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Contacting Con Edison Customer Service Center

Con Edison is a holding company for various businesses in the energy sector. It is also an energy company that provides services directly to the consumer. You may even find that energy companies in your area are owned and operated by Con Edison. It appears the company has its hand in electric, natural gas and steam energy.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you are currently having an energy emergency and you need to contact Con Edison right away – call:

Emergency Calls and Customer Service Calls: 1-800-752-6633

If you are a customer with National Grid – your emergency number is:

National Grid Emergency: 1-718-643-4050

TDD / TTY: 1-800-642-2308

Mailing Address

If you would rather write to customer service than contact the company by phone or email, you can use the following address. This address may be different than the billing address listed on your monthly statement. The billing and customer service departments are often in different locations.

Con Edison

Cooper Station
PO Box 138
New York, NY 10276-0138

Official Website

The official site for the Con Edison company out of New York that supplies millions of customers with power is If you are looking for the main website for the Con Edison corporation, you’ll find that website here:

From the New York website, customers can log-in to their energy accounts, make changes, access current and past bills and more.

Customer Service Email

Email contact information is not provided with a direct email address, but Con Edison does provide an email contact form for customers who want to use email. The contact form is available here:

We attempted to fill out the email form to learn more about email customer service response, but we needed a Con Edison account number to send the form.

We did find an email address for Con Edison corporate at We are attempting to contact corporate for more information on a customer service email address.

Our Experience

We called the Con Edison customer service number at about 4 p.m. we were asked to call the phone number for customers outside the area. That number is 1-212-243-1900. We were forced to move through the automated response system. The call volume was so high that we could not talk with a customer service representative without a long wait. The estimated wait time was 3 minutes – this was about 1 minute and 30 seconds into the call. We waited a total of 5 minutes before a representative answered the call. We asked if there was a customer service email address and we were told no and directed to the email form on the website.

We had trouble reaching Con Edison – is your story different? Tell us about it today.

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11 Comments on “Contact Con Edison Customer Service
  1. Con Ed, I got into a debate with a few of your employees on 07/04/2012 on facebook- the debate started because your employee Niquette Christopher stated that the poor people of NYC were behind the issues of the lock down. After a moment I was overwhelm with other “workers from Con Ed- belittling the poor people who pay their bill with Welfare money. This forum is on News 12 The Bronx- after I stated I was going to contact Con ED with their views on how their employees see and judge their poor customer-many deleted the posts that were in poor taste. Enclosed is what I managed to copy and paste. I do not expect for you to take my word for anything but I will like you to do an investigation and find the rough copy from Facebook or News 12 and read what many had to read about what your workers think of them.

    Tony NI

    Anne D Brannon I am a Con Edison employee and as expected, you people on the outside have no clue what is at stake. The company wants to take away our pensions, downgrade our medical benefits, sick pay and wages. In other words they want to take away everything they promised us when we became employees of this company. All we’re doing it fighting to keep those things. Meanwhile upper management can give themselves raises and keep their huge pensions while we’re left with nothing. This is nothing more than corporate greed, an attempt to bust our union, and an attack on the fading middle class. Unless you’re going through it, then you couldn’t understand.

    July 1 at 9:15am via mobile · Like · 15.

    Agostino Sandolo Who’s going to hold the system together now that we are locked out? How many of those “supposed” 5000 management men & women do you think actually have any field experience & hands on knowledge? Most of them are right out of school college grads! How about the management that hasn’t done any hands on in the field in the last 10 years?! Wake up New York! Con Ed is gambling with your way of life & even your safety! It’s going to be a HOT SUMMER! The system is ancient & Local 1-2 workers work to hold it together & keep it running! Show your support. We have families & pay bills & mortgages just like you! We just want what’s fair.

    July 1 at 9:19am · Like · 12.

    Jovani Mercado Real news​watch?feature=player_embedd​ed&v=Nl5jCw7FpXI#at=911

    Frank Serpico: “The Human Race Has Been Sold Out”

    Serpico is a retired American New York City Police Department officer who is kno…See More..

    July 1 at 10:31am via mobile · Like · 4.

