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CVS is the largest consumer pharmacy in the United States. The company began in the early 1960’s as a small town pharmacy selling health and beauty goods and has grown into a business with more than 7,000 stores spanning 41 states. The company used to stand for Consumer Value Stores, but realizing the importance of customer service changed the meaning to Convenience, Value and Service. CVS stays committed to the community and its vast customer base.

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Contact Info:

When customers want to voice their questions and concerns to the customer service department, they can contact a representative Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 7pm EST. This applies to the customer service department as well as customer seeking answers regarding the ExtraCare rewards program.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service department: 1-800-746-7287
  • Online services: 1-888-607-4287
  • MinuteClinic: 1-866-389-2727

Mailing Address

Customers can send correspondence to the corporate offices here:

CVS CorporationCustomer RelationsOne CVS DriveWoonsocket, RI 02895

Official Website

Whether customers want to sign-up for the ExtraCare Rewards program, shop for deals and weekly promotions or visit the online pharmacy, the official CVS website it all. Customers can also locate the nearest store or MinuteClinic. An additional benefit of the website allows customers to order glasses and contacts as well as develop photos.

In the event customers have questions or concerns, prior to contacting the customer service department, the company recommends spending time on the CVS FAQs page.

Customer Service Email

CVS does not have a direct email to the customer service department, only a customer contact form located here Customers can send messages specific to their account or store experience or send general correspondence and concerns. We sent a message asking the recommended path to contact the customer service department after hours. The automated response stated we should receive a response within two business days.

Although we do not know the response time, customers can connect with the customer service department on the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Our Experience

Just like every other customer, when we contact a customer service department, we want speedy service. Unfortunately, when we contacted the CVS customer care department, this is not what we received. We were placed on hold for more than 10 minutes before a representative answered the call. Before that, we encountered a rather confusing automated system with no clear path to a representative.

After the agent answered the call, we asked if the customer service department had a dedicated email address, considering we may not have access to the contact form. We were faced with another let down. The representative explained the company did not have a dedicated email address, but provided several options to remain connected with the company. This experience left us disappointed. Were you disappointed with the lack of customer care? We would love to hear your side of the story. Comment in the box below.

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81 Comments on “Contact CVS Customer Service
  1. My CVS Store number 8880 is the best! I have tried 2 others in area. They were slow and did not care to learn about me or my concerns. My CVS staff knows my name and help me on the phone whenever possible. If my medication is in the computer, but I want to pick it up on the way home from work, I just call ahead and they move my items up in line. My store Supervisor is Reza Mohammadkhani. The regular Staff that helps me and knows me are: Parag, Amir, Alan, Mona, and Nathan. Please forward this to there Supervisor or Human Relation to put something in their employee package for promotions. Thank you, Chris

  2. I think the program that encourages people not to use plastic bags was a wonderful program and was good for the environment. I was told today you have eliminated the leaf program! Why?

    Lazy people will go right back to taking plastic bags again.

    Please do not do this. Thank you

  3. We visit the jackson alabama store every week. The weekly ads list sale items. When the milk is on sale it is not available at least half of the time. (Today for example out of milk)) I went 3 weeks in a row twice one week. A few weeks ago. The milk was not available. When I ask about it they say the milk will be in later today etc. Bill Anderson

  4. I just came from a CVS that sits next door to where I work. I brought my 25% off coupon I recieved in the mail. I needed to buy 1 bottle of Aveeno soap. It had a sale sign that said buy 2 get one free. I only needed one, I knew of the coupon rule that it didn’t apply to sale items, but I felt like if I was only buying one, I wasn’t getting a sale price so the coupon should apply in this instance. It would not give me the discount and I feel this is unfair. The reason you have no sale items included is so the customer doesn’t get too high of a discount… well… I paid regular price.. no deal at all! I feel you should have some exceptions with this rule such as the situation I just explained. I work next door, I’m at this store alot! Feeling ripped off! Not happy!

  5. CVS store 1665 Manheim,Pa. The pharmacist on duty at 4;00 PM ON 9/13/14 was curt and rude. Even when busy they do not need to act this way to customers. I do not have to shop at CVS and I am sure this is against Corp. policy.

  6. These ppl r so rude I’m here trying to get my meds my chest is killing me the lady said I have to wait until 12:00am to get my med its 9:00 n no one is here n one person at the window the black lady was so rude when I said every time I come here u don’t have something n I have to wait four or more hrs she is lazy I hate when I see blk ppl back there cause I know how my ppl act I went to rite aid 10 minutes I had my meds nice lady ………they really need to shape this up when ppl don’t feel good they don’t need her mess n wasting time driving all over smh CVS in oak park Mich

  7. Re: Maria Cabrera at CSV. I’ve been a cvs customer since 2001. This morning, I went in one of cvs, then I needed to go use the bathroom so I went.While using quickly, a lady came in started yelling loud in Spanish.I asked ” are you talking to me?” she replied “yea!” then shouting in spanish. As I was leaving the lady’s room, I saw a lady in the men’s bathroom, I asked her ” was it you?” then she started ranting in Spanish and a bit of English not to use the bathroom. I was stunned the way she yelled at me, so asked her her name and why I’m being yelled not to use the bathroom when there was no sign not to use and the way she yellied/cursed to the customer was not acceptable. I picked up the basked, went to the cashier.Then while I’m paying, she came all the way to the cashier again to tell one of the employee to talk bad about me yelling in Spanish. I heard ” mierda ” ” kayate ” I know what that’s means. incredible. Pls check the video footage.

    • At checkout price said unit price $18.99, Sale price $5.99. entered my card number, still charged full price in my total, so I called customer service, they said to create an account and call back if the sales price was still appearing on the screen and they would honor it. So I hung up with customer service, dished out all of my personal information on line which I really hate to do, got my account set up, called them back cause the sale price if $5.99 was still listed in my shopping cart in checkout, but it was prepared to charge my credit card full price of $18.99 each. After all of that, I called back to have customer service person tell me that they were still not going to give me the sale price listed in checkout, cause I must have cookies in my computers history that I did not delete at some point in my life that this sales price was showing up. This price was also in their store ad which they do not honor on line . I printed the screen as proof to send them, but now know there is nowhere to send it cause they don’t even have a customer service email address ! Really? The number one pharmacy in the world doesn’t even have a customer service email address?? Stick with Walgreens people. No wonder their parking lot only has 2 or 3 cars in it at any given time.

