Contact Denver Post Customer Service

Contacting Denver Post Customer Service Center

Contacting Denver Post Customer Service Center

The Denver Post provides news and information concerning the residents of the Mile-High City, as well as surrounding areas. The newspaper is available in print, mobile, online, through SMS and through social media. The company attempts to provide relevant information pertaining to local, state and national news. The Denver Post currently has a daily circulation exceeding 300,000. With such a large customer base, customer service is critical to business operations. In the event you need to connect with the customer service department, you can do so by email, traditional mail, by phone and through social media.

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Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Office: 303-954-1201

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Denver Post101 W. Colfax AvenueDenver, Colorado 80202

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Denver Post website have the ability to read content relating to breaking news, local/state news, sports, business, entertainment, lifestyles and opinion pieces. Within each section, you can read the most relevant content or search through the archive. The website features a live social media feed with real-time updates. For invaluable information relating to the newspaper, we recommend visiting the Denver Post Customer Care  page. This portion of the website features information relating to subscribing, customer services and account management.

Social Media

The social media pages provide a wealth of information relating to news. If you have a concern, you can connect with the customer service department. If you post a comment, the customer service department responds in approximately four (4) hours. At times, the customer service team asks customers to reach out to a live agent by phone or the customer service department is send a private message.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email addresses listed are for general concerns. We sent a message to the customer service department asking for information relating to canceling a subscription. After sending the message, we received a response stating a customer care agent would respond within two (2) business days.

Our Experience

Connecting with a live agent at the Denver Post was simple. We called the hotline and listed to the automated system. After pressing zero (0), we reached the customer service department. We discussed transferring subscriptions to other locations in the event customers move out of the servicing area. The representative explained the process and ended the call. The customer service department has a team of professional and helpful employees. The overall experience was better than expected.

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136 Comments on “Contact Denver Post Customer Service
  1. For the third time in two (2) months the paper has not been delivered to my address at 5110 York St. If the carrier doesn’twant to deliver to this area please return my money

  2. I have had nothing but poor service from home delivery of the Denver Post for the past 3 years. AGAIN today, I have not received my paper. I have requested the paper be delivered to my front door (not to the back of the house at the garage door) since I am disabled. When I do get the paper (I often never get it-as today)nine times out of ten it is delivered at the garage. Last Sunday it was delivered at 11 o’clock AM and thrown under the down spout where snow melt was pouring out and soaking the paper! I have been a long time subscriber but seriously thinking of cancelling my subscription due to the very poor service. When I do not receive a paper I am promised the missed paper will be delivered the next day – IT NEVER IS. I have called customer service so many times & they always say they keep track of my calls. That doesn’t seem to do any good if indeed that is the case. I’M FEED UP WITH DENVER POST HOME DELIVERY !111

  3. I am somewhat confused. I just sent an email regarding the chronic poor delivery service at our home and now have a message that my comment is “awaiting moderation”. Exactly how do I “moderate” my message that you have an incompetent district manager responsible for this poor service? I am puzzled.

  4. And now for the rest of the story……While I was out buying a newspaper, at 10:05 our paper was delivered! Does ten seem just a teensy, weensy bit late to you?


  5. I didn’t receive the Grow section in my paper on Friday. I called and was promised it would be in Saturday’s paper. It wasn’t. As a Master Gardener Volunteer at the Denver Botanic Gardens I rely on the information in the Grow section when answering questions at the Gardens. I am very disappointed in the Denver Post’s service. I can’t depend on receiving the TV Guide every week either. Has this become the current standard for “Servicwe”?

  6. Either customer service or my newspaper carrier is ineffective. I did not receive my Sunday paper today and called the Denver Post, and spoke with a real, live, person, telling them that I needed a redelivery of the paper. Two hours later and I still don’t have the paper. Where’s the urgency? I like to read the paper in the morning, not the afternoon or the evening. I pay for a service, and expect to be treated like a valuable customer. A missed delivery needs to be fixed ASAP, not whenever the carrier, or the supervisor gets around to doing it. At this point, I am still not sure that I will get the June 8th paper at all! I am not happy about this so-called delivery service.

  7. Please find a reliable carrier for your Sat./Sun. delivery. Again today I have no paper for the “umpteenth “time. It should be delivered by 7am. As a longtime subscriber I’m totally disgusted w/ the lack of good service, and I don’t want to have to read it online.

