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Contacting DHL Customer Service Center

DHL is a global shipping company that offers Express, Freight, and Supply Chain shipping, among many other shipping services. The official website is setup as an informational portal that customers can use to find out more about the services provided by the company, in addition to tracking and verification of delivery. We expected to see a log in area on the website for customers or businesses, but there is no log in page to be found.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The contact page on the DHL customer service website is a series of links to better navigate customers through the contact information. There are no phone numbers openly listed making it slightly frustrating for customers who just want a phone number to call.

  • DHL Express Customer Service: 1-800-225-5345
  • DHL Global Forwarding: Use DHL Express phone number.
  • DHL Freight: Use DHL Express phone number.
  • DHL Global Mail Personal: Use DHL Express phone number.
  • DHL Global Mail Business: Use contact form listed in customer service email section.

Mailing Address

It took us forever to find the mailing address for DHL because the company is not based in the US and they use the term Masthead instead of corporate. The following address is listed on the corporate contact page.

DHL Corporate
Charles-de-Gaulle-Str. 20
53113 Bonn Germany

Because this is an international address, make sure to take your letter to the post office for postage. It may cost more than one stamp to send a letter to DHL customer service.

Official Website

The main page of the official website is located at You’ll have to choose your country before being taken to the site for your country. If you have a DHL account you may have access to another website or portion of the main website where you can track orders on a bulk scale.

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email address, but there are several contact forms listed in the DHL Contact Center.

You can also contact the DHL Corporate office by emailing:

We sent an email to the corporate office to see how long it takes to receive a response.

Our Experience

The DHL customer service phone number was answered by an automated system available in English and Spanish. You can press 0 to reach a customer service representative, but the system will attempt to ask more questions. Keep pressing 0 and you will be transferred to a representative. Our representative, Chad, was quick to take our zip code and tell us the address of the nearest DHL shipping facility.

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54 Comments on “Contact DHL Customer Service
  1. I have sent an e-mail to a department of DHL, but will be sending this one as well. On 24/10/2012 one of the DHL vehicles in South Africa, North West, 2570 collided into my vehicle. I reported the case, and obtained a case number, as well as the relevant quotes, asked by the local manager, Charl, in Potchefstroom.
    Up to now he was very unhelpful. We have to contact him constanly to no avail. He NEVER returns any calls, and doesn’t take notice of our messages.

    Please assist me in this matter, to avoid any further legal action to be taken from my side! We can easily avoid this by settling this matter out of court!
    My contact details are +27724687801.

    Awaiting your prompt response!
    Mr. L. Loubser

  2. I have now complained FIVE TIMES to DHL Global Service that THREE shipments from to Nicaragua just vanished!
    Do you think DHL USA did respond? NEVER!!! Therefore I call them now: D(elivery)H(assle)and L(osses)”Service”!
    Here are the three so called “tracking” numbers:
    GM555113525311137323 and GM555113525312304519 and GM555113526312494682
    More than THREE months have passed without any notice from DHL! I can’t remember a worst postal service in my life.
    But I want my money back! US$ 160,00!!


    Jorge Cacique

  3. I get phishing emails all the time from a non dhl company.try to forward it to them doesn’t work no way to reach then.Schitty company

  4. Suppose you are to be send a parcel by your friend from one of the countries in Africa,then he says you have to pay for the cost of posting of the parcel(concerns money) to reach you but unfortunately,you dont have the funds at the moment.My question is,how would you help me so that i can get this important parcel?

  5. What duration will my package get to me in Germany from Istanbul and then the sender sending to me never have the tracking number

    Your parcel has arrived on July 14th. Courier was unable to deliver
    the parcel to you.

    To get additional info about this shipment use any of these options:

    1) Click the following URL in your browser:

    Get Shipment Info

    2) Enter the shipment number on tracking page:

    Tracking Page

    For further assistance, please call DHL Customer Service.
    For International Customer Service, please use official DHL site.


