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Contacting Chuck E. Cheese’s Customer Service Center

Chuck E. Cheese’s is a family-fun restaurant that offers pizza, fun and party games. The restaurant is well-known for being a cool place to hold kid’s birthday parties. Chuck E. Cheese’s is a franchise, so your local restaurant is privately owned and operated, though franchisees are required to follow a base set of rules when they sign the franchise agreement. Most Chuck E. Cheese’s locations are open from 9 AM to 10 PM Sunday to Thursday and 9 AM to 11 PM Friday and Saturday. Some locations may offer different hours, so call your local restaurant before visiting to check hours.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You can use the Chuck E. Cheese’s phone number to contact the customer service department. The customer service department is open between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday to Friday and 7 AM and 3:30 PM Saturday and Sunday. All hours are CST.

  • Guest Relations: 1-888-778-7193
  • Corporate: 1-972-258-8507

Mailing Address

The main mailing address for Chuck E. Cheese’s customer service is the corporate office. It will take much longer to receive a response from customer service if you send a letter, but some customers feel more comfortable expressing problems via letter as opposed to calling an agent or emailing the customer service department.

Chuck E. Cheese’sAttn: CEC Entertainment, Inc. PO Box 152077Irving, TX 75015

Official Website

Visit http://www.chuckeCheese’ for information on parties, menus and food allergens used at all locations. Even though Chuck E. Cheese’s locations are franchised, all must offer the same menu – though prices will vary between locations.

Customer Service Email

Chuck E. Cheese’s customer service is available by email using the contact form at http://www.chuckeCheese’ The website claims the FAQs section is a faster means of answering common questions, so you may want to check the FAQs section before emailing customer service.

We contacted the customer service department by email and the Thank You page claimed a response will be received within 48 hours.

Our Experience

Our Chuck E. Cheese’s customer service experience was much better than we expected. The agent answered the call without an annoying automated system. Melinda, our agent for the minute, was happy to talk with us about food allergens and children’s parties. She told us that allergen-free foods were available and that our local restaurant would work with us to make the party as safe as possible, but the agent could not promise that NO allergens would be found on the equipment or inside the restaurant.

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258 Comments on “Contact Chuck E Cheeses Customer Service
  1. I spent lots of money last night at chucke e cheese & it had to be 1 of the worst times ever. I was celebrating my daughters 5th birthday. We were approached 5 diffrrent times starting at 9:15pm telling us to start preparing to leave cause they were having their xmas party that night. 40 % of the games didn’t work, out of pic paper, no tickets, no balls for ski ball machine, paddle missing for air hockey & so on. POP was all over the floor at all times by the pop machine. Pizza was awful, over cooked, .i had to cut it myself & it was warm not hot. My little girl got knocked down by other BIG kids when chucke came out to throw out free tickets ( she only got 2). Then employees were coming in & smelling like WEED, they were out in their cars smoking it, manager smelt it on them also (jeff) & I was watching him, he told them that he could smell it on them & they ALL were laughing then the manager saw me looking at them & he began to walk away until I said I need corporate number to report this. If your gonna have your employees doing drugs then make sure you keep it off the property & away from children. I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THAT YOU ALLOW YOUR EMPLOYEES TO USE DRUGS, NO DRUG TESTS WHEN WORKING WITH CHILDREN. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS & I DON’T BUT I WILL CONTACT THE B.B.B

  2. i was chuckie cheese for my nephews party he is special needs he got out was in parking lot alone . when brought back in by stranger . told manager they said would take care of it . the corporate office feels since we got money back all well this needs to addressed ,for safety of all children,

  3. I was at Chuck e Chesse in Kelso Washington and had the worst experence of all times at this CEC. I had five of my grandchildren with me and I was read for a great day with them. I had called the store and asked because I was having problems with printing a coupon. They told me I would just need to write down the numbers of the coupon code. So I went in and you know when my grandkids got there they wanted tokens fast and the manager there that went by the name cinnamon that was not wearing a name tag told me she needed to see the coupon. I had to go outside of the restraunt and pull the coupon back up on my phone because reception was bad in the store. I was getting very upset because the kids had to wait now over twenty minutes for me to pull up the coupon on my phone. Then I came back inside and showed her the code because I did not want to lose reception in the store. I then stood back in line to make my order. The manager said what was that code number. I was real upset now she already seen the coupon but wanted the code again. well I told her the code number I gave her the first time I had came in and would not honor that. Well I did end up buying two sets of coupons 100 tokens for 20 dollars and several drinks. But that was not the end of our bad service we recived. I spent over 80 dollars on my visit and when we went up to check out with our tickets the young girl that was helping us had used half of our tickets and then enformed us that she would be right back. She never came back to help us she went to kid check and we waited for someone else to come help us waiting over ten minutes for another employee to help us. My grandson bought a milar balloon and when we stepped out of the restraunt it flew away. no weight on the balloon. I will not ever go to this chuck e cheese again.

  4. Im very upset we came to bring our children to chuckee cheese spent over $300 and our coupons wasnt used and we had to wait 30 mins in the line to pick out prizes thanks for ur time

    • I’ve always had a great time I just have one question can I have a party at Chuck’s buffet and still pay the same price.

  5. I would like to start off by stating that we had a blast at our son’s bday party. We went to the Chuck E Cheese in Pico Rivera, CA. This is our 2nd year having our sons bday party there. Last year our hostess (Cynthia) was awesome! She was on to of every thing. She made sure we had drinks, plates, cups, hot pizzas available at all times. She was the hostess with the mostess. Since we had such a great time, we decided to come back this year. N guess who was our hostess this year!? Cynthia!!! We were soooo excited to have her host our bdat party again. Once again, she was on top of every thing. Making sure we had every thing we needed at all times. She made sure to have all of our guests involved in the bday singing n cake cutting. She was such a great host n I want to madge sure she gets credit for her excellent work.No one at our party had a bad experience, they all were complimenting Cynthias work. With that said, I’ll b back for many more parties (especially if Cynthia is our host). 🙂

  6. Very dissapointed in your Louisville Ky Hurstbourne store. We got the #4, two pizzas, four drinks, for us and our son. Upon sitting, some random lady grabbed our coins saying they were hers, she had the table reserved. after minutes of arguing and her realizing rhe store manager sat us there and they were indeed ours, she rudely walked away. We ate some of one, and took my son to play games. It was his first time there, and we drove from hodgenville, ky, about an hour away. As we were playing games, we realized half did not work but took our coins. They were busy, so we didnt ssay much. I figured we would get lots of tickets as we had 90 coins. Wrong. They did not double the tickets, he had 180, and that only allowed him a car, frog and bug that I seemed to pay 53.00 for that I could have gotten for a quarter out of a machine. So in going back to our table, our food and drinks were gone, and our jackets were thrown ti the side. The manager replaced one pizza, only to go back again to our table to find our things were moved to yet another table, jackets again thrown around.. it was a horrible experience and I feel a huge waste of money and gas. We will not be going back. That was highly disrespectful.

  7. It is very greedy of your company to charge 6.99 for a salad plus tax titles and Licsence. That would bring the total to almost 8.00 dollars . Are you really that greedy why don’t you disclose your salad profit margin to the public that way we can feel good about being ripped off and cheated

  8. I did not enjoy my experience at Chuck e Cheese. Besides having to wait for 5 minutes before checking us in even though we were the only people in line, we were FINALLY aloud to enter. There were unstaffed and only had two crabby seniors working the whole place. They need to get some new, young, FRIENDLY employees. The only good thing there was the pizza other than that there are less and less games, bad employees and slow service. Next time Chuck e Cheese will NOT be my first chose to go because I did not enjoy my experience!!!!!

  9. I drove two hours to take my 3kids to the savannah,ga chain where we were greated by the rudest employees ive ever was compleat joke how the staff hid from customers all the while no kind of crowd control what so ever.and when we waited 30 min to redeem tickets the employee told me i got to wait cause she was getting off leaving alot of folks waiting whinch in turn caused utter chos….i will never visit a chuck e cheese again unless this is made right i sspent alot of money last night to be treated like crap …..very very disapointed in savannahs work ethic

  10. My brother took my children to Chuck E. Cheese’s in Toledo, Ohio on Airport Hwy. When I got home that night my brother complained of his stomach hurting and everyone (except the baby) told me how bad the pizza, veggies, and fruit tasted to them. No one finished the pizza (never happened before). My oldest daughter said the oranges tasted like liquor. Everyone knows OLD oranges taste like liquor!! How could you feed CHILDREN bad food. Who does that????? ALl of Saturday my 5 yr old son and my 40 yr old brother vomitted and pooped off this bad food. Late Saturday and into Sunday my 18 month old vomitted and pooped. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED CHUCK E. What happened to your wonderful customer service???? We used to RAVE about you, now every time we leave we are shaking our heads. 🙂 SHAME ON YOU!

  11. The Chuck E Cheese located in North Little Rock, Ar is horrible! Their wings are the size of chicken nuggets and the pizza tastes aweful! Also, they have very poor management! One manager, by the name of “Anthony” is EXTREMELY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL! Several complaints have ben made on him, yet his attitude continues to STINK!Another one by the name of “GRAHAM”, seems to be very incompetent! He is almost as bad as Anthony! They also take advantage of their younger work crew as seeing both managers have been there for many years. One more, by the name of Tanner, also has a very bad disposition about himself! These people have been reported to their coorporate office by numerous people, yet, there hasn’t been any change! I would discourage anyone from going there! Plus, on the weekends, it’s so crowded, you can hardly move! I know they are way over the fire and safety code numbers as to how many guests can be in the building at one time! Nevertheless, their establishment is one I wouldn’t even want to take my dog to!!!! They seriously need to do some firing and hiring of some more friendly managers!

  12. I am having my daughters 7th birthday party at the chuck e cheese in Covina on San Bernardino Rd on May 4th, 2013. I already have over 30 people coming, both children and adults. Not all of the kids have RSVP’d yet, I am expecting more. I went and asked that some tables be reserved for me. I was refused any reserved tables unless I paid for a party package. I lost my job in October, and can not afford that for the amount of children I have attending. I am going to use coupons and buy all of the food and tokens for both the children and the adults that are coming. I am looking at spending at least $500 there already. I have been taking my kids there for years and do not like being treated like an unappreciated customer! My invitations have already gone out, or I would not be having my party there. I am expecting my last child this September, and will NEVER have his party there! All I asked for was some tables, they did not even need to be in the party area. They were still not willing to accomidate me. I just hope my daughter’s party is not ruined because we might not be able to get our tables together!!!!

  13. I just wanted to say that we had our daughters 3 rd birthday at the Brentwood, Ca Chuck E Cheese. Our party coach Blake was amazing along w the store manager. We had a wonderful experience. We were a party of 22 and the employees made us all feel so special. It was worth every penny spent. Blake was so sweet and went above and beyond. Dealing w 11 three year olds can be a challenge but not for her. I can’t wait to do it again next year. Thanks again ChuckeCheese in Brentwood Ca.

  14. since you one of your representatives have called me once I have been trying to get back in contact with her for a while now about something that happened at one of your locations. If you can please contact me as soon as possible.

  15. I just wanted to mention that we had my grandsons 3rd birthday at Chuck E Cheese in Irving, TX and Johanna was our hostess. We had to ask for everything that we needed. She would wander off and we would have to go around looking for her to ask for the things we needed. She did not have cake plates or plastic ware on the table. We had to ask for the adult cups & plates. The pizza was over cooked and hard. And we had to wait for that!! Several of the machines were out of tickets and several games were out of order without “Out of order” signs posted on the machines, so we were losing a lot of our tokens in machines that were not working. I feel it’s poor management to have machines not working properly or without signs to let their customers know, especially on a Sunday afternoon. I complained to the manager (Mike) about the service and he didn’t seem to care much. He said he was surprised about that, that Johanna was one of his best employee’s and I told him that surprised me. He offered me a free visit back with a free large pizza, drinks and 20 free tokens. I explained I wasn’t asking for anything for free. I wanted him to talk to Johanna and correct the problem so the next customer didn’t have to go through the same thing. He then went to help Johanna clean up the table and was making comments about “Everyone has bad days and today must be her day” and laughing. I don’t feel that was professional. Obviously he doesn’t take customer satisfaction very seriously, but I feel if I am paying that much money for a hosted party, I expect to get the service we paid for. I hope a manager within your corporate office can find this more important than the staff at the Irving, TX location. Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated.

  16. the Chuck E Cheese located at 139 Flatbush avenue
    Brooklyn, NY, 11217 in Atlantic Center Mall. This Chuck E Cheese is one of the worse Chuck E Cheese that I have been to. I live very close to this Chuck E Cheese but travel to other locations for better customer service and a sanitary location. The bathrooms have urine and toilet tissue on the floors and there is no soap or paper towel to clean your hands. I waited over an hour and a half for 1 pizza pie and wings. After an hour I asked about the extended wait and I was told “how do you expect us to find your table with all these people here.” I do understand that there are larger crowds at Atlantic Mall but that is no excuse for unsanitary conditions and discourteous customer service. Something needs to be done. When asked about birthday parties from my peers I never mention the Chuck E Cheese at Atlantic Mall because I feel it is an embarrassment. I don’t know where to send this letter to make a difference but would like to begin to sound the alarm to an unacceptable situation that is occurring. If there is anymore that I can do please let me know. I would like to be able to walk to the Chuck E Cheese closes to me and not travel to get the proper service. All Chuck E Cheese should be equal.

  17. This short mixed kid with braids of the tyler store helped us with all of our menu options he is a great cashier of c.e.c tyler tx! He was outgoing and was excited to help us out to make great choices and save money I love the chuck.e.cheese of tyler tx! Thanks you tyler c.e.c and I think the cashiers name was dom , I’m not for sure but he was a lot of help! And he even gave me a applacation to feel out he was soo helpful !

  18. I went to celebrate my son’s and two granddaughter birthday, at Chuck E Chesse in Glen Burnie, Maryland. AT 3:14 p.m., I ordered a party trY of the hot buffalo wings and a large meat pizza combo. At 3:45 p.m., I went to the desk to inquire about my order and was told by one of the servers who delivered the other quest orders about my order, he said he would check. About 15 minutes later he came back confused stating “he was still checking” and on of my daughters went to inquire at the desk Gain. This time she was told the food had been delivered to our table. A sever came to our table check to check the tickets, and clearly could see the items were not on the table. At 4:24 p.m., I went to the manager and told him I had been waiting over an hour and fifteen minutes; he he would check the camera to see if I RECEIVED my order. I waited approximately 30 minutes and no word from the manager. I went to the desk and a person named CeeCee who I was told is the assistant manager, ask to see my receipt and I said I want the $45.+ credited back to my card. The manager said he could not give me a refund. After going back and forth CeeCee said she would only give me $27.00 back. I told her I want my card back, I reached out my hand for her to give me my card stating “I am going to call the police because she was trying to cheat me out of my money and call corporate on Monday. She threw my card at me and AND altercation started when my daughter saw her throw the card to me. The police came I did not receive all of my refund, no chargers were filed and me and my 27 quest were asked to leave without singing happy birthday to their three honorees and cutting the cake. The manager was so nonchalant and passive, I will not go to Chuck E Chesse until they change manager and fire Cee Cee. The other manager was good and the food was better I waited 15 minutes for them to replenish the salad bar.

  19. The Chuckie cheese is Mishawaka Indiana is absolutely dissugusting and the manager and staff is a joke! The place was a mess and it seemed like all the staff were running around like chickens with their heads cut off getting nothing accomplished. It was a waste of $$$ they started our party 45 mins late & the manager said he was sorry it was the new waitresses fault & didn’t offer us anything! Joke joke joke!

  20. I am very very upset with the treatment of little Jay on Sat. Dec. 21 2013 at the glen burnie chuck e cheeses. Summer and Dakota were so rude and horrible acting. That little boy has been thru so much in one year, his parents are young and don’t have a whole lot, the baby spent the first nine months of his life in the hospital so to be able to celebrate his first birthday was a huge thing to the family. But nine months in the hospital left them tight on money. So what they were a walk in party and not a reserved party with all the hoop a looopa… that should not of made a difference , they were given a bunch of tickets by family members from other party’s in the past, it didn’t make them thiefs or their friends thieves…. cripe all those two girls had to say was you are only allowed to use one at a time not all at one time… but no summer and Dakota have to make a big hoop a loo outta it and make them feel like trash… you know when I will bring my kids back to chuck e cheese… when the place manages to employ managers with personalities… who realize working at chuck e cheese is not equivilet with being god.

  21. hey i have a lil girl she is be 4 this year and she wnts to have her bd there and i was just woundering can we bring our own birthday cake how much is the pizza to have 2 diff kinds and do yal do the cups and naps and table

  22. I must give a HAND CLAP To Ms.Star at the new Waldorf,Md location..Great Job! Saturdays are VERY BUSY for Chuck.E Cheese..I usually do first open if I bring my three kids but this day we were in the area and my kids Aunt was suppose to bring them..long story short she was getting her nails done and I was turning around getting ready to get a refund and spoil my kids day. Ms.Star saw their faces and just wanted to know what happen…I explained what happen she gladly accommadated us!!!! Thank You So Much Ms.Star for making MY KIDS DAY Nt be ruined! Really Appreciated Ms.Star customer service..A+++

  23. On February 12, 2014 I thought I was taking my children out for a fun dinner. I soon realized it was by far the worst dining experience I’ve ever had. We arrived at the 2815 W. Expressway 83 Harlingen, TX 78550 location around 6pm. When we arrived I wanted my children to have a side salad along with their pizza.The manager Rob insisted (with every inappropriate attitude) that the salad bar closed at 6pm… The closing hours for Chuck E Cheese states it closes at 10pm. Not at 4:30, not at 6, and not at 9:59. At 10! I don’t understand why something as simple as a salad bar was to be put away FOUR hours prior to closing. I overheard another family nearby wanting to order wings for their family. That wasnt full filled either. So FYI to all you that want to eat here after 6, ONLY pizza is offered. Sounds ridiculous. I work at an indtitute where we have been awarded several JD Power and Accociate awards for our customer service. I serve great customer service everyday. I would never treat and speak to other human beings the way the workers at Chuck E Cheese speak to their customers. If no one ate there, all these people would be left without a job.

  24. Took my 3 year old on Saturday and was VERY Disappointed! It was filthy and chaotic! We waited 2 hours and 15 minutes for our pizza that NEVER came. Every time I asked where our food was I was told it will be out in 10 minutes! So finally I had to just ask for our money back because we were STARVING and our food obviously wasn’t coming. The employees were so rude and did NOT give me a refund. That was the first and LAST time we will ever go to Chuck e cheese!!!!!