  8. I did not get my paper this morning. When I called, I was told I could not get “re-delivery.” This is not “re-delivery” I didn’t get it in the first place. I was told I could get re-delivery tomorrow or credit. I want my paper today!,

  9. I finally got my paper, almost 2 hours late. It would have been nice to know it was delayed and that I wasn’t missed, ala automated message.

  10. I have experienced intermittant problems with home delivery and have contacted you in the past. It improves for awhile and then reoccurs. Once again, I did not get the Sunday Paper. I paid for six months last billing hoping the delivery problem would be taken care of. Now. it is time for another billing—–IS THE PAPER WORTH IT?

  11. I’m tired of trying to read my paper every time it rains or snows and the paper is soaking wet. Why don’t the carriers realize that the paper needs to be double bagged at least. At least make an effort to keep the paper dry. Please address this issue. Thanks

  12. This is the third morning my paper has NOT been on my porch as I have requested. It has been down on the driveway which is difficult for me to pick up.
    This is not a new request as I have been getting the paper on my porch for many years. Extremely frustrating.

  13. I called to cancel my subscription today due to:
    1. The pathetically shallow endorsement of Corey Gardner for senate
    2. Outsourcing of what should be local jobs to Central America (although the representative, Jason, was very professional)
    3. The sense that the Post has been “bought out” and no longer provides an unbiased approach toward journalism. It is a real pity because I enjoy getting and reading hard copy print.

  14. Recently we have revived our paper with missing sections. I call and told a new paper will be sent and never get one This need s to be fixed for me to continue to continue to get the paper We have been with the paper for more than 30 years and to be honest service the last few years has made us think shall we continue Tony

  15. I am very unhappy with the service that I have received from the Denver Post. When I moved in September it was very difficult for me to get my TV Weekly. There were 4 times that I did not get it. Sunday the 9th I also did not get it. I called TV Weekly my subscription was due on Nov. 2. I mailed my check but as of yet they have to received it. After talking to them they said that I could get a complementary copy( they have extras) by calling the Post. I did this and they said they would send one out. Today is Monday and I still have not received it. I called again and they said they could not send me one. I am very displeased at all the run around I have been getting. What happened to the four copies that I paid for but did not get? Please reply. I would like an answer.

  16. Please put the paper on my front porch. I am 80yrs old and have COPD and it is hard for me to go out in the yard to get the paper. Thank You

  17. I would like to cancel my subscription of the Denver Post effective January 01, 2015. This due to the fact that I have had it for a year and I do not like this newspaper. It has nothing to do with the delivery. Thank You

  18. your e-mail customer service in awful.. I dial in for vacation hold and cannot get it done. Have to call in every time to stop delivery.
    You need to read acquaint yourself with the implied duties of the “4th estate” it is to report the new, not make it and to present unbiased all sides of issues.
    Have yet to see a article that wasn’t ignoring the facts on recent grand jury hearing, but supporting those who turned out to be criminals. Hope they show up in your home some evening and the police let them go as they shouldn’t be arrested.

  19. THIS WOULD BE SUCH A GOOD TIME TO REPRINT THE GUEST COMMENTARY BY lAURIE lATTIMORE-vOLKMAN DEAR MR MANNING which appeared in your newspaper February 8 2014. Thank you for your kin consideration; Bob Sanders

  20. I have made numerous phone calls, been placed on hold or disconnected, trying to cancel my subscription. I have been at this FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR!!!!!!! Their customer service stinks!If I had any doubts about cancelling my subscription I don’t now, assuming, of course, that I can ever get in touch with them. Their web site has also been less than helpful. I’m beyond disgusted!

  21. waited on hold for over 20min just to cancel subscription.
    terrible customer service, one of the reason to cancel service
    This is ridiculous!!! no one ever answered the call on terminal hold with awful music playing in background I am sure it is a
    tactic to keep my subscription.

  22. I have been a subscriber of the Denver Post for years but after moving to my current neighborhood the delivery of the paper is horrible. Really tired of this poor service. Yesterday and today no paper. I never notice a credit to my account either. If you want to keep your waning circulation home delivery would be an area to improve on.

  23. I read the very interesting article on Mr. Katzenberg in the Wall Street Journal today, and I have an outstanding idea for you. I am an author who has written a historical thriller series that starts in World War II and takes the surviving characters up to senior citizen status. You can read about the series at my website ( The series is filled with romance, suspense, adventure, and great history. The great history is captured by including U.S. Presidents from FDR through George Herman Walker Bush and other powerhouses such as Winston Churchill.
    My major objective now is to have my series made into big-screen movies or a TV mini-series. Why? For three reasons: The readers of the series are clamoring to see it on film, it would create good-paying jobs for fellow New Mexicans, and it would serve as a baseline for future World War II series. Would you be interested in producing it? I think it would be a huge hit.

