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Contacting Dairy Queen Customer Service Center

Dairy Queen is a fast food establishment specializing in soft-serve ice cream and desserts. The company has roots in the Midwest, establishing operations in Illinois prior to the start of WWII. Dairy Queen experienced a period of rapid expansion, growing its business from 10 stores prior to the war to more than 1,500 a few years later. The company currently has more than 2,600 stores across the United States and several countries abroad.

With a vast network of businesses across the globe, Dairy Queen maintains its commitment to the customer experience. The company provides several ways to connect with the customer support team in the event customer have questions and concerns relating to products and services.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

In order to contact the customer service department, customers can call, writer correspondence to the corporate office, email using the feedback form or keep the conversation going through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Corporate Office/ Orange Julius: 1-952-830-0200
  • Dairy Queen (Canada): 1-905-639-1492

Mailing Address

American Dairy Queen Corporation7505 Metro Blvd. #500Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286

Dairy Queen Canada5045 South Service Road, Suite 3000P.O. Box 430Burlington, ON L7R 3Y3

Orange Julius of America – International7505 Metro Blvd. #500Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286

Karmelkorn Shoppes, Inc.7505 Metro Blvd. #500Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286

Official Website

The official Dairy Queen website is filled with information relating to the food items, the ice cream cakes, desserts and the signature item, the Blizzard. Customers have the ability to order gift cards and apparel, as well as sign up for alerts relating to new products. Customers wanting an insightful look into the company should visit the Dairy Queen FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Go to, the customer feedback form, to send a message to the customer support team. We sent a message requesting the hours of the customer service department. We are still awaiting a response.

Additional ways to connect with the customer service department include:

Our Experience

We expected more from a company in business for more than 70 years. What we encountered left us wanting more. When we contacted the customer support team, we expected to connect with a live agent, but we endured more than 5 minutes of the automated system. When we finally spoke with a customer service agent, they appeared flustered and not all together there. We asked for information relating to the allergens in the products and if the company provided a dedicated “clean space” when making the frozen desserts.

Unfortunately, the agent explained the employees clean the blenders in between orders, but there is an opportunity for cross- contamination as it relates to allergens. This is a serious concern that we voiced should be addressed. In light of the information we received from the customer support team, we have to note our experience was less than desirable. Were you impressed with the customer support team? Let us know.

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95 Comments on “Contact Dairy Queen Customer Service
  1. In Hondo, Texas the drive thru speaker to place your order has been broken for more than 2 months. I’m a regular customer go there 2/3 times a week. I just don’t understand why it doesn’t get fixed. I even asked an employee when it was going to get fixed. She said ” I don’t’ know”. It’s’ really time consuming! Please have Cliff manager take care of it. Thank you!

  2. April 13, 2013

    Dear Mr. John Gainor, CEO of Dairy Queen

    I am not a happy customer of Dairy Queen. Last weekend 4/6/13, my wife and I were in Cocoa Beach and visited your store at 3690 N. Atlantic Ave. I had an Entertainment Coupon indicating a free small DQ cone when a second was purchased. I have enclosed both the coupon and receipt of $2.99 for a large waffle cone. The manager refused to honor it. This is terrible customer service. How much can a small cone cost? 1-2 bucks?
    So you have potentially lost a former loyal customer for life, over 2 bucks. You need to review this with your manager at that store. They said they never agreed to having their location on the coupon. Whatever the situation, I will be interested in your reaction and response.

    Thank you for you review.

    • 3/27/16, aprox 8:10pm. Grants Pass, Oregon.
      My 15 yr old grandson and I went to the drive thru for a sm vanilla dip cone and a peanut milkshake. The charge was $5.+small change. The speaker was not clear and she spoke quickly). At the window I gave her a $100 bill. She quickly said, “Here is $74.+change”. I took the money, and said to my grandson, “That is not right”. He took his phone calculator, subtracted the $5.50 – $100 = $94.50. I called on the server, and told her the change is not correct. I immediately asked for the manager. I explained about the manner the server returned my change, (It was the manner and amount that seemed deliberate that alarmed me) the manager totally ignored my explanation. I suggested to the manager that she should teach her employee how to count change…she retorted back, “I will not teach them to count change!” I was completely flabbergasted!! I gave back the change that I had been handed and the manager corrected the amount. She slammed the door shut! I had to honk my car horn several times to tell them- I did not get my dip cone. It took more several minutes to receive my cone. I actually thought it was to be ignored! I did get the cone, and again, she slammed the door!!
      What is wrong with this world? Where are the people that care? To even have to write this stupid e-mail as “customer service”. UGH!!

  3. Hello
    I have an amazing picture to share with you. I was visiting my grandkids in Wausau WI last summer. We walked down to the little Dairy Queen store on Hwy business 51. Because the store is so close to the road, I asked the kids to stand against the wall so I could take their picture. It wasn’t until days later that I noticed what an AWESOME picture it turned out to be. I think it would be GREAT advertisement for DQ. Please let me know how I can get a copy to you for review. This is my second attempt to reach out. You will LOVE IT!

  4. Dear Mr. Ceo of dairy Queen

    After being a loyal customer of yours my time has been cut short after numerous trips to dairy queen in Georgetown ky . My children wanted to take me there for fathers day and it was the worst experience ever. was 20 minutes waiting on our food and when it finally arrived half of it was cold and one of our sandwiches looked like it had been dropped on the floor and stepped on.. I do have a photo of this sandwich if the company would like to contact me. thanks and have a wonderful day..