  8. I would like to thank the Pharmacist Chris and Tech Daria at the Hwy 44 location in Gonzales, LA for their time and help on Sunday April 26. The pharmacy on Airline & Hwy 42 did not want to be bothered and did not know what to do and we will not go back even though it located around the corner.

  9. I would just like to send a note of praise for the entire Pharmacy department of the CVS store located at 730 Newark Road, Landenberg, Pennsylvania. The staff is always pleasant and professional to deal with. When I have a new perscription they always take the time to make sure I totally understand doses and interactions. I have been in the store and witnessed customers being outright rude and overbearing with the Pharmacy staff to the point where if I was being addressed in this ignorant behaviour I’m not sure I could maintain the absolute professional manner that this staff conducts themselves with at all times. They are the best Pharmacy staff I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

  10. I was just at your Felton, CA store. For a few months now I have had trouble getting my prescription for Claritin D 24 hour, 15 count. I’ve heard all kinds of excuses, but today I was told to try a larger, or even a different pharmacy. All I really need is enough for 1 month, even though my doctor has prescribed 90 days.
    We got through at the pharmacy and I decided to but a couple boxes of tea. There was quite a line, but everyone seemed to honor the line, waiting for 2 registers. As I nearer the front, the manager, Paul, asked for the next person in line. That’s when another employee, holding his uniform, quickly stepped up to the counter, from the aisle, not the line. I heard the manager tell him there was a line, but the two of them proceeded to make jokes. His transaction took a long time. I took a picture of the two. That angered Paul. He said the other guy was at fault, what was he suppose to do? I told him that, as manager, it was his job to tell the employee to wait like everyone else. I thought he was going to throw something when I said his actions were poor customer service. He was really angry and we got our purchase and left, no thank you, have a nice day, sorry about that, it won’t happen again.
    You have lost a customer.

  11. I entered the CSV (store 582-3666) at Greenfield and Mich Ave in Dearbone at approx 7 pm. There were no baskets, which is often the case at this store. After picking up 8 items I went to the front of the store. There were five people in line and one customer service staff member (Doris). One customer had some issues so the line didn’t move for 5-10 minutes. Another customer filled out a new CVS card. Although the line got longer no effort was made to being other employees up to assist.

    As I got near the front of the line I dropped a bottle of wine which broke. Although Doris saw this, she made no effort to assist. I explained that I dropped and broke a bottle – which she clearly saw – and asked for help.

    An individual did come up to pick up the glass but immediately left, again leaving an extended line of customers.

    When I finally got to the front I asked if I could speak the general manager. Doris demanded to know why. I said I was concerned about the length of the line and that no one came to help.

    She said she was the general manager. I asked if I could speak to her manager or have a number to call. She said no. That they were on vacation and that they didn’t provide names. I then asked for a customer service number which was also denied.

    I finally was able to speak to another employee who did apologize and offer to “review the tape” and have a manager call me.

    Initially I simply wanted to express my concern that no one was helping your single employee at the register and that that there are frequently no baskets available at this store.

    I have three CVS stores near my home that I shop among; this one always have long lines and frequently no baskets or carts.

    I realize that the store need to be stocked but the line is stalled and/or lengthy there should be some effort to assist the line employee in front.

    I was also extremely surprised and disappointed by the belligerence when I asked to speak to a manager or for a customer service phone number (I never was provided one).

  12. Regarding my experienced yesterday.

    I live very close to the neighborhood CVS. Yesterday was the worst experience as a customer I have ever had. I also work in retail and I would never treat anyone the way I was treated. I can’t believe the disrespect.
    I am a regular at this Cvs, I wanted to do the Ad deal for the loreal markup. It was buy 15$ and recieve a 6$ rewards. Well I purchase 2 items. I asked The clerk “floyd” if this transaction was OK for the deal. He said yes. Then after the transaction, the rewards never printed. We both looked at the ad and he wasn’t sure. But I said I will just get return the transaction and purchase 2 lipstick instead.
    As I came back to the clerk With the items, he was confused on what I wanted to do. I clearly told him I wanted the deal to recieve the rewards.
    He was getting irate with me, he returned 1 item and then scanned another item twice. He didn’t give all my change back. Then I corrected him and he yelled back I thought you wanted to do that. My 2 kids were with me and they felt bad for me. He was angry. Slammed my money down. I just said I wanted my money back now. He gave me a receipt with out my money. He said now I have to void the whole thing !
    He was making me uncomfortable and I don’t want to make scene in front of other customers and my children. Everyone in line looked at me and he embarrassed me with disrespect. My kids described that he was yelling at me. I am scared to go back to this cvs cause the way I was treated. Not only but the embarrassing moment he Can never take back. I didn’t do anything wrong and I came home Inow tears from the visit. My kids felt bad for me and guilty that some guy did this to me.
    Please contact me with if you need anymore details. Thank you.

