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Contacting DirecTV Customer Service Center

DirecTV is an alternative television and Internet provider. DirecTV service requires a contract for service so customers are bound to keep service for the length of the contract or face early termination fees. DirecTV requires installation of equipment outside the home, including but not limited to, a dish that may be attached to the roof or window of the home. Customer service options are available on the contact us page of the DirecTV website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

DirecTV lists phone numbers for ordering and customer service. The customer service line is open from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. EST, 7 days a week. Technical support is available 24 hours a day.

Mailing Address

Customers who wish to contact DirecTV by mail for customer service purposes can use the corporate mailing address.

DIRECTV Customer Service
P.O. Box 6550
Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550

Official Website

Customers can visit the official website for DirecTV at This website is dedicated to explaining the products, services and bundles offered by DirecTV. If customer service is the reason for your visit to the DirecTV website, you can use the support link:

The support side of the DirecTV website offers a lengthy FAQs section and question and answer page. Customers can search the questions for answers to commonly asked questions. This could save a ton of time waiting on hold just to speak to a representative. When you send a customer service email, answers that may help you appear before you can send your email message.

Customer Service Email

We did not find an email address for the customer service department of DirecTV, but there is an online contact form that can be accessed without logging in to an account. You can access the contact form at We’ve sent a customer service email to DirecTV about service contracts. We’ll update how long it took to receive a response.

Our Experience

When we attempted to contact DirectTV, we encountered the automated service that was difficult to navigate. The system repeated prior to connecting us with a customer service representative. We waited through the automated response system approximately 3 minutes. When we finally spoke to a representative, we noticed a discernible language barrier leading us to believe the customer support center was not in the local area. The customer care associate was pleasant when we asked questions regarding service and the pricing structure. We even sent an email to the customer service department concerning customer care issues, but are awaiting a reply.

The customer service department at DirecTV was helpful with our request for information. The email we sent was answered within 6 hours of sending the request. The customer service representative also provided several options for customers to reach customer servive, see the communication below:

From: DIRECTV Customer Service
Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 2:58 PM
Subject: Service Contracts [Reference #: 120323-001031]
To: Richard B

Response Via Email(Cristina R. – 100170000) – 03/23/2012 02:58 PM
Dear Mr Banks,

Thanks for writing to us about your interest in DIRECTV. I understand that you would like to sign up for DIRECTV service without agreeing to a contract. We have some great offers on equipment and programming for you, [discounted long-term contract and 24-month promotions].

Thanks again for writing, Mr. Banks. We look forward to serving you in the years to come with the best programming, technology and customer service.


Cristina R. – 100170000
DIRECTV Customer Service

Customer By Web Form (Richard Banks) – 03/23/2012 09:30 AM
If I become a new DirecTV customer, can I order service without a contract – pay as you go.

The customer service department at DirectTV appears to put customers first. Did you experience a high level of customer support or did DirectTV place you second. We want to hear from you with your customer service experiences.

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849 Comments on “Contact DirecTV Customer Service
  1. channel 9 , 13 , 23 have been getting interferance to the point where we haven’t been able to watch them for the past month. I waited on the phone for more than an hour to speak with a representative, and after trying to explain the problem, I was hung up on. The problem still exists and if I can’t get some satisfaction in resolving this issue, I will be seeking another Company to provide this service.

  2. We have Direct TV and we like a lot, but as you know we do not have 25 or less channels depending on what package we have the thing is that my question since we do not receive those channels are you going to reduce our bill? because if we are not going to have those channels our bill should be adjusted according to those channels that we are not receiving. oh and by the way we have been calling your 1800 number during the day and it has a message saying that you are closed how can that be. I hope this problem gets resolved with losing so many channels or were just going to have to get another cable provider and I really think that if the problem does not get fixed you are going to lose a lot of customers.

  3. My wife & I chose Directv because of the Viacom channels although we didn’t know when we signed up that Viacom owned our favorite channels.
    we need a bill prorated or channel substitution because we are watching GSN for the most part!
    the friends that I referred even texted me & asked “what is going on!”
    Viacom stated on their website that Directv has know about this price for 7 years! Get on your jib Directv because if I had missed a payment I would be looking at an extension # to call! My bill is automatically debited so give us some TV or Directv us no better that than the lowly Dish network!


  4. My husband and myself recently applied for direct tv service but was denied because my son who lives with us has a unpaid bill. My son is a grown man who lives with us because of a recent divorce. He hasnt anything to do with paying the bills in this household me and is dad are the owners of this household. To let you know we are aware it is illegial to refuse service to us because of his credit problems you have to use our own. So we will be filling a class action suit against you. We call direct tv and was solve anything because the person I spoke was bascially dimissing me so nothing was resolved.

  5. Please let us know when you will be providing
    the PAC12 Networks. The season has started
    and we are missing a game today.

  6. I heard you have FINALLY reached a deal with Pac 12 Network. I hope it is true. Please let me know so I do not have to change to Dish.

  7. Dear direcTV, I would like to say thank you! For being so understanding and a great company that I enjoy watching for years.
    Just recently I had a bill for 289 dollars, so I called your customer service to find out why. I would build for a pay review channels back in 2004, which shocked me!!! I explained to the customer serviceperson that I cannot afford to pay for something that happened back in 2004, that I already paid for. did not want t did not want to do, and that was to cancel my Direct TV. Customer Service Credit my bill, and I still enjoy have my Direct TV. I do apologize that I don’t remember the customer service person’s name, and I would like to say again thank you direcTV!

  8. well here i am again.I LIVE IN ST LOUIS MO. it is raining thats all. rain nothing else however I DO not have a signal my TV IS BLANK??????? why???? can’t u fix this problem? every time it rains the Tv goes off for 1/2 hr at most is there something that can be done????

  9. I called three times this morning, and the first two, did not know how to fix my problem, and I got cut off from both od them, while I was talking. ONe was in Floridaand one in ———.

    Then I got a lady in Pennsylvan, name Brandy, and she got me fixed up in no time. Wo , at least somebody kknew what to do……

  10. My wife and I switched to dish tv we has direct tv for a lil over two years . When my wife called and gave direct tv our new address they changed the billing address but not the location of there equipment address we moved and moved our direct tv dish and boxes our self so we didn’t have to wait on them to re-hook it up. Wich is fine cuz we are paying for there service and not getting any more only what we are paying for then our two year commitment was up we looked into dish tv because a friend of ours that installs derect tv told us we could switch and get free install and the newest equipment with a two year agreement with dish. Checked into it and he was right so having filled our commitment with them made us a free agent Well called and canceled and they said the box for the equipment will be sent to us. Now remember we moved and switched the info with them months ago well never got a box and a month went by then our bank card showed a debt to derict tv for there equipment we called them and asked why we are being charged and there anwser was that they sent a box and never got there equipment. Back well there box was sent to our old address cuz when we called they never updated any more then the billing portion There is no wrong doing on there part as far as there conserend derict tv is not at fault for there employees wrong doing we are. Well now we have a box coming to the right address and can expect our funds to be refunded in 10 to 20 days after they have there equipment. Well we get to pay for there employees mistake by paying bank overcharges we are so lucky. If your commitment with them is for filled switch to dish tv you will get more for less money and a better quality picture more hd Chanel’s and four room Dvr capability. And the best part LESS money. Just make sure you sent there equipment back to them.

    • Oh my goodness. I really could not read this post with al the grammar errors! There=their. Cuz=because. there=they’re. concerned=concerned.
      for filled=fulfilled.

  11. We have been loyal customers (who are never late with payments) of Direct TV for 6 years. I’m not sure if Direct TV changed hands or what is going on but tonight my husband is on the phone haggleing over problems with our service at our camp which we have had for 5 years. He is talking to the 4th service rep., 2 being supposedly supervisors. Tayor, her supervisor Tom, mover Ben, and to supervisor Chasity. Chasity hung up on him and now he’s calling them back talking to Kayla (5th rep.). I would not recommend Direct TV to anyone after this experience. Our contract was renewed until March 2014, but due to this experience, if it cannot be settled soon, we will be getting out of our contract with an attorney due to failure to continue service that we have been paying for for the past 6 years. BTW, my husband is now talking to Veronica (rep. #6 as I type.

  12. I am so very disappointed with DirecTV. Since I had the service installed two months ago, I had issues with it. Both my wife and I had to take time off work to accommodate the technicians attempts to fix the problem. We had to make ourselves available because their techs are so busy, we had to take the appointment. Initially, our wait for a technician to come out to our place was usually about a week. So we were forced to live with the problem. We had several techs come out at various times in the two month period. We could not record some shows completely that we wanted to watch and we weren’t able to watch complete shows live because of the problem. From the news to Presidential speeches to TV shows, to football games, in the middle our the programs, the service would cut out! This was not what we signed up for. We were assigned a case manager who assured us that they would fix the problem and compensate us for the inconvenience they caused us. Well, after two months they did fix the problem. However, a $37 (roughly) credit is NOT a balanced compensation for the inconvenience. I was told that they would count every day the two months that I had problems with the system in total. They broke it down to a few days because those were the days I actually told them I had problems. In other words, I didn’t call them everyday to report the problems everyday. I believe this a cowardly way to do business and to treat a new customer. I have appalled to be stuck in a two year contract with DirecTV. Time Warner Cable was expensive, but NEVER treated us this way. I will continue to spread my disgust with my initial experience with this company to everyone I can until my two year contract is up. It is my hope that I can turn as many people away as I can. Unless they are able to properly compensate me for the extreme efforts I had to go through to get my service working properly. and billed for in full while I did not receive my full service.

  13. I am a long time directv customer and do not understand why a national tv service provider is unable to provide service for the pac 12 network. I see the pac 12 network is available on every other tv provider.
    I feel it is very unfortunate that a long time customer like myself will have to change tv provider’s to get pac 12 network

  14. let you know. i am hearing impaired deaf.i do not like disd network. i would like fax number 2515789142.i hope can man come here?when?

  15. I live in a small apt. complex in a small town, and had very little options for TV reception. The mgr. of my complex finally gave permission for a dish and the residents opted for Direct TV. The offer was $29.99/1st yr and $44.99/2nd yr. I ordered my service on 10/18/2012. No one called us ahead to give the date of installation and I call that “poor customer service.” Three weeks later after I ordered Direct TV and after my installation, I received a mass-mailing addressed with my name from Direct TV and a much better offer! The 2nd yr for $34.99. I am not happy to know I could’ve had this 2nd yr at a lower price. As a retiree, I need every dollar. I feel Direct TV is a greedy company that lacks real customer service. They should be able to coordinate the “deals” via mass-mailing and what is offered through the office. As for the programs offered – whatta waste of time. At most, I will watch only 10 channels.

  16. i am hearing impaired deaf.i do not like dish network,problem dish network,i would like directv i have 2 tv in living room.choice etra dvr,my name paul L williams,jr 3097 county road 19 evergreen,,al 36401.. my fax number 251-578-9142 email me know.can man will come to my home when? please…thanks

  17. Well, the disappointment with Direct TV continues. I have been a customer of Direct TV for a short period of time but have had nothing but issues with the customer service department and the movers department. When I signed up for there service I advised the representative that I would be moving soon and I wanted to know if I would be moved for free.I was assured by the representative that there would be NO charge to me for the move. So based on this information I went ahead and signed up for the Direct TV service. Well when it came time for me to move I was charged $200 dollars for the moving fee that was supposed to be free. They charged me $200 to come to my house and activate an HD receaver. I have gone round and round with customer service about this situation but have not gotten anywhere. I should have just went with DISH Network. If there are any suggestions on how I could resolve this situation please let me know.

  18. We keep having to reset our tv to use our DVD and have lost programs we typed. Very annoying. Also just saw we may lose channel 9 on November 30, this is unacceptable.

  19. there is a message on channel 11 that we will be losing this channel as of tomorrow nov. 30th. this is a local channel that we watch everyday not only for news but for many programs like our favorite “The Voice”, please do not remove this channel from our line-up! We have been a longtime customer and we have already lost the CLOO channel which we also watched.

  20. My experience with the email help team has been wonderful! Especially Chris, who helped me on 12/6/12 solve a thorny connection problem with skill and grace and who kept on trying when everyone else seemed to give up. This is how a business should be run. Thank you!

  21. I received an email in regards to filling out a survey of my experience with you folks but couldn’t complete it on my cell phone. i would be more than happy to do so when you send me an email on my computer so I can fulfill your request.

  22. i was talking with a customer service person last week, and i”m sure he documented our conservation, anyway, my direct TV was disconnected on june 29, 2012, but yet i was billed up to the end of July 2012, so I was requesting for a credit on the month charge. secondly i was being charge an additional tv connection, so Direct TV credit me 135.00 for 2 years, which i have received a check for 63.55 and used differ toward my account. so for now we are still waiting for a credit for the month of July 2012 which we are charge, please review and let us know by tomorrow, because are account is due .
    perry and louise benallie
    Acct 34159653

  23. We had a service call for a technican to come today he had the problem fixed in short time he was very polite and new what he was doing he is tops I think his name was Nick Schweitzer I want to let you know he is a excllent techinican if you have a program for top technicans he should be in it he is got be one of your best tecks I have had some that were terrible just slaped things togeather but not the way Nick does it.

  24. please remove channel 358 it is CUURENT TV it was owned by vice pres[past]AL GORE he sold it to AL JEZZERA NETWORK. not good please drop channel or ill drop directtv

  25. Thanks a lot for sharing this with all folks you actually realize what you’re speaking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also talk over with my web site =). We may have a hyperlink alternate arrangement between us

  26. I was with Direct T.V from February 2011-April of 2012; I am now currently with Insight Cable here in Louisville Kentucky. My bill with Direct was anywhere from $152 to $178 monthly, with cable only. I now pay $128.00 monthly for high speed internet, Cable & phone. I have called Direct a total of 11 times my last time being today, requesting my last 2 bills, I have continued to call Direct since June or July of 2012 talking to a total of 17 different representatives, I’ve asked to speak to managers & supervisors on numerous occasions but was never directed to one. I was a loyal customer to Direct for a short period of time, All I ask for is my last 2 bills from Direct so that I can provide that to Insight, get my balance to $0.00, However I am unable to do this with a $200.00 balance hanging over my head at insight. May I please get my last two bills from billing cycle 4/13/2012 & 4/24/2012. I ask that they are sent before the end of January due to a deadline.

  27. I see the name on the nick and artie show has change to the artie lange show.I hope you didnt ruin my favorite show,by not having nick dipaolo.I will drop direct tv and go with another service.

  28. My neighbor had a direct tv dish installed. The installer placed the dish so that it is right outside my dining/kitchen window. When I talked to the installer about the inappropriate placement, he said that is where the customer wanted it. When I spoke to the neighbor, he said that was where the installer wanted to place the dish. The Direct TV dish is replacing a Dish Network dish and nobody wants to take the time to be courteous to neighboring properties.

    The installer told me he didn’t have the proper equipment to place the dish where the Dish Network dish it. The is just an excuse for rude behavior.


  29. I spoke with a representive to pay my bill for the 24 of this month. I wake up today and my service is disconnected. Can I please get a call back today. My number is on file. Thanks

  30. Today is January 22nd and I’ve had direct tv since November 9th. I am so dissatisfied with the service I have opted to have it disconnected. I now what all the money back that I spent on the service. I have not had one week of actual tv service since the beginning. I asked your customer service people for a phone number to contact someone who can authorize the refund and was told the people who can make that decision neither take inbound or make outbound calls. That is ridiculous. What kind of customer service is that. Would whoever can make a decision please contact me immediately.

  31. Direct Tv has been great since we signed up in 2011, but please work on your TV ads. That woman who is on there now is horrible looking and does nothing to promote women to use your service.

  32. Direct tv says they r #1 where what service is that I have been trying to get wifi and they said I am asking for to much how sad is that also they just been bouncing my calls everywhere except for Thailand have not been there yet…

  33. I would like to bring to your attention your CS rep Marcus; yesterday I required assistance and Marcus was well informed, articulate and went the extra mile to make sure that my new remote was programed correctly. I am a 12+ customer and must say he is a terrific representative of Directv. Also must say since you have brought Customer Service back to the US I’ve had nothing but excellent service –

  34. We are very upset with Direct TV canceling WLOS channel 13 in our area!!! WE depend on that channel for local weather news and school closings! Reconsider canceling this channel or we will cancel Direct TV

    • I’m a new customer. If I lose channel 56 in Lexington KY I will cancel my deal as you will not be delivering the stations you said you would when I signed on. Ouse Channel 56 more than any other cannel!!e

  35. I sent a check in dec. to paid my bill and thought it was ok I was slap with a late fee. and a disconnect notice. What is really funny is that I also send my sons check in the same envelope. He didnt get a disconnect notice. I call direct t.v. also send a copy of my check and nothing got done about this. Last week the shut us off when I mail them a check. I call dish network I now have someone I can count on. I now have a mission to have everyone I know to get rid of direct t.v. go to a more better cable company like dish network. They were wonderful to us Thank you dish

  36. i am completely disgustedwith this set up , why are you taking off 56 ,?its the one we watch a lot and goes with the package i took, so are you going to cut my bill down to make up for this aggravation? i cant refer you due to the way you do these changes , dish and several others have better deals , iif things dont change i know i will make some changes in who i do my business with.
    so now where can we see the things we were seeing on this pkg?please do something

  37. I just spent 30 minutes trying to do a simple task like order a movie by phone. After I realized the person I speaking to had the intelligence level of about 1, I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor was rude but I finally got the deal done. They could not efficiently do a simple thing like take a telephone order. I tried to use the online system and it kept telling me I didn’t have an account. If so, where have I been sending my money every month? What has this world come to? It seems like no one can do anything anymore!!

  38. When we connected to Direct TV, we were supposed to have local news channels available to us. Now we have discovered that channels 15,21, 27 and 43 are no longer available to us. These channels gave us news from the York, PA and Harrisburg, PA areas as well as Chambersburg, Fayetteville and Waynesboro. Now the nearest channel available to us is Lancaster, PA. We are seriously considering dropping Direct TV and signing on with our local cable company in order to receive the local news.

  39. Direct tv customer service is Horrible! A company like this shouldn’t be in business.. My advice for anyone seeking cable and Internet service, please save yourself time and money and find a real customer service provider..

  40. I am very upset with the service I have received from direct tv! Was with dish network for 10 yrs. Never had technical problems! Been with direct tv for 6 wks..My service goes out due to the wind blowing and I have been without tv now for a couple of weeks waiting on them to get out here and fix it. Gonna give me a month of movie channels free! I would just a soon have my tv working on a daily basis! Everytime the wind blows in Oklahoma hope I’m not gonna have to wait 3 wks. or a month for them to get it going again! I am really pissed off about this deal! May be switching back to dish if this keeps up! Whatever happened to good old fashioned customer service? Took them a week to get out here and unhook dish network and hook their equipment up but takes 3wks to get out here and fix their screwup!

  41. I had every intent of signing up with DirecTV but because of a misunderstanding on what I wanted the representative had to cancel the initial contract and said it would take at least 3 days for it to get back in the system. I call the next day and another rep said there was not a problem. She proceeded to cancel the orig and begin again. I got transferred to 4 different departments. I finally decided to forget Directv and stay where I am. I was told everything was cancelled but when I called back 2 days later it had not been. The new rep reassured me all had been cancelled but could not provide anything in writing. DirecTV I am very disappointed with the way all of this was handled. By the way the misunderstanding was I only wanted paperless billing and not auto payments. The rep seem to have a problem with that and combined them on the initial form. When I said no that is when all of the problems began. I understand we all have room for improvements and who knows maybe one day I will attempt this again.

  42. Customer service is terrible. Technician showed up checked satellite signal said it was weak but refused to go up on roof to fix it. Said they are not allowed to go on roofs. Really, they put it up there. I certainly didn’t, then went & sat in his truck for 20 min. Then left. Rescheduled, got call technician would be here in 45 min., never showed up. Called several times, each time I was told someone would call me back in 20 min. Never did. Get call at 5:44 technician would be coming, never showed up. Rescheduled for tomorrow. If don’t show up. I am canceling. Haven’t had tv since Tuesday March 19, today is Friday March 22. Very disgusted with their service!!

  43. These idiots signed me up for hbo and Cinemax when I said 10 time I do not want to add those channels. They will do everything in their power to rip you off and make you spend more money than you intend if I wasn’t in a contract I would be switching service today or as soon as possible.

  44. customer service is a joke. The sales people that talk you into your subscriptions will say anything to get you to sign up. Then once you find out that you don’t get the channels or boxes that you were supposed to you are stuck in a contract. Once my contract is up I will never use direct TV again I have never dealt with a company with such terrible customer service.

  45. Why Will you not send me an E-mail confirmation of my inquiry?
    I only want what I have a right to! A copy of the final bill from you showing the early termination fees on it.
    Why is that such a hard thing to get from you? I think that I should be able to have one don’t I? I have sent a letter that I feel should get an e-mail responce from you. the inquiry is 130404-001137. I would really appreciate an e-mail conformation that you at least are taking action on it. So that I know that you are not ignoring me. I truly would like to take care of both of our needs. yours and mine. you would like your money I am sure. and I would like to take care of paying you also. which having that statement will allow me to do. so, Please. help me with this in all haste. I would truly appreciate your help to hurry this up. I am getting tired of this waste of time. Larry Dean Bamsey Jr

  46. i had the best experience with steward a service tech and the installer ryan humphreys,ryan went out of his way to find out why we had problems,it was old cables which the first installers were happy to see them cause they were busy but ryan made sure we did’nt have anymore problems and did the best job i have ever seen anybody do.this man is good for your business,keep him happy you will never find another one like him

  47. customer service is horrible. Bad business practices. They have connected my name with somebody elses and have me liable for there bill. I have nothing to do with that person nor their directv. My account is closed and has been fo9r over two years now.

    Do the right thing and resolve this issue. Bad service.

  48. account # 51681432. where is my refund check? seems DIRECTV is still showing that they are a company with no responsibility to its costumers. First we the costumer have to do your work for you by recycling your old or broken equipment. Now my account and phone number are blocked so i can’t talk to the customer service department. i did my part by sending back the new advanced receiver and the two access cards from the two receivers that DIRECTV did not want back. Beware to all you may have the same unpleasant and stressful experience happen to you as with me. SEND ME MY REFUND PLEASE!!!!!

  49. Do not like opening Direct bill and having it change from month to month.Went from $75.25 in 1/2013 TO 89.39 FOR May.
    These is why come June our Direct Service we will no longer keep.Ours went from $75.25 in Jan to $ 89.39 in May
    More people to follow us as they are put out also over the price changes all the time.

  50. You are so dumb do you want to lose all your customers
    DO NOT DROP MOTOCROSS ON SPEED you have already screwed up
    everything else on speed at least give us Motocross
    after the first of the year we are probably going to try to find a different provider you satalite goes out when we get a drop of rain
    Dish went out but not as often as you and we were with dish
    for about 15 yeas and have been with you for about 3-4 years
    Sherry & Mike Pennington not happy customers

  51. I called directv on Sunday 5 May 2013 and to make an enquiry on my account I speak to 3 representative including a supervisor and all 3 person was very blunt and abrupt with me I use my checking account to make a payment for over a year and had a return item once and a 6 months no check payment was place on my account. I was not surprised by that and i totally understand that situation.

    My problem was directv implement a new system that once a customer dont clear there outstanding balance then there is additional 6 months place on customer account the pulbic need to know all about this before you all just say this to customer when they call the center and the agents are so rude and abrupt with customers.

    I finally speak to Jamial his ID # 57222 he is a supervisor and maybe the best person i have ever come i contact with he take the time out to check my account apologise to me and removed the block from my account so i could make the payment through my checking account. My service was restore thanks to Jamial and his superior customer service.

    Thanks Jamial you made me change my mind from switching from directv.

    Yours truly,

    Joseph Smith

  52. I am not happy with this service. We were lied to and told that our service would not freeze when it storms. I do not get any of the on demand channels. The technician has come out and did not fix the problem. We want to cancel our service but have been told that the fees would not be waived. This is horrible customer service and I have never been treated like this in my life!!! Ridiculously horrible customer service!! My blood pressure was up because everyone kept repeating the same foolishness!!! I just want this non-service out of my house!!!! And I want you to stop sending me a bill!!! This is so fraudulent that I can’t believe it!!! Really disgusting service that we have had with you!!!!please have someone in top management to call me.

  53. I would like to write a positive review about customer service and direct tv. The customer service was helpful and quick. But most of all I believe I received a great deal in my new 2 yr agreement contract, especially a free sunday ticket!!!. I know how nice it is to get a good review, rather than all the negatives from grumpy people. So thank you direct tv!! Good job 🙂 please share with employees, it’s important to let them know they are helping someone!

  54. I am highly upset. I have been satisfied with DirecTV until the speed channel was taken off. Half of the channels don’t even work and my favorite channel speed tv is off too?!?! This is ENOUGH DirecTV I have had it!!!!!! If you don’t put the channel back on I will switch to dish immediately!!! If you don’t want to lose customers, I suggest you put the speed channel back on and not have combined it woth fox!!!!

  55. This is the sorriest piece of TV service I have encountered in my life. And I am 70+ years. I’d advise anyone to not get connected with this company.

  56. I am under contract with Direct for ten more months. When the contract is up I’m gone. The service is getting worse each day.

  57. I am trying to get to Customer Service regarding my billing. I have spoken to them over two months ago regarding the billing of the account. I need to change it to a different payer. Please answer this email with a phone number or a person I can speak with or an email address. Thank you. Sandi Lake

  58. Why isn’t Direct TV showing us Channel 3, or KSBY, San Luis Obispo? If it isn’t going to be shown then what kind of rebate can we expect? There are other servers out there and we will not hesitate to find one if something isn’t done pretty soon!

  59. We had been customers for 15+ years,when our receiver box failed,we were required to agree to a two year contract,in order to continue service.We discovered that Direct TV will offer special prices to some but not everyone.I cancelled my agreement and now am obligated to pay $280.00.New customers get all equipment for a small fee.

  60. I dont even watch T.V. my husband just watches sports.Every time there is a little rain coming down the searching for signal is on.
    I don’t want to waste my time on commercials and reruns.

  61. Folks! Don’t threaten Directv with “going over to Dish” if they don’t get you straightened out. I am not happy with Directv right now but Dish is NOT the way you want to go. Been there, done that and it is soooooooooooooooo lousey! What you need to do is try and get Directv to stand on their promises. They promised me $200 visa gift card to help toward the early discontinuing of Dish, if I come back to them from Dish. I did, now they mysteriously don’t have any record of promising me that $200 toward the early fee that Dish is charging me (which, by the way, is $320). I just spent 45min 36sec. on the phone with Directv and spoke to 4 different people. None could help me. Directv is a big company, there is going to be someone that will eventually help me. I am going to continue my quest tomorrow. Maybe I will get the right person that will help me get this taken care of. Just keep on trying and do it with kindness, not being ugly…it isn’t any better with Dish. Believe me!

  62. Worst customer service I have ever Encountered. Directv Cares Nothing about their Customers. Not to mention i have ben Lied to on several occasions,

  63. I have been lied to by dtv for almost a month. They cashed a 300 dollar cashier check of mine on Nov. 15. Still not on my acct. No one is doing their job!! I faxed proof that they cashed my Nov 15. They still have not credited my acct. That is exactly why everyone is going to dish network.

  64. Your “To record this episode press R on the remote” covers up the bottom line or news and sport channels. I suggest you only use the “R” in upper left corner of screen. Everyone should know the “R” means to record. Thanks, Dick

  65. Due to you cashing the check I sent to you early, there was a
    32 overdraft charge placed on my checking accoint and I am
    asking you to take care of this on my cirrent bill.
    Thanking you in advance.

  66. So far the service is working but the programs use close caption works. But lately it’s not working. And without it working I can’t watch T.V. cause I have no Idea what they are saying. So if I am not happy I don’t have to keep it and I will fight it. All of the programs have to have all TV’s have it built in to use so my or myself don’t know what is going on then it’s not worth any thing to me. Right? So please keep it up and going that is all I ask of you.

  67. I am paying for choice xtra classic why later a night about half of my channels are infro commercials that want to sell things a few channels would be fine but the same commercial on ten different channels I am paying for shows not that stuff can no one provide tv that’s worth watching we get enough commercial on the regular shows

  68. I have been customer for many years and I have never been able to order pay per view movie with out some stupid problem to they said they could not access my info two days ago I rented movie no problem with accessing my in fo you need to hire people who can speak and understand English think it is time to go to another service

  69. Just finished watching the red zone channel for the 9th year. Outstanding job putting this on year after year. I’ve been a long time subscriber and would never leave Directv because I’ve never had any big issues. Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done and looking forward to next year. Thanks again.

  70. I am a directtv customer. I called for an upgrade 5 days ago. Yesterday I waited 4 1/2 hours for the tech. When I called I explained that I lived on the 19th floor, gave my phone number and stated the kind of upgrade I wanted. They set up an appointment, gave me a time window, and charged my credit card. We waiting 4 1/2 hours for the tech. to arrive. When he got here I was told that he could not help me. He is not authorized to do multiple dwellings. Living on the 19th floor did not give it away. He was a hired contractor for a company called Mastec, driving a directtv truck and wearing their logo. How can these people stay in business with service like this?

  71. keep the weather channel of the many channels you have only about a dozen are any good if you need more capital raise the rates on the dam info comm. channels . I realy don’t like the new national weather channel..