  5. I visited the Dairy Queen in Loganville GA today and was very displeased with the employee that waited on me. I asked for a waffle cone dipped in chocolate. It was my understanding that the cone and ice cream would both be dipped in chocolate because I ordered the same thing at the Dairy Queen in Monroe GA and got both dipped. At the Loganville location I only got the waffle cone part dipped in chocolate but not the ice cream. I had paid with a credit card before I realized the employee didn’t dip the ice cream part. I asked her could she dip the ice cream too and she said it would be 50 cents more, I had no change and had already paidwith my card. I thought as a one time ccourtesy she could have dipped it because there was a misunderstanding particaly on her part. I felt this eas very petty and I will go to Bruster’s next time.

  6. On 08/07/2013 I went through the drive the drive through in Natchitoches, La. When i got to the speaker I had to wait for the clerk and when she did she said Dairy Queen. After I got over the shock of such rudeness I requested 2 ice cream cones. I had to wait 5 mins. for a reply about my order. She told me the price and I went to the window to pay and got my order. There I had to wait another 5 mins. to pay and get my order. Also there was two clerks standing there talking and not doing anything. After I got my order and left I realized that this ice cream did not taste very good. Just wanted to let you know that I will not be going back to this DQ again. I will go to McDonalds for my ice cream in Natchitoches.

  7. I do not even know where to begin. I have never sent a complaint to a corporate office but I felt the need to. Texarkana, Tx first of all, I placed and order for hunger buster mayo, pickle, and cheese only. Drove away and my son says its not right. Had mustard. No big deal right. I just simply said it was wrong and they were making another one. While waiting inside and watched them “correct” my order, the young men were laughing behind the grill. I get my burger walk out to my car, check the burger, they “wiped off” the mustard and no mayo!! As I was in my car they were still laughing. (Livid at this point). So it brings me to Hooks, Tx 9-10-13. I place another simple order, hunger buster mayo and cheese only meal with tots add cheese. Get home with the order and sure enough, has “everything” on the burger. Take it BACK up there and said mayo and cheese only. She says ok and slaps a piece of cheese on the same burger with everything on it. WOW!! Im really done now. I for sure am done. Sounds like they are costing the company more screwing up the food.

  8. I tried to print a coupon for “buy 2 blizzards, get 1 free, & all I got was a screen that told me to check the couon before printing. I never saw any coupon. The same thing happened when I tried to get a coupon to print for $3 off a DQ cake–same screen about looking at the coupon before printing–& there was no coupon to look at. Am not sure what to do to be able to get both coupons.

  9. I have never sit in a line so long. I swear the dairy queen needs to take there self out of the yellow pages as (fast food) or they need to let the people ordering food know that they need to slaughter a cow first before they cook a hamburger. I paid for our meal and sit out in the parking lot for over 30 minutes and I know it was 30 minutes bc I looked at the dam receipt at the time I paid. So if you go to the diary queen in KERMIT Texas. Get ready to wait bc it’s not one time it happen but twice it happened. I be dam if they get me the third time. At first I looked at the parking lot and said dam that must be a great place to eat BUT all those cars was from them telling people to pull forward and take a good nap. this place sucks and the manager Bobbie Vickery doesn’t even seem smart enough to spell his own name much less run a fast food joint.

  10. Very poor customer service…. Manager Liz was very short with me. Location is on transit rd in Williamsville New York. I told the girl that waited on me that I didn’t want the sundaes made right after the food came out and when I went to tell the manager she had a fit and yelled at me.Im not a happy person after being treated that way by a manager!

  11. I have been going to Dairy Queen over 30 years and got a new manager who changed my ingredients in my peanut butter crunch blizzard… I called to complain she was unsympathetic and did not offer to correct her employee mistake. Just so disappointed in the Dairy Queen on Forum Blvd in Columbia Missouri…

  12. Last night my daughter took me to DG in the Meridian Mall/Okemos MI. This was the worst thing I have seen in the mall. This employee acted as if he was on drugs. He was all over the place and acting weird. He attempted to give us change for a $20 when we clearly used a master card. Him and his uniform looked as if he hadn’t showered in 3 months. His hair was below ear level and very greasy. The counters and floors were extremely dirty. Food, towels, trash, cups and lids and straws as well as unused supplies everywhere. It was so disgusting. People in line were talking and thinking the same thing as us. as if “is this a joke”.

  13. We just wish to make an observation about the Star Kiss bar. The stick is Not centered in the bar, this allows the ice cream to fall off early with most of it on the ground or table. It happened again today, again we purchased another for my daughter but this time we held it over a cup only to watch it do it again! Please tell USCI, inc to adjust the process to allow for centering the stick!
    This is so devastating to a young child!


  14. Recently we stopped at the Dairy Queen on 137 & Q Street in Millard, NE. We were a little disappointed by the service. Our Blizzards we orderd were not up to Standard. We normal go to 84th & Harrison near Ralston & get great service and the blizzards seem like they have more flavor or more toppings in them. This was after a ball game we attended so maybe they were just to busy and didn’t relize that there was not enough cookie crunch in them and hope we didn’t notice after we left.

  15. Very disappointed with an ice cream cake I served for my family tonight. I purchased an Xtreme Chocolate Ice Cream Cake but there wasn’t really any cake, it was all ice cream with a little crunchy something in the middle. Any ice cream cake I’ve ever eaten has always had cake in it. If I wanted to serve ice cream, I would have bought a gallon of ice cream. I guess I expected better quality from Dairy Queen.

