Contact Credit One Bank Customer Service

Contact Credit One Bank Customer Service

Contacting Credit One Bank Customer Service Center

Credit One Bank is a Las Vegas credit card issuer that claims to be one of the leading card issuers for Visa and Mastercard in the United States. The market focus for Credit One Bank is the subprime market or people with less than perfect credit. Typically, this group is offered credit with high interest rates and strict payment rules due to the risk of providing credit.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found a long list of phone number for Credit One Bank customer service complete with hours of operation. You can reach the automated system 24 hours a day, but applications are only accepted from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday PST. If you need to speak with someone about credit protection call from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday EST. The collections department is available for customer calls from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday.

  • Automated System: 1-877-825-3242
  • Automated System (International): 1-702-405-2042
  • Application: 1-800-752-5493
  • Lost or Stolen: 1-877-825-3242
  • Credit Protection: 1-866-803-1745
  • Collections: 1-888-729-6274

Mailing Address

There are four mailing addresses listed for Credit One Bank customer service – payments, customer service, errors and credit protection.

Credit One Bank (Payments) P.O. Box 60500 City of Industry, CA 91716


Credit One Bank Attn: Customer Service P.O. Box 98873 Las Vegas, NV 89193


Credit One Bank Attn: Error Department P.O. Box 98872 Las Vegas, NV 89193


Credit One Bank Attn: Credit Protection P.O. Box 740237 Atlanta, GA 30374

Official Website

Though information is a little lax, there is a bit to learn about Credit One Bank on the official website at You can learn some basic information about Credit One Bank at, but it is the Terms and Conditions that interest most people. You can find the Terms and Conditions at The page includes the APR, yearly fee for simply having the credit card and fee schedule.

Social Media

We found a Facebook page for Credit One Bank, but the page is not exactly the most popular page. There are no other social media pages that we could find. According to the Facebook page the company joined the social network in 2011, but no updates have been posted since that date.

Customer Service Email

No customer service email forms or addresses are provided for security reasons, according to Credit One Bank customer service.

Our Experience

We tried to get in touch with a Credit One Bank customer service representative, but we thought it would be easier than we found it to be. We called the automated system number and we were asked for our account number. We sat still for a few minutes and the call was transferred to the hold line for a customer service representative. That is where we stayed for more than 10 minutes. There were advertisements and marketing messages all along the way. When the agent finally answered the call we asked for information to be mailed to us about the card and we were told information was available on the website – only selected customers receive invitations to apply.

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65 Comments on “Contact Credit One Bank Customer Service
  1. First of all 75.00 dollars a month does not equal a 500. credit limit, misleading, customer service in India? Can’t understand them and what do they know about US bill paying. I will be cancelling me credit card. Misleading and a rip off so you can make money off of people trying to rebuild their credit, it’s insulting.

  2. I am trying to get assistance in paying my bill on line which is due on the 21th, I need
    a live person to answer questions for me, I do not want the automated system. Credit
    one needs better customer service. I do not want this card if better customer service is
    not provided. Please e-mail me with a number without the automated service


  3. I cannot establish an online account for some reason it simply doesn’t take the info. I called customer service which is in INDIA! They informed me that there is no one to help with technical issues at Credit One Bank????? In other words Credit One Bank is perfectly happy charging high rates with absolutely no help with customer service issues??!! I’m going to cancel this worthless account as I have good credit with zero balance and only opened the account because they provide a monthly credit score which is worthless if you cannot access your account…!!!! Do not expect even decent customer service with Credit One Bank, try another bank.!!

  4. Credit One Bank-Keep asking the supervisor and remind that the call is being recorded . once you get a supervisor tell them to connect you the the head office this way you will get some results. Here is their Fax number 702-967-1565 they are base out of Las Vegas Nv. Credit One Bank Headquarters
    FDIC Certificate #: 25620 / 585 Pilot Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

  5. Credit One Bank- Fax your Complaints over to them
    Keep asking for the supervisor and remind him or her that the call is being recorded once you get a supervisor tell them- to connect you the the Headquarters Office this way you will get some results. Here is their Fax number 1-702-967-1565 they are based out of Las Vegas Nv.
    Credit One Bank Headquarters
    FDIC Certificate #: 25620 / 585 Pilot Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

