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Contacting Centurylink Customer Service Center

Centurylink is a cable company that offers broadband, cable television, home security, Verizon wireless and home phone service. This is one of the few companies that offer such a vast array of services from one company. Services are available for residential and commercial customers. In order to access customer support and contact information, the visitor to the official website must enter a zip code within the Centurylink service area. We entered the zip code for the headquarters in Monroe, Louisiana ā€“ 71202.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

If you need to contact a Centurylink customer service representative by phone, you can use one of the verified customer support phone numbers listed below.

Mailing Address

There is a customer service mailing address listed on the support page for Centurylink. There is also a billing address for customers who want to send their payment by mail.


Attn: Customer Service

100 Centurylink Drive

Monroe, Louisiana 71203


Attn: Billing
P.O. Box 6001
Marion, Louisiana 71260-6001

Official Website

You can visit the official website for Centurylink at Some of the available options require you to enter a zip code. Based on your location, you may be offered different bundles and packages. New customers can request service, existing customers can change service or order new service and access their account for billing purposes all from the main website. You can also find out more information about Centurylink as a business from the main website.

Customer Service Email

There is no email address for customer service ā€“ but there is email information for the media and regulatory departments. Customers may be able to access the customer service email address after logging in to their online account with Centurylink.

Our Experience

When we called Centurylink customer service, the automated response system was easy to follow. The options made it easy to contact the customer service representative without any unnecessary options. When the customer service representative answered the phone, the English speaking rep was polite and extremely helpful. We were pleased that the customer service rep answered the call within one minute. We asked about the availability of service and customer care resources. The Centurylink employee guided us through the entire process without hesitation. Since we did not have access to the company email contacts, we directed all relevant questions to the customer service representative.

We had a positive customer service experience when we contacted Centurylink. Was your experience similar or did customer service not answer your questions and concerns? Let us know your thoughts.

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117 Comments on “Contact Centurylink Customer Service
  1. Phone-in customer service sucks. I called to report residential line noise—hum and static—sept 24th and still NO repair/contact of any kind. Can hardly hear anyone when they call. Can anyone direct service to 850-997-1201 ???????????????

  2. I had phone and internet service with Qwest/CenturyLink for the past nine years. I have used the “vacation” service each year. I called CenturyLink to reactivate the account to the same service I had in April 2012. It has been a ridiculous experience! There must be a way of putting the service on “vacation” rate and restoring the service to what it was without a long and very unsatisfactory phone call. After all this frustration I have no assurance that the service is restored.

  3. God Bless you !!
    Brian F …was Awesome and Utmost Professional !! Now i can “Deploy” (for the 5th time)….and know that my family will be taken care of while im gone> TOP NOTCH COMPANY!!—Thank you!
    MSGT D Terry ..
    USAF Boise, Idaho.

  4. I have had my phones stop working about 4 times in the last 3 or 4 months. I have called for service every time and it takes at least 15 minutes to ever speak to a person. That is IF you are lucky. The last time they sent a guy out, he sait it was my telephone, charged me $95.00 and left without leaving any way to call him back. Within a day of him being there, my other 2 lines went dead again (fax and credit card machine). These are not hooked to my telephone(which is brand new, by the way). They come and go and I am losing business because my phones will ring and I can’t answer them. I can’t cash out a credit card customer because the line goes dead. I cannot order supplies because my fax machnine line is dead. This happens every couple of weeks, and you guys say it’s not your fault. Who’s fault is it??? I think it is mine because I trust you to keep my phone lines working. You could care less and do not belive me when I call for repairs. Unbelievable. I am NOT paying the $95 that you charged me for doing nothing, and am planning on filing a complaint with the ATTY. Gen. office if you persist in charging me. I need a new phone co. and will get one as soon as I can contact one. Shame on you for your lousy service and expert dodging of customer complaints. Do you think we just make this up because we have nothing better to do?

  5. I receive a small pension check from Century Link but that does not give you the right to continously call and harrass me about bundling services that I am not interested in. If you continue to call, I’ll file a complaint with FCC. No means No!!

  6. Customer service is a FAIL. First the lady was rude and talked to me like I was a child. Second the Internet goes out every so often. So I do regret ever signing up for this service and I have been told that they weren’t very good at all. But you learn from your mistakes.

  7. I had a wireless receiver installed and am very pleased with it , however I need the Wi-Fi security code on the receiver as I tried to get on the internet on laptop but cannot as It requires the security key. I was told it was on the bottom or back but that did not work. Help !!`1

  8. worse company ever! do not sign up for internet for sure. not only is it slower they they say, but it only works 50% of the time and on top of that they kept raising my monthly payments for no reason or without even telling me i then canceled service and told them i was not going to pay them for there horrible service. then 3 months later i get a call from a collector telling me i owe them $200 i am for sure going to be talking to my attorney about this one!!!

  9. tried to pay my bill..u have done updates on the site. and now the payment links dont work…so i guess i will go back to snail mailing my payments…no its not my pc…every other site i go to works just fine….Cheryl

  10. CenturyLink Issue – Refusing to correct bad billing – Refusal to put verbal agreements made with their staff in writing
    I asked for a confirming email from all staff I spoke with – ALL told me they were not allowed to send confirming emails – 11/27/12 group All agreed “my account notes” stated my bill should be 49.24 including tax but … was told they could not send an updated/accurate billing statement for Nov. 2012 – I requested a note be placed on my account stating “I refuse to pay bill until I receive billing with the correct amount”
    – Billing for internet & telephone – basic phone only, NO add-ons & lowest DSL @ 1.5m $58.77 Jan – July 2012 $59.48 Aug 2012 $59.24 Sept 2012 $64.36 Oct 2012 ( Paid $49.24 Per Brandi ID 79187 on 10/23/12 $69.36 Nov 2012
    Summary of contact with the following CenturyLink staff – Note: I’m missing the employee name & ID on the May & August calls
    1) called in May about $5.49 Router charge – was told it would end in July when my 2-yr contract ends)
    2) called in Aug $5.49 Router charge not removed from bill – called was told “whoever told you that was wrong” However a goodwill credit of $5.00 would be applied to my account starting in Sept
    3) 9/26/12 Erica ID 67084 billed 59.24 – promised 5.00 credit for router fee effective on October billing she couldn’t apply to Sept.
    4) 10/23/12 Zack ID 1123231 Total bill 69.36 – got 5.00 credit .. but .. bill is now 64.36 escalated complaint Brandi ID 79187 – she promised 20.00 credit .. told me to pay 49.24 on October bill (I did) & November billing would reflect the new rate of 49.24 (it did not)
    5) November’s bill arrives – 11/27/12 Christine – ID 1121259 @ 10:45 escalated to supervisor Shannon – ID 765 @ 10:51 escalated to supervisor Elizabeth – ID 88631 @ 10:55 asked for her supervisor – was told there is no-one higher I can speak with. She has placed it with the Resolution Group – they will be in contact with me – usually 2-3 days.
    I kept escalating to the next supervisor because of their refusal to provide written documentation of our verbal agreement(s) and their inability to provide an accurate bill. Whenever a verbal agreement is reached I have to rely on their staff to put a note on my account .. NOT ALL DO .. which is why I now request/require written documentation.

