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Contacting Dell Customer Service Center

Dell is a computer company that sells a vast array of computers and electronics to personal account customers, businesses and government customers. Dell offers branded computers in additional to electronics from other companies. Support for Dell computers is available online and offline. Dell is notorious for outsourcing customer service to other countries. There is an extremely long list of Dell websites for just about every country in the Americas, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Dell customer service phone number claims the caller must have an order number or express service code when calling. This is not the case. You can contact the general customer service number to ask general questions without this information.

Mailing Address

If you wish to contact Dell Corporate offices, you can address your letter to:

Dell Inc.

1 Dell Way

Round Rock, Texas 78682

Official Website

You can visit the official Dell website at, but the support website for Dell customers is located here: From the main page of the main website, you can navigate through various types of personal computer, including desktops, tablets, laptops and more. Dell even sells televisions and accessories for electronic equipment.

Customer Service Email

When contacting Dell customer service via email, you’ll need to use the contact form on the Dell website. This contact form asks for a reason for your communication, but it does not require you to be a current account holder to send the form.

We have contacted Dell customer service and will report about our communication when a response is received.

Our Experience

When we contacted customer service, we spoke to a customer service representative with a heavy accent. This made us believe that the call center is not local. We eventually broken down the language barrier and answered our questions regarding upgrading products and warranty information. The representative suggested that we utilize the online email form for a quicker response.

Although we have not received an email response from the Dell customer email center, we expect a response within a few business days.

Did Dell provide world-class customer service? We want to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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112 Comments on “Contact Dell Customer Service
  1. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    We required Laptop DELL PRECISION M6600(WORKSTATION) for FARO CMM m/c.

    Kindly gives its rates.

    thanks & regards

    Rashmi Raturi

    ALF Engineering Company

    • I have dell company lap but it has been motherbord spollied due to shook circut. Model 1550 vastro plz help me.

  2. Laptop is working very Slow and your Customer Care Executive is not listining me I have also taken 02 Year Insurance at the time of Purchase it .
    Please send me your email ID so that I send you the Scan Copy of the Invoice Copy of Purchase .

    Details are as

    Model No INSPIRON N5010
    Service Tag No 11LG6Bs
    2C /530 , Vasundra ,
    09720164741 , 9810122611

  3. Had a problem from th e begining with my hard drive on my dell lap top …Have sent it back to dell for them to check and i have had NO reply in over 3 weeks now .If you ask me dell customer service is TERRIBLE 0/10

  4. Had a problem from th e begining with my hard drive on my dell lap top …Have sent it back to dell for them to check and i have had NO reply in over 3 weeks now .If you ask me dell customer service is TERRIBLE 0/10
    Will be senting you a letter the hard was sent to Bracknell Dell house

  5. i have been a cutomer of dell for over 12 yrs and had no problems, however i bought a new desktop 18/10/2012 my previous dell desktop had wifi card installed the new one hasn’t i spend 30 minutes on the phone and was told the new desktop had no wifi installed. the customer services where an absolute disgrace the outcome was i have to pay another £50 to get one ripoff so now im left with a pc thats un usable and the retail store i bought it off would not refund my money as the desktop wasnt faulty.i spoke too dell again with my issues and they promised a customer liason officer would call me and guess what they didnt bother. one thing is for sure i will never buy any dell products because they just dont care about the customer absolutley disgusting service and dell you should be ashamed as for the c.e.o i guess hes not bothered as hes worth about $14 billion and just one customer doesnt even enter his brain…. dell you have failed

  6. i have purchased a laptop before one month. my lap speakers problem and desktop icons are not lease contact me sir/ mobile no. is 9966756106.

  7. my dell adopter is not working adopter is in warranty period. product-928g4.ser no-790507404292

    please solve my problem.

    mob no-9721923830

  8. I have been a Dell customer for over eighteen years which has included the purchase of eight systems. I have always had exceptional customer and technical support.

    On September 24, 2012 I purchased and placed into service an Inspiron One 2320. A problem was found in that there was no sound from the HDMI and composite inputs. Numerous calls were made to “technical support” and “customer support” which all turned out to be a call center in India. At first all “technical support” did was to delete and reinstall audio output drivers even though I continually explained it was an audio input from the HDMI and composite connections. This even occurred with “supervisors” and “managers”. The issue was “elevated” to something called “the corporate office”. A person in something called the “Executive SWAT Support Team” stated that the issue has been “elevated” to a “senior engineer”. The “Executive SWAT Support Team” member is going to contact me when there is a resolution. This merry-go-round has been going on for over three weeks.

    After my son and I did some exploring today we found that the volume controls for the HDMI and composite inputs are on the left side of the unit and we solved the problem. The “Quick Start Guide” references “Volume Increase and Volume Decrease Buttons” on the left side of the unit which was assumed are for the computer volume level. This is very poor documentation and instruction and the only documentation and instruction that came with the unit or online. What is even more disconcerting is that “technical support” at all levels, including a home tech visit, did not know that these buttons controlled audio input level.

    I have come to the conclusion that “technical support” and “customer support” at all levels are incompetent. They do not know Dell systems, how to troubleshoot, do not listen to customers, talk down to customers and called this customer a racist. The issue should have been resolved at the first call to “technical support” which would not have even been necessary if the documentation and instructions were adequate.

    Based on this totally unacceptable experience this will be my last purchase and recommendation of a Dell product. Dell ‘technical support” and “customer service” has become the lowest and most frustrating I have experience from any company.

  9. Hi,
    I am Kalpana from Cengage Learning. This is regarding the permission request. We would like to republish “Dell’s-Mission Statement” in upcoming Cengage learning textbook. Could you please provide the contact email ID of the person handling the permissions?

