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Contacting Dicks Sporting Goods Customer Service Center

Dicks Sporting Goods is a sporting goods store with locations across the United States, with products available on the official website and in stores. An affiliate program and groups sales are available to businesses and organizations as needed. Price ranges for sporting goods equipment available for sale from Dicks Sporting Goods range from items that sell for less than $1 to thousands of dollars making customer service crucial to continued customer support.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

There is one phone number listed for Dicks Sporting Goods customer service.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-846-9997

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address listed on the Dicks Sporting Goods customer service site. We did find the mailing address to contact Dicks Sporting Goods corporate office, which often provides an avenue for customer service support.

Dicks Sporting Goods Corporate Office345 Court St. Coraopolis, PA 15108

Customers should note that contacting customer service by mail is a slow process. It can take weeks for the letter to reach the corporate office and even more time for the information in the letter to reach a customer service representative. If your issue is time sensitive or financial in nature, standard mail is not the best means to contact Dicks Sporting Goods customer service.

Official Website

Customers can shop, access product FAQs and details or contact customer service using the official website at There are very few customers service contact details published on the site, which makes it hard for customers to get the help they need. We did manage to search through the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions to find more detailed contact information, but this information is clearly hidden from the main Dicks Sporting Goods customer service page.

Customer Service Email

There are two customer service email addresses listed in the Privacy Policy. What’s interesting about the email addresses is that they are not listed on the customer service page. What you will find is a contact page asks you to answer a single question before being given multiple FAQs that may pertain to your issue. At the bottom of that list of FAQs, you will find a link that reads Still Have Questions? Contact Customer Service. Click that link to be taken to the customer email form.

You can also contact Dicks Sporting Goods customer service by emailing:

Our Experience

You cannot bypass the automated system for Dicks Sporting Goods customer service by pressing 0. You have to press 3 to transfer the call to a customer service representative. After pressing 3 our call was immediately transferred to a representative who located the nearest store to our location. The agent was friendly, spoke clearly and didn’t press for personal information.

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135 Comments on “Contact Dicks Sporting Goods Customer Service
  1. I’ve been looking at a very specialized canoe that Dick’s sells, and the local store has told me that they can order it for me anytime.

    I saved up the cash for it, and called a week ago to make sure they could order it. Their manager said that her computer showed the distribution center had plenty. So a few days later, I went to order and PAY for it. They couldn’t. Corporate had blocked them from ordering any boats/canoes/kayaks at all during December.

    Now, the corporate office (I called the number above) tells me that it will be several weeks before they are allowed to order any more boats, which means that I won’t be getting this canoe for my son. This is the only store within 100 miles that has it, and their online store wants to charge $240 shipping to ship it to me, but the store charges no shipping.

    Dick’s has utterly ruined what I was getting my family for Christmas.

  2. whoah this blog is excellent i love reading your articles. Keep up the great work! You realize, lots of persons are searching around for this info, you can help them greatly.

  3. NEVER AGAIN no more of my hard earned money will go to DICKS. Your employees are rude and you dont have instock what you advertise. VERY VERY SAD. And to think of all the thousands of dollars i have spent there over the years of coaching and supporting my area schools with equipment.

  4. I just want you to know you have an excellent sales women at your Wilmington De. store. Here name is Mary. I was looking to exchange my Seattle Seahawk jersey for a larger one and there was no extra large in the store. She saw how disappointed I was and she explained how I could return it and she would order it on line in the store and have it shipped directly to my house before next weeks game. I was done and I’m very satisfied! She was fantastic! Tell her I said, “Thanks for everything” again.

  5. Had the worst possible service at Wesley Chapel store Golf Department. Their golf associate, it is a joke if he is one, RYAN smelled tobacco, screwed all my golf clubs putting wrong grips and on top of it argued I did not communicate properly. Not the first time with him. Once before I had clubs given for repair with clear instruction to call me when done. Never happened and I had to call and it had not been done. Another person completed and promptly called me. What is wrong with this store? Can’t they get decent & responsible people to work there ? I had it and not going back.

  6. On Jan.11, 2014 I visited your store in Cedar Hill, Tx looking for stadium chairs and was helped by Blake. The store had sold out of chairs, but Blake helped me order chairs to be delivered to my home. Blake was very knowledgeable and helpful. I left the store very happy to find the chairs I needed and for Blake’s kind assistance. Blake is an asset to your store.

  7. On Jan. 11, 2014 I visited your store in Cedar Hill, TX. I was looking for stadium chairs. Your store had sold out of the chairs, but I was assisted by Blake who helped me order 2 chairs to be delivered to my house. Initially, Blake approached me to ask if I needed assistance. I very much appreciated his kind, knowledgeable, pleasant manner. I left the store feeling good about Blake’s customer service.

  8. On April 12th my husband,son, and I visited your store at East Towne Mall in Madison, WI.We were greeted by Kyla and she showed my son some running shoes.When she didn’t have his size in the shoes he wanted she took us to a kiosk and searched until they found a similar pair to be shipped to our house. She was so nice and took her time with us. Kyla’s customer service should be recognized!! We were very happy with our experience today.

  9. Rewards and credit card holder and, longtime customer going back to original store on Court St in binghamton when that was the only store. Watched the explosive growth and profitability over the last twenty years or so. Just saw major hit stock price took attributable to falling golf sales and hunting sales. Hunting has been a diminishing activity for years so one can assume that sales in that arena will continue to decline. Likewise, golf in the post Tiger crazed era (which really started 5 years ago) has seen number of golfers decline as well as a decline in the number of rounds played by remaining golfers. I’m an avid golfer with some thoughts on the causes of decline and what can be done to slow it down. None of my ideas are original or groundbreaking but they do come from the ground up of lots of play at different courses with players from all walks of the economic and social ladders. I should mention that I’m a year into retirement from a not for profit co. Pace of play: slightly less of an issue now for me but when I was working, it was a major issue. I have two adult sons who like to play (casually) but cannot deal with 2.5 hours for nine holes let alone 5 hours for 18! Much more deliberate effort needed at the course level and at the retailer level to identify and encourage more robust pace of play starting with ready golf. Cost to play and cost of equipment: greater discounts for nine hole play to encourage some level of play from the ever more busy 25 to 45 year olds. $300 plus for a top named driver, $600 and up for a top named set of irons, $150 for a top named putter, $30/45 for top named balls. The 25 to 45 want to brandish the good equipment (whether they need it or not ) but cannot or will not incur those kinds of expenses. Prices need to come back to reality, and soon. Otherwise, its just another reason for them to avoid the game all together.
    More free clinics to assist beginners and early post beginners to help these potential golfers gain reasonable ball striking competency. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  10. I went in 7-18 to get three clubs regripped to the store in freehold,nj 07728…The man working the golf dept. said he was to busy to do them now but i could leave them. I observed him adjusting clubs on the rack..I only had 3 clubs to grip maybe a total of 10 minutes..this is not the first time..everytime i go in that store the golf is to busy….really doing nothing as i observe them doing..I knew i should of went somewhere else…but i was right in the area…That will not happen again

  11. Just visited your Morehead City N.C. store to purchase Underarmour clothing. For some reason you now must press a button to be allowed in the fitting room. After an extended wait I put the clothing down and went to the front of the store to advise the manager there was no response to my pressing the button and as I walked to the front there were two other “customers” on the other side who raised their hands as I walked by. When I approached the manager he never looked up at me and continued looking at his computer screen but reached for his phone and said I will get someone back there. I left and went across the street to Belk’s and bought everything I needed. I didn’t have to ask for access to the fitting room. This family “was” the customer. This manager needs to figure out how the store stays in business when everything sold at Dicks can be purchased somewhere else and for us the disregard for customer convenience is enough to do just that.

