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Contacting Cox Communications Customer Service Center

Cox Communications is a cable, Internet and phone company that operates all over the United States. Customers need to use the local contact information to call, email or write to Cox Communciations customer service. There is no main phone number for the entire company. That makes it a little difficult for us to report customer service information, so we have focused on the Cox Communciations customer service on a corporate level.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to get in contact with customer service, you need to view the customer service information for the Cox Communications customer service department in your area. However, we were able to learn of a few contact phone numbers that may be helpful.

Mailing Address

If you need to contact Cox Communications customer service department and you want to do so at a higher level than your local Cox Communication office, you can choose to use the corporate mailing address.

Cox Communications, Inc. Corporate Office
1400 Lake Hearn Drive
Atlanta, GA 30319

This address is not suitable for sending payments or any communication that should be received by your local Cox Communications office.

Official Website

You can sign up for new service, request a service upgrade or contact customer service from the official website for Cox Communciations. The official website is located at You will need to enter a zip code to locate your home website, but you can log in to your account from the main page without entering a zip code.

Customer Service Email

To contact customer service by email you’ll need to visit the main page,, and click on the View/Pay Bill link at the top of the page. You will be taken to a log in page where you can enter your user name and password. There is no contact information or email form available to customers if they don’t enter a specific location. After we chose Middle Georgia as our location, we were able to access an email form We contacted customer service to ask for a dedicated email address.

Our Experience

When we called the customer service phone number for Cox Communications, the call was never answered. The phone rang more than 20 times and then the call was disconnected. We researched and verified the number listed on more than 20 websites as the contact number for Cox Communciations. After the 20 rings, the call simply ends. If you need to contact Cox Communications, it is best to call your local phone number.

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141 Comments on “Contact Cox Communications Customer Service
  1. been with cox for over 20 years—had my premium channels turned off as my payment was late????? computers do not think or know that GOOD customers can be late from time to time–spent the greater part of my day trying to talk to a person and was disappointed in my results. after 20 years, I am going to change my provider for phone, internet and television to LUS in Lafayette, La. as they will not screw an old customer

  2. Wow… Don’t even have Cox and have experience poor customer service. Went round and round about whether or not an unnecessary installation fee could be waved. No answer. Told to talk to someone else. Bottom line, turns out they just want to make sure to get $70 to install nothing. Different fees from different places.

  3. ..after 3 days w/o service, a cox employee shows up to restore svc..I let him in the house to do what he had to do to resolve the issue..I walked to the back of the house and when I came back to talk with the cox employee, he was gone..this is unbelievable..not only did he not restore service, he made no effort to communicate with me..he said nothing, and left…this is unacceptable..this is pathetic..this is cox..inefficient..incompetent..the worst..someone is gonna answer to this or I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau..!!!!!!!

  4. How do I sent or fax death certificate on Thaida K. Patrick to take her name off and use my name Sandra E. Barnes only on my account? My account number is 0016111051273802 Pin # is 9844. My address is 13118 Fairway Drive, Choctaw, OK 73020. I am born deaf but can read lips and talks but can’t talk on the phone. Please Email me the answer. Thank You, Sandra E. Barnes

  5. Cox decided to shut off my internet saying there was leaking signal on Tuesday 25 Sep. When we called to get the service repaired after work on 25 Sep we were told no one could come out until 26 Sep between 5 – 7 PM. A young man finally showed up around 730 PM. He was not aware of what the problem was as nothing was stated in the work order of what the previous COX tech had done to disable the internet. The kid tried everything he could to fix it but also was not provided any of the tools to check for a leaking signal. So again we are without service the tech could not even call in a work order that night has he was already closed out (whatever that meant). I called the next morning to complain about the poor service and was told I would get a call right back. That never happened until the young tech called and said he could only get me an appointment between 8 – 10 on Friday 28 Sep. I called the company only to be run around again and told that is the earlies appointment and we credited you a whole months service. If they are so quick to turn off my servcie then why can they not be so quick to restore my service. Very poor service and looks bad that you send a tech the first time that does not have the tools to do his job. Sure glad I did not upgrade my current service as I had orignially thought of doing.

  6. Tried to cancel service but needed to wait until 30 days of date when I want service cut…overseas calls to Asia for $ 8.40 a minute….the most expensive in the world and no excuses…Steve from accvount placed me on to Customers Services: On International Call Holding for 20 minutes when Charlene says>> Cannot help you until Dec 20…what is this??? A Joke company???

  7. I called yesterday to make the payment for my
    Home phone.
    Wanted to pay the 28.00 or so balance.

    I was told by phone that there is also a
    $20.00 charge.
    At the beginning of dec I made a payment and
    I was under the impression that there were not more
    Estra $20.00 charges to my line bill.

    I need to pay the monthly fee.

    At the beginning of dec. They reduce my 40.00
    Dollars extra charge to 20.00 and I paid the bill.

    Pls review my account.

    I am ready to pay the bill for dic.
    Due tomorrow I supposed .


  8. We love watching RFD TV through our Direct Tv satellite dish. Please, if you are a provider for that company we ask that you DO NOT DROP that privately owned station.
    John and Esther Kueker
    Cameron, 2texas

  9. We have telephone service with cox, I need to know if we have a contract with cox, in case we
    wanted service with another company it would not be a problem.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Fosgard

  10. Stop being a bunch of babies, you guys will complain at any company you go to.I would much rather have cox then any dsl provider.Its simple and its common sense.They dont have to have the best customer service because your government put in zoning laws that only allow one cable provider per area.They have something you want and need.Basic priniciple of economics says this is supply and demand.Its easier to understand this then to be a bunch of children complaining to eachother trying to beat a system that you cant.

  11. I had the worst experience ever. When I was complaining about the high speed internet they told me that you did not buy the router from us and that is why. Then, when I bought that through them I still have the same disconnection. The technicians are not reporting what they did at the time of the service when they come to your house. If you need something to follow up there is no record. The only thing they do regularly is raising the rates. In that area they are the best.

  12. Hello… I just wanted to think one of your Tech Supporters for being such a wonderful guy!!! His Nma is Tim and I had a huge problem(for me it was as I am84 years old and godd on the computer but by no means “Savey”)It showed on screen that I could not get on the internet welll some hours later of trying everything and anything that I was told to do I got “ZILCH” so I hope AOL would help me gee sure … for 4.99 $ amonth thanks so I called cox and Tim came on the lIne and what a marvel to have a nice young man take the time and patience and; he had me ON LINE in a couple of Minutes…. Thank you Tim and thnak you Cox Cable for hiring such knowledgeable Men and one with such courtesey.I call you again Tim if I run into trouble…thanks

    • Sorry Martha but these comments are true !!! I have been a cox customer for over ten years and the company has gone Hades in a Handbasket. They want your money and every month the cost seems to rise but I can NEVER get a CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT to speak to about our Cable and Internet problems. My time is valuable too and I do not appreciate waiting more than 10 minutes and still not assistance. I am about to leave Cox for good.

  13. This is owful.. I read all the commentsw you had posted about your co. and I must say that I believe none of those that griped soo much.. cox is all over the USA and surely this would be a local matter (not uncommon in Marion cty) as Cox is an excellent co. Just had to put my 2 cents worse in since I have had nothing but excellent service from them and even had my bill moderated as I have been a customer withCox since they arrived in Ocala.Thanks

  14. Can’t get through to customer service and can find no way to email Cox with questions about subscribing.

  15. i have had techs to my house 3 times the past week. Each time I have to take off work. The last time they didnt even come because they called a wrong number, so of course, I did not answer. I cannot get my whole home DVR working and many times have to disconnect my box just to get a picture on my TV. They have swapped boxes 2 times and rebooted to many times to count. All I get when I call in is “we need to schedule a tech to come out”. I have had offers for reimbursement, but i just want to get the service I am paying for! This is awful and Cox should train their techs better (each one contradicts the others) and make sure their technology is viable before putting it on the market. I will be looking at other providers

  16. My mother is an 86 year old who recently moved into assisted living at Magnolia Manor in Macon, with some slight dimentia. She has had Cox install cable services, but it isn’t working and neither is the picture on the TV. The TV is all she has and her frustration keeps her in tears. She has been on hold with COX company for hours and no one ever comes on. She cannot seem to get through to anyone, local or toll free.

