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Contacting ConocoPhillips Customer Service Center

ConocoPhillips is an energy and petroleum company with production streams in oil, natural gas and methane. The company was created from a merger between Conoco and Phillips Petroleum in 2002, but the age of the company is nothing but a number as experts believe the company’s focus and dedication in energy product is strong enough to support fast growth. The majority of the company’s business takes place in the United States though business spans more than 30 countries.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The only ConocoPhillips phone number listed on the official website is the corporate line. There is no separate customer service number for customers or companies. The only other phone number we found that consumers could benefit from was the ethics hotline.

  • Corporate: 1-281-293-1000
  • Ethics Hotline: 1-877-327-2272

Mailing Address

When you write a letter to ConocoPhillips customer service you are writing to the corporate headquarters in Houston. We’ve added an attention line to the address to route your letter to the proper department. If you want the letter delivered to a specific department within the company, change the attention line to that department’s name.

ConocoPhillips CorporateAttn: Customer Service600 N Dairy AshfordPO Box 2197Houston, TX 77252


ConocoPhillips Ethics Office600 N Dairy AshfordML 1082Houston, TX 77079

Official Website

Information about the ConocoPhillips company, including business services, technology and sustainability is available on the official website at The front page of the site is all business, literally, with stock prices, news releases and featured stories about what ConocoPhillips is up to today.

Social Media

The three social media pages published for ConocoPhillips customer service are listed below. Customers can log in to their personal or business account on these social sites and contact ConocoPhillips privately.

Customer Service Email

We were unable to find a standard contact form. We did find two email addresses for ConocoPhillips, including an ethics address. All general correspondence should be send to the Company Questions email.

Our Experience

As soon as you contact ConocoPhillips, you are placed on hold until a customer service agent answers the call. We waited on hold for more than 5 minutes. When the agent answered the call, we noticed background noise, leading us to believe the call center was not local. We also encountered a language barrier, where the agent had difficulty understanding our request.

After breaking down the barrier, we wanted to know the hours of operation for the customer service department. The agent told us the customer service department is available Monday through Friday 8am to 58pm CST. With this quick answer, the call was ended. When you contacted ConocoPhillips to voice a complaint of concern, what was the outcome? Share your experiences with us to better inform other customers.

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2 Comments on “Contact ConocoPhillips Customer Service
  1. Have been trying to get in touch with conoco customer service but I’ve had no luck what so ever I’ve have lost my conoco credit card & also need to add another user on my account would really really appreciate it if someone one would call me &help assist with this situation.

  2. I also have been trying to get in touch with conoco customer service as I have lost my credit card and someone is using it. Ive had no luck so far,

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