Contact Chick-fil-A Customer Service

Contacting Chick-fil-A Customer Service Center

Chick-fil-A is a privately owned company specializing in boneless chicken sandwiches. The company was founded in the late 1960’s and subsequently become one of the top producing fast food restaurants in the United States. Chick-fil-A provides service in 38 states, to millions of customers each year at 1,500 locations.

The company has had its share of difficult times attempting to lure customers away from traditional fast food chains such as McDonalds and Burger King. What sets the company apart from the rest is its commitment to the customer and the customer service.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Customers wanting to voice questions and concerns have the ability to do so by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-877-808-2321
  • Corporate headquarters: 404-765-8000

Mailing Address

Chick-fil-A Headquarters5200 Buffington Road Atlanta, GA 30349

Official Website

Visit the official Chick-fil-A website in order to locate information relating to the menu and the nutritional value of the products. Customers can also research the allergens of each of the products. Since Chick-fil-A is a family restaurant, parents and kids have a dedicated page with fun activities and healthy eating tips. Prior to contacting the customer support team, the company recommends visiting the Chick-fil-A FAQs  for additional information relating to the products and services.

Customer Service Email

Go to to send feedback to the customer support team and the corporate office. Customers can explain their restaurant experience or send along general questions and concerns. We sent a message asking for the hours of the customer service department. The automated response stated we would hear from a representative within 24 hours; we are still awaiting a response. Although you can contact the customer support team on the Facebook page or the Twitter page, there is no guarantee of response time.

Our Experience

We contacted the customer service department anticipating speaking with a friendly employee. What we encountered was an automated system attempting to direct our call to our local store. We utilized this phone number first and spoke with an employee of one of the restaurants. We asked for information on how to contact the corporate headquarters. The employee was helpful and gave us the information as requested.

We contacted the customer service team at the corporate offices and asked if the company had a toll-free number so customers could address concerns with the headquarters. The agent apologized and stated, in order to contact the customer support team; customers must call the corporate offices directly. This is an unfortunate turn of events. It appears as if the “family-friendly’ company does not pay close attention to the customer. We were not pleased with our experience. What say you? Leave a comment below.

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65 Comments on “Contact Chick-fil-A Customer Service
  1. I had an EXTREMELY good time with Chic-fil-a. Everybody was smiling. Even though there was a long line for their food (it stretched out the door and into the parking lot) the food was spectacular. When I finally got to the door, the manager was there holding the door open for me. When I ordered my chicken sandwich, they asked for a name, they didn’t give me a ticket with a number on it. I was treated like a person. Did I mention the food was great? When I looked at the recipt, they wanted me to fill out a survey in order to get a free chicken sandwich. Their chicken is real chicken, not ground up bird pressed through a grate.

  2. My family and I visted the store off of I95 in pooler/Gooley station and was treated by the young manager as if we was back in the slavery days with his comments. I never would have thought in a mill years that in these times would I be treated like that; yes overseas in the war zones i have preious been in; but not this country.

  3. I love this place, in fact I worked for this company,but I just called to place an pick up order like I have done multiple times and the manager picked up the phone, but was having an issue with it. I wanted a #6 4count GRILLED w/fries no salt. He didn’t not want to do it because they don’t have it on the menu. Really since when?? I went to the university city blvd location in Charlotte nc. I was highly upset because he was saying that it wasn’t going to be as fresh no matter what I was going to get it from the drive-thru and go home it wasn’t going to be fresh by the time I eat it. He didn’t make sense to me. This needs to be addressed because what if a customer wanted lunch for breakfast is he going to say NO.

  4. the last time I used my calendar card was in Oct. I don’t think they gave it back to me, because I always put it in the same place in my car. I didn’t have it for my Nov. drink. I always go to the same Chic-fil-a so I called them and was told they were sorry that theres nothing they can do about it. if this is the case then I don’t want to buy anymore calendar cards. I lost out now on nov. & dec.

