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Contacting Coby Customer Service Center

Coby is an electronics company that sells audio, computer, photo and headphone equipment. The consumer website gives specifications for all the products current available from Coby, but it also provides technical and consumer support. The information provided is pretty straightforward with customer service phone numbers, emails and a mailing address.

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Contact Info:

When contacting Coby customer service choose between the technical and consumer support contacts. Technical customer service is there for when customers are having trouble with installation and product use. Consumer customer service is available for all other non-technical issues.

Phone Contact Numbers

There are multiple Coby customer service phone numbers and many have different hours of operation. We’ve listed the hours of operation next to the phone numbers for your convenience.

  • TVs and MIDs US: 1-877-302-2629 (9 AM to 9 PM Mo to Fri ET)
  • TVs and MIDs Canada: 1-855-542-8917 (8 AM to 8 PM Mon to Fri ET)
  • General Support: 1-800-727-3592 (8:30 AM to 5 PM Mon to Fri, 9 AM to 5 PM Sat ET)
  • Corporate: 1-800-688-2629
  • Local NY Corporate: 1-718-416-3300

Mailing Address

The corporate address for Coby customer service is the only address listed. Since you’re contacting the corporate office, include contact information, product description and model number to speed up the response from customer service.

Coby Electronics Corporation 1991 Marcus Ave Lake Success, NY 11042

Official Website

The US website for Coby customer service can be found at There are long descriptions for most of the products with pictures and detailed specifications. The customer service page is located under the Contact Us link.

If you are a social media person, you can connect with Coby on the most popular social media sites.

Customer Service Email

Customers connecting with Coby customer service need to choose between the technical and consumer support email forms. Remember, technical is for technical questions about the product and product use, not about pricing, availability and other general questions and comments.

Our Experience

Customers should be prepared to not speak with a customer service agent if they do not have the following information, product serial number, receipt or invoice number. When we spoke with the customer service agent, we wanted to ask a few questions, but could not proceed unless we had one of the three pieces of information.

This is not how customer service should work. We will have to rely on the information sent via email to inform customers of the level of customer service. Were you able to contact the customer service team? Would you like to voice your experiences with us below? Shout out your thoughts.

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135 Comments on “Contact Coby Customer Service
  1. I think coby kyros & the employees sux! I have been lied to & can never get intouch! DO NOT EVER BUY A COBY KYROS! THEY ARE JUNK!!

    • I think Coby Kyros needs to stop selling their products! They are junk and their website is no use when none of the numbers are a working number!!! I have tried and tried to get a hold of somebody…they have my granddaughters tablet and I can’t get any info on it. I am very irritated with their so called company!

    • What do u have to hide? If u r a trusworthy company dealing with the public, u should be open about ur business. Why can’t we get in touch with your staff if ur product is not functioning? That’s misleading. I’m going through the same headache as the previous customers and something needs to be done. Or LAWSUIT????????

  2. I got my sons 2 coby tablets they are not working correctly no response I have emaiiled and tried to call. Bad customer service.

  3. coby company is not a great company to deal with because I sent off a ipad because the screen was jumping spoke to coustomer service rep and I was informed to mail off and it would get repaired also to mail a money order so that they can sed back to me after repairs were complete and for some reason now I still did not get my ipad back its been 3 months now there is no way to contact them only threw email and I did an still no reply this is very unprofessional company and is a gimmic

  4. i have sent my tablet to be repaired, it has been almost four months now, i cant get ahold of anyone and no one has tried to reach me. i sent them a money order to send the tablet back too. i am very angry!!!! do not buy coby products!!!!!

  5. I sent my coby tablet in for replacement four months ago and haven’t received it back, I was told that it would take six weeks and now four months later I have yet to receive my tablet back. All I ask for is what I paid for and I don’t think that’s to much to ask for and it’s bad business on the part of coby for the customers not to be able to reach them.

  6. I returned my coby tablet in April along with a $15 money order and have not received it back.I was told in June that my name was on the list for my tablet to be returned. I never received it so I called them again in July and they told me the same thing. Now none of their numbers work.

  7. I wanted to speak to someone about my Kyros 7 Inch Tablet. And I Can’t Contact with any of the available Numbers. My Tablet needs repairing and I cannot reach anyone at Coby. I think they are a bad business place. and they have bad products. I bought their products two times. The Store that i bought it from replaced the first one; now the second one has gone out. And i seem to cannot contact anyone at Coby.

