Contact Charter Communications Customer Service

Contact Charter Communications Customer Service

Contacting Charter Communications Customer Service Center

Charter Communications is a cable, Internet and phone company operating in 24 states. Products and services from the company can be ordered in bundles or as individual services. As is the case with many cable companies, Charter Communications offers huge discounts on bundled services for a term with increased pricing at the end of the term.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Contact Us page for Charter Communications leaves much to be desired. There is a phone number listed for help with online orders or new service, but a basic customer service phone number is not openly listed on the page.

Customer Service: 1-800-242-7837

Order Assistance: 1-877-581-3485

New Service or Pending Service: 1-877-304-2364

Mailing Address

Again, the mailing address for Charter Communications customer service wasn’t exactly right out in the open for people to find. We clicked through several links to find the corporate address on a cryptic corporate website.

Charter Communications Attn: Customer Service 12405 Powerscourt Dr. St. Louis, MO 63131

Official Website

The official website for Charter Communications is You can read about bundles, services and channel lineups all from the official website. If you have an account, Charter Communications allows customers to register for online access. If you are looking for new service, you can search your address at the top of the page to see if Charter Communications is available in your area.

Social Media

Charter Communications is active on Facebook and Twitter, though mentions of these social media pages were not found on the customer service website. Charter uses the social media pages to promote television shows and special prices, but customers with social media accounts can contact Charter Communications customer service by simply logging in to their account, visiting the company page and sending a direct message (Twitter) or message (Facebook) to the company.

Customer Service Email

We could not find a contact email address or form for Charter Communications customer service. Instead, it appears the company offers a virtual assistant. We never managed to reach a contact form.

Our Experience

When we called Charter Communications customer service we were given three options – press 1 for new orders or service, 2 for technical assistance or 3 for billing issues. When we did not choose immediately the phone rang and we were placed on hold for a representative. Surprisingly we were on hold less than 10 seconds when an agent picked up the call to answer our questions. She was polite and well-spoken. We had no issues getting information without giving personal information to the customer service agent.

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21 Comments on “Contact Charter Communications Customer Service
  1. I am not a happy customer. I just received my bill and it went up 40%. I received a flyer for 19.99 high speed internet from charter and it didn’t say anything about new customers. I called and was explained I could get the 30 meg a month for 29.99 until the person said it wasn’t for me cause I wasn’t new. I asked if there was anything for valued customers and the person said no. So my bill goes up 40% but yet I get a flyer indicating 19.99 a month that is not very clear about the stipulations. Not a Happy Customer

  2. received a phone call from 888-251-2359
    she knew my name and said she was calling from charter.
    she had a very thick accent and the only thing i understood was charter. i told her told them i could not understand her and i would call charter. i hung up. my question was this call from charter.

  3. Charter has quite literally priced themselves out of the market, with unreasonable rate increases. Those increases are well beyond the industry norm, and yet it is for such second rate service. Other than the absurd price increases, I also have been very irritated by many of their changes.

    #1 – The extra premium channels are now interspersed in the normal cable TV, and force me to click past them…though it always lags on those channels telling me to upgrade…which is extremely annoying…and there will never be any upgrade

    #2 – I am forced to pay for their service, and yet have to watch the endless Charter ads ad nauseum…I click them off immediately, as they are not honest anyway.

    #3 – They cut down satellite TV, and yet seldom do I get to watch any show in its’ entirety without Charter freezing up during the show…and it is not at all uncommon for the service to be out for hours at a time.

    #4 – The channels provided are simply not worth the money they are now charging…are repetitious and boring…with shows playing musical chairs for showing their fare.

    At the very least, I am eliminating the very overpriced TV from my account, but if the internet is also not competitive, it likewise will be gone.

  4. Please be advised that major search engines return a phone number for Charter Customer Service that actually connects the “mark” with Asian (by the sound) scam artists. I can’t hardly believe it, but I started to fall for it not only once many months ago but then again today. Of course, it is hard to believe that it would be so easy for bogus information, especially the 800 number, gets posted by big-name search engines, but it’s true. Equally hard to believe is that Charter doesn’t monitor these search engines in order to protect its customers better. Of course, if one gets a live human being without first getting an automated system, you know it’s a scam.

  5. TOO MANY COMPLAINTS ABOUT CHARTER OVERCHARGING PEOPLE AND WILL NEVER HAVE THEM FOR MY TV OR PHONE. I HAVE FREE CHARTER INTERNET THROUGH WIFI BUT WANT TO HAVE MY OWN WIFI AND ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR IT BUT THEY WANT A 29.00 install fee. I have never paid an install fee before for my hi speed internet. I have asked them for 4 months to waive that fee but they wont. SO i still have internet anyway and im saving money and charter is loosing my money. Im just about a point to tell them i dont want their internet even if they waive the fee. They are TOO greedy. So i continue with free charter…..

