Contact Direct Energy Customer Service

Contacting Direct Energy Customer Service Center

Contacting Direct Energy Customer Service Center

Direct Energy is an utilities provides sourcing, supplying, trading and generating energy for more than 13 million customers across the United States. The company works directly with energy companies, such as First Choice Power, Airtron, Mister Sparky, Benjamin Franklin and One Hour Heating & air Conditioning. Working with energy companies allows Direct Energy to pass the savings along to the customer. If you are a new or existing customer and need to connect with the customer service department, you can do so by email, traditional mail, by phone or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Residential Services: 1-713-877-3500
  • Small Business Services: 1-800-830-5923
  • Airtron: 1-704-333-5667
  • Benjamin Franklin: 1-800-471-0809
  • Direct Energy Protection Plans: 1-855-261-9822
  • Mister Sparky: 1-800-595-8644
  • One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning: 1-800-574-1725

Mailing Address

Residential Energy, Home Services & CorporateDirect Energy12 Greenway Plaza Suite 250Houston, TX 77046


Small Business Energy & Large Business EnergyDirect Energy1001 Liberty Avenue, 12th FloorPittsburgh, PA 15222

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Direct Energy website have the opportunity to learn about the company, review all applicable products and services, as well as reach out to the customer support team. Customers new to this type of energy provider should visit the Learning Center. This section of the website features in-depth information relating to the services and advice from industry experts.

Social Media

Although customers tend to use social media in order to receive immediate responses from friends and colleagues, using social media to keep the conversation going may not be the best choice. When we visiting the social media pages of Direct Energy, we noticed the response time was abysmal. On average, the response time was more than five (5) business days for important questions and general concerns.

Customer Service Email

When you send a message to the customer service department, you will need to fill out the form on the website. The information needed to send your message, includes, your region, the type of message, the product and your contact information. Our message centered on the availability of services in our local area. Although the automated response stated a customer care agent would respond to our concerns within 24 hours, we are still awaiting a response.

Our Experience

We reached out to the customer service department by phone and immediately reached the customer service department. Our conversation centered on the hours of operation. The reason being relating to the responses we received through various platforms. We explained that we did not receive a response by email or through social media. The agent apologized and explained the hours of operation. Although we received a valid response, the levels of customer service were lacking. What are your thoughts about Direct Energy customer service? Take a moment to let us know in the comment section.

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One comment on “Contact Direct Energy Customer Service
  1. Sent an email to cancel my protection plan in February. Apparently not processed. Have been dealing with Alicia at customer care to correct. Very disappointing…argumentative, unprofessional and clearly not suited to any position requiring customer interaction. Surely there are most suitable candidates to provide customer service. She gave us the wrong email address to send a copy of the cancellation email. My sister repeated the address back to her twice during the conversation.

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