  8. the first coby mid9740 tablet I had froze up with less than 10 hrs use. Sent it back and begged them not to replace it with yet another junk tablet. Even offered to pay extra for a tablet that would actually WORK! They sent me back the same tablet and OF COURSE, it’s a piece of junk too. Now the screen flickers and half of it’s white. I think we consumers that have been ripped off by this bogus company should file a class action suit to try to recoop SOME of our hard earned money. COBY IS A JOKE and should be ashamed of all the consumers they’ve ripped off!!!

  9. I got coby tablet for my son andwas told to send back with 15 money order that was back in may cant talk to know so we have been all summer and that crap i have to buy a new for him someone should help

  10. I think it’s sad that you paid for something that didn’t work and sent it in for replacement and never get it back, I sent my tablet in back in may of this year and haven’t received it back I called them and they said they received it, I was told it would be a six week wait before i received it back well it’s been six months and to find out the company went out of business I am beyond pissed. I have written letters to the company emailed them and phoned them and never once did I get the feeling that they were going out of business, I want my tablet back or a refund.

  11. Very very discouraging. I have a Kyros tablet that we used for a week and now it won’t turn on. I work at a College and had my IT guys look at it and there is nothing they can think of to help. This product is absolute junk!!! I too feel this company sells nothing but cheaply made products and they know it too. Why else would they be so unwilling to provide working phone numbers or any way to contact them? Pathetic!!

    • Coby Electronics went out of business earlier this year. The company Gordon Brothers Group purchased Coby but at this time is not honoring any warranties. So anyone needing a repair or fixing a product should not send it in with any money order.

  12. I bought a coby 32″TV a year ago and now they have a RECALL on them, I don’t have my recieipt for proof of purchase. What am I suppose to do with this TV

  13. I have been trying for days to get in contact with you and just read the comments of other people.
    Please let me know if there’s anything that can be done.
    I bought a Coby Kyros tablet for a Christmas gift and it hasn’t worked from the beginning an past the 30 days for me to send it back.
    I am trying to see how to return it and get a new one or money back.

  14. Coby t.v.s have been recalled,received a card explaining problem and to return the t.v. to hhgregg, where I was told it serial number was not correct. This is the fourth t.v. we have had a problem, smoking or shutting itself off. It costs me $37 plus a $30 money order for return postage and now stuck with a junk t.v…consumer fraud and better business bureau will be hearing from me…

    • my children gave me a coby tv for Christmas 9 months ago, and the thing keeps powering off, and I have to power on every 5 minutes or so, I had the cable tech come and check my cable and there was no problem there, he said it was the tv and I have 4 other TV’s in the home (not coby’s) that I am not having problems with. I have e-mailed this people but have not had a response yet, the 8773022629 # listed is not helpful and the website has absolutely nothing on it other the COBY. We as consumers need to get together and prosecute this company for fraud

  15. This is my first experience in trying to contact a “Large ” company without any active numbers!What kind of operation do you people run?

  16. dont worry it will come i went through this with all three of my tablets it will come one of mine took 6 months and it broke after two months and they replaced that one too some companys would not act like this and yes i was very mad i called every monday afternoon to see if it was on the mailing out list for that week good luck everyone

  17. I brought a coby kyros md7150 my screen got broken.what I wanted to know can the screen be fixed or can your company send me a new one?

  18. I agree with the previous customers. Coby should stop selling their stuff because their customer service is BS and them not some!

    • the worst cust serv ever. not one of their 4 numbers gets you to a serv rep. I give up which is what they want. never buy their products…ever!!

  19. I bought a Kryos tablet for my husband and he used it two or three times and put it away in a drawer for safe keeping. and now it won’t charge. any suggestions? If not i just wasted my money because I am not paying you $30.00 onlune for you to answer a question, that’s BS.

  20. Purhased a coby LEDTV 2426 After purchase tv cuts out. Now they out of business and the company that purchased them is not honoring warranties. I think that the corporate level idiots should be put in jail. Especially those in the U.S. Another scam and the Justice Department will turn the other cheek.

  21. To whom it may concern I bought one of your tablets a couple of months ago. For my niece as an early birthday present.. about a week ago she drop it and the glass crack and she can not get into it . I was told to contact you and see if you could help and I find all you filed bankruptcy. I don’t know if there’s anything you can do about this what if there’s any help you can give me give me so I can get my nieces tablet fixed I would deeply appreciate it. I do have the box and receipt door I bought it at so they can do nothing. Todd Sylvester

  22. the worst cust serv ever. not one of their 4 numbers gets you to a serv rep. I give up which is what they want. never buy their products…ever!!