  72. I am very disappointed to hear that we are losing the weather channel. I have relatives close by, and a family member who is a truck driver, neither of which have access to up to date information on weather in their areas. In Adairsville, Georgia last year, it just may have saved my husband’s life. He was just a couple miles south of there, and heading north. I was able to tell him he needed to park somewhere for awhile. We found out afterwards just how close he’d come to being right in the path of it. Please keep the weather channel!!!

  73. the weather channel is a valuable tool.espesially in todays weather patterns.the generic on channel 361 does not come close .seriously considering cancellation of service.once again ,CORPORATE GREED !!!!!!!!!

  74. You cannot win with the weather channel cancelation. The first major storm that kills or causes injury for a customer the is locked into a contract before the cancelation and you are toast. Really bad PR. Agree to many special program, but a needed service.

  75. I would like THE WEATHER CHANNEL BACK. I watch it faithful every morning before work. They let me know what to expect for the day. Please do ALL you can to get it back. THANKS to NBC for screwing things up with THE WEATHER CHANNEL

  76. “Weather Nation”?! This service is terrible. I have watched the Weather Channel for years. I trust and rely on the weather info that these PEOPLE provide. Every morning.

    The Weather Channel is one of the reasons that I subscribed to Direct TV. Please reconsider this programming.

  77. I have been a long term directv customer and I am considering switching to FIOS. I have paid considerable more money for your service, but I liked your company and customer service. However, I object to your deletion of the Weather Channel with out asking your customer base. The weather service you have replace the Weather Channel is amateur at best. I request that your immediately reconsider your decision.

  78. Glad the weather channel is gone! Tired of watching reality tv on every channel including theirs! I think it’s stupid they name winter storms! I hope weather nation does stay ” just weather pure and simple” as their motto says. Thanks Direct tv

  79. I cannot believe you all are no longer carrying the Weather Channel! Shame on you Direct TV! When comms are down and there’s a weather situation going on, I turn to the Weather Channel which keeps me informed on the weather where my family lives, and most are out of state! The Weather Channel provides up-to-date vital weather information to people who are in remote locations. With increasing costs of cable many switch to satellite providers but I think you guys now have a problem on your hands. I just wanted to sound-off. FYI, did I mention that I am a Verizon subscriber? You see why I would never switch!

  80. we need the weather channel! Bobby has a job working on the outside and we check the weather everday so he will know how to dress.The weather channel always keeps our local weather updated and gives warnings when there is threatning weather headed our way.Plus they show interesting stories sometimes when all the other channels are boreing or not fit to watch! We are looking forward to you all making a deal soon and bringing back the weather channel. thank you

  81. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, the wind is blowing 10 miles per hour. RUN and HIDE, Take Cover, the World is coming to an end. This is The Weather Channel, over and over again!. I don’t care if they ever put TWC back on the air, they have lost their direction!!!!!

  82. I am very unhappy about losing the weather info on the active button and the weather channel. We checked the weather daily. NOT HAPPY!

  83. I am really, really, really upset that you have discontinued the Weather Channel(362). It is a most valuable tool that I use several times daily. The weather forecaster wanna be’s at “Weather Nation are a waste of my time. If you can continue to air inane programs such as “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” and the dysfunctional repo people, I don’t see why you can’t continue to air a station that is truly a benefit to people!!

  84. I have watched your commercials on TV and i must say I hope you are not paying these ad people a lot of money. I found your ads awful, when you are bored you go blash blah blah, come on I turn the station so I don’t have to watch them, can’t you come up with something GOOD? A company as big as you should have top notch people creating a eye catching ad
    Thank you

  85. I have been with direc tv for a long time we have been watching the weather channel every day. It keeps up to date daily about the local and world wide weather. I am very unhappy about losing the weather channel.

  86. yes i would like to know how are the talks going between you and the weather channel. i hope that there are some works going on since you are detacated to keeping your customers happy, you said that is your promise. i know i wouldn’t have it any other way when it comes to staying on top of the weather in my area. do us a favor and keep us in formed to what happening. signed long time suscriber to directv and lover of the weather channel

    • please put weather channel back on we depend on it everyday for our people traveling a lot and we do because our local weather doesn’t do what this channel did need it back been a customer a long time put WEATHER channel back need it

  87. I didn’t know about the weather channel, but that even makes me more determined to go back to cable. I can’t get a straight answer from anyone at Direct TV, and I’ve contacted two customer service people and sent them an e-mail. All I want to get is a date from them when my contract is up so that I can cancel Direct TV and go to cable. I had it installed on February 17, 2011. Is my last payment this month or next month???? This shouldn’t be rocket science!

  88. You call this weather channel. the true channel is the weather channrl that you took away ,this was an important tool for me and you direct replaced it with callled the wrather nation which id a joke,at this time i’m looking in at switching over to dish network so i will get the weather channel.
    direct tv shame on you!

  89. We are very disappointed that you have dropped the WEATHER CHANNEL!!!!! The Weather Channel has been a very vital and valuable tool. We rely on it for our business and personal lives. The other weather station is horrible and so our the local stations. We watched the Weather Channel more than any other channel. If you do not want to carry the WEATHER CHANNEL, we will be looking for another provider.

  90. i am very dissapointed that we dont have the weather channel,will cancel if we cant get the weather channel back thank you

  91. Heres the way Direct tv treats there customers. I call for being over billed. By the time I get to the person I need to talk to I was on hold for 1hr and 40 min. When I get the person I need she is very nice and said she could take care of me and my problem. I was happy till the next day when I check to see if sheri has done what she said she would but had only lied to me and didnt do what she promised. I call back and tell the my situation and the next ladie says I cant do that for you I can give you a refund it will take 30 days that the best I can do sorry. This is the worst service I have ever received

  92. I’m extremely unhappy that you have taken the weather channel off. The one you now have is a joke!! I am contacting Dish and I will probably change to them in a few days. I hate to do this since I have been a direct customer for many years but I expect a good weather Channel from which ever system I use.

    William Hunt

  93. I had my account on hold due to a change of address, during which time I married and my husband has service with another company. I received an email from DirecTV stating that my service would begin again on 12/28/13. I called on 12/27/13 and tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a change in monthly service which would be affordable for my mother so that I could have the service turned back on at her house to avoid having to pay a fee for terminating my service early. At this point, I cancelled my service and was told that they would mail me boxes to send the equipment back and that I would have to pay an early termination fee. I didn’t receive the boxes and on 12/31/13 my credit card was charged for my monthly service. I called Customer Service to dispute this and was told that there was nothing they could do, there was no record of me calling to cancel, and they WOULD NOT refund the charge. I even spoke to a supervisor (Thomas)who told me that he had a record of me calling to cancel on the 27th, but that it sometimes takes up to 8 weeks for automatic billing to cancel, and that he was sorry, but he could not take off the charge. This is unfair and unscrupulous. I have disputed this charge with my credit card company. Also, I don’t think it’s fair that when I added another receiver to my service, my contract was automatically renewed for another two years without my knowledge.

  94. WeatherNation is a complete waste of time. Totally amateur, the only time a person can read the banners is if they are standing directly in front of the tv, no local coverage of the snowstorm today at all. If you can’t afford TWC, don’t waste it on this channel either.

  95. Where do I start???? Your customer service sucks….they don’t do what they tell you they will do when you have a billing complaint, they keep transferring you until you have been on hold for MANY minutes…Direct TV thinks the Weather Nation is such a great alternative to the Weather Channel….WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KID???? Weather Nation stinks. We DO NOT get any local updates. GIVE US BACK THE WEATHER CHANNEL. Put on your big boy and big girl bloomers and start listening and working to make your customers happy. So far you are just pissing people off and many are threatening to leave your service. Maybe enough will leave and you will have financial problems and finally realize your customers ARE important. I don’t even know if you actually read any of these complaints that people post.

  96. what a joke! I refuse to watch the weather on the NEW and IMPROVED station. They don’t have a clue what they are doing. DAMN YOU Direct TV you should be ashamed to be associated with this second rate program

  97. weather nation sucks! I cannot get local weather on this channel. I do not go online- I do not own a iphone or ipad. I do not have an android either. I lost some of the programs I watched on weather channel such as Hwy thru hell, Prospecter and others. if you do not return the weather channel to Directv, I will change to Dish Net. I have been a loyal customer for many years but enough is enough. Sloan Trigg

  98. I have been a loyal and satisfied costumer, for some time. I am now however very upset the we no longer have the weather channel. The weather nation ( we have given it a week) is horrible we no longer have the weather channel apps on our tv. I contacted the weather channel and they say you have broke off negotiations with them. you are not providing the level of programing you were. please if this is true continue to find a way to settle this dispute and give us back adequate weather coverage.

  99. I just called you people to inquire as to why my bill went up $20.00 and the guy I talked to,Dave or David was an arrogant,yelling asshole and when my commitment with you is up I will surely be getting a different tv service. Thank you

  100. We are very dissatisfied with WeatherNation as a substitute for The Weather Channel. WeatherNation does not provide any local weather forcast coverage for our area. Also, the trailers at the bottom of the WeatherNation screen are illegible and irritating. To say the least, WeatherNation is a disaster replacement choice. If a satisfactory arrangement cannot be made with The Weather Channel, we suggest your try Weather Bell or Accu Weather; no one can possibly be as bad as WeatherNation. WeatherNation.

  101. when its snowing or raining and nothing to do kinda would like to settle in and watch tv but oh no cant no signal. I can get cell phone and internet signal whats the problem???

  102. Since 12:01AM 01-14-2014 we have NOT had one weather forecast for our East Alabama area from your “great: Weather Nation; We have just had one of the worst rain, sleet, ice & snow situations for our area in many years and Not One Notice Given.
    Pleeeease Return The National Weather so we can prepare for the good & bad weather in a timely manner; The National Weather knows how…WeatherNation knows nothing but Big Cities!WeatherNation sucks!! Please pass this on toPresident of DirectTV

  103. `if we are recording something that is what we have to watch or go to another room and another tv, was told we could record and watch tv, didn’t mention you have to change tvs. have requested help in understanding how to use direct, had been with direct since 2005, changed to dish, offering a better price stayed less than a month not happy with dish and direct was to hook direct like it had been before but have not been happy with direct because it was not connected like it had been before, please help`

  104. Its bad enough you took off our weather channel and you are taking off INSP. You need to stop. Our contract is coming up for renewal in a couple months and at this rate we will be changing things.

  105. I have been a customer of Direct TV for many years with your largest package. I’ve never been late with payment and have referred customers to you. 9 times out of 10 you will find us watching the old programs on INSP. Tonight I saw the trailer at the bottom of my screen saying we could be losing this channel. My family would be devastated if this were to happen. As much as I regret change I would be forced to go with another service to continue getting INSP.

  106. Why are you trying to fix something that’s not broke? You took off enlighten. Then you’ve replaced the whether channel with something that looks like it was almost good in the 1950’s. Now you’ve removed INSP.
    HELLO! That’s the reason that I bought Direct T V! You told me that I would get these channels when I signed up. I will be glad when my contract runs out! I’m gone! Meanwhile, as much as I hate to see the government get involved in these kinds of things, I really do hope that the FCC will come down on you and straighten you out! I am under contract, but you’re not living up to you end of the bargin! I guess you’re not satisfied with making billions! GREED!!!
    James Jones

  107. I want the inspirational to stay on Direct Tv.
    I’m tired of the Chanel’s that I pay for taken off the air!
    You took the Enlighten Chanel off! No one ask our opinion. And then there is the Weather Chanel !
    The substitution is lousy ! Why can’t we have what we pay for?
    We have been customers of direct tv for nearly 18 years and this the consideration that I get
    I’m Very Disgusted and If these Chanel’s aren’t reinstated, I’ll just have to turn to another server.
    Sarah Jones

  108. With the loss of The Weather Channel, and now Inspiration Channel, too, I will be looking for another service provider.
    With tornado season approaching, the Weather Nation is totally useless, and without INSP, there is nothing left worth watching. I see no sense in having to pay for something that is not usable. Sort of like having to make car payments, but calling a cab every time you want to leave the house.
    I will not recommend DirectTV to anyone.

  109. You cancelled the Weather Channel and replaced it with the most boring Weather Nation. I used to be able to check local radar for tornadoes and flooding. Now you have cancelled the Inspiration Channel…and have added “Adult” Channel…showing that you have lowered your moral standards. The customer was not given any say in these changes. I am putting you on notice that I am searching for a replacement for Directv, and will be sending my over $100.00 per month to another provider in the very near future.

  110. DirecTv is about to loose another customer! Since it replaced the Weather Channel with a third rate (at best) weather site, it took away one of the few remaining channels other than local stations, that I ever bother to watch. Now, it has taken another out of the dwindling few, Inspiration Chanel, which has some good shows without resorting to around the clock preachy uptight talking heads! Once I get my internet connection through a local phone company I will, if I decide to even bother with tv, check out what DISH has to offer. Again, why companies try to force feed customers with shows not wanted is beyond my sense of good business practices.

  111. Please return The Weather Channel. Tried watching Weather Nation and it is totally unsatisfactory. No local viewing preferences. We enjoy the viewing on TWC–informative, educational, and entertaining. Also, please keep INSP–you do have viewers who enjoy quality viewing without profanity and provocative situations. You could end some of the sales programs and reality tv that my children and grandchildren can’t watch.

  112. What is going on at Direct TV? I had our service the last 5 years. I sign up for the channel that where there at the time since then you have drop slut channel from my package 2 years ago, now you have drop the weather channel and inspiration channel in the last week or so. Why have you drop them?

  113. We have been DirecTV customers for over 20 years and the recent change from the weather channel to weather nation is worthless to us in the Midwest….for some reason the weather forecaster think Midwest is in Ohio, Indiana or are interested in only weather on the east and west coasts. We were able to get our local weather instantly and we relied on this for advisories and current weather before leaving home. We also recently lost ISPN and that is a channel we watched frequently. So it seems that we are now getting service severely reduced for what has increased in priced significantly over the past 5 years. Very disappointed….would not be referring anyone.

  114. why did you take off weather channel off.this new weather nation dose not give me any information that concerns me or where I nation sucks as my weather channel.

  115. We can’t believe the INSP channel is no longer with Direct TV, that is one of the reasons we got Direct TV. Please get them back.
    Thank you, jan

  116. 1st Weather Nations sucks! it is not even worth turning on. Get a real weather station like I don’t know “The Weather Channel”. It has news, weather, peoples pictures, contest, and a PROFESSIONAL weather staff. It is much more entertaining that the dorks on Weather Nation.

    2nd I have asked before….. If there is and NFL Sunday Ticket the there needs to be a College Ticket. A Red Zone for the college games would be great but I don’t want to push that. I just want a COLLEGE TICKET PLEASE.

    But My house is going to go nuts without the weather channel in the morning. Weather Nation is a joke and waste of money.

  117. I switched from Time Warner to Direct T.V. and it has been the biggest mistake. Direct T.V. is charging for premium channels and I cannot watch them. I was with Time Warner for over 15 years and never had a problem. I have been with Direct T.V. for a few months and it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. Would like to have the weather channel back on direct.the new weather nation is a waste of time,print so small you can’t read,no local weather.bring back weather channel or good-by direct hello dish.

  119. We have had Direct Tv. service since 1994. We paid for our own equipment in first instillation. Our complaints are. The bills keep going up and service keeps decreasing. We have lost channels over the years that were not replaced. We just lost Weather Chanel, which we liked very much, and we used the local helps a lot. The Weather Nation you put in place, we do not like at all. We also lost ch.364 we watch a lot- no replacement. Sun dance Chanel a movie Chanel now breaks into their movies with commercials all he time. WE are very UN-happy with current SERVICE and you are about to loose a customer if things don’t change soon. Have a blessed day!

  120. We have had Direct Tv. service since 1994. We paid for our own equipment in first instillation. Our complaints are. The bills keep going up and service keeps decreasing. We have lost channels over the years that were not replaced. We just lost Weather Chanel, which we liked very much, and we used the local helps a lot. The Weather Nation you put in place, we do not like at all. We also lost ch.364 we watch a lot- no replacement. Sun dance Chanel a movie Chanel now breaks into their movies with commercials all he time. WE are very UN-happy with current SERVICE. Have a blessed day!

  121. I want to know where is my weather channel if I wanted to know what happening up north or out east I would move there I live in the south & that’s where I want to know what the weather

  122. The weathernation is not worth a dam.
    I am a hay farmer and want to turn on my tv, go to the weather channel and get my weather and extended forecast right now like I could before. If you don’t make that happen soon I will again be leaving Direct Tv and going to someone who can give me that choice.
    You made a very poor decision in changing weather stations. Get it corrected or you will loose much more business than you think.

    • Get It done. I think you are lying again as I checked with the weather channel and they said negotiations were over.
      Who is telling the truth?

  123. Please bring back The Weather Channel. No other can compare. Especially Weather Nation. We’ve been customers of Direct tv for a long time and believe that you want to keep what is best and most relied on weather channel for your loyal customers.

  124. Congratulations,on dropping the weather channel, and replacing it with Weather Nation, 1000% better then the weather channel, now we get weather period, who cares about morning with Al, and the rest of those clowns standing out in the middle of a hurricane trying to talk, way to go Directv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. I want the weather channel back the weather nation SUCKS. I don’t get local weather when I push the red button. I pay good money for programing and want what I pay for. If I don’t get weather channel back soon I will switch to DISH.

  126. I think that this the worst what ever you call you selves besides stupid and know nothing but you sure know how to put a person on hold for 37 min I hung up. you are taking money out of my checking accounts I don’t even have you da- service I want my money back I made out a fraud report on you so called company how can you people sleep at nite? Cathie carter

  127. I thought Direct Tv was better then the rest. Recent announced price increases and dropping The Weather Channel changed my opinion dropping my favored status. Money always trumps Customer Service.
    They start you at a lower price then a price increase here and there and you are right back up with Comcast. The weather Nation sucks. Keep it up Direct Tv and ill switch to an antenna. I’m very disappointed.

  128. These people are liars and thieves. If you can get service from another company you’d be better off doing it. They raise your monthly bill constantly without any explanations. Their customer service agents are all liars. To get ANYTHING done you have to call the presidents office and even they treat you like dirt.
    All around crappy service.

  129. I have a question on my bill? I t says I owe $229 30. Is this for Jan and Feb? if so I understand, but if it is for Dec and Jan. I need to speak to someone. I would appreciate a call please and thank you.

  130. I love, love, love your new weather channel. I was so tired of getting reality shows when all I wanted was weather. You site is improving rapidly and I can only suggest that you make the city names and some of the other wording larger. We have an older set (no wide screen here) and have trouble reading the smaller print. Our zip code is remote. We live along the Yellowstone River in Montana. The nearest noaa sensors are located 15 miles away and several hundred feet higher. We are often 10 or more degrees different than the official reading but we can’t have everything, huh? Thank so much for the new channel.

  131. We are very dissatisfied with WeatherNation as a substitute for The Weather Channel. WeatherNation does not provide adequate local weather forcast coverage for our area. If WeatherNation is our final weather channel I will be getting service from someone else!

  132. i have tried several times calling 800-531-5000 to discuss my bill but all i get was the automated recording asking for payment or go to main menu which is just asking for payment and then does anyone go about talking to a real person that can hopefully answer my questions

  133. If you look back on your records you will see we have been customers for quite a few years. We were dissatified with cable which prompted us to turn to Directv. We keep seeing all the offers being made to new customers but nothing except an increase of three dollars on our monthly bill and more and more eliminations or pay for viewing stations. Dish is beginning to look more and more attractive every day.

  134. Don’t know where to start but tried to find an e-mail or something to tell my experience. Only found something for complaints but my say is for good things. Ever since I have been with direct tv all of my experiences have been positive. I have gotten everything expected. Maybe I am lucky at this point but I cannot say a negative thing about DTV. I love it! The one thing that worried me was when I moved to a new house the rooms were set up to the point that I didn’t know if DTV could be wired. The technician was professional and told me not to worry about anything that he would take care of it. He worked his butt off for me and accomplished his job. Everything worked better than expected. I was happy. I don’t really write on things like this but have to tell. Wish that tech. could get a raise or something. Great job DTV. Didn’t mind re-signing a contract, well worth it so far. Thank you.

  135. I am very frustrated about not having the Weather channel anymore. This replacement is horrible. We have a major storm beginning tonight and I feel like it is no big deal according to this station. PLEASE, stop being so greedy and give us the Weather channel. I just told my husband again that I want to switch to a different company. We have had no problems and really liked Direct TV, but how sad it is that we have no choice in what we paid for!

  136. I am a 63 year old black woman. I had to finally e-mail to let you know how OFFENSIVE I find your recent commercial, that being your latest commercial with the black woman and her husband. Why do you, as others INSIST on portraying black women as HUGE with a large gap between their teeth? Her husband is a big man but she’s larger than the husband. There are plenty of medium to slender attractive black people that you could have used.

    I have been a Directv customer for 11 years, since I moved into my new home. As of late, I have made it mission to contact as many sponsors to convey my anger when I see black people that all appear huge and unattractive. Short of the pretty young black women used on make-up commercials, a person would think every black woman is huge with a large gap between her teeth.

  137. Ii had my Direct TV install today in my new home. The service was excellent and the technician was awesome. We are very pleased with his attitude, pleasant demeanor and efficiency. He was also very helpful explaining the system to my wife and I.

    thank you,

  138. Our first year of having DirecTV will not be up until May 2014; however, the first ten months of this reprehensible outfit is mind numbing. Eighty percent (80%) of the time the program we are attempting to watch breaks up to the extent viewing is impossible. Nothing has ever worked properly since the date of installation. I would not recommend DIRECTV to my worst enemy.
    All DIRECTV cares about is increasing their charges for lousy service.

  139. Last week I spent a lot of time contacting Customer Service. I went through many prompts. got disconnected, went through prompts again and ended up with no help until….I got through to yet another rep. I wish I could remember her name but you might know her because she stutters.She told me up front, probably to give me the option of asking for someone else but I stayed with her.And she wss the only one who fixed the problem. Most companies would not hire a customer service rep with a stutter. I am so proud to be a part of the DTV family who hires people with disabilities. The companies who don’t? Their loss! Good for you! (And good for me!) Thank you.

  140. Directv deserves to get a bad rap, since the don’t care at all about their customers. They make it impossible to email them. If you call, you spend all day with phone prompts and automated systems

  141. The new weather channel is disappointing, to say the least. Give us back our weather channel. Also there are two other PBS channels that would be a great asset to Direct TV, one of which is Create. I would like to see the old weather channel and two more PBS stations added to our lineup.

  142. I am very dissapointed with your repair service.On 3/22/14 no programs, call to customer service resulted in picture back on through unplugging equip. and so on. Lost satellite again on 3/23/14, couldnt get service until 3/26/14. Back on that day, out again 3/27/14, promised service 3/28/14,no show, call again no service until 3/29/14 possible. In other words no direct tv 5days this week. Would expect some compensation of some kind.
    Unhappy customer

  143. I have been having issues with my HD receiver. The problem with the receiver is it cannot be turned on with the remote control. The television can be turned on but not the HD receiver. I recently contacted direct concerning this matter and I was told by the representative that I needed a new HD receiver. I stayed on hold for over 10 minutes while this was being done. At the end of the call I was told that I should receive my ne receiver by Friday 3/28/2014. When I did not receive the box I contacted customer care only to find out that the receiver was never ordered and that it could not be ordered because I had an outstanding balance of $122.00. I was totally flabbergasted! Why couldn’t I have been informed of this matter on Monday after I had been on the phone with the rep for so long. I have been with direct for over 12 years and this is how they treat a so called “valued customer.” Directv has really left a stain on my brain with this one. Don’t tell me I am a valued customer and then treat me as someone who is only around until a better price comes along.

  144. I have been a Directv customer since 2/20/2014 and I have had nothing but problems. To start when the service tech connected my service it caused a power surge that shut down my set. Then the serviceman stayed on his phone with his wife and/or children. So later when it was time to program my remote and my TV set. He could not due to the surge causing my TV to shut down. He left without programming the set or remote. I later had to contact customer service to ask how to program and find out which channels I could watch. A few days later the Genie froze along with the screen and I again contacted customer service. The persons I have spoken with are rude and inconsiderate. As I tried to explain my issue they are more interested in protecting the serviceman. I understand that they should not admit anything but don’t treat me as if I’m the crazy one. I have been in the work force and know work procedures. What happened to the customer is always right? I just needed someone to acknowledge my concerns and offer sympathy at least. The problem was that my set had been connected to another satellite service and Never experienced this issue before. And since it happened on this guys watch I think he at least should have been concerned enough to have someone do a review call to see how everything worked out since he did not complete the installation. And yes I did the survey and never received a follow up call from anyone. Directv is failing fast as far as I’m concerned. I would not recommend this service to my enemy let alone friends.

  145. Please respond will we get The Weather Channel back or not Its getting hail and tornado and hail season and soon hurricane season. Please respond ! the replacement is not sufficient not even close . Either get it back or me and many others will discontinue our service and find someone who does carry the weather channel. I don’t complain when I pay my over priced bill every month but I’m complaining now Please respond to me!!! Thanks in advance

  146. I sold Direct TV stock in 2013 and I need to know original name that this stock was brought under for income tax purposes. (Traded, spin off, etc ?)

  147. Today my DirectTv receiver was bright showing an upgrade had been installed again.

    The set will not acquire programing now and your service Rep was unable to help me saying i will have to wait up to 24 HOURS fro the programing to be downloaded.

    My other Direct TV receiver in another room works great from the shared antenna.

    I am disappointed with the POOR response of your Rep and never have had to wait so long for the receivers to download.

    If service is not working correctly by morning, I may cancel my service with you since 2004.

  148. I just wanted you to know what my recent encounter with a couple of people I talked with. I had called to complain about my bill going up and even though the first person I talked with was polite she did not understand what it was I was saying. She sounded foreign. I called the month before and was told that everyone’s bill went up. I did not receive a notification. I was given at the time 3 free months of starz program. This month’s bill charged me with that plus went up. She canceled it without trying to help then connected me with a different person. The second woman was rude and when I tried to explain that my bill keeps going up and that at&t offered me a cheaper rate, she said for me to just change then. She was very unprofessional in the way she handled this. I know that I just one person and it probably won’t matter if I leave or not but I just wanted you to know what some of your employees handle situations. I have been happy with directv in the years I had it. I had it for many years before this. Thank you for listening. Jerry Angus

  149. My service has been on hold for 5 months now. It is supposed to be turned back on by May 2014. But I now homeless and have no where to use your programing any longer I wish you would send a return box. for your system before the date that it will be turned on.

  150. Worst cable system in the wooooooorld, please go to another company, they are not professional and take care of no business.
    This cable company should be wirless in the trash don’t try it .

  151. I have tried for two days to upgrade to H D .I was on phone approx. three hours on 4/10 & one hr. On 4/11.I don’t understand the problem.Still waiting to be called back for some reason.I have agreed to charge for shipping & $10.00 per month.Whats the problem? Harvey

  152. I have the NHL package am a rabid hockey fan. This evceningf the NY Rangers were playing the Montreal canaDIENS.The game was listed to be on channels 772 ands 773.All night long there was nothing but tje Directv lofgo.I called your office several young ladies tried to help, but could not. Why could this problem be rectified, and I hope this is not an omen that might happen during the playoff games

  153. so you can just send me a bill each month and add new charges or take away credits without prior notification? each bill in march april may 2014 has been different with out an explanation of why you were charging more,you need to notify your customers before I get a new amount on my bill .bad way to keep customers who are on a budget and have to guess what the bills going to be every month

    your billing clerk said it may have been sent in the mail in December 2013 but the post office is screwed up

    I don’t think so keep me informed what you are adding and taking away like anyone else in business, is it that hard to take care of the customer?

  154. I have no complaint with direct tv service and have been a customer for several years. I originally switch from time warner because of your sports. So now I find myself in situation that makes me very unhappy. I have been a Los Angeles sports fan for over 65 years and now you are not supporting us and giving us what we want.So please get off the pot and get us our LA local sports. Pac 12, Lakers, and Dodgers. I would greatly appreciate not having to switch providers. Please don’t tell me your working on it, I have heard that before.

  155. Your contract problem with KOMU in Columbia is really getting trying. I and many others miss our favorite shows

  156. I am getting sick of the run-around the DirecTV has been giving me. I had Auto Pay Bill service along for so many years, then all of a sudden I am getting overdue billing sent to me threatening to cut off service. My real peeve is that their customer service number just automatically repeats that I owe them money. No human voice is provided to enquire as to why the auto-pay was dropped. Just pay us, that’s all they want, and shut up! As soon as my obligation period to avoid penalty charges is over, I am out of here! I don’t need this kind of grief or hassle. They simply don’t want to hear any complaints. Period.

  157. To: Direct TV

    From: Lynne Stephens Telephone Account # 4194833491

    RE: Feedback

    I think DTV is the second worst company in terms of customer service.

    Your automated system is very un-user friendly.

    Normally we pay our bill through the 18th by the 10th of the following month. No problem. Sometimes we forget. You get a hefty late fee every month and sometimes you disconnect our tv on the 11th and we pay.

    This month you disconnected the tv on the 6th, not the 11th. Change of policy? OK, I prefer to know that.

    Tried to find out what was going on. Your automated system would not allow me any option other than paying in full for two months. Finally waiting and waiting and waiting, I was connected to a person. Unfortunately he was rude. I paid what was required to have the system turned back on. He continued his rudeness. I don’t like DTV anyway and his arrogance didn’t help. I won’t be recommending you to anyone.

    I don’t allow my employees to treat my customers rudely. Thanks for the reminder to have meeting to remind them of this.