  11. Need a Fax # to change name on account do to death
    of my husband need to put it uin my name. have death certifcate to fax

    • I get calls daily and all hours from a fax machine
      with number 952-346-3700. this number references to a number in Minnesota associated with Century Link.
      If this is yours please email me with your 1-800.

  12. I would like to know what happened to the reward card we were supposed to receive according to an e-mail we received fom you on sept.04,2012. Thank you for your help.

  13. I realy gatta say there the wors darn company ever they wont fix any thang they do rong 95% of the time my internett dus not work the outher 5% ist slow and freezes up dont even try to call there so called custemer servis is a bunch of B.S. they over charge rayes your bill at any given time and bend you over with no vasoleen. Centrylink YOU SUCK and need to be shut down a sap im wrightin congress on you ty fore crappy servess and ripping me off jerks

  14. I cant beleeve this you a holes r screwing me every way you can this internett is crap your servis sux 200 dollors if i drop your sucky a holes man scrue you

  15. Gail Curto

    I disconnected service for phone and internet October 24. The modem was sent back. Final payment of $182 was made also.
    I received a bill in November and unfortunately paid $115 by mistake.

    I expect my payments to be refunded and NO MORE bills.

  16. i am going to tell you how it is-i have had a stroke which screwed up my right hand-i have always paid my bills usually paid ahead-i called ahead to pay my bill by credit card-they told me i would have to pay a charge-i really think since i have trouble using my hand and always pay my bills shows me you don’t understand customer service-i hope you never have a stroke because god help you karmas not nice

  17. Well, I can see I’m not alone. In the nine (or more) years I have had Centurylink (once Qwest)and have paid my bill with my bank bill pay option I have never been billed a late charge except now for the past few months I’m waiting for them to contact me with a solution to the problem of my SS check arives on the third, they said it’s ok as long as we have it before the next bill cycle (the 10th) and all WAS well for years, what the heck are people doing without a phone because Centurylink is just unreasonable, not customer service oriented, very rigid, I guess no grace period, this is very unlike practically any other business I deal or ever have dealt with. I’m old and we really are unused to being rudely and very shortly treated. I pity the young people entering the fabulous world of “time to pay the bills” if this is what they are going to get? Are they mad because we reelected out President Obama?? What is the problem with their customer service??? It is not well, not well at all!!!

  18. “When we called Centurylink customer service…”

    You could have knocked me over with a feather! I did not know that they have a customer service department! I thought they only have a sales, sales, sales, service department, because when I called the automated service (that you liked so much) it never gave an option of asking a simple question, such as: did you slammed me? Lucky you!

  19. So now our rates are raised again.These rates are astronomical.Century Link openly advertises its’ aggressive business practice,in particular to gain new business.You have forgotten those of us who have had your services over time.You do not recognize a need for those who are elderly and/or on fixed incomes.The packages you offer are under the guise of what you think we want or need;why do we not have the ability to choose the shows we are most interested in and not pay for all the garbage?
    I’d be willing to bet that no one from your company will respond to these comments;could greed be the reason?

  20. centurylink is a kind of un satisfaction company for me. Becouse i observe many poeple are crying ,what i mean is sending bill with out service,poeple pay the bill suden stop service,and when poeple try to meet them by phone no giving acurate answer.soooo

  21. I gotta say the customer service is terrible. Went on vacatin for three months & put our service on vacation mode.While on vacation our lap tops lost email service & needed to be reactived we were told by customer service.
    Well to make a long long story short we talked to “several” folks for hours & got a lot of why’s & why nots. Not inpressed & will be changing carriers when i get back. Century Link—NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Century Link customer service is truly awful. The wait times are way too long and more than once, the associate has been rude, condescending and unprofessional. Oh, and they didn’t resolve the problem. I think Century Link makes up charges in your bill just to see if some poor sucker will actually pay it.

  23. worst internet service ever. last time they checked I was only getting 40% signal. It always goes out at the worst time and just sucks alltogether. do yourself a favor and stay away from centurylink, they suck at everything.

  24. I had my direct tv bill put on the century link bundle package boy was that a big mistake. Century link is number one in giving the run around. As long as they get their money they could care less about the Direct Tv customers. My tv was shut off because they failed to pay direct tv , well they were supposed to turh it on within 8 hours, here I am three days later and still no tv called several times and they are trying to wipe their ______ woith Direct tv, total B.S. been trying to get a human on the phone and when I finally do he tells me to call back between 6 and 8 am, and I can resolve the issue, I call and the machine says they are updating, GO FIGURE. If there was another company for phone service I would get it. I will disconnect their service as soon as I cantlk to human. Century is a horrible ccmpany and should be ashamed of themselves.

  25. No customer service at all. I went to the sales office and I received the modem to start my internet service i called several times and nobody show up after 2 weeks of waiting I decided to cancel the service then they sent me a bill for $200 dollars for early termination?

  26. I have been in the communication business for almost 25 years and have recently received from Centurylink the worst service ever experienced. I have been a customer of the ILEC (uswest, qwest, centurylink) since 1988. I am surprised to see the negative posts on their site which proves to me know one cares. No one from the company reads this. I am currently seeking an alternative provider and encourage all others to do the same. How can you operate in a customer service industry when you provide no customer service.
    Oh, by the way, my service (both phone & internet) were only out for 4 days before service was restored. Each day I was told by customer NO service it should be fixed today or tomorrow. PATHETIC!!!!!