  13. I’ve been a customer at CVS, Merrick road, amityville to be specific since 2010. All my rx, beauty products and more I purchased at CVS. Today I went to the store to pick up a prescription and purchase my usual beauty products . I took my lunch break at 3:00pm I get to the store 3:08pm, I stand in line at the pharmacy for 15 mins, at the section that said pick. The young lady after getting to me was very pleasant and nice. She explained the situation and send me to the drop off section.. Now there was two of us in line. I stand there for another 15 mins before this man came and asset the person who was ahead of me. She left and this man didn’t ask or try to sit me, I was walk away without an apology or say anything. I stand there for 10 mins no one comes to assist me so I left because my lunch break was going. I pick up a few stuff and went to the cash register at the front, the line was long. But in 2 mins the cashier that was there call others. Two cashier came and was assisting us customer. This Chinese looking cashier need to find another job. My skin might be black but my money is not. I spend my hard earned money for him to have a job to go to, not to come to work and specialise in who get cash and who doesn’t.
    Two customers, dark skin at the front of the line and this moron leave us standing there and didn’t even ask to assist us. He pretends like he was doing something else. As soon as we exited the line he call the Whit couple who was behind us. No you tell me, he’s not supposed to be a customer service representative. He’s too arrogant and dense. Even the white couple saw what took place and was pointing it out to him. I was planning never, ever to set foot into another CVS, especially Merrick road, amityville. I will take my money and spend it where I’m appreciated. I think his name is Nick or dick something to that effect. As for that man at the pharmacy he too need training. CVS, you need to get your staff good customer service skills. Train them how to deal with the public. And tell dick Nick Chinese man in the eyes of the public he’s an idiot.

  14. hi,I am a member of the CVS, and I order stuffs about 87.95. The system shows that it unsuccessful. but my bank account shows that I pay twice. can you help me to check it?

  15. It is the first time that I take the trouble to make a complaint of some establishment but I think it is necessary for you it does not happen again to another customer. Recently makes a purchase of baby products in CVS for a gift. That same day again visit one of their stores for a refund of baby products, because products Johnson and Johnson give allergy to the baby whom she thought would give them, as I was told by the mother. Upon entering the store decided to go to the area of ​​toys to see if they had anything in particular and buy with the credit they would return me to return the baby products. When you reach the box showed him the receipt to the cashier and deliver the products that I would return. The cashier named Victoria, in a rude manner, raising his voice, arrogant, tactless and unprofessional indicated that I could not enter the inside of the store without having made the return in the box. I explained that I did not understand the reason why only enter the store to verify if they had one available and I was showing the receipt and I replied that it could not, it was a policy of CVS and that if he had a problem with So that I contact customer service. When I finish the credit transaction, prompted me tell you how to proceed to make a formal complaint and who understood that was not the way to meet a client and if that was the policy of the store was not right and that this policy was not in any visible place. That comes another major employee (not sure if it was the manager) and she tells him that told me I had to do returns before entering the store. Most employee tells me that it is true and because some customers do not have the receipts. I replied that if I had the receipt and that was the first thing that you give the cashier and she saw before me what the store policy. I asked the email to communicate with Customer Service and rude attitude I indicated that was on the receipt that I surrender again. The way the cashier referred to me, I felt humiliated because his way of expressing intimated to me as if I had no intention of stealing the baby products of which I had the receipt. The rude, arrogant and impolite way of the employees leaves much to be desired of his shop. I feel so disillusioned because I am a regular customer of the shop and I love it, but the customer service is lousy and need strengthening good service to employees.

  16. I went to purchase some items at your Somerset NJ store at about 5 p.m. today, Sept. 19, and use my 30% off extra care discount. I tried to buy CVS brand of Pepto-Bismo and CVS brand of Aspercreame. Both items were not on sale – there were no sale stickers by the shelves. However, the cashier said that both items were on sale and did not qualify for the 30% discount. I said there were no sale signs but he insisted that both items were on sale and the computer was refusing to give the discount. I was very upset and did not buy the items. I only purchased a pack of gum that was on sale (again not tagged as on sale on the shelf). When I got home I checked and found those items were going on sale tomorrow according to the “sneak peak” ad on line. So it appears the store had already updated priced for Sept. 20th and that is why it would not give me the discounts that should have still been available today. I just moved to this area and never had such a problem at CVS stores where I previously lived.

  17. I was at cvs today on Church st in Martinsville.
    My visit was not good. The photo machine was not working correct. There were 3 people up ft young gal Abby? I think new guy and shift manger short dark hair. Abby was doing all the work on the phone with a tech trying to fix something in the photo lab and helping me at the same time. Never could get my pictures printed correct so I gave up. Over came the shift manger started touching buttons I ask her if she know what she was doing she said I have no idea. I told her to stop.
    I moved on to check out have vitamins and face wash. Shift manger checked me out have me my total I question it she said no it’s correct so I payed and once in the car I looked at my ticket. The BOGO on the vitamins was incorrect I went back in the store and showed her she said I don’t make mistakes. I ask Abby to help me right away she said you on go 2 vitamins for free not 3 I had 6 bottles in all. She went right to work correcting the error. I ask to speak to the manger and the dark haired lady said I’m the shift manger. I did not know that she was the shift manger until this point. She said the register made a mistake not me but when I question it you said No it right. I told her that Abby should be the manger she is the only one that seams to know what she was doing.
    Worst experience at CVS ever.

    Thanks Kay Farmer

    Sent from my iPhone

  18. I went to your store on Thayer Street in Providence, RI near the Brown University campus yesterday. I haven’t been at that location in years. I was shocked at the inside of the store. It is a dump! The floors are dirty and the shelves are so high it is claustrophobic. The staff was very nice but I felt bad for them working in such an unkept outdated building. Being so close to campus Im surprised CVS hasn’t upgraded this place. I’ve been to a CVS in south central LA and it is like the Taj Majal compared to this store. Won’t go back. It’s scary.

  19. It’s sad how a one-time experience can tarnish your overall experience. I had the worse costumer experience EVER at the 4238 Wilson Blvd in Arlington, VA store # 243-5946. I am a loyal CVS costumer living in this neighborhood for 4 years and this is the first time I have an issue with a purchase return. Tonight I stopped by to return a small LED book lamp that fell apart the minute I clipped it to my book. The supervisor (young lady with short hair in a bun and glasses) gave me such a hard time in front of the other costumers saying with a bad attitude she had never seen the item at their store and if I was sure I bought it there-as of I was making it up. Then she told me that if I didn’t have the receipt she was not going to do anything. I told her to look it up in my account to see it. She said she couldn’t. She was adamant about not helping me, so I asked her to give me the manager’s name. She told me to come back the next day. I was so unimpressed by her attitude that I hope something is done about it immediately! That is definitely not the way to treat any costumer. I came there to make a simple return and came out with a big problem created by a CVS employee.

