Contact Craigslist Customer Service

Contact Craigslist Customer Service

Contacting Craigslist Customer Service Center

Craigslist is an online classified ad website that allows people all over the world to list items for sale, jobs and advertise services. Craigslist uses user reports, computer software programs and employees to scan through listings to remove unsafe or inappropriate listings, but many such listings make it through. It is never okay to visit an address listed on Craigslist alone. There have been reports of assault and murder after visiting addresses provided by users or listed on the website.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Craigslist customer service is available for customers from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The customer service department is dedicated to serving customers with paid accounts, not free users though the contact phone number is one of the most recommended means of contacting Craigslist customer service.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-664-0633
  • Corporate Office: 1-415-566-6394

Mailing Address

All mail for Craigslist customer service can be addressed to the corporate office in San Francisco.

Craigslist Corporate Office Attn: Customer Service 1381 9th Ave. San Francisco CA 94122

Official Website

You can visit the main Craigslist website at From the main page you are asked to choose the city you want to search for listings. As a classified ads website, Craigslist is constantly changing. If you are having trouble posting, contacting a user about a listing or you want to report an abusive listing you can visit the help page at for more information about how to contact Craigslist customer service.

Customer Service Email

There are three email addresses for Craigslist customer service. Craigslist suggests reading through the help page before contacting customer service as the answer to your question may be published there. The billing email address is reserved for paid postings. Never include financial or payment information in your email.




You can also contact Craigslist customer service using the online contact form at


Our Experience

The Craigslist customer service line is automated. Consumers have no options when it comes to contacting customer service by phone. According to the automated system, customers posting free ads must use the website for all customer service needs. The only options given are to press 4 if you are calling from a law enforcement office, press 5 if you are calling from the press, press 7 if you are calling about paid ads or press 8 if you calling about billing or credit card issues. We attempted to press 0 to skip the automated list, but the list restarted. If you press 0 multiple times the call will immediately disconnect. We were unable to reach a customer service agent.

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55 Comments on “Contact Craigslist Customer Service
  1. You really don’t want to know what I think but here goes. I have contacted you numerous times regarding flagrant abuse of the Craigslist/Jacksonville, Florida/Furniture site run by Craigslist. The only response was a computer generated generic email thanking me for contact. No other response or resolution has every been offered for the countless times I have requested assistance. The complaint is against American Freight Furniture Company in Jacksonville, Florida. They abuse the Craigslist site on a DAILY basis posting the same MISLEADING ads over and over. Also, a check with the local Better Business Bureau in Jacksonville showed they have an “F” rating due to their selling/quality history. Today, September 19, 2014, they have POSTED WELL OVER 150 ADS ALL BEFORE 10:30 A.M., eastern standard time with many more ads to follow throughout the day. I am at a loss as to how this company continues to be allowed to ABUSE the Craigslist site with absolutely no sanctions by Craigslist. To those of us that are looking on this site for LEGITIMATE furniture ads, having to weed through these false ads makes your website is a total waste of time. I find it interesting that Craigslist makes you agree to all sorts of regulations, waivers and agreements if you want to list an item, yet this company can conduct themselves with a clear abuse of the Craigslist rules and regulations daily apparently with Craigslist’s blessing. GOOD JOB Craigslist.

  2. well let me tell you a thing or two about your phone service it is absolutely useless
    don’t you even care that people are posting fraudulent ads trying to defraud people of their hard earned money
    and when we try to let you know so as you can do something about it we get your useless automated phone messages and online we get asked for our public code duh as if we know that
    you want to talk about this contact me

  3. Your new format is not very user friendly. It takes too much time to scroll through all the items looking for one particular item. The older for mat was much more desirable. THANKS FOR READING.

  4. Worst customer service on this entire planet is craiglist. I have been trying to call them and emailing them more than a million times i would say not single response, all automated and when it comes to placing a paid Ad best customer service in the world, When we need some help from them reporting other fruadulent ads similar to our products not a single action ever being taken.Cannot believe the management of this company and how they are running this site. Keep up the bad customer service

  5. the above was posted because either the cockroach has found a way to flag every message flagged or craigslist has no moral character

  6. Both of these numbers provided for customer support or even their corporate office are useless.. Same recording… Can’t talk to a human… Wondering what would happen if I had pressed the law enforcement option, then would I be able to talk to a person…. Illegally charging my account is going to be a law enforcement issue if I don’t get the problem resolved.. I am beyone aggraviated right now..