  27. In October 2013, I lost telephone and internet service provided by CenturyLink. I used my cell phone to contact repair stating the problem and requesting repair. TWO days later a technician came and connected a temporary phone line from the phone box on my house and laid it over my clothes line and down the upper part of my privacy fence then connected it underground. In November I called repair to see when they were going to do a permanent repair. I was told within 30 days. December 2013, I went without service for another 3 days and a temporary repair. I was informed that I would have to wait until Spring before a permanent repair would take place. I received $5.00 off my bill the next month. Which has been the discount I received every time I have gone without service. The modem for the internet weakens every time I am without service and I cannot use my wireless printer.Replacing the modem would not b of benefit because of the temporary line and low signal received as they also need to replace the telephone pole. I was informed on 5/2/14, after being forced to pay my April and May bill because I was late paying my bill by 5 days for a total of $217.55 and came home to my temporary line laying on the ground. Leaving me without phone and internet. I called repair and was told it may take until July for all of the repairs needed to be completed. I called customer service and after speaking to 4 representatives and one hour of trying to come to a compromise of what I believe was a fair-deduction for 3 days of no service and reimbursement of $20.00 for the cost of minutes for my cell phone to have access of phone service I was told that was not going to happen. BELIEVE me when the repairs are complete after an 8-9 month wait I will NO LONGER be doing business with CenturyLink after 30 years. I have never been treated as rudely as I was today and expect that I will be writing another review when I receive my bill in June.


  29. The company you hired to upgrade service{??????] dug a big hole in ground behind my house 2-3 weeks ago putting dirt and rocks of all size in my back yard, there appears to be no activity for some time and WANT!!!!! the dirt and rock off my land!!!!!

  30. I have been rying to access and pay my bill for almost 1 hour !1No help> forgot password ,etc it wasn’t sent

  31. Worst company I have ever delt with. Signed up for phone and internet in July and still the phone does not work. They sent an outragous bill expecting me to pay when I still do not have working phone and work has not been completed. Have ask to speak with manager and they will not come to phone. When you do call you are on hold forever. If my service does not work I do not owe. I want their equipment out of my house.

  32. Sory my english is very poor, but when I talk to Century Link costomer service they do undrstand me. In May 2014 I make the bigest misteke and bundle my account. I have nothing but the problems with this account. Every time I call they say everything is bundle properley. Today I call 1-866-642-0444 and want some answers.I try talk to superviser name Chuck and his voice was train to sund to be very frendley but i can hear the SARKAZM in his vice.I only want costomer service to investigate my accunt from May to today and get the proper billing for the 3 months I have service with Century Link. I just want to be a happy Century link costomer,At this moment I wish I never start duing business with Century Link. I hope you will see in your record how many times I call to Century Link COSTOMER SERVICE.

  33. Wow! I had no idea a company could be as bad as this one but now I see it is not just me who is having so much fun dealing with this incredibly worthless monopoly of a business. I can’t even begin describing the problems I have had in the last two years of having to disconnect my lanline with these idiots only to have to reconnect as there is no other service in my area. They are so irreponsible and worthless. I am not paying my bill as my lanline goes down every time it rains and they never send the service folks out to fix it. Incredible!!!

  34. Trying to get through to report a phone line problem is so hard. You people need to have a more stream line repair number. After dialing the main customer service number for repair, I am required to press 2…press 1. Them I am asked som other questions. Finally, after getting a tech, I am asked so many other questions. All I know is that one of my lines is not working and need someone to repair it. We have problems often and know the drill. Thank you…not happy with how to contact you folks.

  35. I am very frustrated with the level of service I have been given related to an issue with our phone and Internet service. These dates may be slightly inaccurate, but the general information is correct. Moved into our new home 14 months ago. Started Century Link phone and internet. Great service “RZ” was tech. He was great. No major problems with service. Only issue was that the Century Link line across the street (connection to our home) was left above ground. As of two months ago, lots of construction in our area. Trucks and heavy equipment crossing line. Above ground line a concern because it has been moved from property to sidewalk and back more than once. Called about a month and a half ago (overseas agent). Was assured line would be buried in 2 weeks. Nothing happened. Have made four calls since the first. Each rep guarantees that problem will be resolved. As of today, no resolution. Today, 10 ton trucks, backhoes and tractors have been working in the lot. Backhoe came within four feet of line. My last two calls today were to a repair rep and a corporate customer service rep. The latter just told me to be patient; the area supervisor had been notified and would most likely be out today. I mentioned that none of the five or six reps I had talked to had ever called or emailed me as to the possible resolution. The corporate rep told me that is way it works. No updates or possible resolution notifications are made by Century Link. Lastly, during one of my first calls, I was given a ticket number. I called to find out the status. I was told it was closed. I asked for the resolution info. I was told there was none; it was just closed. Finally, I have been a phone customer for over 40 years. Except for a year and a half when we could not get service through your company, we have had Century Link internet service. If there is a break in the above ground line, and we are without service for more than a day, we will discontinue service. Our jobs depend on internet and phone service. Steve Winn

  36. Follow-up to my narrative above. Trevor in Omaha has contacted me and it appears with his help, we may be able to resolve this issue. He seems to know what to do, to get the right people involved.

  37. Century Link does not have a Customer Service Department, at least they don’t have one that works. If I ran my business this way, I would be out of business.

    I called on Friday, October 3, 2014 with our computer not working. We called to disconnect our land line and no one during this conversation told us that if we did that, our internet would be disconnected also. Very poor communications!!!!!!
    We asked to have the internet reconnected and were told it couldn’t be done until the next Tuesday. He also explained to us the new fast speed fibre optics that would be available in our area soon. We went over all the details and were told in order to do that we needed to pay a $65.00 charge on the books from a
    disconnect way back in 2011.
    First of all, we never disconnect our service, we put it on vacation. (One year we ordered the vacation, and on our return we find that you disconnected us instead, we were reconnected with no charge as it was your error, not ours). Second of all, we have never been notified of this charge . . . . never seen it on a monthly statement and why four years later you want us to pay this charge. We were told they couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything until this charge was paid. To get our service up and running, which we need for our business, we paid it on a credit card and were told we could take it up with the credit department.
    A service technician did come on Sunday, not Tuesday, and got our internet service running. He also found there were chewed wires at the main box, repaired them, and our internet is working.
    We have made several attempts Monday thru Wednesday to contact your Customer Service Department about this charge . . . . being on hold for 30+ minutes is totally unacceptable and when someone did answer, they needed to transfer us and we were then disconnected. I have recorded 6 attempts to contact you with no success, and have more productive things to do with my time than sit on hold.
    If we do not get this resolved, we will be seriously looking at changing providers and not staying with Century Link. We have been with U S West for years, both in Minnesota and Arizona, and never had such terrible customer service. We are ready to contact the BBB. There are other options, and right now they are looking pretty good.

