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Contacting Chrysler Customer Service Center

Chrysler is an automotive company that shares a home with Jeep and Dodge. The three websites are nearly identical. The company operates in all countries of North America, but Chrysler vehicles are found all over the world. Customers can find tons of information on Chrysler, including how to customize a vehicle, finance a purchase and contact the customer service department.

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Contact Info

Customers or potential customers may want to contact the customer service department to ask questions, file a complaint or praise the company. You can contact Chrysler customer service by phone, email and snail mail. Phone calls are the fastest means of contact, but emails can be quick and easy without having to wait on hold.

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to call Chrysler customer service you can do so from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Monday to Friday or 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Saturday and Sunday. (EST)

  • Customer Service US: 1-800-247-9753
  • Customer Service Canada (English): 1-800-465-2001
  • Customer Service Canada (French): 1-800-387-9983
  • Customer Service Mexico (From US Phone): 011 (52) 55-5081-7568
  • Customer Service Mexico (From Mexico Phone): 01-800-505-1300
  • Roadside Assistance (24/7): 1-800-521-2779

Mailing Address

Chrysler Group Customer Care – US
P.O. Box 21-8004
Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004

Chrysler Canada Inc.
Customer Assistance Centre
P.O. Box 1621
Windsor, Ontario, N9A 4H6

Chrysler Group Customer Care – Mexico
Prol. Paseo de la Reforma #1240
Col. Santa Fe
C.P. 05109 Cuajimalpa
Mexico, D.F.

Official Website

The starting page for the Chrysler company is located at This official website provides all the information the customer needs to contact Chrysler customer service, schedule an appointment for maintenance or ask a question about a Chrysler vehicle.

Chrysler customer is also available on Twitter and Facebook.

Customer Service Email

The Chrysler customer service department can be contacted by email, but not directly via an email address. You must fill out a complex contact form with your VIN number if you have a detailed question about your vehicle. You can also send the contact form without the VIN number, but you’ll still have to fill in your name, address, phone number and email address. We contacted the customer service department via the contact page in hopes of learning the dedicated email address customers can use to contact Chrysler customer service. We’ll update the response when received.

Our Experience

The Chrysler customer service line automated answering service is identical to the Jeep and Dodge automated systems. The call was picked up by the automated system immediately. We were give four options to choose from with the final option being to wait on the line for a customer service representative. After just about one minute the call was answered and the representative answered our question about ordering a customer Chrysler with ease. We were not pressed into revealing personal information at any time during the call.

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345 Comments on “Contact Chrysler Customer Service
  1. Chrysler I could not believe there could be so many substance abusers at your company if it would be to costly to give a surprise drug test once a year at your company then I feel sorry for your situation.
    To bad there’s not enough CDL. drivers Chrysler could hire being if you made it a requirement for workers to have CDL. Lic. then by law they have to have random drug test once or twice a year.

    • Did he have his work done at a dealership. I was recently told that I needed new brakes “at a dealership”. 1 year ago I had new brake pads/drums turned. But I’m a woman, what do I know.

      Went to a reputable auto mechanic shop in business 45+ years and they said there was nothing wrong with my brakes, and THEY PUT IT IN WRITING. DEALERSHIP RIP OFF!!! I will be making a formal complaint with Chrysler soon.

  2. I have a 2007 Ram 1500 with almost 100000miles on it and the vehicle is trying to self destruct. I called Chrysler for some type of good will assistance and was refused. The problem started 30 miles ago with a antifreeze leak at the water pump. After having it replaced within five miles the belt started to squeek revealing a bad a/c compressor. Disconnecting that and attempting to restart the vehicle it only clicked when the ignition switch was turned. Thus indicating a low battery (about due anyhow). After replacing the battery and starting the vehicle again the belt started squeeking revealing a bad altenator. At this point I start believing there is a 100000mile detonator on this Truck. Not that this is an expensive repair but Chrysler claims they will document this. After buying two 1500 and one 3500 new in the past I felt make some type of effort for this customer..

    • I have a 1999 Dodge 2500 Ram Pickup. I would not purchase Ram again due to the excessive rust this truck has I ahve owned it since it was new and had to have the doors replaced in 2005 or they would have been rusted through. This cost me 6000 dollars to fix. Now a few years later the under carriage is rusting and the dash is all cracked. The material used in this year of truck was inferior. I will not purchase another Chysler product. I purchased three vehicles in the span of 3 years. I Still have a 2000 Sebring which is an excellent car. But, I feel that the more expensive vehicle should be holding up better than what it is. Both vehicles have the same amount of millage of roughly 108,000 miles.

  3. Ok I have thing to say i just buy new car Dode caravan 2013 from Erindale Oakvile dealer they say car is 7.9 lt a 100 km on hWY 12 ON CITY IS it big layers my car 2013 is taking 12 on Hwy and 14 on city i am asking whay you liing my laweyer is taking case

  4. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write a review like this unfortunately I do. I have a 2007 Jeep Wrangler with ONLY 67,000 miles. A month ago the motor was making noises, I had it towed to the dealer where they looked at it and told me it needed a new engine that would cost me $7000!!! In such disbelief that a vehicle I had purchased brand new would fail on me with only 67,000 miles. I decided to remove the jeep from the dealer and have it fixed elsewhere. As I was doing so it was then the dealer told me to contact Chrysler. That following day I did. After about four days of endless phone calls, I finally got a reply. Chrysler wanted me to show proof af all my oil changes. This was no problem since the first three years of owning my jeep the oil changes were all done the dealer. I called the dealer in my old state, every jiffy lube and valvoline I have gone to and had all my oil changes faxed to Chrysler. After a couple days of them reviewing everything they did decide they would assist my repair with a $2500 down payment. Happy I wasn’t paying $7000, but still in shock I should have to pay anything for an engine that would fail on me with ONLY 67,000. It has now been a month I’ve been without a car. Chrysler would not assist me with a rental. I thought that was ridicules. Every time I would try to contact Chrysler I would be told someone would contact me by the end of the day, this never happened. I was constantly having to call over and over. A new engine cost $2500, so Chrysler is really not helping me out with anything. I’m just not having to pay for labor, but I am still having to pay for a new engine. My whole point is Chrysler knows the motor was bad on their part, not mine. Chrysler admitted they would be very angry too. Well then why Chrysler would you not fix my engine??? I recently found out there is a law in the state of CA (which I live) called the lemon law. I had received a letter from an attorney stating “consumers who own or lease 2007-2010 Wrangler vehicles experiencing problems with their engines, transmissions, airbags, steering, suspensions, wheels and water leaks may be entitled to a buy back or cash settlement under California’s lemon law.”
    Strange to see so many others are having the same problems. So Chrysler I will NEVER purchase another one of your vehicles, and I will be contacting this attorney about this issue. After an entire month of not having a car and having to deal with Chrysler jerking me around, I have also decided to call my local news about this story. I hate to do this to Chrysler, but I have no choice. I would hate for anyone else to have to go through this same thing.

    • Same story my was a jeep liberty 2007 and needs a new motor I was told no warranty no help sucks oh my only had 60,000 miles.

      • Transmission in my 2008 Jeep Libery needs to be replaced. Chrysler said that although they were offering lifetime warranty at the time I purchased my car it is no longer valid because I didnt have the car inspected at the dealer at 5 years (which was 5 months ago). What? I received nothing about this but they said “oh well”. My car has 69000 miles.

        • Jill, I have the same problem with my Dodge Journey right now. My car has less than 100,000 miles on it. The car has been in for multiple issues in the 6 years that I have owned it, but I missed the 5 year transmission check up.
          Now I have a nice car, paid off, and am not able to drive it because I cannot get anyone from Dodge to help me.
          I was going to give the car to my son to drive and buy a Durango, Avenger or another Journey, but now will be buying a GM or Ford product.

        • Same with my 2008 Town and Country, the kicker, Their dealer TATE DODGE GLEN BURNIE, MD. Had the truck for service two times at the five year mark and said NOTHING and did NOTHING… i would rather walk than drive another Chrysler product, and the 100+ family members i have have also quit buying Chrysler…..

    • My Jeep Liberty with only 120,000 miles blew the engine this week. I have paid meticulous care to maintenance. Truly disappointed. Will never trust a Jeep again.

      • It comes down to luck if you have or don’t have major repair problems. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it will be different with a different manufacturer. I once owned a GM Firebird and I went through 5 engine jobs. My friend had the same year and model and he had no problems. Over the years, I have owned North American, German, Italian, Korean, and Swedish cars. Some were good, some should have gone from the factory directly to the scrap yard as they were lemons. Make sure you don’t abuse your vehicle, get regular oil changes and keep up the maintenance. And pray.

  5. purchased a 1013 dodge journey crew. window sticker mentions all the features and options that are included with this particular vehicle.
    one item that is mentioned is the compass. well, its not there, and not included in this vehicle. i assumed that features listed, like a v6 engine instead of a 4 cylinder engine might be of some interest to the potential buyer. or maybe a premium tire is listed instead of some cheapie. well as simple as it sounds, a compass is very important to me, as i have always had a real issue with directions, and am constantly getting turned around. i would not have purchased this vehicle if i knew the compass wasnt included. its that important to me to have one. i have tried several “place on the dash, or window type ” stick ons, but they dont work at all. to much magnetic interference from dash speakers? IF ITS ON THE STICKER, IT SHOULD BE PART OF THE VEHICLE AS DELIVERED!

    • hello I know you guys are specking about your cars ,but the worst part about them Is how they treat a person of another race ,my husband was spoke to like it was 1866 almost to the point of calling him a color boy ,but we had one of their loaner cars and the run flat tier exploded and my husband called them to let them know happen and yes the manger of the service Mr. Sell asked in this manner because my husband said my wife called and you didn’t tell her about a fee ,I think he needs a class in race relation my husband is a client not his peer . (Baltimore)

  6. this is my 2nd Dodge Caravan, I love the vehicles, the first one I had ended up getting a slow oil leak from somewhere, and this one that I have now has the same problem and also my air bag light keeps coming on, the sensor has been replaced. But this would not keep me from getting another Dodge Caravan, I think they are a great vehicle

  7. I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the first year my drivers side window motor let go and a couple years later the passengers window motor let go. The past 2 months both windows in the back let go. When are you going to recall this motors. I have heard of many people having the same trouble!!!! Good vehicle with terrible window motors.

  8. Me and my wife purchased a 2011 Dodge Nitro three weeks ago at Jack Phelan Dodge in LaGrange Il. Before we left with the vehicle we noticed that Dodge only gave us one key. Every car or truck I have had, gave us two keys with our purchase. So we asked the salesman and manager where was the other key. They said the vehicle only came with one key and if we needed another it would be $135.00. I did not like the ideal we just made this big purchase and now we have to buy another key which should have been supplied to us. Is this the new low level car dealerships have stooped to? I’m very upset with Dodge and probably won’t do business with them in the future.

  9. Just contacted Chrysler customer care, and no satisfaction on an air conditioning issue on our 2010 Grand Caravan. Chrysler does not stand behind their vehicles and I will never purchase another one. Honda and Toyota make comparable minivans and that will be our next van. I suggest you reconsider if you’re thinking of buying a new vehicle.

  10. i am in total shock and disbelief. aug ’12, i purchased a brand new chrysler 200 touring.sticker price was 24,700. i just found out today book price is only 13,800.a car that i have owned for only 8 months loses almost 11,000 in value?am i soon to purchase another chrysler?and the shame of this is that i really enjoy driving them.can i afford to though?

  11. I had my 2007 Dodge Charger in for service on July 3 2012 to have the transmission filter/transmission fluid changed with a mileage of 85,496. Shortly after this service the transmission began to go into limp mode and having to drive home going no faster than 35mph. The car was taken to the shop to have the transmission control module replace which cost over a $1000 to have done. Now the car is have a shutter issue(rumble strips) and the dealership is telling me a new transmission is the only option. From looking on the internet this seems to be a common issue. Shouldn’t this be fixed under a recall or warranty?

  12. I bought a brand new 2012 Dodge Durango Citadel Dec 2011 7 months later the engine light came on took it to the dealer and the heads needed to be replaced this was in Aug 2012 now May 2013 the engine light came back on the dealership has the car for the past 24 hours just called said they can’t find out what’s wrong. The car is 17 months old and I already have 2 trouble tickets opened with Dodge. Engine issues are serious ones and o one so far can say what’s wrong. I am at the point of contacting my attorney and evoking my “Lemon Law” rights. I bought that model because of all the safety features….reoccurring engine light appearing every year is not SAFE. I paid cash ($43,000) for this car thinking I was getting the best of SUVs and now this. Not happy and I will be taking further action.

  13. I own a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica, 27000 miles, purchased with lifetime power train warranty, missed 60 day window for 5 year inspection Chryler Corp denied ( voided) lifetime power train warranty, at this mileage bearly out of bumper to bumper warranty mileage wise driver seat reclaining part quit working, mechanism frozen according to dealer, motor, wire harness and switch ok, no shortcuts recomanded on repairs due to vehicle safety, 3 day waiting for parts,least $1000 and change, customer service from Chrysler Corp denied any help, just me and my dealer out of my pocket, similar experience with other brands like GM they went out of their way to cover cost, which involves vehicle safety, or discontinued parts.

  14. We leased a Grand Cherokee Limited from Suncoast in Seminole Florida. We are extremely unsatisfied with the outcome of the purchase. The sales representive did a bait and switch on items that were supposed to be in the vechicle, one of the owner’s Wayne agree with his sales man. Bottom line is there was supposed to be a navigation system in the jeep and it was not there. My wife went thru the “here is what is in the car” after working all day and missed the item, there was so much being shown to her. The sales man even confirmed that the only item not in the jeep was the sun roof, yet we were denied the item. We do like the Jeep but have already advised 2 people to go to a different dealer ship. Customer service just helped my mother in law with a seatbelt issue (Evie Adams)so I am trying one last time. This was the 7th lease from them, loosing a repeat customer does not seem to bother them.

    Gerald B. Yates Jr.

  15. i recently had to purchase a new remote when i picked up the car i noticed that the removable key was missing when i questioned the service manager he said it was an additional thirty dollars for the key i think the key is part of the remote ????

  16. When I purchased my 2003 Liberty Jeep, I was so proud that I bought an American made vehicle. Thinking that my Liberty Jeep would last forever and give to my grandchildren. In the first year of ownership one of my automatic windows went down with a grinding noise, it was no longer functioning. Also, it is not covered by a warranty. It cost over $400 to have it repaired by the dealership. The second went down two years later. Now the third one has done the same thing. Chrysler dealership laughed, and said “oh that’s one of the bad sides of the Jeeps because the parts are made out of plastic”. I’m now heading for $2,000 worth of repairs on windows of my Liberty Jeep. I had no idea that Chrysler has such cheap parts. Now we have the plastic gas tank near the rear axle that is life threatening. The purchase of my Liberty Jeep was with FAITH that this was a good product and that Chrysler would back up their quality, but I have found this is not true with great disappointment and it is American made. My previous car was a Toyota and it has never had any issues such as these. The new owner says it still is in great condition. I also own a Dodge, for a second time, but have had many problems. I may be purchasing a new vehicle soon, but at this point, not anything made by Chrysler.

  17. I just purchased on May 30, 2013, a 2014 Grand Cherokee Jeep Summit. The problems are as follows: Wheel Panels are coming off..Dealer stated that there are no parts available to fix them. I have taken the Jeep back to the dealer for service 4 time, because they can not correct the problem with excessive vibration/shimmy in the steering wheel and can not repair my wheel panels. Vibration/shimmy usually occurs at speeds from 60-75 MPH and when i hit a bump in the road. I feel that there are some minor damages to the front end system. They have balanced tires, changed out the two front tires and other maintenance that i am not familiar with, and the problem still exist. Some please advise! This is my number 6 jeep that I have owned. However I am really disappointed with this Grand Cherokee Summit, a 54,000 dollar jeep shouldn’t have these problems.

  18. This is not a good review for your company. I purchased a 2002 pt cruiser. I should have done my homewrok on the vechile. I have had nothing but problems. No matter what we have fixed the PT still overheats. I have put thousnads of dollars into this thing and the problem will not go away. WE have tried everything from fuse and fan to head gasket and water pump. I can not belive some type of recall did not exsit for this problem. I can guraentee I will never buy another chrysler vechile again.

  19. I think your company stinks, I couldn’t believe how bad your company dealed with our situation. I was so disappointed,in the way Chrysler handle, the engine went out, making us wait to see if there was something we did to make it go out, coming up with excuses one right after another till it ended up they had our car at a dealer ship for two and half months. We had a warranty and it was under the mileage even. Our care broke down in flagstaff Az. and we live in Phoenix. We had to rent a motel get a rental to get back home that cost us 256.00 and didn’t have a car for that long to get around in. I tell U it was such an ordeal with your corporate office I was pissed believe me You did us wrong and I think what if We had gone to mo. to see my sister in law, and it took then that long to finally figure out they would fix it that would have been a disaster. People are always committing on our car, but now I tell them don’t deal with Chrysler, cuz their not good on there word. Still even though it’s fixed I’m scared to death to go out of town with it now. I’ve talked to a lot of other companies and they said it should at the most been two weeks and U should have had it done. I’ve looked on the complaints of all your other customers and man I’m so sorry we ended up with U and that Chrysler 300 is the most beautiful car and I love the looks but it’s to bad we had to deal with such incompetence. I do hope U get better, I have alot more to say but I know this won’t even face U, cuz we are just one customer and its no big deal with just one being so dissatisfying.

  20. I cannot believe a 3 year old car needs bearings in the transmission. I also cannot believe they are on back order, by the time I get bearings I will need a new transmission.

  21. I cannot believe a 3 year old car needs bearings in the transmission. I also cannot believe they are on back order, by the time I get bearings I will need a new transmission. 2010 dodge journey.

  22. My dad currently is leasing a 2011 Town & Country. He went to his local Chrysler dealership to check what would it take to lease a new (2014) Town & Country. The salesperson went over the various rebates and incentives that were available. One of the incentives mentioned was for our “military”. Both my Dad and I congratulate Chrysler for recognizing those that are serving or have served our country. Unfortunately, my Dad was told that he did not qualify for the Military credit. My Dad is 89 years old…he served during WWII . He was wounded three times and as a result has a partial disability. He was told that he did not qualify for the discount since his disability is not 100%. Also, his honorable discharge occurred too long ago. Needless to say, he was disappointed. I have heard it said that my dad’s generation is the “greatest” generation. Is this how we honor ALL of our veterans? I don’t think so.

  23. getting tired of toyotas for 16 years, i tried the jeep cherokee in 2004. later, i traded for a 2007 liberty. in 2010 i bought a 2011 liberty. in june 2013 i was informed that the rear brakes needed replacing. i did this. ever since the brakes were repaired the rotor squeeks. i waited a while thinking they would wear down and the noise would stop. it didfnt. i took the liberty back to the dealer with my complaint. the dealer said that all jeeps did this and there was nothing he could do. he stated that the new pads being used today are cheaper but he would redo the brakes with origional pads for an additional $150. i told the dealer to forget it. now, the squeeking noise is worse than ever and i am embarrased to drive it in town. its bad to have a $32000 car that embarrases you to drive

  24. Beware of “TIPM”…. recently I had an issue with the TIPM on my 2011 Durango. The truck took several tries to get started and was getting worse. I went to several dealers on my way home from Orlando but they were all too busy. I finally made it to Naples and they said it was a “bad TIPM” and that it was on back order. it would be ~ one month to get one and I had to pay for it before they would order the part. So I did. I then called Customer Care (case # 24076095)and was told that yes it was a back ordered part and that I should continue to drive it until it stopped starting, and then they would get it towed and elevate my case status. Naturally, I was in Jacksonville when it died (~5 hours drive from Naples). I then call CC and they arranged for a tow, but I had to pay for it, because it was out of warrantee, I thought when the first lady at CC told me to keep driving it she meant they would pay for the tow…. Wrong. The next CC lady asked me why don’t you have it towed to Naples, that’s where the part was being shipped to, clearly geography was not her major. Jacksonville Dodge told me they had several TIPM ordered and said I also needed a battery, 250 bucks later they got it started and I drove back home. (did not dare to turn off so I filled up with truck running) At Naples Dodge they replaced the TIPM. So in two weeks I have spent $885.67 for a TIPM, $259.68 for a battery, $286.2 to install the TIPM, and 50 bucks to have it towed. This for a part that is national back ordered and every dealer I asked said there is a real problem that Chrysler doesn’t want to address.
    I use my car for my livelihood and replace it every three years, Do you really think Chrysler will me on my list this spring. Clearly you have an issue and this is how you want to deal with it? Really?

  25. Beware of “TIPM”…. recently I had an issue with the TIPM on my 2011 Durango. The truck took several tries to get started and was getting worse. I went to several dealers on my way home from Orlando but they were all too busy. I finally made it to Naples and they said it was a “bad TIPM” and that it was on back order. it would be ~ one month to get one and I had to pay for it before they would order the part. So I did. I then called Customer Care (case # 24076095)and was told that yes it was a back ordered part and that I should continue to drive it until it stopped starting, and then they would get it towed and elevate my case status. Naturally, I was in Jacksonville when it died (~5 hours drive from Naples). I then call CC and they arranged for a tow, but I had to pay for it, because it was out of warrantee, I thought when the first lady at CC told me to keep driving it she meant they would pay for the tow…. Wrong. The next CC lady asked me why don’t you have it towed to Naples, that’s where the part was being shipped to, clearly geography was not her major. Jacksonville Dodge told me they had several TIPM ordered and said I also needed a battery, 250 bucks later they got it started and I drove back home. (did not dare to turn off so I filled up with truck running) At Naples Dodge they replaced the TIPM. So in two weeks I have spent $885.67 for a TIPM, $259.68 for a battery, $286.2 to install the TIPM, and 50 bucks to have it towed. This for a part that is national back ordered and every dealer I asked said there is a real problem that Chrysler doesn’t want to address.
    I use my car for my livelihood and replace it every three years, Do you really think Chrysler will me on my list this spring. Clearly you have an issue and this is how you want to deal with it? Really?

  26. Worst customer service, services department, and car that I have ever had to deal with. Owned a 200 for 2 years and have already had to change battery 4 times. Upon calling the dealership, he told me to call roadside assistance to get my vehicle towed. At this point, I am already 3 hours late to work and a $40 cab ride. When the tow truck arrived at my residence, he took a quick look at the vehicle, decided it had to winched, and just left. Hours later, I receive a call asking if I want to pay for the winching service to have my car taken in. Have been on the phone for over 4 hours and am just getting the run around. One girl even gave me the number to Canada roadside just to get me off the phone. Still to this second have not received any assistance. This means another $40 cab ride home and to work tomorrow. When I called and talked to a new guy, he told me that I had to pay another addition fee because of the distance my car was being towed. 2 towns away, 5.2 miles away. Instead of getting the help I deserve, I am getting random fees thrown at me. Safe to say I’ll never buy a chrystler again. I cannot wait until I trade this car in and am just done with this situation. Its not even worth the principal of proving my point anymore. These people are complete idiots and I will avoid this situation at all cost. The famous saying ” I owned a Chrystler….ONCE”

  27. Bought a brand new Chrysler 300C and am happy with the car, however, the “Uconnect” system works poorly and I have discovered that it requires a software update. My local Chrysler dealer can not locate the necessary update in the Chrysler dealers network. I have contacted Chrysler directly to on 2 separate occasions to request assistance and in both instances have only received automated responses and no follow up. The lack of professionalism is astounding. Yes Chrysler are eager to take your money, but when you need a little help to rectify their substandard equipment they don’t want to know.

  28. I am driving my fifth town and country van. It is a 2011. I also have an 05.and have had 3 others. I live in Ky. in the summer and Fl. in the winter months. I drive I-75 back and forth. The front of the 11 has nicks in the paint from driving 70 mph. on the x-way. My 05 looks like it just came out of the factory and has been driven down and back four times. If I press to hard on the Turtle Wax it mars the paint. I am very disappointed and plan to trade the 05 when I return to Ky. It will not be for another Chrysler.

  29. I bought a 2004 Dodge neon SXT new. I still own the car and it has 324,750 miles on it. It has been hands down the best vechicle I have ever owned. Very reliable and very few repairs.

  30. Leased grand jeep 2014 has been in service for recall and 2 repairs. Once was out of service for almost 1 month.
    My time and my wife time is being wasted taking jeep to dealership . Chrysler should give us a different
    Will not lease or buy Chrysler next time around unless exchange on our current jeep with a new one

  31. my jeep commander is out of warrenty by six years .however since 2008 at the least there have been the same problems posted on the internet, for this vehicle floor board flooding computer going out and shutting down vehicle . no turn signals all gauges not operating all warning lights flashing windows cannot open leaving my wife in a dangerous position , not to mention mildew . this is a dangerous vehicle at this point now we cannot even drive it .I’M not asking for anything but help I bought a four wheel drive for safety for my family . joint responsiabilty I should not be expected to pay for all of these issues and the dealership they don’t even know where to look and want me to pay them for what they dont know. 90 dollars an hour to guess chrysler did you not hire engineers. is a warrenty more important then a life ? if the vehicles kill your customers your out of part of the bill. this is poor manufacturing on your part.

  32. I have a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. In the last year I have put 34,000 miles on it so it gets used a lot. I also use my 4 wheel drive often. I went to see Corey Peters @ Arrigo Jeep Chrysler in Sawgrass, FL which is about 2 hours from where I live. I have to say that I received the best possible service from the service department there. This is the second time I have brought my Jeep in for warranty work to Arrigo. It is well worth the drive. Corey took great care of me even introducing me to the technician Jesus (I think that was his name) that worked on the vehicle. They both went over the repairs and exactly what they had done. The work took all day but I was kept informed of the process because I decided to leave it at the dealership. I bought my Jeep there and could have taken it to anyone of 4 dealerships that are a lot closer to where I live. I have always gotten great service at Arrigo so I continue to go a little bit out of my way because they do that for you. I recommend this dealership to all the members of my local Jeep club as well as other people I meet. I would without a doubt buy another Jeep, this is my 6th and my second Wrangler Unlimited and when I do Arrigo will be my first and hopefully only stop.

