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Contacting Chicago Tribune Customer Service Center

The Chicago Tribune is a print newspaper delivered throughout the Chicago area and by mail to people outside of Chicago-proper. Customer service options are listed on a dedicated page where customers can log in to a virtual account, modify their paper subscription, start service, stop service and suspend service, as needed. Subscriptions can be ordered, paid and cancelled online.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Chicago Tribune does not hide behind confusing website pages claiming to support customers and subscribers. There is a long list of contact numbers for customers to choose from published out in the open for everyone to read.

  • Main Customer Service: 1-800-874-2863
  • TDD Customer Service: 1-312-222-1922
  • Help Desk (Readers): 1-312-222-3348
  • Ad Placement: 1-800-974-7520
  • Classified Listings: 1-800-974-7520
  • Charities: 1-312-445-5044
  • Chicago Tribune Foundation: 1-312-222-4300
  • Media Inquiries: 1-312-222-2315

Mailing Address

Pick up a pen or your laptop and write a letter to the Chicago Tribune. You can address your letter to:

Chicago Tribune435 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60611

Official Website

The official website for the Chicago Tribune newspaper is Customers can log in to manage their account from this main page.

If you want more social contact with the Chicago Tribune staff, you can communicate via Facebook or Twitter.

Customer Service Email

Normally we have trouble finding an email address for customers to contact businesses, but that’s not the case with the Chicago Tribune. You can use the following email addresses for customer service issues, but there are email addresses listed for nearly every contributor to the paper listed on the Chicago Tribune Contacts page.

Community Relations:

Reader Help Desk:

You can address your letter to the editor to The editor requests all letters be signed by no more than four people, but at least one person must sign the letter. The writer must include their name, address and contact information. Letters must be no longer than 400 words. If you wish to fax your letter to the editor you can do so at the phone number 1-312-222-2598. You can also mail letters to the main Chicago Tribune mailing address ATTN: Letter to the Editor.

Our Experience

Our customer service call to the Chicago Tribune was fantastic. We listened to the automated options and pressed 0 to push the call to customer service. We were then given additional options to choose from. We pressed 0 again and the call was immediately transferred to an agent named Tina. Tina had a strong accent, which made it difficult to understand her responses to our questions. She told us that the Chicago Tribune offered digital access to subscribers outside the paper delivery area.

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170 Comments on “Contact Chicago Tribune Customer Service
  1. Having issues with receiving my daily paper. This is the worst delivery service I have had in years. The current carrier is very unreliable if this continues I will be forced to dis-contine this service since I have to go out and buy the paper. If I can go out and by the paper why can’t this not be delivered?
    Please respond I’m tired of calling every Monday and Tuesday for the last three weeks.

  2. You could make it so easy to direct emails to your writers if, in addition to printing their addresses at the end of their columns, you would list them here. Since you don’t, I give your “Customer Service Experience” a D. The email address shown today for Eric Zorn is being rejected when sent.

    Going through any of the above numbers just slows the process and occupies staff unnecessarily.


    • Same thing happened to me. We finally got them to stop delivering papers WEEKS after we cancelled our account, and suddenly we are getting the papers delivered again for now reason. We don’t have a subscription, I’ve called 4 times to report the problem, yet we have been getting a paper every day now for almost 2 weeks!!! The company must have money to burn if they can deliver papers for free! Worst customer service I’ve ever seen!

  4. hi


  5. Is there any wonder the Tribune is suffering in readership?
    After rarely receiving my home subscribed Sunday paper, I now go to the store and purchase a paper every Sunday.
    Today I selected a Tribune, once again I was disappointed….
    After seeing an ad for Chicago Sports items and a discount code BEARS15, I opted to make a purchase.
    The code works as well as your delivery service, IT DOES NOT!

  6. Worst customer service ever. After having a subscription for over 20 years and tried to cancel it 4 times, due to the worst delivery service, The Tribune send me to collections for a $15.00 balance. I have copy of the cashed check by the Tribune. Sad to see such incompetence. This is what the Tribune does to subscribers daring to cancel.

  7. Delivery team in Portage Pk has always provided excellent service. I started delivery when I moved here thinking papers would not be stolen from my courtyard bldg.However – must have a neighbor who is a thief – caught him once but papers stolen esp frequently this holiday season. Delivery team always responds to my call AND follows up. Thief causes inconvenience to me and missing paper redelivery rpts for delivery team. Thx for excellent service every time.

  8. I put in my subscription for the Sunday only Tribune Delivery back in November of 2014 and received it once. Every Sunday I call because the paper has not been delivered. Icall the customer service line each Monday, talk with a rep. and they promise me the paper will be there on Sunday. Sunday comes, no paper. I call the 800 number the paper will be there 60 to 90minutes and never comes. This has gotter to be one vicious cycle. What is going on? Will I ever get the Sunday paper? Please take care of this matter. I am tired of the complete run around by the Tribune. I can see why the paper industry is going down hill when you treat your customer in this manner.

  9. There is no customer service at the Tribune!!!! It is the worst people to talk to. I have asked to have a manager call me for 5 days. No one has bothered. Of course customer service is in a foreign country.

  10. The delivery service is an abomination. We have been customers for more than 50yrs. No problem with raising the price of the paper, just a problem getting to you. I have never had such poor service. They don’t even have to deliver it to the door, just aim in the general direction – what’s so hard. Getting out of bed I guess! After 50 yrs. cancellation is the only option left – I have to go out and buy the paper anyway, plus pay for poor delivery. Good thing I don’t have to pay for the phone calls I have to make, I’d be broke. Shame on you!!!

  11. On March 1st we did not receive our Sunday paper which usually arrives by 7:00 or 7:30. I waited until 8:40 and called customer service and was assured that a paper would be delivered within the next 60 to 90 minutes – I waited – no paper called again and told again 60 to 90 minutes I waited – no paper. It is now 1:45 and still no paper. The 60 to 90 minute speech must be a recording to put people off.
    I was always a Tribune subscriber until the bill had been almost tripled so I cancelled – I finally took a Sunday only delivery for a reasonable price and now delivery has gotten bad.

    Thank goodness for TV news.

