Contact Chase Customer Service

Contacting Chase Customer Service Center

Chase is a part of the JP Morgan Chase company, which accounts for more than $2 trillion in customer money and investments. Chase handles the finance and banking side of the business. There are Chase Banks all over the United States.

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Contact Info

Chase bank is good about sharing contact information, but the bank is involved in so many different financial services that the list seems endless. We’ve listed all the major phone numbers for the bank, but the mailing addresses are for personal banking purposes only. The general contact form is the same for all banking inquiries.

Phone Contact Numbers

Check this list for the department you’re looking to contact. We tested the main customer service line and reviewed that service. There is a good chance that Chase Bank operates more than one customer service call center. The agents that answer your calls are not in the physical bank.

  • Auto Finance Loans: 1-800-336-6675
  • Auto Finance Lease: 1-800-227-5151
  • Auto Finance (New Accounts): 1-800-242-7324
  • Consumer Banking (Current Accounts): 1-800-935-9935
  • TDD Consumer Banking: 1-800-242-7383
  • Consumer Banking (New Accounts): 1-877-682-4273
  • Personal Credit Cards: 1-800-432-3117
  • TDD Personal Credit Cards: 1-800-955-8060
  • Business Credit Cards: 1-888-269-8690
  • TDD Business Credit Card: 1-800-955-8060
  • Student Loans: 1-800-487-4404
  • Home Equity Products: 1-800-836-5656
  • Investment Banking: 1-800-392-5749
  • Retirement Banking: 1-800-935-9935
  • Mortgages: 1-800-848-9136
  • Online Banking: 1-877-242-7372
  • Online Banking (Outside the US): 1-713-262-3300
  • TDD Online Banking: 1-800-242-7383
  • Commercial Banking: 1-877-226-0071
  • Business Banking: 1-800-242-7338

Customer service hours for each of these lines are different. Most of the consumer lines are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Mailing Address

We’ve listed the two mailing addresses for the personal banking side of Chase Bank.

National Bank by Mail
P.O. Box 36520
Louisville, KY 40233-6520

National Bank By Mail – Physical Deliveries
Mail Code KY1-0900
6714 Grade Lane Bldg.
Ste. 807
Louisville, KY 40213

Official Website

Chase’s official website at is a secure site, so the information shared in your account and via the email form is secure. That means the information is safe and customers can feel comfortable asking banking questions without information being accessible from anywhere by anyone.

You can also contact Chase on Twitter @ChaseSupport.

Customer Service Email

There is a secure customer service email form that Chase Bank customers can use if they log in to your account. If you do not have an account you can use the general customer service email form.

Our Experience

Contacting Chase was rather easy. We endured the automated system for less than 1 minute and subsequently pressed 0 to speak with a customer service representative. When we spoke with the agent, she was friendly and professional. Due to privacy laws, the representative was not able to provide specific details of accounts. We simply asked the locations of Chase in our local area. The representative provided the information, as well as directed us to the website for further assistance.

The experience was good, but did you feel the same way when communicating with Chase customer service? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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274 Comments on “Contact Chase Customer Service
  1. I am disappointed that I live in the Washington, DC metro area and Chase does not have any branch locations to pay my mortgage.

  2. I’d never been tried a fast and intelligent customer support in north america ever like I did with CHASE !!
    They are fantastic !!

  3. Someone necessarily help to make critically posts I might state. This is the first time I frequented your web page and to this point? I amazed with the research you made to create this actual post incredible. Great job!

  4. Chase personnel is very efficient,I lost my debit card last week, I reported it on line, and they sent me an e-mail as soon as possible telling me that they have taken care of this matter. I received my new debit card in five (5) days. I’m happy with the service.

    • My name is Dennis P. Habern. I am currently residing in Germany.
      I am a Chase member for over 20 years, and recently, I have requested a
      debit card, but Chase seems reluctant to furnish me with one, and they
      keep asking the same questions, to furnish Chase with my age, when I was
      born, and my mailing address in Germany. This has been going on for
      the past 2 weeks. Did Chase give you the run-around? I have over
      $5000.00 in my checking account, and therefore, I need to access my
      checking account in preparation for my vacation, next month. Why is
      Chas giving me the run-around?

  5. Today I heard four words I have never heard in my life, “your card is denied”. The card has thousands of dollars worth of credit and no balance. I was at an outlet 50 miles from home. I have never been that embarrassed. Besides turning the card off, there is a canned response when you call customer service. Just once I would like to hear these people talk outside the box, like a normal person. Instead of platitudes, I would like to hear a real apology. At the end, after calling twice, knowing how upset I was, the lady says, “and please have a magical day” both times. Chase sucked the magic out of my day.

  6. ruined my trip left me with ot money the email access was crap, cutiing all my chase cards, call collect not from all countrys hey lied take anotehr card if traveling, call me cahse I am still heare with ou money you sob’s

  7. Just finding a generic email address on their web site was impossible.
    We had problems with an ATM at the Grand Canyon and are still trying to find somebody at Chase who is willing to help us sorting that out.

  8. How much does it charge if i want to transfer money from my chase bank to another one account (shinhan bank) in south korea?

  9. Had 2 transactions I needed to dispute. Called the #on credit card-no help=no real person-even tried # for lost and stolen card-no real person. A hour later finally found Ivy and Derek and was able to give my info. I’ll see what happens-they both seemed helpful=shouldn’t have so much trouble giving info to a “real” person. Think I’ll get rid of this card.

  10. I have banked with Chase for more than 15 years. My account was recently frozen and now closed. I was told that my accounts have been suspicious activity. What does this mean? I need a explanation so that I can clarify my actions, if any. I would like to continue my banking relationship with Chase. Please help me to resolve this matter.

  11. I have been a Chase customer since I had a Nations Bank account for over 14 years. I see now the new policy for depositing cash in another account. I believe soon the bank will be preventing us from withdrawing our own funds. I believe this is all the work of the ECONOMIC IDIOT Obama and will get worse. I was planning to open up an LLC bank account but now have second thoughts. I think I will place the funds in a hybrid annuity with an insurance company it will be safer away from Washington hands.

  12. I am a deployed service member and incredibly frustrated due to my inability to contact Chase. The e-mail request form does not recognize my overseas address or phone number and I cannot log-in to my account because it requires verification via text/phone with a number I do not have access to. I do not have the ability to make phone calls here, only e-mail/internet and I fear the result is going to be some unnecssary late fees when I return home.

  13. I have been a Chase Customer for years, as well as On-Line Banking always thought that the Security was great; lately I have been reading comments on line about the risks due to Security issues Chase is having.

    For the last two weeks I have been trying to get on line to pay some bills and I’m unable to logon; I just tried again now and still not able to do my online banking; this is really concerning!

    For how long will this go on? Do I need to got back to write checks and stamps to do my payments? I probably will have to in order not to be late including paying my Chase Credit Cards.

    I’m even considering Banking some where else.

  14. Chase bank should list a non customer general email address. why does every transaction made with Chase require my email address and for me to sign up with them to even receive money? Because peoples information is valuable and they know it! They are just trying to scam you out of giving them your email any way they can. Well you know what? Those are the underhanded business techniques that will pay off for you 99% of the time but not today, I’m the 1 percent and I am angry you require me to submit information in order to speak with you, or send me no reply emails. You use your customers to promote your business by having them email money, then requiring the recipient sign up for something to receive it instead of just wire transferring like normal companies. That people of Chase is crooked and it makes you crooks.
    Good day.


  16. On 6/12 I received a phone call from a gal from your office. She was inquiring about the title on a vehicle in which you hold the lien but have not yet received. She gave me the last 8 digits of a vin, the year, make, and model, and the customer’s name. Turns out the customer DID NOT purchase the vehicle. It seems as though the information that she has is incorrect. I’ve been trying to reach her several times since and she will not return my calls or respond to my messages. I want to talk with her to hopefull clear up the matter but I don’t know how. Can someone….will someone help? Please email me ASAP. Thank you.

  17. On 6/12 I received a call from a gal from your office. She was inquiring about a title on a vehicle in which you hold the lien but have not yet received. She gave me a name, year, make, model, and last 8 of the vin. I did some checking and the customer DID NOT purchase that particular vehicle. Someone else did. It seems that her information is incorrect. I have called and left several messages and she will not get back to me. You would think she would want to get this straightened out but I guess we can’t do that if she won’t get back in touch with me. Please can someone….will someone help me with this? I’m quite frustrated with the whole thing. She called me to begin with and now she won’t get back to me. Maybe she realized a mistake in paperwork or something but the least she could do would be to call me and let me know that. I will be checking my email to see if I hear back from anyone. If not I will have to just let it go and that won’t be a problem.

  18. As a Chase Customer for many years, I cannot tell you what a horrible experience it has been for me. A few months ago I was traveling out of town and purchased some clothing from a Walmart other than my home town. I then received a call from Chase Bank and the arrogant young man indicated that there was suspicious activity on my account and that he would be deactivating my card. I informed him that I was traveling away from home without cash and that I certainly did not need him to deactivate my card, in fact I made it clear, in no uncertain terms that I did not want my card deactivated. As it turned out, the “suspicious activity” was a mere Walmart purchase. Even then the Chase Rep went on to deactivate my card causing tremendous anger and frustration to me. I had to helplessly call back multiple times and by the time I reached another Chase Rep I was furious and she went on to hang up and inform me that I would no longer be allowed to utilize their phone center and would only be allowed to email them my questions. What bastards! They left me stranded without any access to my own funds and then treated me like crap on top of it! I was persistent in calling until the supervisor who blocked me actually took my call and after much stress and arguing later finally unblocked my debit card. While my personal bankers have always treated me wonderfully the treatment I received caused me to hate Chase Bank with a passion. I am in the market for a new bank whose agents have a brain in their head and care about how they treat people.

  19. I really need an email contact! Since I live in Germany and need to contact Chase by email and phone would be too expensive.

  20. This morning I withdrew cash form the ATM right next to the Chase banking window and wanted to deposit $148 into my sister’s account. The bank wouldn’t let me do that as they said it was to “protect them from money laundrying”. I have been with Chase since the days of Valley National Bank, Bank One, and now Chase. Should I be worried about other investments I have invested at Chase as they seem to worry about me being a “moneylaundryer”. I’m quite worried. I recieved a business card from a Relationship Banker and when I went on line to contact her I got several pages of people with the same name and e-mail address that have no realtion to my Chase Bank in Prescott Valley, AZ. In light of all the scams I hear about on the news, Chase Bank has me worried.

  21. Chase bank is the worse and stupidest bank in the world today and should be shut down for good. I am so pissed off at your company.

  22. I have chase debit visa should been re depoist 420.00 commany was takeing out $34.95 every month for year on to new one hope chase will do the thing in this case.

  23. They just canceled my card, because I’m not using it. I haver GREAT credit and when I had alot of money in their bank they gave me a card with an 800 limit, like I was a high-school student.

  24. Hello my name is Milton Harvey from Chicago,IL I live in the Roseland area. well i got on my computer and some one e mail me a check for $750.000 and this what it say. Union Bank Nigeria PLC and chase Bank certify that Milton Harvey agree to get pay $750.00 can you please tell me that this is a fake

  25. Tried to apply for a job, and I had to take in assessment, and half way through it they told me I won’t be even consider for the position. They are the ones thus far make you take a test. I was very disappointed with them, not giving someone a chance to prove myself. I know if I was given the chance to do the job I would have surprise them all. If you read this Chase please delete all my information, I would appreciate very much. Thank You Chase, sorry that we couldn’t have worked together, I know given the chance I would have done great things for your company.

  26. It is essential that corporations, banks, airlines, and any other American business, provide jobs to Americans only, and not have call centers overseas. I have been bragging on Chase Bank for years because of great great service, but was SHOCKED today when your customer service called me about one of my accounts and I am talking to a foreign call center. Shame on you that you are contributing to many Americans being jobless.

  27. Went to cash a check from a Chase account holder (that I had received),and I was charged $6.00 because I don’t have an account there. It was from their bank. Ridicules!!!!!

  28. Very pleased with Chase credit card services! Diana Farber,representative, was great at reversing a mistaken transaction for me within 5 minutes!
    Thanks again Diana

  29. WEBSITE-obviously not being monitored. Says available by EMAIL, then another screen SORRY NO EMAIL. Why don’t they fix instruction screen.
    IPHONE APP-worthles-doesn’t decipher check deposit that other bank apps recognize.

    WORTHLESS TECHNOLOGY–Cannot believe this is a billion $ entity.

  30. I was just wondering that why doesn’t the JP Morgan Chase Tower in downtown Houston doesn’t have any lighting at night. It needs to light up the night as not only the tallest building in Houston, but in Texas.