  25. Had about 40 to 50 people at party. Spend close to 400 to 500. Birthday boy couldnt get in ticket booth even if u pay. Summer was very rude. Called me out in front of guest. Wouldn’t help out with kids cups considering they mix them up and only take a few drinks anyway. The owner of the chuckecheese before apollo took over would give us as 10 cups problem. He new how we were spending alot. And still got 30 cups. Summer treats customers rudely then looks in their face and say you are the one rude. Dakota was suppose to have district call me. Never happened. Corporate suppose to have someon call. Didnt take number so lets see how that goes. Its definely not place wehere a kid can be a kid. They also grabbed lighter out of hand and said I have to do that and walked away and never lit candles. We had to find matches. Rude rude rude. Been going there for 30 years. Always been great. Until the last 2 years. Come on apollo. Treat your good customers good.

    g there for 30 years. The last 2 has been horrible

  26. Recently went to the Chuck e cheese in Danvers, Ma. I cannot believe the health department has not closed this place down. I have the pictures to prove it that bathroom was the most dirty bathroom I have ever seen. I had already ordered and spent $80.00 and did not have the heart to explain to my two 4 year old nephews we could not stay. We did not eat the pizza because I was disgusted with the filth in this place. I have left a message for someone to call be back and I hope they do.

  27. chuck e cheese is a wonderful place to take my children. we always have a wonderful time when visiting chuck e cheese

  28. I was this past Friday May 13th at the Chuckecheese location on Long Island City( Northern Boulevard and 48street)My 3 year old son tripped and fell down next to a game machine, he bumped he head on the side, he was bleeding and right away he got a big lump on the side next to his eye, my wife picked him up and run to the Front Desk where I was with other kid, when I saw my son I asked an employee for some ice, I saw she was doing something else I tried to grab some ice from the Salad bar just a couple of ice cubs, this employee whose name was AMISHA jumped right away and screamed at me and told me “YOU CAN’T TAKE ICE FROM THERE” I said just a couple of ice cubes, don’t you see my kid is bleeding, she said you just can’t help yourself, I told my wife let’s go home this kids needs some help right away, there was two ladies seating on a table next to what was happening with Chukecheeses uniforms looks like there were Supervisors or managers they just look and they signal the employee like “LET HIM GO”, I am letting all my friends and my kids friends parents about this incident.

  29. you guys can erase all the complaints on this page that you don’t want people to read but you can’t erase the complaints people make to Better Business Bureau or Consumer Affairs about your business. Thank You very much…

  30. I don’t know how you stay in business went to the one in omaha ne spent about 400.00 for birthday party. Worse customer service ever. Spent 40.00 on 20 adult drinks when we went to fill them there was no ice. After finally finding a worker to ask to fill the ice was told there was no ice. I asked to speak to a manager he told me there was no ice I asked for a refund was told no that the pop was cold coming out of machine and if it got warm before we finished it to just dump out and refill because the refills were free . I asked him if they could just go buy Ice as there is a bag and save right across the street he said no. What kind of customer service is this. Then after all this it took an hour to get appetizers and never did get all that we ordered. Was told you got some of them we have to feed the other customers because there is only 1 cook. We wondered why on a Sunday afternoon there was only our party and 1 other now we know your lousy customer service has run everybody off to the competition. The bathrooms were filthy 1/2 the games and rides didn’t work 2 ticket counters were working at one time 1 Girl was running counter and checking the door and 4 workers were out smoking in parking lot. This is the worst experience we have ever had. You ought to be ashamed of yourselfs taking peoples hard earned money.

  31. Chuckie Cheese is a great place and its a good start for young people to begin working there if you work in the right location.
    The Chuckie Cheese in Middletown NY is NOT the best place to work. The managers Nixon and Chantilly are very unprofessional, treat their employees with no respect if they are young people and do not have the people skills to manage their employees.
    The facility is run by a bunch of children and they dont run it on an equal opportunity level. Service is ok facility semi clean.

  32. I would like to say my family and I had a really bad experience in chuck e cheese in city of bell in California Saturday July 19, took my kids cousins and aunt it was very nasty after we saw a roach on the wall by our table I brought it up to the managers attention and she try to give us a new pizza, tokens and cups for the kids didn’t feel save for my kids to even eat the pizza anymore this had been the worst place we usually go 3to4times a month after this we don’t think we would celebrate my son’s 5th birthday

  33. The chuck e cheese in Berwyn pa aka Devon is a very clean and proper place to be. All the employees there are super nice and always have a smile on there face, but I am very concerned about the one manager mike who is very rude to there guest and employees. I love your chuck e cheese very much and I wouldn’t want to see former guest not come anymore.

  34. My family an I went to chuckie cheese new location in port orange florida we had only been there with our 3 children about 20 minutes before my husband was approached by an employee an asked to pull his pants up he had a belt on an no one could see anything but a shirt hanging over his pants. Just as she said that to him there was another man with skinny jeans an a size small shirt on an we could all tell his under garmets were navy blue an not one employee said anything to him. So I nicely went over to the manager of the whole store an asked for corprates number he never once asked if he could help an was very rude he was rushing to tell me the number to corporate then rudely walked away. I did call corporate an they also did nothing an didn’t seem to care much at all. I love bringing my kids there an have been to many chuckie cheese ive never ever in my life had an employee say that to my husband before we always spend way more then 100 dollars while there an to be treated so badly by corporate an management i will never ever enter another chuckie cheese an ill be sure to let all my friends with small kids to also not go to chuckie cheese!!!! There is a saying when you work with people for every customer you piss off you can be sure you lost 100 customers!

  35. Today I had a Birthday for my Child who turned 3 and had a bad experience. First of all I waited at table for 30 minutes waiting for someone to help me and there was no hostess for us, finally I went to ask is someone going to help us the kids are here and waiting. I was told that the hostess did not show up today so they had to find someone else. Finally someone came to order pizza which took an hour the kids did not have tokens so I asked for them because the kids were waiting around for the tokens and asking when they were going to eat pizza, I felt bad because they had to wait. I only had half an hour to eat cake and open presents and was rushed because they had another party. I can’t believe the bad service I had. I usually have her party here every year but not sure if I will have it here next year.

  36. We came to the Modesto, Ca location and were very disappointed that the Chuck E mascot never even came out, and the entire section in front of the stage was blocked off as “reserved” but no one ever showed up to be seated there, so we couldn’t even sit close to the stage. The pizza is very small and overpriced. We had to purchase 2 just to have enough food for 2 adults and a 3 year old. We spent over $50 on 2 “large” one topping pizzas and a cupful of coins.
    We are very disappointed in what we got for our money and the fact that the mascot never even made an appearance was the final straw. No wonder there aren’t many people here.

  37. I just had my daughter 9th bday party there. I would say they didn’t have it together when we first got there they haven’t began to set up so the party was 15 min late getting started they didn’t know how to plan things. The lady doing my daughter party was very rude bossy didn’t know what she was doing she almost made my daughter miss her cake the last was never around to help with anything couldn’t get the order right other people had to help unpaid for a ticket blaster an she almost didn’t get to do that an open her gifts. It’s not worth the money I spent to have my daughter party there. I have email them an took them. Week to replay an still didn’t do nothing say call back next day an 4 days later still no phone call to work something out.

  38. I have a complain I was at Chuck E Cheese yesterday on the 17th of January at 2 p.m. I walked in the door with my grandchildren two women and one of my friends i sat down a waiter came over and says you cannot sit there unless you want food when did you decide that when you walking talkie cheese that you had to order food and giving them your money anyways for the kids to play the game they said okay I said okay a lot of food in a minute your way to said no need to order it now before you sit down or you can’t sit there then he decides he’s going to sign us a seat to sit when do you like people’s lives I am very disappointed in Chuck E Cheese is supposed to be a kids place and us how many people with a split need to auto before you can then we wanted then they told us to sit at a table next to a birthday party where we wanted to boost because I am older I’m not young they told me that isn’t one finally the manager came over and gave us a table then there was a booth in front of us on the side of us that said neither of a lady came in with for her kids took the sign off and set their way to came over and said you need to order food if you want to sit there she said well I’m tired I worked all day I need to sit here he said no you need to get up you need to order food to sit there she said okay let me get my kids in a lot of food she never on a pool while we were there she SAT there so I guess if you’re from another country or another race it’s okay to sit there and not a lot of food but you made me and my friend are the food before we could sit there that is not right I’m very disappointed and when I was in California they never did that at chucky cheese with my other two grandchildren I will never repeat never go to your Chuck E Cheese in Everett mass again and I will put it on facebook to all my friends that have grandchildren let’s go to Chuck E Cheese not to ever go to your experiment again thank you Mary Ellen Dion from Randolph mass

  39. I’ve been a loyal customer of CEC for almost 18 years. I’ve had good and not so great experiences at this establishment but last night I was shocked and extremely disappointed by what I realized. Chuck E Cheese is a complete scam and rip off. Each machine, game, or ride takes a quarter. But, my kids love the tokens so I like most unknowing parents buy them from the token dispenser. We all can do math and know 4 quarters per $1 so I expect if I put $10 in the dispenser I should get 40 tokens. Nooooooooooo this is the scam. Its not posted. Nor mentioned as far as I could see that you only get 3 tokens per $1. I’m sure most parents are unaware of this. There is no telling how many times I ignorantly put my money in trusting the machine would give me 4 per $1. But, last night I counted and was floored to find out I was short. But, no this is company policy. Stealing and tricking trusting parents. Now I totally understand why the mascot is a “mouse”. No no he is really a RAT. A dirty, dishonest, money hungry rat. Thanks a lot big business for showing why this world is going down hill morally.

  40. I went to Chuck e cheese in ocoee fl on 50 with my husband and kids. We had a amazing day in till my 4 year old daughter was playing a puppy game where you suppose to hit the bone down so the ball will throw in the puppy mouth. And she hit the side to the table of the game. I didn’t notice she had spit her chin. I walk her to my husband because she was crying. He notice she was cut bad. We went up front to ask for some tissue and they told us to go to the restroom, my husband didn’t want to take her in there cause it was dirty. So he ask a other associated in the prizing area she said they didn’t have noting up front. So a customer got upset and said you guys have to have a first aid kit. So she went back and ask the mananger for bandage’s. Finally manager came out and ask what happened we explained took my daughter to the er and they put skin glue. I was really upset because the associated are suppose to kno customers come first. Seem like they didn’t care. Manager told me corporate was going to call me and I have not received a call and this happened Sunday January 18, 2015

  41. I have been to the newly opened Chuckecheese in Trinidad 3 times. On my first visit my child hurt her toe on the bathroom door, and after speaking to a manager by the name of Annelie, I vowed never to return, then I was contacted by a manager by the name of Sheldon, who plead with me to give them another chance, he was sympathetic to me and my child, gave us the insurance agent name, offered us a free visit, I took him up on the offer in Jan 2015 only for him to tell me he didn’t work there anymore, however to my amazement he offered to call the manager there and make the arrangements for my visit, he did and a manager by the name of Tim assisted me, it was great, Sheldon called me back to follow up, Again!!! amazing. The guy didn’t even work there, onto my visit last week!!!! Met Annelie again, first off it seemed short staffed, the place wasn’t very busy and the staff was not very friendly. I asked her for Tim and she told me he no longer worked there, too my amazement she was sitting with another male manager tall slim dark skinned guy with few teeth, I asked if she knew where Tim or Sheldon worked? she said no! and that they are both probably in jail, because they were fired for stealing, my mouth dropped. and she and the guy started laughing. I was shocked. I asked for the owners number and she said they were out of the country and she was in charge. I even called back and got her again. I think what was said about those two guys even if it was true, was highly unethical and possibly unlawful, I plan to contact these gentlemen and inform them that their characters are being severely damaged at that place. your service at that place is nothing like what I experienced in the past. The owners need to address this young woman, I was prepared to offer those 2 guys a job with my company, I probably still will. but I will never go back to that chuckecheese! never

  42. sent a comment yesterday, have not gotten an email confirmation. I will be sending an open letter to the editor of the local newspaper in Trinidad later today.


  44. My family and I attended Chucky E Cheese today Friday, February 27, 2015 at 12:17 PM. This Chucky cheese facility is located at Buford Georgia. During our visit there one of your employee was extremely rude to my wife. My Wife approached her “Natasha” and asked her for a to go tray, she never acknowledge my wife, turned towards another employee and told her to get her tray while doing so she looked back at my wife rolled her eyes in a very disrespectful manner. It seems like this individual had a bad attitude the moment we walked in, she never once greeted us. She seems like an angry individual that hated her job, I think she’s in the wrong field for that sort of attitude. We went there with intentions of having a good time but we left they are very irritated by this employee demeanor towards my wife.

  45. My family and I went to the chuck e cheese on north shackleford in little rock and they were rude!! My daughter and I went there all the time but I will now drive 20-30 minutes out of the way to go to the one in north little before I ever return to that one again!!

  46. Visited the Springfield, Pa. Location tonight between 630 and 800pm. Everything was going well. Service was good, food was what we expected. Then it was time to go. My grandsons and I went up to redeem their coupons. The gentleman that greeted my grandson, and I quote said”what you want?” This is not a proper way to greet a child. At that time I started to take a good look around. The salad bar looked like no one had attended to it since we arrived. The floor had not been sweep. Many tables have not been wiped down or ready for service. The front inside area, where you would order food, had a head scarf laying on the floor, right in front of the hostess for at least 20 minutes. If this is the way your franchise presents it self on a Monday night, I would be afraid to visit it on a Friday!

  47. Visited to the Chino, California Chuck E Cheese last weekend for a birthday party and was not pleased. The party hostess by the name Michelle was absolutely rude to us and especially to her co-workers who were just trying to help out. Her display of arrogance totally made me lose my appetite.


  49. I’m a employee at chuck e cheese in North Richland Hills TX and loved my job in fact I got the most compliments of how well it looked and how people just came back see I have down syndrome I was recently removed from working on the salad bar to working in the dishwasher area where a coworker told another coworker retarded not realizing I was close by the reason I got remove from the salad bar was a mom said I hurt her child the thing is that there was no video and me a person who loves kids and notices things would have asked what happened and actually have seen them and apparently a lot of employees go in and out of the door my mom asked for video and answer none would answered instead I have indeed working in a job with dishes when I should be able to get a better job with kids

  50. I had the worst experience of all time at chuck e cheese this past Saturday in the Waldorf location. They were very busy and had very few employees working. Their was only 2 people working the front and the merchandise line was very long. I never once seen a manage except once and she was standing around doing nothing just looking at the employees struggle. I asked the employee at the front what her name was and she said April. I then processed to ask her what does the managers do here bc it’s crazy and I don’t see anyone helping she told me the managers never do anything there but sit and tell them what to do which I could believe. Long story short they need to start putting more employees on the schedule.

  51. Went to my niece birthday this pass weekend and ordered wings and cheese bread wings were not done and cheese bread was burnt! Pizza was cold and it was a horrible experience staff wasn’t helpful with reslovibg issues will not be back to the south 27th location

  52. I have to say that we needed to throw together a last minute birthday party and Chuck E Cheese was to the rescue!!!! We went in 30 minutes before close and they accommodated us and Ben had Chuck E Cheese come out and sing Happy Birthday. They let us stay 40 min after close and bent over backwards to make sure we had a special night! Cannot thank you enough. Frederick, Md

  53. I personally worked at CEC Lynhaven in Virginia Beach , Va and I was treated poorly! I average 8 hours in two weeks with 16 hours a month I only stayed for three months cause after the first month my hours did not increase, mind you never got had a issue always showed up on time . I wasn’t perfect by all means but I wasn’t horrible and didn’t deserve 8 hours. They didn’t train me to do anything but kid check and the treated me as if I was retarded 99% of the time because my I was younger than most ( 18 ) I literally got no respect. The only reason I lasted two weeks was because the ” manager” took my off the employment thing because another employee gave me the wrong hours to take her shift. He said he “thought” I quit. How do you think someone quit without talking to them first. That’s bs and I know it’s against the law. He had no explanation in to why he pulled my name but then said I need to re apply .. I was not bout to re apply because I wasn’t making any money anyway and they are disrespectful to new employees. I world there all of three months only on the weekend when my availability was open for everyday anytime. Smh it was the worse job I had and would neve go back and want someone to go have a talk with them.

  54. The customer service at Franklin, TN chuck e cheese was awful. We ordered two pizzas and 4 adult drinks and 3 kid cups. They made a simple mistake and gave us only two adult cups, understandable right? So we asked the manager to just give us the correct cups but first she came over and while we are eating leans over our table to count how many cups we have and took one that was for tickets and threw it away. Only to come back with her bad attitude and hand me the two cups that we needed. So she goes to the back and comes back laughing with another worker and looking at our family. This lady shouldn’t be managing anything I will tell everyone I know about this experience and never come back. Thank goodness my 3 kids were not phased by her ugly attitude. I mean seriously, over two cups…

  55. I was having a good time at chuck e cheeses and went to the lady’s bathroom and they dirty. I talked to the man he said he was going to get someone to clean them I saw a lady go in to clean the when she got out I went to use them but they were the same dirty I have pictures that I could send you please respond to my email please

  56. I was planning to have a party at your Rockford location this Saturday but I had a party here a year or two ago and we were rushed and staff was rude! Why are the prices so high on packages don’t you have any coupons for birthday packages and you charge for adults and can’t bring in an extra pizza greatly disappointed

  57. I tried to use the code on the bottom of my Chuck E Cheese receipt to receive 20 free tickets and it said that the code has been taken. I’ve never used it before so I don’t know what’s going on? I wrote it ten times and the same thing popped up. Please help me fix this issue. Thanks!

  58. I reserved my son’s party at the CEC in jersey city,nj. It was horrible. Just 20mins into the party a lady jumped on my 4 yr old cousin and a few other kids. When we yelled to get off them the lady got nasty. I called for a manager who did nothing but kick us out. I called the cops. Even the cops said the manager was useless. My son did not get to have his party. I cant believe a place i take my son to 5-7 times a month would treat me like this. I am calling the office in the morning for a refund and to have the manager fired. He treated the nasty lady so nice because she was a friend of his. Well my family, friends and myself will not go there again. So horrible.

  59. Had a 10% off coupon I presented to the cashier and was told by the manager they did not accept discounts at the Monroe, La location. I paid $5 for the discount card to only be told I cant use it at the only location near me. Unacceptable.