  16. Hello…I purchased 3 sugar free prducts from the One Bixby location. I went back to store to get fresh ice cream and the manager refused to give me replacement products even after talking her the particulars of my visit. my number is 614-316+1882. I told the manager since it is a problem I won’t purchase sugar free products from there ever again. I don’t want ice over top the ice cream.

  17. Hello…I purchased 3 sugar free prducts from the One Bixby location. I went back to store to get fresh ice cream and the manager refused to give me replacement products even after talking her the particulars of my visit. my number is 614-316+1882. I told the manager since it is a problem I won’t purchase sugar free products from there ever again. I don’t want ice over top the ice cream.

  18. The DQ located at the Lake Elsinore, CA Outlet is disgustingly dirty. It is so sad that we drove just to get some Blizzards and it was so dirty that we didn’t dare to order and left. We lived in VA and Orlando and never had that problem. I would like to see something done about it. Thanks.

  19. Hello, i have a HUGE complaint against your store at the Bramalea City Centre….. it has been bothering me for a while and i just feel you should know what happened…because the same thing is probably happening to other customers too.

    My two daughters went to the mall on june 16th, 2014 and dropped in at the DQ there to use up their two orange julius coupons….they had gotten from their cereal boxes……

    what they got was an awful experience, the owner/manager was extremely rude to them…… and instead of giving them a small orange julius smoothie , gave them:
    1. an extra small or kid sized one (she said that this was their small size)
    2. no yogurt (she said coupon doesn’t cover yogurt)
    3. one got an orange julius that was very watery and almost tasteless
    4. the other got one that was very very very icy…… full of huge chunks of ice…

    We have the photos to show all of the above.

    We have been really loyal DQ customers for decades and were very upset with the treatment my daughters received at this particular one….. very upset……my girls felt so very embarrassed….

    and we just wanted you to know…….so other customers don’t have to go through what my daughters went through at that DQ!

    We maybe reached either at the above email address/phone number.

    Thank you.

    A very unhappy family.

    PS at the same time, we would like to applaud the DQ on Queen Street in Brampton….. this is what an ice cream parlor is supposed to be like……friendly, smiling, and generous with their portions (not skimpy and rude like the one at the BCC or the one at Sandalwood and Torbram…. you need to be aware of who is scamming your customers…. very disappointing!!!

    thank you


  21. I used to frequent a dairyqueen in Fargo ND and always got great hot food. Today I visited the Jamestown ND location and got a 4 piece chicken strip and frys. The chicken strips were mini’s compared to the ones I got at the Fargo location and my frys were stone cold. I also didnt order a pop but got charged for it. I do not intend on EVER doing business with the Jamestown Dairy Queen and intend on telling everyone I know NOT to go to this Dairy Queen unless you want cold food and horrible service.

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    Dairy Queen could make alot of kids very happy with donating a kids treat for the goody bags that we are puting together for them, last year Franklin,Va Dairy Queen donated cups and kids treats. Thank You

  23. We just got back from “trying” to use my birthday coupon – buy one blizzard get one free at the DQ on Columbia in Lancaster, PA. We were told they weren’t offering this. Told him we had a coupon again, but to no avail. We were in drive- up so when we got to the window we showed him what we had and his reply was “you didn’t say you had a coupon. dah!!! Asked for manager (maybe 17 – 18 years old) he never apologized or ask if we would like to order our blizzards. But then what should we have expected from a KID! Won’t be going to DQ any time soon. So much for my “birthday treat”

  24. My child who works for the Dairy Queen in Greer, SC has told me some horrific things they have seen be done at their job. I have heard about chicken strips being dropped on the floor and being picked up and put in the fryer anyway. There was an incident not too long ago where there was hair on a basket of food they were about to take out to serve to a customer. The owner pulled the hair off, said “Shh” and made her take it out anyway. They do not always clean properly. The managers do not wear gloves or wash their hands often. There was once a customer who got sick because the employees were being made to combine ketchup. They owners did not do anything about it! They continue to do it still. On another occasion, there were several meat patties left over after the store was closed. The managers made the cook put the left overs in the cooler and the next morning tried to serve it to customers!!! About a month ago, a fly was seen in the bucket of chocolate milk used for chocolate ice cream. The manager on duty scooped the fly out and used the milk anyway! I am absolutely horrified by these things I have just learned about. I know restaurants all have their own ways of doing things but this is absolutely unacceptable.

  25. Went to your Beaver,WV location on 9/12/14 @ 7PM. I ordered 2 Hot Dogs with the works, a small drink and a large ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. IT WAS THE WORST MEAL !!!!!! The only warm part were the wieners (barely). There was so much chili on them that was all u could taste. The ice cream cone was stale. Very disappointed in the quality at this location

  26. DQ in Bloomington off of Old Shakopee Rd must have changed owners recently. Going thru the drive thru they couldn’t seem to hear my order and when I had questions about a food item they couldn’t answer. Having to yell was frustrating and when getting to the window it was as if it was no big deal to them. Asked why they couldn’t hear and he said the batteries were going out on the headset. Not good for business. However food was good.

  27. My first experience at the Creswell Oregon new Dairy Queen.
    I feel like someone decited to open a DQ in the lunch room at the high school. Hmmm not such a good idea if you ask me. I sat here for about an hour watching kid employee’s goof off be loud and disrespectful of customers. Our order went partly to employees on break. This cured me of ever wanting to come back unless I choose the drive through. There appeared to be zero management controlling the pack of groupies. I would be quite angry if I spent the money to open this franchise then have this kind of first impression.