  31. I have never had a Chase credit card! They say I owe them money! They bought out Wamu. chase refuse for of my payments here it is 12 years later they are asking for money. they can bite me!!!!!!!!÷÷

  32. I recently gave my debit card to my son to purchase a bus pass,
    two sodas for he and I, and a small purchase at Walmart. I forgot I gave it to him and reported that he had used it without my permission. When I discovered my error, I went back to the bank and reported it to a woman who wouldn’t even take a report. She was eagerly willing to believe that he took it but not that I had forgotten that I gave it to him. She said to me “Tell it to the court!” When I told my son, he said to me “I hate you, mom! I’m not going to jail!” And then he killed himself!

  33. If I’ve already posted my comment regarding my son killing himself over Chase bank’s refusal to listen to me regarding my son’s suicide over their unforgiveable act, when can’t I view it on this site!?

  34. Okay, I know I didn’t post the last comment on this site. But since you’re blocking me from posting anything about my son’s death on this site, I’ll find other sites, venues to post it, write about it and talk about it to, on!

  35. Quick question…Does Chase support Operation Chokepoint where banking access is denied to DOJ risk industries such as payday loan, ammunition, firearms, etc.? If so, I will cancel my credit cards and close my accounts.

  36. Does Chase support Operation Choke Point the DOJ program that denies access to payday loan, ammunition, firearm companies, etc. If so I will cancel my credit cards and close my accounts.

  37. your customer service is horrible. What is the point in sending an email via the secure message center if it will not allow me to send a response? You made a promise to deliver a replacement debit card on Friday. You failed. I had to call 5 times to find out on Friday it hadn’t even shipped. One customer service agent agrued with me about UPS delivering on Saturday and that it is a business day. Do you conduct business on Saturday? Then it is a business day. My not having a way to access my money for 4-5 real days because my card was compromised is unacceptable. You are quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

  38. It was impossible to email and would send me to a none functioning page? I was trying to log onto my account with my personal info and when I hit enter it would change all my personal log on info?
    My husband was able to log on to his account (tried different web pages from CHASE) without problem

  39. Your customer service is abolutely horrible, along with your process. I opened an account 4 weeks ago & still have not gotten an ATM card. I work 70-80 hours a week. There is a need for me to be able to access funds (as with anyone, right) outside of banking hours. (hell, its hard enough to get to a bank w/ my schedule). Instead, after numerous inquiries on when I’d get my card, even checked the post office!, I get the run around from both my local branch, & customer support. Both claim it is the other that handles replacement cards. (replacement? I never got one to begin with…) Pathetic excuses of why they can’t process a new card. I have to answer the security questions I Chose, verify ssn & acct #, why would you still use the excuse “we have to verify its you”. So, you’ll give out acct info, but you won’t order a card? Makes absolutely no sense. Not only that but going through the ENTIRE process to then be told we can’t order your card, seriously? Why waste my time.

    Glad I never closed my PNC acct like I planned on when I would’ve gotten a debit card. But instead, screw chase. You have failed to provide the services I am suppose to have, provided horrible & unprofessional customer service, & tried to give me a runaround. I’ll just stick w/ PNC.

    How about you go train your employees. That would be a good start. Then follow that with some true customer service training, because you surely failed in my books.

  40. I have had THE worst experience with your auto finance department! I am a very happy chase banker, but this process has been exhausting and I am very unhappy with the way I’ve been handled by the auto finance department. It has taken me almost 2 months to get my car on the road because of shortcomings on Chase Auto Finance Department’s end. I have reached out to an auto rep on numerous occasions both personally and through a chase banker with no avail. I am furious and I will continue to be a chase customer, but I would never refer anyone to use your auto finance department. I hope no one else ever endures what I have.

    Very Unhappy Customer

  41. I have been frustrated with Chase’s handling of the provision of 1099 forms. Some weeks ago Chase sent me a notice asking if I wished to receive my 1099 form on-line or by conventional mail. Because I am a senior citizen who is not very technologically astute, I chose the option of receiving by mail. It is now about a month since that request, and while I have received the 1099s from all my other pension plans, banks, etc. the form has yet to arrive from Chase. Why do you offer to provide such a service and not follow through on it?
    I have been very satisfied with all other aspects of Chase service but definitely not with this one.
    Annoyed and Frustrated Customer

  42. I cannot sign into my account because I am using a new computer for the first time. I can’t receive and Identification Code because the phone numbers and e-mail connected to my account are obsolete. I also live in China and so none of the numbers provided on the website are working. Someone please help me.

  43. I am seriously considering closing all of my Chase accounts (5). For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to open an account for my daughter. I’ve gone to the local branch 3 times and each time the wait is over 30 minutes. This is unacceptable. No appointments are offered/ just first come, first served. The employees don’t even care how many people are waiting. I’m sure I can find another financial institution that is willing to work with me.

  44. I have never been in this particular situation with the lack of response communication from Chase and the Fraud Recovery Dept – especially a Jerome Wallace in that department – fraud was committed against my sons college account no one did a thing except chase Froze and depleted All of my accounts without notice or investigation – we have filed a police report – I have talked to branch VP NP ONE CARES OR PROVIDES SOLUTIONS but if it was their money they would demand recourse. N ow after reading similar stories and situations Chase is existing because of bail out and Government protection – WHERE IS THE PRIVATE
    CITIZEN AND TAXPAYERS PROTECTION FROM CRIMINALS- yet we are treated as such while they getaway with it- I demand a resolution and my business account unfrozen!!!! I did NOTHING WTONG TO JUSTIFY THIS ACTION -what the bank did is just as criminal!!!

  45. Had paid a deposit in December 2014 with Visa card for a Honda ($200) lease. Never got the car. Filed a dispute with Chase after Honda charged me twice. Chase has now rebilled as of March 2014. Tommy at Chase Visa proved to Mark, on April 2nd, in disputes that my bill reflected an overcharge of $200 because of Chase’s error/rebill and Mark in disputes agreed. He PROMISED the credit was to be issued immediately, apologized for my inconvenience and assured me it would be resolved. As of today, April 11th, 2015, no credit has been issued. Val in disputes says it is an internal mistake that must be resolved while Joaquim the supervisor in disputes offers NO resolution. This has been FRUSTRATING and has served to alienate me after so many years with Chase Visa. Extremely disapointed given that I owe nothing for the Honda and the statements clearly prove Chase’s mistake. Will no longer use this card.

  46. I have a account that was close after three unauthorize checks tha were deposit to my account on May 5,2015. I reported that to chase customer service On May 6, 2015 that I never deposit any checks; They told me they will contact me after 3 business day, but they close my account on the second day with no notice even thouth I call and had already reported that I didn’t deposit this checks to my account nor did I authorized anyone to do this deposits. Today is May 16, 2015 and my problem had not yet being fix, Chase bank is holding $1200 dollars that were previously deposit to my accoun before this fradulent checks were deposit to my account. I have no news of when I am getting my money back. everytime I call Chase customer service they treat me like I was a thief who stole money from them; and all they said is that they are holding my money to cover for the overdraft checks. I just wish someone will call me back!!!!!And I hope I can get my money back

  47. Ineed personal loan to get back italy it is very long story becuase office of persnnel management has not paid my retirement over$8.250.000 dollars i need loan 25.000 and will be getting lawyer for my case with the government i am on joint base andrews for right now.

  48. I need a loan of $25.000.00 dollars to get back to italy ware i live right now office of personnel management has not paid me retirement scent 2009 august when my mother past away with interest is over$8.250.000 dollars iam on joint base andrews right now.

  49. I applied for a Chase Sapphire Preferred card yesterday (or the day before)
    and received it yesterday. I was told it would be operable today, but it
    was not When I called, I was put in touch with Ria, with whom I had a hard
    time talking. Her English is not that good and she is very negative about my

    card. I don=B9t understand what all the fuss is about and why I can=B9t use your=

    card when I had been using a Bank of America card for years. I decided, for
    personal reasons, to get a different one, but Ria told me that the answers
    to her questions were not correct, though she refused to tell me where the
    error lay. She said that my card would be inactive until someone calls me
    within 24 hours, according to her. I don=B9t understand what all this means
    and I have already told many companies of my change of card and its number.
    It would be very arduous to re-call these companies to go back to either the=

    card I had or another new one.
    Why is this happening? One question she said was a problem was my date of
    birth. That is personal and I don=B9t give that out. I did put it on your page=

    when I opened the account, but don’t wish to revisit this again. It is my
    business and nobody has the right to interfere with it.
    Thank you for you attention,
    Miki Marcu

  50. I really do not like how Chase Bank supports “Gay Pride month.” You are a bank, why do you need to support something that MANY of your customers do not? Why can you not stay neutral? I don’t want my little sister seeing that advertised on your ATM when I go to deposit checks. My family will be taking our money to a bank that sticks to BANKING. Thank you for your time.

  51. Each time I walk into your branch at 16534 N. Florida Ave in Tampa, one of your “relationship bankers” calls out from across the lobby, HELLO, MR. WILSON. in a loud voice. I have asked him to stop yelling my name out several times. It seems that he is trying to irritate me, and it is working.

    This is supposed to be a bank, not a bar.

    Take it from me, Please, this is not a greeting.

  52. I just spoke with a Chse representative in regards to my account and I must say I was completely thrown off by the customer service. Unfortunately, I am going through a financial difficulty right now. I called to speak with someone about what I could possibly do to help turn my account around. Her response was that there was nothing they could do for me. I find that to be extremely surprising given that it’s such a large bank. I have been a customer for chase for a long time now and now I know that when I actually need something they will not be the ones to support or help. I send my money, pay my bills through Chase and utilize many of the Chase features in order to promote them. It was honestly a shock to hear that from the place I thought so highly of at one point.

  53. Recently there was a fraud transaction in my savings account made by someone else who hacked my account. My card was immediately shut off without a call or email. I called immediately after finding out my card was shut off when I went inside the atm. They told me to file a claim, which I proceeded to do. They told me I would get a call the next day which I did not. I decided to call, where they then questioned me for almost an hour. The next day I went inside the bank to withdrawl money so that I can eat. They would not allow me to touch my own money. The very next day they unlocked my account so I could finally pull out money. The very next day after they locked my acct for the second time, I called and they started to ask me a ton of questions about the fraud after I already denied it and filed claim. I went inside the bank for the third time this week and I could barely get any help. Chase Bank has had me on a run around all week just so that I could use my own money. I haven’t been able to pay bills because they locked my acct several different times in one week, which has made me late on payments and had a hard time eating throughout the week due to the locked acct as well, also was not able to book my upcoming flight, which means when I get my acct back the prices for the flights will be higher Instead of taking care of their customers they treated me like a criminal. I will never suggest Chase Bank to anyone. This is the second fraud on my acct with them!!! I have had the worst week because of Chase Bank, I would like to report them!

  54. I am a nearly new member of your Sapphire Preferred card. As I haven’t received my first bill yet, I called Chase to find out why.
    You cannot believe how unqualified your personnel is. The first person said I had to go to the fraud dept. That didn’t work out and they then transferred me to the number on the back of the card, who wanted to transfer me back to the fraud dept.In the end I spoke to 6 different people and only the last one knew a little of what was going on but not totally. Now they are sending me another card with a new number and until then I cannot use the card.
    Who hires these people? There are so many out of work and those you pick can’t do their jobs. I plan on leaving Chase and your card.

  55. I have had many troubles not being able to log into my Chase account.I have talked to many different Chase employees with no success. I never opted for paperless statements but now I have them. I want to pay my bill online but cannot access my account AGAIN! I need someone to contact me ASAP via email. If my payment is late again because of your service I will cancel completely and never return again……….

  56. I have had the absolute worst customer service today. I am simply trying to notify Chase that I will be out of the country for a week.

    After speaking to 6 people including at the branch, I am pissed off. I have told every rep I do not have an ability to use a phone to make this request. Yet each Chase Rep does not understand and tries to put me into an automated system WHICH I CANNOT USE. The online version requires the same phone access.

    I have been a Chase customer for over 2 years. But, customer NO service will make me move my accounts.

  57. I keep getting offers in the mail to refinance my house with Chase. I currently have a 4% mortgage rate and have called to see if you can do any better. I was told that my 4% was better than you could currently offer. Yet, I continue to get these offers from you. I can only imagine the postage cost for Chase each month as you send out thousands of these. If you could avoid wasting $ like this you could possibly offer us a better rate; better interest on savings; give your employees a raise; etc. It used to be called “the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. How would YOU describe it in our “enlightened, high tech” world today?

  58. My father is in ill health and put into a nursing home which they have taken control of his finances . I have tried to get chase the power of attorney for over two weeks now and they will not discuss his account with me as he is unable to do so. I guess that they will not receive any money or that they will have to contact me because I am tired of trying to settle his account but due to paper work which they have to review which takes weeks!!by the time they do that which he does have left will be gone so frustrating it takes a act of congress to do the right thing only chase prolongs it and adds interest and late fees on top of your waiting !