  60. Worst experience of my life the lady was sweating all over everything so nasty my son will never go back and neither of the 12 parents who brought their kids

  61. I booked my daughters 4th birthday party at the Miamisburg, Ohio location at 12:30 on Sat. Oct. 3rd. First of all when we arrived at 12:15 they weren’t even ready for us. There were two hostesses in the area and neither of them even acknowledged us. Our party was supposed to start at 12:30 but our table wasn’t even ready until 1:10. The hostesses never introduced themselves, they didn’t bring drinks or take out orders until about 1:30 and the kids didn’t get their tokens until 1:30. The hostesses never announced when out food would arrive so basically they brought the pizzas an left them on the table. It was about 2:00 before we got out food. They never checked up on us. They didn’t sing happy birthday or Announce to my daughter that she could do the ticket booth. We had to go ask and when we did the hostess had an attitude and was rude to my husband and my FOUR year old daughter! I paid for the Mega package but never got goodie bags or ice cream cups or the piñata which I had paid $8 to have candy added to it. About 2:30 the hostesses finally acknowledged us only to give us our bill and to tell is to pay it as soon as possible and move out party down to a booth. I told the hostess that our party started 40 min late and that my daughter hadn’t even gotten to cut her cake or open her gifts yet. The hostess told me that that wasn’t her problem! I asked for the manager and she rolled her eyes and walked off. She never got the manager so I went to speak with the manager. I told her that we never got our piñata, ice cream, goodie bags and our party started late and she said that its corporates fault for overbooking them and to call them. She said that I was still responsible for my bill and if we didn’t leave at 2:30 then we are going to ruin another kids bday. She was so rude and nasty I couldn’t believe it. She even started laughing I my face when I told her that I would leave after my two hours was up. She yelled real loud “ok, ruin the next kids bday!” In front of all the guests! What about my kids bday!?!? We didn’t get half of the stuff I paid for, the worst service ever, the two rudest laziest servers I’ve ever had in my life, and a manager that was so rude and unprofessional. We didn’t get to sing happy birthday, do the cake, or open presents! Her birthday was completely ruined. I was so embarrassed for my guests and hurt for my daughter. I had my daughters 3rd birthday there last year and had a great experience and that is why we came back this year. But it was so awful this time that I will never ever come back. Neither will any of the guests that we invited. They were so upset. The kids spent most of the hour and a half sitting and waiting for tokens, then food, then drinks. Then we were told we had to move to a booth. There were twenty of us, clearly we couldn’t move to a booth comfortably! We were packing up and one of the hostesses told another party that they couldn’t get their table ready because we wouldn’t leave! It was so rude and unprofessional. We then had to carry everything out unopened and the cake and then one of the workers there walked up and said that the manager told them to give me my stuff. They actually handed my husband a cardboard box with ten ice cream cups and goodie bags in it! About two hours too late! And it was rude to throw it all in a box and hand it to him. The kids didn’t get anything, not even the piñata! Then we waited 30 min to pay our bill. I was so furious. As I stood in line I watched many families walk out irate and I watched people be disrespected by the manager several times. She was so nasty and quick to throw her team members under the bus when I asked for the hostesses names( because they were the nastiest laziest girls I’ve ever seen and the one even got smart with me) but I asked the manager what her name was as well and she gave it to me but wrote the number to corporate and said to call them because it’s all their fault. Chuck e cheese lost a great deal of customers yesterday. They’ve proven to me that they don’t really care about the children at all, just the money$$$$$. So disappointed that my daughters special day was ruined and I hope that the manager and the two female hostesses get talked to about their huge huge part in losing business for you all. In the future, stop overbooking, don’t under staff, and hire kind, compassionate, HARDWORKING, professional staff. You lost us as customers for life. Good way to go out of business!!!!!!!!

  62. I believe that your front line employees in the city of Torrance at (2821 Pacific Cost Hwy Torrance Ca. 90505) are still too young and don’t have enough training and are left to be unprofessional. As I was watching the kids working I noticed that they are allowed too many privileges such as talking and playing with their phones as they work and putting the customers on hold until they are finished. At times that at the entry people come and go as they pleased because the worker is off to the side playing with their phone or playing around with other employees. As I drove into the business I noticed a car of kids drinking alcohol and your outline of business is a drug free environment. Later in the day as I was walking my child to the games I noticed an employee that participated drinking in the parking lot is now working and as the day went by I started to see more of the group of kids that were drinking and now as well are working. Alcohol has a very strong odor and I cannot believe that the managers could not do their job and tell them to go home and discipline them. I would assume that the manager only cares about the staffing is covered versus the safety of these kids working. I believe that management should guide and mold them the right path and prepare them for the working world but choose to oversee the wrongs they are conducting. Again as mention the staff is very unprofessional and the blame to begin starts with the manger and should oversee their front line conducting themselves in a professional manner and continue to guide and mold them in the right directions. These kids will never learn how to accept the real world later in future if they continue to show that the work environment is based on a place to hang out with kids there age rather than working. I live not too far from there and I happen to be driving by and noticed that the business is closed but noticed bunch of kids hanging out in front. I saw a group of kids gathered in the parking lot and drinking beers. I tried to take my child their again and trying to overlook and hoping for a better experience but it turned out to be just as worst because I was speaking to the manager to file a complaint and recognized that she was part of the group hanging out drinking in the parking lot. At this point there was no need for me continue with my complaint because I already know that she will not take me serious and most of all supports and contributes with the wrong doings that the chucke e cheese employees are conducting. I also want to share one more thing that I have witnessed. I noticed a kid walking into the business carry grocery bags. I saw that in the bag were cocktail mixes and bootless of liquor. The kid continued to walk towards the manager and show what was inside of them and she instructed him to bring it straight behind the counter, which I believe could possibly be an office. Later I started to notice these employees walking around carrying a covered cup and noticed every kid plus the manager had the same cup. I did not know what was inside of them until one of them placed on a ledge and walked away where I was standing. At this point I started to smell a strong odor of hard liquor and I looked to see what was inside was a mixed drink. Drinking on the job is unprofessional taking a risk of somebody getting injured. Does the management understand the drinking under age is their responsibility because they are entrusted to run the business and she is allowing them to do so under chuck e cheese roof who is the representative of that franchise to run responsibly. I hope that the management sees that allowing them to drink on the job and after hours in the parking lot and letting them drive is setting them up to hurt themselves or other people.

  63. On 10-18 we had our granddaughters birthday party there as we do every year. We had ordered 6 pizzas which were delivered cold. The buffalo bread sticks, fries and wings didnt even arrive. The wings came after the pizza and the bread sticks and fries never arrived. We went to manager located at the register an hour and 9 minutes later…..he apologized and said i will have them delivered in 5 minutes….that came and went. We went back up and they were packing our food in which THE COOK GRABBED THE FRIES WITH HER UNGLOVED HAND AND HAD TAKEN A FEW FROM THE BOX TO EAT HERSELF THEN LAYED OUR BREAD IN THE TO GO BOX WITH THOS SAME UNGLOVED HANDS!!! When i spoke up about it she came out of the kitchen screaming her hands are clean….are you seripus right now???? I will never go there again and i cant imagine running an establishment that just doesnt care sanitary issues….someone needs to shut this restaurant down and quick!

  64. Very disgusting in your Burlington, MA location! Received mutiple rotted food items today and the bathrooms were sooooooo filthy we couldn’t use them!
    The cotton candy machine looked like it hadnt been cleaned in years

  65. Bodily fluid clean up seemed to be a joke to mgr had high school kids on their hands and knees scrubbing with paper towels and kids running through aftermath in sock feet, absolutely offended! Unprofessional

  66. I was in attendance of my two grandsons birthday party at the Chuck E Cheese in Lexington today October 24th and I must say this is not the same restaurant that I was a manager at back in the 1990’s. Here is a list of my complaints. 1. Employees walking around checking their cell phones. 2. I seen one manager come out on the floor for about 10 minutes. 3. No supervision from management what so ever the whole entire time I was there. 4. One cashier when their should have been 2. 5. Salad bar was half empty and ever seen anyone fill it up. 6. Bathrooms was filthy

  67. Chuck E. Cheese Location: Dammam, Saudi Arabia
    November 1, 2015 at around 8 pm

    I’m and my family are an old customers and fans of Chuck E Cheese since I lived in Pittsburg, PA, USA, in 2008 and 2009. We were happy to see it opening in Saudi Arabia. Our family decided to celebrate our son 9th birthday at the subject location in November 1, 2015 at around 8 pm. We requested Pizza for 5 five people (the total party we are). We also brought with us a small Icecream Cake for that purpose. The employees working at Chuck E. Cheese learned about our event and they were kind enough to come and sing with us in a very nice gesture. That all went well until branch manager of the subject branch angrily gathered all the employees in front of customers complaining that his permition needs to be requested prior to any support of that sort. He event threaten to deduct from their pay !!! That was very sad for us to see this happen to those nice and kind employee. We would rather see the employees thanked for making old customers and their kids happy. When I spoke to the branch Manager about it he failed to justify what he did, and he implied a threat of not taking any action against us for not seeking his permit ! Apparently this Manager is not fit or trained to live by the Chuck E Cheese happy and positive culture.

    Bader Binumar

  68. I went to chucke cheese in Albany Georgia on 11/7/15 I was having a really bummed day I had 10 kids with me and my baby was crying. There was one worker that came up to me and asked could she hold my baby. I gave the baby to her and she was sweet and gentle to my child she actually calmed her. I felt such a relief. She walked away then I ordered a salad bar. She was fixing the salad bar and it looked amazing. Everything was fresh and I enjoyed every bit of it. I had to ask her her name she said her name was Quinn. When I arrived to the front counter all of the people at cash were very respectful and they didn’t get upset with my kids about how long they took. I wrote down their names off their name tags. TK, and Quinn, were great! They made me and my family feel like we were welcomed. I will be coming back very soon.

  69. Tengo una GRAN QUEJA resulta que el día sábado nos dimos a la tarea de ir a cenar al restaurante ubicado en la ciudad de Carson ca el restaurante que esta ubicado dentro del mall carson y el trato de la manager fue DISCRIMINATORIO Y HUMILLANTE y el detalle que no hay nadie quien me pueda ayudar o tomar la queja por favor ayúdenme no es justo de me discriminen de tal FORMA hablenme gracias 3235939388 Jesús cabezas

  70. Been waiting at the chuck e cheese in Las Vegas for two hours for the manager to come in We wanted to have a beer with our pizza and he is the only one who can serve beer. Also the chicken barbecue pizza was cold when delivered and not very tasty The kids cheese pizza was also cold What a disappointment we visit regularly but never again at this location

  71. I purchased the mega super star package and my son did not get to pull the pinata when he was there for his birthday yesterday 11/15/2015. I wanted to know who can I contact for a pinata. I need you guys to mail me a pinata for which I paid for in my sons package. Dippin dots were also not provided for which I purchased for the kids. If a manager can please reach out to me in regards of this matter it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  72. Chuck E Cheese on Colerain I will never go to again it’s nasty the service sucks the waiters were okay but up there to get their toys customer service sucks they were rude so I will never step foot in there again…..

  73. I took my 2 nephews ages 3 and 5 to Chucky Cheese and this was the worst experience. Firs,t the place was extremly filthy. There was food all over the place, food all over the tables and dirty dishes and cups just sitting at the table way after people had finished eating. 2nd half the games were just taking our money on the cards because half of the machines didnt work. We could never find anyone to report it because the employees were no where to be found. 3rd Chucky was very rude and very anti social with the kids. My 3 year old nephew was so fascinated with Chucky and was trying to give Chucky a hug and hold his hand, but Chucky acted as if he didnt want to be bothered with any of the kids. He barely danced and came out at the very end of his performance song. We will not be going to the Chucky Cheese in Waco, TX ever again. We will just go to Peter Pipers Pizza. It’s much cleaner, better and cheaper!!

  74. my son works for chuckee cheese in las cruces, nm i have already talked to the manager about his schedule on sunday we have church and we will not comprimise in regards to this, i did tell him that any time after 2 pm will be fine for my son to work when it is sunday. i would check in with this manager rick he is doing things that he is not supposed to be doing and he just doesnt care about some of his employees only the young girls that work their. i have no idea how he is even a manager there. i am letting you know about this because i have already spoken to him to no avail. he may not care about church but we do.

  75. I’m very unhappy I was thinking of having fun with my son and the workers you guys have just a poor service and better yet a racism acts and all ways I didn’t except that we should be treat the same way and my son had to leave crying because of the racist people who they have working there in Memphis tn chuck e cheese girls name Destined!

  76. i am trying to call and speak in the corporate office and no one every answer the phone it just ring and ringsso i can speak to someone reguarding my daugther who worked at chuck e cheese on e washington street in indpls i called twice so can someone please return my calls please i left a phone number also.

  77. Hi, I had my 4th old son birthday party there 12-5-15 @the Natick one. The hostesses where not that great. When the kids need drinks she was no where to be find. She serviced the pizza before the the kids were seat. She made my 5 year old cry because somehow forgot to get him pizza. He is an emotional kid and has a service dog, which I told her at the beginning on the party. I did not take his dog as I wanted him to have fun. I’m a mother of 4 (5 years and under) and I bookedon’t this party so I would not have to do anything and I ended up doing everything. I paid $400, for a party I could have done at home if I knew I was going to do all the work. I’m not impressed with this and mostly will not have any other party there.I’m not trying to sound like a bad person. And Im not looking for any thing. I’m just upset because my son was talking about it all day for it to be crap. Also I talked to the manager and she said that she was sorry that the girl was there since 8am. I’m sorry if I’m paying good money, she been be the best person I had and I feel it was half fasted party.

  78. We had my son’s 5th birthday party at your location on Saturday, December 5th in Cherry Hill, NJ. I just wanted to let you know that we received excellent service from Vanessa. She was extremely courteous and polite. She made sure that my son’s party went smoothly. She was always there whenever I needed anything! She really helped make his birthday party a great success!
    Thank you, Vanessa!

  79. On Saturday, December 19th my husband took our two boys and their friends (5 total kids) to the Pinole, CA Chuck E Cheese. While there he took pictures of the boys and while doing so-two men approached him and accused him of taking pictures of them. They continued to intimidate my husband, making a public scene and absolutely scaring my children. They threatened him and told him to give them his phone, which he did not. My husband also felt extremely threatened and at one point in fear of his life. My husband is a highly educated, white collar professional with a very mellow and nice demeanor. I’ll let you imagine the demeanor/characteristics of the two who confronted him. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in a gang.

    This is simply unacceptable-we will never return to this venue EVER. Management needs to be able to have the tools to manage hostile situations like this and get these type of thugs out of the venue. I’d like to hear what was done on your part to train or manage these types of personalities.

  80. We had gone to the Chuck e cheese in San Bruno CA, after a funeral at the military cemetery just down the road. We where greeted by a very angry cashier she took our order and then charged us 53.78 for one pizza two salads and two small sodas, now this was rediculouse for what we got. Now the customer service was awful and she was rude and the pizza we ordered was not the pizza we got it wasall wrong and mmissing our toppings, we would had made a big stink about this but there was 13 other people with us. The pizza also was cardboard with no flavor, what has happened to you guys you used to be so good now we will never go back to you again, all together for all of us we had spent over 300 dollars and only got 20 tokens now that is a rip off to and your machines only give 3 tokens for a dollar not is not correct math either, so you have lost a lot of customers all at once thanks to one branch of your restaurant.

  81. I was at the Chuck e Cheese on Mystiv View Road recently and was greatly offended to see your employee Bridget Lehane smoking some kind of drug substance in the women’s restroom. Being that your business is one for children I’m outraged that these kind of people are being hired. I would like to see her removed from the company ASAP! I’ll never bring my child to Chuck e Cheese again!

  82. By far one of the worst Chuck E. Cheese’s I been to IN AND OUT OF STATE! The staff obviously does not want to be there, but are there to collect a check or probation. The people on the counter have calculators to count the tickets the children have to redeem their prizes, they are ignorant to the point even with a calculate they miss count I had to do the math in my head before my party guest were cheated out for prizes. And the manager I hear was new, but not as properly trained. I made a complaint about the lazy disrespectful host who was in a rush to end the party, did not serve my guest what I paid for, had the brightest question on asking “I forgot to give the adults their drinks do you want me to take it off the bill?” (No please I insist on paying for a service I did not receive, please leave it on my bill, REALLY??) where do they get these people from?? I asked for the manager she came over spoke with us apologized for the inconvenience offered us extra tokens and something else for the inconvenience, but at the end I had to go look for her because she was busy gossiping with the other staff members RIDICULOUS! Now the manager over her HA! she was hiding in the back the entire time she did not want to be bothered. To top it off before we walked out the door we were gathering everyone from my party to leave the girl by the ropes of the exit rolls her eyes because it was too much for her to hold a rope up such a difficult task jeez! Seems like everyone here should of stayed in school. Will never go back or recommend this franchise to anyone! BEWARE!

  83. I took my 3 year old granddaughter to the chuck e cheese in belleuve wa. It was the worst experience the costumer service was horrible the staff was rude, chuck e didn’t even react to all the little kids wavying at him/her. they didn’t even check the stamps on our hand when we left. We’ve been to the chuck e cheese in Kent many times and it’s always been fun for her. And the people that work there are very friendly. We will never return to the belleuve one again.

  84. I have had tons of parties for my daughter at cec. So my son had his third birthday today and it was the worst experience ever. I will never go back! The place was dirty, they were under staffed, our host never came back to the table, never took my bill. I had to ask for help all the one, broken machines, out of tickets. It was horrible! Then on top of that they were out of ice, I had to ask for the salad bar to be filled because we purchased five salad bars. Then we took our three year old to the bathroom, there was puke all over, one toliet was full and broken with crap in it. It was horrible I have never experienced anything like it. I am mad that I paid for something so nasty and I ordered extra food. The manager tried to make me happy after I yelled at her three times. By then I was so upset I couldn’t see straight. I will never let anyone I know have a party at cec it’s rediculious and I feel like it’s gone down hill. Less tickets and more money, maybe they need to focus on what they did right in the beginning because if they keep this up they will be out of business. Just wrong pay for every table to be dirty, nasty service and nasty place. Totally embarrassed that I invited 12 kids and their parents there and that o actually paid for it!

  85. 12/30/2015
    I went to meet a friend for lunch and she and her child arrived before me she purchased her food and 30 tokens for 10 dollars . I arrived a few minutes later and got my food and purchased 30 tokens 10 dollars as a surprise. as we sat and ate noticed for 20 dollars we could have gotten 80 tokens . Took our receipts back up to management and explained what had happen he says that because of 2 different registers used he couldn’t adjust the tokens . REALLY ? its not like its food or inventory its tokens as much as a rip off as the place is I think giving out a few tokens to keep customers happy would not hurt . Its really put a bad taste in both our mouth and will hesitate on going back .

  86. There is a lady working in chuck e cheese cherry hill nj and she told us that she is the manager and she is very tuffff and she spoke with us with a very bad way when she saw with my wife a cup of coffee purchased from wawa and she told us that we have to through it but when my wife told her that she can helps us by bringing for us an empty cup with chuck e cheese name she refused and talked with a very nasty way insisted to through coffee…….please i want to speak with someone in the corporate about that.