  5. We are disgusted that after all of the support you received for being strong in your beliefs you have now caved in to the will of a minority of bullies! So these few bullies are more important to you than the majority of people who supported you for being strong! My family will no longer support you and I am sure there are many, many more who will do the same!

  6. I was at the chick fil a in north Richard hill at northeast mall and it was about time to close and out of no were a women screams so loud it scared my baby. I believe it was a rat and if so someone need to do something about that Because that’s a place with food. My family and friends eat there and that a health hazard not only for the employees but for customers as well.

  7. I was a you store a few weeks ago on Well’s Road Jacksonville Fl and they were playing
    Bingo for food. It was a lot of fun. Are they going to
    Do this again. Or are they going to do it at a
    Anther location?Thank you!

  8. I would like to submit my resume for consideration for local management positions available. Chick Fil-A was at a recent job fair I went to at Cecil College in North East, MD. Thank you, Doug Joines Could you send me an email address I could send this career information to. Thanks again.

  9. After eating recently at Chic-Filet, I was a little concerned about how much food is wasted due to the oversize meals. I had a thought that might help take care of 2-Major Health Issues in the World with One Stroke.
    Offer a “Healthy Portion Meal”, which is basically a super-sized meal with 9 nuggets instead of 12, medium fry instead of a large fry, medium drink opposed to a jumbo drink, and any other meals that could be reduced in such a in such a negligible manner, that patrons (although knowing the reduction in this meal), would feel satisfied and not leave bloated nor leave hungry. The cost could be the same as the super-sized Meal, or depending the true savings for Chic-Filet, they might reduce it by 20 cents. Regardless the results would be 2-fold.
    1) Americans that do not have the restraint to not order a super-sized meal and then stuff it all in, would now assistance by Chic-Filet in reducing their calories, and then their weight, health and general attitude in the long run.
    2) The money save by Chic-Filet could be used to purchase food for the starving children in this country and others. I think if Chic-Filet kicked of this campaign, it would not be long before others followed in suit.

  10. I really have developed a ‘dislike’ for your new coffee cup lids. Over the past several months I have splattered on, spilled over, and stained a variety of shirts, scarfs, coats and today I had to stop abruptly and the coffee spilled out of the top of the lid onto my car’s carpet.

    I love Chick-Fil-A and go there nearly everyday for my breakfast, dine in or through the drive thru and never complain, but I felt compelled this morning to bring this matter to your attention.

    There must be others who have experienced what I have. If you could consider just changing the lids, that would be GREAT!!!

  11. I love chickfila but stopped thismorning orderd a chicken burrito, gravey and bisqkets ……..I could not eat any of it…… both were horrible

  12. love chic-fil-a and I eat there often. I visit the location on Capital Blvd, North Hills, as well as downtown Raleigh NC. I was extremely disappointed today. I went to the Downtown Raleigh location for lunch to just purchase a small order of grill nuggets; wherein, I left empty handed and disappointed. I was told they only serve 8-12 size servings and it is roughly $5 for those small nuggets alone. With that price I could have went to any other location and got what I wanted for a reasonable price. I went to Subway and got a 6″ sub for less than that price; This is ridiculous. To make things worst my son can’t even get a kids meal at this location when he comes to work with me. He’s 3 but you expect him to order a meal for a grown-up. I work downtown so of course this is the closest location to me. I have spoken to many of my co-workers and this is one of the reasons they refuse to visit. I understand it’s a business and because the location is downtown, you raise the price. Well here’s a fact that you may need to take into consideration. Over half of the population that works in the Downtown area are not rich nor do their salary allow them to afford $5 for just some small grill nuggets.