    Edna Paries

  12. Hello Trib
    I need to change my vacation hold, there is nowhere to adjust it. Please do not deliver my newspaper on March 25th. Just from March 22nd to April 22nd. It is one month on hold. Thank you!

    • I’ve tried multiple times to set up a vacation hold, but your systems refuse to let me do so. Why? How do I set up a vacation hold?

  13. I paid for the Ernie Banks Book on January 31, 2015 online. The amount was
    $21.41, and to this date April 5, 2015 I have not received the book. Also, I called several times regarding this matter, left messages and telephone number and still no contact. Please send me the book or refund me the money.
    Thanks for your prompt reply.

  14. I agree with several of your notices. I too am having delivery problems. When I call the Trib, I am promised delivery within 60-90 minutes. Doesn’t happen. I’ve been reading the Trib since I was 8 years old. True, I only read the comics and about the Cubs at that time, but I’ve subscribed since I got marries. My family has always read the Trib, but I may cancel soon if thje delivery system doesn’t get better.

  15. I was paying bills today. As I got to my Chicago Trib bill I thought something was wrong. Sure enough, on my last bill I had paid my subscription through 9/11/15. The bill I just received last week had a billing date of 6/11/15 was for 26.00 due 7/10/15 Account #154974043. Why put in black & white print on previous bill the date Pays through if your not going to honor it. How many people get ripped off because they just go by the current bill? Also the extra charges for special editions are another rip off. I am 61 and have to say that most of the older people are the ones who buy printed newspapers and it just seems like you are alienating them. I also made my comments to the lady I talked to at the Trib just a little bit ago. I’m to the point that I will just pick up a Trib every once in a while. No real reason to get it on Sunday anymore since there is no TV guide either.

  16. My delivery service is great. Thanks for putting the paper in the slot in the US Mailbox this rainy morning. On July 2 I asked you to contact my Carrier to do this! Now can my Carrier
    let me know where I can mail tips during the year, not just at Christmas! I hope I find the paper in the mailbox slot from
    now on.

  17. Your website is extremely frustrating. I clicked on a link to one of your articles that a friend posted on Facebook. I was immediately barraged with pop-ups about subscribing and other things. I clicked “no thanks” several times and when I finally got to where I thought the story would be, there was no finding it. I gave you all a second chance and opened a fresh window to see if I could get to the article…still no luck…identical annoyance. Not very user friendly. Doubt that I will go to your site ever again.

  18. Sunday 9:10 AM. Have not received my paper as of yet. If I cannot get my paper at an acceptable time, I’ll have to cancel my subscription. This delivery service is unacceptable.

  19. the tribune has the “worst” customer service of anyone. Several times I have put the delivery on hold, and they still deliver. I had put the paper on hold starting Aug. 22,2015 and restart after Sept. 7 2015 and I received a paper on Aug.22. I sometimes wonder if anyone can understand English, I am getting sick and tired of calling about this problem, my next call will be to the Better Business Bureau.

  20. I’m addressing this to A supervisor only. I CONTACTED Chicago TRIBUNE about a week or so ago, by phone to get it straightened out about receiving the sales inserts delivered on Tuesdays. As of this date, I still haven’t gotten anything. I was told that it’s already being delivered at my address, which is 635 East 71st Street Apt 1E. I haven’t seen any inserts yet. Not only that, I’m up at usually before 6 am and looks out my window all morning, so I don’t miss them.

    • Please take my comment off this site I just sent and don’t send a reply. I actually put my address on there,too. Please take off my address

  21. What happened to the comments section in the electronic version of the Tribune that used to be an option after each article?

    • What happened to your comment section????? I have been unable to comment or even see others’ comments on-line for some time now.

  22. I get your paper. I cant find a Tennis Shoe Highlited by David Syrek in his Tennis Anyone article in his Stye Page in Sundays Paper. Could you have him call me? The Sneaker is PF Flyers White TRainers with Green Sole $30.oo. Mt Phone number is 815-474-7555 Thanks I am a senior who wants to buy this shoe

  23. TERRIBLE, Among the worst in any business I have contact with. I was on the phone for at least 20 minutes and could not reach anyONE. Your web site is also set to confuse rather than to clarify.
    I want to put my paper on vacation hold from September 23 to October 21st.
    I want credit for that period. If I don’t get credit, I want to TOTALLY DISCONTINUE THE PAPER.

    It is sad that a communications company is so BAD at communicating with its customers.. Please respond.

  24. I tried today to put my paper on vacation hold from 9/23 to 10/21. For more than 20 mi Nutges I got nothing but the recorded messages. Although I followed INSTRUCTIONS no acknowledgement. You are a communications company, but YOU ARE NOT, REPEAT, COMMUNICATING.

    i WISH TO GET CREDIT FOR VACATIONHold. If this is not possible I wish to CANCEL (in English that means STOP) the paper totally.

    Albert Erlebacher, 8232 N. Kilbourn, Skokie, 60076

  25. We have had problems on occasion with newspaper being delivered. Some weeks we have had no coupons in Sunday paper. Earlier this week a paper was missed and we had to call to have it delivered. We did get it. Today we had to call again regarding no paper delivered today. We still have not received a paper. If this happens again we will be cancelling our subscription.

  26. The Tribune was not delivered on Wed, Thu or Fri this week (9/16-9/18). I called and twice was advised that the paper (9/17) would be delivered within an hour. This was on Thursday and it never arrived. Today’s paper (9/18) never arrived and when I got home (4 pm) I called and the service center closes at noon. I’m getting tired of this. This happens at least once every two months but its getting old. I’m told I will receive a credit but never get confirmation. I’m told a paper will be delivered and it doesn’t show. If this happens again I will be glad to cancel my subscription and turn to another Chicago rag for my news. As the quote goes ” don’t pee down my back and tell me it’s raining!” Either fix the problem or tell me it can’t be fixed and I’ll cancel.

