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Contacting Discover Card Customer Service Center

There are four top credit card companies. They are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card. Customer service information for the Discover Card is extremely simple to locate. This was a breath of fresh air as many companies require customers log in to their account before accessing information.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to contact Discover Card for customer service purposes, you can use one of the numbers listed below.

Discover Card customer service (US):  1-800-347-2683

Discover Card customer service (outside US):  1-801-902-3100

TDD: 1-800-347-7449

Mailing Address

There are two mailing addresses listed on the main Discover Card customer service website. One is for payments and the other for customer service contact.

Payment Address:

Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 6103
Carol Stream, IL 60197-6103

Customer Service Address:

Discover Financial Services
P.O. Box 30943
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0943

Official Website

If you want to find out more about Discover Card, locate the best card for your needs or simply access your account and customer service, you can visit the main Discover Card website at Discover Card is issued by the main company, not different financial institutions, so all information you need, including the application for your own Discover Card, are available from the main website.

Customer Service Email

According to the Discover Card website, customers must log in to their account before sending a secure message to customer service via email. This allows the customer service department to better process the request because personal information can be securely sent to the customer service representative.

You may be able to find out answers to customer service questions, as long as the question does not require access to your Discover Card account, using the email address. However, this email address is typically used to contact a technician for website help.

Our Experience

Discover Card’s customer service line, located in the USA, is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. When we called the customer service department, the line was answered by an automatic response. The automated system provided us options for account members and for online support. We were unable to push 0 for a direct link to a Discover Card customer service representative. After waiting for approximately 2 minutes, our call was answered by a representative speaking clear American English. After gathering some basic information about ourselves and our account, our question was answered. We also sent an email to and are still awaiting a response.

Have you used a Discover Card? Have you called the Discover Card service line? Tell us your story.

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85 Comments on “Contact Discover Customer Service
  1. hello

    this comment is for discover customer service

    I was attempting to apply for a student loan. However, you gave me an error message saying my social security numbers were inaccurate. I beg to differ! I am perfectly aware of what my social security number is. I have only had it since I was 17 and a half years old. I am now 50. You do the math!

    since there are dozens of other lenders “out there” I will pursue on of them. Hopefully, I will find one that is more professional and competant

    r. parker

  2. I want apply a student credit card, but I don’t have SSN yet, coz I’m a international student here. Is there any ways to help me to apply a credit card without SSN requirement? Thanks a lot.

  3. My experience in trying to use your card while traveling to Ireland was not good. I was told by your representatives that it could be used, that was not true. Embarrassing to say the very least. From NY/Toronto/London/across the Nation of Ireland, no one accepted your card. So why tell me it would be accepted? Poor representation from customer service.



  4. I had a payment plan with Discover Card and after a fixed number of monthly payments, my balance would be paid off, which happened in August.
    In September, I just found that another payment ($266) was withdrawn on my $0 balance.

    I called, and was connected to Kristen at the Current (Collections) Department. I tried to explain the situation and she kept cutting me off telling me that when they set a payment plan, I was wrongly informed, and that the payments will come out indefinitely until I cancel them.

    I asked her why I was told that it would stop when it was $0, and how they could possibly not see that they were withdrawing money from an account with no balance – in 2012, this seems like a very easy thing to track.

    She ignored me, and started to repeat herself, that with “fixed amounts”, the payments happen every month. When I tried to ask her a question, as she had said this already and basically stated that it was not her problem, not was she sorry this happened, she got angry and told me to “let her finish speaking”, which I did, but in this case, as I was very polite, and was the one with almost $600 taken from my bank account for a stupid mistake on their part, I should have been the one who was upset, and they should have been apologetic and polite, being CUSTOMER SERVICE who has screwed up.

    I would never use this company again – just the fact that they can make a mistake like this, which is a very easy thing to track if you use computers in your business, and the fact that they were rude and offered no explanation or apology, makes me not want to use them ever again.