    Jovani Mercado Real news​supreme-courts-obamacare-de​cision-hands-federal-gover​nment-unlimited-power-to-f​orce-you-to-spend-100-of-y​our-paycheck-on-things-you​-dont-even-want/

    Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision hands federal government unlimited power to force you to spend 10

    Mike Adams | “Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness.” ..

    July 1 at 10:33am via mobile · Like · 1.

    Justcallmefranny Frannyfranny LMFAO – you can’t have sympathy for those who when confronted are arrogant rude cold and never friendly! You reap what you sow!

    July 1 at 10:40am via mobile · Unlike · 2.

    Prettie Flowers Anne D. as i said before Every one want more out of you but give less — I pray the elder are not in danger over this that’s my concern —- I surely wish when transit goes begging for more folks stand their ground and walk but they won’t.

    July 1 at 10:46am · Like · 1.

    Prettie Flowers Time to get your ICE ppl and coolers too!

    July 1 at 10:48am · Like.

    Scott Wackbag Well just like when other unions go on strike the same comments one gives a crap till it effects them. An most of you laughed in the bigining when ya got osamba in. He caused your fall in america soooooooooo whos laughing now… oh well. I have a generator …..

    July 1 at 12:07pm via mobile · Like · 5.

    Pedro Mendez Wow it’s sad seeing people enjoying the suffering of others, I hope you guys get your contract settled as soon as possible!!!!

    July 1 at 12:11pm via mobile · Like · 8.

    Justcallmefranny Frannyfranny Two words/ Solar Panels! You’ll never go back to the dependency of Con Ed!

    July 1 at 1:30pm via mobile · Unlike · 3.

    Jovani Mercado Every building should have solar panels

    July 1 at 1:38pm via mobile · Like · 1.

    Scott Wackbag Yea ok. Dumb n dumber as it gets

    July 1 at 1:54pm via mobile · Like · 1.

    Justcallmefranny Frannyfranny Yes, Jovani they should! My husband’s friend installs them for a living , and we got a big discount and tax incentives! Worth every dollar!

    July 1 at 3:03pm via mobile · Unlike · 3.

    Jovani Mercado Scott Wackbag How is it dumb saves billions of dollars for thouse housing programs where the tenants don’t pay light no more block to block outage no more unruly employees putting millions at stake sounds genius to me.

    July 1 at 3:49pm via mobile · Like · 2.

    Ada Perez It is so obvious that some ppl contradict themselves without even realizing it.

    July 1 at 6:06pm via mobile · Like · 3.

    Infamoussleepy Arroyo yes!!!!! lets have another blackout

    July 1 at 7:34pm · Like · 1.

    Jovani Mercado Ada Perez If your typing about my opinion being contradicting yes a substantial amount of money will be spent at first but in the long run the panels will pay for them selves five times over in saving. Just saying… (^_^)

    July 1 at 7:58pm via mobile · Like · 2.

    Ada Perez Mr. MERCADO; I do believe you are confusing me with someone who cares about other ppl’s comments. To be quite honest I just enjoy reading what a chosen few post because I enjoy their humor! As you are well aware I never insult anyone, & profanity is excluded from my comments, as it is not a part of my daily vernacular! Enjoy the rest of your evening Sir! (I have bigger fish to fry) 😉

    July 1 at 8:56pm via mobile · Like · 5.

    Jovani Mercado Glad to hear (^_^) now please take 15 min and check this out​google-censors-war-crimes-v​ideo/ share this video before its censored by u.s

    Google Censors War Crimes Video

    Kurt Nimmo | YouTube attempts to blunt message of truth by placing embed restriction on video showing maiming of Libyan child. ..

    July 1 at 9:02pm via mobile · Like.

    Karen Celentano Love to read how ignorant and uneducated some people are very entertaining…. Especially when you have no idea you are talking about

    July 1 at 9:53pm via mobile · Like · 4.

    Justcallmefranny Frannyfranny Jovani as a homeowner- I wouldn’t have it any other way! The solar panels work wonders and you said it – it saves in the long run! Most here are limited in their process of thought and have no other solution or response and so they whip out the big words like “ignorant”………Why? Because it makes them feel better about themselves!