  24. Ugh, this is so hard to navigate. Good thing time is not money. I am having delivery problems.(sounds like it is not a new problem for most people) in Jan alone we have not had our paper delivered 5 times, one time two days in a row. I will keep track and when time to pay I will deduct this amount as you did not last year. Give me back the Rocky Mountain News never had this many problems with it.From the looks of this site I should not expect a reply so I will continue to phone and listent to you tell me to use the website and that you will contact the carrier. hmmmm

  25. We did not receive our newspaper this morning – January 30, 2015.
    We expect to get what we paid for and don’t feel that we should go purchase a copy of the paper that we have already subscribed to.

    Please have the newspaper delivered before noon today.


  26. this is the 5th time this year of no delivery! Its only Feb 1st. Im tired of this & want to drop my subscription & get a refund. the good side of this Is that I have shoveled the walks, cleaned the cars & walked the dog through the snow. Amazing what gets done with no Sunday paper.

  27. AGAIN I have not received my paper after numerous phone calls
    over the period of my subscription since I moved–I was promised many times things would change, but they are not. Today we have snow and I expected a late paper, but HOW LATE IS LATE???? Walks have been shoveled and everything is clear — I am really sick and tired of the poor delivery service.

  28. I called Sunday when no Denver Post arrived, and it still has not arrived.

    It did not come two weeks ago either, but I did not complain at that time. Since we were not at home part of the day, I considered the unlikely possibility that someone else was enjoying the publication.

    I did complain of poor delivery earlier and it seemed to help for a while, but one paper in three weeks is not acceptable.

  29. We have had consistent problems getting our paper. The last 3 days we have had to call the automated line. We have been a customer for many years. Why now is delivery a problem?

  30. For the third Sunday in a row we have not received our newspaper.

    Nor did we receive it yesterday (Saturday) morning!

    Great service from the Post. Yeah – Right!

  31. I called customer service on 3-4-35 about my paper I did not receive they told me it will be delivered the next day. The next day can around I got that days paper that was it.On 3-5-15 at 7am I called again and spoke to someone and they told me a manager would deliver it to me I saw no one what in the world is going on REALLY.Plus to top that off I asked the customer service representative to update my phone number and that did not happen REALLY. I think we already pay a lot of money for the paper and your employees can not get a darn thing right. REALLY CRAPPY Customer Service. SHAME on you DENVER POST and its EMPLOYEES

  32. I too have poor service. I paid for Saturday an Sunday delivery and half of the time I do not get on it on Saturday. This month I did not receive my paper on the 14th and the 21st, plus no Saturday delivery twice last month. My many telephone calls to customer service have not produced any solution. Last year was good _this year not, I agree crappy service. We pay good money for this service and we should get good service. Whose fault is it, the delivery person or the supervisor that is supposed to relay the problem to the delivery person. Come on get it right

  33. Why does the neighbor across the street get the paper, but I have had to call 4 days in a row because we did not receive a paper????

  34. An employee of yours has contacted me twice in the last 2 weeks. I was not able to understand this cretin from India. I also asked this cretin from India to send me adjustments for not receiving my paper numerous times in the past year and this person hung-up on me. Please fire these cretins from India !!!! Your delivery service sucks as well as your employees from goddam India.

  35. April 12th , I did not receive my Sunday morning paper , I called customer service care,only to hear a recording message , really , you take my money but when there’s a problem there’s one to complain about the service.
    The only message I hear is * customers are not valuable *
    I have had problems in the past* wet paper, no service , late delivery*, this isn’t working me anymore, I didn’t sign up for this type of service. I pay for a service and I expect the Denver Post to deliver .
    I will be canceling the service. 12:28 pm

  36. It used to be easy to do a vacation on line. I have
    e been going around in circles for several minutes trying to do the same. I guess I’ll just call it in.

  37. Once again, no delivery of the Post. Yes, it’s snowing (but not covering the roads here) but what the hell. Before retiring, I used to go to work when there was bad weather. This is the fourth time THIS YEAR. No wonder more people are unsubscribing and not relying on the Post for news and features. Unless deliveries get consistant, we’ll be joining them. Get with it!

