Contact Delta Airlines Customer Service

Contact Delta Airlines Customer Service

Contacting Delta Airlines Customer Service Center

Delta Airlines provides personal and business transportation for more than 100 million customers every year. There are currently more than 300 destinations offered by Delta Airlines making the airline one of the most popular choices in recreational and business travel. Delta Airlines travels extensively in the United States, but international flights can also be booked from the official website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Contacting Delta Airlines customer service is as simple as calling the toll-free support number. US customers can call one of two numbers for online support or general customer service.

  • Online Support: 1-888-750-3284
  • General Customer Service: 1-800-221-1212

With an international presence, Delta Airlines is also available for call from countries other than the United States.

  • Canada: 1-404-209-3434
  • Bahamas, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos: 1-404-773-0305
  • Austria: 43 (0) 820-951-001
  • Belgium: 32 (0) 70-300-872
  • Denmark: 45-823-32-721
  • Germany: 49 (0) 1-805-805-872
  • Ireland: 353 (0) 818-904-872
  • Italy: 39-02-3859-1441
  • The Netherlands: 31 (0) 20-721-9128
  • Spain: 34-902-810-872
  • Sweden: 46 (0) 8-5199-2216
  • Switzerland: 41-848-000-872
  • Turkey: (90) 212-310-19-99
  • Uganda: 256-414-288935
  • United Kingdom: 44-871-22-11-222

If you have a disability and you need to contact Delta Airlines customer service before booking a flight or traveling with Delta Airlines, call:

  • Disability Assistance: 1-404-773-0305

Mailing Address

Delta Airlines offers a customer care department reachable by mail. Address your letter to:

Delta AirlinesAttn: Customer ServiceP.O. Box 20980Dept. 980Atlanta, GA 30320

Official Website

Travelers can find information about Delta Airlines, book travel and check-in for flights on the official website at If you are a customer located outside the United States you may be interested in the locations, contact phone numbers and mailing addresses for offices all over the world located at

Customer Service Email

We located a customer service email form for Delta Airlines support. The form asks for some personal information like name, email address and Frequent Flyer Number, but some personal information is optional. Once filling in a bit of information, the customer simple chooses a topic to complete the form.

Customer Service:

Our Experience

We called Delta Airlines customer service and received better care than we expected. The toll-free number we called was for help with reservations, which could account for the fast answer time and bright, bubbly agent. Our call was answered in less than two minutes. The agent searched for flights from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas, NV offering various tips on how to reduce the cost of our round-trip tickets.

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7 Comments on “Contact Delta Airlines Customer Service
  1. Your recent position against the NRA because of the Florida school shooting is absurd. The blame should be placed where the blame is due.The FBI and local authorities were informed numerous times well in advance but did nothing. It was their JOB to act. The NRA and its millions of law abiding members do not condone gun violence of any kind. The NRA and its members are strong supporters of the constitution and the 2nd amendment. Mentally unstable people and criminals should not have guns. Because of your blaming the NRA, I will no longer fly Delta Airlines.

  2. My wife and I will never again fly your airline. As far as we are concerned you may as well be the Nazi airline. You support the fascist, American hating left. A pox on your airline, and I hope you have nothing but maintenance issues. A pox on your staff. A pox on your families. A pox on all you touch

  3. Need a wheelchair from Tianjin to Shanghai and from Shanghai to Seattle. Would like to upgrade seat assignment on flight from Shanghai to Seattle.

  4. Trip #: GIPX0I
    I left Phoenix AZ. checked my bag paid the $25.00 fee (in cash) no problem. My return flight I went to check my bag and was told you don’t take cash. I had to use the venting machine place $25.00 in and get a card, which I did. I got back in line, and was told my card was declined. There is a $5.00 charge to use the machine. If you don’t take cash and I’m required to use your venting machine, how come there is a fee? By the way cash is the currency of the nation.

  5. Hi……
    I am a US Navy veteran of the Korean war era. I am now 86 years of age. On May 24th of this year I used Delta Airlines to transport me from Fort Wayne Indiana to Tampa Florida. This was the first time I had flown since 1956. All we had in those days was the venerable DC6B with four windmills powered by a radial piston engine. It was visions of this old workhorse that crossed my mind as I boarded the A321 at FWA. While a bit cramped the aircraft was a real flying pleasure. This was my first experience on a jet propelled airplane…….wow NO VIBRATIONS from the radial beasts on the wings. Then to fortify my any apprehension I might have experienced the lady flight attendant made sure that I was comfortable. in my seat. My flight ended at ATL, where I had to transfer to the flight to TPA. While the flight to Atlanta was a pleasure, I have to offer one bit of friendly criticism. The A321 seems to be a nice quiet bird in the air, but when the rubber touches the runway on landing the noise that it generates in the passenger cabin is almost deafening. I once had a bad wheel bearing in a vehicle which I was driving. The sound which was generated on landing at ATL was similar but amplified by a factor of 1000. This continued for the entire rollout. really noisy. I transferred to a 757 for the second leg of my trip. This airplane is an absolute joy to ride in. From takeoff at ATL to landing at TPA the flight was really great, and the attendants were very kind and helpful to an old man. I used wheel chair assistance at both ATL. and TPA. Those who assisted me were again, very comforting, and helpful to me. I don’t know if I would have been able to navigate the ATL airport, but the wheelchair guy said just sit back and enjoy the scenery and I will get you to where you need to go. This involved a ride on the subway, but he done the job. He refused a tip. All in all the return flight was equally pleasant. The overall is an experience which I will not soon forget. I read the story today about Delta’s new policy with wider seats, and yes I do believe that this might encourage a lot more people to fly with Delta. I hope that someday Delta will be able to fly 757s into FWA economically. I tend to think that there simply isn’t enough passengers to justify the larger aircraft, and I fully agree. BTW my first flight in any airplane occurred in 1947, and was in a Piper J-3. Which I later was given my first DUAL FLIGHT INSTRUCTION IN………but soon thereafter I was forced by finances to choose between a girlfriend and my flight instruction. Guess which I chose……..she is now ,and has been my wife for many decades. If and when I choose to again travel it will indeed be in a Delta aircraft. Respectfully. George T Wright, Fort Wayne , Indiana.

  6. I need help. Trying to look at my SkyMiles I discovered that you have me logged in with an email I haven’t used for at least 20 years. You wouldn’t accept my full name (about 30 year ago I went by Vi instead of full name of Violet)? You wouldn’t accept my answers to 2 security questions, both of which were simple and I could not have erred, for example my fathers middle name.
    I will type my current name and email and hope that you will PLEASE CONTACT ME to update my SkyMiles information.
    If necessary, phone is 608-241-1018

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