  10. I have a dell desktop running vista that has a corrupt windows file that will not allow it to install MS Student with Word, Power Point, and Excel. I have tried to use the recovery disk to reinstall windows with no luck. I tried to call customer support to ask if the recovery disk will re-format the disk drive and then restore the drive back to the way it was when first purchased. I was asked for my service tag# which i gave, I was then asked where I bought the computer and when i said it was a gift and I didn’t know where they bought it I was told they wouldn’t be able to help me. I will never buy another Dell product of any type and i will make sure all of my friends, family, and everyone else i can tell will go with HP and not Dell.

  11. I would like bring it your kind notice that I Mrs. Vidya Bakshi purchased a Dell Aero Android 2.1 3 GB Mobile Handset (34345613600834 14w15p1) from your Gurgaon ,Sector 14 outlet on 12th Nov 2012 on cash payment of Rs. 9500/- . Sadly within few months the touch screen of it started malfunctioning and stopped working because of which I suffered a lot and disturbed me and my daily life. After all this I searched for your service centre and my instrument was replaced on 28th May’2012 at last.
    Now again since September 2012 it is having same problem. After all this , I personally feel that this device manufactured by Dell {(a reputed company ) because of which I purchased the mobile leaving Nokia and Samsung } is not upto the mark and is really a flop. I am your regular customer , I have purchased Dell Inspiron also from you.
    Now I have landed to a solution that either my money should be refunded or adjust the money with a Dell Laptop or any other device which I feel is required by me just to finish this disturbing matter here. Otherwise we will have to think something else due the torture and humiliation I am facing because of you.

    QTR NO: PQ 19/04
    WB :721303
    MOBILE : 08145109838 & 09547578266
    TAX INVOICE NO :1433 DTD 18/07/2012

    PURCHASED FM : INOX INFOTECH (, NTE-48,GOLE BAZAR,KHARAGPUR (03222-257721), 9564031727.


  13. I have bought new dell laptop ,on 27 nov.2012 .but today it have problem of speaker, means only video can run their have no audio ,problem creats only in 7 days from purhasing date ,So please solve my problem as early as possible.I am waiting for your fast response.My adress.Rajesh Pandharinath Bankar

  14. on the paperwork that comes with a new PC it tells you to contact if you have any problems – no telephone number but if your computer is down how do you contact
    Finally I get a number and the fun begins first I end up in India – no surprise – no problem – then I was put on hold and had to listen to screeching Indian music for 5 minutes – then after all that I was told the number given was for Canadian Sales and I was transferred to USA tech support where after holding for unresolved

  15. Hi Dell ,

    This is very bad experience i have with dell executives .They dont know how to speak with the customers and Even making full to there customers
    My new laptop i think near about 4 months older and from very first day m facing problem. I called several times and they mention only one thing that sir install the drivers do the windows etc etc.
    And now when I called again they saying the the issue is with the mother board.They Replaced it .The issue is not solved and than they saying the issue is with the fan.
    they replaced the fan than they replaced the following items please have a note:

    5.Outer covers
    6.The touch pointers
    7.Driver is loaded three times
    8.Windows repaired several times and now we installing new window again.

    My laptop service tag no is gqb7kr1

    I Am requesting to Dell to get the laptop back.And i dont even need the new laptop.thanks to dell providing such a good customer service.

    I will surely mention in the newspaper that the dell have 24 hours service and there employees are awesome and they have very good skills.

    Rohit garg

  16. On Nov.23, 2012 I ordered 2 color ink cartridges and 2 black cartridges for Dell A940 All-in-one printer. The total order was for 141.33 which was taken out of my Visa debit account. I have not yet received that order. today is Dec.10,2012.
    Darlene Urwiler Please respond.
    2244 11th Road
    Pender, NE 68047-4035

  17. the last of Nov.’12 i spent over 13 hours on live chat or on the phone with a dell employee. Paid $199.95 and my problem was never solved. tried calling different numbers to talk to someone and gave up after awiting 20 min or more. And someone called me last week and said i never paid this money and it is on my credit card. somebody better call me. 541-938-6091

  18. My service tag is 2LNNVP1
    My system is in warenty period.
    My system is not working properly kindly send engineer at my home(Lucknow)
    My mobile no 8565012351

  19. Please note after working with you support system fro 12 hours and found service rude told to hold on to the phone and disconected many many time I will never buy an other Dell Product the problem was solved and all my data was cleared from my system TERRIBLE and for that I was charged tooo much money, I am sure you will not respond just want you to know Mac will be my next choice have been a Dell customer for a very long time.

  20. This has been the worst service I have ever received from any company. Would like to speak to a human from the Texas office. My telephone number is 201 967 1852.

  21. Very Bad (No) Customer Service and Doing Any Business with Dell is a Mistake – For a Dell Venue Pro phone purchased direct from Dell still under warranty, three Dell reps from India said the one year warranty was no longer in place because Dell no longer sells the phone. Finally, they arranged and sent a used phone as replacement, now another Dell department in Ohio is demanding $280 for the used warranty replacement phone.
    Dell customer service contact numbers are unanswered or disconnected once the matter becomes difficult. Dell demands to be paid twice for this phone.
    My Dell account, my work purchases of Dell IT equipment, all matters with Dell have been canceled.

  22. I have got a printer Error,my service tag number is 2WMWB31.The latter part of 2012 I purchased a Black and a Colour Ink Cartridges.A printing Error came up saying that the Black Ink Cartridge Is missing. I removed both Cartridges and refitted them,but the Error still remains. I contacted Dell Technical Support, thet admitted that the Black Cartridge Is faulty, but they could not help me because I did not have the purchase Invoice. I used my credit card to purchase the Ink,the could use the card number to track the purchase Invoice number.They was not very helpful, could you please rectify this problem,my warranty Is still valid.I am looking forward to hear from you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Joel Brown,

  23. Sir
    I am using Dell Inspiron. I had a complaint last week, like my system was not working. I have registered my complaint. From dell engineers came four times and replaced different parts. They have taken four days to rectfy
    the problem.
    But the upper part is not working properly. While opening ghe laptop some abnormal sound is there. Kindly resolve the problem.

