You did remember to blur it out when the actual episode was playing. They claimed they didn’t know what a iPhone was and if it was a snake it would have bit her. Greatest fake series I’ve seen on TV.

  183. I am watching a series with Brian cox regarding the universe etc. the video is great but the sound isn’t worth caca!!!!
    Please have the sound turned down at least 100 decimals!!!!!!!!

    Ya can’t hear a word he is saying and if I go full volume the neighbors from two blocks away complain.

    I think the person that created the music has issues……

  184. I watched street outlaws last night. I put up with the swearing, just because I understand this has become a big part of the culture. But the comment Doc made on last nights show was over the top!!! The vegas show was wierd in itself, But doc is a person I dont think deserves to be on the show. We in the car culture are attempting to get our younger people to keep it going. His gross application of bedding someone elses wife on the show was over the top. Hes a PUNK!!! I shut it off. Keep it up, and I will never watch again. For sure Im not the only one.

  185. I truly enjoy watching your channel and would rather have my daughter watch your channel than many other channels. However this show the devils ride is absolutely unacceptable. It promotes violence and lawlessness. In this day when people are killing people in churches we need to have more sense than to promote this type of programming.

  186. It amazes me, with all the recent Shark bites, Children losing limbs…You have the nerve to show “Shark week GET A GRIP!

  187. This cuba crap show you are putting on is just wrong! I am a old American vet who has always tried to do my best to serve our great country but what you are doing is wrong! GOD bless America and I really hope He will bless you as well.

  188. My boyfriend wants to send some car parts over to the cuban people, from your show about the old cars from america, that they have there. could you please tell how to contact them. I like this show and i have spanish childen and i am white. people need to stop hateing each other, just because of there race.

  189. I would like to no if anyone else has a problem with the audio going up and on this channel, music going up, voices going down. only on this channel?

  190. When I first was able to get discovery channel’s programs I was so excited to get something different. However, the programs have turned out to be fake and repetitive. Are you really so hard up for the all mighty dollar that you would sell out what used to be your good name for repetitive trash with lousy commercials thrown in? I guess so. Shame on you..shame on me.

  191. Love many shows, but background music is too loud. Cannot hear dialogue, particularly Alaskan Bush People.

  192. I do not understand the popularity of Shark Week. You seem to forget the majority of America does not have a sea shore. As the News people call it, the Fly Over America. I do not care for sharks, have no interest at all and I am quite sure I am not alone.
    Time to get something new on, you have been doing that one long enough.

  193. nice going canceling 19 kids. they will be better for it; but boy did you give into pressure. wholesome show. why don’t you have a reality show about the ceo’s of planned parenthood and how they go about selling body parts for profit. would be interesting don’t you think

  194. We love the 19 kids and counting show. Lots of children experiment with their sexuality, even my own. You just deal with the issue as it comes and educate your children. To say a teenager is a molester is extreme, and it sounds like it was dealt with, so why vilify the whole family ruin his chance at a future for his family also. Please reconsider the cancellation and put it back on. Maybe have a therapist show to explain things and say its ok now if necessary

  195. Three weeks ago I attempted to order something from the Store. The only way to get some questions answered was by e-mail. It took three weeks for them to respond with contact information —-and the items I wanted to order are now no longer available. If you have made it this far into their online pages you already know that there is something seriously wrong with their business model or at least their supervision of the sub-contract agency which is handling the selling of their merchandise. When I called the Store, the supervisor said that they are three weeks behind on e-mails. Her lack of concern and the failure to offer assistance to rectify this situation was surprising. When I called the cooperate VP at least a report was taken but it lacked any conviction or concern —- certainly no conflict resolution. This is a large business and one would expect better customer service. Bad feelings!!!!!

  196. Watching show of edge of Alaska on dicovery channel. Just want to inform that drinking water from river in nornal situation is unhealthy.

  197. dear discovery channel,
    I am sooo sick of being inundated with the “naked and afraid” show almost every day!!! yesterday it was on, and the day before that, and its on again today!! why can’t you pull from your vast resources of shows that you have in your archives and give us a MUCH needed break from this ridiculousness.
    marlene gero

    • I agree with others about Naked and Afraid. It isn’t even a true survival show if they are naked! If someone got lost while hunting, hiking, four wheeling, they would be fully clothed. So I really do not see your point in having them naked rather than the shock value. Really stupid.

      My second comment is about the Bush Family Browns. Geez, they are so full of negativity! Can’t they ever be positive. Also, when are the kids going to start acting like the adults they should be. They are in their 20’s and 30’2 and still acting like 8 year olds……really is a stupid show. I only watch when I am channel surfing, bored and can’t find anything else……

  198. I was on your show First Week In in February 2012 in Indiana RDC and I’ve never seen my episode can you email it to me

  199. I watch Investigation Discovery extremely frequently, and I have recently been sad to see your company airing an exceptionally offensive commercial from the misleadingly-named “Liberty Counsel,” attacking the legalization of same-gender marriage by the Supreme Court. This commercial is extremely offensive and is a commercial from an unmitigated hate group.

  200. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Cuban Chrome episodes. As a woman, I never thought I would get into a story-line of men refurbishing antique cars….but I really got into the story and the lives of these families. It was a clean show, well done; it portrayed well the sense of brotherhood of the Cuban people. Please create a Season 2. I will be watching!

  201. I love your programs and would like for my grandchildren to enjoy them, but WHY must you use God’s name in vain. It is so offensive to me that I change the channel when it happens. I know that is how some people talk but you could cut that out and the show would be much better.

  202. Why did you get rid of Alaskan Bush People ? That was an amazing show, and you fool remove it. Just lost a viewer of your station. Keep pulling stupid carp like that an you may as well stop programming all together. What a stupid move you made.r/

  203. I asked about psychotronic,tellipathic and microwave mind controll torturing and spy signal with use of satallite and other radio station.
    due to prey suffering body disorders, violence, etc. I watch this video in Youtube.

    MIND CONTROL EXPOSED – Discovery Channel
    by DMXtra

    This is a Video recently shown on the Discovery Channel exposing Mind Control Torture and Electronic harassment from Covert

  204. To let you know that the 2 episodes of modern marvels, Soft Drinks and Gunslingers were bad videos. It was not any equipment or signal issue here it was definitely bad video you aired. There was about a 20 second defect in video in Soft Drinks and in the Gunslingers, the video flickered starting about 1/2 way through it and continued flickering and then blacked out and was experiencing audio problems for several minutes. Kind of made me mad since I stayed up to watch them. Don’t you people do a quick check through the videos before you air them. I could tell they were also older episodes because of the silver colored “H” History network watermark. Maybe you could fix them and re air them.

  205. Thankfully my children had JUST gone to bed it was 8:30, we just saw a commercial, I do not even know what it was about, all I heard were remarks about Masturbation. This is disgusting, and certainly not something any young child, or most people should be hearing, not funny at all! This should be a station I feel ok to have my children watch without me screening the commercials for something as crud as this. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason for anyone to even discuss that subject matter on TV, let alone a station such as the Discover channel. Yes, the advertiser should be told about this, but I paid no attention until I heard the comments. It is bad enough you have a show Naked and Afraid, but Masturbation, REALLY! I am trying to raise decent children in this awful world we now live in. You should be ashamed if find humor in this at all, and take the time to think of your viewers!! REMOVE THIS AD!!

    • why offer them at all they are just plain stupid! What person in their right mind would go parading around nude in the jungle subjected to insects etc, in full view of the TV cameras~so sophomoric it makes you ill. They all need a brain transplant. One 15 min watching was enough for my family. Glad THEY have some Taste. I think “idiots” was the nicest thing said about them. and bites were said to be well deserved.

  206. I have quit watching gold rush. The commercials are way to long. You come out of one and go right back to another. Some of my friends have also said the same.

  207. How about a show with gold mining focus rather than the forced psychodrama and trivilal pursuit commentary with the three operators. It is obvious that Hoffman sees himself as some big TV star, but his judgment as a miner is pathetic. He must have deep pocket backers to pay off all his debts from the jungle fiasco. Please consider the idea of a true gold mining show, rather than this embarrassing charade.

  208. Sir ..i am one simple fine art artist… My name is anik… This year I was selected national art exhibition republic of Bangladesh…… Sir discovery is my dreams.. Discovery also inspiration… And I am always dreaming one day I will be get opportunity to share my painting. My style of fine art . So I hope to see if you give me opportunity… Pray for me .. Sir thank you

  209. i am the manager and representing somebody that is going to take the tv world by storm internationally and we already have nat geo and red bull chasing us.
    Who would be the best person to talk to within your organisation?, thank you and i look forward to your reply

  210. What an Insult too our Tlingit people of not just Hoonah Ak but for all of Southeast Villages shame on you we live through Thousands of years of hardships and you all make It look like a handful of White people invented Southeast Living out of No Respect was Giving or asked of our way living of the Tlingit people..

