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Contacting Country Living Customer Service Center

Country Living is a magazine and website connecting readers with advice, articles and DIY projects for the country home. The print magazine tends to offers generally the same information as the official website, but each provides slightly different content.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The design of the Country Living contact us page looks more like an article than a list of contact information.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-888-0128

Mailing Address

Country Living customer service is available by mail for the magazine side of the business. There is no customer service address listed for the online magazine, but we assume the same address can be used for both purposes.

Country Living Magazine300 W 57th StNew York, NY 10019Attn: Reader Services

Official Website

The official website for Country Living is located at The site is mainly a news and information portal similar to the print magazine. Arts, crafts, cooking and gardening are just a few of the topics covered online and in print.

The print and online magazine also provides social network pages for customers to enjoy small bits of information. The pages can also be used for customer service purposes.

A link from the official website to a Customer Support page available for current magazine subscribers.

Customer Service Email

In place of a mailing address, offers customers an email address to connect with the Country Living customer service department. You can send your email to If there is a problem with the billing side of your account, do not send financial or billing statements that include personal information by email.

In addition to using the customer service email address for general customer service, customers can also take pictures of antiques and send them in for appraisal.

Our Experience

The customer service department is friendly, personable and willing to assist the customers, regardless of the nature of the question. We called and listed to the typical automated system and noticed there was an option to speak with the customer service department. After selecting the appropriate option, the call went directly to a live agent. Our question centered around canceling a subscription. We wanted to know if the customer’s payment ceases upon canceling.

The agent explained customers could potentially see one final payment, depending on when the subscription was initiated. The overall experience was great. There was an attention to detail not seen from other companies. Was your experience similar? Take a minute to share your thoughts.

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63 Comments on “Contact Country Living Customer Service
  1. Please tell me how I can email a letter to the Dear Country Living…. section of my favorite magazine?

    Thank you.

    • I do like your magazine very much. however, I wish to discontinue the country living magazine at this time? please cancel my subscription at this time. Thank you for your quick action in doing so. Thank you.
      Anita Lebakken

  2. My subscription is not due until Aug 2014. I have had 2 notices that it is due now. I will renew in July.

  3. I have done lots of business with the Hearst Corporation down through the years and only now have had a problem. I had ordered Country Living Magazine for my daughter as a gift. I am sorry to say she was deceased Mar. 19, 2013 so I am not renewung her subscription. However, she is getting threatening due bills in the mail claiming SHE sent you a renewal order saying she would pay upon renewal.This subscription was ordered through me, not her and she is deceased and I did not ask for a renewal!! I wrote you

    • Please cancel my subscription. I did not agree to the convenience of your Continuous Service Program and do not want to renew my subscription as I have been extremely disappointed with the current magazines.

  4. I recently renewed a recent subscription, and paid with check #3231 for 24.97,it was made out to country living. This check also included payment of a past subscription. Sent April 8th,2014. I am getting staments for past due account. Please take care of this. Thank you Terri Schmidt

  5. This the second year I have received a second notice for payment I have sent my check on the 8 th of August and you cashed it on the 15 th. If this continues to happen I will cancel my subscription. I have been receiving this magazine for many years. Getting annoying.. Do you think we are stupid and just send another check? Wrong!!

  6. I have been a customer for several years. Last year I sent a gift subscription to a friend. You keep sending me a bill this year and I do not wish to send it again. If I’m not getting dunned by mail it is coming by email. Please stop. At this point I am not going to renew MY subscription for next year!

  7. I am trying to temporarily suspend delivery from now (12-20-14) to March 1,2015 and find your customer service routine ridiculous. If it is not done, I will cancel the subscription, or you can cancel it right now.

  8. It seems I am not able to locate the correct place to enter the horseshoe contest for April 2015.Where do you enter? It says the page is not up at this time.

    Did you publish the names of the winners from Jan, Feb, March?

  9. Please cancel my subscription renewal to Country Living magazine.
    I was billed for a renewal price of $32.07 for one year (10issues). This is a 36% increase from previous year. Who are you trying to CON? I show my current subscription expires Sept. 2015.