  28. We were very excited to get a DQ in our little town. I had my first visit tonight. Sadly, it was not such a great experience. We ordered 3 medium Blizzards. About 7 minutes into our wait, I noted 2 employees come out with blizzards and food. We waited longer. About 15 minutes after we arrived, I sent my son up to see if our Blizzards were done. He waited about 5 minutes and then came back to the table with them. My Blizzard was almost completely melted. My daughter’s Blizzard contained hardly any of the candy she ordered. But the two employees had nice thick blizzards. That was a little frustrating. Then to hear the conversations going on behind the counter that were not so appropriate. I guess with a bunch of teenagers it’s to be expected. I guess Ijust expect more from this company. I’m sorry, I won’t be back anytime soon.

  29. I went thru the drive-thru of the Paducah, KY Dairy Queen today. I ordered an unsweetened ICED tea. I pulled off to add my artificial sweetener. When I used my straw to mix it, I discovered there was absolutely NO ICE in it! Was irritated, and the longer I thought about it, the madder I got. This after paying $2.32 for it! Next time will go to McDonald’s where their DIET tea is only a buck and they DO put ice in it. Lesson learned and customer lost, DQ!

  30. We went to the Cleveland Tennessee Dairy Queen.And order two medium blizzards.When we got to the window the girl turn them upside down, I guess to prove how thick they were.We got about half way down to the bottom and it wasn’t mixed up it was just ice cream. if it was just mine I would have thought it was a mistake, but it was both the blizzards the same way. I told my husband that’s how they can turn them upside down and appear so thick.

  31. On march 1,2015,I ordered 1 6peice meal and 1 8peice meal and 1 extra slice of Tex.toast for 99 cents,was given 3 slices of toasted regular bread,not the thick Tex.toast.also Gravy was thin compared to the gravy at two other stores.Your advertising states Tex toast and I was expecting Tex.toast.Talked to Alejeno ,the manager of store on 11306@ FM 518, in Pearland,Tx,was told he only served the thick Tex toast and this certainly was not the toast I’ve had in the past and 99 cents was to much for a thin slice of bread.Not sure I will be visiting that store again.

  32. I just visited Ferry Farm Dairy Queen in VA22405. The person who waited on me was an older woman (possibly the owner). She was wearing a filthy black shirt and apron. The milkshake she made was thin and served with no whipped cream or cherry. Is there no health regulations for DQ? I would never eat anything here and probably will not visit again! Disgusting.

  33. The store in Snyder texas located in middle of town is a joke, nasty food that the state the manger is cooking,,,she was so nasty dressed with a pink shirt with stain..i asked for my money back. did not want her cooking my food.

  34. I have enjoyed Dairy Queen for over 45 years. My family usually eats a meal once or twice a week ,we also get ice cream along with my seven grand kids and my great grandson . I usually stop in two to three times a week for lunch. I was very surprised that bbq was taken of the menu.The chili dogs,tenderloins and cheeseburgers are ok but my favorite was bbq.I will be stopping by a Culvers to see if they serve bbq.if they do our family tradition may have to move on to them.

  35. Hi:

    I frequently visit the DQ in Cream Ridge, NJ for food and blizzards with my friends. During my last visit I thought the blizzard had a sour taste and my friends thought the same. My friends and I ended up getting sick a short while later. I was very surprised and eztremely disappointed to say the least. I’ve never had that problem before and I feel a little uneasy about a return visit. Hopefully, when and if I return I won’t have another experience like that.

  36. I waited in the drive thru line for 15 minutes and when I got my large Blizzaed I wonderec why she didn’t hold it upside down. It was pure liquid. No ice cream. I had already pulled thru the drive thru. What a disappointment. Dairy Queen you need better standards, this is not the first disappointment at this Cobourg location. You can do better. $6.00 for a cup of liquid unacceptable.

  37. I stopped at the Dairy Queen in Girard, PA and waited in line for 15 minutes. I ordered a banana split Blizzard. When I finally got to the window, she took my payment and handed me a bag. I didn’t get a receipt nor were there any napkins in the bag. The Blizzard was melted (the consistency of syrup) and didn’t seem to have any real fruit in it. The parking lot has potholes everywhere and the building is run-down and dirty. I will not patronize this Dairy Queen ever again.

  38. Could you please send me a toll free number for your head office….I don’t want to phone long distance and I don’t want to spend any more money…..I am very peeved at my treatment …I wasn’t going to complain but I ordered a sheet birthday cake for april 5….it’s already june 15 and i’m stilled peeved about it….I ordered a sheet cake five days ahead of time and went to pick it up on my way to a birthday party…the cake that I ordered is no where as to what I got….I have a picture of what I ordered and a picture of what I got…I complained and it was as if they couldn’t get me out of the store faster…I thought that dairy queen was a little bit more professional than that…I ordered from the dairy queen in moose jaw , saskatchewan

  39. Went to Dairy Queen for a Banana Split. Told the person a large banana split, when I got up to the window she handed me a large cup topped with whipped cream. I told her that it was not a banana split, she informed me that it was a banana split blizzard in what world is “split”sound like”blizzard”. So I thought maybe I could be wrong the way things have changed. NO I WAS RIGHT. I got a cup full of ice cream, no fruit only white ice cream with topping. I have scratched DAIRY QUEEN from my list of dumb places.