  17. I changed my business services from AT&T. That was the biggest mistake of my life. When I made a payment for my phone service it was credited to the wrong account. I stated to initiate restoration of services on 10/3/2013. It is now 10/15/2013. I still do not have service. Did anyone tell you that it would take 14 days for the services to be restored? Because they did not tell it to me and a LOT of the employees did not know either. I have never experience anything like this ever. I have spoken to so many people and no one knows what is going on with the service. Please spread the word—— DO NOT CHOOSE COX PHONE OR INTERNET SERVICES FOR YOUR BUSINESS. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE GOVERNMENTAL SHUT DOWN. COX WILL DO IT FOR YOU!!!!! GO AND SPREAD THE WORD.

  18. My bill for COX tv, internet and phone was raised almost 20.00 a month, I am a senior, on a limited budget and when I read all the goodies new customers can get I get upset. What ever happened to faithful customers?

    • I was having a problem with email not coming to my Iphone, Ipad or Webmail. It was easily resolved by Dennis (tier 2). he was very patient, walking me through the steps I needed to fix my settings. Problem solved in a friendly and timely fashion. I was so happy to be back to normal. Thanks, Dennis and also Kevin who took my call initially.

  19. When we first signed up for a bundled package we were told our rate would be 99 dollers a month with everything included. I was also told there would be a fee for the motor 8.50 and the wireless 6.99 one time fee . Now my bill is showing 155 a month which is an additonal 55 that was not agree upon me paying the 100 dollers starter fee, when setting up service. Customer service and two mangers that i have spoke with informed me they would listen to the call and get back to me one said after 3:00 tomorrow the other said noon tomorrow. I had to call in 5 times (hung up on twice ) to asked what was going on because no one has called me back inconcern to my issue. NO one cares i was told 99 dollers a month with eveything included i have waiting long enought for you guys to work forward on a follow up i just want my bill to be what i was told which is the 99 . What really gets me, though, is the customer service. no one cares and no ones taking the extra step to keep me as a custermer i have never been treated from a companythis bad like my concerns do not matter. i have been with you guys in the passed and was never treated like this. Plus when signing up i asked these questions because the guy was so qucik to take my money vs givibng my the package infor if you listen to the call i was the one asking about is this going to be this do i get this he said yes no yes yes no he was not really open for questions but at the end of the day i did ask so my bill will be this every month i made sure befor signing up because i had been calling for the best deal dish was 55 for cable 34 for internet i just didnt want to go with two different providers and direct tv had no internet in my area i guess cant believe i have been treated like im a no body no one has got back to me i prey corp reads this and contact me because mangers and your agaents do not care horrible service .

  20. I would like to know why you drop weather on the eight.We live in fort smith ar and have cox cable,you citys that are a thousand miles away

  21. Well! Only Had Cox Cable over 1 month , Cable out 3 x times. Very upsetting.I Pulled cox cable out of my house over 3 years ago. I decided to give them another chance. So far I rate them D. Now! I’m adding How much cox will get, when I have to pull them out of my house again.

  22. Forget about customer service when dealing with COX. Bring back the antenna!

    I am a small business owner being held hostage by this stupid company.

    None of the rest are any better.

  23. E-Mail stop working. Called Customer Service. Worse I have every had. When after 15 Min. a person came on phone, I knew at once she did not have a clue. I asked for a Supervisor ( Never got ) after another 15 Min. I was transfer to an Rep. On the East Coast
    somewhere. Thank God He knew what to do. But I was on the Phone for almost 1 Hr. Cox Oklahoma City has the worse Customer Service of any company anywhere. Cannot wait for ATT to be in my area. ( Than BY BY Cox )

  24. I signed up for cox. had directv and a netgear modem. worked perfectly but cox keeps advertising “leader of the tech age” but biggest reason is I wanted their prem internet package. I paid $150 early termination fee with directv and changed over to cox. they gave me a new ubee router/modem and its supposed to be the best out there. I get it all hooked up only to find out the upstairs pc and xbox is lagging badly. I call cox and even though the modem/router is theirs they still tell me there’s nothing they can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? seriously? I had a netgear router from target for Gods sake! it reached upstairs perfectly and worked great but with their router it barley reaches 15 ft! I added an extender and even though the signal strength now shows full bars it still lags!!! ridicules ! I have all the emails to prove I tried communicating with them and all they gave me was excuses so NO I don’t work for DirecTV! I’m cancelling cox and going back to directv!

  25. I was having a problem with email not coming to my Iphone, Ipad or Webmail. It was easily resolved by Dennis (tier 2). he was very patient, walking me through the steps I needed to fix my settings. Problem solved in a friendly and timely fashion. I was so happy to be back to normal. Thanks, Dennis and also Kevin who took my call initially.

  26. June 16th Problem not receiving e-mails. Called 4:20am after 10 min on hold call started to go thru and got disconnected. called a different number Bob couldn’t help but passed me onto someone who could. MARY IS THE MOST PATIENT TECHNICAL SUPPORT PERSON I have ever spoken to. After approximateyl 1 1/2 hrs my problem was almost solved she then passed me on to William who finished up in about 3 mins.(I think I missed something Mary had told me to do) I hope if ever I have another problem I will speak with her. support no. 2099140

  27. tv caller id went out. after about a week I called about it. agent went through remote tests then told me I need an updated remote. they set up an appointment and at the appt. time the person came to deliver the remote. after telling my wife to put out her cigarette in our own home he went through the new remote then told us would take up to 72 hrs. to get the caller id on the tv. after around 15 minutes with neither of us touching the remote or anything the tv went blank. called cox and after going through the tv and remote tests to no avail we were told they would send a tech that day. that was yesterday. called cox 3 more times since no one had come and was told a tech would be there that day. at around 7:30pm I called and they went through the same rigamarole with him then he told me a tech would be there tomorrow which is today. I wasn’t happy and told him cox lied to me all day as I sat there waiting when I had things to do. I asked for a price just for the internet service cause I was then thinking of doing away with the tv and phone service as I have a few cell phones. cost given was 60 somewhat dollars and I am now paying just below 190.00 a month. I asked for a supervisor and finally got one. went through the same motions again and then was told 3 t 5pm today and they would bring me a new box cause my box is older and not hd. showed me how to connect just to the tv bypassing the box and was going to take 20. off for my troubles. kind of satisfied with that as now at least I could watch shows in my living room. it is now 2pm the next day and my tech is to be here from 3 to 5pm today. waiting,,do I believe he will come today??? with all the lies I have received I kind of doubt it. but will see. I have been a customer since cox tv would go out each time it rained,. price goes up continuously but I like their internet speed. tv and phone only went out once in quite a few years. their poor customer service and lying I cannot put up with and as soon as my contract ends I will be making some changes.

  28. tv caller id went out. after about a week I called about it. agent went through remote tests then told me I need an updated remote. they set up an appointment and at the appt. time the person came to deliver the remote. after telling my wife to put out her cigarette in our own home he went through the new remote then told us would take up to 72 hrs. to get the caller id on the tv. after around 15 minutes with neither of us touching the remote or anything the tv went blank. called cox and after going through the tv and remote tests to no avail we were told they would send a tech that day. that was yesterday. called cox 3 more times since no one had come and was told a tech would be there that day. at around 7:30pm I called and they went through the same rigamarole with him then he told me a tech would be there tomorrow which is today. I wasn’t happy and told him cox lied to me all day as I sat there waiting when I had things to do. I asked for a price just for the internet service cause I was then thinking of doing away with the tv and phone service as I have a few cell phones. cost given was 60 somewhat dollars and I am now paying just below 190.00 a month. I asked for a supervisor and finally got one. went through the same motions again and then was told 3 t 5pm today and they would bring me a new box cause my box is older and not hd. showed me how to connect just to the tv bypassing the box and was going to take 20. off for my troubles. kind of satisfied with that as now at least I could watch shows in my living room. it is now 2pm the next day and my tech is to be here from 3 to 5pm today. waiting,,do I believe he will come today??? with all the lies I have received I kind of doubt it. but will see. I have been a customer since cox tv would go out each time it rained,. price goes up continuously but I like their internet speed. tv and phone only went out once in quite a few years. their poor customer service and lying I cannot put up with and as soon as my contract ends I will be making some changes.

  29. I think COX COMMUNICATIONS in PHOENIX,AZ needs to fire a lot of their employees and hire people that know how to treat their customers with respect and diplomacy. It is impossible to get anyone on the phone to speak to about the problems you have and E mail is just as bad because they do not respond and the topics you need are not offered .
    Wake up Cox Communications, time with you is nearing a deadline.