  158. I am so tired of paying for service and not receiving it. Due to the weather and the high winds, all of the cable wires are hanging from the roof of my apartment building and blocking the walkway. I called customer and they told me that that was a cosmetic problem can you imagine. I am so sick of Direct TV its like they are just taking your money and providing no service at all. I am now in a situation that I don’t know what to do. You is responsible for getting on a roof and securing Direct TV Cable wires can someone please tell me. I am very disappointed and I am now in search of a better provider.

  159. Direct stole 287.93 out of my checking account without my authorization. They will not refund it. They are a bunch of crooks.

  160. Mark/ from Montana made my day when I had to extend paying my bill. Very nice man with a sunny disposition. Very pleasant to talk to. Thanks Mark!!!!

  161. We spent 2 hours on the phone trying to get one of our TVs connected. Each telling us the last person told us the wrong thing to do. Now they say we need a tech and it will be a week to get one here. That’s RIDICULOUS, that you don’t have more tech in this area! I call that bad service!

  162. I had a problem with my initial installation. Ryan Burns #DSOH003406 corrected the problem. It looks much better. Thanks Ryan !!!

  163. I am tired of your shoddy, inadequate service. After over 25 years of service with DirecTV, I am saying good by! You are not the only provider out there, and I’m ready to give the other guys a chance. Send me the boxes, so I can return your equipment, or send someone to pick the equipment up, it makes no difference to me!
    It has not been a pleasure doing business with you!
    Your ex-customer, Lloyd G Stamm


  165. Hi.
    I’am inquiring about Directv which i saw on the website.After going through all the details i’am inquiring for opportunity in establishing Directv here in my country called Malawi in central africa.I believe directv also offers internet facilities together with various satellite channels which can be something new in the market here in Malawi.

  166. It is sad that Direct TV hires people to lie to get customers. We were told when we signed a two year agreement,we would lock in our monthly payment. We upgraded to choice a couple months ago,and were told it would just be $10 more a month. Now this month our bill doubled. I called they said our discount expired after a year. To have sales people go out to get customers by LYING!! When our contract is up,I will go back to Cable. They were honest people,and I am sorry that I fell for the Dishonesty of your company!

  167. I would like to thank James #046545 for the great job in fixing our system and taking the extra time to make sure every thing worked great. also taking the time and fixing things that he felt that might cause us trouble in the future. James really went the extra mile and then some. thanks again Sally

  168. Due to billing disputes and errors I cancelled in disgust. People working in the call centers have no clue of whereabouts of customer. Packages are very expensive for what is offered. But there is no competition at my location so we are locked in I was forced to renew a contract. They lied about pricing and I still have no channel line-up.

  169. We have two DirectTV accounts; one in PA and one in MA. Both are the Premium Package. My questions is why do we get such old movies some as far back as the ’70s for our money? I also see the same tired, old movies over and over, month after month. I’m thinking we may do better for entertainment to try another service. I don’t think I should have to pay for DVDs or Pay For View movies just to see something more recent. I’m sure DTV pays pennies for these old movies and then charges us outrageous prices. I also have no interest in religious channels or infomercials. Why do I have to pay for those? Get some decent, recent movies for your customers.

  170. I do not even know where to start.Called 5/13/14 regarding change of my credit card which you use to bill my payment automatically. The person I spoke with reassured me that everything is updated. To my dismay ,I received a letter from you that my account is past due which I do not want to happen. This is why I called Direct TV to give you my new card.I called customer service again today and to only know that I am talking to somebody from faraway as Philippines. Why I knew? Because the lady in the other end is asking me if I am Filipino. Really, does it matter if I am from China, America or Europe. Your priority is to calm down a frustrated customer on the other end.Your customer service sucks!

  171. Account # 62361558. Upset because my bill continues to go up! From Feb. $47.70 to June $61.70. I can get the same channels with Dish for less than $40 per month! This will be my last bill with Direct TV! You are losing a good customer. Don’t reply with all the stuff about losing packages……Don’t care. Bottom line. Dish is cheaper!

  172. I recently upgraded my Direct TV receiver. When I called to have it activated there was a problem and so a technician had to come out. My technician’s name was Richard. His badge #441789. He was amazing. He fixed the problem in no time but upgraded everything for me at the same time. He was so very helpful and gave of his time to get it all done. This was by far the nicest experience I have ever had with any repair technician. He was amazing. Thank you Direct TV for this great guy. Give him a raise.

  173. I hope the big cheese reads this. Your service after the contract signing is the worst. IF AT&T DOES ANYTHING TO IMPROVE this company it should be service service service. I like other comments have the same thing in common, your service sucks. Really makes you want out of existing contract and pass the word on to others. one week for a technician is way out there….too far for most

  174. This is the worst company i have ever had to deal with
    The communication is beyond out of control.
    I havent even had the service 2weeks and i want out.
    Ive been told so many different things i dont know what to believe . I was told that i had 2 weeks to decide i i wanted to continue my service with direct tv….. So i call because i coulnt remember the date it was started to see how many more days i had.
    And they told me 24hours! Are u kidding me where did this figure cone from?
    Absolutly rediculious. So i have talked to a out 10 repts and 5 supervisors and nobody tells me the same thing or they just connect me with a different department that has no clue what im talking about.
    So i asked for a fax number so i could put in my complaint that i no longer wish to have direct tvs service and imagine that there isnt one. How convienent!
    So i have to write a letter to colorado explaining my unhappy experience with this screwed up company.
    I could go on and on but getting upset and dint want to have another anxiety attack.
    So if u dont have this service yet search elsewhere or u will be regretting it

  175. This is regarding the Dodger channel, that is ( as you know) owned by Time Warner Cable for the next 25 years ! It appears that for this season anyway,that there is no hope for successful negotation ! I guess what bothers me after allready missing three months of the season, is the lack of further information (if there is any )on further negotations,either on your web cite, or thru the media!How can you consider DidecTv the number 1 sports provider, and yet for suscribers in the LA region have to suffer missing these games!Is this what sports fans have to look forward to in the future?

  176. All I am watching is commercials after commercials. I have stop watching programs, because of the many commercials you are showing. I am not going or continue to pay you, to watch commercials

  177. Your new commercial is sick! Thinking that a man could be sexually turned on by a wooden puppet. How sick is that? Not only is it perverted but it sexualizes women. I turn the channel immediatly when it comes on.

  178. I have been a directv customer for years. Lousiest service I have ever seen anywhere, anytime or anyplace. Don’t bother sending them an email as they never reply. They can’t even spell my name right on my bill. But their bills keep coming. Haven’t been able to get local channels more than 2 minutes at a time. I will find another place to spend my $150 a month.

  179. For the past six months I have tried to get someone correct my problem with my TV HD. Finally a technician was sent out and corrected the problem whic exixted for the last six months. Every time I called someone would go through a litinay of things and tell me the problem was fixed. The technician sent out had to replace a part on my receiver. If this has been going on for the last six months why have I been charged for HD?I have been a customer for the last eight years and think I should get a rebate for service I did not receive. Thank you.

  180. I had a new TV hooked up in a bedroom and had my Direct TV up graded to HD reception and I want to praise the service man who came to do the work. He did a wonderful job and he cleaned up afer himself. He was very polite and answered all the questions I asked him. He was very pleasant and respectful. He is a great asset to your company. His name is Andrew #DSNJ058033. In fact the computer went down so he coudn’t finish the one TV and he called the next day and fisinhed the job. Again he is an exceptional employee. Sincerely Elizabeth Roncinske

  181. Can someone tell me why your service is Trash. Just as soon as a little rain starts to fall the TV goes out. Paying as much as people pay you think you could come up with a better solution.

  182. Called regarding 771 signal loss. Was told that to have a serviceman come to house it would cost $49.00. I have the protection plan. I was transferred to another location and was told I would not have to pay the service call, but it would be”8″ DAYS before a serviceman was available. I do not think this is a policy that would be called a “customer service”. You must have plenty of business and do not need mine.

  183. Normally a really good customer but had some unforeseen circumstances and completely forgot about my bill. Woke up and my cable was off. Called customer service and was told there was nothing they could do. I was completely disappointed but I also understood.

  184. They gave me a receiver that does not support subtitles/captions.
    When I asked about this, they tried to sell me a “protection plan”, then hung up on me.

    Horrendous money stealing jerks.

  185. customer for 12years. Wanted to upgrade but the whole thing is a fiasco. first not told that you can only get 3 hd on genie, not good when you have 7 TV’s. Then the installer was very rude and threw him out. Rescheduled, for a Saturday between 8_12, at 11:40 was told can’t make it new time 12-2 but would be closer to two. Then received a call reschedule 4-8 pm and never showed up. That is why it is such a joke dealing with these people and going to Comcast.

  186. I am highly disappointed with your customer service billing department. In the five years I have been a customer it is within the last few months I have been misinformed even though I would have the representative name. Before when I would call they were always helpful in getting me promotions that would give me credits to lower my bill because as a senior of almost 82 years of age the bill kept getting higher every month. Yesterday was the worst experience I have ever had. I was told by Charles he could lower my bill by $5.00 but I should talk to promotions that they maybe able to lower it more. Spoke to Barb who said there were no promotions so I asked for the $5.00 and she said I was no longer entitled since I declined I was never told that if I spoke to promotions I would not be able to even get the $5.00 credit. She also said I was not be truthful I tried to explain but she did not want to understand my side. I later called back and spoke to Rick who said I could have the $5.00 credit. Needless to say I am highly disappointed with Direct TV and will need to weigh my objects when the time comes. I expect a reply to this I have been a customer since 2005 and never taken advantage of free movies or HBO or any other promotions like that.

  187. We have been customers of Direct TV since 2005 and pay an additional fee each month along with our cable bill for service. We have had one service call since 2005, and 2 weeks ago requested a service person to come check our cable box at our home. We confirmed this appointment with Direct, and was told a service person would call on Thurs. 7/17/2014 between 12 noon and 4 O’clock. At 3:30 no one showed up so I called Direct and was told he was on the way to our home. It is now 6 p.m. and still no one has come to our home. I have stayed home all day waiting for this service. I would like some explanation to why as a good customer we received such poor treatment.

    C. Vega

  188. I am hoping that Dirctv will get SEC on for us, so we dont have to go to Dish or comcast services. Try hard !!! John

  189. If we had been told the satellite would be interrupted every time it rains within 50 miles, I would have stayed with Comcast. The only time you want to watch tv is when it is raining and that is when it goes to s—.

  190. Direct TV is a joke. I had read early on that they were very dishonest in their offers regarding extra charges. Unfortunately I had to see it for myself. I was told I would get free upgrades on a certain date, so I waited when the date rolled around my free upgrades weren’t free, plus I have been a loyal customer for 5YEARS (Iknow right?)Nothing they can do for me. They offer better (dishonest and false advertising) deals to brand new customers. Is there such a thing as an HONEST Cable company?????

  191. I am a huge SEC Football fan,if DirecTV does not carry the SEC network I will go to Dish which does carry the network

  192. I just moved and was told I had to pay $220 for the move. I was not happy about it but being in the process of trying to get the move done as smoothly as possible agreed to the bill. When the technician came out I talked to him about it and he stated he had never heard of anyone being charged since it had been over a year. This morning I called and asked to speak to a supervisor about it and the guy was so rude he wouldn’t shut up long enough to hear my questions. There is no way this man should be a supervisor and to top it all off he hung up on me! Shame on him because I also needed tech support and had to call back.

  193. I canceled Direct TV and I’m now hooked up to Dishnet TV which happened on July 7th you said that within 7 days you were sending a box to send back your cable box to you well where is the box as I don’t want to get charged for something you were suppose to send a box to me to send back the cable box. Thanks

  194. Does anyone else shake there head and wonder why we are paying for 34 channels of info commercials 24/7. This is a waste of my money that should e going to other sensible programs. After my 2 year contract is up I my be going back to our local cable..

  195. Does anyone else notice we pay for 34 channels of info commercials 24/7? This is a waste of our money. After my 2 year contract is up I may just go back to cable…

  196. Recently I was very close to leaving Direct TV, but the last technician (462051) that was sent to my home was the most knowledgeable and customer friendly technician I have ever had. Jeff went far above and beyond to solve all my problems.

  197. availabilty of Sports net LA :Dodger radio 570 last night indicated that DirecTV refuses to enter into binding arbitration ! If that is true,I am very dissapointed !When congressional reps. get involved,you know there is a major problem !I don’t understand DTV’s position on this matter! after missing 107games,this is the final straw !After 12 years as a suscriber, if I don’t see some progress in this travesty, regardless of contract issues, I will be cancelling my service !

  198. When I got satellite TV,I thought I was getting better tv programming than antenna tv ,I would say cable too but they same as satellite tv,,I pay an outrageous monthly amount to see nothing but reruns over and over almost 2years,,I still see programs from day one,same with movies,,and all these idiotic reality shows,that I wouldn’t watch,even if you paid me to,,this is not right,,when I can afford to terminate your service in going to least with antenna tv ,if I have to watch nothing but reruns and reality show at least it will free ..very very unhappy customer…

  199. Ya ,,well when I signed up ,I was only supposed to pay 30.00 dollar a month,,talk about being baited,I never paid that,it only went up from the 30.00 dollar that direct tv doesn’t tell you about until after you in a contact from the start instead of 30.00 per month my bill was 56.00 a month,,when my first year was up ,my bill doubled to about 100.00 dollar a month…i hate when companies or people take advantage of customers with high bills and crappy tv programming,,direct tv sucks the big one

  200. is direct tv going to have the SEC channel in time for opening games being in the south we need it on , keep the big 10 for someone up north

  201. Question…. Do you have a channel for womens soccer ? If you do what channel or do we have to buy the package. I love soccer specially women soccer around the world and USA, please let me know, so that my friend can added to direct tv.

  202. I spoke with Dillon today about when my contract is up and if there is anything he can do to save me money. After waiting several minutes he let me know I am no longer under contract. I ask him what could he do to save me money, after much a due and attitude he said only 20.00 a month. I told him I thought Dish could do better. He said if that is what I wanted to do , do it. That was all he had to offer.

  203. I was told I would have some free channels for 3 months,that I did not want, but the man insisted. we called Direct tv back and said we did NOT want it . They said they would stop and put me back as before. OK Now I have 4 less channels. I called back and asked what is the problem. Now they say they do not have the same offer as I had. I told them again and again I did NOT change BUT they did.So I am riped off 4 channels and I did NOT change.This is NOT RIGHT!!!!

  204. I live 160 miles from New Orleans and NFL blackout rules say 75 mile radius for blackouts so why is the saints preseason game blacked out?

  205. I just wanted to Thank you for your assistance on problems with our Direct TV. I called your customer assistance phone number and thought I would have to wait forever to speak with someone. I was answered right away. She talked me thru the problem and it was fixed in minutes. Thank you for your professionalism and kindness.
    C. Hubbard

  206. Directv sucks. We could not watch the Saints game last Friday b/c it was blacked out in our area. Really, I mean really!!! Their weather station is a joke and we ordered the Hallmark Channel (did not know the one we were getting does not have movies – except nights and weekends). I will tell everyone we know not to be fooled by this contract. As soon as ours is up it’s by by birdie for good. Ask questions and get the answers in writing so you can cancel this garbage early w/o paying any extra or get a good lawyer.

  207. Bummer! You switched from the MS State game and did NOT give the alternate channel number!
    Alternate channel site said “not available” – all the while the game goes on WITHOUT us!
    Not a happy customer!

  208. We are very disappointed we lost our CBS channels when you shut off our Channel 12, KFVS, because of contract conflicts. That is one of the channels we watch the most. If you do not plan to get it back, we are planning on changing services.

  209. I am sorry for the day i switched to direct tv, the quality of service is horrible, i didnt get anything i was promised and i overpay for 200 channels of crap. not to mention ive lost channels due to “contract” disputes but yet receive no kind of compensation for still paying for those channels i no longer receive…believe me when my contract is up im gone….

  210. WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE? It takes anywhere from 10minutes to half an hour to get to a live person. The phone numbers are deceptive too. Seems all you want to do is sell more products rather than taking care of customer problems.

  211. You need to quit punishing your customer’s and work out something with the Pac 12 network. We are about sick of this game you are playing. If someone else would carry the nfl ticket we would done. Greed is going to cost you customer’s.

  212. I signed with Directv because I was told by the rep that you had merged with ATT Uverse and I could bundle with them and still get directv service and receive phone and net via ATT Uverse. This was not true and I have been trying to cease my contract every since but was told that would cost me $400.00 to do so.Currently am paying for Directv service but am not using it. It would seem that since I was mis-informed initially that I should be able to stop your service without paying a fee.

  213. Every single day of having this service the service goes out. If there is a cloud in the sky. Good bye service. I am sick and tired. They raise their prices every month! Every single month. And for what? This is horrible. Patiently waiting to move to another service. Not many to choose from right now, but there will be.

  214. I called your 1-800 service number and finial got to talk to an agent, she was very nice indeed, but the problem we have is that it will (6) days before we can get a tec. out to our house, I find very hard to wait that long, we have been with you guys for some time, we are going back to Dish because of SERVICE, SERVICE,SERVICE.thank you Jim Ogstad

  215. I spoke with a service personnel, ID/badge #LVWAH1322 on Sept 24 14 approximately 21:45 hrs. She was “VERY” rude and hung up on me as I was inquiring about internet service! I have been a loyal customer since 2004 but I think that will change when my current contract is up!!!!!

  216. I have had Directv for little over one month. What I have gone through to get a decent a TV screen, without it stalling out & freezing, has not good. There is too little space here to explain all the issues that came up; the misinformation about cost all the way to the installation. From the sales man, through to customer service (operator, supervisor, etc). I will be sending a letter in to the company with the full story. Just insane.

  217. Have had Directv for less than 2 months and have spent hours and hours on the phone trying to get issues & billing straightened out. Bundled with CenturyLink and spent hours on the phone with them also. Just now spent over 1 hour with Directv regarding my bill and when switched to a different agent found out they cancelled all my free movie channels! Who would request that??!! So sorry we switched from Mediacom! Won’t be staying with Directv any longer than we have too! Total frustration!!!

  218. We have been customers for approx. 6 yrs. We have sold our home and are waiting to move into a new home being built. I tried talk to someone in customer support, movers, etc. No one except people trying to sell us some extra “crap”. I do believe that they are using people from an overseas company. What do they care? If we don’t get any assistance we will probably switch to another provider.

  219. I am very dissatisfied with the whole deal . 1st of all the agent said he worked for Directv and which he lied as he works for Direct Star. He lied about the cost. 2nd he lied about the equipment I was supposed to get, he said I would be able to record in every room when the service tech came he said the equipment that was ordered for me I couldn’t record on any TV. 3rd he lied about the discount he said I had 2 weeks to call in my sons acct # or get a AAA discount and when I called the very next day they said I was not eligible for any discount. When they hooked it up they said it would be smart tv and that also is not
    true. I spoke to 3 different people about the discount and the last person I spoke with put an appeal in and someone would get back to me in 45 min. That has been over a week ago and still no call. I have told all my friends about my experience because they were going to switch from DISH and now they are not. I feel that you have a responsibility to your clients and the representative I spoke with did nothing but lied to me to make the sale and when they come to hook it up it was all lies and misrepresentation. When my contract is up I will leave and never come back. I have also sent this to DirectStar (he said he worked directly at Directv)not an affiliate so they are also aware of the horrible customer service I received.

  220. Was very disappointed with my Direct TV installer and service for the first year. I called and canceled once contract term was up really not impressed. BUT just started service with Direct TV not excited about plan being offered to me not being one of the cheap advertised plans and having to pay more but will deal with that. This time around hope experience is better. The installation employee was amazing polite, professional, and very helpful she knew her products and guided my family and I on the new DVR and Remote. Her name was Sheila (Clermont, FL)I am now excited to see how the rest of the year and service go. Thank You so much Direct TV for sending me this particular employee it made the difference in wanting to stay with your service.

  221. getting sick and tired of not being able to get the ku basketball games every channel its on it’s blacked out that is so frustrating why do you need to black it out everytime it on , i can never watch it , i have been a customer for over 2 yrs now makes me not even want to have direct tv because i can never watch the ku basketball games because you keep blacking it out, julie reid

  222. Nearly all my friends and business contacts find your TV advertising showing the men in the bathroom as offensive and un-nessecery.It is totally unclear as to why that scene is nessecary. You should have a sense of responsibility to social acceptance instead of flying stupidity in our faces.

  223. Just contacted Direct TV technical service dept. My main HD receiver/recorder is failing. After 45 minutes call to Direct TV, the rep. offered to replace my broken receiver with another reconditioned receiver for a handling fee of 21.95. I told her that it was their equipment that failed and that I should not have to pay to replace it. After another 5 minutes on hold she repeated that the handling fee would apply to me. I told direct TV that if they did not replace the component, I would cancel the remainder of my 2 year contract. WOW! What is up with DIRECT TV

  224. The technician arrived at my home 15 minutes before his appointed time. introduced himself and showed his badge. He was very polite. He was here about 3 hours and did not stop working for 3 hours.He is a very nice young man and an asset to your company. He changed my antenna from one side of the house to the other. and I got an upgrade on three tvs.He did a wonderful job. I am very satisfied with the work he did and I enjoy directv

  225. On Dec 10th a technician came to upgrade my system.. I thought he would just plug in the new box/receiver… He introduced himself, showing his photo ID, listened to my information and began work. He, Jose Benitez,explained that my wiring was old and had to be replaced to handle the stronger signal and new electronics. He also had to relocated my dish. He worked to find a strong signal, then gave me options as to where it could now be set up. He re mounted the dish, put new parts so that it would be safe. He mounted it in an area for superior reception compared to where it had been, in the wind and weather and high enough that when the snow covered it, I had to use a ladder to reach it. It’s new position is out of the wind and will be protected from the snow. It has the strongest signal in it’s new spot and I can reach it, if in case, it does get snow on it.He left all work areas clean… I was impressed! Then, before leaving, he gave me a tutorial on how to use this newer, upgraded DirecTV box. Thank you!

  226. Why do you always run over and show a second NFL game on Sunday night when 60 minutes is supposed to be on? News in the world and their coverage is certainly more important than the 2nd game that has about 3-4 minutes to go but lasts for 20. Tonight 60 minutes started at 7:48…ridiculous! There are times I want to smash your equipment but there surely would be some outrageous charge or some drummed up fee charged to my account.

    I agree with many other account holders about the ancient shows you show time after time after time. I’m also sure you really don’t give a crap about your customers but want their money.

    I’m leaving you for a second time after my next billing cycle.

  227. If directv drops any fox news program I will drop directv no matter how much it cost me.Gladys Smith,402 c Quincy street,Friendship,with.

  228. I have been receiving mail offering Direct TV for $19.99 a month to new customers. This does not seem fair to present customers who pay $200 a month for a bundle package. Shouldn’t this be offered to the ones who are customers now, if you wish to keep the existing customers. Please let me know when my contract expires.

  229. I had a bad receiver, they replaced it with a (refurbished ) one. It is junk too! Come to find out, they have a bunch of these junk receivers they are pawning off on consumers instead of giving them NEW ones. I have complained to them several times and nothing has been done. This thing is so slow, I could get up and change Chanel’s faster! I think John Matterise of channel 6 should know about them so he could put it on ( DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY )

  230. I had great difficulty today (12-39-14) installing a new receiver and called your 800 number. I was patched through to a supervisor named Sharie (#100101640) in Arizona. I am an aged senior citizen with very little technical ability. Sharie spent nearly an hour with me on the phone to help me install the new receiver. She was very patient, kind and extremely courteous. I don’t know what I would have done without her help. Everything was connected and I am pleased. I hope this email reaches Sharie’s supervisor so she may be recognized by the company. Kudos to Sharie. Thank you Sharie.

  231. This is the fifth or sixth time I have spoke to someone a number of representative from DIRECTV about refunding my money that they took from me without my consent I was told that it would be put back in my account then I was told that it would be a check that would be sent to me and today December 31, 2014. I spoke with another representative that she told me it was on a gift card that was being mailed to me that is not how you took it that is not how I want it back I want my money put back in my account the same way you took it out. Now I understand why people are not staying with y’all this doesn’t make any sense that you can go into someones account just because their card number is on file it doesn’t give you the right take their money without their consent it should be a law against that which all I want is my money back in my account you already have one lawsuit against you. And she also told me that someone from the finance department would be calling me about the matter.

  232. Today I received my bill and the monthly rate increased from $145.90 to $164.56. I do have the 3 month special for some of the movie channels, but I was told when I ordered them that I needed to cancel by Jan 6. These channels are wonderful and we have really enjoyed them. However we are on a fixed income and can not afford anything more than the $145 a month.
    We have been a customer for 15+ years and it would mean a great deal to us if we could keep these channels at the same rate. Could you please see what can be done for us? The increase of almost $20 a month is more than we can afford. My husband was injuried at his job in 2012 and lost use of his arm and hand. He could not longer do his job, which was driving a semi-truck and he was approved for disability. I worked for over 40 years and never was without a job, but one day all of a sudden I was unable to feel my leg and after an MRI I had a disc in my back the was extruded and also severed in the spinal area. I had surgery, but never regained use of the foot. However, I did continue to work for several years until I had another spine problem. I was also approved for disability last year. This is a very fixed limited income and after our utilities, heat and food and home maitenince we have very little left. As I said these movie channels are great and we enjoy them.
    Please let me know if you can help. Also I will be paying my bill in the next few days.

    Thank you for your time and help.

    Carol Knapkavage

  233. I have been a customer for 20 plus years,y have I lost a local channel,68Mansfield station.and y am I paying 74$ a month when u are offering the same package for half the money.I used to get free movies for 3months for being a loyal customer,not no more.might be time for a change…

  234. This Family SUPPORTS DirecTV! We are to the point of wanting to Boy-cot NBC. I used to record ALL of the “Today” shows, and recently stopped due to how they did NOT report all the news fairly. So we have been fed up with them previous to this ordeal they have caused for you (DIRECTV).

    In the past I have suggested that you sell your packages with a cost per channel. I think people would JUMP ON THIS IDEA if you could manage and market it well. Most people on average only watch about seven channels, and we are sold hundreds. I would rather pay $45 for a few channels I watch than $112 for hundreds of channels I don’t watch.

    I pray you get this resolved in a way that will please all, but do not “cave-in” to NBC if they are unreasonable. Most people will understand. Keep up the good work and continue to make a desirable service and please try to keep prices low. “They” may say the economy is better, but it isn’t. Many including my retired Marine husband, and family have just had our retirement cut a substantial amount just after Christmas. We have been devoted customers for many years now.

    Thank you.

  235. DirecTV,

    This Family SUPPORTS YOU! We are to the point of wanting to Boy-cot NBC. I used to record ALL of the “Today” shows, and recently stopped due to how they did NOT report all the news fairly. So we have been fed up with them previous to this ordeal they have caused for you (DIRECTV).

    In the past I have suggested that you sell your packages with a cost per channel. I think people would JUMP ON THIS IDEA if you could manage and market it well. Most people on average only watch about seven channels, and we are sold hundreds. I would rather pay $45 for a few channels I watch than $112 for hundreds of channels I don’t watch.

    I pray you get this resolved in a way that will please all, but do not “cave-in” to NBC if they are unreasonable. Most people will understand. Keep up the good work and continue to make a desirable service and please try to keep prices low. “They” may say the economy is better, but it isn’t. Many including my retired Marine husband, and family have just had our retirement cut a substantial amount just after Christmas. We have been devoted customers for many years now.

    Thank you.

  236. Your customer service line sucks. I tried to call and tell someone that I had my roof replaced and they said they put the dish back in the same holes, but I get no signal. This stupid computer voice keeps telling me to reboot and she will wait. I try to tell her that I tried that, but to no avail. I tried to get to someone, but she wouldn’t let me go. You also have to search forever to find help. It’s like you don’t want to hear about my problem and hope I will give up.

  237. 1m at 93561 and wonder why the ajam channel 347 keeps saying that the show tiny: living small is on so I keep hitting record and its news every time! Please fix this

  238. I am very upset that I don’t get to see the NFL playoff games that come on channel 5 due to some dispute you have with them.

  239. Our local channels WVVA and and 59 channel is going in on our please check on this for us has been going on for a while thank you !!

  240. Just saw a direct tv work truck throw trash , 2
    large McDonald cups out their window in lexington NC. I can not believe these are the kind of people you have working for you. I would never let someone who can not follow the laws of our country into my home. This really attended me and my daughter who is studying environmental science. Direct tv should be ashamed of themselves.

  241. On 1/12/15 afternoon I spent hours trying to get help connecting a new printer to my older computer….all I needed was: Network name and Network password. Instruction said, If you don’t have this information, contact the person who set up your network. I talked to “7” people: Samone, with Wild Blue (no help), she said to call Direct TV (no help) there either, they said call router company, (no help) Ernie said to call Internet service Wild Blue. Called again 1-800-551-4388…no live person but listened to “Help I’ve fallen – necklass spill, $100. Free card, cruise info., Vegas trip info., Jackpot info., finally Andrew was no help. Finally, Jessica at Directv hung up on me while I was talking. When I paid my bill this week (TV & Internet) the flier said, “We Believe OUR CUSTOMERS COME FIRST….WE BELIEVE BEING RANKED #1 IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS CAUSE FOR CELBRATION. We’ve provided enhanced training to over 30.000 customer service agents to make your experience even smoother…..” Well someone needs to go back to school or I just connected the “bad” agents! I’ve also received from you A Special Invitation to get THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE and was consideration this!?!?! But I don’t know if you want our business?

    I’d still like my NETWORK NAME AND PASSWORD when I subscribed 01/22/2010, ID# 70506175, talked to Hazel. Of course it was April 13, 2010 when Steve Dearman got things to running right (he was the 3rd repairman).
    And I got no help trying to set up my 1st printer either, so I guess it doesn’t look good now!