  40. I just returned from our local Dairy Queen in Kankakee, IL. This will be my last visit there. I have been going to this location almost six years. I always order two blizzards and three puppy cones. The cones are for my three toy poodles. Until today, I have never been charged fo the puppy cones…$.75 each plus tax. The blizzards are expensive enough, not to mention charging for the tiny puppy cones because I did not have the dogs with me! I have not had them with me the countless number of times I have been there. I quests they must pay for their new drive thru somehow. As I told Hilary Sidener, store manager, this is really great customer service…NOT! Customer service can be either your cheapest and best form of advertising or your worst and most expensive form. You can be assured, I will NOT be recommending this DQ to anyone! I also could not believe that she wanted me to send her or her boss, Jeff Webster at noble stores my email and she would forward it? Thanks for the great service?!!?

  41. Good afternoon,

    I am pretty upset with Dairy Queen at the moment. This used to be my favorite place to eat, but after today I am done giving them chances.

    I had a coworker pick up some food for me while I was in a meeting. I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger Meal with a bottle of water and a Banana creme pie blizzard instead of the sundae. When she got back she had the food in hand with a pepsi. They told her that they forgot they were out of water and that she would have to take a pepsi with her meal instead. That would be fine if I drank pop, but I dont. So I ate the food, i asked for the blizzard, and when she handed it to me I instantly noticed that it had pecans put in it. I am highly allergic to nuts. I had to throw both the blizzard and pop away.

    I apologize for the rant, it is just frustrating to continuously be let down by, what used to be, my favorite place to eat. Hopefully this helps and may have some problems to your attention that you didnt know existed.

    Thank you for listening.

  42. just left your DQ located across the street from The Wildhorse Casino in in Oregon. I can honestly say I have never been to a dirtier anything. The doors, the door handles, the windows, the floor, the tables, the chairs, the counters, the bathrooms, the employee uniforms, the sundae work counter, every single thing in that place was filthy . You must look into this place, my next email is to the health dept. yuck!

  43. i love dairy queen however i think its wrong that they use styrofoam cups I’m only saying this because every time someone asks for water thats what they hand them a styrofoam cup! Knowing that styrofoam is very bad for the environment it would be nicer to be handed a paper cup that will disintegrate! Hope you take this into consideration thank you.

  44. This Is now my 3rd message about my Visit. My E mails have gone ignored at this point which is very frustrating.The chicken Strips My daughter had & the french Fries Were very Soggy & Greasy. & My Flamethrower Combo No Lettuce. Was a Standard Burger With Lettuce. My family of four was extremely disappointed. & The Young Girl at the counter was on her Cell phone & was not very inattentive & wasn’t focused on what we order. When she set tray up I said these are Flamethrower Meals Correct. Her Reply was “This Is what you ordered” . And she was NOT too friendly about it. I sent 2 emails before & No one has got back. Can someone E mail me back or reach out to me. It would be appreciated.

  45. Third time in a row I’ve asked and paid for extra candy in my blizzard and third time in a row I didn’t get it. This is a rip off. Also, very poor attitude. Very.
    Visited at 902 pm Thursday August 27

  46. I went to your restaurant in Fairdale KY they messed up my order the manager got rude and refused to fix my order and this was after paying for the food and waiting 30 min

  47. My past experiences at Dairy Queen were excellent BUT not recently at a Red Deer Alberta outlet on October 16, 2015. At approximately 10:00 PM I purchased a Mushroom Burger. At midnight I incurred severe stomach cramps and suffered with repetitive diarrhea until 3:00 AM – obviously food poisoning. I am absolutely sure it was the burger as I was vacationing with a friend at the time and the burger was the ONLY thing I consumed which she had not. I reported back to the franchise but was rebuffed by the Manager who’s comments were:
    Do you think it was the mayo? (How could I know that???) …… and sarcastically commented: “No one else reported anything.”
    I left the premises in disgust.

  48. My past experiences at Dairy Queen were excellent BUT not recently at a Red Deer Alberta outlet on October 16, 2015. At approximately 10:00 PM I purchased a Mushroom Burger. At midnight I incurred severe stomach cramps and suffered with repetitive diarrhea until 3:00 AM – obviously food poisoning. I am absolutely sure it was the burger as I was vacationing with a friend at the time and the burger was the ONLY thing I consumed which she had not. I reported back to the franchise but was rebuffed by the Manager who’s comments were:
    Do you think it was the mayo? (How could I know that???) …… and sarcastically commented: “No one else reported anything.”
    I left the premises in disgust.

  49. Upon visiting the Dairy Queen in South Myrtle Beach South Carolina, I experienced one of the worst situations of my life in a public place. I ordered a small sprite, a bottle of water and a vanilla ice cream with chocalate sauce. The girl handed me 2 small cups and the sunday. I didn’t say anything about the bottled water I just took the cups and went over to the machine to get the drinks.I did not get a receipt so I did not know if I was charged or not for the water. In just a few minutes I assume it was the manager was standing over me accusing me of putting the sprite in the wrong cup and telling me he would “let it go this time” and humiliating me in front of quite a few people like I was intentionally trying to steal sprite. I would NEVER knowingly steal sprite or anything else, I couldn’t even drink it. I am a diabetic, I was getting it for my mother who was waiting in the car. The size of the cups were almost identical, and I thought all the time I was putting the sprite in the smallest one because my mother doesn’t drink much carbonated drinks. I was going to drink the water in the larger one of the two. This man took great pleasure in trying to accuse me of something I would never do-STEAL SPRITE! I felt like dumping the drinks and the ice cream all over him! I went back to my car and tried to pull my self together- I take GREAT offense in being accused of stealing. It has left a very bitter taste in my mouth and I will never support Dairy Queen or any of its products again! My husband and I have run 2 small businesses for 30 years. We have employed many people and have worked for the public for many years, If we conducted business like this dairy queen – we would not have a business! This incident happened on Thursday, October 22, 2015