    Monday at 7:27am via mobile · Unlike · 2.

    Steve Indabronx Con Ed Strike – “If we go out, the lights go out”….Um, Really? Dont you all need lights too or how about that air conditioner after sitting outside all day, LOL…Who was the brains behind that slogan, DUH!

    Monday at 12:15pm · Like · 2.

    Justcallmefranny Frannyfranny Oh look what the sanitation truck left behind, Jose S. Pratts.

    Monday at 3:27pm via mobile · Unlike · 3.

    Tony Ni Jose your stupidity is overwhelmingly huge, since she was not talking to you. Damn dude, you are like a nosy woman- with NOTHING to do- but in everyones business! Don’t you work? School? Wife? Boyfriend, aside from Wackjob? Damn!

    Monday at 3:34pm · Like.

    Tony Ni You’re a sick man, but thank goodness she has the patience to deal with the likes of you.

    Monday at 8:18pm · Like · 2.

    MaRia Davila Yes get the non union workers to do the work smh

    Tuesday at 11:44am via mobile · Like.

    Niquette Christopher I am a con Edison employee and just as I suspected many ppl of the public assume we get paid to much and we are asking for more than we are entitled to. The CEO of con Edison is only trying to line his pockets by making the employees pay more for medical insurance and eliminate our pension. We do not get paid by the consumers paying their bills seeing how many of u don’t. Ppl shouldn’t comment on things they have no idea about it makes u look ignorant.

    2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 5.

    Tony Ni ConED of New York is by far the largest subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc. and serves New York City and Westchester County. It serves 3.2 million electric customers, 1.05 million gas customers, and 1800 steam customers in Manhattan. And the smart one up above swears that their customers DO NOT pay their BILLS. Again the arrogant and the disrespect is amazing. So, if the customers don’t pay how in the heck are the CEOs lining their pockets? Not with your medical benefits and/or pensionsbecause the half that ConED puts into your pension and Health Insurance comes from the non-paying customers you BELIEVE your Company has. Nice talk, for a person who is publicly putting down the Company’s customers YET he so desperately wants to go back to work. WTF?

    2 hours ago · Like · 2.

    Veronica Verry Cabrera Its exactly like Juliet said. You do not do our line of work, you do not talk to people who are struggling, yo do not talk to people who prefer to spend their money on their lifestyles instead of paying their bill and then have the nerve to say that public assistance “has” to pay their bill!! Many of us are single parents with children. Would you be interested in paying $133 a week for medical coverage, $40 co-payments 55% pay when sick and if its a long term sickness, get fired after 26 weeks, and no pension at time of retirement?? I DON’T THINK SO!!

    about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 4.

    Tony Ni Miss Cabera how people pay their bill is none of your business. You and anyone that represent a company have a job to do- not to judge. How can you say that no one is to judge you, however you choose to judge those that have less than you. You and most of you are taking your jobs too personal with the very same people that line the CEO’s pocket and yours. If you are complaining that the Company is trying to rip you off and I get that part- BUT guess what many Americans were ripped off too in the past year- many worked for many many years and worked hard just like you do and were force out WITHOUT a Union to come to their AID. Those people were pushed out of their homes, left homeless and depended on Welfare so their family could eat, and the worst part of it IT WAS NO FAULT OF THERE OWN! Be grateful that you live in a country that aids these people to pay their bills, so your company flourishes and can continue to employ the amount of workers it does.

    about an hour ago · Like · 1.

    Tony Ni In the end, it is NOT the poor people’s fault. It really is not. Poor people are needed MORE than the middle class. Why? Because they can’t save, they spend everything they have, they depend on the Gov’t, who inturns controls them like pawns to keep them there. And now they have turned to the middle class to wipe them out. And what happens is that you all decide to fightwith the weaker ones, because the rich ones will send you all to fly a kite. They have won, when you all attack the ones who have been down, because that shows your weakness not your strength, and then they got you.

    53 minutes ago · Like · 1.