  20. Very disappointed with the location on Elvis Presley in Memphis,TN,this is the second time I go to buy coke product’s and there sold out.I had a rain check from 2 weeks ago,Unhappy I had to pass my house and drive to Hornlake Mississippi. The clerk Justin there was very helpful,friendly,just plum NICE! THANKS Justin ! I guess this is where I’ll do my shopping for now on.

  21. Store 4553 in Lawrenceville, GA is Awesome. On October 28, 2015 I went in there having a bad day. I wanted to print some photos the young lady there was so helpful and Sweet. I was giving her a hard time. She just kept smiling and helping me. My hand was bleeding and even though I was rude to her she asked me could she get me anything for my hand and offered to go get it for me while I wait for my photos. She was genuinely concerned. I asked to speak with the manager and she stated that her name was Roberta and she was the manager on duty. I apologized for my rudeness and told her I was having a bad day. she said “It’s ok everyone has those days they are painful”. All I could do was laugh. I never had anyone put it that way before. She was so helpful and understanding. She was Awesome!!!!! I definitely will be back to CVS!!!!!

  22. 11/15/15 Roe at the CVS store#6049 went above and beyond to help me create a beautiful Holiday card in the photo department. She was knowledgeable, patient and friendly and I feel her manager should know what an asset she is to his store. She not only helped me navigate the confusing world of photo but she also helped another customer and worked the register. Please make sure my comments regarding Roe get to her manager. She takes real pride in her job and that is so refreshing these days. Kudos to you Roe!

  23. At cvs located at Newtonville Ma, there is a supervisor named Collin and this person is very rude and always have that upset and unhappy face, the other day a had bpught some items at this store and the next day a returned one of the items, the cashier did not give the original paper back, and it happes that one week later i realized that a do not wanted to keep one of the items left on the origal purchase, went to cvs and colling who is very rude said that she is unable to take the item back because is 25 dollars and that she would take it this time and a lot of things in a rude manner , Why i realli do not understand is why they keep the original paper and if a customer returns with an item of curse they would make it feel as if the item was stolen, awful customer service.

    I want to mention that there is a person at this store very nice and hard worker Alexandre i believe is his name, the store maanger is nice as well.

  24. I was always able to get my photos developed at the local cvs store until this past year. the equipment is always in repair. the new clerks have no idea how to make any suggestions or adjustments. . I am a very avid picture taker and have since taken my business across the street.

  25. Your customer service is nonexistent, particularly in Illinois. I moved from Arizona to Illinois, after leaving CVS for Walgreens because of customer service. I went to a nearby pharmacy and asked for a copy of my medicines that would show that I have had a flu shot for a hospital volunteer position. The person who waited on me told me that she could not access my records and I would have to get that info from the store who administered the vaccine. I asked if she would just bring up my list of medicines and the flu vaccine should be there. She maintained that she could not. I asked if she expected for me to go to Arizona to get my medicines since CVS cannot access records at other CVS pharmacies. She maintained she could not. I shopped around for a while and got angry about this situation. I went back to the pharmacy and told the girl that I just cannot believe CVS expects their customers to be responsible for getting their records from out of state or even in the same state. She said that she could not access the records but will give it a try. Once she tried, she found me in the system. I told her I was looking for my flu shot and she ran off what she had pulled up. When I got to the hospital where I would give that information, I discovered that the flu vaccine was not on the list and she had only printed up the list for the present month, January. Needless to say that I was right in discontinuing my association with CVS. To verify that I made the right decision, I called the customer service 800 number I found on line to speak to someone about this matter. A recording came on and said that they were closed due to having some kind of drill and were not available and to call back tomorrow. This does not sound like customer service to me. Walgreens is beating you out in the customer service department. Don’t you care?

  26. I have to say I am truly dissaoounted with cvs. I always do all of my shopping there because I always have such a great experience. I do charity work I make baskets of makeuo and donate then to woman with disability cancel and things of that nature. I received 200 of the $3 off any Revlon product I chose to use them at cvs even tho the shadow link product that I wanted to purchase with my coupons are a littke more expensive at cvs but it was going to be worth it because for every $10 you spent on Revlon products you get $4 extra bucks. So I woukd be able to use those extra bucks to buy so much more stuff to donate. It took me almost 3 weeks to use 160 of the coupons because I woukd ask when u woukd be getting more of the shadow links the same girl would always tell me I told u what is out is what we have and we will get more when we get them. I asked if she could order me a large amount and she refused she said yea no we won’t do that. I still ha e 40 coupons that I would like to be able to use even tho they expired last week because again you do not have the product, and the manager told me i coukd still use them because they didn’t have th e product. The main reason I am emailing and I have already emailed and called because thus is illegal and false advertising. I never once received a single one of the e travel bucks I earned. The claimed clearly states u do not earn extra bucks if the product is on clearance however nothing I bought was on clearence. I spent close to $400 dollars on Revlon products and like I said never even got one extra buck. I woukd like my extra bucks that I earned put on my card you can not offer a promotion and then decide you don’t feel like honoring that promotion. I am highly diddapointed and like I mentioned this is illegal and complete false advertising. Not only dI’d i not get what I earned I have to deal with the one nasty girl who works there who rolls her eyes at me and when I questioned about my extra bucks she said in a nasty tone u don’t get them. I also over heard her saying once when I came there is that annoying girl. If this does not get resolved I will go to the better business Bureau and let them no how you lie about your promotions. Please get back to me asap if you could I woukd really appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

  27. last week of december i stop in your store to register my new drug program silver script. i also place a insulin order for first week of january. i also set up a account with your new program. went to the store 1/2/2016 to pick up my order. they didn’t know how to hand your new program and my new drug program was not in the system. so i had to do it all over again. they said they had two boxes of insulin lantus solostar. they said the price was $95.00. i said my dr. order 90 days for i use a pen a week. she, the pharmacist said to come back in 4 hours for pick up. when i arrive i was told i only get two boxes which would now cost me $117.00. i ask why and she said that was the cost for 90 days. so i said what if needed 6 boxes would the cost be $117.00? she got angry at me. so i said give me one box [30 days] which i was charge $45.00. so something is very wrong with your pricing. i talked to the store manager {joe} but not much help. i moved everything over to walgreens including all of the other family meds. cvs is located in punta gorda florida on tamiami trail
    i know you are a large company and my little business won’t matter but word does get out and i felt some one should know.