    Our account information is:

    David Schmit

    We look forward to hearing from you regarding this matter.

    Dave Schmit

  38. Our business line has a hum on it. It’s Thursday and after an hour spent slogging through the CenturyLink phone system and waiting on hold, my repair is now scheduled…for NEXT Wednesday. In the meantime, we’re trying to run a business without a phone.

    CL people (if you can get hold of one) are great but their telephone communications system is awful, as is their time to repair.

  39. This so called company is run by unprofessional no couth underminded lying representives that B.S that give you run around nothing gets accomplished very unorganized. I see this going company down the tubes. Look out .DISH here i come i am going to make it a point to campain not to sign up with this company.

  40. Im a former employee of century link and i been trying to get payroll because i need my w2 for the years 2012 and 2013 and been redirected so many times i spent 3 hours already on the phone and i have not been able to get any results i’m sorry that customers have to go to so many troubles to get somenthing done. besides been a former employee i’m also a cutomer and the service is horrible my internet goes off every other day. i’m more w out internet than with i’m considering chanching because of the service

  41. century link put in all the cables for a new housing development and on mine they ran the cables to somewhere else and they do not know where. when i call to get hooked up they said they can’t. they missed up and now because they missed up and will not come back to fix it i can not call for help because i have no phone lines, if i need medical assistance or if there is a fire every one dies because of century link.


  43. My son set up Century Link at my house. He has since moved. In December my bill jumped by over $20.00. Since that time, I have been trying to get service changed over to my name and get a decent rate. Have done everything they asked; and, still the “run around”! They are doing everything possible to basically take me to the “cleaners”! As soon as I can find decent service elsewhere, I will never do business with this company again. Absolutely the most despicable customer service I have ever been experienced too. Please, any companies out there, give this company some competition. I want to see them taken down!

  44. Called to report one of my lines is not working – I talked to so many people I cannot remember which # I dialed. You have so many #’s, no communication between #’s or departments. An absolute nightmare.

  45. I have been getting crank phone calls for months from some credit card company each time “this is your final notice”. When I stay on the line, I ask to be put on their “do not call” list. They say OK. Then they keep calling. When I ask who they are, they always hang up.
    On Friday, the 13th of march, 2015, I spent 45 minutes on the line with Centurylink. 5 minutes before I even got to talk to an operator. I talked with people in India, the Philipines, Iowa, and who knows where else. People insisted that I give them the last four numbers of my Social Security number to verify who I am.
    I totally refused to do that. Centurylink was never given my SSN by me – I don’t give it out. I was transferred to Tech support, Internet support, everywhere BUT customer service. One fellow thought he had a remedy for my problem. For a mere $6 more a month, I could have some sort of call blocking service. No way!
    The real irony of my experience with all of these totally inept persons – the real IRONY is that during my conversations with all these persons, “can you hear me now?” was said dozens of times by me and by them. How about that??? Call Centurylink about a problem and then the problem is getting a working phone line. WHAT A JOKE!!!!
    One of them even asked my for a cell phone number that they could reach me at.Centurylink wanted a cell phone number so they could call me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????


  46. I have CenturyLink-at-Ease and having a problem with Firefox today, I called. Got Nelson first time and he uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled it but I did not get back my icons, ie facebook, AOL mail etc. I tried to get them back myself and made things worse. Called again and got Jacob. He made me feel like I was the dumbest lady (Im 75 and somewhat computer illiterate) and he was very arrogant and left me very upset. He told me to get them myself. I have used your CenturyLink at ease service before and everyone was so nice. But not him.

  47. Impossible to speak to anyone (after 5 different numbers) to help me. Want to stop solicitors from coming to my door. .Didn’t like Century Link in the past. Being harassed at my door, didn’t get them on my “good” list.

  48. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I called to try to set up service and decided not to it was so incredibly bad.

  49. I disconnected within the 30 days they give you and I even received a refund BUT they STILL send me invoices telling me if I don’t pay the bill they will disconnect me. I’ve sent letters with Disconnect number BUT it doesn’t matter and they keep accruing these charges which I’m not going to pay BECAUSE I owe them Nothing!!!! CenturyLink is the worse company ever I’ve dealt with and they are TOTALLY incompetent!!! If they want to accrue charges that they are going to have to write off, that’s fine with me as their statements and invoices are of no concern to me! I OWE NOTHING!!!!!

  50. I pay extra each month for 24/7 computer repair assistance and often get satisfactory assistance. However, the quality of support assistance has really declined over the last several months and yesterday’s experience was the worst ever! I made 3 calls to the 24/7 support number and each time the experience was worse than the time before; the first “representative” did not seem to understand my problem, she kept making suggestions and I kept telling her that what she was talking about was not the issue. i certainly did not want to do some of the things she suggested and make the situation worse! i finally got so frustrated that i hung up on her. When i called back I got one who made no sense at all and who, I suspect, hung up on me! At any rate we got disconnected and she did not call me back. Then i called the “help desk” in the telephone book, thinking it couldn’t be any worse; I was wrong! This one suggested that i contact the manufacturer of my computer! I laughed and him and expressed incrudulity that he had no more helpful suggestions! all of the representatives seem to be following a script; it is impossible just to talk about an issue with them, they have to do it their way and end up restating the issue several times. Also, I must say, though no prejudice is intended, the language difficulties and barriers these people put forth makes it even more difficult. i am following up with copies of a “real” letter to my local office and to Monroe, Lousiana, as well as a phone call to two local officers who are friends of mine. Will post if i get any results!

  51. Don’t for any reason do business with Centurylink, you will be sorry, worse customer service ever, billing has no clue and doesn’t matter who you talk to they put you on hold or send you to never never land. No help, have no clue how to do billing and does not listen nor can read, they tell you one thing and bill whatever, like a bait and switch!

  52. Horrible customer service. If you get someone on the line and say that you are having difficulties, many will just hang up on you because they don’t want to deal with the problem.
    I was assured a new promotion for 12 months and, still, I’m getting a bill that is $25 higher than promised. Spent an hour on the phone owith a variety of c.s. people – including a supervisor! The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Just another corporate mess-up. I will have to stop my autopay until this is cleared up. What a fiasco.

  53. You do not offer a low enough score for me to use to show customer service. I have been trying for 3 months to close this account. I have contacted you by phone and the chat line. Does anyone work there that cares one little bit?