    Shanell Deas ‎@Juliet I love the way you explained exactly what is going on…and the truth is that many people may feel like Toni Ni but until he is in our shoes then he will not give a crap… we deserve every penny for the what we put up with on the phones and behind the scenes… we are some of the most dedicated employees… camping out at work 72 hours to be able to take their phone calls of having no lights and some of us didn’t have them either…having a pension and affordable healthcare is the least that the company can give back. So all that money that Toni Ni is making reference to why is it not going to the employees that actually do their jobs…and yes their is alot of people that DO NOT PAY THEIR BILLS so don’t be so pissed off because their is a long whole time I mean everyone in this city has a story…right????

    48 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 3.

    Tony Ni Miss Deas, everybody does has a story, i just read yours. Are you right? Am I right? We will allow time to figure that out, but in the mean time, where does a strike that started with reduced benefits, wiping out pension become the fault of the poor on AID? I don’t get it. Your frustration is showing, so now you want to tell a tale of what you do to help these people. Miss Dea, Con Ed did not draft you, you applied to a job, that I assume you understood will have you deal with people of ALL walks of life. I mean, in the end, poor people need light too. But again, when did this become a poor folks problem/ That’s the part I don’t get. Your issue is with the company not their clients- if you “camp” out at work, and you dont like it, bring it up with your Employers not with the poor folks- since they don’t make the rules.

    35 minutes ago · Like · 1.

    Niquette Christopher Tony ni most if the customers pay the bare minimum unless they are a big company I know exactly what I’m talking about. Most residential customers have a payment plan if they pay their bills at all. Our commercial customers pay our wages if u wanna get technical.

    32 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1.

    Veronica Verry Cabrera Judging those who have less than me?!? I’m a part time employee who has been fighting with management to get my old full time position back, lost my house and my cars. Don’t tell me or try to put me down in public just because I’m defending my job!! How dare you!! Shame on you!! I’ve been on public assitance before, I have used governmental resources, so what! I can care less how people pay their bills but if you sat in our seat and did our job, you will quit. We are not shrinks or social workers but yet we listen to our customers, guide them to get those resources and help our community. Us union workers are for the public. Its not about us being greedy is about being recognized in what we do and being coompensated.

    31 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 2.

    Niquette Christopher ‎@shanell ur def right I work I the field and give 100% to this company I work in rain sleet and snow to ensure our customers have service while taking 10 years off my life. So to expect a comfortable retirement isn’t asking to much. Most of the public is looking in from the outside on a situation they know nothing about. The worse thing anyone can do is comment on a subject that they are ignorant to.

    27 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1.

    Tony Ni yo do not talk to people who prefer to spend their money on their lifestyles instead of paying their bill and then have the nerve to say that public assistance “has” to pay their bill!! *****Your words, not mine. These are judging words, you are exposing the dirty laundry of those that SUPPORT your Company. How do people having the nerve to use their money to “spend on their lifestyle” and then proceed to go to Welfare to pay their bill make your Union decide to go on strike?

    23 minutes ago · Like.

    Veronica Verry Cabrera IDK why this person is taking it personal and claims we are picking at poor people. Not at all! we are just expressing what we go through on a daily basis as customer service reps and Niquette is one that makes sure that the lines are good so service can stay on. Hospitals, police stations, fire houses, train stations, all these important/critical locations need to stay on and if we are not there, customer service to get that call and Niquette is not there to fix that line, then who is going to do it? YOU?

    15 minutes ago via mobile · Like.

    Tony Ni Your Commerical Company pay your wages? Really? That’s like saying that the super rich contribute more taxes than the working class. Sir, you are incorrect. The people, the residental clients are the ones that keep Con Ed as the empire that it is. Sir, do some research and residental beats commerical user by a couple of millions. Is on their website.

    14 minutes ago · Like.

    Niquette Christopher Well this is where I end this conversation Veronica works in customer service and she gets the phone calls which prompts her response and I hear in a daily basis about customers who opt not to pay their bills and choose to do other things with their money. I have nothing to prove to u sir ur opinion is that if someone who doesn’t know the whole story there for this conversation or debate is irrelevant. Heir have a great night as well I. And to my union brothers and sisters I will see u guys tomm. No need to go back and forth with this guy hes dense and therefore its pointless to debate with him

    17 minutes ago via mobile · Like.