  59. I need your email address and can’t find it anywhere. I’ve tried everything to get it. Can you email me direct? I am in another country and can’t call. I need to pay my bill and can’t remember my password. I also can’t get texts which is where the “code”
    Is coming from.

    Anyway, please email me so I have a way of contacting you without a phone number.


  60. Annette olivarez at your San Antonio branch was very helpful and should be commended for her excellent customer service. She helped us with a deposit from a “trust account ” today at the San Antonio branch on I 10 and huebner.

    We can’t say the same for “Susanna” from your customer service phone bank. She was rude and short with us on the phone. She wouldn’t divulge her last name.

    Many thanks to Annette!

  61. I have had nothing but bad customer service through the auto loan department. They will keep you on hold forever and don’t want to give you any answers or help. On top of that they don’t have any way to email in a complaint or contact a manager or supervisor. Maybe reaching out on here will help me out. I would hate to have to close all of my accounts do to a few idiots who don’t know how to do there job.

  62. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I applied for your freedom card at 2 months ago, but so far I didn’t get any reply from you. Please contact me.
    If I was rejected, please give me a reason.

    Thank you!
    Yuan Yue

  63. I applied for your freedom card at 2 months ago, but so far I didn’t get any reply from you. Please contact me.
    If I was rejected, please give me a reason.

    Thank you!

  64. I have been trying to tell you that I know longer have or use your credit card.
    I also do not have any # or remember any passwords. Please cancel the card has
    it has not been use in some time.

  65. I have requested necessary documentation about selling my house now for about 2 months. I keep getting requests for information, I keep sending it to Chase, but it seems like one department never talks to the other. I keep getting the red tape run around, put me on Customer Service HOLD,
    for 47 minutes at a time. This is insane. This Chase Bank is by far the WORST financial instution I have EVER worked with in my 55 years of business finance. If I have my choice, I WILL NEVER HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH CHASE BANK AGAIN!!!! PERIOD. Their everyday Business Practices are a complete and dismal consumer FAILURE!!! Fix It Chase, Your systems are broken!!!

  66. My boyfriend went to deposit money into my account for me and since his name is not on the account he was told he wasn’t allowed to. HELLLOOOOO HE ISN’T WITHDRAWING MONEY HE’S DEPOSITING MONEY!!! I called the branch and all the guy could tell me was that because people were using Chase Bank to deposit money for illegal goods and services, that the government stepped in and changed their rules about depositing money and that unless it’s a check or money order just so they can have a paper trail that you cannot deposit cash. I’m sure these situations are going on at other banks as well, but you’re causing a disservice to customers if someone cannot go deposit money into their account simply because they aren’t on the account. What if I was in the hospital and completely unable to get to a bank?! Or what if I was at home bedridden and unable to get out of my house!? I’ve been with Chase for a long time and I think it’s now time to move on to a better a bank with better options! I’ve never seen a bank change the rules and regulations and services more than Chase Bank has. You’ll gladly open an account for anyone but you keep cutting off services! Way to go Chase Bank….YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Every time that I go to the Chase branch at 1415 Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, California, the quality of customer service is disrupted by Jackie Alvarez.
    One example, is when my ATM card would not work so I entered the branch office for assistance. The manager, David Aragon, was tied up with phone calls, one of the service blue shirts had a client in his cubicle and the other service fellow was engaged with Jackie’s personal entertaining stories.
    As the list of names on the clipboard became longer, I went to the cubicle with Jackie telling stories and told the fellow that I needed assistance. Jackie went to the next cubicle and began chatting with the other fellow who had a customer at this desk.
    This is not the first disrespectful encounter that I have observed by this employee.
    Jackie needs some brush up training of her “people skills” or needs to be placed in a position where no customer service is required while in the “banking industry.”
    Jackie’s disrespect of customer service does not represent a relationship showing that Chase is committed to its account holders.
    Barbara Eisenberg

  68. Could you please close my account temporarily? I have contacted my creditors and told them not to withdraw anything right now. I am still going for radiation treatments, 5 days a week until October 5th. I’m having to catch rides to the hospital. My daughter, Brigette Joiner, will be coming in to the bank to get my account straightened as soon as she can. I hope you can credit some of the INSF fees. Then as soon as I can I will get straight with you. I have emailed you several times about this and I never get any replies. Please help me at this critical moment.
    Thank You,
    Betty Schultz

  69. My local branch just posted a sign saying drive thru window is for business customers only. This is discrimination. I am disabled and have difficulty going in the bank when ATM will not provide service I need. Not to mention I have 6 figures in my checking and savings accounts. While I am sure you will accommodate my handicapp at the drive thru window, it is unfair to limit personal account holders from using all of you facilities.

  70. Hello,

    With TRID coming right around the corner, I would like to know how I can get our escrow company approved to work with Chase? Please advise. Thank you.

  71. Wanted to comment on the great customer service I received at the Mokena Branch on Front Street. Jeff Miller Very helpful, explains everything. Nice person.

  72. I am writing to inform you that I am severely dissappointed and unhappy about my customer service experiences with Chase bank. So unhappy, in fact, that I will be withdrawing all funds from my accounts and close them. You guys absolutely have wasted my time and cost me days of work (which is more money that you’ve cost me) on top of inaccurate “fees” that you have charged me for a mistake that YOU guys made. You have removed and credited a $250 credit four to five times now which has overdrawn my account, cost me fees, cost me late fees from other vendors (since you guys decided to take my money without my consent so I was forced to miss bill payments). Not to mention, I’ve had to speak to LITERALLY 20+ Chase employees which would pass me on to the next because none of them could explain to me what is happening to my account. Your claims department obviously needs training because they have now TWICE disputed a claim either without my consent, or the WRONG CHARGE that I explained to dispute. Each person I have spoke with was at least a 30 minute – 2 hour conversation, which means I’ve spent nearly a full DAY on the phone trying to resolve an issue that you guys just cannot seem to get right. I have never ever experienced such poor customer service. It is very obvious to me that Chase is just a big name trying to get bigger, because I as a customer do not feel like you have my best interest at heart what-so-ever, even when speaking with what the customer service reps tell me are “Escalated department”. Absolutely unnacceptable. Not to mention as well, I’ve now gone into THREE different Chase branches and spoke with multiple employees, only to be told that they cannot help me and I should call customer service. WHAT IS THE BANK FOR IF I CANNOT GO IN AND ASK A QUESTION AND RECEIVE ANY SORT OF HELP WHATSOEVER? Plus the employees cannot give out their phone number OR email address (which tells me THEY DONT WANT TO HELP YOU THEY JUST WANT TO GET YOU OFF THE PHONE!!!???) which has resulted in myslef having to call 20+ times and explain over and over again what is going on before FINALLY getting told that they don’t know what’s going on and will have to transfer me to someone else. Bottom line – If Chase would like to reach out to me to help assist with my problem I would be more than happy to spend countless hours on the phone with you again… If not, no problem. I will find another bank that won’t COST ME MONEY.


  73. I am totally disappointed with the Chase new way of banking!! No drive through window service.The line is consistantly long, with only one person working at window inside the bank. Machines annoy me and others that I have talked to,while waiting in long lines to get service. Machines will only allow either deposits or withdrawls.There is much more to banking that that!! Also, they are set up, where anyone in the bank, including all customers can see what is being entered into the machine!
    How disturbing, with all the idenity theft, as well as the other theft crimes! I’ve heard many say they will not use the machines for many reasons,like the one i just mentioned above, or they are of age that they haven’t been trained to use a machine like this. and are intimitated by it. I totally understand, and cannot believe Chase would not consider the older generation, or any age that has a busy lifestyle, and their time is limited. I have been a Chase Bank customer since the very early 70’s and am seriously considering changing banks. There are several within a couple minutes of the Chase location that I use Most people appreciate and EXPECT personal service when they are entrusting their money to a bank. I don’t think any machine can take the place of a “person to person” transaction. I think Chase has made a huge mistake by taking away their personal service and using machines to replace that!

  74. I need to contact the part of chase that is in charge of credit card billing. I am being billed for something I did not want on my credit card, unknowingly, and recieved an email saying I was late on my payment. I do not even have the credit card anymore, therefore, I do not know my credit card number. I only used it once for a promotional thing they were doing. Now they are charging me for my Prime Account thru amazon which I wasn’t aware of. Can somebody call me to help me fix this problem.

  75. I don’t think I have ever been so unhappy with an experience ever before. Yesterday I looked at my account. I had money in there. I went and got coffee and I made a purchase at a drug store. At no point yesterday did I ever get a notice that I was overdrawn. I went to bed and woke up this morning and saw that I had an alert that my account was overdrawn because an autodebit came out of my account. I also had an autodeposit hit my account around midnight so my account actually should have never been overdrawn. The debit and the deposit should have happened simultaneous. When I called the customer service line, I was told that the check that came out of my account came out around 11 at night. The deposit came in around 12. If you don’t get money in your account by 11, then the system automatically gives you a overdraft fee. But if my account was overdrawn at 11, how could I have been given a chance to fix the problem on my own? I wasn’t even alerted I was overdrawn until this morning. Yet I got charged a fee for an overdraft I never knew I had. I called customer service and basically said that I could not get the fee refunded. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they still would not help me. I used to work for a Chase branch and I know for a fact there is always a gray area. That manager could have refunded me a fee if she wanted to especially since I was never given a chance to make my account positive. I will be closin my accounts since this is the second time this has happened to me and the excuse both times was that my alerts weren’t set up right. I am absolutely not okay with this.

  76. The new policy of 1 bank teller and atm’s in the bank is a disgrace! It took me 25 minutes to see a teller. Another reason Jamie Dimon is a terrible CEO. I will be moving my money to a credit union!

  77. I was ar the Westfield branch on Thursday november 12 and required assistance printing a lreplacement debit card. They had no representative in to help me at 11:00 so when I came back a 11:20 I thought for sure there would be someone that could help me with this. Well it is now 11:45 -25 minutes I have been waiting for someone so far. Perhaps you should talk to the branch about getting more help. This is totally unacceptable.
    Vanessa Barber
    Westfield, NJ

  78. I was approved for a cc through Amazon for chase # 4640182115023189 I received the card on no day 11/9 n used it on 11/9 or 10 I added my mom as authorized user. After that arc was xhxpendf I spoke to a very rude person who toldme to. cutup my card. She spoko to my. Mom n me. She put me in hold a d called my grandmother which she had no right to do I want the card off suspended and sent back out please he! Devin Verderber

  79. Dear Chase Bank,

    Recently I applied to your administrative assistant position, but have not heard back regarding availability. Information regardless would be appreciated.

    Joseph Sabadish

  80. Customer service is a nightmare every time I call. They are rude!! I have to call my local bank or drive over there to get good customer service. You might as well get rid of your call center, they are NOT customer service oriented at all.

    I also want to add that the changes such as getting rid of tellers and replacing them with machines, closing your drive up, etc. is NOT good customer service. I will be closing all my accounts with Chase.

  81. I went into the Chase bank located on Spear and Howard(San Francisco) to purchase a money order. When I walked in, a gentlemen by the name of “Brandon” looked directly at me and continued his work. He did not greet me or even ask if I needed any assistance. I waited for approximatley two to three minutes before I walked to the back of the office to ask for help. A gentlemen located in the separate office helped without fail. As I began to exit to the lobby, Elroy, the Branch Manager approached me and finally asked if I needed assistance. I declined because I already frustrated, had searched and received help. I found it intresting how Elroy, all of a sudden was very attentative to my needs when both him and he teller that was currently on the floor ignored me when I first walked into the branch. I have never in my entire 3 years of banking with Chase,I have neve received such dispraraging service. I will definitely close all of my accounts and move to Bank of America. At least for sure I know my business will be appreciated and I will receive world class customer service. I’ll also make sure that my family, collegues and the users of Yelp are aware of the type of customer service that they will receive at this pathetic facility. Hopefully some action will be taken so that you dont continue to lose customers.

  82. I cannot believe Chase doesn’t provide an email address for customers to reach out Customer Service. I keep receiving advertising in the mail every week and I have no way to stop this except from calling Chase. STOP sending me these useless advertising and STOP wasting paper.

  83. I am sick and sicker of not being able to log into my accounts. It use to be easy and pretty automatic but now it’s impossible! You have too many damned websites and I think I tried them all! No luck! I am closing my checking account!

  84. I’m wanting to change my PW for my checking act but it won’t letme login from mycell phoneIdont have a computer Thank you Pat

    • It’s a disgrace that you cannot reach anyone via e-mail. All you are given are phone numbers, and you can never reach anyone. I called several of the numbers multiple times, and kept getting a recording that would ask my name 3 times, and then disconnect me. This kept up with every phone number I tried. Finally, I called some other department that was not related to my problem, and reached someone. I cancelled my credit card immediately. I want nothing more to do with Chase Bank ever!! I will be checking my other credit cards to see if they are Chase, and if so, they are history!