    Calicut, Kerala

  24. Cannot get a response from anyone at Dell. My recent order was damaged in delivery. I timely notified Dell who informed me to contact FedEx. I filed a damage claim with FedEx. FedEx informed me it was Dell’s responsibility to file a damage claim.
    The email’s sent in this matter have been read but I have received no response.

    Do I need to send an email to every email address at Dell to get a response on this?

    The time for filing a claim with FedEx is coming to a close. Action needs to be taken on this soon.

  25. Dear Sirs,

    I own a Dell Inspiron 1501 and have istalled a Google Internet program to it with the Network wireless Internet feature of the 1501. As a result the Web and Gmail is for free. Will we ever see No Cost Internet again in a Dell Computer.

    • Sir, my dell laptop perchase dell 3521 laptop 2/500/i3 and sn- BVRVGWI.and technicli sport my lapy desktop seting notprovid me and dongle seting network problem and customer service provided now plz thanks.

  26. Worst customer service ever. Worst computer I’ve ever bought. On third hard drive in 16 months and Dell won’t resolve the problem.

  27. Worst cutomer service ever. On third hard drive in 16 months and Dell won’t resolve the problem. Customer service rep hung up on me when I asked for the number to register a complaint. He even said he needed to speak to his supervisor and then hung up.

  28. Best service I have found in a long time. I love dealing with both the sales representative and customer service. They both were great. Thank you

  29. can you provide me windows xp drivers please to my email id…… my tag no. is G3NDVQ1 and model name is inspiron 15r

  30. I have contacted Dell Support about 4 times, I do not understand the tech, not does the tech understand me. Then the conversation becomes very uncomfortable due to the rude tech. Each time I call for service I am told my warentee has expired, when in fact, it has not. They insist that I need to spend another $200 for a new warentee. It is also very difficult to find phone number of customer support to report my problems.

  31. Hi
    Del should change its name from Dell to DELL THE SCAMERS, that name will suit them more. they have scam me me, frauded me, defamed me,
    my laptop is only 40 days old and i am facing problem from the first weak of purchase, First dell replaced my Intel I3 processor, and they scam me at that time by putting low grade celeron processor into my laptop and then again they replaced and again they installed a faulty processor into my laptop, now i am going to file a case againts dell of scaming and fraud case, because i called so many time to dell i am not getting the right answer, you are providing so much poor sevices and scaming customer,
    Specailly peiple like narinder and ravinder who do not know how to tslk with customer.these two people are on top posts in dell

  32. I have spent too much time waiting for someone to answer my phone call concerning a billing issue with Dell. No matter what day of the week or time of day it is when myself or co-workers try to get in contact with a person from Dell it takes forever. You have to sit through so many recordings then wait, wait, wait for any person to answer. Getting so frustrated you just hang up most of the time! After being transferred 4 times I finally may have the correct person to hopefully help me with this issue. I wish we did not have Dell products to work with. As for myself I will NEVER purchase anything DELL has strictly because of the customer service!!! DO NOT want it even if it is FREE!

  33. I bought 2 computers 4 days ago and I am completely unsatisfied. My wife’s computer came out of the a box screwed up. We cannot understand anyone in customer service I don’t understand why we can’t talk to a American. I am about to put these 2 computers back in the box and Dell can shove them.

  34. Very worst service provider in this world fully cheating peoples at Bangalore toll free

  35. buenas noches tengo mi de inspiron Ncuarenta cincuenta ya va a tener dos años en mis manos y todo bien pero se fue la luz y la bateria ya no estaba funcinando bien por lo tanto se apago y se me han bloqueados los numeros solo funciona el cinco y seis como la desbloqueo por fa y gracias

  36. Dear Sir

    I ve Dell Laptop xps L5022 Service tag NO JSFR8R1
    Laptop Having Sim Card Slot Can i used it for Internet or Need WWLAN card pl told me. & sent me specification of i:e

  37. Dear Dell member,

    I am Kyaw Zaw Hlaing.I live in Myanmar.
    I have Dell R720.I installed ESXi5.1.0 on this R720.

    When power on it following message appear in screen

    ”The system has found a problem on your machine and cannot continue.LINT1 motherboard interrupt. This is a hardware problem: Please contact your hardware vendor.”

  38. I have had three Dell computers….each seemingly of less quality. A couple weeks ago I completely lost the Dell Dock. Error messages read “Dell dock is having a problem”, and then I was unable to send a report to Dell because I got the same message! I have read several blogs that Dell does not accept liability for this problem, and checking further, find that many, many people have run into this problem. I tried downloading the dock from, but it wouldn’t download. I tried uninstalling the dock and then downloading it again, but I cannot completely uninstall it. Nothing, as I am reading online is working for anyone. Needless to say, I am terribly disappointed that there seems to be no way to get the dock back, and as I am ready for a new computer, it makes me seriously doubt that I will buy another Dell.

  39. good morning,

    I have dell laptop 3537, I did try to download some software but couldn’t downloading, iI would know how to download any software if I need.

  40. i had dell insprion laptop,it has problem i had calling for customer care service center almost 20 times from November 2013,not resolve yet,dell’s post market service is very bad.

  41. I really like my dell inspiron .. It meets all my needs but recently the front part of it was chipped off and I’m afraid it might be there a possibility? or the metal part that has the mouse pad is only plastic and it looks like metal?

  42. My laptop z facing some problem in the sound problem.
    I complained you at 15/7/14 and my complain no is 896687568.
    And my laptop service tag z C5FPPY1.
    please solve my problem.

  43. I try to call on your customer care number, on recording i hear last 3 digit to enter, i have no idea what to do so mention i details on mail.

    Please call or revert. Hope you will help me to solve my issue and replace monitor with new one..