  87. We visited the Monrovia, CA location yesterday afternoon around 5-5:30pm. We visit that one often but this time we encountered a rude lady who I’m assuming was the manager or shift leader as she wasn’t wearing a uniform like the others were. When we were in line to order our food we had observed her being very unfriendly to the people in front of us. When it was our turn to order she didn’t even acknowledge us. No hi, no what can I get for you,nothing. I also pulled up a coupon on my phone and went to show her which one I wanted to use,she rudely said just give me the number on the top corner. Then when I completed my transaction she walked away with out saying thank you or anything (also she didn’t give us a ball with our purchase we had to ask for it later from someone else) I said excuse me because my mom also wanted to buy extra tokens for the kids and the lady came back irritated as if I was bothering her. She was just plain unfriendly and rude. We all have bad days but we do not bring them to work with us. Also I observed her ignoring some customers at the prize counter when one of the others girls was running both the register and prize counter, she walked straight past everyone as not to make eye contact because she didn’t want to be bothered. Hopefully someone can talk to her about her customer service skills.

  88. Why are yall stamping hands when everybody coming in getting the same stamp what kind of security code is that if someone walked out with your child they still would
    not know if that child belongs to the person because everybody have the same stamp on there hands so please watch your kids so easy for somebody to leave with them

  89. First why are your stores not showing banning of concealed weapons, this is a kid friendly place and no place for weapons and I am a gun owner . a sign outside would be a good start.

  90. I took 30 children to 2701 S Chase Ave- Milwaukee WI location and had a horrible experience. The staff, especially the Manager, Jeff were not kid friendly, or personal able at all. Jeff was rude to my staff. This is suppose to be a kid place and workers should extra friendly. We will not be back to this location due to they make you feel uncomfortable and unwanted. Terrible place for families to take their children.

  91. Hello. I am writing because i am upset and am hoping that you can fix my problem. Last week my husband and I scheduled a birthday party for our daughters 5th birthday on Jan 16th at ten am in your Lawton location. We paid our deposit on Sunday Jan 3 rd and still have the receipt to prove this. We received an email today saying that our party has been cancelled and we never cancelled this party. I contacted the store imn Lawton and they told me that our party was bumped. They took my confirmation number and said that they would try to get back to me by tomorrow. Considering that we paid our deposit there should not be any reason that our party got cancelled! I understand that things happen but I am still upset that this has. Please help me find out what and why this happened and please get us our reservation back because we have already sent of your invitations that came with this package and we did pay the non refund able fee.
    Thank you for you time and would greatly appreciate your response.

  92. Stopped by mesa store buy gift cards. Was told they were out and I could get some at Walmart.
    Went to Walmart. They did not carry any.
    Called local store. They explained that because of the holidays they were still out. I gave the mgr a heads up that there was another holiday season coming up in December of 2016 and they should have learned they would need a larger inventory of gift cards because they ran out in 2015.
    I was told I could purchase gift cards @ Safeway Foods.
    Stopped by a Safeway Food Store.
    They do not carry your gift cards,

  93. This past saturday, my family went to Chuck e Cheese in Lakeland, Fl. My son wanted to go for his birthday but ended up with strep throat . He had saved his tickets to get a gumball machine only to have it break 2 hours later.
    He did use the machine properly. The piece on the inside broke and would turn but nothing else.
    We are very dissappointed that this happened. We would please like a new machine to replace the broken one.
    Thank you for your time,
    Sharon Daniels

  94. We’re here in Matteson Illinois for another family fundraising night. This is our 6th one. The customer service is always great and great staff. However there is not enough staff to service such a large group. Please help us next year! Our families come out but stand in line too long to buy tokens and purchase food. There is also a lengthy wait for food to arrive. Again the employees are great, kind and friendly they just need more help.

  95. Jan.15,2016 6:45pm went to your location in las cruces New Mexico order a pizza combo for 29.99 two salad bars, and a extra 100 came out to almost $70.00 my four yr. wanted to play games which have of them were broke contact the service attend. was busy behind counter were the toys are.ticket machines were broke as for the manager to talk to never show up So my daughter was very upset knowing that machines weren’t working, ticket machines were not working and the service really disappointed us spent so much just to take the tokens home and the tickets you disappointed a 4yr. Now wants to go to Peter pipper pizza for now on thank you .

  96. I recently quit my job at cec. For many reasons, the biggest being that they underpay the workers for all of the crap that they make them do. Another reason will be just how unsanitary the building really is. You know that salad that EVRYONE loves. Well just know that half of that stuff has been reused from as long as 2 days before. Oh, have you ever noticed the little door on the salad bar? OPEN IT! You will discover mold and decayed wood and dirt and poop from rats under there. (Location in Arlington, Tx.) I would LOVE to send the pictures i got of it to corp. but of course i cant find a email to send it to!!! The trash is probably taken out once, MAYBE twice a week. So the trash build up and stench is pretty awful. Oh, if you get a warm or cold pizza, it is probably a old pizza that the cooks messed up on and left on top of the oven. Yeah, it is all pretty nasty. Something else i find pretty annoying the the way parties are ran. That cheap little table cloth was probably used from the last party. The nasty pitchers that they use the bring out your drinks arent even washed, they are just rinsed. Just know that i used to work there so all i am saying is true. Cec is honestly a pretty nasty and poorly ran place.

  97. Re: Irving, Tx location on Airport Fwy. Sadly, the length of time it took to get a med cheese pizza exceeded 50 minutes during our last visit, with a similar time frame the 2 visits prior. Additionally, the cashiers are unprofessional and do not understand the concept of customer service. Frequently out of cakes, and the one time i was actually able to order one it took more than 1 hour and i still did not get so i had to cancel and get a refund. I detest taking my children to this location and will now take them to the Grapevine or other location that offers better customer relations.

  98. On Saturday April 6, 2016 my a birthday party was held for my grandson at the Parkville Location (Waltham Woods Rd) from Upon Leaving the restaurant my grandson coat was stolen it was cold outside and he went home wearing his chucke cheese tee shirt ..I am sadden that this is the experience he will remember at chuck e cheese ….While my friends has determine that they will never patronize
    chuck e cheese for anything again I hope things will change at chuck e cheese so nothing like this happen to another family……..

  99. I had the worst experience ever. The workers were actually wrestling around in the place, almost knocked my daughter over. I spent over 100$, the lady takes my tickets and tells me that have 244 tickets….next time I will count them! I felt funny even confronting the workers because I feel as if I was bothering them, or at least that’s the attitude they let off. The one good experience I did have was that the pizza was delicious as usual, but I don’t know if I’ll over go back there again, especially since my daughter was very upset after being almost knocked over by the people I should be able to count on, The employees

  100. Hi my name is jose i visita a location the one over wilson rd and broat street and i lost mi iPhone on this place and i try yo call mi number but one turn the fon off and no one say anything about the fon wen i live the place at 9:00 wen they close

  101. My grandchildren were invited a friends birthday party. Everything was fine. When I went to purchase something to drink when I noticedthere was a different person at the entrance and who had his pants sagging below his buttocks. When I mentioned it to the person at the counter, I was ignored. The employee with the sagging pants overheard me and pulled his pants halfway up his buttocks, which he still was exposing his underwear (not gym shorts). Another customer began to complain about the employee with underwear exposed, but was ignored as well, so I took a few pictures where he tried to hide his sagging pants with his hooded sweater. If you need view these pictures, I will gladly send them to you.

    Don Gaskins

  102. Abousolutely terrible experience at Florence, KY location. Ordered a lg pizza, party platter appetizer and chicken Caesar wrap with fries. Not only did it take over an hour to receive half our food which we only received because my husband went to the front and got it. We were told our party platter appetizer had went to someone else and when asked how long it would be before we could receive it the manager told me it would be 30 to 40 minutes because they were busy now. Even after explaining that we had ordered over an hour ago they had no urgency to get me out food! I then asked for a refund, which I didn’t even receive the full amount! I am extremely disappointed with this location. I book birthday parties for my kids every year and spend at least $500 or more for every party. I will not be doing this ever again. They have no idea how to treat customers!!!

  103. I went to chuck e cheese in Mishawaka.. I arrived about 215 ordered 185 worth of food told them I’d let them know when I want the pizzas.. I Made another order and ordered 40 dollars worth of wings told them to go ahead and cook them.. A young lady brought the wings to our table I told her to go ahead and start pizzas.. We waited over a hour for our pizzas I asked them were my food was lady told me they were on their way out.. waited another 20 mins than she finally came and asked for my receipt.. 40 mins later she brought out 5 out of 6 of my pizzas.. let them know I was missing one pizza she said it was almost done and she would bring it to the table..I waited another 25 minutes went to the manager he told me he was going to bring me my pizza and gave me 1000 tickets. Which I was more than grateful for waited another 20 minutes and guess what i didn’t get my pizza.. I went and spoke to the other manager she she got my pizza and 40 tokens.. Mind you I spent 90 dollars on token,185 on 3 family deals,40 on wings I felt very disrespected and very embarrassed for not having enough food for my guest.. On top of poor customer service my kids father took my daughter out of building and they DIDN’T have matching numbers..I will not return to this located they need people to manage thst building who actually know what they’re doing.. Also I was there from a little after 2 until almost 63p-7 waiting for the rest of my food my kids only got to see chuck e cheese one time..

  104. Just took my family to your location at 8011 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46219.

    Worst customer service I have ever seen. Over hour wait for pizza at 11 am when we were second group in the door. Black substance in fountain drinks. Asked for new cup and told no, that I had to get back in line. Trash all over the floor and in climbing equipment. I have pictures. Numerous games out of order. Pay too much money to have to explain to a 3 year old why she can’t play/ride all the games.

  105. Your store in south gate is horrible all the games today Fed 15 th were not working when I told a worker one ran out of tickets he just laughed and the food just sat in the window because they said they had no numbers

  106. My daughter is 17 and works at cec, she has one manager who is very cold hearted, a friend of hers committed suicide, she told my daughter “it better be before 4 because you will be here” and then laughed about it, and ” no you can’t have it off”.
    They also work the high schoolers through their lunch breaks which is against the law, and make them work longer than they are scheduled, thinking they won’t say anything because they don’t know any better. She is looking for another job. This is the store in Layton Utah

  107. I have a complaint about your Johnstown, Pa. Business. I took my granddaughters to Chuck E Cheese Saturday 02/13/2016 evening and they didn’t have no heat in the place! Before I even realize how cold it was I spent over $100 for food and drinks and tokens. The food was cold and the girls were so cold and crying because they wasn’t able to enjoy it. Why was i not informed that the heater was broken before I purchased all the food and tokens?
    Very unprofessional of a business to be that ignored!

  108. Hello-
    My son just turned 4 on Monday and wanted to celebrate at chuck e cheese in Madison, Wi. We have been to your location in Lincoln, NE and loved it! This location however was awful! The service was really bad, there were multiple times where employees would walk by the counter without even acknowledging us when we needed assistance. We arrived there at 4:45 pm and waited for “the band ” to play only to find out they don’t play during the week. I sure had a sad birthday boy. Some of the machines were out of tickets also. All in all it was a awful experience for my 4yr olds birthday. We will not be going back.

    Kylee Westphal

  109. We booked a party 12 days in advance for our son Alphonso Ward. Our party was yesterday at the Miamisburg location at 6pm and when we arrived, nothing was set up. No one was prepared for our party. Our guests arrived and no one knew where to sit. We had to wait 20 minutes for everything to be set up and then we had to wait for tokens for the kids. This was unacceptable and embarrassing. My son was upset that nothing was set up with his name or nothing. I paid a lot of money for this party and they should have been prepared. The table was also to be set up by the screen near chuck E and they set it up at the wrong end. They only gave us a 16% discount and half was eaten by tax. We have celebrated multiple parties at this facility and this was a terrible experience.

  110. My grandson loves to go to chuck e cheese. He loves the games but most of all, her loves to see chuck come out and throw tickets, dance etc. There is a big soon as you come in that reads , performing every hour on the:30 .We have been here for 2 hours on the:30 and have yet to see chuck e. I asked someone who works here and they acted surprised like, “oh I’m sorry I well tell my manager” He also went on to say that maybe he well come out next hour and he didn’t. It appears like false advertisement , but I have to keep on telling my 3 year old grandson that chuck e is sleeping I guess the next time I come I will have to call to find out if your establishment is going to honor what you say

  111. My granddaughter birthday was on Sunday, I had to work so we decided to have a pre birthday party on Friday Feb 19 . We went to Chuck E .Cheese .Well the kids have a wonderful time . My experience with the staff, 3501-131 Capital Blvd was Awful . We order Med cheese Pizza , it took 55 minutes to arrive at our table . I when back up to speak with someone about the delay . The cashier was very nice and professional . However the Manger was a nightmare . She Serena was rude and unprofessional , she told me she was busy and I just had to wait. I ask to speak to another Manger ,well that took forever , she never came out to speak with us. Even the young guy delivering our pizza to the tablet was rude . We watch them pointing at us and laughing . I will not take my grandchildren C E C , AGAIN , I WILL FORWARD THIS TO ALL MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS . You should have better customer service . Very disappointed .

  112. Hello, I had my son’s 6th birthday party today at your mayslanding NJ location. When my son originally told me he wanted his party at chuck e Cheeses I was trying to convince him not to because I was very disappointed that they no longer have tunnels and I didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money, but after my experience that we had today I am happy to say he made the best decision! Maggie was our party host and I truly believe if we had any other host this party would not have been so amazing! I usually do not do surveys but in this case I feel the credit needs to be given. Today, was the happiest I have EVER seen my son. He felt like a king. My niece was also at this party whom is deaf but can hear really loud sounds, she also has a lot of behavior issues… maggie, our host, encouraged all the kids with our party to scream as loud as they could and pumped them up for the chuck e show, and with the screaming, dancing, and the high spirits and encouragement from our host , my niece had the time of her life and actually heard all the kids having fun, and she fit right in with all the yelling. I know the hosts job is to make the party fun, but I was watching our host compared to the other parties hostess next to us, and they had nothing on maggie! She made us feel like we were the only party there and like we were the most important ones. She consistently checked on us, insisted on not letting me lift a finger, she was there for every refill, any time we needed a thing! When she presented me with the check I had to make her wait because I was all over the place and she was so understanding and patient and told me to take my time whatever time I needed. I have previously been a general manager at several restaurants in South jersey and I know how terrible it is getting that one party that takes forever to pay and sits for too long, but she didn’t make me feel like I was any type of inconvenience at all! I am a terrible party host, and she made today the best day of my son’s life. Honestly, I was worried about spending too much money when he first decided to have the party here, but after experiencing his ear to ear smile from our amazing host, I would have paid any amount of money! I do not regret a single penny spent, please recognize this young lady, she is outstanding and the only reason I will go back to chuck e cheese! Great Job Girl!

  113. Well to start off with i was told to get out the store one time before because I was sitting down talking to an employee waiting on someone to get done with the game I wanted to play. (Rachelle) (co-manager) Then today, while being a paying customer I was rudely approached by another manager (Tracy) and told that if I speak to anybody that works here I was to be kicked out of chuck e cheeses for good. And I working in customer service I know my rights to be in a building. The only time I could be kicked out of a building is if I’m causing some type of harm or destruction in the company. All I’m doing is sitting down waiting for the “wonderful” customer service you guys provide. Which I haven’t received yet. Hopefully this is fixed by the next time I can come around this location again.

  114. Just left there that place in miamisburg Ohio is a joke! Waited for over a hour on the pizza for the kids. The cake came out first. Then the hostess of our party lit the candles with a borrowed lighter from us and left it laying with the kids at the table. My child recieved broken glasses the manager was supposed to bring him new ones and never did. When we got there for the party they were running behind and mind you it was a Monday night. Our hostess acted like she could care less to be there I think she honestly hated white people. I asked to talk to the manager and she gave me a pass to come back and said she would adjust our bill. She took a whole 20 percent off and said that was all she could do, my son didn’t even get a proper party at all for the money I paid. I was in manage snd and know they could have done better than that. I asked to talk to her corporate people that she spoke to and she just brought out another manager who did nothing else. I will NEVER be back. My son wanted to go for the pull off tab cups which we never even recieved.

  115. We visited the Killeen, Texas location this evening. Unfortunately I witnessed the manager help an employee on the cash register and then go back to spreading cheese on a pizza without washing her hands. I witnessed another employee take her phone out of her back pocket, text on it and go back to spreading ingredients. So disgusted! This place needs a visit from the health department.

  116. I had a party on 2/20/2016 @ 5:30pm in Concord NC. It was for my daughter’s 7th birthday. The placed that day was jammed pack. I have never seen this place like this before in my life. I had to bust my own table and pick up trash. A young girl by the name of Sydney or Kirsten was my host. I told her that I had more than 10 kids that showed up and she said that was fine. I assisted her with setting the table, and waited to get my token cards. An announcement came over the speaker, and I gather the children back to the table. The assistant manager came over I believe her name was Victoria and she told me that someone took our pizzas. Really, unbelievable. Kids went back to playing, the wind machine was broken and she gave me tickets and extra she said for my troubles. I had to ask for my daughter’s cape and poster, and the kicker…..when it was time to sing happy birthday, Victoria dropped my daughter’s cake…. I spoke to the manager he discounted my bill after a long and heated debate. His name was Felipe. He stated that it was not his store, however the store manager was there with his children. I never received an apology from the assistant manager. Although my daughter enjoyed herself, the way the staff treated me was a nightmare. I WILL NEVER have another party here again. I understand customer service and this was awful. Had The host not stepped in to help, she stated the person who was supposed to be my host never came in what would have happened? Thanks for your listening ear.

  117. Worst party ever! We hosted our daughters birthday party at the location in Tyler, TX and it was the absolute worst experience. We spent over $400 and got NOTHING except kicked out because they were so slow at getting everything to us before they closed! Then when I contacted the manager and general manager they promised to call back to resolve the problem and never called back!

  118. My family and I went to Chuck-e-cheeses on Sunday 2/21 and noticed that there were 2 staff ladies including what look to be the manager wearing pj’s, was there a pj day? but not suitable for a kids place as they both were showing skin, belly showing, eating and playing while customers were waiting to get help. Very unprofessional, the service was completely out of whack that day. The food was bad they had to do 2 separate batches, we couldn’t order a glass of beer for the guys for 20 min or so as the cashier wasn’t 21 yet. But yet the manager was too busy doing who knows what. I have been going here for yearsssss, since I was little and now bring my kids and never had such horrible service.

  119. Omg we just had THE WORST experience tonight. Chuck E Cheese in Goodyear, Az was absolutely horrible!! dirtiest establishment I’ve ever been to. No clean tables in sight. I saw many people leave an not once did they throw any trash away. I asked a kid that worked there if they had people to clean tables, he said yea they do, then carried on his business. The floors were horrendous. There was a food handlers glove on the floor and it was never picked up. The kids just walk around and didn’t clean, or ANYTHING! I’m so disgusted and will never go to this place ever again!!!!!!!