  38. Can’t reach anyone by phone or e-mail. Can’t get a call back and the website says I can’t be found. Need Help now!

  39. I’m trying to get a vacation hold on my subscription – as a customer of 30+ years, I’ve done this many times – why is it so difficult now?!

  40. Trying to do a vacation hold on line is worse then having teeth pulled. Has anyone at the Post ever tried it? I did Wall Street and USP in less than two minutes. Your Web page is terrible

  41. Again no paper, June 03rd, this is the 4th or 5th time. I wanted to go grocery shopping today and always check the Wednesday grocery specials. I called said they would deliver, it is now 2pm. I have called before only when not delivered but the late paper is also getting aggravating. My renewal is due June with a $50.00 increase, fat chance!! Thank you for listening, Therese M. Breffle

  42. 6/14/2015 We did not received the Sunday paper today. I waited until 8:15 am to call to request a paper. I was told it would be sent right out. It is now 5:15 pm and still no paper! I hope I am assuming correctly we will be give full credit. It would be nice to actually speak to a person and received some customer service

  43. I have looked under customer service and various other web sites (ASK)to try to do a vacation hold to no avail. I am computer literate and would like to do a hold like I used to but Vacation Hold is gone. I have to the old Hold phone number that I can get through on but that number is not listed on the web site for general public use.

    Also when I used the web site Hold before it disappeared it always gave me “unsafe” website message.

    It is important home security to do a hold so papers do not pile
    up and advise others of my absence.

    This used to be a simple process. Why is it unsafe and unattainable by Denver post e-mail?

  44. It is now 7:48 am on 8-17-15 and I do not have a paper. Seems to be a continuing problem. Some days early but most is always late. I’m about to stop delivery and tell others about the poor customer service.

  45. I have been a Denver Post subscriber since 1967. Recently our post was always thrown hapardly on the lawn and generally it was water soaked and couldn’t be read until the next day if one was willing to cope with the situation. My current complaint is that the same carried must deliver my New York Times because it is getting the same casual treatment and I must get totally dressed and go down the driveway until I can get my copy of the Times. I will contact the Times also to tell them of the problem. It seems as if we in the local area no longer wish to be known as readers—Thank You I am interested in knowing if you offer the Post on line at reduced prices or if it costs the same as getting the Post at the doorstep. Once again, I hope to get my questions answered before abandoning ship!

  46. I have a new carrier and I am not receiving my Denver Post newspaper. It’s been two days now and I have no idea how to contact anyone to get my paper. PLEASE see that I receive my Denver Post at 757 Cherokee Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525. Thank you!!!!!!!

  47. 6 plus weeks of constant inquiry about “where is my paper” . I purchased this subscription through Groupon and cannot get the paper delivered and have not received the gift card that is part of the Groupon. I escalated this situation 3 times. It appears regardless of who I speak with there is no service in customer service.

  48. We moved away from 636 Ridgeside Drive, Golden 80401, a year ago but still own the house.. At present, a neighbor informs me, the Sunday edition is being dropped in our driveway every Sunday. The neighbors have to pick it up and discard it. Please inform your driver NOT to leave a paper there.

  49. Once again the paper was delivered onto the lawn and was soaked. Remember the only way i will continue is for the paper to be delivered onto the porch. Why? again i am handicapped and am in my mid 80’s. This has been the 4th time i have complained. My son has shown me how to get the news i want on the internet so suit your self. YOUR DELIVER PEOPLE ARE A JOKE.. address 7475 Reed ST. arvada.

  50. Again, no newspaper was delivered today. The automated message about crediting my account is of no help in getting a paper delivered. Doesn’t anyone review the messages about poor delivery?

  51. A most obnoxiously persistent outfit, Sullivan Promotions, keeps calling me several times a day, many times a week. The last time they did this I asked them to stop it, which was altogether unsuccessful. I am requesting that you no longer ask them to call me. I will NEVER subscribe to the Denver Post through them. Thank you. Patricia Ellison, 9335 E Center Ave, 8B, Denver, Co 80247

  52. I called The Post on October 20,2015. I spoke with a lady there and asked her if I could subscribe to the Post with her on the phone. I did not want to do it online. She took all my information and my credit card information so the I could be billed with the Easy Pay program.

    I told her (I did not get her name) that I wanted the paper delivered Wednesday thru Sunday only and also so I could get digital access on my computer. She quoted my a price of $14.08 a month for I year. I agreed to that.