    If you can not maintain contact on a chat, and your phones keep hanging up on your customers, I think you should reconsider this business option!

    Could someone please provide me with a number for your finance department, apparently your customer service department can not stop billing me for services that have been stopped since May 25th.

  54. Don’t sign up for auto payments… will be sorry. Centylink speedpay withdrew over 1000.00 within 2 pay periods..yes it was a mistake but trying to get your money back is a job in itself!!! After 3 weeks of calling I contacted the State Attorney General’s office..but I live in NC and the company is based in Louisiana…so waiting to see if that works! I received a refund but not the total amount owed!!!PLEASE.. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AUTOPAYMENTS with this company the mistake that allowed the withdrawals is still possible. No explanations, no statements.. I ended my phone service with them that is the only service I had! PLEASE Customers BEWARE.

  55. Can’t recieve emails and no one to help I pay you guys big bucks for a service that I dont. See working Don great state of Utah

  56. I sat on the phone for 25 minutes to change my brand new phone number due to tons of sales calls and the prior owner has tons of creditors looking for her. After the 25 min wait I WAS HUNG UP ON. Worst phone service EVER!!

  57. Worst experience ever!
    Been waiting for over three days to get service. This company cannot even manage to transfer a call without hanging up on you.
    No one cares about the poor service they offer. No attempt at a resolution. Sale rep lied about speed, activation fee and service start date. Team lead in escalation lied about following up. Again worst experience ever.

  58. Worst customer service!!!!! Switched to Century Link and was put on Auto-pay so that it would come out of our account monthly…Was given $10 discount and to our surprise we get a late payment bill a month later and a fee with no discounts…and found out we were never put on Auto-pay…Tried to call several times…got transferred from person to person who said they couldn’t help me and that I needed to speak with someone else…waited 30 min between calls the first time, 45 min the second time, etc… never did get anyone and with time constraints I cant just wait hours on the phone and then keep being told that I need to speak with someone else. Still haven’t been able to solve this because I can’t get anyone from BILLING!!!

  59. I purchased a bundle with phone, internet and TV.

    They installed the internet and phone a month ago and they will not install the Directv…….they told me i just have a phone/Internet bundle only. I have the confirmation codes for the Directv and I am getting not where with them. They will not even contact me after call after call.

  60. I was billed over by more than 300 dollars called in they assured me it was fixed
    I went to pay my bill it WAS NOT fixed. To add insult to injury the woman on the customer service line laughed at how I sounded! COMCAST HERE I COME! !

  61. Checked my credit report to find that I had a collections against me from CenturyLink, I do not have nor have I had a CenturyLink account. Automated answering machine service provided no help, very difficult to navigate system.

  62. I spent 4 hours trying to get someone to respond to help me fix my system, which was improperly installed. It took 20 minutes for one of the calls, and the others just about as long. One customer service rep was nasty and rude and when I asked him to speak to a supervisor he said “WHY?” and would not transfer me.
    I have decided to wait another three months when my contract renews to CANCEL them out of my life. Have never experienced such unprofessional conduct. What a mess! Terrible customer service. Hope Centurylink goes under…it deserves to.


  64. I was with Century link. Was changing my service for a faster service. Was told they would give me a 30min notice to come out so I could be there. Didn’t get that call. So got moved back to 30 days. Now I have no internet. Told them to cancel my service. After reading all these comments so glad I did. Don’t need service like this. Thanks for the heads up.

  65. I have a major complaint and concern and I want your corporate executives to listen to my first and last time ever ordering service from your company due to the amount of lies that I was told during the initial contact with a rep named Hailey and then with a Manager just last night who basically only wanted to issue credits if I would stay with a company that lies to their customers and does not honor what they promised. I was shocked to receive and almost $500 first time bill when I wasn’t informed of this and you have the taped recorded conversation and also do I of the transaction that took place on 08/17/15 clearly stating my how much my first bill would be and what products and service were free. Imagine my surprise when I receive this bill and information pertaining to a contract that I never gave consent to and that I would never consent too but Hailey wanted this sale badly and she was willing to tell me anything that I wanted to hear just to get her commission or stats. What else is appalling is that she purposely left out all the pricing that she conveyed to me out of her computer notes, and at first I was chalking this up to improper training but this was not the case after speaking to the manager last night who was more than willing to pull the conversation from that day and to offer Hailey retraining but did nothing to resolve my issues but to offer me a small amount of credits that would only reduce my bill around $60, give or take a few dollars. She basically told me that she would not be able to make any adjustment even if they listen to the conversation and found everything I stated to her to be accurate and correct because the billing was still my responsibility. I was appalled by this because I changed my services based on what I believed to be accurate information and not inaccurate and therefore I should not be held accountable for their rep intentionally misinforming me and literally lying through her teeth and the management was no better. At this point they both should be fired, because at no point was I treated as a customer but as a tool to be used and held accountable for their own mistakes and arrows. If this situation was reversed I would have done my best to make sure that they as customers felt like they mattered instead of not. I even had to point out to the manager that from the time she answered to my call that I knew immediately that she would be backing her rep at all cost even if it meant losing customer service and this is not good business practices. She only came to my defense only after I proved and asked those qualifying questions to raise flags against the reps deliberately deceiving me in order to gain a customer and to meet her quota. Both the rep and the manager that I spoke to should be retrained and then terminated for just not being customer oriented and improperly handling a call that could have been much better for the customer and not to serve their purpose but to serve the best interest of this company. I am schedule to disconnect this service on the 9th but sooner if I get another provider sooner but I will never, never, ever go back to this company for anything and I will speak out against it and since I have proof then I will not be committing deformation but telling the truth. This was my first and last bill and I will fight in a court of law, if necessary because the truth should prevail over any lies and deception and if anyone wants to represent me then please contact me at the following number before my service terminates with this company on the 9th at: 850-574-4215. I have the date and time of the recorded conversation for both the rep and the manager and the manager even stated that she was going to contact Hailey’s supervisor to listen to the entire recording, just in case it is erased for convenience, I also have a copy of my own to provide proof that I mislead and that no resolution would be compatible or then give me what was promised or close your company and allow other companies to advance and prosper based on common courtesy, good customers service and moral and values that your company certainly don’t practice.

  66. To think that I wanted to work for your company because I found the people to be so nice and kind over the phone compared to other companies but this is only an act to get you trapped and then they nicely and kindly tell you the real deal. Wow! I would rather have the worst phone customer service then to be lied to me in my ear and then I am held accountable for what your reps do or don’t do. I am in need of a career but not this bad that I would want to work for a company that practice deceit and deception and to win at all cost regardless of the circumstances.