  120. Dear Chuck E Cheeses Customer Service Rep,

    This is my first time ever, I mean FIRST time ever in my life I have to inform a company about a negative experience we had because it was so bad. Me, my wife, my 4yr old girl, and our two 1yr old twin girls planned a fun evening out to Chuck E Cheeses located at Gulfport, MS on 2.25.2016. We arrived at 7:00pm on a Thursday night and placed a simple order 1 medium pepperoni pizza and 1 order of Chicken Wings. The order was put in according to the receipt at 7:04pm. We sat ourselves and played with the children until the food would be served. Our order seemed to be taking a while. I looked at the time and it is 7:41pm, no problem. I gave it another 5 minutes and then went to ask about the order. The girl at the register apologized and informed me that there is only 2 people in the kitchen and it will be out shortly. I asked her,” how much time is shortly?” and she asked me what our order number is. I thought it was 72 and so I told her it was 72 and she said they are getting on it right now. I asked how long will that be and I requested the Manager on duty. The manager informed me that it will be out shortly in about 10 min.
    I said OK. Now it is 8pm still no food, my 3 kids are all crying because they are hungry; my wife is over stressed about crying kids and she too is hungry. I walk up to the counter and see the manager and asked her how much longer, she informed me that my order is not 72 but 77 and that it will be about 10 minutes and they AR working on it right now. Finally at 8:41 our food came out, yes almost 2 hours, an 1hr and 40min or so. What made this experience negative is that we should have been informed about the wait time on orders being served . Had we known it would have taken OVER an HOUR AND A HALF we could have chosen to come back another day no problem. Not giving us the courtesy and showing understanding that these 3 little girls will be waiting a long time to eat was disappointing and no apologies. The Manager whose name tag was not visible, an African American female short and plus size, and the girl at the register whose name tag was not visible
    showed no empathy for situation. Shifting The blame towards me now, and the reason the order was taken long this time is because the Manager told me I told them the wrong order number, and not that it was only 2 people making pizzas. What does it matter what order number I had, it should not take almost 2 hours for this order. Spent $20 on extra tokens, being out of token, My 1yr old girls are crying because of hunger we could not settle them to eat when the food arrived. Our pizza brought to us 19 minutes prior to closing and my wife is feeling rushed because she doesn’t want to be there while the place is closing. Not to mention that we lost about 8 tokens in devices that were not functioning not including what my daughter lost in malfunctioning devices. I had to wait 10 minutes the first time for 2 tokens. I did not mention the other lost tokens in the machines because the Manager at this point was intimidating and unapproachable. The Manager treated this situation as if it is no big deal and did absolutely nothing to make our trip end pleaseantly. An apology, a refund, a voucher, or even extra tokens to keep the kids entertained, a simple sincere apology would have been just fine.
    We will go back only for games but never again for the food because we do not know how long it will take to be served.

  121. We will not be ever going back to Chuck E Cheese. We went to the Brandon Florida location and spent alot of money on my daughters birthday party. The party was 2/6/2016, they did not take payment out until today 3/2/2016 (Basically a month later) which caused my account to overdraft, This is not acceptable. We are not happy and will not be ever returning!

  122. Overall we had a great birthday party expirence. Our party host was great, at the Roseville location in California. I was appalled at the fact that their was not a tip section at the bottom of our receipt. She worked so hard and was great and all I wanted to do was reward her but I could not. She informed me she could accept tips in cash but i did not have any. I felt terrible. I really think as large of a company like chuck e cheese their needs to be a tip section at the bottom of my receipt to reward my party host. I will be having another party here at this location next month, and I am hoping to see a change. Thank you for taking this into concentration.

  123. Hi,

    I visited your location in Edmonton, AB, Canada today with my kids and we had a really rough experience there due to the staff’s behaviour was very negative and unwilling to help.

    My kids put in the coins in a machine which might have had a problem and the game did not start. We complaint for the same and we were told that they will check and find out, however the guy was checking the machine and my daughter was standing right next to him but he mentioned nothing after checking the machine. I then went to the main guy who was looking as supervisor/Manager but he said the staff will check and tally the coins and will see, on which i was astonished as if i may have asked a bank!!

    A 2nd instance happened when my kids started to play a game but the machine was offline and had no “Notice” for the same. They lost another two coins one by one. I then contacted another girl upon this and she said she will give us back 5 coins but again to no use because she went to the kids party and got busy while we spent another 25 mins there.

    On the way i contacted the guy who had checked the machine on our saying and told him the feedback what i felt but he was very rude and said machine was fine and working, on which i told him that we weren’t lying and he said its not his fault.

    Overall we faced a really unsatisfactory visit and we had spent $21 on the coins for our kids but after approaching to the customer services, it made us feel worst experience ever.

    I was planning to do my kids b’day party there but I hope not to visit this location again until I hear from your end.


  124. I was at the location in kokomo Indiana last night spent over 50 dollars and half of the machines wouldn’t give out tickets like it was supposed too we told the people working and they done nothing but play around behind the counter. I understand it was a Tuesday night and not busy but machines should five tickets. Our pizza was burnt. I feel I wasted money on this trip and we got ripped off but playing games and not getting tickets and had to get crappy prizes.

  125. We went to the location on east Washington street and we waited in line about 15 minutes. The end result we decided to go home and go to That Fun Place. Our kids wanted something fun to do and we wanted to treat them to their favorite place. How bad do you think they felt when we left with no fun being had. They were disappointed and frankly so was i. Only one cashier on a Saturday night with 5 other people standing around.

  126. I went to the chuck e cheese at the Atlantic terminal in Brooklyn. I will never go back I had to get a refund because the food took forever. The manager was rude service for everything was slow. Not to mention all the arguments between customers

  127. Most horrible experience ever and Chuck e Cheese.. after waiting over a hour they tell us they lost our food ticket… I asked to speak to management and all he says I am sorry I could cancel your order or refund you.. we’ve been busy…
    And on top of that gives me ice cold cheese for our pretzel sticks , and cold wings.. what kind of CS is that? Really??

  128. We attended a birthday party and the hostess Jayda was not very attentive to our party. I had ordered a meal for my family and was told I had to order it through the hostess. When I tried, she did not have a menu. She stated that she lost it, and informed me to go the front of the store and look at the main menu. I then tried that however the lines were too long and I could not view the menu up close. I then found the manager and she assisted our hostess and gave her a menu. After ordering the hostess brought our check and our pizza, my family started eating the pizza and I did not notice the pizza was incorrect. A few minutes later another hostess or manager brought our “correct” pizza out and the hostess stated that she had already gotten it. I brought this to the attention of the manager. She then voided the pizza off my ticket and we had to only pay for the drinks. I was told my hostess would take care of my payment. When I found Jayda and asked if she could take care of my tab, she stated that I would have to wait in line because she was going on her break. then line I had to wait in was 10 people deep. I wait in line to redeem my sons tickets for a prize and pay my tab. The young man assisting the children with their prizes was very slow. Chuck E. Cheese representatives may want to revise the process for redeeming tickets. There is no sign anywhere prior to getting to the ticket counter stating that the counter person can no longer accept tickets that were not counted . The line was getting backed up and I was behind a lady that had a problem with redeeming points from her email account. The young man asked another co-worker for help, however in doing so he sent the person behind me to the person who opened another line, even though I was next. I then asked if he could help me while he was waiting for his manager to help the person in front of me. this was not my first experience with Chuck E. Cheese but it was by far the WORST.

  129. Horrible customer service at your Roseville, CA location. So bad in fact that I’m standing in the location filling out this complaint. We waited at the front counter to try and buy tickets and food for 15 min without someone helping us. We finally gave up on the food and just bough tickets from the kiosk. 10 machines for sure are out of commission. Tried to get more cards for “Extreme Cards” 3 times with no luck. Then 4th time someone came over and messed with it and it still won’t work. The absolute worst experience at any Chuck E Cheese and we’ve been to numerous locations including Montana, Virginia, Hawaii, etc…

  130. Hi,I’m wanting to write about our experience today..We usually go 2-3 times a month to chuckie cheese and we just moved from ours in TN to here in Lafayette Louisiana and this is first time at this one and the service was very horrible! It took an hour and a half to get our Pizza the lady said they gave our order to a party that they mixed up on and then they forgot it again …that’s 2 times and finally I asked and she brought it out 10 mins later!! We asked for a pizza box and we never got it till I finally ran a manager down to get one!! Machines kept tokens and it was just a very bad experience!! We spent $90 some dollars there and it was a waste! I have never had to write a review before but my kids was very disappointed! …here is my info to contact
    Jennifer Davis

    Sorry for the review but that much money and waiting that long for pizza I needed to let someone know about this!

  131. Location on I-20 Grand Prairie Texas, Sunday night 3/13/2016 worst and rudest manager lady I have ever seen at Chuck E Cheese, or any other restaurant for that matter. My 3 and 7 years old left so disappointed and crying, and they were in love with Chuck E Cheese

  132. My 7 year old daughter was invited to a birthday party at the store on Monroe St in Toledo, Oh. I was disgusted immediately upon entering the parking lot. There was garbage everywhere! There were cups, plates, stickers, napkins…you name it was on the ground outside, and to top it off, there were hundreds of cigarette butts in the rocks by the door. I didn’t even want to take her in but she was very excited to play with her friends. The inside was not as bad but the carpet was very sticky. I did not have a problem with any of the staff, they were all very nice. I would think that the condition of the outside property would be deterring other patrons from going inside. I am not one to ever complain but it was downright disgusting! Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

  133. During my visit at your New Orleans, La location.we were unable to get one of the employees attention to get a clean booth. Now mind you this is on a Monday night . . In which they were not busy.after 15-20 mins of waiting we finally got someone to bus the table. That was left wet with the sanitizing cleaner. my family and I received our order in which was a Medium pepperoni pizza and an order of wings. The order was correct besides the fact that I noticed a piece hair on the celery that was served with the wings. Upon approaching the MOD she was kinda like I don’t see any hair…where it looks like crust from the chiken. And I replied no ma’am there is hair right here. Her response was so what do you want more celery? At this point I’m kinda appalled at her actions so my reply was nothing. There were no apologies or anything in regards to what I presented to her. And for that type of treatment as a customer I will not be returning to this location with my family!!!

  134. My granddaughter only likes specific food and I have always brought something for her to eat, so she could enjoy eating with us while we ate pizza. So if I had the buffet, drink and bought some tokens, I would have spent well over $20. BUT SINCE THEY TURNED ME AWAY BECAUSE I HAD SOMETHING FOR MY GRANDDAUGHTER. THEY NOT ONLY LOST MY BUSINESS FOR THE DAY, BUT THEY LOST MY BUSINESS PERMANENTLY. I will NEVER give my business to Chuck E. Cheese’s again. Never in 5 years has anyone ever turned my business away, just because I brought something different for my granddaughter to eat. NEVER UNTIL TODAY. Chuck E. Cheese’s you can take a stick and shove it. My granddaughter cried the whole way home.

  135. I recently was sent a survey from your company and the question of my age came up and I answered 65 range and it said I don’t qualify. This is age discrimination. My grandkids parents cannot afford to take the to your establishment so I take them every two months. They love going there. I do not understand why I wouldn’t qualify for your survey. I’m the one who takes them and pays for it. I am highly offended by your shutting out my opinions about your establishment. My age has nothing to do with me patronizing your business.

  136. I am very disappointed in what just happened regarding an email I just received. I noticed in my email string there was an email from Chuck E Cheese. It said “Get 50 FREE tickets for taking a….” I thought this would be great, since I like to take my grandkids there. I clicked on it, and first question was male or female – so I bubbled in female. Next question, your age……so I bubbled in over 65. Next screen was Sorry You do not Qualify!!!! What in the world????? You are not letting me take the survey because I am over 65???? Do you not realize that Grandmas love to take their little ones there — and probably spend more than the parents on their games. This is very disappointing and I actually cannot believe this happened !!! Someone up high in the company needs to know what kind of impression you are putting out there. Do you think I want to go there now? I will always remember how you discriminated – and yes, I believe that is what you did.!! My impression of Chuck E Cheese today has been tainted. And how many more Grandmas are going to get the same message? That’s it – I just want you to know what is going on and how your email is hurting your business. Thank you.

  137. I am at Chucky cheese in St. Petersburg at the 58th St. The manager Joe is excellent. I was at the Dale Maybury location in Tampa last night with flour of my other grandchildren spend twice as much money and had a terrible experience there. Thank God I came to this one tonight and have not lost the Chucky experience! I’ moved out of the area almost a year ago and had always come to the St. Petersburg location. Glad to see the same management the same cleanliness and the same good service as they’re always was at this location. Sadly disappointed in the Dale Maybury location These are both located in Florida

  138. I have to say, for an establishment that is “kid friendly” I’m disturbed at how awful my experience was. It seemed like a lot of games weren’t working properly, just ate the coins or didn’t work at all, the prize selection is pathetic, and the food was disgusting. The staff even seems as if they hate their job more than anything else in life. It just was an overall disappointing experience. I hope not all your locations are this awful.

  139. I had a horrible time when I had a birthday party at one of your locations. I am always taking my kids to play and have fun. But when I had booked a party so very disappointed. The party was not cheap either. The host was late and did not seem to want to be at work. Also she was not very involved in the party compared to the other hosts. Also by the time she served the cake we had to leave the party area because there were other birthdays booked. I was very disappointed. I get the girl who checks to see how the party went to call and give me a coupon. But that doesnt compare to the $400 I spend. Exspecially when I had to buy tokens to keep the kids busy since again my host was late and I had kids there for a party and wanted to play.

  140. We visited Chuck E cheese in brandon fl, on 3-19-16. It was my sons 4th birtday party. It was so crowded that you could barely walk. I think there should be a limit to how many people they let into this place at a time. We only stayed for about an hour and a half that is how crazy this place was. Thank God that we left, only an hour after we had been gone two families had got into a fight and someone had pulled a gun. On the way out also they never check my son’s number on his arm we just walked right out the front door that’s how crazy it was she didn’t even have time to come over and check it. My oldest son is 14 when he was small and we went to Chuck E cheese I never remember it being like this. It’s so sad to see kids place going down the drain. I really hope they turn things around as soon as possible. 🙁


  142. I had been getting numerous emails to go try the new $5.99 lunch buffet. I thought perfect idea for Saturday. My mom and I took my 3 kids 10 and under to one of their fav places. We got their ok Saturday around 12:30. There’s was lots of ppl as expected since it was spring break week for the schools. I stood immediately in line as my crowd searched for a table. I looked to the food area and was totally shocked!!!!!! The buffet was out and empty with a few slices all dried up. And there was no chuck e cheese delicious salad bar. I love their bar and was so disappointed that it was covered up so that the buffet could go on. I was furious so I sat at our table which was close to the buffet and discussed with my crowd that I don’t think it’s a good deal plus my mom and I had nothing to enjoy. The salad was very weak with just croutons and dressing on lettuce!! And the dessert pieces left stayed on the buffet for the entire time I was there. Around 30 min. The manager came and spoke to us. I complained to her the email was deceiving and so were their commercials. If I knew that I wouldn’t have bothered. Cici’s Pizza offers the same deal with tons of varieties to choose from. At chuck e cheese., as soon as they’d put one out it was swooped away from all the ppl just waiting to feed their kids!!!! It was pathetic. Even if I wanted to eat, there’s no way I would have been able to put a slice on my plate. My kids were upset and didn’t want to play. So we left and went to Cici’s Pizza. At least there everyone got to eat what they like immediately. Plus the huge salad bar they have and deserts galore! I really think they should at least offer both options for ppl that bring their kids but DON’T WANT BUFFET. I love the said bar at chuck e cheese. But I’ll think TWICE before I go again! Ruined our day totally!!!!!

  143. I went there on 04/01/2016 to celebrate my niece birthday at PASADENA CA location is the worst place ever
    They took an hour to bring the food, bunch Of dirty tables, games out Of tickets or not even working, dirty restrooms
    At the end my husband And brother were putting our belongings in the car (before leaving they asked if they can in And out because they were carring our stuff, they told them Yes) when they tried to get it, they were stopped, discriminated And the manager NAYELI Albarrán called the police
    YES believed or not ,even the worker at the front told her that She let my husband And brother to go in And out to put our belongings inside the car the “manager” told her to close her mouth
    Please be careful with this location
    My niece And my son ended up crying they dont want to know NOTHING about chuck e cheeses
    Please chuck e cheeses corporate you should train more your workers And dont lie to the people (kids)

  144. To whom it may concern. I had previously purchased an Elsa doll from the Chuck E Cheese in Whitby Ontario on Consumers Drive. I found that the product had a defect. I called the store and spoke with Andre. I’m sorry I can’t remember his last name. Andre was very helpful on the phone and I left the issue with him. He handled the situation in a very professional and tactful manner. He was very polite and made mine and my daughters day a very happy day! Thank you very much Andre your the best!!

  145. April 2, 2016
    Please help me to understand why!
    are you Serving Alcohol at your facilities, because Chuck Cheese is suppose to be for children of all ages. Here is one of my concern’s because I raise all my children at Chuck Cheese for many years and to go to one of your playhouse for children in Baton Rouge LA.
    I noticed that a parent, who order a pizza and a big cups of beer for herself
    I felt so embarrassed! because if the parent is allowed to get beer and get drunk who in the hell! watching the children’s. Because I heard recently on Facebook that some parents got into a big fights
    at one of the Chuck cheese store.
    I just wonder if the ( CEO) of Chuck Cheese still Care’s about human life, when it come down to Children, because you build this playhouse for Children’s in mind.
    I hope! you didn’t build this playhouse, for the parent’s to come and get drunks and to leaves the children’s unattended.
    Here something to think about, before it to late.

  146. Saturday April 9th 2016 my husband myself and our two children, aged 6 years and 15 months old ventured out to the North Olmsted Ohio location as a way to celebrate the eldest sons Birthday. He received gift cards from his grandparents all the way in Florida! We though how fun it would be to get out for the day and do something new and different with the boys. Turns out the day was not as expected…we arrived right around 2p.m. clearly this is the busy time of day for the place which was a bit stressful with two excited little ones and dozens of other little ones running all around us. We stood and waited in the line to purchase our tokens and get the fun started once we get up to the register Manager Michael was tending to our needs, not a greeting was spoken to us, not a smile, not an ounce of enthusiasm was sent our way. We order our tokens hand over the gift card to pay, we are returned with “server’s down, can’t take this” no other explanation was offered. i had to suggest he try once more to make sure, he left us standing there dumbfounded and moved on to the next in line. Now i have experience working retail on very busy shopping days,i have experience working with children and i know how crazy and stressful that can get. i also know that people have bad days sometimes, however when you come to work as a manager of a store you should be able to put all that aside and show the guests the same respect they are showing you as well as be grateful for them to be keeping them employed. If he would have left more time for us i would have made him explain to my 2 very excited to very confused then very angry children why we couldn’t play the games. We now have $40 worth of Chuck E Cheese gift cards that i no longer feel like trying to use based on this horrible first time experience.