  242. Our TV goes out “searching for channel” before it starts to rain! Paying for “high speed internet” and it’s anything but!

  243. Well for the people who’ve had direct TV for a while. Try to get your equipment updated and see what happens. They advertise you get more HD channels than anyone but if you have OLD equipment. Your not getting HD nothing. Just give them a call and see happens. Its either more money or nothing. Been loyal to them for a minute. But there are others out there. SHAME!

  244. I wish to give recognition to associate #100823965 for her help 12-19-14
    in solving a problem I had tried several times to resolve. I thank her
    very much for her searching background of account and solving.

  245. We recently upgraded our directv equipment in an existing structure. It was a very difficult job and the service personnel who accomplished the task were outstanding. CHUCK and JEFF in Rapid City, SD were courteous, kind, and qualified and made me glad I have been a DirecTV customer for 18 years. Thanks to Rapid City’s DirecTV personnel!

  246. I am a Directv customer, and I would like to voice my disdain for many of Directv’s recent ads. Who the hell is running this company that they allow gross sexual innuendos and poking fun at people with mental illness, paranoia, etc. I am by far not a prude, but you (as a company) are disgusting. YOU NEED TO UPGRADE YOUR STINKING ETHICS – YOU ARE BEHAVING WORSE THAN PIGS!! SORRY PIGS, DIDN’T MEAN TO INSULT YOU!!! Please share this with your CEO, if he is not asleep at the wheel!!

  247. You BASTARDS cut me off Thanksgiving morning even after you took $106.98 out of my account to pay on a $176 bill and still wouldn’t turn me back on! Worst holiday I ever had! You ruined a family tradition of FOOTBALL this holiday for me and my guests! Your computer system said I only had to pay $75 but you took more and then gave it back! So you broke our contract and I will only pay you the rest of the cable bill in question of $176.05 minus $50 I paid recently=$126.05 PRICK!

  248. I switched to your services close to a year ago from Comcast and I have to say that my husband and I are more than pleased. We have had a few issues arise and the customer service has been phenomenal. Your representatives are knowledgeable and polite and really try to help whatever our situation has been. I actually lost my debit card and we are enrolled in Autopay and our bill was due Feb. 10. I went online and changed the card since my debit card was now cancelled however the change did not process and my payment on the 10th was invalid. I called the customer service line and very quickly navigated my way to a lady that helped me immediately. My late fee was waived and the fee charged when you use a rep to pay your bill was also waived due to the circumstances surrounding my “late” payment. I am so pleased after dealing with a company like Comcast that does not care a bit about their customers. Comcast is a horrible company, expensive, difficult to deal with and down right RUDE on EVERY circumstance I needed their assistance. I will NEVER go back to their services. I will stay with your company as long as they continue to be as helpful as they have been thus far. I appreciate it greatly!

  249. Hello!
    I was thinking about getting service with you, But you don’t have HRTV! Never will switch until you do.

    Thank You

  250. Congratulations to Rico out of Mississippi for. Doing an excellent job when it came to help me solve my problem with my channels Hats off to Rico in Mississippi who is working for Direct Tv

  251. You have an A1 technician, Mike Xaythavone, #425846.He entered my house with a beautiful smile, showed his badge and put his shoe covers on. He had three televisions to check and the cable outside to satellite hate to be replaced. Best Customer Service I have every received. You are so fortunate to have him working for you. I can not say enough kind things but he went over and above my expectations and have already recommended Directv to two people today. Mike is the Best5!

  252. Awesome service today! Techs were on time, showed their ID’s, took their shoes off and were very professional and nice.

  253. We had tech service to our home. The young man’s name was Prentice. We were expecting a call to give info on the service. Unfortunately we missed the call and tried to return the call. We wanted to give our compliments to the tech he was great. Very kind, professional. Is there any way to get this msg to the center so he gets credit? Our acct no. is: 38742225 service call date: 4/21/2015

  254. This the second time in 2 weeks that I have had a box go out I waited 2 weeks for the last box to be replaced and find it unacceptable that I have to wait 2 weeks again to have a box replaced. talked with a customer service rep yesterday and gave them a number to call and a back up number and I had to call this morning to find out when I could get the box replaced only to be told That they could not get to me until May 21.

  255. just ha the Genie box installed. The tech #510374 Mr. Clyde Coley did an excellent job, presented ID when he first arrived, was extremely professional and very courteous. He really takes his job seriously, does very clean work, and is respectful of your home. Thank you for your service.

  256. Matt tech #449657 appeared on time, was so supportive and helpful in handling problems that the tech before had caused. He was very considerate and gave us information that was needed. I would recommend this tech to anyone. He certainly knew what he was doing unlike the the tech that was at our house a week ago. Thanks to Matt. Showed badge, put shoe covers on and explained everything in detail to my husband who does have a hearing problem

  257. Had service yesterday (5/18/15) everything was perfect Tech. name was
    Rodrigo Razo I would give him 10’s accross the board.

  258. Today I had a technician from direct TV make a service call to my apt. Very professional. Answered all my questions. And had the problem fixed in no time. Very pleased with the service.

  259. Technician #442420 IVAN was the most outstanding technician during his visit with us in showing us how to navigate our new Geni service. A very polite gentleman with a patient and award winning ability to present the facts! I would recommend/request him for any future service we may require. Thank you IVAN!!

  260. We had our satellite dish installed today. The technicians name was Victor Parada. He was very courteous and helpful. He used shoe covers coming in and out, which is considerate.
    I did not understand about a piece of equipment that was needed from my old house, and Victor took care of this problem for me.
    As we are in the process of moving, it was nice to have something go smoothly.
    Thank you Victor.

  261. I am getting tired of directv thinking of leaving, when it rains I have no tv, when I go to walmart they have promoters there to try to sign you up I told them I was tired of it, they said directv upgraded and its never to go out during storms so I called directv & they have NO CLUE what I’m talking about, cause I was told I’d need new equipment but directv when I called they were clueless,, i been with them for 10 yrs

  262. my techs #435465/ i think / name gerald/ yesterday came to fix dish and boxes ,tv/ everything is great now/ had 2 techs and then 1 tech/ no one did anything / been without tv since preakness / yesterday gerald arrived said he would fix it and that is what he did/ 10 is great but i rate gerald a 12/ so gerald needs alot of accomadations for what he did/ he was great again i say that

    i hope a supervisor sees this!!!!!!!

  263. Technician Daniel Edwards (461644) responded to my home to install some equipment. He was very professional and I would recommend Daniel to any one. He showed up on time, his quality of work was exceptional, he was friendly and answered any questions we had. He even assisted my daughter in hooking up her ex box! My rating of Daniel would be a 10 in every category! Thank you for the excellent service Daniel!

  264. Technician Daniel Edwards (461644) responded to my home to install some equipment. He was very professional and I would recommend Daniel to any one. He showed up on time, his quality of work was exceptional, he was friendly and answered any questions we had. He even assisted my daughter in hooking up her ex box! My rating of Daniel would be a 10 in every category! Thank you for the excellent service Daniel!

  265. Want to commend service tech, Santiago Baylon who works in the
    Vail, CO area. Awesome tech, extremely professional and
    knowledgeable about Direct TV products. Best tech I have ever
    had on board. Genuine asset to the Direct TV field team!

  266. We received an updated DVR box today, I want to comment on the Techician. H arrived right on time and was very pleasant and did a very good job installing everything. the form he left said to rate him . he received a 10 in all areas everything was down very good. He explained everything. His name is Ken Buckingham Tech#DVNV442113. If you need to call for more Info please do so. Thank you Linda

    I received a updated DVR box today and it was installed by Techician Ken Buckingham # DVNV442113, he did an excellant job He gave me a form to rate him and thought I would get a call to rate him but I didn’t. He rated a 10 in the 3 items on the top and everything else was excellant. thank you. Linda Quintal a 15 year customer for yours

  267. I just had an amazing employee of yours come into my home and fixed the problem with some loose wires on roof . He was fast , thorough, answered all my questions. He told me of the other options and deals this co. has. His name is ERNEST MARCELIN. thank you for having a great employee LORI DIDIER

  268. Ernest 426069 this # belong with comment above very pleased with this employee very helpful had all answers I asked.

  269. Technician #428924 Mike Sevy was pleasant, efficient, worked diligently to address all the glitches in our system.

  270. Had all of my DirecTV equipment updated today by Kevin, technician 436701. He did an outstanding job removing my old dish and installing my new dish in a new location that was less visible (his suggestion). Replaced all my old equipment, cleaned up after himself and made sure that all my questions were answered. Great job!

  271. A great technician Ryan Carlson PUT IN A NEW SAT. DISH FOR US TODAY . Did a very good job, he was very nice ,he covered his shoes with wraps before he entered the house very though full and very pleasant person. Made sure the TV was working properly be fore he left . I wish he could do all my service calls.

  272. Re: technician# 448130 , We have had directv for almost a year, we have had nothing but trouble, numerous phone calls I repeat, numerous phone calls, we had two technicians come to our home. On June 29 2015we had our third tech come out and he went thru everything and made sure everything was working,you need more technicians like that gentleman. We feel he did an out standing job for us and FINALLY we have our problem fixe!!!Again his tech. Number is448130. Now what can be done for the times that we were without service due our service being interrupted so many times, I certainly hope our next year with Direct will be un eventful
    Thank You for your attention to this matter, Bonnie Withers.

  273. Today Carlos and Blake came out to reinstate my Directv. I had been told that when I switched to the new fiber optic, I would have to get rid of my directv. I was VERY unhappy with PRISM, so called and these guys came out right away (Fourth of July) — and did an excellent job. They were quick and very efficient — everything is back to normal. They knew exactly what to do and the job was completed in a very timely manner. They were also friendly and professional. Thanks Directv for sending them to me!! They were funny, too!!

  274. My complaint is i pay a lot of money for this service and i am not happy because i want to get all the channels i pay for regardless what kind of tv i am using whether it is hd channel or not . I keep getting your tv does not support this programs content protection.Replacing the tvs hdmi cable with component cables will allow you to view the program.when i got my hd receiver all the channels worked regardless i am very displeased with this problem and thinking of discontinue service from direct tv . I pay a lot of money i should get all channel regardless Very unhappy

  275. your tch,Victoria helped us as much as she could. she stayed with us for about an hour trying to get us up and running but was unble to get it up after we installed an updated unit. She finally scheduled a tech. to come out and fix the problems. She even was quite plesent throughout the troubleshooting time. an attaboy to her

  276. Jesse Sanchez, technician #429366, was so friendly and knowledgeable it made fixing a very irritating problem almost worth the problem.

  277. I needed to replace our old DVR and I needed assistance. My customer service helper, Tanisha or Vanisha. She was so kind to me, stayed on phone with me setting me up with my DVR and remote control.We were on the phone for 45 min. I wanted to have it done so my husband didn’t have to fiddle with it when he came home from work. He works awfully hard to provide for his family. I just wanted him to sit down have dinner and watch TV.He was so pleased and has been so happy, now that the DVR works.I’am so glad she helped me set everything up with her patience with me and compassion. Thank You for such beautiful customer service.

  278. My Directv was installed on 6/29/15. I am due a $200.00 Visa card as a rebate for signing with Directv and I have been unable to figure out how to have this Visa card award sent to me. Can you please email the proper form to receive the $200.00 Visa reward card? Thank you very much for your assistance!
    Bill Hudson

  279. I have recently (Sunday) had Tyler Bruce dvnd504769 hook up a new receiver and reprogrammed our system. He did a very professional job. He was very courteous and very helpful. He should be commended for his job.

    Harry Renke

  280. Direct TV is the worst Company in the world next to Comcast I cannot wait until another company come to this area.

  281. On 6/15/15 a man called and offered me ‘Choice’ DTV for 3 months, free of charge. That told me it was good until Sept. 15. Today, 7/23/15, a lady called offering me ‘Choice” DTV for the price of $70. I didn’t ask the right questions. she talked very fast and I didn’t manage to think fast enough. But I had to wonder…does this add on at the end of the first offer I received 6/15/15 or does that stop immediately and the new offer begin? I really need to know. I would like to continue with the first offer until it expires then maybe have the second added but if that can’t be done, then please cancel the offer I received and agreed to today. My husband recently died and my funds are more minimal than ever. If I can’t get back to what I had and the $70 is added to my bill right away, I will have to drop Dirctv for sure. Hope you can help me.
    I called and got ‘Mike’ on the phone and he was fixing my problem then I got disconnected. Calling again got me nowhere, not even a person to talk to. Thanks

  282. I have my appointment today from 8 to 12 iam in the house the problem is my telephone is not working and normaly they call before they come to the house just let them now iam goiny to be here

  283. I have my appointment today from 8 to 12 iam in the house the problem is my telephone is not working and normaly they call before they come to the house just let them now iam goiny to be here

  284. We had excellent service today from Technician 429368. We are so. Happy we switched to Direct TV,hated AT&T service and the cost. The Mirandas

  285. The remote now has no control over the box. Called customer service and went thru all the prescribed techniques to hook them together. Nothing worked, however , the remote worked on the TV in the back room. Told the rep. that but she insisted it was the remote. O.K., now what? Well since I did not have the service protection it would be 15 bucks for a new remote. Thing is a year old and works on the mini genie but not the main box so I’m questioning if it is the box instead. Can’t wait for this contract to be up as these little annoyances are coming too frequently. Would not recommend DTV to friends.

  286. I do not have DirectTV. I spoke to one of your technicians today, at my condo development. He had come to install your service for a neighbor. The techs name is Dave Brame. I want you to know what an exemplary employee you have. The customer was having some difficulty understanding the service. Dave was so patient, kind and understanding. I was so impressed with his wonderful attitude, I felt I had to let you know.

  287. I am moving and have previously discontinued service. Have some
    equipment of yours and need to know if you want it back. If so,
    please send free shipping labels and boxes.

    Thank You

  288. What a huge disappointment ! The installer came out and told me “due to your roof being to high and the need for a second installer it’s too costly and they won’t install!”

    Then he stated if his boss came out and was given permission he would do because it’s a 6 TV install.
    Well the boss said no they don’t like two men installs.

    Great customer service our roof is only two stories !

  289. Kevin arrived at my home in a timely manner. He showed his I’d and process to trouble shoot the problem,explaining everything he was doing and helping me write down the instructions.
    He is a valued employee and is an asset to your company.

  290. Hi Ive contacted Directv many times cause wasn’t receiving a bill since I moved into my new place. I stil didn’t get the help or bill so that I may pay my bill. I called on 3 occations. Now I finally received a bill dated 8-09-15. I received on the 22 of August 2015. So I got a money order out that same day . I called Directv to inform them I just received a bill and mailed out 120.00 to them cause since it took them this long to reply and finally send me a bill. they even had the nerve to disconnect they say temparity disconnect till full bill is paid. Its so unfair of them to just disconnect since this was their mistake. I called customer service to exsplain what happened and that I paid the past due , due to them sending out bill late and the other half on the balance on the 3rd of September. But Customer service still pentalized me for their mistake and now I have to go one and a half weeks without tv cause of their mistake.

  291. what a shame your a customer and should be treated right. Exspecially when its their mistake. I can’t beleave it when you try to pay your bill and calling them to correct their mistake they don’t fix their mistakes but let you make one and their all over you. PLEASE FIX YOUR MISTAKES AND BE A BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE PROVIDER AND WORK WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS ITS YOUR REPUTATION AFTER ALL.

  292. This morning, Friday, August 28, 2015, Ernesto, the Direct TV technician (433370), came to my home, and installed a new Direct TV box to replace one that had gone bad.
    Ernesto was courteous, knew what he was doing, and got the job done quickly, and efficiently.
    I was very pleased with his work !

  293. I want you folks to set me up with the program you promised me several months ago. I got an ad the other day similar in nature to the promise you folk original made me. Its called the “ultimate bundle for $54.98. Phone internet and direct tv.
    I am paying much more than that . I do have a couple of additions which should make my bill a little higher. I have communicated this problem on several occasions and I want it fixed! My only alternative is to contact Cox and Dish and let them know what you did to me and then get my service from them. I am concerned that you would charge me a fee for doing this as it seems the one thing you are good at is charging customers extra money.
    Please give me some options: Go elsewhere , get the price agreed to up front. Do nothing and have a very dissatisfied customer Roger J Kotter

  294. Hello, am interested in switching back to DIRECTTV. Received flyer in todays mail about “BEST OFFER EVER”. Would like a quote on a package, not the starting advertised price, but rather the actual cost or amount of bill for first year and second year. Have been hooked to many times with good sounding deal that turned out to cost nearly 2X the quoted price. Thank You, sam

  295. Technician 459244
    We had the pleasure of working with Derek during a service call to our home in Stevensville, MT. He was very courteous, extrememly knowledgeable and very patient as we went through our battery of questions. Our service was A+ and Derek was an A++ individual.

  296. why has channel 224 been taken off? I’m very upset that I can’t watch Sheperd’s Chapel. This is totally unacceptable and has me seriously considering switching to something other than directv.

  297. Vernon Hopkins completed my installation yesyerday, all 10’s for him!!!!!!He exceeded all our expectations, very professional, efficient and pleasant. Hiscode is DVAL839183. We have already reccommended direct TV to others..Please extend a big thank you to him from us, Virginia Bayless, Chelsea Alabama

  298. Scheduled Direct TV installation for my boat. Drove two hours to location for appointment. No one showed up. Customer service was zero help.
    will never use these people again.

  299. I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with technician #432678. He arrived quickly, He found the problem of why I wasn’t getting a picture on my TV.
    He did his job well, he was very friendly. He knows his job well, and I felt lucky that he was sent to my home. I had a technician once that was rude, didn’t explain anything, didn’t ask if I had questions. Just came over, did his job and left.

  300. On 08 September 2015 I had DIRECTV install my service. I also spoke to a customer service rep on the next day saying I had a problem with my installation after the Tec had left. while he was here, there was a problem with 4 elect outlets that we did not have problem with before. After the Tec left I noticed a smell in one of the rooms of hot wires. when I found the problem it was where he had drilled though the wall for the wire. the account # was 65244265 But your rep said they changed it to #2284055. I want this wire problem taken care of or I will have to take further action. I tried to do this without any further problem. I expect to hear from you. Thank You William E Atkinson

  301. Have had direct tv genie for one year. Have a second floor and genie has spotty coverage. Has shut down numerous times and 6 months ago it happened nightly at same time. Now depend on over the air only on upstairs. No resolution when calling to get repaired. Waiting on contract to expire.

  302. DO NOT EVEN CALL UP ASKING ABOUT ‘DIRECT TV’..I DID, SPOKE WITH AN ARROGANT FEMALE WHO SEEMED NOT TO WANT TO ANASWER MY QUESTIONS. Where she was like reading from a prompt. I wanted to know specific questions about what was entailed of me going from UVERSE to DIRECT, Etc., which she seemingly avoided answering. She asked for my credit card number which in my stupidity I gave not knowing she or whomever would end up charging me anything. As the chat continued I became more aggravated with her especially when she told me they would charge me for equipment that had to be mailed to my home for the installer to put in. I wanted to know why I had to pay for your equipment she sarcastically replied “We don’t have warehouses!” whatever that was supposed to mean. After getting me totally upset I told her “I DO NOT WANT IT, I DON’T WANT IT! GOODBYE”: Two days later I had three calls on my answering machine from installers telling me they had work orders to come to my house. Today, Wednesday, 16 Sep 15, I called Customer Dis Service at same time while checking my bank account. I noticed I was charged by Direct TV $27.75. After over an hour and a half being bounced from representative to representative, four in all) having to fully explain why and what I was calling for, and my explaining to each and adding that they ‘back doored me’ and illegally charged me monies which I in no way authorized I ended up with a Freddy MARTINEZ in Sales Support who said he fully understood my predicament, offered me $100.00 and all the specials if I stayed, I told him “No thanks!” I want my money refunded. He was congenial and told me he had cancelled my order ? (what order?) and refunded my money. So BEWARE of whom you speak with and tape your conversation.

  303. I am totally upset at the re[ormatting of my dvr resulting in the loss of all my recorded shows and movies and the fact I will have to go back and catch and record the ones I consistently watch. very inconsiderate of you!!!!!

  304. just had an upgrade installed by Sergio Tec #428367 who was the BEST representative of Directv we have ever dealt with. Kudos!

  305. Direct TV is lucky to have Dewayne Taylor working for them. He worked 7 hours getting our old cable system re-routed and up and running. He was kind, professional and personable. His instructions were very informative and he was very patient. Thank you!! julie and Scott Limardo

  306. Field technician JOSEPH # 437116 came to my home to relocate some equipment and I cannot praise that young man enough. He was so professional and respectful to both me and my home. If I could rate him higher than a 10 , i would. .
    You should be proud of an employee like Joseph who represents the very best of directtv service.

  307. your website and automated phone was completely useless for me. it was a lengthy difficult process to get to an operator that took care of m problem easily. she was good

  308. My NFL Sunday ticket did not auto renew and I can’t seem to get to a customer rep. All I get is recordings telling me I have to order it. Iv’e had NFL Sunday ticket since 2004, I’m not ordering as a new customer. In the mean time I’m missing all the games. Directv used to have great customer service, what happened?

  309. On Sept 14, 2015 I had problems with one TV so I called support. Stayed on phone for what seemed a long time 30 minutes. I enjoyed talking to person but she was no help what so ever. So I said well sent someone out here to fix it, which she said it would be 49.oo and I told her I was not paying for a problem which is your fault. I told her to forget it and hung up. My son in law home on leave from Air Force disconnected everything and some other things and got it back on line and working. Saturday I get monthly statement 22.74 over normal cost. I called this morning and found out that the person I talked with added show time and protection plan, which I cancelled this morning.

  310. I want to take a moment to commend Direct TV Technician Kalomo Johnson, Technician #429416, on his demonstrated excellence in problem solving, his respectful and polite personal manner, and for rendering excellent and timely Direct TV service. Mr.Johnson repaired my reception/connection/tuning TV situation on 21 September 2015. His proficiency and personal manner reflect superb Direct TV Support for the customer.

  311. Yesterday Jesus Garcia came out to service my cable box. He was very nice & professional. He said to text u if there was a problem.
    My new box froze up just awhile ago. Customer service restarted it but now my other tv is not responding. Could u please come back out? 818 4519057

  312. Your tech Henry Pete Lenz , was an excellent guy!! He did a great job here for my Tv hook up even lashed all my cords with zip ties so it looked neater1!! Very happy with his work ethic nice guy would recomend him to anyone with a TV issue THANKS for job well done!!!!!

  313. Your tec just left after installing new equipment. Direct TV is very lucky to have an employee that is very dedicated to his job…he did a great job. Intruducted himself as Luke S. No. 50-39119. Again this is why we have been with Direct TV for so many years. GREAT SERVICE.

    too bad we cannot get the dodger games

  314. Martin Gomez,your employee at Directv,is the best technician,most professional ,intelligent,hard working,young man I have ever met. Thank you for sending him out to fix my Directv problem. Viva M.Adams..

  315. We may lose our local WSLS Channel 10. I called the number given onscreen and got the royal run-around, blame Channel 10, with no opportunity to talk to a real person. Why is this all about Channel 10? Is it because DirecTV wants more money? Why doesn’t your company stop using all the well paid, high dollar NFL players to make such stupid, mindless commercials and pass some of the savings on to consumers who are at your mercy with every rate increase? Are we going to get a refund if Channel 10 goes off the air? Not holding my breath!

  316. I spoke to a lady at direct tv and asked her if they had any bundle deals she said yes they do. She said to me that she can give me a Ultimate Bundle Package for only $39.99 per month for the first year and the first 3 months are for free. After the first year it would be $59.99 per month. She also said I get a $200.00 dollar gift card. On 9/26/2915 direct tv was installed my wife asked what package he said select package. The lady **** LIED**** to me she said it was going to be the Ultimate Package. I called up Direct TV and told them that they have POOR EMPLOYEE’S and to take their boxes out of my house. Do not GET Direct TV they are LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!

  317. If I knew then what I know now I would not have purchased Direct TV. It costs me more than Comcast and was supposed to be cheaper. We lose signal very often due to rain storms. Now I am stuck with this BS for two years. If I could afford the penalty for early disconnect I would do it in heart beat. I will not recommend this to anyone. Thanks,

  318. If Direct TV cancels channel 10 then I will have to go with another service…Have been watching channel 10 for years and some of my favorite programs I have been watching since I was 18 and I am now 58. Please keep your contract with channel 10. I understand that this might go into affect Sept. 30th. I would hate to lose you!

  319. Can you put general hospital on pop at two o clock in the afternoon and fox grandfathered on Wednesday night at eight and can you put the grinder on on Saturday night with new episodes at eleven o clock and abc the muppets on twelve at midnight and and the new Scooby-Doo cartoon be cool scooby doo on Disney Channel can you bring Aladdin the tv series on Disney Channel and the lion guard on Sundays, nights like scooby doo on eleven o clock on night and Aladdin at twelve midnight and the lion guard at one thank you so much

  320. I have disputed a charge taken from my account which the bank is going to send back to Direct tv even though I still have an open complaint. The amount in question and disputed is $434,25.
    This payment from my account is scheduled to be processed on 10-2-2015.
    Since it is still in dispute with Direct tv, why am I still having it paid out? Nobody is talking to me or attempting to get to the bottom of the dispute. Everyone I have spoken to refuses to listen and makes claims that simply are not allowed by FCC and FTC policy/directives and falls squarely on the shoulders of the broadcasters not the networks for compliance.

  321. I have no complaints about the service or installation, but I do have a complaint about the sales. When I originally called and got quotes, each item that was listed including At&t internet, was repeated and confirmed. When I got my first bill it was not as they promised, of course it was more. I have 30 days to cancel for being unsatisfied but now it’s all installed and my cable uninstalled. Such a scam. The reason I switched over was to save money over cable, and it’s not.
    So now, my friend who referred me told me there is a referral rebate. How do I get that applied, as the sales rep conveniently “forgot”?

  322. Techician #514967 Came and installed Directv in our home today. We are retired and enjoy watching movies and such without any problems. He was the nicest man and was very patient with us about showing all the features due us. My husband answered the survey and on the phone about Kenny Vuono and rated him wrong by mistake. We really enjoyed meeting and he was so nice and kind and answered all our questions. We give him an A plus on all his service he gave us!
    Thank You,

  323. Our service has been terrible for weeks and it is very frustrating. We have pixelated signals continuously and I have called several times with poor results. It needs to be fixed before the Bronco game at two. Can’t wait to cancel next summer!!!

  324. I was very happy with the service i received. all the way around is a 10 i didnt under stand some of the lady questions. I ment for very thing to be a 10. and i would surely ask for that person again

  325. u have turn over 470 dollars on my cedit it i is not my bill i want it took off my credit score it belong on amber walter credit score not mind i did not put it on there take it off i would appricate it

  326. Called Direct TV concerning receiving account information regarding my mother in law that recently had a stroke. Trying to get to speaking voice toooo difficult and after being transferred to my 3rd representative…..who informed me that my MIL, who I had just informed her regarding the stroke and her inability to speak HAD TO CALL IN FOR THIS INFORMATION. I was so incensed that I cancelled MY account with Direct TV and will cancel my MIL account when paperwork complete. ATT merger will not be positive experience for customers.

  327. Cannot believe we gave up TWC for this awful service. We set up a series to record and when the day comes it shows that it’s not recording. Then sometimes it will show that a show is recording and you’ll go to the list and nothing’s on there. Worst cable service I have ever had.

  328. I had the most wonderful customer service rep. ever and wanted to let you know how truly satisfied I was with her. Her name is (Fermin Preciado) she is I believe with your Albuquerque, New Mexico office. I spoke with her today October 9, 2015 at around 7:15 am. I just wanted to let you know how fabulous she was in taking my call. I have been a Direct TV customer for at least 17+yrs. I called in to see if I could have my bill reduced and she was so helpful. I also called to disconnect the Genie from an extra room and I gave her the wrong # on the back of the system. What I mistakenly did was read the #’s on the back of a DVD player in the room I was trying to disconnect from the Genie System, OH for goodness sakes I did not realize what # I had given her and she was more than patient with me telling me that the #’s were not in the Direct TV system. I realized my mistake and she said do not worry about it. She was so patient and understanding with me and NEVER gave me the impression that (the customer was wrong). I apologized to her for my mistake and we both laughed about it. I hope you realize what a valued customer service rep.she is and just wanted to let you know. Many Many thanks to Fermin she is THE BEST. Sincerely, Joyce Buchanan, Ventura, CA

  329. casey theriault was on the phone two hrs trying to set up appointment date then another hr and a half trying to need to get your shed together!!!!!it makes no sense at all..i m not sure if we succeeded because Victoria had no we had to hang up…do not go to 102 s perley brook road on oct 13th.cancel.thank you for nothing.gloria caron and casey theriault .grand mother

  330. I had your service, and was very upset with the effect of weather, the bulky, hot, equipment, and the antenna was not sealed where the screws penetrated my home resulting in repairs to the house! Also, I requested services be removed, and they were removed, but I was charged for them.
    I called DTV, and told them to get this system out of my house. Finally, they sent packaging to ship it back.
    Now DTV has a bad mark on my credit reports as I refuse to pay for the contract remaining balance.
    Either DTV removes the poor credit remarks, or I will be forced to sue for the damages repaired on my home, and the damages to my credit. The cost of damage that was repaired on my home is far greater than the four hundred and some-odd dollars you tried to steal from me for poor installation and service.
    Pay Attention to this as I will take action. Mark C. Buffington

  331. please remove Dorothy Key, 150 carter school road Stanford KY 40484-8158
    from your mailing list. SHE HAS BEEN DEAD FOR 5 YRS and I am constantly getting mail in my mailbox for her and it upsets her family to see her get mail. THANK YOU

  332. Excellent service from Kim C. #CA514971. He was on time, knew what to do, explained the new system, set it up so everything worked exactly as it had with the prior system, and was courteous and efficient in the process. Give him a raise!!