  7. I recently bought a washer and dryer, not a set,from Craig’s list and when I received them,I was just getting home from the hospital.I noticed they both stunk bad ,were sticky, They had holes ,rust dents, and made so month noise,it was horrible. I called the seller right away, and we decided to exchange both items for something that was working better ,and don’t look like it was run over by a truck. I have tried calling, but no one calls me back.Please help me get what I paid for.

  8. I got the the pro Craigslist app now all of a sudden I can’t get into my postings or post anything all I had on there the was a western saddle the app support said I probaly been flagged why was a flagged for western saddle I listed on there before and never had problems ?

  9. You customer service is zero . I have enjoyed using CL for over 10 years. But now I have a compromised account and do not Lobos why. Cannot get tech support to help. CL is loosing a loyal supporter .


  11. I am trying to put money on my account I have @ mailed you and no response I try to call and all I get is a recording I need some one to contact me please I need to put a bunch of adds on

  12. The customer service is not contacting a representative for your business at 3:23 pm EASTERN standard time.please fix this big in the near future. I will not give my real name

  13. I am letting you know that I responded to a listing in craigslist santa cruz rooms for rent a person who said there name was Rosa Nehme and they live in Detroit michican she offered to rent to me for 600 per month all utilities paid .600 deposit. she sent photos of the unit and said I couldn’t go in but drive by so I did the photos she sent did not look anything like the unit I saw. she seemed very anxious to get money. The whole thing seemed to easy and the old saying…if it sounds to good to be true …it probably is


  15. I need to speak to a customer service rep about a false negative ad place about myself 7 husband post #624221726 this is a court matter surrounding this I would like to know who placed this ad? it is totally false!

  16. So far I have not been pleased with Craigslist Customer Service. My son’s name, address and phone number have been placed on a illegal post that he did not do. I have sent several emails asking that this post be removed immediately as the longer it stays up the longer his information is out there for scammers and predators to see. As of this morning there has been no response from anyone from Craigslist nor has the post been removed. I have tried to call your phone numbers which gets you know where – you can not speak with anyone it just simply tells you to do what I have already done. If I do not hear back from someone soon I will be contacting law enforcement as this should not be allowed to happen on your site.

  17. It’s great if you don’t have a problem. The phone number sends you to the same email site that I have used at least 10 times with no help. You might say if you have a problem you can end up in a infinite loop (NOT GOOD). It would be nice to be able to talk to someone when the suggested email does not work!!!

  18. it appears that a different way of reporting abuses ,over posting, scam ads.
    I have sent many notices of improper posting. I have not heard anything from
    craigslist. why is it so many people can not get a simple request taken care of ?????. I have flagged several ads only to see them reappear in two hours, why?????? flagging says there is a problem buy nothing happens.

  19. The pits. I want to post an ad on Craigs List, but am unable to do so because I keep getting thrown into other job posting sites. They seem to be pirating you or something. And when I call your customer service or corporate office numbers all I get is a voice telling me to use the internet in various ways. I need a person.

  20. I have been trying for the past 7 days to contact a person by the name of John in Norwood, Colorado in regards to a disc he posted for sale. However the telephone number is one that is disconnected but the same add is still on your site. I sent him an email two hours after his first posting. Very frustrating.

  21. Hello
    I am a user of your web site and I am being denied access from my computer and my cell service. As I keep getting a IP block response. can you tell me why. Or unblock so I can continue to use your web service. I have items listed for sale thru your service

  22. I wanted to post a vehicle for sale. When prompted for the price , I ;put in ‘OBO’.. After continuing, the webpage came back saying that some items need to be completed. Apparently the ‘OBO’ was not taken and only a number amount can be put in the box.
    Perhaps you can CHANGE it so that one can put in something other than numbers into the price box such as ….Offer (Make offer), Negotiable, etc. it would surely help.