    • i love your restaurants. I live in New Jersey I usually go to your deptford and marlton locations at least one a week. The customer service and staff in the store are impeccable!! We had a major storm hit the area in which I lived in Tuesday been without electricity since Friday. Had to throw all the food in my refrigerators out. Though I know the fancier restaurants would be very busy I wanted to go to chick fila. I went to the voorhees one on white horse rd the free standing not one on the towncenter. My sister and brother in law got waited on got the order to them and sat down at a near by table waiting for me to join them I was next the young lady totally ignored me. I asked am I in wrong lane that you won’t take my order she said the line is over there and point to a line of 8 people already there you took my sister and brother in law who were in front of me. There is no organization in this location your other two locations that I visit give you a number holder so they know who is next and where you are seated.though I will never go to this location again I will go to the ones that give customer service you need to give this location up to par or let them see how good store run

  13. I have filled out several of your surveys over the years nd my complaints or comments I guess fall on deaf ears. Your chicken portions are way to small for the prices you charge or to have a consistent product. Yesterday I had your chicken breakfast bagel and as always the chicken portion didn’t even cover the bagel. You have the highest breakfast prices in the fast food industry. Once again very disappointing !

  14. Hi I heard people go to Chick-fil on Friday afternoon when schol is off.There was a girl name Ebony Grape she a French church girl that like me in a ood way.She want to hook up with me at First Baptish church nc state she like when I listen to the radio up there it drive the girls crazy.She want to talk to me when people get Baptize and give up my old clothes to church.And there a girl name Stephaine White s she role homeroom she want to talk to Deoraha Robinson becaus she knowa’ I’m the preety boy in school around.But.Shanaz Ahmadi talk about outside cat’s that leave the mall and school permission where Peris and Dedoraha Robinson go to Cheseapeake square mall mini ride are at.But they have fun during school time.Deoraha Robinson was a cute friend of my because she like my style with few girl’s she hang with at school.She also talk talk to her cousin Peria on the phone about re dating or going out in the mall one day together sometime.Stephaine White watch her alot because they hang out together and she hang at Suffolk Block side with her family member house and she goes to the side court to hang with Goldenla Berry to talk to her baout when she break up my girl issue with her one day.

  15. I ordered a comb meal and to my surprise I had something green in my food. I dont know what it was but it looked like a piece of grape skin or pea. Not pleasant.

  16. I just stopped for a frosted lemonade at the Ocala Florida store on hwy 200. I am from mobile al. I asked for whipped topping to be added to My frosted lemonade and even said I would pay extra. I was purchasing two. I was told I could not have topping on my drink. I asked why not. Is this the U SA? I said I’ve gotten it at every store I’ve been in. I asked is there a reason woth food health for it not to be added. She said no we just can’t serve it to you with topping!.. I said never mind and walked out. This was just before the chic fil a bowl with Auburn who I am a graduate. I have never been treated with such customer service. I came home and made my own frosted lemonade and will add all the whipped topping I want. Chic fil a has been one place I love to visit but it appears our freedoms to order food how we would like have gone out the door along eith customer service at your stores .

  17. It was wonderful! The workers there are so kind and got a highchair for my daughter and always have a smile and say its their pleasure. Chickfila is amazing and i really admire its customs. I wouldn’t choose another place to eat after work…

  18. I had the worst experience at Chick fil A today employs named Jed and Alex were rude. Then when the manager of that location came out my friend addressed her She tried to defe the employees. I said she wasn’t privy to the conversation so how could she hear that from the back. I believe this location and some employees need some additional customer service training

  19. I have seen recently on websites that a chick-fil-a is sponsoring a LBGT film and arts festival. The company needs to nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand and hurts business. I understand it is NOT the entire company, but only one privately owned chick-fil-a. Many people choose to eat at chick-fil-a because of your Christian morals, let us know if this is just an individual or the entire company, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I went to the lovejoy location at about 9:30. They were not very busy. I proceed to the restroom where there is no toilet paper. After ordering I stand at the counter patiently waiting and then the lady hands me my bag and I have to ask her for my drink. I go to the car and my nuggets are cold so I have to go back in and talk to the manager. There was no apologies. I am just very disappointed in the whole experience. All of the other locations I have been in were much more pleasurable. I would not go back to that location.