  50. On December 3rd at approximately 4;00 pm my husband went into the Dairy Queen on Baseline Road in Sherwood Park, Alberta and ordered 2 of your $6.00 specials and 2 strawberry sundies , he brought them home . He was given the HOT hamburgers for us likely by mistake or someone else’s order . He is 73 and I am 71. WE do not eat any hot spicy foods he and I took one bite and spit it out. Meanwhile I am allergic to jalapeno and my lips swelled up and I started to have a hard time to swallow. I am pleased I had some Benadryl in the house and thank goodness because I live in the country and never would have made it into the hospital. Please let your staff know they should be more careful

  51. For a while now the DQ on State St in New Albany, IN 47150 has been going down down down! I’m not racist, but within the last year I believe the fantastic guy was there at the window. Sharp to the point in his speech (white younger guy, curly hair) He was awesome! Today was my most recent visit through the drive through. It took at least 20 min. got to the window and they told me they were out of carbonated drinks. Got the meal, 4 pc chicken strip. Toast is hard, chicken is overcooked, crust hard, and the napkins are from Kroger or a store. (the ones I have at home????)

  52. Re: Dairy Queen, Anson, TX–almost every time I go there, the place is filthy! For instance today there was meat, gravy, fries, straw sleeves on the floor- not just one place but several areas. One of the two dining rooms wasn’t air conditioned. The counters nor tables were cleaned. All this with only 4 or 5 customers in the building (my visit was at 4:30PM). The employees didn’t appear to be busy either. The food and serving time is about average but finding a place to eat where it’s clean is an adventure.

  53. We go to the Hondo DQ. Quite abit. We would like to know why does the Hondo DQ ,DOES NOT honor the TV specials. DQ is branch or just uses the DQ name

  54. I am writing this email, to bring to your attention a customer service model that I believe you will agree is broken. I recently visited the Dairy Queen in Kanata, Ontario on Robertson Rd and Eagleson to purchase a Milkshake.

    Since I had an appointment and was fairly short on time, I decided to use the drive thru to purchase a milkshake. The store was empty and only one vehicle was ahead of me, so I assumed that time would not be an issue. After 15 minutes or more waiting in the drive thru lane and unable to leave for my appointment because other vehicles were now lined up behind me and the car that was there ahead of me, when I arrived/ordered was still there, I wondered what could be the issue.

    Upon arriving at the window, after the car ahead of me finally got its order, it was explained to me the process at this particular Dairy Queen is to have the vehicle that has just ordered a large food order sit at the window block the drive thru lane until their order is cooked and delivered, no matter how long it takes!!!.

    McDonalds and other fast food Drive thru’s, ask the vehicle whose order will take time to prepare, to pull ahead and then continue to serve other customers while their food is being cooked. This ensures that people that order a coffee or milkshake do not wait for an unreasonable amount of time for a very simple and what should be, a fairly quick order.

    In this case the vehicle should have been asked to proceed to the front of the restaurant and when the food order was ready, it would be brought out to them. With this process, myself and the customers lined up behind me could have been served and on our way 15 mins faster.

    I hope this helps your customer service processes at Dairy Queen, I am a regular customer, 2 or 3 times weekly, but in most cases I go into the restaurant and order at the counter especially when it includes food.

    Thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter.


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  56. I am extremely disappointed and angry at the fact that you discontinued your corn dogs. They were my favorite thing on the menu and there are no other places in my area that sell corn dogs. The only place that I can get corn dogs is my county and state fair. It would make me ecstatic if you would put the corn dogs back on the menu. Please and thank you.

  57. Yesterday I purchased an ice cream cone at DQ in Newark, DE. I was appalled at the attitude of the server in the drive-thru window. My order totaled $3.09. I gave the server $3.10. She handed me my ice cream and said thank you very much and had no intention of giving me my change. She settled back against the counter and noticed that I had not left. I was waiting for my change. She rolled her eyes and said, “Oh, my god” because she can’t believe I want my penny and opens the register and gets my penny. I know it’s only a penny but it’s not even about the penny. It’s the attitude of the server that disturbs me. Did she think she was going to get to keep that penny after I drove away? Does she think a penny is no big deal, why would I want it? It’s sad to see how some youth act nowadays and this incident, little as it may be, will stop me from going to DQ for a long time.

  58. Bought one of your highly advertised chicken bruschetta sandwiches today 3/12/16. Really terrible – only about a shred of tomato peel, one square inch of lettuce and chicken that looked as if it had been roasted and torn apart in big hunks. All this for $5.07. This will be my last stop at your store at 30 Plantation Park Drive, Bluffton, SC. So bad that one star is too much!

  59. I went to the Dairy Queen in Lebanon TN 37087 last year on free cone day and as I was new to the store and there was no closed sign on the counter and lots of people sitting around eating ice cream, my husband and I waited for the employee to turn around and take our order. After 10 minutes she finally turned and said what? We said we were here for the free cone. She said she had closed 10 minutes before. I asked where her closed signed sign was and she just gave me a dirty look and turned away again. Today we tried again. This time we were told they don’t participate. We decided to get ice cream for both of us and a hot dog for me. The hot dog was cold even though my husband saw the girl heat it up and it very tough. It tasted nasty! I don’t think I will ever go to that location again. Hopefully Mt Julliet is better, I haven’t tried it.