  85. This is for the president of chase bank. I have received some bad service. I received my card on the 28th of Nov. However one of the had the wrong last name and the other one was damaged. So I was told two new cards was mail out. I request the card for my daughter be mail to her address the customer service representative said sure after I answered so more security question which I thought was great. I received mine with the correct name but the other card never came . So I call the customer service representative said wait a couple more days so we waited five more it still never came so I called again and another customer service representative said that she would have to cancel the card and send new ones after more security question which was great. I requested that she send both new cards to my daughter address I was travel down to Tallahassee she did and sent them ups.which was great we activate them both only made to purchases. AND THE NEXT DAY WAS DEC 8 2015 I WAS TOLD THE ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED. I am not really sure why until I called and the customer service representative. Told me someone was using the other card or gotten into my account . She ask me about four different address that I didn’t recognize.and i needed to go to a chase bank but there is no chase bank in my area and she would call me back in 48 hours about my account being reopened I am sure my credit was check i have good credit and pay my bills on time. We called several time to let y’all know the card had not come and I sure you record all your call and notes were made in reference to never receiving the card . I would like my account reopen so I can pay for the purchase that I made and use the use that why I applied for it. And the person who stolen the card should go to jail. So can someone from your office contact me regarding this matter.

    Thank you

    Plassie Rollins

  86. I have never been so disgusted with a bank before as I do today. I deposited a check from my grandpas estate on 12/17 and they said there will be a hold on it and it will release on 12/21. Well then I get an email this weekend telling me it “should” be available 12/29. When has it ever taken 12 days to clear a check from Bank of America to chase?? And your customer service inside the bank was so rude and unhelpful that I literally stormed out and as soon as that check clears, I am so done with chase. You guys were not even attempting to help me figure out why the check is being held so long. All you said was that you needed to contact Bank of America and yet no one was picking up a phone to do so. when you called the chase fraud place all they said was the check was on hold due to suspicious active to my account. Well yes I just deposited a nearly 25,000 check. But you had no problem cashing the 17,000 check I deposited back in April. This is money from my grandfathers estate who passed away a year ago. My aunt dispersed the check on the 16th so I could have it for Christmas. Way to go Chase.

  87. I have a Chase Debit Visa from which Inactivity Fees can be charged if not used within 180 days (6 months) except they began charging inactivity fees from prior to me even receiving the card!!! Customer Service was less than helpful and even though I tried to explain everything as clearly as possible I don’t even think they understood (they may not even be in the US) and refused to give me a supervisors name. I need to know who I can speak to further about this.

  88. Horrible bank. It robbed me of $200 and $125 and acknowled this only after I caught and proved their theft. They didn’t apologize, saying it was a “nominal amount” and not worth checking on. Now the bank has blocked me from online access; they sent me a temporary password to get online but it doesn’t work. My only other nearby bank is B of A, equally dishonest.

  89. Chase is the worst bank in the history of finance and dealing with people’s personal accounts, these people are crooks for charging outrageous fees for of 34 $ and 5$ savings withdrawal limit , it’s my money who are you or the government to say how much I can withdrawal when your making millions on our backs, and the gouvermment has balls to bail you people out with tarp funds what a DISGRACE! I will Not be with Chase for long GOOD RIDDENS

  90. Customer Service is appalling, due to lack of training. I was on the phone for 45 minutes and transferred to Six different departments over a simple issue of transferring a credit. The credit from Nordstrom was done around Dec. 7th to a cancelled credit card and not transferred tithe new credit card, although all the other transactions were transferred, i.e., charges. Chase held onto my credit for a month. If I had not called, I would have never received the credit. This is surely illegal and not in compliance with financial regulations & compliance requirements. Then, the customer service survey only asks information about the last call, which does not reflect the 45 minutes on the phone, etc. I have been a Chase customer for decades, but am considering an alternative provider.

  91. Greetings My loan num is 1663699 I need copy of my scripts,the amount I pay monthly and the paper to fill income tax return.Thanks
    Ramon Reyes

  92. my loan with assurance did not pay me for vicios de construccion despues de sequia y lluvias.Hay vicios de construccion desde antes de mudarnos a la casa pero no lo sabiamos.Mandaron a una persona que no sabe nada de techos a revisar situacion del techo nos puede causar la muerte si techo sigue cayendose .

  93. I had an account with Chase for over 15 years. I moved and need to change my address and because I couldn’t answer security questions of public record they would do nothing.
    However, I had already closed my account at the bank because I live in an area where they don’t service. But, I still had my credit card with them. With the customer service I received I cancelled my card and will no longer do service with Chase any longer for anything going forward.

  94. I can’t leave a comment because I am not able to contact them. The website is terrible – I just want to cancel a credit card application that I submitted today. I do not want the credit card, but since I don’t have an account with them I am not able to contact them to let them know not to go through the time to process.
    Please I need help here!

  95. why haven’t I been able to do my online banking for months I use to pay my mortgage online but haven’t bee able to log on in months also what to talk to someone about refi but you have to do it thru online log on & will connect I only get a blank page

  96. I opened a chase direct deposit checking account on 1/1/4/16. One week later my account was closed by Chase for no apparent reason. I was not given any explanation as to why this account was closed. I spoke to a rep at corporate headquarters and was told that the bank reviewed my account and had the right to deny my application and did not have to give any reason as to why.

  97. Hello. I’m currently living in China and trying to use my Slate card for an online purchase. In the US that would be no problem. I’d simply call you and get fast and efficient help as always. Here is another matter. I tried to go online but I’ve forgotten my password. I no longer have access to my old email and my old phone number doesn’t work from here. To increase my frustration I can’t dial your over-seas number from here either. So I can’t receive the code to reset my password by email or phone. I can’t call you and I’m 6,000 miles from home. I appreciate how secure everything is but I’m at my wits end as to what to do now. Anyway thank you for this chance to vent. I don’t know there is anything either of us can do at this point.

  98. Horrible experience didn’t even solve my issue. First I talked to ri ck he left ne on hold for 10 mins got transferred to John who left me on hold for another 10 mins. He then hung up on me not even solving my issue. I got charged 27 dollars and I dint make that withdraw this is fraud and if you won’t help me why am I banking with you? Very mad and disappointed with chase.

  99. Chase deactivated my card on two occasions without contacting me or getting me a replacement card. This left me stranded without access to my own money. There was no explanation or offer to investigate why this happened. This lack of service is completely unacceptable. Time for a new bank.

  100. Chase customer, way back when it was Marine Bank. I feel compelled to write to just let (the higher ups – LOL) know just what a great job MY bank does for me. I have had a few issues (on my part), and I just can’t begin to tell you how the kiddos (since I am 77) are to me. I feel as though my bank located on 1703 W Market St, Bloomington, IL 61701, is just like the bank I use to go to with my grand parents. All the individuals treat me as if I was a millionaire – NOT!! LOL – In my book they alllllll get “AT-A-BOYS/AT-A-GIRLS” – if I don’t tell you how great they are, you wouldn’t know!! Sincerely, Judith

  101. As of 3:54pm CST 2/2/2016 I have received 42 emails telling me to log on and update my email address because the email they sent was returned.

    I have been dealing with this issue since Sept 2015.

    I asked how I can get an email informing me that my email address is wrong – no answer yet.

    I have asked for a copy of the returned email to ensure that everything is spelled correctly – they tell me they cannot do this.

    I have asked this to be escalated to Tier 2 and Tier 3 – this has not happened that I am aware of since I have not been contacted by a T2 or T3 agent.

    They reply in my inquiries that this has been escalated and I will be contacted within 1 business day – doesn’t happen.

    I did get a call the other day saying it was fixed. The next day, I got an email saying I needed to login and update my email.

    I have asked that the manager contact me – I have heard nothing.

    This is what happens when you send your IT support to the cheapest bidder.

    note: I had over 15 yrs as a Computer Service Desk Manager with global accounts when I retired a couple of years ago so I understand the workings of technical help desks. I also understand the barriers that management puts in front of the agents blocking them from doing their best – “It’s not in the contract – so don’t stay on the phone and try to fix it”

    Senior management (Director Level and up) need to be aware of what is going on and fix it – customers are not happy…

  102. Cancel my credi card application immediately. You advertised falsely on Southwest that I would have confirmation in 15 seconds and would be able to purchase my ticket then. What you gave me was a canned reply like you just sent. I have excellent credit and since I can’t trust you I don’t want your stinking card. Cancel my application.
    Gail Covington McBride

  103. Cancel my application immediately. You advertised falsely on Southwest that I would have confirmation in 15 seconds and would be able to purchase my ticket then. What you gave me was a canned reply like you just sent. I have excellent credit and since I can’t trust you I don’t want your stinking card. Cancel my application.

  104. Hi

    Usually people wouldn’t bother to write a letter or anything.
    But after my experience at your bank wanted to point out few things .
    Probably this letter won’t change anything.
    But I still want to show others my experience.
    First of all … It’s human to help others.
    We are all here in the end to help each other.
    I work in retail for 17 years now. I moved here from Europe and I know I have different mentality but on the other side I always tend to help others . Solve the problem. Let’s make people smile.
    Today everything is already bad enough. We need to help others.
    I came 10 days ago to the same bank and this nice lady tried to help me.
    I explained my whole situation and what happened.
    Unfortunately she told me she can’t do much that I need to call and talk with her store manager .
    I said ok. I’ll come some other day and I’ll speak with her.

    Few days later- today. I’ve decided to go there and speak with someone again .
    I walked in . Two ladies were standing there . One of them was basically laying down over the table and she just gave me not so friendly look .
    The other one was that same lady I came 10 days ago. So I told her that I’m back and if I can speak with her manager .
    She just looked at the other lady and she gave me the sign that is the manager .
    Her name was Yahaira Machado.
    She didn’t give me any positive energy. Not even a smile .
    And I know how important is to give people some good feeling when they enter into your store/ bank.
    She just told me to sit down and that she will take a look on the computer what’s happening.
    After 2 minutes she basically told me that there is nothing she can do.
    I explained one more time that I was charged basically 9 times overdraft of $34 . And that it wasn’t my fault.
    I really expected she will be more human and understand how serious my situation was . But she didn’t even blink.
    She actually didn’t even care. I was shocked.
    Why are you there if you don’t help people and do your job better.
    After that she just got up. She didn’t even say anything . That she’s sorry or something to make situation better . She was very hostile.

    I mean if I came to a store manager. What she is.
    She should help me somehow. Try to find a solution.
    I’ve never had experience like this in my life .
    I helped so many people.
    Working in retail is hard . Helping someone is human .
    Today I’ve learned that Mrs. Yahaira Machado doesn’t have that quality at all.
    That people who have no power at that bank were nice to me and tried to help with a huge smile .
    You should really think of who you let to run your store /bank.
    Because customer service is everywhere .
    It doesn’t matter where you work .
    Being human is a great quality. Having a heart even bigger .
    Today I’ve learned how it feels when someone really needs some help.. What it means when no one cares .


    Tomislav Spehar

  105. We have repeatedly tried to reach out to Sonya Hall, team manager in your Deposit account check claims. This is in regards to Acct No. 976485235 Check No. 3083294. We have submitted all necessary documents to Chase to prove that a check was fraudulently cashed on an account for Nationwide Insurance. Nationwide is prepared to reissue funds but neither Nationwide, myself or my general counsel have been able to get a response from her or anyone else with Chase. I’m not sure if we are being ignored or if someone else is now the point of contact but we need a response from your company to myself, my General Counsel Ryan Johnson (904) 899-8349 or the nationwide representative Jim Humburg at (803)517-0130. Our goal is to resolve this without having to pursue the matter legally but as of yet you have failed to meet your obligation. I can provide a record of contact attempts if needed.

  106. i opened a chase checking with Direct deposit and i would like to know when the 300$ coupon i have for opening a checking with direct deposit will be deposited into my acct..
    i have the cert and this is a promiss from your company so i hope ypu follow through otherwiise its fraud!!
    please email
    me back.


  107. So sick of waiting for the drive thru line because the branch wants to block two of three lanes off. I was ablessed to write this rebiew whike waiming in line…RIDICULOUS!!!!

  108. Trying to find an email address to send you an email from “Chase” which is obviously an attempt to obtain personal account information from me. Being a retired police officers and retired bank security officer I recognize this as a scam. If you want a copy of the email, please contact me.

