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Contacting Chipotle Customer Service Center

Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant offering eclectic food, fun atmosphere and special diet considerations for those who follow special diets. Chipotle started as a small restaurant as the idea of just one chef, Steve Ells. The company soon grew to a major chain in the US. The website is packed with fun, particularly the history of Chipotle shown on an interactive timeline.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Chipotle is not exactly upfront about sharing a the Chipotle phone number. After searching around we were able to find the phone number for corporate office, which is the best we can do when Chipotle is a restaurant with multiple locations throughout the US.

  • Chipotle Corporate: 1-303-595-4000

Mailing Address

As is the case with the phone number, you’ll have to contact the corporate office for customer service by mail. Chipotle prefers email customer service whenever possible, so this address is the physical address for the corporate building.

Chipotle Corporate Office Headquarters1543 Wazee St. Ste. 200Denver, CO 80202

Official Website

Head on over to for a look around the Chipotle story, restaurant, FAQs section and nutrition facts. Chipotle is one of those foreward-thinking companies that’s not afraid to take chances, so you’ll find lots of bragging about naturally fed meats, banning trans fats before it was in style and rethinking the whole use lower quality to make more money mentality. You can also order from your local Chipotle online. Just enter your zip code in the search box under the Order Now tab and click the tab to place your order.

Customer Service Email

If you want to make Chipotle really happy, contact the customer service department by email. The email form to contact an agent is located at Choose your topic and click. A form will open requiring your name, email and message. Fill in the verification to prove you are a human and send. You’ll receive a response “soon”, but there is no mention of how long soon is. We’ll let you know how long the Chipotle customer service department takes to respond to our message.

Our Experience

The Chipotle customer service phone number leads directly to a person, no waiting, no automated system and no operator. We asked Ian if there were plans to expand Chipotle to our area and he told us they just broke ground on a new restaurant that would be opening early in the new year. Ian was friendly and well spoken. The call was a pleasure from start to finish and lasted just two minutes and change.

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  1. Fantastic and awesome experience today at your Brookly,Ohio store at Chipotle.The people(Arjanette,Sharda and Jaleesa)were a pleasant surprise and so friendly.God bless them.

  2. Who may I contact? My gift card with 80$ on it won’t work because the mag strip came off with plastic cover but I do have the card numbers .5623013807

    I’m a christian honest man, Is it possible to put
    a Chipotle business with out selling beer or alcohol?


    Julio Torres

    God bless!!!!!

  4. To Whom It May Concern,

    I visited the store location in Baldwin Hills, CA last week. I ordered a burrito with extra chicken. Everything went well with my order.
    The service from Robert Nubin was excellent! He really did a great job & I will return at least once a week to purchase a burrito.

    Thank You,
    Dwayne Pinto

  5. Well I visited a location in silver spring md, I always visit that chipotle because it is a block away from my house, I always experience ” different ” treatments based on how in dressed and how I look, less I dress down the less of a service I get & this is at every chipotle I’ve visited in the md dc va area, but I continue to go because I like the food and the value, but today, was the day that broke the camels back, the same ppl that seem me often but treat me differently depending on how I look always mix me up, I prefer the same thing all the time which is half chicken half shredded beef, but every time I order I have to tell the person shedder beef 3 times because they don’t listen they always reach for the steak, so this is a common thing I have to do, today I was with someone and I didn’t have the time to watch the lady’s every move, as I turn around there’s steak on my plate, as I’m telling her that I didn’t order steak, she continues to try n convince me that I ordered steak, I never ordered steak! Nutshell gave me all types of looks and attitude, threw away the food n started all over, so I get my food, I walk out, it’s a thunder storm here, n I walked half a block, n right before I her to my house, the bottom of the bag rips n the food drops, but because there was a lot of attitude and no attention to what they do, they forgot to close the lid, and everything fell in a puddle of rain water. Because to them You’re just a bum of the street based on how I’m dressed, but they have no idea what I do or who I am, because when I come dressed in my work clothes its a completely different experience. I will make sure this never happens and ill start by giving Your offices a call.

  6. Love chipotle. Went to the one Lake Ave in Pasadena. Music was so loud and weird. They should at least play some type of Latin music…not electronica!

  7. I visit the store on 8th Street SE in Washington DC, the GM was very rude, I order my chicken bowl & ask for two vingernettes & he told me they charge an $1 extra for the 2nd one, I asked him when did they start charging extra because I just visited the store last week. Well his answer was 2 weeks ago, so I told him they never charge me for the extra vingernette so his response was..”DO YOU WANT IT OR NOT, now I’m pissed off because I am not a child & he not going stand up there & disrespect me. So I stood up to him & he did not like it & he took & threw my food in the trash can. That fine with me because I will not let him talk to me disrespectful. I would never go inside of another chipotle because of my experience at that store. He really SUCKS to be a General Mgr. He needs to adjust his attitude working in the Capitol Hill area. It’s not about him it’s about making the customer happy. Also when the rules are change everyone needs to be aware employees & customers

    • The manager at ANY store CANNOT impose a charge for a second of any side, EXCLUDING GUACAMOLE! The limit on any side is 2, after that, they may charge, but only up to $0.50!

  8. I am upset I ordered food on my iPhone through the app I downloaded got to the store to pick my food up rushed out because I was on my lunch break and food was missing and nothing was what I ordered!! Don’t order food through your phone!!

  9. My girlfriend and I went to the Chipotle located in Natomas,Ca and we are regular customers with many different Chipotle’s and we have never had food taste that bad. We got our food to go so we weren’t able to say anything at the moment. I ordered a chicken burrito and the chicken was so burnt that it overpowered every other taste in the burrito. My girlfriend ordered 3 tacos with carnitas and it tasted cold and like it had been sitting out for hours and her quesadilla looked like she had a tortilla with butter on it and no cheese in the middle. I am highly disappointed in the food we received and havent been back since.

  10. This review is regarding the chipotle at this location:-
    324 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

    I have been a regular at the above location for the last 5 years. Its not been great in terms of customer service especially the last few times I was there but the incident that happened today is the last straw.
    I was ordering the burrito bowl and pointed to an ingredient as the store was crowded and the server could not hear me. I was rudely, condescendingly and very loudly told by the server to “NOT POINT AND JUST LET THEM KNOW”. I would have been glad to do this had I known this is the store policy…..however I did not see this posted anywhere. The music in the store was so loud that I could barely hear myself think….let alone make the server hear me no matter how loudly I yelled.

    I have decided I am never going to step into this Chipotle again and might actually never go to any chipotle ever.
    The name of the host on my receipt is Richard…..but he was just the cashier. I don’t know the name of the server who yelled at me.

    BTW there is a review posted here by Mikael on
    April 19, 2013 at 9:01 pm which I completely agree with. I have noticed the same attitude as well.

  11. Do you guys know that chipotle is starting to gain a different name? Thats right! Everyone I know all over the United States is starting to refer to chipotle as “The burrito Nazi’s” I used to frequent chipotle at least twice a week over the last 4yrs. love the food, but I get tired of fighting with employees to get what Im paying for. Your employees are sadly confused, Im not there to recieve the kind of burrito that they feel I should have. Im there to get the burrito that im willing to pay the extra money for! Multiply me by millions and you’ll start to see how expensive being stupid can really be!!! A quick business tip to help you out….you’re in business to turn a profit, and KEEP CUSTOMERS COMING BACK!! As a company you have seemed to forgotten the latter statement!! If john Q customes has to pull out a hundred dollar bill, hold it up high, an announce that he’s willing to pay the extra cost for the burrito he wants, while other customers look on…how then are you going to keep customers coming back??? Shameful business practices, this is why american businesses suck bigtime!!

  12. I visited the 11041 Pines Blvd Location in Pembroke Pines Florida 5/23/2013. They have extremely poor customer service at this location from the Manager Chris to the employee who help me and my wife yesterday. These people are full of excuses and have a lack of customer service skills. I prefer never to deal with them ever again. If this is the way they are going to conduct business I’m sure they will notice the difference in monthly sales after a while. I rather drive an extra couple of miles to have my Chipotle fix from now on.

  13. I went to on May 29 2013 And that lady She cleaned that cutting board then she make my food I Pay $30. I was nasty she didn’t wash her hand or change her glove and she was mad because I asked her Extra rice the food wasn’t even closed right I will never come here again in Pittsburg ca Bay Area

  14. I visited the Hunt Valley Location today and I was disappointed with the service, customer service was very poor. The server had an attitude when filling my order, I guess she thinks she is doing me a favor and i’m getting the burrito for free. She was basically slopping the items on the tortilla not taking note of presentation. I do not want to bite into a burrito and get a mouthful of guacamole. Guac. is high in fat and can be very nauseating. These employees need monthly training no, daily.

  15. I sent an email to you guys 3 days ago over a horrible experience I had on Saturday. Haven’t heard from you guys yet at all. Do you take me seriously or am I’m just going to be ignored? I’ve tried calling your corporate number where i can’t get a hold of a real live person and when I did get a hold of someone they hung up on me. I need to be contacted ASAP.

  16. I just want to say THANK YOU for your efforts in preparing to use non-GMOs in your ingredients. I live in Florida and my daughter lives in Alabama and both of us rarely eat out anymore because of GMOs. You are rated #1 in our book and we will frequent your restaurant without hesitation.

  17. Hi! First, I am a hey frequent customer and I LOVE your food. I eat at my local chipotle about 3 times a week. The other day I got a chicken burrito to go at the Tallahassee Chipotle on Tennessee St. I went to eat it at my apartment and when I was About 1/4 the way done with it I felt something grainy in my mouth. I spat out the food and found four large brown hairs. I called the local Chipotle and they told me since I took my food to go there was nothing they can do. I just want some kind of reimbursement for my meal ($6.75 give or take a few cents) and reassure me that this won’t happen again because I truely love your food.

    Thanks, Daniel

  18. I just experienced horrible customer service at the 304 West 34th St site,the servers had nasty attitudes,easily distracted andtalking amongst themselves instead. One worker thrusted my food towards me! If your employees don’t like their jobs why are they there and I pay too much for my food for it to thrown around.

  19. I went to the Chipotle in El Paso, Tx (on Mesa street) and I was very disappointed. The service has changed a lot. They are so cheap with the meat now, even with the rice and beans too! The girl put just a few pieces of meat. So asked for more meat. The manager stepped in and said that they would have to charge me $2.85 more. So I said okay. The girls puts just a few more small pieces of extra meat. The burrito was all rice with hardly any meat. I was so disappointed. I will never go back to Chipotle again. Horrible service.

  20. I went to your Chicopee, Massachusetts restaurant on Memorial drive and received horrible service. Attitudes and the food looked like it had been there a while but I heard such rave reviews and decided to give it a try.The guy servicing the food gave a very small quantity of food. My 3 yr ate all the rice seeing how it was toddler size. However they did give me enough guacamole to feed an army. I went to the register to pay and the cashier made eye contact and then continued to put paper linings in chip trays. Glad to know I was on her time 5 mins later. Did I mention the cashier was the only one wearing gloves. The music was so loud and started out jazz and then into hard core rap. My 3 yr old didn’t need to hear all that cussing. So much for being family orientated. I’m writing this email to let you know that I am now sick as a dog. I haven’t stopped vomiting for an hour. I will never visit a Chipotle again. I’m calling the health department. Next time I will follow my instincts.

  21. My experience today was so bad, and after talking to MOD during lunch and calling to talk with evening MOD, I am convinced Chipotle’s (Ponce de Leon, ATL) does NOT want my business!!They put food in the bowl/tortilla, and took it out and put it back in their bins! Unbelievable!! the burrito bowl was half what we usually get for the $$ we spend. The attitude of the ones’ I spoke to was such, that I don’t plan and ever returning to this store. I will also spread the work to everyone I can…bad bad attitudes for business owner!! Too bad for everyone.

  22. why do i receive emails disproving my application 15 minutes after the actual job fair appointment was open a bit crooked i did work for chipotle previously but i dont appreciate the company sending me on wild goose chases for a job. To later say no before i could even make it to the store location.

  23. i live in Simi Valley california i reall y didn’t like chipotle but my family instead this was a great place so they came home with a bag of chips and salasa and a taco and yes it got me. so the next time we went in therre to order our food and we didnt even get to the counter and the young ladie was yelling what do you want and my girlfriend said a bowl and next it was being push on her what she wanted and then she just push the bowl down and then she said what do you want i said tacos and she just threw corn on said rice,bean,meat and move on to the next customer while my girlfriends food was still waiting for her food. then i just went and the bag of chips were half old and nasty and charge 3.50 for like 1/4 bag i ask the guy and he just threw the bag in trash and gave me another and then when we got home in avocado peelings and all the meat was cold and nasty . what kind of place now our youu people running overr here i will never ever again go there. the cashier was talking about how his shoes was tearing and he pick up his shoe and then made a comment how he just ate a chip and how nasty it was??????? i look at him and he just laugh and i told him wash youur hands.

  24. I would like to speak with someone as soon as possible….I absolutly love Chipolet eat there all the time…I just had the worst expreince ever and this was the first time. I faxed over a order for a Barbocok Bowl and it wasnt now meat it was all FAT and they gave me brown rice when i ordered white i am highly upset about that…and when i took it back they wouldnt even give me another bowl, they said i should have checked it before i left

  25. Wow! It’s hard to reach someone at corporate level! I would like to have some type of contact with Monty regarding some experiences. I understand that this is highly irregular, but would like to do so anyway.

  26. I am a regular customer at the Severna Park, Maryland location…the line is always down to the entrance and beyond, probably the most popular spot around. Normally I have been very satisfied with all of my meals, but tonight I had a difficult time getting through my steak tacos because of all of the fat in the meat: indigestible. I photographed about 8 pieces of grissle that was left behind…a disappointing meal.

  27. Ordered my food, went up to the cashier, I asked her if there was sauce where the napkins were, she said no ma’am there isn’t. I was like I am a guy, not a ma’am.Hell I have a goatee. She started laughing in my face, I grabbed my food and walked to get my napkins, and as I’m standing there, another employee said, whats wrong with him, she said I called him a lady and he got mad, then they both started laughing. I called afterwards to speak to a manager named Josh Garrett. He never took my name or phone number and only offered me free food, which I refused. Josh didn’t seem to care and therefore will never step foot in there again. I write for our local paper that oh about 100,000 people read here in austin every week. I will be writing a review from hell about this place, hope they close this location down.

  28. I not a writer but I had my first Chipotle experience back on 1998 in Shaumburg,Il and since then I have been a true fan of their food but my past experience in Crestwood location was awful not a happy customer and I have never been disappointed till now 15 years later ..I had to wait ten minutes for carnitas and white rice finally the rice show up but no carnitas I had to wait longer finally I substituted I went with chicken and it was burned and dry also the steak was not cooked well [red]was raw in the middle.The people taking orders were not in tune with each other and the only girl taking orders was/looked confused to me was the only one also serving the cold part of the counter while others where not being productive..if this wasn’t enough once I got home everything fell from the bottom of the bag due to wetness i picked it up and went on..the steak burrito had double tortilla and was leaking from one side and I never had this happen to me EVER.I soon learned they had being open for 4 days[Nov 27],but anyways everybody working there was not properly trained and I believed they should had brought other employees from other near locations..truly disappointing.I should had brought everything to the store but by this time I was outrage and I calm down and understood the problem and the problem was of them being new and not well trained also the food had no flavor at all sorry for all the typos.

  29. Your customer service number might as well be disconnected. Tried numerous times and never got thru. That to me shows lack of concern for the customer and his/her experience.

    Thoroughly unimpressed

  30. Norwood store sucks they couldn’t even change a 20 was out of half of crap so not eating there anymore spent almost 40 dollars on food that’s to nasty to eat so thanks for ripping me off horrible attitude to Norwood sucks workers are stupid

  31. I love the food, but every time I order its like pulling teeth to get a decent size portion of food. whenever I ask for a little more they only give you such a small amount. they always give you the look of shame b/c you ask for a little more. the workers act as if they personally went food shopping and paid for it themselves. and has the nerve to charge you so much for a little bit of food, what a shame

  32. Hello there I wanted to drop sum lines on what a horrible experience I had with the miidletown ny location yesterday we ordered on line for our office about 10_,12 people when the gentleman arrived for our order they never had the order ready for us which is a little disappointing due to the fact that’s the whole reason we faxed it in was to avoid delays to make a really long story short when he arrived at our office w the orders that were recited to them all the orders were wrong what was worse for me anyway was another employee went back to the store to get all the orders fixed my order was probably the easiest I just didn’t want any rice in my burrito I just don’t like rice but when the second burrito came back again the rice was in there I was the only one that didn’t eat even though I paid jus like everyone else I called the store to speak to the manager because I wanted a refund for food I wasn’t goin to eat just really upset it’s really not that hard I don’t think I’ll go back to chipotle even tho the store is kinda new to the area pissed customer

  33. We’ve been eating at Chipotle almost every week. I even spoke to someone a year ago telling them how great the manager of Chipotle’s 901 Broad Hollow Rd, Farmingdale Ny 11735 and how clean and the service was great each time we ate there wiil las night 12/19/2013 while we were eating we almost threw up…… of your workers started cleaning up the floor with paper napkins etc and emptied the trash can an a second later he pulled out brand new napkins to restock them, touched every cap on your hot sauses to tighten them with gross filthy hands ,he went to picked up more paper on the floor by the cashier and placed the dirty paper on the counter where our food has been. Who knows he probably cleaned the bathrooms before he did all of this. And the rag he used was just thrown in the cabinet. What a shame

  34. Today, I stop by the Chipotle (lunch -1:00 p.m.) in Damascus MD. They were a white teenager servicing and I asked for extra chicken. He asked me “if I wanted double meat” and I said no. Then, he said, I was not allowed extra meat. A white man was behind me and asked for extra meat and he was given it. I am a black female with a master degree and have lived in Damascus for 17 years. I am aware that Damascus community can be stereotype, but this was discrimination. I asked to speak to the manger and she did not address the issue. I have eaten at many Chipotles and never had this problem. Very disappointed

  35. Please forward this to corporate headquarters as the link to “talk to us” is not active!!! The following is regarding the Chipolte in Orland Park Il, 151st La Grange. Our family eats at this particular Chipolte 2-3x a week (or rather we used to). We used to brag to others whom do not live in our area that “our Chipolte” was the best, the freshest, quickest, cleanest, nice staff, etc etc. That all seemed to change when the last manager was “let go” a few months ago. I believe his name was either Ryan Murphy, Ray or Ron? Since that time this particular restaurant has significantly declined in all aspects listed above. The line is frequently to the door, moves extremely slow in a disorganized manner, the restaurant itself is not clean, tables and floor dirty and service the station frquently low w/ supplies. This particular day we carried out and received guacamole that was brown in color. I attribute all of this to poor management/supervisor experience. When Mr Ryan was there, he had a way with not only costumers but it was very apparent her got maximum performance from his staff. Service was competent and family oriented. I felt it was time to write since it has actually gotten to the point that we drive a town away to eat at another location and/or adjust our schedules going at a time just to avoid the poor slow service.
    Very disappointed and can’t imagine what this manager did that was so bad that it warranted jeopardizing your reputation and customer service.
    S. McMahon
    Orland Park Il

  36. There is a new Chipotle opening in Miami. I called today at lunch time and the young lady told me that they open tomorrow and this evening between 5 and 7 they had free food if I was interested. My husband and I were greeted at the door by a very rude unprofessional Manager named Julian B. Nijangos who is the current Chipotle Area Manager. I would like to discuss how this man was rude to me with someone higher up so they can see the type of customer service that he is reflecting on your stores.

  37. I recently visited the Chipotle on La Grange in Orland Park,IL. I encountered a manager who became angry when I asked for hard shell tacos and subsequently served my tacos with so much salsa out of resentment for me that the tacos were cold and inedible thereby serving me a substandard product and expecting me to pay for it. I am angry at Chipotle and will retaliate by not supporting their businesses any longer.

  38. I can’t believe that people who are disabled and can’t get around and don’t have access to a computer are not able to speak to someone regarding a serious issue with a chipolte location!!! Looks like a lawsuit will be the only way to get the point across!!!!!

  39. I went to the location on East Brokaw Road In San Jose, CA yesterday afternoon (around 1:30). This location is near work and the service is usually okay at best. I ordered three salads with a side of guacamole on each to go. The first two were fine. Prepared as I requested. The third however, another story. They ran out of guacamole but said more is being prepared in the back.They also appeared to be out of salad dressing but said they would bring out more in a moment. I paid for my order and said I would gladly wait for a few moments for the missing items. After waiting 5 minutes, I asked the cashier who according to my receipt is named Daisy if it would be much longer. The girl who prepared the salads (I’m unsure of her name)went to the back apparently to check, but I could see her talking and laughing with some guys. She came back about three minutes later and said the guacamole was going to take awhile longer and they were out of dressing for the salads. Now, I could go without guacamole on the salad, but the thought of salad without dressing was unappealing. I asked it it would be possible to refund the one salad and purchase another item. The girl very rudely said “No. I guess you will have to do without guacamole and salad dressing today”. She then turned and walked back to where she was visiting and laughing with her coworkers. The host Daisy did attempt to apologize. I feel this was very poor customer service. Perhaps the higher ups at Chipotle need to better train their employees in dealing with customers, speaking and treating them with respect. People with no respect and rude manners do not belong in jobs working with the public.

  40. Just had the worst experience ever at your restaurant at 4338 Kent Rd in Stow, OH. Your employee told another employee to take it easy on the rice. I received a table spoon of rice for my salad bowl and my husband received a teaspoon of rice for his burrito. The employee then got snippy with us and was just was not very nice. I am choosing to refrain myself on using a few choice words. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. No one should of been treated like the way we were treated at this restaurant.

  41. I went to chipotle in the oak park mall in Kansas I got charge for seven Bowls and I just order six I told her that I just got six she went back to check the camera made me fill like a thief she made me wait for over ten minutes before she came and gave me my refund and she was very rood I will never visit any chipotle or my family .

  42. I go into chipotle on hill rd reynoldsburg ohio all the time. But Everytime I do I always have to tell them to fill in the gaps of my bowl. They are way too stingy with their food. And we are paying to have a full bowl or burrito. I feel like we are paying way too much by little rice or chicken they give us. And all the employees there have the worst attitudes. Me and all of my friends are getting tired of them and we’re not going there anymore.

  43. When you order a chipotle frome the line and every thing on that line is not extra unless you order double chickeb, steak etc.,. Now I got charge for qualcomole at 1.89 cents off the line and I did not order any extra sauce for my sandwish that night I was there. I have my receipt from the locstion in Waldorf Maryland. I want a refund for thst amount because I go there on many occaions and have not been charge extra for items that come off the line. Please respond.////////Tks////////////

  44. Sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing. That is what I experienced today. My co-worker ordered and paid for two bowls for lunch. When I arrived I was told my order was for 1:15 and not 12:15. I asked to see the order and was told I couldn’t. I was then told I would have to wait until they finished all the orders up to 1:15. I asked for a refund and was told that was not possible. The take out specialist rolled her eyes when she saw me, refused to look at me standing there, talked about me to her co-worker. After 50 minutes I asked to speak with a manager (I was very patient). He tried to pacify me by offering a free meal, but I explained I wanted him to make sure that this is not the way customers are addressed in the future. While talking, the take out specialist kept saying things like, “I didn’t say nothing to her, she can’t do nothing,” “I ain’t gonna have no problems from her,” “I don’t care what she say, she gotta wait if I say she gotta wait.” So disappointed. I was a good customer at this restaurant, but no more.

  45. I’ve tried to reach out to the manager before emailing and wanted corporate to contact me. However, I wasn’t able to get one on the phone. I’ve left a message with Ms. Diamond, to have the store manager or any other manager to contact me. I was not able to get a return call. I’m emailing corporate. In spite of the horrible experiences, as well as my tocos, was tossed to the cashier. (YES), please help! This is much needed to be reported. I’ve asked for the manager on-duty, however, I was informed that they’re were in the back. My employer and I had an order of 16)-tocos. They were not placed right, and the server made the tocos messy. Instead of me holding the line-up. I went on. However, as I went back to work. I see that they’re wasn’t even fixed properly.

  46. Burke Center Chipotle. 747 Unit C Burke Center Parkway. Very condescending attitudes from Store Workers. Jessica and Alston 6:00 PM Saturday 3/22 Burke Center Store. Jessica seemed lost about her job and making mistakes. Alston (Justin B look alike)is very rude and seems like he is talking down to patrons. I think two people need a new line of work!

  47. Chipotle Rohnert Park CA. THE WORST. Here, the managers tell customers Chipotle dressing is Vegan when clearly the ingredients state Honey in the recipe. When alerted to this detail by staff, they tell their employee they ‘don’t know about that stuff and don’t care’. Managers insist their staff lie to customers and say Chipotle sour cream is ‘local’ when in fact it is shipped from Texas by the ‘Daisy’ company. (hello? Texas is NOT local to Northern California, although it is on the same continent) Managers tell customers their corn tortillas are Organic. They are not. Managers fire employees who do not comply with lying to customers and make up reasons to fire good team members who question their managers. Management who state they are on a Paleolithic diet consisting of red bulls and diet cokes. A consistent rule of thumb for the Chipotle company in general is ignorant managers are hired that are rude to customers and treat their staff like dirt.