    • they crap,cant even pay my claim of R250.I will surely stop my account with them.Sorry Discovery,you just sucks.Your company are the winkest link.Good-bye

  5. Card is useless in the Netherlands.! Discover told me everything would be fine.before I left. They lied. ATM would not accept my card. Bad news!! Discontinued my card.

  6. No way to contact DISCOVER other than phone. I do ALL my business via internet, sooooooooooo ……I guess they lose another potential customer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I had been attempting to resolve an issure where an employee stole my identity and started charging on the card. I did not realize until I closed my business and the statements started coming to my home (I did not do the change of address!). I requested proof of contract with my signature, showing that I am responsible. After 7 collection agencies, and countless letters of dispute, I receive a letter from Discover requesting payment in full, along with statements, but NO signed contract. Fortunately, it also showed the day of charge off, whihc was over 6 years ago and the SOL (Statute of Limitations) finally ran out and they can no longer harrass me!

  8. My phone is not working at the moment.Can you contact the fraud division and let them know the charges on my card are mine. Thank You Robert Komonce

  9. I would like to report that an employee at Discover Card Toure Tiemoko(SLC) uses drugs on a daily basis. I hope Discover does not support this type of behavior.

  10. Please be advised that another bogus charge from has been charged to my account.
    Please do not accept this charge.

    Thank You
    Roderick MacIntoshSr.

  11. I have tried to cancel my Disover card account and now I have received a credit increase. I cut up my card and do not remember my password, so I cannot log in to try and cancel my account again. PLEASE cancel my account immediately!!!

  12. discover charged me twice for merchandise I dd NOT order. They removd the charge and then put it back on. this was repeated numerous time. This started in July 2012 and still not resolved. RUN AWAY FROM DISCOVER AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

  13. our new discover cards arrived and were activated #2731. our dish network bill is on the discover account. you have not contacted them to inform them of the new cards and expiration on them 03/18. This needs to be done immediately, our dish is not working. Thank you for your immediate action. We have been with Discover quite a few years and don’t want to switch to a new card.
    Sincerely, Mary L. and Jeff Hoff

  14. I’d forgotten my password and was issued a temporary one. I changed that one to a permanant password and it still won’t allow me to view my account. Now I can’t chat with a rep because I can’t get on line.HELP!!!!

  15. Had two charges that were for the same amount putonmyaccount byDiscover. Items not ordered.
    Nine phone calls, four letters and 9 months later still same problem. STAY AWAY FROM DISCOVER CARD

  16. I purchase a coffee pot from the local store on August 9th of this year. The coffee pot doesn’t work right now and I can’t find my receipt. Can Discover help me with a copy of that receipt to prove that I purchased it from the store?

  17. I received and e-mail saying that my Discover Card had an abnormally
    high attempts on logins on my account. I haven’t had an account with you for more that 5 years. This maybe a hoax but if you tried to contact my e-mail please look into this. This account has been closed for years,

  18. Disappointed ex-customer. I don’t know if people are aware that if you send a payment late your card is automatically frozen until you pay the late fee. I had been a customer since 1987 and cancelled out of principal. Since 1987 I may have missed payment about 6 or 7 times, but my payment history is great. Don’t be fooled by the advertisement that they have the best interest to help you they will not make any exceptions until you pay the late fee. It really hurt to let Discover Card go I believe they are a good company, but they need to really be diligent and really look at peoples payment history and longevity with their company. I unfortunately got an associate that was not caring. Good luck Discover card and thank you for the many years of good customer service, I’m truly sorry I had to cancel my card, but I card I can not use because of a late payment is useless to me.

  19. I was not happy with my FICo score. I have sent payments in before due dates forever and yet I am not a 740 fic0Please correct!!!!!! score person!