  33. I had two of there products a Stratus which we had to put a transmission sensor every four months and now I have a 200 and been having problems since I had it!! This is not the automobile family I can stand behind. I have read horror stories of the 200 Chrysler vehicle stalling I am a witness to that ( my vehicle stopped in the middle of the highway traffic coming at night) a nightmare

  34. Just got a call from the dealer that the Tim is bad again after replacing it a year ago come on Chrysler how can we stand behind your products when we go through this

  35. I own a 2007 Caliber. After 3 years, I was told by my mechanic that the tie rods and control arms needed to be replaced immediately – safety issue, just outside of the warranty period. This week, Meineke told me the subframe under the engine was so corroded that it needed to be replaced immediately and was also a safety issue. $900. I called Chrysler customer service – no satisfaction. From what I have read online, there may have been an issue with placement of the air conditioning unit in the Calibert, causing water leakage and rust/rot. Of course, no recall. Very disappointed in Chrysler.

  36. I wrote your Customer Service Department on February 26, 2014, and have yet to receive a reply. To reiterate my problem. I have a 2002 Dodge Intrepid. The interior and exterior are in excellent condition, so I am not considering trading it. The vehicle has developed a malfunction The Malfunction Indicator light will come on and on and stay on for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes and then go off. I had the o2 sensor replaced, but it still does the same thing. In addition it will nit start sometimes. By that I mean it will not turn over, however the horn, radio, and other electrical assessories will work. I have taken the vehicle to two Dodge dealers, and they cannot find a problem. I have also taken it to some of the best certified mechanics in the area, and they cannot find the problem. Since I live in an area where it gets extremely cold, and my wife is the primary driver, we must be able to depend on it. II would think your service departments would be able to locate any problem without me having to contact you. Also it is not the battery, I have had it checked out and it is okay. I would appreciate an acknowledgement.

  37. I have a 2012 Chysler 200 I purchased it new. It has 6300 mile on it now and when it had 3000 miles the brakes began to squeal when I back up. I’ve taken to tihe dealer twice. They tell me there is solution that it is a flaw in the design. Is this true???? I am embarrassed and humiliated to drive it because it makes so much noise. I have been a long time buyer of your cars Loved my Pacifica….So disappointed in this car. Can it be fixed??????

  38. Purchased a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited from Transitown Dodge Chrysler Jeep on 2/21/14. It has a transmission problem was returned to the dealer on 2/24/14, 2/27/14, 3/4/14 and 3/8/14 after several attempts to fix the problem they installed a new transission, with the new transmission installed it will only go in reverse…was told by the sales department and service department to call the operations manager of the dealer..??? This Jeep is a lemon

  39. Good day,I persay do not own one of ypour fine cars,however i do have a catch phrase that i am sure will be of interest to you,thanking you in advance for a prompt reply.

  40. Just bought a new 2014 Ram 1500 in Jan. Paid 47000 for it and love the truck. Started smelling a sulfur smell coming from the vents when the heat or air is on. Took it in for service and was told that chrysler is aware of the problem but the service department has not been told how to fix the problem yet. I now have 5000 miles on this truck and been smelling this odor for 2 months and they tell me I will just have to deal with it until someone figures out how to fix it. This is bad business and everyone should know about this problem before they buy. I’m telling everyone I know and that will listen about this. I will never buy another Dodge/chrysler product again. In fact I am looking into trading it in on a Chevrolet truck and taking a loss.

  41. I am in the process of purchasing a used 2013 Dodge 3500 series truck in Phoenix Az and I am told that Chrysler will not honour the warranty on this vehicle back in Canada when I take it home with me. I found this very hard to believe but felt it necessary to contact Chrysler to see if this was true. Could you please send me an email as soon as possible, so I can decide what I am going to do about this purchase.

  42. We have a 2010 Dodge caravan. First time buying a dodge. My husband has a dodge truck given to us by his dad. The 2010 had a recall something to do with the key programming reader, a design flaw. Ours was replaced already, they say! Then y would it go out again? If it’s a design flaw that should be Chryslers responsibility! Not mine! Or use regular keys if you don’t know what your doing! I never had anything bad to say about Dodge! A guy at work that races cars, I asked him about my problem, first question was what brand? I said Dodge, he said there u go next question! I’m stating to have a negative feeling about Dodge! First the part to replace is 360.00 ordered special from dodge, then part comes not programmed ????? So another 275.00 to program??????? Really that much to
    Start my van????? Should be your responsibility! Not mine!

  43. this is the worst van ever we have had 5 mini vans this is the worst its only 7yrs old and its rusting the seats are falling apart the mechanical ones, so many issues with the tires and misc things gone wrong. I think I got a lemon. its rusting on the front a and back. my friend has our 2001 five yrs older and van we sold to him and its in better shape than the 2006.

  44. I have taken my Ram 1500 in for a recall on the rear axle nut. I was told by the dealership that it would be a 4 hour fix, and now they have had my truck for 3 days and I have no other transportation. Dick Huvares dealership seems to keep extending the days and don’t know it they will be done even tomorrow. I am very frustrated, they didn’t even offer me a loaner to get around and my business is suffering.

  45. I just read that the new Dart isn’t doing good on sales? Want a hint? Put 300 hp under the hood and see how it does! I’m from the old school. I was lucky enough to own a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Six-Pak which I bought new in 1970. The fastest car I ever owned. It turned high 10’s in the quarter at over 120 mph.
    Young people now a days still are seeking that kind of performance. The Dart is a very good looking car but lacks performance the younger crowd wants today. Even old farts like me still love performance.
    Go back to a low cost car that goes like Hell and sell a basket full of them!

  46. I’ve never been treated so poorly in my life. The service department at Sunnyside Chrysler Dodge is a complete joke! I came here to have a warning light checked on my car(which is still under warranty) and I was turned away by the service manager. His name is SCOTT KLEM, he threw his card at me so I could spell his name right!! He also told me he doesn’t like to clean up after other dealerships problems. I’m truly shocked this guy is employed. If this place was the only dealership that could fix my car, I’d buy a new car to avoid SCOTT again. I’m embarrassed to own a car from a company that employees someone like that.

  47. We have a2008chrysler town &country dodge grand caravan and 4 times in the last 4years the key does not work to turn the car on and we have had to have it towed. You repair it and it happens again. This time it has been 13 mos. so you say we have to pay. This problem keeps occurring and it keeps costing us money and great inconvenience, not having a car. You would think that you would fix it so that it doesn’t keep happening. Why do we need to keep paying for what is a problem of this car? It certainly is not good customer service. I can guarantee you that our next car will not be from Chrysler or dodge. We really like this car but after 4times with the same problem and no resolution I have to say I a truly disappointed and will tell anyone who will listen. Please respond and hopefully you will fix this for me.

  48. I am extremely dissatisfied with Chrysler products. I currently own several Chrysler products. One is a 2008 Dodge Charger Daytona. This vehicle until recently has been unremarkable. Three days ago the WIN module failed which caused the car to lose all power and drop from the posted freeway speed of 60 mph to being unable to exceed 10 mph. All the warning lights failed, instrumentation failed and all alarms and warning lights illuminated and sounded. The vehicle has only 37892 miles on it and Chrysler Customer Care could care less. Since 2006 I have purchased six new Chrysler products. With customer care as lackluster as it is I am afraid I could and would not recommend a Chrysler/Fiat vehicle to anyone. For a vehicle that has been meticulously maintained, and to receive no assistance from Chrysler is astonishing. I have had many vehicles as far out of the original factory warranty by Nissan, Chevrolet, and Ford that had a failure and each of the afore mentioned manufacturers offered assistance. Shame on Chrysler! I will sell all of my Chrysler vehicles and purchase from a reputable manufacturer. I would not recommend a Chrysler Product to anyone, not even my worst enemy.

  49. My 2009 Dodge Charger was hit by a deer the first week in December,2013. We have been trying to get the necessary part to fix the vehicle for approximately 5 months now without any luck. We have been given tentative arrival dates and each time they get pushed back and now we are not even getting that. At this point we have no hope from the Chrysler Cor. I would advise anyone considering a Chrysler product to change their mind and choose something else!!

  50. I have a 2004 Durango and getting a misfire code P0301this has happened more than once. I have done some research on this and found that this is caused by rain or going thru a car wash. Other owners have had there engines blow up due to water in the engine. Nobody can give them a straight answer. What can be done about this? I really don’t want my engine blowing up. I have had it happen twice once in a car wash and once in a heavy rain storm and the motor just shut off I’m lucky nobody hit me. Chrysler has done nothing to help and you don’t stand behind your product. All I can say if my motor blows up I will send you the bill..

  51. Shortly after purchasing the “NEW” vehicle, it was found that it had major paint issues (Wasn’t noticeable due to lighting until days later); A tear in the headliner (Was in an area near a crease). After filing a claim with Chrysler (I could have pushed for a trade), they of course approved repair. Additionally, a door panel pin was missing, and one of the tire inner tube caps were missing. The quality assurance at Greenbrier Dodge is subpar for sure. Now on to the customer service issues.

    First, Dodge CS assured me upon initial contact that they would do wahtever it took to take care of the issue and satisfy my concerns, three weeks later, that tune changed to, “We have done all we can do” which was nothing…not even callbacks in two cases as promised: $30,000 purchase – Major issues – No compensation.
    After dealing with all of this, I asked that I be compensated for my time, loss of a new vehicle (Once repainted any vehicle loses value) and the several QA issues found that I be given accessories totaling no more than $500.00 which is well below any expectation of a person who just spent $30,000 for a NEW vehicle. The GM stated that he didn’t think that it was due which I don’t get — lose a customer for life; no referrals; an unhappy customer; word of mouth, and potentially losing over $100,000 in sales over $500.00 which is a gift versus trading for a new vehicle-lacking customer service and concern attitude. I asked for this as a show of good faith and in making things right.
    Moving forward: As the vehicle is in the repair phase, another paint issue is found by the paint repair shop (Keep in mind that this is a NEW vehicle). So another claim will have to be filed and lead to me losing the vehicle for another extended period of time. Still they believe that no compensation is warranted? This has been a total nightmare. Buying a vehicle is the next largest investment made typically besides a home purchase. It seems that once the deal is done, and the contract is signed, you’re on your own. Repairing the issues is not a favor, it is expected. I also expected in this case as a major purchase, to be taken care of, that didn’t happen.
    Presently I’m driving a loner for over a week (No problem) without a phone call updating me on the status of the repairs…

  52. I have been a Chevy owner most of my life. I worked for TRW a tier one supplier for 12 years and I fell in love with the 300. I couldn’t afford a new one so I bought a 2011 in 2013. It only had 12,000 miles on it and I have to tell you it is the best car I ever owned. I drove it from Minnesota to Naples , Florida and back this winter. I drove in all conditions including a blizzard and I never felt as if I didn’t have total control at all times. It rides great and it’s the first time I had GPS. We call her Rhonda as in the song Help Help Me Rhonda. If it wasn’t for her I would still be lost in Atlanta, Georgia. I just wanted you to know that the 300 is a great car and please keep making it as when I need my next car you know which one I will be looking at.

  53. Trying to get an e-mail to Chrysler…. regarding my 2007 Dodge Van which has only 26705 km on it and apparently the power steering pump is going on it….. Is this usual at this mileage?? and what compensation could be given for this Van with such low mileage….. Dodge Vin no. is ID4GP25R57B220345

    Would certainly appreciate a reply to this concern. Thank you

    Mary Masson

  54. I have had 2 flat tires plus the spare that drove only 64 km before going flat on a gravel highway (#367 in MB). The tires had less than 30000 km on them. They are Good Year HP P275/60R20 tires. I got NO warrant assistance from Dodge. Dave (an employee at customer service Dodge-Chrysler head office) gave me some useless lip about tires not being warranted… and frustrated me even more than I was before talking to him. My tire problems have cost me $812.25, plus one-and-a-half days of working time. This company, Dodge, accepted $50 000.00 from me when I bought the truck new in 2012 (VIN IC6RD7GT0CS132258) does not stand behind the tires that they put on the truck before they sold it to me. The customer service office may as well be closed, because their employee (I talked to Dave) just serve to irritate customers more when they pointedly, almost proudly, tell you that you are not getting any financial assistance with the warranty problem. By adding to customer frustration with their, attitude filled, useless talk these people are driving repeat business customers away. The two tires that blew on my truck could have resulted in serious accidents, injury and even death… I should have received financial assistance with these poorly performing tires.

  55. We have 2007 PTCruiser the A /C has been worked on twice and now is broken again of course the warranty has expired! Do A/C ‘s in P T have to be repaired every two years! This car has really been a let down. Will not buy another Chrysler.

  56. First I would like to let you know that the first 6 automobiles that I purchased were not Chrysler products the rest were. I usually purchase a new vehicle ever 2 years and have done so for about 50 years.
    The thorn started February 27, 2014 at 19565 miles, I brought in my 2012 Dodge Journey in for an oil change and to have the tires rotated.
    The next day I noticed that the air bag light was on. Took to the dealer and after 1 ½ hours was told that the problem was a sensor in the driver’s door and the part had to be ordered.
    Seven days later I returned to the dealer and after 2 hours I was told that after taking the card apart, they had the wrong part, and had to order it.
    Again after 7 days I took the car back to the dealer and this time I was told that they replaced the sensor but the light was still on. They think the problem is in the harness in the door and it had to be ordered.
    The next day after about 3 minutes, the inside over head lights were going on and off, a clicking sound from the back, control panel light telling me that the driver’s door was open when in fact it was closed and locked. I turned around and drove to the dealer.
    After 15 minutes, I was told the rental would pick me up because they were afraid the air bag would deploy.
    After 8 day I got my car back, on the work order there were 6 items listed were replaced.

    Conclusion, I am not going to purchase a Chrysler product.

  57. I HAVE A 2002 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN WITH AN AIR BAG LIGHT ON CONTINUALLY. PRIOR YEARS OF THIS VEHICLE HAD A RECALL ON THE CLOCK SPRING WHICH IS the PROBLEM. Chrysler tells me mine has a new part and there’s no recall on it. How nice for them. I have to come up with $331.00 plus tax. This will be my last Chrysler product.

  58. bought 2011 jeep compass 53,000 miles; drove 49 minutes home.By the time I arrived, a loud clicking sound under the hood on the driver side. Took the car back to chuck stevens dealer in bay minette and their service dept. said the sound was rocks in the tires. Immediately took to another service and it is the transmission. My new used Jeep cannot be driven and I have no car and a 10,000 debt. This is my third Jeep and my last and the ten people I can influence.

  59. Re: Reprogram radio frequency Hub Modules What is the correct soft-ware replacement package called? I just bought a2014 truck.It caused such distracted driving because of all the incorrect data. I would like to cut to the chase to assure the correct software is being replaced. NO MORE RUN AROUND! This serious!

  60. Is there any reason my ’02 Dodge Caravan is starting to fail? I only have 400,000 miles on it and the engine runs too good for the rest of the car. Cruise control works when it wants to, and it leaks oil.
    Wife says I’m crazy to keep it, but it has performed all I have thrown at it and still keeps going. Best vehicle I have ever had.

    Appreciative 73 year old.


  62. Brought my 2013 200 to Moss Bros in SB Ca. Need oil change and 24,000 service . They recommended fuel injection service for $199. I called Jeep Chrysler of Ontario and they said the factory does not recommend that service and if they did it cost would be $99. Also I purchased service contract with the car from Moss Bros. That the finance person told me would cover all routine maintenance. Service writer says he thinks it only covers 6 oil changes. Won’t come back to Moss Bros feel like they are trying to rip me off

  63. My husband and I own 2 2013 Chrysler 200’s, I used to own a Jeep Cherokee Sport. Loved my jeep, but you can take these 2 cars and stuff them!! Not even a year old and we are on the 3rd set of rotters and brakes for one car! It has a faulty sensor light that has had to be replaced twice already!! The Chrysler emblem is coming off the front and the paint jobs are terrible!! The other car is on its 2nd set of breaks and rotters and the trip button doesn’t work! Paint is all scratched up under the door handle in the rear doors!(came that way) Both cars have under 12000 miles on them! We live in a small town (2 stop lights!), there is NO reason we should be having break and rotter issues!! Very unhappy and VERY sure these will be my last Chrysler purchase!!

  64. DO NOT BUY your vehicle from route 4 Chrysler, in NJ. I do not understand why Chrysler would have this dealership sell their cars. They are RUDE, not accommodating, They strand you out in the middle of a highway….No service vehicles and you must live within 5 miles or they will not drive you home, But DO NOT TELL YOU THAT.. UNTIL YOU GET THERE. YOU CAN ONLY CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT even though you are at the dealership to make one. YOU WAITE ON THE PHONE FOR EVER.. THE OWNER MARK CURIOR can’t be reached HE’S IN THE HAMPTONS ON VACATION and his assistant Heather hangs up on you if she does not agree with you.

  65. And might I add this is after contacting Nancy the Chrysler Customer service, who by the way waited for the dealership to pick up the phone.

  66. You need to take a good look at a few of your dealerships if sales are not doing well.. I love my 2013 Jeep Limited, and was so excited to upgrade to the new the Jeep Summit on my next lease.. Don’t look like I am going to end up getting it after all. I am having problems with dealerships.. I am an easy going person, that don’t expect much, only the ordinary. I don’t know where to go, the ones I had experience with are horrible.. Adventure Dodge, Jeep dealership at 36845 Euclid Ave, Willoughby, Ohio 44094, I scheduled an appointment for a recall I received in the mail, went in for a recall appointment, and they said they should have checked to see if the parts were available before they scheduled, sorry we inconvenienced you.. Seems like this happens often with them. They will not have a chance anymore with me.. It’s been over a month and have not heard anything. I will not be going there to get my next Jeep when my Lease is up.. And I am the customer that also purchased a second dodge as well for my daughter, which was the 2012 Dodge Avenger I had purchased that one new in 2012 for my daughter.. I will be trading hers in for her next vehicle as well. But no where to go, for Dodge vehicles.. And also since I am getting close to my lease ending, I decided to go to another dealership to look at the new Jeeps which was Junction Jeep Dodge at 12423 Mayfield Rd, in Chardon, Ohio, last Friday, this was my last try on a Dodge Jeep dealership before I give up, was sad because I had my mind completely made up on the brown Summit and they ruined it. I had a feeling I would be forced to go to GM dealerships. I seen the brown Summit I fell in love with, was out in the lot for approx 45 minutes, they did not want to come out to help me, I was thinking maybe because I am black.. I finally left.. I am out of luck getting my next Jeep, no where to go to get the next new Jeep once my lease is over with.. So I decided to go to a GM Dealership, at Classic GMC in Beachwood, Ohio, Wow!!!! The customer service was excellent!! Since I could not find a good Jeep dealership when my lease is up, I decided my next vehicle will be the 2015 Yukon.. The dealership makes a huge impact on sales, and customer service.. And it looks like they have forgotten, that is how you keep customers coming back. Classic GMC made me feel welcome, and very helpful.. My point is, you have a customer that wants to stay with Jeep, Dodge vehicles, you have pushed my away.. I don’t think Chrysler can fix this, but just wanted to give you heads up, to take a good look at your dealerships, if you ever have an issue with drop in sales.. I am exhausted with Jeep Dodge dealerships at this point.. But at least I still have a little time left to enjoy the last of my 2013 Jeep Cherokee..

  67. I like Chrysler vehicles. I currently own a 2005 Dodge Caravan. I used to have a 2000 Sebring convertible, however a couple of years ago I gave it to my son because he needed a vehicle. I would love to have a new convertible and a new van but can’t afford it as we are retired people on fixed income. I am a member of SAG-AFTRA and would love to do a commercial for Chrysler for Union scale as I believe in the product and actually drive Chrysler products. My husband has a 1993 Dakota pickup and it is still running. Just saying.


  68. Ward Chrysler / jeep dealer in carbondale illinois sold my daughter her first new vehicle. Very pleasant experience with entire process sales and finance staff were very helpful

  69. I am a long time Chrysler customer, first time writing to you out of total frustration. PLEASE HELP ME.

    I have a Fiat 500c 2012 that I really love. I drive from 2 to 3 hours a day, and I get my current political and economic information while I drive from an AM station in Toronto “Newstalk 1010”. However, the radio in the car does not bring that station in without a lot of static to the point I can’t listen to it. I have found that if I put the windows up or down, it clears the static for a bit, but the noise gradually increases until I move the windows again.
    The following has transpired with respect to this problem.
    1. Brampton Chrysler replaced the radio – same problem.
    2. Brampton Chrysler told me to take it to Customer Service (apparently a dealer does not take this forward for the customer. They wouldn’t help me further).
    3. I called Customer Service Canada and after some investigation and several weeks, they told me it was a design flaw and they are aware that the radio in the Fiats have an issue with AM stations, this one in particular. And my customer service rep wanted to close the case. I am supposed to be happy that Chrysler identified the problem yet left me with this issue. I also got the impression that Chrysler does not see this as a big enough problem to deal with – however, I have for years heard the latest news, listen to political leaders, analysts, economic forecasts, health issues etc and it is very important to me to make good use of those 3 hours a day I spend commuting by getting that information.
    4. I said that not getting that one station takes away a great deal of pleasure from me while I am in this car. I also said that the car comes advertised and included with an AM/FM radio – so a customer would assume the AM radio part would work. Given the customer service rep I was speaking with was told to close my case, I asked to speak to her supervisor. I was told (of course) the supervisor was unavailable, and so I left a message for the supervisor asking that person to call me back. This is a situation I have come to hate because the supervisor in any customer service rarely calls you back. And true to that gut feeling, it has been almost a month and no one has called me.
    5. I did asked the customer service rep to take this to engineering. I asked for a different model of radio if this one has been identified as having this issue. I asked for an external aerial. There has been no resolution, and no one has called.

  70. Chrysler sends out a recall notice for my 2012 Town and Country for a malfunction in the rear vent window switch. Apparently the switch can overheat and catch fire. I call my local Dealer in Valencia California. Tried for two days to reach the service department. Failed! I call Chrysler Corporate and they patch me through immediately to my local dealer like magic. As I’m scheduling the appointment for the recall repair I am told by “Sam” that they will “just disconnect the switch. My response: “Um…no. I want the feature repaired not disconnected.” Sam says “We don’t have parts to fix the window so we just disconnect it. My response: “Wait. So what you are telling me is that Chyrsler sends out a recall notice for a switch malfunction that they have no parts to fix the problem?” Sam replies with “Yes that is correct. We don’t have a way to fix the malfunction so we just disconnect it.” I respond with “Um…no that is not a resolution. I bought a Van with a rear vent window feature and I do not want that feature disconnected. This is not an appropriate resolution.” Sam responds with “We don’t know when or how they will fix the window vent feature so we just disconnect it.” Two days of phones calls for what is a complete and ridiculous waste of my time. Dissatisfied, disappointed and totally apprehensive about whether my mini van window switch is going to start a fire! Absolutely poor customer service!

  71. Chrysler sends out a recall notice for my 2012 Town and Country for a malfunction in the rear vent window switch. Apparently the switch can overheat and catch fire. I call my local Dealer in Valencia California. Tried for two days to reach the service department. Failed! I call Chrysler Corporate and they patch me through immediately to my local dealer like magic. As I’m scheduling the appointment for the recall repair I am told by “Sam” that they will “just disconnect the switch. My response: “Um…no. I want the feature repaired not disconnected.” Sam says “We don’t have parts to fix the window so we just disconnect it. My response: “Wait. So what you are telling me is that Chyrsler sends out a recall notice for a switch malfunction that they have no parts to fix the problem?” Sam replies with “Yes that is correct. We don’t have a way to fix the malfunction so we just disconnect it.” I respond with “Um…no that is not a resolution. I bought a Van with a rear vent window feature and I do not want that feature disconnected. This is not an appropriate resolution.” Sam responds with “We don’t know when or how they will fix the window vent feature so we just disconnect it.” Two days of phones calls for what is a complete and ridiculous waste of my time. Dissatisfied, disappointed and totally apprehensive about whether my mini van window switch is going to start a fire! Absolutely poor customer service!

  72. I have a 2013 Dodge Dart. A couple of months ago, my passenger visor broke at the hinge and hit my daughter in the face while she was my passenger. Then right after that my check engine light came on and my trunk lid would pop open by itself. Now my shifter knob is peeling. My Dodge dealer has done the repairs at no cost, however, I lost my $400.00 tablet that was in the trunk of my car. The dealear has told me that I will have to claim it through Chrysler Corp. The car runs fine. FYI, mine is the turbo.