  48. Chipotle Rohnert Park CA. THE WORST. Here, the managers tell customers Chipotle dressing is Vegan when clearly the ingredients state Honey in the recipe. When alerted to this detail by staff, they tell their employee they ‘don’t know about that stuff and don’t care’. Managers insist their staff lie to customers and say Chipotle sour cream is ‘local’ when in fact it is shipped from Texas by the ‘Daisy’ company. (hello? Texas is NOT local to Northern California, although it is on the same continent) Managers tell customers their corn tortillas are Organic. They are not. Managers fire employees who do not comply with lying to customers and make up reasons to fire good team members who question their managers. Management who state they are on a Paleolithic diet consisting of red bulls and diet cokes. A consistent rule of thumb for the Chipotle company in general is ignorant managers are hired that are rude to customers and treat their staff like dirt.

  49. I live near the Lincolnwood IL Chipotle. I went into the location on Monday evening to get 2 burritos and they were completely out of brown rice and said I had to wait 25 minutes for the rice. I left and vow not to ever go back there. I’ve experienced this location to have similar issues with long waits for other food but this really takes the cake. I just don’t understand why there not prepared for the rush. It’s like mcdonalds saying were out of sesame seeded buns when you order a Big Mac…..

  50. Chipotle located at Bandera and 1604 in San Antonio Texas is the worst place to work the managers have the employees work off the clock for free with threat of termination. The supervisors and there immediately family intimidate and force the non relatives to work and belittle them. My fiancée was sexually harassed and assaulted and when she told the manager he terminated her. The corporate office has no policy or resource for employees to contact them for help so they are left out. Chipotle exploits its employees and falsely represents family and ethical values shame on you

  51. Hi , I have been to one of your restaurants at almaden, san jose. I am very dissapointed by the behavior of your staff. I found them really uneducated. They didn’t greet me at all, they didn’t even listen what I want in my veggie bowl. They were out of forks and I asked for forks and the cashier lady got mad on me. This happen on May 03 at 2:45 PM. I love chipotle and I am a regular customer. This experince was real shock for me. I don’t know why they behaved like this, may be becuase I am an Indian guy. I expect some respect and friendly behavior when I come to your place. I would like to hear back from you about this and expect stern steps against this place. I am so upset.


  52. I am currently at chipotle on 4009 broadway, new york. I have footage of a worker eating rice from a container after mixing it and putting the fork back in the rice..I am going to send this footage to fox 5 to expose this franchise and also it is 1130 and chipotle is still not open and they are supposed to be open at 11…this chipotle is going to be closed down because of these issues

  53. My family is vegan has been for three years. We travel all over California,Northern and Southern,and Nevada, Arizonia . Mother of 5 grandmother to 13.

    Very saddened in your choice to let people with guns actually caring them to eat in your bussiness.
    I will no longer step foot into any of you bussiness that we have frequented over the last few years. How could you make such a poor choice.

  54. I have always liked your food. But your recent public statement about guns will keep me from your restaurants. The fact that law abiding citizens have firearms in your restaurants should give you piece of mind. These legally armed citizens might prevent a crime. If someone was uncomfortable then they have issues. Sorry I don’t buy what your selling. I’m done with you and the word will get out.

  55. By creating a victim zone a.k.a. ‘gun free zone’ you put all of your customers at high risk. Every major shooting event in the past 10 years takes place in ‘gun free’/victim zones. That is no accident as the perps. know they can unleash their inner turmoil and take the most victims possible before offing themselves. I won’t go to any restaurant that thinks it is a ‘gun free zone’. Bad decision, and terribly ill conceived.

  56. Way to go! I support your stance on firearms 150%. I am a gun owner myself but it is clearly against the law to bring a long gun in to a public business!!! Someone needs to contact the Texas DPS.
    I wore a weapon to work for 43 years and I respect firearms and people’s rights not to be intimidated by an assault rifle.
    I do not carry concealed in to a business for my own reasons. But I salute your stand to say no!

  57. To whom it may concern I Gregory Genetti have a complaint about the portions they serve me I have been going there to last few months and the portions are not as big as before it is not right for me to be treated this way because I am a good customer I am eating right now the Rosemont location on Manheim Road the floor of the proportioned they have a restaurant is very sticky and nobody’s cleaning it up The portion they had served me today is unsatisfactory hopefully this matter is resolved I will not come back thank you

    • I couldn’t redeem the BOGO FREE offer that expires August 1 or 2, 2015. My Nokia windows phone is not compatible with Google Wallet. But the offer requires you to open a google wallet account. Frustrated and disappointed but I still went to buy 2 bowls with 2 spoon extra extra beans and extra mean. Total came out to $20 plus. The cashier treated me like a begger for requesting extra beans. He claimed they are missing money and that Corporate big wigs told him to charge $1.50 per extra items / sides like beans rice salsa, etc. I wish they had posted it or nicely told me before scooping the beans into my bowls. I don’t like paying over $20 for two bowls of food. So I told them I didn’t want it. The cashier didn’t even bother and immediately dumped my two delicious bowls on the trash. Ouch. Now that will make corporate lose money. I see a very tall trash bin full of good food they dump luk that. Rosemead, California by target

  58. I wish I could attach a picture of what I just opened under the disguise of a chicken quesadilla. Absolutely disgusting and unrecognizable. Never eat there again!

  59. Today, Saturday the 24th of May, my family decided to go and try the new Chipotle store located in Martinez, Ca for lunch. The experience was horrible there was no body waiting on line we proceed to order the people behind weren’t professional at all, they are rude, not friendly at all, whole presentation unacceptable, the food servings are not compatible with the prices charged furthermore we felt unwelcome.

    We had great experience at the San Ramon store before but today makes us realize that there is great Taco Bell down the street along with other nice fast food where we can go and have a happy family gathering.

    Is not for me to tell you guys how to run your business but the management of this store sucks.

    Ana Kwan

  60. I just had chipotle catering for my son’s graduation party yesterday 5/24/2014 with ordering from 1-800-244-7685 with order pick up at 6181 old Dobbin Lane#100 Columbia,MD21045 . The order was incorrectly filled and food that was suppose to feed 80 people did not even feed 40 people. We were placed in embarrassing situation of ordering pizzas to feed rest of the guests. On calling the store service was horrible being told that is the best. They could do. When I went to the store service manager informs we had 8 orders and that is why it could have happened but he wasn’t present and office manager was to be in charge and spoken too. There is no complain # to talk too. I would never again cater from them. I hope their service improves or they will not have catering business. For the cost of more than $1000 bucks you cannot feed 80 people is just a rip off. Their customer service stinks. In today’s competitive food market I have many choices to give business too! Beware stock holders your dividends may just go down.

  61. Chipotle used to be a favorite restaurant of mine, I’d stop by there on my lunch breaks often since it was quick and I got great food for the value. I would often times let the workers design my burrito, so I could have something different every day and I was never disappointed.

    However, up until recently Chipotle was a safe environment to dine in or take out, but with their recent anti-firearm policy I can’t bring myself to go into a facility where I don’t know if I will be safe or not. By taking the restaurant and disarming the law abiding citizens, it announces to all those who wish to do evil that establishments such as this are a great place to follow through with their deeds; whether it be robberies or something worse.

    I will not be eating at Chipotle restaurants in the future until their petty policy has been lifted. I feel much safer in places where we are permitted to defend ourselves.

  62. I visited your location on Fairmont/Pasadena, tx tonite and stood in line 25 minutes to place my order. The customer in front of me asked why the line wasn’t moving and she was told that most of the employees were new. They should have been trained properly before they are put on the fact not end at 6:30 pm which is xtremerly busy anyway. My daughter is allergic to cilantro so I always get her the white rice without the cilantro in it. I told your employee 5 times that I needed her to turn around and ask for plain white rice. I looked away for about 2 seconds and she had already put the chicken on the burrito but it did not have plain white rice. It had the rice with the cilantro. After waiting in line for so long I decided to chance my daughter getting a migraine from the cilantro. Just wanted to let Chipoltes know that I will no longer eat from your restaurant because of the poor service, lack of attention by your employees and the high prices. The quality of your product is not as good as it use to be and that is the comments I heard from several people waiting in line. I’m sure that loosing a few customers does not mean anything to a company who made a profit but still felt the greed to raise their prices. The amount of meat you put in a burrito does not merit an increase.

  63. very good customer service. I got your chicken bowel with different things, I just didn’t like how much cilantro that was in it.

  64. Wow …went today at 1 p.m ….and for the third time in 2 months I’m told sorry we have no chicken. …..and we’re low on beef and pork…. then my daughter and myself get the Sophie ta and my child adds avocado or guacamole …lol for 2 dollars more ..well when making them she put guacamole on top of both containers so we were charged double ….it’s sad this Chipotle use to. Be so good …..but lately man it sucks …..that’s not all we also got tacos theywere fafalling apart before I picked them up……so disappointed. …and the girls swerving were new ….and. very rude…..There old crew was way more friendly. ….This is sad this use to be my family’s favorite. ……

  65. Riverside plaza Chipotle use to be the best……what happened. ….no chicken no pork little beef ….Hello i use to manage a restaurant. … get off your rear drive to another store and borrow from that Chipotle store….or take your self worse case to vons grocery store right next door…..????

  66. The Customer Service at the Springfiled, NJ location is awful. I placed an order online at 3:30 pm and when I arrived at the location to pick up my order at 4:15 pm (the time given when order was placed) the order was not ready and they did not have any steak cooked to prepare it while I waited. If this had been the first, second or maybe third time, I may have let it slide but this happens EVERY time I place an order online.

    Why have this service available if there is no one to complete the order? I think I will go up the highway to Qudoba.

  67. i love eating chipotle, but today i did an online order and was very disappointed. i went to the one on 7440 Laguna blvd in elk grove. i had 3 orders and when it was time for pick up they didnt have my order ready for me. come to find out they had drop my receipt on the floor. i saw them talking over it and one of the workers picked it up and it was soaked wet. nasty.. anyways i than have to wait for me food to be made. when i got home come to find out my orders where messed up. i order a bowl and 2 burritos. my two burritos weren’t suppose to have guacamole and they had put guac in it. i didnt even get my corn salsa in one of the burritos and i didnt get my side hot sauce. very disappointed.

  68. I just wanted to tell you guys how amazing my experience always is when I go to Chipotle in Winter Park, Fl!! The staff and managers are always so welcoming. I used to go to the chipotle on East Colonial, but some of the employees were rude and not very social or inviting, and don’t even get me started on the COLD food they serve….YUCK!! Well this is not the case at the south orlando location. They acknowledge me and smile as soon as I walk through the door, even the cook(s) smile or say hello no matter how busy they are. I dine in at least 3 days a week, and my food is always cooked to perfection and is hot, unlike the other location. Whenever I see the tall white guy with tattoos on his forearms working the grille I know my steak and chicken will be perfect. The steak is not undercooked and never dry and overcooked. It is moist, juicy, and just overall absolutely delicious. Thank you guys keep up the great work!!! 100% satisfied customer
    -Brittany H.

  69. I had a very bad experience today at my favorite restaurant the service is horrible and rude they need a better training

  70. My Family was in your store On Ford pwky in ST Paul Mn on Saturday afternoon.4:27 pm ordered 2 bowls I steak and a steak tacos ,, well the steak was so tough we could not chew it so it had to be thrown away. my Husbands taco steak the same you could not cut it our meal was spoiled and this was the first visit. 23.00 bucks for fast food is not exactly cheap.
    Maggie cunningham

  71. Hi , I am a regular customer at the Fairview heights IL location they are absolutely amazing the ONLY chipotle crew I know that will smile greet and give you the best customer service because I also visit different locations around the area. the food is always fresh and delicious . If I do say so myself there are always two girls that are always the best and makes my day everytime I come in and I promised them I would leave a comment for them Delia & Precious . They are the real deal , and another worker which is also really nice Angie . they are so fantabulous.


  72. I slipped on liquid on the floor of the Broadway/Pike chipotle. I split my big toe and will more than likely loose my toe nail as it was bleeding. They never asked me my name, or if I was ok. I had to ask for bandaids. This is very upsetting. And my toe hurts. I tried to e-mail but for some reason the required field of choosing a location is blank and I have tried a few time. It is not working. I am trying to reach the corporate office to discuss this further.

    On top of this, when they went to clean it up, they put a mat down, yet left areas outside of the mat still wet with debris from when I slipped. The cheese from my tacos that again nobody asked if they could help me with.

    I am concerned about not only my toe, but the negligence of this store. I would also like to be contacted.

  73. I went to the 4330 Lemmon ave location on 7/13/14 It was about 8:20pm. This location that I’ve been going to for over 3 yrs. They were out of at least two meats, guacamole ,lettuce, fajita vegetables and Pico de gallo. In the last few months I’ve noticed a very steady decline in both quality of service and food. After going thru to make what I could from what was left my friend told me lets leave. I was very upset by this point as to the downward spiral of this place. It used to be of utmost quality on every way. The topper was when I was leaving I said I was going to write about this place. I noticed that the workers were giggling, just like little children would at a playground. This location needs a total overhaul. In my business we do a total anonymous shopping. In my mind if I were in control of that location I would have closed the store, given all that were in line a free voucher for a future meal then “cleaned house” and I do mean in total. This location needs a very big change or it will start if it hasn’t already,to lose money and business for Chipotle in total. I do hope this is not the way this company is going. In the past (about six to eight months ago)its been absolutely perfect in the quality of food and service. I do hope all at headquarters will do what needs to be done. In the meantime I will be taking my business elsewhere. Thank you

  74. My step daughter went for a third interview with Chipotle and when calling back to see what the status was with the interview the manager at the 91st ave and Happy Valley, AZ location proceeded to inform her that ” She didn’t seem genuinely happy or smart enough. That there were certain qualifications that they look for.” That is blatant defamation of caricature and slander. You really need to retrain your managers and in the mean time i will make sure that i do everything in my power to see that I get in contact with the right people to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else! My step daughter is a bright educated young woman who fell on hard times and is diligently trying to get back on her feet and did not need this nor deserve it. I hope that you will do something about this!

  75. I was in your store today at 2302 W. 95th street Chicago Illinois . No smiles and bad attitude problems. My beans weren’t well cooked. I have been in your store were the metal from the glove ended up in my salad. This store have a high turn over. The good ones I have notice are gone. The attitudes are still working for your company. I’m not satisfied with my salad bowl I receive from Chipotle today . I was in 07/17/2014 at 11:26AM . I have not been in this store for three months and now it time to take another break. I was Order #134. I would love to hear back from someone soon.

  76. I went into the City of Industry store and received terrible customer service the girl with the nose piercing was rude. I ordered a quesadilla with barbacoa , bean and rice they were going to charge me the price of a burrito, she said you can only get one other item besides the cheese so i ordered a new one with the barbacoa instead she got upset and rudely threw the first one away, I get home and check the receipt she charged me extra for the barbacoa after she had just tole me I was able to get one item as a quesadilla. I call the store and speak to a manager nameBeatrice who also did not have any customer service skills, I explained to her the situation and said that was correct and I should of been told which i was not I ask for corporate’s and she said I can look for it my self, I called her back and told her what if I was a mystery and if I had a complaint and I asked for corporate’s she would tell me to find it myself, Beatrice at that point said I do have a number but no one ever answers that phone I told Beatrice if she can give me the number anyway and I was given the number for the employees benefits and human resources, I was not aware I was inquiring for a job at Chipotle, I was charged $6.50 for a quesadilla and not happy, as the other times I have always been able to order and not be charged for a burrito,This is the closest one to me and every time I have been a customer I have not been happy I get better service at the other locations that are a further distance to me. So with this last experience I will not return to chipotle again. TRAIN YOUR STAFF

  77. Two consecutive days tried the fajita burrito both times rice was extremely undercooked. Very difficult to chew. Visit Chipolte several times a week. After these bad experiences I am rethinking my lunch options. One of which will not be chipolte’s.

  78. My boyfriend and I went to chipotle for the first time today on July 22,2014 and our experience was horrible!! We were served with bad attitudes from the workers. Not to mention the food was bad and we asked for a exchange or return and were rejected with snobby attitudes from all the workers! One worker inpiticilier replied back and asked “how do we know we didn’t like it and did we even try it”? This comment was made In front of other costumers and this was kind of hurtful like she was calling us dumb. We replied with yes we both tried but neither likes it and she pretty much said “no returns if you’ve already took a bite” and walked off. Also the manger wouldn’t even come out to speak with us! It was a waste of 25 dollars and we will not be going back!! I would hate to think this is how you would want your company represented. I would hope something would be done about this for future customers because I wouldn’t want anyone having the same experience we had!

  79. My boyfriend and I went to chipotle for the first time today on July 22,2014 and our experience was horrible!! We were served with bad attitudes from the workers. Not to mention the food was bad and we asked for a exchange or return and were rejected with snobby attitudes from all the workers! One worker inpiticilier replied back and asked “how do we know we didn’t like it and did we even try it”? This comment was made In front of other costumers and this was kind of hurtful like she was calling us dumb. We replied with yes we both tried but neither likes it and she pretty much said “no returns if you’ve already took a bite” and walked off. Also the manger wouldn’t even come out to speak with us! It was a waste of 25 dollars and we will not be going back!! I would hate to think this is how you would want your company represented. I would hope something would be done about this for future customers because I wouldn’t want anyone having the same experience we had!!

  80. On June 29th, 2014 as I placed my order for myself and my family I had to face a very rude employee at your Barstow Chipotle restaurant (Outlet location).The employee had to remake the burritos I ordered various times because the tortilla was falling apart.
    The employee then started mumbling words and as I asked what I wanted on my bowl he started to throw the ingredients on my bowl. At that time I pointed out to him his behavior and told him that was not how you treat a customer.
    My family and I did not enjoy our food at all due to such a rude employee.Chipotle has been my favorite Mexican restuarant know I have to think twice before going there.

  81. Please ask the evening crew to refrain from being so loud while sweeping at 9:00
    PM on 7.28.14. They were intentionally banging the legs extremely loud and slamming the chair seats on one another while customers were eating. They were doing so to make everyone feel very uncomfortable and feel very rushed in an attempt to get us to leave early. We could not even finish our meals. It was annoying and very rude. It is also not good for business. They should be glad they have jobs. Regards, Brent & Tom

  82. Promised my grandkids taco kits. They were excited about making their own. Never happened. The employee’s filled the shells, even after I twice asked for kits. Kids were not happy and neither was Gramma. Food was good, as always, but kids like to determine the amount of stuff they want on their taco. Music was also so loud it was really hard to hear the line workers and hard for them to hear me. Not an enjoyable experience. Just thought you would like to know.

  83. Dear Sirs or Ladies I was in your Frankfort ILLINOIS store on tuesday of this week. My wife and I enjoy your food but at this particular particular visit it was not a good experience. It started off with choices my wife wanted guacmole the young lady put a very small portion on her barreto bowl my wife asked if she could put a little more on and was told thats the portion we serve if she wanted anymore it would be two dollars more,then we get through the line and wanted to sit outside noticed the tables and chairs had food on them my wife called to a girl to try and get some help and the young lady guacamole her she called again and finely someone came and wiped down the table.I wanted you to know this because i believe this sends the wrong message to your customers

  84. we love chipotle & we had a really bad experience this time .we are vegetarain & even after i told them we want a veggie taco he did not change his gloves & when i asked he did not like it. the bell peppers were also burned & tasted bad.This is the first time i could nor finish my lunch

  85. To whom it may concern,
    I am writing in response to recent visit to a Chipotle restaurant in St. Cloud Minnesota, on Tuesaday August 19th at 1:30 pm. I have never had worse customer service. To start out I ordered a kids quesadilla, & had a very difficult time getting a large flour tortilla to replace the small flour tortilla that they had been out of at the time. They had told me that I could only get have a corn tortilla for my 3 yr old nephew, but I knew it was very unlikely that he would eat that. I thought that this would be a very easy decision, they had been out of a product and should have accommodated to whatever a customer had needed. Meanwhile having been obviously training a new employee in, a young woman named Maddie was not giving very good customer service. In my observation she was also not a very good trainer & may need to have a little more patience. I do believe, after myself being in the restaurant customer service industry for 25 years, that she needs to work on her customer service skills! After getting through the line and having her be very rude to us, the man behind me commented, “this is the worst customer service I have ever had at a chipotle restaurant,” I’m not sure if he was talking about our experience, or his own bad experience. At the register, we were also initially charged full price for my nephews kids quesadilla, & that became a small hassle as well. I will not likely be back to this Chipolte location, although I will continue to support Chipotle because I love it, thank you for doing what you do!
    Thank You for your time,

  86. Your Glendale, Ca store located on Glendale Ave, was very dirty. The bathroom toiled was overflown, and the floors were dirty. Inside your eating area, there was trash all over the floors. There were no lids for cups as well as utencils. I had to wait 10 minutes to get a fork, and meanwhile, there were 6 employees working behind the counter. I took my food to sit outside, thinking it would be cleaner, and the smell of urine was all around the tables and trash bin. The tables were rusty and dirty as well. The health department should be notified. I will never eat at this location again.

  87. I visited this Chipotle, and asked for a kids meal(number 1) cheese quesadilla. and recieved a CHICKEN quesadilla. how thats even possible without them askingme what meat is beyond me.
    Moreso, I am a VEGETARIAN!!!!
    on my lunch break. orginally they gave me a cheese Quesadilla but it was not the kids meal. I repeated myself not 1,2ce but 4 times to still get the wrong food. I then called the manager,JENNIFER. orginally the person who answered said she was TOO BUSY to talk. who says that to a customer. Jennifer then came on the phone. was zero help. combative. overall a horrible addition to the situation. I can see with the workers because she barely spoke english properly but Ms. Jennifer, the MANAGER, she needs to be RETRAINED ASAP! I need assistance asap! please can someone with customer service skills contact me about this matter.

    2. I ordered another item. the lady over charged me, when speaking to Jennifer she basically told me it was my fault. I ordered a chicken bowl with steak as an addition. i also ordered a side of guac.this ended up being 18.50. when initallly questing the cashier who barely understood me, she said it was fine and waved me off. I called back when I left the restaurant and Jennifer again, helped the situation ZERO PERCENT. no I’m sorry for the inconvience etc. very in a rush, horrible customer service.
    this is unacceptable. I would appreciate someone calling me or emailing me back in regards to this matter.

  88. On Sept.12th 2014 I went to the Richmond/Warrensvile Chipotle and was disrespected and loud talk to by a manager by the name of George, I was in the store at about 4:45pm the line was out the door, the had two(2) young ladies working the whole line. (they were doing the best the could) I asked to speake to a manager, the man came out with a atitude and ask me what the problem was, I said the line is out the door, can you put more help on the line, he stated that only two (2) people where schedule and it was nothing else he could do, I suggested that maybe he should help move the line, he stated he and another manager was counting money, so I suggested that maybe one of them could wash their hands and help moved the line, and he stated George “that we could either stay or leave, then he proceed to stand by the prep food and start tossed pieces of meat in he mouth from the pan with no gloves on. Also if I of those managers had been on the line or supervising the line the would have notice the one of the people on the line had messed up a bowl and used a little plastic cup to take meat off the top of bowl and put it on another (health code valiation). I spent of $40.00 dollars that day I don’t appreciate the way I was talked to or the people are not begin trained right. This the second time this manager George had been rude and disrepectful, is this the type of managers Chipotle wants to represent them, if so you will never have to worry about me again. Also way he was getting smart and nasty with me half the line of customers walked out. My order number for the day (9/12/14) was order #532 time on the receipt was 4:58pm.

  89. The worst Manager ever! My husband placed an online order and I stopped in to pick it up after work. after waiting in line over 15 mins because it was busy someone told me to just go to the register and pick up my order. No problem but once I got home my order was missing a few toppings ordered. I called back to the restaurant which was a little over 10 mins from my house. Frustrated because I didn’t want to leave back out and very disappointed with my order I called back to let the manager know my order was incorrect.I was put on hold twice finally the manager questions me about what time, my name, what was on the order JUST to tell me to bring my food back in so he could verify that it was wrong and then he could get me a complimentary new one. I said I’m sorry I was just calling to inform you of how I was displeased with my order, then I informed him that me driving back there with gas prices, including the time I already wasted there that he would not be doing me a favor by replacing the order I’ve already paid for and it wasn’t complimentary because I paid for it. he informed me in a snotty voice that “that’s all he could do!” I then told him I need nothing from him and asked his name. He told me Juan and then I asked his last name he said NO that’s personal and if you just want my name to place a complaint online Juan is all I needed! I told him goodnight and hung up. I work hard for all my dollars and pennies and to have him get upset and insult me after they have made a mistake was the worst form of customer service. I don’t need anything but I just felt that this company should know how in certain areas Management feel that they can treat customers any way they want. BERWYN, IL on 22nd and Cermak

  90. Tuve una de las peores esperiencias en el chipotle de Herndon me gustaría que alguien podría hablar con esa persona que me descrimina el nombre de la señorita es Gladys no estoy muy de acuerdo con lo que hace conmigo soy de origen latino me encanta su comida es por esa razón que ya no voy a seguir llegando con mi familia a esa localidad creo que por un mejor servicio no me importaría manejar hacia reston soy cliente de hace muchos años y esta persona les está botando la clientela Grasias por su atención atte.RAFAEL CORTEZ

  91. My daughter ordered white rice with chicken (a chicken 3 pointer) and added steak. I was charged for a chicken bowl 6.80 (1.95 more than the 4.85) and 2.95 for the steak. I feel since there was nothing added to the rice and chicken, it should have been a 3 pointer. They said since I added steak, which I paid for it was considered a chicken bowl. I feel I was overcharged 1.95. This place has gone down hill since they opened. They also charge more and give you less meat.

