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Contacting Countrywide Customer Service Center

During the economic boom of the early parts of the 21stcentury, people were purchasing real estate like candy and reselling for major profits. The economy was riding high on the backs of the mortgages. Unfortunately, companies such as Countrywide were making record profits by offering sub-prime home loans. This practice has garnered criticism die to customers not fully understanding the terms of the loans or by mortgage agents potentially using predatory practices.

The company subsequently was purchased by Bank of America prior to its collapse in 2008. Although Countrywide is no longer a viable company, customers across the country still have mortgages through Countrywide, now Bank of America. As one of the largest investments in a customer’s life, they want the assurance they can communicate with the customer service department when they have questions or concerns.

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Contact Info:

Countrywide or Bank of America home loans provides several methods to communicate with the corporate offices or the customer care division. Customers can phone, email, send correspondence through traditional mail or send communication through social media channels.

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available 7am to 7pm EST, Monday through Friday.

  • Refinance and mortgage: 1-888-683-6405
  • Home equity (new customers): 1-888-683-6405
  • Home equity (existing customers): 1-800-934-5626
  • Reverse mortgage: 1-866-863-5224
  • Mortgage: 1-888-293-0264
  • Home Equity: 1-800-934-5626
  • Home Loans Strategies: 1-866-412-4151

Mailing Address

Bank of AmericaNC1-007-56-70100 N. Tryon St.Charlotte, NC 28255

Bank or AmericaP.O. Box 25118Tampa, Fl 33622-5118

Bank of AmericaP.O. Box 37176San Francisco, CA 94137-0176

Bank of AmericaP.O. Box 15019Wilmington, DE 19850-5019

Official Website

Current and former Countrywide customers will need to visit the Bank of America website to conduct business. When visiting the official Bank of America website customers as well as small businesses can learn more about banking options, how to borrow, how to invest and how to apply for a loan. If you are a Countrywide customer, you will want to locate the home loan section of the website.

Customer Service Email

In order to send an email message to the customer service department, customers must use this address, Customers can send an email regarding the privacy policy, as well as general questions and concerns. We sent an email asking who we contact in the event we currently have a Countrywide home loan. The email stated we should receive a response within 48 hours.

Additional methods of communication include:

Our Experience

When my contacted the customer service department, they were prompt when answering our call. We didn’t have to endure an automated system. Our call went directly to an agent. We asked for information regarding the Countrywide settlementand any applicable contact information. The representative gave us the website as well as the contact information.

The experience was ideal, but the conversation could go a different direction by customers burned by Countrywide. Are you one of those customers? We want to hear your thoughts.

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5 Comments on “Contact Countrywide Customer Service
  1. I was never informed or asked if we wanted to renew your NORTON program. We were charged with $74.19 for a renewal which we do not require any longer. Please credit us with this amount to our account

    Thanks Walter

  2. I was told by the county that I have some kind of account that is being reported as earning money can you help me they gave me address that is wrong

  3. on april 22 2002 I took a mortage with countrywide for a property at 35 huckleberry drive east Stroudsburg pa 18301.I am trying to get a copy of the loan contract or a settlement to show the price of the house.

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