  28. I went to cvs yesterday after a huge blizzard to do some shopping. I was going to ring out with coupons and things without coupons. The manager open a second line when she seen I had my coupons. It was going well till a customer was with the manager checking out and called me an ignorant bitch. Looking at the manger with hopes of her saying mam that is not okay, or please keep your comments to yourself…she said “yeah it is she does it all the time” meaning use coupons. i had my 2,3 &5 year old with me and needless to say we left. It would have been a $89 purchase after coupons. Now I have my 3&5 year old asking me what an ignorant bitch is because the lady said it loud enough for EVERYONE to hear. Somethjng needs to be done to keep me as a customer. I shop at cvs 2-3 a week. All my scripts are there as well. We needed up going to rite aid and giving them the $102 afte coupons profit. I will if nothing is done be transferring mine as well as my entire family of 25 people which include extended family who all fill out scripts with you every month my self having 6 every month to Rite Aid. Thank you please contact me back as soon as possible.

  29. Aloha! My name is Kandice Daniel’s. Great customer service is really important to me and I wanted to take some time to share with you my experience at one of your CVS Long’s stores in Honolulu (date: 1/15/16). The store’s address is 1030 South King Street, Honolulu, HI 96814.

    The cashier that helped me was Gwennette. She greeted me with a smile, was very pleasant, and extremely helpful! She went out of her way to make sure I received the help I needed, with some assistance from Pam (I think who may have been a manager or supervisor??). They were both so kind and helpful to me. And, they never made me feel like a nuisance or burden. That really stood out to me since I’ve had experiences at other locations when an employee treated me like I was bothering them. I have worked in customer service before and having to help people in any kind of situation, big or small, I know can be difficult. So, just knowing that there are people like Gwennette who strive for excellent customer service is refreshing and awesome! 🙂

    My hope is that Gwennette will be recognized and acknowledged for her wonderful service!

    Mahalo for your time,
    Kandice Daniel’s

  30. Your Adams avenue location in San Diego in Normal heights (like Cherokee and Adams) is the worst store I’ve ever been in…routinely 7-8+ mins in line. Never enough checkers and checkers will close lines with 20 customers in line. You guys gotta do something about this. I’m standing in a line right now. At around 10 mins right now. About 20 people in line. Two checkers. One of which is very chatty with everyone…check your video I’m not lying

  31. A quick word about the CVS #2198 , located on 10 St. in Cookeville, TN. The employees that work in this store are always friendly and helpful. The pharmacy staff are by far the best in all of Cookeville. They are always willing to spend time answering questions or explaining medications. If for some reason they are out of a medication, they call to let us know when it will be in and when we can pick it up. It is great to see old fashion customer service is still alive and well at CVS.
    Thanks .

  32. I must say I am extremely disappointed with your stores customer service. I went to several stores this past week looking for the arm & hammer & they have been out of stock. 4/5 stores I went to provided customer service. Two stores had representatives that were unwilling to help look for the times & the cashiers had a horrible attitude. I contacted your customer service department they stated I could order online & ship to the store but it is not giving me that option. Overall this has been a horrible experience. I am a loyal customer & usually don’t have an issues. Also the stores are giving a hard time about rain checks. The response has been “come back on Saturday if we’re out we will give you one”. Now if I just explained the several stores that are out of stock & you are aware your store has been out then what’s the problem. The whole point of a rain check is due to the item being out of stock.

  33. Its amazing. ..You fired a manager for caring so much about his store and company that he puts his life on the line for stopping a pharmacy hold up…where you should have given him Phrase And a bonus. …He has Honor and Respect. .its Sad I cant say for your corporation. .and Corporate NON Leadership …But the Best way we can Honor. That Man your fired…Is to take mine and ALL our Business from the local VFW to Walgreens….
    Maybe yiur should rename your business to….Dishonor Pharmacy

  34. At 9:20 this morning I dropped off a prescription at the CVS on Youngstown-Poland Road in Struthers, Ohio. I was told that it would be ready in one hour. Knowing that this pharmacy is habitually slow, I returned at 11:35 only to be told that it still was not ready. They took my cell phone number and told me they would send me a text as soon as it was ready to be picked up. Now, over 5 1/2 hours later, I am still waiting. I work in a very busy practice here in town and I do e-prescribes. This pharmacy is truly no busier than any of the others. This is not about a prescription for something like omeprazole or simvastatin. I was hurt and this prescription is for percocet. I have now been in pain far longer than I needed to be. This is by far the worst cistomer care I have ever experienced and rest assured that I will be sharing it with our patients.

  35. I don’t know if this is the Wind Gap PA stores idea or a company idea but it is bad for for you to place signs on the cooler’s telling your customer to check for expired dates. Then sell candy that is two months past it’s expiring date.

  36. I made a purchase on March 8th and purchased prescriptions and some greeting cards. I did not look at my receipt immediately and noticed that the discount that was posted in store for buy 2 get 1 card free was applied.

    Please assist.


  37. I made a purchased on 3/31/16 and did not look at my receipt. I just went to return one item from that purchased and noticed I was charged twice for the same item. Please advise what can be done. I understand it’s been a couple weeks but I have never had this problem before with CVS and did not think to double check my receipt at point of purchased.

  38. A bogus ” survey” is being sent out in your name… Promising at the end $25-55.
    Then, actually, you can buy orgasm enhancing meds… And only pay shipping. Or, other ridiculous offers expiring in 2 min.
    Now I realize why I am suddenly getting a huge amount of spam.