  211. My family loves all your survivor shows. We especially love bear,Les,Matt,cody,and even Joe. Maybe Matt and cody should do a show. Joe just is full of himself sometimes. When will the new dual survivor show for fall 2015 debut?

  212. We would really appreciate you turning down the background music on The Alaskan Bush People. The noise drowns out the voices way too much.

    Thank you

  213. I hope you remove the bush people’s show from your station. They are liers and stole from the State of Alaska

    If you continue to air that show it will be a disgrace to you and your station
    Please reply

    Patti Barnedt


  215. alaskan bush tv series
    The fraud and theft has been admitted by the browns. You need to cancel this
    show (asap) it will only hurt discovery. They are going to have to go to jail.
    You don;t want to be associated with people like this. You good name will soon
    start to fade away. They did this, now they have to own it. You will come up with a even better show. Do the right thing. Your customers deserve that you make the right decision.

  216. I have been a follower of Discovery Channel for many years. Trusting on the belief it is a reality, survival, educational channel. Worldwide news has now opened my eyes of the Alaskan Bush People! You have been deceiving the viewers . Not only are they criminals, Discovery Channel assists in this farce. Shame on you. I will no longer view your channel, nor will my family or friends! The Browns are fake and the program needs to be cancelled… Again , shame on the Discovery Channel. It makes one wonder what other deceitful programs you are airing.

  217. Will Wild West Alaska be returning anytime soon or has the show been completely cancelled. Also, has Sons Of Guns been taken off for good?

  218. The Alaska Bush family is such a joke. Come on you guys, there has to be better shows than that one. Billy is always saying how everyone has to come together and carry their own weight, then sits back on his fat rear end and does nothing. And the strong mother, all I have seen her do is cry….the kids are a joke, Bear is retarded and every show proves it more and more. So I occasionally watch to get my laugh for they day. They are a bunch of weirdos and you should find something better to air!

  219. Was just watching a rerun of the Bush family when they are trying to put sheet metal tin roofing on! I thought all roofing started at the eaves, not the pitch! It appears the way they are doing it the water will run down under the piece they put on the eaves now……Seems they don’t plan on covering the eaves…sure glad it is not my house! Really a sloppy job!

  220. First of all I can truly say, thank you for the only newspaper in the world I know to publish the truth about the royal family . Ie( Andrew & Charles). I asked for a racing pigeon off the queen for my son martin who was sexually abused as a child because his uncle Ian kavanagh took him to a pedophiles house (Patrick atkinsons) house for heroin money. I was working at whs halo at the time (about 2007) and wanted to get martin into racing pigeons, so I brought him 2 pigeon lofts, then my manager (maja hoellrigl) gave me a hearing test and thought nothing of it at the time, and 2 years later I found audio sensors in the fire exit signs at whs halo Kingsbury business park.(still thought nothing of it). Then I took my ex partner who I split up from on holiday and moved back with her at 20 caxton grove kingstanding Birmingham, b44 0pb. When I came back, I found 2 holes drilled into the downstairs bathroom window frame each side of the lock, nothing was missing, so I didn’t report it or say anything, we left the keys with Emma neary who lives on caxton grove ro feed our dog,. Then whs halo tried to sack me for three different things,. Then while working at dyas motors in great Barr Birmingham, I heard a voice say, turn round gez kirwan if you can hear me, I’ve got your hearing test results,? So I turned around and the voice said “yes we’ve got the target”, sinse then they have been satelite(brainwave tracking me) for 15 years and they have had cameras and lasers on my brain for the last 18 years. (they said I have broke the schizophrenia code (which is the biggest in the world). And said they wanted me out the way so they could watch my step son martin abuse my daughter Annie. They said a mr mike Myers plastered the wall at 15 farcroft rd in the small bedroom where martin was supposed to sleep inbetween 17 farcroft rd and put a high powered camera between the wall and no one would believe at bed head height. And have been recording Gerard kirwan 24 hours a day for 18 years so far. Thank you for being the only news paper in the world to publish the truth. Please text Gerard to arrange a meeting because too many people are being told lies about him. And his friend Danny killed himself, and mind controlled the fiat driver in France, lithoanian on friary rd, samarlian on Birmingham bus , and when I spoke out loud & said I was going down the tennis courts pub on a certain night, I knew I was being recorded, & the same night, my brother got blinded in the pub (who looks like me) and they couldn’t find the cctv, like the fiat driver in France, and peter Bryant from the RPRA was phoning me up every morning in Caxton grove shouting at me so viciously , but I didn’t know what for, ( now I know why he wanted Gerard kirwan out the way…
    Today the 29th November 2015 ,while my exes boyfriend was decorating the bedroom between 15-17, he laminated over the spot where the camera is, its can be activated by a remote control, from up to 5 mile radius, I cant say nothing to them or anyone because I wont be believed

  221. First, I Love watching the Discovery Channel but when it comes to Alaskan Bush People, I have to wonder who listens to the sound before the shows are broadcasted. The background music is so loud it’s extremely difficult to hear the narrator and the members of the show. You should know that it’s extremely frustrating…so much so I am considering changing my choice of programs. I sincerely hope someone will take a few minutes to check this out. The music is necessary for theatrical purposes but it is not the reason your viewers tune in to watch the show. I haven’t noticed this on any of the other shows on this station.

  222. I placed an order for a drone to be sent to Morgan Stair in Westford MA – I have not received notice that the order went through. Please get back to me on this?

  223. Hello,

    I live in England and a massive fan of overhaulin. Sat watching series 9 episode 1, the music is over bearing and drowns out what is being discussed. What is it with great American car shows with loud thrash music, it’s not necessary. Love the addition of Arriany.

  224. Tried to watch Alaskan Bush People tonight but the (Music?) was so ,loud w could not hear the dialog and gave up. I don’t remember that noise before it sounds like a old b western.

  225. We love Bush People show but the music in the background overpowers the conversations.It needs to be turned down so that we can hear what they are saying to each other..


  227. For the longest time I’ve sat silently by, watched Todd Hoffman claim faith while all the time being a faux Christian. He runs around all the time saying “friggin’, frig, etc., when all the time he, and the rest of the world, knows exactly what he means, the “F” bomb.. Plus, I have serious doubts about his honesty in his business. Someone really needs to teach the youngest Hoffman how to speak English. “Like, ya know what I like mean, like man, like, like, like”??? Don’t began to hand me the excuse of, “Oh, it’s a teen thing”, because it’s a serious lack of education at home!
    I really love the show, except for the Hoffman’s’, and their, “We’re right, and the rest of this world is wrong”, attitude. I hope “The Kid”(Parker) kicks his butt in gold total! Maybe, Jack will junk something else, and solve the problem, I was really praying that going broke in S.A. would shut Todd down for good, but, sadly, I must continue to put up with him to watch the show.

  228. I used to watch dual survival extremely faithfully but when they fired Cody ladine and Dave cantibury left I stopped watching dual survival because my favorite characters were gone and I could relate to I just can’t get into your show.I wish you would make a show closer to home about survival in the U.S.

  229. please stop playing the ASPCA commercials, every time that commercial comes on TV my kids start crying and it takes me 30 minutes to calm them down. It has gotten to the point that we are not watching your channels any more to avoid these commercials, sad because you have such great programming.

  230. How come we cant see long island medium on TLC. I wanted to watch the new episodes and she is not listed on your network or on demand. Can you help me with this?

  231. As of 2016 you have added very loud and distracting background sounds to several of your shows. Many of these sounds overpower any conversations between the persons on the shows. Please remove these or at least turn down the volume as they are extremely annoying and distracting from the content of your shows.

  232. I used to love Alaskan Bush People show BUT now the music has driven me away. First of all IT’S TOO LOUD. Someone could be talking and the music drowns them out to the point you have to TRY to tune out the music, but it can’t be done. ALSO, the music director should be fired because he/she obviously doesn’t know his/her job. It makes no difference what is happening on screen. It could be someone doing some mundane thing or some crisis situation, the music is ALWAYS the most frendzied, nerve racking, obnoxious sound that doesn’t fit the scene at all. I love the show, but the music is so annoying, I won’t be watching it any more. WISH YOU GUYS WOULD FIX THIS.