  60. I think the Dairy Queen in Tracy, Mn. is really in need of outside repairs. The pain is looking very shabby and is not a good advertisement for the business or the town as it is the first building one sees entering the town.

  61. I went to your Fulton, MO restaurant a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t pleased with what I got. My husband ordered your new broiled bacon cheeseburger. He was given a fish sandwich instead. He is allergic to fish. He could have been killed if he had eaten it. Its a good thing that he looked at the sandwich before he ate it. He then had them get the right sandwich. His fries were stale. They were too salty as well. I ordered an Orange Julius shake it was so thick that I couldn’t drink it for a half an hour. My blizzard was disgusting as well. It was one of those chocolate chip cookie dough with cocoa in it. Yuck!! COuld you please give us some coupons or our money back? We spent almost $30 at your store. That is the least that you can do.

  62. My son decided to share his dinner with his little sister and this is what she almost bit into. What in the world?!?! It was raw meat under the breading of a chicken tender. You have got to see this. I need an email address to send the picture to.

  63. Last Sunday we went to the Dairy Queen off of Maysville road in Ft. Wayne Indiana. I was disappointed in their selections in blizzards, I always order snicker blizzards and they told me they were dropped. I guess that I will eat less there and find another restaurant that maybe serves Ice cream with snickers in it!

  64. Always purchase a Reese cup blizzard cake on my birthday. This year, @Spencer, IN DQ, the “cake” was Reese cup ice cream in a 10″ circle with some brown icing? Nothing white? Nothing close to a blizzard cake. I asked the “manager” if she has ever saw one? Answer: “you can’t make every cake the same”. What? You guys need to see these pictures of this.

  65. I took my children to your Steubenville Ohio DQ both ordered a blizzard. 5/26/16 18:13pm Tiffany B 58-3-1
    Neither blizzard was served upside down and when asked about the free one we were told they do not do that at this location, if so they would be giving all the blizzards away because the icecream is too soft.

  66. Why yall price high on icecream it cost me $2.89 buy one ice cream and macon ga. Got some sorry women working. Freak it i rater make my own milk shack. Yall need get on phons call that dum dq on lingcabin drive.

  67. This afternoon, we stopped at Dairy Queen, and noticed the “new” item featuring the frozen dairy with the funnel cakes. Our treat arrived very disappointing! The photo is extremely misrepresenting the amount of the frozen dairy to the amount the worker dispensing into the container. I was very irritated along with the price ($4.52), you should receive what the photo shows.

    When you order the Peanut Buster Parfait it is exactly as the photo, and never disappointed.

    I feel that Dairy Queen should have a new photo up for the “new” item, so the customers will not be misled.


    Nancy Lea

  68. July 5, 2016 stopped in at new Dairy Queen in Wakaw, Saskatchewan. Great experience. Had a $7 combo special and for additional $1 rec’d a small blizzard. I ordered 3 of these meals for total of approx. $25

    July20, 2016 stopped in at new Dairy Queen in Davidson, Saskatchewan. Not so great experience. Ordered two combos ( one burger, one chicken ) they somehow got jumbo sized and total came to $34 and change. You have to be kidding. Finally got it to just regular combos for $25.15. Will not, did I say will not ever solicit the DQ in Davidson. Owner needs to prep staff better. I believe he encourages them to upsell something that is not understood by customer.

  69. I have attempted the following three times…wasted 20 minutes! Will not accept info from receipt.

    Have loved your burgers and ice cream for a long time. 66 years old. Lived in China last year and occasionally found a Dairy Queen!!! A real treat for my wife and I.

  70. Blue earth Minnesota DQ needs some help I waited in line for 15 min waited for my food for 20min and waited for my Blizzard for 15min the pop mch wasn’t working

  71. I’ve been going to Dairy Queens for over 65 years and still enjoy them. The Blizzards are great — especially when the servers turn the cup over to show how thick it is.

    A thought — how about adding a new Blizzard flavor — BLACKBERRY AND CRACKED MACADAMIA NUT. I really like the combination at Goodberry’s in
    Raleigh NC area and always ask for it. You people should do this combo.


    • The Columbus, Ohio Store at Bethel Road is the worst of the worst. The store is dirty, the help is about as unmotivated as they come. They move at one pace… slow. When there are customers at the drive thru, 10 cars deep and several people in the dining room waiting to be served, they should be hustling to get the customers served and on their way. We ordered a small plain cheeseburger and a chili dog. It was 20 minutes before our order came up and then it was microwaved! WTH? If you were going to just throw it in the microwave, it should have been ready in less than 5 minutes! When I brought it up to the manager, he became very argumentative. Not worth the battle with this one.

      In the past I would have lunch at DQ a couple of times per month, but due to the decline in quality and cleanliness, I remember now why I stopped. I know this location is only a franchise, however, franchisees should be required to maintain the same standards as corporate stores.

      Good luck with this one. I’m waiting to see it on the “Dirty Dining” episode of our local news.

  72. We love DQ, but… what’s with the teeny weeny, tiny ass chicken pieces that you sell? We paid for chicken pieces, not chicken chips. Not buying that from you any more, that’s for sure. Tell the damn bean counters to suck it up and give the customer some value for their money, and do it now.