  6. charter sucks, they have been out for over 12 hours now at my house. not storm related or anything. they are unreliable. they even increased my bill for $60 a month!

  7. I had a Charter service technician come out this morning and although it took a couple of hours I felt he did an excellent job in fixing my problem. I answered the phone review response stating his work was better than I expected. Later a representative came to my home to check his work “quality control” he said. He was arrogant and almost insulting to us relative to the fact that I preferred NOT to use the HD input and instead preferred the older TV/coax because of our vision problems with the HD picture size especially the TV Guide.
    I have always had good service on problems with Charter but never a follow-up quality control inspector. In my opinion the person who did the follow-up should be moved to a position where he doesn’t talk to customers until his attitude changes.

  8. Hello,
    I’ve had troubles lately and need more time to pay a payment on my bill.
    Please do not shut off my service.
    I will have the past due balance paid before next bill is due in January.
    I hope you can bear with me.

    Thank you.

    Theresa Towell

  9. I wanted to write and about the wonderful young lady I talked to tonight, at 11:10pm Michigan time, She helped me out completely even though I am so computer stupid! She even informed me I had purchased the wrong item from an electronic store and she did not even laugh at me, well not until I laughed at myself. After that she continued to help me out and she is getting someone out here tomorrow. I have used other phone/internet companies and I have never been treated like a person before by any of them! Thank you to who ever you are. I should have asked for your name again because I had forgotten it by the end of our conversation, and I am sorry about that. But who ever you are, I thank you again and maybe you could teach a class for other companies about their customer service!! I think it would do wonders!! Good Night to you.

  10. Just saw that after April 30 2016 KMOV will not be available on Charter unless something is done. I will be canceling my subscription if this happens. I watch KMOV and PBS almost exclusively.

  11. Had service yesterday 6/13/17 2pm by your employee Nik #0506. He was an outstanding representative of your company and completed everything professionally. Congratulations on your hiring practices.

  12. Posting video and pictures of employee van between Jackson and Milan Tn aprox. 3:45 tailgating, texting, speeding, cutting in and out of traffic, Sticker on back ‘hows my driving call : check out video and pictures. license number 97071

  13. This company is a joke! Talk about no options and they know it. My channels have been freezing for the past 4 hours!! You call and get the usual, Sorry we are experiencing trouble in your area and are working to solve it! Well I want credit! The government needs to get involved with this company! I am going to run an ad in our local paper and get signatures from a lot of others that are fed up with Charter!!! These problems are ALL the time!!

  14. I have had issues with Charter since the beginning of our service. Especially how every month my payment is different. Therefore, I decided to have half disconnected. My cable equipment was returned on November 14, 2017, and I only kept the internet but to date, the bill hasn’t went down and it remains the same high price. Every time I speak with a representative, I get different stories and reasons that doesn’t make sense. There is no reason this should happen. I am still arguing back and forth for a refund, since I have been paying for cable and internet since the equipment was returned on November 14, 2017. For the moment I have to have internet due to my son doing home school and my part time job entails the internet. From my experience, all the good I can say is that the internet speed is good, I can give Charter credit for that – although you are surely paying the price for it.

  15. please tell however changes email webpage format that when they make changes it would be nice if you notified your customers and what to do. were use to one look then you make a change.

  16. Been having TV reception problems for some time. Picture freezes or breaks into scattered pixels. Takes me back to the early days of TV and weak signals!! The cable news channels seem to be the most affected–it is like you are censuring these news channels–has Russia taken over and I am unaware? Please increase the signal strength or do what it takes to remedy the problem.

  17. I sympathize with these customers as i feel just like they do. I used to have Charter about 5 yrs ago and it was just ok… then i moved out of state and just moved back to worc only to find that charter/spectrum are together. “Dont know if its because of Spectrum or what but for the last 4 months its been one complaint after another. and yes. the programs are not to our liking. we are seniors and cant afford the premium pkgs so we get the basic tier. another thing is that the place to pay your bill has moved… im told its on Grafton st in worc but no one knows where and i cant find the address online, so i have been paying it at a local market who has just stopped that service and the only other place i know is Walmart and they charge you 2.50 to pay the bill. the market charged 1.00 which is doable. but 2.50 on top of the bill for a service you dont like but are forced to have because you cant get anything else. where are you on Grafton st????????? i dont pay bills online so dont hit me with that one. please..

  18. I spoke with a gentleman named John this morning who did a great job helping me get closed captioning set up on my two televisions. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable and did a great job. I really appreciated his help.

    Thank you


  19. I am very upset about the loss of my CBS station as well as some of my other channels. I have not noticed that my bill has decreased, in fact it increased. if there was another option for cable service in my area I would change immediately. The service in my area is poor with many outages and with stations blinking in and out. I am going to be talking with my mayor and local legislators about Charters monopoly in our area and the need for other cable outlets.

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