Contact Clear Customer Service

Contact Clear Customer Service

Contacting Clear Customer Service Center

Clear is an Internet company offering home and mobile 4G network access for a monthly charge. Both home and mobile Internet prices are the same so customers may be best served purchasing mobile Internet for ease of access wherever Clear Internet coverage is available.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Clear customer service and sales departments are available to answer questions about your Clear account or about Clear Internet service. There are no hours of operation listed.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-888-3113
  • Sales Department: 1-877-499-6681
  • International: 1-702-965-1481

Mailing Address

The physical mailing address for Clear customer service is located in Illinois. This is the address where you can send letters of compliments or complaint, but it is not necessarily the local address to your Clear store. You can find a local store address using the search box on the contact page at

ClearAttn: Customer ServiceDept. CH 14365Palatine, IL 60055

Official Website

Customers interested in learning more about Clear Internet can visit the official website at Clear is not available in all areas. You can visit the coverage map at to see if Clear Internet is accessible from your location.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address or contact form listed for Clear customer service. The online chat option is a good alternative to email contact. If you would prefer to chat with a customer service representative online you can visit the contact page at and click on the plus symbol next to the words Chat Now. You will be asked to enter a small amount of information, including name and phone number before starting the chat.

Our Experience

When we called Clear customer service our call was answered by an automated system offering two options – press 1 if you are a Clear customer or 2 if you are interested in purchasing Clear Internet. For the sake of customer service we pressed 1. We were asked for a customer number or phone number. We tried to press 0 to skip this part of the call, but our call was immediately disconnected. When we called back we pressed 2 for new customer issues and 2 to add new service. We were again asked for a customer number or phone number. Without that information you cannot reach customer service for your account. When we directed our call to the sales department for new service the call was answered in less than one minute.

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  1. It is very difficult. To get you customer service njumber in Fort Wayne I am older I would be be very sorry for anyone older than me trying to get a simple number on your system please make it simple especially for people who are just now how learning how to text and use the computer it has taken me a whole hour to just find the customer service number to find out about my bill and every number I gotten tht lines were busy need hep

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