  73. I purchased my first Chrysler Town & Country on 04-12-2010 after having Dodge Caravans for the last 16 years. I never had a problem with the Dodge vehicles; however; the Chrysler has turned into a CASH COW !! I have the extended warranty on the vehicle and pay a deductible of $100. each and every time it goes in for servicing to the dealer. To date, I have had to take it back twice for transmissions linkage break downs; it had to go back in for an ignition recall issue; the rear shocks had to be replaced; the power on the passenger side of the van went out and you couldn’t power the door locks for that side; the fog lights quit working and they had to be replaced and just last week the drivers front wheel bearing went and had to be replaced and here is the best….I was driving on the Interstate at 65mph when the water system blew apart between the engine and the coolant system (radiator); I nearly got run over by a semi-truck that was coming up behind me and yes, my flashers were on. Oh, did I mention that the front brake pads and rotors were replaced due to the noise and pulsation of the braking system–even Chrysler recognized that one with a letter for extended policy on the brakes. Within one month of purchase, the drivers door (interior) showed rust on the interior seaming.
    Chrysler has lost their Integrity and their reputation….
    Who owns them now anyway? Too bad they lost their customer service care/concern…whatever happened to Lee Iaccocoa’s philosophies???? I might as well by a KIA or a used YUGO

    I hope Mr Ganley of Cleveland OH is reviewing this; I can document what I’m saying here and your service counter on Saturday wants to tell me that because the assigned Service Advisor isn’t on duty today; they can’t fix my vehicle and I have to wait until Monday when I can then consult with him and authorize what type of repair to make…a partial for $482.+tax OR a complete replacement for $662.+tax and by the way Mr. Ganley, your service department gave me a loaner to use while my van is being repaired and now they say I have to pay for the loaner since they discovered that it is a WEAR problem and not a covered issue in my extended warranty. What a shame I had to escalate this to corporate…I can also tell you that the customer care rep. at Chrysler spoke with your Service Dept. Mike and he told her that it only needs the partial fix and that all the other parts were good and not a safety concern and that he could have it repaired today. When I spoke to Jay, I felt like it I didn’t have the complete repair done…well, the conversation made me feel guilty if I didn’t fix everything.
    Good bye Mr Ganley…you won’t keep me as a customer. ~ JOE


  75. After having problems in the past with not getting long lasting results for “check engine light repairs” I figured
    where better to have it repaired than a dealership. I left the car off on Thursday evening for the service dept. to diagnose on friday. They found the problem was the catalytic converter, of which they are charging $2,000.00 to replace. They told me the part would be in on Monday. Today is wednesday and no word on if they have completed the repair. This dealer may be playing the game of making me wait because I would not authorize them to do an additional $2,000.00 worth of work which I just two weeks prior had checked for and was told it was not necessary.
    This dealers name is Franklin Sussex Auto Mall, Route 23, Sussex, New Jersey.

  76. Worst experience ever!!!! Chrysler left my car stranded over night causing traffic and kept telling me they were sending someone and never did

  77. Today, Tuesday, August 11, 2014, I contacted your department regarding a problem with the Adaptive Cruise Control on my 2011, Chrysler 300C.
    I had the pleasure to experience the very helpful and friendly service from a lady by the name of Dolores. It has been many years and many other vehicles ago, since I was able to comment on an employee of a large company so favorably. I also know, from many years in upper level management, how important it is to get such feed back from the customer. Dolores was an Angel and should be recognized by Company Management by inserting a copy of this mail in her Personnel File.
    Hans W. K. Dittert

  78. I am amazed over the NEGATIVE comments above. However, I have experienced the same kind of problems with a number of the Cadillac’s I’ve owned. Unfortunately, Dealerships are trying to work customers over for the largest amount of money they can get, by adding problems that SUDDENLY come in play when the car is in their hands.
    Today, I asked Corporate Customer Service, to connect me with the Service Representative of the Dealership nearest to my home and talk to them prior to me. The lady did and connected me directly to the Representative to schedule an appointment for tomorrow morning.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed (and my toes) hoping to get the service I was promised!
    Either way, I’ll report it on here!

  79. Chance #1 We bought the truck from you. We expected your company to care about what kind of vehicle they were sending off their lot representing Chrysler. We did not ever expect your company to sell a truck for $17,000 with its motor about to blow. Was this honest?
    Change #2 We brought the truck into your service shop for repairs expecting “Dodge” to understand how to competently repair a Dodge truck. Instead after a month of being in the service shop the wrong motor was placed in our vehicle and you released it to us.
    Chance #3 Within a couple of days after picking up the truck the first time we brought it back in because something was terribly wrong. The whole truck was shaking… Lithia sent us away stating our truck was fine. Then it broke down on us when we were out of town with our children..
    Chance #4 We had no choice but to bring the truck into your service shop the second time. We discovered you put the wrong motor in it and damaged potentially our whole transmition. Instead of providing excellent customer service we heard excuse after excuse of why it wasn’t your fault. Your company decided to argue back in forth with the warranty company instead of stepping up and taking care of the issue. Phone call after phone call and your company had no clue when our truck would be fixed. They dragged out the process an additional six more weeks.
    Chance #5 We picked our truck up the second time. Only to find your service shop staff clueless on the situation and refusing to put in writing what repairs they were verbally claiming they did to our truck. We spent almost an hour arguing with them regarding the incomplete paperwork and waiting for the staff to address this issue. We also discovered the damage your shop had done to the AC Compressor Brackett.. Question: who else was removing our motor and transmition if it was not your shop? Not once mind you but at least twice during the first repair and at least twice during the second repair?? Yes that means messing with the AC Compressor Brackett..
    Chance #6 We requested help from the Lithia Service Manager who at this point has never responded.
    Chance #7 We also requested help from the Chrysler Corp. Their response?? Backing Lithia of Eugene.. They feel everyone deserves a second chance?? We will never purchase another vehicle from Chrysler/Lithia of Eugene.

  80. My engine light came on 2013 CHRYSLER 300 early July. Went to my dealer an oil pressure switch was the problem. Dealer said they would order the part. Called me and told me four to five weeks from Chrysler. Tried to get my new car state inspected, it can not pass emission test with engine light on. I called customer service Chrysler Corp, promise call back within four or five days. They never called I had to call them. Since then I’ve gotten the run around, told I would be called back never happened, asked to speak with a supervisor to make a complaint they would not let me speak with a supervisor to complain they keep telling me someone will call but no one calls. Very frustrating and does not speak well of Chrysler. One small part for a new car and I can’t find out a time I will get the part, it has been over four weeks since my dealer ordered this part. Just want to know when I can expect this part for an American made car. I have been a Chrysler customer since 1980. Unbelievable!

  81. My engine light came on 2013 CHRYSLER 300 early July. Went to my dealer an oil pressure switch was the problem. Dealer said they would order the part. Called me and told me four to five weeks from Chrysler. Tried to get my new car state inspected, it can not pass emission test with engine light on. I called customer service Chrysler Corp, promise call back within four or five days. They never called I had to call them. Since then I’ve gotten the run around, told I would be called back never happened, asked to speak with a supervisor to make a complaint they would not let me speak with a supervisor to complain they keep telling me someone will call but no one calls. Very frustrating and does not speak well of Chrysler. One small part for a new car and I can’t find out a time I will get the part, it has been over four weeks since my dealer ordered this part. Just want to know when I can expect this part for an American made car. I have been a Chrysler customer since 1980. Unbelievable!

  82. My engine light came on 2013 CHRYSLER 300 early July. Went to my dealer an oil pressure switch was the problem. Dealer said they would order the part. Called me and told me four to five weeks from Chrysler. Tried to get my new car state inspected, it can not pass emission test with engine light on. I called customer service Chrysler Corp, promise call back within four or five days. They never called I had to call them. Since then I’ve gotten the run around, told I would be called back never happened, asked to speak with a supervisor to make a complaint they would not let me speak with a supervisor to complain they keep telling me someone will call but no one calls. Very frustrating and does not speak well of Chrysler. One small part for a new car and I can’t find out a time I will get the part, it has been over four weeks since my dealer ordered this part. Just want to know when I can expect this part for an American made car. I have been a Chrysler customer since 1980. Unbelievable!

  83. I am the owner of town and country 2008 and have had nothing but trouble with it. First the axle seal went bad at 35000 miles upon checking closer there was found a groove in the casing was told it would cost 3000 to fix now it’s leaking anti freeze and using oil head gasket cost not yet known . I am disgusted with the whole mess

  84. Owner of a 2008. Town and country touring van that has been nothing but trouble since I bought it 5 years ago.

  85. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. That’s the sign hanging outside the San Leandro Chrysler dealership. I think they should have kept the old management. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. IT ALL REALLY HAPPENED! First, I couldn’t get anyone in the service department to answer my calls, so I drove over. I spoke to a service advisor who told me he was working alone. I understood that. These things happen. I told him I needed my right passenger window replaced. He said he’d take my paperwork back to the Parts Department to get the window ordered. He quoted me 1 hour of labor @ $150.00 and they would have to keep the car for about 3 hours. I called the next day and was told they had my authorization to order the glass, but wasn’t sure which one to order (how many versions do they have?!). I showed up Saturday morning to have the work done and was RE-QUOTED $225.00. When I told this service advisor what the first guy had told me he replied, ” I know more than him. I’ve been doing this a long time, though not here.” He looked me up in the system and saw where $150.00 had been entered. He told me it would be 5 to 6 hours before I could pick up the car. I told him that two different quotes spoke of poor customer service and he replied, ” I don’t care when people complain about customer service and I’m trying to be nice by only charging you $150.00. I went to breakfast and received a call from them saying that they had quoted me for a switch and not a window so the actual cost would be $225.00 in labor. (the window was $371.00 incl. tax, alone) I said fine. Fix it! When I got back, I was complaining and the cashier, of all people, took me to a gentleman who said he would speak to the GM. He came back and said HE was a GM (a field commission?) and told me he would speak to the Service Advisor. When my vehicle was ready, I paid for it and, when I went to pick it up, I saw a mechanic, or whatever he was, driving off in my car. I turned and asked the advisor why this guy was taking my ‘window’ for a test drive?! Turns out he was from another dealership and had picked up my car by mistake. He was actually taking it to another dealership! They finally got a hold of him and he returned the car, less whatever gas he had burned. I was told ‘Sorry about that’ for the 9th or 10th time while I was there. This new management is a joke. I have been taking my car there for 2+ years.Tthis where I purchased it and had always received quality CS. Ironically, the newly commissioned GM told me that they had replaced all of the previous staff because their CS was poor. SMH! Oh, and by the way, the work was poor and they didn’t even clean the fingerprints from the new window. I won’t be back!

  86. My 20013 Ram has a severe history with service issues. I simply want to say that today the Chrysler Corp. has disappointed me to a degree that we will never purchase any Chrysler product again and will advise anyone to steer clear of a Chrysler or Ram product. I do not need to talk trash on a message board just simply review my Ram Truck documented history and today you simply made it clear how you stand behind the product.

  87. I own a 1989 Chrysler lebaron convertible in very nice shape it only has 100,000 miles and everything is orginal the leather seats great shape starts right up just wondering is it a classic and it shows Chrysler that their cars really last a long time.

  88. I am an owner of a 2009 Dodge Challenger. I am very angry, because someone changed the parts, namely the grill and bumper for my car. I had an accident with a deer and the body shop guy tried his hardest to do a good job. UNFORTUNELY, all the parts he got didn’t fit because of a change in the parts. Honestly, it looks like crap.. My car doesn’t even have 35,000 miles and I take very good care of it. Even the Auffenburg parts guy couldn’t do any good. I WANT MY CAR FIXED RIGHT!!!! IS THERE ANYONE WHO CAN HELP GET THIS DONE. I have been dealing with this for several months now, and I’M NOT HAPPY WITH CHRYSLER OR DODGE.

  89. My van was damanged due to flooding here in Mi on 8/11/14.I work full time and have 3 kids who are very active in sports. My youngest has medical issues and needs to go to the doctor often. This is mt 6th vehicle from Chrysler and I have never experienced anything like this before. My vehicle needs a motor but apperently they are on back order. No one can give me a date as to when my mechanic will get one. He has tried everything as I have to0. I did not take it to a dealer because I was told by them it would be months before they would even be able to look at it. So I went to a independant one but I did call my sales person who looked into it and said the same thing, back order with no date. This is rediculous. This is POOR customer service. It is not fair that I am paying for a car for months that I do not have, Dealer says well its not Chryslers fault but how is it a cutomers fault who was just trying to get home but due to mother nature, was unable to. It is kind of Chryslers fault because they can not provide the part that my vehicle needs. I have friends and family that went through the same with Ford and GMC but already have their vehicles back. I am appalled at the way I have been treated and still have no answers. I will NEVER lease or purchase a vehicle from Chrysler again. This has been an awful experience for me and my family as well.

  90. I purchased brand new from the dealership a 2009 Ram 1500 4WD with the 5.7 Hemi. The vehicle currently has 71,000 miles on it. I regularly change the oil every 3k miles, and have been good at making sure all of my maintenance is up to date. However, since about 30k miles it has been getting a periodic malfunction indicator light that would come on. The vehicle has a life time power train warranty and I have had it in to the dealership 4 times for this problem. The last time I was told that there was a cylinder 7 misfire, and they replaced the coil. However, the light came back on and stayed shortly thereafter. When I took the vehicle to the Fucillo Dealership in Adams, NY this time, they asked about changing the oil, and they stated that they needed rebuild the engine….this is where things got worse. If it were not already frustrating that we had the vehicle into the dealership 4 times, but I was informed that some of these repairs would come out of pocket despite the warranty. I was informed that I would need to pay for the new plugs, an oil change while they have the engine ripped apart, and “nuts and bolts.” I asked to have a drive line inspection completed while the vehicle was in for repairs which cost $269.00. I was origninally quoted a total price of $400.00 However, today my wife was informed that the total is now $589.00 due to labor? I believe that this dealership is ripping me off and that most of these costs should be covered under the warranty. In addition, I experienced overall poor customer service, as I requested a loaner vehicle over a week and a half ago. I was supposed to have one two days ago and was never contacted. I am very disappointment Chrysler and you have lost another customer. I will not be buying a Chrysler in the future, and will advise everyone I encounter to do the same.

  91. I went to Northwest Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge dealer for an oil change and waited 2 hours. Per service personnel was informed at 45 minutes into wait that there was a power issue due to construction at the facility and wait would be a further 20 minutes. Over 2’hours after arriving, I did get my car back, however the receipt states that a wheel alignment was recommended and acknowledged by customer. This was not mentioned to me, an estimate was not offered, and I resent falsification of this record. Why would anyone go to a dealership, pay more for service, and be penalized by such a long wait? I realize there are times when a dealership visit is appropriate, however this dealer has no merited my trust or respect. I am a former customer of Brunswick Auto Mart in Ohio, and would like the recommendation of a reputable dealer in Houston.

  92. My 1991 Chrysler was purchased late 1991 or early 1992 – new. The recall immediately involved the brake unit. Now it is under a lifetime warranty which the dealership refuses/cannot replace. They say the part is not manufactured. I say Chrysler should stand behind a lifetime warranty doing whatever it takes to fix a car I have maintained well and I love. I need this car.

  93. I was obviously ‘confused” when I decided to purchase a vehicle from an american owed company. Customer service sucks!!!! I purchased a 2011 certified pre-owed vehicle from the chrysler dealership in paramus route 4 with bumper to bumper coverage . Of course now everything wrong with the vehicle is ‘not covered”….This in conjunction wiith the multiple recalls is sickening…dont waste your time or money!!! Avoid american manufacturers at all cost!!

  94. I was obviously ‘confused” when I decided to purchase a vehicle from an american owned company. Customer service sucks!!!! I purchased a 2011 certified pre-owned vehicle from the chrysler dealership in paramus route 4 with bumper to bumper coverage . Of course now everything wrong with the vehicle is ‘not covered”….This in conjunction wiith the multiple recalls is sickening…dont waste your time or money!!! Avoid american manufacturers at all cost!!

  95. I was obviously ‘confused” when I decided to purchase a vehicle from an american owned company. Customer service sucks!!!! I purchased a 2011 certified pre-owned vehicle from the chrysler dealership in New Jersey, Paramus route 4 with bumper to bumper coverage . Of course now everything wrong with the vehicle is ‘not covered”….This in conjunction wiith the multiple recalls is sickening…dont waste your time or money!!! Avoid american manufacturers at all cost!!

  96. I am most upset with the dealership in macon, Georgia where I bought a 2014 town and country, after going there on a day whn my 2005 Chrysler van was failing. I did not know what was happening to my 2005, and I was afraid to drive it some 45 miles home. The dealership told me the computer system had crashed and it would be very expensive to fix, so I looked at buying a new van, since the dealership and the previous van had served me well. I bought a van, only to be shocked when I received my payment books and to realize that I had signed many papers, but only had a “total loss protection addendum” to show me how much I had signed up to pay and what that was going to cost me!!!! I have written a letter to the dealership to request a copy of all the papers I signed, and have since taken a loan to pay off the money that was financed through their “credit partner”. I realize that I should have been more aware of all the “loop holes” in this purchase..I just want everyone to know that you need to be careful with this dealership…..the name of the game is “sell ‘um and sign ‘um”. I wanted to take the car back, but not sure what rights I have for justice in this deal.!!!

  97. To Whom IT MAY CONCERN, My son bought a Chrysler 300HemiC. It is a 2006,was bought with only 47,800 miles approximately 3 years ago. currently making payments. Thought he was buying a reliable used car. I believe you have a problem with your Transmission’s. We bought an extended Warranty, that he paid for above the car payment. The car now has 78,700 miles and the warranty has been used many times. NOW THE TRANSMISSION HAS BLOWN UP WITHOUT A SOUND! NO WARNING IN THE MIDDLE OF DRIVING DOWN THE ROAD WITH CARS BEHIND HIM! THE PUMP WAS NOT MOVING FLUID THRU TRANNY; OVERHEATED PARTS FUSED TOGETHER. THIS IS MONEY NEITHER OF US CAN AFFORD! I MICHELE MUELLER ,HAD A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT 2.5 YEARS AGO. GABRIEL, MY SON BOUGHT THIS CAR FOR RELIABILITY, is this a cruel joke. He has a disability and has a fixed income and part time job. This is NOT RIGHT! I HAVE READ SIMILAR IF NOT LIKE PROBLEMS WITH THIS CAR. We want an answer not an excuse! I believe you Chrysler already know this.

  98. I bought a Jeep patriot new in 2012,from Steve White in Hickory, N.C. big mistake, sorriest service and rudest people I Have ever dealt with. The transmission started slipping and they did nothing, that’s ok I traded it today for a Nissan. I will never buy another Jeep because of Steve White motors. I have own three Jeeps and liked them, but no more.

  99. In early 2012, I purchased a “used” 2011 Chrysler Town & Country Van. Nice auto
    low miles, clean and virtually new. I have had no problems since the purchase and
    like it very much, however, Since I have received so many requests for me to purchase an extended warranty, the latest of which was rather “demanding”, you
    have convinced me that the Chrysler Product is NO GOOD and has to have an
    extended warranty, therefore, I will never purchase another such product. I am an old person on Soc.Sec. and need a recommendation as to which utility I should cancel and live without Gas, Elect. or Water in order to give that money to you for a warranty.

  100. We are in out mid-70’s and own a 2006 Chrysler Town and Country. It’s first major problem was that the rear AC went out six moths after a recall was over but nearly a year after we took the car to a dealer to have the AC system checked and filled! Why didn’t the dealer, who knows when recalls are issued, specifically check the potential problem of the recall.

    The next thing that is occurring is the rear dog legs on both sides are rusting out. It seems that every 2006, and particularly dark blue ones, are rusting in the same place. It bothers me that this seems to be a condition of this model.

    Having owned Maxi Vans since 1986 and never having any of these problems before, it is truly bothersome for persons of our age.

    Clem Miller

  101. What are you all going to do about the death wobble, in rams 3500 have a 97 and have never had a problem, and experienced the death wobble you are putting recalls but not to 97’s yet why arent they included/ we were told it was made poorly!

  102. My 2005 Chrysler Hemi 300C, with 50,000 miles,completely stopped working without any indication whatsoever, in the middle of the road with cars going both ways. After a moment, I was able to drive it off the roaD WHERE IT STOPPED AGAIN, AND NEVER TO START AGAIN. It was towed to a Chrysler dealer. It requires a fuel tank which is on back order and absolutely no idea when the part is coming in to the shop . It is now two weeks and no loaner is offerred…policy of management. I am an elderly senior, live alone, and therefore must now rent a car at very considerable expense, which I cannot afford. Because it is mechanical failure, insurance does not cover this….only accidents. Perhaps if the car were to have been smashed on the road, insurance would be covered. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  103. I Have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica have 60.000 miles
    First I change all mountain mouth. Second two sensors , now the engine light comes out, get what i have to change the cathartic convert. I Problem by problem. I can’t continue spend money what’s can I do.

  104. I purchased a new 2010Dodge GC. I received a recall notice on the ignition being bad .It took 3 times to get it repaired properly.Recently I started having trouble with the keys ,first one and then the other. We replaced the batteries , with no change. I had it taken to my dealer Suncoast Jeep Dodge Chrysler in Seminole FL. To make a long story short, they replaced the whole ignition at the tune of $ 950.00.This van only has 19,200 miles on it &is like new. Should not Chrysler pay this repair bill? If not this will be my last Chrysler product.P.S. We also own a 2004 Chrysler P/T Cruiser.

  105. I been having problems with my car sense May of 2014 i been bring my car back in forward in i really need some one to look into this!

  106. I am getting a strong smell when I come to a stop in the cabin of my new 2014 ecodiesel. I had it checked at Landers Dealership in Bossier City La They could find nothing other than upc labels. That’s not the smell, smells like diesel. checked the internet other people are experencing similar problems Is there a recall yet? I would love to recommend the truck but that’s a problem that needs to fixed

  107. In 2009 I purchased an extended warranty from Chrysler Corp, though a dealer. It was a refundable contract if I didn’t use it. The term was for 5 years which expired March 10, 2014.
    When I bought it I was given a receipt from the dealer with a contract number. I was given no terms of the contract, no information of any sort. I called Chrysler warranty and asked them for the policy. They told me at the time, none was needed as it was a bumper to bumper coverage, and that my VIN would be all I needed at the Chrysler dealership if I had to make a warranty repair.

    In July of 2014 I called Chrysler to ask how I was to get a refund since I hadn’t used it. He asked me my contract number, which I gave him, but that wasn’t the contract number, just the receipt number. Eventually they found my contract number, and then asked me to fill out the refund request that I should have gotten with the contract. I told him I didn’t get anything from Chrysler, so he emailed me one.

    I sent it in and 2 weeks later got a reply that too bad, that per the contract I had had 75 days to make the refund request and I was out of time by about a month. Since I never received any contract, how was I to know there was a time limit on the refund?

    I contacted Chrysler Customer Care again, asked for the issue to be elevated, and was told someone would call me back in 24-48 hours. No one ever did. I then emailed Chrysler again, and was told sorry, but if you didn’t get the paperwork you should have requested it again. When I responded that the rep told me I didn’t need any paperwork, nor that I only had 75 days to make the request, and then questioned why would I ask for paperwork again if they told me I didn’t need any in the first place. That made no sense to me.

    I feel they purposely and knowingly didn’t send out any information, knowing that I wouldn’t know about the limited time to make a refund request, and thereby forfeiting my right to a refund. Telling me only that my VIN number was all I needed certainly is true re: warranty repairs if needed, but not the rest of the necessary info. I feel this was a unilateral contract since I wasn’t privy to the details and requirements.

  108. I took my 2011 dodge challenger in for a oil change and tire rotation they did a complete check over which was awesome. However, as I drive home from dealership my alternator went out!! This car has less than 30,000 miles on it. We took it in and apparently it going under recall first of year so to fix it I have to pay 600 to fix a car that has been recalled!!! So I’m screwed I’m making a payment on a car that can’t drive!!!

  109. Went online to look up a car from Martin Swanty Bullhead ( as we were told to look online) one we pick doesn’t exist?!! Yet they are showing 8 cars and it’s one of 8, they said it’s just a picture they put on there???? Wtf, and oh yeah it’s not available and can’t be got!!! I’m sorry what is that??

  110. I took my 02 Jeep Liberty into Suburban Chrysler Jeep Farmington Mi. for the problem they have with rear end crashes and the Jeep catching fire. They were suppose to inspect the vehicle and make repairs. They determined that my factory installed hitch didn’t meet specs so they removed it and installed a replacement hitch that has a 2 in receiver and safety chain hook up by says that it can’t be used to tow. Now I have a Jeep that has a hitch that looks real but can’t be used for towing anything and I didn’t get any help from Suburban other then I had to call Chrysler. I called Chrysler Customer service and they gave me the standard answer the really said nothing. I’m stuck with no way to move my utility trailer and no answers. Thanks Jeep

  111. Just wanted to thank you.
    Our family of 6 Rented a town & country mini van
    From the air port in Cancun Mexico for the week
    of Thanksgiving. Plenty of room, very sturdy,
    Easy on the fuel but most importantly is the
    Way it held up in the worst rain storm I have
    Ever driven in. Roads flooding, pelting rain
    Not able to see except when the lightning hit
    Near us and light up the road. When we got
    Back to the hotel I actually said out loud,
    Thank you Chrysler for putting together this
    Nice Mini Van. Thank you again. Todd Christensen

  112. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to share with you my very unpleasant experience with Chrysler Egypt.

    I am the unfortunate owner of a Jeep Wrangler (DA4BJ3AG2D4002656, 36867 km)since November 2013, bought brand new. After the very first 6 months (approximately 15000 kilometers) I started noticing a squealing noise in the rear wheels of the car every time I used the brakes, to which I reacted immediately by going to the official Chrysler dealer and service provider in Egypt (Ezz El Arab). The issue was diagnosed as “loose” parts, which they mentioned was tightened, but unfortunately did not solve the noise as I immediately discovered one day after. I returned to Ezz el Arab again at the nearest opportunity then again about a month later with absolutely no improvement every time.
    I was told statements like “this is a standard defect in Jeep”, “this is because of dust”…etc. and several other excuses to which I was really astonished of the incompetence of the service center to say the least.

    After several failed attempts I filed a complaint in the main “Ezz El Arab” service center in Abu Rawash, to which I was asked to bring the car one more time.

    After a week of inspection, I was told that they have identified the root cause as worn rear axels, requiring change of both the axels within guarantee.

    This was very strange especially, that my use of the car would be described as very light city driving with Zero off-roading and Zero accidents.