  6. you people made one mistake turning me over to the credit union and ruining my credit. now im going to ruin your business. im going to get copies if the message i sent to you people telling you to cancel the credit card 8-15-2015 and the credit one bank credit card i sent back cut up in bits and pieces the 8-15-2015. and the two letters i got from credit one bank the 4-14-2015 tellingt me trhe card wasnt canceled till the 12-14-2015. you knopw that makes me wonder and im sure the lawyer im getting immediately will wonder too why the credit one bank credit card wasnt cancel a few days you should have got it6 in 8-15-2015 instead odf waiting to cancel the card the 12-14-2015. the lawyer im getting does not like credit card frauds and im also going to make a copy of the credit company letter i got today(4-123-2016) cause i dont owe you people not5hing on a credit card that dont exit cfause i cut it up in bits and pieces,understand and sent it back to you people at credit one bank. now im going to tell the lawyer to have the president&ceo of the credit one bank arerested and anybody else involved. i wasnt going to do that all i wante3d was my settlement of $25,000 for fraud and my name cleared with the credit bureau but now you people have made a mistake cause i dont have your deamn credit one bankcard since i cut it up in bits and pieces and sent it and the message back to yoyu the 8-15-2015. now thats enough talk. i have to email the lawyer and then send him copiesof all my evidence and now i hope i get more money. its your fault you didnt settle with me out of court. JOANN JAMES

  7. i would like to cancel my card i do think 75 is crazy a month and not being able to make a payment or sign on to your sight is messed up so please cancel my card

  8. Card constantly denied spent many days each moth on the phone with the fraud department justifying charges. Card not worth the hassles

  9. Why can I not talk to a live customer service agent when I call all I get is robo calls for other pruducts and services? my feelings are to cancel from this bank and they can just charge off my balance?

  10. Was told someone was trying to apply for credit cards in my name so you froze my account until it could be cleared up. I mailed proof of my identity two weeks ago, which you claim you have not received. In the meantime, my car note is late because you have my account frozen. I am trying to get a fax number to fax my identity verification so that this can be resolved before my car payment is delinquent; being told there is no fax number. A company this big does not have a fax? This is ridiculous!! Can hardly understand any of the operators I’ve had to talk to!!

  11. i will never go back to this bank, i had a charge i did not Ok and when i call they said they were on the receiving end call who ever put the charge on… fine who put the charge on ?…. had to close the account and pay the charge…

  12. could not dispute a charge … had to pay the charge and close my account..
    capital one is only on the receiving end and i didn’t know who or how to reach the company that charged me… at least it was only $45.00 cheep lesson for me.

  13. I received my credit card from Credit One bank today. One big problem, I couldn’t activate my new card because of a survey. Even though I said I wasn’t interested in the cruise I was still trying to be baited. This is a good way to loose a customer, namely me.
    It makes no sense to beg people to take their credit card but than they want you to jump through hoops to activate it. BAD BUSINESS

  14. Obtained a new checking and savings account due to my purse being stolen; as a result, I had to obtain new banking information. I updated all my credit companies and made payments. When I tried to log on the the website, they had removed my account from the site. To date I have not received a bill and they want to charge me for make a payment over the phone. I instructed them to add my account back to the site. They are intentionally giving me a hard time, will not send my bill and has caused my account to fall behind. They are calling my cell phone in an inappropriate manner and when I call they are very rude and want me to pay a fee. They are causing me undue stress and effecting my credit report. I need help.

  15. You either have some spammers claiming to be you who are flooding my email with non-requested offers to apply for your cards, or your company is spamming. I don’t do business with spammers and since your link to unsubscribe is also fake, I am forwarding your email spam to law enforcement and the BBB.

  16. i submitted an application on 09/24/2017 waited 2 weeks called in said they needed my id and social sent it in waited 2 more weeks now they called me to verify rep could not speak english good typed the wrong unit number for my address so now 2 more weeks to send in a utility bill copy of driver license again and a bank statement all reflecting my same address i have not moved in over 7 years still no response need to call spoke to supervisor told me to fax it in again now faxed it in almost 60 days later still waiting my address said 102 on the application but i live in 123 simple typo error do you guys want my business or not?? if not remove my inquiry so i can apply some place else to top it off i told my girl friend about this card 2 weeks ago she got the card and added me on as a authorized user so i even sent you business but you dont want mine i have no collection just new credit now thats all i have 3 accounts

  17. I have had issues I think 3 times with credit one bank and put my 3 credit cards in temporary suspension, happened same way, before says something like suspicious activity on my account, and when I try to log in, says this is temporarily suspended and to call the credit one bank phone number they told me to send in a copy of my drivers license and ssn number and electric bill and sent on 12-09-17 , today, 12-19-17, still nothing .some people told me not to mess with this bank and that it is their fault with these issues, not the customers faults, what can I do? any ideas??