    Tony Ni Ma’am I am NOT picking on you, I simply read a post that targeted the poor people of NYC and Westchester. Your clients. Con-ED’s clients. I felt I needed to know why a post was written about the poor people who went to Welfare to pay their bill. I thought maybe the News is not telling the public the whole truth. So, I have read all of your posts and I figured out why the News have not mentioned what you all have mentioned here- you know why? Is IRRELEVANT.

    15 minutes ago · Like.

    Tony Ni Nope you have nothing to prove to me, but I can see why your company has taken extreme measures with its employees. There is only enough room for people with big heads, and the CEOs like it just the way it is.

    12 minutes ago · Like.

    Niquette Christopher If ur gonna post the convo/debate on ur page and also con Ed’s page it would be helpful to post the entire convo/debate not what u think is negative. Just a suggestion no need to listen.

    11 minutes ago via mobile · Like.

    Tony Ni Oh sir, your company will have a blue print by the morning. This has been interesting. Good Luck to all!

    10 minutes ago · Like

  2. On Tuesday, August 1, 2012, my doorbell rang and I did answer, but to my surprise there was a young black african american with a pad asking if I had applied for my Rebate with Con-Ed. I told him that I was not aware of it and he told me to look on the back of the envelope. If there was any Rebates from Con-Ed why would they put it on the back of an envelope? Well anyway,he was very rude when I started questioning him about why it was not on the bill but on the envelope and told me that I was telling him about his job which I was not. If Con-Ed wants to send out anything to consumers then it should be on the bill not on the back of an envelope. I don’t know if this is a scam or not therefore, I told him I was not signing anything and he told me that I did not have to rudely and on tops he did not have any ID saying he was Con-Ed and even if he did I would not have still signed anything. WTF?

  3. This is a service that needs to be activated for an existing business account. The company has hired a New Resident Manager and provided him with an apartment #7-O. The company just wants to add this apartment to its existing account. The previous renter has arrears so they will not do it. The Langston company has offered to even pay the arrears to get the ACCOUNT ACTIVATED. To no avail Con Edison will not cooperate. All the paperwork has been submitted accordingly.I have occupied this apartment since Monday Feb.3, 2014. I have three young children, the youngest is five and has a Respiratory problem. This weekend we expect MORE snow. It’s freezing. PLEASE HELP!
    No one tried to escalate call to a Supervisor or Manger and here it is Friday evening and we still have no current.

  4. I am disgusted with Con Ed customer service. For all intents and purposes, it’s a runaround. All I’m trying to do is get the large commercial rates for this month and customer service doesn’t know them. I had told them that they had removed the Maximum Rate Provision from the Market Supply Side calculator so that as commercial rates have been more than 20c/kwh for the past 6 months, the large commercial option shows between 3 and 4cents/kwh. I will probably call the Public Service Comnmission about this because this needs to be addressed. When I had spoken to a Con Ed customer service rep last week about this, I was told someone would get back to me within 48 hours. That was on Thursday and it is now Tuesday. When i didn’t get a responses on Monday and re-sent my request and no one responded. Ridiculous!