  92. I will never eat at Chipotle again and will spread the way they treat their manager’s. Ashley Bell was an excellent manager, her standards of expectations were old school for being as young as she is. And the young “adults” couldn’t handle it. The lady who fired her is ridiculous!

  93. Love your food. Would eat there everyday if I could. The problem is the hot spice either in the tomatoes or the chicken are way too hat for me. Can you please have a menu without hot spice. i know the little ones have a problem with that also. Other than that your food is perfect. thank you tawny

  94. Love your food. Would eat there everyday if I could. The problem is the hot spice either in the tomatoes or the chicken are way too hot for me. Can you please have a menu without hot spice. I know the little ones have a problem with that also. Other than that your food is perfect. Thank you Tawny

  95. I went today to 1166 Hempstead turnpike
    Uniondale , Ny . They didn’t have nachos . How it is possible that a Mexican restaurant doesn’t have nachos ?

  96. Horrible experience and never was able to discuss complaints with manager. When corporate called a Doran (women) Customer Service Analyst called me back she was not sympathetic with my situation. I want to talk to higher management VP, CEO, and stock holders about my encounter.

    Need to be compensated in some form or fashion.

  97. Hi! I just wanted to informed that I went to this chipotle about 30 minutes ago and I order a quesadilla just like I did 2 days ago and sunday as well and everytimr I go they charge me different prices. On sunday, the manager was very nice and told me it was $6 then wednesday it was $7.50 today I go and they say its the same as a burrito which is $9.00. Im making a complain because they only thing I put in my quesadilla is chicken and cheese since they cant place anything else because they have to place it in the grilled. Im pregnant and i just wanted my chicken and cheese quesadilla and the employees was making it really hard for me and end up charging for it as a burrito which I think is not fair. If I would of be a bad person I would of request for everything else that i will put in a burrito on the side since they are charging me for it. But I’m not a mean person and like i said im pregnant therefore I don’t have the time for it.

  98. Chipotle is getting way to expensive, And they are getting way to skimpy with the toppings.( The burritos are 6 dollars + dont be so skimpy, put some topping on , dang! Im starting a boycott page

  99. I Love Chipotle which i why i always use their online catering for our training events. I nevered complained before but today I had one of the worst expierences. I made an online order this morning and had to wait over half an hour after the origional pick-up time for my order to be ready. The girl who was taking care of my order was only half done when I arrived at noon. She said it would only take 15 minutes more but it was twice as long. I stood and waited for the rest of the order to be made when she came to me and asked if it was ok to give me the wrong order. She had mixed up my order with another one. I was so irritated at this point. I am not only late with the order for my training class but she wants me to serve our guests food they didn’t order! I told her that the order was not for me and it needed to be made as it was ordered. when she was done with the order she began droping the food into the box and it almost all fell over because she had it at an angle on the pick up window. I held the box as she carelessly kept droping the food into it. She then went on to tell me i should call ahead next time if i want my order to come out on time. I asked her if she could help me out to my car with my large order and she said she was too busy! This Type of customer service makes me never want to use Chipotle again!

  100. My visit to the chipotle grill located in Evergreen Park Illinois was not very exciting. The service was terrible and on top of that i received the wrong order. I was told to go all the way to the back of the line as i was waiting for 20 minutes already to get my order done over. I am not very pleased with the store and I will never be returning !!!!!!!

  101. I ordered a steak salad today and the meat was so tough and chewy it was difficult to eat and I had to spit it out. Last time for that. You need to upgrade your steak or not serve it. I did take out so couldn’t complain to the staff.

  102. Chipotle Bridgewater NJ. WATCH OUT, workers do not wash their hands, touch your food and should be visited by the Board of Health. I watched a guy on line, go behind the counter and help himself to food. His hands in your chips. Disgusting. I wrote to Contact me on the site and I got an answer that was not pertinent to the complaint, I responded that it was an inappropriate response, the next response was “It s lunch time here. my mind was elsewhere. This location just is poor service and now poor health conditions

  103. Chipotle in Viera Florida catered for our son’s birthday party on 15th November. We gave them very short notice but they were happy to help us out, the food was fantastic and delicious as always! We eat there all of the time. Very well kept restaurant with a great team!

  104. Topeka, Ks. Your one my favorite places to eat. Lately I’ve been having some issues with the portions from a certain employee. My kids love the food, and if it wasn’t for this employee we would eat there at least three times a week. On top that, she was rude, and disrespectful. She is a heavier set Caucasian. Like I said, I never had an issue until I had her make my bowl. I will let my co workers know, if you go again, don’t let her make your bowl. Not a very good experience at all.

  105. I had a horrible MSG type reaction to their new sofrita. When I called the assistant manager, he told me I was probably just getting sick but I know that is not the case. He said there are no additives and I should go to the website – so I did. There are sulfites in this new soy stuff and almost 24 hours later I am still not feeling well. I did send an email inquiry to the national customer service and they would not tell me what specifically they are using – just referred me to the website. Definite disconnect – won’t be going back again after dealing with such defensive behavior over an inquiry – they clearly do not care about the well being of the customer.

  106. I am a regular customer at Chilpolte’s in Pittsburgh and had a very disappointing experience last week at the McKnight Road location. I ordered lunch in advance from my office and when I went to pick it up it was taking much longer than one would expect to get their order. Finally the clerk came out to me and said they were having a problem because they accidentally added a large order ($256.80) to my debit card. They tried to reverse the charge, but it showed up in my bank account as a debit. (Fortunately it did not overdraw my account!) I had to make a special trip to the restaurant, which is quite a ways from my home, and was given the refund in cash because the manager said they couldn’t refund it to my card as the sum was too large. Now I have to make a special trip to my bank to deposit it. (I do all my bannking online, not in person.) I was very disappointed that the manager never even apologized for inconveniencing me – first by holding me up during my limited lunch break, secondly by having to return to the restaurant because they had charged my bank account and I needed a refund, and thirdly because now have to make a special trip to my bank to deposit the cash. Mostly, my disappointment lies with the manager who didn’t even have the courtesy to say she was sorry for the inconvenience caused me by their mistake.
    There was no compensation made for my many inconveniences!

    • Today I went to pick up an online order my daughter placed @ the Gosford, Bakersfield location. When I went to pick up the order it wasn’t ready, the clerk Lorena had no clue where the order was. I told her it was an online order, when she located it she said it would be a few minutes. Not the case, they continued to help the other customers in line first. Never did she or the manager apologize for the mix up or for having me have to wait. What kind of Customer Service is this! Looks like I won’t be placing any future orders at this location. Very disappointed!

  107. Our office had a conflict with a different catering company that left us short of food. With 10 minutes to spare Chipotle was able to save the day. The Lynnwood, WA location was pleasant and eager to help. They prepared an impromptu catering trays for our office in less than 10 minutes. The general manager as well as the rest of the staff jumped in to help given the fact that this was at noon in the heat of the lunch rush. Because of them we had happy full staff members. We are very thankful for professionalism and speed! Food was great!

  108. the rye brook ny facility, has an employee that dripps his nose mucus on the food . i brought it to his attention, and he wiped his nose and started my burrito. Disgusting i will NEVER go there again a few people behind me also noticed and left. this is not the first time that this has happened.. The sad part is this is the only chipolte that is near us. Will definatley spend more , but will rather drive to NJ to go to chipolte.. another concern is they wipe the table with their hands and then pick the cheese and the lettuce, another disgusting move .. they should be using tongs for cheese and lettuce.. not there hands, especially after wiping the table … nasty… i am sure that people standing in line dont notice if they did it wouldnt be so packed.. also this happened yesterday again, as soon as i saw him i left..the day that this incident happened i waited on line for 45 minutes.. with my two kids.. not a great thing when you finally get to the front and are treated in a disgrateful way.

  109. Today I visited chipotle in Bluffton SC, there was no room to stand or sit, & the food was too spicy. The menu never said it would be spicy. I threw up like 20 minutes later and had to really use the bathroom. Like REALLY use the bathroom. The chips were stale and had TOO much salt. I would not recommend eating here at all.

  110. I am absolutely outraged that your employees refused to serve two NYPD officers in uniform. To add to this insult they then gave the Mike Brown hands up sign to the officers. Lets keep in mind these are the same two officers that would be required to respond to and investigate a robbery at that location . We used your company to cater our meetings. Trust me that will never happen again.

  111. Me and my husband was @the ohio pike (amelia)location on 12/21/14 and our burritos where burnt chicken was nasty /this location quality is very poor!!!

  112. I usually great service and the food is great. But on 12/27 I was at the Shoreview MN branch and ordered a bowl and wanted the Fajita vegetables and they were “not ready yet’ I was in there at about 11:15 so all of the stuff should have been ready. They had already put everything in my bowl and 3 minutes later the vegetables went on my bowl but by then the bowl cold and the vegetables were undercooked. I’m disappointed that it is hard to find how to let them know about this. They need to have a link to contact customer service not a review.

  113. I called in a complaint to the Manager at Chiptole on Harvard/Richmond in Warrensville Hts. Ohio. And the manager basically told me don’t call to him about anything. I asked for the coporate office number. And he then told me there’s no coporate office for chiptole. And I’m to go to for complaints. The manager/line workers were very rude, disrespectful. If it wasn’t for customers coming to chiptole. Chiptole wouldn’t be in business. All the workers and manager needs to be fired. Very unprofessional.

  114. I too am outraged that you did not terminate the employee(s)that refused to serve the NYPD officers in uniform. The message you are sending to other employees with a bad attitude is that you accept this bad behavior! You need to send a more positive message to the public.
    I have always enjoyed your food/restaurant & based on this- I will no longer visit any of your restaurants.
    The public is outraged with your lack of discipline at the time where you must send a message.

  115. I am writing in response to your employee who gave the “hand up” gesture familiar with the michael Brown shooting directed ar NYC police officers. THAT WAS completely wrong. The police have a very tough job and are getting a lot bad press
    You tell all employees, I CAN BREATHE cause I obey and RESPECT the law. I will never eat at your dumps and will get the word out to police officers I know in the Milwaukee, WI to boycott your stores!

  116. I would like to comment on what happened at your NY store when the police came in for lunch and the crew put up their hands and said don’t shoot. First they should all be fired and that includes the manager. I’m a general manager of local restaurant and if that happened I would be ashamed of my crew and I would let them go. We give police what ever we can willingly. I hope they never get robbed because if I was a policemen I wouldn’t even responded. I will never eat at one of your store again if those employees keep their jobs. Thank you for your time.

  117. store at 1666 N Fed Hwy,Boca Raton Fl. Customer should not be rushed through choices and treated like the are in a herd, because there are a few people in line. I do the same type of work, and always try to find a way to make customers feel welcomed and appreciated. I felt like the young lady may have been an assistant mgr or team leader

  118. Ultimamente he tenido malas experiencias en sus tiendas, recientemente abrieron una nueva tienda en 14221 N pennsulvania okc la cual me queda a 3 min. de mi casa, pensando que el servicio fuera mejor pero sigue siendo pésimo. me dejaron esperando por fajitas las cocinaron en una plancha quemada sin limpiarla utiluzaron el mismo recipiente sucio para ponerlas en la linea y el cocinero sirviendolas y viendo su celular. Al llegar a mi casa y probarlo el arroz salado con mucho sabor a limon y el pollo salado y quemado. Por favor mejoren el servicio a mi me encanta chipotle pero desde el cambio de admon. El servicio ha sido muy pesimo tomen cartas
    Sobre el asunto. Ticken 10286 7:50pm

  119. I was at store 143-A N, Barranca St.,West Covina,CA.
    A pretty Asian girl was taking orders & assembling meals. She was rather swift. I was next in line and she quickly apologized. She had a huge phone order. She called for help. Another young girl started packaging the phone order.The Asian girl started my order but, called for additional help since the order line grew. She asked the girl to finish my order but she got held up with an incomplete order. Another girl was called. She chitchatting & asked me what condiments I wanted. She proceeded to replace all condiments instead of completing my order. Meanwhile my food is getting cold. Got home with cold burritos. Microwave ruined the taste since it had sour cream. I was really dissappointed since I paid $17.99 for 2 burritos & a side of guacamole.

  120. I went to Chipotle at 2082 Ford Parkway, St Paul, MN AT 8:30 PM tonight, Feb 6th, in order to get a salad to go. I waited in line for 15 minutes. When I got to front of line, I asked for a salad. The server told me that they were out of dressing and that it would be at least 10 minutes. I should have asked if they make people wait 10 minutes for beans and rice, but I didn’t. I think the corporate office should inform their restaurants that they should offer something to the customer if they have to wait. I already waited in line 15 minutes. I left without purchasing anything, which was to bad because I was looking forward to that salad all day.

  121. Waterford Lakes Florida Chipotle is awesome! Service Manager Hunter Grice is always smiling and recognizes me as a regular and never fails to say HI and remember my name when I go there and she sees me. The food is great and I have never had a bad experience at this store. The lines are a little long, but it’s great food and lots of people there to get the same great food experience that I am! No harm no foul! It’s worth the wait!

  122. We ordered out at the Chipotle in Wayzata, MN. We faxed our order in with their fax order form. 4 out of 7 of our orders were wrong to the point where people could not eat their lunch because of items that were added to their meals that they were allergic to. I called to complain and the manager said she could get us some coupons but we had to come and pick them up. That is inconvenient she then said they are not allowed to mail them. To me this is ridiculous!! Half of our order went to waste!! Very sad!!!

  123. Who do I contact if I want to file a complaint on the chipotle location 5330 Rosecrans ave in Hawthorne ca 90250 I’m very up set with my service there customer service is very ugly im not happy at all i placed an on-line at 8:00pm pacific standard time it said my order would be ready at 8:30 pm so I get there go straight to the cashier like it says to do online the girl working the Register took 5minz to greet me when ii got there my order wasn’t even ready like it said it would be on-line I was just standing there waiting while they helped all the other customers in line no one apologized to me or anything finally when ii started to get irritated after 15minz of waiting the cashier said something to the other workers they still continued to help the others in line so ii said something so one of them begin to make my 2 orders very sloppy she piling my items sloppy the burrito fell apart with a hole in it and she was still going to give it to me so ii ask can they make it over and she was the manager name shantel I’m unhappy with that location service ii will never visit none of chipotle locations with the way I was treated smh

  124. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!- Atlanta GA. The cashier (named (LaShaneria) who clearly was trained by her terrible “so called manager” (named Efren) made a mistake and instead of correcting her mistake and didn’t give me my catering order. When I returned to pick it up, instead of just simply apologizing for her mistake and cashing me out, rolled her eyes at me and began cashing out the customer who’s order wasn’t even ready!! When I asked for her manager, instead of asking me what was wrong, he immediately began attacking me with LIES (Clearly she’d gone back there and told him HER version of the lie). I WILL DEFINITELY BE CALLING THEIR CORPORATE OFFICE!!

  125. Today (2/27) I waa at your York Pa restaurant. I typically like this location, the food and the service. But today while not only was the service extreamly slow and sloppy (I was one of the few people in line) but as I drove on eating my chicken quesadea I noticed something funny wrapped around my tooth. It was a hair! I was highly disguested. And no it was not mine. I have long long dark
    Hair and this is was a shorter blonde hair. Very disappointed in my service and quality of food…

  126. Very disappointed! So tonight we got together with family! Decided we wanted to do chipotle for dinner…ordered online…unfortunately 5 out of 6 of our orders was horrible wrong!.do to the fact we were to hungry and to far way from the restaurant to return it all most of us just eat what we were given….except for my sister who ended up going hungry because her order was so far OFF there was no hope for it! Anyway just a note if u order online expect everything to be wrong! Not cool!

  127. The Chipotle in Marina Del Rey has average customer service. Most of the workers are friendly but the one thing Im extremely disappointed about is THE SHORTAGE OF CARNITAS. I know many people who get this regularly and how disappointed they are. Please bring Carnitas back!

  128. Re: Chipotle, 349 State Rd North Dartmouth, MA. My daughter was fired from Chipotle in Dartmouth MA on Feb 27, 2015 for “poor job performance” so just out of curiosity, I went to eat today at Chipotle in Dartmouth, MA so I could gauge for myself if you really can get fired from for poor job performance at the “cash” station as the termination only matters on principle. I also went to speak to the manager’s (my daughter gave me permission to do so) as my daughter’s version of the termination was different from the Chipolte version so the conflict goes. Here’s what I experienced: Dirty, Dirty, Dirty, sand from snow storms all over the place, no cutlery in the service station, food on the check out counter, employees touching food with no gloves, and a language barrier while ordering. The worst part about the experience was when I spoke to the managers about my daughters termination, they informed me that she had been warned in “one on ones” repeatedly but somehow all of the “one on ones” don’t exist. Working the “cash” station looks like a tough job to me especially when the crew watches you work. I thought it was a team effort???? As I waited to speak to the managers, they were all in the “backroom” all through peak lunch and I know this because I waited until the crowd cleared to speak to the managers. And by the way, all three managers were on the same shift. Huh??? What goes around comes around….Chipotle style.

  129. Re: Chipotle, 349 State Rd North Dartmouth, MA. My daughter was fired from Chipotle in Dartmouth MA on Feb 27, 2015 for “poor job performance”. So just out of curiosity, I went to eat today at Chipotle in Dartmouth, MA so I could gauge for myself if you really can get fired from for poor job performance at the “cash”. I also went to speak to the managers (my daughter gave me permission to do so) as my daughter’s version of the termination was different from the Chipotle manager’s version. Here’s what I experienced: Dirty, Dirty, Dirty, sand from snow storms all over the place, no cutlery in the service station with food particles in the containers, food on the check out counter, employees touching food with no gloves, and on top of all of that a language barrier while ordering. The worst part about the experience was when I spoke to the managers about my daughter’s termination, they informed me that she had been warned in “one on ones” repeatedly but somehow all of the “one on ones” don’t exist. Working the “cash” station looks like a tough job to me especially when the crew watches you work. I thought it was a team effort???? As I waited to speak to the managers, they were all in the “backroom” all through peak lunch and I know this because I waited until the crowd cleared to speak to them. And by the way, all three managers were on the same shift seemingly smoking in the back based upon the smell. Huh??? What goes around comes around…..Chipotle style.

  130. Hi I just at the chipotle at on Tiffin Ave in Findlay Ohio. Over the past couple months service has gotten significantly slower. Today I waited around 1.5 times longer in line than ever before and it wasn’t even close to the longest chipotle line I have been in. When I got up to the front of the line the team behind the counter just threw in a huge mound of salsa and a few other items I ordered and then totally skimped out on cheese and sour cream. I love chipotle and this location is the worse I has ever been to.

  131. I would like to share my latest experience at Chipotle located at 860 Duluth Hwy in Lawrenceville, GA. I have ordered 2 steak bowls and I must say that my wife and I were very disappointed with the quality of the meat which was mostly comprised of fat. We could not finish our meal which was eventually thrown into the trash. This is not the first time this has happened but against my better judgment I thought about giving it another try – only to be further disappointed. To spend close to $20 dollars on food which should be comparable, I must say I would rather have spent the money on McDonald’s. I will more than likely not visit Chipotle again.

  132. I love Chipotle ever since they opened up on Cleveland Ohio, but some of their locations customer service is terrible and the food ins not at a 10. I had a bad experience at Chipotle at Parmatown in ohio they got our order wrong and we had to wait until the line was down before order was fixed correctly. Yesterday me and my husband visit Steelyard location and I wasn’t happy with my food at all my Barbacoa was cold, and brown rice was half done, I’ve notice several locations the rice is not quite done, I’m not sure how often they have team meetings

  133. I went to your restaurant for the first time
    I think it will also be the last time .
    It is located in Hanover , PA and fairly new.
    If I would have noticed when I ordered the
    Food how dirty this place was , I would have
    Walked out without ordering . Servers with
    Lip rings server that acted like he was on something
    The radio turned way up loud and played punk
    Rock . I mean it . Employees standing behind
    Counter talking and not working except for
    one guy .
    But the dirty floor , seating area , tables was stomach
    turning .
    Hopefully you will look into this matter .

  134. The steak was gummy and the manager Wendy was very rude when I called never going there again , just ghetto, columbus ohio 43229

  135. Walked into the restaurant, it’s staff working the rear area with the GM and trainee manager with the prep people who all are Mexican , took notice of my white daughter and her Mexican boyfriend and started to intimidate them by staring them down, making comments . Their behavior was ghetto to say the least Carlo pinezo in training with GM Beulah ? MCMaster small Mexican lady who stared us down commenting loudly and making a general ass out of herself. Really this is not over yet you moron.
    I will comained to corporate, but it won’t probably go anywhere , who else will they hire to work this location?
    I thought I was in east LA gang neighborhood where childhood ghetto intimidation rules , what a welcome at chipotle Longmont Colorado Mainstreet .

  136. 04/14/15 Horrible service and sanitation at the Monroe, Ohio location. Corporate, you need to intervene. This location is not representing Chipotle quality and service standards and expectations.

  137. Had lunch at Chipotle in The Quarry in San Antonio today. Almost didn’t. The place was a mess, crumbs and food on the tables and floor. Not very appetizing. Should have gone to Zoey’s on 1604. The staff was very nice and helpful with our order. However, the cashier handling money grabbed my husbands cup for his drink with thumb on the outside and four fingers on the inside and with the sweetest smile, handed it to my husband. Yes, I will go to Zoey’s next time.

  138. 4/22/15- Just wanted to say that the 10910 Haynes store is the BEST. The service is great. If you order takeout, you must have Naakira Wilson, takeout specialist process your order. She is friendly, professional and bends over backwards to assist in making sure your are happy with your order. I order at least 1 to 2 times a week and she has everything I ask for in the bag ready for me. I don’t even have to ask for anything. She has it ready for me. Great Job Naakira!!

  139. I was very disappointed with my meal at “Chipotle” because neither in the food choices nor in the salsa bar choices are there any chipotle ingredients. Is it a misnomer to call a restaurant after a food item that is not even offered on the menu anywhere? Chipotle peppers have a distinctive smoky flavor and add a “New World” of flavor to foods it accompanies. For it to not even be offered anywhere on the menu is an absolute enigma.

  140. While on business I walke from my hotel to Chipotle by Chicago O’Hare. I ordere the chicken bowl and chips and guacamole. When I got to my room I was surprised to find no chips m guac! This is the second time in a month that I have paid for items and not received them! I was very upset! Called Chipotle spoke to the manager who I felt could have cared less. He said I was to return to the store and he would reimbursed for my troubles, I explained that it was getting dark and it was a twenty minute walk, would he send me my refund in the mail? He said that’s not the way we do things here. I explained to him this is a recurring problem with this particular establishment, but I would go in the morning. He said he would have it set up with the mgr. on duty and that he would also have some kinds of coupons for my troubles as well as a refund. When I arrived and spoke with Bruno the mgr. on duty he had absolutely no clue to my situation. He said I will not be refunded any money! I explained my having to walk 20 minutes each way, and this is the second time I have paid for food that I didn’t receive. He said I could have a complimentary bowl, chips n guac n he would give me a coupon. The coupon is good only for that particular Chipotle! I don’t wish to go there again! There’s other restaurants that I can go to next week when I’m in Chicago. I would like for Mr. Chipotle to know what goes on at his restaurants. I would also like my money back for the two times of getting ripped off, and some complimentary cards that I can use at the Chipotle in Alpharetta, Georgia The Rosemont Il. Location on Manheim Rd. is the Chipotle with the customer service issues. Thank You for your time.

  141. I visit my local Chipotle in Lakeland, Fl 2-3 times a week. Sometimes in the evening they are out of dressing and refuse to make more. Tonight (4/23/15 @ 9:34pm) was no exception. Not only was I told “we close in 30 minutes” they were out of sour cream and lettuce too. I suspect they just didn’t feel like making more dressing even after a request for it. Maybe they just didn’t feel like refilling the sour cream and lettuce dispenser as well. I counted an additional 48 customers served after I received my meal. Why is this acceptable to have empty containers and site “we close in 30 min or sorry we don’t have anymore”?

    Thank you,
    Vance James

  142. I went to the Chipotle in Berwyn, IL after work for two burrito bowls. It was the absolute worse customer service experience that I have ever had at a Chipotle. They really need to retrain there staff to be more professional and attentive to their customers.