  147. I’ve been trying to call our local offices for almost 3 weeks now with no answer. I try calling in the morning, afternoon and evening and nothing. I’m trying to reserve my sons 3rd bday party, he hasn’t been able to ever have a party because he’s always sick and I want to do something special. Who can I call to reserve a party or ask questions?

  148. I will not go back to chuck E cheeses. I spin over to $200 for my kids Birthdays party. And you guys do not expecting that a member ship. Why should therevbe a memner ship if u can not git 15% or 1\2 off causes a member ship should be like 1\2 off if u spin a lot of money and git the member ship card in mail.

    Good morning,

    I scheduled a birthday party for my son on 4/15/2016 at the santa maria location. My confirmation number is 07610409292999.
    I did the superstar for 28 children.
    I was super upset that I paid almost $600.00 for a party that I was told two slices of pizza per child and they ran out of pizza. Not only that but I paid a reservation fee and this was not deducted from my final bill.

    They cooked 5 pizza and that did not feed all of this children two slices at my childs party. With most of my party guests being 8-10 years old you can see how this may be a problem.

    To top it off I arrived before the party to get food ordered and tokens sorted for the party goers and I was told I had to wait for my party attendant (who was busy). This is not the first time my child has had a birthday at chuck e cheese (this was his 4th party at chuck e cheese), but this is the first time that I was upset.

    The floor immediately around my tables was disgusting, there was food and trash all over it. A vacuum would have been wonderful since there were only a few patrons in the store. The booths that were for my adult guest were also filled with crumbs and food. I had to ask for a towel so I could wipe them all down myself.

    My adult guests who put their own food orders in were also disappointed. Two of the order were wrong and brought them out incorrect twice and employees tried to tell my guests that they were wrong, even though they had receipts showing what they ordered.

    I understand people get busy and overlook certain things, but this as a whole was disgusting.

    As it stands right now we will never return to Chuck E Cheese, this was a horrible experience.

    I would like a refund on my purchase.

    Katina Gleason
    4148 arborea ct
    santa maria, ca 93455

  150. This place sucks and management sucks as well. This little bitch of a manager curses infront of the customers/children and instead of doing her job sits at the table and talks to other employees for a half an hour in my opinion she needs to be fired and someone with atleast half a mind needs to take her job. If you are at work and with children no less you need to be old enough or smart enough to know not to curse and let your employees curse infront of children!!!! Samantha is a horrible manager!!!!!!!

  151. We went to the Amherst location and VERY disappointed and DISGUSTED! The place was so filthy, that we will NEVER go back! Took a few of our daughters wipes to wipe the table and seats, they were black! The soda section was filthy! Food and garbage all over the floors. Also we were ripped off from 4 of the games. Took our coin but did not work. There was no sign displaying out of order. To top it off, the children ran around, taking my kids coins right out of their cups. Pushing my children out of the way to play the game, my children were in the middle of playing. Not one parent supervising these kids. This place has gone down the tube! Very dissapointed and so disgusted, we put our children in the bath as soon as we got home!

  152. So I decided to take my niece and nephews to Chuck E Cheese Saturday, April 23, 2016 around 8pm at the Miamisburg Location near the Dayton Mall in Dayton, Ohio. I had the absolute worst experience that I’ve ever had a Chuck E Cheese. First of the all at 8pm when there was literally about 5 to 6 small families including mine; there is no way that it should’ve been as dirty as it was. There was food everywhere! Food all over the floor and on the tables. The staff was just walking by there not paying it any attention. We had to find someone and ask them to tell them to clean a table. The person came, but he only wiped the table off. There were full slices of pizza under the table so we ended up going to the party section and sitting over there. There was also full trash bags sitting outside of the trash can. The salad bar looked like a disaster. There was food everywhere. There wasn’t any straws nor was there any ice or silver ware. My mom told me she went there just a week ago when they first opened and it was also nasty. She said it was so bad that she couldn’t order the food there. Speaking of food. Around 9:00pm my father told me to order him a personal pizza to go. From my understanding this specific pizza comes with 6 slices. Well when I go home there was only and it wasn’t even in a pizza box. it was in a to go box. Also, the short white girl with the greasy hair that works back in the kitchen told me “You’re so lucky because I was just about to shut the kitchen down!” those were her words verbatim. Chuck E Cheese closes there kitchen at 9pm on Saturdays??? One last thing. My niece and I were competing on the jump rope game. I beat the game and it only gave me 1 ticket. So I went to the big guy with the different color shirt who I think is the manager and told him. It took him a good 15 minutes to get to me (by this time there were only 3 families there) and when he got to me he didn’t believe me. He made me go again and I beat it again. It still only gave me 1 ticket. So he kept putting coins in trying to make me keep jumping when all I wanted was to get my right number and tickets and get my nieces and nephews a prize. I have 7 nieces and nephews all together and each one of them has had multiple parties at this place. We’ve spent so much money with this horrible ass company. I can’t believe what this has come to but you guys really need to get this in order or you won’t have anymore customers.

  153. My family and I were visiting Abilene Texas yesterday and we stopped by Chuck E Cheese restaurant so that the grandchild could have fun. Fun they had but us adults were displeased. First, most of the tables were reserved for an upcoming party and we sat at the other tables that were available. All the tables were dirty, trash up under the tables, crust and crumbs scattered about the tables. ( All available tables ). These tables had no customers sitting there. The public section was not that busy around the 5pm mark. All the napkins baskets were empty. The salad bar was low on a lot of the choices. One of the ice machines had no ice. Just simply a dirty / unpleasant experience for us. I told one of the ladies for napkins and she brought me some. The floors were dirty. Not sure if we will stop by again. The kiddos may have to find some other place to have fun when we go to Abilene. Not to get nobody in trouble but this was a bad experience for us. A very filthy place at that one point in time.

  154. The one in muscle shoals alabama is just horrific. We ordered our food at 11 and received it at 12, we ordered 1 pizza. I asked for a refund since we did not have it and the smart rude ass manager denied me. Then when the waitress brought it finally we were leavin and flung the food on the table. On top of the horrible service half of the games were broken and not working. Me and my 6 year old had a horrible time. I usually go to Huntsville location but went here today and I would never ever go back nor would I recommend anyone to. The staff and service was awful and nobody should have to deal with that. I would give 0 stars#!!!

  155. I visited your store in Dublin Ca with my family it was 9:00pm with 10:00pm closing by 9:45 still no food I went to ask about my order they couldn’t find it when they manager finally came to the register and found our food he states I walked around for 30 mins looking for you that couldn’t be when I sat at the table the who time with the #65 on the table and I pointed it out to the manager Alberto who was very rude and said he was a visiting manager from Las Vegas no customer service or apologetic because now the pizza is cold and it’s 10:00pm so we took a refund because it’s now closed and the staff felt it was funny we didn’t receive our pizza and all they talked about “oh I will take that pepperoni pizza home haha” very disrespectful and unpleasant experience for my family I would like for further training and review of this management team member Alberto representing your store not good intentions , Thanks Shawnette Can I please get a response

  156. I am currently leaving the Chuckie Cheese in Toledo, OH I believe on Monroe rd. This was by far a terrible experience, all personal operating this location was both rude and clearly undedicated. We stayed at this location for approximately 2 hours and a table that was covered in food upon arrival remained untouched at our time of departure. I find that disgusting and lazy of all employees. I almost cleaned the mess myself, due to its location in the younger child section, but was told not to by fellow adults I was with. When we went to redeem our tickets at the counter it was nothing less than a bother to her. Thankfully I was visiting family and know this is behavior of this location only.
    Thank you for your time.

  157. I just left chuck e cheese in miamisburg oh after spending 3 hours there & spending $100. After 2 hours & asking for the pizza & was told that it would be out in 10 mins & then going back to ask after 30 mins I learned that the gluten free pizza that i ordered when arriving was never actually made because they were out of them when we ordered it. This wasn’t the only thing that bothers me…we cleaned our own table to have a place to sit, there was feces smeared on the diaper changing table & toilet paper & water all over the bathroom, the salad bar was such a mess that most things were gone & never refilled & there was food all over the bar & floor, after complaining about urine in the play area because a child had an accident the employee responded with “thats nice” it had been sitting for 40 mins when we left so I’m assuming it will be left there until it dries! I am not sure how this place hasn’t been shut down by the health department! I will never go back & suggest that others beware

  158. This is my third trip to Chuck E Cheese on Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati Ohio and this is the third time they have forgotten my pizza order. No sorry, or any explanation from the manager. Did not get a name, but the manager went back in the kitchen and made the pizza,
    and it came out in 10 minutes. I want a full refund of the $21.00. I took my grandson because he likes playing the games

  159. I visited your Rockville, MD store on 5/11/16 for my son’s 6th birthday. I arrived at approximately 3:30pm and left at approximately 7:00pm. When I went to exchange my son’s tickets for a prize I was bypassed for 20 minutes and then when I did get helped I was questioned about the number of tickets we had by the manager. Now we had brought in ticket slips from our past visits that we never cashed in but I saw people near me with the same amount if not more tickets than I had and they were not questioned at all. My family was the only African American family in the restaurant so I definitely felt as though the manager was singling us out since the rest of the families were of Hispanic descent as was the manager. This was very rude, unprofessional and demeaning. It was a horrible experience for my 6 year old as he just wanted his prize. The manager argued with me and was hesitant to give us a prize. I told him I would pay for what we wanted and he overcharged me for the toy items. This was a horrible experience, left a very bad taste in my mouth about your establishment and who you hire in managerial roles and I will not be taking my son back to chuck e cheese because of this experience. I hope this doesn’t fall on death ears as no one should be discriminated against in such establishments. This manager is bad reflection in your company and that location.

  160. I just found out this is a franchise which explains why they are not on top of it. In my experience they all make up there own rules. Our Chuck E Cheese in Rancho Cucamonga California has been slowly going down hill as I think it probably has different owners. This place never has enough employees working there is never anyone standing in the front to check in and out of guests. The games are always broken the bathrooms are disgusting. They are always running out of food. the place is dirty and the managers are not on top of it at all. Chuck E never comes out I have timed it he only comes out every hour and a half. Now my kids love Chuck E Cheese but they need to get on top of this. It all starts from the owners training the managers and training the employees. I feel like it is just going down hill. Please look into this as it is important to keep your reputation up. No one is ever cleaning and I mean anywhere which this kind of place needs constant cleaning with all the kids. Please listen to people and have corporate restructure things because it is fun for our kids. Thank you

  161. shame on Chuckie Cheese for letting the trash build up on the huntington beach store…Check out face book for video of trash in parking lot Jackie Person video….if parking lot is like this what does kitchen look like??

  162. Chuckie cheese in longview texas was/is the worst ever, Me & my family had the worst time ever.
    The pizza was cold and the wings was not done & the drinks taste like water, I talk to a manager about this and she really didn’t care, she didn’t even apologize and that was so upsetting to my wife. I didn’t get the young lady name but I wish I would have, my wife just wanted to leave. The lady was about 6 foot tall and Caucasian. I thought someone should know about this.

  163. I had a birthday party of my 8 year old. the waitress we had never brought the drinks out, did not serve the pizza to the kids, served very little of the cake to a few of my guess’s and she never came to get my daughter for the ticket blaster. I had to complain for her to get in the ticket blaster. One manager snapped at me and the other all he did was give me the dm’s phone number. for 20.00 a child this service should have been as good as it usually it.

  164. My name is Adelaide, I am 34 years old my son is 8 years old; we have been coming to San Bruno Chuck E cheese in California and I never have a problem
    with a cashier except TWICE with employee name Kim! 3 weeks ago he was very mean to my son when my son asked to trade his prize for another color! Kim spoke to him in a very mean way : ” no you can not trade it” I said “don’t speak to my son like that” we left that day! he told me he could call the police
    today we came KIM
    WAS THE CASHIER AGAIN , he said system were down! I said did you report this problem? then the manager comes out he was angry, Jack Lee, I explained what had happened and how Kim was always difficult to customers explaining things, even the lady who ordered pizza before Had such a hard time with him! he told me he would call the cops on me ! Jack then he is going to ring me up and asked for my id I said I don’t have it with me I left it in the car then Kim said again rudly: “we can not ring you up without am Id” I went to the car and got my id stood in line again and when I came to Kim cashier and Jack says to me : ” if I’m going to call the cops on you don’t leave” I did st leave I went to get my id ! then he says I’m complaining and he will refuse service to me” I said because I’m
    telling you an experience we had you are refusing service if anything you should better my experience ! then my son started crying and asking for coins and he said “we will take car of you son” and gave him a few coins , then I’m seating down and the police officer comes finds me and said I was yelling, i wasn’t telling I felt I should not be asked to step aside and not ring me up when you work with children this shouldn’t be like that! I think he was very stressed out and that’s why I was treated that way ! I explained it to the officer and he said “if he is the manager and you can’t get anywhere with him then you have to go higher with coorporate” I said that’s exactly what I’m doing I asked for the card and then he said were done with her i refuse service”
    please do get back to me about this important matter and what measures you will take regarding this!
    thank you !

  165. Someone walked out with one of children. No one was posted at the door to stop and check the numbers on the child’s hand or the person she was led out the door with. When the person returned with the child no one was at the door to check and question why the child was taken. Hours later the manger made my child cry she ran to me feeling sad afraid and in a panic. When I asked her what happened she said that the man hurt her feelings and that she was afraid of him. WE spend a lot of money and that experince that day has become a nightmare, a Frankenstein experince. If really would like to speak to someone about these events that took place. Thank you. Children are to be respected and treated with totality royality, they are the clients they are thee reason we spend money on drinks party’s good salads tokens parking clothing etc… DONT HURT OUR CHILDREN!

  166. Also: it was over one hour before our pizza was brought to our table, the salad bar doesn’t have all the wonderful eggs and other goodies it used to have.

  167. Visited chuck e cheese in south San Antonio today and found a dead fly in the Parmesan cheese. Told the cashier and she said she was sorry but no refund. My kids would not eat after because they were grossed out. Waist of money

  168. I booked a birthday party for my granddaughter. On June 5 th 2016 the Birthday hostess was fantastic her name was David, my concern was the manager on duty that day her name was Sabrina she was very unfriendly and did not acknowledge me at all when she came to the table and gave the hostess the cape for my granddaughter and just kind of throw it in her lap and walked away, we also had a problem with the milk jug game giving out the right amount of tickets i spoke to one of the workers and she told the manager about the problem , and I was not addressed i had the call her from the back of the kitchen area to get some help, when I told her that I had spoken to and employee about the issues all she said was yes they told me about the machine, I have been in management for over 30 + yrs and her customer service skills were horrible customers are what makes your business and pays her salary , she seemed to me to be a very unhappy person and does not really like her job, she did not smile the whole time I was at your facility , I was very displeased with her customer service skills. Very unhappy customer Mrs. Chonda Hawkins

  169. Went to the Hagerstown Chuck E Cheese in Hagerstown MD. on the evening of June 8th and was not happy with our visit……the person that greets you asked to stamp our hands and to please buy dippin dots…..most of the tables were dirty…we cleaned off one…went to place our order and was given a number but at our table there was nothing to put our number on…..I had to go fine one….Chuckie was late and walked to the front door and threw out tickets….while many of us were waiting in the back by the stage area for him…..when our food was delivered by the young girl…who was the manager….she said nothing and took our number….she said nothing to any of the customers at the tables…..did not smile and looked very upset…..the trash can was over full and the person at the front checking people in was right next to it and did nothing…..he was busy talking to friends and employees…..

  170. Horrible time at one of your establishments. There were 2sep couples who kept surging thru out our time there. Then they finally got into a physical and verbal fight. No one did anything about it or told them to leave when I said something previously about them swearing in front of my kids. It lead to a police arrest. My children and several others saw and got involved while trying to leave hurt in the battle of these family’s. Heard treating and horrible language. Where a kid can be a kid. my kid was scared. We couldn’t leave because we were stuck. And pushed when trying to get thru. We had to leave are food. I spent $200 there.and was there for 1hr couldn’t cash in are tickets or use tokens up. Or eat!!!! No one said sorry. I’m so mad my kids saw that and how it was handled. There is so much more to this. It was the worst thing to happen when it could have been stopped long b4 it got to that point. This was at the newington,ct cec.

  171. My son was banned from Chuckie Cheese cause one of their employee said that my ten yr old son who is Adhd punched him. My son said he only tap the 350lb employee to get his attention. My son cried in front of all those people embarrassed. But did the Chuckie Cheese Management give a dam. Nope. I need answers or do i need a lawyer. Contact me at 256 398 0664.

    • This happen in muscle shoals alabama. This guy targeted my kid from the time we was there until this happen. He made him get off a ride after he just put his token in. Did he reinburst him with his token Nooooo. Im pissed.

  172. If i dnt hear nothing in three days from Chuckie corp. I will have the news there to get my story out. Was he racist i dnt know but he was definetly wrong. A place for kids shouldnt make my kid cry and hurt.

  173. 6/11/16, today, I went to the Monrovia Chuck E Cheese for a party that I reserved for my nephew. We served the kids their food once it came out and then I served myself. Went to put Parmesan on my slice and it smelled funny. I checked the jar and it was moldy. I gave it to our server, she apologized and replaced it. So we checked the kids jar, mind you, they had already eaten 3 slices each with Parmesan on top and we had to stop them from eating because there was mold in theirs as well. Although our server was great and apologized, the manager never came over to apologize, nor offer anything for the inconvenience. I had to track him down and talk to him face to face. He gave me $50 off our bill and 99 extra tokens for the kids. I don’t believe anything would have been offered if I hadn’t gone to talk to him. Having been a manager and having experience in restaurants, you deal with your problems whether you want to or not. You offer the discounts or replacements. That’s apart of the customer service. You want your customers happy by any means. Something I think Jose needs more training on. I frequent this location because I enjoy it better than any of the other neighboring locations.

  174. On Saturday June 11, 2016 I visited the Baltimore location at 8354 Eastern Ave., Baltimore 21224 with my niece and nephew. I was shocked and saddened to see how filthy and poorly run this location is. The staff were rude, lazy and definitely not customer friendly. The parking lot and entry were filled with trash blowing all over the place, the counter person was very rude, and acted like it was a problem to wait on us. At one point there were three families waiting to pay at the counter and one lady waiting to pay for her birthday party when the girl at the register abruptly left the counter and clocked out, then left. It took 15 minutes standing at the counter to buy more tokens because both machines were broken. The girl who delivered the pizza walked up, slammed it on the table, I said thank you and she said “gimme your number” and walked away. I would never go back to this location and will make sure everyone I know avoids this location. It was like a stripped down version of what the location was years ago. Such a shame.