    The following day, I was told again that it was actually the rear left axel that was defective, and that they would only change that part, but still within guarantee.

    After 10 days with the car held at the service center, they finally told me that they will change the axel within the guarantee and have send a report to Chrysler with all the videos and measurements proving the defect and mentioning that the car does not show any signs of abnormal use or accidents. Attached is the email sent by Ezz El Arab to Chrysler with the investigation report and mentioned findings.

    To my shock, it took 2 days after that to physically change the part, after which, and again to my shock, I was informed that Chrysler has refused to cover the cost of the repair, under the claim that this is an unusual one and I would have to cover at least the cost of the part, while they would relief me of the repair cost and provide a 5% discount out of compassion and belief that Chrysler’s decision was not fair!

    During the debate, the main message that I was being given, was “this is not Ezz El Arab’s problem, this is Chrysler’s and that I have to take it with the latter”…

    All my attempts to explain the concept of customer service, or the responsibility of the main dealer and service provider towards customers failed miserably and were responded to by statements like “you will not teach us what to do with our job” & “too bad you don’t like, but it’s ok, we will not please all customers”, all mentioned by the head maintenance Engineer, Mr. Sayed.!

    My level of appall and frustration is unprecedented and I never ever imagined that I would have to deal with such incompetence and lack of understanding of the basics of customer service at a global auto manufacturer like Chrysler.

    Out of the small, but eroding, left confidence that this is not the standard or acceptable way for Chrysler to deal with its customers directly or through their main dealers, I write this to you, requesting immediate intervention to quickly remedy the current situation, knowing that my car is still at Ezz El Arab and I refuse to receive it until this situation is resolved.

    I appreciate your time and hope that I would not have to escalate this further through the official channels.

  113. I called to see if my car was ready for pick up, I was on hold for over six minutes so I decided to go there and find out they lost my car. No one could find it in the system. Since there was no record they questioned whether I drop it off. About 15 minutes later reef get the person who checked us in. He said he couldn’t find it but maybe it’s already been closed out. So we went to the cashier and found the paperwork and he said that the car did not receive any parts because there are no parts to be found on it yet in reference to the recall postcard I received that said bring it in we have the parts. I received no phone call to tell me my car was finished or not even worked on. I own a business and so I have not had this vehicle for a day and a half. Would’ve been nice to receive a phone call to say we don’t have the part pick up your vehicle or don’t even drop it off. Very poor customer service received for this ordeal.

  114. Tried to get my service scheduled at Dick Poe Jeep in El Paso. 5 calls = no answer. Do you really want my service?

  115. I own a 2007 Chrysler Aspen with 54,000 miles… I take it to Champion Chrysler/Dodge/Ram on W 96th st Indianapolis Indiana …my experience there has NOT been very good …over charges … shoddy work …poor communication about time of repairs. I have been frustrated several times by their service dept..please investigate this shady dishonest dealership … they HURT the Fiat/Chrysler brand fact they are flat out incompetent and very unprofessional … I intend to contact the Indiana State Attorney Generals office and file a formal complaint and the BBB and voice my concerns over FB ..Twitter…they are just that bad ….I hope this saves someone else from being ripped off and mistreated…… Lester L Johnson

  116. Good morning.

    I wanted to make contact with you just to let you know of a design defect on the 2013 Charger and 2013 Avenger. I have both.
    I purchased the Charger for myself and the Avenger for my wife at the same time. We still have them as we are pleased with them.

    I am very observant on details. I just noticed that the vehicles have a flaw. A flaw so minor that I had not noticed in years but yet so considerable that once I realized it, it is very noticeable. This affects the way the driver feels behind the wheel and also affects the safety. I would like to contribute towards correcting this and having drivers feel more – part of the car.

    if you are interested, please reply.

  117. I have a 2003 Dakota I bought brand new.. I love this truck. I now have 271K miles on it. it is a 4WD 4.7L and manual transmission, I replaced front brakes at 216K. alternator and belt at 230K normal wear and tear ( tires). I did have to have the 4WD fixed,, that was a broken pin of some sort.Just replaced hoses and themostat. thats pretty much it. I do change the oil faithfully every 5K miles and use Royal Purle synthetics, I attribute that to its longegity.. My truck still looks brand I do have one issue just popped up and that the Blower motor resistor keeps burning up.. Im on #3 in less than a month, As I can see this is a common problem and would appreciate a reponse form Chrysler and a fix.. it seems to be a design issue and perhaps this needs to be a recall.


  119. I recently bought a new Dodge van and drove it to Mexico. The van was great, but try getting a simple oil and filter change down here. The dealership wanted to charge me over $125.00 for this work.I told them they were way out of the ballpark on that and they were loosing a lot of Canadien and USA business. I got the service at another place for less than $45.00. Dealership tries to take advantage of all Chrysler owners

  120. My 2008 Chrysler 300 is involved in a recall for the ignition switch. I had already replaced the part in 2013. I was told in the recall letter that if I had already replaced the part I could send in my bill and get reimbursed.I called customer service in January and they told me what I needed to do, which I did. I called this morning to check on the status and am now being told that it is on hold until they get the part in. Why do I have to wait on Chrysler to get the part in? I already paid for the repairs and want my money reimbursed. Why do I have to wait? I am out $700 for a part that is now on recall. I want my money now!

  121. I was pulled a “bait & switch” @ Dodge city Brookfield!
    too much to tell here, I need the rep to contact me live.
    I was very disappointed! the deal that day was the only way I could afford the dodge vehicle, I was so in love with!
    went across the street an leased a Toy….It’s ok.

  122. I am sorely disappointed in the Chrysler group because I have a 2005 Dodge Ram1500 that has been a decent truck until the rear end locked completely up while I was traveling down the interstate at 50 mph. I had to have it towed and repaired to the tune of $2600.00 in Dec of 2014,now two months later I receive a recall letter for the rear axle pinion nut which may come loose and cause the rear end to lock up. After calling the recall center they politely inform me that they will only reimburse me for just a pinion nut and a harness in the rear end. This offer would be fine if it had come before the nut came out and locked up the rearend causing me to have to replace the entire rearend, but does me no good now. Having just the parts at this point does me no good unless they expect me to hold on to them just in case I need them later. I want the money I am out due to their faulty product because the damage has been done and repaired now. I have always thought that this was a good company with good, reliable products but am learning I may need to stick with a Ford product. I will never buy another Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep vehicle if this is how they handle their mistakes and will discourage anyone I know from buying one.

  123. I purchased a new 2014 Chrysler Town and Country in March 2014. I really like this vehicle except for the fact it does not have automatic daylight running lights. It was apparently made in Canada and if its auto light feature is to be used it changes to French and Kilometers. Dealership has tried a couple of time to reset the computer so we have headlights during the day without success. Surely there must be a way to do this since it is much safer having daytime lights. Thank you in advance if this problem can be worked out.

  124. 2 weeks ago I purchased a lemon from Chrysler, the 2015 Chrysler 200. 9 days after I gave them my money, the car wouldn’t start. When we were able to get it back to the dealer the next day, they tested the battery and said the battery was fine. Now two days later, they have decided it was the battery. I asked that they place me into a new car, as this vehicle was also new, but was already having trouble, and they refused. They stated they couldn’t because the title was already registered so now it would be considered a used car. They weren’t concerned with me piece of mind after being stranded when the 9 day old brand new car wouldn’t start, but now they couldn’t sell it as an old car. So now I will be investigating other avenues because I do not want this vehicle. Chrysler does not care about their customer’s satisfaction. I would never encourage my friends and family to purchase from Chrysler.

  125. I have a 2008 Chrysler 300 limited. the key hole broke and i fixed it, I was wondering if you would be interested in my repair kit

  126. Dave Smith Idaho is one of the worst experiences I have ever had at a dealership. We are are going into month 2 after buying a new truck and have had nothing but trouble starting with day 1 leaving with numerous recalls that were never addressed to several other issues with the truck and the financing of the truck due to them selling us a warranty that doesn’t exist now trying to get refunded for it has been an absolute joke! I will highly recommend that you stay clear of this dealership!

  127. Dealer: Hurley Chrysler, Deland, Florida

    In October, 2014, this dealer “repaired” the ac/vent of my 2006 Jeep Commander and charged over $500. I January,2015, the problem came back and I was charged nearly $500 for another “repair” About three weeks ago, the same problem was back. I think the dealer should repair the problem at no cost to me. (In fact, I should receive a refund for the October “repair”.

    Charles Palmer

  128. We have a 2009 Journey and have had different problems with it. The latest is the key remote is not working – told they would have to order new one at $265.00. I don’t understand why they could not reprogram the one we have at a much better cost! We are not sue we will purchase another Dodge vehicle – as we also will be looking at replacing my husband’s Dodge truck soon- problems with brakes and drums there!

  129. My HC has been sitting at the Rail Yard in Dixiana SC since 3/16. With a deliver date to the dealership of 3/20/15.

    It is now 3/24 and my car is still a no show. The dealership (Milton Ruben) told me that Chrysler will not authorize them to pick up my car because the lady that signs off a cars to be washed and picked up is on VACATION!?!?!? WHAT!?!??! REALLY!?!? If this is true, she is the only one that can do this job? All thought everyone was replaceable. WOW!!

    Can someone please contact me about why i have paid for this car in FULL. And now you have my money and my car!

  130. Just got a message from someone saying that my Hellcat was delivered to the dealership 3/22. I was there today and the dealership said that Chrysler will still not release it.


  131. Sansone dodge in Woodbridge NJ is the closest dealer for your products. I went there to get a price for a left over suv with the sticker price of 21,995 the sales rep comes back with a price of 26,995 with all these fees. They wasted my time with waiting for the sale rep to talk to his manager. So we walked out. The sale rep keeps calling me 4 to 5 times a day for the last 3 days. I brought the suv last night at another dealer with no hassle at all. This dealer shouldn’t sell your cars. they are a rip off dealer.

  132. I bought a Dodge Ram Black Express on Black Friday from Blake Fullenweider CDJ in Beeville Texas. WOW !!! It’s been a Black Cloud ever since. The salesman explained that since the vehicle didn’t have 2 keys, an extra would be sent with the license plates. NO KEY with the plates, after several trips (4) to the dealership with multiple B/S excuses, I finally received the extra key via a “Key Insurance Claim”. The salesman anxiously explained that any references for other people to buy a new car from them would earn myself $100.00. What a fight to get them to pay up. After a embaresing issue at the dealership, the manager payed up on the promise from the salesman. The manager himself then assured me that he would send me the second (2nd) referral money within 10 days, another lie.
    No more references for BLAKE FULLENWEIDER in BEEVILLE TEXAS. In fact all my future dealings will be with another dealer, they don’t need to worry about any more good things to say about them !!!! They can keep their 2nd hundred bucks and buy some beer and celebrate on screwing another customer. What a bad taste they left for me.

  133. I have a 2014 Dodge 1500 Truck that I lease from you. I am not happy about what I’m finding on my truck. RUST and more RUST. The dealer fixed it the first time after your approval and the second time I found more you said no we are not fixing it. Well I called you on 4/24/15 and talked to someone about getting it fixed and they told me no also. So here’s what I think. I will let everyone I know if they buy a new Dodge truck not to because Chrysler does not stand behind there trucks. I have been around cars all my life and have never seen a truck RUST after 6 month of owning it. They told me if it was grating a whole then they would fix it. Ok why would you not want to fix the rust before it was a whole. It would cost you a lot less to fix it now then to wait until it is a whole and my seat falls through the floor while I’m driving down the road. When you pay 40,000.00 for a truck you should get a truck that don’t RUST after 6 month’s and then you don’t to fix it. Real nice. I love my truck and I want to keep it for a long time but you all will not stand behind your vehicle’s so why should I keep it. Case number is 2681043. Hope to here back but I think I know that’s not going to happen. Hope you build better trucks that don’t RUST down the road.Thanks

  134. I am the proud owner of a 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertable Limited, that since the day of purchase, I have always used a local chrysler dealership for services, recalls and accessories. My Sebring is placed in storage every winter and as a result it always needs servicing in the spring.
    Today I called the same dealership as usual and attempted to make an appointment for normal service (oil change).
    I was then notified by them that they will no longer accept my business due to a problem with our last service from them. The problem was they performed unauthorized work on the car, charged me for this work and became upset when I made them remove what they installed.
    It was only washer fluid, but it was unauthorized and I was not even asked prior to leaving the car there. The fluid they used was a generic fluid, that freezes at a high temperature. With the car being stored in an unheated garage, I always use a fluid rating of -25* or lower.
    This is my choice having had washer fluid freeze in the past.
    Due to my treatment, I will make an positive effort to inform future customers to stay away from this Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge dealership.
    For the record, this dealership is located in Tamaqua, Pa. And the name is All American Chrysler/Dodge/Ram.
    I am very happy with my Sebring, so happy that even with this rude mistreatment and being forced to go to another dealership for repairs and services, I would consider purchasing another Damler/Chrysler vehicle in the future.

  135. Hello. I just bought my 2005 Chrysler Town & Country four years ago and we have a major problem. The rocker panel under passenger right sliding door is rusted and now all is left is a big hole and needs to repaired as soon as possible. We were told is $2000+ repair job. I am a mother of 6 and currently became homeless and can’t afford to fix it. Our inspection sticker is due next month. Is there anything you guys can do to help me with this problem.I need help like yesterday. Please respond to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

  136. Have a Dodge ram 1500 4wd vin 1D7RV1CT5BS65499 that is continusing to shift itself into 4wd at many different speeds. I had the vehicle into Sacramento chrysler dodge jeep ram for nine days when it first happened and they could not correct this issue. In my previous correspondence with you – you said I had to take it beck in to the dealership. Recently the truck shifted itself into 4wd at least 20 times in about 1 hr. I have to pull over and shut the engine off. I was able to go approx another 1/8 mile when it shifted again. This continued to happen and I was able to limp it into the dealership. It has been in there another 6 days and all I get from them is they have narrowed it down to 2-3 things. They say they need to contact chrysler for assistance. It seems as though you are giving them NO assistance. This is getting to the point where I am about ready to let the attorneys handle this issue. If you can’t help them please just let me know and I will remove the vehicle and have my attorney contct you. My whole family is in the law business from homicide detective to supperior court judge and I am sure we will be able to get this resolved through the court system. This is my work vehicle and I am unable toperform due to this 4wd issue. It is very dangerous to have this happen while driving and the potential for a very ugly result/injury is extremely possible. If you cannot get this handled today please kindly contact me and I will move forward.

  137. I have a 2007 Town and Country that I purchased new. The vehicle has had a problem with the electrical system from the beginning. The gauges would intermittently go dead and the engine would either race or stall. When I would take to the dealership, South Point in Tulsa, OK, the mechanic would always say that they could find no problem. This time, we were on the freeway at 70 mph and all gauges died and the engine died in traffic. We were fortunate to coast to the center median. The car was towed and we were informed that the fuel pump was dead. We had the fuel pump replaced and the car would run for 9 minutes and die. We were informed that the problem is one of the electrical system control modules and we had the car towed 130 miles back to South Point. It has been sitting on their lot without being looked at for 2 days and no one will return calls. If you are in the Tulsa area, this is not the dealership to trust your vehicle or you live with.

  138. WE have our fifth jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and it is 2011, we have a problem and customer services will not help..This jeep has been garage kept and only has 21,ooo miles and now the wood grain plastic on the dash has fallen off and cracked, I ask for help and they will give now ,The replacement plastic is over $400 plus labor, I will never buy another JEEP,,,the service sucks for the home office ,,,,,,

  139. Owner of a 2007 dodge ram 1500 Only took to the dealership 1 time for door issue. I know have a trans issue. Vehicle came with a lifetime drivetrain and engine warranty. Was told that it was suppose to come back for a 5 year inspection. Never received a letter from Chrysler Corp or my Dealership which closed 3 years ago. to inform me that the truck needs inspection. Called customer service for some help ( Ha Ha ) Michelle ML 1082 the rudest customer service rep I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH Will never purchase a Chrysler product again.

  140. I just picked up a 200 for my wife.We went to Crystal automotive.
    I have had a lot of car,s i my life with that being said, This time was a night mare the people just pulled a bate and switch on us. I think you should know. It,s was so bad that I don,t think I will go back to your. I did sine the paper,s but they were not the deal we made they have switch them with a larger price. This is why car dealer get a bad name. I try to stay in american car,s. Now after this I just don’t know. Thank you for. Well I don,t know

  141. Google Pacifica frames.
    I bought a new Pacifica Touring all options in 2006, had it for 8 1/2 years 58000 miles, garage kept well maintained. While having the vehicle serviced, dealer informed me the tires could not be rotated.
    Went into the service area examined the vehicle frame while up on the hoist. The frame was rusted out, it had fist size holes through out !
    Called Chrysler, sent photos and supporting documation, they never called me back.
    Chrysler is poor quality.
    Another company selling a product, not accepting responsibility for selling defective equipment which can kill.

  142. I own a 2002 PT Cruiser. I viewed a U Tube video on how to replace instrument cluster lights but decided to take it to Larry Miller Chrysler Avondale AZ for the replacement. According to the video the bulbs are fully serviceable. Service Adviser Gary Timmons told me I would have to replace the entire cluster at a cost of $718.95. What is the realy story?

  143. I purchased a used Dodge Caravan with only 61,000 miles. I purchased from a dealership. In less than 90 days it stalled. I had it towed and found out the engine is bad. I am still stuck having to pay for a vehicle I can not use. The salesperson lied and told me I could not purchase the extended warranty. I tell you what, I deal with the public and I am going to tell as many people as I can for the rest of my life, not to deal with Dodge dealerships, buyer truly beware of these pieces of junk.

  144. At first when I took my car to Champion Chrysler in Decatur, Ala. I thought I was getting a run around but they did come through on the Factory Warranty coverage and did a good job on the repairs today 6/22/2015 and it was a fast turn around time frame. The only item of interest I think that the business needs is for the people there to be a little happier on their jobs. Times do get hard but if you show it at work it makes it hard on your customers. When you go in an upbeat dealership it makes things better if you have a car problem. Because your customers are under stress with car problems. I was in one of the hardest jobs you could have was Life Insurance sales. I had no tangible product like a pretty car and I was successful for 17 years and I never showed my customers if I was having a bad day and I always tried to make my job fun!!!!Just a word of thought that might help in your training. Maybe the Sales Force at the dealership is happier but customer service needs to be too!!!!Customer Service is what our country is lacking this day and time!!!I am 64 years of age and during my years we used to have customer service and that is what we still need this day.

  145. Oh and by the way my Chrystler is a 2013 Chrysler 200 which is susposed to be the new import. So sad the susposed fake leather was coming off the back door. Terrible!!!The first thing that did upset me was when I said I kind of got a run around was we will have to image it and send to the Corporate office. There should have never been a question of being taken care of and paid for by them it was still under the factory warranty. the car only has 35, 980 miles and the fake leather coming up on the door!!!!!

  146. My mom worked for Chrysler for 35 years and is now deceased. Because of that I no longer qualify for family discount. But last year they said I could get 1 percent. I love Dodge but will look at other cars now. Thanks Chrysler, you had a loyal customer,till now. Her 35 years of hard work should have continued to her family,not just spouse. SO SAD

  147. I have bought I thought was a new 2014 Challenger but it turned out to be a New Wrecked 2014 Challenger. I am disgusted with the entire situation. I though I would enjoy my purchase but it has turned out to be a damn nightmare!! I have made several calls to local news media about this and I will be making phone call after the holiday. I should be reimbursed for the piece of crap that I was sold.

  148. Read a lot of the other comments and can only say, “Grow up you bunch of babies”. Car/trucks are mechanical objects subject to wear and tear. Most people don’t look after their vehicles and start to point the blame when something goes wrong. Presently, I own a 2015 Chrysler 200C. I love it. It is a well designed and well built vehicle. I also own a Ford Expedition which is a pile of crap and that’s an understatement. Over the years, I have owned cars from a lot of manufacturers, North American, German, Japanese, and Korean. Some have been good and dependable, others should have gone from the factory directly to the scrap heap they were so bad. But it amounts to luck. I once had a GM Firebird with a manual floor shift. My friend had the same year and model, but with an automatic. I could ruin the engine in a weekend and I’m not talking crazy driving. My friend had no troubles. Another time, I had a top of the line Toyota. It rusted badly in no time. It used oil, burned oil, and leaked oil. Luckily some young woman went through a red light and totalled it, saving me from having to scrap the piece of junk. I have owned two Volkswagen cars. The first wasn’t too bad although it did need some repairs before their time. The second Volkswagen was straight from hell. I finally got rid of it and it was “goodbye, good riddance”. I have owned French, Italian, and Swedish vehicles and they were all costly pieces of junk. They all need repair at one time or another. So what I’m saying is if you can’t afford to repair them, don’t buy a car 9truck) walk or take the bus, but stop this childish bitching.

    • Richard,

      I agree. However, I traded my older auto for a new one, 2015 200C. I adored the 200C until the transmission went out due to a recall on the transmission, that was there before I drove the car off the lot. Please check on yours to see if there is a recall. If there is, please take care of the recall. Mine had the recall when I drove off the lot and 3200 miles later, the transmission went out. On the day I picked it up after the tranmission replacement, a control module went out. Back to the dealership. On the day I picked it up for that repair, the same thing happened again. It is still at the dealership and they don’t know what is wrong with it. In July, I have only driven the car 2 days. Yes, it is under warrenty and yes, I have a rental car, but this is very annoying for a new car.

      • I have a new Chrysler 200 that was purchased June 1, 2015 with 200 miles. I had it towed Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2015 because it wouldn’t start. There was a message “Service Shifter”. Today is Thursday, October 1, 2015 and my car is still there for repair. This is a new car and I shouldn’t be having problems like this already I only had it 4(Four) months. I cannot trust your company or the car. Are you going to help me with this or should I get a Lawyer. This is my second email to your company and haven’t heard anything from you. Don’t you care about your customers??? My husband has a Chrysler 300-2013. I will never buy another product from your company again. I am disability and cannot be worried with such things that is why I brought a new car. I should have known better I had a Dodge-Journey 2009 and it was a mess. Day of purchase steering wheel – leather coming off, they ordered another one and the Tech that worked on my car broke parts putting it on and had trouble with Air bag they kept it two days. What kind of service is this. I was also told that my battery cable were loose and wouldn’t tighten up. No email from you or call. I am so upset and disappointed. I am paying for something that is no good “A LEMON”. Scared to take a trip. I have read other customers with this problem. My car is at Southern Chrysler-Jeep 1414 S. Military Hwy., Chesapeake, VA 23320ask for Lamont Berry and my phone Mr. Berry has been very helpful and trying to get my car straight. Your Techs need more training. Your QA Dept. need to do a better job before letting car go out for sell. Your could at least acknowledge you received my letter

  149. WE have a Chrysler 2000 300m. It has 58,000 miles on it. THis car internal lights flash randomly and when parked head light and emergency lights come on. We call several dealerships an they said that they never heard of this. Also so the battery dose not die we have to take off the negative cable every time we are not driving it . Please Help us!

  150. On our way to Florida on March 3,2015, our Ford Explorer dele eloped gas line leak. We had left Michigan two days prior and were in the path of a bad winter storm. Taking our car to the closest car dealer ,which was Jeff Smith,Perry,Georgia. After a machanic checked our old 2003 Explorer it sounded like the repairs were going to be costly,so I asked if they had a car in their lot about a year old and had some miles on it and got good gas milage. Arthur the salesman suggested the Dodge Journey 2014 with a little over 7 ooo miles.
    We are old in our 80’s and buying a car on the road so many mikes from home,Marquette,Mi.,was a very tragic experience. All went well until we reached home some six weeks later got our paper work on the car and realized they had added a vehicle service contract for $2500 . Yes I did sign the paper but it was a blank paper coming out of the fax machine , but after several calls they did refund some if the money,$2152.91. Just this past week,when we cancelled the service contract within the 90 days. Cancellation was on April,24,2015. Chris the finachial manager has been so rude every time we have contacted the dealership .
    He removed $347.09,using the excuses as a prerated cost,when we cancelled it,within 90 days and neither the salesman nor the financial manager explained what they were charging us.
    Please look into this dealer and let me know what my next choice is. I am in my 80 and I feel I have been taken advantage of . On the other hand we love our Dodge Journey and our local dealer Fox of Negaueunee was so kind to us when we took the car in for its oil change.
    Thomas k Holmstrom

  151. I have never been so disgusted with the lack of service from a company as I am with Chrysler corporation. It’s like invading the CIA to talk to anyone…I tried for 6 days to reach my assigned service rep – she refused to return my phone calls because my case had been turned over to a supervisor. Yet the Supervisor has yet to call me or email me. I called/emailed everyday trying to reach someone and never got a response back. Is this the type of customer service the higher ups at Chrysler want people to deal with? A poor quality product and even worse customer service. I have been a loyal Chrysler customer for 20+ years, and I have never had issues with vehicles like the one I have now, nor would I have ever imagined the lack of service from one of our biggest American companies. Yet – I (the customer) am stuck, because you are not “allowed” to talk to anyone higher than a supervisor, and if you are lucky, you might get to that supervisor-I however, have not been that lucky.

    Chrysler does not know the meaning of “Customer Service”.