  233. While watching Alaskan Bush People on the Discovery channel aired on Jan. 6, 2015 we were unable to hear the conversations and commentaries because the background “music and sound effects” were much too loud. The program really does need any music or sound effects. PLEASE at least turn down the volume of background noise.
    We enjoy the programs on Discovery channel, but we will have to stop watching
    all your programs if you do not lower the background “noise”.

  234. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is 120 miles north of Homer, Alaska where Discovery films it’s TV show “The Last Frontier” . Our work in Alaska includes supplying the film industry with wildlife for shows such as “The Last Frontier”. We are capable of filming actors with trained bears, moose, caribou, wolverine ect.
    Please contact us if their is interest to enhance your show with wildlife.

  235. Let me get this straight. You have a family that is posing as a Alaska wilderness ” Bush Family’ that are not even native Alaskans that are eligible to collect the Alaskan oil money. You have lost a loyal viewer. You need to get back to real programing.

  236. Very disappointed in direction Discovery Channel has taken. Use to be there was educational value in your programming. Most of these reality shows are staged and anything but reality. One of your biggest recent scams is Alaskan Bush People. The family is in legal hot water because they defrauded the state by filing for oil revenue dividends. To qualify for the dividends the family needed to be residents of Alaska. So how can they be “Alaskan Bush People” if not even live in the state. I have heard this family stays with Discovery crew in Hoonah, AK, when they are filming. The Brown family was in California just a few days ago according to Alaska court records—Jan 2016! Give us a break. You are burying yourselves with ridiculous programming!

  237. Hello discovery channel. First of all I want to say I’m a life long fan. The show I love the most is dual survival. Well the first episodes I did. I love the concept but the shows now especially with the 2 new guys are pretty predictable. After this season I think it’s time for something different. Bring back the old survivors and have a competition. Survivors going against each other. Scored by Calories spent vs taken in, shelter…etc, objectives met. So far the best characters where the original guys. David Canterbury, Cody lundin. I do like Matt graham. He made joe teti look like he he had no right being out there. However I still watched with all the changes you’ve guys made. My brother and I have been talking back and forth on what we would love to see in a show and having the survivors going head to head would be something great. Thanks for entertaining me.

  238. “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    So this means I am being ignored?

    I recently saw the current Star Wars movie. It had almost continuous background music. The key word here is music. The second key word is volume control. When there was conversation the volume was either muted or reduced in volume to the point where the conversation was audible.

    I have discovered that many other “reality” programs on other channels are also copying Star Wars background sound. It seems “copying is the greatest compliment”.

  239. Really was looking forward to the new Dual Survival show. Do me a favor and bring back Joe and Matt. These new guys are good, but just don’t have the chemistry

  240. Dear Sirs: I had googled Alaskan Bush People, and saw that the State of Alaska
    had 24 warrants out against the Brown Family. I cannot believe that the Discovery Channel would program about this family, as far as I am concerned they are criminals. As long as this program is being aired, I will no longer watch this tv station. And I will pass this message along to everyone that I know, and tell them also not to watch the Discovery Channel. I also understand that they don’t even make Alaska as their permanent residence.

    The one good program your channel broadcast the “Yukon Men” then you
    only show about eight episodes, and you cut it off. Is this series to honest
    for your liking, or what. I am disappointed with this tv channel, and hope that
    changes will be made. I reply to this email would be appreciated, and if not
    then I fully understand.

  241. A quien corresponda: Mi nombre es Mariano y soy dueño de un taller de motos en la ciudad de Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, donde realizamos trabajos de reformas, pintura, electricidad, mecánica, luces, etc. Mi intención es saber como hacer para filmar o compartir con discovery chanel mis trabajos. Dado que me gustaría dar a conocer mi negocio. Desde ya muchas gracias. Thompson-Motos


  243. i would like you take that annory song about monster insided me off the because its very annoing everytime to hear it when a commerical come on thank you

  244. Your facts for Paranormal Survivor episode 16 on the Wolvertons was completely wrong. Do you not have fact checkers? Daniel Wolverton died long before the Civil War. His 3 brothers did fight. If you can get this wrong, can anything be trusted as credible?

  245. Has the origional street outlaws been cancelled? I know about New Orleans.
    When does the origional show season begin?

  246. I’m sick of all your advertising of coming programs. we do have tv guides. But you like to rub the shows into our brains where I don’t even care for your channel. You also just rename some of your programs which we have seen but you give tem another category and show I again. I can’t tell you how much I dislike all of this. I use to love your channel.

  247. Hello, I’m a clammer from the eastern shore of Virginia…. after watching sooo many of your shows, I always thought doing a show of us clamming would be pretty cool… we grow over ten million clams a year .. it’s a full time business!! We ship the finished product out worldwide so everyone can relate… thanks and I hope you consider!!

  248. Why do you say in the twc guide dual survival is a new episode when it is the same show as last week. Example. zambazi River Basin states original air date Feb 10 when I saw the same episode last Wednesday? This gets repetitive and records episodes I recorded a week ago and does not record the actual new episode to follow after the repeat. Just wrong

  249. I wish I had a million dollers that I could help the Brown Family with Brown Town. I would put a wall around the town because of the dam bears and granted they picked a bad Island to live on. But they want to live free and on there own turims and I hope someone would help them out and seeing they don,t have any money to pay the persion back untill they get back on there feet. IF my back was well and strong I would love to live off the land. And yes I know there taxs on everything and if the gov could tax air we breeth they will. So I have spoke from my heart and upon reading this please help the Browns.

  250. So now you are going to shove racial engineering down our throats? I’m sick of it. What pressure did you bow to. The government? Probably so. Grow a spine. No more is discovery channel for me.

  251. Could Discovery Channel please respond to my request as to when the Alaskan Bush People are going to be back on the show??? I miss them terribly. They have been the best show I feel on TV in quite some time. It is a “feel good show” to me. The one thing about their show that is so wonderful is how they work together as a family. Family is what they are all about. And that is a good thing.

  252. Please get rid of Grady Powell and Bill McConnell in Dual Survival. I hope Dual Survival can bring back Cody Lunden and Dave Canterbury. I just like watching Dual Survival anymore with Cody gone. It was my favorite show. Cody was the best. Cody, Cody, Cody….

  253. I’ve stopped watching discovery channels because of annoying background music, if you can call it that. Sounds like computer generated junk.

  254. Hello,

    Hope you are doing well.

    I am planning a TV show for Discovery Chanel in Pakistan from (NWFP & Kashmir)

    Anybody give me the right point of contact so that I can discuss further.

    Syed Hasnain
    PK 092 -3132000500

  255. Let me make this clear if the Oklahoma street outlaw ain’t back on decovery channal I’m callin dish network after my birthday March 7 and telling them take decovery channels off my tv and I will never watch ur shows again thank u have a nice day

  256. The Discovery Channel is one of may favorite channels. When Diesel Brothers aired I was excited. Now, because of that show, I’m boycotting DC and spreading my discontent daily. For this show to “showcase” their partnership with a Taiwanese tire manufacturer while labeling the new tire as “The Patriot” series…then unveiling the new foreign made “Patriot” tire on a truck wrapped in our nations colors is a slap in the face to our Veterans as well as our true patriots and citizens. This is a good show that someone truly screwed up. The viewers this show should attract are probably the ones most upset. I’ve seen numerous forums sharing my disappointment on this issue by tons of people. I’m done with DC as long as this show and the the foreign made “Patriot” that’s being advertised exists!!!

  257. Discovery Chanel please Apna Chanel ka purane serials ka free to air Chanel nikalo please Hindi mai air use ko dd free dise par dikhao

  258. I am talking with the Cree and Inuit nations about filing a lawsuit against you and these gold miners who have not filed the appropriate environmental review paperwork for the illegal gold mining in Alaska and In Canada. Total disregard for the fisheries not getting logging permits, no attempt pollution control for spills are the bases of our court claims.

  259. My husband lives for shows regarding any type of racing especially drag and street racing. We found Street Outlaws on discovery channel. Now we are not prudes by any means but whenever there are six beeps in 1-2 sentences someone needs to step in. It could be a really good entertaining show if it weren’t for rejects that can’t carry on a conversation without constantly dropping the f-bomb. Come on–really? We have been to A LOT of races and maybe may have heard the f-bomb dropped occasionally, usually in the stands not by the drivers or pit. YOU COULD DO SO MUCH BETTER DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Please watch the show, count the beeps and see if you can understand anything the morons are saying or is that what the public is supposed to be “discovering ?” Completely unprofessionally done!!!