    A representative of the Post called me at home on October 23rd, to thank me for my subscription. He went over my name, address and thanked me for being on the Easy Pay system and I would be charged $22.00 a month for delivery 7 days a week. I told him that was totally incorrect and I would deny that charge on my credit card…he said I would get a call back. Of course I have not received a call from anyone. He did not seem to have any information on who took my information and put in my request for a subscription. He seemed annoyed that I did not have her name………The whole thing is just wrong, and I am very disappointed in the Post.

    I called the Post today, Saturday. On the automated system I was informed that my credit card has been charged $24.36. I will not pay this charge………. I wonder if I will hear back from anyone or not.

  53. I called several times yesterday to get the Sunday paper delivered which they never did. I have issues every weekend. Check my record. I was told they would deliver it which they never did. I never received it with my Monday’s paper either. I would like to receive it today.

  54. It is now 9am on Sunday and still no paper. Half the morning is gone. I realize there may be some slick side streets but this is not an unusual occurrence. I know it’s hard to get people to deliver papers but if someone takes a job the least they can do is try to deliver the paper on time. Maybe I’m out of line and the Sunday paper does’t have a delivery time.

  55. We continue to get poor delivery service from the Denver post.Our paper did not get delivered again this past Sunday. I called two times on Sunday to try and get a paper, was assured by the person I spoke to we would receive our paper that day, did not get a paper. So I called again today Monday and spoke to a person, she said we would get our Sunday paper today did not get a paper. I am sick and tired of not getting our paper delivered and the run around they give you in customer service, they have no customer service.We pay for our paper a year in advance and do not get it half the time.We will not be subscribing to this paper again.

  56. Trying to find your “vacation hold” is a nightmare. Your present web site is difficult to navigate and plain frustration. I have been accessing vacation hold via Internet for years, but right now I am tempted to just cancel our subscription. Please make it simple again.

  57. The Post newspaper carrier for the Dove Valley Apartment Community seems to feel that he/she can decide for themselves when to deliver our newspaper. This is an on-going issue either with late newspaper deliveries, multiple days newspapers delivered on one day (ie. Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday all delivered on a Wednesday), or no newspaper at all delivered. It is my understanding that when a person agrees to take on a specific job, they DO THE JOB.

  58. Impossible to follow prompts to use vacation hold. Always end up calling DP. Take a hint from Post Office site to stop mail service while on vacation.

  59. No paper this a.m. ?? My carrier has been exceptionally good. I’ve been on hold to customer service dept for over 20 minutes.

  60. Since we moved to Colorado in 1999 we have been very Happy having and reading the Denver Post. I fell early this year so my medical bill are big. my husband retired so we wanted to just get the Sunday paper to save the money to pay for my bills plus we are close to pay for 2 funeral expenses coming soon. I asked for a refund and they denied.
    we are Seniors only one check a month!! can you think having some kind of compassion !! we still want to pay only for Sunday. please give us a break !we put a lots of money for the last 16 years!!
    thank you!! I will like to hear from you.

  61. My home delivery service seems to have changed since the new year. For many years, the paper used to come early , usually around 6:30 which I appreciated since I could get it before leaving for work. And the paper doesn’t sit outside all day making it look as though no one is home.
    Now it comes much later on many days which is not acceptable. For example, today it is about 9 and no paper yet.
    I’m guessing we have a different delivery person.
    How can we resolve this issue?
    Thank you.

  62. Today I told the customer care phone agent that I had not received a paper 18 or 1/9 She told me that I would receive todays paper. I did not receive it. I am very displeased with my service. Lois Nash

  63. I pre paid for a Thursday to Sunday day home delivery. For at least the last six months I have only received the paper on Sunday. Today a caller from the Post told me I owed an additional 5 dollars. Terrible service. They didn’t even deliver on Thanksgiving.

  64. Ten days or so ago I wrote that we were unhappy with the delivery service of the newspaper. Since then we have had the paper delivered by the requested 7:00am hour. We are very appreciative and hope it continues. Thank you.

  65. A couple of weeks ago I registered a complaint about the poor delivery service of the newspaper. Since then we have been receiving the paper on time (by 7:00am). We are very appreciative and thank you and the carrier very much.

  66. Thank you very much for addressing the delivery problems we were having. We hope that we will continue receiving the paper before 7:00 am.