  333. I was told to write an e-mail disputing my bill as I was told one thing by century link when I purchased my package and what I am billed. Didn’t see on site where I can e-mail my cocmplaint

  334. Unfortunately we’ve not had any luck with our service. Either our stations ate limited or we aren’t getting a signal. Not only that but customer service reps for technical support are difficult to understand. Especially for us unsaavvy old schooler . In addition, my our fist bill had someone else’s name on it andvwhen we inquired, we were told they didnt know how thst happened. Seriously need to reconsider cable servic .

  335. Worst TV reception since rabbit ears. Takes forever to start up, goes into freeze mode in great weather. I have missed the end of 3 movies in the last 10 days after watching for 1 1/2 hours, froze in the last 5 minutes of show. Package has more repeat and garbage channels than anything else.

  336. Halloween programs that are scheduled is missing one program in the erie of the Good Witch series, The Good Witch’s Garden,why?

  337. do not lke Dirct TV ..havent like them from day one when I went to Walmart. The lady at Walamrt stated if I signed up my bill would be less tha 60.00 (NOT!!) They said it was a packaged deal that included internet ( NOT). So many lies!!! Last month my bill went up 83.00 dollars becuase I didnt cancel some package I had a almost a year ago. How am I gonna cancel a PACKAGE i KNOW NOTHING ABOUT? A customer service repre. stated thats something Direct TV does…I told her thats why I can no longer work with them. Now she states I have to pay more money for ending contract..They can not provide efficent services and we get penalized for ending a contract…especially when I told them I didnt like service from day ONE!!! I believe there should be a way for people to end an account when services are horrble!

  338. Had a service Tech come to my house today Bayan L. was his name second time I had the Pleasure of having him here at my house wow he’s the bomb know his stuff very helpful Directv can be very proud of him he makes this company shine. His ID# 446546 Bayan you did a great job I just wish they had a lot more tech like you . Thank you so much for the help and service My wife and I think you did and answered all of our concerns GREAT JOB well done. DIRECTV treat this guy good.

  339. I just had to say josh scotvoid did a fantastic job at installing the direct tv, very professional and very polite and showed us what we needed to do and how to do it. You have a great employee working for your company. Thank you again josh, eddie and alma gyuro.

  340. I had my service upgraded last Saturday. Henry “Pete” Lenz, # DVNE436543, was the tech that took care of the upgrade. He was professional and answered all my questions. He’s very helpful and didn’t make me feel like I had asked dumb questions. It was an enjoyable experience. Too bad more people aren’t like him. If I could I’d give the man raise!

  341. It would be nice if you gave a discount for long existing customers just to keep them with Direct TV. It is disappointing when I see special packages to get new customers when I have been with your company for close to 10 years and have to pay full price. Can’t you be encouraging and offer discounts if a customer stays with you for many years out of dedication to your company? That way your might keep more customers. Just a thought. Thank you. Bruce Stille

  342. Omg I had the worst experience with ur service for my new home after 15 days I had to cancel and now I have nightmares of early termination fee which I didn’t know about it. Well if ur subcontractor would of done his job correctly not putting two huge whol on the walls and running only single line and so u would of have my business. I really appreciate some take time and look in to ur bad business and help me for the nightmare I’m inn. I block direct tv on my phone and email for excessive manipulating me to get my business. Pls some one help. The u. Diana saed

  343. I just moved my service from ATT UVerse to DirecTV satellite due to the poor quality of cable service. The installer, James 437547, arrived promptly. James was very courteous the entire time he was at my home. He walked me through how the controller works and the stations that are available. James installed an outdoor satellite and picked up after himself. There were no cables bags or nuts left behind. I appreciate the clean, prompt and courteous service.

  344. Your service representative MIKE number 436130 is the extraordinary example of how good a person with his knowledge is. I had all intentions to drop DirecTV until I had the experience of Mike showing compassion intellect and definitely the best service I’ve ever had. Again this is a part personal example Of how great service can be and again thank you MIKE number 436130. Thanks again Dave.

  345. My monthly bill went from $74.07 to $126.05 and I can’t even get a person to talk to. I will be checking into Dish tv for sure. What a rip-off.

  346. When I started with you we had auto pay with my credit card. Tried to bundle Internet & Phone with Century Link. (a total failure) Their tech came to install the Modem. They never told me it was being mailed UPS; never got here at the appointed day. When the Tech came I told him that I would not wait and have him come back ,,,,,, CANCEL the change. He left and I called Bright House and told them I would continue their service. Paid their bill for the next two months. Looks like Century Link billed me for the installation that never took place after they billed you. Now I owe you $0.57 . I contracted with you to charge my credit card , not to involve another party. A closer look $-0.57 credit is your bill? Waiting for you to call me. OR DETAILED E-MAIL 65166300

  347. I have spoken to several supervisors about my bill . I had a unauthorized charge 11-13-15 and I would like this resolved asap .

  348. About Kim C… Did a fabulous job for me after letting me vent a little… Excellent Tech to work with. I would recommend him Highly. Problem is fixed! YEA!!!

  349. About Kim C #CA514971… Did a fabulous job for me after letting me vent a little… Excellent Tech to work with. I would recommend him Highly. Problem is fixed! YEA!!!

  350. Your website states that technical support is 24 hrs a day ,7 days a week. It is not so. The recording says to call back tomorrow. You statement is not reliable .

  351. Oankham #437504 the technician was not only early but completely thorough in installing new genie and rechecking the dish and replaced wiring. Efficient, friendly and completely knowledgeable. On the scale 10 for professionalism, clear about the functions and for the expert quality of his work. Based on his performance I would highly recommend switching to DirectTv!

  352. Jose Benitez #432950 is the BEST technician! he was so thorough and took his time to resolve my problem and improved my service I would give him a 10!
    thank you

  353. 1-877-410-4634
    This is your number and it has called me everyday for a month.
    please place me on your do not call list.
    if the calls do not stop I will discontinue my service.
    thank you

  354. This is your notification that effective Dec 7th 2015 I am cancelling my service and closing our account number 22245291, you have become to difficult to do business with and are no longer competitive. After speaking with your service representative who was not service oriented, I agreed to pay the increase on my November billing despite not be given a warning but do not accept the fact that once again you will be increasing my monthly bill to $82.69 and once again not telling me this increase was coming, I only learned it by accident. You have also been very difficult to reach by never giving an email address on your web sites. I only found this one after spending way to much time tracking it down.

  355. This is exactly what I am talking about, I do not have time to sit on my computer and keeping this site open awaiting your comments.

    You say my comments will not be published yet you sent me a list of other complaints along with the phone number of the people making a complaint.
    so there is no way I will leave my number. Pleas pass this message on to your
    President and general manager so I can talk to him about it.

  356. My account #65166300 My last bill was $57.62. It was to be billed through my credit card. Now I’m being billed by mail FOR $125.01 Why was not my credit card charged? I have spoken to people at DIRECT-TV lAst month when they informed me that they owed me $0.57. I still don’t know why the transaction didn’t go through my Chase card. I have never given any one permission NOT TO BILL THROUGH MY CREDIT CARD. Your automated TELEPHONE SYSTEM IS A WASTE OF TIME. Nothing but aggravation and wrong information. Please have a human E-Mail or call on the phone. This entire matter can be solved in less than one minute. REPLY NEEDED ASAP.

  357. I just had a very negative experience with your service technician!! First of all wife called asking for help answering questions why we have no signal, was put on hold for at least 20 mins before a techn. answered. She started asking my wife routine questions, but my wife didnt understand much of what she was asking her to do, so I took the phone. She asked me some routine questions, like “what kind of HDMI cable you have?” (this is not something that most people would know) I expressed my frustration with her, which got her frustrated as she then explained that she had to ask a set of routine questions. I asked her to continue then, so I was asked to relocate the HDMI 1 cable to the HDMI 2 slot and change it on my settings which I then struggled with the TV set mount to try to visually see where these plug-ins are on the back of the TV set. I told her I cannot get the tv set away from the wall far enough to see, so she suggested to go to the other tv set upstairs. (that one is accessible to the back of tv and so we could try to contn’ troubleshooting). I again vented my frustration about WHY move cable from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2 and somewhere along that portion of our conversation I remarked that I’m no idiot with technical + computer gear, and that our install was just recently (2months ago) and that nothing has been moved or touched since then. She either “HUNG UP ON US, OR WAS DISCONNECTED!!!!!) I SERIOUSLY DOUBT WE LOST OUR PHONE SIGNAL. We have waited for at least 30mins with NO call back to ask if we can continue troubleshooting this problem!! So, if this is the kind of service we can expect…..then is no wonder that customers have posted so many negative remarks about your service!!! This really helps us all begin a Happy Holiday season doesn’t it???!!!!!!

  358. 436144, Wendell. Man, what good reintroduction to DirTV. Tried my local TV svc with bad results. Was a 10 yr veteran of DirTV before I moved. Wendell hooked us up proper and factual. All questions answered, and was punctual, non invasive, well equipped, and all sorts of knowledgeable about tha svc and the operation. Big cudos to him for being so professional. And best of luck with the ATT merger.

  359. On 27 November we had another mini-Genie installed. Just wanted to say thanks to the service tech, Colton Howes, for his prompt, professional, and friendly assistance. He not only installed the new equipment but ensured all our equipment was working properly. He is a credit to your company and reinforces our commitment to Directv.

  360. How come my tv keep showing “title not available” on all the channels program?
    Can’t you fix this?. It’s been doing this for awhile.

  361. today is Dec.2nd. I got to speak to a human …. not an automated voice. He (Daren) understood My problem after a half hour conversation, He could not help me. Seems they “ENDED THE 3 month free trial” and proceed to charge me for those premium channels. I had never used those channels and never wanted them to begin with..If they had notified me I would have declined Tech offered to transfer me to the correct department to resolve the problem. Here again I’m back on their automated phone system. I waited over thirty minutes before my phone battery went dead waiting. I spent close to one & one half hours talking and waiting for them. NOW YOU KNOW MY PROBLEM, CALL ME WITH THE SOLUTION. ASAP. I’m ready to pay what I owe; not your inflated charge. CATCH 22……. ##65166300 I am ready to send you $62.05 for December 10th payment Electronically upon your E-mail or phone..
    OR you can bill my credit card as previously agreed. ASAP

  362. Another automated call. Don’t you people have any live people working for you? Terrible service on your part….. why do you bother ? Your service is a DIS-SERVICE and a waste of time. Send me a corrected bill for electronic payment NOW.

  363. Just a note to commend Technician, Scott Bandy, for the service he provided to get my DirecTV back up and running. He was professional, knowledgeable, polite, and informative. It was a pleasure doing business with this young man. He explained things to me in a way that I totally understood.

    I have never been disappointed in the service DirecTV provides. Keep up the good work.

    K. McGee

  364. Eric (DVSD454626) re-installed our Direct TV equipment after our recent move. He did a wonderful job, was very attentive, and answered all my questions. Eric was on time, very professional, and his demeanor was calm and that of someone that knows exactly what he is doing and what needs to be done to complete his work effectively. His knowledge base regarding his job seemed to be very broad. Eric gave me his name and showed me his ID badge the second I opened my front door. He explained the features and functionalities of our system when we asked questions and made sure all the equipment was in working order before he left our home. I would rate Eric’s work 10 on a scale of 1-10 for his services and I would definitely recommend his services to others .

  365. customer service is ridiculous. it is a contradiction in terms. the recorded message
    just keeps on telling me to do what i have already done. after talking to an electronic service rep for about 15 min. i was referred to a live person who had me jump through the same hoops for another 15 -20 mins. then i was referred to repair contractor who told me I could send my tv in to them for repair if repairable, if not they would assist me in acquiring another one of similar quality. all told I was on the phone for almost an hour. my take away on this experience is that direct tv would do almost anything to keep from sending a tech to my residence. when my contract is up it is goodbye direct tv.

  366. Signed a 2 year contract with Direct TV, they sold out to AT & T. att is the worst company to deal with. I have contacted their customer service department I have channels I have never had before, channels I would never even watch. These are all channels that want to sell you something. I also have HBO and Showtime. I do not have any news channels. I’d like to know what is going on in the Middle East and have to check this out on my computer.

    Lenay Henkes

  367. AT LAST. I conquered the automated phone system and got to talk to a live person. Got my problem solved in about five minuets and am rolling again with my football games happy as a pigskin in the mud. Watch out and read the small print for those tinny fees that you overlooked first reading.

  368. I had direct tv installed in my home last week. The techian who came to my house was great. I had two tv connected. He was very thorough. He installed everything and then showed me how to use my remote and gave me a book showing all the channels I had. I would definitely give him a ten. My techian name was David Kieser DVNM443001

  369. I just recieved an email from your company informing me of a rate increase . Because of this I will be cancelling my service with you as soon as my contract is up . Your pricing is already too expensive. I will be moving on to streaming services and continue my Netflix account . You people are pricing yourselves out off the market..

  370. Today a technician came to fix a problem in satellite . It was Raoul, # 514371.
    His service was the best that we could hope for. Very understanding and considerate. He corrected the problem totally. You are lucky to have him on staff.
    Sincerely, Larry J Thorp

  371. Am supposed to be writing “ about the fine service we received from Chase Koch “Tech # 504 754—–I couldn’t find the correct site, so hope this gets to his supervisor. We were most pleased with what Mr. Koch did for us. He answered all questions, and did the replacement work satisfactorally. He was very thorough and cleaned up his messes as he went along.We have been members of Direct TV since May of 2003 and have been very pleased with how everyone is on top of it all. Kudos to Mr. Koch and Direct TV.

  372. You have NO email address on your website to correspond. I have been trying to fix problems on my account for 6 months and all I hear is that it is my televisions that are “broken”. The Closed Caption does not fully work on your non-HD receivers. It is not my televisionS. Provide an email address to correspond so that I can discuss this in writing. The “Closed Caption” department said they “could not” – only over the phone. You’ve threatened to disconnect my service, although I am paying a partial amount every month. LET ME CORRESPOND BY EMAIL. IN WRITING.
    Tasha Cantin

  373. My service in Edmond, OK has had no local channel 9 service on 3 occassions. The channel simply says we have tech difficulties. This is becomming too often and not tolerable. The web site phrase,”Get peace of mind with DIRECTV.” doesn’t wash any longer. What can be done to stop the repetition of this problem. Also, why is channel 9 the only channel I have ever experienced this with? Please, help.
    Thank you,
    Bob OBar

  374. Customer support phone line took 30 minutes on hold to speak with a person. She then wanted to transfer me to an account manager. After another 30 minutes on hold, I finally hung up. There is no email address listed and I don’t have the time or patience to be on hold all day, just to get nothing accomplished.

  375. I called today 12-28-15 w no TV services since yesterday and you are telling me I have to wait til say jan 2. 2016 before it is fixed well let me tell u I’m NOT HAPPY! This is Ridiculous and I want it fixed before sat or we are GOING elsewhere. I have 4 boys and they are not happy so u either fix this before sat or I’m going elsewhere and I’m also not happy w the service fee! Please fix this problem before I have to go w someone else! Thank you please respond ASAP

  376. Why is your PAY MY BILL via the telephone so LOUSY to use?

    Sounds like it was set up by some five year old before his time………………..

  377. We had Direct Tv installed last June. Tech advised us that when we had all 4 of our TV’s installed, he would come back and calibrate the remotes to work on Direct TV remotes. Tried calling him & messaging but get no response. What now?For 6 months I’ve been paying for something I don’t have. This is NOT RIGHT!!

  378. Dear Direct TV,

    I write to you regarding concerns over our experience with Direct TV today. Upon closing on our new house, my husband placed an order to have our service switched. My husband was offered a free upgrade to 2 newer receivers at no charge (just the monthly leasing fee) but during the install, the service rep said that my husband cancelled the 2nd box. I advised that I am sure that is not correct because we discussed this. I was not able to reach him to confirm this prior to the rep leaving but finally confirmed that that conversation never happened. I called, waited on hold for 40 minutes, when the woman on the phone said that she would charge me $100 for the additional box. I advised that we were told that there would be no charge. She then advised that we could not buy the receivers anywhere else but in fact they are available on Amazon for 30% less. After so many discrepancies, I then asked to speak to a manager. She just transferred me to another representative who then hung up on me when I insisted on speaking with a manager. I was lied to by the technician, by the rep on the phone and then hung up on.

    This experience should have been simple but it was a nightmare made worse by the long wait times and lack of effort in resolving the matter. I sincerely hope to hear from you regarding this matter.

    Shea Rousselle

  379. I am sending a letter to customer service in Greenwood Village, Co. In Nov 2014, in good faith we called to see if we could get our bill lowered. After promises, our bill increased instead of decreased. So yes, for several months after that I would call and get a different story from each representative. Finally in June 2015, we were told the truth, we could not get any other discount BUT wait a few months call back and there should be a new discount. I waited until tonight. Birthday lady told me that due to “merge” with att that we could not get a discount, then after speaking to supervisor bc I knew the merge story was not right. The gentleman told me that our account had been credit flagged!!!! What? After telling us that we had been a loyal customer since 2009 and always oxide our bill timely that we were credit flagged…..really??? We have always believed our credit us our name and our name us our credit. In a world of users not paying their bills, your representative had the unprofessional approach to say we had been credit flagged, not because we had been late…never, not because we had been a did loyal customer but basically because I had the nerve to call each month for several months because we had been lied to since nov14. At least the last person, I spoke yo in June 2016 told me that we had been lied to but yo wait a few months and call back and should be credit advantages. I never expected to hear we had been credit flagged. He went on to say that until the finance dept removed it, that it would stay that way!!! Wow, I guess the financial dept is going to magically remove it and call to say oh you have been such loyal and faithful laying cipustimer that we want to reward you now???? I think not. I think we should check with other providers to see what promises they make. So being disappointed in not getting a 10-20 discount is one thing hut bring told we are credit flagged was not only unprofessional but hurtful to us bc we do work hard to pay our bills timely yes by doing so, we keep our word. Does directv? I think we have that answer! Danny and Rose Ann .the loyal customers since 2009 that have great credit rating!!!!


  381. Direct TV – several weeks ago you had a repair teck to my house – he fixed one TV and left for some reason saying he would be back to do 2nd TV. He never came back – please send a repair
    person to finish the job. He left parts ?? but only one TV works and I’m paying for two ??
    Please fix.

  382. I had Direct TV installed in my house on 1/8/2016. The technician show up on time
    and done a great job. He made contact with me and inform me what was supposed to be done. He installed everything and then showed me how to use my remote control. The Technician Name Daniel Ibarra #515557 i rate him #10, Thank You Daniel. Direct TV you luck to have an employee like Daniel.

  383. I had recently placed an order with directv, they told me that I was eligible for service, paid my down payment, and they set me a install day, I received a call later that day saying I had a old bill, but when I called them back a give them my phone number they say some other lady name. That’s probably y I can’t get my service. Need to get y’all system straight. I’m just saying…..

  384. I would think that those of us that have been customers for several years would be able to access the channel that has the presidential debates on it. This country is in a mess, so divided, we need to be able to watch these debates. Surely, directv will not go bankrupt by not having the extra few dollars it would get by giving us access to these channels.

  385. The worst customer service I have ever received. I was looking to sign up for direct tv and att services for my apartment. I currently work for a company that is offering a $100 visa gift card for signing up through a dedicated line. When I called and explained to them the promotion which runs through 1/27/16 (Its currently 1/14/16) they told me that they offered it at one point but no longer offer it even though the offer is good until the 27th. The lady transferred me to the corporate office who eventually transferred me back to the solution center. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was told not to waste my time as the manager would give me the same answer. Not exactly the best customer service and now you have lost my cable and internet business. Thank you.

  386. Calling customer service has proven to not only be a waste of time, but also has created more problems than solutions. Completely dissatisfied with problem solving, misrepresentation of services and knowledge of support staff. Time warner may cost a little more but you get what you pay for

  387. Regarding technician #425782: We were very impressed with your technician . He was very polite and went above and beyond to rectify our problem and then did extra work we didn’t even know we needed. Ross was impressed with his profection in work and professional attitude. Please pass along our extra thanks and a pat on the back. Delores and Ross Spaulding

  388. Why is so hard for y’all to agree to give us our local channels and what’s this crap about y’all raising our bill price. If it goes up y’all are out of my house

  389. Technician Justin Diaz #463601 just finished installing our Directv. He was one of the best technicians I’ve seen in a very long time. He was right on time, professional yet very warm and friendly. I felt comfortable asking him any questions. He explained everything well, and was very patient and kind. One of the best! I’m glad he was our technician. Very good representative for Directv!

  390. Today 2 men came to install our service. One fell through the ceiling and put a huge hole in the ceiling. The supervisor came out and was unprofessional as my husband asked who was going to fix it and he said he wasn’t. My husband cleaned up the mess and covered the hole in the ceiling which should have been their responsibility. It’s one of the coldest night and heat is escaping through the attic and heat is constantly running. I want this matter fixed as soon as possible.

  391. I con’t express my displeasure adequately regarding your decision to not carry Hagerstown, WHAG, because you claim it’s not in my Berkely Springs market area. Instead you provide Washington D.C. Stations. But DC stations do not carry local news, as does WHAG. With the impending major snow storm, it has never been more apparent Directv does not care about the desires, and today, the need to supply local stations where appropriate. Dish TV does carry WHAG, so the excuse you use has no apparent truth.

  392. Very unhappy that you cant /wont televise pittsburgh penguins/philadelpia Flyers games.youll televise all the other games but these.

  393. Why wont/cant you televise pittsburgh penguins/philadelphia Flyers games ? Every other game but theses.why Not? Please start televising these games

  394. We have tried for 2 days to get god reception . Don all the told to do for 2 days still having problems. Seems to me as much as we pay them each month we could get a technician to check it out

  395. I would like to thank you for your service. We had an upgrade on our service today 1/27/2016, and the technician (Melvin Hall) was excellant. You should be very proud that he is an employee. He performed the service and was very informative on everything. It’s not often that you get to work with such pleasant folks. Please make sure the appropriate people see this email. I can’t say enough about how nice it was to work with Melvin Hall. Thank you, Donald Moles

  396. We recently had service with Michael Cassera 516942. I wanted you to know that he is a very nice, polite and qualified young man. He definitely represents Direct TV. It was a very nice experience.

  397. I called customer service today regarding additional charges on my bill. At first I was told by the customer service agent several times that the extra charges were because I did not pay my entire bill last month (this is false, my bill is paid in full each month). She then flip flopped her story back and forth between telling me it was a charge Directv forgot to bill me for in November to saying I was billed for it in November but never paid it. After being insulted by the way she was speaking to me, I asked to speak to a supervisor regarding the issue – the agent I was speaking with ignored my request and continued to tell me they were charges I never paid. After she finally put me on hold to speak with a supervisor, I waited for 15 minutes before I was hung up on. I’m not sure how your customer service agents are trained, but they should be more knowledgeable of your billing processes and should be trained to know it’s never okay to insult a customer. I am hoping someone will contact me back because I do not have time to wait on hold again only to be hung up on…

  398. To whom it may concern, on January 2, 2016 at 2:00PM, I observed a DIRECT TV Truck heading West near 7300 North Applegate road near Grants Pass Oregon, 97527. The DIRECT TV Truck went by a stopped school Bus with its Stop signs out and dropping off a child.. I was stopped directly behind the school bus. We were both heading East before the school bus stopped and on the South side of North Applegate road I also observed the parent of the child waiting for his child on the north side of the road. The DIrect TV truck ran the buses stop signs passing between the bus and the waiting parent. Right where the child had to cross. In Oregon, on all undivided roads both lanes must stop for a bus showing stop signs and dropping off children. You need to at least inform the driver that what he did was illegal and child endangerment. When I made the turn to go on Board Shanty rod I saw another DIRECT TV vehicle only this one was a van. I am assuming that they had both done an installation on Board Shanty. Again it was a DIRECT TV truck that was involved,

  399. Hello Directv Folks,

    I am/was a customer. First let me begin by telling you what was good about your service:
    – good equipment
    – great installer
    – good picture
    – really nice on-line customer support (until my last call)

    I did my two year agreement and just cancelled. I cancelled for 2 reasons:
    – first the typical complaint about paying too much money and having to renegotiate all the time. All TV streaming companies are the same. Great come on programs but don’t respect loyalty and on time payments. Bills go up and the customer has to call and renegotiate all the time.
    – More important my main reason for canceling was your infomercial channels that have inappropriate titles in the channel listings. For example “Adult Sex Toy Shopping”. Also “Good sex, better sex” and so on. Yes I know the informercial channels are great revenue streams for you but shame on you for displaying those titles to families who subscribe to your services. And do you realize how many steps one has to go thru to customize the channel listings to get that stuff omitted?

    Ok and now for my BIG COMPLAINT and why I’m writing this. When I called to cancel, the agent I worked with was great. She was courteous and understood my reasoning. Great call and customer interaction. Next, I received a call a few hours later from 210 625-9046. I do not remember the name of the agent who called me but his job was to try to understand why I was disconnecting and then do his job to retain me.

    I invite you to listen to that call. It was recorded on Feb 1, 2016 at 2:21 Pacific. Your agent got under my skin and made me very angry. As you listen to this call, note how I explain the infomercials. Then note how he challenges me on it. He has the nerve to ask me what channels they were and some other really stupid questions. This is not how to handle a customer. He should just acknowledge my reasoning and let it be. Not challenge me and treat me like we’re in some sort of divorce court.

    Now unfortunately, you lost me and I will not be an advocate for your service. I think it’s shameful that your menus display such filth. Imagine your teenage daughter coming home from school, flipping on the tv and seeing “adult sex toy shopping” as a title on one of the channels. Shame on you Directv.

  400. Technician #443343 was very professional,he Justin went threw every possibility that could be the problem. He did not guess that was very reassuring, He has fixed my problems. He’s very polite, neat and friendly and he explained each and every test he was proforming and why and what was the out come results. He’s a great asset to directv I’ve had 2 techs out for different reason and they both were great someone’s hiring the right people at direct tv I thank you for all your work today

  401. We have had the most positive experience by your technician Daniel Au, #512046, of
    Riverside, Ca who is currently working in the Oakland area. He went above and beyond usual service to correct the issues we had with older equipment. We have been DirecTV customers for many years and thanks to representatives like Daniel we plan to continue.

  402. I have tried to access my Direct TV account for several days with no success. I have even changed my original password 5 times now! Each time I try to access my account, I receive an error message informing log-in is not recognized. Since there is no way I can access any help from tech services until I log-in! How can this be done if my log-in information is not being recognized. And, further technical services phone number is conveniently not listed!!! Pure frustration. If I don’t receive a response today, I will be forced to pay the penalty to cancel my Direct TV services and signup with a much improved Dish Network.

    I hope someone cares enough to respond to my e-mail and help me with my issue. No further payments will be made until this problenm can be resolved!!!

    Dr. Martinwz

  403. Who it may concern,

    Been a loyal cutomer for the last 16 years, its time for a change and get rid of Directv.

    Last January I called in order to ask for an installation on my beach house, the person who answered the phone according with him said he was in Miami and was a Colombian guy, he proceeded to schechule a satellite dish installation and do a wire run on my beach house in order that I can take my receivers with me and watch directv, over there 200 miles from home. Accordingingly, he told me there will be a charge of 21 dollars, per shipping, because it will be posted as “Moving Installation”

    I was concerned and repeatedly told him “I’m not moving,” and he stated that I dont have to be worry, is not a “Moving” they have to “Enter it like that.”

    On February 3rd, I called regarding my bill, and the person who answered the phone, I believe she said she was in Panama as a “caller center” and she asked me if “I’m still in the process to moving my service” on February 5th.
    I explained to her, that I was not moving etc., etc. , she replied back to me saying that that is impossible, you cannot have a second house and move your equipment, because “…that is not legal.” Knowing that, I thanked her and again called Directv to speak with somebody here in the U.S. A second girl answered the phone and I explained the situation and she tells me that everything was correct, I can have the satellite dish installed, etc, etc, etc,.

    So on February 5th, I travelled 200 miles because I had the appoinment with Directv, technician will arrive betwen 8am and 12am. Yes, the technician arrived at 11:30, with the morning now lost. He started walking around the house, inside, and then after 45 minutes he asks me for my receivers, what a surprise, I have to carry the receivers witth me?

    Nobody told me that! So he tells me there is nothing he can do without a receiver.

    I call Directv right on the spot because I was 200 miles away from my house, and now I lost 1 day and spent money in gas for nothing?

    The only solution from the person when I called was “Make a second appoinment.”

    With the teachnology you guys have, to set up a satellite dish, you have all my information and you guys want to take apart the entire system in my house in order to setup and do an installation on my beach house?

    Just ridiculous, lies, lies and more lies, from every single call, money wasted in gas, time, and nothing is geting done and I’m tired of this.

    No more Directv, and my family will know about this. Loyal customer for 16 years for nothing. Loyal customers under your eye probably aren’t deserved to be your customers than.

    I dont deserve the horrible customer and tecchical service you guys are offering.

    Please do not call with apologies, apologies do not return my time and money wasted on a trip of 400 miles waiting for a service you cannot provide.