  39. I had to go to the emergency room at West Kendall Baptist Emergency Department where I was taken by Miami-Dade County
    EMT personnel with a badly locked knee. The attending physician prescribed Percocet 5mg/325mg every 6 hours, (10).
    The prescription was written by Anay Castro, DEA # 03320730.
    The prescription was refused by the CVS pharmacist! When I asked why he stated something about there being a problem with the prescribing physician and said RUDELY that he could not provide any further information.
    My husband complained to the store manager who said something about too many drug abusers trying to buy drugs such as percocet at that particular store…
    We bought the Ibuprofen also on the doctor’s prescription and went across the street to Walgreen’s Pharmacy where the prescription for Percocet was filled with no issues, no rudeness, and a smile.
    I’ll transfer my monthly prescriptions on Monday and make sure to inform family and friends why I will no longer be a CVS customer

  40. I just spoke with a lady about extra care bucks that I let expire! I did take blame for them and I also ask her to find out from someone else if there was a reason why she was able to pull up the one that expired on 5/8/16 and not the other two that expired 5/25/16. The lady was nice and didn’t get ugly with me! I will say it is my responsibility to use them before they expire. Now with that being said the thing that really got to me if when she got back on the line with me she told me that she could re-issue my $5 but not the $10 & $6 ( which expired 17 days after the $5). if I understood her right it was because it was a beauty buck. now the hard part for me was when she said it was my responsibility to use them in a timely manner. She is 100% right on that and I took that responsibility at began of phone call! But please have them word it better because you never know what that person has been dealing with. I would not let $16 go if it wasn’t for the stuff I battle with. Being in my 30’s and dealing with a mother that has a lot of medical promblems that she can not control and I happen to be her only help! or trying to raise 5 children ( only 2 being mine). So now that I’ve said what I needed to the only reason I emailed is because when that was said it made me feel like I’ve done something wrong. with every up and down in my life I shouldn’t feel that way! Please note that the lady was nice and I don’t blame her. She did give me $5 back and a 30% off. Thank you and have a wonderful day! God Bless Becky

  41. Is there a reason that CVS is selling Canada Dry, root Bear and Pepsi products that either don’t have a freshness date listed on the package or are past the freshness date. I found this situation in 3 CVS stores in the Mission / McAllen TX area.

  42. Two weeks ago I bought 4 tubes of John Freida shampoo/conditioner. A $12.00 extrabucks coupon printed out along with my receipt – I was so excited! I spend a lot of money at my local CVS and this was a great moment. When I went in the store over the weekend, I could not find the paper and was told “sorry it is your responsibility to hold the receipt”!!
    How is this not connected to my history on my card? How can you not see this on the computer? Do you think I was lying???

    Please let me know what can be done???

  43. As a loyal cvs customer I have to say I am disappointed in my local cvs. Today I was told that going forward I may only use one mf coupon per transaction even if multiple like items are purchased. Example: if I purchase 3 tide I may only use 1 tide coupon. This doesn’t seem to be stated in the new policy so I am confused as to why it would be enforced. If this is correct I just became a walgreens shopper.

  44. I was just at your Hayward location to purchase product and asked to use the restroom and was told one was not available to use. I feel if I am shopping in your store and a vauled customer the enmity should be a no brainer to me as customer. I did not purchase what I intended to and left the store maybe to take my business to Walgreens very disappointed

  45. hello howdyeee i was in cvs#5174 register #2 cashier aline@0949719 i was amazed to find some one that was sooo compassionate such a people person some one soo knowledgble i am happy that i was able to meet some one that i was able to relate with as we bass fishermen say lol ur a keeper

  46. Your extra care coupons are are USELESS. They CAN’T be used on any SALE items,They Expire in -14 days or LESS, BECAUSE CVS DECIDED NOT TO SELL CIGARETTES, I DON’T HAVE 2 PICK UP THE LOST REVENUS! Your buy 1 get 1@50% off is such a ripoff. I don’t want 2 of ANYTHING! And I can’t buy ONE if it’s a sale,VEN if I want 2 buy one item! I have switched 75% of my purchases to Walgreens.I’m only still barely a customer because I’m too lazy 2 switch my rx to Walgreens(as of this moment).

  47. I shop and fill my prescriptions at store number 661 in Haddon Twp New Jersey. I cannot praise all those in the store from the floor and register workers to the pharmacists. They are highly professional and always willing to help with a smile. The pharmacists especially are amazing and have helped me many times. There are other chain drug stores in the area and I would not think of using any store but this CVS.

    • On Oct. 25, 2017, I purchase your store brand spring water with an expiration date of Aug./2018. Upon consumption, I experienced a strong sour odor.

      Please refund me toward another purchase as stated on this product label. Thank you!

  48. Store 2221 needs a customer service attitude check very rude my daughter gave the cashier $6.00 to pay for her 4.11total an was giving 75cents told the manager an she sided with cashier

  49. I see CVS has joined the false war on chronic pain sufferers by limiting prescription pill amounts. It is unfortunate that pain killers have been abused by doctors and patients alike, however, for those of us with chronic pain from failed surgeries, we are the ones who pay the end price of this phony war. Due to this policy shift, I will never spend another penny of my money at CVS. Say goodbye to your customers.

  50. I’m not sure why I continue to come back to store 8000. Today, I stopped by to purchase some photos that I had ordered online. I needed the photos for a book I was creating to memorialize my friend who had passed. I was assisted by the manager on 9/25 at 9pm who told me there were no photos. I left my phone in my home by accident in a rush. I asked him if I could utilize a computer or if he could assist me in anyway since the photos were uploaded on the cvs website. He brushed me off and said no. This store has no heart, nor compassion for the shopper. Every time I go they have one cashier, the lines are really long and the managers on duty do not seem to care or worry about their customer service. I’m crushed because I love the pharmacy side of this store and they know me by name. However I refuse to continue to go to the store and rather go down the street to the Walgreens. It’s sad, that all the managers are rough and have no manner to treat customers or go out of their way. I pray for blessings over the manager who didn’t show compassion or found it in him to provide assistance to someone who is hurting.

