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Contacting Cincinnati Bell Customer Service Center

Cincinnati Bell is a cable, home phone, wireless and Internet provider in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. In addition to traditional telecommunications services, the company also resells energy and provides home security systems. Companies offering a one-stop shop for all consumer needs are growing by leaps and bounds. Instead of dealing with multiple providers, customers have one account with one company and take advantage of reduced pricing for bundling services.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Cincinnati Bell customer service is available to address your needs, but you’ll need to call the appropriate phone number to reach the customer service representative trained to handle your issues.

  • Residential Customer Service: 1-888-246-2355
  • Business Customer Service: 1-513-566-5050
  • Wireless: 1-888-391-3925 or 611
  • CBTS: 1-513-841-500
  • Residential Repair Services: 1-513-566-1511 or 611
  • Zoom Town: 1-513-397-4357
  • Fioptics: 1-513-565-9890
  • Dedicated Data: 1-800-387-3638
  • VOIP: 1-888-638-1699

Mailing Address

Sending a letter is often the best choice for some customers, but sending the letter to the wrong address could mean never receiving a response at all. Any letter to customer service should be addressed to the Customer Service Manager.

Customer Service ManagerCincinnati Bell Telephone CompanyP.O. Box 693Cincinnati, OH 45201

If the customer service manager does not resolve your dispute, customers can also contact the state Public Utilities Commission, Office of the Consumers’ Counsel or the Attorney General.

Official Website

Customers in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky can access customer service via the official website at This website serves two purposes – retail and support. The retail portion of the website is quite apparent as the front page is all about selling new and existing customers on special deals and bundles. The customer service portion of the site can be accessed by clicking the Customer Support link at the top of the page.

Customer Service Email

Customer service contact is available by email and online contact form. The email address for customer service is The online contact forms are listed at so customers can choose the best department based on the problem, concern or compliment they’d like to pass along.

Our Experience

When we called customer service the call was answered by the typical automated system. We pressed 0 to bypass entering our phone number, but the system just asked us to enter the phone number again. We pressed 0 a few more times until the system asked us to press 1 for residential customer service. We pressed 1 and the call was immediately answered by a representative named Shelly. Shelly was happy to tell us that Cincinnati Bell indeed operated outside of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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33 Comments on “Contact Cincinnati Bell Customer Service
  1. I keep receiving automated calls for a ray lake whose bill is overdue. This happened some months ago and Cincinnati bell assured me that they would no longer call my number for his bills. I received a call last night and again today. I called customer service and the person in whatever country was totally clueless . IShe blocked Cincinnati bell from calling me but I did not ask for that ad I am a Cincinnati bell wireless customer. I tried explaining the situation over and over. I asked to speak to a supervisor and I am currently on hold for about x25 minutes. This is an outrage and not customer service but a disservice

  2. I have a 2 year contract with Cincinnati Bell for 2 year . In 1 year and 10 month both off my phone stop working. call and ask if I could sing a new contract. The only thing that could be done was to buy a phone for 130.00 each. Or use a loner phone. I paid 166.00 a month, for ever thing, this phone are very basic phone, I would still have to paid 166.00 month. Also you have to go to one if there store. Call 2 of there store close to me they did not have any. the next store is about 50 miles away, each way. And each phone will be 50.00 each and I would have to take them back 50 miles each way. On may 21 I would get my phone free.So for a loner phone it would cost me 375.00 and 4-5 hour or pay 260.00 for junk phone. Or free phone what do you do? Tell Cincinnati bell to go to !!!!! GO with some one els

  3. I am still having trouble with my telephone.
    When I pick up the phone to check my voice mail I get this recording “You are not currently subscribed to the privacy
    defender service. WEhatever this means.
    This is the problem I had all last week. I finally got someone to correct it. Now, today, I tried to check my voice mail and get the same message. Isn’t there something that Cincinnati Bell can do. If not, I will need to go to another company.