  44. hey what we have to do in my laptop i lost my bootmgr its showing error so please help me i have a so many important files……

  45. I regret purchasing dell laptop,a defective piece is delivered and very difficult to contact customer care for repair

  46. I purchased a new dell laptop,it has some defect,very difficult to contact customer care for repair,still not repaired

  47. It is now 12:15 am I have been on the phone with a dell
    support tech since 9pm trying to connect my dell wireless
    printer to my dell wireless lap top. I don’t understand
    why it takes that long and who is paying for this phone
    bill to India.They have uninstalled this 5 times and it still
    does not work. HELP PLEASE! All we want to do us use this equipment and print what we need

  48. I have never spoken to a customer service representative! I can’t seem to get anyone but sales on the phone. This has been going on for over a week now. The shortest hold time was over an hour!

    Customer service is non – existent with this company.
    Buyer beware!

  49. My name is Vanessa Torres and currently reside in Puerto Rico. I became interested in a laptop through student discount program but I was informed that the laptop or the program are not available for Puerto Rico. Miss. Marisel Rios tells me that the only thing available to Puerto Rico is the Intel Core 5thGen starting at $ 1000965.06. Which hopefully not in US dollars, the dollar Puerto Rico uses. It would be a total disrespect that the only laptop (I as a Masters degree student, where there’s barely any scholarships for, where many students study by loan, including in the 50 states,) can find available to me is a laptop worth one million dollars. Not even a Med student would pay that. And if it’s not in US dollar it’s even more of a disrespect that your employees do not know enough geography to show me something in the US dollar value we use.

    It’s amazing to treat us as if we were a Third World country when Puerto Rico is US territory.

    In addition I study at an institution which also has a campus in the US. I study at a University of Psychology, number 1 in Puerto Rico, top 5 in the United States.

    I do not know if Dell is aware, but many Puerto Ricans after studying here move to the US to work. Therefore I think we should include in their programs. I’m sure there are Puerto Ricans that work in the US for Dell.

    I will continue taking it up to the highest attainable. It is a shame that we are considered citizens only when and for whom it’s convenient.

  50. sir please send me the link from which i direcr download the webcam software
    model no. inspiron15 3542
    service tag CF55532

  51. I bought a $2,500 workstation from DELL with a next business day warrantee. The computer would stop functioning whenever you moved it slightly. A tech came out and decided that the CPU hadn’t been put in correctly. So they sent me a new workstation. One of the monitor adaptors didn’t work. They mailed me another adaptor that also didn’t work. I went to the local electronics store and bought an adaptor myself and it worked. I spent 4 months (so much for that next business day warrantee) with the DELL warrantee dept trying to get a refund for the adaptor. They finally just said they wouldn’t refund it so I stopped wasting my time with them. I then bought my father a computer from DELL (apparently I hadn’t learned my lesson) and after 3 days it stopped working also because of poorly placed parts. Trust me, DO NOT BUY from DELL. Whoever is putting their computers together is doing a really crappy job. There are too many smaller companies doing a great job putting PC’s together, buy from them. The people you talk to at DELL are nice, but they have no ability to do anything so you get stuck with DELL’s crap. DELL is too large and the people at the top don’t care anymore. They are selling poorly built machines to make more money, quality be damned.

    • I bought a dell inspiron 15 3000 series from Walmart 31 Dec 2014 I brought it home and turned it on it had so much spyware on it I couldn’t even get it set up called tecservice they said I got the spyware from my home network I tried to explain I had a desktop and another laptop that I was replacing with this one and they were working fine he said if I would pay one hundred seventy nine dollars they would remove the spyware I don’t think it was my fault since it showed up as soon as I turned it on. I am very disappointed with dell will recommend to all my friends not to buy a dell.

  52. On March I received a mailer advertising an LG 55″ television. Since we were looking for a new TV I decided to call Dell and order this “special”. After several moments of placing my order for the tv, extended warranty and the promise of two gift cards, things went south very quickly. The Dell representative expected me to give my Social Security number over the phone to obtain my account number, which I refused to do, and a very heated argument ensued. Needless to say I purchased my tv elsewhere, at Amazon, and for a large saving. I believe that I was rudely treated by the representative, and supervisor concerning this attempt at a purchase, and you may believe I will never trouble you again

  53. I think Dell has ripped a lot of us off. I called with a problem of my laptop shutting down every once in a while, my warranty ended but I paid them 239.00, they told me my motherboard needed to be replaced and I would have to take it to a local repair man, well I did and it was the fan was dirty I had to pay him $75.00. They ran a scan and everything passed so how could it be the motherboard. I have been dealing with Dell for 15 yrs. I have a 1558 laptop, and I don’t think there people in India know what they are doing. I am so disgusted I will never buy another Dell again, this is the second time they did this to me, but there sure as hell wont be a third. They said they would send me my money back, but im still out $75.00. The idiot told me to buy a new laptop. I am a senior citizen n with lung problems on oxygen day n night all I have is my laptop. I don’t understand such a big company and no one wants to help. Sure all the big shots can sit on there bottom and not worry about us little people. There staff from India are rude and think they know it all, they know nothing. Everything I own in my house is Dell but when my tv and anything else I have goes I will not be buying Dell any more. I use to recommend Dell all the time but I wont any more.
    Im sorry because I liked Dell.

  54. Dear sir I buy a dell laptop inspiron 15 cori7 8 gb ram 1 Tb hard disc..from ABHUDHABI (U A E )no camara…S/N – DB3F632.This laptop is original or duplicate..`express service code.28969044878. I have shop invoice also…Plesend me reply as soon as early. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

  55. sir my dell laptop configaration is 8gb ram cor i7 1tb hard disc..i think above 2 gb it possible to play 3D movies…

  56. I received a Dell Venue 8 Pro as a gift and have experienced the same problem intermittently. It will not power on. I have visited several forums and learned numerous others experience the same issue. I was able to power it on by holding the power button down for 10 seconds, then another 10..this helped so I didn’t return the tablet. I would need to “reboot” at least once a month. The past few days my Venue was dead. I’m looking at an iPad. I will never buy another Dell product. It’s obvious Dell is aware of this problem, I trusted in Dell’s reputation and chose the Venue 8 Pro over an iPad. Never again.