  21. My family eats a chick fil a at least once a week as my son has training and the only fast food that that we will allow him to eat in the area is chick fil a. My son attends a private christian school, so I thought it would be beneficial for us to purchase gift cards to from the Web site. I was very surprised that your company is not on the website. I think it would be a great for a Christian based company to participate in the program. Is this something that your company would be willing to look into?

  22. I had a problem activating my 2016 calendar card on line. I e-mailed customer service detailing the problem that I was experiencing. Who ever responded to that e-mail must not have read it as they told me to go on line to activate my card and if I still had problems there was a number that I could call. I had tried to activate my card 4 times on line. I had a card last year and did not write down my password. I clicked the “forgot password” icon and received the temporary password. The website would not recognize it. After the third time, I contacted customer service. I was not happy to receive an e-mail telling me the steps to activate it on line when I had explained that I could not get it to activate on line.

  23. I have never in 25 years had a bad meal. Chick-Fil- A is always the same tasty food
    I take my 9 Grand Children to eat nutritious food and play. Chick-Fil-A is the only fast food they are allowed to eat we love to dress like cows on cow day and enjoy the free meals. Thank you for making our lives a treat. We are thankful to the founder and we found you

  24. I purchased a large chicken nugget tray for my son’s birthday. I picked it up. And the nuggets were hard as a rock. I called. They apologized. But didn’t offer a refund. Hwy 52 Gainesville. Ga.
    Please email or phone me. Very disappointing
    404 425 3664this is the 3rd time I have emailed you. No response??

  25. Last week and this week I order grilled nuggets during my lunch break. When I got back to work I had regular fried nuggets. I was not able to go back and when I called no one answered the phone for me to report the issue.

  26. Went to the Houston TX I-45 Wayside location for breakfast this morning. Wanted 3-pcs chicken minis WELL DONE MEAT. They do not cook their meat to my satisfaction. Paid for food and was told to move up front. After 3 different trips to my car, they kept bringing me the same box of food – meat undercooked. Went in and asked for a refund. Called back to talk to mgr and she was “not there.” Went I told “Amanda” I had seen her in there, she was not “unavailable.” Asked for 800 complaint number and she gave me an incorrect number. I wasted 38 minutes of my time at that dump; late to work and still no breakfast. That’s Ok. I will now let the Health Dept. deal with them.

  27. After a school choral concert we took 4 adults and 7 kids to a Chick Fil A as a treat. We arrived there at 9:15 waited in line until 9:20 when trying to place the order for a milkshake we wer told “we ran out of ice cream”, we said okay how about cookies…we were told we dont have any of those left either…then we said how about grilled chicken and were also told they dont have those either…Ended up with Fries, and water (NOT a GOOD EXPERIENCE). I called to speak to the Manager the following morning where I was told by the Manager “Im not the overnight Manager and I will tell them”…Then proceeded to end the conversation by saying “My Pleasure” I certainly hope it was because it wasnt mine.

  28. Sad to say I recently had a poor experience with chick-a-filet Wendover Ave, Greensboro, NC 27409 on June 14th at 10:am. Walked into this location and received the wrong order. Ordered a scrambled egg biscuit. When I returned to vehicle checked and received wrong order – chicken biscuit. Went back inside this time received a cold scrambled egg biscuit. Felt you needed to be contacted as I held chick-filet to higher standards. And location was not busy.
    Order number 4364980 – Wendover FSU #00849)

  29. I cannot use the Chick-Fil-A feedback page. It requires entry of a restaurant, but whenever I enter a zip code and hit the Update List button, it doesn’t update. I *really* wish they would provide an alternate email address to get around this bug.