    Someone was here from Cincinnati Bell this morning and everything
    was working, I was able to get voice mail messages. Like I said previously, my brother in PA is very ill and if something happens to him, I would like to check my voice mail.

    I hope that something can be done before I decide to go to another company.

  4. We lost our phone (land line) this morning and wanted to report it. The contact person she was more of a hindrance than help stumbling through prepared explanations, and barely understandable. Was put on hold for about 30 + minutes without any real help provided. Finally tired of holding for the service technician see transfer me to,I hung up in discuss. No phone service and no one to help

    So what do I think about Cincinnati Bells service. NOT VERY MUCH!

  5. I just had your internet and phone installed last week and can’t
    print screens.
    It was not tested the day it was installed so it may have never
    Now you want to charge $75.00 to fix it.
    I would have been better off staying with Time Warner

  6. Please send me a detailed bill, separating the total bill amounts into the details that make up the total amount.
    Thank You.

  7. I recently moved had cinti.Bell Bundle,.we were told to take all equipment with us,which we did.It took 3 days three different installers to get us t.v. And Internet service.our phone worked as soon as we plugged them in ,our t.v. Service took over a week to work properly.They used all of the equipment we brought with us and existing cables in the a bill yesterday for 250.00 charging us for the cables and the boxes and setting up phone service.I called this a.m. After worrying about it all night,and the customer service knew the minute I complained and took the charges off,I complained about the phone hookup telling him it worked,and I have been a cinti bell customer all my life,he took those charges off,my bill came down to 94.00,do they do this because they hope you’ll just pay it with no questions,I am so tired of Cinti Bell,this isn’t the first time they have had to adjust bills,I feel like they are taking advantage of older customers!!!

  8. I have spent over four hours with people in the Philippines who could barely speak English. I asked to speak to a supervisor the girl asked why I told her she was not. Answering my questions she hung up on me. I then spoke to another Philippine and a supervisor and thought things were correct. I never received a email confirmation. On the fourth and fifth call I learned that first girl told me she changed my email on my account and she did not. The notification went to another email I no longer use. I kept asking for a supervisor to correct this matter and finally the transferred me to someone in Cincinnati and she sent me the email corrected in a few minutes. The philipinos told me they could not change the email and I could not get a receipt. Please cincinnati bell give Americans back the jobs I hate dealing with your call centers overseas

  9. I have been a customer of Cincinnati bell for 30 years with no problems but 2years ago I switch to their cell phone service big mistake when my contrack was up I switched carriers and was charged for 2 phones for the whole month because they don’t credit for cell phones even though I was canceled the service on the 4 of the month was told billing starts on the 3 so when my granddaughter contract was up I canceled on the 2 of the month since the billing starts on the 3 that was on January 2 and I am still getting charged even after 3 phone calls no wonder your cell phones service is going out of business

  10. My TV services keeps going out. I need help or if you don’t want me as a customer I will go back to cable!!!!!!

  11. The wait time on calls for fioptic sevices is extremely long. I waited 24 mins. and still was unable to speak with anyone. frustrating!

  12. I cancelled my phone service on the last day of the billing cycle. I had to talk to three different foreigners and be on hold for long periods of time. The final rep I spoke to said I would receive a final bill in the mail for $0, since I was already paid in full. When I got the final bill, of course they did not cancel the long distance. There was a charge for the billing cycle starting the day after I cancelled. I called again to have this corrected, only to be met with a very argumentative foreigner. After refusing to correct the issue, and telling me I would receive yet another bill next month, I insisted on speaking with her supervisor. Big surprise, he was also foreign, and also continued to argue with me. I asked if he was reading the same script as the woman, because he was giving identical responses to everything. I had to ask him at least 30 times if the would correct the bill and cancel the service. He insisted that there was nothing wrong with the current bill, and I would still receive another bill (2 billing cycles after cancelling). Finally, I got him to say he would wipe out the future bill, but still refused to correct the current one. This is Cincinnati Bell, not India Bell. No wonder so many Americans are out of work. They have zero interest in customer service, and not once did anyone I spoke to try to understand or correct the issue. They simply argue with you and refuse to correct it. I am so glad I cancelled the service (was getting overbilled for three years), and will never consider their services in the future for my home or business. I guarantee that I will get another bill next month, and have to do this all over again. What’s more messed up is I don’t even have their phone service anymore, so I can’t even use the long distance they are charging me for.