  12. I was at the Highland,Ind. store purchasing a ladder stand for hunting.I asked if they could locate any replacement rails that might be in stock within reasonable driving distance. They called the Tinley Park,Il. store and a sales person said they had 2 in stock and would set them aside for me to pick-up same day.I drove to and after an extensive time wasting search nobody knew anything about these items.I have dealt with Dick’s in the past and have had similar experiences such as this.Totally dissatisfied! Then Rob got involved.He handled the problem professionally and made things right.He was able to order what I needed and I received them in 3 days. Just like to thank Rob. He turned a negative experience into a positive one. THANKS!

  13. I visited store #000633 on 03/16/2015.As I entered the store I was greeted by this nice young gentleman, he asked if he could help me and I informed him that I was looking for bowling shoes. He informed me that this store did not carry bowling equipment but the other stores in the surrounding area did.I started walking away because I wanted to browse a little. The young man who’s name is Derick walked over to me and he informed me that he could place the order for me on the in store computer system. I was glad to hear that seeing that my husband really needed new bowling shoes like “yesterday”. Mr. Derick placed my order for us. He could have let me walk right back out of he store, but that “Customer Service” kicked in and he did what was right. That really touched me and my husband. I just felt that you should know what a “Jewel” your company has. Was a PLEASURE meeting Derick. Will shop there AGAIN!!!!!!!

  14. I just purchased $384 of catchers equipment at your North Attleboro store including a glove for $89 I asked for the glove to be steamed an was told it would cost $15 I then asked for the manager and he also advised it would cost $15 and was store policy I ask because I was spending close to $400 to wave the charge and do a good customer a favor was told again he could not and it was store policy well after many years and thousands of $$ I have spent at your store on sporting equipement for $15 Dicks just lost a good customer thanks for listening hope in the future you can find a way to treat your customers better than I was treated tonight

    thanks for listening Ed

  15. I am really mad I order 2 pair of elite socks and both of the socks were messed up I want u to ship 2 pair of elite socks to my house or I will tell peoples not to shop at dicks and I have over 1 million subscribers

  16. 9/15/15 I am very disappointed in the service I just received in your Eugene store! My sister is fighting for her life, & I was needing a item to take to OHSU for her. Your manager (lady) and other staff were so involved in getting stock on the shelves they have forgotten the personal compassion & going the extra yard for a customer! What a disappointment my visit was!

  17. I received a Christmas gift from my daughter two years ago and forgot all about it. I purchased a bow for my grand-daughter & remembered about the forgotten gift of a package of broadheads. I went to my archery supplies and found the package un-opened with the “Dicks” sticker still in place. I discovered that the broadheads were the incorrect weight for her as well as myself. She needed 100gr. and this package was 85gr. I was going to “Dicks” on Saturday 9/12/2015 anyway to get her additional supplies & thought I would exchange this for the proper weight. I went to the front desk & the sales clerk said just to leave them with her & make the exchange. I purchased what I needed and returned to the sales clerk. I told the sales clerk that the package I returned consisted of 6 & that your new packages now only contained 5, however; that was fine with me. She rung in my old package & discovered that the balance was ZERO. She called her manager who then asked how old this product was. I explained that they were a gift two years prior. She then explained your store “Policy” and said that it was out of date non-returnable. I said for her to examine the package with your sales sticker as well as your store logo, she stated “it didn’t matter, store policy is store policy!” I asked her if her store manger was available who she called to the check out area. After a long wait “Jim” your store manger arrives & after a small huddle with the sales clerk explains your return policy. I get it, its a policy, how about customer service and thinking out of the box? I thanked “Jim” for taking the time to explain the same policy that was repeated twice to me and left the store, only to have your “SECURITY STICKER” go off when leaving the store. I came back in & “Jim” said that they now have a device to de-activate the security sticker which he was more than accommodating to de-activate. I left the store again, only to have it go off again! I just threw up my arms in frustration. The morale of my story, I spent $37.07 in products with out the broadheads, took the old ones home and had time to think about my experience on the 3 mile trip. Conclusion: I decided I can spend my money at places that treat a customer as a person not as a policy. I previously used my “Score Card” for golf clubs, fitness machines, fitness clothes, golf clothes, hunting boots, hunting clothes, archery supplies, tennis shoes, balls & rackets. I have six grand-children who are all athletic & used “Dicks” for soccer, golf, tennis, field hockey & hunting gear. I hope you get the picture its not the $39.98 its people not recognizing the customer & I “was” your customer, but you still have your policy & I hope it serves you well!

  18. Extremely frustrated. Spent over an hour in the store with an associate who at the end of the day was unable to find an item in store as promised. M he then went to the kiosk in store to place an online order. Struggled with the proceeds so enlisted a female associate to assist. At the end of the day, I finally was able to pay for the one pair of socks and left. Two weeks later — socks still hadn’t come so I called the store. After giving me the run around. I was told to call online since the order was fulfilled via online. More time water trying to explain to Christina @ your 800# what happened. She then called the store. My credit card was supposedly never charged and the score card was never logged. What in the world took over an hour then — I still do not know. What I do know is that Christina promised me two $25 vouchers to be used towards future purchases. She said she’d note my account. I went into the store today and doing what I needed, included the socks and guess what? Now they can’t find the voucher or Christina’s “note”. To boot – “Bobby” from the Laguna Hills retail store was an uncooperative, lazy, inconsiderate, and careless. He was of zero help. I left the store without my promised promotions. I then called the 800# myself and spoke with Chad. Apparently, he only found noted for a 25% off one item, online. This is not what Christina promised. So I am even more frustrated and angry with your company’s poor level of service — these associates need to be better trained — they’ll clearly bad for your brand! not satisfied. Extremely disappointed.

    And now your website isn’t working. Email me back and I’ll send you a screen print of the error!

  19. took 40 minutes at dicks in euless tx to find someone to help in shoe department. never found anyone to help me. no wonder i dont shop there. thought maybe they had gotten better since new store. NOT.will never shop there again.