  51. Hello, I have been using CVS 6 corner location for awhile now. Yesterday I called to see if an electronic script was there. She said it was not but it was due for a refill when it arrives. I called back around 5 ish and it was there. She then told me I couldn’t fill it until today. I called back last night to see what time I could pick it up. A man said 11 am today. I have to call them in the morning or they don’t get it ready. So I called this morning to see if they were filling it? She tells me that they only had 140 out of 180 that I need. She said I need to call my dr office back and get another script sent to another location. I called Shorewood location on Jefferson . I did that and I am now waiting again for the dr. I don’t know what’s going on but, I
    get the same thing every month. If it went through yesterday, why are they telling me they don’t have them today. Not understanding that at all? This is awful especially when you are in pain every minute of every day.

    Thank you
    Very very sore
    Laura Houpy

  52. To Who it may concern, I just want to send in a comment about one of your employee’s who always does out standing service. Her name is Teresa and she works at the CVS pharmacy at 5822 Edinger Huntington beach.
    It seems that I have been having trouble with my insurance for a few months.
    Teresa always takes the time to give me Exceptional service and gets my insurance figured out. She is so patient and kind. She Calls me at home to give me the status on my prescription. Last month when I went to pick up my persription the person that was helping me did not take the time to help me and I have to pa full price for my persriptions, I am very Grateful that Teresa is at this store. She is definitely an ASSEST to your store.

  53. I just want to Give a big thanks to one of your employee’s -Teresa-for taking the time to get my Prescription insurance worked out. Today I received in the mail new insurance cards with a letter from my insurance company stating that my cards needed to be updated. Teresa took the time on the phone to find out why my prescription insurance wasn’t working and fixed my Over Charges. I understand in this busy Corporate world that we are all busy, but it was a substantial amount. Thank you from a Loyal Customer and will always go back to this CVS as long as Teresa is working in the Pharmacy. She is wonderful at Customer Service.

  54. I’m a frequent customer of CVS. This morning I called in to speak to someone about a medication I was taking. I was not happy with the girl I spoke to. She rushed me through the whole conservation I was trying to have with her. This is inappropiate and unprofessional. This took place at the CVS on Carmen Road in Schenectady, NY 12303 this Saturday Morning. I know CVS is busy, but so am I on my job. I don’t want anyone fired, but someone needs to let those who answers phone should not be rushing the caller. Please speak to them. Thank you. I should never feel rushed!

  55. I’m a frequent customber of CVS. I called Saturday morning, 2/17/18 about a medication I was taking. The girl rushed me through the whole conversation. Needless to say, I was not happy about being so rushed. This CVS is on Carmen Road, Schenectady, NY 12303. Please Address this matter. I’m not looking for anyone to be fired, just let them know they should anwser the phone professionally. I know CVS is busy, but I’m also busy on my job. Mrs. Virginia DelGallo

  56. I have been a CVS Extra Care customer for several years and truly appreciate the program and use my local CVS stores whenever I can. I had an interesting issue this evening at the Traverse City, MI CVS “store” within the Target store. I had a couple of coupons that were generated by my local CVS pharmacy in Glendale Heights, IL which I presented to the cashier. The items I attempted to purchase fit the requirements of the coupons. They could not accept them at the Target register. This does not seem right. CVS, free standing or within a Target store, should certainly accept CVS coupons. I did not purchase the items there, went to a free standing CVS across town, and made the purchase with no questions asked. Is this truly the intended relationship CVS wants with Target stores? I would hope not. You nearly totally lost a customer, and who knows how many more that did not speak up.

    I look forward to your response.

  57. I bought 2 Aleve products on Sunday at the Grant Ave. store in Philadelphia.
    They would not take my $2.00 off coupons that I printed on the computer.

  58. This is with regards to CVS store #2070 in Jamaica Plain, MA, 02130:
    There are beggars conveniently sitting on crates smack in front of the store doors begging for “a little something on the way out”. They are there most of the time, I hate to stop in because they may be there. I don’t want to be exposed to them. This is the closest CVS to my home, why should i have to go to another CVS or a Walgreen’s or Stop & Shop or be contemplating what my reaction is going to be should they be there? Can’t management call the cops or ask them to remove themselves from the area? They harass every customer that goes in and out. It really is a nuisance!

  59. Had expired extra bucks. Clerk in store said call 800 number. Very nice guy said wasn’t true that could be re- issued. Lost $9. Not mad but wrote a letter to Corporate Customer Relations. Will go to Walgreens now after many years a CVS customer.

  60. This about CVS on Highway 22, address is 4540 Hwy 22. The weeds have overtaken the landscaping, dead landscaping and a dead tree.


  61. I have been a CVS customer for a long time. On Sat 6/09/18 I received a coupon for $3 Extra Buck Rewards & product coupons on the back of the card. Problem is the card was received 6/09/18 & expired 6/10/18 which was on Sunday. I do not shop on Sunday. I called Customer Service this a.m. 6/11/18 & spoke with Sarah & explained what happened. She said she could not do anything about it which I believe is the wrong answer. She should have been able to post a new $3 reward to my Extra Care card. Sarah said these cards are mailed at least 2 weeks before expiring which evidently was not the case. I am very unhappy with this resolution.

  62. I have just learned that the Rancho Santa Margarita store manager has been fired. Chris was such a good man and was always kind and helpful when needed. Many of my friends who go to that store have had the same experience when dealing with him. How could you possibly fire such a good man when he to me was the essence of a great store manager. His staff is wonderful, especially a girl named Denise. The store will not be the same for me since you chose to fire Chris. I as many of my friends who shop there will maybe go to another local store. Shame on you for doing this!

  63. I wrote a e-mail earlier and I see nowhere to send it. It was an e-mail written in anger about the firing of the store manager in Rancho Santa Margarita, Chris. He was a wonderful manager and was always pleasant and helpful. Why would you fire someone who he community thought was a great person? This is just not right to rid your store of a man who was the essence of a great manager. Shame!