  260. Hi… Enough enough already
    With this Fast N Loud!!!
    I’m glad that Nat Geo started wicked tuna.. And also Kye Kelley is a great rider … Imo
    Okc is much better that Kye!
    Fast N Loud he’s getting to big for his shoes.. Nat Geo thankgod you starded to air
    Wicked Tuna…
    Nelson F Ferrer

  261. Street Outlaws was my favorite show! I would have friends over weekly for the show. Now… none of us watch it!!! This Kye Kelly kid is a punk, and annoying as can be. You just lost some viewers and I’m sure were not the only ones…bring back farm truck!

  262. There are 1/2 a million or more GIANT BURMESE PYTHONS in the Everglades. Best way to kill them is SHOOT them in the HEAD. How about a show in conjunction with NRA showing hunts for these monsters!
    Once a year in Jan and Feb there is a sponsored python hunt, but it is not enough. They are destroying the ‘Glades’ indigenous life forms – deer, coons, birds, even alligators. Call it Guns in the Glades, or something like that. It’s a real good chance for all those gun fanciers to get out there, shoot snakes, show off their guns, and kill, kill, kill. Like Afghanistan only closer. Stop the things before they invade the Keys and the rest of Florida.

  263. Your new street outlaws show made the wrong decision.I don’t want watch it any more.I was addicted to it until your new one has any expression,

  264. as seen on discovery channel india web pages many shows I wish you would show here in usa(I live in ohio and have many friends wishing the same) instead of some you show here, also on animal planet less and less animals of the wild and domestic type (though I enjoy treehouse masters some such as yukon gold are not for me and many I know). if you contact me I will gladly tell you more in detail ones we would like to see, also many we care come on early in am such as too cute. thank you for your time and look so forward to hearing from you soon.

  265. Hi: It seems that all of the channels Discovery, Nationalgeo,Science, Have very enjoyable programs, but then drowned out the narration with a lot of horrIble noise. I would like to hear your comments by e-mail thank you much Harry Howald

  266. way to much loud background noise drowning out the narration. Most programs are very well done, with the exception we can not hear them.

  267. Dear Sirs: I had left ,a comment to the Discovery Channel, but had never received one to this date. Which I think is very unprofessional on your company’s behalf.
    I guess the public comments do not mean anything to your office. I had informed you in my previous email, that I would not watch your channel as long as you were broadcasting that phony program called The Alaskan Bush People, and I see that it was broadcasted this evening of 18 Mar, but I did not watch it. I only look forward to one show, and that is the Yukon Men, other than that you have lost my interest, with the Discovery Channel. I assume you have someone that responds to email complaints. Again though if I do not hear from this company, I will be very disappointed with your service.

    • Sadly, multi national corporations do not care about customers, they only care about shareholders and advertisers. If advertisers receive enough complaints about a certain program, they may pay more attention than the network itself. Its all about the money.

  268. i am the greatest fan of deadliest catch i would love to have you feature a fan on the show on a boat . i have this on my bucket list ill do it for free . just a thought might get alot of response maybe even the most watched episode .WHAT DO YOU SAY LOVE THE CHANCE

  269. The Discovery Channel is supposed to be a learning channel even for children What have you seriously gone and done to it The show naked and afraid is very disgusting Y’all try to hide the front private parts and let the ass show proudly That is sick Do you know how many perverts and rapist only care about that rear few And there are young children growing up especially little boys that shouldn’t be seeing that kinda of crap I would like it if you would please reconsider your programming If I have to I will petion your show naked and afraid And will boycott it It only will take me about 1 hour to get this started And the news on tv will be my start Your show is distasteful Nudity is Nudity And most of us normal people do not want to see it on a channel where our children are able to watch Thank you I Hope You Take time and read this And consider what I’m saying So many people are saying the same thing

  270. Please pickup Fat Guys in the Woods; Weather Channel dropped it because it did not deal with weather. Great show I learned a lot

  271. Bonjour,

    Je m’excuse par avance, je ne parle pas l’anglais.

    Je cherche Ă  rentrer en contact avec une personne qui pourra me mettre en relation avec la famille des Brown de l’Ă©mison Alaskan Bush People.
    Je souhaiterais communiquer avec eux.

    Merci par avance pour votre réponse.


  272. As you progress with your new programing, I suggest you change your name from Discovery Channel to Reality Channel. You are going well off base for learning and exploring to a reality show. I’m really upset that you choose ratings and not teaching our youth. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!

  273. Discovery Channel, You had to sell out to the reality TV crap. You had a good concept and screwed it up by putting more garbage on TV. I thought I may have been one of the few people will not watch this programming, apparently not, from the other posts you have received. WAKE UP Steve Roma

  274. I would like to see Street Outlaws Oklahoma back on the air I don’t care for nor did the the rest of my family like Street Outlaws New Orleans

  275. A constant line of problems on the American Heroes Channel. Programs that are mis-named (since when is “Top Secret Weapons Revealed” now “Secret Weapons of Spies” — when the program covers MILITARY insights?). With alarming consistency, old (a/k/a better) shows are chopped up and repackaged as new. And new programming has less to do with history than with often-inaccurate broad stroke rehashes of what’s been heard before. History, take a back seat to rumor.

  276. Thank you so much for bringing back the Alaskan Bush People! Just got the word that they will return May 6. Thank you! Thank you!

  277. will u PLEASE stop showing that demented commercial with the weirdo playing opera music while a woman in the basement screams for help? r u trying 2 encourage these crimes? it definitely seems like it.

  278. I really like watching Deadliest Catch but please stop with the overly dramatic music and cymbal rolls every 10 seconds. It gives away from the show and distracts you from what is going on. Very ANNOYING.

  279. I tuned in to see what Yukon Men is all about and was shocked, but most of all Angry, at the wanton killing of wolves for no logical reason whatsoever. What is wrong with these men, but most more importantly, what is wrong with you, Discovery Channel?!!! We thought you were supposed to have shows depicting nature and wild life emphasizing their importance to us people and our planet. What I saw was complete, sick, sadonistic disregard and total lack of respect for wildlife. We used to watch some of your shows that do not show the cruelty of killing animals for the sake of their sick enjoyment; you have some good shows, but you are appealing to the low, base desires of part of your audience that approve of such cruelty with other shows such as Yukon Men. You would be much better served by cleaning up that type of trash, and we are sure your audience would be larger than you enjoy right now.

  280. Re Animal Planet Live Cams: The puppies were digging at the cam & microphone yesterday evening and it malfunctioned. Please let Michael know so he can return to WARL (Washington Animal Rescue League) and fix it. Also remind Michael to restore the Puppy Cam live viewing to 24 hours (as with Kitten Cam at same facility), or at least to same hours (8A-3A) as before Puppy Bowl XII on February 7, 2016. And, someone needs to remove reference to Puppy Bowl XII from Kitten Cam description page, remember the puppy bowl was 3 months ago!!
    Finally, you need to let cam fans know whether you will ever restore Chats, and if not, you need to remove references to Chats from the APLive description page. Thank you.

  281. Since early February 2016, when APLive’s moderator Milaena posted the message that she was leaving her post as moderator and her replacements would be Mary Beth and Nesa, there has been exactly one Chat conducted by Mary Beth the week following the Puppy Bowl. Absolute silence from Animal Planet Live since that time. Numerous Social Stream and Chat Room questions are completely ignored. Likewise ignored are numerous FB and Twitter posts, as well as emails sent to corporate executives.
    It’s all about communication; you know, that pesky little word in your corporate name: Discovery Communications Inc!! Please try to keep that in mind.

  282. It is confusing on why, the programs that where aired last week are not available online. I got rid of my cable, because of the high price. So I downloaded Discovery Go App. trying to continue watching animal planet. It tells me that I have to have a cable package. I already pay a large amount for high speed Internet, in order to watch streaming video without buffering. I just don’t understand why you have to through an app for something that has already aired on cable.

  283. I am a high school teacher of Sociology in Ashland, Kentucky. I am currently using your a few episodes of your series The Story of God with Morgan Freeman. I love this series, it is beautiful and captivating and my students really enjoy watching it. I understand why you have commercial breaks in the episodes and I do not have a problem with that. The problem is that the national geographic ads are SIGNIFICANTLY louder than the other ads. I thought there was a law that said you couldn’t have ads that were louder than the content you are watching. It is extremely frustrating to my students and difficult to control the volume all the time. Resolution of this issue would greatly be appreciated. Thank you. Ms. Moore

  284. I stopped watching Alaska Bush people when it got so fake it was unbearable. These people are not survivalist and they don’t live in the wild. I hate fake shows. I will not watch Alaska Bush people

  285. My wife and I look forward to watching Alaskan Bush People every week. We watched a “new” 2016 episode last evening and, if what we experienced, it may be the last episode we watch. For the first 10 minutes, and throughout the hour-long show, we could not hear/understand the dialogue by various cast members because the music was unbearably loud. Very disappointing!