  23. the worst cust serv ever. not one of their 4 numbers gets you to a serv rep. I give up which is what they want. never buy their products…ever!!

  24. i have a coby led tv that shuts off as soon as u turnit on i cant get ahold of anyone nor can i get any awnsers

  25. coby products are no good. coby customer service is no good. the corporation is no good. they outright lie to customers, sell faulty electronics, ask for money orders for shipping (which they just keep), never respond to customers, and then go out of business without attempting to honor warranties, return products, or give any info of any kind. in my experience as a consumer of any kind of products, this is the worst company ever.

  26. Yes I have a 32 inch that keeps shutting itself off what type of company is it that you can’t get to speak with a live person

  27. hi l been trying to talk to someone about a power adapter and no one help me the put me too 6 people and l did get any were so pls tell me hows going to give me my money back.i got the power adapter i got one at sears i order the come today i put it in my kyros and i could not put it in it. my kyros mid8127 i got the adapter the mid was 8127 and it did not go in it pls help me

  28. I will never buy from cont again!!! I bought their dual DVD players for my kids and, when I opened them up they didn’t even work. I can’t even get someone on the phone to get it fixed. $130.00 down the drain!!

  29. Poor customer service wrong numbers. Don’t know if this company Coby really exist don’t buy any of their products

  30. Yes colby sucks. I bought mine on time and still have to pay each month for a broken device. You can’t get any help from the phone numbers and are not honoring warentys.

  31. I have a coby 9042 purchased last november, but now theres no poer, charging slot and usb slot is not functioning…. NO POWER AT ALL…. also the speaker is not functioning.. what is the bestvway tobdo withbthat tab? plase do reply..

  32. i purchased a 7in ice-cream tabley a yr ago at hhgreggs in ciillicothe, ohio. it was a coby on sale, but when i opened it, it came on, but low battery or etc. i took it back, said because i first time, i did not buy a warranty, they could not recommend me help, it wasnt any good. they really were rude. we spent over 3000.00 there for 3 camers, 3 tvs, etc. i bought a coby flat screen tv , radio combo there with never a problem with coby. they recommended, buy another would be cheaper. my business with them is over, but advertising for them. any suggestions for one i never got to use? just my luck i guess.

  33. Really disappointed!! Cannot even get in touch with Koby. Is this a trick? Dose your customer service really exist? I’m afraid to leave my email; some travel agency trying to get in contact with me!

  34. I agree this is a cheap product do not buy one. I got one and uses it until the battery ran down now it won’t charge and tech support was no help. Buy another bra kl.

  35. I purchased a Coby MP3 player at the airport…I’ve followed all instructions, and I have to plug it into my computer, after which it will appear on the desktop like any other external storage media type unit…. but NO computer I plug it into will recognize it.

    I’ve emailed customer service and had the email mailer-daemon returned, and every number I call for them is either invalid, cuts me off after a bunch of bs recorded messages that have nothing to do with anything, or there is a nonstop busy signal.

    VERY upset with this Coby problem. And I will be making sure EVERYONE I know, knows to not buy ANY Coby product. ( and I know a LOT of people )

  36. The Coby 939 unit we received does not work!!! We have tried all numbers on the paperwork but they DO NOT WORK!!! The tech service was of no use.

    AGAIN THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I have one our Tabets Coby Kyros and where pug it in 2 charge it need’s a new one in it. So pezl Get back 2 me soon.

  39. This isn’t even the customer service line. Nowhere on the internet am I able to find the customer service line.

  40. I agree with all the reviews that I have read and not one is positive. This is a bad company. Do not buy a Coby product.

  41. I purchase a Coby TV from Shopnbc the TV stop working can’t give money or new TV . Per Shopnbc company is out of business, can you beat that, who cares about the work people no one.

  42. I have tried to contact you people on all the Nos. on your web site, nothing works. The same goes for your COBY Kyros MID9740. This went out after less than one year. It is obvious I can get no support from you. I will purchase another pad, but be assured it will not be a COBY.

  43. I have a Coby Kyros Internet Tablet. I am having problems and I have called every phone number and all of the numbers have disconnected or I get someone that does not deal with Coby Tablets. I want a service tech to call me asap this problem has gone on for approximately one month. I cannot use my tablet.