  143. Thank you for supporting non GMO! If I ever eat fasfood, yours will be the place! Way to go to stick with common sense values and putting your customers before pressured profits! May others follow your lead!

  144. I purchased 3 beef tacos in Jacksonville at River City Marketplace….They were nothing but grizzle ( all three)…It was disgusting and I threw them away….wont be back…it was nasty…all three of them….yuck !!!! I had to go to McDonalds to eat something decent !!

  145. Thank you so much for going non gmo. We love your food we love what you stand for. And we all will continue to support this fabulous restaurant!

  146. Today was the worst experience I have had at chipotle. Got the chicken burrito and the chicken was burnt to the point it made the burrito taste horrible. Would have taken it back but was on my lunch break


    Thank you for caring about American’s health and land and going GMO FREE!!

    You are single-handedly starting a revolution and setting a great example for others to become more aware and take the same and even more steps than this.

  148. Unbelievable rudeness from management and employees at the restaurant
    Located on eastern and at St rose in Henderson NV. Their restaurant is filled with
    Bitter customers who yells at other customers Nd employees find it
    Entertaining and do not do something about it.
    Managers threatens any customers who complains about the food
    And refuses to correct any of their mistakes.
    Their chicken or steak is not well cooked as when they
    Serve it , it is still cold. Just unbelievable improper maltreatment
    Given to customers and handling food…
    Servers are so sour worst than sour cream… They have good rapport with corrupt police and security
    That’s why they are not afraid to be bitter and unprofessional.
    This is a NaZi chipotle restaurant. Do not go here.

  149. Went into Kent WA location. After the food was finally prepared had to wait for nearly 5 minutes as the staff (4 in all) tried to figure out how to ring out the person ahead of me. This location needs training of staff.

  150. I was disappointed and felt ripped off because you boston location was not providing lettuce, sour cream, or cheese. It’s only 9:30pm and you claim to be open much later and I don’t feel as if I got my money’s worth after only receiving chicken and your mild salsa. I don’t know if I will ever feel comfortable going to your store again after not being told you did not have these additives but still charging me full price. I judged to alert you so you could prevent this from happening again and so you could deal with this problem.


  151. We LOVE our Chipotle in Plymouth, MN! Brian Molina and the entire staff have helped our school tremendously with a couple of events this year: Our Family Night Out and our Teachers’ Appreciation Week. They are always willing to help and super friendly. Brian, in particular, is amazing! He is always reliable and friendly. For him, it’s not about making money, it’s about helping the community. He and the entire staff always go above and beyond. Thank you from everyone at Plymouth Creek Elementary!!!

  152. Used 2 different browsers for customer comments on your site and the captcha isn’t working.

    I love Chipotle and buy from the restaurants all the time, but yesterday I was very disappointed. Chipotle advertisement said, that if you were a teacher, and on May 5th, you would receive buy one get one free. I was upset, when I moved up to the cashier, showed her my teacher ID, and she said our manager, is not honoring teacher’s today. Thanks to that manager, I’m not buying Chipotle any more.

  153. Unbelievable. I have been going to Chipotle for years. Today I was asked for ID to buy a beer with my meal. i have done this many times in the past. Now I understand why one would ask for ID. But when it is obvious that one is over 21….in my case 68 years old….a veteran….You tell me you won’t sell me a beer unless I show ID .. Not satisfactory Chipotle. Use some common sense, and until you do , I won’t be back.

  154. went for lunch at fowler location mother’s day.. at 11:00am…nothing ready!! placed order {1} being barbacola but was last bowl filled…asked to speak to manager 2 times but told she was working…duh…when she arrived she looked like a child to which I had nothing to say… twenty minutes later walked out with order but without any satisfaction…awful experience… least 2 couples walked out without placing orders that I noticed

  155. I visited your new location on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, New Bern, NC on May 11, 2015. I moved to New Bern from Greenville, SC where I had eaten at your restaurant many times and always been satisfied. I took a friend with me, who had never eaten at a Chipotle, so I could show her what a great restaurant you have. I was disappointed that while we lined up to choose our food (we were the only 2two people in line)the girls behinds the counter were acting out and totally unprofessional. We did get our food and then I was disgusted that there was not a clean table in the place. Not one! Someone did finally come out to wipe tables and I overheard another customer complaining about the dirty tables. The employee explained that at certain time, set by management, no one was allowed to “break line”. I assume this must be the busiest lunch and dinner periods. The customer suggested then that the employee talk to the manager about this and the employee stated that she was the manager. All in all not a good visit. Probably won’t visit again. Embarrassed that I took a friend with me. As a professional myself I’m writing this review because someone has put a lot of money into that location and stands to lose it. I can guarantee you that the New Bern Chipotle will not last 6 months if things don’t improve drastically.


    Patricia Challenger

  156. Before I begin, I would like to say that my goal here is to be informative; not to make a complaint.
    I worked at the Chipotle on Pentagon for a year .. I know how the store is ran, I know what is expected of the team.
    I am an employee of the Kettering Health Network and I travel from site to site. I normally visit the Chipotle on Pentagon in Beavercreek and the on Far Hills in Kettering. My service there is always beyond superb.
    The employees are always interactive with my son and when I order online my food is ready and still hot. There was one time at Pentagon when I had to wait on my food and the manager comp’d’ it for the inconvenience.
    Some days I work in Xenia, which is when I visit the West Park location.
    I absolutely dread going into the store. The employees are not customer friendly, my food is never ready, and they never follow my instructions. Last week my chips were not cooked correctly, they were soggy and stuck together. Today is the third time this has occurred.
    The employees act like it might cause them physical pain to actually speak or make eye contact with a customer.
    I choose Chipotle for the ingredients and because I respect the mission as a restaurant.
    However, I will absolutely not be returning to the Xenia store. I hope that somebody is willing to look into this and improve this location.

  157. I sent my wife to chipolte to pickup me a grilled chicken salad bowl today from the Oakland- lakeshore location. I always have this salad but today was the first that I received shredded lettuce and not whole pieces of lettuce. I called back and asked a lady working there and she said they didn’t have any regular lettuce only shredded. If that’s the case I should not have charged full value for the chicken salad bowel which wasn’t like having a salad instead it was like eating cole slaw. I would like a full refund for the inconvenience of not receiving what I’m accustomed too.

  158. My first time visit, food sucked no flavor did not taste fresh’ bottle drinks way over priced’ And they even charge extra for stale chips! Never going back. I will stick to my local Taco place’

  159. Clean your restaurant in Barstow near the outlet mall, so gross inside and out, walk down the street to look at in and out so you can see how a restaurant should be cleaned and run!!!!!!!!!

  160. I faxed an order for the first time for my office. got there and was told they were having issues with their fax. They got the order together and I left. Should of checked because the salad dressings were not in there for the dressings. Called back and got a sorry come back for your container. Fifteen minutes there and fifteen minuts back so thrity minutes to get dressing. So irritated should of gone to Qdoba across the street. So I guess yes, if I had to go back I would think they’d have a coupon for screw ups.

  161. I arrived at the north quincy ma. chipotle on 5:30 june 13 2015 there was a new employee being trained by a male manager I ordered three hard tacos and the manager proceeded to demonstrate how you start the order by putting meat in taco first. he used the tongs as is normal but the portion he put in each taco was shocking, I felt like I was in a subway the portion of meat was so small the teaspoon sized tong enclosed the meat completely.i was not looking for an excessive amount just the normal amount that I have received in the over 30 plus times I have ordered the same item.i mildly voiced my displeasure and the manager just turned away as I worked my way down t he line to complete taco with salsa ,cheese etc. the two girls in the line both mouthed sorry to me as went by , apparently as embarrassed as I was by actions the manager. my son has advised me in the past to avoid chipotle because qdoba is much better, well I will now glady avoid chipotle /subway for qdoba. ( the reference to subway , if you are not aware is that when you order a sandwhich there is a premeasured ketchup cup sized container of meat dumped onto the bread just like the north quincy chipotle ! the manager must of formally been employed there !

  162. I stopped at the Sandusky Ohio 44870 Chipolte today – to take a vegetarian fajita bowl home for dinner.
    There are MANY resturants in this area… but I choose Chipolte.
    I was given very SMALL portions of most everything I asked for !!!!! I even asked for a bit more guac.. since it looked like less than a tablespoon full. Even a tiny amount of cheese. My bowl was half full.
    How do you determine portions? It seems every Chipolte is different.
    The Sandusky store is terribly lacking. It is NOT the first time I have encountered this.
    Maybe fewer employees standing around – and better customer service.
    It was a VERY disappointing experience!

  163. Okay, where to begin? I have a large family of 7 that order Chipotle about every other night. Last few times service was awful! We order online a lot so we don’t have to wait in line, It is never ready when it is suppose to be. Wait at least an extra 15-20 minutes. Also our last two orders were not good. The one order was loaded with way way way to much salt. Tasted horrible!! Our second order tonight was burnt. Chicken, green peppers and onions were so burnt that we could not eat our food. We called and spoke with a manager and was told it was suppose to be that way because they changed how they do tings with the food. We will not be eating there ever again! Use to love their food until they got greedy. Not quality, but quanity is what they are all bout now. Hope they go under and out of business.SHAME on you Chipotle!!!!!!

  164. I went to Chipotle today, frist of all i love this place, the foo is great. But today me and my daugther went there and my order for a chicken bowl was missing lettuce that i order, and my daugther’s chips was a mixer of good ones and stale ones. I had to be at work, so i could not go back and get my order right.Next time i know to check my food before i leave, because i will be back.

  165. I went to the crystal lake IL location and waited in line about 30 minutes for my burrito…. When I got home and started eating it I bit down and literally hurt my teeth… When I pulled out what I bit on it was a HUGE frozen chunk of avocado… Absolutely disgusting. Never going to chipotle again. I posted the picture on my Facebook so all my friends can see how grotesque that is…. It was so hard I’m glad I didn’t crack my tooth

  166. I go to Chipotle in Lynchburg va. Often. Most recently the service was very slow with a relatively short line. When I finally reached the employee to order he asked that I wait a few minutes while he filled an online order. I responded by saying I had already waited a long time. All employees turned to look at me as if I was being far more out spoken than I was. When I reached the next employee he looked at the first worker and said ” hey I need just a minute” and left his station to go in the back where I could still see him. He chatted briefly with coworkers and returned to complete my order in an exaggerated nice manner. Finally ready to pay and there was no cashier. I am in my fifties and felt as if these workers had no respect for anyone other than their peers. The second worker appeared to be putting me in my place in a passive aggressive manner. This is the first complaint of any kind I have ever posted.

  167. Two more incidents that I had forgotten about regarding the Dayton, OH Far Hills Avenue location. 1)walked into place order at 20 minutes prior to closing. Asked for brown rice for two bowl orders, only enough brown rice to cover one bowl. I was asked if the remaining rice in the serving bowl was enough for the second order/bowl. There was barely two table spoons left in the serving container. Employee told the cooks several times that brown rice was needed and they simply ignored him (it’s almost closing time you know), so I told the employee that this was not enough rice for the order (why the hell should I take a cut on my order just because they didn’t want to make a bit more rice (the cheapest ingredient on the menu, by the way). So I had no choice but to order white rice instead, which is not as healthy as the brown. Come on, really??? 2)That same incident led to me receiving a free bag of chips that were most likely sitting there for a while because when I got them home they were stale. Wow, thanks a lot….. Someone needs to light a fire under the manager’s rear end as she’s been there every time that these incidents occur, right there in the middle of it and has said nothing. Stale Chips – other locations…making too many chips in advance with poor cycling of the product leads to stale chips, which I have received several times at Cincinnati locations.

  168. I went to the Chipotle in Lenexa Kansas. I was very upset at the discrepancy in the portions of meat I got compared to the employee in from of me and the 2 African American people behind me, when I questioned them about the serving size the manager Michael asked why I was upset. I had to ask for the manager name and number. Mind you my daughter is a heart patient and she only eats the 4 scoops of steak with 2 sides of sour cream I pay as much as 2 burritos or bowls so in all reality she are saving on YOUR food cost because she eats just the meat, no beans, rice, cheese, lettuce or sauce. She does this 3 to 4 times a week and pays 14.92 every time. I asked Michael why they serve different scoops, some half full, some full then they shake it out as well as the sour cream he only filled the cups half full he then stated do you want it or not. When I informed to him that I would call and complain he laughed and snickered and made the comment go ahead. I do not appreciate the audacity of your managers in how they handle complaints and I feel if I would have been of a different color that this would have not happened, Reverse Discrimination!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. This evening was our 2nd time eating in your restaurant in a few years. The first experience was not pleasant so it took years to return. Our experience there this evening was once again very disappointing! At first, I was upset that I was given less then 1/2 of the serving spoon of steak; but then, I actually tried chewing this steak & had to remove all but two (2) pieces, due to fat. Not a very pleasant experience.

  170. We ordered carryout last night and the meat in the bowl was to tuff to eat, so i tried to call the chipotle where we got it and they didn’t answer i wanted to take it back last night and get my money back someone owes me for this, the food was awful!!

  171. First I would like to say, that I enjoy Chipoltle and have eaten at various locations. Yesterday I went with my daughter to the Chipoltle at 3328 El Camino Ave in Sacramento, CA. I was appalled at the condition of the restaurant, it was filthy.. I could not take a step without stepping on the food that was all over the floor and the tables were filthy, I had to go and get napkins to wipe the table and chairs. I observed an employee go outside and retrieve a garbage can which she rolled back into the kitchen about 5 minutes later she rolled it back outside, she then rolled a garbage can from inside the restaurant back into the kitchen and again after about 5 minutes rolled it back out. In the approximately 45 minutes we were there, not one table was cleaned and the obviously disgusting floor was never even attempted to be swept. When we initially arrived there were a few customers, but shortly after it was quiet. There were ample employees, but not once did any of them make any attempt to clean anything. I told my daughter that I would never come back to this location and was concerned that if this is how they keep the dining area, I cannot imagine how the kitchen must be. I hope Chipoltle is not lowering its standards. I have always thought of them as clean and healthy and was truly appalled by the condition of this restaurant.

  172. The new colma location has inconsistent service. The pricing is always different.
    Check your recipets, they got these young kids pressing all these butting and overcharging at your expense.

    Don’t overlook it like me.

  173. just finish taking my husband for a first visit to Chipotle restaurant#1991, sorry to say it will be his last, not a very good first impression, no guacamole dip, no bottle water, and no unsweetened tea. this was at 8 o’clock at night, still early, when asked the night manager she said there was not enough order, really, on the day u have a coupon out for buy one get one, no excuse for tea in my opinion. Sherry was her name, seems as if Katherine Esquivel was not aware of the coupon. Need to be better on the ball!!

  174. In all my years I have never seen such an ill kept food service location.
    The first time I thought it a fluke.
    Went back with wife on the way to an event.
    Counters dirty, tables dirty. Rest rooms, UGH!
    I am sure local food inspectors would find it non-compliant. They list places in local newspaper. I am tempted to notify them to inspect.

    Concord Rd Location, York, PA

  175. On 8/5/15 at754pm my son and I went to the Chipotle in Plymouth Meeting Mall. I ordered the first girl put the rice, beans and chicken in the 2 bowls. I was asked by the 2nd girl about the sauce I pointed to the first bowl with the tip of my finger over the glass and the rudeness came out she said DONT PUT YOUR FINGER OVER THE GLASS LIKE THAT the tip of my finger I didn’t hop the counter with the head bopping the fake long hair falling out of her hat. then she says DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, IS THERE A PROBLEM. Believe me if I wasn’t with my son I would have opened my mouth. I get to the cashier and this nasty black girl is now laughing at me in front of my 10 year old son. Heres the thing I will never be treated like crap again from some trashy employee. I will write the worst reviews for this place. No one with all that fake hair should be working with food either. There are a ton of people that need jobs and to hire people like that would treat a customer like that with their son there… pure trash. I don’t need to go to your Chipotle but I do believe if she continues to work there you will a ton of customers. Never again. So if you care she wasn’t the first girl or the cashier she was the one in the middle and I pointed with the tip of my finger didn’t need that crap paid 14.42 and we trashed our food because we were grossed out by the attitude and hair and went to Azteca around the corner. Oh and the customer 2 people behind me said to my son and I how ignorant she as for noooo reason!!

  176. I felt it necessary to send you a compliment on one of your locations here in the Phoenix area. We enjoy not only the food but also the interaction with the employees at all of your locations, but one in particular needs to be commended for great customer service going over and above. My son and I joke alot with different ones we come accross and on this particular occassion, we had made mention to the cashier as we were checking out about what they do for peoples birthdays as today was my sons. The cashier which had a bubbly personality to begin with said great(in a positive way) and said she was going to get one of the managers that was also on duty to help out to do something. I had told her to do whatever and was allowed to embarrass him as he loves it and of course he was standing right there. So we had been seated and was eating, when the whole crew came from behind the counter and sung Happy Birthday to him and also presented him with some coupons for a future visit.The person responsible for arranging this surprise was the one that rung us up and also compted his burrito I learned is the manager by the name of Jacqueline and the other one also a manager by the name of Vannessa. These two as well as the workers need to be commended for great customer service for going over and above. Had they not done anything we still would and will go back to this location for the warmth we feel with the great customer service. The location is at Thunderbird Glendale, AZ

  177. manager at Skokie, IL location who is a female was very rude to me and I walked out not ordering my food. I had a special request and she said no whereas another manager was able to honor my request in the same location who was a very nice male manager. I would like to talk to someone so please contact me to talk. I would like to go to this location in the future and continue giving you my business.
    Thank u

  178. Just went to one of your chipotle branch to get a steak bowl to go. Prices are higher and portions are smaller, I get the price but don’t sacrifice the portions size. By the way, when I mention this to the cashier, he said that each ingredient consists in 4 oz!!! If I do simple math….I got 9 ingredients, that’s 36 oz, that equals more than 2 pounds of ingredients, big lie. Don’t take for a stupid consumer, just be honest and say I don’t know why portions are smaller. BE HONEST!

  179. MANAGER JUAN CORTES AT THE CHRISTIANA MALL, DE LOCATION IS HORRIBLE WITH RESPONDING TO CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUES. I am extremely upset about my experience at Chipotle today. On my lunch break I ordered the chicken bowl and took it to work because I had a meeting to attend. While eating my food I thought I chipped my tooth when I spit out the food there was a piece of GLASS! I was very disturbed by this and stopped eating the rest of my food. When I called to talk to the manager (Juan), he argued with me stating that it could not have been glass because they don’t use that product, it was probably a piece of rice that was not cooked. I repeated several times that it was clear and it indeed was a piece of glass. Then he proceeded to ask me ‘What would you like me to do?” I WAS EVEN MORE UPSET BECAUSE HE SHOWED NO CONCERN FOR MY WELL BEING. He just told me to bring it back and we can make you another or I could get my money back. This is a serious situation. I could have brought something for my child, I could have swallowed the glass, I am extremely distraught over this situation. I returned to the store to make sure that he saw what I bit into and I did keep it for further investigation if needed later. I am disappointed because I really enjoyed the food and have spent a lot of money since it has opened at this location at the mall. I have even waited in the long lines just to get my food. I would like for someone to contact me about this situation. I also do not like that this is the way I have to contact someone to get a response from customer service.

  180. I was told that if I played the friend or faux game that I would receive a BOGO coupon to my phone and to this point I am yet to receive anything

  181. Hi visited your store at 2011 Mt Zion Rd Morrow GA 30260 on 8/28/15 @ 9:45pm. The store was out of guacamole to have with my meal and with chips. I didn’t order chips for this reason.
    Thanks for your concern,
    Ms Miller


  183. I waited in line for 22 mins just as soon as i could order they placed a call in order ahead of me. And told me to wait as it was more imoprtant that my order. I then asked for the manager, he told me that i had to wait as the call in order came before Myself and the other 10 people in line. The store on South Carrier in Grand prairie Texas. You do know that there is not a shortage of places to eat in Texas? I left your store and ate my dinner at another place. I guess you have soo much cash you didn’t need mine.

  184. I had a coupon for buy one get one free. It was txted to me after playing a game online. It expired a few weeks after the txt came. I can’t find the txt and think it expired at the end of August anyway. Is there anyway to play the game again or get an other txted coupon w a later exp date? I tried playing the game again, but no coupon
    deana vrabel

  185. placed an online order today for store in Homewood IL.
    I usually order from Munster,In location our office is actually closer to the Homewood location.
    Very disappointed in this location ordered three salads when person picked up the order they were informed that they were out of fajita vegetable for our salads.
    the bottled water was missing from our order also.
    Only positive aspect is that I own a fast food restaurant in that area I hope we pick up some of your dissatisfied customers.
    I am informing you of our experience as a professional courtesy

  186. Good Day, I would like to start by saying that I really do enjoy and Chipotle is one of my favorite places to eat at. However, I had a bad experience on my last visit that I would like to share with you. I work for United Airline and often visit the Chipotle at the Washington Dulles Airport (IAD). On my last visit on August 26th, I ordered the tacos. When I sat down to eat my 2nd taco, I discovered something very hard hit my teeth, so I took it out of my mouth and discovered it was a bone. As I was eating at the restaurant, I immediately took the bone to the cashier, showed her the bone and told her what just happened. She took the bone and said she will get the manager for me and some Mohammad came after few minutes. He just said sorry and told me that he will inform the vendors and then just stood there with this weird look on his face as if I am trying to get something free by showing the bone. I was in total shock as he did not even offer to replace my food which I had not finished eating yet. Even though I work at the airport, we do not get any discount at Chipotle, so I do not know why he was treating me partially as I do not count as a Chipotle customer!!! I had paid the full purchase price for my food. I just threw away the rest of my food and left as I was getting late to go back to work as this was during my dinner break.
    I have the receipt, so I will provide you with some information. The host who rang me up, her name is Alexis, who was nice and got me the manager. The date of incident is August, 26th, 2015 @ 6:35pm, order # 273. Thank you for kindly listening to my complaint.
    Tejal B. Desai

  187. Horrible servers at almist every Chipotle! They are extremely rude and impolite.

    My entire family loves the food there but unfortunately we are not served as per our requirements inspite of paying the money. The servers think that they are doing is a favor by giving us food.

    Once my daughter went to Chipotle at 9.30pm for a Jalepeno quesadillas at the I.U in Bloomington and she was denied her food saying that just for one person we will not cut jalapeños! Really?!

    Once j ordered a burrito bowl and later a quesadilla, some weird server told me that I should always prefer the quesifilla prior to the bowl! I mean.why? It’s my wish what I want to order and eat first or last!

    Sorry guys..we are here to eat with our own money not to take any unwanted advice!

    The guacamole served at the I.U is a size of a teaspoon and if we ask for more they are rude and refuse you. Well, we all know that that’s not the serving size for guacamole at any Chipotle!

    Rude and disrespectful!

    Chipotle supervisors need to train their servers to be polite and respectful. Teach them to bold customer relations rather than disappointing them.

    We have decided to quit going to most of the chipotle as they treat us like beggars.

    Sad but true! Chipotle you are losing customers everyday! This should go viral and on social media..

    I Have been eating chipotle for years but nowdays is a hit or miss with the servers.
    The portions of meat vary a lot. Now i have to ask for more meat every other time i go. Some portions are the size one could grab with 3 fingers.
    I know there is a double meat option but the single portion seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

  189. Hi Chipotle,
    my Sister-Athena emailed a chipotle gift card on sept 1- we tried to use it in the Gilroy store today–we brought the entire email print out–with 16 digit code…wouldn’t work–help please? Thanks, Wendy Mullen

  190. Hi-in the past, we have been very satisfied with Chipotle’s. The Chipotle’s in Medford,Ma has been very disappointing recently. On out trip today, they told us they had no hard taco shells and that we would need to wait 10-15 minutes for them to be prepared. Please note, this was after a 15 minute wait until we were even able to order. I ordered a salad. I was told that the salad dressing was with the cashier. The cashier was unaware that Chipotle’s even had salad dressing. I would not have ordered a salad if I had known that there was not any salad dressing. I ordered a beer-they were out of almost every beer. We then went to get utensils -we got the last forks. The folks after us were upset that there were no utensils. It was a disappointing experience and we do not intend to go back. From listening to other customers, we were not the only one’s who were of that opinion. Hopefully something can be done to address the service levels at this restaurant as well as their ability to stock the kitchen. Thank you for your time.

  191. I visited chipotle about a month ago(didn’t have time to contact you then) and went inside to order for 9 people. I did not place my order as I normally do online. I spent about 75.00 on my order and one of the people behind the counter very rudely stated I should have placed my order online. I mentioned I did not have access to a computer so I came in to order. I could tell she was agitated with me so I apologized and asked her if my order was an annoyance? She rolled her eyes at me and I again asked if I was annoying her. The two people running the register overheard my exchange. Either my co-workers or myself typically order once a week from there and we usually place our online to make it easier but this day I was unable to do so. I got the impression from the worker I was a nuisance. I was very offended and she didn’t bother to apologize for her rude comment. I understand my order was big and it did cause a backup but one I didn’t need to be called out in front of other customers or chastised because I didn’t pre-order. I work in the service industry and would never chastise a customer but I would also never make a customer feel that her service is unwanted because I didn’t preorder.