  30. I had the worst Chick-Fil-A experience yesterday at the Granbury, TX store. I arrived and took a place in line which made two people in each line. The first three people were all waited on, and when I stepped up to the counter, suddenly everyone acted as though I was invisible. There were a total of 7 people working the front area but they were busy visiting with each other and talking about some telephone text. I stood there for a minimum of two minutes and no one acknowledged my presence. I finally called out, “Is anyone working the counter?” and the drive thru girl asked me if I had been helped. Horrible experience and very unprofessional group of staff.

  31. Chick Fil-A Headquarters,

    My name is Jeremy Graves and my wife and I are frequent visitors to your store number 03089 in Boise Idaho on the corner of Broadway and front streets. In recent weeks our chicken strips have gotten increasingly worse, the product is cooked in sub par oil that is old and makes the taste of the chicken worse and worse. We have several times brought this to the attention of the leadership at the local level. It has not gotten any better. We typically go several times a month and at this point we are considering no longer eating at your establishment, please advise how to move forward.

    Thank you

    Jeremy Graves

  32. Today went to restaurant in Lansdale, pa. Drive thru ordered #1 .was given the wrong order. Had to drive back and they were not at all helpful. They charged me for grilled and I wanted the regular. Manager did not adjust the cost. Not good customer service. Not normal for chick file a

    • Often purchase meals at the restaurant. Typically buy from Ashbridge Square Store in Downingtown, PA. Very fond of the cobb salad. The last two I purchased, the tomatoes were spoiled. When I bought another order today and provided feedback regarding the previous salads having spoiled tomatoes, the manager’s solution was to advise me to buy the salad without the tomatoes in the future. Now I wasn’t seeking a free meal or anything else…just feedback. But for a company who I find extremely consistent, courteous, and always pleasant, I was very surprised that the first time I had a small problem that it was handled in this fashion. The manager is Jay Walsh. Very poor customer service…extremely surprised. Rickey and Lillian.

  33. Stopped at location #02799, Northlake Festival to use my calendar card for this month. Ordered what I thought was medium bowl of soup at the drive thru. Got home and noticed the bowl was small for medium size. Checked receipt and it said small. Called the restaurant and was told I had the option of small or large size. When I ordered at drive thru I read what was on the calendar card, which was a medium bowl. She didn’t tell me I had an option of 2 sizes, nor that there was no option for medium. Per the menu online, I saw small and large. Guess no one caught that during the manufacturer of the card.

  34. I went to the Waycross, Ga CFA this morning about 9. When I walked in, the cashier was signing out. I waited (I was the only one in line) a few minutes. During that time, Will was chatting and laughing with another person waiting on food. He finally walked over and signed back in and took my order, a chicken biscuit. When I received the item, I was very displeased. The chicken was 1/2 the size I am used to and the biscuit literally fell apart in my hands! I had traveled about 21/2 hours this morning and was looking forward to my biscuit. I have always received extraordinary service and food at every other CFA I have visited, but was sorely disappointed with this one.

  35. I am at the houston rodeo in march here to watch Sierra Bentley. I was at the NRG arena watching an event and decided to get chick fil a. The employees were ridiculously rude and they said that all they had available was spicy chicken sandwiches. I said that’s what I wanted anyway. The lady grabbed a precooked warm sandwich from under the heat lamp and threw it in a bag and handed it to me. The sandwich had chicken and a bun. Nothing else. It was not what I expected from chick fil a. I was way passed pissed off at the service and the food. I suggest you don’t open up at the rodeo if you can’t do
    Any better than that. It drags your name thru the mud and it’s not what I expected. Yours truly. Extremely disappointed. I’d like
    My Money back. It want worth what I spent. You’re better than that.

  36. Stopped on way back to NJ from VA at CF#03290 Milford , NJ. Tables dirty, food order only one cashier and customer service not good. Only CF that I’ve experienced as negative, dirty, and slow. Visit on 22 April at 4:11 pm. Have pictures to email if needed.