  20. Dicks isn’t using the credit card chip readers; saying its to slow. Let’s see if they get hacked and the then sued for losing all their customers cc information to criminals. This was at the dicks on bailey cross road, Va. The cashier said she only uses cash and didn’t worry about such things. Guess she doesn’t care about her customers.

  21. We purchased a Sole treadmill in July of 2014 along with an extended warranty. The treadmill stopped working in mid October of 2015. We filed a claim. It took almost a month to get a repairman to our home. He had to travel from another state. He did not have any parts to repair the treadmill. We now have to wait until parts are received and then have to reschedule another repairman visit. This is unacceptable. What good is the warranty if it takes this long to repair?

  22. Ordered about $1500 worth of bike’s(3) recently. Ordered hiking shoes last nite also, my discount 20% did not go thru/talked to 2 reps on 2 separate phone calls to correct/neither could locate that order even though I had an e-mail confirming the purchase sent to my e-mail (they both tried my e-mail address/ phone number/order number to no avail.). Please send my 20% discount check to my home address or correct the order/notify me. Thank-you. Patricia Medallis ps. I have no voice mail that works.

  23. Very frustrated. I’ve bought quite a bit of merchandise from Dick’s—especially running gear. I bought running tights and running top–Nike Pro for my son for Christmas. They were too small so I sent him to exchange for a size medium. He called and told me they wouldn’t, that it wasn’t the correct receipt (it was). So the following week I made a trip with the same receipt, told them what happened but they offered no explanation. I found a medium tights in the store & had to order the top but instead of an even exchange, they charged my account $14.07 which was the amount of the coupons used for the original purchase. Would not even being writing a complaint if the service had been better —instead they acted inconvenienced! We were the ones inconvenienced to have to make multiple trips. Probably will not be purchasing running gear, shoes or equipment at Dick’s in the future. This was store on N Penn in Oklahoma City.

  24. I just left your store #679 in Oregon and will never return. Your customer service is horrible. Way to live up to your name. Waited 20 mins for an employee to price an untagged item. He never found the price or a way for me to purchase the item. No apology was offered. Now I’m headed to Cabela’s where I should have gone in the first place.

  25. Hello Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am writing this letter to express my concerns with your Crescent springs, KY Field & Stream location.
    After spending over $3,000 dollars since the 1st of January this will be my last visit to a field & stream location. I felt very uncomfortable while making my purchases at the Field & Stream store.
    1st issue:
    A field & Stream associate remarked “Here comes eBay man” that was very upsetting to me due to the fact I buy most of my gifts, Sporting goods, and merchandise in volume to give out to friends , family and colleagues. I feel uncomfortable at the checkout with the associates due to unnecessary comments and remarks.
    2nd issue:
    I came in the store on 2/12/2016 to shop for a few items and noticed that a couple sets of arrow heads were marked down from $39.99 to $2.98 and I contemplated to myself that would make great new addition to my new archery hobby. I decided to take a picture of the item and shelf sale sticker to show at checkout to make my checkout go more smoothly than previous checkouts. At the time of checkout the manager on duty explained to me that the item was $2.93 off of the $39.99. I asked her to explain the reason the item was clearly marked down. I have been there over a dozen times in the last couple of weeks and I was under the assumption that I knew all the policies of the current sales. After listening, I explained how the sale worked from my previous knowledge directly from speaking with the store manager, Jeff (Manager), and Bruce (Firearms dept.)And she called another manager on the radio to resolve the price change. After the archery manager arrived, he had explained that he actually printed off the sticker himself during a clearance event ant confirmed that it was the correct price. She did not like the answer and said several times that this is not right and can’t be possible that the items were 90 percent off. She asked me to show another field & Stream associate where the shelf tag was located so they could have it removed. I explained I have an appointment to be at and do not have the extra time to do your job for you. I also had in my possession a $10 off $25 coupon I received in my email that I was trying to use with my order. She was unpleasant with my transaction and made that clear to me. I was already paid out, and again another situation that made me very uncomfortable.
    3rd issue:
    After this last situation I decided to look at my numerous receipts when I arrived home and noticed a much greater issue. I have an abundant amount of receipts for Field & Stream purchases since December 22 2015, and I detected many of the items I purchased were discounted at a percentage off of the original price, I clearly read the sign to make sure it was clear and there were 3 types of signs during the clearance event 1st sign 50 percent off of the lowest ticket price off of clothing and 75 off of the other sections I made purchases from. After surveying through my receipts and also itemizing my inventory of purchases, I see in fact I was charged with a discount on numerous purchases incorrectly and I overpaid on many transactions. The items I inventoried had a 3 as the last decimal. The department manager upon my 1st initial purchase during the month of January insured me that every item in the store was 75 percent off of the lowest clearance price ending in a 3. I also understand the other ending clearance items with different numbers ending in a 5 or a 7 had a discount of 25% and other items were price as marked. The circumstances would not be much of an concern if I had just made one purchase. This is concerning to me do to the abundant amount of merchandise I have purchased in the last few weeks.
    4th Issue:
    I was shopping a few days before Christmas for gifts for my friends and family and decided that Field & Stream gifts would be a great touch. I was in the firearm section looking at the ammo selection and reloading equipment and observing the center ammo display with the current sales signs. Bruce (MGR. Firearms Dept.) was explaining to another customer in regards to the Fiochi shotgun promotion that was currently going on. He explained that the current sale price was for each box and the second box was ½ off as clearly marked on the sign. He informed to the gentleman that if there was any discrepencies during checkout to have the cashier call back to call Bruce in firearms and he would communicate the sale to the cashier. Discussing the sale with the fellow customer, we both decided to purchase a numerous cases each of the Fiochi 12 gauge ammo. We entered the checkout line close to the same time and as the customer was getting his items ring in he turned around and let me know that the ammo was not on sale according to the cashier. I stepped up to the counter and explained exactly what we were informed of. He told us that he could not honor the sale, I asked the employee to call Bruce and get the full details. The cashier articulated to us that if he called the firearms manager and confirmed the information that it would make no difference. After standing at the counter between 15 to 20 minutes he put in codes on the register I was checking out on and he also did the same for the fellow customer. He made sure that he let us know how he felt about doing this with plenty of negative remarks and comments. I have checked out with the same associate a few times since this particular transaction, many of the transactions the associate rang up with the incorrect prices. Majority of the items were discounted from the current clearance sale. I was told by this associate on my transaction that the price marked was the final sale price. I personally went directly to the sign located in the store picked it up and took it to the checkout counter, and again he did not want to honor the discounts that were clearly listed on the sign. The cashier was unpleasant and distasteful with his comments. I was very uncomfortable and upset after leaving the store again with another disappointing experience.
    I have not made a decision on what action to take at this point? I have too many items to return at this point in time but returning my purchases might be the best action at this point. I have never been subjected to any of the issues mentioned above from Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, etc., in fact I know each time I check out I do not have to spend 15 minutes to 20 minutes in checkout dealing with price over rides that end up incorrect after its all said and done, negative comments, disgruntled employees, lack of product knowledge, specials, policies and procedures.
    I have communicated with several of my colleagues and members of my local gun club about what Field & Stream offers and the great promotions that were going on in the month of January for the inventory clearance. I have informed my colleagues that I misinformed them about accurate information concerning Field & Stream sales and events that have transpired. I have made copies of all the receipts and at this point not decided what I should do in this matter.