  192. Dear Chipotle
    I like your food very much but your two places near us are very dirty, The prep line is okay but the tables and floors are so dirty we left without eating. One is in Amherst ,Oh and one in Elyria, Oh. Can something be done about this?

  193. Am not happy at all when I was in the interview was so bad to me how they did to me one first she ask me about my name the one who interview me the one she don’t like me she know me every day am there ask for to add more rice and when she see me she not even take my last name she’s not even take my addrese she ask me only about my name and my # and talk my my self I say I like music I like walk and I come here eat and leve and she call other and other she came she say hi and she ask me same and one think she ask me I was hurt from it all day to now she ask me if we ask you do the bathroom you do it I say no bcos I if I see some thing I don’t like I we’ll throw up and she ask me if she ask me do dinng room that is not good she not ask me like she want me she ask me like shes canseller That I need job she put me am very not amporting so she not ask me the about my last name my address Nothing not the way I see that so hurt am going ask my attoreny and see if she hurt my feeling how she did and see wat happing I we’ll send other emale

  194. Hello. I just wanted you to be aware of a visit that I had at your location in Savannah Georgia. I ordered a salad bowl with chicken. When I sat down I noticed that there was a raw piece of chicken in my Meal. I took it back up to the front and they asked if it was necessary to replace my whole meal. Of course I said yes and they did replace it. However, there was no apology for their mistake. In the past, I have been very impressed with the chipotles we have visited. I have never been to this location, but I would not go back. Especially when there was no apology or an offer to prorate my meal. Under no circumstances should raw chicken ever be served or accepted in a restaurant. I hope you will address the situation. There were other customers around so I did not want to make a scene. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.
    Thank you.

  195. I had a horrible experience with the manager of the redwood city, ca store.

    Our school called to see if we could fax over an order for 18 burritos/bowls. We asked if this was an issue. They agreed to fill the order. When we got there to pick up the good the manager was rude and accused us of hurting her business. She was horrible enough that I will never do business with your company again.

  196. hi you doing i had want to the chipotle gallery place chinatown me and my husband and 2 kids got some food and the food was cold and i told thim it is cold i ask thim can i get my money back and they told me no so i want to know can yall refund me my money or give me a free family meal it was 4 meal can yall let me know please thank you so much

  197. Hello, i’ve noticed over the past few months that the mild salsa at my Chipotle’s has changed and is really quite awful. Instead of the incredible freshly diced tomatos, onions, etc, it’s now just a mushy mess….tastes like you’re using stewed tomatos. Since the salsa was what i love most about your food, i’ve stopped buying it. Why the change? And will the “old” salsa ever come back?
    thanks, Heather

  198. I was in Chipotle in 5510Xayier Dr.Yonkers NY. On 9-21-2015 5:03pm.

    The service was very poor ! I ordered a chicken burrito and a chicken bowl! When I got home there was a hair in the burrito the girl wrapped the burrito very sloppy . I called the store and the girl who answered the phone didn’t state her name . I told her what I find . I asked if I could talk to a manager. She put me on hold . She came back and told me the manager was busy. I would like for someone to call me back
    Thank you!!!

  199. hello Chipotle Customer Service Team,

    I just purchased my veggie bowl from the chipotle in schaumburg , IL ( Schaumburg/barrington road location). The server over there was not changing her gloves plus, cleaning up the stations while she was preparing my bowl. I have some religioins situations that i cannot consume meat related food items, but this server accidentally dropped some chicken into the sour cream, and pulled it out using a cup and used the same sour cream for me. I asked to redo the bowl she was reluctant to do so. I understand chipotle respects people with special dietery restrictions, but this location does not care!and the do not put enough food in the bowl for the price that is paid. Please educate the servers about cleanliness and also the value of everyone’s restrictions but still choose to come to chipotle! I just threw my entire veggie bowl for this very same reason and this is not the first time. I think I lost the trust that this will be corrected!


  200. I was in your North Olmsted Ohio store. There isn’t enough room to explain the lack of customer service in that store. First I walk in, 1 person working. She was making all the food and ringing people out. Come to find out after waiting 20 minutes (there were 4 people in front of me when I got in) that the “cashier” was outside on the phone and her “dude was blowing up her phone” as she yelled across the restaurant. Then finally my turn. I order veggie. Girl puts barely any veggies and walks away. JUST WALKED AWAY. So now I’m standing there with my daughter wondering what is going on (with a line of people behind me)..she comes back with another girl and they are so wrapped up in their conversation that this new girl slaps a huge chunk of Barboca on my bowl, which was intended for the bowl behind me. So now as if I am invisible this girl is making my bowl by what she hears the guy saying BEHIND ME!! And I am trying to get her attention to tell her and shes just talking to the other worker. Meanwhile my daughter stepped down with my credit card to pay for the food…my card gets charged…I try to explain what is happening to the cashier and she IGNORES me, and I said I’m not taking that. She said there are no refunds. So whether you take it or not you are still going to get charged. So now I paid for a bowl with MEAT when I am a VEGETARIAN because these girls were too busy talking and NOT LISTENING. So the bowl sat there, and most likely they threw it in someone elses bag. So since they didn’t listen there and I was charged is corporate going to listen and actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS??????????????? Guess we will see. I have copy pasted this and it will hit all my social media

  201. I think the food is good most of the time. Why is the meat always so tough? It does not matter if you order the chicken or the steak. I visit the location in willow grove, Pa. Thanks.

  202. I have been to chipotle a moth ago in San Mateo California and noticed that there was a fly/insect in the lettuce when shown it to one of your employee we got the money back. Today I have order chipotle online through, the service was good and the food reached within time. Once I started having it I have seen two flies/insects in my burrito bowl. I understand that your products are organic and fresh produced but does that mean they don’t clean it well. I started vomiting after seeing the two insects because at that point I already had some chipotle. I have taken the pictures of the flies as a proof. Giving back a refund wouldn’t help customers of you don’t serve clean food. There is no point to go to chipotle. DO you have any solution??

  203. This is to inform you that one of your locations located at 8000 NW 154th St, Miami Lakes, FL 33016, Tel: (305) 818-7448 is overcharging sales tax to customers. Instead of charging 7% they are charging 8% which is illegal. I have talked to the store manager and he blamed you the Corporate Center. According to him, you are the ones that program the sales taxes. If you do not correct this immediately, I will gather the people in the City in order to file a lawsuit against your company for wrongfully overcharging taxes to the people of the State of Florida.

  204. I just visited the new store in Charlottesville Virginia on pan tops I placed an order on line was promised before 830 pick up which was 30 minutes out I called the store and ask if they could make it in the next 10 minutes they told me that they could not that they were busy when I walked in the store there only two people in line yet I had to go through the line because my promise time didn’t come along I did speak to the manager Jessica and she told me but the promised online orders were not

  205. Today I went to the Chipotle location in the Beverly Center at around 4:15pm and received the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The employee serving the food kept adding items to my bowl without listening to what I wanted. When I suggested that maybe she listen before adding things I didn’t want she proceeded to argue with me saying that I was in the wrong by not telling her the correct things in order that she wanted me to tell them. I ended up leaving the restaurant without purchasing any food at all because the service was so terrible.

  206. I live in Liberty MO and noticed service at Chipotles Liberty location has been exceptionally slow during my last few visits. Not sure if there I new management, but I’d like to continue coming only if service picks up. Everyone is friendly; however, service is unorganized and slower than other locations. Thanks for taking this feedback into consideration.

  207. I visited the Cedar bluff location today. I just wanted to let you guys know that this team is the best in Knoxville. This team made my day today. The Gm I believe her name is Alica very funny and professional her and Shamecka helped me out when I noticed I left my wallet at work. I tried to come pay them back and they refused the payment. I just want them to know I really appreciated the extra mile they took this evening. Kudos girls

  208. I just wanted to say I’m a chipotle customer for a while now . I went to chipotle the other day and got something to go .. Drove 20 mins to get to it …there was a plastic type of sharp piece in my food when I arrived back home and almost chocked. I do not like complaining. But here lately they have been slacking on their food .. I hardly get any rice .. I have I ask for more. It’s a 8 dollar meal here folks . Pollo tropical is across the street . You guys should get it together . Thanks –

  209. I had a bad experience at your 598 RING ROAD, HARRISON, OH zip code 45030 location.

    Basically, the service was not all that great – the guy who was serving, put barely any meat on my to-go bowl, as well as barely any cheese.

    It was actually laughable, the amount that was distributed.

    This was around 11:40-11:45pm today, October 5, 2015.

    FYI! If they can’t afford to put the meat and cheese they USED to put on there, then I wont ever be coming back to this location!

  210. My stunningly beautiful girlfriend and I were passing through West Chester, Oh on our return from a fun packed weekend in Louisville KY to the Detroit area when our active hunger and even more active bladders led us off the freeway into your 7717 voice of America ct dr location. We sampled a burrito and quesadilla with a Diet Coke and margarita. Having never been to a chipotle we were pleasantly surprised by the high quality more conscientious alternative to other Mexican grille establishments. We were even moved more by the staff. We met Tim, the manager of the location that seemed genuinely concerned that he match our pallets with the best available food for the most desirous outcome possible. As we sat and enjoyed our food we noticed he visited and socialized with what seemed to be frequent customers. This was such a bizarrely favorable impromptu dining experience that we will certainly seek a location 300 miles to the North and only hope the staff can match what we now know is possible.

  211. I have to let you know how disappointed I am with my experience at my local Chipotle…WOW. I don’t think I have ever made an official complaint like this. I am floored at your prices! An extra $1.95 for chips and salsa?? I have NEVER seen that. There is hardly any selection for items to put on the burrito, it was WAAAYY over priced and the girl hardly put anything on the burrito. I had to keep asking her to add more. The place didn’t look clean at all and the staff acted like they could care less about their job. For what I pad for one burrito at Chipotle, I could have gotten one plus chips and salsa, AND a side of queso from Moes. You guys are ridiculous. I will never eat there again. How you are in business beats me. Had I not been starving or had to fight awful traffic to go back I would have taken this burrito back. I worked in the service industry for ten years so I know what it’s like to work in a restaurant. That’s the main reason I never complain but I had to say something about this.

  212. U have horrible customer service. You can’t contact anyone . I had one of the worst meals I have. Ever had at one of your restaurants. The order was messed up the food was cold and the dressing wasn’t even put in the bag. This is not the first time this ha happened. You used to have great food now u serve garbage

  213. The lines at your establishment are increasingly longer due to phone in orders. As I stand here waiting to inch forward in line, I observe your employees filling the orders of those not here while those of us that are here wait. It seems to me that if you want to offer this service there should be a crew in the kitchen for this purpose. It used to be that I could expect speedy service and a quick moving line. Those days are gone and I’m not sure your food is worth the wait

  214. Re: Your store on Milestrip Rd, Buffalo, NY 14219
    I just returned from a trip to NY and boy, am I glad my local Chipotles are different than on I experienced near Buffalo. You should check it out. We were there the evening on Sept 26, at about 7:30 PM. The place is a sty. Really. I’m not overstating it. The drink station was disaster and indoor and out door trashcans were over flowing. I did not dare try the restroom.
    The food was the worst Chipotle experience I have ever had. I love my local Chipotle, but if this has been what I normally experience, I’d be a Taco Cabana gal. Both of our dinners were cold. My veggie bowl had about a table spoon and a half of beans on it – seriously. The rice look crusted and was not warm. I could go on, but suffice to say.. You have a problem there. Go check out their reviews on common restaurant review sites. I wish I had.. before I wasted nearly $30 and 40 minutes of my time on a really bad meal experience.
    You can do better. I have seen it.

  215. I have been a patron of the Chipotle at 9141 Alaling Ct in Capitol Heights for some time now and have noticed its decline in recent months. They often run out of items – tonight at 8:31 pm they have no blac beans. On Monday at approximately 7:00 there was no corn. They often run out of steak or lettuce as well. While I can understand an occasional shortage – this seems to be the norm here. The staff used to be friendly and efficient but now they are slow and “broody”. I have currently been on line for over 15 min and have about another 10 min to go based on the speed of the line. In the future I will be making other choices for dinner on easy nights out instead of coming here which is a shame because I love Chipotle.

  216. My family n I visited the restaurant on Oct 10 n not only were the works rude but my beans were under cooked n me n daughter ended up throwing r food out. ……#averydis pointed customer

  217. So I went to chipotle on Bell and Litchfield in Arizona. My wife and I waited in line for 20 minutes until I was finally able to start ordering. Granted that it was a busy night and the line was very long. We had ordered two bowls with basically the exact same ingredients in each bowl. When our order was finished the bowls didn’t look the same. One bowl obviously had way less amounts than the other. It seems that every time I go to this location, I have a problem with the amount that they give me. It’s just so inconsistent that when I hardly get any chicken in my bowl, I don’t bother to complain then and there because when I do, they tell me that the amount is the normal and if I want more, they would have to charge me. Chipotle was a common place for my wife and I to eat at but now has become a rare place for us.

  218. Very poor customer service experience in Lake Forest, CA this evening. They were doing a special promo in collaboration with the local schools, and so we showed up for dinner – along with dozens of other people. The line was way out the door by 5:15 pm, and the management had only 6 people working the place. We waited over 30 minutes just to get to the counter, and another 15 minutes to get our food, No apologies, no kind words. I asked to speak to the manager, but there was not manager to be found. We had to take our food to go. I didn’t order anything, I was so disappointed by the very poor service. As others must have been. I will never eat here again.

  219. Dear, sir/madam first of all i would like to thank you for great food that you a life long customer, i feel that your service will be the best when forks and spoons are served at the food counter by the servers. It is hard for takeout customers to remember to pickup these items when they are located away from where food is served. And nothing is frastrating than finding that you have no spoon at the time of eating. I will really appreciate if you value my suggestion. Again thank you for your service
    Life long customer

  220. Hello Mr. Montoya,

    I hope this email finds you well.

    Chipotle’s Corporate Office recently sent me a few four free meal cards for a big mess up on a catering order at a work event.

    I have used them a couple of times at your Ashburn location. It appears each person I’ve given the card too either did not how to use it or what it was…they scanned it and let me bring it in on two visits (since I would only order two meals at a time for my husband and I). With that said on our last visit, a different manager took the card away after having only used it once for two meals. I complained to the manager and she explained it was a one time use card etc but she would happily take care of my next two meals.

    After all the aggravation getting our free meals for already an incorrect order, we had to deal with this again this evening. In the end, Julio would not honor our two free meals. I would appreciate it if you credited my card for the amount below. It should have never been charged and after getting aggravated with the manager on duty tonight, he referred me to you. Would you kindly handle this matter? I understand now these are one time use cards but it was you store that was letting us use them in multiple visits so clearly that’s where the misunderstanding lays.

    Many thanks. I look forward to your response.

    Arushi & Armin

  221. While visiting your restaurant on Walden Avenue in Buffalo I witnessed a young lady scratching her hair with gloves on and she prepared chips to mix them up and ship them around with those dirty gloves she scratched her hair with. I alerted the manager and the young lady turned to me and said she didn’t do it but my mom and I witnessed it together the manager said she understood in the girl did not change the gloves and very upset about my experience at chipotle is one of my favorites but I’m not sure if I can go back now

  222. I am so irate about what just happened to me at what is usually my favorite Chipotle in Palm Harbor, FL. As I was getting my usual burrito bowl like I do every week when the employee (I didn’t catch his name) asked what meats I would like. I said chicken and he scooped some chicken and then I said pork because I like to get half/half so he proceeded to throw my entire bowl in the trash can and make a completely new one with the smallest scoop of chicken I’ve ever seen, it couldn’t have been more than 3-4 pieces and when I asked him what in the world would provoke him to do something like that he caught such an attitude with me I was absolutely dumbfounded. And he proceeded to argue with me about how if I got any additional meat after he first scooped it I would be forced to pay double. I JUST CANT BELIEVE SOMEONE WOULD TREAT A CUSTOMER LKKE THIS!!!! It’s appalling

  223. Hello
    Let me start to tell you that we have been going to Chipotle for over 8 years at least 1x a week maybe up to 2 x a week. This is the only place we go out to eat, and when our friends come in from out of town we always bring them to eat. So with saying that and never ever having an issue with our service or food it pains me to have to send this email . We so understand about working with the public for we both are in a high customer service sales industry so we are probably more accepting than others. Tonight we went for dinner and I get a salad and when they put the salad in my bowl it was brown and green and on the slimmy side ( I am a food activist ) I said ” I cant eat that and walked over to look at the rest of the salad in the container and the rest was like that. I told the girl she needed to throw that away because it was bad.

    I suppose she did not like me telling her that and she got really mouthy and an attitude with me. I was totally shocked by her behavior and her response going back to the start of the food line to throw my lettuce out with disgust . She was bad mouthing me to another co worker while my friend was right in front of her and the long line of people behind her. Please keep in mind I am a grown woman of 57 and would not go to those standards of exchanging words in public with her. She then ran to tell her manager in which he came out, but by then the cashier boy had graciously taken off my meal.
    My whole point is that I was making she should never put out that kind of food, it could make someone very ill especially the very young and ederly. Our whole point in eating at your establishment is the freshness of the food and the friendly service, on which did not happen.
    We work hard for our money and it is just not fast food to us , it is our treat for the week and am very sorry that our experience has “put a bad taste in my mouth”

    ex loyal customer ;(

  224. To whom it may concern:

    Tonight I went into the chipotle located at 135 E Palm Ave Burbank CA. I must say it was one of the worst experiences that I’ve ever had at a restaurant. I spoke to the manager Francisco Ramirez as well as the cashier Alexis Clark and was treated very rudely. As a manager he should try and resolve the problem rather than approach the customer with attitude and ignorance. I was simply asking why they were charging me as a regular meal when I’m usually charged as a 3 point meal because the food is plain and has no added toppings. I frequently go to chipotle but based on my last experience I will not be returning.

  225. Just got out of the Chipotle in Tylersville Road in West Chester, OH. After spending 20 minutes in line waiting for my turn, I’m finally at the front of the line. Only to have to wait further because now they are filling call in orders. The line is backed up to the door and everyone is patiently waiting. Now they are holding the line up to fill orders called in by people who don’t want to wait in line like the rest of us. It seems like every time I visit a chipotle in our area the line is to the door. Don’t you think they should know at dinner time the lines will be long and extra help needed. Now with this latest experience of having to wait so they can fill call in orders ahead of me who has waited in line for 20 minutes, I may rethink about stopping in again.

  226. I am writing to Chipotle concerning your location 13937 Cedar Road South Euclid, Ohio. The service at this location is horrible. I have had 4 horrible experience within the last 3 months. I will no longer go to this location, although it is less than a 1/4 of mile from my home.
    I will go to another restaurant in the area to get a carry out before going back to this location.
    Each time I have went to this location, it never have all the ingredients needed to make a burrito or a bowl. This is poor representative on management. It constantly out of sour cream, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, even lids for the bowls. My negative experience at this location was ridicules. I went at 12:15pm on October 27, 2015, this location has the nerves to be with Chicken. “How do you not have chicken, when this is one of your biggest selling items”?
    Its ridicules, the frustrating part about all this is, I waited in line for 25 to 35 minutes, sometimes I even waited 45 minutes; but his last time I waited 25 minutes only to get to the ordering area and the guy tell me, it no chicken. It ridicules, they should have posted a sign at the door, so I would have had time to go to another Chipotle.
    The manager walking around all confused, he was not assisting his staff; it was out of control, counters and tables are always nasty.
    This does not make any since, Chipotle is a chain and all ingredients needed should be at that site or at least, the manager should let their customers know at the door what ingredients are unavailable.

  227. Hello,
    I’d like to inform you that your menu is lacking one very important item. POTATOES. I believe that potatoes would really increase sales and revenue for all Chipotle locations. Potatoes are a very good source of starch. Studies show that potatoes increase appetite which will increase your sales. I am an upcoming ukulele superstar that goes by Jade Tucker and I can convince all my fans to buy Chipotle potatoes. If you have and questions hit me up on Twitter @kaelybabyyy

  228. My 90 year old mother and I visited Chipotle at springfield ,Va .this Saturday October 31
    I was so appalled by the food all over the floor which also seemed so dirty,needing a good scrub. Then saw the table where we sat and was so grimie along with the chairs. When I went to get the drinks it was wet and dirty from spilled drinks as people serve themselves . Asked the cashier if someone could clean the area where we sat and right away she sent Someone to do it. The girl did a rushed job. Never again I’ll visit that place. Overall poor hygiene .

  229. Me and my husband we to chipotle last night which was October 31, 2015 and I ordered a bowl with chicken and he ordered the chicken quesadilla. When we got home me an my husband got sick, he has excessive diarrhea and abdominal pains and I have excessive diarrhea, abdominal pain and a headache we are extremely sick because y’all gave us E. coli and y’all are not going to get away with it I am going to sue y’all that’s not ok!!!!

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  231. Dear Sir,
    I became sickened after eating your food and was out of it for about a week, I have my doctor’s note that indicates so. I was not sure if it was your food or what but it must have been so considering I live in Portland. Please square yourself away and do the right thing.


  232. I’m watching the news about the Ecoli outbreak at your restaurants. I guarantee you it’s from your employees NOT washing their hands. They are so busy trying to keep up with the long lines (which is good ) but I’ve been in some of your restaurants and watched the employees cross contaminate, no hair nets,no gloves etc. I’ve even asked them to put gloves on and/or hair net before they serve me. Could have just called Health Dept but I didn’t. Really LOVE your food,especially in Tucson AZ. They are sooo clean, fast and courteous. You might want to check out the sanitation issues.

  233. I went to Chipotle on October 31, 2015 in Eatontown, NJ, and was stunned to see how the employees stand in line and pass the food down adding what ever you want on your order. But what really shocked me was how the 4th guy was wrapping burritos with his belt buckle touching everyone he wrapped. Knowing he has to buckle that buckle every time he uses the restroom is so gross!!!!!

  234. My family and I ordered at the location off Watson Rd in Buckeye AZ and the food was horrible. The meat was so not at the correct temperature. The rice taste horrible and the veggies were burnt. There were 5 of us that ordered this past Sunday November 1st. I’m very disappointed in our visit there.

  235. Placed an order online for pick up at 11:15am. I arrived 5 minutes afterwards. Walked to the register and waited to be greeted and asked how could I be helped. Eventually Karla came up and I informed her that I was picking up for Lillian. She went over the oven and could not find my name. She then proceeded to the wall and found my receipt. She sat it down for her teammates to begin fixing. I even up waiting until after everyone orders was completed before mine was finally down. I could have just waited in line for this.

    I asked for the restaurant manager contact info. I contacted Brenda Cruz. She was very incompetent and never display professionalism or leadership. I explained my concerns to her. Cruz response was they just opened. I explained that the website should not offer early times at opening if the restaurant staff need time to prep. She continued to say that they needed time to prep yet, the doors opened at 11am and was servicing other Customers. Excuse after excuse with no solution. She offered me to make a complaint on Chipotle website. I asked for District Manager contact information and was given a bogus number that isn’t in service 240-506-8731 for Patricia.

    • Placed an order online for pick up at 11:15am. I arrived 5 minutes afterwards. Walked to the register and waited to be greeted and asked how could I be helped. Eventually Karla came up and I informed her that I was picking up for Lillian. She went over the oven and could not find my name. She then proceeded to the wall and found my receipt. She sat it down for her teammates to begin fixing. I even up waiting until after everyone orders was completed before mine was finally down. I could have just waited in line for this.

      I asked for the restaurant manager contact info. I contacted Brenda Cruz. She was very incompetent and never display professionalism or leadership. I explained my concerns to her. Cruz response was they just opened. I explained that the website should not offer early times at opening if the restaurant staff need time to prep. She continued to say that they needed time to prep yet, the doors opened at 11am and was servicing other Customers. Excuse after excuse with no solution. She offered me to make a complaint on Chipotle website. I asked for District Manager contact information and was given a bogus number that isn’t in service for Patricia.

  236. I went to Chipotle in Manassas the liberia avenue location last night and I had the worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant. I have never been to a chipotle where the employees were rude. But every single employee was rude at this location. I have never felt so rushed to order, I orderred for my five year old and I and the girl acted like I was inconveniencing her by placing more than one order. I told the other one that I wanted tomatoes and corn on my sons tacos. she only put tomatoes is aid can you please put corn too. she told me i didnt ask for it. i said im sorry you must not have heard me. Later come to find out this was the manager. Who I did not even tell her about my experience because she was one of the ones who was rude too. I asked two employees sitting in the corner who the manager was and they pointed to her so i just thought nevermind. I had a gift card that only had partial amount. In front of other customers one of the girls an employee comes and tells me my credit card was denied, even though it was a gift card, with other customers sitting around me. I went to give her my card but she walked away. So I had to leave my five year old son sitting at the table during his dinner to go finish the payment because the employee did not have the courtesy enough to take my card and bring my the receipt while I was trying to enjoy my night out with my five year old which doesnt happen. But this location and its employees ruined the whole experience for me. I will never go back to this Chipotle as clearly its standards for customer service is not very high.