    Also, this email isn’t just going to you guys, but I’ll also be emailing the FTC so I can tell them how you guys are treating long time customers like myself. I’ll let them know how you guys are mistreating loyal, long time customers, how you guys lie about services offered, and how you make runarounds for customers to have to go through, only to be shafted in the end of it all.


    Washington Garcia

  404. Your technician, Shawn #425761 did an outstanding job of correcting our WiFi signal problems and disk signal problems. Shawn repaired and replaced parts on the disk and stabilized the base. He then hard wired the router so the signal wouldn’t be interrupted. He also showed us how to better use the Directv box and controls. Shawn went beyond the call of duty to make sure that we were satisfied and thanked us for our long commitment to Directv. He also upsold us to the superior protection plan. Great job!!!

  405. Your technician Muhamud Adan was excellent! So helpful and knowledgeable. The best tech we’ve ever been sent. The only one we’ll want for any further assistance. 450486 employee #. Thanks!!

  406. Our service representative was Jeffrey Giles ID# 517695. He was very professional and helpful. On the questionnaire I would answer yes to all the questions. I would recommend your service to family and friends due to this experience. I was very unhappy due to the service man not showing on the scheduled day. As it turns out it was because you didn’t have my current phone number and he couldn’t find us. It was a different serviceman, but Jeffrey was able to explain and change my feelings about Direct T.V.

  407. REVOLTING. I could not hear the Direct Tv film I purchased so I called Tech support only to find out that it is NOT open 24/7 – I was invited to email them except THEY HAVE NO EMAIL. In trying to find out how I could get the sound, I was told to press the INFO button and follow the prompts across the top of my screen. EXCEPT THE INFO BUTTON DOESN’T GIVE YOU ANYTHING ACROSS THE TOP OF YOUR SCREEN.

    Completely disgusting, false information, liars. And oh, by the way – CHECK THE MANUAL is not HELP.

  408. I contacted customer service after receiving a message that our service was interrupted. Apparently there was an issue with an updated chip in the card linked to the account. We were never notified about the issue. When I expressed concern that we weren’t notified I was told “it happens” I asked to speak to a manager 8 times before being transferred and waiting on hold 19 minutes. The manager Brandy asked to use my first name and then repeatedly used it at the end of every statement in a condescending manner. When I pointed out that we have other choices for TV services that may actually contact us and provide customer service she agreed! This is the way you do business? We are looking into other options. What a terrible customer service experience.

  409. We had a salesman that pre sold us the Direct TV package as the new alternative for AT&T’s U-verse.We were skeptical when he said as he left; “Oh,by the way, you have to have a dish!”.When the installer came out,David Kieser, #DVNM443001, he told us like it is.No sugar coating.”The salesman said this,but to get a signal ,Iwill be here at least 7 hours to dig a hole,an extensive trench and so forth.Very helpful and professional.Answered all of our questions.On a scale of 1 to 10,we would give him an 11.

  410. If I paid my bill in the same way my Direct TV service works, I’d have been shut off long ago. I have had Direct TV for almost four years and in that time have had constant problems with the service. A technician has had to come out to my house every few months to deal with one problem or another. Three times, boxes had to be replaced. THREE TIMES in not quite four years. The satellite was screwed into the roof of my house when first installed and two years later I was losing signal all the time. A new technician came out and said it would have to be screwed into a different part of the roof OR moved to the ground (which is where it is now). Damage my roof, move the system, STILL getting interrupted service. The monthly bill is HIGH, while the quality of the product/service is substandard.

  411. Poor customer service,especially when you are trying to get information. For some reason you cannot find my account,but you sure want my money!

  412. We are seniors that like to settle in & watch TV at night. I find your choices of show lately to be very degrading. If I want to hear about some ones marriage problems, I’ll go to the local bar. Bringing back the shows from my childhood just shows poor taste in your choices for the people who pay $90.00 to watch on TV for the month. If I didn’t need your hook-up to see local channels I would drop you’re service. you need to put more educational things on TV, the reality show are stupid and do not show in good taste either. It’s not just direct TV, it’s all satellite reception. Dish channels are just as bad .I know I’m only one person but maybe this letter will give your senior bosses something to think about for fall channels next year.

  413. I ordered a new receiver and called customer service for assistance in setting it up. I was very fortunate to have Jemmy, at the Mississippi call center assist me. She was extremely patient and pleasant. Although we encountered a couple of problems with setting up the new receiver, we worked together (she really did the work I just pushed the buttons) to resolve all the issues. She really represented the company well and left me with a very positive impression of the service department.

  414. I’ve been waiting for the phone call to give the feedback survey regarding John Koski , your technician #515384 but since no one has called, I’m writing a fan letter.
    Whatever questions you had on the survey, he gets a 10 from me. John was here at 8:00AM, calling before, dressed well for his job, kept to his schedule, but was friendly, a very nice young man, who was well informed about his company and what he could offer me so I was happy with Direct TV. I have two new recruits I have to tell about the debit cards and I’m sure that will move their decisions along. If I could guarantee them John as well as their technician, they’d call today.

  415. My DirectTV service people, by phone or in person, have been very helpful, cheerful. I have had three months of free HBO, etc. I called to remind them to discontinue HBO, etc. after the 3 months. They discontinued it as requested. The next month I noticed I was still being billed for premium channels. I called again, and they said I would have to call CenturyLink because CL does the billing. (See CenturyLink for “The Weakest Link”.

  416. On February 21, 2016 I called to change my last name on my bill because I am recently divorced. I called four times. Every time I called I was connected to people in the Philippines. I asked them to connect me to someone in the United States. I spoke to four different people there and not one of them could transfer me. I refuse to speak to someone in another country regarding my account. I would like someone in the United States to contact me in order to have my account corrected. Thank you.

  417. Jarod Moss ….DVAL438632 installed our Direct TV on 2/21/16. He arrived in time, was very very helpful police and professional. I would rate him a 10 in all areas. He is to be commended for his professional work and his helpful, going above attitude. We really appreciate it. Ricky and Cassie Patterson. Verbena al

  418. I CAN,T BELEIVE THAT I Can,t talk to a tech. about my dvds not playing a full screen. I was told that direct has nothing to do with dvds playing. I can,t get a full screen picture and was told no help from direct tv. I always had a full picture playing dvds and now only half a screen. what is going on about tech support? I don,t believe it.

  419. can,t get a full picture on playing dvds. was told direct has nothing to do witt dvds playing. always had a full picture. was refused to talk to a tech. I don,t believe it. always had a full picture. why not now. I think I,ll find a new cable provider.

  420. I think Direct TV is a big scam!! We had them for four years and had nothing but problems. First problem came after we moved. We returned our equipment and I have the receipts to prove it. This was in 2013. They recently called my husband and said they were sueing us for unreturned equipment.. I have the receipts! Get your sh*t together ppl. The only reason we can think of is when equip was installed the girl was new, she did not have us sign the paperwork at the end of install…later when we switched to Dish, they were upset saying we owed a 400.00 cancelation fee. I told them to send me a copy of our signature. They sent a copy that looked like a straight line where the signature should be. You could tell it was not our signature. I told them I would see them in court. Never heard another word for 3 yrs. Now since that scam didn’t work I guess they have decided to try and pull a FAST ONE by saying we didn’t turn in their equipment. REALLY!!!! If that were the case….why wait 3 yrs???? SCAM!

  421. You give away the store to new customers,but never do any thing for your old loyal subscribers.You throw a bone to an old dog once in a while ,but not DIRECTV.IT’S NOT IN YOUR DNA.If it wasn’t for your NFL sunday ticket I wouldn’t use your lousy service.I hope this e-mail reaches somebody that listens

  422. 12/22/15 new satellite placed on my 3rd floor roof.
    2/24/16 my roofer said satellite is upside down and not stabilized on my roof.
    2/25/16 45 minute phone call to Direct TV!! Tech to call me in one hour with appointment to correct satellite. no phone call. 60mph winds today.
    2/19/16 unable to establish online account and correct loose satellite.
    Very disappointed.

  423. I received a letter today stating you tried to bill me by email and was unsuccessful.My email is the same and i have received email from you in the past.It is in lower case letters.My bill is taken care of with a credit card you have on file. Annette Price

  424. One can not reach a representative in the USA and most of these I reach folks with hearing issues can not hear or understand. Ask to be transferred to a USA rep and you get put on hold and no one ever answers. I have now been on hold for more then 30 minutes. What ever happened to customer service.

  425. Their customer service stinks. After a lot of back and forth they said they would reduce my bill $10 a month for a year but they haven’t done it. I have also learned that anyone who calls in and asks for it can get the $10 a month off. Of course when the bill comes in expect the discount not to be there. This company finds more way to add charges to a bill than any company I have ever dealt with. Not to mention that they force you to buy channels you will never watch to get the channels you want to watch. Really getting disgusted with Directv

  426. Called first time to complain about the rate change, and waas met by an uninterested service rep , who finally just stopped talking, even though i could hear her and the background. I called to say i was probably going to cancel my subscription due to cost and she didnt even respond. I called back the second time to reaffirm my disdain with cost and also to complain about first rep, but didnt seem to get any real interest from this one either, service seems to have gone top pot. will probably;y go to time warner next month

  427. Why did you increase my bill again. This makes me very angry. When we can
    we will go back to Dish and never leave again.

  428. After talking to a rep and being told she needed to look at my bill, I was put on hold for 42 minutes without her ever coming back to my phone. My bill goes up every month and spoke to a rep about my charges. I got a free DVR and was told their was no additional charge monthly. Well guess what… It’s not free. Direct TV hands down has the worst customer service that I have experienced. I have been a direct TV customer for 5 years. I think it is time for a change.

  429. I was so happy to see Adrian Cross (DVNM444781) as my technician this morning, He has been here before, Adrian is always friendly, polite, and SO knowledgeable, He fixed problems on both sets and offered an alternative repair to avoid my having to buy a new set right now, I wish there was higher than “10” to give Adrian, He is wonderful and an asset to your company,,,,,,,

  430. I am very upset I called your company this morning about my bill be twenty five dollars more you increase it with contacting me and now my favorite show I watch is in HD half screen Frasier on channel 312 I am so upset thinking of going to cox cable this is so upsetting to me mrs westhouse

  431. Direct Tv tells you 29.00 of whatever a month than raises ypur bill as you go along!!!!! And if you a white personyou got nothing coming.!!

  432. I got a surprise this month -my monthly bill has gone up again from $58.57 to $60.69. This is not the first that I get an increase in my monthly bill without notifying me beforehand. I have requested before that I should be notified before any increase so I’m not surprised & not balance my bank account.

  433. I pay most of my bils through the PRISM pay bill APP service, and have never had an issue with my bills being paid. Unfortunately that isn’t the case with Directv, for some reason this is the second time my bill was attempted to be paid, and they alerted me, that the payment didn’t go through due to technical difficulties. I know this to be true, because after I was notified, I went to your website to pay myself, and was told there was A payment already, then was notified again, it wasn’t paid, and I tried again to pay, and couldn’t, and then finally you disconnected my service for failure to pay. I don’t know if this is A coincidence, or this is happening to me on purpose, but be informed, I’m keeping record of this situation. Please check, and advise why!!!

  434. Iam ready to call Comcast, it couldn’t possibly be worse. Everyday I have to reset everything and wait until service is re-established. Now my clients don’t work, at all. I call “customer service” and am told by the recording that you are doing routine service and try back in a few hours. THIS SUCKS!!! I pay you over $300 per month and get service about 75% of the time, what will you do when I pay 75% of my bill?

  435. I also got a letter saying my email delivery was unsuccessful. You are using caps and the e-mail address should be lower case. The letter was date March 3. My bill was paid with a credit card on Feb .29.

    Fix it.

  436. why are you charging me 29.99 instead of the 19.00 for 6 months – you are breaking the law – I am going to sue your asses.

    •Account #: 46231224 Statement for: JIM SANSONE

    • MLB will lower the price of MLB.TV to $109.99 for 2016 (from the 2015 price of $129.99). MLB will be prohibited from increasing the price by more than 3% (or the federal Cost of Living Adjustment (“COLA”), if higher) per year through 2020.

    • For the 2016 and 2017 MLB seasons, Comcast and DIRECTV will provide the full season MLB Extra Innings product at a 12.5% discount from the 2015 price.

    • Increased Availability

    • Single-Team Packages: MLB will offer packages of single teams’ out-of-market games through MLB.TV (for example, a stream of just the Kansas City Royals’ games for out-of-market subscribers). This product will cost $84.99 for a full season in 2016, with MLB allowed to raise the price by no more than 3% (or COLA, if higher) for each of the next four years. MLB has also agreed to make this option available to Comcast and DIRECTV so that they may offer seasonal packages of single team games for each and every MLB Club available through MLB Extra Innings, although Comcast and DIRECTV are not obligated to offer such packages.

    • Follow Your Team: MLB will allow all MLB.TV purchasers who subscribe to Comcast, DIRECTV, or certain other cable, satellite or other providers to purchase a “Follow Your Team” option that will allow them to receive telecasts of their favorite out-of-market team’s broadcaster without any blackouts—even when it is playing an in-market team, so long as the purchaser receives the in-market team’s programming through his or her television service. This product will cost no more than $10 more than a standard MLB.TV package, which will raise the overall price of the MLB.TV package to $119.99 for a full season in 2016 for consumers selecting this enhancement.



    You Have an Opportunity to Subscribe to Discounted Individual Team Packages through MLB.TV and Other New Online Products

    A federal court authorized this notice. This is not a solicitation from a lawyer.

    • A proposed settlement (the “Settlement”) has been reached in a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of consumers who purchased MLB.TV or purchased MLB Extra Innings from Comcast or DIRECTV between May 9, 2008, and January 18, 2016. The proposed settlement is between the individuals who brought that lawsuit and the defendants. The defendants are the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball (“MLB”), Major League Baseball Properties Inc., as successor by merger to Major League Baseball Enterprises Inc., MLB Advanced Media L.P., MLB Advanced Media, Inc., Athletics Investment Group, LLC, the Baseball Club of Seattle, L.L.L.P., Chicago Cubs Baseball Club, LLC, Chicago White Sox, Ltd., Colorado Rockies Baseball Club, Ltd., The Phillies, Pittsburgh Baseball, Inc., San Francisco Baseball Associates, LLC, New York Yankees Partnership, Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network, LLC, Comcast Corporation, Comcast SportsNet California, LLC, Comcast SportsNet Chicago, LLC, Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia, L.P., DIRECTV, LLC, DIRECTV Sports Networks, LLC, DIRECTV Sports Net Pittsburgh, LLC (d/b/a Root Sports Pittsburgh), DIRECTV Sports Net Rocky Mountain, LLC (d/b/a Root Sports Rocky Mountain), and DIRECTV Sports Net Northwest, LLC (d/b/a Root Sports Northwest). The lawsuit alleges that MLB’s rules establishing local broadcast territories violated federal antitrust laws. The defendants deny any wrongdoing or liability. If you purchased MLB Extra Innings from Comcast or DIRECTV or purchased MLB.TV between May 9, 2008 and January 18, 2016, your legal rights are affected whether you act or do not act. Please read this notice carefully.

    • The lawsuit alleges that the territorial allocation of broadcast rights within MLB assigned to each of its member clubs and thereafter sold to regional sports networks violated federal antitrust laws, provides out-of-market consumers with fewer choices, and inflates prices charged to view broadcasts of live professional baseball games. Defendants dispute Plaintiffs’ factual and legal claims and deny any wrongdoing and liability, as well as any adverse effect on consumer choices and that prices charged have been inflated. The parties have concluded that it is in their best interests to settle the litigation to avoid the expense, inconvenience, and uncertainty of litigation.

    • In May 2015, the Court granted in part and denied in part Plaintiffs’ motion for class certification. The Court held that the individuals who filed this suit could represent a class for the purposes of seeking injunctive relief, but not damages.

    • Under the Settlement and subject to MLB’s continued delineation of its clubs’ local broadcast territorial rights and associated blackout practices, MLB has agreed to reduce prices through the 2020 season and provide several new products. Comcast and DIRECTV have also agreed to reduce prices for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

    • Price Relief

    • MLB will lower the price of MLB.TV to $109.99 for 2016 (from the 2015 price of $129.99). MLB will be prohibited from increasing the price by more than 3% (or the federal Cost of Living Adjustment (“COLA”), if higher) per year through 2020.

    • For the 2016 and 2017 MLB seasons, Comcast and DIRECTV will provide the full season MLB Extra Innings product at a 12.5% discount from the 2015 price.

    • Increased Availability

    • Single-Team Packages: MLB will offer packages of single teams’ out-of-market games through MLB.TV (for example, a stream of just the Kansas City Royals’ games for out-of-market subscribers). This product will cost $84.99 for a full season in 2016, with MLB allowed to raise the price by no more than 3% (or COLA, if higher) for each of the next four years. MLB has also agreed to make this option available to Comcast and DIRECTV so that they may offer seasonal packages of single team games for each and every MLB Club available through MLB Extra Innings, although Comcast and DIRECTV are not obligated to offer such packages.

    • Follow Your Team: MLB will allow all MLB.TV purchasers who subscribe to Comcast, DIRECTV, or certain other cable, satellite or other providers to purchase a “Follow Your Team” option that will allow them to receive telecasts of their favorite out-of-market team’s broadcaster without any blackouts—even when it is playing an in-market team, so long as the purchaser receives the in-market team’s programming through his or her television service. This product will cost no more than $10 more than a standard MLB.TV package, which will raise the overall price of the MLB.TV package to $119.99 for a full season in 2016 for consumers selecting this enhancement.

    • In-Market Streaming: MLB will seek to reach agreements with Comcast, Root Sports, and Fox regional sports networks to offer live in-market streaming of their telecasts. If in-market streaming is not available for all of the teams whose games are broadcast by those networks by 2017, MLB will be prohibited from increasing prices for any of the above MLB.TV products through 2020.

    • Unserved Fans: MLB will offer live streaming of any in-market team’s telecasts produced by Comcast, Root Sports, or Fox regional sports networks to any customer who is unable to obtain multi-channel video provider distributor service or virtual multi-channel video provider distributor service at his or her residence.

    • The Court in charge of this case still needs to decide whether or not to approve the Settlement. If the Court approves the Settlement, and after any appeals are resolved, the benefits will be provided automatically to class members.


    Automatic Benefits

    You do NOT need to submit a claim form to obtain these benefits. They will be provided automatically.

    Exclude Yourself by
    April 15, 2016

    You may exclude yourself from the Settlement in the case and retain your rights to commence a lawsuit against Defendants for damages caused by the conduct challenged in this case. Because the Court certified an injunctive class only and Defendants have agreed to change the ways in which the packages are sold to all consumers as part of this Settlement, you cannot opt out of the injunctive claims.

    Object by April 15, 2016

    Submit a written statement to the Court about why you don’t like the Settlement. If you submit an objection, you may also ask to be heard by the Court at the final Fairness Hearing.

    Go to Fairness Hearing

    You may attend the fairness hearing on April 25, 2016, whether or not you object or intend to speak.

    Do Nothing

    You will receive the full benefits of the Settlement, and will give up your rights to initiate any lawsuit against Defendants regarding the MLB’s territorial broadcast limitations on its clubs and related blackout practices, including a lawsuit for alternative or additional relief to that provided here.

    **These rights and options — and the deadlines to exercise them — are explained in
    this notice. **


    1. Why is this Notice being provided?
    2. What is this lawsuit about?
    3. Why is this a Class Action?
    4. Why is there a settlement? WHO IS IN INCLUDED IN THE SETTLEMENT
    5. How do I know if I am part of the Settlement?
    6. Are there exceptions to being included in the Settlement? THE SETTLEMENT – WHAT YOU GET AND GIVE UP IF YOU QUALIFY
    7. What does the Settlement provide?
    8. What do I give up if the Settlement is given final approval?EXCLUDING YOURSELF FROM THE DAMAGES RELEASE
    9. If I do not exclude myself, can I sue later?
    10. How do I exclude myself from the damages release?
    11. How can I tell the Court that I object to the Settlement?
    12. What happens if I object and the Settlement is approved?
    13. What is the difference between objecting and asking to be excluded? THE LAWYERS WHO REPRESENT YOU
    14. Do I have a lawyer in the case?
    15. How will the lawyers in the case be paid? THE COURT’S FAIRNESS HEARING
    16. How will the Court decide whether to approve the Settlement?
    17. When and where will the Court decide whether to approve the Settlement?
    18. Do I need to come to the hearing?
    19. May I speak at the hearing? OTHER INFORMATION
    20. How do I get more information?


    1. Why is this Notice being provided?

    Judge Shira Scheindlin of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York authorized this notice to inform you about a proposed Settlement of this class action lawsuit and about all of your rights and options before the Court decides whether to approve the Settlement. This notice explains the lawsuit, the Settlement, and your legal rights.

    The case is known as Garber v. Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, Case No. 12-cv-3704, which was filed in 2012. The people who sue are called “Plaintiffs.” The companies being sued (specified on page 1 of this notice) are collectively called the “Defendants.”

    This notice summarizes the Settlement, but you can view the complete Settlement Agreement at

    2. What is this lawsuit about?

    Plaintiffs allege that Defendants violated federal law by agreeing to allocate the country into territories and prohibit any MLB team from distributing broadcasts outside its specified territory. Plaintiffs claim that this caused inflated prices for live baseball broadcasts and limited consumer options for viewing baseball broadcasts. Defendants deny Plaintiffs’ allegations, deny any wrongdoing, and contend that the challenged rules increased the quality and availability of MLB programming, and increased consumer choice at reasonable prices, as well as providing other benefits.

    3. Why is this a Class Action?

    In a class action, one or more people sue on behalf of other people who have similar claims. If allowed by a court, all of these other people become part of a “class” or “Class Members.” One lawsuit resolves the claims of all Class Members, except for any who exclude themselves from the class. In this case, the Court held that the individuals who filed this suit could represent a class for the purposes of seeking practice changes and a declaration that Defendants’ conduct is illegal, but could not pursue damages claims on behalf of the class.

    4. Why is there a Settlement?

    The Court did not decide in favor of Plaintiffs or Defendants. Instead, both sides agreed to settle this case to avoid the burden, cost and risk of further litigation. The Settlement does not mean that any law was broken or that Defendants did anything wrong. By settling, Defendants are not admitting any wrongdoing or liability. Defendants continue to deny all factual and legal claims in this case. Plaintiffs and their lawyers think the Settlement is best for all Class Members.


    5. How do I know if I am part of the Settlement?

    The Settlement includes all purchasers of MLB.TV and individuals who purchased MLB Extra Innings through either Comcast or DIRECTV between May 9, 2008 and January 18, 2016. The class is defined as follows:

    All individuals in the United States who purchased television service from DIRECTV and/or Comcast, or their subsidiaries, which included MLB Extra Innings, and/or who purchased MLB.TV from Major League Baseball or its subsidiaries or affiliates.

    6. Are there exceptions to being included in the Settlement?

    Yes. The following are not included in the Settlement:

    • Officers, directors, or employees of any of the Defendants or any entity in which any of the Defendants have a controlling interest, and the affiliates, legal representatives, attorneys, heirs, or assigns of any of the Defendants; and

    • Judge Shira Scheindlin and members of her judicial staff of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, and members of their immediate families.


  437. I am interested in getting a direct t bundle. I called the number. After a 20 minute wait, I talked to some woman who said I had the wrong department. She transferred me and some guy took the call. After 15 minutes of not understanding a word he said, I said I’m hanging up and I did!!!!!!!! I asked for a price for the bundle package, with the choice package, century link internet, and phone. Was that too complicated to ask for?


    Customer service is not what it use to be

    Lane schuckers

  439. Account 64316574 I called a rep with my new debit card number after I got an email that my card was declined (due to my bank replacing my outdated card) days later I got another message that my bill hadn’t been paid. I don’t know what your rep did with my account number but I am switching to Netflix so I can pay $10 for tv instead of $80. I’m tired of incompetent reps and my bill continually going up. Thanks.

  440. Dear Direct TV, Recently I had the privilege of speaking with one of your representatives. This Lady’s name was Rocky, I want you to know that in the 14 years I have been with Direct Tv I have never had a more pleasant and understanding person work something out for me! She was so understanding I felt I knew her like a neighbor or a friend! This Lady deserves a recommendation from her supervisor and a gift certificate from your company. I think she said she was in Nebraska as I said I wanted to talk to someone in the U.S. Please let her know what a blessing and a privilege it was to speak to her as she treated me as a friend, not just another customer. Tell her, Thank you from my self and my wife that we wish her happiness and health and a great 2016 and beyond!! Rick & Cam Fowler

  441. My bill has gone up and I called in Feb 2016 and adjustments were made and the sales rep was really helpful. Told me my balance was 127.97 and I paid it. This months bill shows I have a 29.27 Balance. I called the girl I got was totally rude and tried to over talk me and said that my balance wasn’t my balance on the bill that it was other charges and only talked down to me on the phone. She all but called me stupid when she spoke with me about the bill. I told her a balance was a balance that is something from the previous month and she said you don’t understand your bill. I know what a balance is! She did not address my problem. I wanted to know why I had a balance when I spent an hour last month getting my bill straightened out and the rep told me what my Balance for Feb was and I paid. She said I was miss informed.; No I wasn’t. I asked to speak to someone else and she rambled and said there was no one else I could speak with. I said you don’t understand I am not listening to you and I want to speak to someone else about my bill. She hung up on me.

  442. I have in the past had GREAT Service fro DIRECTV, but afer receiving your letter date 03-15-2016, and trying to contact you VIA the listed EMail address at the bottom of the letter I now have questions?
    The letter gave http://WWW.DIRECTV.COM/EMAIL, where I could leave email, but that was not found and redirected to your generic customer service.
    Dis-appointed in this results.

  443. This is the second time I called in and told the customer service rep that I was not interested in the protection plan and they signed me up anyways. Please stop and cancel me. I just want my directv fixed. I do not want to be on the protection plan.

  444. I just heard we may lose INSP station. Its hard to find family shows to watch. . .Please don’t take it off our programming.
    Sincerely , Linda Presto Thank You

  445. I am very disappointed with Directvs knowledge of the GenieGo. I have spent countless hours with representives trying to fix the problem with my GenieGo. None of them have had any knowledge of how to fix the problem and basically said tough bananas. My problem is that my GenieGo is not working. Everytime I try to connect I get the following message:

    Unable to add your device
    You are missing one or more system requirements

    Nothing has changed on my end. I have connected the GenieGo to 3 different computers which tells me that it is not a computer problem but a software problem that Directv created with my GenieGo. Because no one at Directv has any knowledge of how to fix the problem my GenieGo is probably a piece of junk.
    Very disappointed in Directv.

  446. Ref,:
    Activity Number 1-27NSQIXG

    Appt. Start Date 04/03/2016

    Technician ID DVNMCB774U
    \I can’t speak highly enough about your Service Tech, Billy Butters on the above referenced call. He was courteous, prompt, extremely knowledgeable and worked efficiently.

    He did suggest, which I agreed on, to sign up for a service contract. When I received and read the contract terms, I decided to cancel. Not due to Mr. Butters information, just not suitable for me at this time.

    Please express my thanks to Mr. Butters and to Direct TV for an excellent employee.

  447. I keep getting advertising from Chris Thomas and I would like to be taken off of your mail outs. by the time all the leased equipment is added to the price offer it is way too high, and then at the end of the year it goes even higher…I’m not interested. besides you require a two year contract…no way.

  448. Re: Order number 240953754

    I was contacted by Directv about a new upgrade to our long-time service, along with a substantial monthly price reduction, due to our “faithfulness”. After being on the phone for well over an hour, during which I was told that you were switching satellites eliminating the pixilation, etc. we (and many others) were experiencing and that the new system uses (I believe) K7? blu-ray technology, etc. which would directly improve our current service, I was interested. All for the low, low price of $99.99 a month for two years, a $44.00 reduction in our monthly charges. And no new contract.

    I wasn’t comfortable about a couple of things right then, but went ahead since I repeatedly asked if there were any negatives and being repeatedly assured that there weren’t. I didn’t like that I was requested to give my credit card information for charging a $1 to “hold” the new billing and REALLY didn’t like that, at the very end of the endless phone conversation, a charge of $149.00 for “shipping and handling” (what the hell is that for!) would be applied to my credit card. I was immediately notified by my credit card that the charge was the same amount but to a CLOTHING COMPANY but was assured by the “supervisor” that the company did business under several dba’s, so, still feeling like I was being taken for a ride, I agreed. Not smart.

    Well, installation day came and the Directv (not some contracted company) tech was immediately skeptical. He knew nothing about a satellite change with new, improved software. Said the new box was the same as the one we had and that if we signed for it, it would immediately create a new 2-year contract! The only difference is that the new Genie was wireless, something that I wasn’t told and didn’t need or want. He recommended that I just stick with what I have. He also said he had no idea what the $149.00 S & H was for. He’d been with Directv for some time and seemed confident that he knew what he was talking about. He also said that companies would say anything to keep our business.

    The whole thing smells fishy to me and, if Directv’s contact by phone was supposed to keep me as a customer for the long haul, it’s had the direct opposite effect. So I’m sitting here with a new box to be sent back since I cancelled the installation.

    Right now I don’t know what, or whom, to believe. Because of that, I want to have the $150.00 on my credit card to be cancelled immediately. I also will be looking at my bill to ensure that my monthly charge will be reduced to the promised $99.00 for 2 years.

    I didn’t expect this from Directv after being with you since 2008. The whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. If the installer was just misinformed (which he shouldn’t be), I need to know it and need to be informed where I go from here. This is a real mess and I expect to hear back from you ASAP as to what is going on.