  10. I have recieved a letter from countryliving stating I have not paid for my magazine. I sent my check, number2523 on July 23 2014, it cleareed my bank july 30 2014. i wanted the magazine for 1 year, I sent two cancel notices back in the past 2 months and I get a nasty letter from you concerning my acct. So please cancel my subcription

  11. Wow! I am so sorry to see that dunning notices are the way this magazine does business now. I ordered one year of the magazine and paid for it and have gotten 6 months of dunning notices. What kind of company does this? Obviously when I receive my last issue, which I may already have, I won’t renew, but will that stop these notices? Who are these people? The magazine is not that fabulous.

  12. Looks like quite afew u happy customers according to email Add me to the list thankyou. Called this morning trying to rectify renewal problem for a giftsubscription. Rude customerservice rep hung up on me. I have been subscriber for mostlikely 20yrs. I don’t need to be treated this way

  13. Please…do not send any more invoices, re payment….I have already issued a cheque….#733…in the amount of $29.95 to cover my subscription…..I do not appreciate being treated as a person who is negligent with her obligations…….I mean….REALLY…..

  14. On July 17th, 2015 I sent a check for 16.00 dollars (check #1106) for a 2 year subscription to Country Living (which was 14.00 dollars) and a 1 year subscription to House Beautiful (for an added 2.00 dollars). I have never received an issue of the House Beautiful. Can you tell me what happened? Thank You.

  15. Why insert in my Country Living Magazine that I will AUTOMATICALLY be charged for a renewal unless I cancel in writing? My subscription doesn’t expire until June 2016! This not customer service, this charging subscribers for a renewal that they will not be aware unless they read the fine print.

    I will therefore be writing to Country Living to cancel my subscription.

  16. In March 2016 issue. on page 89 there is a print that I would like information on.

    Is there anyway I could find out where to purchase one.

  17. I received an offer to subscribe to country living magazine for $10/year. I scepter this offer. Shortly thereafter I received an offer to subscribe to country living magazine for $5/year. How can I change the subscription to $5/ year?

  18. This is not a duplicate cI received an offer to subscribe to country living magazine for $10/year. I scepter this offer. Shortly thereafter I received an offer to subscribe to country living magazine for $5/year. How can I change the subscription to $5/ year?


  20. I have written on an invoice previously sent that I did not want to continue my subscription to Country Living. Why are you sending these letters and invoices advising my agreement to continuous service. I DO NOT WANT THIS MAGAZINE ANY LONGER. I cancelled this subscription.

    John Chew

  21. I have received the magazine (and am enjoying it) but have not received the free tote that was promised.


  23. June 23, 2016

    I did not expect to be charged for a magazine.
    Please cancel immediately my order (as you would call it).
    I will not be needing your magazine.

    Yours truly,

    Colleen Weyman

  24. A couple of weeks ago I was asked it I would like a sample edition of your magazine Country Living. I clicked in and was expecting a sample issue to see if I wanted to order the subscription instead I have received an email asking for payment and today an invoice for payment. I did not order this magazine and I am not paying the invoice. Please take me off of your subscription list. This is the second time I have sent you an email. Hope this clears up the confusion.

  25. MY Country Living/ CLG0948297916/9 and Good Housekeeping /GHK0948297916/6 are both paid thru July 2017.Please do not activate the automatic subscription on either of these from this day forward. I did not agree to this automatic extension.

  26. I think you are a company that tries to con people into subscribing to your magazine. I just received an invoice that states I am participating in the continuous service program……..not. I will be calling your customer service dept. tomorrow to be sure that you delete any participation and cancel any further subscriptions.

  27. I received my magazine with notice that my magazine is running out. I do not want to renew it. It’s a nice magazine but I just don’t want it right now. Thank you

  28. country living magazine.
    I keep recieving your magazine and while it is a nice magazine i did not order it and now i am being billed for it. how do i get taken off your list PLEASE as i do not want the magazines
    the order number you assigned me is 1304337023
    I appreciate your help in taking care of this for me

  29. My friend would like info re: advertising her early to mid 20th century home in Greenwood SC. In “Country Listings”. Please advise me on what to tell her.
    Nancy Wilson

    • i paid by check for 2 mag . discounted to $10.00. I got a bill in the mail for just Country living. I sent you a check for on please let me know what is going on. I am not going to pay you twice. The other mag. was Houe Beautiful.