  237. The Chipotle individual rstuarants are cheating people often by giving less and less for the same item ordered at different locations. I have ordered a Kids Meal containing Brown Rice, Fried Vegetable : Onions and Green pepper plus chopped Tomatoes and Onions, Avocado paste with a small pack of corn ships and Chocolate Milk for $3.85 plus NJ Tax. At different locations like in South Plainfield, NJ one pays a different price than at Menlo Park Mall, NJ near my home. I am a senior plus buying for a grandchild see this as shoddy treatment for us. Al Khan Cell 202-257-8980

  238. It appears as though for some reason, the public can not call your corporate office. It rings busy as if it is off the hook. On Sat evening, my son ate dinner at your restaurant on Wendover Drive in Greensboro, NC. Shortly after he ate, he became violently sick and continues to be sick, I called the restaurant on Sat evening and spoke with a manager who at first lied about other complaints. I shared with him that it would be at his best interest to tell the truth. He changed his story and shared that 2 others had called that day. This is a problem!! My son could not go to seek medical attention because he had to fly out to Indianapolis for business meeting. He is there but feeling terribly ill. You need to address this problem asap!

  239. My family and I have visited the chipotle in Orange Ca (Tustin ave) for the past few years. On occasion we get a rude employee. Today Nov 8,2015 was the breaking point. Unfortunately I don’t have any names because everyone refused to give names including the so called (male) manager on site. It’s a Superrrr long story but the point is the girl at the registered completely ignored what we were saying, gave dirty looks, laughed at us then walked away from us at the register while trying to pay. If she doesn’t like waking with customers then she is in the wrong environment. If she was havin a bad day then she should have gone home. Her way of treating people is 100% unacceptable. Then we spoke to the manager and he simply stared at us. With nothing to say.
    Seriously what type of people do you hire?. It seems that any idiot can work for Chipotle. Chipotle should care about the type of people that represent the company. It’s sad to say that this isn’t the only complaint against this particular location.

  240. I eat at Chipoltle at least 4 times a week. Today at the highland heights Alexandria Ky restaurant, I asked for extra fajitas 4 times before I received a decent amount. Also, they went very light on the chicken. Just wondering if because of the drop in stock price and ecoli scare, you’ve told servers to cut back on portions. Looking forward to your response.

  241. I first wrote to you on Oct 31, 2016 to complain about a cook using his bare hands to wash lettuce, as well as having long hair hanging out from under his hat. I complained at the store, and did not have lettuce on my food.

    In regard to the message, I immediately received a reply from Customer Service Coordinator Patrick reassuring me that he would forward my complaint on to the store manager. Also, that gloves should be worn by ALL food handlers as well as hair nets.

    I expected to hear back from the store manager assuring me that the problem has been addressed, and have never heard a peep.

    Today I was in line to order, and the same worker was cooking without gloves. He also used his bare handed fingers to take three large pinches of cilantro into the measuring cup to mix into the new batch of white rice. Guess who was the recipient of the new batch of rice. Needless to say, I did not have rice or lettuce.

    If Chipotle has problems with food born diseased in their restaurants, its easy to see why.

    This time around I plan to find a complaint to the Minnesota Health Bureau about he lack of supervision and nonchalant manner of its workers handling food.

    Laurie Gunter
    Stillwater, MN

    Restaurant Name: Stillwater II
    Date & Time of Visit: 2015-10-31 13:30:00

    Original Comment:
    Visited Oak Park Heights, MN today. Front line servers wearing hand protection. However, the young man behind washing lettuce with NO gloves or hairnet. I questioned why he was bare handed digging in lettuce and was told he washed his hands. How would the cashier know if he washed properly? No matter. You can’t depend on him to having washed -or well enough- to avoid contamination of salmonella. Nor can you protect from his long hair falling into sink. Needless to say, I did not have lettuce today. Please consider an alternative for lettuce washing. And I hope the gloves on front line servers aren’t just for show.

  242. We visited the Delaware, Ohio restaurant Sunday, Nov. 15 at approx. 11:30 a.m., and there was no tea, and they were out of fajita vegetables for our bowls. This left scarce bowls for vegetarians. Very disappointing.

  243. Today I order at your Milford Ohio location and it was the worst food ever not only did it taste bad the portions was so small I order extra of everything only got extra rice very little of everything else when I called to the store to complain the manager treated me like I was stupid and said that their was. Nothing he could do very upset and would like for someone to call me

  244. Went to new grill in Weatherford Texas on November 19. I walked out before ordering because employee threw vegetables on the grill without using gloves. I actually think he was the manager, but I’m not sure.

  245. I went to store in Hyde Park in Chicago spent $15 for one Steak Burrito bowl my rice was gummy, the fajita was burnt and the steak was old not work the xtra $6.30 for thriple meat cause they were only giving me a small amount of meat for single bowl. I am very disappointed in the food I got on this day normally this is the best resturant for rhe money but this was a horrible experience.

  246. I believe because YOU have changed to Organic THEY are coming after YOU!!
    I love YOUR organic food, I eat there often!!! No worries there!!!!

  247. I believe because YOU are Organic….THEY are coming after YOU!
    I eat eat there often ….and love your organic food!!! No worries there!!!

  248. I believe because YOU are Organic….THEY are coming after YOU!
    I eat there often ….and love your organic food!!! No worries there!!!

  249. U like chipottle a lot but now i’m a little big concerned that THE place a use to buy THE Food, people are not wearing gloves when preparing THE food and they also have long hair and big hairy beards. I don’t know THE address of this place exactly but It’s located next to CVS in medford!!

  250. I got a gift card for my granddaughter in the NorthRidgeville Ohio store. for halloween and since all this has been going on with the food I went back in to return the gift card and get the money back for her and the statement was I CAN’T DO THAT WITH GIFT CARDS …..I just wanted to get the money back so she could use it for something else….. I’m sure I’m not the only one…….. Please I would like an answer…..Very disappointed in the service……

    • I am having the same issue in Gaithersburg, MD. My daughter got her giftcard for her birthday this month( December) and they told me they can’t do it either. And then offered her to buy $25 worth of drinks that she don’t even drink. They need to refund the kids bc it only hurting them to have a card they aren’t going to use.

  251. I was so happy when we got a chipotle in Warner Robins ga assuming it would be like the ones in Atlanta ga, WRONG! The portion sizes for how much you pay is a rip off! The servers scoop your toppings with a big cooking spoon making it seem like you are getting a lot for your money but then they beat the spoon until there is nothing on the the spoon to put on the bowl. I asked one of the staff why do they do that and they said management told them to do so. So you give me half a bowl but charge me the full price. The biggest ingredient you get is rice in which I know the cost of that is not expensive! The crew down here really needs to take a class from the others in understanding people want what they pay for!

  252. Heard on the news about Norovirus linked to Chipolte. My daughter ate there last week and is very sick today. Have you had any cases in Richmond, VA area?

  253. You can now add Florida to the list of sickened customers who went to Chipotle. I was at the Brandon Westfield Mall on Sunday, December 6, and ordered a “chicken bowl”. Sick, sick, sick.

  254. Today I was looking forward to trying out the new Chipotle in Bridgeport CT, across from the new Bass Pro Shop that just opened up. After visiting the Bass Pro Shop I went across the way to try the new Chipotle, it was about 1:30 pm and there were only a family of three eating in the entire place…but there were 4 girls behind the service counter just chatting away. One of the girls saw me but looked away and kept talking with the other girls behind the counter…so I walked out! I’ve been to other Chipotles around CT & NYC that were busier and I got immediate service…but at this store in Bridgeport I was the only one in line and got no service. I don’t think I will consider going back to this Chipotle because of the kind of people you’re hiring…they will hurt your business further if you don’t train your employees better…Taco Bell gives better service!

  255. I am a very big chipolte customer, I have been going to multiple locations in New York .Deer park as well as Hauppauge. Recently one just opened in Selden which is very close and convenient I have to say this location has the Worst customer service I have ever seen! I see people eating the meat out of the container which is extremely gross! Myself and my friend have been here multiple times and each time it’s worse and worse. The management is horrible! Very dissapointed in this location! Someone should come and check this place out!

  256. I spoke with Tom today @ Corporate Offices. Not a pleasant experience . I would rather chew glass than deal with this supposed “receptionist”. I asked to speak to a District Manager for the Lake County Florida area. i was told NO . I asked if my Cell # could be taken , I was told NO . I asked if he could write my # down ? I was told NO . I asked if he could e-mail the District Manager my # to discuss the issue /problen I experienced ….I was told NO . I was then hung up on by this TOM corporate receptionist for Chipotte . You can eat @ Chipolte, but if you have a problem that needs attention, Tom @ Corporate will ignore your concerns and not address them. But, hanging up on you, and being rude seems to be the answer and resolution to solving your problem. No matter how FRESH the food is touted to be, rest assured your response you receive will be terse,and condesending as well…

  257. Please get a real person to do real customer service and and not hang up on customers @ the corporate office reception .

    Thank You

  258. Can an executive officer from Corporate Headquarters please call me to address an egregious complaint with refrence to an catering order. I made a catering order in person with the General Manager Danny Mcclain (Signal Butte Store Mesa, Arizona)10 days ago for pick up on Christmas Eve at 5:45 pm. About 10 minutes ago I received a very as matter of fact call from a lead Anthony Roberts at the store stating Corporate Headquarters just sent out a email informing them the stores are now closed at 3pm on Christmas Eve. No option of resolve or effort to make an accommodation was made. I am devastated I spend alot of money personally with your company as well as use frequently with my company. My cell # is 480-695-3263. Can a decision maker please reach out to repair this relationship and restore our faith in this company that prides them selves on Premier Customer Service.

  259. I am taking a moment to say “Thank You” for offering such a wonderful product! You provide consistently great food in a clean environment, and I am happy to support your business.

    Rock On Chipotle!

  260. Our local store is always so didsapointing. Tonight our order was wrong and they wouldn’t make us more salad dressing when they were out

  261. Good Day

    I contacted upon the first breakout with no response.
    Please contact me ASAP.
    I can have a food safe disinfectant/sterilizer in every one of your locations within 1 week. Easy to use, just add water for your team on location.
    You are losing fast, we can help fast!

    Our product is generated onsite in a handy carry-all package and has a substantial shelf life, mobile and effective in minutes.

    Our product is a powerful biocide that can kill fungus, bacteria, pathogens and viruses at levels of 0.1 to 1 part per million in contact times of a few minutes.

    Our product destroys odors and not just masks them with some cheap perfume that wears off after a few days only for the smell to return.

    Our product is a highly efficient biocide, and is arguably the most versatile, material compatible, user and environmentally friendly product available.

    Our product is an EPA registered disinfectant that can be used to spray onto a surface to decontaminate it and deodorize it at the same time.

    Just add water to the bottle, allow 30 minutes for the product to generate and then spray away.

    Innovision Environmental

  262. My daughter received a giftcard for her birthday this month. But she’s not allowed eat chipotle anymore. But I went to get some kind of refund back and they told me even with all the stuff going on they couldn’t give her the $25.00. Now my daughter have a card she can’t and won’t never use. What should I do?

  263. To Whom it may Concern, I just had the best chipotle experience ever! I eat at Chipotle almost every day. Gabriella, at the Alameda store is the best ever! I told her I had a problem with my Barbacoa burrito last time with too much fat in the meat. She personally made sure that my Burrito had no fat in it today and I was so happy! I will be a regular customer at the Alameda store from now on thanks to Gabriella!!!
    Andy Pettise

  264. Yesterday we ate at your chipotle outside of the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. I am glad this was not my first timing eating at chipotle, because it would have been my last. To start the restaurant was dirty, messy & the help was cluesless. Let’s start with the white rice, undercooked. Next no brown rice that’s why I had white. Soda machines down. Food ice cold. And the tables were so dirty we ate outside in the freezing cold. I still can’t believe we ate there. Oh & my son ordered a burrito, they kept calling it a quesadilla(didn’t even no they had them) & finally he gave up trying to talk to them & just ate it. Btw, awful also. I’m afraid Chipotle is going down. Not sure I’ll go back.

  265. Went to the Corona ca location on Sunday with the family. The portions were so small, we asked for more. The server said ” this is our new portion size”. Two of us said no thanks and went elsewhere. I,ll never go to the Corona location on Ontario again.

  266. Since the food illness incident I have stopped eating at your restaurants.Prior I would dine an average of three times a week. I thought that sufficient time had elapsed to permit your restaurant to correct whatever problems existed.So, on 1-7-2016 at 3pm, I visited your Culver City store, 4114 Sepulveda. Thinking that Chipotle would probably be the most managed and clean restaurants to gain the customer trust. What I saw was the following: Men’s room totally in need of cleaning. Very dirty. The restaurant beverage dispenser counter was dirty, finger smudges all over, trash over spilling onto the floor in front and sides of the trash receptacle. Almost every table was dirty. the carpet in front of the beverage counter was horribly dirty. This location needs a manager or someone to instruct/teach about keeping the restaurant clean. You would think that after all the bad publicity of people getting ill the restaurant operations would have improved beyond what it was prior. I found it worse. Dirty doors,windows,door handles,bathrooms,floor,counters. serious housekeeping lacking at this location.

  267. I want my issues with chipotle resolved immediately ! I feel the chipotle in the Wheaton mall in Maryland are being unprofessional ! I think it is stupid to not have a customer service hotline and the provide the number for headquarters AND NOT BE ABLE TO GET THROUGH TO ANYONE! How much sense does this make chipotle ?

  268. I LOVE YOUR FOOD AND ATMOSPHERE…..I have suggestions: Location, location…not standardized taste. I am from California but live in Oregon now. Keizer, Oregon, new location Keizer Station, late 2015, had to toss food SO SALTY could not even eat it. Salem, Oregon good but no mental Mmmmm’s. Best ever was Sacramento, Ca. close to a golf course and Davis, Ca. Long Beach, Ca. was good but again no Mmmm’s.

    Also, I heard or saw on Line that some Cilantro has E-coli in the seeds…cannot get out. I, PERSONALLY RUN MY CILANTRO THROUGH A VINEGAR WASH OR EVEN BLEACH WASH, RINSE, PAT DRY.

    If it were me, I would hire vegan food staff who are passionate about food and a higher pay level would certainly help, I am sure.

    Your lines are long for a reason…YOUR FOOD IS AWSOME…even wonder if you might be being targeted by a group trying to put you out of business.

  269. Went to new restaurant on Telegraph north of Square Lake in Bloomfield Hills, MI. It was 1:15 pm, so after lunch rush, but restaurant tables were all dirty, they were out of brown rice for the next half hour, and seemed to be scraping the bottoms of all the containers for my bowl, which ended up being smaller amount than I’ve typical got at other locations. There was not a clean table to sit at and drink area was messy. Staff seemed to be working hard, but maybe not enough of them? Thanks.

  270. I was very disappointed when I came in to eat at chipotle for my lunch break. I was next in line and was not acknowledged at all until asked what I wanted. I could immediately see that they barely had anything at all ready to serve! Everything was extremely low, both white and brown rice, chicken, and another meat choice I’m not interested in, both beans, and even the corn! The associate scraped the bottom of the pan trying to get as much rice that there was left. The leftover food from the bottom of the near empty container looked old and cold. I was hungry and in a hurry so I gave it a chance since I don’t usually like to complain. After ringing me up, I asked for limes. Come to find out they didn’t even have lemons or limes in stock for people to take with their food. I had to wait several minutes after paying to receive limes that had to be cut in the back. Very disappointed, food was cold too. Definitely not worth coming back.

  271. My husband and three children visited your Winchester VA store and we’re looking forward to a meal. When we got to the counter to order there was no brown rice it was on the stove and was going to be out in another ten minutes. They had run out of vegetables as well so we waited in line till the next lot was prepared. They had run out of lettuce, guacamole and corn. Needless to say I felt it was very unsatisfactory that we were still being charged the full price. We were good customers of chipotle but with the E. coli scare we stopped going and today we decided to give it another chance only to be very disappointed by this particular store which had run out of so many items. I can understand if it had run out of a couple of things but to have run out of so many things I feel is very unsatisfactory. We spoke to the manager who was not accommodating and seemed fairly indifferent about the whole situation. The time we visited the store was around 7.00pm which I know is a very busy dinner hour which the store should have been prepared for.

    Sent from my iPhone

  272. While Christmas shopping, my daughter and I stopped at the Chipolte in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. We were very disappointed. The restaurant was dirty, the service was sub-par and at lunch time, when my daughter ordered tacos…the server said they were out of tacos! Out of tacos at lunch time at a Mexican restaurant?! Also, while I was eating, I noticed one of the employees, while working and bending over to retrieve something…well, I guess you have heard of plumbers crack.Not pleasant to look at. I don’t think I will ever go to one of your restaurants again. By the way, before we got a Chipotle in Wilkes-Barre, I ate at one in Harrisburg, PA and loved it and couldn’t wait until we got one in Wilkes-Barre. Like I said, very disappointed. I don’t really think your problem is with your product, but with your employees lack of cleanliness.

  273. On January 21, 2016 approximately 9:47 pm, I entered your restaurant at 1100 Montgomery Ave Temple University campus, where I waited very patiently. When it was my turn to order, I asked if there where any more chicken and I was told no there wasn’t my a young African American male. I asked why was I kept waiting for 10 minutes without someone informing me there was no food left. A tall african-american female responded they were getting ready to close and trying to go home. At no time did any of the 3 working there apologize or offer me anything else. Matter they didn’t bother to look my direction or acknowledge me. I am very angry and will not every spend my money in your establishment again.

  274. Good morning! I am a frequent Chipotle customer, but I’d like to notify you of a not so pleasing experience at the store at 129 NW 136th Avenue, Sunrise, FL 33325. At approximately 5:15pm on 01/16/2016, I had called in dinner for 3 and was advised that my order would be ready by 6pm. I arrived at this store at 6:05pm and was advised that my order was not ready and the receipt for it had been lost. I proceeded to have them make my 3 meals, in which the person serving me kept walking away to help others, while in the middle of making my orders. To add insult to injury, they were out of several of the key items that I wanted for all 3 of my meals (pork, onions & peppers, white rice). After another 10 minutes of waiting for these items to be prepared, I finally received my order. This was my 10th straight day of work after a 12 hour day and I was HUNGRY and tired! This was my first and maybe my last time dealing with this store. I’d like to know if there is anyway to be compensated somehow, seeing that I am and have been a very loyal Chipotle customer for several years (as well as a good share of my co-workers). Thank you for your time!

  275. I just ordered three burrito bowls to go from your store located in Northern Kentucky on Wilson Avenue. I will say I will never returned any chipotle store after this visit. I think my needs are best served with Moes or multiple other competitors. The extraordinarily scant amount of rice and other ingredients that this Store gave me should be considered an embarrassment to your establishment. I’m not one to ask for extras on anything when I go to chipotle however this was almost a joke. I would like a call. My phone number is 513-404-2746. With your recent debacles regarding food safety I would think that you all would not want to be losing any more customers based on portion size that you advertise or customer service

  276. I visited the Mcdonough,GA location and the general Manger (Tannisha Mitchell) was extremely rude after I tried to take back my burrito bowl. I explained to the cashier that my rice was crunchy and my chicken was burnt. She then checked with her manger to see if she could make me another bowl and she advised her that I on my next return the blow would be on them. I explained to her I didn’t leave in the area and I was really hungry being that I had only eaten a quarter of my bowl. I asked if I could speak with the manager she finally came out and I showed her my bowl and explained the situation to her as well. After looking at the uneaten bowl she say to me Imma let you have that. I’ve been on the frill all day and I’m not going to argue with you. I’ll just give you your money back. Excuse, me what type of customer service is this? I fluent Chioptle all the time and I’ve have never received this type of service this is totally unacceptable and I would love to hear from someone regarding this issues. BTW, I didn’t get my money back.

  277. I ate at the Chipotle at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, GA last night and it was subpar to say the least. I frequently get take out from other locations and have never had an issue before. My food was room temperature and the chicken was dry and overcooked. The food was not edible and had to be thrown away. I got a rice bowl (no rice) with chicken, grilled vegetables, beans, cheese, and guacamole. All of the food was down to the last serving with the meats, beans, and vegetables. Even though it was the dinner rush around 7:00pm, there was only one other person in line behind me. The man behind me also commented to me on how poorly this particular location appeared to be run. I will not return to this location and would not encourage my friends or family to dine there either. This location is a poor reflection on the brand Chipotle.

  278. I’m really disappointed how the Chipotle in downtown Santa Barbara, California would not let my daughter use the bathroom until we get our receipt. My husband was in line ordering and they wanted us to wait until we get a receipt!!!

  279. I had a poor experience at one of your stores at the end of November, and I was sent a coupon one for myself and for my daughter and they expired the end of December. Unfortunately right when we were going to use them in December there was that E. coli scare so we were hesitant to use them at that time and waited until all of that fiasco had been resolved. Unfortunately now are coupons are expired. Is there way that we can get permission to use them now? How would we go about getting that expiration date extended? Thank you for your consideration
    Debra Lane, 2441 E. Indian Wells Pl., Chandler, AZ 85249

  280. Fantastic and awesome experience today at your258 Stesonsqr Ohio store at Chipotle.The people(Eduaro and Natalie )were a pleasant surprise and so friendly.God bless them.

  281. I was at your Elyria ohio store on Feb 5, 2016 with my husband and kids. We went there specifically for the steak salad. Unfortunately after standing in line for 25 min found out they were out of lettuce. Trying to understand how thst could happen at 6 pm. We ordered other food, but it wasn’t what we drive there for.


  282. I emailed for the free burrito – never heard anything – then I saw that I made the same error as the people texting the attorney – an extra 2. Will I be compensated also?


  283. I have a issue with the service and quanty if food I seem to keep receiving from your cheyenne restaurant. For the amount of money you charge for a burrito bowl I shouldnt actually have to ask for more beans just so I feel like I got something to eat. I let it slide a few times after I started eating there again thinking new help but im thoroughly disgusted with the portion size and the amount im being charged. I think you need a better system for portion size or better training of your help. Its absolutely ridiculous.

  284. Tried all week to sign up for free burrito, heard it was going on all week. I did a lot of promoting for you guys letting anyone I possibly knew to do it and I’m sure everyone appreciated it as they were able to get their free coupons for burritos but for some reason now that mine finally went through it I got back “Chipotle: Darn, you just missed it. Reply MORE to sign up for future offers. Msg freq varies. Msg&data rates may apply.” as a reply. Needless to say, I’m pretty upset. I always talked you guys up when the health scares situations were going around saying it didn’t reflect your true company and did my best to support and get my friends back on the Chipotle team by interesting them with the free burrito coupon deal but now I’m missing out for myself.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve come to chipotle for years because I love it, not because I want anything in return. But I gotta be honest, if I’m missing out on my one chance to get a free burrito after paying my hard earned money for years without ever having something like this happen before, all while staying an avid supporter of Chipotle the whole time, I may never get over it. Please help me look up my records to see that it was never sent to me and hopefully I still have an opportunity to get my coupon! Thank you so much for your help and I apologize for the long email. Have a great night

  285. I am sitting across from the Chipotle in Atlanta Hartsfield airport’s D terminal witnessing your staff engaged in utterly unprofessional behavior. Their hip hop music (which I love) is blaring explicit and racially offensive lyrics loud enough for me to clearly hear from the searing area. They are cleaning up but screaming at each other interrupting weary travelers just want to get to their next destination. I expect more from Chipotle employees. Perhaps I should not.

  286. I was at the Saginaw, MI store around 4:00. As usual, they were out of lettuce and dressing for the salad. They used shredded lettuce from another container. They said it would take 10 minutes to make the dressing. It took 20 minutes. I saw the worker in the back texting . Seemed store was dirtier than usual. Don’t understand how every time I go in there, they are out of lettuce and dressing. I can understand some difficulty with keeping meat containers full, but not lettuce and dressing. Loved Chipoltes in the Phoenix area, but the Saginaw, MI store needs some management. No manager available. Chicken in pan looked burned; however, they were serving it.

  287. Was really disappointed on my recent visit at Chipotle,Forest Park, OH on February 18. My order was 2 rice bowls had to wait 10 minutes for steak ( was the 3rd customer waiting) & then it was not edible. Asked if meat was done was tolded by employee it was medium rare…still didn’t look cooked. Asked again was not expecting the answer I received with past issues regarding food safety that the steak would continue cooking in the pan. My answer to the employee was steak was not “in the pan” but in take out containers. I will not return to this location…this was not acceptable This was my receipt info : Host : sarah 2/18/2016 Order # 403 6:01 pm 10312 Take out total $ 29.50

  288. I got really sick on 2 didderent ocassions , finally after Melissa from Chipotle and I got in touch. She was so cold, rude, never apologized , showed no empathy at all. I was felling better this week and got so upset after the call. I want to speak to Melissa supervisor !!! I have worked for customer service over 10 years same company, after the call I am going to tell all my coworkers , family ,and friends of this incident.