  27. I’m sorry to say that I requested a reduction for my daily delivery – because of the expense. I spent at least 45 minutes on the phone with a young woman who was very difficult to understand and I had to repeat my request for a 5-day delivery instead of a daily delivery by Sept 18th, 2015. As of today (Sept. 22), I am still receiving the paper. Also, I was given a free trial digital paper, which I promptly cancelled as it was so difficult trying to read it. I never want a digital paper – ever!! Also, if your customer service dept. cannot adjust my delivery requests, please let me know where I can call or how I can get more efficient service or we may be coming to the end of a 60 year association with the Chicago Tribune. This is a lose-lose situation unless you can take action on my delivery reduction.= and price.
    Therese Gump

  28. I’m sorry to say that I requested a reduction for my daily delivery – because of the expense. I spent at least 45 minutes on the phone with a young woman who was very difficult to understand and I had to repeat my request for a 5-day delivery instead of a daily delivery by Sept 18th, 2015.and a reduction in price As of today (Sept. 22), I am still receiving the paper. Also, I was given a free trial digital paper, which I promptly cancelled as it was so difficult trying to read it. I never want a digital paper – ever!! Also, if your customer service dept. cannot adjust my delivery requests, please let me know where I can call or how I can get more efficient service or we may be coming to the end of a 60 year association with the Chicago Tribune. This is a lose-lose situation unless you can take action on my delivery reduction. and price. Anybody out there?
    Therese Gump

  29. I do not think much of customer service when all you get is a recorded message saying they will call you back.
    From time to time we do not get a paper delivered. Our neighbors get their papers. Why is it that our paper is missing?
    I call to request a paper, but get the recorded message-not a very professional organization.
    It is time to discontinue my home delivery service.

  30. account #56708384. Why isn’t there a site just for home delivery vacation stops.
    It would be much easier if I could confirm and print out a confirmation of my request.
    Please direct me to this site if it is available. Thank You!

  31. I am not a subscriber to home delivery. I cancelled my subscription two years ago and two weeks ago I saw the paper again was being delivered.
    I consider this an error on your distributors part. Please send no invoices as I am
    NOT a subscriber. Clyde Ruble

  32. re: October 4, 2015 pullout crossword puzzles from Sunday life and style section

    started today’s puzzle and it rang familiar. all three puzzles are exactly the same as last Sunday’s puzzles but they are titled differently and rest of section including ms. manners column is different. since I look forward to doing these puzzles as a ritualistic and highly enjoyable part of my Sunday I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED !!!!

    SAME PUZZLES THIS SUNDAY AND LAST SUNDAY. NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Are you aware that the Puzzle Island section this last Sunday was clearly marked with the correct date, Oct. 4, but that all three puzzles were from 9/27? I look forward to doing the puzzles on Sundays and it was very disappointing to see the ones that I had done the week before!

  34. I tried calling your special customer service number and was told that it is not available in our area (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin). Since our seven day home delivery system is so erratic we depend heavily upon the digital version on our computer. I especially like it since I create a photo journal by taking screenshots from the digital version. Unfortunately for the past three days it fails to come up with the message “internal server error”. We get the evening edition okay but we need the more detailed regular addition. I even contacted the Olive system which is responsible for the digital version. I hope someone can get this fixed ASAP.

  35. I have been trying all day to cancel my print subscription. The only phone number listed for cancellation does not allow you to ever speak with a representative. I have tried every option available and ultimately I receive the same thing – silence. How in the world am I going to actually cancel? Why can’t I cancel on-line? Never, ever have I dealt with such horrible customer service.

  36. Have been a subscriber for 16 years, but the delivery service is so lousy lately I am thinking of quitting the paper.
    For the 1st 15 years, or so, everything was great, but lately the delivery service is not good. My wife & I are very elderly and we have always asked that our carrier please drive up our wide, straight, driveway and throw the papers up to the garage door. No more! Now are always out to the street.
    Last winter on my way out to get it I fell & broke my wrist.
    Can you help? No one else seems to be able to help us…Thanks.

  37. Paper not being delivered because of lack of payment. I have sent proof of payment by email 2 times and it still has not been posted. I am unable to reach a person who can do anything for me. How can I prove that I have paid if my emails seem to drop into a black hole?

  38. We have been subscribers since 1965,and have always had our paper delivered to our front porch. For the last three days it has been delivered to the driveway, and each day I have called the customer service phone number and been assured that the problem would be fixed. You are now using a company in the Philippines to answer the phone, and the wait time is excessive, and she would not transfer me an operator in the USA, which I thought was the law. You are doing your loyal customers a disservice by using this outsourced company. If my paper is not at my front door tomorrow, I will contact you tomorrow with my cancelation.

  39. For the past month or more, we have received very erratic delivery service. We never had a problem with home delivery prior to this period of time. The foreign phone bank which answers the customer service calls, are always very polite, but nothing gets solved. There does not seem to be any consequence for the delivery company when they do NOT do their job as required. The customer service rep always promises to speak to the correct party to get this problem corrected, but it has never happened. I was just given a confirmation number from the rep to assure delivery: #1000Z26205. Would you kindly review this case and get back to me at your earliest convenience. It has been our experience, that if you are hired to do a job and you are unable to perform that job, you are fired. It seems that the delivery service recently hired to deliver the Tribune in my zip code, 60193, should be fired, or at least put on notice that they have a week to get their act in order.

  40. my wife and I have had home delivery for years and sense the new delivery service started this month Oct 2015 I,m very tired of either not getting my paper or not being delivered before late afternoon if at all so your new system for deliver is very very very bad hope it is fixed soon I like my paper early like to old system

  41. We have gotten this newspaper for quite some time and have NEVER had such bad service from anyone. With all the times we have gotten ‘credit’ for papers that were not delivered we probably could have it for 6 more months without charge. Service is very, very bad. What ever happened to good old pride in doing your job???? Is the help that bad? or is it the newspapers’ fault??? it is a shame that we will be cancelling this newspaper because we both really do enjoy it. SAD

  42. Frankly I can not afford the newspaper. The home delivery has become expensive. I would like to discontinue my service from 11/7/15, when my current subscription ends.Thank you.

  43. It took 4 complaint calls to get the delivery person to stop throwing the paper in the grass rather than my driveway. I have difficulty walking in the grass and the paper, in the past, was thrown in the driveway. I personally prefer speaking with someone in the US rather than a foreign country. They try to understand what you are saying, but many times they just don’t get it. I prefer speaking with people more locally. I want to deal with someone in Illinois. Stop transferring operators out of the country.