    James Yocum

  109. I can tell you right now I am not very happy. My mortgage is in foreclosure and I am trying to figure out an amount Since Monday March 29th. I was told to call back in 3 days and I did. Then was told they could not see the information. Call back in 24 to 48 hours. I did again on Saturday March 5th. My statement says you are open until 5pm. When I talked to the lady on Wednesday, she repeatedly told us that they will be open until 5 pm on Saturday. I called the number she gave us to call back and several other number and you were closed and it was before 5 pm. I am trying to save my home but I cannot get any information to do so.

  110. I am really disappointed that I cannot get my house mortgage account to be accepted so I can register with chase. I am trying to get the interest on my house for the year 2015.

  111. CHASE has the worst website I have ever experienced. You can’t do anything on it, can’t sign in, can’t pay a bill, it is slower than my mother who is 104 1/2 years old.
    Either fix something or get the hell out of the business.

  112. CA131 Reference number 160316510285 .I never applied for a credit card. So why are you contacting me by mail saying I was declined a credit card? Ronald Hirth 134 Bilton Road somers ct 06071.

  113. i have called and emailed regarding my acct! and im being ignored probably because its a scam … i opened a chase checking acct.. as a new customer i am aware and have documents that support receiving 300$ reward deposit for opening a new acct.. yet i cant seem to get a response to when this will be deposited into my account? Can someone please contact me back ASAP..I hope this isnt a scam your running to get customers cause thats illegal.

  114. I want to recommend Erin, a personal banker at Chase Bank

    I have called this branch (I live in Boston, MA) 3 times today to see if a check I had mailed had arrived at the branch for deposit. I needed this check to be deposited ASAP as rent is going to be automatically withdrawn from my account and I would overdraw. The first two reps I talked to this morning were utterly unhelpful and were incapable of providing accurate information as to whether my check had arrived and whether my money would post immediately. They informed me my check would not arrive today (it did at 10:30 am) and provided no information as to when the money would post to the account. They were also a bit dismissive and seemed to want me off the phone as quickly as possible – very unpleasant.

    I called for the third time at 1:45 pm and was lucky enough to get Erin. She informed me that she would go with another rep and PERSONALLY identify whether my check had arrived (which it had) and would deposit the check and call me once she was done. She did all this but then provided me with CRITICAL information that this money would not post until Tuesday. This was very important because my automatic withdrawal would happen on Sunday / Monday. So I was properly informed and could cancel this before an overdraft occurred. Erin went above and beyond 15 min before her branch closed to personally receive my check but also gave me the information I needed to make an informed decision for my accounts and payments. She should be commended and I am very thankful I talked with her today.

  115. Good morning,

    It is 10:57 a.m. on April 6th 2016. I am in Milwaukee, WI at the downtown location. I went into the branch to make a deposit, one mission. I get upstairs and there is no one at the teller line but a woman and a man see me standing there for about 3-4 minute, which is not a long time. I was not acknowledged that I was waiting, to hold for a moment, but rather ignored and giggled at if you will. Finally, the lady asks if I need help, while the customer behind me says, “Well of course, we aren’t just standing here for the hell of it.” I approach the teller, Esmeralda, who points to a spot of “where I should have been standing” with an irritated look on her face. I tell her that I’d like to make a deposit, but her reaction is what makes me mad. She speaking in a particular tone as if I’m incompetent or making a deposit is impossible. She then says, “well if it is cash you cannot do it, you can make a check payable to (obviously it has to be ‘payable to someone’ it’s part of the negotiables), or give the person the money. I am a very unsatisfied non-customer & I would never send someone to this location. Customer service is a 3. What she failed to realize by judging me is that I work at a bank and I know how they work.

  116. I Am very unhappy with the level of customer service at your Madrona branch in Salem Oregon twice I have tried to make a deposit on the way home at around 5 pm and was asked to leave because they could not process my deposit I have never had a bank do this before and this is the second time this has happened at this branch is there a reason why they could take the deposit and issue a receipt and deposit it when they are up and running again like other banks do ??? instead of asking the customer to leave and go to another branch in 5 o clock traffic rather poor customer service to say the least .I was making a deposit for a client I do not bank at chase and I NEVER WILL they have the worst customer service and highest fees of any bank I have seen another bad service is they often have one teller to do the drive threw and the front counter and let the people stack up and wait like they do not care how long you wait maybe you should look into fees and customer service at other banks and see how you stack up so poorly

  117. Hello ,

    Good afternoon , I have been with chase for almost four years . But I am very unhappy with you’re branch at 4323 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218 ..I was there two days ago to notorize few papers .. When I got there I was ignored for 20 mins and while bank’s employees chatting around with each others .when I finally I got hold of an employee and I explain my situation and he said that I have to Waite a for litte while and he will notify the person who does notorization .. And then litte wait turned into one hour while I was looking the notorization employee having talk and laugh with other employees …
    After I waited one hour I got ennoyed and I hold of an employee I explain her my situation , she smiled and said ,” im sorry sir , but the person who does notorization just went to lunch and there is no one else who can do notorization.” While notorization person walked passed us ..
    Also , I was not the only who hadn’t got no service at the bank that ..a disable person came to bank on his Eltric wheel chair .
    Stayed there for 15 to 20 min and gotten no attention form any bank employee …they were keep passing by him no one cared to ask that poor disable person who had his money and ID And debit ready and out …he really struggle to getting his money and bank card out from his pocket …but he had to leave after 15 to 20 min Waite and gotten no service at bank..

    That branch so unorganized and mismanage ..

  118. Good morning I called customef service today and they were not able to
    acomadate me with checking fees. I am a single parenIt struggling at this
    time.,my job from full time went to 15 hours week. My account was overdrawn
    and bank charged me 68,dollars in fees please i need help it took my whole
    check amount that was direct deposit. I will not be able to meet my
    housing rent and utilities food for my 2 boys. Please its way to much that
    bank is charging. Thank you Laura A. Quiroz

  119. I would like to make a comment regarding one of your officer at the 16th Street Chase Branch in San Francisco. She was very professional. She went above the call of duty to help me with the issues I was experiencing. She stay passed her lunch hour. I wish Chase could give her a promotion or raise. You have a very valuable employee. Thanks again.


  120. I recently had to dispute a charge on my credit card… It wasn’t a large amount, nevertheless Chase customer service investigated and resolved the issue… I then received a follow up note from Ma. Luisa Reyes, Cust Service Specialist in regards to the dispute… Just wanted to say Thanks for the Professional and courteous service they showed…

  121. I do not want the credit card that I got an email about so close the account before it is even created ….please!!!

  122. Have a suspicious email asking my Chase account information.
    Do you want me to forward this email to somebody at Chase for their investigation.
    Give me an email address to forward this suspect email to.

  123. Beyond upset with you guys. I was a very happy WAMU customer but still stuck with you when it transferred to Chase. I was told about the incredible Chase mobile banking app and was set up to use it on my phone. Well, it is or should I say it WAS amazing. I used this app for everything, depositing checks, transferring money, checking my daily balance, managing my sons high school account. You name the transaction & more than likely I did it on my phone. In fact it became the primary way I did all my banking and I became quite dependent on it. Why, then, in God’s name would you go & update this App so tht it became obsolete on my type of phone?!?! I know about updates but, really? You could have had a different version for people with older smartphones. Or even just kept us with the version we originally had? I know the type of customer I am probably isn’t tht important to you & this only confirms that feeling. Make your own app obsolete for the lower income people who can’t afford a brand new iPhone. Who cares if they’re pissed? We don’t need them for a customer anyway.

  124. I settled my accounts with Chase on the 17th of May and was to pay up by the 25th of May. Chase was to fax me letters for my Credit Management Firm to confirm my agreement with them. I got one faxed letter on the 23rd, awaiting two more. The Credit Management firm (National Debt Relief) would like to look at the agreement before releasing the money I paid into their account for Chase.
    Now the dateline of 25th of May 2016 is no longer realizable because chase did not fax the letters same or next day.
    I am therefore requesting for date extension to the 8th of June, pending the reception of their other faxed letters. As am writing on the 24th, the faxed letters were not here yet.
    I called on the phone to request for date extension and writing to request for date extension. I was told by one in the customer service that I could ask for date extension, but when I requested, other customer service personals were telling me something different.
    If I get punished by this final date fixed by Chase and refused to fax the letters needed for my Credit Repair company to me, I will get a lawyer involved in it.

  125. Hi, I am trying to close my chase checking account. I talked with a manager and she said the account would close if I paid $25.00. I paid it and it has not close. I left a message for the manager to call but she has not as of yet. My manager is a very nice manager. I left I am afraid several different types fees will be added to the account and I will be left accountable. I am literally begging you to please close the account.

  126. I want this e mail to go to the CEO, JAMIE DIMON…..I have had such a bad, terrible, stressful time with Chase this past weekend….First, I had scheduled a payment of 3500.00 for 6-3-16, on may 24….I received a text that I had not paid on 6-4….I went into my account and I was charged a late fee already I called chase and they said I had not scheduled a payment…I had and had received a text that I had but deleted it….so I scheduled another payment of 3500.00…but I told them I bet anything that someone had NOT done their job and if I had 3500.00 deducted from my bank acct twice I would be in trouble, not enough to cover it in my account…well, my worse nightmare came thru today, the first 3500.00 was deducted and in the works another 3500.00 was going to be deducted….I called and talked to mark in customer service…he took care of the late payment that was charged on me (shouldn’t have done it anyway) and said the other 3500.00 would be refunded to me in 3-5 days….in other words that 3500.00 extra was going thru to my bank, and I would have to pay insufficient funds…..well, how do you like those apples folks….way to go…I said that was not acceptable and it is not…..I will pay this damn credit card off and cancel the damn thing ASAP…I have been such a good customer but no longer….never have I been so disgusted by do nothing people in my life….there is no customer service, there is no nothing in this company….I have been totally and completely screwed over by chase……thanks for nothing folks….
    linda Terrell……if you do not forward this to the CEO which you won’t of course but I will.

  127. Why on earth would you fix something that isn’t broke? Why did you make changes to your on line bill payer? I tried to pay my bills and the whole system has changed. When you make major changes you should warn us. Also how about some instructions. I ‘m on my way to the post office to buy stamps. I have tried to use this new system and only had limited success. Please go back to the old system. I’m 75 years old and not very computer savvy. Help


  129. I would like to thank your people but as a practice I put blame where blame is. Your bank ruined the last years of my Life with it’s inability to report to the credit report agencies properly. I have asked to talk to upper management about it and have been giving the run around. Now I have to go further. Your bank members do not understand I stood to protect America. I will not stop till I R.I.P. or until your bank makes this err right. I would like a reply ASAP or will provide further information to Government Officials. To make right Your Err. You have not reported properly and money damage has happened.

  130. Today I received notification that my account was suspended after “doing a review.” I have to wait 10 days to get a check mailed to me with the balance of my account and i don’t understand why. Chase didn’t offer me any sort of explanation either. My rent is due and I’m stuck with this problem. Does anyone know what i can do?

  131. I received an alert from Chase about a withdrawal of $503 from my account. But I came back to China at April and didn’t use this account. It’s impossible for me to withdraw money with this card at ATM. It’s not convenient for me to contact Chase with phone. Is it possible to contact with email? How can I get the money back? Look forward to your reply!

  132. The very poor service provided by your branch at Clock Tower in Gaines Twp. MI.
    I’ve been a customer there for years but will be removing my account because I’m so sick of the extended wait times to do business there. Always under staffed at the counter but a lot of personnel sitting at desks. Yesterday waited over 15 minutes in line at the drive-in for the customer ahead of me with someone waiting behind me, finally we both pulled out and went inside where again we waited in line. A person seating at a desk asked me why I was up set I said this is the worst bank to get things done and it takes forever and another person ahead me said I’m with you this place is terrible you always have to wait. Now they have closed some of the teller windows and installed a atm in there place, great customer service move. I have and know others have complaint to your people there and they always have an excuse for the poor service just never gets fixed. I bank at 2 other banks and have never had this problem with them they always have staff and are very customer friendly as well as just friendly greetings for their customers. Your people make you feel like you’re taking up their time. I’m sure this will fall on your deaf ears but just sick of the way this branch takes care of your customers because without us you don’t need them. Every time you go in there, there are different people instead of having a staff that people can get to know.

  133. Tuesday 7/12/16. I sometimes stop into the Strongsville Ohio branch on Pearl Road to cash a check. Today when I stopped I again received terrible service to the point I left and drove to the Brunswick Ohio Branch. I arrived at the Strongsville branch at 11:47 to find only one teller on duty who was helping a woman with a small baby and she was doing everything with one hand so it took several minutes. I had two customers in front of me at that time. After waiting almost ten minutes, the woman with the baby was still at the window and the line had not moved one inch. I looked behind me and there were four additional people waiting in line. I do not understand why at that point another teller was not put on duty, it was extremely obvious that help was needed. On my way out of the bank I stopped by one of the employees desks and said “I think you need some help here” I was not nasty, just offered up a customer comment. He just looked at me and said nothing. I receive wonderful service at most Chase banks I go to, especially Brunswick where even if they only have one teller I get thru in less then five minutes. In Jacksonville Florida at the Town Center branch they cannot do enough for me, I am greeted by several employees, offered immediate service and even have an employee who if she does not see me come in for a couple of months will call me and ask when I am coming back to Florida. Strongsville Ohio branch has a long way to go to meet up to the Chase quality of service I get at other branches. Please get them some help!!! Thank you for reading my comments.