  30. I was very upset when I found out that Cox had changed my phone number with out my knowledge I have a heart monitor hooked my home phone and my heart people could not see how may heart was doing so now I have to redo everything because I just had open heart surgery that is how I found out so I am going to change who I deal with I could have died because of this

  31. I went to the local office to pay my bill instead of mailing it, I was paying by check, the teller asked me for drivers license, I tolled the teller that if I was mailing my check my drivers license wasn’t needed. he came back with the answer, this is company’s policy. The funny thing is a minute latter he cashed the check electronic and gave it back to me. I’m asking why they need the drivers license? The lesser I give out my personal information to any stranger behind a counter the better is for me. COX don’t seam to care and they make policies to secure their interests risking customers privacy. I thing that’s against the law.

  32. We’ve been extremely distressed and disgusted when twice in the past month we’ve lost all services for several hours in the late evening and early morning. We are senior citizens, and losing phone contact is especially troubling.

  33. I wanted to bundle TV, internet & phone. Had a service call scheduled but nobody showed. I called to check on it and was put on hold for ever 10 minutes. I was told that Cox tried to call me to get information to port my phone number. I checked my home phone & cell phone (they had the numbers) and I had no missed calls or messages from Cox. I cancelled with them. I will stay with my DSL and phone service. Cox’s service is beyond bad. If I can get the wife to agree, I will change TV service.

  34. I canceled cox because the bill was too expensive. I switched to AT&T. I was very confused after having a month of at&t to realize my cable and internet wasn’t working for about a week. When AT&T came out to fix it they realized ONLY MY cable was cut, not anyone else’s. We took a picture and the girl who came out to fix this says she’s only seen this about twice and it’s people who switch from cox. Very disappointed about how immature this company is.

  35. I called in to ask why I was getting called even though I cancelled the internet and some weird foreign person got on trying to tell me I owed $ 2,100. I said no way. Then another idiot got on and told me that foreign people were using my account etc.

    Be aware of this and don’t pay anyone! I hung up and a normal American speaking person clarified that it was a scam!

  36. I have had such a hard time with my account recently. Cox processed my payment 3 times last month. Cox also sent me a check refund by accident and charged my account. Cox also charged me a return check fee for the third unauthorized payment. That fee has been credited. I was told that when I received the refund check to make a double payment on 9/23/14. On 09/17/14 my cable was shut off because it showed I was negative on my account. I called and had my cable turned back on and then I was charged a reactivation fee of $20.00. I called today and made a payment of $240.00. Now I am looking at my account history and I am being charged a late fee of $4.75. When will this nightmare end? Please credit the late fee. With all of the stress and hours on the phone with customer service and explaining multiple times about the overpayments, I should get some restitution or service for free. But, I will be satisfied if the late fee is credited and I am assured that this nightmare is finally over.

  37. I have been a cox cable customer for over 10 years. I had a problem with my cable that began on April 21st 2014 and I could not get cable to fix it until September 2 2014. 134 days of messed up service. I contacted cable numberous times during this 5 month time frame and got the run around. I was told to continue paying my bill and once service was fixed I would be fully credited for that time period. I am now argueing to get the money that is owed to me. Cable representive told me their finally offer is one month of a cable credit. They owe me 5 months!! I can not believe I a being disrespected in this way. Cox does not stand by their word. Save yourself the aggravation and use another company. One that cares about the way they treat their customers!!

  38. I wish I had never dropped my AT&T service. I have called five times and talked to various service representatives (after being put on hold for an average of 15 minutes each time!!) about being charged $186 a month for a bundle that was supposed to cost $142. I was told I would be allowed to make a “courtesy payment” of $142 until this was straitened out. However, now I’m being told I still owe the $40 difference and am past due!!! This is NO way to run a business!

  39. I am writing this review while I am on hold, so far 12 phone calls and 45 mins on hold , installer will be with you between 10 and 12, well now its 1pm no sign of him and cant get ANYONE on phone, HORRIBLE customer service

  40. I am writing this review while I am on hold, so far 12 phone calls and 45 mins on hold , installer will be with you between 10 and 12, well now its 1pm no sign of him and cant get ANYONE on phone, HORRIBLE customer service


  42. absolutely horrible customer service. After 29 days with Cox and 2 outages on all 3 services, I’ve switched back to AT&T. On the second outage that happened on a Monday morning, I was told it would be Thursday before someone could come out. This just after having everything down from Friday until Sunday night at 6pm. I can get new service setup with AT&T quicker than I could have gotten Cox to respond to the problem. And I have no confidence that they would have actually fixed the problem. Horrible company.

  43. Have been waiting 3 days to get phone and Internet services back. Cox ran their cable line thru vacant lot and that lot has been sold to have a house built. They broke ground on the lot and cut the Cable line to the house. I have called and was told 3 days ago that someone would be there the day they were told or the next. No one showed up went to local office because I could not get ahold of any one they told me someone would be here Saturday between 1 and 3. No one showed up tried again to call customer service by my cell phone and was told by the gentleman that answered that I would have to pay a fee for services when all I wanted was to find out if someone was coming still insisted on me paying a fee for new line asked to speak to manager was put on hold twice for over 20 minutes told them to cancel my services and then cell phone died. Cox is the worst service I have ever had and even the local office here in Gainesville Florida their employees give the worst customer service I have ever seen. I will be turning in the modem for Internet service on Monday and I will never refer them to any one. I hope other business open up to offer Internet and phone to my area besides them. Finally 2 gentleman show up from Cox at 3:30 told them I do not need their services at all was told by them that the cable line should of been ran from other side of house. Terrible service all the way around

  44. Day 5 still trying to get things with cox squared away. Service was cut in lot beside me do to a new house being built. Was told someone would be here on Saturday between the hours of 1 and three. No one showed up at that time decided to just cancel our services with cox due to poor service and especially with employees who have no idea what they are doing or even on how to give great customer service. But guess what someone does finally shoe up a half hour later did not even have the courtesy of calling my cell phone to even inform me that they were going to be late. And guess what I am still trying to cancel my service two days after been on my cell phone on hold for an hour and still waiting finally I have talked to two employees and now I have to talk to a third and all I want to do is cancel my service. Cox your training with employees is terrible the people you hire have no customer service skills what so ever.

  45. Iwas thinking to sign up with Cox until 2 of their service reps. stated they did not have a military discount. I have received military discounts from Centurylink, Dish, and Tmobile. I guess Cox is beyond that benefit???????

  46. They are just liars.
    They send me an offer for $5/month upgrade to the next level Internet speed.
    I double-check my particular situation (!) with Customer Support and receive written (!) confirmation that my bill raises by $5 next month.
    And then I receive the bill higher by $30 per month.
    I go to online chat again and they say it’s the correct amount.
    No explanations, no ‘sorry’.
    And no ability to send them regular e-mails so I could check the status or to refer to the message later.
    And when they send messages back to me they use ‘no-reply’ address.

  47. the services is HORRIBLE. I pay $207 for cable internet and phone. The internet is crap, when I get on the phone to call so someone can help me find out the problem I get transfer to a million people, I get hung up on. This is horrible. I’ve been a customer for years and its sad how I get treated. I don’t understand why I have to call every 6 months to get deals why can’t you just have one plan for a year or so. You can tell if no one is going to change anything on their plan. I’m really hating cox. You can’t find anyone to work there as well because it sucks!

  48. I couldnt care less why you have dropped channel 6 not my problem. I am missing my fav show tonight on channel and 6 and will miss my next fav show tomorrow at 9pm.I am switching back to direct tv on Monday if I do not have channel 6 back.Dont bother telling my why you dropped it I dont care. I want it back now.Monday is the deadline Andrew Besco

  49. This is what your customer relations people told me when I called in about my answer machine. It would not record the calls. I called three times. The first guy told me to go to a web sight and I could take care of it my self, I am not a web sight person, the second call the girl told me to go to the people that manufactured the phone and ask them what to do. My third call As luck would have it I got a person that new what she was doing ( unlike the other two) her name is SUE WILHELM and I must say she is a great asset to your company, she tuck care of my problem in about 2 minutes and the other two would have taken 2 days and still not got it done. I think SUE WILHELM should be highly rewarded for being so very smart at what she does on her job. I certainly thank sue for the help she gave me, and every thing she helped me with is working great. Thanks Again SUE ROY

  50. This is what your customer relations people told me when I called in about my answer machine. It would not record the calls. I called three times. The first guy told me to go to a web sight and I could take care of it my self, I am not a web sight person, the second call the girl told me to go to the people that manufactured the phone and ask them what to do. My third call As luck would have it I got a person that new what she was doing ( unlike the other two) her name is SUE WILHELM and I must say she is a great asset to your company, she tuck care of my problem in about 2 minutes and the other two would have taken 2 days and still not got it done. I think SUE WILHELM should be highly rewarded for being so very smart at what she does on her job. I certainly thank sue for the help she gave me, and every thing she helped me with is working great. Thanks Again SUE ROY

  51. Over the last 3-4 months, every time I log into my cox account to make a payment, your website takes me to a blank page. This is very inconvenient, as I can’t order new services, I can’t pay my bills.
    It doesn’t matter what browser I’m on, what computer I’m on, it just doesn’t work. Please get this fixed ASAP.