  26. I recently visited store # 097, in Altoona, pa. On saturday 2-13-16. Jamey in the Lodge dept. WAs very friendly and outgoing. went out of his way to answer any and all of my questions. He even went out his way to show me some hunting and fishing items that he had used. He made feel more than a customer and invited me back anytime that I was in Altoona pa. I live in pittsburgh pa. And in all of the Dick’s Sporting Goods stores that I have ever been I was never greeted and treated so friendly. I have worked in the retail industry as a manager for over 6 years and have never met anyone that willing to go out of his way before.

    Thank you for your time and please pass this on to Jamey

  27. I was in the Riverhead New York Dicks sporting goods store on Sunday with my wife and 2 daughters. I asked Joe from the hunting and fishing section if he could help me with a fishing reel in the case. The reel was a vsb200 (van staal). He immediately with an attitude said “we don’t sell van staal reels”. I mentioned to him that there was one in the locker case for $739.99. He opened the case annoyed and frustrated with me. I looked at the reel and asked if the store had the box for it. He said “it is store policy that they don’t keep the boxes for any of the reels they sell”. He also mention to me that the reel isn’t even supposed to be in the case and that its been in that case for the last (3) years. I asked him if I can talk to the manager to see if there was a way to purchase the reel discounted without the box and registration paperwork, he said he would need to ask. I waited in that store for 45 minutes while he help (5) other customers. No manager ever came to my request. I have spent a lot of money over the last 3-4 years between the (3) stores (commack, lake grove, and Riverhead New York ). I’m extremely disappointed, embarrassed and foolish that I have been a committed, loyal customer to Dicks sporting goods. This isn’t the first or second time I have been treated like this in the Riverhead store by Joe. The first time Joe allowed a customer to test pull a compound bow in the direction I was standing, the customer release the bow (dry fired) and a small piece of plastic projected off the bow and hit me in the head. Joe chuckled. The second time I was trying to buy a Yeti tundra 65 (which was not in stock) he said to both of my daughters “the cooler was a great place to put bad girls in”. So with that said I would expect to hear back from management to make these situations right.
    Please note I purchased the tundra 65 online through Dicks website and Dicks management please feel free to contact me with my score card email to prove how big of a customer I WAS.
    I was very reluctant to write this comment, but if Joe doesn’t care about his job why should I?

  28. I received the Dicks10% discount card in the mail today. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Gina for being so understanding of the needs of old gomers blessed/damned with technological ignorance

    Thank You Gina

  29. Hi —

    Yesterday, June 11, around 5:30 p.m., I went to the Dick’s Sporting Goods in State College, Pennsylvania to have a tire on my bike replaced. The man who came to help me tried to get me to purchase other services, bike tuneup, new gears, etc. I came only for a new tire, but said I’d have to come back next month after I’d been paid. After that, he became very rude, very degrading and spoke to me like I was a moron. I can’t help but think it was because I am a female and he just felt like belittling me because of it–that was the impression I got from his tone and his attitude. It was one of the most uncomfortable customer service experiences of my life. I thought of saying something to a manager while I was there but decided to just drop it.

    This morning, I went to get on my bike–he left my right brakes unhooked and didn’t properly place the tire on. I’m not sure if he did it out of vengeance because I did not purchase more goods from your store, (or for being a woman) or if he was just absent-minded. Either way, it’s extremely dangerous. I was on my bike and could have been badly hurt. Now I’m angry because I missed a bike ride with friends because of my terrible experience last night. So the anger and humiliation I felt last night from the way he treated me, has continued into this morning because my bike is actually worse off than it was before I came in last night and I can’t help but think he did it on purpose.

    There are a quite a few bike shops in State College. I took my bike to Dick’s because I figured it had a national reputation for being a good store, there wouldn’t be so many of them if it was not. I now know I am better off going to a local bike store. I have about 15 female friends who ride bikes religiously. I will be sure to tell them about the experience I had. I spend about $20 on, as far as I’m concerned, crappy/humiliating treatment and a bike in worse shape then when I came in. I hope this isn’t an attitude that men at Dick’s take towards females interested in sporting goods. It is after all, 2016.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this incident.

    Thank you,
    Rebekka Coakley

  30. I bought Qwest canopy 10×10 a.after taking out of box .i could not put back in the box. Worse thing I every seen. Pay good money An can’t even store it away…..

  31. I will never again buy from Dicks Sporting goods. There is too much high quality competition in the Chattanooga market to accept the poor service and trouble Dicks has caused.

    I ordered an item online to be picked up in the local store (Showed in inventory), and it was not available.

    I ordered two fishing reels , and decided not to keep them. I brought the package with the packing slip to the store for a return, and was told that I had to have the original order number (which was not on the shipped invoice). Had to go back, retrieve and then return!

    You are not customer focused anymore. Bass Pro, Cabela’s, Academy Sports, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Gander Mountain are all in my area, and are so much better than the service and experiences at Dick’s!

    I am voting with my wallet, BUT telling you why I am leaving as a customer!



    Andy Schaffers
    Retired DuPont Project Manager & Venture Leader

  32. ABSOLUTELY ZERO QUALITY CONTROL!! Ordered running shoes online. Opened box and IMMEDIATELY I saw they were FILTHY! Black marks ( grease?) all over sides and on bottom! They had been used so long, there were Creases on the toe box ! Yet, some girl had actually signed and placed a ” thank you for your order ” card inside. I can only assume the poor girl was blind. Now, I have to take to a UPS store to return them. Dicks sucks!

  33. Ordering online has been a frustrating disappointment. The Perimeter Trepied that I ordered before Christmas has just arrived on my doorstep Jan.17th in the rain, the package is heavily damaged torn box, part of the Trepied is sticking out of the box it has obviously been through a lot since I have been receiving emails stating that it was delivered to wrong address, returned to sender, reshipped. When I spoke to someone at they said that a return label would be sent to me and I could take it back and another one sent to me. AGHH!! this is quite heavy, I requested that UPS pick it up please. ok but 7 to 10 more days. This has been a very upsetting ordeal, not to mention a ruined Christmas Gift, we did have a picture to show though, not quite the same. II wil notl be ordering anything further from Dicks Sporting Goods. com

  34. Hello,

    I know youre very busy, but browsing your website I’ve got a vision how I could bring you more clients from the internet because this is something I already did before for a company like yours.