  67. Also no the customer is not always right but nor is your notations or your input onto your computer systems and nor is your customer service. But in this case I am so right that I am willing to fight for what is right and by the looks of all those people that have had your service then there must be some accuracy to what I just disclosed.

  68. I have called to resolve a billing issue only to be put on eternal hold. When i signed up I was told that my charges would be $39.95 per month. My bill is $78.50. I am asking for an adjustment with credits to my account. Account number 7192753205

  69. I have their internet service and have NEVER had a service this bad. I just did a speed test and it was 1.82, dial up is that fast. I wish we had another service to choose from, I would dump Century Link in a heart beat.

  70. Service repair was supposed to come out between 11-1pm but no one showed.
    It will be a week before I can plan to be home again.
    Luckily the internet still works. Can’t use my cell phone here in the mountains. Fires in the area.
    Would feel more secure with a working phone.

  71. CenturyLink should be barred from operating as a public service – PERIOD! Of all the FCC-related services, CenturyLink in my opinion is by far the absolute worst service provider on the planet. They claim to be sensitive to customer complaints but that in reality and in my personal experience is an outright false claim. Customers can rarely if ever, contact CenturyLink unless they want to buy something from them. After service is installed, if it ever is on time, CenturyLink seems to forget you exist. Last year at this time, it took them more than six months last year to resolve several service-related problems, from internet, billing and phone debacles. Now I’m back at it attempting to get someone at CenturyLink to re-establish phone service that ceased working on 12/23/2015. It’s apparent that part of the problem was the holiday. No matter. I understand that people want to spend time with their families, etc. However, I began my quest the same day the service dropped. I didn’t try to contact CenturyLink on Christmas – no one was working. But on all subsequent days I’ve tried CenturyLink sites, emails, troubleshooting, send letters to the CEO and I WILL be sending one to the FCC. No response whatsoever! This is intolerable, and until enough people bombard the FCC and cause so many complaints CenturyLink be so busy answering those complaints from the FCC theywill either fix their myriad and uncountable problems or just simply go away and then be replaced by a RELIABLE service provider. It’s unavoidably obvious from all the thousands of internet complaints against CentryLink that CenturyLink cannot and should not even claim to be customer oriented. THEY ARE NOT! And that’s a indisputable FACT!

  72. For several months, my “voice” line becomes inoperative with inclimate weather. Now with winter, when temps drop near 20 degrees there is no dial tone. When it warms up around 35 degrees the service is back to normal. (DLS operates in a severely degraded mode). I have opened several tickets when the problem was present, only to have them closed when the problem went away. All testing was done from the “test jack” where the line comes into the house, with the house totally disconnected.
    After all this time I felt the problem needed to get resolved once and for all, so I spoke with a “Supervisor” (Jonathan Stoke) at the Boise facility and discussed my problem at length. Jonathan was great to work with – we agreed the best plan was to keep a ticket open for a tech to come out to the house and look at the problem on Dec 29 as was previously scheduled, and if the problem was not present at the time the tech was here at my residence I would be able to explain all the symptoms and I would not be charged for a “problem isolation” call. I arranged to be at home for the entire day, as a definite time for a tech to be dispatched could not be determined within a shorter time range.
    Unbeknownst to me, someone within Century Link ran a test on my line the afternoon of Dec. 28 (while it was warm and the line was working fine), and closed the ticket with a comment that the problem was with the customers phones, not with Century Link. I was never informed that this had been done, and consequently wasted an entire day at home waiting for a tech to arrive to look at the problem. At 4:30PM on Dec. 29, I called customer service to get a status on my open ticket. That is when I learned the ticket had been closed by a tech indicating the problem was not a Century Link problem. I asked why I had not been informed that the ticket was closed, and the response was “He left you a voice mail”. THIS IS TOTALLY UNTRUE. First of all, I do not have an answering machine on the line to record a voice mail, and secondly, if he were speaking of a Century Link provision for a voice mail – that has never been set up and activated.
    Now, today, (Dec 29) would have been a great day for the tech to have come as scheduled. The phone was “dead” all day long with the cold weather we experienced, and he would have been able to troubleshoot the problem with ease.
    As an FYI, when the phone is working and a person calls, they immediately get the “No Solicitation” message and are required to press “1” to continue. When the line is dead with no dial tone and a person calls, they get a message that tells them ” the voice mailbox for this number has not been set up” – never getting to the “No Solicitation” message.
    We have learned recently, that for months people have tried to call us and have received the “mailbox not set up” message, so it is obvious this problem has existed a long, long, time without us being aware there was a problem, being as how with warm and pleasant weather, the problem disappeared.
    So, after wasting a complete day at home at a great expense to me, I learn that someone in Century Link closed a ticket without informing me, and took away the opportunity present to correct this problem once and for all. That person should be disciplined! I am now told no one can be here until Thursday AM, which is totally unacceptable as the line is still completely dead.
    There is more to the story, but I would much prefer to talk with a Sr. Executive.
    I am making a copy of this report and will be submitting it to Mr. Girish K. Varma if I do not hear from you immediately.
    Joe Kaler=

  73. Your customer service is NO good. I reported my phone with to much static 7 days ago. Guess what he was supposed to be here before 3PM it is now 2Pm the next day and no site of them. I have called 4 times in the last 24 hours and all I get is he will be there they have to much repair work to do. Well first I am a insulin dependent diabetic and should have a phone. I missed talking to my son and grandchildren on Christmas. I would think you would want to take care of your customers better then this. Why should anyone have to wait this long I have been a customer for 45 years. Hire more people if you can not keep your customers helped. Called today my ticket is still open have no idea of when it should be fixed. I should have these days taken off my bill. and your internet is also bad I have the fast speed but it goes slow internet and just stops when it feels like. guess you should work on that problem also.

  74. This company has the WORST customer service ever. (similar to xfinity’s horrible customer service) I called to have my home phone number moved/ported over to my new address. I spent just under 1 hour on the phone setting up new services. Then the rep. stated she could not finish the order and that I had to call another 1-800 phone number. I was on the phone for 2 hours this time. The rep repeated 10-12 times the correct phone number to be ported over. On connection day I was given a new phone number. NOT my previous number as requested and verified a dozen times. On that same call I was sold a $18 local call line with $2.99 long distance package. When the order details came through the price increased to over a $50 package. I have been on the phone for SEVERAL MORE HOURS (not 1 or even 2 but SEVERAL,) trying to get my old phone number and the promised pricing that was sold to me on day one. Still nothing. I called back and was promised that my phone would be ported over yesterday. DIDN”T HAPPEN. the customer service rep state that she would watch it specifically and make sure it would happen. Guess what…DIDNT happen.. I believe they will tell you untruths and don’t care about customer service. Guess no one has to be accountable. If you can AVOID them…do it.
    OH Yah. 1.4 stars is way too generous they deserve negative stars.