    Sherry Moore

  449. After having century link internet for several years I bundled Direct T.V. with Century Link to save a little on T.V. services and a little on internet services. After a little over a year of T.V. services with Direct T.V I moved and the services were no longer available. Century link then offered me to swap to Prism TV also through Century Link. I accepted this offer and figured since both T.V. services were paid through the same company (Century Link) that the Direct T.V. would cancel and I would be billed for Prism for now on. Well a month later I get a $526 bill for Direct T.V. services and Prism T.V. I call both companies and they state that I should have been told that I would have to cancel the Direct T.V. services myself even though Century Link set up the account originally. On top of that Direct T.V. would not prorate the bill from the day I moved and was not using the services till the day I called to cancel the services plus a disconnect fee of $220. So I’m looking at a $746 bill for T.V. and internet for a single month. Also while with Direct T.V. I was having issues with the service and in return was given “3 months free’ of HBO Cinemax and Showtime however was not told that I would have to call and cancel the “Free package” after the three months and was charged for those channels on my last bill.

  450. My elderly father signed up for DirecTV a week ago with a $200 Visa gift card promotion. This promotion was the impetus for him to change from cable to DirecTV. Upon signing the contract, he provided the gift card paperwork to the salesperson. I handle my father’s financial affairs and contacted the salesperson to get a copy of the contract and information related to the offer. He emailed me the contract and the Visa gift card paperwork to redeem online myself. Upon repeated tries to redeem the offer online last night, I contacted customer support today. After 40 minutes on the phone with the rep, she finally found out that my father was not eligible for the $200 gift card because of the “Entertainment” package he signed up for. First of all, the main reason he signed up for DirecTV was due to this promotional offer. Secondly, IF he wasn’t eligible for this promotion, why wouldn’t the salesperson explain that to him. It was VERY misleading to not explain those details to an elderly person before they sign a 2-year contract. It is a very poor way of doing business to take advantage of people this way. So disappointed in DirecTV. Is this the way you get new customers??

  451. We cannot get our local weather. We press the red button and nothing happens anymore. Did this get discontinued or is there a problem you are working on and it will return? Thanks, Cheryl

  452. Very upset with Direct TV; every time I try and call someone regarding an issue, I can never speak to anyone. As soon as I can , I am changing my tv services. I tried to consolidate my tv and Internet trying to save money. My direct tv use to be $48 for the cheapest package now it’s almost $70 consolidated! I am a single person trying to make ends meet and I cannot afford the price hike and very discouraged because I can never speak to anyone.
    Veronica Hebert

  453. After several calls to tech support (where I received erroneous instructions) I was able to reach tech support from Richard id 47046. He diagnosed my problem within minutes and was able to fix it. Please consider him as an instructor. He is an awesome tech!

  454. Over 10 yr member
    Been with you guys for over 10 years price continues to go up and up and you take my channels away from me. Sick and tired of your 30 minute wait phone calls for your customer service

  455. When I signed up for Direct TV in Dec. 2014, I was told by the person at Costco that the promotional discount would be for 24 months. In Jan. 2015, my bill almost doubled. I called Direct TV and they told me that the promotion was only for 12 months. Even though I have the paperwork showing the promotion was for 24 months, they said if the paperwork was hand written, they couldn’t accept it. They said my plan was for 12 months. So, I figured I could change it since it was only 12 months.
    I just moved and signed up for U-verse cable. The person at AT&T looked at my account and said okay. NOW, Direct TV says I have to pay a $150 penalty for early termination. When I checked on the increase in my payments in Jan. 2016, they said it was 12 months and never said the PROMOTION is 12 months, but your CONTRACT is 24 months. Although Direct TV and AT&T are merged, AT&T will let you switch to Direct TV at no cost, but not the other way around.
    So, are AT&T and Direct TV on the same page?

  456. i too am not happy I am not bundled I just want to log into my direct tv acct online and now I cant password is blocked whats the deal my acct # is 82914471

  457. Sirs, Since last Saturday 16 April my tv main, had a message of 775 (not connecting with satellite) since then have called to report . They have told me that I would hear for an appointment on Monday. But then (the operator in the Philippines, said she did not have an “schedule” and could not make the appointment until she had that. Twice I heard that story. Today, on Tuesday, they keep me on hold (in the Philippines again) and finally after a long long wait, I told them to call me when they have the appointment. Got a message, “to call to make the appointment” or to “reschedule” — excuse me? —
    — the service is going in and out after working OK but was told I needed to keep the service call…. because it needed to be serviced.
    Let me know, and leave complete with the appointment needed. thanks. marta




  459. I want 2 know Y my account was drafted on 4/23 in the amount of $126.91 My bill should B less Than half that & U guys owe me a $100. gift card & At&t owes me a $50. gift card 4 signing on & bundling. WHERE IS IT ?

  460. Matt DVSD513412
    Matt was amazing today and did a fabulous job. He deserves a raise and promotion!!!!!

  461. I called and you want more $. Does not rain much here, but when it does, Directv does not get signal. Error message states it needs to be pointed better at ??? I pay for service and you are not rendering proper service. This is breach of contract. I need it fixed or you will get your equipment back. We can get this done, or we can play games. So far I am not getting any help. This has been going on since the first rsin began. And only when it rains. I am a retired disabled vet, so I am not out swing on your dish.

  462. I have called your Customer Service number three times in the past 3 days. First time was OK. We discussed the issue and a technician came out to work on the issue. This is where things started to go down hill.On the phone we tried resetting the remote(s). With your rep on the problem it was determined that the problem was the reciever box. Next step was to schedule a rep to come out and look at it. The Rep showed up looked at the remote, reprogramed it and the T.V. to the remote and said it was fixed. NOT QUITE!

    He did not look at the reciever box at all. One hour after we turned the T.V. on it froze like it had before. No signal from the reciever from the T.V. again.

    I called Customer Service again this morning (SATURDAY) and told them the same story as before and that we were not getting any signal from the reciever to the T.V. again.

    I asked if they could send a rep out again to look at the issue like they were supposed to ahve done in the first place. She was very nice and said that she would first have to send me to a Case Worker because that was your policy. I told her OK.

    About 20 minutes later we recieved a call from a gentleman who started out OK. Then he we into his routine of asking all the same questions that we have been asked and answered already. In addition he quoted “I see your problem is your remote is not working”. Again the remote was not the issue. I tried to explain to him that it was the reciever not picking up the signal and transferring it to the T.V.

    The conversation degraded rapidly at this point. I asked him why he was not listening to what I was trying to tell him and it was like he knew more about waht was happeniing than I did.

    I asked to speak with a SUPERVISOR and he ignored my request. I asked if I could specak to someone else and he ignored that also.

    Finally I waited for him to be quite and asked what he wanted to do because I did not want to argue with him about this.

    He related that he would call us back this afternoon between 3 and 5 p.m.

    It is now 5:20 p.m. and we have not recieved a call yet.

    I’m sorry, this just not fall into my catagory of good customer service.

    All I asked was for them to send someone out to look at the whole problem like they were supposed to do in the first place.

    What I got was arrogance from the Case Manager.

    I am not pleased with this level of service.

  463. I would like to send a thank you to the supervisor of Chris, ID # CR782N, for a job well done. He is knowledgeable and conducted himself in a very efficient and professional. Our problem with reception has finally been fixed and we are thrilled. Since directtv was originally installed in December, we have had problems and were thinking about canceling service. Chris changed that and now we are satisfied at last. He is a true professional and paid attention to the details, and went above and beyond what we expected. He is a real asset to your company. He made our experience so much better. His supervisor is HD Hillyard. Please let him know he has a valuable technician in Chris.

  464. We recently had a problem with out receiver. It wouldn’t load. After talking with technicians and not being able to solve the problem, a new receiver was shipped to me. I was unable to make it work either, so a technician was sent out. After considerable attempts to get it to work, he and phone techs decided to give me a new receiver as the (new one shipped) would not function properly. He replaced it and took both older and new receivers with him. His name is Jeffery Giles, ID# is 517695. He was very efficient, professional and very helpful in getting my Directv up and running, He answered any questions I had, cleaned up the area and asked if I had any questions. I would recommend this technician any time and also would recommend Directv to anyone who asked. Jeffrey gets a 10 in my book. Thank you.

  465. A piece of our equipment wasn’t working properly so technician # 453939 came to our house. Wow, was he good! He found problems outside at the site of the dish, problems with equipment in the house and fixed everything! We didn’t even realize there were problems with some of the equipment but he found them. What a nice man he was and we really appreciate him fixing everything for us. He sure knows what he is doing and is very efficient. Thank you!

  466. I no longer require your services. I have not been happy with it in 2 years. I am hooked up to Dish TV. Send me a box for your equipment. Thank you

  467. I have spent 2 hrs trying to get some info on my new Direct TV agreement. Your main tele # and related tree does not work. I want to talk to someone that can tell me about what is and is not covered on the Service Agreement.

  468. i have never been ran around as much as i have been with this company real nice when i ordered but didn’t have internet so can use so had to cancel but the people I talk to keep sending to another person bad for business BAD IMPRESSION

  469. Off on Memorial Day 2016, and the one day I can watch the Today show and enjoy 5th Harmony in concert the screen is all garbled / broken up, service is absolutely horrible! When I change channels all is ok, it is just the today show. When commercials come on channel where TODAY show is they are clear, but not the TODAY SHOW!

  470. We have been with Directv for almost 4 years.every year our bill kept going up and UP!these ‘discounts’ they give are crap!i totally rely on Netflix YouTube and Hulu with our Internet!and couldn’t be happier!the next Directv customer service that calls me trying to win me back, Iam going lose it!

  471. RE:CUSTOMER SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRE – Matt DVSD513412 handled our service call. All answers are YES with a 10 for Likely to Recommend.

  472. Started service on June 4. A tech arrived and said could only hook up part of what we ordered because he forgot to put second dish needed for Russian channel package on his truck. He said call Monday and they would schedule another tech out right away to finish install. I called and after four calls and a couple hours on phone an appointment was made for next week. New customer not impressed at all.

  473. so sad I wish I could get cable but since I live in country this is all I can get I have been a loyal customer for over 7 years and I only get social security once a month on the 3rd wend which is anywhere between the 15th and the 20th I have had other companies that was willing to change my due date and they wont, and its said because I cant pay the whole bill of 200.00 a month, and when I get check I can only pay the past due of 80.oo yet by time I get it on I am rebilled on the 25th duel not even a week later and within a week after that on the 2nd I get disconnected, I hate this I pay 80.00 a month yet I I only get 2 weks of service, I know other people that have cable phone interenet for that amount and they get a whole months of service, I hate this I am on a budget yet I don’t want to can cancel acct because of my daughter, and yet I am in a stupid contract and cantafford to pay the rest of the contract, before att bought them out I discuseed this with them and there service was wonderful, then, but ever since att bought out they don’t care about their customers, so sad

  474. I have been trying to do the live chat…. No luck. Then I tried contact. No luck. I am iiving in SE Asia and I need to chat with someone…..

  475. We had direct tv installed today in our vacation home. What a great experience. The tech was on time and did an awesome job. Regarding the customer service questionnaire the answers are all yes and a ten for likely to recommend! I would request Kenneth DVSDKB100Q again! Great worker and very polite!

  476. live chat no help—cancel the NFL sunday ticket you are charging me for, without my approval!!! CANCEL IMMEDIATELY OR I AM CHANGING INTERNET SERVICE AND TV SERVICE!!!!!

  477. Billy Butters just serviced our direct tv connections and is the greatest. We had been having problems for a few weeks and he solved them quickly and efficiently. We recommend him highly. Thank you Direct TV

  478. Paul Rex came to our home today, and was helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. I would give him 10/10!

    Prompt, friendly service. Bravo!

  479. We have been customers of Directv for quite a while now, and that special customer service agent comes along once in a blue moon. Well that special someone just came around to us from Directv and I want to make sure you know about it. Her name is Verona from the Staten Island branch in New York, from what I gathered. She was so helpful, knowledgeable and fixed our issue we have had for months in just a few short minutes, along with her warm demeanor was inviting. Big time kudos to one of your own, Verona!
    Thank you!!

  480. I can’t access my account!!! I’ve called and done live chats twice. When I reset my password & try to login, I get a confirmation email that my account was updated, but my password DOES NOT WORK!!! THEY NEED TO FIX THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!! I can’t login to pay my bill, change settings, watch TV that I’m PAYING FOR. YES, I AM ANGRY, THIS SHOULD NOT BE THIS COMPLICATED!

  481. your customer services dept are very very rude they did not try to help me at all I have been on the phone with this services for 4 days now I am not happy how can you treat people like this I give better customer service to my client in the law office something should be done about this lying to a loyal customer

  482. The prompt service that was promised, turns out to be 12 days, yes, 12 days, until someone can “fix” the problem.

  483. A few weeks ago we decided to switch to your services. All went well til the installation time. We were told by your sub contractor that a) your sats could not enter our area and 2) none of our neighbors had Direct TV. Yesterday we noticed two AT&T trucks at two houses west of us installing a visible dish with the name of Direct TV on it at 445 Sansovino Ave. Hope this a sign of your company coming to this area and maybe we could be your customers.

    Carmen Del Campo

  484. We have been customers for 8 years! Last Thursday started the NIGHTMARE w/Directv. After 4 phone calls that evening, finally at 9:30pm a customer service rep. told me that the person before that I spoke w/at 6:30pm didn’t know what time zone I was in and that’s why no one could return my call. The rep at 9:30pm set up my service call for Saturday. Saturday came and the tech showed up – someone who had just months before installed the Genie system. The tv worked well for 2 hours and then nothing once again. Same message 775. Back on the phone Saturday night – now the next appt. time was Wednesday 12-4. The tech came named Tomas – he told us that the dish needed to be changed as well as the pole, and that some of the wires that had been connected weren’t needed and he would take those off. When he left 1.5 hours later it was working. Thursday am I was able to watch the news, but by the time my husband came home at 5:15PM we were back to number 775 and no service. After 2 calls to your direct customer service line – NO ONE WAS AVAILABLE TO HELP UNTIL JULY 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although tomorrow 7/1 is a regular day no one could help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pay over $240 a month for this???????????????????????????????????? There is no one to call, no way to get in touch with anyone higher!!!!! Disgusted and very angry that I have wasted money on this type of service and that people are not available for this type of issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  485. Hi All
    Service tech #515035 – named Bryan helped us at our house in Ft. Collins on June 12, 2016. He did a superior job. We are older folks, and he explained all of the functions extremely patiently to us – which we appreciated.
    I tried to email this to the fan mail post, but couldn’t find it.

    Please express our gratitude to this young, respectful man!!

    R & A

  486. Lost my Direct TV in a storm on Wednesday, contact Direct TV on Thursday spoke with THREE-“3” Customer service representatives one was a (so called) supervisor
    and got lied to by one rep, no satisfaction by another rep and listened to by the Supervisor? If you really tape those calls play mine back and see if that rep did not promise to have a technician at my house between 12 and 4 pm on Thursday then call me a liar. So NO service available till the following Thursday for my issue? when there is a direct tv facility 12 miles down the road from my house….. Owe well new customers get priority and the rest get the shaft (like my family). Almost a 200 dollar package and cannot even watch snow on the television—-what’s up with that Direct TV?

  487. Your customer service sucks. I have been put though hoops by you trying to get my $200 Visa Gift Card that is part of my package. Please just send it to me and do not reply I need to go to…If you can not do this for me let me know and I will cancel my account with you. The other problem I have is that when I signed up for Direct TV I told your rep I did not want HBO, Max etc… When the service man came to hook up the TV I told him I did not want it then too. He hooked it up anyways. Please get rid of it!!!! DO NOT call me!!! Email me with my request. If I do not hear back from you by weeks end I will assume you do not want my business. Again DO NOT CALL ME. EMAIL ME.

  488. I called to get a fax number so I could send in the court paperwork showing I was in control of my cts assets and had the legal authority to pay his bills. It took 19 minutes and counting to get a fax number. Still on hold. Pathetic.

  489. On July 13 I called customer service Dan (425237) a technician showed up the next day and quickly fixed my problem. The dish on my roof needed just a little rework.then after explaining how best to fix the problem he went to work. Mr Butler was professional moved with a propose and polite. Thank you Dan for making my day a little easier.

  490. So I decided to try satellite tv……Placed order nice guy all was well….well tech shows up to install with lower qualiy equipment than they promised…and instead of hooking up 4 TV’s as promised(part of their special deal) the installer had equipment for 3 and explains 2 of the 3 were lower quality than their special deal. I call and am promised another tech will be scheduled for the 4th tv but I would have to pay extra. After complaining I was told a credit would be made on my bill to compensate that charge. Also was told the internet was comparable to “the other guys.” After not hearing from a tech to install the 4th tv I call back and get told no there’s no order. re explain situation and get told well sorry a mistake was made but can’t change it now. If you want 4th tv you will be charged for tech…box…service etc. . I also explained the “great” internet service said I used all data within 3 days of hookup. was told well guess you gotta order more. I am shocked and stunned by this service and lack of care by this company. I could go on but wow…just wow

  491. Pete Rodriguez DVNMPR511T was the technician that came to resolve our issue. He was professional and explained what the problem was and resolved it. I would refer direct tv to my friends and family. Thank you to Mr. Rodriguez for being on time and showing me your badge before entering my home. I would give Mr.Rodriguez an over all 10.

  492. I contacted a DirectTV customer service representative on the number you gave on your internet site a couple of hours ago (approx 4:30 pm mountain time) regarding pricing. He did a credit check where he not only asked for my name and address but my social security number as well. This has me worried.

    In the end it wasn’t a price check but he insisted on a sale. He criticized myself and my wife and I found that offensive but I am more worried about the information he took and the hit on the credit check. I simply want a record of this in case my identity is stolen.

    Sean Marshall

  493. My tv service with uverse was getting out of hand, so uverse advise to go to direct-tv. The worst service ever. Drilled hole to set up cable line which he did not need or use, so why did he drill a hole and leave a mess on floor. Divect TV said they were coming one day, no show, tenichician called 4 hours later saying running behind (really) rescheduled appointment. Technician can following week.. Again worst service ever!!!.. Technician disconnected phone lines, disrupted alarm services, called Direct TV to return to reconnect what he disconnect. Had to wait a week , to correct . Supervisor was to call, no call. Called back spoke to a Wendy, supposedly a supervisor. Her response unfortunately there is nothing I can do, Direct TV has to correct . AT&T states uverse has to correct.! Really! Direct TV technician comes “out unfortunately there is nothing we can, I am not trained on Uverse” , really!!! Called Att Uverse they send someone wishin the hour. Finally someone that knew what to do and identified the problem with in 10 minutes. By far this has been the worst service ever! So very sorry I signed a contract with DIRECT TV☹️☹️☹️☹️

  494. Hi, I’m currently overseas this week. I have no way to telephone you. However, I did see my bill.

    I cancelled my service and have never received my boxes to return my equipment. My bill is outrageous . I would appreciate the box for my equipment to be sent to me to avoid being charged this ridiculous amount.

    I’ve waited over 3 weeks for this box and did not expect a bill this high over something I can’t control receiving. Hope you understand and that this email gets forwarded to the right person.

    Thank you in advance.
    Stephanie Ruiz

  495. What are your people doing? I did not purchase any protection
    plan. The only thing I need protection from is your company’s unscrupulous behavior. How is it I have a tech visit and it ends up with me getting
    an email that I bought somethings that I would never consider buying. I just signed up with you at the end of June and this is the second shoddy thing
    that’s happened. I called your company around midnight 09/02 and your empl
    oyee can’t help, reportedly the computer is down, now Direct tv forces me to use my valuable time trying to get this fixed. I should be charging Direct TV for my time trying to fix your employees mistakes or scams.

  496. I have called Direct TV twice for customer service in the last month. On the first the woman acted like she knew English, but because I have two homes the person who was removing my dish so the roofers could replace shingles ended up at our second home. The technician called asking why I wasn’t at the home, and I had to pay fo

  497. Helpful analysis , I learned a lot from the facts , Does someone know where my assistant might be able to access a sample CMS 1500 copy to work with ?

  498. Dear Sir,
    I am writing regarding a delinquent bill with DIRECT TV that appears on my credit report. I did not have an account with DIRECT TV at the time of the billing date. Please review your records so that this can be removed from my credit report. It has been reported with Experian, Equifax and Transunion credit agencies.

    Date of dispute – September 2014 – for 211.00
    Please investigate and advise. You may reach be at my email address

  499. Terrible, horrible incompetent customer service 10/12/16 at 10:15 a.m. They put in an order (for updated boxes) that was incorrect and then said they would next transfer me to “order verification” to confirm the order and I could cancel it there. I was told by Order Verification department, I couldn’t cancel. I said I was not verifying an incorrect order. I was told the boxes are dropped shipped so they couldn’t cancel but I would be held to a 12 month contract. They transferred me again. I asked for customer service email or mailing address since I did not see it on the DirectTV website. Surprise. No one knew it. Found this site. Probably goes straight to a trash can!

  500. 10/18 I was getting a direct TV service hooked up. All was fine got automated phone calls and texts stating when service tech would be coming. Stating be here between 12:10pm to 12:40pm that day… I was home from work at 12.Which I took a day off of work. Waiting for him to show up. I got tired of waiting by 330pm. Finally called direct tv. Asked where field tech was. They proceed to tell me he said weak signal at my house cuz of trees… funny thing is I was outside all afternoon working on my car. Never once saw a direct TV field tech stop or drive by… I have no trees near the house plus there’s already one of their direct TV dishes on my roof from ppl that owned this house before me… I got no text or phone call stating anything…. until I called. .. thanks for wasting my time and my day plus taking time off of work for no reason. I suspect field rep Christopher S is lazy and wanted to end work early cuz of nice day..thanks for nothing..

  501. Still on the phone waiting for customer-NO-service. Direct has been off all day. We did all the suggested corrections……… help ! We called numerous times for more help. We have as yet to speak to a representative. So far we have either been disconnected of just have dead air. This is no way to keep subscribers. I am still waiting for my bill to be corrected. After 3 months I am still being charged for NFL Sunday Ticket. Hopefully this will be corrected this billing cycle. STILL WAITING ON THE PHONE FOR CUSTOMER-NO-SERVICE. Lynn just answered and is transferring us to a technician. OOPS, just got a busy signal and then disconnected. Directv must be trying for the worst customer service ever………

  502. your customer service is so bad it sucks you get cut off hung up on for no apparent resin, but when you tell the person you want to cut service and send boxs for return of the equipment thats when you get cut off. This as been going on for 3months and still getting billed. And now this is Nov. wth……I’v been nice thru this whole thing. Hell it took over a year to getting int-net hook up into the tv until I got them understand it was there equipment. I was told it was my problem and finely I got direc tv to send out a tect to the house but i was told there would be a cost for that. Direc TV has turned me to a collections wth…..can’t cut service ……..I’m sick of it….

  503. This is the worse cable service i have every had and it has not even been a month of service. One you all spell my name wrong, two you send the wrong cable for my TV so i can’t even use the TV, and third you lied when you said my son can call anytime if we have question. You said by adding his name to the account we would not have any porblems with him calling well we sure the hell do. Finally when we do call your customer service is horrible.

  504. Direct TV was a really good company until ATT bought them out. ATT has always been a crap company which is why Direct TV is a crap company now. I am going to give them a week to straighten out this mess with KCOY TV and then I am going to find a new service. I have a contract with them that lists channel 3,12 and 11. I do not have a contract with those channels. They have breached that contract – period.

  505. I have been a Directv customer for many years. However, I recently purchased a new home & had new service at that location and maintained my existing service at my other home. I hate the lack of control of the Directv website and the inability to make changes (other than a package upgrade) on the website. I should be able complete ANY changes I need or want to make through my online account WITHOUT having to phone into customer service, spend 30 minutes either on hold or being put through a litany of nonsensical questions by a CSR that can barely speak discernible English trying to sell me additional channels I don’t watch and will never watch. I simply needed to add an additional Genie for another bedroom. That takes an act of Congress to get. I had to (flat out & eventually rudely) insist that the CSR stop attempting to push channels & products and to handle the reason for my call. It was very frustrating to deal with. I have had both Directv (for 15 yrs.) and DISH (for 3 yrs.). After comparing the two companies in retrospect, I will be moving my contract back to DISH once my current contract with Directv expires. I was able to add, subtract, modify or make any changes necessary to my DISH programming via my online account (without having to speak to a CSR). The prices between the two companies varies so little, I must gauge my personal experiences with the two companies based on the convenience in managing my account.

  506. I got on-line to explore service and could not find the answer to my question on your poorly designed and dysfunctional website, nor could I find an email address for contact until I did a Google search.

    Consequently, your customer service stinks and this is why your sales and business is poor and lacking. Let’s see if your competitor can do any better!

    • I talk to six different customer service personnel about raising my dish to the height it was before it rusted out and fell. DIRECTV came out and just cut off the post and reinstalled the old post. I wanted to have the dish raised the Technician said it was against DIRECTV policy to raise the dish higher. The dish is now 3 inches lower than the standard height. Customer service said if I purchased the post or paid $75.00 for the post an had it relocated they would replace the post. What the real problem is the technicians are to lazy to dig up the old post. I live in Florida that sand is really tough. Just cut off the old post at ground level. I been a DIRECTV customer for over twenty years . I knew as soon as AT&T took over service would get terrible I had their phone service for awhile nothing but terrible service. DIRECTV should at least have a policy for all their employees to tell the same stories to customers, got a different story with each person I spoke with will now check out other services Dish or cable.
      Very Dissatisfied
      What I noticed as companies get larger quality of service goes away for the all mighty dollar.
      Michael Reiss

  507. I cancelled direct tv about six weeks ago.
    I called and talked to three or four different representatives (none who could speak clear English) about my TV reception or service.
    They apparently spoke from a written format and refused to give me a clear answer to any of my questions and or concerns.
    I have tried to have the dish removed from my yard for almost four weeks.
    I was never informed that once installed the dish becomes the property of the owner and it is the owners responsibility to remove the dish, Not direct tv.
    Why someone from direct tv wouldn’t have called me or send me a written statement stating that it is my responsibility to remove the dish is beyond comprehension….I have maild direct tv at least four letters requesting removal but they have never responded. I will never again deal with direct tv.

  508. I just received a call from direct tv. When I told the gentleman I wasn’t interested he hung up on me. When you call at 7PM the least I expect is a “thank you for your time.” Customer service is why I left direct tv and sadly it seems nothing has changed.

  509. my experience with your company was horrible. Please have a upper level of management contact me ASAP. The service tech left my home during the installation installment. He absent from the job for at least 2 hours.

  510. I have been with TV for over 18 years. I have been without TV for 11 days. DT was to send me a receiver card, that order was canceled, 4 days ago DT was to send me a new receiver (overnight with a tracking number) DT has no idea where the shipment is or where the tracking # is.My wife and I have spent hours on the phone with DT. I just called again, was put on hold and finally told the Rep. to have a member of management to call me to avoid using up my cell phone air time. This will me resolved today or I will cancel my service with Direct TV.

  511. To whom it may concern:

    I have paid for DirecTV from March 7, 2017 through April 6, 2017. Why was my DirecTV turned off one day early? Comcast was supposed to install my new service on Wednesday but there was a problem and they were now coming Friday morning. I didn’t think this was a problem because my service for DirecTV was paid through midnight April 6. When I called your service representative they said that I told them that I was getting Comcast hooked up on April 5. That should make no difference for turning my service off a day early. I will now expect to be compensated for the one day of service that I did not get. Also I had recorded some programs that we had not watched yet and now I’m cannot watch them.

    On a side note I am going to get satellite for my RV and I was going to get DirecTV on a different account. Now it appears that I will be getting Dish for my RV and hopefully they will be easier to deal with. I had Dish for 13 years and had no problems like this.

  512. I called Direttv about a week with a question about mlb package. In the process of talking with a tech I was told to hold two buttons together on my remote. It knocked the SD channels for my local channels off. Person told me steps to take and it would take 24 to 48 hrs. to reset. WRONG. Called again and went through different steps to fix. Guess what no good again. Called two days later and finally got someone who I thought would help. He told me different things to do. I don’t understand some of the things but my dish is supposed to be SP5 but somehow it is now SP4. Can’t change it back. My dish worked fine until I talked to first person but does not now. It worked fine before I talked to first person. I was told I have to pay for a service person to fix it. I do not think I should have to because it was not my fault. I pay enough every month for your service, and I do like my channels, but I am seriously thinking of switching service to another provider. I have been a loyal customer for quite awhile. Thank you

  513. For about 3 days now, our TV goes out on the NBC channel and yes, you tell us you know, but it needs to be fixed and not keep happening. We need a explanation or a days worth of service deducted from our bills. This gets old very fast. Please try harder to fix it! And yes we do at least deserve an explanation. Other stations work, not our local NBC at least for a while. Please help! Thank you for working harder on this problem.

  514. Paid my bill last night at 11:00 pm, woke up to my service being cutoff. This isn’t the first time I have been cut off for their problem. Went in this morning and it warned me that there was a bill payment already in process and to not make payment. Called them asking to speak to supervisor, finally got through after 1 hour, to find out there was not one on duty or available. She wanted to put me on the call back list which takes 24 hours, LOL Meanwhile I pay 152.00 per month and I am not doubling the payment. Also had been promised a Loyalty pricing, never got that either. So the longer I wait for the call back will be deducted off my bill.