  52. Tuesday 2-3-15 cable went out approximately 6pm I contacted Cox with the 1-866-737-7857 number, after several tries the cable box would not reset and I was told that a technician would need to look at the problem.At that time an appointment that I could make was set for 2-5-15 between the hours of 8:30-10;30am with a call from the technician 15 min. prior to the arrival.Today there was no technician that made the appointment or contacted us.My wife contacted Cox and was told there was no appointment.This is where the frustration starts.My wife had switched her work hours from days to evenings,we had no cable and no contact from Cox and no appointment.My wife scheduled another appointment for tomorrow 2-6-15 which now entails me to take a day off from work.After I was told what happened I called Cox at the 866 exchange started to tell my story I was put on hold and then a dial tone.I once again called the 866 exchange got another representative and explained what took place,I received apologies and she assured me that I had an appointment tomorrow.I asked if I could speak to a supervisor and she said she would transfer me while listening to music I again received the dial tone.I waited for a call back because the representative took my cell phone number in case I was cut off.After 15 min. I again called the 866 exchange and got a new rep.again giving the same information now the third time.I was transferred to a supervisor who listened to my story said she was sorry as all the reps. had basically gave me lip service and how they valued my 11 years as a customer and she was sorry.My frustration is that I have been with Cox 11 years pay my bills on time with many increases in those years and just expect good service.After a mistake committed by Cox I would have appreciated service today as promised.With a company as large as Cox it is not unfair to realistically assume that there are technicians that fill in for situations that arise that Cox has committed too.My wife was told the best they could do was tomorrow.Not very good service for a customer of 11 years who was told four times how much you appreciate these years with Cox.I can’t say I’m convinced that that is not only a scrip each representative tell customers to appease them.The best is that I will be paying for 2.5 days for cable I won’t receive.Shame on you for not walking the talk.

  53. I just wanted to let cox cable know how much we appreciate you sending RODNEY DUGGER TECH#8107, to our home he is an asset and professional representative for your company, he finally found the problem on our hd tv,-thinking it was the box after numerous calls he found the problem, he was our second service tech.Thanks so much.

  54. A Cox customer for well over 20 years, but called today and reduced all my services to basic, so I can shop around for a good, caring provider with good customer service. What a shame. Read a bunch of these emails and I guess I am not alone. Every year, bill goes up and service goes down. Trouble with internet speed, problems with t.v. going in and out and cox-box problems. Last year, problems with connection. What is wrong?? Have we lost the concept of customer service over at Cox?? Looks that way. Went through this same senario a year ago and at that time, Cox was more helpful in assisting, but this seems to be an ongoing problem. Just nee4d to find a better company who cares to work with me.

  55. I have been a customer for more than 15 years and it seems like the cost is “through the Roof” for cable, Internet and Phone. The price is so very high even though I do not have any special (HBO, Showtime etc,) channels. I am afraid to ask for any special for fear my bill would be over $300 for a month.

    I am not sure if you can do anything for us as we will be in Glendale Arizona on the 8th of March and would stay longer but for 2 weddings we have in April & May. I know there is something you can do for a long standing customer. Thank you ahead of time as my wife and I will be celebrating our 44 wedding Anniversary on March 20 and hope to enjoy the Arizona weather.

    Thanks again Connie & Mike Scannicchio

  56. I am not even sure how to start this, my boyfrend has been handling the problem I told him I do not want to deal with it because it is too stressful for me to deal with it due to my PTSD and not being able to handle stressful problems.

    Yesterday while cleaning my house I noticed a guy in a cox truck staring. into my house from his truck. After taking out the trash, and putting stuff out on my patio this man got out of his car and came to the door. He asked for the modem that he or someone left. I told him that my boyfriend went into the office because our internet that we pay 100 a month for isn’t working again, that he needs to come back after 600 because my boyfriend doesn’t get off until six and home until 620. This man went back into his truck in front of my house and watching me once again, CREEPY SCARY STALKER! I had asked him to leave he didn’t.

    I called my boyfriend who once again left early from work to due with this guy. Now I have locked myself in my own damn house with your WORKER out in his car watching me and everything I do. After spending 20 minutes this guy finally calls my boyfriend and lets him know that he is waiting for him to get home. My boyfriend tells this cox worker that we will return the modem tonight at the store and that he needs to leave the property. This guy leaves, but to were we cannot see him.

    We get in the car, and turn the corner and THERE HE IS STILL HERE, AFTER WE TOLD HIM TO LEAVE! When we call the CUSTOMER SEVICE DEPARTMENT, we there told to call the police and they would send a EMAIL TO THE TEC department to let a manager know.

    Now I do not feel safe in my house, I do not want to be home, I am looking to see if he still out there watching me. I have pictures of this guy in his truck with his lic and truck id #

    This is horrible, I cannot believe cox runs a company that! My boyfriend is trying to calm me down, and we are still waiting the 48 hours for a manager to call us to deal with this. THIS ISN’T RIGHT COX!

  57. This company is the worst. They keep screwing up my wireles and then want to charge me for a fool of a tech to come to my house. This morning a person in tech support told me to unplug my power source to my router. I explained it was three floors down and it would take a minute to please hold. I ran down the stairs, did as she asked and when I picked up the phone she hung up. I have been a customer for over 26 years and receive poor treatment everytime. Their tech support is non existent.

  58. Cox, you suck!!!Worst company ever! Just want your money.Dont sign up anything with this company! Customer service is a bunch of camel jockeys from the middle east…

  59. Cox’s service is very poor. They cannot get anything solved and that is because they don’t want to. My problem started two years ago when my television started to show just snow. No picture. I called Cox to make the repair. I had to wait two days before they got out here. I checked my back yard about two weeks after Cox technician left and found that the cable had not be laid. I waited about two weeks and checked again and it still had not be laid. After about a year I called again and it still had not been laid. I recently bought another television and needed a cable box to be installed. I made the appointment for last Tuesday, which was April 21, 2015. When the technician got here I asked him to go outside to look at the cable that had not been taken care of for over two years. He checked it out and found that the cable was not grounded and was in the wrong place. He then called his supervisor and told him what the problem was and apparently the supervisor was trying to convince him to do the work as it was. I told the tech not to do any work until the cable problem was taken care of and that I was not going to wait 9 days as his supervisor said it would take 9 days. Well it is almost 9 days, so I called in today. He did not know what I wasl talking about, so he said that he would call me back in five minutes. After ten minutes, he did call back but let the phone ring 2 times and hung up. I called back and ther was a message that said that his mail box was full and that I could not leave a message. Now this is a business and I am trying to get in contact with the business employee. I findally talked to him after ten minutes of calling. He once again said that it would be 9 days before someone could come out to install and bury the cable. Once again I said that I would not wait 9 days because I had already waited 2 years and if they had done what they were suppose to do, I could have had the service I requested done. I then contacted several people at Cox’s and everyone was very apologetic and that was all. No one could do anything. The last person I talked to said that they were going to put in an escalation but that I still have to wait until someone contact me. Now I feel that if I am late paying my bill, Cox is going to make me pay a late fee, and if I do not pay before the second month is due Cox is going to turn off my service. If Cox is going to make me suffer consequences if I am not on time, then it should be the same with them. I am sick and tired of them doing what and how they want to serve their customers. If this is not solved in another few days

  60. Cox is the worst ever at Customer Service. It is no wonder they were voted in the TOP 10 for WORST companies ever in Customer Service. My email broke, they know the problems but tell me they cannot fix it. They do not follow up, they just give you placating jargon and never fix the problem. No one can do anything it seems.

  61. cox is the only option available in my city. they 1. don’t show up for installation appointments. 2. gave me outdated equipment when they eventually did show up. 3. outright lied on the phone saying they would give me a certain service for free, then charged $24.99/mo for it. the only communication option with them is by phone, and hold times are 10-20 minutes. atrocious.