  5. I spoke with two incompetent customer service representatives on 12/29/14. First I spoke with Ms. Mejia about my bill in which I did get very loud and came outside myself because of the lies she was telling me and trying to tell me about my bill being over 1000.00 which by the way I almost had a heart attack she claimed I got the bill in Nov and I did not get such bill and told her I had proof because I was looking at that Nov bill and it was not nowhere near 1000.00 then she changed the story so I asked her why was she and Con Ed was trying to steal money from the people (could it be because they have a monopoly in the city and think they can do whatever since we cant leave and go to another company.. hmmm)then I stated I no longer wanted to speak to a liar such as herself and I asked to speak to a supervisor.. Lord.. she was worst..she stated her name was Ms. Zelkanovic which I’m not sure if that’s her name she gave me some bogus story telling me that I owe $843.75 I said that is impossible she further explained that I missed (1) payment so I said I did not but lets say for argument sake I missed (1) payment how did the bill become $843.75 for (1) payment she changed story now she says it was for (2) months back in march and april I said how much was those bills I have them she stated march 359.00 and april 491.00 so I have my march bill which states total amount due 0.00 and april bill I have says 10.00 she then says you really think you owe 10.00 I said I sure do.. first off in feb I paid 500.00 and the bill was 169.00 so I would think they credit the 231.00 to next month I said take a look at feb she then changed the story again telling me well your bill is high because of adjustments WHAT!!! now after I have proof of my bills I get a new story sounds like Ms Mejia when she lied and said I had a 1000.00 bill.. Then I asked her what was my May bill she said 169.00 so I say ok according to you in march I owed 359 and april I owed 491 but may I owed $169 meanwhile this whole time she says you are in the level payment plan I say HOW??? with a 491 and 359 bill then I say shouldn’t the May total bill be 850.00 she said no its 169.00 so I say is that the level payment plan she said yes Was I in level payment in march and april she said yes…WOW ummm (how does this work ????) she then states to me you have a third party supplying your electricity maybe that’s why its so high I looked at the bill and said their charges are not high about 80.00 that cant be it then she says I should get a electrician to see why my bill is so high ????unbelievable ..she then says well anyway this is your bill and that I can make an agreement with Con Ed (this woman is clueless) then I asked to speak to her supervisor which she informs me their is no one higher than herself there..(I didn’t believe that for one second) I asked for her title she stated supervisor..smh..(how do they get promoted..uumm???) I stated I want to speak to another supervisor because like Ms. Mejia she was constantly changing the story and I did not trust her and thought that she was lying. She then told me she would have someone call me back I refused to get off the phone and told her I would report her if she hung up on me and she stated that all the supervisors are on calls I said I don’t care I will stay on hold..Im on she then transferred me to Ms Peng who was very informative and nice.. (I’m not fooled it was all a ploy to get me off the phone) I explained my stance she basically explain what the problem with my bill so nicely I could not get upset (other than the fact that she was completely wrong too but she her attitude was much nicer) in fact I was completely calm. I did explain to her I DO NOT FOR A SECOND TRUST CON EDISON and I truly believe they are stealing money from all of us here in the city. Please watch your bills and keep them all year. Although me keeping my bills and not trusting that I owed the 843.75 that Con Ed claimed I went on and paid it. Not because I’m wrong but because I want to go into the new year with no accumulations from this year and I want a fresh start other than my mortgage. Con Ed you need to be ashamed if I could go to another company I would.. I give Con Ed (-)10 stars for there service and for their representation. The WORST company ever. and NO they are not working for me or you 24/7 … NO one company should have this much power.. nothing we the people can do

  6. Iam trying to reach a rep and the wait time is 25 minutes. minutes. i have been on 15 minutes so far. This is like a third world country. Totally unscceptable.

  7. worst customer service ever
    meter readers lie and when you call they take it personally and they charge $100 for not showing

  8. Dear Madam//Sir:
    My name is Dan LIu, I received your letter on July 31 2018. It tell me that send you the following information by email So I do it now.
    I and my wife Xuqun Yan bought the 144-45 Sanford Ave, Apt,5F Flushing NY 11355 from Kam Chan on July 13 2018. So we need open the account on electricity and gas, Now we live in 42-26 81 St. Apt, 4B Elmhurst NY 11373. we will move soon.
    My Tel, number is (646)732-6196; My wife’s phone number is (917)349-5348.
    If you need more information, please let me know.
    Thanks your help!

    Dan Liu

  9. I called and filed a complaint with the public service commission about Con Ed tearing up my property and putting 13×13 steel plates on my lawn a couple of months ago. A guy named Keith Domini came by and we agreed on changing them to 6×6 plastic plates. He wants me to call him directly so the higher ups at Con Ed don’t know he’s not doing his job. Every time I call him he says he going to change them then never shows up to do it. This has been going on for months. I figured I’d inform you before calling PSC again and filing another complaint against you and this time him personally

  10. Request to close gas supply from Nov 1.2018.
    Location : 143-50 Barclay Ave, Apt 5G Flushing NYC.11355.
    ConEdison Account # 23-3662-1951-8207-2.
    My name. David C. Huang.
    Cell phone 718-4732207.
    Email David
    In addition how much balance $.

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