  44. In this past Sunday’s paper, there were 14 Kohl’s ad booklets. That is excessive and wasteful. I can understand duplicates, but not 14. That is unacceptable!

  45. Since the NWI Times stared delivering the Tribune the service is unacceptable.
    Last Sunday we received the Times but no Trib???Same carrier??
    It is 12:25 PM Fri. 11-13-15 and still no papers. I could care less about a credit I JUST WANT WHAT I AM PAYING FOR. I think you got the short end of the stick when the NWI Times took over delivering your paper.

  46. My wife and I have been Chicago Tribune readers for all our married life. Now it seems the tribune uses a selective delivery system based on some type of a lucky draw system. If your address is drawn YOU GET A PAPER, I’m told this has something to do with new service providers and bad weather. NUTS!! gET ON THE BALL YOU IDIOTS.

  47. I have been trying to open the Trib books app I am a 7 day subscriber I even tried creating a new password can I please get someone to help me get thru. Thank you

  48. please inform our delivery person that if it is raining, use a double bag…that means two bags on opposite ends of the paper…not two bags the same way…thank you
    on a better note…since the big changeover of deliveries…we have had uninterrupted service and for that we are greatly appreciative…

  49. Your early morning paper has for the last two months become a mid-morning paper. Today the paper arrived at 8:05 am. We used to get it at 5:00am.I like to read the paper before I go to work not when I get home.

  50. No paper delivered today…called twice and told 60 to 90 minutes on automated voice system. Contacted a representative and explained I didn’t want to wait another 60 to 90 minutes…and he guaranteed it would be her in 20 minutes. Guess what, and hour later and no paper. I tried calling again and the phone just rings and rings, not even an automated system response. Sad to say in my some 40 years reading the Chicago Tribune there is really no customer service anymore.

  51. Haven’t received my Sunday Chicago Trib the past 2 weeks. The delivery person used to put my apartment # (382) on the sleeve, but no longer does that. Someone may be stealing the papers. I am requesting that the delivery person once again put the number of my unit on the sleeve. Otherwise I’ll have to cancel.


  53. today is 12/9/2015 Wednesday . I did not receive the chicago tribune . I notified you early this am and the paper never gets re delivered.
    When will my paper get delivered to my home ??

  54. What service?
    We have been trying to get through on your telephone number from 8:30 am to now which is 11:00am.
    If we get through we go into a very annoying sound for 4 minutes and then we just hang up.
    Now at 11 am we can not even get through to the 800 number.
    What I think is funny the delivery guy gave us a sheet with his info on it(for xmas) and in the last week since we got this he has now missed two days of delivery of our paper.

  55. Did not receive my Sunday Paper again! Paid for 3 months worth of papers in October, have to date received 4 papers. Please, please, please deliver my paper containing coupons which was the premise upon which you sold the paper to me.
    I am not very computer literate so if you think that by annoying me with your non-delivery I will buy your digital news you are very wrong. The least I will do is discontinue your service and expect a refund. The most I will do is sue for wrongful advertising and theft.
    Laurel Schoose

  56. Your service stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot talk to a person for the poor delivery issues. I am on the verge of cancelling the paper because I cannot even find someone to vent!!! NO CALLS and PROMISED CREDITS have not been issued. PLEASE CALL
    Wendy or Brian Turry

  57. I have not received my paper in the last three weeks. I called the customer service line again to have the paper delivered, but the 60-90 minutes was much longer last week. Why hasn’t the contractor been notified of the issue. This is the third week in a row.

  58. Once again I DID NOT receive my Sunday newspaper 12/27/15!!!!! What is going on with the delivery person. Apparently he or she does not care about their job, then go get a different job and stop making a paying customer’s day unhappy by not doing YOUR job the correct way. I am now going to CANCEL do to incompetent people that do not care.

  59. I have made several attempts to CANCEL home delivery service and it seems it stops for a week or two then starts back up again without having no authorization from me, Believing that paper belongs to my neighbors I don’t pick up the paper when it starts again. I get a bill months letter stating I owe for something i didn’t get. I have asked that paper stop August 31, 2015, at the end of August and here it is December and I just got another bill for services ending December 31, 2015 but I didn’t enjoy the service since I didn’t get the papers. This is my 6th attempt to CANCEL SERVICE. Why is it so difficult for your organization to get through your customer service to CANCEL service, when it’s your business to communicate with others. Your customer service really is disappointing. What does a person have to do to STOP Service. Every time I call I feel I calling a foreign country.

  60. Today’s home delivery to my home at 116 Berkshire Dr., Crystal Lake, IL never happened. The1-800-TRIBUNE service number was perpetually “busy”. My home phone is 815-477-2419. Today was grocery ad day for my home delivery.

  61. Your customer service is horrible. I prefer to speak with someone in the U.S. not the Philippines or some other country, That actually inflames, rather than calms the situation. Delivery of my paper and the TV Weekly is a problem. The delivery person throws the paper, at times, in the grass or snow, which is a problem for me as I have trouble walking and have to use a cane. There have been several changes in delivery people, which only continues to make a bad situation worse. I get NO satisfaction from “customer service.”

    The Tribune needs to employ people in the U.S. who understand what we are saying. Not happy with the current situation.

  62. I did not receive my Sunday paper and called to speak to someone about it.
    The person assured me there was a delivery person in the area and I would get my paper in an hour. No I didn’t…I don’t like being lied to…Very poor customer service.

  63. I did not receive my Sunday paper and when I called and spoke to someone they assured me there was a delivery person in the area and I would get my paper in an hour. No paper…I do not like being lied to…Poor customer service.

  64. We recently lost my father on 2-2-16 and used the tribune for his obituary. After seeing the paper my fathers name and mothers maiden name were spelled wrong! We were told it can’t be fixed after spending almost 400.00 that is a disgrace. I didn’t get what we paid for. Maybe next time we will use the sun-times.My mother was so upset i’m considering calling a radio station

  65. So yesterday I called “customer service” and informed them that I did not get the Trib Local in my paper and this was a feature I looked forward to since all of the other news is old by the time I get the paper. I couldn’t even understand the person at the other end of the phone because it wasn’t an American. Today I go out to get my paper and they redelivered yesterdays paper. You guessed it, NO TRIB LOCAL! The Chicago Tribune home delivery service is a joke and makes me wonder why I keep getting it. Customer service is also for the most part Non existent. This is fro a more than 25 year subscriber.