  62. We haven’t had HD on our TV for 7 days. We had an appointment set up for Thursday and nobody showed up. We called on Friday and they said we didn’t answer our phone, therefore they didn’t come out. No record on cellphone for a call. Agent we spoke with double checked and we have the right number with them. Agent said we would be priority to set up another appointment on Saturday. No call, nothing happened. We called on Sunday night and they said the soonest they could come out was Wed, today between 8-10. That didn’t happen. Husband called them and said “YOU CANCELLED THIS APPOINTMENT”. No way did we cancel. This is sick…this is the worst customer service we have ever experienced in our life. We signed this 2 year contract for what??? We are paying big money for this service and they can’t even come out to repair their junk.

  63. Just spoke with the NICEST most helpful lady in Texas
    (I asked) whose name is MAGGIE, short for Magdelena.
    I cannot stress how wonderful she was. I’ve had perfect
    service from COX for over 15 years: everyone has been A+.
    I think you run a great company,
    Thank you,
    Deborah Sendax

  64. Anytime I call Cox the staff is always very polite and professional and willing to help. As far as Cox Cable is concerned they are positively one of the worst companies I have ever used. The cable TV service and offerings stink and they insult your intelligence when they offer you a so called package that has about 90% of unwatchable and uninteresting content. If you want anything at all to watch then you have to get the expanded version which again barely has anything worth watching and at a huge expense to the customer. If I had any other choice at all I would drop Cox Cable .

  65. Cox tech solutions not capable of correcting my issue,for which they added $99.99 to my auto pay.Again, my worst experience without doubt and it is not over yet.

  66. I’ve been trying to contact you for days and it appears that the only way you want me to contact you is by phone which will cost me $10. I keep getting e-mails about what I owe. I set up automatic payments last month and paid last months bill online. When I went to your payments website it stated I owe nothing, which is what is should be. I’m hearing impaired and prefer to contact you in a chat room or by e-mail. I’ll try the chat room after 9AM my time to see if that works but this is very frustrating. My service address is 5804 S. Azure Vista Way, Green Valley, AZ 85622.

  67. Your service sucks. I believe that Cox has over sold the service in my area. The Internet continues to free up and ever day the internet goes down about 315PM
    for up to 90 min.
    My name is James my wife is the one that the account is in. Before we added TV
    we were not having an issue. Maybe we need to make some changes and drop your internet. A few week ago the TV phone and Internet stopped all at the same time. My wife called in and you guy tried to sell her an amp. He was suppose to have set up an appointment for a tec to come out. This did not happen. A hour after she called ever thing started working, A few day later it happen again. It is a little better because only the phone and internet are going down for over a hour ever day.

  68. I have been a Cox customer for over 25 years and am seriously considering switching to another provider for my cable,internet and phone services. When my bill recently went up due to a “promotion” ending…which I didn’t know would end…I checked with the loyalty department to see what might be done to help lower my bill. Believe me there was no loyalty. I was informed that the higher bill would remain and I couldn’t be helped. New customers seem to get all the incentives and loyalty means nothing! I am one very disappointed customer.

  69. I made a $148 payment on January 18, 2015. It was never posted to my account. I faxe Cox a copy of my bank statement showing the payment made. They turned my phone off. I never heard from them. They reported me to the credit bureau as owning them $348.

  70. I used Cox TV and security for many years. One day I needed support and got a rude, disrespectful person on the phone. I live in Mesa, AZ. I decided after the phone call to switch companies. I cancelled my Cox and had to pay the remainder of my Cox Security agreement. I called Cox and set up 3 payments of $109.00, after the second month of paying this amount, Cox sent my account to a Collection Agency. I have spent this entire morning holding on the phone to talk with various Service Reps from Cox. They finally told me yes they sent it to collections and there is nothing they can do about it. I am hoping there is someone that can do something about it since these payments were set up and I have paid them.

  71. I moved into my new house October9. I scheduled service on 9/30 hoping that all would be smooth! NOPE! Still today 11/6 I do not have cable or internet!! I call at least twice a week, and I get different answers all the time!!
    I need to know what is next! My I phone bill has tripled due to no internet service at my house, can’t use TV, iPad or laptop!

  72. Channel 7 in junction city, KS is not showing. Please fix quickly. I am very dissatisfied with cox and hope you can do a better job. thank you

  73. As a Cox Customer, I would like to request that Cox communicate with their customers during outages. Once again, my services are currently out and there is no communication confirming the outage or an ETA. The Cox Technical Support Personnel also receive no communication of outages and are left guessing what the issue is like me. The last time this happened a technician was dispatched to my home. He spent 3 or 4 hours troubleshooting at my home to no avail. The next morning I learned there was a known outage and this was not communicated to me, Cox Support, or the dispatched employee. Very frustrating.

    Eric G. Brunies

  74. We had been with Century Link internet for 15 yrs, but decided to switch to Cox internet because we heard it was more reliable. We signed up with Cox at Sam’s Club in Glendale, AZ. There was no charge for installation when going thru Sam’s.
    Work order was for installation on 1/7/2016. We purchased a modem at Sam’s & router at Best Buy. Actually had someone from Cox recommend the items at both places. We received a confirmation call & a person showed up at the appropriate time to install it. We were surprised that it was only one person because we live in a condo (actually duplexes) in Sun City with common area. A new cable has always needed to be laid from a box to their house when anyone in our area went with Cox. The installer could not set up our internet because the cable to our home was either dead or destroyed. Since there had been no cable at our address for over 15 yrs & they had to replace the cable for most of the people in the neighborhood, we had assumed that would be part of the installation on that date. We had already called CenturyLink to cancel our internet effective 1/7/16. The installer said that someone would be out in 24 hrs to mark where the line could be laid so that no other utility lines were cut & then the new cable would be laid. We cancelled all the prior appointments that we had for the next day so we would be here when they laid the cable. After no one showed up, I called Cox. First person said that it would take about 10 days. Three days for utility companies to mark where cable could go & 7 days for someone to lay the cable. I did not want to be without internet that long, so I called back & asked to talk to someone in management. Of course customer service would not do that until I explained what the problem was & that person told me it was because they needed a permit from the city to lay a new cable. Sun City is not incorporated so we are not a city. When I was finally transferred to consumer advocate, I was told that it could take 10 days to get permit from city, county or state. (She did not know where) & that they would then have to put in order for new cable line. (We had a leak in a major sprinkler line that had to be dug up & replaced & only took 2 days. How did the permit process work then? Then she said would take time for line to be dug. Said would be over 14 days & nothing they could do to speed it up. Time frame is now even longer now. I told her that we only had 14 days to return modem or router if they did not work. She suggested that we return it now & go buy it again after cable line was repaired. Really!! Told her that we had other things to do than waste our time returning something & then buying it again. Asked why no one called to update us on what was happening. She just said that the installer was wrong to tell us it would be 24 hrs for line to be marked. Amazing that the timeline just keeps getting longer. Does this have anything to do with the fact that we did not have to pay installation fee. It did not matter to her that all our bills are sent to us online & all our Doctor appointments & our request for referrals are done on line. We are even expecting the renewal for our car license that is only sent online. At the least they should have told us not to cancel our current internet until Cox was up & running! Real customer service would have been to try & speed up everything. Next would have been to offer us a free month or something for our inconvenience! Honestly need the internet not the free month. Sorry this is so long, but I am really upset that companies like this know that they do not have much competition so they do offer customer service.

  75. We subscribed to Cox Cable 1 and 1/2 to 2 months ago. From the start, our TV screen would start pixelating and programs would cut out. Technicians have been to our home twice already. One said we were given old boxes and recommended we request new boxes. When we requested new boxes we were told the boxes were not the problem as they had been refurbished. We had another visit from a different technician and were told it was the actual cable that was the issue. We were also told that the cable would be replaced and that a note would be left on our door once this was done as we need not be home. The cable was supposed to be replaced 2 weeks ago…no word from them. We have decided to cancel our subscription as we do not have the time or desire to stay on the phone trying to get people to do their jobs. I WOULD NOT recommend Cox Cable to anyone.

