Contact Citizens Bank Customer Service

Contacting Citizens Bank Customer Service Center

Citizens Bank is a small bank operating in four states with about 220 offices and 250 ATMs. Compared to the larger corporate banks like Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, Citizens Bank is a baby, but only in size. The bank was first established in the 1870s, so there is age and strength behind the company.

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Contact Info

We found very little contact information for Citizens Bank because this is a small company. All of the phone numbers listed can be used by customers in all four states – Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. There are local branches in each state. Customers can feel free to contact the local branches with questions and concerns, or they can stick with the general contact information listed here.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Client Services: 1-800-676-6276
  • Client Sales: 1-800-444-6989
  • Online Banking: 1-888-493-5142
  • Commercial Client Services: 1-800-946-2264
  • Automated Banking: 1-800-806-1692
  • Red eSpend Cards: 1-888-722-7377

Mailing Address

Citizens Bank

328 S. Saginaw Street

Flint, MI 48502

Official Website

Citizens Bank operates an official website at for current and new customers. Customers can register for account access with the bank and take advantage of online banking options from this website.

Online chat is available for Citizens Bank customers during normal business hours. Your security is extremely important to the bank, so you won’t be asked for your social security number at any time. You may be asked for your account number depending on the purpose of your contact.

Customer Service Email

Emailing customer service is a good option for some customers, especially if they want a response faster than snail mail and they don’t want to call customer service. All it takes is a few moments to fill out the secure email form on the Citizens Bank website. The bank does not list an email address for customers to communicate from a personal email account, but once the customer service department responds to your email communication, you can converse from your email without sending a new secure form.

Our Experience

Calling any bank or financial institution typically means waiting through a confusing automated system and then waiting on hold for a longer period of time. What we noticed when we contacted Citizens Bank, is the company wants to address the concerns of the customers. We waited less than 60 seconds before we were speaking with a live customer service representative. We inquired about financial services other than banking, specifically, where do we find the material. The representative explained they could email us the information as requested.

Not many times do companies go above and beyond, but Citizens Bank did. We want to hear from customers just like you. Share your thoughts and concerns with us.

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