  134. I would like you let you know how horrible I think Chase bank is treating their customers in their time of need. I live in Clendenin, WV and we just lost everything we own but the clothes on our back due to the flood. We didn’t have flood insurance so money is very tight right now with 3 kids and without a home. The two Chase banks in our area were flooded and closed so I called the 800 number and they want to charge me for checks? I will be ordering new checks from a new bank as soon as possible. I will let all my friends and family know who bank with Chase what they can expect I their time of need from Chase Bank.

  135. Hi I will like to know if there is a collect line/toll free number I can call on. I’m currently deployed but I’m trying to see if I can do a pre-approval to refinance my auto loan

  136. it is too difficult to get info. or reach the proper person or dept
    all the reps tell you too many different answers!!!!!

  137. ATTN: “Jamie” (!) Dimon, Chase Bank

    You are among specific individuals to be profiled in my next book which will, among several other subjects, highlight theft from ordinary folk by greedy cowards like you and others of your smelly ilk comprising the 1% atop the stinking heap of humanity. Your abysmal failure of oversight has cost your company $20 billion in legal fees and over $6 billion during the Iksil affair. $26 billion lost by Chase is directly attributable to your total and complete lack of any meaningful ability to lead given your obvious low level of intelligence, and possessing no common sense at all. Even so, your greedy demands to be made a billionaire have all been granted by your servile lackeys on the Chase board. You have paved the way for the eventual destruction of corrupt uncontrolled capitalism run amok. Everything valued .in America is actually protected and preserved by real soldiers, and only by the courage of soldiers. Unlike you and 93% of Americans, cowards all, I voluntarily placed my very life as an offering on America’s altar by enlisting and then serving 6y 4m 7d in the U.S Regular Army and Reserve Army, as an R.A. in Armor, Quartermaster Corps, Finance Corps, and Signal Corps, from May 1956 through September 1962. I was stationed for two bitterly cold winters at Division HQ, godawful Korea, 467 days in-country. I then had stateside service during the Vietnam Era. I now receive V.A. 100% disability compensation. I get but pennies from you on my Chase military checking account and Chase savings account. You should be utterly ashamed to be keeping a big chunk of the earnings on my money for yourself rather than paying a former WINTER SOLDIER like me a decent rate of interest on my two Chase accounts. You are stealing from every American soldier and American veteran, and especially from every 100% disabled American Veterans, who has accounts with Chase. You and the rest of the 1% Owning Class in America seem to forget what the masses did with the arrogant Owning Class during the French Revolution. The current War of The Religions will eventually widen greatly as the more than seven billion Have Nots awaken to the realities of the current systems of control and theft by those at the top on this tiny, tiny, mostly water-covered planet. In due time The Haves will eventually pay most dearly for stealing from The Masses! When that new day arrives, surely heads will roll yet again, and deservedly so. By the time that you finally stand trial for your gross and immoral misdeeds and thievery the guillotine will trump a life sentence for all major thieves who are now at The Top. I wish to quote you in said book. At that trial, how would you defend and justify your arrogant greed and utter lack of concern for the needs of soldiers, veterans, and other ordinary folk and especially disabled former Winter Soldiers like me? Also, send a full copy of this factual complaint to me via email, along with your reply.
    -Dr. Lawrence Kent, 19 Oct 2016

  138. I have some trouble with my chase checking account, there is a charge that I do not recognize. But since I live in China at the moment so I can’t access Gmail and calling is really not that convenient, so can someone please contact me? thx

  139. Three cheers for Lisa Dang, Officer, Relationship Banker at Chase Bank on Lincoln Ave, Willow Glen in San Jose branch. We are longtime customers and saw on your website that you offer a notary service. We went in to have a non-complex power of attorney notarized and were initially met with resistance and an unprofessional attitude from Kevin at the information desk. Lisa, the notary on site was able to help us and she re-established what professional bank service should be about. So thank you, Lisa Dang for your professional courtesy and going a bit beyond to explain Chase Bank’s rather un-informative notary policy. As an aside to Chase: Please state somewhere on your website that papers needing to be notarized but do not originate from Chase Bank will only be notarized at the discretion of the notary. Your site currently states that a notary is provided onsite and free to Chase customers. This is misleading and we would have steered clear of Chase for this simple service if we’d only known how difficult it was to get the service as advertised.

  140. Not very happy?I’m suppose to have a lump Sun of money to be transfered to my account but getting run around?its supposed to be in 1 of your banks i got email with person that dont work there?transfer form stating the money is there?they can’t take out transfer fee after I said it ok?I just need my money and cant get it?service is very bad

  141. Went to the Prescott Valley branch on windsong & 69 HWY. Person told me there was a 30 min wait for a banker. I said thank you I will wait. He said we cannot help you here, go to another of our branches that are less busy. I could not belive it. Banking with them for 20 years & 1st time I felt like I got kicked out ever! Horrible customer service.

  142. Hi,

    I am writing to report fraud of my checking account. I have been charged 4 times of around $600 transaction on on 3/29, which was not me because I have been outside of US since the begining of March. Can you help me to dispute it?
    I saw three credit back pending but the other is not back.
    I am outside of US so it’s hard for me to call Chase, please understand.

  143. Still haven’t heard back on my letter mailed to National Bank by Mail in March regarding fraululant charges on my Chase Freedom credit card account. Do I need to go to the bank in person?

  144. I can not find an email address for Chase Mortgage. My experience today after being on the phone over one hour was awful. I could not speak to who I wanted to. My problem was not solved. I need to speak with someone in the department who can help me. There is not enough space here to let you know the problem

  145. I want to close my checking account and I have already made phone call you to cancel it. But when I check my Chase app on my phone, I found my checking account is still there.

  146. I want to close my checking account and I have already made phone calls to you to close it. But when I log in my Chase app in my phone, I found the checking account is still there.

  147. I got an email saying that my new credit card would arrive in 3-5 days. However I never applied for a Chase Credit Card. It’s for James Tracy For your account ending in: 7314. This maybe someone applying for a card in my name.

  148. Hello,
    Maybe it’s because I’m so illiterate when it comes to these fancy things like computers and stuff (I’m 75 years old), but I’ve been unable to GET customer service – unless I call it by phone and actually have to talk to someone.
    I want to know why I get messages like the following, especially in view of the fact I’ve paid my bill every month (not ALL of it, mind you), and here’s the message I’m talking about.
    Your Credit Card Payment is Due Alert From Chase Card Services
    WHY the words “Due Alert”. It wasn’t “due” and there’s no “alert”.

  149. I would like to reopen my checking saving and credit card accounts with you guys but I want a credit card before I open a checking account. I will have about $15000 in savings so I want premier account and I called the 800 number and they said I got denied. I have 760 credit score so could you guys help

  150. One of your agents called me. I have a volume phone (hearing-impaired) but she talked fast and softly & I listened to the recording several times & caught the last few numbers of my card. I think they said there was an “iffy” charge on my account.. To get a free offer from one political place I found that I had to donate not $10 but $20. So I quickly donated another $10. That would look ‘iffy” but it is okay. But I do not know if that is what they are questioning!

  151. My bofriend John Younghaus send me 50$ last week—according to clearXchange my e- mail was hooked with old bank. I have a new bank & am sure John told them that–I am waiting on the 50$ much needed $-they said he old bank sent it back & it should go no to clearXchange with my new profile-What is so hard about that?????????/// My #’s for Mainsource bank was on new profile.

  152. where is the 50$ john Younghaus sent me- it went to old bank- when he gave u my new bank’s #’ssss—he duz not want it back- he want’s it sent to my new bank??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????SO where is it?

  153. My name is Mr. Ross D. Moore. I’m very disappointed in Chase Credit card services. I have two Chase CC accounts. You recently, lost a $100.00 payment to my military Chase Credit card account. On July 3, 2017, I mailed you two (2) certified checks. One check was for $500.00 and one check for $100.00. You misplaced, or lost the $100.00 check. The checks were from the Navy federal Credit Union. You processed the $500.00 check around July 14, 2017, but the $100.00 check is still missing. Evidently, you didn’t credit my $100.00 check when processing check. Could you go back and see if you might have misplaced the $100.00 check?


    Mr. Ross D. Moore

  154. Esteemed Customer,

    We have added more security features to our website. You are urgently required to update your information so you can enjoy all the benefits attached. We are providing maximum security for your account, so your early response matters to us.

    Update Account Here

    Failure to complete the update before Monday, September 11, 2017 might lead to permanent suspension of your online activities.


    Online Services Team

  155. This is my second time to reach out and let you know about a special employee in Alexandria. He continues to offer kind, empathetic and professional service. He is a real asset to Chase. Ethan H Boulet greets the day ready to make a difference.

  156. I went to Chase bank at Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, Fl. to cash a check given to me by a Chase customer written on Chase bank. First I was sent away because the check was made out to T. Michael Anderson instead of Terry M. Anderson as on my driver’s license. I showed 5 credit cards in my wallet made out to T. Michael Anderson but still got a no. I went back to my neighbor, the Chase customer, and had her write out another check to Terry M. Anderson and returned to Chase to cash it and was told there would be a $8.00 fee. I thought a check on your bank was an order for your bank to pay on behalf of your customer. Were my college classes in error? Ridiculous and illegal.

  157. I had very uneventful and disenchanting experience today while speaking with a customer service representative over the phone. They were very short and condescending towards me with me. While I was calling to inquire of some fees that I felt were unfairly charged a ridiculous quantity of this one sane charge, due to the circumstances surrounding such charges. I haven’t had a history of ridiculous charges such as overlomit or over draft and etc. I explained the situation and they had nothing to say, no questions toaers me to try get an understanding or a confirmation of the situation and stuff sand mthey said after I explained to them what the issue was, all they did was respond saying, “so what are you calling for?” I was considrringsit hung banks but had decided to stay with chase because up till this point, I’ve always had the most helpful service that I felt as if I was valiued as a customer, but today, she made me feel like I was nobody and don’t matter at all, so I’ll be speaking with someone at a branch about this soon.

  158. t 16, 2017 at 12:34 am
    I had very uneventful and disenchanting experience today while speaking with a customer service representative over the phone. They were very short and condescending towards me with me. While I was calling to inquire of some fees that I felt were unfairly charged a ridiculous quantity of this one sane charge, due to the circumstances surrounding such charges. I haven’t had a history of ridiculous charges such as overlomit or over draft and etc. I explained the situation and they had nothing to say, no questions toaers me to try get an understanding or a confirmation of the situation and stuff sand mthey said after I explained to them what the issue was, all they did was respond saying, “so what are you calling for?” I was considrringsit hung banks but had decided to stay with chase because up till this point, I’ve always had the most helpful service that I felt as if I was valiued as a customer, but today, she made me feel like I was nobody and don’t matter at all, so I’ll be speaking with someone at a branch about this soon.

  159. Received the email below about a atm withdrawl, I did not make, and I do not have a atm card, please advise.
    This is an Alert to help manage your Chase account

    A $330.00 ATM withdrawal on 08/15/2017 07:38:15 AM EST exceeded your $125.00 Alert limit.

    If you did not make this withdrawal click below to decline and protect your account

    www, chase, com/updateandprotection

    To see all of the Alerts available to you,
    To reply to this Alert, please send a secure message from your inbox

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential, privileged and/or exempt from disclosure, and, are intended solely for the use of the named addressee. If you are not the named addressee, you should not disseminate, distribute or copy this e-mail or its attachments. Please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this e-mail in error and then delete same from your system. Unauthorized disclosure, copying, distribution or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this email and its attachments are strictly prohibited.

  160. I will be. Closing all accounts with Chase and encourage other proud Americans to do the same. No matter what political party you are, our country and our President deserve respect. Mr. Dimon,CEO, is an embarrassment to JP Morgan Chase and I can no longer support him or your company. I encourage you all to join me in this action.

  161. On my Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card statement, you list the transactions under the heading “PURCHASE”, but the transactions are not listed in strict date sequence. This makes it very difficult for me to identify and verify the reported transactions. Can’t you sort them into a true date sequence, either purchase date or posted date? Thank you.