  76. No service for over 2 months…told that my fees were waived, as they should for not having service after me explaining that I wouldn’t pay for services that weren’t rendered! I was told that it was taken care of…they finally fixed service and then cancelled it 1 day later for non-payment. Guess it wasn’t taken care of…called and waited on the phone for nearly 2 hrs….they’re clueless about the situation! I told them that I was done and cancelled my service, which was funny since I had no service for months..and turned in all of the equipment at the local Cox Cable office. Now, 6 months later, I find out that I have a $370+ bill on my credit report! Unbelievable! They could care less about you once you’ve joined. Not the way to conduct business. I then spent another 2+ hours on the phone before finally getting someone that “supposedly” could help me and said that he would get to the bottom of it and then call me back. No call back…ever, of course! I work for the Gov and have a clearance and they were wondering why I have a collection from Cox on my credit report. I’ve explained that they’re idiots and that I really don’t want to pay for it, just out of principal since I shouldn’t owe them anything! Of course, I’ll most likely have to just pay to these morons just to erase it from my credit report. I will never, ever, ever use Cox Cable again and will be sure to influence anyone and everyone around me to do the same. Trust me when I say that it will cost them many times more in lost $$ from losing customers than the BS bill that I’ll be paying, I’ll make sure of that! It’s so sad that some big businesses don’t even care enough to even make a tiny bit of effort. Never again for this guy…

  77. I can get the internet on my laptop from the internet cord from the router but my mother can’t seem to get it on her laptop at all since the storm and cox was acting up around that time, I am wondering if it is her computer or what it is, she won’t listen to me and just lets it set there without getting anything done on it. She won’t call cox so this is the only option that I can do for her if anyone has any answers on what the problem might be let me know and is there a way to email cox from a gmail address? if so I want to do to that and let mom know why her laptop is not connecting to the internet like it used to!

  78. I am a 21 year customer of Cox and I’m sending this as a last ditch effort to get my cable service fixed. In the last two months I have had 13 service calls regarding a weak signal on my main TV and no signal at all on another set. The servicemen all come and go without
    fixing the problem. Please contact me with a definitive plan to solve this issue once and for all

  79. Cox Cable in Chesapeake, Virginia has been transitioning to an all-digital system requiring customers to use mini boxes to access programming. Most customers and the City Councils of most local governments may be unaware that a digital television should be able to connect to all-digital programming without using Cox’s new mini box to access digital programming. As an electronics engineer, I will make it my business to inform the Virginian-Pilot and every local city council that for those owning a digital television the mini box is an unnecessary expense for Cox customers. Further, since every channel could be assigned to an unscrambled digital access point, there is absolutely no need for the mini box at all except to add additional revenue for Cox Cable. I recommend strongly that you change your policy and allowed digital televisions to access all programming without delay. Since you are allowed to provide cable TV service in Chesapeake by authority of the city, state and federal authorities, I would suggest that you heed what I have stated here or losing only one customer in Chesapeake may be only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, so to speak.
    757-646-8007 (text only)

  80. I don’t normally write comments…well …not at all…don’t really care…but Cox give me such a bad experience in just have to speak up!!!! My neighborhood don’t have a tower 4 cable they said they going to have to do it under ground!!! I wasn’t so happy about that but they gonna do what they gonna do…but they resolve it they was too lazy to dig or they couldn’t get there permission to it don’t know … the wire is still there on the ground until today 5/4/16 I order them 2 weeks ago … my neighbor star to complain cost is ruin their front yard look…so disappointed! !! I can clean to get my money back know 4 the 30 days trial… well~~ hopefully they will return me my money too!!!

  81. I just talked with “Jeff” #13582 about my bill going up $20+ dollars and that I wanted to keep the same service and bill amount due to the fact that they are going up and nothing has been added to my service. He told me I could downgrade the service I currently have. This would give me minimal channels and of course not the ones I currently watch. I told him that I may as well cut off ties with Cox and he told me that was my choice….and what date would I like the services cut off. I have never been talked to by a Cox representative like this and I DO hope he was recording the conversation because I told him over and over how unhappy I am with the company continuing to go up on people’s bills and getting nothing for it.

  82. When I get to my home page to log into my email there has been an advertisement with Hillary Clinton on it that lets you click on “I’m with her.” I am so fed up with crap like this. There is not advertisement that shows Donald Trump and lets me click on “I’m with him.” Cox needs to keep there political leanings to themselves and stick to providing a service instead of giving us only one advertising alternative to vote for Crooked Hillary.

  83. I am having a little trouble understanding the system. I tried to cancel my movie channels today because I do not watch them. I was told that if I canceled them it would cost me more money because of the bundle? I cannot change my plan or cancel anything until November 2018 without it costing me more money? I was also told that I was due for a rate increase in November of 2017? It makes Direct TV look more attractive. Could someone please provide me information on anything that I can do? What are the exact dates that I would get a rate increase? Exact date when I can cancel the movie channels without it costing me. Again, is there nothing that can be done? I guess the whole thing is about money, not necessarily customer service. I was also considering signing up for Home Life, but not now.

  84. When I set up service I had an offer for a silver bundle with $200 gift card. I set that up and when following up was told that I get a $100 gift card. I have the offer mailer from Cox, a screen shot of a conversation with an agent…both offering $200 Gift Card with Cox bundle. I have spent the following on the phone today:
    7 minutes with customer service – disconnected
    21 minutes with customer retention – told to call reward services and they would help
    45 minutes with reward services and someone else I was transferred to – reward services transferred me because they could only do the $100 and said I needed to speak with someone else. The next person said I needed to call customer service
    36 minutes with customer service, where someone was trying to help me, and then I got disconnected.
    29 minutes calling back to customer service, where an agent finally told me she couldn’t help me. I asked for a supervisor and was placed on hold for 15 minutes when I gave up.

    I am a brand new customer, simply looking to get the deal that was offered to me. It is hard to believe you would treat anyone this way when it would have been so easy to provide “customer service”. I am grateful that I am still in the 30 day cancellation window as my husband and I need to decide if doing business with a company that treats its customers this way is one we want to pay nearly $200 to every month.

  85. I have referred my father, who is 88, to Cox Cable as they have had a terrible time with AT&T / DirecTV. I am happy with my Cox Bundle, so hope he will be, as well. I was at his home on MON, June 27, and around 1:30 p.m. he got a call from “Toll Free Number.” I frequently screen calls for him, or answer in a silly way because (don’t we all?) hate toll free numbers. So I answered and said “what?” A young black female customer service rep from Cox Cable then proceeded to sermon me on how I answer MY PHONE. I think you should remind your employees that they are customer SERVICE, and to challenge how a person answers their private phone is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS and an absolute NO-NO in their provision of service. If they can’t handle a little humor or otherwise from a customer, then they shouldn’t be in that job.

  86. I have been with Cox for quite some time. I have a question about over billing and I am disappointed in the fact that it is so very hard to reach a person to speak with! I am thoroughly disgusted with exhaustive efforts to communicate with “Press this and press that number, then getting a computer! I am strongly considering cancelling my COX services for another provider.

  87. I am writing behalf of my dad who is very ill at this time, and whose only entertainment and distraction is what he can watch on TV. However he is presently in a nursing facility where very little cable channels are being carried, specifically NESN so that he cannot watch the Red Sox games.
    He called your company on July 8, 2016 to possibly have installed and pay for a package to be able to receive this service. Someone came and promised my dad that the service he agreed to purchase would be operational THAT DAY. He waited and waiting, called you back and still nothing happened!!!
    This is shameful for your company to treat people this way!!! He was promised and if it couldn’t be done he would have accepted it. He waited all day for it to be turned on and nothing happened no explanation from COX as to why or when!!!!
    At the very least you owe my dad, Paul Talbot at River View Nursing Center, Main St., Coventry, RI. an
    apology for this appalling business

  88. My phone is out of service. I have the bundle,can you send someone to help.
    I pay my bill and I get treated like dirt after you make your sale. You are not
    right at all but do laugh thats ok for American buisines. I want my Phone to

  89. I’m tired of paying cox high prices for crappy service. And techs drill holes in my walls and don’t use them!! Then drill a big hole and don’t put a face plate over it to cover – what the heck- in the middle of the wall. Then bust the base board trying to drill. Crappy!! Because just all of sudden my mini boxes aren’t getting a signal for digital? So I need an amp and cox drills my house up and leaves a mess.
    I’ve been with cox for 24 years.

  90. My address is 10270 south Ida baton Rouge you equipment is outside my front door. My neighborhood flooded 2 months ago and has had a outage since but since no one is back in there homes I guess it doesn’t matter if our service is restored or not. I have been with Cox for 20+ years no more. Please send someone to pick up your stuff as I can not get anyone on the phone to help.