  57. This note is to make you aware of the employee you have in Tsering Dhondup. You are fortunate to have him as a member of your company. He is competent, knowing, understanding, calm, unfrustrable in his helping me to finally, after four months to have my computer working again. After a seven hour telephone call he WAS always on the line, if we were disconnected he called me back immediately to resume the connection. Last but not least I could understand him.

    There is another email following this one to inform you of the horrific experience I have had with Dell. Mr. Dhondup was the only customer service agent who helped.

  58. I have bought a few Dell laptops over the years…..I am done with Dell… wife’s hard drive went out and I decided to upgrade to a 17″…bought it from Dell Small Business, as I have the last few….after I received it, I wasted a day and half of my life trying to remove the bloatware from it….every time I removed one thing….a couple more would automatically download….it was the most frustrating experience of my computer life…No more Bloatware for me…..and no more Dell for me…..I returned it….and I have no idea why a business would alienate their customers like this…..

  59. This is worst. I have been to tow departments to try and get an explanation of charges. Agreement was reached that a credit is due to me, but must come from another team. I have been transferred twice to a non working number. I am now repeating the process again. Your motto should be “Dell Customer service, Why Start Now?”

  60. i purchased a dell tab hangs up frequently ,when surfing through the there any chance to resolve the problem by updating the software or any other way? plz reply me urgent.

  61. I bought a tv from dell that was supposed to come with 2-3 day delivery and a $200 gift card. It was finally delivered a little over 3 weeks later. While I was waiting on the tv I called customer service to advise them I had not received my gift card and was told it would come by email after the tv was delivered. Since I have not yet received the email twice in the last week I have sent emails to Dell with no response. Today I decided to contact them via live chat and found I was number 78 in line with an expected 1 hour 45 min wait. I then called customer service and was transfered to the proper department. After being on hold for about 15 minutes (and listening to the same 20 second music on a loop over and over) a rep came on the line a said their system was down for the next 2-3 hours and he would not be able to help me. I asked if he could take my number and have someone call when the system was back up and he advised “that will not be possible”. This is by far the worst customer support I have ever received. Needless to say Dell will never be getting any money from me in the future.

  62. trying to get support for our small-medium business. we have 12 Dell PC’s at this location and 7 locations with similar number of units.
    I went to print the phone numbers and didn’t realize there were several pages.
    19 to be exact.
    thank you

  63. In August I purchased a dell laptop for my daughter. A Dell inspiron i5558

    the specs are unimportant.

    on October 20 2015 my child came in crying that the screen had spidered. There was no explanation for this. The machine had seemingly no issues until this point.

    Being that I had just bought the machine a few months earlier I called Dell because it had to still be under warranty. covered until sept 10 2016 to be precise.

    My first call I had to navigate through 10-20 questions before I finally got to a tech support person. He was not in the US and was difficult to understand. He took my name, address phone and info regarding the laptop itself. Then asked me to hold while he looks up more information. I waited about 30 seconds before I got a disconnect signal.

    I called back and spoke with Paul in Tech support who told me that since this is an OUT-of-warranty issue I had to speak with a different department. He transferred me and I waited about 10 minutes before Aadarsh from Canada Out-of-warranty dept answered. He told me he couldn’t help me because Im in USA. REALLY??

    He then tried to transfer me to the correct dept and once again I got disconnected. I called back the number he provided me. Understand that I had to pry this number from him. I called the number and Joseph from the Phillipines answered. We did the info song and dance again and put me on hold. Disconnected again.

    I called one more time and went through the tons of voice prompts once again until finally Nitish from India answered my call. Once again very hard to understand.

    Before Nitish would help me he asked all kinds of questions including what store I purchased the machine from. I replied Im calling about the machine that I own and I don’t feel its relevant. He said they have to verify that I own this machine. Thus calling me a thief. Inferring that I may have stolen the LAPTOP. Finally I gave him the name of a store that’s no longer in business and he offered me the information. Not only insulting, but stupid. Nitish told me that it would cost 267 to replace the screen that cracked by no fault of my own. I told Nitish that I will not pay more for a screen then the actual machine itself. He offered what sorry apology he could and I disconnected the call.

    This was all before 11am. Between 11 and 2 I went out and bought my daughter a new laptop. IT WAS NOT DELL.

    2:35pm I called Dell to complain about the treatment and policy. Waited roughly 50 minutes before I Disconnected. Filling complaints with consumer affairsm the BBB and I may even file suit in small claims

  64. Recently we a leak in our facility from your product, a cyan toner cartridge for printer C2660dn & I have not been able to locate an M.S.D.S or S.D.S online, I would like it if you could email me a copy. Thank you, Gregg Wagner U.P.S. Haz-Mat Responder






  66. Hi
    I previously bought from you Microsoft 2007 Office Home and Student. My dell computer recently had to have a change in its hard-rive and I have now lost my office software. Are you able to either send me replacement discs as it was preloaded with the machine or a product key please. My order number was 25403898
    Customer N°: GB5757906

    I would really appreciate the support

    Thanks in advance

    Michael Murphy

  67. which of your fools sent to NY a computer with a FRENCH operating system

    My customers think this is this is hilarious

    I have told CHASE to stop payment not what I ordered and DEFECTIVE

    Still no RMA label # 922 554 102

  68. Dell should be ashamed off the lack off customer service. You higher people from other countries so you pay them cheaper. Well Dell this is the United States Of America and we have a lot off people in need off jobs. I have been trying to get an issue resolved for thirty four days. I received a defective device and Dell sent me a replacement which is the wrong device and color. I was on the phone for hours on end. Today I was on the phone for one hour and fifty minutes and still have not had my problem resolved. I am very disgusted by the service I have had with Dell hopefully someone is reading this and will get in contact to rectify this issue.