  75. I Want you to STOP mailing me your advertisement in my name and my address I am NOT interested in your services.
    DID I make myself clear? You do NOT have the right to keep sending me your advertisement, I went to the Post Office and they said that they can’t do anything about it you are the one it needs to STOP the mailing to my address!!!!!!!

  76. I have been with centurylink before there was a centurylink, but rather, embarq. I never have any intentions on changing service. Actually, I’ve tried to upgrade to bundling my cable tv viewing with them. That was a fiasco, last week, causing me to lose two days of my time and a long anticipated dinner plans. Over the 20+ years I enjoyed the fact that whenever I called centurylink I was speaking with someone who was actually in my city as I called in on my local area code centurylink phone number. That, quite sadly, is no longer the case. In fact, I’ve come to describe my on phone experiences as being more akin to my traveling the world in 8 hours — because that’s about how long you tend to actually spend on hold. Being disconnected where no one ever calls you back… only find yourself back in the que over… and over… and over again.

    The custo serve people only know what is on the computer screen in front of them. They no nothing about the area you are calling from. So, they are totally unaware of issues, and unable to answer any questions. But the hold time, the disconnects, and the being “accidentally” put back into the que are enough to create ulcers!

    Local service is where it’s at. Hire Americans in the cities they live, rather than speaking with third world country people and people in states no where near you is highly unacceptable. I need to call centurylink to, once again, try for cable coverage. But, to be honest, I have put this off for two days now as I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will be driven to distraction during this process.

    And, try speaking with an actual supervisor. Then again, don’t… because you will only find yourself back in the regular cue and traveling the world only to wonder where your call will be answered next. This is a horrendous system and almost makes me want to consider the alternatives… almost.

    Then, to be transferred, where the rep you are talking to first talks to the next rep, about your situation, before putting you through, only for them to ask you, all over again, all of the same account questions you have already answered a half dozen times is just appalling. I might as well be talking to an automated voice!

  77. Unbelievably bad service. Lied twice about pricing on phone. A number of friends report the same issue. Now Century link has put unusable voice mail on my line that I have not requested. This voice mail has blocked my answered machine so no one can leave a message. Many called to service has not corrected this. One representative denied that I had voice mail. I will probably have to change carriers.

  78. I don’t know where to start—it just never stops or changes. Yes, the service staff are polite, helpful, seem knowledgeable and hopeful. That is where it ends. You wait for changes in your billing, but it just keeps growing. I have charges for 2-yr contract penalty (was no contract) only “30 day free trial” for PRIZM. I am being charged $50.99 monthly additionally for DIRECTV HBO, etc, for the 3-month free special. The premium channels are gone, but the $50.99/month stays. I am paying CL only for the agreed upon $44.50 for internet and $39.99 for basic DirecTV + taxes and feeees. They continue to bill me for the above penalty and additional amount for premium channels that I don’t receive, plus a $14.99 late fee. I have called them monthly and get the same song and dance; I email them on their website. One email response said “it appears that your problem has been resolved”. My next email goes to the Missouri Attorney General consumer complaints, the FCC, CenturyLink executives (LOL), DirecTV. I am afraid I can’t just drop their service, because they will just keep billing me; and tell me they can’t help me because I am no longer a current customer, then just slap the Bad Debts on my Credit Report!

  79. Centurylink has been steadily increasing the monthly bill for the past year. This constant increase on a monthly basis has me looking at all of the other options for telephone service. I have kept my landline for many years , but I’m now looking to go wireless with another company. This company SAYS the appreciate your business , but they damn sure don’t act like it . One more of these creeping bill increases and I’m history !!

  80. Well it has happened yet again Every time I contact this company about anything I get put on some list which generate an excessive number of robo calls I have given the numbers and the names and just get more calls and more persistent rude people who seem to get very offended when I don’t fall for their nonsense at this time I fully believe that Century Link itself is somehow connected to this practice and I would very much like it to stop I have however no hope that this will actually happen because Century link is benefiting from this even if it is to not have people call to resolve any matters such as not receiving the service which is being paid for I don’t know what the answer is so when I receive my daily dose of nonsense (robo callers) I will take an extra moment to pray I will include the caller and the Century Link and their employees(which are wonderful considering they have absolutely no power they aren’t even invited to the meetings where this nonsense begins 0

  81. I do not have the time to wait and wait and wait until finally I get a live person only to tell me I have to be transferred only to wait and wait and wait again finally a live person but along with that there is so much background i.e personal conversation, laughter,etc I state my problem.person tells me hold on. After holding and waiting and waiting I get hung up on

  82. by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. I had internet through them June and July of last year.. I canceled in August because the connection never worked and I refused to pay for something I couldn’t use. I called for months and was constantly put on hold and transferred to be put back on hold and transferred again before I was hung up on. Thank God for this site because for months I was lied to and told there was no corporate number or any way to contact them. So today after a year of dealing with issues I paid $73 to settle the issues and for them to leave me alone… WILL NEVER use centurylink again and could never imagine referring any of my family or friends. They only documented 1/4 of the visits and rarely took notes from my calls. I could not access my account online so I could not even see the account or attempt to pay anything on it. This is by far the worst internet provider and I regret ever signing up with them.

  83. I think it is a shame. My sister being charged a lot more then the price she was quoted, She had the name & date of the person that she talked to & was informed the conversation was being recorded. She was in tears trying to get someone to listen & correct this mistake. She is on a fixed income & when her bill came she was totally shocked. The same exact day I am at Walmart & out of the blue this poor cashier was so stressed she was making mistakes & said her Century Link bill was double of what it was supposed to be & she cannot get anyone to listen to her. I was like OMG , I just talked to my sister & she is having the same issue. What are you people doing?

  84. no show on repair had maintenance service for years. Repair not happening this is a week without service. Phone line still not working. Hope to get it fix by august.