  21. I cancelled my Discover cards & was told I would receive new cards with new numbers. Said I would receive them in 6 days. It has been some time & have NOT received them yet . Could you please check on why I have not received them . Should have received one for EMIL TOMKO & LILLIAN TOMKO 25 Thompson St. St.Clair,Pa .17970 Thank you kindly…EMIL TOMKO

  22. We (my wife and I) have been a Discover card customers since 1994. We use our Discover card for the majority of all our purchases.
    On Monday (6/9/14) I found my account blocked. I called the service center and found that my address and phone number had been changed by someone who got into my online account. New cards had been sent to this fraud overnight. I went through with the representative to reset the information, block the card that had been issued to the fraud and asked for new cards to be send us, which she said could not been done for 4 to 5 days but to call back tomorrow and maybe they could overnight cards to us. I found this unusual. We have had our card compromised before and Discover always overnighted new cards to us immediately. I called back the next day (Tuesday 6/10/14) spoke to a different representative and found that our information had not been changed on the account and new cards had been overnighted to the fraud address. I cannot believe the incompetence done here. The representative changed the information and said they would block the cards issued and issue new cards to us the next day. He called back and said we would not get the cards on Weds. as he had said, but would be here on Thurs. Well Thurs. has come and gone (it is almost 8 PM EST) and no cards. I called Discover and was told to wait to see if they came the tomorrow (Friday). I find this service TERRIBLE AND TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. I am seriously considering dropping Discover. I have never had this problem before with Discover or any other card company. I cannot see my account and do not have new cards to open a new account, so the fraud might be using cards that were sent to them while I sit here with nothing. It seems the fraud can get cards much faster than the valid customer. I would like a person from management to contact me about this poor service. My phone is 561-750-1560.

  23. I just love how you guys look at the past. every credit compy. turned me down because of my past. iv been turned down for car loans and other stuff. my credit union gave me a car loan no questing asked in nov 2012 and a credit card and asked how much I wanted for a limit offing me $4000.00 and I told the only $1500. then in feb of 2013 they. loan me another $21000. for another car. the other car loan was $7500.00 so you gays are just like all the other card comp. if a person had problems in the past you label them. i bet if I was Donald trump and filed for bank ruptcy you would not have a problem giving me a card then. it gose to prove that the credit unions trust there people no matter the past. matter of fact they just approved me to co sing for a loan im going Monday to do that all I was asking for was a card with no more then $3000.00 if that. so take your card and well you figer it out. thank you Richard A Mulherin. ps. ill let everyone I know or talk to that you are not for the working man. you know what the economy did to middle class working person. and who fault was that not ours and the government gave all the banks money to bail them out and all you did was give your big boss his/hers bones

  24. I received a new card Sept 2,and was told to destroy the old one. well we used the new one until this morning, the machine would NOT except it. l called Discover and the Fraud Dept. told me that a new card was in the mail.—ARE you to CHEAP to call me and say my replacement card l received 9 days ago is NO LONGER good. I have been with you people since 1986, Maybe it time for a change?

  25. I just want to give my email adress, because the post office is on strike and I want to see monthy my acount. My member no is 381100115
    Thank you,
    Mrs J.A.v.d.Wath.

  26. I don’t understand why waterfront2895 was not activated. I changed it but it was not activated

    Tom T. Pinkerton

  27. Hi, I am writing this to you, because I need a personal loan, I have had a personal loan with you just recently, I paid it off, you sent me a letter saying if I need another personal loan contact discover/personal loans
    I can not find any where else on the internet to contact you.Thank you

  28. what the hell is going on with me trying to get into my account but it keeps telling me my information is wrong so I went to the help and entered my information which I happen to know by heart seeing as how I’m damn near 66 yrs old but it keeps saying that they don’t recognize my information does that mean that I don’t exist or what cause if I don’t exist then I guess I don’t owe you any damn money RIGHT

  29. Please consider contracting with a more clever Advertising Agency, your TV commercials lack class and are very childish.
    Thank you

  30. Why the hell do you send people invitations to apply and decline them. Its a scam to get personal information and screw up peoples credit rating. Either make this right or do not contact me again!!!!!!!