  66. I have had delivery problems with my Chicago Tribune papers for almost 6 months now. I call every Sunday to have them redeliver the papers I did not receive. I never receive the additional papers. I then call to get refunded, and I have yet to receive a refund. I believe it’s time to cancel!!

  67. My comment is that I have not been receiving my newspaper for the last 2 weeks…I have called the number 1800 tribune and get your representative in the Philippines who speak terrible and they always tell me that it will be delivered that same day within 60 minutes but never is!!!!!! But the bills keep coming and I keep paying them…Iam very tired of having to deal with this issue every week…I would cancel but your paper is cheaper to have the subscription then to buy it on the newstand… please correct this issue or I will take it to a higher level… o and this is the not the first issue I’ve had with your paper…give ln e the service I am paying for…2199735835 is my contact number

  68. I have submitted 3 requests, spoke on the phone with someone and my price is not adjusted, I believe I am due a credit over $50. No one online is returning my requests, even though I have gotten repeated confirmations that the request went through. If I do not have a contact in 3 days, I will be filing a BBB compliant.

    I was offered Wed/Sun paper (only wanted Sun) at a rate around $1.50 a week. I was charged a fourth time since this new rate was promised, every time at an increase. Please credit my account immediately.

  69. this morning I didn’t get my newspaper. I tried to call the 800-tribune number. each time I dialed, the call didn’t go through. I wanted a redelivery, but at this rate, I know I will only get a credit. can’t read it online, because your site is so busy and convoluted and I can only read ten stories a month. why would I read ten stories per month, when I can read ten stories wed-sun, with my paper subscription. I agree with the last writer, that I was promised a subscription at $1.50/week, and I pay approximately $25.00/month. I don’t understand the math. but I would like my paper delivered as promised.

  70. I receive Sunday only Chicago Tribune and today I have not as yet received my
    copy. I called at 9 am today and submitted my info and again at 10:30 am when your phone number was busy for the next 45 minutes and now no answer at all.
    Needless to say, I am very upset and demand my Sunday Tribune be delivered
    on Monday, 3/7. This is not the first time I have had trouble with delivery.

  71. I receive the Trib in Woodstock, IL. When it rains, I continually receive it is unusable because is is soaked. The delivery service for once double wrapped it, however it was wrapped with booth plastic openings on the same side. I have complained by phone to now avail.

  72. Dear Madam/Sir:

    I would like to inform your office of a recent issue regarding my home delivery service.

    Today was the third straight day I have not received my morning Tribune. As on the previous two days, I called the 800 number, followed directions, and was informed by a recording that my paper would be “re-delivered” within 60-90 minutes.

    On Monday and Tuesday of this week, the re-delivery did take place within the estimated time frame. However, since today was the third straight day with not receiving the paper, I called the toll-free number and this time spoke to a “live” customer service representative. I explained my concern that this was now a trend, and he repeated the same response as the recording. promising delivery within the 90 minute window. In addition, he assured me that he would inform the district manager who would then inform the carrier. Over two hours later, I had still not received the paper and once again called customer service, spoke to another “live” representative, who advised me that the paper would be delivered later today. When I deliberately asked her to confirm that I would receive a paper today, she assured me this would be the case.

    It is now 5:35 pm, and obviously I’m not going to receive today’s paper. I assume that I will receive today’s paper tomorrow, hopefully, along with tomorrow’s issue. This was one scenario outlined by customer service should I not receive the paper today. Quite frankly, I could care less about receiving today’s news tomorrow.

    In the almost four years I have been receiving the Tribune (since moving to Illinois in 2012), I have never had a problem with home delivery. I value this service, do not like using the on-line edition, and trust this issue can be resolved.

    I appreciate your attention to this matter.
    William R. Ennenbach

  73. I have been a customer since 1999 and we have had Jermaine Lacy as our delivery man, with No Problem, but something must have happen to him, cause now we have someone new throws paper at end of drive, can’t get Her Attention.
    To talk to her.
    Do you think you you tell her to throw the paper Up the driveway.
    Cause her Christmas gift will not be what we gave Lacy.
    Thank you

  74. I have made five phone calls and sent an email inquiry, but still have not received an answer to my very basic question. I am not able to have the paper delivered, because I live in an apartment. I have tried more than once with the same results. The papers are left in the lobby. If I didn’t get downstairs by 5:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, often the paper was stolen. Obviously, it would be more convenient and less expensive to have the paper delivered, but I am not paying for a subscription for my lazy and/or dishonest neighbors to take my paper. My question is regarding the Sunday circulars. I want to know why you do not get all circulars when you purchase the paper at a store. My parents have the paper delivered to their home and they get the circulars, holiday or not. I am not referring to the coupons. I understand those are not included on a holiday. I am speaking about the store circulars such as Target, Walgreens, etc. I hope I am making myself understood and would appreciate an answer. Surely there must be someone at the Tribune who can answer my question.

  75. Tribune customer service and their paper blows…the paper is getting smaller and they continue to try and raise the prices…and then they fail to deliver on time…really bad!

  76. I am contacting you in behalf of my Aunt. Dolores Gaittens lives at 127 Ford Street in Geneva, Ill. She is 92 years old, housebound, and her paper is being thrown at the curb. I have complaint about this before and it was taken care of. my husband and myself go by her house every Sunday and for the last 3 Sundays it has been at the curb. Before this, the driver has been putting it on her front porch. She CAN NOT walk to the curb. This has to be corrected, or I am going to have to contact the other people that I did before to get it on the porch. Now, she will be receiving the Daily Herald this week, and is paying for that paying the that porch delivery. Please get this corrected. I hope that the paper will be on her porch next Sunday. Maybe my husband should paid for the gas and time he is spending to put her Tribune on the porch. Please let me know that this will be corrected. Judy Stauner…..

  77. I want to say “thank you” to the carrier that delivers my paper to me everyday. It is much appreciated that it is left by my garage door as I requested when I first subscribed to the Tribune. Thanks for caring about your print subscribers, and for hiring responsible carriers to do their jobs well.