  7. The worst customer service ever so much automation, kept getting sent to the same message just to change a delivery address and could not make such a simple change. This is the worst company in terms of customer help will never use DHL again.

  8. Dear
    I want to bring few samples of automotive air filter from China.
    which will be free of cost.
    So I want to know 3 questions
    1. RPS Is the service of DHL where I paid when the parcel is received.
    2. if the free samples parcel is about under 1 kg then , Would I pay the custom duty.
    3. What will be the charges of DHL from china to Pakistan weight 1 kg.

  9. I am trying to get information about the Global Mail service offered by DHL. After submitting 3 times there contact sheet, I had not one reply.
    I found a customer service number and got directed to about 2 or 3 other numbers and no one could help.
    I can only now assume that the DHL website is incorrect and this service is unavailable.
    DHL – get your facts straight.

  10. I got this message a while ago, Thought it was bogus but need to inquire. [ A parcel was brought to our office long ago to be delivered to you, We misplace your details Please resend us your personal details, home address for shipment and your cell phone number.] I do not give out my personal information. So if you have a package send it to me with an official announcement, if not you have someone using your company for illegal business.

  11. DHL is a horrible nightmare come true. Three weeks now they can’t account for two packages they allegedly handled. No phone service for customers. They do not respond to emails.

  12. If any company uses DHL, I refuse to do business with them. Package sent from New Jersey USA by seller, to San Ysidro CA and was dropped off in Compton CA??????? It has disappared and is supposedly sitting somewhere in Compton CA????? which is no where near San Ysidro CA–seller who used them gets no business from me and when purchasing from others, will state any sale/contract is null and void if shipped by DHL

  13. Been trying to find a phone number for customer service but it appears impossible. I am trying to contact car accident claims regarding an accident last September. Work not carried out as promised, car has been back to the repairer but still not satisfied with result. All I want to know is the phone number for your claims department so that I can take this forward before the warranty on the work runs out. Seem to be getting the run around can anyone help?

  14. Dear DHL Customer Service:
    I received two texts, one is a duplicate,and cannot receive a mailing label to send the duplicate back. DHL is the worst mailing service that I have ever used. Please notify Amazon (I buy most of my books there) that they should change their carrier to one that is “more competent,” such as UPS, which has never failed to give me good service.

  15. Good morning dhl this is andrew from philippines. I just want to ask if your company accepts shipping from china to philippines and the items are tattoo inks and other tattoo supply thanks


  17. Suppose you are to be send a parcel from a company in canada and you are from one of the countries in Africa,then he
    says you have to pay for the cost of posting of
    the parcel(concerns money) to reach you to someone in USA call kristine fine us$250 but
    unfortunately,you dont have the funds at the
    moment.My question is,how would you help me
    so that i can get this important parcel? and secondly is any one by name kristin fine in your company that receive money?
    and also is that the amount to be paid for the delivery?

    waiting for a reply.

  18. please the way you use and render your service to the world determine the amount of people that will always need your service please sustain the ppl by correcting mistakes tank u…still waiting for my reply

  19. I’m so disapointed in the manner which my collection request has been handled. I arranged for a parcel to be collected from Kassel in Germany on the 07th July 2015, collection ref # CBJ150707617898, up to date, can’t get confirmation whether parcel has been collected or not – contacted customer service two times in a row & no info can be provided.