  515. Paid my bill last night at 11:00 pm, woke up to my service being cutoff. This isn’t the first time I have been cut off for their problem. Went in this morning and it warned me that there was a bill payment already in process and to not make payment. Called them asking to speak to supervisor, finally got through after 1 hour, to find out there was not one on duty or available. She wanted to put me on the call back list which takes 24 hours, LOL Meanwhile I pay 152.00 per month and I am not doubling the payment. Also had been promised a Loyalty pricing, never got that either.

  516. I can’t believe their rating for customer satisfaction! I’ve called 5 times about the HDR receiver dropping by Internet connection. I’m a new subscriber. I’ve called 5 times and they all said it shouldn’t be doing that. Everyone has tried something different and said if it didn’t work, they’d send someone out. I’m still waiting.





  518. I contacted directv evening of May 28 because I was not getting channel 653. that channel is part of my sports package. the 1st girl said I wasn’t allowed that channel. I finally hung up on her after arguing to no avail. Called again and the new lady tried to help me and finally said I would need tech rep to fix it the next day.. Woke up the next day and the channel was working just fine. cancelled tech. If I am paying for these channels then why am I not getting the shows ALL THE TIME. There was a baseball game on Sunday night causing me not to get channel 653. That was the real problem that your tech support people could not see. And why could I not get 653 with the game on it even though I am PAYING for this channel which is PART of the sports package. It shouldn’t matter where I live, either Indiana or Florida, I still should get ALL shows on 653 and the other sports package channels. RIGHT? Or do you have small print somewhere that people can’t find. This is VERY frustrating for me. As for the new AT&T customer support people representing Directv they are not as good as the ones before AT&T bought directv out. That was one of the reasons I have stayed with directv because of the good support they had. I guess I will have to start looking for other companies to see what they have to offer because this is not the first time I have had this problem within the past year and a half. It might just be the last though.

  519. I want CNN removed from your line up. They have no credibility left, and by airing them you are helping them promote violence in America.

  520. We have been a customer with DirecTV for 20 plus years. Today we called for assistance because family members were telling us how much more they get with Xfinity for less than we pay. Spoke to a gentleman today at customer service who basically told us to call Xfinity because he could not help us or explain the different options available to us. Very disappointed in the interaction today 🙁

  521. I want to make a suggestion and expected I would easily find a way to do that. Anyway… My old software would allow me to set a search to record a program on any channel when that program became avilable. I would rather go back to that old software than to loose that feature. Also, if I want to search for “Twilight” to be recorded, I don’t want it to record every occurance of “Twilight Zone.” While I do like a generic “includes” search, it would be better to be able to tell it to search for the specific requested search only: ie by putting it in quotes. The new guide screen has a bar at the bottom I should be able to trun off as it is wasted space when I am not interested in what is said there. You placed a large bar at the right of the screen to display information. That bar takes up 1 1/3 hours of programing information. With the bar at the bottom gone, that information could be moved to the top. You could also go back to a larger program display box. The new one is too tiny. Please advise if I can return to my old search options and guide display. I hope my concerns are important enough to pass along to those who have authority to make it happen. Thanks,

  522. I have had it with the LIES from Direct TV. We had this service when we lived in Tennessee and we LOVED it. We have since moved to Florida and have had nothing but issues. They took 308.47 (unauthorized) from our bank account back in January and have been promising me ever since that I would receive a refund. Well here it is 7/21/17 and STILL NO REFUND. They were also supposed to send me a box so that I could return their equipment…still NO BOX. This is the WORST customer service EVER. I have spoken to numerous managers and they all make promises but there is NO FOLLOW THRU. I WILL NEVER recommend this company to anyone.

  523. Called about 771 coming and going all the time, I did everything THE GIRL said and 771 still comes and goes, THE GIRL said she would send some one out to fix the problem for 99.00. I said I have to pay 99.00 to have the problem of 771 go away. This is YOUR equipment and I have to pay 99.00 THE GIRL hung up


  525. We would like to know why it takes so long for the Direct TV box to change channels and why the channel scroll is rocket fast.

    Please advise – Jean Voltz

  526. Does anyone else lose service every time it rains? I am not talking about a storm. Well, we do. I know others who live here and have Directv and it doesn’t happen. When I call, I am told it happens because of rain and where dish is located. We like the package we have, but get so disgusted when it rains and tv goes out – then on – then out, etc. Our bill remains the same, though.

  527. called service the last two day’s. had scheduled appointment for today
    between 1PM &5PM. no show or even a call. have had this problem for
    at least the last month or so. called several times. one repair man
    showed up but did nit fix problem. every time you call you can expect
    to be on phone at least an hour and no satisfaction.very very poor

  528. I am so glad I was mis-quoted a price on a bundle with your company, as the “real” price was so much higher, I couldn’t even consider switching from what I have now. My experience trying to cancel the tech appointment took me four tries and about three hours of my time. Unbelievable. And, had I switched, I’d be having to deal with you and your scustomer service people for at least a year.

    Life is too short to have to encounter such carelessness, incompetence, and rudeness, before even receiving services form you. Next time, I won’t be so considerate and put such efforts into saving your tech from the aborted visit…just let him come and not answer the door.

    hame on you to have such an inefficient system in place, especially given that you are in the communications business.



  530. Yesterday, August 15, 2017, I called the Direct phone number and finally got connected to the right department. I wish to cancel my service. I was grilled over the phone for about 15 full minutes by someone as to why I wanted to cancel. I explained the reason numerous times, and was told that my reason was not adequate. I then asked to be connected to a supervisor. I waited on the line. There was no sound of any kind, and finally hung up. My request is to CANCEL the service at La Quinta, CA. The account is inder my husband’s name – Warren Proctor. I would like this done immediately. I always received polite and efficient service from ATT which we had for many years, but NOT from DirectTV.

  531. We used Dish for our tv and internet service for 14 years but 8 months ago we decided to switch to Directv. I have had the need to call Direc tv on 3 occasions since we began service. The first time I was on hold for 45 minutes before someone answered. The second time I got lucky and reached a person fairly quickly, but the third time, a few days ago I finally gave up after waiting on hold for 1 hour 15 min. This is so beyond ridiculous I cannot believe it. All the years I was with Dish I never waited more than 2-3 minutes to be connected to a real person. I am so frustrated with direct I would not recommend them to anyone.

    • We’ve had the same issues. Automated line is a joke, doesn’t work well at all. And the service reps don’t speak English and have no idea. But they’ll you insurance for your problems !!!!

  532. Well the first guy arrived to remark the whole with orange paint, the same thing tech did with white paint, he laughed when he seen the pole that was there which Dish installed,its the same thing Direct uses. then he said the tech must have not been a Caucasian and I told him what does that have to do with anything and the tech was a Caucasian the tech that did a great job on the internet last Friday was black american , I am starting to think I made a big mistake by switching carriers.

  533. Day 3, no contact from Direct tv or anyone else wanting to inspect the hole. The only good thing out of this whole experience was the ATT internet service that was connected on 8/18/17 and the ATT rep that showed up on 8/22/17 and signed my wife up for a android he just happened to arrive right after the clown squad. Well I will post as the story unfolds.

  534. Day 4, ARKUPS arrived painted more orange paint around hole and checked, telephone ,water,sewer,electrical and gas line locations, all clear on location were pole needs to be, OK to dig or trench. Well lets see how long it take them to get Direct tv connected.

  535. I had a really bad times with Direct TV, please review my letter and  the DirecTV acc. also replay an Email with you decision, We like to resolve ASAP this issue.
    First: At  January 25 20017,  DIRCT TV call me, Mr. Carlos ID # xxx xx saying: I’m Carlos the promotions  agent of DIRECT TV, We got  the perfect option, and deal for you, he ask me, how much  are you paying for the TV service, and for how many channels?  Answer, I have  DISH Network for like  4 years, I got more than 245 channels, the bill is $45 monthly  include taxes, Mr. Carlos offered me same type of channels plan like more than 245 channels for $42 dollars included Taxes and FREE installation, FREE Equipment for 4 TV’s,  3 months FREE the full package  channels and $100 dollars gif,  for TWO YEARS CONTRACT ,also he ask me if I know  some friend who is already a  Direct TV costumer, because he and me  will get $10 discount just to be a referred for 10 months, and I have 1 friend with direct TV service. I ask to Mr. Carlos several questions  and I accept the promotion. At the next day DIRECT TV call me to make several questions and ask for one credit card Info. To guaranty the contract, YES I Gove them one credit card INFO.. 
    On January 28 2017 the DIRECT TV Tech Mr. Hernan came to my home and Installed the TV equipment’s, after he programmed the system,  my wife toll him, please the ALL PLAYBOYS and PHORNO channels needs to be blocked in all TVS, and he did like that, we have a 14 years daughter, After one week I check the type of channels wish one Mr. Carlos offer me, many channels I do not  had.  I did call Mr. Carlos  DIRECT TV promotions department and I cloud not reach him, and then  I did call DirecTV costumer service They toll me,  Only you have 180 channels and my bill is $50 for the service and  $79 monthly fee, I ask for the supervisor, she told me the same and she did not help me to verify what type offer and promotion I had, they are really  gross  and   wicked costumer SERVICE. and then   I  cancel ray away the DirecTV service, and they toll me “Today at 12am will be out the TV service” , well After 4 hours later,  DIRECT TV call me again, Mr. Carlos again saying, sorry they made an ERROR, you monthly bill is $50 for 2 years,  sorry, please call back to DIRECT TV  and restore the service back, YES I DID CALL BACK to restore the service, also at the same time I canceled the 3 months free channels because my wife did not like those type of channels. After 6 weeks they charge on my credit card $50 and $99.01 I did call again to DirecTV they says, You have the “MAS ULTRA PLAN ” like more than 230 channels and that is you monthly bill, also they bill me $15 extra for a PHORNO channels, I told them at The FIRTS day when the tech. installed the equipment   we blocking all playboys of channels with Technician Mr. Hernan,  They don’t listen you. I try to cancel the service again, but they says, DirecTV  will charge me $420 on my credit card and/ or  break my credit report , I have all documents about it, the DirecTV agents names, supervisor names and ID’s # . My family and me had and have a really bath times with DIRECT TV and costumer service, they are send me the monthly bills for around $94.82, at 8/23/2017 DirecTV cancel the service TV, because they like to pay. the over bills, I been paying on time the monthly payments agreement for $50 total
    My wife is ready to open a case, we have all documentation  to  prove about it.

  536. Day 5 Started with email.Your DIRECTV technician, RICKY H., is on the way!

    Date: 8/26/2017 Estimated Time of Arrival: 9:30 AM-10:00 AM Well Rick called before coming , he arrived the the correct time frame. He asked were he parked was OK, which was great. He looked at the site and the pole all ready mounted in the ground which was the same pole that was there Tuesday which Thomas said was the wrong size pole . He did not say anything bad about the previous tech, he walked to his truck came back and said we carry what they call a sleeve that goes over the pole, every tech should have one of theses on his truck . In fifteen minutes he had the new dish installed. Went into the house and professionally connected the TVs shows us how to use the remotes, offered us other services, showed us were to go to print a channel line up, he was out. A very great tech who did the job. Not like the the clowns we had out on Tuesday 8/22/2017. You should make Ricky who connected the TVs and Kenneth who connected the internet supervisors and retrain the other guys.

  537. I live in Carriere Mississippi Zipcode 39426. I see that you are considering not renewing your contract with wvue Fox 8. Please reconsider, this is the only local news channel we watch.

  538. Direct TV is trying to drop Channel 7 & WDAM TV from my channel line up. I will go back to DISH if Direct TV drops WDAM Channel 7 Laurel and Hattiesburg Ms. I am sick and tired of having to deal with Direct TV lack of respect and support of WDAM and viewers. Direct TV has tried 14 times in the last 12 years to remove this channel. If Direct TV refuses to come to a agreement on August 31,2017. I will disconnect Direct TV and never do business with your company again. This is a promise!!!!

  539. the tech tech that yall sent out yesternoon was great I would give him more than a 10 I would say closer to 20 you could have not sent a nicer person but your people over the phone leave a lot to be desired I would have to give them a —0

  540. I have a problem with my service, namely my telephone service. Two days ago I contacted customer service, whom referred my to technical support informing them I did not have caller ID for my TV. After talking with them and ask why. I was informed the receiver on my was the wrong one. They informed me they would up-grade to a new receiver. As of yesterday 9/31/2017 I find I no longer have telephone service. I am really hesitant about contacting tech support as I know they are working from someplace in Asia. Was informed of their location by the person I was talking with and So now I have no phone service having a hard time understanding them. Now I have no phone service. I am truly DISGUSTED with this product.

  541. We have been a customer for over twenty years. I was scheduled for a serviceperson to add a second service in our motorhome . The install was to be between noon and 4 PM. We received a confirmation call in the morning and were on the premises during that time and I took the day off work to be available. At 4:30 we called to find out what was up. First I got a young lady that I could not understand and then asked to get transferred to a supervisor. He then explained that they were to busy and we would have to reschedule. My question to him was why then did we get the confirmation call in the morning . If we were not to get service that day a phone call would have been nice. I don’t appreciate being cancelled when I had taken the day to get this done. If this is how you treat all your customers its a wonder you still have them .I will certainly look into another service for our watching pleasure

  542. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Would someone in a supervisory position please call me I am so frustrated trying to get help with moving my service.

  543. Where do I start? Direct TV customer service is the worse I have ever seen from a big company. I got DTV I year ago. The contract was for 2yrs with a guarantee my cost COULD NOT under any circumstances go up. Costs for Choice pkg and equipment insurance and taxes totaled 85.40 a month. 2 months ago we received our bill it was 136..27. After about an hour on the phone being transferred to several people, my wife found out they had taken it upon themselves to add NFL Ticket to our service. She finally got you to remove it. Now, this week, we receive a bill and it was 141.73. After 2 hrs on the phone, being transferred to 4 different people, ( one of which could not speak a word of English only Spanish), we were finally cut off with a bad connection. The DTV lady PROMISED my wife she would call back immediately, of course she did not. This morning, I called back. I got a nice lady named Lilian who looked at the problem and told me a mistake had been made. She promised she was removing the mistake and with 7 to 10 business days the bill would be correct. I also uncovered that DTV replaced my Choice package 2 months ago with the Xtra package, which I did not request and knew nothing about. And yes, that package is more expensive. Well, we will see what happens regarding the fix of the bill. I am not expecting it will happen without a few more hours on the phone. The only thing I am sure of, is we will never do business with Direct TV again if this is not made right.

  544. I have to ask just why you keep threatening to cut off local Toledo channels. We were promised those channels in our lineup when we signed up. I think that DirecTV is breaching the contract you made with your customers when you pull this. Should this continue, I am sure that a lot of other people BESIDES me will opt out of your service just a soon as our contract is up.
    One more item: we go a sales call offering us a free upgrade to get premium channels for 3 months. The sales person said that at the end of that time, we needed to take no action and the channels would be removed. Along comes the billing and contract, and lo and behold, if we DON’T call, the premium channels will continue at the current rate. Is that an approved sales technique for DirecTV? Shameful.

  545. I was going to switch from Verizon Fios to you guys. I have had you guys before and with family moving into the area I decided to get the NFL Sunday Ticket. I called and got an installation date of yesterday 12-4. I got updates saying to hold on and all that mess. Last one I got said 4:40 to 5:10. Got an email, text and voice notification. So about 6pm I decided to call. I found out it was cancelled so I called this morning and now they said no line of site. A couple things here, why was I not notified of the no site as soon as that was determined, he didn’t come over and check and you are telling me that no place on my property is a no site? This has been a terrible experience. I took off work to be there cause YOU said you would be there. I cancelled my order and want nothing to do with your crappy service. I guit Comcast cause they were horrible and you guys are about the same. I will stay with my Verizon Fios and keep the great customer service. I would still be waiting if I hadn’t called this morning. No matter what deals you have it ain’t worth the trouble.

  546. Direct tv sucks, since they are not showing CBS anymore I am seriously shopping them. Anytime I have to call it turns into a 5 hour call and I never get my problem resolved. Worst cable service I ever subscribed too and they do not honor your contract with them. The increased up my bills every other month. Seriously tired of fighting with them. If I gave this service where I work, I would not have a job. Think twice before subscribing and go somewhere else.

    • In June of 2017 we cancelled direct tv and paid our early termination fee, We paid our monthly payment through our credit card and was told that because of the billing cycle that our account would be charged but they would credit us. We never received the credit and had to dispute the charge. Direct has now sent us a bill every month . I have literally spent hours trying to resolve this and now they are sending us to collections. NOT a reputable company AT ALL. Buyer beware. Many in our town cancelled on the same day due to issues with direct. NEVER again. This company and lack of customer service makes me sick Theives

  547. My wife is the main account holder name on the bill but believe me I am the final decision. I have been with DIRECTV since 2005 and I have never been talked to or interrupted so much as I was on my call with customer service a couple days ago. I was trying to get something done to try and get my local channels when I’m on the road. My primary service is at home in Tx. but I travel with an SD receiver in my RV and I work out of state a lot. I Love watching my football and without my network channels I don’t get no NFL on the road. I am trying to make the point that I want be talked to or interrupted by anyone whose salary I help pay with the bill that I pay for AT&T and DIRECTV. I was to the point of almost canceling both services and I’m still undecided. I’ve been with DIRECTV for 12 yrs and AT&T since the 90’s you would think I would get a little more respect for the amount of money I pay toward TV and phone bills..

  548. I can’t understand why I can’t get a LOCAL station (13) with my satellite, but if I had a good old aerial antennae I could. When is this going to be resolved? Also, any time it rains, and I’m talking a gentle rain, not a deluge or downpour, I lose my stations. I pay a lot for this service, and I don’t get it half of the time, or most of the channels that I would like to have. I also upgraded to a box where I can record stations, and sent my old box back, and the bill is now almost doubled, which was not made clear to me as well as extending my contract.. Not a happy customer. Can’t wait til my contract is up so I can switch or just go back to my good old faithful aerial…

  549. I have cancelled service with DirectTv and they will not get me a copy of my final bill.

    I am reporting to the FCC and BBB on Monday

  550. I am not able to access NFL ticket. Promised when I switched to direct tv at beginning of call was dropped 4 times,hung up on 3 times.was promised a call back ,which hasn’t come.

  551. 9/18/17
    Customer Service and Direct TV lied to use about their moving package. We recently just moved been with Direct TV for over 20 years and was treated horrible.i I called 3 times today and my husband called 2 times. Both of us were hung up on. We are questioning charges on our recent bill. Charging us $53 more a month. Poor service, plus lied too. Wow We need to talk to someone that actually in considerate. We will be heading to a actual center to see if they are professional

  552. I’m writing to you because I’m so frustrated that I don’t know what to do. I called a 1-800 number to set up my DirecTV. Talk to a guy on the phone who gave me all the details told me that I would have three months of HBO Cinemax etc for free and I would have the NFL channel for free this football season. I have made nine phone calls to DirecTV since my service has been hooked up on August 2nd 2017, it has been a nightmare, at first we could not get On Demand so I called to get that fixed sometimes we can watch it sometimes we can’t. The next three phone calls was to get my bill combined to one because I also have internet boy what a nightmare that was I was never told that I would get two separate bills for the first month or two. I still don’t have a combined bill. The next was because I was being charged for HBO Cinemax the first month. Had to call charge for it the second month also, and that lady told me the promotion didn’t start yet that’s why I was being charged for it so I asked to talk to a supervisor and your supervisor told me the same thing my promotion didn’t start yet that’s why I was being charged for it?, No I’ve had to call again because I didn’t get the NFL channel on hold for 50 minutes. This has been an unbelievable nightmare with DirecTV. I’m not happy with the channels we have, unable to watch the shows we like. I wanted to upgrade to the next package for more channels but I’m afraid to do it cuz that will be a nightmare I want to go back to Comcast yes they’re customer service sucked but it was not as bad as DirecTV. At this time I don’t know what to do I’m at a lost everything I was told about DirecTV has become not true. When I started with your TV I was told with the bundle package and the promotion that my bill would be 94 something. I don’t know when or if I will ever get that bill for 94 something. I do not want to be stuck with DirecTV for 2 years and not be able to upgrade because I am terrified of what nightmare that will bring. Pamela

  553. Directv’s customer service is a joke.You call via telephone and you get some mushed mouth woman in Pakastan.You cant get through on the chat link either. I was a Directv customer for 16 years,and was thinking about resubscribing,but I am not sure now.All I wanted to know was, if Directv was considering adding local TV station WMYS 69 to there local lineup.I f that station can be included,i will most likely switch.

  554. I am so tired of hearing that my local provider WLBT CHANNEL 3 in JACKSON MISSISSIPPI is constantly having to re negotiate terms with directv continuously threatening to no longer carry MY LOCAL CHANNEL 3 WLBT in JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI. !!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I had NOT just signed back up with directv. I was recently told that if I were to break my recent contract that I would incur early termination fees – all because the giant directv bullishly continues to try to overpower the smaller LOCAL TV providers.
    directv should be ASHAMED !!!!!!
    MY NAME IS JEAN E. GILCREASE and I AM ASHAMED to be a directv customer and regret my decision to reinstate directv. I will NEVER recommend directv to anyone

  555. Hell ! I had NO IDEA I was putting my phone on YOUR STUPID WEBSITE!!!!! Please delete it ASAP !!!!!! I THOUGHT this was being sent to directv staff only !!!!

  556. I just found out that if ATT & Directv do not reach an agreement with KPHO Channel 5 in Phoenix Arizona by September 22, 2017 I will be unable to receive those channels through Directv. Since I watch most programs on that channel, I and I am sure many others will be canceling our subscription with Directv. So unless you want everyone that watches programs on those channels to be contacting you, I would advise you to reach an agreement NOW. This is what DISH network does so they can get more money, I did not expect it from Directv.

    • Directv acct no. 3326690
      Regarding order no,. 279700746
      This request for service was to realign my antenna only after the roof shingles were repaired due to the hurricane. The antenna was already remounted as told to the operator when requesting service. The order was written up for a relocation in error. This was discussed with the service technician who told me there should have been no charge but I was billed for $52.68. The tech was Rich Ph 1-800-531-8548 Ext. 1159. Please apply a refund to my account.

  557. On September 18, I called DIRECTV to have STARZ added to my package. At which point, the person told me there was a $30 loyalty offer. I said sure why not. I was never told my contract would be extended. Deception! Then I get an email stating my contract has been extended from December to next September. What? I never agreed to that. Guess the $30 credit came with a price.

    So after multiple calls, I am told a Case number and it’s going to take 14 days to have the Escalation team review my case. I tell them remove the $30 credit and put my contract back to where it was. No they won’t do that. Wow, how does a call to DIRECTV go from adding STARZ to a complete disaster? I was on the phone for 2 hours.

    I have directed a complaint to the BBB and FCC.

    I will not be doing business with DIRECTV after my contract ends. Also, I have AT&T. I will be researching new cell phone service as well. I have had issues in the past with AT&T as well. I used to have Verizon and DISH.

    Debra Ehrreich

  558. Sept. 23, 2017
    Our CBS affiliate has not agree to terms for DIRECTV to carry their station. The agreement expired Sept. 13 and no end is in sight.
    Now that the new television for CBS is starting we subscribers are left in the dark, without any alternatives.
    If this is how DIRECTV treats its subscribers then NBC’s top show “The biggest looser” is DIRECTV.

  559. I have had direct tv for 3 months. 3 times I have called because I keep losing the signal on all four of my outlets. The last time, a person I talked to said a supervisor call me that day. When the tech first showed up at my home to install the service, he got into an argument with his supervisor on the phone. He was so mad, he destroyed the dish that was already here from the previous owner. I asked him why he did that and he said “it wasn’t me, it was his supervisor. Since then, I have had signal problems. My point is this, EITHER REPAIR THIS EQUIPMENT OR REMOVE IT AND I WILL GO BACK TO CABLE! No court in this country will hold me to your contract if I am not getting the service I have paid for.

  560. We live in Utica Ohio. We get WBNS 10 TV out of Columbus. Direct TV has blocked it. We now get no NFL games (Browns). I pay for your service and you block it. Then try to sell me your NFL package. So pay for our service, we’ll block it, then charge you more to see it. Nothing more than an old fashioned stick up or con game.

  561. I will file a lawsuit if I receive another call from direct tv as to why my service was disconnected. I have told them 23 times why. This will stop or I will get paid

  562. Thank you for offering a refund on your NFL viewing package! I have always been a big NFL supporter – I will not be watching NFL games until something changes!

  563. I will be canceling DirecTv in a couple months when I move and will be going to Dish because they refuse to not charge me for those sports idiots the $4.53 per month.
    Enjoy my money while you can

  564. I called in on 9/18/2017to cancel service, the lady wanted to give me 3 mo. free. I said no. she then said the boxes will be sent out .I never got them so I called back on 9/24/2017 this lady told me she’ll make sure the boxes would be shipped to me. well never got them . so tonight 0n 9/28/17 I called again and ask if they would ck. to see that I called on the 18th. she said no but I will cancel it for you as of midnight It will be cut off. Oh really I havn’t had it on since the 18th.and you can’t talk to anyone that can help, so I’m asking someone from the corp. office to call me.Please

  565. we are traveling with our travel trailer and bring our dish and receiver with us.
    could not find proper dish setup so called direct talked to two service technicians neither could give me a answer to this simple question what dish Number wouldI use for a 18×20′ single transponder dish. Couple of years ago asked the same question to a female technician answer right away. Looks like you have a bunch of dummies there. We have been a customer of yours for many years and if we have to continue our trip with no t.v you know we’ll contact Dish network
    Herman Gernhardt



  568. Another very unhappy customer here! Enduring yet another of your contract disputes with one of my local channel programmers. WTHR (NBC affiliate) is my favorite local channel. I know somewhere in the fine print of my contract there is a clause that allows you to drop channels. But I feel it is a breach of the spirit of our contract. Your service is already severely overpriced. As soon as my obligation to you is expired Im gone! You could at the very least stop charging me for my local channels since your greed has eliminated the only one I watch. Im sick of your corporate greed and anxiously await the day when your business closes its doors!

  569. DSPAoo4253
    chad was very nice and polite knew what kind of trouble we had,
    show his badge would like to have the teck back anytime we have trouble.

  570. We had our home wired for tv and had dish then about a month after we installed direct it went off and they said they had to re wire and made us sign a contract even though it was their problem at installation. When we moved they said we owed an early contract fee of 200 dollars although we have no home to reinstall as we are living with our kids. It is a real hardship on us and we would never reinstall direct

  571. I spent a lot of time with a service person today because in the middle of watching a program it disappeared and I got this page telling me to call this number or do a myriad of other things to check what the problem was. After calling, and waiting through tons of add on announcements I got a person. The outcome was that the problem was in Marquette and he named a number of channels I could not get. Well I believed him but talked to a neighbor down the highway and she has Directv and has all the stations!!! So figure that one out! Lies or cover-ups or what?

  572. It was hard to find this way to comment FYI However I cannot say enough about the people in the Winston Salem NC area who expediated our instillation because of a family crisis. I had tried twice to get the service at our new home and had 2 delays one was because we were not told about wireless tv for an OLD HOUSE which is FANTASTIC!!
    My daughter in law was in a serious car accident over a week ago and she is still at NC Baptist Hospital in the ICU. her family including my son and two grands moved in with me and I needed this service to help distract my grandchildren.
    I called several time and was delayed for two week again. I finally was given the office in Winston Salem after a kind representative got them on the phone. Two supervisors worked together to make the service happen in TWO DAYS!!!!
    I CANNOT thank you enough. Our family is still dealing with this ongoing tragedy which was caused by a distracted driver who hit her from behind and pushed her head on into a tractor trailer. She has multiple injuries

  573. Called customer service today to gat a better deal on my bill. Operator told me that what I was paying was already low despite the fact that new offers a much cheaper and with additional ĂŠquipements. At this point I asked to have my service cancelled. At that point I was told that there will be a $240.00 cancellation charges (been with Direct TV since 2012). I asked the operator what was the contract date if any on my account, and indicated that I was recording the conversation. I was given a date I guess but asked the operator to repeat since I didn’t caught it. At that point she hang up. Nice way to treat a customer…..

  574. I will not consider changing over to Direct TV as long as they continue to sponsor football teams such as the Cleveland Browns that kneel during our National Anthem. I am a Vietnam Era vet; many of my veteran friends are also noting who sponsors these teams.


  576. I have few issues with my DirecTV. Only the worst storms affect it. My reason for writing (I cannot find another way to contact you via the Internet) is an idea.

    I pretty much live in the dark (saving precious $$s). I would be REALLY nice if my remote were backlit!

  577. For several months now, when I receive the “INSIDEDIRECTV” brochure that comes with my bill it tells about shows that have already gone by before I’m even aware of them, including free previews. The issue that came this past week, for example, describes shows that were on in early to mid-October: a Sundance free preview from Sep. 5 to Oct. 17 (long gone by!), three different sports previews that have all gone by. I’m writing this email on October 28!

    I’d sure appreciate it if you could manage to get INSIDEDIRECTV to me before listed shows have all gone by. That used to be the case. What happened?

    Bill Annable


  579. If you stop advertising on the Sean Hannity show because of left wing zealots I will cancel my subscription with your company. That is all my family has to say! Don’t cancel your advertising!

  580. I would never consider signing up for this service. The commercials they air are some of the most offensive I’ve ever witnessed. Every white male is an idiot doing idiotic things. Every minority is suave, successful looking and prosperous.

    An empty headed liberal marketing firm and management level idiots saying yes to this offensive advertising I can’t get to the remote fast enough when I see any of the company’s TV spots. We watch Netflix almost exclusively now. Eff broadcast TV.