  91. Yet another failure. Add this one to the top of the abundance of complaints above. An appointment was set for 5-7 today. It’s now 8:09pm and no one has yet to arrive. This appointment was to troubleshoot my phone service “for the third time.”. The appropriate words for this are unsatisfactory customer service, incompetent technical understanding, untrustworthy and just doesn’t care. Once I have you perform responsible/required WORK, your fired from 20 plus years of your bull…. It’s now 8:31pm and they still haven’t arrived. I’m raising my hand to wave my middle finger directly in your face…

  92. Check how many times I called in and complained! How many times a tech came to my house! How many times you had to credit my account! And now my equipment is lost or god knows what! I WILL NEVER PAY ANYTHING UNTIL MY THIS IS RESOLVED! Ruin my credit and I will enjoy my NEW AMAZING DIRECT TV BABY!!!!

  93. Had an awesome customer service experience when I called Cox on Saturday April 15,2017.
    The wonderful rep spent a lot of time trying to figure out and fix a problem I was having with billing. She went way above and beyond!
    Her name was Patty and her ID# is 895982.
    She is an asset to your company and instead of losing a customer (me) she made sure I was satisfied with my experience with Cox customer service.
    Thank you again Patty wherever you are!

  94. I have been trying to obtain a refund from Cox Cable since March 2017. I was told that I moved. I have been at the same address for 7 years. (Mine you, you have to verified all this information before They will speak with you) I was told they send refunds out every month, then I was told on Thursday once a week and I have spoken to several customer service reps, supervisors and the Advocacy office and I still have not received my refund. You would think I am asking for 3 million dollars instead of the 38.00 that I have been asking for which I over paid them. Then the next person told me it take 6 weeks to received a refund because they have outsource refunds to a 3rd party. A company as large as Cox Cable outsource refunds is a joke…….
    I have ask for and paid for a bundle package which included telephone, cable and the internet. I never was able to get all 3 to work at one time. I have had 7 techs to come out to my house and each one complained about what the other one did or did not do. At any rate my years was up. Then my bill went from 79.00 to 230.00 a month. No premium channels, work 8 to 10 hours a day…Please explain…..Never or rarely home….No one can explain to me what that was all about…..I just want my money ASAP!!! Next stop the Press…

  95. I have an issue with my cable tv. On June 4 2017 I called customer service to complain about my local channels were distorted freezing up and returning to normal every 15 to 20 seconds making it impossible to watch the programs. I manually reset the Contuor box and also had Cox send a signal to reset to no avail. The lady said someone would contact me within 24 hours to check out my situation. I just called customer service and it appears no message was passed on to help me. I have been customer for over 28 years and I think I deserve better service Very up set and disappointed

  96. My tv would not work. I called 4 times. Your rep never suggested a check a splitter. An Agent came, changed the splitter, and charged ne $55. So much for customer service! Just gouching more money from the public. Shameful.

  97. I have finally cancelled my cable account due to continued problems with this service. I was made to wait until the end of my contract even though this company failed to provide the service I contracted for. I have had several techs out to try to fix the problem, all without success. I am extremely unhappy that I have had to continue to pay for a service that I was not able to utilize, starting back in March!!! Unfortunately, most of the customer service reps that I had the displeasure of dealing with were not very helpful and gave me a hard time about crediting my account which they only did twice.

  98. My name is Kelly Everett from Henderson nv and I received a email saying that I have not paid my recent bill?? BUT I KNOW FOR A FACT I PAID THE FULL AMOUNT!! I had a live chat with a representative about the amount of the bill, and then after our live chat I paid the full amount
    !! It took the $out of my account so I DNT know y it says I didnt pay, after I paid the bill my bank account got closed but just DID PAY!!!

  99. Your customer service sucks! Rude and uncaring.
    I have to cut down my expenses, since I have retired. I am hard of hearing. I don’t understand why my bill is so high and I don’t know what discounts and other options I have. I need it via email or letter. I don’t want to switch to another service if I don’t have to.


    • Why does Cox Cable, located in Hampton Rhodes, have such a problem with switching between commercials? You never switch from the first commercial to the second commercial without including two or three seconds of another commercial in between the two. Also, I’m not too sure that major companies that pay for advertising would not appreciate having their commercials cut short. I’ve noticed that your commercials are never cut short.

  100. I hate cox comm- can’t get them on the phone can’t chat the service sucks the internet service sucks I never had this kind of problem with century hell AT&T was better then cox.

  101. On Oct 21st I called customer service because I did not have internet service at my home. I had recently received a new modem (which I had not yet installed) so I figured that this was why. I installed the new modem and still didn’t have service. I called customer service and spoke to three different people (due to getting disconnected or transferred to the wrong people). First, I was told that my service was cut off because of non payment. I had made a payment on Oct 12th which brought my account to a zero balance (except for the $100 charge for the modem that I needed to return). The girl told me that there was an issue with billing so she connected me to the billing department. I has to once again explain what was going on. The lady tried to explain my bill to me which made NO sense what so ever. She was telling me that when I made my payment on Oct 12th that it wasn’t the full balance and that I needed to pay my balance before serviced were connected again. I told her that that wasn’t correct. She refused to understand what I was telling her and just kept telling me that “She never gives her customers the wrong information.” (Which was a lie) She also kept telling me that I had a balance of over $80 and that it was due Nov 1st. I couldn’t make her understand that my bill was not past due if the bill was due Nov 1st and I am calling on Oct 21st. She was very rude and I’m sure I made her very angry because I was so upset. She then got her supervisor to credit the account $45 to “help” me but that I still had to pay the rest of my bill. She connected me to the collection department to set up a payment plan. The person in collections told me the exact same thing. That I had a balance that needed to be paid. I told her to connect me to someone else so that I could disconnect my service with COX because I was furious. This was on a Saturday at 6:10. She knowingly transferred me to the department that I needed KNOWING that they were closed. I was LIVID at this point. Now I couldn’t speak to anyone because they were closed. I went online and began to chat with someone named Cody. I asked him if he could help me disconnect my service. He told me now that I needed to call the number. I then asked for his assistance with the billing situation. He then informed me that my service was not interrupted because of non payment. The area where I live actually had an outage and that service would soon be restored. He told me that the balance due was my bill for Nov 1st. I appreciate him for being SO patient with me. He apologized many times for the problems that I had with the billing department. It is now Oct 21 (that night) and I have service again and a bill with a credit of $45. I appreciate the credit and definitely deserve it after the crappy service that I received today. I would suggest some serious training with your employees on customer service AND how to read bills. You should be thankful for Cody’s great customer service because Monday morning you were going to lose a customer and many more after I gave my opinion on that kind of service. Thanks for your time.

  102. I have been a Cox customer for 19 years. During the past 6 months I have been lied to and deceived by Cox representatives at least 3 times. I have seen my bill raised $75.00/month this month due to the deceptions for less services. These representatives say the last one should not have told me something and that’s too bad they lied to you but this is your new bill. I was even told this would be moved higher up the changing to be told they always say that but it never happens. I am beyond disappointed at your business practices.

  103. Was NOT happy w/COX Service. Out of Cable on 11/6/2017 @ 5:00 p.m. called was told someone would be at my home on 11/7/17 between 1-3 pm & there was a NO SHOW! Called several times w/not the same answer from different reps. Was told by a rep that they came to the house @3:30 and closed the ticket nobody answered. We were home. If there was a phone call made, the house had NO CABLE, which means NO PHONE. If you do not get a hold of someone you automatically CLOSE the ticket as DONE, w/NO notification to the customer? This does NOT sound very customer friendly. With being a COX customer for 31.5 yrs. and over $200/mthly I would think we could get better service. More aggravating is NOBODY has the same story. This needs to be looked into. My husbands last phone call ALEX guaranteed a tech would be at the house the evening of 11/7/17. NOT! NOBODY SHOWED or CALLED. Terrible service and run around. would like an email or call in regards to the lack of our requests.