  152. I bought a 2015 Town & Country Limited Mini Van and drove it approximately 2 months had 3000 miles on it. We took it on a small trip and had to hold a cup up under a leak and still got wet. We took it to the dealer and they said it was a tube pinched, they repaired it, and 2 or 3 days later the lights inside wouldn’t come on, than the Steering wheel controls wouldn’t work, rear lift gate light wouldn’t work, wiper blades came on fast setting on their own, in bright sunlight. one week later we took it back to dealer and they had it a week. They found wire corrosion,they said was their before we got the car, they repaired it and then fuses started blowing. When they brought the car out of the garage they said another fuse blew, and now it has water stains on the interior. The car was safe to take on long trips. We had to pay them 350.00 to go too Columbus, Ohio to another dealer to get the car and said they knew nothing about it. We was not satisfied with the car did not feel it was trust worthy, to travel long distance with, we told them we wanted out of the deal. They did not offer to find us another Town & Country in the same price range. We had to get a cheaper vehicle, they said they were doing us a favor giving us what they did because it was a used car. We was forced to deal with them, the only way we got out of the deal was to pay them another 5,356.00 to get a smaller and cheaper vehicle. We was told you won’t believe what the car depreciated, because we drove the car 3,000 miles while we was trying to get the car repaired so I could use it for a vacation trip, I missed my vacation and still had to trade for another Chrysler product, it will be the last one, I have 5 Town & Country they was all great until this one. No one will talk with me about making a settlement, they just want your money. We lost all the way around, I fill we should be reimbursed for our lose. All our papers came up mysteriously missing, at the dealership, so we could not figure out exactly what we lost. They is no guarantee satisfaction with Chrysler, I will tell all my friends not to buy Chrysler.

  153. I purchased my first Chrysler 200 and it currently has just ofver 51000 miles and the Throttle body started to die and cause the car to hardly idle and when i took it to the dealership they said it was not under any of the drive train warrenty so i call customer service an opened a case as i do not feel this type of part should have worn out with so low a mileage!

    need less to say this is my 1st and will be my last Chrystler product i will ever buy! over 500.00 for the repair and they would do nothing!!!!

  154. I have had the displeasure of dealing with, over the past two weeks, the customer service department for Chrysler as well as Lester Glenn Service Department. I have a town and country which I did not receive a recall on for the WIN, Wireless Ignition Nodule, for the last 2 years I have been having a issues where I would be driving and the car would just shut off. NO ONE can duplicate the problem therefore it has never been fixed. I have three children and I am a visiting nurse in the community. It has happened several times. I am not at liberty to just go out a buy a new vehicle every time something goes wrong, however I have sent it numerous times for them to try and fix the problem and have always spent 125 dollars for diagnostic fees for NOTHING. I read on line that this WIN part that is on recall does make the car SHUT OFF while driving HOWEVER they can not speed up getting me the recall part because they can not diagnose the problem. GOD forbid I have had my children in the care driving down the highway and the care just shut off Chrysler would have a huge lawsuit on their hands. I will never buy another product. My husband had to track down the part from another dealership himself and had to pay another diagnostic fee and now taking it to another dealer to put in the part. All I received from the customer service department was I am sorry there is nothing we can do. That is unbelievable and completely unacceptable. Being in a customer service role I goal is 100 satisfaction and assistance. I guess Chrysler does not get that training.

  155. Two months ago i purchase a Jeep Cherokee 2015.When i look under the car i did find rust.Already?And it is not winter yet.I wold like to get some help because i did pay a lot of money.Tanks

    Sincerely Gabriel

  156. I have a Chrysler jeep 1999 also a 2015 dodge journey both are on recall I”ve been trying to get my 2015 dodge fix on the recall and its been three months and counting no one has call me back I keep getting the run around about my car I went to a few dealership and they just say they will put me on the list still no call then I ask well can I get my car fix on my extended warranity that I have till 2017 they tell me they have no room I ask when would they have some time to look at it they say they will call (no call yet three months and counting) I have been buying Chryslers car for over 35 years now I can”t even get it fix with my warranity I went in to one dealership they said where are my proof of keeping my car up and I pull out all my proof oil changes ect. they still gave me the run around I love my Chrysler cars that’s really all I”ve been buying for some years I’m retired from Chrysler but you guys are making hard for people that love these cars I guess if I get mind fix I would have to look at ford motor co hurt company man

  157. I have driven Chrysler vehicle since 1965. I love the quality and the way they handle. I want to know why Chrysler and other mfg. do not make a 4 cyl front wheel drive pickup with a club cab.
    This would be economical for a small business.


  159. Wow!
    I have owned a Jeep Comanche pickup, a Jeep grand Wagoneer, CJ5, CJ7, 2Door Jeep wranglers and a 4 door jeep wrangler! All great vehicles! But!
    My new Jeep Renegade Trailhawk is the best vehicle “I have ever owned!” I love it! Ride and Drive! Fit and Finish! The 4 wheel drive system is phenomenal!
    I just wanted to let you guys know! Fantastic Job!!!!

    Paul Geurin
    Hot Springs, Arkansas

  160. I’ve owned Dodge Ram with Cummins Diesels since 1994. My complaint is with the manufacturer withholding computer codes from Cummins. My current situation my truck developed problems 10/August /2015. I had it towed to a local dealer in the Houston, TX metro area. The service advisor told me that it will be a minimum of two weeks before a tech can look at my truck to tell me what is wrong. With my 1994 I could go to Cummins and be in and out in a few days. Not two weeks just to look at my truck. It’s costing me financially, car rental, then what ever the truck repair bill will be.

  161. West Brothers in Sullivan, Missouri had my Jeep for 6 months waiting on a recall, then had a “bully” call me and tell me I had one day to move it off the lot or it would be towed. They said they had talked directly to my son twice, the past registered owner of the Jeep telling him to move it—totally false my son has been institutionalized for several months and cannot receive phone calls. Finally we were told we could not do business there any more and they refused to do the recall that for the last several months they kept telling me they were just waiting on parts for. They said I used foul language with the bully that called me and with others when I came there, this is also totally false,said they record phone calls I asked them to please go get those tapes so they could hear their staff talking to a disabled woman like they did, of course no tapes were produced, I have another Chrysler that also needs a recall fixed but will have to travel approximately 45 minutes one way to get this done. I have bought every new car, except one, at this dealership my entire life. This is just wrong!

  162. I purchased a new 2012 town and country from towne chrysler in Hamburg, NY and have been notified several times about a recall notice. This involves a faulty switch in the rear windows. I notified Towne dealership when my first notice came in over a year ago and they disconnected the switch and told me they had to wait for the parts to come in. I have contacted them several times since then and I get the same answer every time. We have been driving the vehicle for over a year without power to our back windows which is unacceptable to me after you spend significant amount of money on a new vehicle. I will consider this service in the future when I decide to purchase another vehicle.

  163. I bought a dodge ram with a Cummins diesel an have been having oxygen sensor problems since the beginning. Wiring harness an sensors changed via recall or service bulletin. 40, 000 miles later same thing only this time on my dime. left dealership an app. 5 miles down the road same thing.. . The replacement part didn”t last as long as the original. Seames to me they they replaced with an inferior part 11111

  164. I agree on the drugs at the place! It’s ridiculous! I know of someone on meth & heroine that runs a machine there! That is crazy! No wonder you have so many recalls! You protect the ones drugging. I understand helping them, but when someone is reported, you should drug test them! Huge liability!

  165. look at Hemmings Motor News which has a world record appraisal for the 440-6 shaker coupe at $350,000 Timing couldn’t be better since Chrysler Motor Company announced to all their Dealers, the barracuda is definitely being re-produced again under the famed logo ‘Cuda & Barracuda.
    Chrysler should buy this classic to emphasize brand $$ value over time.
    But then the public can never suggest to the powers to be … what to do?

  166. HELP!!! Very disappointed in the service at the Chrysler Lithia Springs Dealership!!! I got a tune -up, changed the platinum plugs, for $310.00 on Aug 5, 2015. I left my 2008 Chrysler 300 at the dealership, which I never, ever do. When I picked up the car to go home, I notice I wasn’t getting the performance I was used to with my car. I was going on vacation so I said I’ll handle it when I get back. On Sunday, Aug 23, I was driving back to Atlanta from South Georgia. When I got to Macon, my engine light came on. Confused, I pull over on I475 & the car was not making any noise, nothing. I continued to drive home. The next day, I drove the car to work. I work in Austell, GA which is next to Lithia Springs. I took my car back to the dealership & showed them my receipt for the tune-up & told them about the engine light. They preceded to take the car to the garage to get codes and informed me I needed a new TRANSMISSION!!! I shouldn’t drive the car & it would cost $3,000.00 to replace my tranny. I WAS DEVASTATED!!! I got my car towed to my house, 54 miles away. I had to rent a car for the whole week. This past Saturday, I decide to do a little research myself. I got a second opinion and come to find out, I didn’t need a new tranny. Matter-of-fact, the third cylinder was misfiring from the tune-up I received from the Lithia Springs Dealership. I am in the process of getting a lawyer & suing Chrysler for all the pain & suffering I had to endue because of unacceptable & insufficient service I received at your dealership!!! MAD & DISGUSTED!!!

  167. Good morning,

    My name is Kris Pevoto, & the owner of a 2015 Jeep Cherokee VIN: 1C4PJLCS2FW638377. I purchased this vehicle through the Military Overseas program as I have serving the country for over 18 years in the US Navy when stationed in Sasebo, Japan. Now I’m stationed at Naval Base Everett, WA.
    On Sunday August 16th, 2015 at about 4 pm, I was driving from Seattle to SeaTac International Airport when my transmission warning light came on, & the engine would not go above 1000 RPM. Once safely stopped, I contacted the road side assistance from my warranty manual for a tow from the airport to the nearest Chrysler Jeep retail store, which was in Renton, WA. The tow cost was covered under the warranty package & I did not do any paperwork with the driver. My vehicle was dropped off at about 6 pm, with the Service Dept. closed being a Sunday. My contact information & vehicle issue was taken down, & was informed that I’d be contact on Monday. Luckily for this situation of my vehicle not performing, my family was not with me, nor was the weather poor this day, as if either of two situation would have occurred, it would have made the day more difficult.
    When I was asking the sales representative about weather my warranty would cover a rental vehicle, & where the nearest rental vehicle location was at that would still be open, the sales people at the Renton store seems more interested in finishing their paperwork, vice my customer assistance as I was continuously pointed out that I did not purchase this with a vendor, but through the Military Overseas program. I did purchase on the good faith of Chrysler Jeep, believing that being a service member, going with Jeep as a customer would keep my business in the future. However, at this point, I started to doubt my choice. At this time, I looked up on the internet that Enterprise car rental at the airport was still open, & was left with no choice but to use an Uber rental for $12.00 to Enterprise, without help from the Renton store.
    Once at Enterprise, I rented a 2016 Chevy Malibu from Sunday, to Tuesday (I’ll explain below why to Sunday), under the Chrysler Jeep warranty limits.
    On Monday, the Renton Service Dept. called to inform me that their transmission technician would not be in until Tuesday, & that it would get serviced at that time.
    This Monday, also, I drove the Malibu to the Everett Chrysler Jeep dealership to find out the process of how to do a claim on the rental, as the total cost of $88.52 would be charged to my credit card, along with hopes of reimbursement on the Uber. While there, Mr. Kenny Rodgers of Finance Manager explained that since it was purchased through the Military Overseas program, he (nor any) dealership could help with the claims & that I needed to contact the Chrysler customer service. All questions I had about this process from Renton to the Everett dealership where not answered, leaving me frustrated in my purchase decision for now & the future, & that even being a service member in uniform, I could not receive basic process information as that since I did not use their dealerships, I wasn’t “their concern” as quoted from Justin Reynolds in the Renton store.
    Tuesday I was informed that as software update on the transmission had been performed & was ready to pick-up. Enterprise was more than happy & willing to drop me off from their nearby store in Renton the Renton Chrysler Jeep. My report paperwork, Invoice 263295 statement was about wiring to the TCM & software update on the PCM & TCM, TSB 21-021-15 Rev-D had been performed. It also states in the claim, they performed this update, along with tire PSI checks which was entertaining in that my Jeep has the option to see the PSI levels on the dashboard…which it was still on when I turned on the engine.
    Monday the 24th of August, I went back to the Everett Chrysler Jeep dealership to process my claim, but was quickly informed again by Mr. Kenny Rodgers that nobody could help me, even with my extended warranty package, as I wasn’t their customer. He did only assist in faxing my paperwork to the claims division at 1-800-485-9028 Mr. Don L.
    In all, my experience with purchasing a vehicle with Jeep has become very disappointing. I received a check for less than I’d thought I get, my transmission died while driving & received no notification to bring it in for service, I did purchase this vehicle with good faith (without even test driving this model as I was stationed in Japan at the time on this transaction), customer service at two location was far below satisfactory & highly unrecommendable, the tire pressure was checked on the dashboard which I can do myself, & I was continuously told “we’re sorry we just can’t help”. Nobody seemed interested in keeping my business for the future (even when I showed up in uniform at the Everett store on the 19th of August), helping someone in distress (again, fortunately the weather was good & my family was not with me), & the answers to my questions seemed hard for them to address as “I wasn’t a dealerships customer cause you used the Military thing”.
    I’m not expecting only a simple apology for this issue, but as a customer, if Chrysler Jeep has any notion of this extreme level of frustration with the customer service I was not provided & if any means possible of resolving this for keeping my business platform.
    In addition, I do have a part-time job to help for my family, as I am a single parent of two children. My vehicle not being in use for 3 days meant I lost all possible means of addition financial support to my family, & put a potentially great burden on my family as a whole, as my father received open-heart surgery on the 19th of August. Without my one vehicle means of transportation, & the driving around needed on the smaller rental, could have postponed his needed surgery.
    I’m available at any time for questions, comments, concern & additional paperwork to be provided on this situation.

    Very Respectfully
    Kris Pevoto

  168. I received a letter for the N47 recall in the mail last week so I scheduled my jeep to go in for the N47 recall on 8/24/15 with Albion motors and they gave me a date to bring it in for the recall of 8/31/15 at 1pm. I used a vacation day from work on that day so I could take it in. When I arrived there I was told that they could not do the recall because Chrysler told them that they were now not able to do it at this time even though they have the parts there. I am very upset that I not only wasted a vacation day but also drove 40 miles on way to the dealer after they told me they could do it on that day but now have to wait for them to call me to schedule for another day that I will have to take another vacation day and drive another 80 miles round trip to have it done. What is going on that a service for a recall was scheduled and then I was refused service of the recall with the dealer telling me they have the parts but are not able to do the recall since they were told by Chrysler that they could not and they could not even inspect it because all the information for the recall was taken away from them. Really looks bad since I have been a jeep owner for 20 years and own two currently.

  169. I have a 2003 stratus and the dash board started to raise up to the air bags. Took it to the dealer and they said they couldn’t do anything until I started threating to get a lawyer then they fixed it. Now 5 years later it did it all over and they said it was to old. Also the clear coat is peeling and I always kept my cars immaculate. I have had 6 Dodge vehicles since 1986 and not sure if I will buy another

  170. The Jeep dealer in Collierville TN has the worst service dept I have ever experienced.
    They never call you back. I had my cat there for three days and they didn’t even change the oil much less fix the engine check light issue. I vowed never to go there again but my check light issue was a dealer issue according to the Firestone mechanic. I called the Jeep dealer who told me to bring it in at 7 AM THIS MORNING. I called again on Saturday to confirm. Yes. 7 AM. I was third in line behind others who were also told 7 AM. at 7:10 we were told that service doesn’t start till 9 on the holiday! I have no confidence that my car will be fixed correctly by these incompetents and I will never buy a Chrysler again

  171. Your customer service is NO SERVICE!!!! TERRIBLE!!! I own a beautiful 2005 Chrysler Crossfire convertible. I had the top replaced and then the latch wouldn’t work….rendering the car unable to be used unless the top was down. Paid $1,000 to have the latch replaced last year at the end of the summer…took 2 weeks…put the car away for the winter, took it out in June and had the same problem intermittently with the roof. Once it became a constant issue, I called the service department….had to wait almost a month to get a loaner to get the car in to be looked at. After they had it 1 week, I get a call that the part is no longer available from Chrysler and therefore I will have to pay to get it from Mercedes and pay for the labor as well….another $750….interesting how the part is now less expensive….anyway, I speak with Chrysler customer service, Tanesha (refused to give last name) who left me on hold for 15 minutes only to return and say there is nothing that can be done because I had the part almost a year and therefore it couldn’t have been defective. I explained the full scenario to no avail. When I asked for a superior, was told there was no one else who could speak with me who would give another answer and that she is authorized to make decisions. I don’t believe there is nothing that can be done, and SHAME on Chrysler for refusing to credit me for a defective part. Would never use this dealership if it weren’t the location I purchased my vehicle 10 years ago. Precision Chrysler in Butler, NJ.

  172. I am very upset as to what happen at Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealer ship, I had appointment for my recall for my 2006 300 Hemi Chrysler, 18000 miles, VIN# 2C3LA63H46H316668 AT 10:00AM. CONFIRMATION # 1742066547766 Upon arrive their for service for my recall airbag I was inform by you all service personnel that it will take all day, I ask why I have a 10:00a appointment he just stated sorry and obtain my keys for service. After three hours waiting I ask him have they started on my car he stated NO. At that point I inform him I will file a complaints about your attitude and the service I receive. At that point I ask for my keys and went to Gossett Motor 20 miles from my home on 1901 Covington Pike, Memphis,Tn. Service Advisor Tracy Davis was very courtesy and gave me appointment for this Friday.At this point I will no longer take my business or buy another car from Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

  173. I own a 2012 Town & Country, the driving lights work intermittently. I spoke with a service rep at the local dealership and was told there was a light sensor that shut the driving lights off when not need. Is this true? It seems to me that the lights are a safety feature which should be on when the vehicle is in operation.

  174. I have had a Jeep Wobble for a little over a year and a half. I have taken my vehicle to a few dealerships to fix this problem and it has cost me quite a bit of money since they have no idea how to fix it, even though this issue has been going on since 2007 with the Jeep Wranglers that I know of. This is dangerous! At 55-68mph the Jeep will shake, sometimes just the front, other times the entire vehicle and steering wheel. Attached is a letter to the service man regarding my experience yesterday with Golling on Telegraph in Bllomfield Hills Michigan – I need some answers please.

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond to your service. First of all I’d like to say that you were very pleasant on the phone. However, I brought my Jeep Wrangler in for three issues –

    1. The Jeep makes a winding noise when it is cold and first starts – your team did not find out what the issue was.

    2. At 55mph – 68mph the Jeep shakes. Sometimes it is just the front of the vehicle but other times it is the entire vehicle and steering wheel. You suggested that the shake was due to bad rotors and brakes and that I need to get them replaced for $900.00. First of all, that job DOES NOT cost $900.00 – that’s crazy!! That was an unfortunate response since I had already had them replaced this year. I also purchased the best brakes that were available, so why would I need new ones? I had the Jeep at another dealership for the same issue last year and they replaced the damper. I was also told it was tires, so they were replaced. (Please read below the documentation)

    3. The radio light would go on and off – you changed the radio out completely – another unfortunate situation since this now is my third radio. Chrysler must not make their equipment very well anymore.

    Oh, I also had my Jeep detailed by your dealership for $189.00. Really??? I took pictures so that I could send them to Chrysler and the owners of Golling. It looks vacuumed, ran through a car wash and wiped down. The front window had spots, the back seat floor had white specks all over it, and the cup holders were disgusting. Did you by chance see it? If you did, I really don’t think you would have approved.

    I realize the mechanics who looked at my vehicle and the individuals who cleaned my vehicle have nothing to do with you and it has everything to do with the service of Golling. You, were very nice on the phone, but due to the crazy up-selling for items that did not need to be replaced, I would not refer Golling to anyone. Also, except for the radio nothing was fixed.

    My Jeep is a 2009 with only 71000 mile on it, garage kept, not a single speck of rust, and this vehicle has been taken care of. It doesn’t go off roading and it has been seen by three dealerships for the shaking. This is not your issue I know. It is Chryslers issue. I will be sending a letter and making a phone call. It is very frustrating and scary not knowing what will happen when it shakes.

    Like I said, you…were very nice. I’m just not impressed with Gollings team.

    Thank you for your help.
    Nikki Engels

    What you need to know about the “Jeep Death Wobble”
    Published July 10, 2012
    Facebook343 Twitter32 Email Print

    2009 Jeep Wrangler (Jeep)

    It’s a name tailor made for the headlines: The “Jeep Death Wobble.”

    Used to describe a severe vibration reported by owners of certain Jeep Wrangler models, two Democratic members of Congress have written a letter to Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne urging him to start a consumer outreach campaign informing customers of the issue and their repair options.

    California Representatives Henry Waxman and Anna Eshoo took the action despite the fact that a National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) probe earlier this year concluded that the condition “does not result in loss of control,” and did not lead to a recall or other action by the agency.

    According to The Detroit News, out of 402 formal complaints regarding 2005-2010 model year Wranglers, NHTSA found that there were “two possible relevant crashes, one of which alleged nonfatal injuries.” Jeep sold a total of 542,134 Wranglers during those model years.

    The so-called “death wobble” is relatively common among vehicles that use a solid front axle, and the Wrangler is the only light truck currently on sale that falls into this category. The design is prized for its extreme off-road and heavy duty hauling capability. The wobble is a harmonic resonance resulting from a loose or worn part in the steering or suspension, such as a tie rod end, and usually set off by hitting a bump at a certain speed. It often goes away after the vehicle stops, but can return under similar circumstances. However, if not addressed, over time the vibration can cause damage to other components of the vehicle and exacerbate the issue. Many websites targeted at off-roaders have sections dedicated to fixing the issue on a variety of vehicles, which is often the result of installing aftermarket parts.

    In a statement responding to the letter, Chrysler says of the condition that, “if experienced, it is routinely corrected with a change of tires or installation of a simple steering dampener.” The automaker has issued several Techincal Service Bulletins (TSB) related to the steering system of the Wranglers in question, but hasn’t said if they are a direct response to the alleged issue. TSBs are issued to dealer service departments to inform them of a known problem with a vehicle and instructions on how to deal with it, but are generally not made public.

    Waxman and Eshoo wrote to Marchionne that “since these bulletins could be helpful to Jeep owners experiencing wobble, we ask you to make them fully available to customers, or explain in greater detail the justification for withholding this information.”

    Mark Williams, editor of thinks an educational campaign might be helpful to the general consumer, but that the information is already common sense for many of the type of truck enthusiasts attracted to Jeeps. “Owners who know what vehicle is designed for are already familiar with the issue,” he says. “This is kind of a duh moment for them.”

    Kindest Regards,

    Nikki Engels

  175. Your customer service aftercare, is terrible. Including at the local dealer level. No one is willing to answer my concerns about my recall letter. for recall r26. When the parts will be avaible and installed. My dealer Malloy Dodge in Albq. actually kicked me out of the dealership, when I kept asking questions about the recall. I then tried to trade the truck in at neighboring other brand dealer. The quoted me $1500 trade in due to the recall that can’t be fixed due to no parts avaible to fix recall. I will never do business with dodge, chrysler, jeep ever again

    • the truck is a 2003 dodge ram 1500 that I purchased new in Oct 2003. It has only 112,000 miles. Dodge HAS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Will never purchase another one new or used FU dodge.

  176. I own a 2010 Dodge Charger and i am disappointed at how fast the front suspension wore out. I had to have all the sway bar links replaced. All upper strut mounts replaced. All lower rear control arms replaced front and rear. all sway bar bushings replaced. Both front shocks and struts replaced. Along with new nuts and bolts replaced. With parts and labor the cost was $2518.13. We have owned quite a few cars over the past 50 years and never have had these kind of problems at this low mileage. I found out that i am not the only one who has had front suspension problems starting around 41000 miles. our car has never been driven on unpaved roads. Beautiful car but some poor quality. When all of a sudden you start hearing a rattle coming from the front of the car, your in for some expensive problems.

  177. I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and I’ve been having issues with my suspension and transmission. The vehicle has not been abused and it hasn’t been offroading or anything extreme. My dealership service is by far the worst of all the vehicle brands I’ve ever been to. They recently did an oil change and never realized that the coolant/prestone was empty. I found out because I noticed that the vehicle wasn’t driving like it was used to. Long story short, I love my vehicle but the quality of service and maintenance has deteriorated my vehicle’s performance and driving pleasure. Also, the paint where the rear doors are has turned greyish/white and the dealership told me it was because of the Pirelli P-Zeroes I had that lasted only 18 000km (another deception). They claimed that the tire’s grip projected sand thus explaining why my paint is chipping and fading drastically. I’ve never had a vehicle that had such paint issues in such a short time. I have to admit that my experience with the Jeep Brand hasn’t been very positive. I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited the year prior acquiring my SRT. Any support or service would be appreciated although my hopes aren’t that high…

  178. very dissatisfied customer. iv had an issue with radio unit media , radio / Bluetooth. they’ve put 3 radios in it that have been a month wait in between and did nothing but pass me off between fca and local dealer. this issue as small as it may seem all comes down to customer service on chatham Chryslers part as well as Chrysler canada.
    last dodge/Chrysler product we purchase…no journey for wife or dart for step daughter….she likes her honda

  179. I have been looking at buying a new truck since April 2015. I decided to give dodge a try. I went to the new dealership which I purchased 3 vehichles at. They gave me a great deal as the weekend approached I called to let them know I will be there Saturday. Nobody would talk to me or call me back. Finally they talked to me after several attempts and a wasted Saturday and said they sold it. Then they wanted to pawn off the six ft bed cherry for a good deal which I already told them not interested in. So another dealer calls me cons me into a 65 mile ride and said they could make me a better deal…yea almost 4,000 more of my hard earned money…some deal!.. As for the last and final place I went to..It was the worst experience I ever had at a dealership. I never dealt with such an a rude salesman in my entire life!! I was there 10 minutes and walked out. I have since gave up on looking and will start looking again in the spring. AS for a ram…I can’t even stand looking at them anymore…. I’m staying with Chevy/GMC

  180. The HOLT Dealership never refunded my GAP insurance the figured in the total price of vehicle. HOLT Chrysler
    /FIAT gave me a receipt showing The $700.00 GAP insurance was not accepted, but they have refused to refund the monies to me.
    Plus The Documentary Fee was not agreed to; ” I (William E. Dean, JR) told HOLT Chrysler at the signing that The Documentary
    fee is not an Official Fee. It also states a Documentary fee is not required by Law.”
    Additionally the $1, 925.00 for the service contract was never mentioned during the process of my signing of five additionally documents forced on me, and was told to sign. They also promised me four new tires and haven’t provided them.