  64. The last 3 times I went to pick up a prescription I was told it was not ready. They were very busy and did not yet fill it. I had called 3 days before and was told they were “working on it”?
    Tom Ryan would not stand for this type of company .

  65. Sometimes store personnel Does not have the proper HQ info or does not want to go the extra mile for customers.For example.We have been loyal CVS custmers for more years than I care to mention.When you give a customer a 30% coupon on all non sale items & the cost per measure sticker states “Buy one get second item at 50% off .If the customer only has enough cash for one item ,Store management has told me many times they will not take 30% off. This is illegal & unfair & over the years has cost me much more than I should have paid & all I was told this is store policy .Check your policy & please get back to me because this is very unproffesional .Store personnel should have at least called a DM or HQ to get me an answer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Hi just left the north Arlington nj store and the price of the cover girl mascara was 9.99. I checked your website before I left and it showed 6.94. And the store would not match the price. I’m very disappointed, as I wouldn’t have gone to the store if I knew wasn’t going to get that price

  67. Online survey to win awards is defective After I entered numbers numerous times, the system refused to accept them.Followed directions about not leaving spaces, et. Was this some sort of a scam?

  68. Hi my name is Moses and I just had the most awful experience at your Jonestown TX location. I stopped in to purchase something for my toddler to drink and after the purchase I waited for my sister in law to make a purchase also. While waiting the cashier kept looking over to my direction several times as we stood by the exit so I asked if there was a problem; his response was insanely rude ” I’m watching to make sure you don’t pickup something and leave without paying “. Why would I do that after I just paid for my drink. It was embarrassing and I feel like some disciplinary action should be taken towards this employee. I’m a CVS rewards member and I’ve been shopping at CVS for several years along with my family but after this experience we are all considering changing where we shop now. Unacceptable in this time we live in for comments like that.

  69. I was at your CVS store (1241 Lexington Avenue) this week. There was a manager by the name of Laura who is wonderful. She is friendly, professional and works very hard. She is the reason that people shop at CVS.

  70. I was in your store (275 Third Avenue NY NY 10010) over the weekend. It was my first time shopping at CVS (recently moved to NY) I must tell you that I will only shop at CVS from now on. The managers there are lovely. They are friendly and very willing to help customers. You have a wide selection of products and the store is very clean.

    I will let all my friends know that this is the place to shop and will transfer all my prescriptions to you.

    Keep up the great work

  71. I shop every week at cvs store number#5136 and chris the manager gets everything I need. he is wonderful. all of the front of the line employees are great to. I went in today to clear off some of chris shelves because I had to get a big order from him. it came out to 700.00 and something and chris was right there to help me get what I needed I will always shop there. I live close at one time now I have moved away from the store but I make sure I go to that store one or twice a week. I will always go there thanks chris and staff you are great.

  72. My first issue – I have been a loyal customer for a great many years and a stockholder for many years I am Jewish and was surprised hat you had no Hanukkah cards at this I was also suppressed me at your store I in Northridge, CA. I asked an employee and she was unable to answer.

    I am also upset that I needed to call many times before I was given a method to communicate to you. I was also given an incorrect email address by one of your staff.

    I think your policy is to make the called tires and hang up.

  73. My brother and I both have CVS ExtraCare cards, and it is highly annoying that we can not communicate in a satisfactory way with that company! We’d like to have the ability to keep a record of our conversations with them, but if they do not keep a separate email address, that’s not going to happen! Neither of us are easily able to write down information that might be given to us during a phone call given our ages (north of 55), and their web site doesn’t keep track of any messages we leave for them, never mind their responses, *IF* they see fit to send any! I can’t get across to my brother that the company chooses to do things this way, and he’s thinking seriously of just trashing his card!

  74. Today, 12/6/2018, I witnessed a employee refuse a bathroom to a small kid. He was holding himself, as the employee told him there was no bathroom.This was a lie. I have been a customer in this store, located on Portollo Pkwy., Irvine, Ca 92602, for (3) years. There is a bathroom. The employee is named PETER. I feel this was a racist response to a family. I saw it, I would testify to what I am saying. It was disgraceful! You need to reprehend this employee. I was shocked!

    Phone 714-417-9651.

  75. Once again I’m waiting for a pharmacist to show up on time for work. It never fails this happens at least twice a month. Absolutely ridiculous. State time to open is 10a. Arrival 1024a
    Baton Rouge LA at the corner of N Sherwood Forest Blvd and Florida Blvd.

  76. I had a wonderful experience at the cvs store in Drexel Hill, PA. Store # 2408. CSHR # 1244245 One of your sales associates by the name of Anthony went out of his way to help me. I was struggling to download photos from my I phone & he took the time to assist me. Customer service is a dying art but Anthony gives me hope that it may return. Please pass this on to his manager.

  77. I am a long time CVS customer going back to the days of Rexall, long time ago! And I still prefer CVS to any other chain when travelling because I find them more consistent than other chains. So it is with a little concern that I write this note. I started the new year with a new pharmacy policy that heavily favors preventive medicine and when I brought in a new rx of Colchicine for treatment of gout, I found that it was not covered by my policy. Now I am a widow on a fixed income and the price of $142.00 for #30 was steeper than I was comfortable with. I have two rx cards for the times when insurance only covers marginal amount or not at all. I have GOOD RX and singlecare. Both show CVS as members but I was told at my neighborhood pharmacy, that neither were accepted there. Is there a way to find a card that is accepted? Is my experience unusual?

  78. I cannot really think of words to describe how LOW I think CVS is: I wanted a vitamin supplement that was $33+ a few days ago – not necessary to my life but not worth being totally f’d by CVS who now wants over $51 for same product. Don’t they think the virus we are ALL enduring is traumatic enough. Hope their greed runs them totally out of business.! But I will find it somewhere else; or I will do without it; but I will NEVER darken a CVS store again.

  79. Worst in customer service, worst in response, worst in application working, worst in answering phone! CVS you have gone down hill!

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