  31. Everything are great my thing are abonded I’m missed very much I’m tierd hold my thing stuck 2009 you call
    Me from 1996 bill Clinton & gorch bruch im on waiting list now I got all of that I need money so badly

  32. Today my attorney attempted to fax a message to you ,using a number that he obtained from your office. He was told that this is “NOT A WORKING NUMBER”. This is his second message to you on my behalf to resolve an old incorrect bill from Storage Place in Hudson MA. I elderly, and hard of Hearing, therefore unable to communicate effectively by phone. I have repeatedly told your agents when they call, that I cannot understand their message, and I have mailed letters to explain, but then you just add another penalty to the bill, and do not respond to my mailed messages. Why do you not communicate with my attorney,
    Richard Novitch. Is this any way to treat your public..? Should I resort to other measures in order to bring about an fair resolution..? Please resolve this matter with my attorney.
    Matilda A. Muzzi

  33. I have missed calls from you on my recent application for a discover card. I put down that I was a student and I wont be attending school until the fall and they have asked for school documents they need to finish the application and I dont have any as of yet. Since I am not starting until the fall and I have no proof of schooling yet should I start another application and state I am not a student? If so please let me know by email and I will redo the application. Email is the best way to reach me.

  34. DC, have you ever heard of overkill or too much of something is a bad thing? I use PCH games every day and they run your ad after every game that is played. As a former business manager I know marketing is extremely important, however, I also know what toooooo much can do. I don’t have your card and unfortunately I now never will. Evidently you don’t have anyone that monitors how sites like PCH run your ads. Try having someone log in and see how they turn people off to your card. Nobody wants to see an ad after every game they play. Yesterday I was on the site for 4 hours and saw your ad over 200 times. Your marketing people have a lot to learn.


    You sent me this mail and I want to act on it as soon as possible to resolve my CC debt with you before your deadline lapses soon. I just discovered your mail though it was sent in the past. Sincerely, Mr. Hall

    Dear Steven M Hall,


    For a very limited time we are offering you the opportunity to settle your Account for a payment of only 30.00% of the balance. You’ll benefit in all these important ways:

    •You’ll save a substantial amount compared to the account balance
    •We’ll consider your Account resolved, with no more efforts to collect

    DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS SPECIAL OFFER! This offer expires on December 3, 2015. Please call now or we will be forced to consider the necessary steps to collect the full balance.

    The failure to meet any agreed upon payment that is part of this settlement by the payment due date will cause the settlement to be null and void and will result in the entire remaining account balance becoming due immediately.

    In addition there may be certain tax consequences. Whenever $600 or more is forgiven as a result of settling a debt for less than the balance owed, the creditor may be required to report the amount forgiven to the Internal Revenue Service on a 1099C form, a copy of which would be mailed to you by the creditor. If you are uncertain of the legal or tax consequences we encourage you to consult your legal or tax advisor.

    Please call us promptly at 1-800-347-3122 between the hours of Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST to discuss important account information. We will be happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have regarding this account.

    Shirl Williams

  36. It would take a novel to document the problems I am having with Discover after
    32 years of using their card. This time I have an inkling they may have committed fraud by REPOSTING two charges that were unauthorized and also have a legal document of final settlement with All States Van Lines (FL) with
    whom I never did business outside of placing a deposit and then their QA
    guy Paul comes on the scene and all hell breaks lose. Yes, I never did a move
    with this company; however, the owner of this company, a Russian Lieber aka
    Shawn also owns Upickup Movers that I got sucked into using and had to pay
    $4750 to a lawyer to get my property. I not only got a partial shipment but had
    to wait months for what they forgot to bring amounting to 500cf of property.
    I will never do business with Discover and they even had the nerve to put my
    account down as past due when they owe me money – I owe them nothing.

  37. my discover card was damaged not lost or stolen I simply needed another card
    after being transferred to the fraud department when I asked why I was dealing with the fraud department Brandon rudely told me there is lots of ways fraud happens guess what his way to verify I was me? was to ask me my name??? wtf how does knowing that prevent fraud??? any one trying to fraud me would know my name and being everyone knows they mail the card they would also know the address IDIOTS

  38. Will you please tell me what the status of my account is. I have not received a replacement card. If you are not going to give me a new card I will go to another offer. Frances

  39. Do send me the balance statement for upcoming month and all correspondence associated with our account to new mailing address Attention POA /Attorney-in-Fact as follows: 5325 Lake Mead Trail, Fort Worth, Texas 76137.