  67. We have not been getting the paper delivered to our condo door for the last 2 weeks. Please help with that. The address is 100 Park Avenue West, Denver
    Condo # 1502

  68. This is regarding service yesterday, February 27. No delivery to the door as expected. Was told it would be here, but was not. The neighbor one door to the east received hers, though it was late. They simply passed us by. I’ve paid quite a good deal of money for this service. I will not read the paper on the internet. If you say it will come to our door, it should. Thank you for your time. We look for the ads that come with it also.

  69. Please start redelivery of my paper right away. the hold was to have ended on Friday, March 4, 2016. No one is answering the phone and I cannot leave a message for anyone.

  70. This is the second time in three months i’ve experienced and reported a problem with your Vacation Hold. We as your customers rely on your delivery staff to assist us in securing our homes when we’re away. I have another upcoming trip and have placed a hold. Please address this problem before my next trip.

  71. Second day in a row with no paper. Yesterday was understandable, but today our road is passable. We have had 4 delivery issues in the last few weeks. Please tell me why? Please deliver today’s paper.

    Address: 10060 Clyde Circle, Highlands Ranch.

  72. Why can’t we speak to a person when we call. Nothing ever changes when we
    speak to a machine. We haven’t had any delivery before eight thirty twice
    this week already. We were told we would have the paper by 500 AM during
    the week and by 700 AM on weekends not really happening

  73. We live in west Arvada and are very unhappy with the delivery of our Denver Post on the weekends. It should be here by 7am and rarely is. We get a morning paper to read it in the MORNING before we get going for the weekend day. Thinking about cancelling our subscription.

  74. Please credit my newspaper account. I did not receive a newspaper on Saturday, April 16 and Sunday April 17, 2016. My account number is 06964993. Thank you.

  75. Just started my subscription again after quiting in the past due to sporadic delivery service. Today should have been my 2nd delivery but I did not recieve the paper!!!
    This is so frustrating!!

  76. Several times this month my newspaper has been missing and I’ve requested a replacement each time. No paper arrives. What can I do to receive better service.? I am making my calls into your home delivery office in a timely matter, but NO responses. Please advise.

  77. I have been a subscriber for many, many years. Service seems to have disintegrated every year. The price has tripled, no longer give credit for vacation holds and now I find that my subscription has been shortened by more than 2 weeks. One explanation was that days were deducted for special sections 4 tines last year which I was totally unaware of, but that does not explain the other days it was shortened. Looks like Denver Post is taking advantage of people who do not pay attention. I will no longer subscribe as a result.

  78. I paid my renewal bill in the amount of $399.95 last month. I read in your paper last week that there is a subscription scam in progress and my question is, was I one of the suckers. The Post is very important to me, so may I ask, was I overcharged and if so are you going to do anything about it? Thank you

  79. This is one of the hardest websites I have ever used to try to get a vacation hold!!! Should not be that difficult!!

  80. The press is running a scam for those who attempt to give stories for publication in the press today. Here is how it’s done.
    Many peoples would like to give stories for the press to print but are TOLD that they will not be paid for their story due to the fact that the press make money from their advertising and NOT from the stories themselves.
    However, this does not really make sense as they would lose the majority of their subscribers if they stopped posting stories and only printed the advertisements.
    For example, if they currently have 35,000 subscribers, this would drop to near or below 500 subscribers if there were only advertisements and not any printed stories.
    This would cost them their profits as they would lose advertisers with those lowered subscription levels.
    Therefore, it is correct to think/believe that the stories, told by you, IS making money for these publications?
    Then why no response from the press on this matter so far?

  81. Delivery is a major problem. Rarely do I receive the paper before 9am. Despite daily calls and complaints nothing is done. For over six months I’ve resorted to purchasing a denver post from a local 7-11 if I wanted to read it before work….yet I still get charged for a newspaper that is late on a daily basis.

    • I started daily digital and Wednesday and Sunday delivery on October 9, 2016. Since that time the daily digitals are arriving on line but, the home delivery has been pretty non-existent. I continue to call and report, I am promised a credit but the problem still continues.
      The management of this paper should be embarrassed by their lack of ownership and responsible customer service.
      I can go on line and get my local and national news without paying for it.

  82. I called again this a.m. with no paper. If he doesn’t miss me, it’s in the water. I water 3 times a week, it blows on the driveway, I can’t read a wet paper. I’m going to spend the summer waiting for my paper to dry out. He gets his act together or I’m gone. If nothing else he could get out of his car and put it on my truck. Ric M. Shute

  83. I did not receive my paper today I called they said they will send out a replacement and I still have not got my replacement.