  73. Visited the Ellensburg Washington store yesterday June 4th. The person who took our order was a little snotty. We ordered one blizzard and had to wait 18 minutes in the drive thru with only 2 cars ahead of us Don’t know what the problem was but will never visit this Dairy Queen again. I will tell others about this experience.

  74. this has happen to me several times, I get my recipt to go online an get the code for a free dilly bar, but only half the time is there even a code on there that I need to start the survey, the phone number an order number on there but code you need to start the survey, what can I do? this happens at least twice a week , very frustrating as I often go there just for that reason

  75. How exciting to have open up a new Franchise in Dartmouth Crossing!!! We were stoked when we heard the news, Such a great location and very convenient for myself and family being we love the main st location also. I was livid when we went saturday for the “grand opening” we went with the intentions of .99 cent cheeseburgers we pull up to drive thru to be told they post poned the event and were not having .99 cent cheeseburgers or any other special that was advertised in the newspaper (metro) to have to conntinue in drive thru to be stuck behind several vehicles with 3 starving children. Sure this wont deter us from going back just really disappoiinting and frustrating.

  76. I brought home a crispy chicken sandwich and it was over cooked,and,very hard to chew.It was peachtree city hwy 54 location

  77. The quality of food at the Huron, Ohio 44839 store has changed in the last year. They don’t know how to make a good blizzard. Its mostly vanilla ice cream without any goodies, and it is not mixed properly. The french fries are not very warm and they are dried out. Not only that complaints were made but they did not seem to care or make any changes, they just got mad. There for, we know that we will not be purchasing these items any more, unless changes are made.

  78. Why do the survey codes for free dilly bar have to be purchased in same location as original receipt? Can’t we redeem in any location in same state?

    I asked on FB no reply… Is there an Orange Julius at the new DQ location in Cranston, RI?

  79. had lunch at Scappoose Oregon Dari queen about 130 today 05/11/2018. We were going to eat in our food came then we got 2 of our drinks. We asked for the bottle of water and third blizzard eyes were rolled and counter person short girl brown hair says u need a cup twice. no I need or product we paid for she would not give till she made a big production of looking at receipt like we were trying to steal.

  80. Hi, I would like to discuss a bad situation we had on vacation in Waltersboro, SC Dairy Queen. Myself and 4 of my family went to the Dairy Queen which was located inside a Shell gas station. it was 8:30pm and there was a couple of ladies and a gentlemen in line ahead of us, the ladies had paid for their ice cream and were waiting. we stood for about 5 minutes and then the young lady behind the counter states it will be another 10 minutes they were OUT OF ICE CREAM and she will have to refill it, The ladies wanted a refund and left upset. The gentlemen said to forget it and left. She stated to us that it would be 10 minutes, and then wanted to know if we wanted to wait. We stated we would wait and went over and sat down, after 10 minutes we went up to ask if it was it was ready. The young girl behind the counter stated it wasn’t ready so we waited 10 more minutes. After waiting 20 minutes and we went back to the counter and the young lady stated they were closing. So, we went across the street to McDonald’s and got ice cream. I love Dairy Queen and was extremely disappointed.

  81. This afternoon I was at the Sisters, OR DQ, and I promise you that I will never ever give your franchise another penny of my money. I ordered a medium twist cone & a small cherry misty slush, ($1) during happy hour. The young person could not figure out how to charge me the $1 price, never apologized, when I asked to talk to the manager, she blew me off, slammed the drive through window when I was asking a question and turned her back to me. I drove away. I have never been treated so poorly. I have worked in the resturant industry prior to my career with the post office. I suggest a lot of customer service training for the Sisters, OR DQ and maybe a call from the district offices. Thank you for your time.

  82. Just ordered at Buffalo, Tx DQ. Took 30 min. to get 2 foot long hot dogs, plain. They came, finally with chili, cheese on them. Took them back. Told them to cook 2 more. Nuke them and get them to me quickly. They did. Buns were so old they fell apart at my touch. Terrible

  83. I went through the drive through, the young man is a thief, I watched him put my money in his pocket. He knows I saw him. He basically threw my food at me. Never again will I come back.

  84. Can you check -we have request about a future DQ Grill and Chill. Traveling we just stopped and ate at Kernersville NC DQ, a brand new place. — store F-0040 Very nice and we loved it. (used to have Grill & Chill in Wisc. we visited years ago). We vote for one in Morganton, NC please. I know you would do very well here with a Grill & Chill. Now there is a small DQ at mall in Hickory NC but we’re not going back there. Oh, and thank you for offering Senior discount too!

  85. Hello I was in a fast food restaurant Dairy Queen in Victoria British Columbia on Hillside on October 16th approximately between 7- 9pm. I had noticed that there was an extreme long piece of dust hanging above the cashier as I pointed right to it.
    I also noticed that the where the customer gets their drinks by the drink station was completely filthy and sticky as well as the floor in Dairy Queen was also extremely sticky even making a sound of stickiness this is a very bad Health fast food Dairy Queen as I would think Dairy Queen would have better standards I need you guys to come in and have a very good look at how this Dairy Queen is performed.

    Thank you for your time

  86. Hi I was happy to see that you have an online form to order dq cakes. The only problem is it allows you to order cakes for places that do not actually have the ability to pre order the cake so I showed up to get a 3 year old birthday cake and they had nothing for me. I think your website should not allow one to select dqs that can not follow through with an order. Please fix this. Confirmation order # 1031495

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