    If 15 minutes of your time isn’t too much to ask then perhaps we could discuss this further, would that be alright for you?

    Thanks for consideration,


    Sent from my iPhone

  35. I was in store shopping yesterday for sneakers, and thought it would be a pleasant experience. Well I was so wrong! I had to yell into the back room for a service person to come out, then every sneaker I picked they could either not find out back or was sold out. I spent almost an hour inside with little to no help. I asked for the manager and was told they had went home for the day and the person in charge could care less about my purchase. Worst time ever shopping!!

  36. So yesterday I traveled from NY to your store in NJ. I was there to have my c02 tanks refilled. I had 4 boxes that Dicks gives you when you refill a tank. I believe when you get 5 refills, you get 1 free. So I had 2 boxes that were completed filled out, and the bottom box was checked off indicating that I had two free refills. So when I got to the store and had 4 bottles, I expected 2 to be free. I was told no, the refills were honored already, which didn’t make sense to me but I was in a rush. The store also took my boxes. When I got home and explained what happened to my wife (who has gone with me to the store everytime in the past except this time) told me no babe, you had 2 free refills, they screwed you. I knew this to be true because there would be no reason for me to still have the boxes if the refills had already been honored. So instead of me paying roughly $10, I paid $20. So I lost $10 in refills from going to this store over the past 4 years. So I am here to ask what could be done? I have proof of my store purchase via my bank account. I paid $20.31 when it should’ve been half that. I would like to ask if maybe a $10 gift card can be sent to rectify this situation. Feel free to contact the store or myself but honestly right now I am not happy.

  37. I was trying to order an item no.1299852 late last night and lost connection I could not get back in touch with customer service and it was the only day 20.00 off 100.00 was going on in a week or so. can you help?

  38. I had a good shopping experience at the Short Pump, Richmond VA experience. A had two young good looking African American guys wait on Me about some Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17. My old ones were worn out and these were good for stability and support they recommended. One of them got busy and then I had another guy stop and help Me as well too who was able to measure my foot to make sure I got the right size. They were very smart and knew their shoes! I ran in them this Sunday morning because I run up a lot of hills and increased my time by 30 seconds! I was impressed! Also by getting help and feedback by these intelligent guys! They both deserve recognition and a pat on the back by their awesome customer service! These guys are a keeper at your store! 🙂 I will come back to this store again! Thank you a lot! Leanne

  39. Was in the Latham ny store and asked for help with Nike apparel from 2 guys standing around. They called someone and over 5 minutes went by all the while watching me nobody comes. Had 4 items so far to purchase and wanted more items. They let me leave without a word. Got to my car and called the store and spoke with Aaron, acted like he didn’t care and mumbled a ok.

  40. For 2 days I’ve been trying to resolve an issue with yesterday’s supposed 40% discount drop 1pm – 2pm with an online sale. This whole so called sale event was nothing short of a COMPLETE DEBACLE! For the entire hour I was not able to log on to Dick’s website ?

  41. Im very upset with Tuesday’s promotion one hour deal. I tried to buy my gf a birthday gift and the website servers had crashed or quit working and i wasn’t able to get anything. So now i missed out on the 40% off one item! Was pretty upset over that.

  42. I would make the purchase if.
    I did go online just in time to receive free shipping and a fair price for Bob punching bag XL.
    The total cost was $316.00
    My credit card fraud dept. stopped the charge because it wasn’t sure if I made the purchase. By the time the next morning, the discount did not reflect the $316.00 cost.
    Please let me know if your office can help me get the product with the savings of free shipping plus the 20% Anyway the total less the charges is acceptable to me. Tell me when I might receive the $316.00 price again. I know that you can do this if only you will.
    Thank you for being a blessing.

  43. I know it is cyber Monday and after working 11 hours I have came home to order a sweatshirt and can not even get it to load have spent 3 1/2 hours clicking same buttons and still gonna miss the sale

  44. I am writing in reference to web order #10059370792. Upon opening the item it is apparent by the discoloring and smudges it is a used item that was repackaged.
    I would return it but it is an item I need to use and the discoloration will not affect its performance.
    I have ordered from you before with no problems and also shop at your local store often.

  45. The price for your binoculars advertised was $1 but when I clicked on the picture the price was $1169. In contacting the store and subsequently corporate customer service I was left on hold and nobody returned to assist me

  46. I order two sizes of black nike sweat pants from here and I was charger for both, however, I never received the second pair of pants (the large size). My tracking number is 10051956998. Thank you.

  47. I didn’t get the 10 dollars off when I checked out. It was offered when I went on line to make my purchase .could you check into it please. and get back with me Thank You.

  48. I ordered a ebonite transport 1ball roller bowling bag. Without a email confirmation reply I called and was advised delay due to payment review; however apparently resolved. Meanwhile I receive a 2ball roller bag without any paperwork/info etc.
    At the same time I receive shipping confirmation on correct purchase and have since received it as well as billed. My wife(Kathleen Prevosto) believes the incorrect delivery may have been billed to her account sPlease investigate and advise

    • i went online to take the survey to get my $10.00 certificate on $50.00 took the survey only not to get the code……very frustrating!!

  49. I went to your Woodbridge Center location yesterday on my one day off to return a few items. Your systems were down and I was unable to do anything other then make new purchases. That was extremely upsetting. I enjoy the store and planned on using the money to simply purchase something else that you offer however I was not given the opportunity to do so. I now have a house full of Carhartt items that are wrong sizes and styles of what my family wanted. I was very disappointed with the problems that occured at your facilities yesterday.

  50. I visited Dick’s Sporting Goods Sunday Jan 7, 2018 in Matthews, NC. and would like to give a big shout out to Justin, who works in the shoe department. He has great customer service skills!!! He assisted me within a couple of minutes after I walked in his department. After I decided on the perfect Nike shoes for myself, her even helped my wife who was looking for cabin socks. He was very helpful,
    polite young man. Thanks again Justin, you have a bright future!

  51. Thank you so much for doing what is right. Assault weapons have no place in our country. Brave move! I will always shop in your stores.

  52. thank you for taking the first step towards keeping our children safer. You took a bold step I hope others follow. Thank you again.

  53. thank you taking the first step to keep people especially children safe. I hope others follow your example. thank you again.

  54. I just wanted to thank you and congratulate your company on the announcement regarding the ban of assault like weapons and ban of guns to under 21.
    I too believe that reasonable guns should be allowed, but we need to recognize that there are limits. Hopefully other corporations will follow suit.
    I will now go out of my way to shop at your stores.
    Thank you
    Maria Ritter

  55. Thank you for no longer selling assault style rifles! So proud of your store. I normally shop at Academy but I plan to shop at your store now.

  56. Great choice to not sell AR-15. I am a gun owner and totally support your choice. You have my business forever. My gun club and bicycling club will make up any business you lose through not selling assault rifles. Very happy.