  44. I agree with all previous customers – Coby should stop selling their stuff. Maybe we should start a class action lawsuit against this company for FRAUD!!!! It shows they have a website, which they don’t,, shows they are on facebook,,,, they aren’t. I can’t use my tablet either, they suck!!!

  45. I am tired of calling this company before the warranty up and no one respond to me via email or call you guys are a rip off and making us hard working parents buy your products for gifts for our kids and it don’t work and not even a call back you guys need to be put out of business I am mad ass parent right now

  46. A visitor to my home adjusted the color on my 32″ television and I need help to re-set it. I have called every numbers in the manual including the Canadian # also, what the heck is going on.The # are company offer free cruise or $100 free gift card w/ 4.95 fees that not free if you pay a fee.I can not get in touch with COBY electronics about my television. PLEASE SOMEONE,I need a working phone numbers.

  47. Never again will I buy anything that has coby on it. Their customer service is plain stupid. That is if you get to talk to anyone. This is not right for any company big or small. I’am putting my in the trash right now

  48. I think this so called company shold be outlawed in the united states and sued for selling inferier products and claiming to have a tecnical department.They dont even have a cusomer service department.They only have a promotions department that doesnt even know any numbers for tecnical department. Hell the damn so called corparate department number isnt even in operation.My opinion is a class action lawsuit to ban this company from the united states.But at best im going to write all the corparate companies i can find that sell these products and ask the corparate offices to try to find a number for tec support or customer service and im very tenatious.

  49. This is the sorriest so called company i have ever tried to contact.They do not have tec support nor do they have a customer support they only have a promotion department that want to get your credit card number. In my opinion its a scam set up for identity thieft. They should be banned from selling in the united states. better yet i,ll just contact every store that i find that sells the products coparate offices and ask them to call the tec support and customer support and have them call me if every person that is dissatified with this company does this not 1 single retailer will want to carry thier product any longer well got lots of calls to make and lookup.And to coby im very tenatious so dont think i will give up.Im so tenatious i had my state refund me 3000 dollars just to never have to hear from me again. If that doesnt work well mabye a class action suit will open this so called corparations eyes.

  50. MY COBY MP827 IS NOT WORKING DOES THIS MP 827 HAVE TO WORK WITH A MEMORY CARD I cannot get anything work taking pictures set time calendar date, setting radio using video dv how to save time and calendar date there no buttons to save anything nothing seems to be saving or even working touch screen not working u have to press screen really hard like it would break booklet not explaining anything can you email me back some answers to these problems ASAP

  51. I have tried and tried and tried your phone numbers and cannot get through to talk to a English speaking customer service rep. Do you have anyone that can answer the phones and answer consumer questions?

  52. I purchased a coby kyros and it doesnt even have 10 hours on it. When you turn it on it says coby on the screen and then after a couple seconds then says android in highlight across the word. It doesnt do any thing else. I want a new one or this one fixed.

  53. I just purchased this tablet…turned it on only worked for 30 min. totally froze.. wont turn off…wont turn on. Nothing!!!!!
    I have tried to contact someone with this sorry company and only get sales pitches for auto insurance, cruise ships and trips to las vegas. I am so disgusted with this. I will never ever buy another product from this company.

  54. i have one of your radio,cd player and most trouble I have ever had, this morning it wouldn’t even power up, i think you need a new plan if you want a good brand name, Jay Black

  55. COBY sux. I tried all 5 service numbers only to be put on a loop that tried to sell me some thing. I was never able to talk to a live person about the TV I bought. Their customer service is none existent. On a scale of 1 – 5 I would give them a ZERO.

  56. I need replacement the screen for a TV led 5028 50 inch 1080p 60hz. Where can buy the screen. Please a need help me.

  57. I have tried several time to reach techsupport or customer service about my coby tablet. The customer services numbers don’t work nor are they the right #.what kind of product or you guys making and not having the righ phone number to contact when having problem. Your product and service stink. Will tell everone i know not to buy your products of any kind.

  58. This company is so irritating!! I have tried to call customer service, even corporate, and can’t get a working number!! The only thing I hear are promotional offers: vacation, credit voucher to a local retailer, etc. I am so frustrated beyond words!! DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! You will never be able to reach customer service. I don’t think they exist! I’m even trying to call the phone number provided in the owner’s manual and I can’t reach the company.