  286. I enjoy watching your series especially your How It’s Made series but the background music could be extremely annoying so much so that at times it gives me a headache and reluctantly have to stop watching it, so please change it and tone it down, I would much rather hear the narrator without any music. Signed Big Fan, Placido Timpani

  287. Hey guys I love all your shows just got started watching Naked and Afraid that show is pretty cool I love to see more episode till I catch up, but my thing is you guys should think about putting together a realty show that people would like is go in the same way as the Naked and Afraid but have a twist have a drug detoxification for some one who would want it bad enough they would go the 21 day to detox go thru the same Hell I think it would be a Hell of a detox program Ha…I think anyone who would completed it this way would appreacte life very much and most defiantly have a better out look on life and there addiction so if interested please let know what you think……..

    Thank You !

  288. I have sent messages to viewer relations regarding Animal Planet Live Cams. The only response I ever received was from their technology staff who indicated they were aware of the problems and were working on them. The problems still exist, and my most recent comment/question from a couple weeks ago has gone unanswered. Discovery corporate should remove the word Communications from their name since they clearly have zero interest in viewers opinions, questions, comments, etc. I guess the only people they are interested in dealing with are their advertisers. Pitiful.

  289. I would just like to know why I see all these wonderful TV commercials, telling me how wonderful your channel is, but all I ever see is reruns of reruns. Then, as if that was not enough, as I’m going through my cable guide, I find that at least 25% of your programming day is infomercials! ALL paid television services have become a ripoff. I plan on complaining to my cable provider about Discovery, and many others. It’s dishonest, and it’s the reason Netflix and Hulu are doing so well. Someday soon, I will be getting ALL my television from the internet.

  290. Change the name from Discovery to Superstitious Garbage please. The programming is an embarrassment to me as a Canadian.

  291. why so many river monsters and other shows? I know this is animal planet but why can’t shows such as too cute and other adorable shows of this gender can’t we on in prime time too. after a long hard day many of us would love to see more shows of this type instead of cops chasing bad guys, hunting bigfoot, and many of the programming you are shows hitting us with and this goes for discovery channel other shows too. and speaking of too cute why so early in the am are kids really up that early there are us retired folks who would see them at a better time in prime time before 10pm eastern or later. I have contacted you numerous times and wonder if you are getting my requests. PLEASE consider and do what you can to honor my request.

  292. I absolutely enjoy Alaska: The Last Frontier. However, on HULU Season 5 isn’t posted and I don’t understand why. I cannot find the show on TV. Other Alaska shows are on TV weekly. Can you give me any word as to what is happening? Thank you.

  293. i love all of your shows my favret channels but the background music is so loud that i am not watching any of your shows any more ..please please please turn down the background music for all of us older hearing impaired viewers.i am a huge fan of discovery channel shows but i can not hear what is been sead becase of loud there a WAY THAT I CAN WAtch yo u shows without music???/

  294. what is the deal? i am trying to watch secrets of great barrier reef, but the fricking music is so darn loud that i am going to have to watch some..thing else why do you do this? i love your programing but cant fricking hear anything that is being sead . do you not want us to vwatch your programing wtf please !!!!!!!!! lower music i have to turn on closed capthion to know what the frick is going on . yes i am fricking pissed off when i turn it up to a point to where i can kinda make out what is beaing sead the music hurts my eyers. as i watch right now i can not hear what she is saying but the fricking music is hurting my ears. please please please fix this

  295. PLEASE get your “Closed Caption” fixed because the written words are so far behind the actual words spoken. This is a real detriment to people who are hard of hearing. None of the other channels are like that! What is your problem with getting this fixed? You’re a very popular channel in my, and many other households. Let’s get it together and start helping the ‘Hard of Hearing.’ Thank you for fixing this as soon as possible.

  296. My family just loves the Brown family! Is their a way to send them a care package? Like I would love to send them each a gift, but I am not sure how to go about doing it. Can you help me any?
    Thanks for your time,
    God Bless,
    Sue Ann Dufour

  297. Hi, this is Sai.. I am an south Indian.. Will you please provide our channel discovery I’m telugu please… I think u can understand.. Thank you……

  298. Please everyone on the planet knows the Alaskan Bush People is the phoniest show on TV they aren’t even alaskans for god’s sake. Take that junk off the air and at least put real people on a reality show.

  299. I was diving in Belize.My dive buddy was attacked by a Nurse Shark. She was behind me but I have video of her screaming and Go Pro underwater footage of the aftermath. Including the bite and medical treatment after. Her leg was bitten substantially. Please contact me if you have interest in the footage.

  300. I have the Discovery Channel with my Vyve cable subscription.
    I downloaded the Discovery Channel app and logged on with my cable user name and password. I can watch the discovery channel shows but the Gold Rush show is not listed. What is wrong ?

  301. I must share with you my opinion of your programming. I started enjoying your programs years ago when it was interesting and educational. Pretending that there exists mermaids, monster sharks and pretending to actually search for Bigfoot is insulting to my intelligence. Now you have a family of shady grifters pretending to live straight from the Alaskan bush. I follow this program because of the gorgeous scenery. But it has long sense lost its appeal. Now it appears Ami Brown’S aged mother has taken on a trip to Alaska to see her daughter. I know that Billy and Ami Brown have no morals and no class but it would seem that discovery would be in a position to inject some decency where it is lacking. There is an entire family of seemingly uneducated adults and one teenager. God only knows if those kids financial interests are protected. One very lonely aged mother. One overly made up long lost daughter. Ami weighed down with more jewelry than should be allowed and Billy Brown whining about thirty days of house arrest. Please fix your pathetic programming across the board! Sincerely, Marie Danis

  302. Your so called “back ground music” to your science programs are so loud you can sometimes not hear the narratives. You need to turn it down or drop the back ground music entirely. I have nearly given up trying to watch the science channel as have several of my friends who also enjoy science subjects.

  303. I just wrote the comment. Did you loose it already? Stop the back ground music to the science programs. Its so loud we loose the narrative frequently. Its not just me, several friends with whom I share a science interest have the same complaint.

  304. WHAT have you done to It’s unusable!

    This upgrade is a train-wreck. People can’t navigate the site or find their friends, and these are people who NEED their friends and support groups to help them get through their challenges. You have no idea the harm you are causing to who knows how many people. ROLL IT BACK!!!

  305. Why would you subject us to 8 days of the darn Sharks? Many of us can’t stand those creatures and personally I wouldn’t and didn’t watch one minute. Meanwhile shows that most I have spoken with are angry that Deadliest Catch, the Bush People and The Last Alaskans have been pre-empted to splash the screen with nothing but sharks for over a week. You can keep your darned sharks.

  306. I’m trying to watch Deadliest Catch but your new advertising logo towards the right bottom takes up almost a quarter of the screen . Absolutely ridiculous. Why don’t you just cover the whole screen?

  307. I tried to watch the new show American Tarzan but the cricket sound throughout the show from that side meter is the most annoying thing I have ever heard. I can’t continue to watch the show with this crazy sound. Please try to tone it down or change it. Unfortunately you have lost a viewer of this new show who normally enjoys a lot of your other shows.

  308. On Alaskan Bush People you guys have ramped up the volume on the dramatic background music on the show that it is almost no longer worth watching. I have excellent hearing and it has become very hard to follow what they are saying.

  309. Re: Alaskan Bush Family; The Browns

    The Brown’s have turned a beautiful piece of wilderness into a dump. They are a disgrace to the environment. These “kids” are men and women who pretend to love “The Bush” yet destroy it. Instead of building homes out of logs like every hardworking Alaskan living off the land these frauds drag rubber tires and dilapidated ruins to a once pristine piece of land. The dysfunctional family disgusts me they are lazy! “Brown’s Junkyard” should be the shows title. Five grown men swinging around trees instead of building real homes with the hundreds of trees on their property.

    They’re so dysfunctional I’m sure psychology classes around the nation are discussing they’re arrested psych/social development.

    It’s obvious these scam artists don’t live on the property as rubber tires are no match for an Alaskan winter. Discovery are you mocking them on purpose? Get them off the television they need to get jobs and become productive members of society. We’ll be paying for these frauds when mom and pop can’t support themselves and end up on welfare.

    Every other Alaskan reality show pays tribute to the men and women of Alaska who chose a subsistence life style. We watch with respect as we are honored to be allowed to glimpse their way of life. We won’t be watching the Brown’s they are pathetic.