  37. I visited the restaurant in Lansing Michigan. I was very impressed with the service. The cashiers Natalie & Elise, had a great attitude and were good at getting orders done quickly but still with a smile. This in spite of the fact that they were ridiculously busy. Awesome experience!

  38. There is an human resources manager at a store I use to work at that seems to think its ok to treat people like trash and cuss at them on the clock. This manager has also been the reason to several people quitting and the owner of the store doesnt care the slightest.


  40. Over one hour ago I spent 10 minutes filling out the famous survey questionnaire for a free sandwich!! Have not heard a blimp form you!! A shame and a Scam to the customer!!

  41. Cow Appreicaite Day went to the Douglasville, Ga location where it was literally a drive-thru event. Arrived in line about 5:50 p.m., Right when we finally reached someone to take order, the Manager came out and said We are not taking anymore orders for Cow Apprieciation Day and the line will be closed out… I could see if they closed the line as cars were still coming in, but to say this JUST AS WE WERE (My daugher, myself and neighbor) ALREADY SPEAKING TO THE CASHIRE, WOW….. I was left speachless….Needless to say we, waisted gas, time, effort and our Cow outfilt, just to be turned around. VERY RUDE!!!!

  42. While on a road trip from South Carolina we stopped at a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Richmond, Kentucky (#02466) for lunch. I inadvertently left my handbag at the restaurant. 30 minutes after leaving the restaurant I realized my mistake. Upon calling the restaurant I was told they had recovered my handbag and were holding it. By the time I returned to the restaurant Kyle Wells had tracked down my home phone number in Indiana through my AARP card as I carried no other identification, and left two messages. I am so very grateful to Mr. Wells for his graciousness, courtesy and follow through. I have to commend your corporate offices for hiring nothing but good, Christian people to run your facilities.

  43. I just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed eating at Chick fil A. The food is always so good and the employees are so friendly.They always make you feel so welcomed.We visited several Chick fil A,in the past few weeks,and the employees are the nicest people.I just wanted you all to know how much we love eating there.

  44. MR. DAN CATHY, My family were fortunate to have lunch in your Daytona restaurant on Oct 4,2017 and to have Mr. Bryan Brymer as our server. I would have written sooner but unfortunately we experienced a death in our family. Sir, I felt compelled to let you and your management know that Mr. Brymer is not only an asset to your company but he also possesses unique positive interaction with his diners! We could not forget this gentleman’s service and personality. I am retired nine years but I can truthfully say that I would have loved to have an employee such as Bryan. MY sincerest thanks to Bryan, his manager for hiring him and the Entire CHICK-FIL-A Company!! Thank you Sir for your time . Sincerely, The Merola Family

  45. Do not like to get my free sandwich after doing survey sent to me by email .. you should have the option the old way to write down on slip or the email … I do not really use email … senior

  46. My son, who is a military veteran, and his family. ..stopped by the Beckley, WV store yesterday….Veterans Day….He asked about Veterans Day discount and was told you don’t do that! Really? Just lost our business

  47. I think it’s wonderful and the Christian thing to do, to not discriminate and welcome illegal aliens into restaurants as customers. However, when the employees are going out into the restaurant among all the customers, having lengthy (or any non-business related) conversations in Spanish, this is a sign of a poorly managed or unAmerican company. This happens every time I go to their South Rice store. Fortunately I usually go to the well-run store on Richmond Ave near the Galleria. It shouldn’t matter that the So. Rice store is near a huge barrio where illegals dominate, and even legal immigrants and their supporters have no interest in assimilation like US immigrants before them from all corners of the globe have done, becoming successful Americans. Mgt. Is missing the boat and hurting these youngsters with additional handicaps in life.

  48. I love Chick fil A, and I am not a fast food consumer. I do have a problem with the mobile app, though. Three times I’ve gotten an email saying I have a treat, I drive 30 minutes to the closest CFA, and then it won’t come up on my mobile app. At home it showed up fine in my email and on the computer, but then I get to the store and NOTHING! No one there understands the app, and in fact told me many people can’t place orders on it. I’ve tried contacting CFA, but have gotten NO response, and the “contact us” link on their webpage, is “404 Not Found”. I have to drive out of my way to go there and, I am sad to say, they are about to loose my business, if no one can help me.