  20. Very disappointing. We are to travel abroad and have been on edge for our passports to be returned from the UK with visas for three countries stamped therein. There have been many occasions us to be concerned over the past three months and we could have done without DHL’s contribution, namely: the envelope was tracked from London-LA- San Francisco-Sacramento. I am in Vacaville which is closer to San Francisco than Sacramento! It was due to arrive yesterday so we stayed in all day to receive it. We were still waiting at 5pm and found on enquiring DHL by phone the driver had ‘attempted’to deliver but “Nobody at home”. It was re-delivered this morning, to our door. We live in a gated community and the same person who delivered this morning said she ‘was running late’ yesterday so didn’t even approach the keypad as required to gain entry. This is the first time we have ever known a courier service not delivering into our community. The driver this morning did apologise for her neglect to supply us with the important delivery we had been waiting for. Not good enough DHL. The person in your customer service centre we called yesterday saw nothing unusual in the late delivery and gave no apology for the non-delivery despite my remaining at my home address all day. Guess which courier service I’ll be instructing never to use again!! ever be using again?

  21. Re contacting phil couchman or mark turner ……… Your availability to be sent an email is as good as your delivery service…… useless! I was in at the alleged time you FAILED to deliver. I received a text AFTER you claim to have called. wouldn’t recomend you on that performance! a wasted day

  22. Wonderful service! Missed them the first time. Tried to reach them the same day and did. I left a request and the next day it arrived.

    Thanks guys!

  23. Where is my order – I was given this tracking number: GM605114117000297134. But apparently now I need an updated upu code from NZ Post. I would appreciate you providing this asap as I expected this order to be delivered last Thursday

  24. appalling service. We receive packages via DHL and are told that our address is “illegal” This despite the fact that our country is about 60 miles by 40 and the compound we live in has been in existence for 14 years.

  25. I have a small package that needs to be shipped to China via their request to DHL. We do not have any DHL paperwork to ship the parts. Who do we contact?

  26. Not happy I sent a parcel to Ghana only to get it sent to my own address after paying 40 pounds I find this disgusting and very bad. This is big convenience. I want to be refunded for the money lost and time you wasted.

  27. Hi how are you i want to ask something it’s allow someone send you 2 phone from USA to Gambia and when phones arrive in gambia you do payment

  28. My parcel has been sent to me since Thursday the man who was sent to give me the parcel since Friday hasn’t come snd his number is no longer going trough what can i do? Pls I need help

  29. DHL has unfortunately been one of the worst logistics experiences I have had as my international package was not delivered on time and I was promised my crate could be rerouted to another customer location and it is still sitting in the original location. I called the 1-800 number about 10x and no one can help. I asked to speak to a supervisor and I sat in hold for over 25 minutes and no one answered the phone. Can someone help deliver the crate from La to San Diego tomorrow please?

    Thank You,

    Sent a Doctorate recognition from Mexico City to our home and it arrived with the wooden frame broken, double glass broken. The recognition certificate was punched through by the glass. Totally insecured packaging at the DHL store .

  31. I am trying to reach the delivery department as the company sensing my package sent it to the wrong house number. Could you please e mail me to get correct delivery address as your office is closed this weekend.

  32. I got a email saying parcel could not be delivered because of delivery addressthat was wrong I do not have a dhl password could not open mail
    my address

  33. I have been trying to open an account for weeks now. Nobody has called me back to open this account. We ship Internationally weekly. Use to have an account but, was not using DHL and account closed. I do not know why no one will return my call. I have filled out online twice and called three times only to be assured they put thru expedited for sales to return my call.

  34. Needed to get shipping info on on Saturdayf or packages to be sent…guess what DHL was closed. Advised to call back next week. So I took them to a local UPS store and had them shipped .

  35. I need your services, I have some little goods going to Nigeria. I need your phone number, to contact you tomorrow so you can come to office and collect the goods. Thanks

  36. Dear Sirs,

    We Anhui Hanhua New Building Technology from Anhui China, have send a parcel with Waybill number: 863 8814 100 from China to our Hotel in Hannover. Th parcel contains flooring samples which need to be used on the Domotex fair this weekend. The delivery address is the H4 hotel near to Hannover Messe.
    DHL China has informed us today that there is a problem with the clearance of the parcel. I like to know what is the problem and what we can do to release the sample that it arrives on time in our Hotel.

    Kind regards

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