    As a 100% Disabled United States Veteran, I feel I was taken advantage of. I have a Military ID Card, and I am a 100% Disabled (service connected and no one offered me a Military Discount.

    I feel I am due a refund of $3,900.00 because the documents I signed.

  181. I cannot believe Chrysler/Jeep would lose a customer and leave themselves open to the onslaught of negative feedback that I promise will come, over a lousy $833.29 repair. A repair that is most certainly the result of a failed part, which the Service Adviser and the Service Manager at my local dealership agreed with me on. However, your Digital Imaging team, and the Area Manager fell back on the statement that “those bumpers don’t break by themselves”, and made the decision based only on pictures, that it was not a warranty issue, leaving me to pay for repairs on a 2 year old vehicle with less that 17,000 miles. You have unleashed the ire of the ultimate dissatisfied customer.

  182. I have had a 2014 Fiat Abarth for about a year now. For approximately 6 months I have been trying to get a check engine light issue resolved. This began when the engine had 600 miles on it. I have had the car in the service department where the warning was reset and engine was diagnosed with the esim as the issue. The second time was when the engine had 750 miles.
    I had to wait for this part to arrive (we will call you in a week when it comes in) After 2 months I had to call them about the part. Now at 900 miles the check engine light has reappeared. I cannot get my car in line to be checked out for a week, at a dealership that can’t seem to fix the problem. This dealership should have a qualified fiat service person. Why can’t I get this problem resolved? This is the poorest service department I have ever had to deal with in all the years of my car ownership. I am hesitant to drive the car when I have a warning light burning. I have no way of knowing if this is an engine problem or bad sensor.
    The Fiat of Huntsville dealership, is the only dealership within a 2 hour drive, which is why I have not yet given up and taken it to another service department.

  183. I have a 2012 Jeep Compass and during a recent cold spell (temps in the 30’s) my heater failed. I thought it was going to be a thermostat, but it turned out to be the Heater Core. The price of warm air by the way is $1,000. The service person who handled my car at the local dealer told me that it was clogged and full of stuff like sand?? How can a “sealed system” ,i think, get full of stuff. My car only has 44,000 miles and just outside the warranty period. I would NOT buy another Jeep again. I have had Toyotas and Hondas and had over 160K miles and never a problem like this.

  184. I have a 13 year old Chrysler PT Cruiser. Daimler Chrysler LLC has a lien on the title. Customer service told me to contact The first question the website asks is for me to choose the lender from a list of about 10 institutions. I do not see Daimler Chrysler LLC listed. Please! How do I get this lien released from the title.

  185. I would like to tell you that dealership in Durant OK. is the worst I’ve been too so far. I hade purchased two brand new vehicles totaling over $70.000 dollars and so far I’ve had two recall notice on one and the other the DEF fuel gauge doesn’t work in the truck and Hoyte dodge has ONLY one mechanic that works on def fuel gauges. and the people that run the counter look at you strange when you tell them the def fuel gauge doesn’t work, like its some meaningless thing that I am wasting their time. now I bought two BRAND NEW vehicles and I would like them to work properly wouldn’t you. and the sticker in the windows show priority service customer so is this just a run of the mill sticker or is it supposed to mean something, and if I had my way if I could get my trade-ins back I would

  186. Once again I am writing about my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I bought at Scranton Dodge. I have no problem with the dealer who sold the car. My problem is with Chrysler as a company. I am now on my 3rd recall. I have had 2 of them corrected by calling and complaining, really? I should have to do that to get a brake booster in my car fixed? A NEW car that I paid over $46.0 for? Now I got a call that finally the alternator is in. So another trip to have my NEW car fixed. WOW! My second real issue is the fact that the jeep I bought is VERY unsafe in design. I believe the model I purchased should NEVER have been made without a back up camera! That’s it!! The design has too much plastic all over -the back windshield wiper to high on the window-the back seats are too blocking. To much plastic on the doors-to wide- very difficult to maneuver. I have owned 4 Jeeps-love them-I have tried to keep this jeep-but really every time I drive it and try to turn or back up I am worried. I will trade this in for something more safe-not a Chrysler product! What a shame!

  187. I like several other of the people on here, will NEVER buy or lease another Chrysler or Jeep product.. In particular I will never do business with McInerney Chrysler Jeep, in Woodhaven, Michigan. I have dealt with the same Sales Person (female) for the last 15 years, she claimed to be a friend of my daughters, so my mistake, I trusted her and didn’t read what she did in my lease. She rolled money from my trade in into the lease, but told me they were giving me the payoff amount. Signed me up for an extended warranty on a brand new car that I didn’t need (my expense) Told me it was required!! Deposited a check, I told her to wait on till my funds cleared. She didnt and it Bounced, charged to me. Stuck me in a 42 month lease, I told her NO WAY,She said. “its no problem, I can get you out whenever you want”. BS,I tried, not without paying an arm and a leg. I even went to another dealer, the sales manager there, new this girl by name, said she has screwed over a lot of people. He told me I was too far underwater on my LEASE to even trade up. After speaking to friends and family I found that she has screwed all of them over at one time or another. Between all of us there has been 15-20 cars that went through her, guess what no one ever buying from her again.
    So Chrysler, you keep your lying full of crap salespeople. Especially that Snake!
    Lesson Learned: Don’t trust a so called friend, or a dealership with no ethics. Read every word and fine detail, keep asking questions till you have the correct answers.
    My Jeep only has 38,000 miles on it and I feel major mechanical issues coming on! Jeep is not what it used to be.

  188. I purchased a 2000 Plymouth Breeze in 2000. I still have the car with 134000 miles. Have never had problem with the car he have never replace the battery. Until now the battery we took out of the car was a Chrysler battery , the orginal battery. I am sure you get all the complains you can handle . I thought a very
    Positive feed back would be nice
    Cathy Candelaria
    Winslow AZ

  189. To Whom It May Concern:
    I recently had an issue with maps on my 2014 Dodge journey. I dropped the vehicle off for repair at Bob Brent’s Orchards dealership. I was called and told the radio would have to be ordered and replaced and I could pick up the vehicle and make an appointment to have the radio replaced when it came in. When I picked up he vehicle I noticed a scratch on the radio/GPS screen. It didn’t bother me because I assumed the screen would be replaced when the new radio was installed. It wasn’t, and when I brought it to the attention of service, I was told that the service director concluded that he scratch wasn’t put on by the dealership and that the best they would do would be to put me in contact with a lens company that would give me a good deal on the cost of the repair. So this dealership would take no responsibility for the damage they did, effectively calling me a liar. When this lease is up next year, I will never lease or buy another Chrysler product from this dealearship.. In addition, you might want to give you counter service reps a little training on customer ettique, since I waited for about 10 minutes standing in frontof this guy whodid everything but acknowledge I was standing in front of him – it was as though I was invisible!

  190. I went to Sam Swope Dealer on Dixie Highway in Louisville KY. A battery, which I told them I needed cost me $358.25!!!!! They charged me $175.24 for labor. How long does it take to install a battery? I’m on a fixed income and retired and that is not in my budget. Heated!

  191. I own a 2011 Chrysler Town and Country. For the past several months I have had difficulty starting the vehicle. I have had it to two Chrysler dealers but they couldn’t find the problem. It has stranded me about five times but returning later it starts. I replaced the battery but hate to start replacing parts to see if they are the bad one. I was wondering if you have any suggestions or perhaps someone else has had the same experience. I love the van but I am strongly considering trading it. We are seniors and don’t want to be stranded on the highway somewhere as we travel frequently. Any suggestions?

  192. Your customer service is a joke. You no longer make a part for a 7-year old vehicle, and then the dealer that you refer me to tries to sell me the wrong part. And that’s after your rep wasted 10 minutes of my time. I won’t buy another Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep. How are you still in business?

  193. Please Help. I bought a NEW jeep latitude and it can’t be trusted to drive to Florida. We have continually tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to work out a solution. Our dealership is trying to cooperate. I have contacted CHRYSLER SOLUTIONS

  194. HELP! I bought a new Jeep Latitude in Illinois and it is not safe to drive to Florida.We have tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to work with Chrysler Solutions to no satisfaction. She will not return phone calls to the dealership about a resolution to this problem.We have had it serviced with ALL THE RECALLS.It stalled on a railroad track, it also hesitated while merging into traffic with my Grandson as a passenger. Please help us with this difficult situation. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

  195. Massey Yardley in Plantation today lost a customer of 15 years because of the laid back attitude of their service department in taking cars for service in the order for which they line up in the morning and also their total lack of concern when told customer would stop using Chrysler altogether. Believe was being jerked around because service involved free oil change and there is no profit to be made on that.

  196. I am in need of help, with the service and miss treatment by DON JACKSON CHRYSLER in UNION CITY GA. service department ( service mgr. john high) My 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser, has been there since AUGUST 2015. I HAVE ALL OF THE DATES AND CALLS., and information, that started this unbelievable experience in this time of retirement life.


  197. I am a long time Jeep Wrangler owner and currently own a 2015 Sahara which I love. However, I found that I needed a modification that was not avaialable from Mopar or any of the aftermarket providers, so I designed and patented the modification myself and built a prototyple. I want to see if Mopar might be interested in producing this modification, so I am asking–who should I contact for this purpose? Thank you for your kind attendion to this request. Best regards, Cullen

  198. I recently purchased a 2015 Chrysler Town and Country from Bettenhausen Chrysler in Tinley Park,IlL. I was unaware of the horrible ride this vehicle has. I have previously owned five Chrysler products and the 2015 T&C is the worst ride of any I have owned. The Dealership and Chrysler Customer Care told me that the vehicle is operating as it was designed. In other words they designed a bouncy riding vehicle that clunks in the rear end. I am very disappointed in my purchase. The Bettenhausen dealership has not responded to my emails and promised to “get back to me” and never have. Lousy customer service. Chrysler has lost a 20 year customer and I would not recommend any of their products or the Bettenhausen dealership.

  199. In Dec 2009, I traded in my 1998 F150 for a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. 54,000 miles. This was the newest vehicle I’ve ever owned! The excitement did not last too long, though. Within the 1st week I had it into the shop a couple times because it wasn’t shifting right. They kept getting the code U0404, but nobody knew what that meant except that it is a communication code. My check engine light was also coming on. After a few times at the shop they finally changed the whole shifting control and nag arm. (whatever that is). The check engine light still kept coming on. I brought it back for that, too. Nobody knew why it was on. Eventually it just went off and I was told this is something that will “fix itself”. Really?

    In 2012 or so, my headlights and dash lights would flicker off and on. Sometimes they would stay on but other times they would stay off. I had to pray like heck they’d come back on when I turned them off and on manually. Needless to say that was a very stressful thing! I was driving at night obviously. I brought it in to have it looked at. Nobody could find anything. I had all the wiring and connections checked. Still nothing. I ended up having to “change my life” so to speak in order to not have to drive at night. Funny thing is, I realized this really only happened in the winter weather. That does not make any sense, I know, but that’s what happened. Every winter (in MN) I had light issues.

    In June 2013 I had problems again. Turns out I needed u joints for the drive shaft. Imagine my surprise when I was told I needed to buy a whole drive shaft because this was all one piece! So I had one custom made. Now if they need to be replaced I won’t need to get a brand new drive shaft. What the heck is that all about?

    In Feb 2014, my check engine light keeps coming on again. It would stay awhile, then go off. They ran codes which came up U0404 and P0700. I do not have record of what that repair was.

    In May 2014, my jeep was flashing headlights again (not in the winter this time?) and my check engine light was on. It killed on me twice in the parking lot and I had to shut it off and restart in order to drive or reverse. Then I got a letter stating there’s a recall on the ignition, but there are no parts anywhere.

    In June 2015, it was the start of 6 weeks of total stress with me using a loaner vehicle. I brought the jeep in for an oil change and radiatior flush at valvoline. Pretty soon the thing keeps overheating. I bring it back to valvoline a couple times to find out what’s up. They kept burping the lines and refilling the fluid. Then about the 3rd time one of them noticed my water pump is shot. So I go to the repair shop and ask them to replace that. I also asked them to check into a loud noise and vibration that I started hearing and feeling at high speeds. It seemed to be coming from the middle to the back of the jeep. At this point they replaced the water pump, did another radiator flush (which I had to pay for) and replaced the front tie rod. They thought that the vibration & noise were fixed. I took it home and the next day brought it back. The noise & vibration were still there. They replaced the transfer case, (my mechanic & I passed on a couple rebuilts for various reasons) did a front end alignment and still the noise & vibration. They were struggling to figure it out. Several mechanics looked at it. Eventually, the sent it to the driveline place to have the rear differential looked at. After all, that seems to be where all the noise is coming from! Well, he tore that apart, replaced a few worn parts and sent it back. That did not fix the problem. The mechanics are at their wits end at this point along with me! Finally another mechanic at another repair shop figured out it was the transmission. So now the jeep has a new transmission.

    The day after getting it back from that, I was supposed to be getting ready to head to vacation. But as I left work, the check engine light is on again. Brought it back to the shop. They ran some codes and ended up replacing 2 sensors. So now I’m scared as hell to be driving from MN to TN for vacation but crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

    Nov 2015 I was finally able to get the ignition recall done.

    Jan 2016 I try to go home from work but the darn thing won’t start. No noise, no nothing. Had it towed to the nearest dealer. This time I got to pay for a new starter! Never had a starter go out on me like that. No notice whatsoever. Usually you get the grinding when trying to start or some sort of warning that it needs to be replaced. I got nothing.

    Feb 2016 I went in again to valvoline for my oil change and noted a bit of radiator leakage. UGH! Brought the car to the shop again. (I think they’re beginning to hate to see my vehicle) There is a leak in the rear pinion seal and the radiator hoses need to be replaced. So my jeep is in the shop right now as I write this.

    My first biggest mistake was keeping the darn thing after having issues right out of the gate. My second biggest mistake was my consolidation loan. The thing would be paid off by now. As it stands, I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can barely afford the vehicle repairs, but I can’t afford to try and trade it in for something else because of the repairs. I am so fed up with this thing, you can’t even imagine. I have (not so lovingly) started calling it the S***F*** because it makes me say those two words a lot. This was supposed to be the last vehicle I would ever need to buy, but it won’t be. I’m sad to say that I really like this vehicle and probably just got lucky with buying a freak of nature with constant repairs and replacements. I am not hard on my vehicle, in fact, I’d say that I probably “baby” it because I know that every day there is a 50-50 shot of me having to bring it in to the shop again. I shouldn’t have to be afraid to drive my vehicle on a daily basis. I get regular oil changes and everything else that needs to be done on it. Because of the freaking charges at the repair shop, I’ve gone to a retired mechanic friend of mine many times to help alleviate costs. I hate that I like the look of it and how it runs (when it DOES run), but will need to give it up. I’ve only put 60,000 miles on this thing in 6 years and it only has a little over 113,000 total. I’ve owned 3 F150’s (upgraded each time) and never, ever had these problems even when they were well over the mileage this thing has. Now, I realize that people everywhere will have vehicle problems regardless of the type, make or model. And I know that owning a vehicle, I am responsible for the upkeep and repairs of it. I don’t dispute that at all. I’m good at that type of thing. It’s a big investment. But this vehicle goes beyond any normal wear and tear and repair. It has simply turned me off of jeep in a big way. I wish I could say it was fun while it lasted (and is still lasting……..), but it has not been fun for me in the least. I will need to go back to my F150’s and turn my back on Jeep. It has not been a good experience and it has been very expensive. Ungodly expensive. I just can’t see myself buying another Jeep Grand Cherokee and “hoping for the best” even though I know I probably just got a crap lemon right off the line. I’m sure that sometimes happens. I just do not have good things to say to anyone who asks about owning a jeep. It is amazing to me that my friends do not have any problems with theirs.

    I will be ecstatic to be rid of S***F*** as soon as I can. I think there’s something very weird with the constant code that keeps popping up (U0404). Nobody can seem to figure out exactly what it means other than “a communication” code.

  200. I have a 2013 Jeep Wrangler. I bought it from a leasing company with about 18,000 miles on it. Right off the bat, the engine had to be replaced which was quite an ordeal since it took three months to get that accomplished. Now at 41,000 miles it is having engine issues again and Chrysler instead of finding the problem and fixing the problem is spending all their time and effort trying to establish that I am negligent in my maintenance of the vehicle. I have it serviced at the same place every time and am not slipshod in my efforts. It has been at the dealership for over two weeks and they only just determined yesterday that they might need to start pulling valve covers and the engine pan to try to figure out where the metal shavings are originating.

  201. I purchase my first Chrysler product in September 2014, a 2014 grand cherokee jeep. On Friday 02/19/16 went outside to start my jeep getting ready to go to work vehicle would not start. Island Chrysler of Pawleys Island, SC had to send out a flatbed truck to pick it up. Well I have major engine problems. Bad deal bad car,this is definitely a lemon.

  202. I have only accolades for my service department. My issue is with the down shifting of my 2015 Chrysler 200. It was fine until I took it in for the last recall which reprogramed the transmission system. Since then it will downshift into first gear with a significant jolt to the car and passengers. I spoke with the dealership and they cannot find anything on the computer to fix. Other owners of the 200 model are experiencing the same issue. Please assist. I am retired and on a fixed income so this is my last new car purchase. Thanks so much for your time and concern, Donna King

  203. I have owned 2 brand new vehicles in my life time and both have been jeeps. I have no complaints, I have gotten my money’s worth out of both jeeps. My current jeep is a 2003 jeep grand Cherokee with over 300,000 miles on it and its been a great vehicle but when I recently took a trip to Texas the water pump went out on it and the dealership was going to charge me $1,523.00 to repair it! YES I said $1,523.00 to repair it! This is outrageous! There is no way it should cost this much. I don’t know how your dealerships can get away with this. I have been a loyal Chrysler owner but I don’t know if my next vehicle will be a Chrysler. The dealership is Auto Nation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram North Richland Texas. So if anyone else needs some service work on their vehicle I would advice you not to use this one!! I am on my way now to drive 4 hours away from home to go pick it up because that is cheaper than paying what they were asking to fix it, and we will do the work ourselves!!

  204. Purchased a 2015 Ram 5.7 4X4 new. The radio and backup camera goes black and quits working. Problem has become worst and dealership does not know what is problem except to replace radio. Dealership said they did not know how long it will take Chrysler to get a new radio to them, it has been a couple of months. Hope I can get it fixed so I can trade it in on something more dependable with better service like a Toyota.

  205. My case, 28777972 has been referred to a customer service person named Chris. He has called twice at about 6:00 to 6:30 CST each time. I have tried to call him approximately eight to ten times during the day and have reached nothing but voice mail. The dealership, All American in Slaton, Texas calls me about once a week with absolutely no news about repair or even what I wrong with the vehicle. As of next Friday, the vehicle will be in the ship one month this time. Is this going to take three months like it did last time. You folks have a huge disconnect in your system which I think in the long run is going to cost you a lot of business unless you figure out that you have no service.

  206. I will be calling tomorrow about the never ending issues with my transmission. It went out at 70,000 miles and it spent most of the time at New Carlisle Chrysler. I paid for the transmission and paid for a lifetime warranty. Within weeks the tranny went out again and they replaced it and then told me my motor mounts were bad and replaced them with aftermarket mounts. The motor mounts had been replaced the year before. When I left the dealership you could still feel the shifting of gears and it sounded so loud inside the car. I took it right back and they told me that I will always have that noise, no reason what so ever. So the gears shifts have become louder and I could tell something was not right and sure enough I took it to a mechanic and the tranny is trashed, motor mounts are broken. After I call the customer service center tomorrow and they don’t correct all of the problems or follow through I will call my attorney and file a lawsuit. Chrysler was not supportive at any time during the ordeal I went through and them placing me in filthy vehicles to drive while the “repaired ” my car was embarrassing and the treatment I received from the all male service team in New Carlisle was humiliating. I feel this is going to get ugly as I will not tolerate being treated like an idiot which they did because I’m a woman and the fact that they made my car 10 time worse than it was when it was towed there twice.

  207. Was unable to give customer service because I had already been ripped off by Sahara Las Vegas Chrysler. Needed advise on my car trouble and was told I had to go back to the same dealership! I am scared to because of the way I was treated.

  208. Maple ridge Chrysler in Canada will not refund a pro pack paid for that was never put on ! Then they said they only honour it for 30 days they should have said your 30 days are up here’s your money back !! Just another story of the working man getting bonded by the big guys I guess. Well enjoy your bonus maple ridge chrysler !!!!

  209. Waiting all day for lacy from Chrysler resolution to call us she never answers her phone only voice mail 214 583 2117 jeep engine stoping stalling 2915 Cherokee

  210. Ladies & gentlemen,
    My wife and I traveled to Columbus, Ohio Convention Center yesterday (3/18/2016) to take in the new car Auto Show. My wife and i were interested in evaluating the 2017 Pacifica Van. But to our disappointment, we were not even allowed to touch it. We have been good customers of Chrysler for years, and to be treated like this is really disrespectful. All the other manufacturers were more welcoming. We set in their vehicles, adjusted the seats so they were comfortable to us, and were able to get a good feel for the features of their vehicles. In conclusion, Chrysler needs to reevaluate how to treat customers. Chrysler’s hands Off-My-Van attitude did not give me a positive feeling about purchasing any more Chrysler products. Therefore after being rejected by the Chrysler folks, we tried and liked the Toyota & Honda vans. FYI, we are in our sixties and we own an 06 RAM 3500, 2010 SRT8 Grand Cherokee, and a 2004 Town & Country (purchased new). We frequently do business with the Chrysler dealership in MT Sterling, Ohio for maintenance and new/used vehicles. Note, they offer great Customer Service. Chrysler Corporate needs to take some lessons from the folks at Whiteside’s on how to treat and keep customers!!!!
    Barry Bledsoe,

  211. I bought a used 2014 T & C in June 2015. I took the car to Family Chrysler Dodge Jeep because it was fairly new and wanted to keep it running good. 1st oil change, needed another $200.00 worth of work. 2nd oil change, needed new fuel sensor and wheel alignment! another extra $500.00 worth of work. Coming back from Maryland, my engine light came on with code P05066. I called the service department as I had just had the work done, they said I had to bring it in for them to see $195.00. I told them it had something to do with a software update they supposedly did per the work order. I told her if it was their fault would I still have to pay. She said yes. I asked all my records (only 2) but still, I don’t think it’s fair that it seems everytime I take it for one thing, it seems they work to make sure something else is going to make me come back. I’m going to take it to another service department and see if they treat their customers better. Anyone have a suggestion on how to handle this? It seems this code was mentioned a lot but they won’t recall it unless enough people have had enough. And someone asked me why I bought a Chrysler? I guess I didn’t do my research.

  212. Re: KMM9658088V47276LOKM

    I purchased a 2016 Dodge Charger. I signed an agreement for a payment plan. It stated that I would not make my first payment for 3 months.
    I had stated that I was not interested in a high car payment. After 4 hours, of them offering payment plans. An hour after I arrived they wanted to appraise my car. That was the last time that I saw it.
    All afternoon, I keep telling that I did not want a car payment much higher than $400.00 a month. I was already paying $498.00 a month.
    After about 4 hours, started telling them that I see that there was no way I would be able to afford a car. I started asking for my keys and where was my car.
    I had seen 4 salesmen, the young man I first saw, who had my keys. I did not see him until just before I left.
    This salesman that I had not seen before, came an told me. That the first 3 months I would not make a car payment. That the money I was to save from not making my $498.00 car payment. That if I made 8 months of $585.00 a month. That the money I save from not making car payment would off set the difference between the $585.00 a month and $400.00 month for those 8 months. That I was to bring the Charger back and the dealership would refinance it. Lock my payment in at $400.00 a month.
    Now after I went to the insurance company. They told that in the paper work that I have, there is no mention of anything about the car being refinanced after 8 months. That I will be making car payments of $650.00 a month.
    I guess that it was to good of a deal to be for really. I believed their lies and deceits.
    I realize that there is probably nothing you will do about this. These are your people. You will believe them first. With no evidence, what can be done.
    I just got take by one of your dealership.
    Give a toast for another taken customer

  213. This is not in reference to Service……BUT……WE PURCHASED A TOWN


  214. This is not in reference to Service……BUT……WE PURCHASED A TOWN


  215. Just left Chrysler dealer, Sarasota, Fl (2009 Chrysler town and country limited)
    previous bill for looking at bad headlight, $62.50. They had to order ballast, $341. Today they installed new ballast and of coarse need new hid light bulb,$241 Total bill today was $850.33. I have $915.33 invested a headlamp out. This is the largest rip off I’ve ever seen. The ballast can only be bought through Chrysler.
    Just had new set of tires for $700…does not make any sense.

  216. We recently purchased our first ever brand new car. We chose a 2016 Dodge Dart, due to we do have to travel for our sons doctors appointments and such. Well the car was great for all of three weeks!!! I have had it in the shop three different times, due to it missing, surging and dying all together. The third time we took the car in we were told that it did not have a drop of oil in it, this vehicle at the time did not even have 7000 miles on it!! Even though we told them that we did not want a new motor put in we wanted the car replaced, they went ahead and had them put a motor in it. We were told by the person (I will not list her name as of yet) to go ahead and pick the car up from the lot it would not have any influence on her decisions. After picking the car up it is STILL missing, and trying to die on me. After trying for over a week to get ahold of our case worker through dodge, we were told that our car does not qualify for a buy back. Even though the value of the car is seriously depleted, AND it is still not running right!!!