  30. You are sending me renewal notices and I renewed in March 2017. I don’t like to get notices until it is time. Keep it up and I may very well cancel.

  31. I do not like being threatened that I owe a bill that I do not owe. I want this canceled now with no more invoices sent to me. I will never order this magazine again for this reason

  32. You make it impossible to cancel your magazine. My subscription is up in April and you just sent me a deceiving email. I want to cancel my subscription. And I really resent you making it so inconvenient.

  33. Enjoy magazine but not easy to give you info. Please cancel the gift subscriptions under my name. A free gift for year was great. Thankyou!

  34. I’m not a fan of automatic renewal and didn’t realize when I ordered Country Living that that’s what you get–so I paid for another year but cancelled automatic renewal. However, their site to pay bill keeps on kicking you out right before you submit payment (but they have your billing info.) so I was charged 5 times for one year renewal. I contacted customer service, but still haven’t received refund for 4 other payments they took out of my acct. very quickly (you’d think they’d have picked up on this from their end of things?!?) Their site isn’t user friendly and I’ve been unimpressed with response. Not going to renew again!!

  35. I have never been a subscriber and do not wish to buy a subscription of Country Living. I enjoy seeing it but do not appreciate your method, “as in your subscription will automatically renew unless you tell us to stop.” !!!

  36. I am responding for the second to a bill for a magazine I did not order. I have subscribed for years to Country Living, but like all other magazines, they have less articles of interest; therefore, I am not interested in receiving anymore issues.

  37. My credit card was charged for $34.97 without my consent and my current subscription hasn’t even expired. Every time I go to their website they state that it’s down for maintenance. I don’t want automatic renewal and didn’t sign up for it. I want my credit card credited for the $34.97 and the automatic renewal cancelled which I think I’ve done several times online on this and other magazines with no results. I hate that automatic renewal and plan on calling my credit card company and disputing this charge if not refunded.

  38. Pretty bad you can’t actually talk to someone to resolve an issue with your subscription. Unless this can be resolved although I enjoy your magazine I will have to cancel

  39. I received my July-August issue today and wanted to enter the find the horseshoe giveaway. But, when I went to your site, the most current entry was for the June issue. Am I trying too soon or is it a problem on your end ?

  40. I have asked many times to not send me magazine. It continues to come I did not order it! I will be sending a letter to the attorney generals office about this matter if it is not taken care of NOW!

  41. I Received a invoice thru the mail…On the invoice it stated to pay on line go to I attempted to pay online. Could not access anything. This was very frustrating and misleading. Horrible experience.

  42. Today in the mail I received the Nov. issue of my favorite magazine for years, Country Living. For some reason we have jumped from Sept. to Nov. without an Oct. issue ever being received. I trust that it will only take this one contact for you to promptly send me a copy of the Oct. issue.

  43. I want to cancel my subscription to country living magazine. I was just using up my airline miles and don’t want to receive the magazine anymore

  44. I keep getting notices to pay my bill, went on my account , does not show a payment made. I have cancelled check from 10/04/18 for $19.23, you took my money but did not credit me for it, it also was to include a year sub. for my freind!!!If this is not resolved I will cancel

  45. payment reference 00043058593
    I recently received a “second notice” for payment. On 11/26/18, I forwarded my check #4028 in the amount of $19.97, for County Living and House Beautiful. I have not received either but have received notice for payment!!! I paid!!!

  46. I do not want country living any longer. I tried several times to cancel. Account 0239143787
    Delivery is not reliable. Please do not renew again.
    Gail Nelms
    5325 Slater Mill Cir, Douglasville, Ga. 30135

  47. I really need to win this Queen size mattress, I am going through a divorce and have been sleeping on the floor. The horseshoe in the Jan/Feb issue is found on page 34 at the bottom right hand picture. This is the only place that would let me enter any information. Thank you, Joyce N Reese 1003 Circle Dr. Ruskin, Fl 33570

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