    Again I never want to speak to this Women again, I want a call from her supervisor , I threw up, had nausea , diarrhea and cramps, not once an apology !!!!

    My phone is 4079021567

    The Chipotle Melissa phone is 303-605-1024. She shouldn’t be in customer service but would be great in security!!!! Not dealing with the consumers

  289. I visited the new location at 10604 N Oracle Rd Ste 1 in Oro Valley, AZ 85704 at 4:35 p.m. yesterday. There were four or five people behind the counter, no one in line but me and my husband and we stood there waiting for someone to acknowledge us for 4 minutes. We almost left to head to the next closest Chipotle restaurant on Ina and Oracle. This is not a good way to make your customers feel welcome/valued.

  290. I’m really really disappointed with the food flavor. I’ve attempted to return to Chipotle twice now since the E. coli outbreak to prove the rumors wrong. I’ve always been a huge fan as is my family! The last two times I’ve gone to Chipotle (once for my entire 5 person family dinner(Granite Bay), and today for lunch(Rancho Cordova)) the food has been bland and the service has been horrible. The food is lacking the flavor I loved. The employees are always annoyed and rushed. They also seem to ignore every single instruction you give them. For instance today, I specifically told the gal not to put lettuce on my burrito bowl. She rushed me down the line to the cashier to pay. The cashier was joking and flirting with another co-worker and forgot my drink, the gal put so much lettuce on my food that I was truly mad enough to write you. In addition to the bland food and lettuce the rice portions have shrunk. Even when I asked for extra I was ignored. There is probably less than a half of a spoon in my meal. Also, the condiments area was understocked. They ran out of napkins, straws, etc.

  291. I ate a chicken ‘ fajita-style ‘ burrito yesterday at Chipotle in Gahanna, Ohio for lunch around 11:15 am. Today I feel sick to my stomach. I had to eat at this restaurant because I was a substitute teacher on a field trip and this was the only food stop preauthorized for the trip, I was told. To the extent that I can help others from being sick, I do recall the fajita veggies being mostly out when my burrito was being made, and so the worker lifted out the pan up and over the prep area, and over my partially made burrito, with the hot well water from the bottom of the pan dripping onto my open burrito. I have an anxiety issue that causes me not to be able to speak up for myself and draw attention to myself by holding up the line in front of others in the midst of the lunch rush, and so I took the burrito, sat down with the ESCCO employee who had driven us to the restaurant, and ate it. Please alert your risk management department about this.

  292. I just had bad customer experience at the Wilkes-barre pa store. Wish I could of taken pictures of the food. I had to put my own to go lid on my food!! This is the first time I had a bad experience at chipotle. I’m very disappointed. Wish I could contact the store manager but can not find a plane in the web for this.

  293. Hello, I have an issue with the bait/switch I seem to have experienced with the recent free burrito coupon you issued to try to get customers to return. If I recall all the steps correctly I texted and then I rcvd. a reply with a link I had to go to and then later another message with a link to the coupon – kind of a long process.
    Then, I took a snapshot of the coupon (w/expiration date of 2/27) to have handy in my photos so I would remember – but when I was ready to go and use it and pulled it up again via the link it had now changed and said it expired on 2/24 so was no longer valid. I have snapshots showing both expiration dates.

    This is certainly not the way to win back faithful customers…
    Unhappy customer that previously loved Chipotle.
    Mary Johnson

  294. My recent experience at chipotle in Liverpool NY was the worst I’ve ever had there. In my bowl there were multiple chunks of avocado skin in my guacamole which is ridiculous considering I paid extra for it. Not happy w the quality should have been better especially after their special training they received.

  295. This comment is about the Chipotle store in Reston, VA – South Lakes Shopping Center, March 4, 2016, 4:50 PM. The store was extremely dirty, bits and pieces of food were all over the counter. All the food looked expired, oxidized, and the aluminum pots barely had any food left in them. The guacamole was all brownish, it looked disgusting! I ordered the buritto bowl and the young girl behind the counter scraped the food out of the pot and “dumped” in my bowl. I asked for lemon and she said they were out. Another store clerk went back and cut a lemon (no gloves used) and brought me 2 lemon pieces. That place would likely fail a basic inspection.
    I ate half of my bowl – if I am getting sick, Chipotle will definitely hear back from me.

  296. We have been long time users of Chipotle with much success. Last night, though, was a total disaster. We went to the restaurant located on Linton Blvd, in Delray Beach. The service was horrible, no one even said hello, the chicken for our burritos was over cooked and hard, The lady at the register screamed at other staff members for product. In addition, everything was cold. Not very pleasing when you spend $17.92 for food that was half eaten. I would think that with the present situation in your company’s reputation that the service, food and service would be impeccable.

  297. I asked about the possibility of my obtaining the free chipotle coupons that were

    mailed to my friends. I went to your questionnaire and replied to your request for

    More details but did not get a reply. What now?

  298. Hi it’s 4:04 on weds
    At your WSP location
    No clean tables to be found……
    Why do I need to clean my own table ?
    This actually happens at several of your locations and often.
    From a loyal customer who feels like I work for my lunch!

  299. I live near chipotle #41A (3822 E Broad St. Whitehall Ohio 43213
    this location is the worst I have been to, food is never good, has no flavor,
    today I bought 3 fajita bowls wanted steak, and chicken, had to wait on fajita mix
    when that was done there was no steak done, had to take chicken on all 3.
    please have a look at this location it sucks……. from now on I will go 3 miles out of
    my way to another restaurant , which is sad l basically live across the street from 41A

  300. I visited your store located at 801 Goucher Blvd in Townson,MD. I was very disappointed and disgusted by the state of the female restroom. There are dark red streaks across the front of the toilet tank. The ladies feminine recepticle looks as

  301. I visited your restaurant located at 801 Goucher Blvd in Townson, MD. I was very disappointed and disgusted by the state of the female restroom. There are dark red streaks across the from of the toilet tank. The female feminine products receptacle looks as if it hasn’t been emptied in about a week, and there is no hand soap. It was a real turn off that makes me wonder what the state of the kitchen area is like

  302. Fajitas vegetables have been excessively charred at the Mountain View Califirnia location I frequent for the past six months. This ruins the entire salad. Please instruct food preparers to Carmelize the fresh onions and peppers without turning them into charcoal! All it takes is more attentive sautéing with more frequent turning of veggies in fry pan. I have had more than a dozen meals ruined by excessive charcoal in my fajitas vegetables. Tastes awful! I can’t believe this minor quality issue hasn’t been addressed more successfully yet!

  303. Saw today show story about company this morning. PR department should look at story, it depicts employee making burrito without gloves. Scary. Maybe if u want to change image you should get managers who care about your company…

  304. As a loyal member of the “Chipotle club,” who receives periodic texts with offers from the company, why is it that I (and my family) are not included in the “free burrito” program?

  305. I found a hair in my bowl and when I looked up half of the employees were not wearing hats or hair nets and none were wearing beardgurds and one employee was not wearing shoes. Not going to eat their agin.

  306. I am a frequent customer of chipotle in Dewitt NY. I went there yesteday and was very displeased with the service I received, as well as the burrito I got. My wife has difficulty speaking English and she was rudely rushed through the line when she didn’t fully understand what was being asked to her. I also was disappointed with my burrito in that the contents didn’t seem as fresh and plentiful as they usually are. I love chipotle and want to keep going there.

  307. I haven’t eaten there since your twerp employee(s) in New York insulted and disrespected the police who came in to buy their lunch. If I recall the punks did a “hands up don’t loot” or something like that pose. And last I heard chitpotle management had not fired them. I have asked your company for an update twice but never heard how you all dealt with your disrespectful little twerp employee(s). Can’t recall if one or more allegedly did this in the news reports.

    Good thing I have not gone back there to eat, with your food issues at some stores and all. Just my opinion here.

  308. 14 the promenade Edgewater NJ
    All staff on the ball with things but one that has been working here along time is Linda always a smile and welcoming everyone,she is a keeper ,big asset to your company!



  310. I went to chipotle for the first time in months after the scare that went nation wide and I noticed that the prices have gone up, and the service has gotten poor so today I wanted a steak bowl and I noticed that the steak was not fully cook and it was still bleeding and I told the young man that I don’t eat bloody meat and that I wanted my meat well done, he told me that they could cook my meat well done because they have to cook it medium well so I said so you mean to tell me that if I want steak I have to have it bloody? After waiting in line for 30minutes to have my order taken I had to wait another 25 minutes for cooked food! now after getting home with my food the rice was hard it felt like I had a mouth full of rocks. I AM COMPLETELY UNHAPPY WITH THE QUALITY FOR THE PORTION OF FOOD AND THE FACT THAT IT’S NOT FULLY COOKED. not once did a maanger come talk to me about anything and the employees seemed uncaring that I was a unhappy paying custome. I WILL NIT NOR WILL I RECOMMEND THAT ANYONE DINE AT THIS LOCATION

  311. Just left Chipotle in Newbury Park, CA. Have been going to this location once per week for the past several years. Arrived in the store today at 11:45, most of the bins were empty and none of the food prepped. Very unusual for this location. When I asked for veggies, they said it would take about 6 minutes – in other words no one was aware the bin was empty nor was preparing more prior to my order. I left the store, frustrated – I usually don’t have more than 30 minutes for lunch. Very disappointed in my experience today.

  312. I took my sister & me to try Chipotle for the first time because I’d heard it was like health-food Mexican & in spite of the recent bad press due to a bad-food incident. The staff was fantastic; people were young & enthusiastic & always willing to go the extra mile–thank you & thank them. However, I always get corn tortillas & never wheat flour. Wheat flour doesn’t digest well whereas corn sails right through–and real Native American or Mexican (non-GMO/non-Monsanto) corn is very high in protein & the highest of any grain in phenols (which boost the immune system). These tortillas at Chipotle were just terrible–and perhaps they were not cooked thoroughly either. In any case, they were cold as well. It ruined the meal, frankly. And the cold cheese on top didn’t help (my neighborhood place heats the cheese along with the taco). While I’m at it, I’d like to mention that, although I understand the demographic you’re shooting for, as a 65-year old woman (jeans & sneakers), I found the music dreadful & inappropriate. Some kind of Latin thing would be better than the lowest common denominator of American urban Black music (much as I love soul, blues, gospel & jazz). OK, if Mariachi music (no soul/no African influence) isn’t the ticket, there’s plenty of other latin music–even Brasilian or Cuban son. Anyway, a young person told me that the way to go at Chipotle is the “bowl”. A bit late for me for my first time but also the real corn is better than rice… For under $20 for 2 I’m not complaining but thought I’d let you know.

  313. I would like to be placed on the return customer coupon list. And any other coupons I maybe able to receive. Thanks

  314. I want to let you know what great service I get from your Roseville Michigan store. Tiana treats me like a friend. Plus all the other workers are so nice and do a great job. You should be proud of this staff. I never feel like I am not the most important customer! Thanks!

  315. Decided to give you guys another try after a couple of fails and the closures due to people getting sick.. Very disappointed. Very slow service, got about a tablespoon of guac and badly wrapped burrito. When they went to wrap it in foil took girl 3 attemps.,, this was store in downtown seattle

  316. I also decided to give you another try today. BAD very BAD experience. I WILL NOT BE BACK. What was worse is that I called corporate and was disconnected three times. I imagine with the new ‘Burger” they aren’t interested in hearing what their consumers have to say that could actually help them. The young lady who “tried” multiple times to wrap my burrito was pushed out of the way by a seasoned employee who wrapped the whole “complete mess” and thought I should be thrilled with that. You lost a customer. Good luck. One last thing. Your employees really should look their customers in the face and say thank you or at least be cordial. Not so. Get a grip you aren’t the best.

  317. I am sitting across from the Chipotle in Philadelphia Mills witnessing your staff engaged in utterly unprofessional behavior. Their hip hop music (which I love) is blaring explicit and racially offensive lyrics loud enough for me to clearly hear from the searing area. They are cleaning up but screaming at each other interrupting us eating the food. I expect more from Chipotle employees. Perhaps I should ask some or more of my friends to eat chipotle ever again.

  318. Hi Geri and Nicole, I missed you so much. I hope to see you soon. Talked to you when my sister brings me home later on, still having fun.

  319. I went the location at 3925 Walnut St and received unprofessional service. I went in and order a burrito bowl, and when I went to the cashier and handed her my one free card she said that she did not know how to use it. She then proceeds to ask her coworker who kept scanning the card and then said that she did not know how to use it. Then they called the manager out and then he did it and said that the card was already scanned. We tried to explained that the young lady’s keep scanning the card but he acted as if we were lying,so we asked for his boss. And then a man named Theo Smith came out and didn’t listen to what we had to say. We work hard day and do not ask for hand outs and to be embarrassed like that is unnecessary it’s a shame to loose customers

  320. Yikes! At 1130 I went to your Dewitt my location. I noticed most items were dark dry and very not even a scoop left. No lettuce at 1140? The server stated they had been very busy. No way….. There were 2 people there and they opened at 11. The gentleman behind me left. Wow with all the problems you are having you serve leftovers?

  321. Today I and several co-workers visited the store at 9141 Alaking Ct. Capitol Heights MD at 12:59 pm. I ordered a salad bowl to go, while ordering I was told they we out of onions and peppers and it would be 30 mins. before they would be ready. Next I discovered that they were also low on medium salsa, scrapping the bottom of the bowl. when I returned to the office I discovered that the lettuce was brown and yellow and tasted bitter. Very disappointed gotta rethink this.

  322. On April 13, 2016, I was very happy with the employee named “Marisol”, at your
    store location on Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, CA (#1176). Marisol was behind the counter in the kitchen preparing/chopping food, and from that distance she smiled numerously, and answered two of my questions, which expedited my order. This woman should be seriously considered for Management, with her ‘natural smile’, and personality, this was a very refreshing experience. FYI, I am a property Manager, and a private Real Estate Investor.

  323. Hello I visited you BRAND NEW location on 4/15/16 at 7:26pm , the location is new the address is 2 Watkins Park Dr Upper Marlboro Md 20774 I believe the store number is 10385.

    ok so I arrived at Chipotle at 7:00pm I stood in line for 26 mins, no biggy I understand the location is new and people are learning. But once I got to the front they had No Brown rice, the chicken and peppers were burnt, no lettuce for salads, and NO izzy’s. I had the coupon BOGO and get a free Izzy. I explain to the manager that I had a coupon. she told me that ” You don’t get a free Izzy.” I explain to her that’s what the coupon stated and since they didn’t have one she had none to give me. I ended up using the coupon but everything was not fulfilled as stated on the coupon. I am slight disappointment because this is a new location and would love to continue to come here. I love chipotle but this by far was my worst experience.

  324. I was getting 2 Chicken Bowls. One with salsa and the other without…. as she was putting the salsa on one I told her “no, nothing on that”… she started to use the spoon to remove the salsa she dropped on the chicken!!! I told her “NO, NO… PLEASE MAKE A NEW ONE”… she did but the look on her face and the attitude was beyond belief…


  325. I’ve been kind of staying away from chipotle because if the good scares recently but decided to come back today I don’t know much about food service but i do know that the cashier is not supposed to be jumping back and forth from the dirty money register to the grill and good containers over and over again without any hand washing or sanitizing or glives

  326. I made a visit to the Chipotle store off of Princeton in Hamilton, OH today and was very displeased with the cleanliness of the store. I am an employee at the Huber Heights location and I believe this store is lacking the knowledge of Chipotle’s high standards. The dining room. Chefs table and line were all disastrous. The crew on line seemed very distracted and I spent a lot of time gossiping. Please help this store!

  327. Hi there!
    I am in love with your store and I eat it at least 3-4 times a week. The employees are great, and the food is even better.
    I wish there was one thing different though, and that is I wish that you have punch cards. Like, buy 10 burritos, get one free.

    If not, I would always love free coupons!!!

    Yours truly,
    a guac addict, Brianna Van Nuland

  328. I have been a happy customer for years at many of your locations. I live in Culver City, California and have noticed a sharp decline in your service and food. On my last 2 occasions, the restaurant has run out of vinaigrette and did not let anyone know until after the salads were made. There is new employees or untrained employees with NO Managment Supervision and long lines. This needs to be corrected immediately for your customers to return. I am not happy with your restaurant at this point and will not be returning unless corrections are made to your service and quality. I do not blame the employees, it’s the Leadership that is lacking.

  329. I had a horrible experience on north damen in Chicago. I had bas service and my order was wrong. You are a terrible business.

  330. I have been going to the Apple Valley, MN Chipotle for 3-4 years now. For the last several months I have been ordering online for an 11 AM. This store has been opening 5-7 minutes late the last several times with a line out the door. When they finally do open, they are completely overwhelmed from catering orders that they are not ready to prepare food. It has been very frustrating.

    I have also noticed that my online orders tend to be smaller in portion than if I was present when I order. It is very frustrating.

    Thank you,

    A very loyal customer who wants to see my Chipotle thrive

  331. Hi Twice in the past week I have gone into your restaurant near my house. Both times at peak times, 6 and 7 pm…you are out of ingredients for a taco combination at $10 a pop? How can you be out of these main ingredients for one of you meals? Steak and chicken? Shouldn’t you be well stocked at those times? Just unacceptable for twice that this would happen. Then you go to use the restroom and the bathroom are out of paper? Do you not have someone on site who checks this regularly? Poor management and workers who do not care about the customer experience. I don’t know how you stay in business.

  332. I wanted to send a comment in regards to your Chiptole location in Roseville CA off of Pleasant Grove. This location is always slammed everytime that I go in and this night was not unlike any other. I wanted to comment on how impressed I was with an individual by the name of Alex that worked there. All the workers were practically running around to get everyones orders in and keep the line moving and I was blown away when Alex started throwing out compliments to all of the workers around him and telling them all that they were doing a great job and to keep it all up. This is EXACTLY what many more restaurants need to follow when it comes to keeping their employees happy..I was very impressed with Alex and his desire to keep his staff happy while working through a difficult time….what a great team!

  333. I just visited the San ramon California store and the premises were filthy. I am a share holder and despite all the health issues at Chipotle I continued to go there. But just took some others with me and embarrassed by how dirty the tables and floors. I have pictures to share with you. But can’t attach to this message. So please let me know how I can send it in

  334. Hello, I am a regular customer at your La Quinta, CA store. I am usually satisfied with your food and your service since you opened this facility. However, for about a month now everytime (3 visits) I buy a Steak Burrito Bowl, the rice, beans and meat have been dried out as if they have been sitting for a long time or even warmed up from the day before. Today I decided to say something to the cashier hoping she might offer a discount or a coupon for the next visit. None was offered, then she charged me for a side of guacamole which I did not order. She already charged my credit card so I said that was fine I then asked due to my previous unsatisfactory (3) orders which were dried out instead of a refund I would be willing to take a side of extra meat. I was then told NO because the meat costs more than the guacamole. I said forget it and please give me a refund of the extra charge, she did. I then put the refund inside the Tip Jar and said maybe next time you can do a better job of serving me. Then I got home and the food was not seasoned and dried up again. What happened to making the Customer Happy? Especially a regular one? What’s going on at this location? I think you need to revisit your customer service policy and do better training in this area. I would appreciate a response. Thank you

    Barbara Gonzales

  335. Just got a burrito bowl at takeout opened it and a lot of gross lettuce
    Chicken less than optimal. I thought you were trying to change your methods

  336. Thos is the second time this week I have walked out of the Chipotle here because the expediters scimp on the portions. I expect a heaping spoon full of brown rice, black beans, especially the steak, pico, and corn. Not half a spoon, not 3/4 a spoon. Anything less and I calmly wait until the bowl is done and walk away at the register. I will continue to do this every day until you get it right. In a perfect world restaurants would have robots who do not rush your order and deliver to customers half measures and poor products. But alas we are not there yet.

  337. I just experienced one of the worst customer service yesterday at one of Chipotle branches in San Jose, CA across of Santana Row and Valley Fair Mall. There are only two reasons why I like Chipotle: 1) the iced tea. I love unsweetened iced tea and you guys have just the right kind of brewed iced tea that satisfied my iced tea craving. 2) the sofritas. I am a vegan and I love it how you guys offer options for vegan and vegetarian people. I do not eat meats. Period. I stand by my principles and beliefs that eating animal products is 1 million percents wrong, cruel, and evil. I once came in and ordered a sofritas burrito and it was contaminated with a piece of grilled chicken. Of course, I spat out the food and threw away my burrito. I did not complain to the staff because I am usually a nice person and I don’t complain about anything in life. I know contamination does happen. That experience had left me to be more cautious every time I ordered sofritas. I always inspect my burrito for any animal products contaminations. It works 50-50. When I see a piece of pork, steak, or chicken in the sofritas. I chose the veggie option and just get guac instead of sofritas. However, lately my experience with Chipotle has been like 50-50, I do see animal product contamination one day I come in and not on the other day…so it’s 50-50. However, every time I tell a manager, they always seemed apologetic and willing to dispose the whole sofritas in the garbage can. But when I went to this particular Chipotle, I told the manager that there is a piece of pork in there. He completely ignored me and still selling the sofritas to other customers. You need to educate your employees about vegan and vegetarian. They cannot eat meat. Period. They will get an reaction right away because they do not have the digestive enzyme to break down animal’s proteins. I know I will have a reaction right away, and that is why I am very cautious to what I eat and order–just like someone who is allergic to peanut. The manager was very rude when I told him that. Not only that he ignored me, he did not bother to remake my order and let me wait in line longer. He only took my order again after I told him, “Can you make my burrito again please?”

    This is the last straw for me at Chipotle. I will not be going back to any Chipotle until you address to your employees, re-train your employee to watch out for cross contamination, and differentiate vegans, vegetarians, and meat eater. Vegan is not a diet, it’s an ethical stance against animal exploitation.

    Take care,

    Jason Tran

  338. I generally call an order in to my local Chipolte at least twice a month in Eatontown, NJ. My family and I are NEVER disappointed with anything we choose. I’m there to pick up the order on time. I don’t mind the extra time I have to wait. I see their busy. However! As I told Mike tonight the previous time I was there the order wasn’t even made. So I waited an extra 30 min. until it was ready! Why wait so long? Because we like your food! My husband went to pick up the order tonight ( 6-28-16 ) and was told there was no charge because of the previous time problem. When he arrived home and told me what happened I immediately called Mike to say thank you for his kindness. It wasn’t necessary but gratefully appreciated.

  339. Please send me the address of Corporate Chipotle so I can inform them of the VERY poor, deceitful, phony customer service provided by Becky. Thank you.
    Linda Kurtz

  340. I have been a Chipotle client in your Walnut Creek,CA location for a VERY long time,from the moment you opened!Even with the health scare,i never stopped going.As of recent i have had the WORST customer experience in there and it’s all started since the new General Manager started.It use to be this great guy and now its a new woman-i havent been able to catch her name yet.The staff is not trained at all!!!! They all stare at you in a blank stare when you tell them to make something other than a bowl.Forget about eating a proper Burrito,it is either overly crunchy or undercooked.And i have been asking for melted cheese in my burrito since before you gave it a name Quesaritto and started charging that ridicilous fee! The salsa is so watery that i cant even call it salsa!Please touch base with your staff there to make sure proper people are hired that understand how to make a Burrito in a Burrito place! It is the only place i eat food at and i really dont want to stop going there due to poor management.

    Thank you!

  341. 14 mile and John R Michigan food is horrible and the cook first name starts with J. Is horrible also, nasty attitude……If you live in area stay away from the Chipotle.


  342. We went to the Chipotle restaurant on Miller Rd. in Flint Twp., Michigan on 07-08-16. I have never been to your restaurants before. We encountered Preston at the checkout area. He was so friendly and polite, and when we went to pay for our meals he said there was no charge because we were first time customers. I was blowen away and thought he was joking, nevertheless he was not. I have never had this happen before, what a great way to treat a customer. He is a great employee and representive of your wonderful chain. Customers for life!
    Edward & Pauline Goldberg Davison,Michigan

  343. I received terrible customer service at the chipotle in Rhode Island row in Washington DC. I had a situation with cold food and while ago and one of their workers told me to come back to get new food that day I was at the emergency room and could not come back. I was in the area today and was not taken and they didn’t give me my food! Disappointed in management. I’m through eating at chipotle especially after the That meat situation. Now back customer service!

  344. Chipotle needs to learn how to treat customers at their corporate headquarters. Their website is the worst one I’ve been on in a long time and the phone number they give in Denver. I may never go back into a chipotle again.

  345. I was really disappointed once again to have my order not ready when I got to chipotle. It said it was supposed to be ready 15 minutes ago. When I got here, they JUST moved the ticket down to get worked on and I sat here watching customer after customer go by and no one even paid attention to my ticket on the wall. I would’ve made it through faster standing in line.