  40. I keep getting information for James W. Davis sent to my email address . I have contacted Discover card on several occasions asking that this stop . I still get his information . I am not James W. Davis . If I still get his emails – who is getting mine ? The security of this company needs to be seriously looked at .
    Stop sending me the account information for James W. Davis .

  41. I would like to apply for Discover Credit Card, having been recommended to your department.Unfortunately I have been trying for tour days to reach you by the telephone without success . I managed to get through on the first I called .However: We got cut off mid conversation.

    Since then I get an engaged line signal.
    Can you help ?

    Yours Faithfully.
    Rose Cam

  42. Pl. mail me a discover card ” Offer” or application on this address. Thanks.

    Aditya N. Shukla
    C/O Gargi Shukla
    1620 Hope Dr Apt # 522
    Santa Clara, CA 95054

  43. i have been with Discover card since 2007 and have had good service all this time. However, for some reason Discover has added electronic payment to my account. I did NOT ask for this to be done. I get paid on different days of the month so I am not sure when I can make my payments. This month I sent my payment for June on May 18th.on May 18th.. Discovewr took the payment out of my checking account on May 19th. They also credited my payment that I had mailed in. This will probably make my other payments checks to bounce. causing me to pay extra. This haS MADE ME VERY UPSET, HOW CAN dISCOVER DECIDE TO MAKE ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS WITHOUT MY DIRECT PERMISSION??.

  44. After 15 years, I terminated my card, their customer service dept, especially “Natalie” was completely unprofessional. No return phone calls, and being told “other callers had priority. Avoid this card like the plague,

  45. I have been searching for a email adress to send a opinion about your credit score card program. I recently when on your web site and must say how dissappointed i was with the results. I entered my info and ask for a pre qualification for a card. The results came back as if i would a canidate for one of your cards. I am hit with a hard inquirey due to this. Very mis leading. Why would you have a program to assist people with their credit that could hurt them if they applied. Especially when your company shows a card that would match them. Very hurtful.

  46. My phone is broken so I will try emailing you. Made purchase at Dress Lilly, and looks like they have charged me with two orders instead of one, could not correct it on internet. the purchase order came to 26.35. Please only accept one charge, instead of two I will keep trying to correct with Dress Lilly. Thank you, Jimmye Davis

  47. Eight attempts to have my monthly payments applied to my current account have been in vain. Payments continue to go to my old account even though I have spoken with Josh, Kenny, Taylor, Rudy (billing), Regina (billing), Kara (supervisor), and others. I have been a loyal customer since 2006, and have never missed or been late on a payment, yet I continue to get past due notifications and late charges applied to my account. Your customer service is atrocious, and I will no longer be a customer.


  49. UNHAPPY FIRST TIME CUSTOMER!!, I applied for a discover card a couple weeks ago after an offer came in the mail. They were offering a decent interest rate to transfer balances, compared to my Capitol one card, so I applied and put in the amount of transfer I wanted from my other card, $2400. Well the response came back as approved and I had a $2000 credit line. So I thought great.. Well with no explanation or actual breakdown of what they were doing, they only took $1900 of the $2400 I asked for a transfer and that left me with only $100 credit on their card. I WAS VERY UPSET that this was not explained to me or written anywhere in their documents that were sent to me days after I applied. I went to purchase something for $300 before I was declined and called discover to find out what they had done. TO me this was a bit deceiving, I would have never applied or accepted the terms if I had been aware of them..

  50. i activated my discover card sat.sept 30 . made a couple of withdraws an alert email came from PayPal charging my card $100 so I called and yall put a hold on my card when I realized my girlfriend did the paypal payment i called back to let you know it was mine since then i get put on hold i work 12 hr,shiftwork im sending the info you requested its just been impossible to get the fax number .im glad you have my best interest at heart but this is getting a little ridiculous i cant even log in to my account

  51. Hi, I was told by Discover that i needed to send a copy of my social security card, and one bill to prove that I live at this resident.
    If you have receive this informations please disregard this letter?