  175. Was hoping to bring my kids to Chucke Cheeses a few times a month during the Summer . We came for our first visit today and found out they no longer have the salad bar during lunch hours . This is huge disappointment for momma’s I think . Since I was standing there with the kids and they wanted to play we decided to order anyways . By the time I got everyone their buffet order of all you can eat pizza , bought coins , drinks and went without my meal salad of the salad bar it was lot more money then we used to spend . Sad to have to mark of this place off but I will be taking the kids to the bowling alley this year and birthdays too so I can have a salad and they can play in the arcade and bowl . Very disappointed but taking away the salad bar was very disappointing the adults . Yes it comes back in the evening for dinner but we like to do our family activities early during lunch ours and the price I paid ordering this way makes it not worth it to this momma .

  176. I came to Chucky cheese At Atlantic terminal at 7:16 Tuesday, June 14 and receive very harsh and rude disrespectful treatment from the so-called manager(african American bald mam behind the counter where the tokens and the food is.behavior is so disgusting will never come back

  177. I’m very disappointed because they did not play the birthday song 2002 version while doing the birthday show in Chuck E Cheese. We would be very happy if they bring that song again.

  178. I was in there on Friday 6/17/16 and i had the salad bar. I was eating the grapes and when i went back i noticed they had alot of mold on them. But it was to late i had been eating them .So i told the young man that passed by to check them. The tomato also had it. I saw the young lady in the back washing them off. I had to leave work today because i keep using the bathroom. And i think you guys need to rotate that product out. That was so disgusting. What if those children had eaten that molded food?
    I will never i mean never go back there again.

  179. I was a guest to a party & went on a budget. I’m a stay at home mom of 3 children. We have to budget. My children raised their own money for extra tokens. When I went to use the $20/100token coupon, the clerk informed me of a “manager special” that stated, purchase our $30/150 tokens today & get 250 FREE! So I decide we’d get that. When the counter stopped at 159, I asked where my 250 were. She said on your ticket. I looked & noticed it was 250 tickets, NOT tokens that I was lead to believe. I feel very mislead. We don’t have extra money often to afford the luxuries that many do. I felt very cheated that evening. Seeing as 250 tickets is the equivalent to $2.50, I in turn paid $7.50 for a joke. Please consider this when making further suggestions. I just wonder how many other people were cheated with this “managers special”.

  180. to whom this may concern, I visited chuck E.cheese on June 21, 2016 for some family entertainment, the line was very long, so I decide to go and get two tables, got to the tables they were very nasty as if they wasn’t cleaned the night before.i had to clean them with water from the soda machine, so I went to the bathroom with 2 of my kids and the bathrooms was very nasty3 of the toliets was very dirty, hair all in the sink like someone took their weave out. went to place my order $89.49 , the wings still had blood in them I ask for a refund on the wing which I was given, once the kids started to play the games over 15 or more games wasn’t dispensing tickets for your winnings, or they were taking the tokens. this is the worse experience I ever had with chuck E. cheese I was very DISSATISFIED with the FOOD, SERVICE,CLEANLINESS the POOR WORKING GAMES and the RESTAURANT. POOR=POOR=POOR

  181. At the mt Juliet Tn store. Skee ball machine gave no tickets. Told 3 people waited 20 minutes once I asked for corporate s phone number that’s when the manager came to help. No apology for the time I spent standing in front of the machine. Only asked which machine was issue then he opened wrong one. Might want to give some customer training. I work in that environment and expect more from managers

  182. I took my son to chuck e cheeses today 7-3-16 & I waited on my food for over an hour & they gave to someone else. The games wasn’t giving tickets no one ever came each time. It was horrible & management didn’t seem to care. I want a refund to go back on a different day & different location Not The One in Waldorf md

  183. Most disgusting place ever. Health department needs to be called. I took my grandkids to a birthday party on Sunday, July 3, 2016. The party started at 11:00. The place had obviously not been cleaned from the night before. The cotton candy machine still had leftovers in it plus a bug. There was trash in the booth next to us, the ceiling was leaking and two ceiling tiles looked about to fall down. They had a trash can in the walkway to catch the water. It was very dangerous. There was food in the bottom of the climbing tower and almost all your games were out of tickets or paper. When we left there was no one there to even check the stamp we got when we came in. On the video, not once but at least 3 times, it said that the games and rides are wiped down every hour. We were there a little over 2 hours and not once was anything wiped down or cleaned. Needless to say, we will never go back there. Something reallyneeds tobe done.

  184. My parents, my 4 children and I visited Chuck E. Cheese on Friday July 1, 2016. I had 2 $20.00 gift cards my girls had received for their birthdays. when I was getting ready to pay the “manager” told me they had a zero balance, I told him to check both and in fact both said to have a zero balance, I went ahead and paid cash, but he clearly said they had nothing to do with that. I went ahead and called the back of the card on both and both stated they had a $20.00 balance on each? so I went back to try to explain to him, or get an answer, and they just brushed me off like it’s not their problem? I get I didn’t buy the cards, they were given to me, but as a corporation shouldn’t you have some type of customer service etiquette, to direct a customer to get an issue resolved? I was so disappointed, my kids had fun, place was clean, but that whole ordeal made me think again about visiting that Chuck E. Cheese on 95th st. I sure hope someone from corporate reads these comments and has the courtesy to respond.

  185. Went to chuck E cheese for buffet in Wichita Falls, the buffet was terrible, at the most 2 pizzas or none on buffet, Not worth it.

  186. While visiting El Paso from Alabama I was invited to a birthday party there. I went to order a drink and waited 5 minutes at the counter for someone to approach me no one did. Although a young man who had been at the register saw me standing there he just walked passed me and laughed he went overy to the lady working the entrance. My niece and I asked to have the manager called and he came to the register his name was Andrew. I pointed out the situation and showed him the kid who just passed me up, they both looked at each other and laughed. I pointed out to Andrew that it was no laughing matter and what was so funny. I also told them I have been in Public Relations for 35 years and I would never allow any of my employees treat a customer like that. He said he had a cashier call out so they were short staffed.. I’m sorry that’s my problem why? I think that young man owes Me an apology and so does the manager. He offered me a free drink are you serious it’s not about getting stuff free it’s about customer service. Not one person there was smiling. In my job I travel and go to many parties that clients invite me, I have never met more rude people then the El Paso Store. That manager should have made that kid say I’m sorry since he was standing right next to him.
    Please look into this matter.
    Isabel Boicourr

  187. We drive 2.5 hours to take the kids to chucky cheese. 5 or so machines were down and some machines took our tokens . We were disappointed for the experience the kids had. I hope these issues are fixed because our kids love chucky cheese.

  188. The local restaurant on hwy 6 (zip77095) closes at 9pm weekdays. I went in to place an order to go at 845pm. No one came to take my order until 849 and then I was told that the kitchen had already closed and could not take my order.

  189. My son was seriously hurt at the location in Bloomington il on a Saturday night . A big fight broke out a machine fell over on my son head. I haven’t heard from any body trying to resolve this problem I will make sure I will contact my lawyer about this

  190. Well I have had about 8 birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese over the past few years and I have to say how disappointing it is that you raised the price of the packages and lowered the quality of them. I have 4 kids so each party is at least 10 kids plus I have to pay for whichever 3 kids are not the party person. On your cheapest package that is at least $195 before tax or any other food or drinks we may need.
    Also, I had to pay almost $3 for a child’s drink!!!! That is outrageous!
    And we tried the buffalo chicken pizza… It tasted like someone poured cheese wiz all over it!
    Now I am guess at this point you are wondering “Why does this crazy lady keep coming back?!” and that is because of your party host Elisa Luevanos! She is amazing! She makes every party very special, especially for my autistic son! Gosh, I cant aquatically tell you how lucky the Escondido location, and Chuck E Cheese as a whole, is to have such and amazing employee. All of the kids in our parties have so much fun, and yes it is in part because of where they are, but it also has a lot to do with her! Especially with my autistic child and his autistic friends. This past party my son’s friends and himself were getting upset because of how many people where there. She stepped in a explained everything. Asked for eye contact, showed and explained to them the surroundings and made sure to keep them away from things that may upset them. I can not thank her enough. We actually had this party a month after our son’s birthday to make sure she could be the host. ALL of our parties we request her for all the above reasons and more.

  191. I have been a customer of Chuck E Cheese in Brandon FL since my oldest was little. He is 27 now. Recently we visited the location with our grandchild, and was very disappointed. 2 weeks before we were using the tokens and was so many machines was either broken or we were trying to find an attended to fix it because the tickets didn’t come out. Took our chances and try to go again. Well they said everything was updated and now you use a card instead of tokens. I told my husband that means all the machines should be working now. Nope, tickets didn’t dispense on some, some took a token worth from your card and didn’t play or machines were down. I am so disappointed that we are looking for another play place for my grandchild to go to.
    Sorry to say it but you went from ” AFUN PLACE TO BE to a WORSE PLACE TO BE””

  192. I took my niece to Chuck E Cheeses she is only 2 yrs old. My problem is that when I took her to the bathroom your place of business don’t have covers for her to use the bathroom. As adult I know how to not sit on the toilet. I think your business should look into getting toilet cover for young girls. Thank you.

  193. On 7/25/2016 my family and I had the worst experience at you Sun Valley, CA location. They took over
    An hour to bring our order even though it was pretty empty. Almost all the workers had their name tags without names or with stickers covering them. When we went to purchase cotton candy they had an attitude and I finally went and got my own and then paid. At the end of the night they didn’t give a closing warning, instead they turned off the machines and some of the lights and we had to scramble to pack up. On top of that my daughter was able to slip out with another family. The person at the door had her name tag her name is Denise. I visit your locations frequently but this visit was absolutely horrible. I pay for everything I order to get decent service, not to be treated like they are doing me a service and not to take children’s safety seriously. You can verify everything with your cameras. Thank you and I would really appreciate your response.

  194. We celebrated my 9yr old son’s birthday on July 21. We did this 2 yrs ago for his birthday and it was fun. I didnt place party reservation because we only had a total of 3 kids. We didnt have coupons this year–unlike years before. Iasked if the birthday person could get a t-shirt and have a turn in ticket blaster. I understand a t-shirt is $15 and you cant go in blaster unless a reservation was made; nonetheless, an opportunity would have been nice–I was willing to pay extra. I feel disappointed be ause CEC is our go-to place for birthdays but we spent over $100 for 2 adults, 2-9 yr olds, and a 4 yr old. I just wish there was opportunity for walkin birthdays. We ealked in and it just didnt feel exciting to my son.
    NEXT, The current promo was a free Ice Age bouncy ball fir each child w/ food purchase–my kids saw the tv commercials. After ordering $70 worth of food, not one employee said anything about bouncy balls. I almost forgot until my kids reminded me later on. “DO they give us our balls when we leave?” I asked staff and she said,” We’re out; you can come back and get them when they come in”; I explained we live in Fond du Lac. No other solution was given; not a tootsie roll or a plastic toy top. It is mentioned, ” while supplies last”; hower a bit of supplies not lasting
    Then, Another customerconfronted my daughter and me about beig on a game too long–we wete being selfish;

  195. Bottom line, confusion takes over when you,enter; where do we go? What do we do now? etc. Lack of assistance. Good thing we’ve been there beore or we wouldnt have known what the process was. Dissappointed we sprent so much and no one tried to help us with the best value when ordering. If I had questions, I had to initiate contact with staff.

  196. Hello,
    We just celebrated my daughters 7th birthday party at your Pensacola Florida location(store#065). It was one of the best weve had there in 18 years. We have 6 children so we have many Chuck E Cheese birthdays. This birthday was great strongly due to the fantastic job of one of your employees. Her name was Gloria. She went above and beyond to make sure our child and our quest were taken care of. Its because of such individuals as herself that Chuck e Cheese is a hit with our family. Before leaving, I had to personally thank her and get her name and store number in hopes of giving her some much needed praise. Thank you very much Chuck e Cheese and thank you very much, Ms Gloria.
    Sincerly ,Clint D

  197. Terrible slow service understaffed germ filled salad bar never received my pizza for my grandkids they said 45 min wait an hour went by and I went to the manager he said it would be a little more wait kids used two rounds of tokens asked for a refund and got charged $5 more dollars on top of $25 already charged….stil waiting on a refund

  198. Will never come back to this location on plaza de Mexico,, the games continues get stuck when using them or inserting the tokens and the customer service is ridiculous we had to keep waiting 20 min for anyone to come and assist us.

  199. Chris Wilbanks, manager at Chuckie Cheese in Albany, Ga is involved in not protecting his female emoloyees. He is aware of his race and other races harassing two specific females who he has shown a parent evidence to prove he is unethical and participates with tactics of gang stalkers acts. Chris Wilbanks is sneaky. He never speaks to his employees parents. A former employee named Brittany from Worth County was involved in unethical pratices against this same employee family. Employees are telling their co workers schedule to outsiders. Chris Wilbanks allowe an employed to be monitored by a white male and female on Monday night, September 12, 2016 before 9:45pm. Headquarters must investigate him and ask questions as to what he knows about employees being harassed.

  200. Had an issue with some of the employee’s at the chuck e cheese store number 634.The management there was so poor, not even asking what the problem was
    and acted like he didn’t even care his name was NATE. The worst customer service ever. We have been there a number of times but this time was the worst.. All the tables were covered with used cups and plates not cleared off so someone else could use the tables. We had to ask to get one cleared off. The employees
    did not want to help in any way to clean the table or help my kids with the games when they ask for help. So I brought it to the manager attention acted like he didn’t even care. I would understand if they were busy but they were not at all. Had employee just sitting around. The worst thing is when I ask for help three time and ignore me. But when someone else ask for help they help the person on the spot. Seem like a racism at this chuck e cheese. Paid for kids meal and took about 1 hour to get and was cold. Then when I asked three times they finally did get my kids meal but acted like I was a bother. This was the worst time i have had and will not return ever. I always spend $100 to $150 on food and tokens and always have my kids birthday party here. I guess I have to find another location. Survey Rating for this store 634 BIG 0. Never getting my service again.

  201. Had an issue with some of the employee’s at the chuck e cheese store number 634.The management there was so poor, not even asking what the problem was
    and acted like he didn’t even care his name was NATE. The worst customer service ever. We have been there a number of times but this time was the worst.. All the tables were covered with used cups and plates not cleared off so someone else could use the tables. We had to ask to get one cleared off. The employees
    did not want to help in any way to clean the table or help my kids with the games when they ask for help. So I brought it to the manager attention acted like he didn’t even care. I would understand if they were busy but they were not at all. Had employee just sitting around. The worst thing is when I ask for help three time and ignore me. But when someone else ask for help they help the person on the spot. Seem like a racism at this chuck e cheese. Paid for kids meal and took about 1 hour to get and was cold. Then when I asked three times they finally did get my kids meal but acted like I was a bother. This was the worst time i have had and will not return ever. I always spend $100 to $150 on food and tokens and always have my kids birthday party here. I guess I have to find another location. Survey Rating for this store 634 BIG 0. Never getting my service again.


    • We scheduled a party for my nephew for his birthday this past Sunday (10/9/2016). The party was supposed to begin at 6:30pm and consisted of about 20 people.. However, our food did not come out until about 7:30pm. We had asked for all of our order (appetizers and dinner) to come out at once. However, they brought the pizza out first, and maybe 30 minutes after we finished eating the pizza they brought out the appetizers. Overall, our entire order was messed up! We were very unhappy with their service, but when they explained to us that they were short staffed we were understanding. Our waitress was great. Unfortunately I did not get her name. She was very cheerful and got the kids excited and prepped before Chuckie came out. When it was time for the ticket master, the machine door was jammed and was not opening. So therefore there was more of a delay. Around 8:45pm my nephew finally got a chance to in the ticket master. At this point, we are trying to clean up and get our things together so we can redeem our tickets and head on home. As soon as the clock hits 9pm, all the lights and machines get turned off without any notice. I mean, even a Walgreens or CVS announces “5 minutes until closing.” So we go to the prize counter and ask to at least be able to pick out prizes for all the tickets we had won. The man at the counter was extremely rude to begin with. He told us, “it’s 9pm, we are closed. Get out.” We felt so insulted with his tone of voice and words. We explained to him that we would have not been this late on things if they had been on time with our party. He was completely disrespectful and seemed as if he was just in a rush to get out of there. He even walked to the doors and while holding them open he told us to get out once again. We were absolutely humiliated. We asked to speak to someone above him and at that time we found out that not only was he the manager, he was actually the GENERAL MANAGER. I was in disbelief! Shame on him for being the in charge of a place like Chuck-e-Cheese, a children’s place…and behaving in such a manner. He even refused to give us his business card! Luckily I did get his name, Aaron Cooper. He called the police on us after insulting us this much. Our waitress looked as if she was so embarrassed by his behavior and kept apologizing. My nephew, who was the birthday boy, was crying ON HIS BIRTHDAY. All the kids were crying because they wanted their prizes. All this because this man who calls himself a general manager would not allow them to pick out their prizes because it was 9:01pm??? What a shame! If he cannot handle being gentle and patient being a head of a children’s place to have fun, then maybe he should find a new place to work in. If we kept our patience, and if we were so understanding the whole evening about them being short staffed…then why couldn’t he be the least bit understanding? This was the worst experience ever. A little boy’s birthday was completely ruined by the general manager and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. And the best part, he couldn’t even give us an apology at the end of all this. Thanks chuck-e-cheese, for an unforgettable experience!

  202. It is a terrible experience at the Union Nj location. I’ve never experienced anything like this. We’ve paid for a birthday party for my niece 1st birthday, which suppose to be rememorable. It has turned out to be a nightmare. The location doesn’t have air which is very much needed since it’s crowded. Secondly their isn’t any soda or cups left for the machines. You have workers including management with terrible attitudes pouring soda that they ran to Shoprite to get. We’ve been waiting over an hour for food.They don’t want to refund any money back. I’m beyond angry and annoyed about this experience. We’ve paid for a bad memory.

  203. The location in Slidell Louisiana is one of the only places you can bring a kid for entertainment. However, for the past 2 years we’ve been asking the store manager to change the carpet because soon as you walk in the establishment it smells like a petting zoo. I was advised they have the carpet cleaned once a month. The manager himself has also requested to have the carpet change. The smell was so outrageous we took the kids to the park instead of having a great day at Chuck E. Cheese. I know by not spending our dollars as a community it will eventually close (we don’t want that due to it’s not many places to take your kids). HOWEVER, THEY CAN SOLVE THIS BY REPLACING THE CARPET‼️

  204. I have been trying to reach CEC for couple of day unsuccessfully regarding a scarf purchase. I called several locations and even the corporate but no answer. What kind of corporate doesn’t have a an effective phone system in this day an age? Seriously, their customer service is horrible. Seems like they only care about customers visiting their locations and spending money at their below average game rooms that smell awful most of the time.