  78. The delivery service is a joke! It is nearly impossible to get in touch with Printers Row and if you do not much changes. I am on the verge of canceling my subscription and will NOT go to the e-Trib.

  79. I am sorry to complain but we had good service for quite a long time but now i have had to call as we do not receive our paper in the morning or we don’t receive it at all. Could you please look into this matter. Our account is paid.
    Thank you!

  80. i signed up for 7-day print subscription last weekend…. when will it begin? i am in an slightly obscure address in riversid alhough GPS should find it… i would like the paper left between my doors as there is lots of foot traffic on the side street/alley way kinda thing i live and and commuters or students have been knowo to steal the paper in the past.

    thank you

    charles krebs

  81. im not getting morning paper called twice this morning no paper yet maybe I should change to sun times im not happy

  82. This is the absolute worst paper to try and subscribe to.
    On June 5th I placed my order for Sunday only delivery. Nothing happened.
    On June 25th I called and gave a credit card for the 6 month Sunday subscription and promised delivery on that Sunday never happened as promised. I just tried phoning and got disconnected. Terrible customer service.

  83. I started delivery of the paper 6 days ago and was told it would be delivered to my front porch. I am elderly and have some physical problems. I call everyday and am told “rest assured”, it will be delivered to my front porch. I call everyday because it is dropped at the end of my driveway. Is the Tribune incapable of getting a delivery person to follow instructions? Reading some of the other comments regarding delivery problems, I suggest the Tribune do some investigative reporting into the quality and follow up of their employees.

  84. 2 weeks in a row could not read the Sundays paper because of rain and the wet soggy single bagged soaked paper, come on one more time and I’m done.

  85. My paper wasn’t delivered again.

    This has been a constant issue this year. I’ve had to call about this for no less than 15 different occasions. This has been through several different delivery persons.

    I want to know what is going on, and why your delivery people can’t seen to deliver my paper.

  86. We have been Trib subscribers for over 40 years. The delivery has been fairly good and regular until the last couple of months. We have gone from 5:30 TO 6 AM delivery to 7 or after–if at all. I would like my paper on time and every day. Your customer service line needs a live person as a contact not a recorded message. I would like my paper put up by my garage. Will be looking forward to these improvements.

  87. On Sunday, August 7, 2016 I never received my newspaper, but did not call to report non delivery. On Sunday, August 14, 2016 I never received my newspaper, so I decided to call to report non-delivery. At 9:23am I phoned the 1-800 number and talked to “J D”, he apologized and said that within the hour a paper will be delivered. At 10:47am, still no paper, so I called again and talked to “J D”, again he apologized, asked me to please hold and a few minutes later came back on the line and stated a paper should be delivered within the 1/2 hour, I told him if it is not delivered, I will be calling again. At 11:46am I called again and spoke with “J D” he again assured me that he had SPOKEN with redelivery and assured me a paper will be delivered soon. I stated that I will be calling ever 1/2 hour until I get my paper. At 12:27 pm still no paper, but this time when I called the center was closed and suggested I call the center during the hours of 6am and 5pm. If they had NONPLANS on re-delivery, they should have told me after the first call and refunded me 2 extra weeks of delivery. VERY BAD customer service.

  88. At least once a week my paper is not delivered. It’s very aggravating to pay for a service (paper) that is NOT DELIVERED. Get with it, will you??

    If you’re not going to deliver my paper, then adjust my bill. I’m not paying for undelivered papers!!

  89. We have been Trib subscribers for many years. The delivery has been horrible with the red plum and local grocery ads. How can people that don’t do there job get paid? I have called many times with no resolve to the issue. If you’re not going to deliver my paper, then adjust my bill. I’m not paying for undelivered papers!!

  90. There is NO customer service. How hard would it be to be able to contact customer service on line. Let the upper echelon try it and see how frustrating it is. Maybe they need a better IT department. The phone system works.

  91. Question: Is the insert “Parade” a standard each Sunday. I have not received one for a couple of years – thought it had been discontinued. I called a couple of weeks ago when I noticed on the front page a mention of it – and received one in Sunday’s Trib the following Sunday – this past Sunday – nada.

    Enjoy ALL your features and would like to have “Parade” also.

  92. Why is the 6200 block of Lowell Ave Chicago not receiving the Redplum sales flyer weekly. All the area around us receive it except this block. I did talk to our neighborhood supermarket and they were not aware we were not getting their flyers. I would appreciate a response.

    Thank you

  93. I can never find the page to do a vacation stop for the Tribune. It is very irritating. You should be able to search and go directly to it without hunting!

  94. Your customer service stinks. It is not here in the Midwest. You can hardly understand them. They give you scripted answers. I have a delivery problem in Lindenhurst,Ill. 60046. All they do is give me a credit on my subscription. They make no attempt to solve the problem. If you check your records, you will find that I have been a subscriber since 1979 and this is no way to treat a long time customer. If this delivery is not fixed,I will cancel my subscription and go read it for free at the library. Phil Kirkegaard

  95. After getting a quote for a reduced price on my subscription, I found, upon checking my credit card statement, that I was being charged the full price. I called the service number of your paper and again was put in contact with someone with an accent that I could barely understand. And was then promised a credit to my bill that reflected what I had been quoted originally. Bait and switch tactics? I am disgusted with your customer service and misleading representatives. One more instance and I am cancelling my subscription.

  96. Horrible customer service and billing department. I realized last month they have charged me for years twice a month. I was told I could not get a refund or it applied to my account. Again this month they have charged me twice which made me overdraft in my checking account. I am a Sr.and disabled on a very limited income!! Reading the paper is important to me. I can’t get ahold of anyone over the phone. It has been ringing for over and hour!

  97. Your customer service is an absolute abortion ! Your call takers can NOT be clearly understood as you have “out-sourced” this portion of your business to another country which says it all. A chicago paper that has clearly left town and could care less about Chicago & it’s customers.

  98. I intend to cancel my subscription immediately. Customer service is fine, that is not the reason. Your totally liberal (anti-Trump, anti- Rauner, anti-conservative bias) has driven me to this decision. Virtually all articles are pro-progressive, pro-liberal.
    Although Trump has plenty of faults I NEVER see any positives about him or Rauner. That simply isn’t possible. Your newspaper has no redeeming qualities. It simply contributes to the demise of civilization. Ignore this if you want. My decision is final and irrevocable. I will take another avenue to cancel if I need to. I will find other more objective journalism.