  18. I am in the Philippines on vacation and to my dismay I can not sign into the CreditOne site to access my account. I was told that the Philippines is blocked so access is not available. You have to call the toll free number to make payment or just to find out any information about your account. Funny thing is when you call for assistance you get a call center in the Philippines. What gives? Why can’t these companies use call centers in the USA if that’s where there business is? And to top it all if you want expedited payment you have to pay 9.95. You talk about customer abuse. I paid my account off and will not use it here as long as I can’t access my account. Not happy.

  19. I am trying to get assistance in paying my bill on line which is due on the 21th, I need
    a live person to answer questions for me, I do not want the automated system. Credit
    one needs better customer service. I do not want this card if better customer service is
    not provided. Please e-mail me with a number without the automated service

  20. Hello im having problems logging on to my credit one account, its the correct information I even tried to change the password and its still not working. I’m also still getting email, but it wont let me log on to see anything. Please help me.

  21. Your customer service is the worst I’ve ever encountered. This is the 2nd month I haven’t received a statement, so I called and was transferred so many times, I finally got angry and asked for a supervisor, and was put on hold for ten minutes. Not one of them spoke intelligible English and there was so much background noise, I couldn’t hear them. I finally requested that a supervisor call me back. I’m waiting for that call and not holding my breath. Do not do business with Credit One Bank!

  22. Customer service is not good. You cannot get a live person on the phone if you have an immediate problem, which I do today.

    • I am so disappointed with this credit card company. I was trying to make a payment on line and they have something blocking my login. I called to find out why, and was told to log back in in 15 minutes. Logged back in and it was still blocked. Called back to ask why my login was blocked with this information (c1B authentication.logintex),they put me on hold and never came back. I called 2 more numbers and waited at least 10 minutes for each call and finely hung up. Still don’t know why I could not sign in. Called back and had to pay $9.95 to make my payment so it would be on time.

  23. i send my payment out to the California location each month at least 5 or 6 days beore the due date, but for some unknown reason Credit One Bank some times will not process the payment right away and will charge a late fee. Calling customer service is a total waste of time.

  24. I’m writing to explain the reasons for insufficient funds for my credit card payment.
    In October I had fraudulent activity on my checking account that caused your check to bounce. In
    December 17, 17, I put a payment through without understanding it would go
    through before the 20th. My Social Security was available on the 20th. I
    realized what I had done and called Customer Service. They just said, “no
    problem, it will be okay.” Next thing I know, my account was closed. I would
    appreciate very much if you would please reopen the account. Last 4 digits of
    my Social Security number is 4312 and last 4 of my account number is 9269.

    Thank you

  25. Your customer service stinks. For 2 days I have been trying to get a auth. # to get into my account and no one there can get it back and forth for me . I pay my bill by computer and would like to get this fixed. Can you just e-mail the number?

  26. need a live person…. Instead of an automated system. Unable to login to my account. Site consistently states my login and password are incoorect.

  27. Unable to log in to my account and their is no live customer service rep to assist me as your system is automated.

  28. Your online internet banking was created by children! Various items on site not functioning. When requesting a password change, it says in 15 minutes an email will be sent to your email address. Nothing ever shows up even though it was sent fifteen times. Get it together or get out of the business.

  29. I changed my email account and password. I received a verification notice link to complete the updates in my new email account, but the link won’t open. What do I di?

  30. I want to know if I can pay my credit card bill at Wal Mart and if so how do I go about doing that

  31. Sir/Ms,

    I fell for a scam and had $3500 dollar and $19,000 taken from me. My business and my personal matters are in serious crisis. I would like to see if I could get a loan, I have now $35000 in debt because of this and my Retirement, VA Disability and SSI checks are being investigated in this matter. As my business do contracts also, my Corporation fell victim to the ” scam without knowing it. I do not want to file bankruptcy, I would rather get a loan and pay one payment. If I cannot get a loan then I would have to consider my options. So far, I have been turned down because of my credit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have Emailed Honorable Linda McMahon to see if there is any way to get a loan to assist me.
    If contacting me please leave your message and have caller id on your number.


    Kenneth L. Zierler

  32. trying to make a payment and it kept going to a page called doxo. well i am not going to make a payment to a stupid place that is not familiar.

  33. I can’t log into my account. I tried to call and phone provider tells me to check the number again and it is the same on billing. I got 2 payments and I will be canceling my account.

  34. I have repeatedly applied for a Creditone credit card and being told I have a closed account with an outstanding balance. That is not true and the balance on the card was paid in full. Last 4 digits 9269. I would appreciate if you would reopen my account or at least accept my application for another card.

    Thank you
    Patricia Mann-Tanner

    • I received a letter from CreditOne today regarding my application in the
      name of Patricia K Tanner. You asked for proof of identity in that name. Unfortunately, I just got married and haven’t had the opportunity to have my ID changed as of yet. I did re-apply under the name Patricia K Mann which I have plenty of identification in that name.