    • just spoke with aura in customer service re: late notice rec’d 9/12/17. said chase rec’d payment on 9/6/17. WHY ARE YOU SENDING LATE NOTICES AFTER YOU RECEIVE PAYMENT, AND THE PAYMENT IS MADE WELL WITHIN MY 15 DAY GRACE PERIOD?

      STOP IT!

  162. I keep getting emails saying our payment is past due. You cancelled the card earlier this year when you stopped the connection with the Officers Club which is the only thing we ever charged on this card. Please stop sending delinquent notices. You also need to have an easier way to contact you. We cut up our cards when we received you notice.

  163. I live in Reno Nevada, You would think with chase banks all over California and all over southern Nevada that Chase would open a branch in Reno Nevada. Reno NV is a metropolitan city the same size of Sacramento Ca…and yet not a single branch to do business with…I hate writing personal checks….most of the construction contractors are not tech savy enough to get a tablet with a card swipe so I can pay them at the end of a job…. So I have to write a personal check to my wells fargo account…so that I can pay the contractors with a cashiers check….Very bad. If it weren’t for the fact that I am a veteran and Chase does not charge veterans transaction fees..I would close my accounts down at chase because you can consider them a major bank when they do not service every metropolitan city throughout the united states. This is my biggest complaint other than that they have been a good bank to me.

  164. Can someone please contact me please, i do not know my account number and thus cannot set up online banking! it is very urgent that i set it up as am out of the country currently and need it, I cannot seem to get through to any help, Please i beg this is a necessity

  165. I will not be able to make my mortgage and credit card payments on time this month. I have had a few emergencies recently. I will catch up in the next couple of months. Thank you. Joe Hall

  166. I called and spoke with someone to state that I was charged for something I knew nothing about. I called and made plane reservations and the amount was $1,380.00 but $406.92 was also added. I want to dispute this amount.

  167. I went to two of your banks in Rockford, IL to cash in $282.00 in coins. I was told that none of your banks in Rockford had sorting machines do to them being removed. I have been a very long time customer of JP Morgan Chase and If you thing you are a full service bank, please rethink that service statement. What I had to do is go to ask my daughter to take my coins to her bank which is Alpine State Bank to get the coins changed to dollars. If I were to take them there I would have been charged a 20% service charge for being a non customer. Would you please rethink about having coin sorters in at least one of your Rockford, IL. banks for your customers. It would but very appreciated.

  168. Why does Chase charge for savings account transfer to checking account via ATM or Tellers which are exempt from Federal Regulation D rules, is it free money for doing nothing???????

  169. I have been a Chase customer for years now, and I had a last straw experience with your bank that really let me know how much you value my business.
    I am preparing to retire and have decided to take a lump sum retirement. The documents needed my wife’s signature and be notarized. We went to the lakeside mall branch. When the clerk discovered that my wife’s name is not on my accounts, she would not notarize the signature. REALLY! Guess which bank is not seeing any of this money??

  170. Hi Chase,
    This is Baohua Wu, the prevois constomer of the Chase Bank. I have canceled my account last Wednesday. May I have my statement of my account for the last month? Thanks.

  171. Having a major problem trying to get a straightforward claim taken care of by Chase Credit Cards. Ongoing problem since June 2017. They continue to ask for the same documentation over and over and always promise that the claim will be resolved in a few days. Resolution never comes. Tired of the runaround need to find someone in the corporation I can talk with.

  172. I am very disappointed with the way chase customer service is handling my disruption I lost my debit card last week I paid to have it expeditated to me within 2 days it’s been a week and still haven’t gotten my debit card ups has lost my debit card and chase will not give me a new card I needed my card by tomorrow the last edit by Wednesday I would like an email back by tonight

  173. I just received my new Chase Freedom card. When I went on-line to verify receipt, the computer said I didn’t have any accounts. I called the number on the back of the card. My address didn’t match their files. Amazing since I had the card in my hand along with the mail piece I received with the correct address. I have had a chase Freedom card since 1991 and have not moved in 20 years.
    Scary! But tells me something about any desire to do anything else with the company.

  174. I was recently pre approved for a auto loan an changed my mind on the choice of vehicle. The new vehicle is a 2015 toyota camry vin is available

  175. As a long time Chase card member I recently moved my checking account to Chase the twelfth check I wrote was for $30.80 and chase paid out $300.80. When I called customer service they told me it was because the written part was hard to read, unknown to them I use duplicate checks and it was very clearly written. Then they tell me they can’t just credit my account for the difference but have to mail it to me. What????. Now I have to travel 25 miles to a Chase bank to deposit it. What kind of banking is that? I am 75 years old have owned several businesses wrote hundreds of thousands of checks and cannot remember ever having a bank make a mistake like this! Nor cause me this much inconvenience for their error.

  176. I called Chase Bank to report unauthorized drawing Euros from Banco Popular in Marbela, Costa Del Sol Spain, using my chase debit visa card. Alltogether 6 payments were made via ATM. I gave Chase all the details, I was told that the bank would send me a form to fill my quires. It is been over two weeks and till now I have not received the form. I received the new card. I was told that two or three unauthorized drawings would be refunded. Till now nothing. I am disappointed with this kind of service.

  177. I have difficulty contacting your customer service. Why is it you always lock-in my account. Everytime I unlock there is a message “Do you have SSS no.? It is very frustrating and inconvenient to me.

  178. This has got to be the most abysmal website I’ve ever seen for a customer-facing company. I’ve spent an hour searching and still haven’t found a phone number, or how to report a fraud email, or get a replacement credit card.
    Fortunately it’s an Amazon; card and they still have the number.
    I got to this page by web-searching the email address in the email.

  179. How can I be turned down for a credit card when I have excellent credit card credit and excellent standing credit with a car loan through your company? How embarrassing you made my experience. I assure you, I am getting another car in the Spring, I will never allow myself to give your bank one more cent!

    Totally sickening!!!

  180. What customer service? I have logged on to my Chase account repeatedly, only be be presented with a blank screen. When I looked for a way to report the problem, the contact instructions were to log on to my account and contact Chase from there. That was useless.

    I am out of the country and want to check my account without making an international phone call. I don’t have a Twitter account and don’t want one. Email support obviously doesn’t work for account access issues. What’s the solution?

  181. I went to your bank in Brownsville TX. After a wait because only one guy was working, I tried a open a new checking account. I was immediately informed that without direct deposit I either had to keep a balance of $1,500 or paid $12 a month for the glory of you having my money. Or in other words we don’t want you. I went elsewhere and got a free checking account. I would have had a balance of at least $2000 but I was being shown the door before that was established. Thanks for treating me like dirt.

  182. have tried for 2 hours to set up paying my bill from my iphone
    this has been a rotten total waste of time
    if you can’t solve my problem i am through

  183. Can you forward this to Chase Freedom Credit Card for me please. Thank you.:

    I am hard of hearing. My phone is not working. I am in a contract so I have to wait for them to mail me a phone. No loaner. My cc declined!! Why? Because I used it to get gas??? For goodness sake, turn my card back on. I messed up on automated system. I meant to put maiden name as Hoy. phone is messed up. Chad J Winesburg Stop declines!!!!

  184. Dear sir/madam: I made a deposit at the Chase at McMullan and Enterprise roads in Clwrt,FL. Branch 12 No 7729. I had just cut my finger and had put a piece of paper around the cut when I passed my check and deposit slip to the young lady'”Stormie” who said “I’ll be right back with your receipt”. Not only did she come back with my receipt, but she also brought a gauze pack and a bandage. Just service, her noticing my bleeding finger, “made my day”. She is quite an asset to Chase. If I hadn’t retired, she is the sort of employee I would try to get away from Chase and work for me. You have a wonderful employee there. Don’t lost her.

  185. Just found out interest rate is going up 5+%. Been a customer for 21 years. Have very good credit rating. Have not been late on payment or missed any. I get that they may need to raise it some, but 5%. Will not be using that card for any more purchases. Called to see if they could do anything and was told it is still lower than the published rate. Obviously, they do not want to retain there current customers, I hope the new customers forget to pay, oh that’s right, that is probably why I am getting jacked on my rate. I get to pay for that. Will not be using that card anymore. Sorry you had a good customer.

  186. This has got to be the worse service I have dealt in a long time. Multiple phone transfers to wrong dept.
    I have a credit card with you and I have not received new one.
    I will be more than happy to switch companies!!

  187. I can not sign into my account. I would like the monthly transfer checks SROPPED. I do not need or use them. If I can not sign into my account, then are you doing maintenance? what’s the problem.

  188. I have been trying to perform a bill pay from my Chase banking account ot my Chase credit card and keep receiving this error, “Important: It looks like this part of our site isn’t working right now. Please try again later. Thanks for your patience.”

    My payment is now late and I am still unsure if the payment processed?

  189. We just got new cards because someone was using our old number. We received them at my little womans law firm via ups. I was not going to be home that’s why I had them sent there. I told them to send it with her name on the envelope. Well they screwed that one up. They put my name on it and it just about didn’t get delivered because I DON’T WORK THERE. We checked our cards to see if they were correct. They forgot to put Sandra’s middle initial on hers. So I called and told them to send her a new card with her middle initial on it. Make sure they put her name on the envelope so it would be delivered to the right person. I told them multiple times to make sure they got the message. They didn’t get it right a second time. How do you guys stay in business if you can’t follow SIMPLE instructions. That is the kind of customer service I get from you because the idiots that work for you are in another country or just don’t care. It’s just a pay check for them. Very upset with your service recently.

  190. Arthur R. Whitham says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    May 4, 2018 at 4:28 pm
    We just got new cards because someone was using our old number. We received them at my little womans law firm via ups. I was not going to be home that’s why I had them sent there. I told them to send it with her name on the envelope. Well they screwed that one up. They put my name on it and it just about didn’t get delivered because I DON’T WORK THERE. We checked our cards to see if they were correct. They forgot to put Sandra’s middle initial on hers. So I called and told them to send her a new card with her middle initial on it. Make sure they put her name on the envelope so it would be delivered to the right person. I told them multiple times to make sure they got the message. They didn’t get it right a second time. How do you guys stay in business if you can’t follow SIMPLE instructions. That is the kind of customer service I get from you because the idiots that work for you are in another country or just don’t care. It’s just a pay check for them. Very upset with your service recently.

  191. I have had insufficient charges in the past that have been and let them go…..I was told a few months back that my account would be eligible for reimbursement in May for any such charges that incurred.

    Last night I had a major issue with my computer when starting it up, Windows 10 wherein my computer showed nothing and everything lost – I spent my evening on the phone with ATT Connect to repair same and my transfer obviously from my husband’s account did not transfer in – we redid it this morning! I have 3 nfs charges and called to see if any could be reversed. I spoke to Elsie – she was within 2 seconds said sorry, no, you are not qualified and basically have a nice day. I have never had anything like this happen and am quite upset. Had she been more polite and really attempted to check it out I would have accepted her answer but the whole conversation lasted 1-2 minutes. It is not about the reimbursement of the charges it is about customer service…. I feel an apology would be nice as I would never treat a client this way!!! Thank you for your time.

  192. Today we went to your Chase bank on Dana Drive in Redding, California. Our visit was to follow up on a mailing we had received that encouraged our opening a savings account, checking account, and a safe deposit box. Our questions were briefly answered by a teller. We then were told by a banking officer that it would take 15 to 20 minutes to be handed a brochure that would explain to us how to open these accounts. This was a WTF moment for us. Why would it take that long to be handed a brochure? We opted to leave because we felt that this is indicative of the type of service this bank offers. NO THANKS! If I were in management of Chase Bank, I would want to know what kind of local managers were in my system, and what kind of customer service they offer.
    In closing, I strongly feel this message will never reach a level of management that would, could, make a difference. However, If this bank is failing, you now know at least one reason why.

  193. The Chase customer service is beyond horrible. It is as if they want to make sure that you cannot contact them by email. They make it so difficult to use their communication system. I do not have a reliable phone where I live, and an lucky to get enough internet for emails. Someone locked out my account, and I cannot contact Chase because they do not take emails. I cannot get a new password, because everything is online, and I do not have my account number. I never regret not using my Chase card anymore.

  194. I find it funny everyone complains about Wells Fargo. The comments on here are awful, and the customer service comments for Wells Fargo are wonderful. Just goes to show you they’ll push any agenda. I wonder who I’m politics Wells Fargo angered. Please contact me by email to make up for the horrible customer service Chase provides.