  99. We have had the Tribune delivered to our home in Berwyn for five years since we moved here. The last year, we have had more delivery issues with the paper not being delivered than we have had since the delivery started. I am beginning to think about dropping our subscription if this continues. I asked the Tribune to contact the person delivering the paper to us but I have not been able to get a feedback as to whether or not this was done.

  100. Deliverer did not drop off TV Magazine with the Chicago Tribune Delivery like neighbor, 1st time delivered was last week, but not this week, today August 13, 2017.

  101. Pitiful service from out of country–can hardly understand them–kept being placed on hold so she could find out info. Complaint NOT resolved.

    Trib called ME to reinstate a subscription & I foolishly agreed for Sunday only. Was told service would NOT be interrupted. NO PAPER today!

    Foreign phone person said telemarketing takes 4-6 wks to take effect. Could find no record. STOP any subscription!

  102. We have subscribed to THE FOREST LEAVES and haven’t received one single newspaper in over a year. Getting through on the phone is an impossible long wait and I have yet to get through. Please contact me below on how to correct this situation.

  103. Terrorism of the Mind

    In the movie ‘Dreamscape’ — Eddie Albert plays the part of the President anesthetized for surgery, as the story unfolds, we see the emerging of one’s mind by invasive thought in a form of projection to do bodily harm.

    So, today it should be noted and dealt with as an invasion of privacy and punishable as-such when individuals or organizations do the same to US Citizens;

    Any projection of Thought or Dream is to-be treated more seriously as rape and assault in the Degree as-such affecting an individual’s life-path and sanctimonious well-being.


  104. I can’t get through by phone. We understood that delivery of our first two issues of the Sunday only Tribune would take up to two weeks each, which they did, and then arrive in two to three days, which they haven’t. It took six, five, and eight days, respectively, for the next three issues and we have not received the September 17 Sunday edition. Please advise.

    Thank you.
    Ann and John Bladholm

  105. trying to contact your customer service is a joke – have spent 42 minutes on the phone just waiting to talk to someone – and haven’t yet talked to one. I am ready to cancel my subscription

  106. I did not receive the schedule for the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House (October 14 and 15). It should have been included in Thursday’s paper. i am a seven day subscriber and fork out a lot of money for this. Very disappointing. I’ll remember this at renewal time.

  107. I have been trying for 16 days to have my service restarted after being on vacation mode. At least 10 or 12 phone calls to the usual people who are supposed to help to supervisors with no result. Who do I talk to resolve this issue.

    • I did not yet get a newspaper delivered this day (Sunday, 02-11-18). I understand that the weather is very bad so I gave it until after 2:oo PM to call as I would have thought that even with the weather that I should have received a paper by this time. Unfortunately, when I looked in the paper for the number to call regarding this, I noted that the office closed at noon. So much for being rewarded for patience. I called and requested a Sunday paper to be delivered tomorrow but am still hopeful about getting a paper today What am I to do if I should get a paper yet today (which is my wish) and then an extra tomorrow? I really want only ONE paper and preferably TODAY. I remember from a couple of years ago that for several weeks you did not have the crosswords in the Sunday paper. I did not call on it at first as I thought that it was just an error. But then I saw in the paper that that was INTENTIONAL and that one could contact their delivery person to get those crosswords. Well, I did and guess what? I NEVER got those crosswords – I met the delivery person who didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. But in the future, if I don’t get a paper within a reasonable time (and I think 2:00 PM was reasonable even today), I will be sure to call the Tribune BEFORE noon although I would be willing to give it more time especially with bad weather. (For your information, I have been checking my doorstep very often so I really don’t think that it has been a matter of the paper being stolen — AND, the path to my door has been shoveled since very early this morning). Thank you for your attention to this email

  108. The paper delivery person for the Garfield Ridge area drives a black
    SUV blasts his radio and leaves the car door open to wake up the neighborhood
    when delivery papers. Very annoying. He should be asked to turn down the volume and be respectful.

  109. My Sunday paper was not delivered on 12/03/17. I called to report it. Was told a paper would be delivered. Never came. I still want the paper. Why tell someone is will be delivered and not follow through. I want to be contacted by someone today. I want the paper to be put on the front porch.

  110. The delivery of my paper is supposed to be at my door by 8:am every morning. The last few days and every once in a while it has been as late as 8:45 am. once in a while it is delivered before 7 am that’s great but at least get it to me by 8 am, if the delivery guy can’t do that, maybe you need a new delivery guy or maybe I need to cancel my subscription. Very disappointed!!!

  111. The Chicago Tribune has the worst customer service I have ever encountered! My digital news paper has not been delivered to my computer in a week, I was told last week it would be restored in twenty four hours which is very poor service. I called today (Sunday) and find that they only pick up on business days. This is a joke! I guess customers only have problems on business days.

  112. In September 2017, someone started dumping the redplum on my lawn without my permission. I have called 1-800-874-2863 almost every Tuesday since to no avail. I went through the trouble of waiting to speak to a supervisor, Monica, who was supposed to launch an investigation as to why I was still receiving this garbage but it appears that she is incompetent and has done nothing to address this issue. I called Lisa Madigan’s office and was told to go to the Direct Mail website and register my preference to not receive junk mail, which I did. I just returned from vacation to find three redplum bags on my lawn. I would like to know who at the Tribune is responsible for this.

  113. We have had repeated problems with our delivery service. Today, we received the Daily Herald..NOT the Tribune. Please either credit my account for the Tribune, or deliver it.

  114. With regard to the article on Conman Nikesh Patesh, who was sentenced for 25 years by Judge Cocoras for stealing $179M, I need to know, and the public needs to know, which 200 municipalities in Illinois were defrauded and lost money due to having invested in IMET, Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund. Which local governments, schools, and park districts were affected? Can we get the complete list, please?

  115. Call customer service 2 weeks before my charges for subscription to be charged to my account. the price was diffrent from previous charges which i didn’t agree with new charges which is 50% higher what i was paying.I was told the charges be charged what i was paying before which was $22.75, but when i looked my credit card i was charged $35.75,

  116. I have the 4 days a week service (Wed,Thur Fri & Sun) .
    In the past month I’ve gotten my paper on Wed only once.
    Today I have not gotten one, 3/20/18.