      Thank you
      Patricia Mann-Tanner

  35. over 2 1/2 weeks ago i rec`d card but no pin #. i can`t gtet anyone to talk to there it is all the same questions when i activated the card. i also have another question to see if i am able to use card at a certain small store but can`t ask anyone ? thank you,/////

  36. I have tried several times to log in to my account-I used to do it all the time to pay my bill=the last two months it will not let me in. when I try to change my password it will also not let me in-all I want to do is pay my bill,when I get a “live” person by entering 0000 several times I always get someone who is Asian with a sing song accent and I cannot understand them/when I ask for supervisor or some one who is Caucasian and does not have an accent they hang up on me-all I ant to do is be able to pay my bill.

  37. I have 2 credit one accts. I cant log in to my online acct to pay my bill. They want 10 more to pay by phone. I have talked to the people there who cant speak clear English and are to dumb to listen to me to help. I have contacted them 25 times if not more. I have ask for a code to reset my password and do not get it emailed to me. They had me change my email so i could get one never got one there either. this I have done at least 50 times. Help ..stop using other countries to help in customer service. I am going to pay off these cards and close the acct. I have written to them also, no reply

  38. Of all my credit cards credit one is the worst ever. you cannot make a payment on lin. They charge you to make a phone payment and then charge you another $9.95 if you want your phone payment as available funds the next business day! I already paid their annual fee!! So Im now making my monthly payment by mailing them a check. I’ll do this for one year and will then cancel my creditone account. THEY ARE PATHETIC!!!

  39. My purse was stolen in Mancelona on Thurs and credit card was in wallet need to cancel card immediately last four socialsecurity 9299

  40. Credit One Bank credit card is not very user friendly for either purchases or making a payment. I called to get my account unlocked and from what I could understand because of the language barrier between myself and the representative is that my account was unlocked but it would take 24 hours before I could use the card. It’s now three weeks later and I still can’t use the card. I am not sure why my account was locked and could not get a explanation from the representative. Up until my account was locked I had always paid my payments on time online but now I can’t log in or even use the card so I think our relationship is over and I will look in to filing a report to BBB or attorney general. I will also dispute my account on CREDIT KARMA

  41. Well looking at the above comments it is apparent that you all don’t bother to address problems with people being locked out of their accounts for NO REASON! I’ve had amazon prime membership fee coming out of my card regularly for a YEAR and now one of you geniuses decided that looks fraudulent!! UNLOCK MY DAMN ACCOUNT so I can manage it!! Your incompetence is overwhelming and I REFUSE to speak to another offshore employee in fricking CHINA who is helpless and hopeless!!!! I have a JOB! No time to make you idiots see a 12.00 charge is NOT suspicious!! Going on 2 months now!! You are doing a great job at pissing off your customers!!

  42. I tried to pay my bill and was not allowed to log in. It then said I needed an authorization code so I proceeded to presumably get one emailed to me but it never came. The scam of a company forced me to pay a 9.95 fee to have it done when there website was at fault. They need to get stateside customer service people and stop using middle easterners who care less that they are ripping you off. This card is the worst that I’ve had by far. No matter what kind of offer anyone gets they should stay clear of these shady people. I will definitely pay off my balance as quickly as possible and close it out.

  43. Everytime I try to access my online account I can’t I’m either blocked out or they want some kind of verification but I can’t cause I can’t get in and see any number of toal available credit both just something about summary it’s a real pain online is suppose to be easier but it’s a hassle every month now they want on ihow much credit one deposited into my account 2 amounts how would I know that when my account doesn’t come up.

  44. trying to log in but forgot pass word and user name. every time I try to give the info they ask for it returns with the same page over and over again. also I don’t like being routed to india

  45. It stinks. Recovery page for forgotten passwords & user name dose not work. I don’t want to be routed to a call center in India. I want to pay off card then cut it up but I want a real employee from this country to talk to.

  46. I was supposed to receive a $25 refund on my February statement. I did not. Please refund my money on my card. Thank you.

  47. After reading previous comments and the lack of concern or care from this company, please cancel my card as Nd pray for payment. I was promised a refund from December and never received it. Before I get got, I’ll be the better. Thank you.

    • I have been on the phone for over two hours trying to cancel my credit cards and every time I speak to a person “from India” and tell them that I want to cancel my cards they transfer me to someone else and then they hang up on me after listening to music for another half hour. I don’t have any outstanding balance on either card, obviously they don’t want you to cancel so they can collect a fee every month. Not sure I can listen to that music any longer.

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