  69. I have been trying to cancel the order of a Dell laptop computer (Dell Purchase ID: 2005470778827) for the last three days. During my first call on Monday, Feb. 15 I was told by Dell customer representative that the order was cancelled and that I would receive a confirmation in a few minutes. After this has NOT happened for 48 hours (!), my wife called Dell again and was assured to have the order cancelled within 10 minutes. No confirmation email from Dell followed. Consequently, I called Dell customer support service for the third time and spoke with representative Zelma (ID 274811) and with her manager Elena (Manager of Returns Dept, ID 140794) who clarified that my order cannot be cancelled since she does not have a confirmation from the production division, and that the only path forward at this point is to wait until the computer arrives at my house and to process a return afterwards. As a result of this, according to Dell’s return policy, I quote “Dell may charge a restocking fee of up to 15% of the purchase price paid, plus any applicable sales tax”, not accounting for the extra postal expenses.

    In the light of all the above I find the work Dell’s customer service and returns operations fully unprofessional and shocking. Note that the production date for the computer, according to the purchase receipt, is February 25 (10 days after my first call to the customer service!) and therefore I find it absolutely unfair to have customers pay for the company’s problems with elementary logistics and customer support. Nevertheless I do hope for the positive resolution of the matter at hand and I look forward to your response.

  70. I own a Dell H515 Lenovo and my serial number is ES12498625 I just upgraded to Windows 10. It seems my computer is constantly searching the harddive and running slowly. I was trying to access your site to check for drivers but my machine is out of warranty and the site will not allow me to search without a proper service tag. thank you for your help.

  71. Thank you for cancelling my order, this was my second and final order/attempt I will be making to purchase a $2,000 laptop. Because of Dell’s incompetency.
    The first purchase that I made from you guys was defective. I then returned it and had to wait a month to get my credit in order. I STILL haven’t received my $140, that I paid into the product!
    Now I attempted to purchase another product from you guys and I receive an email 2 days later that it is cancelled? Really, a billion dollar company, makes their customers wait nearly 2 weeks to receive their products and it turns out defective, then make them wait a month to fix credit and still make them wait to receive their cash money, then cancel their next order just because you feel like it??

    Then I get a call 2 weeks after I returned my product, from a repair technician who is on his way to my house to fix my defective laptop.
    You didn’t even have a decency to tell your own technician?

    You people are the most unprofessional, company I have ever dealt with.

    This is pathetic. I thought Dell was a reputable company. Completely unethical business processes.

    I WILL NEVER buy from you people again, and will make sure to tell everyone I know, about your unprofessional business practices.

    Please send me a check for my $140, that I have been waiting for for over a month.

    Unsatisfied Customer
    Andrew Briggs

  72. I purchased my DELL Inspiron 7568 laptop on Jan. 30, 2016 and to day I alarm sounded on my computer, and it stated that my computer may have been hacked or hijacked. I called DELL TECH SUPPORT and I job a gentleman with such a strong accent and kept telling him I couldn’t understand him. He kept talking fast. I explained to him again what the notice said and I needed help. I allowed him to take control of my computer to see if my information had been compromised, then he started trying to sell me a security service. I could understand HIM any further, so I told him I was going to hang up because I couldn’t understand him. Can I get someone to assist me that I can understand. My phone # 802 379 1828. I am so frustrated as I am afraid that my financial info has been com promised. Ronald Elwell

  73. I bought a computer from Dell on 5-25-15. It broke within a year, within the warranty period. I called Dell Technical Support on March 5 to get help. I was put through extensive troubleshooting, much of it redundant, in an effort to make my obviously defective computer work again. When that failed I sent my computer to your repair facility in Texas. It was sent back to me still broken. I was sent a replacement computer. It was sent with the wrong operating system. I was told over 5 weeks ago that a replacement computer with the correct operating system would be sent. It hasn’t been sent yet. It has now been TEN WEEKS since I first called Dell to fix/replace my broken computer and they still haven’t done it. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN. Their customer services SUCKS.

  74. I was trying to place an order today and was extremely disappointed in DELL and customer service. The laptop I selected was an insprion 15 7000 with a deal for free xbox with choice of game.
    The pictures of the laptop showed black or red as the options. I did online chat to find out how I could select the color and the game for the xbox. I was told the laptop is gray there is no choice. NONE of the pictures show gray laptop! I was lso told that there is no choice for the xbox game. This is false advertising. The agent did not apologize or try to help me. Instead she disconnected and sent me the transcript. After looking around on it appears that you do not show pictures of the real products. This is a horrible way to do business! How can you expect me to make a purchase when you misrepresent the products and outright lie? I have purchased dell products in the past, but itr appears that your company has gone downhill with these practices.

  75. I have a Dell XPS 8300 with Windows 7 Home installed and wanted to know when Dell will have run the tests necessary for me to upgrade to Windows 10 Home (free until July 29). I am frustrated that I cannot contact Dell via either telephone or email to get an answer. Obviously, I am expecting to make the update before the free period expires. Help, please.