  205. Hi There
    My 4 year old grand daughter loves Chuckee , and we have visited your Canadian locations many times and she has always left with a smile on her face , that changed since we have visited you Rockwood Mall location in Mississauga, Ontario Canada a couple times recently . This is the worst location I have seen , games don’t work , place is dirty but worst of all they don’t send Chuckee out . On 2 separate visits there I had to ask when chuckee was coming out and got no response from anyone . when they finally did send Chuckee out he walked around high fived a couple kids and went back inside in less then 1 minute , with no dancing or ticket splash. I wish I could make you understand how much my Grand daughter looks forward to dancing with Chuckee and when I asked why I was told they were not busy enough , we have had her last 2 B-day parties at your Calgary Alberta location and have 1 planned for this June as well . I hope you take this to heart and make it right somehow or we will never walk into Chuck e Cheese again, If there is someone I can speak to in Canadian operations please have them contact me directly at 403 629 5672 or the e mail below . I would do anything for my grand daughter to make her smile , it is not the 15-20 dollars we spend there 2-3 times a month that irks me it is the staff did not seem to care and maybe that is why they were not busy on both occasions . I am a small business owner and when we make a mistake ( everyone does ) I apologize and MAKE IT RIGHT as I do not exsist without them , perhaps you could pass that onto your staff as I was not the only unhappy customer yesterday ……Thanks for your time and please try not to disappoint any more 4 year olds as I am sure they mark your very exsistence … reply means we will never frequent any location again

  206. Hi. Recently took my grandson to the Philadelphia location on Roosevelt Blvd. Was surprised to see uncovered outlets next to the tables where kids sit and eat!!! Very dangerous!!! My 2 yr Old grandson said “look Granma, don’t touch” Unbelievable!!! Exposed outlets all over the place!!! Good thing no kid has stuck a finger or anything else in there….Please look into it, thank you!!! Oh and improve those tater tots, they were undercooked and disgusting….find another more tasty brand….Thanks

    • I paid a $50 deposit for my daughter’s birthday party last July and was assured it would be good for a year. Long story short, only one child’s patents even rsvp’d yes. None of the others replied at all which in speaking with the other mother who did respond, this is apparently not uncommon to ignore rsvp’s. While those parents were inconsiderate, I thought no big deal, I’ll just take her and use up some of the deposit money with her friend and Mom. When I called the location in Darien, IL with my confirmation number to schedule it, I was told no I couldn’t and had to have full party with the estimated amount of kids when i set up. I was never told that deposit money would just be kept by Chuck E Cheese if we couldn’t get all our most of the kids to the party that I expected.
      So now, as a single, disabled Mom to who $50 is A LOT of money…my daughter gets nothing in return for my deposit. I even said just serve the two girls pizza and keep what’s left then. Still a resounding no!
      It’s pretty sickening they just
      pocket $50 for absolutely nothing. I cancelled well in advance so they were certainly not inconvenienced by a last minute no show party. I’ll never take my kids there again and I’ll warn other Moms about the ridiculous party rules.
      There should be much more flexibility with the deposit and party considering we’re dealing with kids who could have any number of last minute issues causing them to miss it.

    • I took my kids today because they were on spring break and I figure it would be fun for them. No sooner did I walk in I had to deal with the most ignorant employee she had the worst attitude. I placed an order for a pizza with 2 drinks and 20 tokens and I paid. I then paid $10.00 more for 30 tokens without realizing that I could have gotten 70 for $20.00. When I ask if I could just pay the difference she said no, I requested to speak to a manager and she proceeded to say no again. Another employee then told her to override it and just charge the $10.00 for the additional tokens, then she proceeded to give that employee attitude as well. I held back words because I was with my kids and I wasn’t about to act ignorant in front of them. The tables were filthy an I asked if I could get something to clean them and again the same employee ignored me and they never came out to get them cleaned. The machines kept eating our coins and they wouldn’t come out to look into or replace the coins we had lost. 4031 West 95th st in Evergreen Park Il, was the location I visited. It’s a shame you take your kids out to enjoy a good time and instead you have to deal with ignorance.

  207. Our on Raymond Walbert is Chuck e cheeses number one fan. He is ten years old and is Autistic. We recently moved to Klamath falls Oregon. There is no Chuck e there. The closest one is 2hrs away in Redding Ca. We are requesting one be put in Klamath falls . There is no real entertainment for kids there. And we think this would be a big hit. Please consider this decision.

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  209. Very unhappy with service we arrived at Chuck E Cheese at 5:11pm and it is now 5:59 pm the worker looked at me from the counter and said it’s in the oven sorry about the wait…Richland County Mall Ontario Ohio….I spent $50.88 and I am not satisfied at all….Host was Maggie Terminal 139…I would like my money back.
    Julie Wetzel

    So we were at Chuck E Cheese in Lexington, Ky and this lil boy was climbing all over adults with no supervision. I was sitting down playing a racing game when he started tugging and pulling at my clothes. I told him hang on lil buddy and you can have it. He then starts climbing up me and tries to sit in my lap. I get up and tell him here buddy you can have it. No Chuck E Cheese employees anywhere on the floor. Now I’m not saying they should have to babysit but they should watch for problems. Probably 30 minutes went by when I hear my wife screaming from the other side of Chuck E Cheeses she’s crying and I see this lil boy hanging of the side of my one year old daughters stroller. He was punching and scratching her while my wife was screaming at the top of her lungs and trying to get her off of my daughter. She had several scratches on her face and a busted lip. The Chuck E Cheese manager came out and talked to us and the family of the boy who attacked my daughter. The manager said he talked to them and their going to keep a better eye on him and walked off. Same lil boy then throws a drink on floor and is still going wild with no employees saying anything. We’re trying to get out of there and manager comes out and tells my wife he can give my daughter a free pass. Now again I’m not saying they should babysit but Chuck E Cheese should have people on the floor monitoring it. Very upset and disappointed in what happened and how it was handled!!!!

  211. We live in Port Charlotte Florida I wish they were they Chuck-E-Cheese closer to our area rather than driving all the way to Fort Myers or Tampa or somewhere else somebody needs to open one up here

  212. I just did a review on line and one of your Chuck-E-Cheese locations had the worst review that I could ever possibly live pizza was nasty prices were high prices and was nasty representatives were just so bougie no Smiles not kid-friendly at all drinks for nasty salad bar was old and Welton

  213. My name is Lisa Martin, and on August 15,2017 my son Ethan Martin had a Birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses. The party started 40 minutes late, it was really unorganized, and my mom was helping the manager with the table cloth. Nothing was ready. They didn’t even have his name on the, so that people could see that he was having a party. We didn’t even receive party hats. I am so displeased with the unprofessionalism of the establishment. My son turned 1 years old, and the staff did not know what to do they were all over the place it was a sheer disaster. I am going to reach out to the president of the company because this should not have happened .I am so upset.

  214. I took my daughter to chuck e cheese for her 7th birthday, 9/11/17. Chuck e cheese employees were not helpful and borderline rude. Her first cake they broke so offered 2 smaller cakes in trade. When they brought it out they unceremoniously plopped it on table with lighter and left with nothing to cut the cake let alone paper plates to put cake on. My daughter asked if she would be able to go into ticket blower but apparently that wasn’t an option either. We spent over $100 there for chuck e cheese to ruin my daughter’s 7th birthday. That’s not going to happen again.

  215. Dear CEC entertainment my names is Albert my faovrites was the 2 Stage at South West Millitary Drive San Antonio TX but my 2 stage got removed and i get Sad so i don’t have a 2 Stage or 3 Stage anymore so i have one questing do you have one animatronic i get to keep because i been wanna one for 8 years so do you have a animatronic if not that’s ok


  217. I was at Chuck E Cheeses with my 6 year old son at Novi Michigan location this past October, one of the game machine broke down, i notified management 3 times before the manager came over to fix it, we waited 25 minutes, the sad part is there were only around 15 customers in Chuck E Cheeses. The manger told me when the machine broke it owed my son 6 tickets and he wasn’t going to give hime any additional tickets for waiting. He gave me the phone number to customers relations and told me to call them, I asked for another manger the second manger refused to even give me his name, so i called customer relations 6 times talked to a lady twice she said she would be addressing the complaint with that location district and regional manger, and for me to expect a letter in the mail from Chuck E Cheese with in 2 weeks, I never got a letter or any type of response. I have been taking my kide to Chuck E cheese for the past 30 years now im seriously going to start looking at other options.

  218. I saw people and kids walking out the door with no employee attending the gate. Sals bar was not ready until 5:30, and one girl forced to work the ground alone, and there were people pissed off. The manager in there tonight couldn’t manage to provide an enjoyable experience. The place…. or the carpet also smells.

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  220. The food was ok but the service was horrible. I will never come back to this location. There was trash everywhere and half the games did not have tickets in them or the ticket dispenser was not working. My son went and told the manager, who was cleaning the party area where there were no customers, about the ticket issue and the manager just brushed him off to the prize counter to tell that employee. When my son and I were at the prize to tell the employee about the ticket issue I had mentioned that we would not be returning to this location because of the bad service he just said “that’s fine”. We have been coming here for 7 years and have had issues but tonight was the worst ever. I will from here forward warn people of the neglect of service that this facility in miamisburg provides.

  221. Last night (01/06/2018 at around 6:50 pm) my 6-years-old daughter got attacked by a strange man who was part of 15+ group of people at Chuck e Cheese-Chicago. One hour later my wife went to the security guy and the branch manager to report the incident, however, they was helpless and biased against my family. The whole 15+ group and some else gathered and surround my wife and my daughter and start to harass my family and scared my daughter so badly. I believe all that happened to my family with the support from the Chuck e Cheese people because the fact that my family look different than the rest.

  222. On Sunday, Jan 21, 2018 around 1230, my son and I went to a birthday party at the Olathe, KS location. I have 3 boys and have had many birthdays at chuck e cheese but fortunately never at the Olathe location. This was my friend’s first time doing it so she didn’t know what to expect. Our ‘dedicated’ server was only seen during the initial greeting and bringing out the pizzas. She never was there to help with serving pizzas, drinks, or even the birthday cake. From my previous experience, my servers were always there assisting throughout the party so that as a mom, I can enjoy the party and not worry about getting the kids pizza or drinks. The kids anxiously waited for Chuck e cheese to come out, BUT he never did. Of course, the video made it seem like he would. After all, from the other birthdays that I had at CEC…he did come out after the video. Ticket blaster??? It was there but I’m not sure if it was done. I left 15 min before the party ended so maybe??? I am disappointed for her and for the experience that she had…which I felt was not a good experience at all. I understand that they were busy, but birthday parties are booked in advance. By the way, my son and I left the place without anyone checking us out. I was quite surprised. I waited for a while but no one came so we just left. What happened??? With an establishment with lots of children running around, safety is important. I hope that this comment will help with making changes and help other customers have a good experience. As for me… I wouldn’t have a birthday at the Olathe, Ks location. There were too many broken games.

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  224. Could improve the pizza for what it’s worth. A lot has changed in taste over the years–too dry and bland-tasting.

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  226. I just wanted to share our experience with you all today. This is our second time to the Blaine location and honestly it will be our last. The first visit was a Sunday afternoon the place was very dirty food, napkins and garbage on the floor not to mention every empty table was very dirty I had to wipe one off myself and made me think about how filthy the kitchen had to be if this is how the front of the house looks. The hand sanitizer stations were all empty and the bathrooms had napkins all over the floor and several clogged toilets. Many of the games were also broken and the ticket counter did not have an attendant for at least 10 minutes we finally had to go g t help. I decided to take my kids to your location today with the thought that maybe our last visit was just a day that you were short staffed and that today would be better, I was wrong it was totally the same situation today as it was a few weeks ago. We will continue to visit but not this particular location. Thank you
    Sent from my iPhone

  227. Good Morning , my Name is Edith Umanzor I visited one of your location this past Sunday we held a party of about 30-40 people two table .To begin this matter I visited the store on Saturday to make sure my order for my son birthday event was right I went and process my reservation .On Sunday I have arrived early nobody could help me since I don’t speak English , my party arrived nobody come over to the table to help me or at least to send someone that speak Spanish . Then after an hour the host come over I could not understand a word because like a said before I don’t speak English .When my sister in law arrive she helped me to look for the manager since our party was already sit and our soda don’t arrive until 1:30 I was really dessapointed still the manager didn’t appear until we went and look for him ,after that I have went to the location and order pizza appetizer sandwhich pattler ,wing and all of the above nothing was like I order . Then our food end up coming like around 7:45 still nothing of what I order , also there was a hair in one of the pizza .My host never come back to my check on my party we had to get up and get anything we need it until I went close to the check register to make sure where was my host and why my food was not out yet . After that one of the other host was really helpful and ask me if I need more pitcher with sodas .She also offer my child to go in the front since my host decide not to help me . At the moment all the kids have the cake out still my childrens cake is not there . Chukie sang to all the kids exept my because host or cake was not even present . I usually go to chukie cheese , to celebrate birthday party but this experience was one of the most horrible experience I have ever been .Beside this our host never apper we didn’t have plate for the cake . The cake was brought by other host , my kid was destroy because he didn’t got his birthday song .No plates or spoons or something to cut the cake was provided nobody to light our birthday cake .After a few second my uncle went and ask for something to cut the cake . The host appear at the end at this moment I didn’t even wanted to have the cake I just wanted to leave .I deserve to be treated equal and my boy birthday experience need it to be fun not such a horrible service . The location I visited is in long beach California (downtown) I really hope to hear soon from one of you guys !

  228. We buy our son toys here and they are quite expensive.. The furry ball we bought lasted one week. Is there anyway it can be fixed if the fuzzy part ist ripped??

  229. On this past easter Sunday i took my grandson to the Olympia,wa. Chuck e Cheese and I have to say it was my worst experience of any of your restaurants. Prior to going i signed up for your rewards deals which should have given us a personal one topping pizza and with my $5 purchase 50 free tickets. From the start the employee was rude, it was very clear she did not want to deal with “the rewards” we were entitled to. Once we were seated waiting for my grandsons personal pizza i realized looking at my receipt that the employee never gave us the free tickets so I went up and told her and she argued with me insisting that she gave them to me, when I disagreed she argued louder,finally after several minutes arguing with me she gave me a piece of paper worth fifty tickets. Our problems with her did not end there. Once my grandson finished his pizza I dug in my purse for his $15 play card and the $5 card i purchased for myself-my card was not there,i dumped my purse out to be sure…she never gave it to me. I checked my receipt to see if she had charged me for it and saw that she did,plus she short changes me over five dollars. I was so upset but did not want to deal with this employee any further. I let my grandson play his $15 worth & we left. This was the worst customer service i have ever experienced, and I lost over $10 due to that employees incompetence. I doubt I will return to that Chuck e cheese again unless I am at least compensated for the money I lost. JL Clayton

  230. If you have visited Chucky e Cheese in the Killeen area please double check your receipts. After paying we go play and have pizza. It wasn’t until after we leaving that I checked my account. They charged me ten more dollars than on my receipt. So I returned to the location to tell them what I found. I went to the young lady that rang us up and told her the issue. She asked if I could prove with my bank statement. She went to go get the manager. Waited around while the continue to help the other people coming in. When she finally comes she just gives me the number to corporate. Stating there is nothing the can do on her end I have to speak to them. The money is not a big deal, but if the over charged me how many other people that brought the kids to day did it happen too. Then not even listen to my issue just put it off on someone else without trying to resolve the issue first. So friends and family visiting the location just keep it in mind.

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  232. We live in Lawton Ok. Took my Grand- daughters Friday . Was sweating the whole time . We are regular customers . See About The Air Please !!!!! It’s just as hot here as it is in Texas . I spend a lot of money there ! All of the employees go above and beyond ! They need to be recognized !!! Leah , Jim , Reagan , Mckala , Jalen !!!

  233. On 6/10/2018 I caprice London came in contact with one of the manager at Chucky Cheese on Atlanta hwy in Montgomery Ala. The manager by the name of Talyssa was rude and had zero customer service experience.When ask some questions about common courtesy she had a nasty attitude and stated that i don’t have time for this. When ask to speak to a manger that was over her she gave me a false number, and had to wait for 15 min before i got Headquarters number. I was overlooked as a customer and she be FIRED BECAUSE OF HER BAD ATTITUDE.

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  236. Had an awful experience with the manager at this location Daniel.
    (I’ll give a condensed version of the entire incident )
    I had an incident where another guest there decided to put his hands on my daughter to get her away from the fountain. Clearly upset about the situation with said guest I told the manager about it to which he responded there was not much he could do but call the police if I wanted him to. I called my husband and went back to the manager and told him I did want him to call the police. When my husband arrived and talked to the manager he says he did call and didn’t know how long they’d be. My husband approached the guest who put his hands on my daughter and immediately the manager came over and told my husband to step to the side to talk to him. (In the meantime guest who touched my daughter left). My husband did and he right away started off asking my husband to step back some and my husband did& then asked for his information to contact corporate. He tried to write his info on a paper and we wanted a card instead to insure we had accurate info. When he came back out with his card he said now we would have to leave. Not once during this incident did my husband get violent or make a crazy scene! We were asked to leave but not the guest who decided it was ok to touch someone else’s child in a place full of children. Manager tried to twist the story and say we had all stated the guest only gently touched my daughter, which couldn’t be farther from the truth! He never offered to review the cameras to assure that’s what had occurred, never even talked to the guy but we were the ones asked to leave!
    I was appalled that that was his response to the incident! What a great feeling for a parent to know that a manager will stick up for someone who puts their hands on another guests child! Chuck E. Cheese is suppose to be a fun filled place for children not somewhere for another guest to try and physically reprimand a child!
    I will never ever again give my business to this establishment and will make sure others know about the good for nothing manager, Daniel!

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  238. My child is an employee of Chuckie Cheese Muscle Shoals Al. She has been coming home upset after her shifts. Complaining about how the store owner comes in and calls her li black girl abd speaks and says things very inappropriate to her . I’m taking this as far as I can to get it resolved lawyers,BBB, NAACP and more this will not be swept under the rug. He should be professional at all times and if he’s racist he shouldn’t have his position. I would think he’d have a better attitude considering hus position in the company dealung with the public.

  239. My child has been coming home from working for Chucke Cheese in Muscle Shoals complaining about to racial remarks coming from the store owner. Stating that he calls some of them little black girls. When clearly all employees have name badges . I will be contacting lawyers, BBB, NAACP, and more. He has also said other inappropriate things and this will not go unnoticed.

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