  49. I went to a Chick-fil-a on 2/8/18. My receipt offered a free sandwich for completing a survey. I did the survey on 2/9/18 but have not received the free sandwich offer. I’m concerned the 2-day time limit will expire.

  50. I think I want u to stop sponsoring a TV show that calls women Fleckless cunts.
    that’s what I think. or does that make me uncool.

  51. Just wanted to recognize one very pleasant associate at the Blakeney store. She’s an older lady, didn’t get her name, but she’s always so so helpful and nice to my children. We were there today again, and one of kids accidentally spilled the lemonade. I felt so embarrassed. Couldn’t find anyone to help. Then suddenly she came up and helped and made me feel better and even refill our cup. She was so understanding. I see her there all the time. Will make sure to catch her name next time.

  52. I dined at the Gainesvillle GA location right at 6:30am with three friends for breakfast. The doors were late to be opened so we entered at about 6:34am. Not really a problem there, but we were waiting. Everyone was nice as usual. I got my order and the sausage egg cheese biscuit was just sausage without anything else. I returned it and explained I wanted the sausage,egg and cheese, a number 5 meal- It came back quickly-The biscuit was cold and tasted a day old. The egg was thrown on 1/2 the biscuit and the cheese was not melted. My hash browns were crushed as well. I have come to love Chic-fi- a breakfast for being hot and fresh and consistent. This was not what I expected today and it was really disappointing.


    Brad Cowan

  53. I have a charge on my credit card for Chick-Fil-A that I did not charge. Some one stole my credit card number and charged it. The Chick-Fil-A is #3328. There was no manager or number on the Chick-Fil-A charge. Please advise me of what town and state and manager this charge was made.

  54. Was at the Winter Haven FL store today and saw an exceptional young lady pay for a 92 year old war veterans meal when he was told by another worker the discount was only for active veterans and he said I guess what I did didn’t matter. The young lady then told the worker she was going to personally pay for his meal and did. Wow! Where are more people like her. This is something that most young people don’t comprehend yet this young lady had the heart to do this for this veteran that served our country. She should be recognized and possibly look into the company’s policy on discounts for veterans. I asked another employee what this young lady’s name was and was told Hannah. She had blonde hair in bun and black glasses. She is a keeper and represented the company and values well.

  55. I’ve been going to the Mission, Texas restaurant on Expressway 83 for several months now and just have to congratulate you on such nice and polite employees at this location especially JASMINE. She is extremely nice and polite makes my day even when I’m down or having a bad one. Every morning her smile just brightens my day. I have to say all your employees at this location are super nice!. Please thank her for her work ethic and kindness in behalf of all CBP employees from the Anzalduas Port of Entry. Even though she might be having a bad day, you would not know it due to her smile. Keep up the good work JASMINE!.

  56. This experience was absolutely frustrating and could almost make me leave Chic-fil-a.
    Everything I was directed to do did not work. So, if someone wants to participate in your programs and needs assistance what exactly are they to do?

  57. I just ordered on my app a hash brown burrito with a grilled filet and no hash browns. When I got it at the window he said grilled burrito. Just opened it and it’s a bowl with hash browns. Not what I wanted. My order number was Anna Voth
    Mobile Order
    Order number: 3571878

  58. I was asked to do a survey after checkout. I followed the directions. It asks for the serial number on the receipt. The number is too long for the provided block and it will not allow me to proceed. The food is always good and the reason i am a repeat customer. I was however a little pissed. During the lunch rush. That only one register was working with a line stretching to the door. This is the first time I have experienced this problem. The staff was polite and courteous as always. I just dont understand why this was happening. I will gladly fill out your survey. If you need further information you have my email address.

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