  196. I found that there is a 12 dollars’ balance, in my total checking account. I went to the bank and withdraw all my money, and tried to close the account, but failed, and was told to call the 8004321000 sometime, so I called on 6/17/2018, and was told that my account will be closed next time I call it on 6/18, then I called back again on 6/18, and it took me 27 minutes to close my account, I confirmed twice with the customer service before I went on board. Since I had closed my account, how does this 12 dollars’ balance come from? please help me out with that.
    thank you

  197. Today I went to make a payment on an account for my daughter. I gave the cashier the money and my daughters’ credit card. Then she asked for my id , I gave it to her. then she asked for my address, gave it to her. then she said you ;are not a customer, I said not just here to make a payment. Then she asked for my social security number. I gave it to her. then she finished the transaction. She gave me a receipt without the last four numbers of the account on it. When I asked another clerk he said the account was credited. Why did she need my social security number? REF: 8161424TQQ3240267 cllerk #2 Aymen 6/30 09:35:21AM

    • I have been trying to get the email address of the Chase Mortgage department for 2 weeks. There is no email address published, and nobody will speak pn the phone to my agent. Please send me a supervisor’s email address as soon as possible. I live out of the US but this concerns my property in the US. My cell phone will not make calls to the US.

  198. We bought a new car in 2004 paid it off within the first 6 months , make a long story short ,it’s now 2018 and my wife passed away ,I went to the title bureau to transfer the title , CHASE BANK still has a lien on the car title ,I contacted customer service ,could hardly understand a word she was saying , but their reason was that my wife never ask for the lien to be removed , even thou the loan had been paid for 13 years , will never purchase a loan with this bank again .

  199. I’m trying to make sure that you have my current address……. I got a letter stating that I should update my address here. So this is it.
    Ruby Biggs

  200. Good afternoon,

    May you please contact me on the e-mail address below with regards to my Chase Banking Account Card No: 4207 6700 2198 6925.
    Your kind assistance will be greatly appreciated.
    Ms N. Ndaba


  202. My name is John Arredondo, I bank at the Garden Grove CA Bank off Champmen, as long as I’ve done Busness it disappointment I get wrong advise from your desk employees, now for the last two months I’ve been trying to understand ? Why I’m not informed before my banking transaction are interrupted? I visited the bank and discussed with a desk person what I needed ”
    Which how I can red flag my account ? Your employee had me change my debt card with enuf time I did ” found out it had to be I had to change my account
    This set me behind I’m still iron it out? Now the old account is closed” the folder I received informed me the bank will change my Direct Deposit to the new account” last month I checked my Social Security to make sure it change Direction? And last month as well as this month Aug 1st I have no info from the Bank on wear my Service Related income I receive of $417 I’m receiving no response from Veterans Affairs? Also how can a Direct Deposit be receive with a Closed Account? And without notice? All past transactions would have been taking care of”. At 63 yrs a Disable Veteran ,low income and senior citizen I depended on my once a month income” your site is hard to be able to contact your Bank and being on a budget I need to know a head of time” your ad tells me your hear to help” when I need it I receive the wrong guidance? Looking wear my VA Deposit still has me looking” and still nothing from Chase? I need a Response” this will also be entered as a Complant, I see no reason your lack to communicate? Also again I don’t want your overdraw coverage “Cancel” it.

  203. I called to ask about a bill I did not make a CBIMalware of 26.35 .
    Never got e mail on this. I call to get nothing but a computer.
    So I call you and get the same BS. I don’t want to talk to a dam computer. I need to talk to a real person. I will pay this dam bill. But I do not want Chase to take any charges from them ever.

    Infact due to the fact I could not talk to anyone We are closing our Chase down. I dont want a car that I can not talk to a person.

    Jakon and Katherine Grossmueller

    Fraud Department
    Chase Bank

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am writing to explain to you what happened with me while trying to book an airline ticket with Price Line. On May the 2nd. 2018 I went online shopping for an airlines ticket. I found a deal with Priceline for an airline ticket the total cost of $1502.60 as I recall. I gave the information of to my credit card so that Price Line would be able to cash their money. Within an hour the fraud department at Chase called me and told me that there were some suspicious transactions on my account. As I remember they named British airlines and SAS airlines among other transactions. Off course I had to deny these charges as I have never dealt with the named airlines before. After receiving the booking from Price Line, I noticed that instead of billing my credit card with one transaction equivalent to the total cost of the airline ticket, which is $1502.60, under the name Price Line, they broke down the total airline ticket into different airline bills the total of which was $1502.60. Realizing that I called Chase on or about May 17 2018 and told them to honor the transactions that I have already denied.
    I received a notification from PRICE LINE that my reservation was cancelled. I called Price Line they told me that my reservation was cancelled due to declining of payment. I told them what happened but they wanted to go ahead with their decision to cancel the reservation. I talked them about the refund of the full value of the ticket according to the conditions of their cancellation policy that stipulates full refund of the value of the ticket is guaranteed if cancellation happens within 24 hours of reservation. Knowing that an amount of $628.90 of the total value of the ticket has already been credited to my credit card account.
    When I asked them about the refund of the rest of the charges, namely:

    05/02 TAP PORTU 04771023204776NEWARK 07105 NJ 628.90
    05/02 TAP PORTU 04771023204743NEWARK 07105 NJ 570.11
    05/20 TRAVEL INSURANCE POLIC 8007296021 VA 82.78
    05/03 PRICELINE*TVL PROT/CDW 800-774-2354 CT 96.70
    05/02 BRITISH A 12571423127594800-2479297 NY 82.00
    05/03 THY 2357102320475 Istanbul NY 126.00

    Their response was they will not be refunded.
    I would like to mention here as well that after contacting Price Line and they denied refund of amount of the full value of the ticket, I contacted Chase and informed them of what happed, they told me that they will run a investigation and let me know of the results that they will reach. I received a letter from Chase Fraud Department , dated July 10, 2018 containing the result of their unfortunate investigation (Copy Enclosed herewith)

    I am writing to you to make sure that the full value of the ticket (which is $1502.60 in addition to $96.70 for trip insurance) need to be refunded in full as the cancellation of the reservation was spontaneous.
    Thank you very much for your cooperation and prompt attention to this matter.

    Ghassan Sanjakdar
    Cell 703-927-9988

  205. September 3, 2018
    Upon watching US OPEN TENNIS this weekend as a “CHASE Sapphire Banking Member”, I found CHASE Commercial sponsoring Serena Williams VERY OFFENSIVE using the phrase “This Mama’s Going to Knock You Out”! It doesn’t contribute to, or compliments Chase Bank what alone patronize your many Loyal Customers. What is Chase thinking? This commercial doesn’t even make any sense…..what alone make any Loyal M
    ember of CHASE want to continue patronizing Chase Bank. Where is the professionalism members expect?

  206. Last July 5,2018 the Chase fraud department approved the return of $6000 in a donation to the now defunct Watchtower Society, soon to be wiped off the face of the planet. On July 31,2018 Chase bank reversed the fraud charge and redeposited the funds back into the Watchtower account, leaving me high and stranded! I was then told to file a dispute on the charges..I did that as well. On 8-29-2008 Kevin Escarcha told me that the dispute department would expedite my claim. Really? I also filed a complaint with the Federal agency that has oversight over Chase bank. They have opened up an inquiry and sent Chase bank a request for actions is has taken in my case. Chase bank will not escape disciplinary action in this matter! Larry Chapekis

  207. I would like to receive a code for your offer of opening a checking account and savings and receive a 600 bonus if you open both through chase
    I spoke to some one in your customer service department and they told me to email you for a code thanks

  208. The Angel Gabriel was not sent to Mohammed He was sent to Mary to tell her she was going to have a son and to call his name Jesus This is regarding the viewing of the chase on 9-10-2018 at 5pm when the question was ask who was the Angel Gabriel sent to.

  209. I was hacked. I called chase they sent out a new credit card with new #. I changed password and username on my profile now it says I don’t exist in their data base. Trying to get in touch with chase is a joke.

  210. Sir,
    For six years I have had a credit card with your company in excelent standing,Last week I received an e mail stating that there was suspicious acctivity.Not being sure if this was an attempt at fraud, I called chase at the # on the back of the card.Since then you have frozen my online access.I have called chase on numerous times to no one being able to help.If I can’t resolve this problem, i’ll go back to paper billings.
    My Name is Jimmy Geras
    My credit card # 4266841433781216

  211. Change mailing address to P.O.Box 830,Mansura,La. 71350 Ac no, 4417113595000282, Dianne Dufour, email me certification that my address has been changed and also this account needs to be under my name,,,Dianne J. Dufour,,husband deceased.

  212. No email address to chase unless you sign up for online banking I DO NOT WANT MY INFO ONLINE, closing my account. The customer service girl was rude and condescending. I haven’t received my statement in three months but according to her chase personally delivered one to me. My six figures are looking for new bank!

  213. (this e-mail concerns Linda Chapman at the 933 N Hariston Rd Ste 1, Stone Mountain, GA branch). After moving to Atlanta last year, I applied for my GA license plates. Since I was a new resident, I was asked to provide a mountain of official paperwork to the state. I tried to do this on my own, but with no resolve. I had gotten my car loan through Chase, so I went to my local branch. I was quickly introduced to Linda. She not only took the sole responsibility with tracking down all the necessary paperwork, but she called with updates every few days. She even called me to let me she was taking a few days off for a holiday. The state’s branch office lost the title work, and we had to do the whole process all over, but Linda never skipped a beat. I got my plates, thanks to Ms. Chapman’s hard work. She is intelligent, determined, and she’s a great communicator. You’re lucky to have her. I hope she’s valued, she seems like a real asset. thank you, Jeffrey Tarvin

  214. i recently received a notification my Chase Bank visa card will be renewed with a contactless card which one should tap to pay.

    i called about this today November 26,2018 as i question the security of this new card and possible DOUBLE or more payments by just tapping the card.
    i do not want this new system.
    BUt was told I have no choice!
    what kind of customer service is that?
    Guess I will have to find other forms of payment and not Chase Bank as soon as the new card arrives.

  215. Chase sucks. There is nothing redeeming about this organization nor the people that work there. My mission In life is to make sure I tell everyone who will listen about all the immoral and unethical behaviors that this banks practices.
    Customer service does not exist at Chase.

  216. Went in the Bernal Branch a few minutes ago and my rolled quarter deposit was refused by the Branch Manager Dima, because the vault was full. I’m the District Manger for the Extended Stay properties across the street. My company does business with this Branch, not my option to continue to have poor service rendered on every visit. Like it’s a hassle to wait on a guest. As part of our routine we collect quarters from the Guest laundry room each Wednesday and deposit on Thursday. The quarters are counted, entered as income and rolled for deposit.
    So, the Branch Manager refuses my rolled quarters and tells the teller Diana for me to wait until he finishes with his current customer. Really, so I will to need to drive around with $500.00 in rolled quarters in the trunk of my car. Then will need to make an additional trip back to the bank to redeposit the money, hoping the bank will take them. I have safety concerns hauling around the money and having the money in my possession.
    Finally, working in Retail for 30+ years, I would never refuse service to anyone for a lack of anything. Been in the bank over the past 3 months and never have seen this man smile or help the tellers out when the lines are long. Management skills are lacking and better training needed for this man to succeed.

  217. Hi, my name is Teng. I’ve been used chase cards for several years. Now I would like to close all my chase accounts, including checking and two credit cards because of I’m not live in US since last year.
    So i’m asking is there any possibility that I could close my account ? And I would like to waive the negative $8.12 in my checking account. Since I already paid the monthly service fee for like 12 months. I do think this is unreasonable. So please help me to reduce my loss, thank you very much!

  218. There is no way to contact chase by email which is a big problem. I prefer emails so I have a paper trail. Chase is quite stupid to have discontinued their secure email choice. I am a disabled veteran and as soon as I get them paid off, I will get rid of my CC with them.

  219. I had my credit card account set up to be on auto pay but I was just denied use of it for non payment. what is the problem?

  220. I don’t typically have a reason to write a letter like this. Customer Service seems to have all but disappeared from most businesses or it is so fake and driven by systems designed to illicit inauthentic responses that it is meaningless.

    I was so blown away by the service I received from Joe A. Rivas, III, relationship manager at your Pearland branch that I am writing this letter as I sit here waiting for him to finish serving me.

    I came to create a new account as a Power of Attorney Agent, we hit several snags in the process. For each one he made that extra call, looked up that extra information. He did not accept the “no obvious way to do it” and did not stop until the issues were resolved. It too over two hours but we got it done.

    After going to three banks I am able to walk out of my visit with Joe a satisfied customer. I suggest you keep and promote this employee. Every investment you make in him will pay off two or three times over in the business generated by satisfied customers and referrals.

    When I asked him how I could give comments that would most directly benefit him he responded “I am just doing my job.”

  221. Hi, I am currently living overseas, and received your mail that required me to complete account certification for avoiding transfer the amount to state fund before April 11, 2020. However, I did not receive this mail until April 9, 2020 (maybe due to the COVID-19 that makes the mail service slow). I already mailed them back to your Dallas adress at my earlist convinient. Just want to check is that okay? Please contact my email below once you receive the massage. Thanks!

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