  310. Hello I would like to know what happened to the show Dark Woods Justice and TrailBlazers, one day they are on and I watch and wait for the next show, then nothing else comes on. Can you please at least put them on at a later time in the evening but at least continue the series to the end then not renew them, But please answer my question if these show will be comin back on. I am aware that money is the main focus for such a big channel, may I suggest that making a viewer happy is a big deal also.
    thank u
    Mrs. Marta Montijo

  311. I have watched Gas Monkey Garage and Misfit Garage for a long time now. Really enjoyed the shows; however, the language is getting worse all the time. I was watching Misfit Garage tonight and all I heard were the annoying “beeps”! Hate it!!! America is crude enough and you are just encouraging it. Why can’t you just have a great show without the cussing! My husband comes in from night work and watches reruns. I can’t sleep for all the “beeping” Told him I am done watching those shows and he has to find another channel when he comes in during the night so I can sleep.

  312. At the beginning of season 7, episode 3, my kids noticed Parkers new girlfriend while driving the gravel hauler and wearing a short skirt, seems to have nothing under it. Sure enough, upon rewind it looks pretty obvious. I’m surprised this made it past editing.

  313. At the beginning of season 7, episode 3, my kids noticed Parkers new girlfriend while driving the gravel hauler and wearing a short skirt, seems to have nothing under it. Sure enough, upon rewind it looks pretty obvious. I’m surprised this made it past editing.

  314. The Killing Fields is a great show, great story. But the background music is so loud I have a hard time hearing what is being said. Please tone it down, the drama is great, it doesn’t need overly loud dramatic music.

  315. My comment is regarding the soundtracks (music/noise) added for the shows. Believe me, it DOES NOT enhance the viewing experience. I am trying to watch Swamp People but cannot hear the words for the ridiculous, loud music/sounds. Why would the music be louder than the words people are speaking, and what intelligent person would think that would be okay? I love many of the shows but have begun turning the channel because I cannot hear the dialogue or enjoy watching. Please entertain the possibility of changing that.

  316. I do not have cable and no satellite and I love to watch ID are you going to make it so people that don”t have Cable or Satellite will be able to watch it ??? other channels have it where you pay a monthly fee and gives you access to their channel I really hope you can help thank you Tammy Warner

  317. Coopers Treasure,
    Worst show I’ve ever seen on your channel. Every episode is just the same B.S. this con man said the week before and I’m so surprised that you air this hoax !!
    Replay after replay until he locates someone else’s wreck site.


  318. Phelps VS White Shark
    What a joke!!!! You guys use to deliver a quality and interesting program schedule. Now its some hokey BS that you have to create poorly delivered programming.
    Just stop doing “shark week” because you deliver reruns and total misrepresented info. I will no longer waste my time watching this farce.

  319. Discovery Channel you are losing your SHARK WEEK fans ! My family, 20 plus of use are avid SHARK WEEK fans that set the DVR and even adjust our schedules, but NO MORE ! why?
    1. Too many repeats
    2. Too many silly shows filled with “YAWNING” dialogue instead of sharks.
    3. Phelps vs shark, who is faster ? COME ON ! How silly and stupid. GOOGLE it !
    4. LAME, LAME, LAME If you want SHARK WEEK to become unpopular don’t do it this way, just take it off the air.

  320. The Tv special on Investigation Discovery
    about The Son of Sam.
    I watched the 2 hour special but could not believe that
    they did not mention Detective Ed Zigo. There were pictures from the 1970’s when David Berkowitz was captured and saw several photos of Wd Zigo with Berkowitz but his name was never mentioned. I know he is deceased but the other policemen interviewed never mentioned him. Ed Zigo was the detective who found David’s car notified the task force that they had him he went to get all of the warrants and rode with Berkowitz after he was captured to take him to jail, all these former cops should be ashamed because Zigo was the detective credited with the capture. I bet Detective Zigo ‘s family is upset his father was never mentioned. I had heard there was a lot of jealousy when Zigo got the credit. They made a Tv Movie starring Martin Sheen as Detectiive Zigo. Detective Zigo’s wife had died after heart surfer during the hunt but he was the one who looked through all the parking tickets and found that another cop had ticketed David Berkowitz’s car. Shame on all u detectives and Investigation Discovery for not including his name. The cops said we all did this and that but Detective Zigo found The Son of Sam’s. He is in several pictures shown on your special but he was never credited.

  321. your channel is embarrassing and a porno smut, my family are all deleting this channel and will no longer support the advertisement . Also w
    e have requested .suddenlink not have you channel and do no charge us for it’

  322. You now have a program featuring the Southern poverty Law Center are you showing your biased and liberal views. To be fair let’s have a show from the American Center for Law and Justice. We don’t need anymore left leaning programs most of us American still believe in the Constitution of the United States

  323. Discover Channel does not get it … you have given the guy Richard Rawlings another show … what a joke!! this guy is nasty rude crude and an A-1 capital walking piece of gutter scum. The way this guy treats people with disrespect and how sleazy, no class he is. I know a lot of us that watch the good car shows … hate and I mean hate this guy Richard Rawlings ….HE IS NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR YOUR RATINGS OR DISCOVER CHANNEL IMAGE … I assure you that’s a fact!!

  324. your online programing sucks it keeps going back to the begining of the show then a comercial comes on but the audio from the tv show is playing the vidio will be distoted at times on veloscity FANTOM WORKS. THE VIDIO RESTARTED 3 TIMES

  325. Why does disc. channel carry reruns, but list them as NEW programs? The latest example is Alaska The Last Frontier Which I have set for NEW programs only. Its a shame and probably a ignoring FCC rules.

  326. Hi I can’t stand to watch naked and afraid there must be something more educational to watch then this show please take it off the air Thanks, Ken Grimm

  327. Was watching edge of Alaska wolf show. Someone needs to contact children youth services about Jenny taking her baby out in the freezing temperature several times on the show with no hat one time with no hat, gloves, socks or shoes. She is always dressed for the weather conditions. Don’t think I’ll be watching the show again.

  328. Can you please email me when does the series 8 of “gold rush” will be starting back up again on the discovery channel thanks.

  329. As an avid viewer, I was nauseated to see a “I hate Trump” ad by a Tom Steyer…I’ve read a little about him in the Wiki-leaks emails. Can’t viewers just watch their shows and NOT see this type of thing? Is this going to be an ongoing thing? I hope not.

  330. I’m a Hugh fan of the discovery channel so it pains me to have to block it if the Tom Steyer impeachment ads continue. I am tired of whining losers trying to impose their beliefs on the rest of America

  331. Please know that we are very upset to view the ad by Snieder to Impeach President Trump. We find this ad is in extremely poor taste. This man is our elected president. We voted for him…He is Our President. He has not committed a impeachable offense. The discovery channel is one of our favorites, but we will discontinue viewing if this ad continues. Also, we will be contacting your sponsors with this same message.

  332. Why would you take a mouthy @ slow Richard rawlings who is nobody without his jeep dealer friend another show. He lied, cheated, and totally bought a team and driver to build, drive and of course, LOSE to a bucnch of street racers in the 405.
    Dump the big headed cheating, liar and all around dirt bag.

  333. Showing a commercial calling for our Presidents impeachment is going to cost you viewers.Ask the NFL how their political ideology is doing for them. Not only that but Tom Steyer spouting allegations that have nothing to back them up shows your political leanings. Bye Bye to all your networks, and will call my provider and tell them my feelings. Ala carte viewing has already begun and you folks are slitting your own throats with normal people.

  334. I would greatly appreciate if you will STOP the false commercial where Tom Steyer is falsely talking about my president. That commercial makes me and many of the people I talk to, want to not watch your channel. Please take that lying piece of trash Tom Steyer off the air. Thank you, Randy Barbour

  335. If I see the message to impeach President Trump going across my TV again,I will be cancelling y Discovery channel along with all my immediate family members and other people I know. My husband watches your channel everyday and he is very disgusted.