  13. I have tried three times today to talk to a service rep. first time I could not get thru second time I could not understand a word they said and got no help third time I left message I did get a call back from someone who I could not understand or hear I ask this time to have someone locally contact me I did not get a response that I could understand even my CapTel phone could not understand Iam not happy with cin.bell service

  14. I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks for this service call, scheduled for 12 – 4 12/10/2015. At 2:37 I called CBT Customer Service for FLIOPTICS. I ask what is the status of my scheduled appointment??? I was informed a technician had not been assigned the job yet…. I said it’s pretty late in the day… why wasn’t my job assigned, this morning? To which the agent responded “that isn’t the way it’s done…”
    CBT had no problem signing me up for gas service, they have provided Fioptics for a couple of years, and we always pay our bill on time, why doesn’t CBT know if my appointment will be kept, 90 minutes before the 4:00 deadline??!! By 4 I’ll be gone..


  16. My television service has gone out today Tuesday Feb 16. After spending 45 minutes on the phone with overseas support I was finally told they would need to send out a technician. Which is fine except the soonest appointment is Monday 6 days away and I will also need to miss work the first half of that day as Im told the time will be between 8am and noon. Very poor customer service. I would have expected someone this evening or at worst tomorrow.

  17. Your claim to be a telephone company is very frustrating. I have been given a number of different chances to use the internet to correct my phone problem and it seems the last priority on your part is to actually answer the telephone.
    If you answer my problem by sending me a email it only shows you truly do not care to connect with your customers. I have waited in excess of 10 minutes without being acknowledged by a person who may take an interest in my telephone problem. My telephone number is 513 553 9749.

  18. I spent hours on hold and then with a barely English speaking customer service representative over 3 days. Cincinnati Bell had shut off my phone and Fioptics service without my permission, my bill was paid up to date as it has been for the past 20 years. After a lot of run around and finally speaking to a supervisor they did it corrected and sent a tech to re-install my services – without notifying me of his coming. Luckily I was home sick that day otherwise I would not have known he was coming. Now this weekend I get a bill for not returning the box and a charge for the installment. When I call to talk about this the first thing the customer rep says to me is, “Can I have a call back number in case we get disconnected?” This doesn’t give you a warm fuzzy about their confidence in their own abilities. Does this sound like a high quality phone company? They can’t even rely on their phones to work properly!

    • I tried last week to schedule fioptics which is now in my area last week. spoke to a foreighner who was not able to answer my questions and he was very hard to understand. He refused to transfer me. I called again today. I have been a loyal custermer for almost 50 years. I was repeatedly routed to the Philipines. I called 3 different times. No one will transfer you to the US. I WILL NOT GO OVER MY ACCOUNT TO SOMEONE OVER SEAS. I was told several times that I was being transfered to a supervisor, but was put on hold for over 10 minutes each time. This is rediculous. I am not fond of Time Warner, but I guess that I will be transfering my home phone,and internet to them. Oh well, no one seems to care at Cincinnati Bell. It is a sad day indead. I am also going to be placing my displeasure on any and all social media and encouraging all of my friends, familly and social contacts to ban against this horrible abuse. this frustration is certainly not good for ones health!!!!!

  19. I have been trying for days to get an account balance because I apparently misplaced my bill. It’s really hard to find a number to phone and then you are connected to people in the Philippines. When I am forced to switch back to Time Warner (and I probably will be), it will be because I can’t get good customer service.