  23. 1970 ford truck. This would make a nice truck for a restoration project. It will need some work but is a complete running truck. It has a V8 in it. I was told it was a 302 but never ran the numbers so I am not sure. It has a good title. The truck is a project and will need restoring. It is what it is. Look at the pictures. If you have questions just let me know. It will need to be trailered as the mechanicals will need fine tuning. It has brakes. If you have questions just let me know. I will answer anything you need to know. The truck is located in Lancaster S.C.. I will accept Paypal or cash in person as payment for the truck. Again this is a nice project.

  24. I wanted to post a vehicle for sale but couldn’t. When prompted to put in the price, I put in ‘Offer’, ‘Negotiable’. I continued but the webpage came back saying the something was wrong and had to be corrected. Apparently the price box ONLY takes numbers.
    Could you possible change this so that one could enter something other than numbers such as …’Offer’, ‘Negotiable’, etc. This would help quite a bit.


  25. I am trying to contact people regarding buying their RVs and when I try to make contact it makes me do the “I am not a Robot” and I never get through. Any suggestions? ALicia

  26. My postings has been flagged by someone for a truck I’m selling, please fix this incorrect flagging. I’ve already emailed customer service but all I get is an automated reply, so please read my posting ID # & repost my ad, because it says its an active account on Craigs list but will not show up under autos/cars for sale.

  27. I was hoping to get an email address as to where to send my images to, but was unsuccessful. The options provided didn’t pertain to my concern.

  28. For some reason I can no longer post adds. When I go to publish all is lost. I get nothing in my gmail so I can agree to the terms publish, and manage my account. What is up? I have used Criaglist for many years and never had a problum before.

  29. My vacation rental is being listed by someone else on Craigslist asking potential renters to send money to some other state. How do I get who is posting this to report to authorities and get it removed. I reported to your abuse email and asked someone to call me but they haven’t yet. Very disturbing.

  30. I cannot get the reply button to work when viewing cl ads, do you have a fix for a
    computer illiterate person, I cant find manage add ons in my settings.

  31. I just received a notice about a post that I did not even know about. It’s not listed as active in my ONE posted Ad. NO, I do not share my e-mail, or any other personal information with anyone. Tell me how to make certain that is not posted.

  32. trying to post a job and not able to do so or contact anyone their for help in
    this regard.

    which to have a telephone number where I can do this since I am a senior and
    not computer literate.

    thank you

  33. need help in posting a job

    all attempts to do this have been fruitless

    need a telephone contact, someone I can talk n do this, not computer literate.

  34. I have been trying to post a vehicle for sale, I can put it all in but I get a red flag, when I try to put in the mileage? Whats up with that, is there a special way that mileage must be posted for the ad to complete? I have been working on this for 2 days, and I am almost done trying to use Craigslist.

  35. I have an average of 4 fraud auto posting on my email and phone number, I have tried every way known to modern man to contact CL in san Francisco. nothing in return. no email ,no return calls .the only thing that happened was my current listings were deleted. thanks CL ,another dissatisfied customer, but for free what can a person expect, I guess it is time to start publishing the info from the scammers

  36. Hi,
    My name is Winifred, tried to respond to the job posting, the reply
    circle isn’t working. Don’t like that I cant speak to a live person. The
    phone number don’t allow you to speak to anyone. Not good
    customer service. Very disappointed , I am looking for work, maybe
    I don’t need to look at this website.

  37. I have been using Craig’s List for many years and never had to call before now, When I called the numbers listed I could not talk to anyone. Wow Please get back with me on this. I have listed a rental on Treasure Coast Listings and it says PSL I have no rental in Port St. Lucie and never will. I have this rental in Sebastian and I know people are looking for rentals in Sebastian. Please list it in Sebastian or just Treasure Coast.

  38. I have always been a user of this service and bought lots of item from different sellers. but of late a problem has happened. It seems that I can’t access the contact information for a listing. All I get is a icon that just spins and the contact information never comes up. Can some one help me fix this problem, because I do like to use your system service.

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