    Please advise.

  117. Terrible delivery service. Sunday 3/25/20 did not arrive. Called before Noon to report and was promised replacement Monday. Still no paper at 4 pm Monday !!!


  119. Two Saturday’s in a row where I didn’t receive a newspaper. I called to report this and was told I’d get a paper before noon. Nothing yet. I have been a long time customer of the Tribune, but these incidents of poor service and inaccurate statements made by your customer service people are beginning to make me consider cancelling my subscription. It’s no wonder the newspaper business is failing. Get on the ball Chicago Tribune and take care of your customers. Otherwise instead of laying people off you’ll be locking the doors so that no one has a job

  120. Complete failure for the delivery of the Sunday Trib.
    Called at 8:45 am Sunday and was told it would be here by 11:30 – it was not.

  121. I receive the Gary Post Tribune. Every Friday the weekend section is stated as included, however it currently has not been so. It has been a while since this portion has been with the newspaper. I have called 3xs to complain with no results. It appears as if the people of Gary is either not interested/do not support the activities shown. We do care about some nice things to do in the area. Please help.

  122. In all fairness, after reading delivery complaints, our delivery service is excellent. It’s just billing that is unsatisfactory.

  123. Customer Service was terrible. I am going on 2 weeks with missed papers. I have called or e-mailed every day and get the same answer. The answer is we will send an urgent message to the carrier. Well, the carrier doesn’t care about urgent messages and I am still without a paper.

  124. I would like to know why we do not receive the ads and coupon inserts in our Sunday delivered Tribune? Is this the policy of the Tribune or our lousy delivery service? I get the ads in the other weekend paper I have delivered, so why not the Tribune? I am also infuriated by the Tribune “customer service” dept. being located in the Phillipines. The last person I talked to there didn’t even know where Chicago was! We have a totally unreliable delivery person, but we always get a note from him/her close to the holidays with their address, basically asking for a gift. No gift til I start getting ads regularly and my paper regularly.

  125. I was not delivered my Chicago Tribune Sunday paper today. That meant I had to spend a half hour of my time, gas money and pay $4.99 to buy the paper at a service station. I want you to apply $10 credit to my subscription account for my cost today and my troubles.

  126. Trying to locate my morning paper is like finding Waldo. The paper can be delivered anywhere from 7AM to 9AM. Most often it lands in the ditch. Today again is was wet. I called for a replacement and it still hasn’t arrived

  127. please restart my sunday tribune after my vacation hold. I cant seem to get it done with the phone numbers I have

  128. We subscribe to have the Tribune delivered to our house four days per week. For eight weeks or 32 papers you charge the outlandish amount of $91.00. For this amount of money I expect the paper to land in my driveway. I’m tired of having to walk out into the street to pick up my paper. Prove to me you care about your customers and fix the problem.

  129. We put our paper on hold while we are gone…September 5-19. Just heard from my neighbor that they are still coming. Our delivery person is AWFUL…late delivery, double bagged THE SAME DIRECTION when it rains and now this! Please FIX. I can’t log onto your site from Europe to fix this myself AGAIN! Your sight doesn’t let me in!

  130. Dear Sir or Madam: I have subscribed to the Tribune’s E-Newspaper for over a year now. Last week and today, however, it has become impossible to open up the paper. I enter my password and the website states that the Tribune is “loading” but it never does anything. I have been unable to read the Tribune for over a week now. I would appreciate it if someone would look into this and correct the situation. Sincerely, Brad Shockney

  131. hello my name is gary wilczek i live at 93bedford rd in mundeline a northern sub i have been getting the paper but i did not sign up for it can you take care of this thank you

  132. WORSE DELIVERY EVER!!! As soon as my 8 weeks are up, I will be CANCELING my subscription. If it’s so hard to DELIVER, why continue to offer this SERVICE! I was a SUN TIMES reader before, I guess I will be going back to them. Prices keep going up & service keeps going down. When you try calling to complain, you’re connected to a foreign country! No wonder the Tribune is losing subscribers! I’m surprised your still in business!!

  133. I have written, called and written again but I don’t get any response. I have been receiving the Tribune by mail since December 1969. But lately I have not seen an actual print copy since late October 2018. I know I have my EZ Pay subscription but still no copies. I know I can read the digital copy on my computer, but like the print copy. Please help me secure those copies. Howard Novak 5103 Redfern Rd. Parma Ohio 44134

  134. I would like to thank you for delivering only one half of the paper to my home on Sunday 12.23.18. Actually this is the second time this has happened this year. Both times I called your Chicago number, and the person on the other end said it would be forwarded to the appropriate person. Well nothing happened. If you are going to be in the Milwaukee metro market, you should have a plan in place to to take care of these types of problems. Funny is that I actually look forward to getting your paper. At the very least you should give me a credit. But I think you don’t really care.

  135. This be my final attempt at trying to get a response from someone at the Chcago Tribune. It is now 9:45 am and I still don’t have my paper. This is the third time this month I either haven’t received my paper or it arrived in an un-readable condition. I contact customer service and am told I will receive my paper later. It never happens.
    If I don’t receive a response this time I will cancel my subscription. I enjoy your paper and will miss it, but I can’t understand your inability to deliver it.

  136. My delivery service has not been good lately. I am supposed to receive Soap Opera Digest with my Saturday Tribune but the paper came today without it. This is the second time this has happened in the past few weeks. When I call I am told to call the magazine. THIS IS A DELIVERY ISSUE! Also, a couple of weeks ago, I received the Sun Times instead of the Tribune. I called and was told that I couldn’t get the correct paper redelivered. If I knew how I would contact the delivery service directly. Please contact me!

  137. Please deliver my copy of today’s edition of the Chicago Tribune. I received the other papers I normally get but not the Tribune

  138. My delivery service has no been good lately. I want my paper delivered by my garage door. It had been that way for months and now , all of a sudden it’s being tossed onto my sidewalk by the street which is about 50 feet away. It’s a challenge to get it on icy mornings. If this is not corrected , I will be cancelling my subscription.

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