  84. I had to call yesterday to get apaper and today Aug 11 I called at 7:30 am and it is 12:30 now and still no paper .I have had many problems before,If you cannot do the job refund the money.Very poor service

  85. Does anyone ever get their replacement paper? I called this morning re the absence of my Sunday paper and spoke to David. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about, but NO! Said they would deliver my paper later. 4pm and still no Sunday paper! What are you going to do about that? BTW- this is not the first time for non-delivery and non-replacement. Crap service.

  86. Stop taking the monthly payment out of my checking account. You stopped delivery the 1st of august, yet you took out 3 payments in July, another payment on August an another payment in September. I want a refund of the other payments to close my account immediately.

  87. I received half of my paper . I only received advertisements. No regular paper. Was there no sports page published or any news published for the day? How do we get a regular paper?

  88. hope this will get to denver post customer service. my question is – is there a
    certain day that the new car ads and inserts come out. think it used to be on
    saturdays, no one seems to know, maybe not anymore. thanks lorna

  89. I think that listing hate messages, for profit, at the top of page one on this blog is pure crap! I canceled the Post for non delivery and your extremist positions on every subject, even permeating the Sports Section! I also think putting Spam, again at a profit, over every page, prevents readers from being able to turn a page without a new Spam message, is equally dishonest. You have a public service duty. You fail miserably! The Post is a low class political rag!

  90. Two out of three days this week the paper has not been delivered!
    Please get it right cause I count on reading the paper ever morning!

  91. I’m asking that delivery of my daily newspaper is “on my porch”, not on my driveway. I do not have a railing to get me down to my driveway. I REQUIRE that my delivery is on my porch. If it cannot be delivered to my porch, I will cancel my service. Thank you. ?

  92. As usual, I purchased the Sunday Post at the gas station at University and Asbury this morning. Later at breakfast, I discovered it has no perspective or business sections and no coupons. Please notify whoever puts the edition together for that location and tell them to get their act together. How do I get the rest of what was paid for?

  93. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I have tried since 8:15 this morning 12/8/2017 – Left 2 messages for a call back as instructed by the automated phone service… emailed Melanie Mann to get this ad in – NO RESPONSE!!!!! This is an advertisement for puppies!!! THIS AD MUST RUN FOR THESE 2 WEEKENDS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! GET WITH THE PROGRAM DENVER POST!!!!

  94. I would like the name and address of our delivery person as I would like to send him/her a check. My paper is on the porch each morning (as we requested) and we so appreciate that. I usually get a card from the delivery person with their name and address in a Sunday paper, but I must have missed it this year. Hopefully you can get the information to me before the end of the week.

    Thank you

  95. I order the paper only because I want the Sunday paper. Missed delivery is becoming a pattern, I’ve checked three times this morning and still no paper. Calls to the automated customer service are a waste of time since I still receive no paper and certainly no call back. I will not be renewing my service.

  96. I am not a subscriber, yet I continually find piles of Denver post papers at my doorstep when I return from my frequent business and personal out of town trips. I am tired of throwing out unwanted copies of the DP into the trash (where it belongs btw). It is a waste of paper, environmentally unfriendly, untimely (given the vast news sources online) and poses a security issue by advertising to any passerby (or criminal) that we are not home for an extended period. Since the DP seems intent on leaving their ‘garbage’ on my doorstep, despite numerous requests to stop, I will start leaving my garbage on their doorsteps including those of the publisher and editors. This is a ‘publication hopelessly outdated and all we can do is wait for the day they declare bankruptcy!

  97. I did NOT receive my Sunday paper again for the third time in four months. This is becoming redundant and unprofessional! We have had numerous problems with the delivery when were receiving this paper seven days per/week with inconsistent deliveries two to three times per month. I believe your paper woman or man “Sucks” and we even gave a $10.00 Christmas cash gift to them this past Holiday!!!

  98. Yesterday in Greeley at the King Soopers store I signed up to received one month of your paper and was told I would receive a receipt today for the purchase and the contact phone number should I choose not to go further than the one month. I received an email but cannot open it on my computer. I tried to send a reply to the sender saying I could not open the attachment but that address is no longer available. Please send a receipt asap or I will have to cancel any further payment for subscription.

  99. I have been a subscriber for many, many, many years and I have never experienced delivery problems like this past several months. Previous carriers were very good. I called in again to report missed delivery and was placed on hold for a long time. When I finally spoke to an agent, he said it was past 9 A.M. and was not sure that I would get today’s (02/05) paper. Perhaps a new carrier should be warranted.