  59. I called up the 1800 number on the box to see if they could help me set up my DVD player and all I get is talking about coupons. This is not even the right number on the box

  60. I tried the contact numbers listed and they all were for a vacation. I just want to be able to download some games for my grandson…. This is terrible!!!!! Nothing is linked to any of their websites.
    I don’t think “COBY” is a real company…..

  61. I called the number listed in and the person that answered said Coby went out of business…. Why are they still selling tablets??????????????

  62. trying get infor on wall mounting a 22in tv–called the 800# and the 877# all I could get was a sales pitch about some ‘special offer”— was never able to get any tech support —-When I purchased thi TV 3 yrs ago the support wasexcellent —now very bad too busy selling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coupons



  64. i too bought a coby portable tv that i need support. absolutely no way to contact coby. all contact info is bad

  65. i’m with any one that thinks this kyros tablet is a peace. you cant get a hold of any one .or they don’t want to talk to any one.I think that this is no way to run a bussniess

  66. Have been trying to reach some one about my tv which has a recall, and can’t seem to reach anyone. You are not a reliable company. and I will never purchase any of your coby products again. Peaple be ware

  67. general info # i have listed on my paperwork as tech support, but only wants to sell me stuff and will not answer any tech problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. I also tried to talk to tech support about a coby tv with no luck. First they transferred my call to some person who was trying to sell me something and when I told him I was not interested instead of transferring me to tech support he hung up on me. Believe me I will never buy another Coby product.

  69. Just got my tablet just bought it and its giving me trouble already and I can contact nobody what’s going on with this company the fraud someone needs to write two best Business Bureau they are steam stealing Americans hard-working money

  70. I accidently broke the tv remote control so I would like to get a new one so how can I order it ? the remote number on the bottom ( front ) is Coby RC-056
    Please reply asap thanks

  71. Nebraska Furniture Mart needs to stop selling Coby televisions, the phone numbers are bad and you only get stupid offers that you really don’t need or want. You can’t even contact them by e-mail either.

  72. what is your company motto? could it be “buy our crap but do NOT TRY TO CONTACT US. every phone # i’ve called has been redirected. i would rather be told ANYTHING than to be ignored. come on. get real or get out of business.

  73. Have found an old Coby Internet Tablet (MID7012),
    Cannot figure out the pattern to unlock it.
    Is there a default to “break in”?

  74. Have a coby theater system that just stopped playing then wouldn’t power on at all to even get the cd/DVD out. Did all of the troubleshooting. Now finding out Coby can’t even be reached as if they only existed for not warranting or helping the consumer that received their product. What is the best way to solve the issue? Trying corresponding electronics fixers or the company should able to be reached or the consumer realized the coby electronics Corp is fraud? If anyone has suggestions on the best way to solve please post thanks

  75. I didn’t get help at all, just some jackass kept hanging up. I got a COBY 39″ TV and I need the Input Source # to program it to a LG DVD/CD Player # DP132. IF COBY going sale item then comsumer service needs to be just that service not a ongoing rude stress service.

  76. what customer support. no valid numbers to get any information. we should all tell anyone who is making the mistake of buying one of there products to try and get customer service b/4 they do

  77. The worst! !! Non working phone number mini speaker only lasted 2 months and there isn’t a year manufacturer warranty and this trash of a speaker!! SAVE YOUR YOURSELF TIME AND MONEY..DO NOT PURCHASE! !!

  78. I have been trying to customer service but just get an advertisement voice and never can get to a customer service to help me with a tv problem how do i call them direct


  80. my new coby dvd938 with a S/N 03512007458 it can’t turn on. In other words, it doesn’t work. Please3, I need a help.
    I am,

  81. Good Evening,
    I have a Coby DVD 536. The power light comes on when it is plugged in, however, it will not open using the remote nor will it open using the open button on the unit.

    I have tried numerous times to call the tech support lines without any success.
    Please advise me what to do to troubleshoot the unit.

  82. Hi,
    I am looking for a tv base and stand for coby tftv3925. Please let me know how much and where I can order.
    Fariyal Ali

  83. I have a cd/am/fm player portable (sports) model. It stopped working and I can’t find the manual as to how it works. Can you help? 813-731-4478

  84. This is a joke. I called one of their numbers and ended up with someone who wanted my credit card number so they could send me a gift card. The number had no connection with Coby whatsoever.