  336. I was just watching your channel and this advertisement came up about impeachment our President. I was so dam mad I couldn’t believe what I heard. I thought you would screen your advertiser better then this. Bottom line, it will be a cool day in hell before I watch the discovery channel again. joe burton

  337. Ridiculous that I watch homestead rescue and someone is calling for our president to be impeached. If you want to be political I can change the channel and start a protest against this channel

  338. chanel 120 fios/frontier beaverton,oregon
    you are showing escobar the search
    and it says on menu I almost got away on the description of which program is on and wwhat is coming on next.. please fix this as we have called and emailed many times and we are loyal discovery chanel fans

  339. Alaskan Bush people ,I grew up in a large poor family ,my father with one eye works his butt off and also taught me and my 5 brothers work ethic ,seeing abp show is phoney 30 somthing son who are not that smart ,a father mystery illness all’s happen wnen work needed ,they never had a wood pile ,smoke house nothing for subsistence living ,if this what discovery channel has come to ,is schocking I allways respected the work you do and the exciting shows ,everything about Alaskan bush people is a lie ,they have no skills or basic knowledge to live like they pretend to you know it yet you allowed this garbage to go on ,I challenge you to prove me wrong ,show them actually doing thing when a family member is hurt or sick the work a little harder but keep the home fires burning not run like little babies ,life is tough sometimes things go bad that’s when you work hard an longer to survive ,you have insulted every family who lives off the land ,sorry this got long but discovery channel your better then this

  340. What’s up with the street outlaws on non stop don’t like the show and would rather witch something else on there don’t pay to just witch that show very unhappy customer

  341. I used to enjoy watching many of your tv shows like deadliest catch ,gold miners,..But lately all I see is street outlaws/24-7 …The show is crap ! I will have to turn the channel until you add a more exciting ….

  342. I am really unhappy with ID.I am so tired of seeing reruns at 700 and 800 pm. There is no reason for it. You put all the new shows on at 1000 pm. I am paying for something that all I see is reruns.I will no longer watch ID.

  343. I am very unhappy with ID. I am so tired of seeing reruns at 700 and 800 pm. You put all the new shows on at 1000 pm. There is no reason for that..Homicide hunter is one of my favorite shows, . Why do you show reruns constantly? I will not be watching ID ANY LONGER.I do not stay up to 1000 0r 1100.

  344. I wish that you guys would keep making Jodi Arias into a rock star. The more people who see her the more fans she’s getting.

  345. Good morning, I just saw a program on discovery chanel ” indian frontier trains” in which a lady eye doctor of new Delhi, India was portrayed , she performed an operation on a young pakistani boy. Would it be possible for you to share that doctors details ,as we are looking for doctor to help my 6 years old grandson, who’s eye got damaged from a explosion

  346. I am an avid fan of Discovery and Velocity channels. Recently I am seeing a commercial for Culvers in Spanish. Are you serious? This is not Telemundo.
    Our language is English.

    Thank you

  347. I have a question that Direct TV can’t answer. I really enjoy watching the Discovery channel programs like Gold Rush, White water Gold Rush etc. and the adventure programs. My problem in watching the programs with back ground music is, it is so loud that that we can’t hear the voice of the commentator. Is this due to the sound mixing at the studio? Even turning up the TV doesn’t help. This is very irritating. I would appreciate it if you would look into this. Got to be a simple fix, I would think.

  348. Wasn’t there a law set by congress that networks were not allowed
    to have commercials louder than the shows being broadcast?
    I notice Investigation Discovery commercials are much louder
    than the shows. Guess that’s why it’s impossible to call ID to
    complain! Sponsors will now have to be notified that their products
    will be boycotted because of the annoying loud commercials of ID
    The FCC may be of further assistance to stop what may be the
    willful breaking of Federal law.

  349. My husband and I watch discovery channel alot especialy on a Friday night for the Gold Rush shows. We noticed the commercials run back to back the show will start and view a short piece only to see more comercials. They actually run longer then the show. Its exauhsting trying to get to the next sceen. Don’t you guys think its a bit much on the advertising part back to back. We have had enough of this and they are countless! Really? We pay a hefty price for our entertainment. This is not entertaining us at all!!

  350. Dear customer care,
    Would request to know if Alaskan Bush People’s Brown family is doing ok as the episodes stopped suddenly.

    Regards kashyap

  351. I love ID network but I noticed on a show called The perfect murder you always objectify woman
    And show them barely dressed unnecessarily
    The acting is so bad but the fact that’s akwats in there is disturbing
    It has no benefit to the story except to see a woman barely dressed and sexual ?????

    I watch all your shows and that’s the only one it’s non stop

    I think in this day and age you would think more about that type of message ,

  352. I am absolutely nauseated and deeply concerned about Discovery Channel bait and switch tactics with your new AMERICAN HERO’S network. It has nothing to do with American HERO’S at all, It is nothing but a channel dedicated to glorifying the most heinous mass murderer in the world.
    I have to wonder, is Discovery Channel actually a group of closet Nazi sympathizers or some anti semantic terrorist group.
    I am n [the the only one who is suspicious of Discovery Channel’s motives, it has become quite the topic of conversation in my neck of the woods.
    Let’s just say that Discovery Channel has lost several viewers that I know of, incLuding me. We don’t support Nazi groups or terrorists around here.

  353. watching “ naked & afraid 4/22/18. For 26 mins i’vebeen looking at the ad for Earth Day live…..its VERY ANNOYING !!!’ Of course it goes OFF during commercials!

    I just STOPPED watching naked & afraid ! Maybe if you stop this i’ll try watching it again some day !!!’n

  354. First in Human – One of the best programs I have ever watched. I hope you’ll do another season.

  355. I live in Kearney NE have Spectrum for TV provider! Today at about 3:00 PM Spectrum ram 4 of its own adds in a row!!! They do this all the time!! They interrupt other adds to run their own!! They do this on other channels too!! Thought I would let you know, I am sure your advertisers would like to know!!!

  356. Lt. Joe Kenda, Episode 20, Season 7, titled Bring My Baby Home was flat out false. Joe Kenda did not recover the child. I was the FBI agent who recovered Rachel Ann White. He was not even at the house. He had no part of that section of the investigation.There were multiple parts of the story that were just flat out wrong. He totally misrepresented his role. For the record your portrayal is a lie and i will contact the FCC and if need be attorney’s. You need to fix this and face the truth.

  357. I wish you all (and every other channel on TV) would take that buzzer that goes off when people cuss and throw it in the ocean! It is way too loud I love watching shows such a street outlaws but they cuss so much it’s nothing but a solid beep beep beep I wish I would take the buzzer and change it into something a lot softer a different tong bong or beep to go off quickly would help tremendously and I know people across the country would definitely appreciate it and you being the first to do it would get a lot of press. thanks for listening

  358. After seeing chuck seitsingers comments on kenjo kelleys post i will never watch again and i will also be sharing all the screenshots of him making sexual accusations about kenjo kelleys wife, calling his daughter ugly and all the other comments calling people bitches, queers, threatening people and more. This is who you have hosting your shows as being a representation of your show. Sure makes it look like yall are just as bad. Hopefully something gets done about this.

  359. Coast Guard Vet, This refers to Shark week, Please go back to old format with professional divers and film crew. I could care less about the new Hollywood format with so called celebs, athletes. Just curious, what high paid person there at Discovery makes these decisions.

  360. This regards shark week on your channel, and how I am disgusted in the shows you are broadcasting for this week. This week is for sharks showing people these interesting animals and the beauty of them. Instead you put shows up about people who know nothing about sharks trying to only benefit themselves by promoting their, for example cooking show. When I was a kid, this channel focused on the importance of these sharks and their existence, the beauty of them. No one has made this whole week specifically ABOUT sharks. This channel used to bring back memories of me and my father watching something we both loved and now it has become commercialized. This week has really opened my eyes to how self-centred and selfish people can be about protecting our environment.

  361. I have never before seen pictures of Frank Mundos the greatest shark hunter in the world an the record breaking shark they caught in 1986 I hav him an his 1st mate with biggest shark ever caught of long Island at the time 17 foot 3700lbs please contact me this true an provable awesome pictures

  362. I am Md. Ershad Ali, 33 years old.
    I want join new TV programme, how to survive Muslim people.
    I am ready to survive. If you possible create new TV show how to survive Muslim people please contact with me.
    008801732 6188 30

  363. I`m tired of seeing the same shows over and over, especially DARK WATER. this show is going to be shown 3 times: CURSED PARADISE AND LAST BREATH. you should not have put DARK WATERS ON TV if you did not have more than these 2 shows. ID need to put some new episodes on TV. yall keep showing re- runs that I have seen over and over. I`m not watching anymore of your shows over and over anymore. I have watch ID since 8/2010. I used to watch the re-runs. I`m sick of that mess. somebody put a different name on some shows that have already been shown and put the date/year2018. please fix this problem. I and we are not stupid. we know what episodes I have seen.

  364. For ages I have been wanting to contact someone and ask why do they
    have the background music so overpowering LOUD that you can’t hear
    what the talking can not be heard. it is more than annoying. I want to
    hear the talking, not the blasting loud music. It is even worse if you are
    wearing a head set. PLEASE let up on the racket, (music).
    Can’t you please do something about it?