  57. Totally support your decision to stop selling assault rifles. I belong to a gun club and cycling club. We will all go to you for our business. VERY PROUD OF DICKS SPORTING GOODS….HOOORAH.

  58. Congratulation on your sane gun sale decision. I will as a result buy my sporting items – not a gun buyer myself – at dick’s for your brave and rationale stance.

    Chris Brancato

  59. You have lost a customer for good. I will never again set a foot in one of your stores. It’s sad to see you folding up to the anti-gun crowd. This decision shows me your ignorance in placing the blame on guns. It is obvious law enforcement failed on many levels which is where the vast majority of blame should be placed. You are slapping the million upon million law abiding gun owners in the face with this decision.

    Good bye and good riddance.

  60. Outstanding decision on assault rifles and large capacity magazines. Shopped you often. Now will only shop with you for my athletic needs. Thanks for making sense.

  61. THANK YOU Dicks Sporting Goods for having corporate fortitude in your decision not to sell automatic weapons or to those under 21. It will take decisions such as yours to make important, vital changes. Thank you again.

  62. High Praise to you for taking a stand against gun violence in America.
    I am impressed by your courage to lead corporate America to make a statement that might not be popular with some of your NRA customers.
    I am sorry school children have to be massacred before caring adults develop the spine to standup and protect them.
    Thanks again for your values and courage.
    Please support ‘Sandy Hook Promise’ to help change our cultural belief that every disagreement must be resolved by an ‘all or nothing’, head-to-head conflict, as opposed to mutual respect and understanding.
    Henceforth Dick’s will be my go-to source for all things sport- or athletic- related!
    Stand Strong!
    Ben Hamilton, Retired Fire Service, Garland, TX

  63. Congratulations for your stand on the guns. I was choosing not to shop at Dick’s, but now I will continue to shop there as will my family and my friends! Thank you and I am sure you will receive great support!

  64. Congrats on your stand against guns! I had chosen not to shop at Dick’s. I am sure I , my family, and friends now will be supportive of you

  65. I’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars at your store over the years. However, because of you cowardly stance against gun rights, I (and my friends) will NEVER spend another dime at your store!!

  66. I have always enjoyed shopping at Dick’s sporting, however, there are enough gun control laws and mental health laws referring to guns, and back ground checks in existence today. The problem is the ATF, FBI, city police, state police, and county sheriffs don’t do their jobs and enforce the existing laws. Dick’s knew policy referring to not selling semi-auto firearms has led to my decision to never do business at Dick’s again. Most of the 18,19,20 year old people are responsible gun owners. If the shooter would have been100 would I have to be at least 101 to buy a firearm a Dick’s?
    In Discuss , Glenn Greene

  67. Thank you Thank you Thank you. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your decision to stop selling assault rifles. I am an educator. My very soul aches for those who have lived through these tragedies. I have nightmares of this happening in our school. You are making a difference! Thank you for taking a stand to protect us.

  68. Thank you for deciding not to sell assault style fire arms and pushing the age up for all gun sales to 21. Will it solve the problem? no, but it sure will help. Thank you.

  69. Thank you for decided not to sell assault style fire arms and pushing the age for all gun sales up to 21. No action will solve everything, but it sure is a step in the right direction.

  70. I want to thank you for standing up for what is right, and taking a step to prevent the killing of our citizens. More need to act responsibly like you have to help prevent more carnage in the U.S. You will have my business in the future.

  71. THANK YOU for taking a stand against the unrestricted availability of automatic weapons and of guns to young people. It shows that your company has a social conscience. I have always bought all of my grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. gift cards for books for birthdays and Christmas. I will now buy them gift cards to spend at Dicks Sporting Goods as I feel that you represent my values for putting a priority on the safety of our children.

  72. THANK YOU for taking a stand against the unrestricted availability of automatic weapons and putting an appropriate age limit on selling guns to young people. I have always bought gift cards for books for my grandchildren and nieces, nephews, etc – but will now buy them gift cards to spend at Dicks Sporting Goods as I feel you have shown by this action a real concern for the safety of our youth.

  73. We’re so disappointed that you’ve gotten into the political ‘fray’ over gun control laws. I’m sure that our Marine son, who was permitted to enlist and defend our country at age 18 will feel comforted to know that while he was sufficiently mature to face terrorists overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, with weapons much more powerful then a semi-automatic rifle, that he wouldn’t be considered sufficiently mature here in the states to purchase this rifle from Dick’s until he is 21. Shame, shame on you. I don’t think that your idea to listen to the very noisy minority is going to bode well for the more silent majority that shops at your stores. Like many, your store has been our place for sporting goods, Christmas gifts, gift cards, and just a fun place to take the grand-kids on the weekend to look at camping gear, etc. We will no longer be supporting your store, not because of these changes to your policy which I believe have been in place for several years, but due to your misled interest in getting involved in politics. You should have stayed a sporting goods/hunting/camping store and left the politics to politicians.


  74. February 28, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    Congratulations your new policy of not selling ASSAULT RIFLES. We have always been a customer…but will now use your store first when looking for any sports items.
    God Bless you for listening to all the young Americans (future Voters) who just witness the terrible tragedy cause be one man and his ASSAULT RIFLE.

  75. A congratulations and thank you to Dick’s Sporting Good Management for the announcement made by the CEO regarding no longer selling Assault Rifles and raising the age to 21 yrs to purchase guns. Great job putting moral responsibilities and values above of sales/profit, especially in this difficult retail market.

    I have always had a good experience shopping the Issaquah, WA store. I will now become a lifetime supporter with Dicks being my number one go to for all our sporting needs.

  76. I and my large family and friends will never buy another thing from your company ever again. You boycott, we boycott. We will see who gets the worst of it. I was not a NRA member before but I am now

  77. The recent stance re semi-auto guns and high capacity magazines being withheld from customers under the age of 21 is reasonable and acceptable to nyself, a gun owner for more than 50 years. Will not no one of those who boycott the company. Thanks for your action, and thanks even more for your restraint. (My company will no longer rent anything from Enterprise, for example.)
    Thanks again. S. K. M.

  78. I’m letting you know that I will be a Dick’s Sporting Goods customer from this point forward because of your bold and decent move to no longer sell assault rifles. I may be only one person in Laramie, Wyoming but I felt the need to let you know.

  79. Thank you for the stand you are taking regarding gun control. It is sensible, reasonable and ever so important. We will be increasing our visits to Dick’s in support of your commitment to sensible gun control.

  80. Dicks, thanks to your anti Second Amendment stance and discrimination, you will not receive a single dollar of future business from me, my family or associates. You lost a lot more than five million NRA members, decisions have consequences

  81. Dicks, Thanks to your disrespect to the 2 nd amendment and NRA members you will not receive a single dollar of future business from me or my associates. You lost a lot more than five million customers. Decisions have consequences,.