  100. I pay dam near 300 a year for this paper and you can’t deliver it on time or even deliver it it’s been months of this shirty service. Who is. In charge of local routs if service sucks that’s when you get on the route manager to handle these things.worse paper service in 40 years.sick of calling every morning. Your service sucks!

  101. Resubscribed after years without it due to poor delivery service. After 2 weeks it is back to the way it was then with no delivery, no phone numbers for missed delivery. Thank goodness for the internet.and getting news on time every time.

    Please cancel my subscription forever!! You guys deserve to go bankrupt like the rest of your industry has gone. Don’t continue to make your subscribers miserable and lure them back into your web of deceit by promising delivery on the doorstep when you can’t even put it on the driveway or anywhere else!

  102. We did not receive a newspaper this morning. This is the second time since
    2018. Our daughter went down to Safeway this afternoon and purchased
    one for us. In 2017, we also failed to get a newspaper delivered about
    three different times. This situation is very frustrating and giving us reason
    to not further any future subscriptions. We have never asked for reimbursement
    over the many years for a delivery failure, but from now on, we will expect
    There was a time not too long ago in 2017, when they were throwing the news-
    paper in back of the garage, which is in back of the house. Does not make sense.
    One final comment, the paper is sometimes thrown on the sidewalk instead of the
    front landing entrance.
    Dolores Z.

  103. What is it going to take to get my paper delivered at my door. Since the paper does not arrive before I leave for work, it sits in my driveway, grass or rocks all day. I’ve asked many times and for a bit it gets better then back to the bad service. As recent as yesterday I spoke to a rep (he was really bad). Today my paper was in the middle of my front yard almost like “in your face” because my neighbors paper was at their door.
    I keep getting the same excuses……we can’t find a consistent currier for your area. Well, after two years of off and on service, mostly off, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably time to end this nonsense. I’ve subscribed to the post for 30 years. I like reading a paper and not interested in the digital version. I give up, you win Denver Post.

  104. It the Post goes under I will not be surprised. The paper is seldom on time 5:30 weekdays and 7:30 weekends? Today’s paper NEVER arrived despite 3 calls in. They tell me the carrier has until 3:00 p.m. to deliver…it’s about 5:00 p.m. now and no paper. Wish I could say this was the only time but it’s not. They give no refunds and I will not be renewing.

  105. Called 8AM to report I did not receive the paper was told it would be delivered.
    I am still waiting.
    Had this problem before that is why I cancelled my subscription before.
    No since in having this aggravation at My age.

  106. I used to be able to request a vacation hold on our paper. Now I cannot find a place to do that. How can I make a request? I have looked all over the Denver Post web pages…no help.

  107. We’ve been readers pf the DP for more than 50 years, but we’re ready to cancel because delivery service is abysmal in the last six months. Sometimes it’s delivered next door, sometimes delivered both to us and next door (non-subscribers, and frequently just NOT delivered. Calls have produced nothing. It would be so easy to contact the person who is delivering now and complain to him/her or simply replace that person. WE LOVE THE NEWSPAPER BUT HATE THE DELIVERY SERVICE.

  108. I a new customer taking Sat.-Sun Denver Post delivered together with my Daily Camera. TDP was NOT in the package this Saturday June 29. !!!!!

  109. Paper is not being delivered in a timely manner. If this continues, our subscription will be cancelled. Erratic deliveries have bee going on now for almost two months. Service is terrible.

  110. I only get the Sunday paper and the past two Sundays I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY PAPER. I call and report it and it seems to me someone should be notified about it and bring me a paper that day – that’s how it used to be. Now all they do is make a note that I didn’t get a paper and that’s it. I want credited for two weeks of no Sunday paper and a $3.00 credit for the paper I purchased at King Soopers. When I call and report that I didn’t get a Sunday paper why isn’t my delivery person notified so they can bring me a paper that day?

  111. I did not receive the last Wednesday paper in September, called said it would be delivered never was and My last statement was not credited. Wednesday paper was not delivered called said it would be delivered never was ..This has happened frequently in past months.
    If it continues in the next month will unscribe and not have to put up with expecting a paper that never arrives.
    Myrtle Martin

  112. With paying for a year at a time, I wish I could see delivery not being interrupted.
    It has been very good up to the last couple of weeks. Makes me wonder if our regular delivery person is not running.
    We did not get a delivery today (10/19/2018) This is the third time in two weeks.

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