  104. To Whom It may Concern,
    I am trying to send a letter to your Customer Service Address to dispute an account charge from four years ago that i paid in person, and now there is some other charge mysteriously showing up as a non-paid account. However, there is no address listed nor any support from your live chat agent with the correct department to send my letter to get help. so, my customer service support is virtually non-existent. I also went into a Cox Communication office to get help in person and paid my alleged outstanding account and when I disputed this same new charge for an old address at that same time, I was placed on hold at the store office in surprise, AZ for over 2 hours when I was on the phone waiting to talk to a customer service representative about this same matter. That was two years ago about a false charge for a residence i moved from and had the services terminated before I moved, and that was four years ago, and now here it is again. In 2016 I paid $ 482.42 for an alleged cost to get all resolved between Cox Communications. I also reported back in 2014 that my son and I caught some new neighbors hooking their house up to our cable service and told them to disconnect it. I reported this information to Cox directly in writing, but did not here any reply about the matter. I reported this by phone, and in a written letter by email to no avail. Moreover, there was another incident in which a man wearing a Century Link uniform came to my door where I use to rent and cut my service and claimed I owed Century Link money when I did not have Century Link as a service I had Cox. So, there has been a history of little or no help from Cox communications even when I tried to get help, and do the right things.

  105. I agree with EVERY complaint already voiced on this site. I can not believe you are running a successful business with the Horrible customer service you provide. Many of us do not have alternatives because there is only one cable company in our areas but we do have other alternatives. I am investigating my alternates and as soon as I decide on which one I want I will be cancelling with you.If your customers ignored their bills like you ignore complaints you would be bankrupted. You should have appreciation for your loyal customers. My husband and myself have called with issues many time in the past couple of months. We have been hung up on, transferred and been told so many different lies that I do not have time to list them all. Your phone system keeps you on hold forever, it many times hangs up on you. If you do get someone on the phone they usually transfer you to someone else, at this point you could be hung up again or if you do speak to someone they are shuffling threw a book to get you an answer,telling you lies, or just has no help to provide. It is obvious your system has changed in the last few months. It takes forever to get on to Cox to ck our e-mail, its runs very slow, and messages are deleted with no reason. If you have a problem OWN up to it!!!! FIX it!!! Do not tell everyone that calls that need a new modem I have a less than I year old Cox modem. All my other e-mails run just fine and my computers. My Gmail is a champ. Yesterday I spend hours on hold waiting for customer service. After being hung up 3 times I when on chat while waiting the phone. The phone message said my wait 5 minutes. my chat was well over 20 minutes and I was still on hold with the phone when I completed my chat session. The agent on chat was pleasant but had NO help. She did nothing but ask questions and apologize.After all of the questions were answered she gave me a ticket number said I would have to call back to speak to someone in 24 to 48 hours. The ticket number was CU1000006091805. I am NOT calling back again. You should be calling me!!! The ball is in your court and if you don’t call me very soon and resolve my problems you are losing the game. My time is precious and you are wasting it over and over again. I pay for a service I expect to get. I should not have to beg for good service. I am in a customer service based business and if I provided my customers with the bad service you provide I would have been out of business years ago. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation. ” tis mean???? What moderation? All fields have been filled out!

  106. I have always had a good experience when I call for technical support on my service. I am a Snowbird spending winters in Destin, Florida. I rent a DVR each season I am here. I referred another Snowbird to Cox to also rent a DVR which she did. Then discovered she pays $6 less per month than I always have! I stopped by the local office and asked why but have received no answer. I called customer service and asked and the woman I spoke too was rude and abrasive. She also provided me with no answer.

  107. The installation of the new digital phone modem was awful! I want it removed and I want my walls repaired in my home. That installer did not even tell me it was going to look how it does it’s just awful. I want to drop the phone service off my package and I’m about ready to move on from Cox! So dissatisfied!

  108. Would ya do me a favor & stop sending me e-mails telling me my bill is due soon?
    I’ve had my account over a decade & am fully aware when my bill is due. Plus the fact it has never been late & you have never been out a dime on me.. thanks, Jerry

  109. On April 17 I had an install for Cox internet. The install was very sloppy both inside and especially outside. I did not see this until after the technician had left. Not a very good experience for a new costumer plus the $75.00 I had to pay. I called costumer service and they sent a technician out the next afternoon. Chris (Medley Comm.) fixed the problems very quick and professionally. He also took the time to explain the modem operation and how to setup my devices for the 5G. With his help and professionalism it turned the bad experience the day before into a positive one.

  110. your recorded message to contact you sapeaks fast and does not repeat the number so you have a moment to write it down

  111. I have been a customer for over 20 years with a short break when my husband passed away 2005. I will be 80 in September and I am still having to work. I am absolutely disgusted that COX keeps trying to raise my monthly bill I have starter and essential, that’s it. NO contour, no DVR , NO movie channels etc.,etc. I am now paying $101.38, they are raising it to $113.14, and telling me that’s with promotion. WHAT PROMOTIONS ? I received credit for $76 when I called on the 9th May, now my bill is suddenly $130.78. For July. When will it end ?I am only just making it now.I have 2 pals as I mentioned STARTER AND ESSENTIAL. Must be some help for me somewhere at my age.

  112. I have been a Cox customer for many years. I was having problems with my cable box and called for assistance. I reached a young lady whose name was Maria. She spoke distinctly, she was polite and very knowledgeable. She solved the problem swiftly and efficiently. Maria is a valuable employee. Thank you for having Maria on the Cox team.

  113. I usually paid my bill a year at a time because it’s annoying for me to make monthly payments. I was notified today that my payment was past due. I called immediately to pay my bill and told them that I hadn’t received a bill in the mail.
    Of course that’s my fault, It’s always the customers fault, you people are perfect and incapable of making mistakes.
    It took me quite a while to even find this page to contact you, you make it easy to buy more and more expensive services not not easy at all to get services or complain about poor service. You make things very easy to get your money but extremely hard to the customer to contact you about your services.
    I paid my bill in full this morning and then cancelled my account because of the outrageous price increase you just handed me. I am not a heavy internet user at all so I decided to rid myself of your service. I can get internet on my phone so I really don’t need you.
    I am retired, 68 years old and living on Social Security. Your internet service costs are almost as much as my car insurance for full coverage, Your service equates to about 2 weeks of food for me and is almost as much as my electricity bill for a normal month.
    I need transportation, I need to eat properly and regularly and I need my phone for contact with my friends and for emergencies.

    Your excessive Greed has taken my internet service to my home away from me and probably for more customers to come. You should be proud of yourselves.
    I doubt that you ever have anyone read the statements your customers make that have any hints of dissatisfaction with your company and other like you.

    I spent 3 years in the US Army during the Viet Nam War to protect your rights to own your business and screw your customers. Your done screwing me………
    Have a wonderful day, you ruined mine.

  114. Cox stinks. Continual service problems. People come out. Service still out. 4 times since last repair couple of weeks ago. So many complaints you can’t get thru to a person. Monopolies stink.

  115. i had to come back to cox, due to uverse wasn’t available in my apart. complex. on sept. 1 from 1 to 3, a tech was supposed to come and nobody showed up, was told that my time was 10 to 12 that day but my email says 1 to 3. I called customer service and got an appt. for the next day from 10 to 12 pm, nobody showed up. called customer service and was told I had to wait the next day, due to the fact that both times were cox fault. I asked why can’t the tech come to my house next, and i was told what about the person that was scheduled. I was scheduled twice, but nobody at cox cared that I wasted 4 hours of my time waiting to get my service on. The supervisor acted rude and hung up on me. yes i was upset, but what happen to customer services. i am very unhappy about my services and if i didn’t like cable so much i would wait until att bring uverse to my apartment. but i am stuck with bad customer serives and rude people that don’t seem to care and can screw up and not get in trouble.

  116. constant problems–picture freezes–service outages–constant need to reboot contour box–pixels scramble–need to change and return to channel to get it to work–22 year customer and the service is far below adequate for the price of the bill–review my account and then multiply the calls by 5 to see the number of unreported problems–never an offer of a credit toward the extremally poor and pathetic service with the exception of 1 $20 credit–pretty useless for the quality of service

  117. Today, Rick, set up my service and I wanted to take a moment to send a message on what a great employee you have. He was quick and very patient with all of my questions. Thank you!

  118. Today, Rick, came out to set up my service. I wanted to take a moment and tell you what a great employee he is representing your company. He was on time, quick and patient with my questions. Thank you!

  119. I just had a very unprofessional experience with your support where after we waited on hold for about 15 minutes. He then hung up on us.

  120. I am so tired of attempting to speak to someone at Cox who actually knows what they’re talking about. Depending on what department you speak with, unless you get disconnected or, believe it or not, actually get a busy signal, who always get conflicting information. I attempted to cancel Netflix this morning and the customer service rep actually gave me an 800 phone number for DISH!! I’ve been a customer for 13 years but am sick to death of the run-around you get when you actually call to address an issue. It’s ridiculous!!

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