  217. My complaint is that I took my 08 Dodge Ram 1500 in because it there was a ticking noise in the motor. I have the 4.7. They had it for two and a half weeks. They took pictures of the motor etc. They tell me that I has piston slapping on #7 and that they will not cover it because I have an after market intake and I got a little dust and dirt in the motor. I have the lifetime power train warranty. People get dirt and dust in there motors all the time. My truck has 33,100 miles on it. I have never heard of a more stupid excuse in my life. I need Chrysler to step up and fix the problem. I have to get a new motor, or rebuild it, or sell the truck.

  218. My 2012 Rubicon has been in the shop for more than 139 days total since I bought it with engine related problems. It has become apparent to the local service department, mechanic and me that that engine has serious problems that will continue indefinitely. Chrysler would have been money ahead to have replaced the engine when I requested it back in November of 2015 after it became apparent that it has serious mechanical problems. However, the process is purposefully so complicated and convoluted that even though it makes so much sense, Chrysler refuses to replace it. I am in direct contact through email and Facebook with several hundred Jeepers in Utah and Arizona and I will not hesitate to relate my service experience if I don’t get satisfaction-a new engine..

  219. We have had 2 Dodge Journeys and both have had the same problem with the brakes. The first was a 2009 and the front brakes locked up and the brakes caught fire and it cost of over 1000 to repair. We now have a 2011 and the back brakes locked up and this one was 500 to repair. The calipers seem to be the biggest problem. My father has a Dodge truck and the caliper on it tied up and he had to have this changed also. Is there a problem with the brake system. We find it unbelievable that 2 of our Journey’s have had issues with the brakes.

    • I took my Chrysler 300 to Chrysler Jeep in San Antonio for possible repairs, explained that I did not want to sink a lot of money in the vehicle, after they ran some test they said I needed a new battery and that one of the cylinders was out which I already knew about. I asked could they get the vehicle back to running and they answered they would have to break it down and see what the problem was, if it was just a spring it should not be a problem. I asked what was the cost going to be and I was told around 350 dollars. No problem, when I went back I was told it was a broken spring and that was going to be an additional 400 dollars, at this time I asked was there any other fees that needed to know about and is this going to fix my vehicle and was there any hidden fees that I need to know about because again I did not want to sink a bunch of money into the vehicle, I was then told that my vehicle was still not going to run and that it would cost another 350 dollars to put it back together. So my question is if I’m explaining that I don’t want to put too much money in the vehicle why could they not tell me they could not fix the vehicle before I let them charge me for a new battery, take the engine apart replace a spring and charge me for putting it back together if the vehicle is not going to work?

  220. In Jan 2015, my son-in-law wanted to lease a town & country from White Plains Chrysler. Unfortunately his credit is not that good. He was told he needed a cosigner, I was glad to help. I’m in the process of buying a condo and part of my credit check shows his monthly payment on my score. I tried to show the finance dept. that the loan is not mine, he makes all payments as proved by his bank statement. what I found out was we were lied to. contract shows he is cosigner. please explain this, if he needed a cosigner to purchase the vehicle, how is he my cosigner. It’s very disturbing to both of us.

  221. I took my ram 1500 to IndianHead chrysler in Indian Head Saskatchewan and was told i needed a new battery. two hours later i was handed a bill for $555.91! i was told i was getting a deal as they had my truck for two hours!I believe this to be pure robbery and fraud so i am asking you if there is anything you can do about this because the story gets better! As i went to leave i was informed that my alternater wasn’t charging and they cannot get one for a week.ok i understand that so i get in my truck fire it up and guess what- no wipers oh did i mention it was pouring rain!! so the service manager tells me the mechanic has gone home and he has no courtesy cars. I told him I was 50 kilometers from home and he said there was nothing he could do. by now i am so mad that i drove home in the pouring rain and now i am asking you for some kind of help.

  222. I am extremely disappointed with Chrysler. My son has been serving in the United States Marine Corps for the last 4 years. He purchased a new 2013 Dodge Avenger. The current mileage on his vehicle is 3,542 miles. His 3 year/ 36,000 mile warranty expires on 05/14/16. I called customer service as suggested by Car dealership to inquire on getting his warranty extended due to his serving time in the military. I was told that even though his car only has 3,542 miles on it, I would need to purchase a service contract. Very disappointing that those that serve in our military are not given any consideration for special circumstances. With a vehicle that has barely been driven in 3 years, it should not be an issue to extend the warranty that came with the vehicle at the purchase date at no charge.

  223. Worse customer service I have ever experienced. From the deal to corporate. Will never deal with Chrysler again…

  224. We bought a 2010 Jeep Liberty in February 2016 with only 60k miles on it. Had nothing but trouble with the heat not working. Today will mark the 7th time taking it in. They keep saying these little beads that we used when the motor was made are clogging it up. And that it is a pretty common problem with this motor. Why the heck is there no recall on it?

  225. Hello, my name is Larry Elswick and I very disapointed, I just bought a brand new 2016 Chrysler 200 on May the 19th , and from day one I got bucking and jerking upon acceleration. I went straight to the dealer and they said it was normal and that the transmission had to learn my driving habits. They also told me it would go away at around 300 miles, and if it did not they would then do a flash to reset, or update the software, it did not and I am absolutely furious, and don’t know what to do. I cannot pay 20 k + for a car that acts this way. It’s simply unacceptable!!!!!

  226. In August 2009 I bought a new 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan. I received a lifetime warranty on the drive train. In May the transmission failed. Now Chrysler Service says they have no record of this. I have faxed copies to no avail. On a scale of 1-5 I rate them as a negative 10.

  227. I took my 2014 shaker challenger in for service, found it needs a water pump and they can’t get one and don’t know when they will be able to get one, The car has only 8600 miles on it so I want to know why it needs a water pump already and WHY the dealership can’t get one. Since I already bought your car you probably don’t even care why would you,you got your money now I have to pay for a car I can’t drive. I have two of your products he challenger and a Chrysler 300 S I am seriously considering getting rid of them both and becoming a Ford owner because it is unbelievable that you can’t get a water pump for a motor that’s been in production for years talk about BAD Management that really takes the cake. If you bother to read this you can reply with a answer. I’m quite sure no one will reply. yours truly possible FORMER MOPAR LOVER .

  228. I took my 2014 challenger shaker in to Orchard Chrysler Dodge Jeep for service found out it needs a water pump which cannot be done at this time for there are none to be found anywhere they are back ordered and don’t know when they will get them. So I have 3 questions why with only 8600 miles do I need a water pump and why do they not have any in stock, and WHY can’t they get one. I know nobody really cares I already bought the car right, I have always been a Chrysler fan love the Mopars,but if this is how your going to run the company I’m thinking of getting out of both my challenger and 300 S and trying a ford the mustang is pretty sweet and I’m not happy paying for a car I can’t drive thank you VERY much for the wonderful JOB you are doing. I know nobody will even read this let alone respond or get somebody to do their JOB and get me a water pump. IF somebody does read this and really cares enough to respond I WON’T hold my breath trust me. respectfully yours very DISAPPOINTED customer

  229. I wanted to let you know that your ad with a father and his two children, should be rethought, after all referring to the second child in the back seat as”that’s the other” is in very poor taste & needs to be redone or taken off the air.

    • chrysler customer service is terrible i have been trying to get my towing and cost of my hotel reembursed which kyle from cutomer said they would since august 15th i reply to the emails to never get a response back had to fax my bills 4 times cause you lost them my 2010 grand caravan had 82,000 miles when the transmission went out in febuary WELL i put 6,900 miles on that transmission went out at a traffic light 140 miles away from home with my grandkids with me local dealership could not look at it for atleast a week and they didnt have any loaners so i got a hotel and got towed up to my dealership who did the transmission i am still getting the run around with my refund i never get to talk to the same person 10 days ago i was told that everything was in order and would send to refund dept well 10 days later i call and talk to a different person who said you are still looking for a copy of my credit card bill right on the towing receipt it says paid CASH then the guy tells me that the towing part was a pproved for refund on sept.9th so why am i still being told that you need stuff 20 days later also he told me that you would not pay my hotel that is not what kyle said way back in august thats why i faxed my hotel information he told me he would pay my hotel as long as it wasnt like a $600. bill i am so frustrated i fell like i should just drive 3hrs to your office and talk to someone in person I WILL NEVER BUY CHRYSLER EVER AGAIN it is sad that i make chysler parts everyday where i work and i care about quality to bad you dont care about customer service we bought a new ram truck last year we will be trading that in for a different brand

  230. I am completely dissatisfied with the fact of my Chrysler 300 it has a recall on the passenger side airbag and the customer service associate said that there is no way to fix it but there is no death or injury as of yet as if that supposed to make me feel better I Would just like to have a resolution or some compensation for the fact that I have a worthless dangerous car

  231. Hi,how are you,please i have chrysler town country 09,I like my car (chrysler town country)my wife and our kids like the car,now have problem for my car and my family,l looking to fix the car ,the problem the engine is not good,I looking the new engine witch the new transmission m

  232. May 1 2017.
    I bought a dodge caravan from Chrysler Brampton Canada three years ago. There has been a recall several times where it could cause a fire. I had the cable disabled as they did not have a reasonable appointment time for me. The both front tires have gone flat numerous times within the first year. I have to constantly put air in them and was told that I need new tires. I love my dodge caravan but lo and behold, I noticed last week that the paint on the bonnet is starting to bubble. This is so disappointing. My boyfriend bought a RAM 1500 on Friday April 28th 2017. He was driving to work yesterday and through the sunroof, the rain poured in (leaks all over). Chrysler is telling him they will clean it up and give it to him. This is almost a $60,000.00 vehicle!!!! I am very disappointed in them and will not purchase another vehicle from Chrysler

  233. My husband and I owned a 2015 Ecodiesel with about 31.500 miles on it. Last September it failed us and was taken to dealership. I was told that engineers were talking to service department regarding repairs. Well, wouldn’t you know it they blamed it on bad fuel. Ok…so I contact State weights and measures and there were no issues with the place I purchased the fuel from. Engineer never showed up to look at it. $6,500 later we are back up and running. Now April 14, 2017, Good Friday, well it wasn’t that good for us. My husband was driving down I-20 and it just caught fire! It was deemed a total loss. Since that time, I have called Chrysler, emailed Chrysler and wouldn’t you know it….I have yet to receive a phone call about this problem. An inspector went to the salvage yard 2 weeks AFTER the fact for Chrysler Engineers to take pictures, etc. According to some of the folks I’ve actually talked to I was assigned a Case Worker. I have YET to receive a phone call from that Case Worker. I can not be provided their name or contact information. I just don’t get it! I need answers as to why our truck burnt!! I would have liked someone to at least contact me to say, I’m sorry this has happened. This is the process that will take place to find out why it happened. Instead, I’m left very frustrated with Chrysler and the entire situation. this truck should NOT have caught fire!!! Thanks for your GREAT customer service…..It’s been so helpful during a very STRESSFUL time!

  234. I have a 2008 Dodge charger last August (2016) I was driving when I heard a strange noise. I immediately pulled over to see what was the problem I saw nothing. I continued to drive until the temperature light came on. I turned around and headed for the closest safe location where I could pull over safely. I had the vehicle towed to the Firestone service center and they told me that the fan blades had broken apart and went through the radiator causing serve damage. Several days ago June (2017) the same thing happened again this time the fan blades separated from the motors and the engine overheated. This time the car was towed to the dealership it is still in the shop at this time. I heard that Chrysler had a service bulletin out describing this exact problem with the fan, fan motors and radiator however, the dealership my car is in told me the it didn’t apply to my car. I have a 2008 Dodge Charger that I special ordered and was purchased in November of 2007. The dealership is DARCARS Jeep Chrysler Dodge of New Carrollton, Maryland. I would appreciate if you could forward that service bulletin to me or inform me if me car applies. Right now I am looking at paying out over $2,500.00 for this repair. Please help!!!

  235. I have a 2016 dodge ram 2500 diesel 4×4 with 17,000 miles engine light came on took it to dealer and the said a stick or something hit the drive shaft and hit transmission speed sensor note truck has not been off road and dodge wouldn’t warrant it $284.00 they lost a customer

  236. I recently took my Dad’s (81 years old) Chrysler Crossfire to Bob Baker in Carlsbad, CA when my tire pressure light came on. A diagnostic revealed that I had 2 bad sensors that were replaced for around $200, but the light remained on. Upon review, the Bob Baker service representative indicated that they sensors needed to be “Flashed”, which I understood to mean “Calibrated”, but that dealership did not have the equipment. They called ahead to Powell Chrysler in Escondido, CA to set up an appointment for the sensors to be “Flashed”, but instead, Powell Chrysler ignored the instructions of Bob Baker, and simply ran the same diagnostic, this time claiming that all 4 sensors were bad, and the cost to fix would be $800. Of course, we asked to speak to the service manager, whose first words were that Powell is an independent owned and operated dealership, and that Bob Baker is the worst service center in CA, who send all of their work to Powell. After much very disrespectful conversation with the service manager, placing the responsibility on us for trusting Bob Baker, and even questioning that Bob Baker service center even made the coordination with his department, essentially call us liars, despite us showing him the original paperwork, we finally left the dealer with him saying, “Leave, I don’t want your money…take your car and go.” The “money” being the $130 fee for running the same test that we had already run prior. My father is a elderly man at 81, who simply wanted to ensure that his car was safe to drive, yet the service manager treated us with disrespect and indifference. I expressed that from the consumers perspective, one would assume that Chrysler, the corporation, stands by it products and service, so having a Powell Escondido, CA dealer pass responsibility for the scenario to the customer, seems very unprofessional, and tarnishes Chryslers good name. When I asked for the Powell Service Manager’s full name, he did not offer it, but did offer a phone number that did not work. I am very unlikely to ever go to a Chrysler dealership for service, and much less likely to ever buy a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep product after this experience. I did not have to pay for this lack of good service, but I did lose 5 hours of work that day without my car, which is critical to my ability to earn. I expect nothing, but would hope that future customers would not be so disrespected at Powell Chrysler of Escondido, CA. I would appreciate knowing whether you take these kind of complaint seriously, and would let me know if any action was taken. Thank you.

  237. Just purchased a Dodge Demon. Dealers will not sell you this car at sticker. Adds on and additional $40,000-$50,000 mark-up! You have to sigh a waver saying that you bought the car at sticker, or below, or they will not order the car for you. All of the dealers are doing this. This is against the policy that dodge created for the purchase of one of these cars. I feel that once the cars are in the possession of the purchaser, the purchaser can send the sighed waver that says they paid the dealer additional monies to Chrysler and that Chrysler can force a refund from the dealers.
    Dealer also warned that during the survey, if you mention that you payed over sticker, you will be moved to the end of the build list. I believe they inadvertently gave me a copy of the signed mark-up.
    There is no other way to buy one of these cars! All the dealers are involved with this. Thanks Dodge for leaving a loophole!!!!! Maybe you should have an undercover exec. try to buy one

  238. I have a 2008 Jeep Wrangler X-Unlimited: 3 year 36000 mile warranty ended and the “Clunk” sound with no starting began:
    these numbers are in addition to the original parts:
    4 alternators
    2 starters
    2 Neutral safety switches
    2 sets of battery cables with some kind of grounding type wire
    ignition wires etc
    batteries etc
    the problem continues- the car will “at a whim” just decide not to start and make this “clunking noise” sometimes it won’t happen for days, sometimes it will happen for 30 minutes straight- just as you go to contact triple A- it will start
    Have wanted a Jeep Wrangler forever – have one – it is an expensive nightmare- Chrysler you should fix this issue- whatever the heck it is- I’ve spent thousands now to no avail- if this vehicle was abused I could understand but it is babied…..

  239. paid $1800 for the extended warranty on my 2013 ram was going from Ohio to myrtle beach via 77 a heater hose busted, had a 40 foot fifth wheel camper. got stuck in bland V. Chrysler did not care about the camper, and that I had 150 dollars worth of meat in the freezer. They just wanted to tow the truck some where and leave the camper out in BFE with us !. if it wasn’t for a local mechanic that come over and got us going our vacation would have been down the drain. and that is why I am trading my truck in this week on a 2017 power stroke
    . my wife says no more rams !

  240. I have a 2015 Ram EcoDiesel, which had a catastrophic engine failure at 20,000 miles. Ram is honoring the warranty, but they’d be better off just not having a “customer care” department at all. Crystal, my case manager, started out sounding like she intended to be helpful, but she never returned my calls. Not a single one. When I called the central number with my case number, I was told there is nobody else I can possibly talk to, no team member, no manager – and then they hung up on me.

    This company should be ashamed of how they treat their customers. A little kindness could go a long way when your customers are in stressful situations, but ignoring us altogether is unacceptable. All I was hoping for was some information on whether the warranty changes at all with a complete new engine, or if there’s a trade-in incentive of some kind to help me get into a 2500 with a Cummins. But I got nothing.

    The dealership doing the repairs has been fantastic, they have gone out of their way to answer my questions. Chrysler Customer Care, on the other hand, has been disgusting. I’m not sure I want a Ram anymore because of how this process has gone. I hear Nissan is working with Cummins now. Ram is not the only game in town, and they’re not doing much to keep their customers. Shame on you Dodge/Chrysler/Ram/Fiat or whoever you are now!

    • Wow! I have Crystal as a case manager too! I’ve left over 5 voicemails begging her to contact me. Nothing. When I finally went on this website to complain, Crystal magically called me! She said she’d been having “family” issues and that’s why she’d ignored my messages over the last few weeks.
      She then said she needed to get someone above her to oversee my case. My husband and I went to the dealership today and they decided to get us another brand new car with all the bells and whistles we already put on our water logged, not welded properly 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

      Chrysler, you should be ashamed by your lack of compassion and care of your customers. I am spreading the word for sure. Karmart is stepping up to the plate.
      Chrysler, you are far off the base.

      See my original story either below or above this one—dated November 17, 2017.

  241. Im very upset with the lafobtaine dealership in Fenton! I paid 112.00 for a diagnostic fee and they did nothing to my car. They didn’t even fix the recalls. This is unexceptable in your eyes. I’m a single mother of 3 children and I had no car for 5 days. They gave me 6 different answers in what was wrong and were very rude. I had to keep calling. No one ever called me like they said they would.

  242. We have a 2008 Dodge avenger which had a problem with that shift lock out … we had to pay over $200 to have it fixed even though it was under recall … we have been waiting for a month and a half for our case to be reviewed for a refund
    Supposedly a week and a half hour case was being reviewed and they were supposed to be your decision yesterday and my wife call the 800 complaint number and they didn’t even know what we were talking about …. we are tired of being lied to by not only the dealership in Hudson Wisconsin but also Chrysler Corporation …. we are about to turn it over to the Wisconsin state Attorney General’s office …. The Better Business Bureau
    I want this taken care of now or I’m going to put a picture of a big lemon on the side of the car and park it right in front of Luther dodge jeep in Hudson Wisconsin

  243. I have a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I went to have a trailer hitch and lights installed I learned I needed to have the computer re-flashed to recognize the harness. The quick connect is already on the vehicle but the harness will not be operational until the computer is programed. The cost will be over a $100.00 to have the computer flashed this is entirely unreasonable that I would have to have the computer flashed to recognize an option that is as simple as a trailer hitch especially since the vehicle came with a quick connect.


  245. I bought a new 2016 RAM 1500 Sport in 2016. I brought my truck to Orangeville Chrysler for its 20K servicing which, they informed me, included a brake service. I reluctantly agreed as the brakes were working perfectly. Within one day of having this service done my brakes began pulsing. I had hoped that it would correct itself thinking it was a bit of oil on the rotor. As I work at Chrysler’s Brampton plant working 6-7 days/week & only owning one vehicle, I do not have the time to continuously return to the dealership so they can fix their mistakes. I brought the truck back for servicing again & explained what had happened to the brakes after they serviced them. After inspecting the brakes they told me it would cost $600 to have them machine the rotors, or $1,100 to replace them. I gave them a chance to correct their mistake & they want to charge me for it saying brakes are not covered under warranty. If I were not an employee I would never buy another Chrysler product. The service at this dealership is deplorable & I am ashamed as an employee that the general public get treated in this manner. Dealerships are the frontline representatives of this company, eventhough they are franchised, and it would be a great disservice to this brand to be represented in this way. I am requesting thst my rotors be replaced at another dealership & billed to Orangeville Chrysler as I cannot trust the service there. Tahnk you.

  246. I requested help on pairing phones to truck after updating uconnect. The only response I got was my request was recivied. After 2 weeks I figured it out you have to remove the device from your phone and reload


  248. Hello my name is Henry Banda, My bank made an on line bill pay to Daimler Chrysler service contract, last five numbers of account that I have are 76500, now the account may have been closed and I didn’t inform my bank to stop the bill pay my bad, Well the issue is a payment was made on 8-7-2017 from my bank Wells Fargo, and I’m disputing the transaction to get my money back. if you can help me in any way I’d appresheate it thank you. The amount was for $726.00, my bank is Wells Fargo

  249. When are you going to allow customers to build a car they actually want? You have so many restrictions that I’ve found it impossible to actually get what I want on a car. I was with Feeny in Midland for 20 years and five years ago I left. Why? Because I worked with my sales person and tried five different times to build a Charger I would be happy with and kept getting a message that said: “The selection of “———-” requires the following changes to your configuration.” I tried again today (five years later) and got the same idiotic message. I now have a Chevrolet Impala and got what I wanted on the FIRST TRY. By the way, my wife also left Feeny and now has a Chevy also. We both loved Feeny, from the service people all the way up to the owner, but you tied their hands so badly that they couldn’t give me any one of the five different Chargers that I tried to build on your website. If you want us back, please let me have the exterior and interior choices I’d like.

    Thank you

  250. I purchased 2017 dodge sxt.challenger on the 17th of sept, to which and i wanted a rear spoiler and rear camera installed, All was going ok until the spoiler was me somehow messed up. So i waited another couple of days to which they said it would be ready Sat.6 days after i bought the car but never left there lot. I picked it up anyway telling them to call me when the new spoiler arrives. Drove it home aprox 8 mi away and noticed other things wrong with the NEW car. First the driver window wouldn’t close all the way, second, at stop lights the car would surge forward with my foot on the brake, 3rd clunk noise when put in reverse, 4th windshield wiper water light stayed on even after i filled container. I’v called the dealer on more than one occasion wanting just to know what i have to do to put me in a upgraded model to which i was willing to add more money. Never have gotten any call left numerous messages asking for help, to no avail.I’ve had the car one whole day I am sorry that i got it.

  251. Chrysler CEO. In May 2015 we experienced severe shaking of our 2008 Liberty. What followed was 4 months of visits for new brakes, brake pads, rotors and calipers. Finally, a new torque converter, total-$2500. Now, 2 years and 4 months later, they all need replacing. 4 months past the warranty! We have put less than 4000 miles on the Jeep since 2015! Unbelievable.

    Called Chrysler for help on 9-16-17. Fernanda said she would past info on to her supervisor. She called back on 9-18-17 to let me know they would goodwill this request and her supervisor would call me soon. I called back on 9-22-17, talked to Daniel, no supervisor could be found to help. Fernanda called me on 9-25-17 and told me that her supervisor had now changed the goodwill help to a denial of any financial help. I asked to speak to her supervisor, was put on hold, she came back and said no supervisor could be found, again! This is our 3rd Jeep and its been a nightmare. Every 2 years a bill for $2500. This does not speak well for Chrysler or Chrysler products.

  252. University Chrysler Dodge in Anniston, Alabama
    My husband who is a cancer survivor was sold a 2011 Jeep Wrangler. The vehicle was from Michigan or Canada we found out when we began having a problem with it. Underneath the vehicle is rusted out. WE WERE NOT TOLD OF THIS. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS DEALERSHIP!! THEY WILL LIE TO MAKE A SALE. THE SALESPERSON WAS NAMED JUDGE AND HE CLAIMS TO BE A PREACHER. SAD TO KNOW.
    Well… tried to talk to the sales manager…. the one who said all buyers are liars…. well looks like Mr. Sales. Manager is a liar himself… tsk tsk… shame on you Jason Pettus for giving me your name as Jason Boatman.
    I will locate the owner of this company and tell him my experience.

  253. I purchased a new 300 2015. Since I purchased the car I have had problems with the radio and Navigation. Hawk has been unable to correct it in Two years they replaced the radion once and it didn’t correct the problem. Now they are going to replace it again. I need help.

  254. Been having a problem with my 2016 dodge journey 3months after purchasing. Trying to stall and turns off when coming off stop lights and signs. Not responding to the key to start the car varied. I have taken it in 4 different times already and everytime there’s nothing wrong with the car.still having problems

  255. Bought a new 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee exactly 2 months ago. From day 1 it has had all sorts of scary issues.
    Dealership service department finally found issue after 2 months of back and forth, loaner cars etc. The factory weld on the top back of car wasn’t done properly. The seam has a hole. It let our PNW rains in, along with car washing water. This started the day the car came off the assembly line. Chrysler senior staff is silent. Can’t get past calling center staff. Chrysler seems not to care.
    We don’t want this car anymore! It is water damaged.
    I am now letting everyone know about this!

  256. 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee more info—
    The water that seeped in from the lack of welding shorted out all the wiring and coroded the attachment clips. This caused every instrument and audio component to fail off and on. We even got engine malfunction warnings and air bag may deploy on its own or not deploy warnings. Buyer beware!

  257. It is such a shame that you charge your customers over $125/hour but your top techs make only $15 to 20 an hour flat rate. And then you have the audacity to cut your warranty hours down to nothing. These techs have to buy their own tools and equipment. They are very skilled technicians that deserve to be compensated for their work. I guess if you can’t share the wealth, I won’t be buying anymore Chrysler products. Shame on you.