  76. This is a copy of a chat session I had this morning at Dell:
    Your session ID for this incident is 75382012.
    Time Details
    07/18/2016 07:04:12AM Session Started with Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill)
    07/18/2016 07:04:12AM Leslie Lee: “3_227”
    07/18/2016 07:04:14AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “Welcome to Dell Parts and Accessories Sales Chat! My name is Karla. I will be your Sales Chat Expert. I can be reached at How can I help you today? Feel free to provide your phone number so that we can contact you in case we get disconnected . Thanks. ^_^
    07/18/2016 07:05:59AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “I see that you are still typing in your response, take your time..”
    07/18/2016 07:07:38AM Leslie Lee: “I was looking for an inexpensive monitor to go with an older desktop computer I have. I searched for monitors under $150. I saw a Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – SE2417HG, Dell Part # 210-AHHQ. It was listed at $113.99 for members. However, when I put it into my cart, the price is $160. Is this a mistake or is something wrong with the website?
    07/18/2016 07:08:14AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “I’ll be happy to assist you with your concern today..”
    07/18/2016 07:08:15AM Leslie Lee: “I could send you a screen shot of the $113.99 price.” [I still have it].
    07/18/2016 07:08:42AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “this has been an issue for the past few days already and clients have been chatting in to help them place their order..if youd like i can help you place the order via this chat session..”
    07/18/2016 07:09:10AM Leslie Lee: “It depends. What is the true price?”
    07/18/2016 07:09:38AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “we do have the correct price on our end thats why i will be willing to help :)”
    07/18/2016 07:09:41AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “shall we begin?”
    07/18/2016 07:10:30AM Leslie Lee: “Can you confirm the “correct price” is $113.99?”
    07/18/2016 07:11:14AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “let me get that”
    07/18/2016 07:12:55AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “let me have the screenshot please?”
    07/18/2016 07:15:31AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “I’m sorry for asking, just checking to see if we are still connected?”
    07/18/2016 07:16:21AM Leslie Lee: “I hope so. Trying to upload the screen shot.”
    07/18/2016 07:17:05AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “let me check..”
    07/18/2016 07:17:10AM Leslie Lee: “The pop-up box said it uploaded, but I don’t see a confirmation.”
    07/18/2016 07:17:24AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “checking on it”
    07/18/2016 07:18:44AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “okay, we have seen it.. please stay online as i check this one with my manager..”
    07/18/2016 07:22:14AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “as per checking, we do apologize but this is a website glitch.. however, if you’re purchasing this today, i can talk to my manager and see if we can get a deal for this, but i will have to create a quote as a basis for this request, get it across and wait for the approval..shall we do that?
    07/18/2016 07:23:30AM Leslie Lee: “I am not going to commit to anything over the $113.99 advertised price. I’ll wait and see what you can do, though.”
    07/18/2016 07:24:08AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “May I have your full name, phone number, billing and shipping address in order for me to create you a quote, please?”
    07/18/2016 07:25:34AM Leslie Lee: [private info deleted]
    07/18/2016 07:27:12AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “thanks, please stay online”
    07/18/2016 07:27:49AM Leslie Lee: “I am still here.”
    07/18/2016 07:27:56AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “thanks”
    07/18/2016 07:28:44AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “by the way, are you a member of our Dell Advantage Loyalty Program? For each order you place you will receive free 2nd business day shipping and 5% back in rewards in the form of a promotional code (+ an additional 5% in rewards if purchasing with Dell Preferred Account, for a total reward of 10% back). Signing up is easy and totally FREE. What email address would you like to use? 🙂
    07/18/2016 07:29:19AM Leslie Lee: “I am already a member. [email deleted]
    07/18/2016 07:29:48AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “Okay, i already submitted a request regarding your discount concern, and may i also ask the best phone number so once we get the approval we can call you back?.. :)”
    07/18/2016 07:30:30AM Leslie Lee: “Hmmm. I would prefer email if possible.”
    07/18/2016 07:30:48AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “discounts are done over the phone though..”
    07/18/2016 07:31:12AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “but okay, if you prefer emai;.. just a heads up, you wont be able to purchase this without the quote”
    07/18/2016 07:32:05AM Leslie Lee: “Well, when you have the quote, you can tell me by email and I’ll call you. I am at work and can only use the phone at certain times.”
    07/18/2016 07:32:14AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “alright”
    07/18/2016 07:32:19AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “Thanks for your time to chat with us. Would there be anything else that I may assist you for today?”
    07/18/2016 07:34:03AM Leslie Lee: “No, but don’t bother with the quote if it is over the advertised price. I am very disappointed in Dell. This seems like a “bait and switch” tactic to me. I am not upset with you. You have been very professional. I just don’t like these types of “mistakes” for large companies that should know better.
    07/18/2016 07:34:30AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “noted on that,, sorry again for the inconvenience”
    07/18/2016 07:34:36AM Agent (Dianne_Karla_Castill): “THank you for choosing Dell Sales Chat… Have a pleasant day….”
    07/18/2016 07:34:41AM Session Ended
    If you require further assistance, please visit us at

    Okay, so within a half-hour, someone from Dell (Michael, maybe–they never give full names) calls me. Remember, I said I could not take calls and to email me. He said the best they could do was offer me the monitor at $160. He asked if I still wanted it. How aggravating! I started to tell him about the website price and that the sale rep was going to try and get me a discount, etc, and he hung up on me! I can’t believe they called when I said to email, and offered nothing different from the price I got in the cart, even though it was clearly listed at $113.99. Then he hung up on me when I said I would not buy it for $160. Very unhappy. I just spent over $1000 with them within the last month. I will shop for a monitor locally.

    Leslie Lee
    Brandon, MS

  77. Purchased a Dell computer and realized that the dvd drive was not working. I spent an hour and a half on the warranty support line with three different people who told me to clean the disk drive ( its a new computer), showed me a youtube video on how to properly put a cd in the drive( my three year old knows how to do this), told me I wasn’t closing the drive hard enough, and then ultimately tell me that all my cd’s were bad because the drive worked ONE time with the forth cd I put in, even though I explained to them that the one time it worked, the drive made no noise and every other time the drive was making a grinding noise. They were no help at all , made me fell like an idiot, wasted my time and all I have to show for it is a New computer that doesn’t work .
    Never buy a Dell product again!!

  78. I suspect the Indian Techs are horribly incompetent about fixing computers and only pretend to know what they are doing and/or pretend to be fixing the computer by doing redundant checks/inspections of your desktop. This has been like a horrific scam because my computer problems have never been solved after paying money for Dell’s service.

  79. I bought a dell 1220 projector during September 2015. I use it to various requirement for my charitable Trust. Last week I could not use it as the bulb did not light. I bought it from a dealer at Kalpetta, Wayanad , Kerala , India . They could not help me to restart the Projector. I am trying to seek help through your websites and other media . hope this one will be succesfull. i need this projector o work immediately.