  346. Chipotle needs to seriously re-think their online ordering feature. This may work great for those who use it (although I have read many complaints to the contrary) but it has me smokin’ furious! Every time when I go to Chipotle I end up waiting in what looks like a short line for 25-30 minutes. Why? Because the employees are filling phone/internet orders instead of waiting on the customers who are right in front of them. This is total BS! If Chipotle wants to effectively continue taking phone and internet orders, they need to have a separate auxiliary food line to fills those orders during peak periods. I am getting so pissed off about this, as much as I like Chipotle, unless things change from now on I’m heading elsewhere for my lunch.

  347. Hi,
    I am writing in regards to a recent experience that I had at a local chipotle. My husband had picked up an order for our family that includes bowls and tacos. Unfortunately, the chicken was so spicy that we had to throw it out. None of us like super spicy things. So, I sent my husband to Wendy’s for burgers and called the manager of Chipotle to let him know the issue. I spoke to Robert and he apologized, inviting us back that week for a full replacement. He said the chicken was spicy that day and we weren’t the only people with tha complaint. So, 4days later my husband went up to chipotle and explained to the cashier the details of what Robert had said. He was told to go ahead and order a repeat of the items, only to get to the checkout and be told by Robert that he forgot all about it but would only comp 1 meal. Honestly, it’s not about the free food but more that he waited until the food was ordered to “change his mind”. We not only lost money when throwing food out after the original order but now purchased everything all over again minus 1 item. I am extremely disappointed at this experience and feel it’s important to reach out and let you know. Thank you!

  348. I called to Chipotle to speak to a person there and the manager question me like I was a child. He asked me who was calling and I stated that I wanted to speak to that person whom I was calling for please. He put me on hold then he called back and told me that I needed to tell him who was calling cause he was the general manager of the store. He was very nasty and unprofessional. I told him that I would call back later. When I got to Chipotle, I told the person that I had called for them and the manager was very rude. The manager came out and I asked him why was he so nasty on the phone. He started to argue with me with customer inside the store. He then told the person that when someone calls for them that they need to tell him who they are cause he is the manager. How unprofessional is that for someone to talk to a worker like that in front of customers. Chipotle is hiring these young kids to run there store and they are letting the authority go to their head. With service like that who needs to spend their money there.

  349. I have been going to Chipotle for years, never had an issue
    Great food- great Customer Service
    What Happen?? in the last 2 months, nothing but disappointment
    I go to 2 different location- Hermosa Beach, Ca- Bell Garden,Ca.
    Meet under cooked- or not available – day in the row with no fountain drinks-
    2 week ago I went in for barbacoa- it looked hold and very dry- I asked -do you have any more cooking? No this is good- when I went back to my office I was eating show laces
    Too bad I use to go 2/3 time a week

  350. I just wanted to say – I LOVE your chicken burrito bowls. I’ve gone to lunch to many chipotles and have always had such an outstanding experience. keep up the good work!

    PS: how do you make your chicken? it is to die for

  351. Hi,

    Would you be open to discussing some observations I’ve made on I think we can help to drive more traffic to yoursite, in addition to more clients.

    If more sales/leads is what you want, just respond here, and I’ll have one of my consultants get in touch.


    Alexa C.

  352. You have some management issues to address at your York PA, queens gate shopping center location.
    During my visit on 4/5 around 3:30 you had at least 8 employees in the store, the store had only 5 customers in it and the customer service attitude was completely lacking. Cashiers cut not take the time to get me a lemon for my drink.
    She just took off with a broom. Dark haired , young woman with glasses.
    Then a young gentlemen from jumped in and helped. But the lemon already had mold on its rind.

    The tables were dirty.
    Then some noisy hollering among the employees ensued as if they were having a party.

    This was also the first time I was told I had to pay extra for a travel cup with ice water that can fit a lid on it. Could be the result of management trying to account for fountain drink revenue with cup usage. At least then you need to think of providing a lid that fits the iddy-bitty water cup.

    I frequent chipotle at least 2 times per week and this is causing me to rethink where I eat lunch.

  353. I saw a report on the news last night that you are going up on your menu prices. I am not pleased with that because I eat from your restaurant every week and I don’t think it is fair that the consumers should pay more to recoup lost revenue from a recent outbreak. to raise the menu prices may result in lost of business in the future. I am totally against the menu price increase and I’m asking you to reconsider this decision asap.

  354. I called your Livermore, CA location today around 3:10 PST and asked how I would use the “Who’s Your Buddy” card. I was told by the young lady that I had to go on line and order. Which I did. She NEVER told me if I was using the card to NOT pay for the order. Of course when my husband got there to pick it up he was informed they could not do anything.
    I called as soon as he got home and complained about it only to be told to contact customer service. And then to be told their are no customer service reps to take the call. REALLY!!!!

  355. I called your Livermore, CA location today around 3:10 PST and asked how I would use the “Who’s Your Buddy” card. I was told by the young lady that I had to go on line and order. Which I did. She NEVER told me if I was using the card to NOT pay for the order. Of course when my husband got there to pick it up he was informed they could not do anything.
    I called as soon as he got home and complained about it only to be told to contact customer service. And then to be told their are no customer service reps to take the call. REALLY!!!!

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  358. I placed an online order, a chicken salad and a barbacoa bowl. When I got home I had two barbacoa bowls and no chicken salad. First time using online order, disappointing, paid for something I won’t eat.

  359. I have a charge on my debit card that is from you and I have never been in your restaurant or ordered from you …please let me know how I can contact someone to correct this…

  360. The food at your Salinas California was disgusting the the rice was hard and so where the beans. The barbacoa had no flavor and the customer service was bad, I think it’s a reflection of the Manager. Your restrooms where dirty….FOOD AND CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS awful…Will not be going back…ever….

  361. The BOGO promo text you sent me on my cell phone cannot be used because I don’t have an I phone. I have a flip phone. Would you please email me my BOGO coupon? Thank you.

  362. It started about a year ago when I walked into a Chipotle located in Carlisle, PA. I purchased a salad bowl and when I went to pay, it was free because it was my first visit. I have been visiting ever since. You food is amazing!! The only complaint that I could possible give you is that once when purchasing chips at the Chipotle in Camp Hill, PA, the chips seemed a little stale as though they may have been from a previous day. Other than that, there is nothing but good for you guys. Love You Guys!!

  363. I placed an order online for pickup. I paid and was told to pick up my order in 20minutes. I arrived at 13501 Connecticut Ave Aspen Hill MD 20906 only to be told “oh..your order isn’t ready, the printer isn’t working.” UNACCEPTABLE. Why do you have online ordering service if the stores aren’t prepared to actually fulfill this promise. With everything going on with Chipotle in the news this is an issue that should never happen and is avoidable. I have had many issues with this location getting orders incorrect, missing items and this was the absolute last straw. I HAVE HAD IT!!!!! I would like a response to my concern with this location soon.

  364. Hi, can someone please call me? I need a copy of a receipt for an online order from July 7th from San Diego, CA. The charge was made to a corporate credit card and I need to verify the information.

    Thank you,

    Mary Ellen

  365. Hi, I need a copy of my receipt from an online order from July 7th from San Diego, CA. The charge was made to a corporate credit card and I need to verify that it was a legitimate charge.

    Thank you,

    Mary Ellen

  366. I have always loved your food but for the first time, I was seriously disappointed in the chicken burrito I received and tried to eat. The chicken was burned and rock hard as if it had been over cooked. The fact that the store told me they had no lettuce was not a big deal but how can they not have lettuce. Everything was put on sparsely and normally the burrito is a handful but this burrito looked like a taco bell burrito. I actually tried to return to the store to talk with the manager, but the doors were closed before closing time. Disappointed to say the least.

  367. Hello,
    I am a very loyal customer to Chipotle because it is my favorite place every. Recently, I have been going to the Chipotle near my house in Myrtle Beach off of hwy 17. That location has continued to be a mess. They are always out of a product, and my recent visit they ran out of cheese, guac, and chips. I did not even eat my meal because it was not the same. I just do not understand how they can run out of that many items only at noon. I would go to another Chipotle, but the other ones are just too far from where I live. I hope this problem can be solved, and I can start having a better experience.

  368. Worst Chipotle ever…Algonquin illinois on Randall rd. When making my quesadilla I asked 3x for sour cream & corn I was ignored. I asked to have it cut. Again I was ignored these people would not even acknowledge you ask them something. Upon checkout I asked for sour cream and told they would bring it out with the quesadilla. I go to get my drink ice tea the container was empty. I told the cashier he said he would get it, it would be a minute until it cools down. My quesadilla comes out not cut no sour cream I go to get a knife all forks you have to ask for a spoon or a knife? The cheese was plopped in the center only along with the vegetables so about 2″ on the border was just empty. I then ask for the status on the tea the cashier said he would bring it out he goes in back comes out with a bucket pours it in the canister and all I see is the tea grinds dropping in. I get my tea it was cold? It didn’t need to cool down was this a lie from him? I have to say this was the worst chipotle we have ever been too without any attention to customer satisfaction. Maybe you should hire adults or young adults that care about their job or hire older people who would never treat customers with such disrespect. 2 thumbs down on the service & quality of food for this Chipotle. Posting to Facebook!

  369. I am very dissatisfied with my last visit to Chipotle. So much so I may never visit this establishment again. No more than an hour ago from now, I went to the Chipotle located on 4001 Freeport Blvd. (order #366). I spent close to $61.00.
    The person who waited on me and my boyfriend had a horrible attitude and when I brought it to her attention she turned and walked away. The host had a horrible disposition as well. I do not know your screening policy when hiring employees, but you need to take a look at these two employees attitudes, because this was not the first time having to deal with behavior like this.

    When a customer comes to an establishment and spends their hard earned cash, they would like to be treated in a friendly manner. Also, it is not my concern that this store is going through some reorganization which I was advised by the rude hostess.

    The initial Lady’s name was Michayla and the Hostess’ name was Tanya.

    I would like to add that poor Vlad had to pick up the slack and deal with these two hormonal women and make sure that our experience was somewhat descent.

    Thank you Vlad for providing 5-star customer service, you need a promotion!!!!

  370. I think Chipotle should come up with a 350 calorie bowl and maybe a 250-280 calorie bowl. They could be put in small containers. I think they could be very popular.

  371. I really enjoy Chipotle restaurants and have favorable and have mostly always have had favorable experiences.
    But tonight i went there with my 2 daughters and the person giving out meat was short so they just spread it out evenly on all 3 burritos .
    Then we get to the sour cream and the gal just doused it like she was putting out a fire.
    Please reply, thank to Thomas Fuchs

  372. I visited the Chipotle restaurant in Albuquerque on Holly Ave. The people are always very friendly, efficient and accommodating. The selection of food is excellent. The only thing I am noticing is how hot (spicy) the chicken bowl has become. In fact, it was so hot I hung my tongue out the window to cool it down on my way back to the office. I checked my lips in the mirror to make sure they hadn’t fallen off since I could no longer feel them. Not sure why the food has become so hot, maybe it’s because I live in Albuquerque, but I wish there was a way to order it more mild. Thanks for listening!


    • I paid the additional cost for the steak bowl, the meat looked great. Whoever was cutting up the steak had cut up as much gristle as meat. I kept trying , thinking I would get better bites, but basically 3/4 of the bites ended up back on the tray as being unedible due to gristle. I let them know and they offered to make me another type bowl, but by that time I was full of queso (which was good) and guacamole and had tried to eat the food in the ‘bowl’.

  374. I’ve been going to Chipotle for years, simply because I love the idea of choosing my own choices of what to put into my burritos. But, the Campbell location, their customer service sucks. This is not a one time deal. Most of the staff was childish and rude. One time, the server made fun of my accent simply he can’t hear me well. He was mumbling and mimicking me the whole times. Last Friday, I was there to order 4 different order. Yes, it took a little long. But she was frustrating because got 4 different orders…..hey, one customer doesn’t allow to order multiple burritos??? She was frowning and making faces the whole time she was serving me. At one point, she was literally just slapping the ingredients into the burritos. Would never come back to that locations. Just an FYI, I ordered 5 burritos, of course it takes times. I’m not taking them for free. Would never come back.

  375. I went to chipotle for the first time today,and I will never return.I spend 23 dollars on two bowls and the food was disgusting,my bowl even had a piece of ice in it.I went to the counter and all they did was remove the piece of ice to top it off the worker had a bad attitude.The food was extremely cold and you needed a magnifying glass to spot the meat.The 5 dollar chicken quesadilla combo at Taco Bell is a better choice then chipotle.Bring down your prices and serve hot food! I would never recommend this place.

  376. I Can’t reach anyone about an issue I had at one of your restaurants!!!! I keep getting the run around !!! So I would say your customer service is not equipped to handle issues!! I’ve been 3 days trying to talk to someone about the issue !!! Guess I’ll try channel 6 or 10 and see if they can help me find a solution on how to reach someone!!!!

  377. I have enjoyed Chipotle food for years, but I’ve been quite disappointed recently. First, the portion of meat given has been significantly reduced, no matter where I go. Second, I was told yesterday that if I log onto and input the code at the bottom of my receipt, then I would be in the running to possibly win free Chipotle for a year. I logged on and put in the code. The website told me I had put in an invalid code. I put the code in precisely – four times. Same message. I tried to call the customer service number. No response. Not impressed any more. Lost a customer.

  378. My wife and I had a very positive experience.we wanted steak burritos,the steak wasn’t ready we waited people got in line but because we ordered earlier the cashier took us when the steak was ready.great customer service

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  380. Went to Bellingham, WA Chipotle on May 28, 2018. I have recently relocated to Bellingham. I was not expecting the rude behavior from “Steve”. He was the person preparing our food. He very loudly yelled to someone in the back that they “needed to get out there because he was going home”. He then, very sloppily, prepared my food. I noticed that he gave no instructions to the young woman at the front counter. She rang the order incorrectly. Of course, I had to point that out. This made Steve very unhappy. I would say that he was loud, obnoxious, rude, very unprofessional. I almost said something to him directly but opted to report him instead.

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  382. The Chipotle in Nashville, TN, on 21st has some of the worst customer service. They open at 10:45 but are never ready, and often have several items not ready for service. The staff looks flustered and overwhelmed which effect their ability to properly serve the customers. This restaurant is horribly ran and needs some new leadership as soon as possible.

  383. I don’t know if u received prior email. Had bad food experience at Chipotle in Chicago (9400 s. Oakley) one block east of Western. Food was extremely dry and my guacamole I paid for was not put in bag. The cashier also did not put receipt n bag. So i had no proof until it posted to account. I don’t know if rice was over cooked but even with sour cream it was very dry. I would like refund.

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  386. I was in the Hanes Mall, Winston-Salem, NC Chipolte and it was extremely disappointing. This was my first time ever going into one and will never go back again. The employees were not very friendly, the place itself was very dirty, food and napkins etc. all over the floor, no place to sit because of the dirty tables and there was no reason for this. Very poor management. The time of day was 3:30. There should always be employees taking care of these tables for customers and keeping things off the floor, instead of just socializing behind the food counter when there are no customers in line.

  387. On 8-17-2018 my debit card was charged twice and I notice it on my bank statement in the amount of $7.42. Can someone contact me @ 281-794-7918 would like to receive refund. I also have the receipt from Chipotle at the location on 28920 Highway 290, HO5 Cypress, Texas 77433 281-758-4828…I spoke with Jeremy one of the managers at this location as well on Saturday and today (9-17-2018) My bank will have to deactivate my card for 10 days if they get involved to resolve this issue.

  388. Had another bad experience. Why do I keep giving you another chance?
    Chewy chicken, dirt and pebbles in the lettuce and today was burnt peppers that are now mixed throughout my salad. I’ll get my refund tomorrow but have you all checked out Qdoba? They do it right every time.

  389. I ordered online through Doordash a steak burrito. After eating about half of the burrito, I bit into a hard black foreign object. This piece was definitely not any food. I would like to know who I could speak with about my experience. I have pictures of the object if needed. I’m not sure that I didn’t swallow any of the pieces, but I for sure know it wasn’t food. I purchased my order at the Humble, Tx. location at 4:41pm on 10/2/18. Please contact me.

  390. Hello,

    I wanted to voice concerns regarding one specific location located in Harrison, OH located at:
    589 Ring Rd
    Harrison, OH 45030

    I eat at multiple locations across the country on a weekly basis as I travel for work and have tremendous service in most locations. This location without question is the worst from service,quality of food consistency. This is the 3rd consecutive time my food was flavorlous and the staff was less than interested. I want nothing from this email outside of informing you this location is an embarrassing representation of the company brand. I will continue to visit Chipotle, but will never step inside of f this location again.

    Thank You,

    Andy West

  391. I was food poisoned yesterday 10/3718 by the Chipotle restaurant in Issaquah, WA. I had a stake bereto thing. I got one for lunch and was only able to eat about 1/4 of it and had to stop because it did not tast good. Within about 30 min I started to get nausea and at 45 min I started getting dizzy sweating and clammy. It got worse and worse until I started thronging up. We were having a corporate inspection and everyone was out on the property inspecting apartments. I was the only one in the office. There was no one who could replace me so I could go home. I was so dizzy I was afraid I was going to passout. I ended up spending most of the day on my knees in the bathroom or lying on the floor in the package room waiting to hear someone come into the office. Although I am feeling much better today, I only have been able to eat plain toast. My knees and ankles hurt so bad I can hardly walk and by back is killing me. I am a 60 year old single mom with a child in High School and I work through a temp agency and I don ‘t get time off and can’t afford to take time off. Your poor food handling could have cost me a days wages which would mean a lot more to me than to other people. True I received my food free from the corporate office people otherwise I would never eat you food it costs too much, but that was an unnecessarily painful free lunch.

  392. I am generally a big fan of Chipotle; But I ate at the Seal Beach CA (Rossmore) location on 10/23/2028. It was by far the slowest, most poorly run restaurant I have ever experienced. No one was wiping tables. The restroom looked like it had not been serviced in a week. Both of our burritos were literally cold (this is the cause of most Chipotle bacteria outbreaks). This franchisee needs to go, for the sake of public health.

  393. I went to 9w 42 st in NYC I bought a burrito and chips I swear the lady gave me a baked potato it was so small I would need 3 of them to fill up. The chips were wet and wet and gross. I would never eat at this place again for what they charged I could eat a lot more and better food else where. I tell my friends and co workers to avoid this p

  394. I was at one of the chipotle locations ordering and did not have a good experience. I felt as the person serving me was limiting me on the items I was ordering. For example, I will order both types rice, some beans, etc. My server usually gives me one or two scoops of what ever the item is and today they didn’t. I was wondering what to do and how to go about this as I did not want to adress the people directly. Thank you.

  395. My fiancé ordered two burritos at 1:10 this afternoon and it say it would be ready for pickup at 1:30. I arrived at 1:35 and walked in to three very unprofessional girls. They were chatting away completely ignoring my presence when a door dash employee walked in and they had his order ready to go and he was on his way. Once they finally decided to start and finish my order they left the bag on the counter and continued to ignore me. I had to walk up to them and ask if it was mine. They carelessly said yes and I walked away with out saying thank you due to my frustration. As I walked away one f the three girls yelled out ” You’re Welcome” with an attitude and I chose to ignore her and continue to walk away when she yelled it out two more times!

    It wasn’t about it not being ready right for when I walked in, it was how they handled it and how they treat their job like a hangout place. I have always loved Chipotle but I will never go back to that store ever again.

  396. I am currently at the Chipotle at 3220 Morrow Road in Birmingham, AL Suite 100. My husband ordered online and when we got to the store my daughter and I decided to get an order. We came in the store and saw an employee twirling their hair without gloves. Making selfies with their phone. I looked to my left and saw that the rating is a 89. I don’t allow my family to eat in a restaurant that is below 90. I asked to see the manager and before I could finish my complaint, she says to me “ We have an 89 and there is nothing I can do about it, if you want to go and look to see why you can. The nicest thing that Sabrina said to me was to have a good night. This correspondence is for two things: 1) an official complaint on the horrible customer service 2) We were unable to get my husbands money back for his meal. We are requesting a refund. Sorry I didn’t want my family sick for the holidays!

  397. It took over 30 minutes to get my order they were out of rice out of fajitas had to wait over 10 minutes for the food to get ready this server with literally four pieces of chicken half a spoon of guac when I ask for more she gave me attitude from the moment that I arrive until the moment I left it took me 19 minutes so I had to eat my lunch in the car

  398. Myself and my wife went to Chipotle in Jupiter FL. we ordered two chicken bowls
    and two beverages with chips while we were eating my wife found a piece of straw in her bowl, I went up to the counter and spoke with the female worker on what we found and she stated wait on the side the manage will speak to us.
    After waiting aprox. 15 min we left. been at that location a few times with no problems but this was a bad experience will have to think if its worth returning.

  399. I ordered on line and chose to pick up in the santa ana location, but instead the order went to Tustin so when my co worker picked up my order it was not there because it wen to Tustin. I want a refund on my card, this is really bad service on line

  400. food on hot side very cold, employee I spoke to probably could not show anyone where the heater is turned on, no parent there to supervise the kids there .First time and LAST time customer.

  401. Just a note to tell you that your carne Assad is to die for I have never tried any meat except the chicken.I now am hooked. Great job chipotles!

  402. Please contact me asap 330-495-3006
    We tried to place an online order Sunday afternoon 9-30-19 and it said it didn’t go through so we went in and ordered and PAID in cash and I see it was charged to my Credit card 9-30-19 as well. I would like to speak with somone directly I phoned the store and Claudia at the W. Tusc location in Canton, OH said you would help me get this cleared up and credit my account.

  403. I visited Chipotle at Trinity Parkway in Stockton, CA on Thursday September 26th at approx. 2:30 pm and ordered a Chicken bowl. First of all the server scooped way too much of the red hot sauce that I always order and it pretty much ruined the food. I was able to eat the chicken but not the rice. Hours later on same evening I started throwing up and using the restroom and it continued all night. I contacted Chipotle on Saturday 09/28.2019 at about noon. The manager told me it was too late for a refund because it had been 3 days. I corrected him. He told me it was impossible for me to have food poisoning because no one else had.There was more to the converstion but overall he was rude, overtalked me and repeated the same things over and over. He said he had to file a report since I said I had food poisoning and took down information. He said he would have to request Corporate to contact me for a refund and I should hear back by Wednesday. No one has contacted me.
    In addition, I soon developed the first UTI in my 63 years of life and am told that it could have been the result of the contaminated chicken. All of that should hopefully be over, but I am completely insulted by the way I was treated over a $10 meal.

  404. Chipotle experience is always a hit or miss, and my recent visit to the location 2973 Cobb pkwy Atlanta Ga. 30339 was the worst. I ordered a chicken bowl, and as the employee was preparing my bowl he would stop to talk with other employees, unacceptable. Then for some reason they didn’t have lettuce as an option. So as I got home the bowl was terrible, salty, and the tomatoes looked ripped 🤨, I should’ve stayed away as before when they had their issues .

  405. at work we ordered chipotle online. went to pick up our order and started getting message from my bank that there was a charge on my card. then another message and another and so forth. we were charged 12 times for the same order. when I advise them at the store where I picked up (mind you our order was not even started) they said I have to call customer service). where cause all you get is a recording. worse experience ever. we always order chipotle. don’t know what happened this time. a 26.00 dollar meal came out to over 300.00.. hopefully they see this message and contact us.

  406. I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to manager James Morton as well as Veronal and Haley that work at the store located at 4655 PGA Blvd in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. I was hosting a “GO Red for Heart Health” fundraiser today, 2/7 at work which I was supplying lunch for. I had ordered online through the catering service, not knowing it gets sent somewhere not necessarily where I am located. There was no order. Apparently certain Chipotle stores handle catering and this particular location does not. I was in a PANIC, I had to feed 25 people in less than 40 minutes. James had his team stepped up to the plate and within minutes had filled and order and order to feed 25 people! if I wasn’t for James, Veronal and Haley’s calm demeanor, I may have had a breakdown!
    BRAVO to the team at 4655 PGA Blvd!! AND THANK YOU AGAIN!!

  407. Now, I’m really pissed because I typed the details and it gets to the contact information and tells me to refresh to erase everything.

    I was told my e-gift card was invalid or I need to call. Never have I had to call for activation. It is $5. I just had fraud activity on my main credit card. I have limited access to money. I got the gift card at 4pm. So within 3hrs, it somehow is invalid. There were no available chips. The wait line wrapped around 3/4 of the restaurant and was over 30 min wait to get to an employee. So now I won’t have lunch for tomorrow.

  408. Absolutely terrible customer service. I am surprised that Chipotle is still in business with the kind of people whom you employ to represent them…I will not be using them again and will encourage friends and family not to as well.

  409. I ordered from the Hastings chipotle in MN last week and we were not able to get the order and would like a refund it was done on 9/29/20 chicken burrito double meat and chips we had to get to work an order was not ready

    once again today we ordered from cottage grove there system was down and we could not wait to get order made we had to get back to work 10/07 was a chicken burrito chips and apple juice please refund both orders

  410. Terrible service. School fundraiser. Pick up orders running 30 minutes late. Store at 2760 S. Colorado Blvd. in Denver. Surely the manager knew there were going to be a ton of orders from the parents. But the workers were in no rush. A post office sense of urgency.

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