  258. I purchased an 2018 Jeep Compass at Jim Browne Chrysler of Tampa, Fl.
    I like the Jeep so far. But I have had it in to a local dealership 3-4 times for electrical issues. And now I have received a recall for the air bag. It seems I haven’t had a lot of enjoyable time with it so far!! I saw and read some not so good reviews on the Chrysler site. I have always been a GM person. Maybe I should of stuck with GM brands.
    And also you need to eliminate the stop & go feature on the engine. A BIG PAIN IN THE BUTT!!!

  259. This is a Message I sent to Hunter Dodge after my phone call with their Customer Service Dept…
    I just called the Service Dept to schedule to have my 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee checked for the Ignition replaced by you in June 2016, under a Recall Notice. Both the WIN and 2 Keybobs were replaced. As of Nov 19, 2017 I have had issues starting my vehicle, which I explained to the Service Tech i spoke with. I have also made numerous calls and left messages since Nov 20, 2017 and NO return calls from Service Dept. I have been have more problems starting my Vehicle and Now I am told it will be at least 2-weeks to schedule..??? Due to a Recall Replaced Item..?? That is Crap. Guess I need to take Chrysler and You to Court to resolve this..?? After all, cannot Drive it so why Not..?? I had No Problems for 5-years Before the Recall and Replaced Ignition and Keyfobs, and Now, 15-months later I have issues with starting it..New Battery, Starter and Alternator have been checked and are OK… I do not Care about Policy, I am Stuck and am afraid to drive as It may not start when I finish driving somewhere..This Is NO Way to treat Existing Customers..I am forwarding this Notice to Chrysler… I will await your response before I file a Complaint and then file a Court Date…I will also be sending notices to every Site, including FB and Your Complaint site, if I do not hear back from you…This is my 4th Jeep Grand Cherokee, since 1993, and have never had this sort of Problem with them…Michael Taylor

    • I have Sent 3-e-mails to Hunter Dodge Chrysler, since my phone call and have Yet to have a response from them…Do I have to take this Public on every internet Site to get some response..??? If necessary, I can trade my Jeep in on another Dealer, It IS Paid For, and then take Chrysler and Hunter to court to recover the expense of purchasing another Vehicle..???

  260. while driving my 2017 Sahara wrangler unlimited my ETC light came on and my vehicle speed kept accelerating even after having my foot off the gas peddle and pounding on the brake. After slamming on the gas peddle SEVERAL times the speed stopped accelerating. at this point I was going 95 MILES PER HOUR. This is definitely a major safety concern!!! I contacted Cherry Hill Dodge this morning. I was told they couldn’t get to it until next week. I told the service rep. that its not safe to drive. She told me you can come in and they would help me in acquiring a rental.REALLY???? This is not the first time this has happened. One time when I first bought my jeep, but I thought it was just a fluke thing. Yesterday it happened THREE TIMES. DEFINITELY NOT a satisfied Jeep customer right now. I will use social media to make people aware of my experience with my jeep AND CHERRY HILL CHRYSLER. Please look into this safety concern!!


  262. My name is Jack Johnson, I am a 74 year old African American soon to be 75 in a couple of months. I believe I was charged $753.37 for Brake and power steering fluid changes; although my invoice shows I had a Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit replaced.
    The Oil Pressure Sensor Circuit replacement doesn’t show up on my maintenance records on 1/28/2018; record shows brake fluid and steering fluids changes, mopar express oil change, 23 point vehicle inspection.. Frisco Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, in Frisco, Texas is where I took my car after my engine and oil like came on. I called my service rep Linda Hammond and met with the service manger, but they had no answers as to why only the oil,power steering and brake fluids changes only shows up on my owners maintenance records. I am the proud owner of a 2005 Chrysler 300C vin 2C3AK63H85H662211. I sincerely believe I was taken advantage of by Linda Hammond. The person who changed my oil was the one who supposedly replace the oil sensor circuit. The service manager only said ” they are all technicians”. If I did not get a oil sensor circuit replaced I want to get reimbursed. I have copies of my maintenance records and my invoice.

  263. I need to know if the 60,000 mile warranty can be transferred to the buyer of the vehicle when the vehicle is purchased as a used car?

  264. Hello
    What is the reason why you cannot put on a snow plow on my 2017 dodge 2500 power wagon? The dealer doesn’t know and back to me?

  265. I took my 2017 wrangler to Hendersonville dodge and jeep today in Hendersonville NC because it felled to start without being jumped. I bought it there. The service dept was the most rude and unfriendly people I have ever dealt with. I was told it would be 3 days before they could check a battery REALLY!! this group is giving Chrysler Co. a bad rep. I will never recommend Hendersonville Dodge to anyone! I left there and went to Egolf Dodge in Brevard NC. Very friendly SERVICE. Was in and out in a short amount of time with a new battery. I really like my Wrangler but the service dept at Hendersonville Dodge makes Chrysler look BAD!!

  266. 2010 Dodge Challenger we have tried to get service on the clock spring since 2011 while it was under warranty. Now the service tech-Lamar at Landers Dodge in Southaven, MS tells us we have a problem and it was never corrected before the warranty ended. We asked for this to be corrected numerous times but was not done at all. Also, when we took the car in for service on 3/12, Lamar kept the car two days without contacting us with the status. We called him and he told us that he did not have a mechanic to work on it. We told him we would pick up and he left it on the lot with the battery drained. This is definitely poor service! I reported this to the service manager who said he would investigate on 3/16.

  267. VERY SERIOUS rust issues on subframes of all Chrysler vehicles. Parts break while driving can cause collisions ! What kind of company are you running. You refuse to rectify the thousands of complaints about this issue that have been logged from the early 2006 to present . What garbage you sell with your PLANNED OBSOLESENCE ! Is there any wonder why your own employees complain about your vehicles. There is a very powerful lesson to be learned here,DO NOT buy any Chrysler product which they do not stand behind. Why do you think people are switching to non-american made cars with better warranties and reliability.

  268. We have a 2015 Grand Cherokee and for a while now we’ve been having trouble with the navigation. It intermittently goes on the blink and gives us a “Vehicle phone requires service. Please contact your dealer” message and basically quits working. We done that three or four times and contacted Chrysler customer service but get the usual runaround instead of results. We’ve found online that this is not an unusual problem, but for some reason no one from Chrysler seems to know about it. I take that back. One customer service person told us that Chrysler fix for our problem was to replace our system with a re-manufactured one. But they need to see it malfunction to verify that we’re not just dealership groupies that invent reasons to hang around a car dealership and enjoy the ambience. I’ve tried to explain that at 65 and still employed full time I’ve got better things to do.
    It not showing the map and shutting down, while aggravating, is not a big problem. We usually just go to my wife’s cell phone for direction. The problem is that sometimes, instead of shutting down, it will indicate we’re heading one direction when we’re actually heading in another. So you can’t really depend on it even when it seems to be working.
    But according to the last person we talked to at customer service, they’re coming up with an update that’s supposed to fix this problem (that they didn’t know even existed) so hopefully they’ll find some way to notify us when that’s ready.
    We’re on our third Grand Cherokee and were thinking about trading the 2015 six cylinder we have for a new one with the V-8. But we don’t really want to get dinged on the price we can get out of it because the Chrysler can’t afford to buy a cheap Ford and copy the navigation system.
    If anyone can be of any help we’d greatly appreciate it.

  269. purchased a vehicle from west gate dodge in Raleigh N.C, on 03-03-2018, the vehicle purchased was used,from the finance paperwork being submitted to the wrong financial facility after they voided the paperwork n resubmitted it to a different facility to unable to get resolved. the vehicle had a new state inspection sticker on it,but how can u pass a vehicle when 1 of the vehicles tires were plugged (right front) when asked to rotate was informed we are too busy n are cleaning up 2 go home. the vehicle did not have a spare key or owners manual ,jack assembly. after having a hard time to get them to replace them. The general manager was confronted regarding this n a few other items, was told you get what you get from this dealership. when you call back again and try to get up with someone to get assistance to resolve these matters, you are told they are not in,but let someone else call ,you are told they are
    in. was asked to bring this vehicle in to get it serviced, they offered a free tank of gas after they were done. I trusted the dealership /service dept so much i had the repairs done else where. on the replacement items such as the key,replacement was after market n only good to open door n start vehicle, the purchase of the vehicle was the first n last time i will ever step foot in this dealership or do business with them. i would never recommend them to anyone. Chrysler customer service appeared to be helpful but time will tell.

  270. In 2014 I bought a new jeep wrangler at BOERNE Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, in Boerne, Texas. The people their were great. Now four years later, my jeep had a problem with the oil cooler/filter housing. I went back to the service department and dealt with Jessica Harker a service advisor. She handled my problem quickly, and my problem was taken care of in a couple of days. The oil cooler was replaced under warranty with no cost to me. A few days later she called to make sure I was happy with my Jeep. Absolutely! Great service, Great people to deal with.

  271. 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 truck under warranty. Trans. shifter went out. (dash knob control) Under recall. Have been assigned a case #33728204. Would like information as to status of case.

  272. I purchased a Jeep Cherokee on 7/7/18. The vehicle is very satisfactory, however the experience at South Shore Chrysler Dodge located at 550 Burnside Ave. in Inwood New York was a very unsatisfactory experience. I arrived with a bank check at 2PM. I was not able to leave the dealership until 6:30PM. People arrived after me, and left before me with their vehicles. No one was able to offer information as to the reason for the delay. I asked two people for an owners manual DVD which was never provided. They gave me the vehicle with the gas gauge on empty, and the warning light on. I asked an assistant manager for a gas card or voucher, and was told “I had to eat it”. One of the staff at the dealership called it a mickey mouse operation. I agree with that. The first thing I will be doing is taking off the South Shore license plate bracket. It is regrettable that this dealership represents the Chrysler product. A sign outside says “under new management”. Maybe they should have left the old management in place.I like the Jeep very much, but the experience at Southshore was very unprofessional. It’s too bad they represent a Jeep product.

  273. I have 2 Dodge vehicles and I have had nothing but problems with them- My 2011 dodge Ram had to have its CAM SHAFT replaced because of a defect at installation in the factory- Had just over 110,000 miles on it- I thought Hemi’s were suppose to be tough and my 2014 Dodge Journey had to have its air conditioning condenser replaced because it took a dump on me. So un satisfied with Chrysler / Dodge products NEVER AGAIN.

  274. The sales people at Ancira Chrysler in San Antonio were very unprofessional, I was telling the salesperson we were not getting the best deal with our company incentive discount, he said he understood but still used by wife’s frustration to make the deal. She was tired of all the going back and forth. David Rodriguez jr did wrong and knew that our incentive was not credited.

  275. I would like to talk with a live person and exchange e-mail address. My concerns have attached documented communications that indicate wrong doings and no intent of this company:
    Sport Durst Automotive Group
    4511 Durham Chapel Hill Blvd.
    Durham, N.C. 27707
    David E. Durst, president

  276. I have a Chrysler 300 that I am proud to own. The ceiling liner is falling off just above the rear window. I took the car in for repair and the man at the service dept. said that Chrysler doesn’t do that sort of work. I thought the warranty covers everything. Can you please give me the truth here. If this is the case, then the consumers need to know. Thank you for your assistance.

  277. visited Barrie Chrysler quoted $550.00 + taxes to replace O2 sensor that was supposed to be replaced months ago when vehicle was under warranty, found out today there is also a service bulletin issue for the Sensor in 2016. Not very honest and very unprofessional.

  278. I called to set up a service appointment for a recall. I left a callback message with the person who handles recalls at 10am. At 5pm I had not been given a return call. I than tried to schedule online and was told I needed to wait for a call from the recall person. We have had extremely poor service with Larson Dodge of Puyallup in the past. We have told the service manager and the dealership manager. It has made no difference. We seriously considering sell the RAM and going to a different make because the service has been so poor.

  279. Hi there,

    I wanted to run something by you… there’s several different areas I noticed on where I think we can help gain more visibility (for selected keywords), as well as drive more sales.

    Would you be open to having a few expert consultants I work with briefly get in touch to discuss?

    They’ll furnish an in-depth analysis on me when they’re done. (I promise they’ll cover things you’ve definitely overlooked)

    If increased traffic/sales is what you’d like, let me know the best time/direct line to have them briefly connect.

    Valeria I.

  280. Hi,

    I thought youd be open to checking into some strategies where I think could develop a new avenue of leads.

    Would it be OK to have a few consultants I work with to quickly give you a ring at your phone ? Theyre highly experienced and have a strong feel in your industry

    If a new avenue of leads is something that interests you, simply reply here, and reach you shortly

    Luna B.

  281. I bought my vehicle at Stanley Chrysler Dodge in , a Chrysler 200 – the key fob went out on it this past July, I paid 600 dollars to get it fixed and it is still not reading to open my door, it is not recognizing the key fob, I have to use the regular key and then it makes my alarm go off. Yesterday it would not even recognize the key fob and I could not start my car to get home. I called the dealership and they told me to put the key fob next to the start button, close to the steering column and eventually it started. I dropped it off again this morning – It seems to me if these people are selling Chrysler Vehicles they should know how to service them!.

  282. I have a 2006 Dodge Sprinter 3500. It has a recall that we are trying to get fixed.
    The recall can only be fixed by a dealership, yet we have tried for 3 weeks to find a dealership that will take care of the recall. They say its to big for their service dept. We were told by the recall help line that they should able to handle it but no dealership will do it. I need HELP and no one seems to be able to help me. I’ve talked to recall hot line, Mercedes Benz and several dealership. Where do I go from here. Chrysler is responsible for this recall.

  283. I’m the owner of a 2010 Jeep Commander and I’m in love with my car but I have been having a no crank no star problem when I had the warranty I took it to the dealer and they fixed and couple of months later same
    Problem since I have no warranty my mechanic has change the starter and many other parts and no crank no start hunt me back the car is only 28 thousands miles and I don’t want to get rid of it
    Please what can I do

  284. I have 2014 jeep grand Cherokee and the the airbag service light is on, I took it to romano jeep in Fayetteville new York they said I had to pay a 100:00 $ diagnostic charge if it was not covered under warranty ( I have a lifetime warranty) they said the harness was bad but the clip that holds the socket together was broken so it is not covered. that is a crock if it was broken they did it because they are the only ones who ever worked on the inside of this auto, and besides the only way this socket will come apart is to pull it apart. this is a total scam. I hate to go to them for anything they are nothing short of liars and scamers. I have bought my last two vehicles from them, never again!


  286. I travelled approximately 150 kms to purchase a vehicle from CarHub North York Chrysler yesterday and they would NOT sell me the car because I did not want to finance through them at 6.99% I already had my finance in place and was trying to make a cash purchase. They told me that they had unique rules and the only way I could purchase the car cash was as if I either lived within 8kms of their store or the car had been advertised for more than 40 days. Well the car has been on Cargurus for 43 days but they said it was only on there for 20. How stupid they refused to make a sale because we were not using their high interest finance. I would really appreciate someone getting back to me.


  288. I visited Daytona Chrysler Jeep on 9/29/2018 for an oil change on my 2017 Chrysler 300. While there, I reported pitting and peeling on my wheel covers. Pictures were taken to be forwarded to Chrysler Corp.. I have followed up to no avail. It is my understanding that this is an ongoing problem. On such a luxury high end vehicle this seems absurd. What’s going on.

  289. To Whom It May Concern
    I’m a loyal Doge customer since 1977 when i bought my first new dodge van. my latest vehicle, a 2011 Durango is making me question what my next new car brand should be. I bought my 2011 Durango Citadel brand new off the factory line in Alaska. It has a total of 77,000 kilometers on it. last fall i took it in for an inspection and it needed a new exhaust manifold and a strut, did i mention the truck has always be in a heated garage.. this job cost me $2000 dollars. then 2 months ago it died on a main street, had it towed to a dealer, said it was the cam sensor, another $900 dollars plus $100 tow. 2 week later it died again on a trip , had to leave it at a dealer and rent a car, rental cost $1200 and the repair, this time a power module cost $700. Durango ran anther 4 weeks and engine light came on again. Back to a dealer for a fuel pump, guess what another $1200 dollars. Of course all this has come out of my pocket and when i picked it up today i was told like the other times that it should be good to go now.
    This is ultimately ridiculous for a top of the line model that is just barely broke in.

    Very Dissatisfied customer

  290. I brought my 2016 Ram truck in to my dealer for recall. My truck was programed with out my knowledge to not go in gear when the driver door is opened. this makes it very difficult to back the truck with an enclosed trailer behind it. I do not want this upgrade, but they tell me that they can not reverse it. I have bought three new Ram trucks
    in the past six years. I will never buy another Ram truck !!!!!!!

  291. I went in yesterday to program a car key at Stevens creek Chrysler dealer in San Jose, Ca. We brought our own key remote. They took it without asking if it’s a new remote or used. Then the guy comes out saying they couldn’t program it because it was already programmed and they can’t erase and re-program. They couldn’t do the job, but still charged us $40 just for him to plug the key in for a couple of minutes and tell us it’s not programmable. We didn’t get the key programmed but they still charged a fee. Also, he should have said from the beginning that it has to be a blank key when we brought it in. They know it should be blank, we don’t, they should ask the customer. They probably don’t on purpose to charge a fee. And we weren’t told there’s a fee if unable to program the key. Very bad. We have bought 5 cars from Chrysler, but never going to this location for service again.

  292. We bought a 2008 Jeep Wrangler bran new and with it purchased a so called lifetime warranty. In the ten years we have owned our Jeep we have had 4 engines replaced and back again, except this time your telling us that the warranty is void because we didn’t bring it in for a five year drive train check. We have not had an engine last 5 years to do a check!! Seems like every two to three years we bring it in to have the engine changed! You say we didn’t keep up our end but I say you didn’t keep up yours. If you could build an engine that would last five years we would be glad to bring it in for a check. If anything we have brought it in more than the warranty suggest! Once again it is in the dealership for over 5 weeks with no answers on your part! We are asking that you do your part and we will do ours!!!

  293. I would like to inform you that your customer care employees that I had the experience of talking to today need some training. I talked to the following associates regarding my vehicle today. Michelle – hung up on my when I requested to talk to a supervisor… Tara put me on hold for 40 minutes and then hung up… Wendy refused to let me speak to a supervisor and then hung up.
    I am not only disappoint the quality of individuals at this center but also with Jake Sweeny Chrysler. My van is been in their shop and each time it has been returned with something else broken. They continue to try to change my a deductible for the repair that they caused. Up until this point, I held Chrysler as a reliable and dependable. I can not express my disappointment enough.

  294. For two months I have been trying to get the Tire Pressure Monitoring System fixed. Now, Fields in Sanford, Fl. says that it can not be repaired and that Dodge/Chrysler is unable to assist. It is Dodge case number 57177265.

    I just want to know why it can’t be fixed.

  295. Renae, was my customer service representative, and she did a wonderful job of updating me concerning my vehicle currently in for repair. She is a great assist to The Chrysler Company…Efficient & friendly.

  296. I think that the service sucks.
    Less than 25,000 miles on a car, dead as a door nail and I have to pay for towing to the dealer.
    Must be those quality parts they use in assembling Jeep products.
    At the price they charge for a grand Cherokee limited, I will look to see if Yugo has a four wheel drive in the future.

  297. Hello
    I recently purchased a New 2019 1500 Ram pickup. The truck is great , I only have a couple complaints. It was disappointing that the truck did not come standard with led Headlights and tail lights. It was an option but I would think by now it would be a standard on all trucks. Also I have no Led lights in the bed of the truck. I also have a 2018 truck that does have the LED in the bed of the truck. Again I would think this would be a standard. Overall happy with the truck. I just believe there are too many options when deciding on what truck to purchase.

  298. Just purchased a 2019 Ram 1500 under 300 miles Oil pressure warning light came on oil pressure read 0 to 8 pounds pulled over immediately checked oil was full reading owners manual following its instructions they said get to the dealership as soon as possible for further service. When contacting dealership the soonest they could get me in is January 10 that was the closest dealership next dealership so they can get me in January 3 but no guarantee they have the parts or how long it would take. Neither would have a vehicle for me to use while it was being serviced. Called Chrysler customer service was told as long as it has oil just continue driving it, it should be OK. Was told there was nothing else they could do for me it is a holiday time, I’m sure if they were sick they wouldn’t want the hospital to tell them it was the holidays . I have leased/Purchased nine vehicles in the past four years from the Chrysler corporation I am rethinking my vehicle choice due to the customer service that I received or lack of ,have many friends that work for Ford and GM sure they would be happy to get me friends and family discounts and switch . Thanks for nothing FCA!

  299. Sent this to Bill Howard at Telegraph Chrysler Jeep in Taylor. I cant believe it.
    Hi Bill,

    Here goes, I can’t believe all this.

    First time I visited your dealership and met Kara, I waited for over 2 hours while they tried to find the vehicle, I was interested in. Said I could drive another one similar, but I said no, I want to drive the one I am looking at. Never did find it that day, so I left and told Kara when they find it let me know. That I believe was on 12/14, maybe wrong date. On the 17th I got a call from Kara they had found it and I came in on the 18th to sign the deal and would pick it up on 12/18 around 7 pm. We came in to pick up the vehicle and waited maybe a good hour or more because Kara had a prospective customer in front of her who just finally left and bought nothing. During that process several dealership personnel visited her desk to talk to the customer while she stood back and listened. All that needed to be done was a plate put on the Jeep. We were then informed that one of the key fobs was missing and as soon as they found it, she would call or mail it to me. Well never found it after almost two weeks and yesterday Kara called me to tell me the new one was in and I could come by to get it programmed (another 25 miles there and 25 miles back). Kara told me it could just be sent and then find out had to be programmed at your dealership. So, this morning I came in and spent about 3 hours in service while they tried to program the key fob, only to be told it didn’t work and would have to order another one. Could possibly have it by Monday, so another 25 miles there and 25 miles back and just maybe it will work. On top of that Kara told me Sherry would call me in 30 minutes yesterday , ended up being about 4 hours before she got back to me.

    I even ask the service person if they couldn’t just take a fob from another vehicle and reprogram it to mine and she said no. In the next breath I was told they could delete mine and reprogram it just in case the missing one showed up. Kind of contradictory I would say.

    So, it appears another trip there and maybe it will work or maybe it won’t. God only knows.

    So far, I have driven over 100 miles counting the time I had to come back to see the vehicle, then come back to get the key fob programmed, and then will be another trip back to try again. Whatever happened to the original one somebody needs to find since this unit had over 400 miles on it when I got it. I am burning leased miles plus my time for nothing.

    Just getting a bit ridiculous. Its not Kara’s fault but whoever lost the key fob needs to be held accountable. Needless to say, I will not be giving your dealership a very good rating. I know I am only one customer but that is no way to operate. This experience will be related to a lot of friends who I might have recommended your dealership to, but I doubt very much I will now. I am a retired Ford Motor Company manger and after my career I have been in a few dealerships selling cars, etc. and believe me, I made sure everything was in order before I got a customer in front of me and they had this kind of thing happen. Your name is on the door, so to speak and I hold you accountable for this mess. I don’t really care who lost the key fob, all I know is I don’t have a second one yet and its causing a lot of inconvenience for me. Not the way to run a business. After this experience, I doubt very much if I will ever return, but go back to leasing Ford vehicles with a dealer who I never had a problem with, because he made sure all was right before I arrived and drove off the lot. Trust me, my story will be heard plenty. I just don’t operate that way.

    So, having said all that, for what its worth, probably nothing, because I am only one customer, but one customer turns into several sometimes and word of mouth get around. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER TO SAY THE LEAST.$42000 is a lot of money to spend for a vehicle that is not right. On top of the that the windshield washer was empty.

  300. Hello,
    Today January 9th,2019 I took my 2018 Dodge Caravan SE PLUS for a service appointment at Salerno-Duane Chrysler in Summit N.J. for a couple issues including a slow leak in the Right front tire.The service front desk and a mechanic told me they want to replace it because it’s a safety issue and it’s leaking fast.They offered to put the spare on,but I told them it was a really slow leak that took 1 1/2 weeks before the tire monitor lit up on the dash.So I told them just fill the tire and I will make it home and decide what to do with it.When I took the vehicle the tire was gushing out and went flat very fast.I think they punctured it testing it .Now I’m stuck buying a tire which I wasn’t ready too with a very slow leak.Can you help me with this issue.
    Stanley Folcik
    telephone 908-494-4533

  301. Stephanie,
    The last dodge dealer recommendations, did not work it has stop 2 time sense than, this is getting very frustrating, almost to the point of losing faith in the service provided by the dealerships that Chrysler has. If this can’t not be fix, I’m going to request Chrysler to take back the vehicle. This will make 7 times this vehicle been look at for the same problem.
    John H. Jones
    Case # 75722766

  302. My frustration with Chrysler is through the roof. I had a huge repair LAST August. My initial claim was denied, but after being transferred for two hours I finally got a manager to say that I could and should file a claim. I was sent an email asking for documentation so I could receive a reimbursement. I sent all the requested documentation and then nothing followed! I have reached out repeatedly via emails, phone calls and even a certified letter to the customer service department. NO RESPONSE!!!! Customer service? There is none. We are obviously not even entitled to a response by this company! How can a company send you an email telling you that you will receive a $4,000 reimbursement and then act like you don’t exist?!?!?

  303. On a 2006 Chrysler Town & country anti-theft device there should actually be an ulterior plan to the Anti-Theft I’m at a standstill with a simple change of an ignition to match up with a computer board I need answers

  304. There should be another safety measure to go around Anti-Theft when you cannot bypass the computers this leaves a person with only one way to fix the car and not an outlet or another alternative way to fix a car leaving people paying hundreds of dollars unnecessary to fix a symbol problem

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