  80. I bought 1220 projector during September 2015. Now the light is not lighting . I am desperately scouting to get this back in working immediately

  81. I purchased an dell laptop 6 months ago. It has never worked or performed anywhere near my old one which finally bit the dust after 10 years. Within one week of me downloading all my documents and pictures from my old laptop the hard drive went bad. It needed to be replaced and in the meantime I have lost all my valuable documents and pictures. Dell sent me not a new hard drive but a refurbished one. It was installed and it has never worked properly. I have spent up to approx. 10 hours on line with a dell technician and no success. I have repeatedly asked to speak to a manager and or for dell just to send me a new laptop as this one does not work. I have lost many hours of work to try and get home for the calls from technicians so they can work on it. I am telling you the laptop is no good and I want a new one. I am still under warranty. I have been a loyal dell customer for about 25 years and I will never again buy a dell and will tell all my friends and social media what a poor product you have and that you will not replace the laptop that is not working while still under warranty.

  82. The Camp for the blind is in need of two laptop computers to keep records for the Camp for the Blind located in Waycross,Ga .The camp is a 501c-3 tax exempt organization. We need computers that have a Core1 3 or higher processor ,4GB or more Ram and at least 500 GB or more space and at least 7200RPM or larger Hard drive. Would DELL have any program that would donate these laptops to the camp . This would be a tax free donation to Dell. The Camp has been in operating since 1975. I am President and Chairman of the this 501c-3 organization . Any help and consideration with this will be appreciated .

    Thanks, Olin C.

  83. I have never seen worse customer service in my life!! Dell agents are quick to sell you something, but could give a crap if something is wrong. I ordered a Dell Latitude 5285 with a docking station, which is used the majority of the time. When I went to travel I noticed the charging cord for my portable charging cord was a Europe cord as opposed to a U.S. cord. I was on the phone well over an hour and a half and handed off five different times. The latest que tells me another 45 minutes. This is one user that will never purchase a Dell product again. All I wanted was to have Dell ship me the right cord. Sad!!!

  84. i purchased a laptop computer for my son for Christmas 2017 and after we opened it and started it up it had this big red line going straight down the computer visibly so i immediately called sears where i purchased it and told them can i get a replacement or have this one serviced they told me no i couldn’t return it or have it serviced if i had known i would’ve gotten him one from Walmart refurbished like this one my daughter bought hers from Walmart its in excellent condition and no red line down the middle and i have it on my sears card how can u not return a damaged product i don’t understand that..or at least fix it..

  85. Please have someone call me that speaks English fluently. I am getting no where with Idi Amin. I purchased a new computer a month ago. The key board was a mess. I returned it and received a second computer. It is a mess — missing drivers. has no memory. Technical service, after I tried to explain problems, hung up on me. And to make matters worse, I also ordered a mouse. It came 10 days after the computer and it did not have the usb with it, If you can’ help me pleae refund my money. I am 80 years old. I might die before I get a new compute.

  86. On March 26,2017, I purchased a Dell all-in-one computer from Best Buy in Geneva, IL Inspiron 20 3000 Series Touch. So far, it’s been in for repair twice – once in June 2017 and again in March 2018. It’s been giving me a lot of problems ever since I purchased it. First of all, I had to go without the computer for 2 – 3 weeks each time which was an inconvenience. Also, each time I got it back I lost some information and had a hard time getting my files back. I am not happy with this computer. All my previous computers were Gateway, and I never had so many problems with the Gateway. I thought Dell would be a good choice for the next time I needed a computer. However, I feel that I made a wrong choice this time. I am not very happy with this purchase.

  87. Received a quote of $99 plus taxes for extension of my warranty via email from Gurpreet Singh today (March 19, 2018) for Premium Support Hardware and Software. When I phoned to place an order, I gave my Visa card number and then was told the quote was a mistake and would cost $189. I refused and hung up. I am concerned the my VISA card will be used by Dell. I don’t want any warranty extension and my relationship with Dell is ended. Relevant info about my expiring Dell system is Service tag: 67H43F2. System type: Latitude 3560. Service offer: Premium Support. Contract end date: 3/20/2018.

  88. This has quite possibly been the worst buying experience of my 30+ years of purchasing. I am attempting to purchase a new Server for our company, to upgrade our system. It took me 4 days to finally talk to a sales rep that could give me a revised quote because of me being a government business. After that it took 3 days to get a corrected quote because our customer # was wrong on quote. The new quote still had different customer # but at least the correct customer information. If I have my way in the future and I can find a different source for a server that will meet our needs I will not buy from Dell ever again.

  89. A windows update issue caused a looping error, which some how screwed up my bootpath. I contact tech support over the phone, wanted to reload windows from a Microsoft website, and charge me because I had upgraded the HHD to SSD, which I was willing to go back to the default. They refused to do it, not to mention dial into my PC once I got it into safe mode with networking. I attempted to use the forums and got zero help, which is very unusual because those gurus help! The whole deal was shaddy, including the odd windows looping update, not able to do any recovery. The only good came out of it, they will take it back and refund my money. Last dell product I …

  90. I purchased a Dell Computer for my daughter to use for school. I only had it for 4 month and a blue screen showed up which is a software problem. I called technical support which was oversees in India those representatives were awful. I explained what the problem was and the stated when I figure out the problem call them back. I will never purchase or recommend a Dell product again it is awful. Lets get our money back

  91. I was a loyal dell customer I have purchased numerous product and was quite satisfied until most recent purchase. I recently may 2018 purchased 2 dell 3265 desktops one wont turn on I called tech and they said 400 dollars to replace motherboard other unit keeps shutting off occasionally what kind of garbage did u sell me refurbished junk I am on financing agremen if I cant get a decent product I will stop payment and take my business elsewhere

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