  52. I applied or a personal loan today and was denied on what you call charge off , i have never had suh a thing have had your card for years ( paid of in full ) and a discover loan through you which was pain of in ull what th ehell are you talking about charge off thats BS

  53. Discover sends out perfectly valid emails, if you click on any link contained you get the message:

    “This message has a from address in but has failed’s required tests for authentication.”

    and they talk about Security?


  55. Discover card is worthless. I paid off my balance, never missed a payment, and have not used it in the past 3 months. Now I get an e-mail saying that my account has been closed. The decision was made after reviewing my credit history. I have NO balances on my other 2 credit cards. There might have been a problem in the past with my husband discover card, but that has been taken care of. This card is only in my name. Worthless is what I call DISCOVER Card services. In a way, I’m glad I no longer have a card. I always have issues when I use it in Europe. Keep away from this company. Avoid the stress and the lack of loyalty.

  56. Take my name and address off your mailing permanently effective immediately. Also tell Citi and American Express to do the same. The one and only credit card I will think about getting only is a VISA credit card and no other credit card is acceptable. You people should have enough common sense that if you send out a credit card offer through your company and no one responds, you should figure out that they are not interested in what you have to offer. From now on start using your heads and use common sense or all of you will be looking for new jobs somewhere else and the building your in will be scheduled for demolition. DO NOT SEND ME ANY E-MAILS EVEN ONE TIME OR I WILL CONTACT A DEMOLITION COMPANY IMMEDIATELY AND THEY WILL BE ON THE ROAD RIGHT AWAY HEADING TOWARDS YOU AND I WILL TELL THEM TO CHARGE YOU FOR THE DEMOLITION BILL.

  57. I expect you to drop full frontal TV show for your advertising. That show is appalling and everyone associated with it. I will encourage my daughter to get rid of your credit card immediately.

  58. I have been a loyal customer. I made a mistake and (Norton) did an automatic renewal on my discover car. (with permission from last year) I called and was told to pay. Something should have been doe since I have been a good customer. You charged two late charges. You could have called since I am on time with my payments. You could have forgiven the late charges. I have regarded discover as my number one card. (when I need a card) I paid the money, but you should still do something.

  59. I am trying to create an online account so that I can do everything through it. I no longer have the credit card, the account is closed so I do not have the account #…I only have the last 4 digits of the account number. I do not have the expiration date either. How can I create my account?

  60. I am thoroughly disappointed in Discover. I insist on why Discover honored dispute was found in their favor. I did every thing I was asked to do by Discover. Finally sent copies of the certified mail receipts, of which was signed by The order number was 992522. Despite what they wrote on the sales slip, they were very deceitful. The sakes rep even said I took a size large black Jobst compression stockings. Purchase price was &99.90 You would accept any of my proofs that they were reviewed negatively on 5 pages. Now that you have the returned certified mail receipts, I assume the credit will be honored. But your dispute policies put me through weeks of anxiety and distress. Never ever has Discover dishonored our disputes. Sales companies can’t anything on their sales receipts. I am 5 foot five inches tall, weigh 170 lbs. My leg measurements were 9/12 inched, calf 15 inches and 24 inches in the thigh. They got all the measurements as requested. Again, your dispute policies definitely need to be reevaluated

  61. i am 89yrs old have had a discover card for years several years ago because of loss of income i had a problem for over 8yrs i have been paying my debt to discover at a very high interest rate,my goal is to pay my debt while i am mentally fit. your rep. who was not very understanding. said lowering my interest rate was impossible.i know at my age NOTHING is impossible. my good faith to resolve my debt deserves to be consider.please advise asad. each day for me is a gift. thank you. i have also contacted a govt agency to file a complaint against discover stating my account. once again i ask for your help.

