Contact Country Energy Customer Service

Contact Country Energy Customer Service

Contacting Country Energy Customer Service Center

Country Energy is a gas and energy company that was purchased in 2011 by Origin. Origin is still moving all customer relations from Country Energy to Origin service. According to the About Us page, the majority of accounts have been moved, but some older accounts remain in the service of Country Energy. Only the retailing side of the business was purchased by Origin. Origin claims to be strongly routed in community with more than 8,000 employees living and working in the areas supported by Origin energy services.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Country Energy customer service agents are available by phone, though no customer service hours are listed. Customers with residential and small business accounts can contact a dedicated customer service center while large businesses and corporations must contact a separate department.

  • Customer Service (residents/small business): 13-23-56
  • Customer Service (large business): 13-23-57
  • Customer Service (international): +61-2-6580-1200

Mailing Address

You can contact Country Energy customer service by mail using the provided post office box address. There is no physical address listed on the contact us page. We looked through the privacy and security pages and found no physical address.

Country EnergyP.O. Box 718Queanbeyan NSW 2620

Official Website

Current or prospective customers can visit the official website for Country Energy at The website provides detailed customer service information, account access, online payments and more. Customers can also track local storms as an early warning of potential energy interruption on the Storm Tracker page For detailed contact information, visit the contact page at

Customer Service Email

We were thrilled to find multiple email forms for customers with questions for Country Energy. You can contact the customer service department, request information about the company and available service plans, compliment a customer service agent or complain about a customer service agent all from a dedicated contact form. You cannot contact a Country Energy customer service agent via direct email.

Our Experience

Country Energy is an energy company in Australia. That means the company is international and we need your help. Please leave a comment below explaining how Country Energy customer service treated you when you called for help. Are there any programs or special contact phone numbers not listed on the official website? Tell other consumers about Country Energy.

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