  82. After your decision against the NRA who promotes gun safety and had nothing to do with school shooting and your decision to not sell AR 15s which are not assault rifles but semiautomatic, our extensive family and business acquantences will take our shopping elsewhere.

  83. I will NEVER spend another dollar at DSG thanks to you people pissing on law abiding citizens rights to buy semi auto rifles from your way over-priced stores…you liberal pukes screwed the pooch with this garbage! Good bye.

  84. Will never shop at your store again, because of the ban and restriction
    On purchasing an AR rifle.
    18 and 21 year olds are fighting for your freedoms in he’ll holes around the world.
    Good luck telling them when there home they can’t buy one.
    If there is a mass killing with a bat will you ban the sale of them also?
    This will back fire on your corporation.

  85. Gun bans don’t save lives. If the cops would have rushed the school many lives would have been saved by a gun.
    People are so stupid!
    DEMOCRATS deal in feelings, conservatives deal in facts.

  86. Wanted to thank Dick’s for their proactive changes involving the sales of guns.
    Your management is courageous and shows great integrity.
    I will support you with my praise and my business!

    Sincerely, Zo-An Korobow

  87. Dear DICKs,
    I spend A LOT of money yearly at DICK’s on so many things for myself and the family – winter & summer clothes, boots, socks, jackets, camping & fishing stuff, etc.. i have shopped there so often that I’m on a first name basis and friends with many of the managers & clerks – yet only once did I go there with the intent to purchase a gun.
    But NO MORE! This disgusting pandering using a tragedy for some free publicity has crossed the line for me. The hypocrisy is just too great.
    So in response, I am making my own emotional, irrational, knee-jerk decision…
    I will never spend another dollar at DICK’s. Ever. Nor will my immediate family. And as one of two influential patriarchs for our very large extended family, I will continually advocate this response to each and every one of them at each and every family function from here on out – not to mention all of our many, many friends. So while your profits won’t be damaged at all from the loss of the rare gun sale to me and mine, there will be a lot of collateral damage I’m afraid.
    Do the math DICKS.

    A Frontline American Consumer

    PS. Why must you and your ilk always insist on banning something and, in the process, further eroding our constitution and the rights contained within? And it’s ALWAYS because of a very few deranged individuals? Why must you side with the one that does wrong instead of the VAST majority of other law abiders? Why not instead do something positive? Use some of your profits and influence in a positive manner. Perhaps donate some to aid mental health programs. Or put on regular ( and free) gun safety seminars/classes. Just think of all the goodwill (and free publicity) you’d create. That just might help your business and by default, the community. Instead you always choose a negative and derisive path – and wait for the fallout. But hey, I’m just a dumb consumer, what do I know

  88. Thank you for making a stand with your new gun policies! I think what you did was great as a company and will shop you more often because of this!

  89. Age 21 to buy a Daisy Red Ryder, no way. 18-21 year old cops, vets, guards, hunters need guns and ammo, they have licenses to purchase and use same.
    You will make us less safe by not selling to millions of law abiding licensed shooters. Please talk to the white house,. please talk to someone.


  91. I want to commend Dick’s Sporting Goods for their recent action in no longer selling assault weapons and for raising the age to 21 for the purchase of a firearm and ammunition. This took a great deal of courage. But we need to hear from more companies who believe that assault weapons are not necessary to life in our great country. I will do everything I can do to support Dick’s Sporting Goods in the future.

  92. THANK YOU FOR TAKING A DEFINITIVE STANCE ON GUN CONTROL. You are a leader and if you were in Alaska, I would shop there to support you! I purchased items in your Virginia store today!

  93. Thank you for the courage to stand to the bullying behavior of the NRA, its angry members. It’s about time someone does. I am 14 year veteran of the Army Reserves. My father was a veteran of WW11. He had weapons in his home. I have two rifles. I don’t like handguns. I find them scary’ especially when someone does not know how to them.
    I am a former middle school counselor for six years and a teacher of learning disabled students for thirty-one years. In the past I have purchased ammunition and my archery supplies from Dick’s. I will continue to do so.

  94. I applaud Dick’s !! Thank You !! I stand behind our right to bear arms – BUT- I do not see a need for a regular citizen to have any automatic weapon !! & Thank You for raising the age !

  95. Hello! I wanted you to know what an exception job Mitch in the Bloomington-Normal, Illinois store did. I was shopping for a Teeter conversion table. He was so patient with me over the phone then he patiently answered all of my questions when I came into the store. The Bloomington store did not have the model I wanted, so I spoke with Kris from your Peoria store. Kris was extremely helpful as well and held the boxed Teeter Hang up for me. My husband went to Peoria the next day to get this for my birthday gift. My husband said that Kris ranked high on his customer service experience. Nice Job for hiring Mitch & Kris!!!

  96. I am reaching out to applaud the decision to ban the sale of assault rifles at your stores. I appreciate that these decisions can effect a companies revenue and that makes this decision even more impressive. I feel gun control is one of our nations top priorities. Thank you for taking a stand, making a change. It has improved my view of this company and i will make purchasing decisions in your companies favor because of it. Thank you,
    Marie Oswald-Bellevue WA

  97. Back on March 7, 2018, I was in the Dick’s Sporting Goods located at 810 Butterfield Road, Lombard Illinois. Among the many soccer items purchased for our daughter was pair of Adidas COPA 18.2 FG/B cleats. I made sure the fit was comfortable and she had plenty of wiggle room as is usual when purchasing shoes. The shoes turned out to be too big as she has a wound on her ankle. She has never played in a game and the cleats are as good as new.

    The salesman on that day never checked about the fit of the cleats. It is my belief that salesmen/women working in the shoe department should have knowledge of the sport and how the cleats should fit. He/she should make sure the cleats fit properly before the customer leaves the store. Also, customer service was very poor as we had to wait quite awhile before even being helped.

    I am extremely disappointed that we were not allowed to make an exchange for a smaller cleat which was in stock and will never shop in a Dick’s Sporting Goods store again.

  98. I have been a Chick’s Sporting Goods Customer for over 25 years. Recent visits to Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Palm Desert, CA. leaves much to be desired. In my attempt to purchase new running shoes proved to be a disaster. The employee that was helping me disappeared to find the right shoe size and after a search found him in the bicycle department helping other customers. Needless to say, I didn’t get my running shoes. My recent visits conclusion is that Dick’s is under staffed with unknowledgeable sales people. Note that there were 6 other customers in the shoe department at the same time left to “fend” for themselves.

  99. Dick’s Sporting Goods decision to stop stocking the most popular rifle in the United States, the AR15, was a very poor decision. Retailers should leave politics to the politicians. Dick’s has pissed off at least half of their customers if not more. I know I will never enter another Dick’s in my life, and I will do my best to convince my family and friends to boycott Dick’s as well.