  85. I’m trying to reach them because my MP3 won’t connect to my PC….windows says it malfunction last time so windows no longer recognizes it… basically I can listen to the radio with this unit and nothing more! That’s the last time I buy anything from them.

  86. The sound on the Coby tv I bought for my grandson when he visits my home does not work all of a sudden. Despite checking to make sure everything is connected properly & disconnecting & reconnecting we still have no sound. Mute is not on & volume is up. The tv is not very old & has not been used much. When I went to the website to try & troubleshoot & ask a question of a “Coby technician” I discovered it would cost $47. Wow! My hubby says for $100 more we can get a new tv (def not a Coby) & even if I paid the $$ they could probably not fix the problem. So I will get a new tv that is not Coby, will never buy anything Coby again & tell everyone I know about the product & the crappy customer/technical service!

  87. I called for technical support with a Coby DVD player. All I could get was several recorded messages telling me I had won prizes. I finally spoke to an agent who offered me another prize and put me on hold for 20 minutes!

  88. Their TVs are no better it has black lines across the tv and it does not come on like it supposed too. The volume so up to 63 and won’t come back down.

  89. I am trying to get tech support for my copy TV/DVD player. Your Phone contact numbers are just selling other products. If I cannot get help with my unit I will have to buy another one and it sure will not be a copy product.

  90. Here is another company I am annoyed with. Years ago, I bought a Coby radio/phone. The radio is always static & the phone lasted only a month & stopped working. When I wrote to them several times, NO answer whatsoever. What the heck is wrong with them??

    • They’re No Longer In Business, Since 2013!!! That’s Messed Up Though, You’re Not The Only One With A Problem With Their Products, I Got A Portable DVD/TV 7″ Player, I Can’t Watch The TV Because The Channels Are Blocked, I’m Not Sure What Code To Use To Unblock Them, But Anyhoo It Is What It Is!!!!

  91. I’m Just Really Finding Out That COBY ELECTRONICS Is Now Defunct, Out Of Business; This Is Messed Up Because I Have A Portable DVD/TV 7″ PLAYER, For Some Reason I Can’t Watch The TV, Because It’s Blocked, And When I Bought It The Gentleman Gave Me This Product Without The Box And Instructions, I Paid $79 For This Garbage Ass Thing, Whereas I Should’ve Known Better, Literally Put On My “Buyer Beware” Cap On, I Wasn’t Thinking Then, Now I Don’t Know What To Do To Unlock The Dammnn Thing So I Watch The TV!!! My Thing Is, I Still See A Lot Of COBY Products Being Sold, Be It TV’s, DVDs Players, Boomboxes, etc., That’s F’d Up, Especially In The Independent Electronic Stores, With Unsuspecting Customers Buying Their Stuff!!! Gotta Call The BBB About This, And Get My Money Back, It’s Unfair!!! I’m Not Buying Anything Else COBY Ever Again, NOW THAT I KNOW THEY’RE NOT IN BUSINESS ANYMORE!!!

  92. I like what you make but if i could get my problem fixed i would be very thankful if u could fix my 2g mp3 player i have of yours thanks for your time

  93. I have 2 Coby portable DVD players that stopped working, trying to reach customer service with no luck. Very disappointed! Some resolution would be nice.

  94. Good day, I have a coby dp 862 digital picture frame but after moving house have misplaced the remote. Is it possible to purchase another remote?

  95. We have a Coby TV (TFT LCD Widescreen Television- (4028) and for the past two years have been able to watch ESPN TV and Netflix using our MacBook Pro computer and our special attachments connecting to HDMI connection. We just returned to FL and attached again doing the same thing and can’t get our TV to make the connection as it did in the past. We went out to the porch and tried a smaller TV and it connected immediately. Any ideas??

    Thanks so much!

  96. hello, I am in need of s Owners manual for a Coby Kyros WDVR-1650S DVR. The one that I have is beginning to have programming issues and I cannot find my original owners manual. Thank you

  97. Okay I know now just throw the junk away!!! I went on a cruise with a brand new unopened Coby CD player. Even though not a recent purchase brand new out the box. Never worked!! The biggest disappointment if my cruise. Had bought an adapter which appeared to be included. This was in April So I now see a waste of time. File 13

  98. Afternoon. Terrible service via Chat. Ask questions which I answer only to be directed to a credit card request page. Not helpful at all. A technician should tell me if the repairs can be completed at all before I submit my credit card which I’m not inclined to do via internet page you tell me is secure

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