    • I just got cable again and started watching the Alaskan Bush People series. I found them very interesting until I found out that they were fake. I really was born and raised in Alaska and my family really did encounter bears, deer, moose and wild animals. We also really did live in a dark green cabin. Most of my relatives are Black and part Eskimo (Yes, Black people are born in Alaska too) so it really perturbs me when people pretend to be someone they are not. Furthermore, I really do have a cousin named Merry Christmas actually born on December 25th, so I don’t understand the reasoning the Brown’s gave for naming their daughter Merry Christmas, but that’s their prerogative. Lastly, the Brown’s claim to know what it means to persevere, but it’s not persevering getting paid $25,000 to 60,000 an episode and having a net worth of $60 million! I will continue to watch the Alaskan Bush People, but now of course in a different light.

  365. How come I can’t sign in with my directv now provider you got directv and u verse so directv now should be able to work especially because discovery go has every other provider please make directv now work with discovery go

  366. my provider is not listed. I use easynet out of smithton mo 65350. therefor it will not allow me to activat the channel on my Roku. I called the number given for customer service and it is a nasty call in number…not happy about that. very unhappy that we are unable to activate this channel really enjoy watching it and would love to have this please give me feedback on how I can do this thank you

  367. Hello
    I have been watching your channel for a very long time and what I see is continue reruns of SEE NO EVIL.
    You rerun episode continually:
    Episode 2
    Episode 4 to 6
    Episode 8
    Episode 10
    Episode 13 to 17
    Episode 19
    Episode 21 to 26
    Episode 28 to 29
    Episode 31
    Episode 33-42
    Episode 44-58
    Why run reruns continually? Why not run new shows? If did not keep track of what episodes I watch I would waste my time starting to watch your reruns. Once in awhile is ok but to keep playing the same rerun over and over again just turns watchers off.
    I will be watching to see if your channel can show new episodes if not there are many other channels to watch.
    Thank You
    Jim Tessitore Rochester NH

  368. Please contact this vloggers …. finn snow and Sherlyn…. their love story in real life is very interesting to us viewers , their adventures, charity works, lovelife , cultural differences , upbringings , class , ambitions…its a unique love story …viewers are drawn to their beautiful lovelife, its like the reality show ! please convince this lovers to have a reality show!

  369. I was just watching Sergenti and then you superimposed commercials over the filming of the wild animals with subtitles of infoo about the animals. I find this appalling. If you’re going to show commercials, just show them. Don’t make it like it’s part of the programming. That sucks. I refuse to watch it. I changed the channel.

  370. You are broadcasting E-cigarette ads for Blu products IN PRIME TIME on TLC show, “The Bride, Groom, & The Emergency Room. This product will kill thousands of CHILDREN who are now addicted to their product. I’m going to delete all the shows I have scheduled to record on TLC, Discovery and whatever other networks you have. I will advise my friends and family to do the same- tobacco ads have been banned since the 1970’s because it is an addictive substance and I hope you all sleep well at night, just like I did the night after my mother DIED of cancer from starting to smoke at age 13. I was age 12 with two much younger brothers who were devastated and our lives will never be the same. It’s been 50 YEARS and these jerks are STILL doing everything they can to hook kids and teenagers. If you need their ad revenue that badly, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE ON THE AIR.

  371. Hi my name is Harold Gilchrist. I all ways look up to your shows and think they are so informed. So I reach out to your staff and VP’s looking for help. To look into the Mounds ancient ,Mounds in Negley ,Ohio There in trouble of disappearing due to our local government. And the land fill that will bury them.. and destroy. Need your help to bring this to attention of the importantance of not loosing. For to verify we started a Facebook site. (Wish you were not from Negley,Ohio.) Can you look at what there doing to us and the ancient Mounds that has been discovered here. This would benefit the entire world. Thank you you can call me 724 301 8056 this town is By Pittsburgh,Pa Help.

  372. Dear Dicovery channel,
    it is inform to you that, Taxicolour Mishmi Takin Animal found in district dibang valley Anini Arunachal Pradesh India .it are endeger an animal.but still no one can discover it.
    May kindly request to your channel visit to our country .

  373. I am thoroughly disgusted about your bear vs man show. Using an animal for competition and exploitation is inexcusable. Shame on you. My friends, family,and co workers will NOT be watching anything on your channels until you discontinue this ABUSIVE CIRCUS SIDESHOW. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  374. great to see dual survivor back on-most of time i watch you or your sister channels-
    one show i hate is naked and afraid-

    but my top favorite shows are

    dual survivor- watch shows many time but learn something new each time i watch it-my favorite survivor peolpe were cody lunden and matt graham

    expedition unknown


    running wild

  375. The new show ‘fastest cars in the Dirty South’ This show is a great creation. I have sat and watch all episodes in one sitting. They were exciting and creative. I need for you to make more episodes. I love your auto shows. This one is another great creation by your station. Please do me a favor and make more of them. I will be waiting.

  376. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR PROGRAMMING “ALASKA BUSH PEOPLE” name to something else. You are disgracing the real people that actually live off the land and contribute to their community.

    Your own channel of these so called “Alaskan Bush People” is nothing but a slap in the face to the real bush folk that actually live off the land and provide for themselves and their community.

  377. We like to share about a historic invention. That’s why we need your official email address.

  378. Along with many other people have a very disgusting with Discovery channel why would you take a popular show like the last alaskans and decide to cancel it you need to bring it back or at least be upfront with customers who really love that show what you’re doing is not in the public interest please let us know what’s happening

  379. We want you to bring back the last alaskans what you’re doing like I said is not in the public interest to cancel the show at the last minute leaving people who love that show in the dark is not in the public interest

  380. I like a lot of of programs you run. But when did the Travel Channel become the Ghost Channel. The travel Channel has nothing to do with travel

  381. Hello

    I am interested in sending a video clip about sun bird nesting and feeding small birds their off springs


  382. I can’t believe all the garbage reality shows you have on TLC . You people should be ashamed of yourself. At one time it was a good channel. Stop showing this crap.

  383. Discovery Channel is an wonderful media to learn. But seeing nonstop program Naked and Afraid is a disgrace to the good name of the channel and shameful.

  384. On Seven Wonders of America, July 5, the Golden Gate Bridge was declared a connection between S F and Oakland.

  385. Hello,

    Discovery have had shows about food – sharks eating food and so much more…
    How about starting a show about very popular product these, namely Beer and all the breweries around the United States. Pick me and I will travel with to show the American people and the world for that matter the fantastic flavors of craft beer. If you need me just let me know – I stand ready bag is packed! Thank you and have a great day!

  386. I love to watch expedition unknown on the Discovery Chanel. However who ever likes the background music to be as loud or louder should tone it down. It is extremely annoying.
    I will stop watching the Discovery Channel be cause of the loud music. Every once in a while I will check back to see if the background noise is gone or a lot lower.

  387. WHY would the network leave out lg smart tv’s and sony playstation 4 from being able to stream the new discovery plus?????? Not a good business decision. Very high revenues being loss


  389. I think I discovered a rip off of the viewers of Discover, it’s called Discover Plus.
    To see certain shows on the Discover Channel you had to opt for a more costly package that included it now, after having done that, you rip the customers for
    additional charges for your PLUS package.
    What a ream job

  390. I watch your channels frequently and now you are taking several of the shows I love, Kindred spirits, ghost nation, and putting them on discovery+. I already pay over $130 for cable and now you want me to pay more for the same shows? That is ridiculous and unfair. If I have to give up these shows, I might as well, give up on all your shows. I’m very pissed about this.

    • I agree with the two previous posts. People are having financial problems already. You may not think $4.99 is much, but when you are struggling to find enough money just for food, its a fortune. Maybe you should re think all of this. I am not paying for shows I am already paying over $100 per month for. So answer why are you ripping off your customers? Do we not matter? I love to watch all the paranormal shows and the science and history but I am not paying twice to pay to watch these shows.

  391. I do not like in the program Gold Rush with Parker you are now showing a muzzled dog on TV, poor judgment on channels part. PETA needs to be contacted. Shows poor trading on owners part.

  392. So why are we paying $4.99 for a channel we aleady pay for through our cable and satelite bills every month? I am a die hard fan of your channels especially Travel. But you are running commercials telling us if we want to the new shows we have to subscribe to Discovery+. Nearly every one in the country. And the rest of the world, are having financial problems. Even 5 bucks is a lot for those of us who are struggling. If it were me I would rethink this Dicovery+. Needless to say I will not be watching your channels as much as like to. In fact your channels are all I watch. We all had a rough year and the new episides were something to look forward to.

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