  100. Had a tennis racquet restrung at Orland Park Il store it was restrung wrong talked to manager and he said they would restring which I thought it would right away which that’s how it should be but was told it would be ready within the next week.I don’t want to wait another 5-6 days like I did before.Once I get my racquet back I will not be going back terrible guest relations. If it was my fault I could understand buy it wasn’t.

  101. I have frequented your store in the past but will never do so again and yes this is because of your firearm policies. I do agree with a few of your policies in your statement. The banning of black weapons will accomplish absolutely nothing with regard to keeping our children safe. I am all for the safety of children. Our problem is not the gun. It is the user of the gun. Common sense is not part of your policy.

  102. Concerning your decision to not sell a certain type of firearm for what amounts to purely political reasons. I will no longer purchase anything from any of your stores or your website. And I will encourage anyone who will listen to do the same.

  103. To Corporate
    Your decision to stop selling firearms is troubling to me, as well as insulting. I am a law abiding citizen and a believer in our Constitution- all of it.

    You will have lost a lot of customers because I tell everyone I know that I will not shop at Dick’s until you reverse you firearms policy.

    Sadly, you have fallen into the ‘politically correct’ trap.

  104. Too bad you will never receive my $ ever again. I am a member of the nra solid. Not that I spent much anyway. Nice golf equipment tho. You and yeti can go to bed together.RIP

  105. I am sorry to hear about your companies anti-second amendment attitude.
    I will not be buying anything from you again.

  106. I used to shop at Dicks Sporting Goods. However, I will never set foot in any of your stores now that you’re company promotes policies against second amendment rights. Guns are not the problem. They can not discharge by themselves. People pull the trigger. Therefore it’s a people problem. I care not to do business with an organization that can’t accept the truth.

  107. I used to shop at Dicks Sporting Goods. However, I will never set foot in any of your stores now that you’re company promotes policies against second amendment rights. Guns are not the problem. They can not discharge by themselves. People pull the trigger. Therefore it’s a people problem. I care not to do business with an organization that can’t accept the truth.

  108. I was a long time Dick’s Sporting Goods customer. I have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars with your company over the years. We have bought kayaks, apparel, sports equipment, many pairs of boots and sneakers in the past. CEO Ed Stack has a right to run his business any way he sees fit. But his recent decision to hire Glover Park Group to lobby for further gun control was the last straw for me. As a responsible firearm owner I respectfully disagree with Mr. Stack’s stance. So I will choose to NEVER patronage Dick’s Sporting Goods and I will encourage my large family and many friends to do the same.

  109. You’re either all-in with the Second Amendment or you’re not and by hiring an anti second amendment lobbyist you have proven your objection to the constitution and the 2Nd amendment. No one in my family or extended family will ever walk into another Dicks sporting store ever. We the LEGAL gun owners of America have not killed anyone, The NRA has not supported killing anyone, We obey and respect the current laws on the books and do not see any need for additional ones that would further restrict our CONSTITUTIONALLY Guaranteed right to have our Gun ownership NOT infringed upon. Criminals and mentally defective people do not abide by any laws and I hope you lose a ton of business through your failure to understand and support Legal Gun Owners.

    Dave Gibson

  110. Bye Bye Dick’s – you may want to hire some lobbyists to help get customers back in your store instead of playing the liberal’s game of stomping on gun rights. Never really liked your stores anyway so this is easy.

  111. My name is Stacia Clayton
    And i recently shop at the Burlington branch in Washington.
    I would like to write or flip out the survey,but I’m not able to find the website
    I want to thank Bri she was great.
    I want to thank Ryan cashier
    For his service as well I left my change and I went back and he’s the sweetest guy
    Please thank them and please send me the link for the survey
    I was in the store 5/29/18
    Yours truly
    Stacia Clayton

  112. Dick’s online “chat” customer service is horrible. When I discussed it with the Store Manage he agreed! I could not access my rewards profile on their web site so I choose to “chat” online. The person was absolutely incompetent! I gave her my email, phone number, my address and even my rewards number! She said I didn’t exist in the system. We went around and around for 10 minutes and all she wanted to do was convince me to open a new account. Finally I had to end my “circus’ with her, and then she was sarcastic when I signed off. I went into the store the next day, and magically they pulled my account right up without a problem. Dick’s online customer service sucks!

  113. After reading many of your customers comments and complaints it seems that your name really fits your company’s profile. I should of read them before I placed my order.

  114. I received a bunch of coupons in the mail last week that have accidentally been recycled. 🙁 Can you send me some more? Thank you.

  115. I haven’t stepped foot in a Dicks store since they turned into an anti-second amendment “sporting goods” store. Good riddance.

  116. I don’t how a retail company like yours thinks alienating half of this country’s buyers is a smart business decision! Your stance on guns has changed nothing except your sales. I’m not even a hunter and I will never set foot in one of your stores again!!!

  117. My husband and I were given excellent service today at Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Southwest Plaza Littleton Colorado. I had a problem with a gift card and it being lost in the US Postal Service. James and also Shane Stevens helped us completely to get this situation figured out. We are scorecard customers and will continue to shop at the Southwest Plaza store for our five grandsons. We so appreciate the process and details that they went to figuring out this situation. Thank you again James and Shane Stevens…..great employees!

  118. Excellent service at the South West Plaza littleton Colorado dicks sporting good store today. Shane Stevens and James helped us completely figure out a gift card situation and problem that we had with the US Postal Service when we sent the gift card. Thank you again! Employees at the Southwest Plaza Littleton Colorado store

  119. I need help! Your website is a failure!!! Ive been trying to connect to your help chat line which shows 24/7 but it keeps forwarding me to a phone number. My phone is not available. No matter how i try either chat line or email it keeps forwarding me to the phone number? Why? I have a problem with the order i made but its impossible to get a hold of you. Ive been on your website over an hour and missed the promotion. Please give me someone i can talk to!!!!!

  120. I was shopping in your store (Lakeway) on Saturday. I found exactly what I wanted in quick order because I had amazing help. Avery and JoAnn assisted me thru the store to fill my list of 5 separate gifts. These ladies went all over the floor a couple of times. Each of them kept a smile on their faces and we joked a bit. This is so unusual – especially during the holiday season. All of your employee should be so helpful. I will spread the word to my friends. I do think both of these ladies should be rewarded with something, even if it is only a kind word.
    Thank you, JoAnn and Avery.

    Sue Cunningham Travis
    308 Indianwood Drive
    Austin, Texas 78738

  121. I returned an order 2 weeks ago and have not yet gotten my refund my refund.

    This does not come under the heading of good sevice.

  122. we have yet to get our order # 10139164971


    Please refund our form of payment as it was never received

    Susanna BArroso


  124. On December 26, 2018, I returned an item for a refund because it was too small. To this date, January 8, 2019, I have not received a refund or any communication from your company. My order number is: 10145021298. My name is: Pamela Heskett and my phone number is: 928-242-4898. Please advise as to what is happening to my return and also when I may expect my refund. Thank you.

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