  20. ok, still on hold 22 minutes and 32 sec when a Rep said she would assist with a repair request. i’m waiting it out because to see the end result while i am working. ok now 25 minutes…

  21. I have been having problems with my TV’s freezing up during a program. This occurs at least four times a week and sometimes several times a day. I have your complete package which includes phone, TV and internet with five boxes. I left Time Warner do to their poor service and was assured Cincinnati Bell would be far superior but I’m not so sure. After calling for assistance I finally have a service tech. coming on May 25th to try to resolve the problem which is great. My real complaint is when I called the help line the person on the line was not in the United States and spoke broken English. I requested to talk to someone in the US and was given a run around and at one point was put on hold for about ten minutes. I am an AMERICAN and want to speak to an AMERICAN in the US when I call for help. I really think you need to do something to solve this problem. We have plenty of Americans who need jobs including but not limited to Veterans. I would like a phone number were I can reach an AMERICAN in the US when I call Cincinnati Bell’s Help Line.

    Waiting for your response

    Ben Joehnk

  22. Horrible service. I have had 3 service calls in past month. Took off half day of work and still no technician today. All calls are routed to Phillipines and they have a script they read. When tech finally shows up the only thing he will be doing is unhooking these boxes and take them with him. Time to go back to direct tv

  23. I’ve been with them for a couple of months, BIG MISTAKE!!! Their system doesn’t work my 100 meg internet is running at 25 and like everyone else has stated their customer service ABSOLUTELY SUCKS THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED

  24. asked to have my auto pay stopped, while I changed banks and they can not manage to do this for some reason, stating I HAVE to go on line if I want it done? What?! i just called every other company that I work with from house payment, to Rumpke, to allstate, to water co, to gas and electric and every credit line I have and it was as simple as asking them to do it and was then completed instantly…If I had wanted to, or could have, gone on line, I would not have not have waited the 15 minutes on hold to talk to them. UGH.
    and magically, when i ask to have cable stopped, all of a sudden, i can have it and internet for 1/2 what I am currently paying now. Just give the fair rates the first time, instead of having people jump through hoops!

  25. I called this morning because you charged me 4.98 for Long Distant charges, and in fact I pay $43.00 as a bundle for Phone Line W/Unlimited Long Distant. I Paid $92.65 I called back and found out I still owe $3.00 and change! Every month I have to call regarding my bill that you charge me for other things. I am sure you know there are other companies I can go to. Plus, when I call, I want to talk to someone in the USA. If you want to keep me as a customer, I expect a call from your customer rep, who speakes English

  26. I think Cincinnati Bell is shooting itself in the foot by taking customer service out of the US. Your reps speak English, but they cannot UNDERSTAND English. Everything is scripted and makes for a frustrating, lengthly (40 min. so far) call. Most people get so angry that they go back to whatever they were using before. It is a shame because the quality of the FiOptics network is superior but this poor service negates all the benefits. I cannot believe this unproductive work force is saving Cincinnati Bell any money. I’m on hold and looking out the window and the grass is growing faster than your customer service people. Makes me want to go postal !

  27. Your customer service is terrible! For the last two months My mo has experienced the loss of phone usage and it is not due to non-payment… this is ridiculous and I spent over 20 minutes on hold trying to resolve this phone error…You need to check the line to see if there is a problem with the phone line

  28. We hired someone to add top soil to level our front yard. A water meter and a Cincinnati bell utility box needed to be raised. The water company came out two days later and took care of raising the meter. The Cincinnati Bell people gave us a date for the follow week and never showed. When I called I was given a new date for the following week. Sure enough two weeks after my first call and they did not show. Then they have the nerve to ask me if I want to sign up for Cincinnati Bell. With the poor response and service I have received, no way!

  29. I want to compliment the service technician that came to work on my elderly neighbors land line. I don’t have his name but his service was performed on 1/3/20 in there afternoon. She has not had a dial tone for over a month and I called for service. The technician was just outstanding. He worked almost 4 hours on getting her a dial tone. The weather was not great and he spent quite a bit one time in the rain. In the end he was able to resolve the issue. He was friendly, professional and skillful. Her telephone number is 513-251-4636. Please extend my thanks for this high quality worked.

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