  62. I need my checking account as wellas routing number on my discover card plz send it to me or plz send me the pin as well july 4th will be my birthday could I somehow get all my bills paid off as well I OWE WELLS FARGO MONEY PLZ PAY OFF THAT BANK AS WELL AS COMENITY BANK TIGERDIRECT THANK U

  63. You reported to the IRS that you have written off an account (I do not have an account nor have I had an account with you) for me in the sum of more than 5,000.00! Judging from this email strain, Discover Card has run into major problem and the company is being ill served by incompetent staff which is then not being overseen properly, if at all. It would appear that it is only a matter of time before the entire thing comes crashing down.

    On a somewhat different note, a little over a year ago, my sisters and I noticed that you had sent a card to my mother who will be 90 in a few days. At the time, she lived alone, paid for everything by cash and simply did not need a card. Someone had compromised the account and run up quate a tab which my mom actually paid instead of charging it off to fraud. We asked that the account be closed and were promised it would be. Several months later, we noticed it was not closed and that audio books were being charged. Again, this was paid off and we repeated the requests and got promises to close the account. Eventually that account was closed, but a new card was sent. My sisters and I destroyed it before it could be activated. You really have a problem brewing here.

  64. Dear Sir/Madam

    Im very desappointed with descocery.Me and my husband we are on chronic madication but my Husband has not recieve his madication since from February.

  65. August 2, 2018

    Discover Dispute Department

    This is just a follow up on case # 222834054B with Diane Hathaway against Coast to Coast Moving.

    After several weeks of waiting for the investigation, you agreed with Coast to Coast for the charges.

    This morning on ABC Good Morning America (8 /2/18) they had a special on Moving Scams which was exactly what they tried to do with Diane. She was concerned when they never showed up to take the inventory and told her to itemize instead. She realized what was happening and cancelled, and had to pay another company extra to come out the next day as the plane reservations were made and house had been sold. From their news report, it is clear that Discover did not really investigate all the scams that Coast To Coast has done to other people, not just her.

    We are doing a follow up with ABC news on how Discover has agreed with the scam, instead of the with consumer.

    Please let me know who they should contact there at your Corp. Office. The last email that was rec’d was just from Discover Card Customer Service.
    Thank you,

    Greg Maize
    Feel free to call me at 760 408 6208

  66. I was a customer in good standing for over 30 years and I had a credit limit of $16,601. I paid you a lot of money in interests. In 2016, circumstances beyond my control caused me to file bankruptcy. I am trying to rebuild my credit and I thought you could help me out knowing that, I will not be allowed to file bankruptcy again for 8 years, but I was so disappointed and hurt when you declined my application(18283226116700 ADA: 100025.) Merrick Bank(I never dealt with it before,) Synchrony Bank, Target, Walmart, and J. C. Penney trusted me and issued me credit. Would you please reconsider your decision? Thank you.

  67. I’ve been on a chat for more than 1 hour
    all because I could not change my user id for my online acct.
    Things are made worse after talking to discover chat rep Ariel and supervisor Daynan.
    As of now, cannot access with the temp pw discover rep Ariel gave.
    Cannot recover a new pw because no working card with numbers etc.
    Send a way for me to access my online account that includes mobile banking.

  68. Hey this is Matt Marino Ive heard about the green discover card with the cash Back and im interested in the discover green card cash write to me Matt Marino.

  69. Bait and switch. Really, you know 100 percent you are going to ask for social security proof by making the customer go to the government website to obtain a card. And applications credit report should not be ran until you inform the customer they have to jump through that hoop first. Also, allowing only a $5000 limit when the applicant is making 600,000+ a year. You bait with your 5% but switch by not allowing A customer to take advantage of that by limiting the credit. This is by far the worst customer service from a credit card I have ever had.

  70. Two hours ago I spent $161.97 at Best Buy and put it on my business credit card (not a Discover card). Just now I got an email stating today through December 1 I get 5% cash back on Discover purchases at Best Buy.

    Why did this email not go out until nearly the end of the workday (CST) today instead of late last night?

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