  85. I have been trying to get my $50.00 deposit bsck. It has been more than 3 weeks since I canceled my request for services due to your cable people saying our access to the house was not enough clearence under code regulations on 6/21/16. I have spent 4 days and 7 hours waiting and being transferred on the phone calls I called. I want my $ back since I received NO SERVICES from Centurylink. I hope this is resolved soon or I am reporting this to P.U.C.and B.B.B.

  86. I am so totally surprised that when you go to the century link support page, you can’t leave an email. All they want you to do is troubleshoot the Wireless problem online. Last Saturday, after a weeks wait, A gentleman came out to check out our wireless problem, arriving two hours late, where I had to leave and wasn’t able to talk to him. Our Internet worked for one day, and was out again the next day. Contacted century link again about the problem, and said it would be another week before someone could come out. You either need to do more hiring, or shut down because of poor service and no service people to help sooner than a weeks wait. This isn’t acceptable. I’m so frustrated with century link. I would not recommend your services to any one.

  87. WORST COMPANY EVER…!!! I didn’t go to Centurylink, they came to me. They bought out Embarq here in the S.W. Florida area. These people are pure cLuStErfux’s. Their home internet service has SUCKED FOR YEARS, and calling or emailing them w/a complaint is like pissing in a rainstorm.

    I’m going to have to write the knuckle dragging cretin, Neanderthal’s, in the home office in Monroe La., to try to WAKE THEM UP, and find out what the hell is wrong w/these impotent jAcKaSsEs…


  88. I just spent TWO HOURS ON THE PHONE, WITH CENTURYLINK, and I got absolutely nowhere w/them…!!! They’re THE WORST COMPANY EVER…!!! I got disconnected three times. The first time, the girl actually called me back, but all the people I dealt with tonight, still didn’t get my problems fixed.

    Prior to Embarq selling their accounts to Centurylink, 5-6 years ago, my internet problem shut off maybe 3 or 4 times, t-o-t-a-l, in a half dozen years, but with Centurylink, now, it might shut off 3 or 4 times IN AN HOUR…!! These people either don’t know how to keep your internet running, and in a ‘stable status’, and then they BLATANTLY LIE TO YOU ABOUT YOUR BILL.

    Centurylink, hands down, is THE WORST COMPANY EVER

  89. As more customers start using all the services that Centurylink has, the service continues to decline. I live in the Ocala/Orlando FL. Service area and we have continually watched the internet and tv service decline during peak times. It seems that sales have outpaced equipment purchase to support the increase in customers. TV shows turn out to be stop action and the internet slows to a crawl or fails to connect. You have spent money to install fiber to handle the bandwidth but you don’t have the hardware to support it. The development I live in is beginning to lose faith in centurylink and the residents are looking to go to other methods for tv, internet, and phone service. Someone in your organization should pay attention to your current customers because they have become vocal over the internet panning Centurylink.

  90. I have had the worst experience with CenturyLink in the past week. Their customer service help desk for technical support is less than acceptable. I have been transferred several times in 7 tries 3/27 & 3/28. You have to repeat the same id information and repeat yourself. I spent 7 calls for a total of 200 minutes and yet the problem was not solved. You should either ask for Adam or ask for the supervisor. Those were my redeeming people after the 7 calls. I am so sorry I do not have an alternative internet carrier.

  91. After waiting on hold 25 minutes and finally getting an agent and telling him my issue, I get cut off and line goes dead. will try again later but have better things to do than spending hours on hold. What a way to do business!!!!!!!!!

  92. Worst service I have ever had, only works half the time and no one cares, unbelievable how they treat their customers. Hopefully they will get bought out by a real phone/internet provider


  94. We have been having static issues to the point of not being able to hear the person calling. This has been going on since May 2017. My husband talked with some manager yesterday morning and he PROMISED to have a tech out hear between 8:30and 9:00 today. It is now 10:30 and no one has called or showed up. This is not the only time we have had a NO SHOW TECH. I have made appointments to get this issue resolved AT LEAST 4 TO 5 times and have had to be sure to have someone at home, just to have no one show up. If this does not get resolved ASAP we will be happy to tell everyone we know of the service we get from CenturyLink. Also NEIGHBORS across the road AND down the road have been experiencing the SAME ISSUES.
    I would appreciate a response ASAP.
    P.S. Our internet speed is also very slow


  95. I had a problem and called for support but now I cannot even access my facebook
    as I am told it is not good any more. ?? Also, the way I used to access it is no longer available because I am missing something? I know…..good customer service! I was Carol Jean O’Neil Goodwin on my FB account and now I really do not have one! Everything has changed on my computer and I want it back the way it was! Easier access!!

  96. Do not for any reason subscribe to them… I have gone from a 40 dollar bill to a 225 bill. Each month has gone up. The service was great at first but it gets worse each month. Customer service is a -10 on a 1-10 scale. Absolutely aweful. I have timed it where I was on the phone for 1-5 hours and one time I was transferred over ten times and yet nothing was resolved and I finally gave up. Never came to set up special internet but I’m paying for special internet. Direct tv didn’t show up on correct set up date. Then they showed up and woke me up on a date that wasn’t scheduled and was there for numerous hours and I took time off work. Visa gift card I was promised never came. Set up direct bill three times or more and still was charged late charges and then tried to blame me. Have been many late charges but rarely is a bill sent. I know longer want direct bill because the bill changes every month. Century link always blames direct tv and vice versa… My recommendation never ever bundle because companies won’t take responsibility and forward you constantly. Century link will not take any responsibility at all. Worst experience and a 500 dollar deposit not to mention. Refuse to let you speak to a manager.. Called again today and said that the problem was direct tv and they were going to forward I finally said no Ill contact the better business bureau and still no response.. ABSOLUTELY AWEFUL and that’s as nice as I can say. This company needs to reevaluate things and if they can’t get better at customer service then they need to close the doors or cancel the deal with bundling. Too much chaos and confusion. 235 dollar bills when they are supposed to be 80 dollars are unacceptable. I could probably write 5-10 pages of stories. This is the short version. Good to see I’m not alone in my problems. They probably owe me 500-1000 dollars. Who knows at this point. Cant wait for my contract to end.

  97. In the last week or so I haven’t been able to call my sister who is one of your customers. I am not a Centurylink customer. I have tried on 3 different phones with the 423 area code to call her in the 256 area code. I get a message that my call did not go through and to try again. I can call her cell phones (not Centurylink)but not the home phone. Can you help us?

  98. Our business phones have been cut off. And after over 3 hours and 10 different people, it appears that they will remain that way. Told we owed over $1,100.00 on numbers that we have been paying for. I have never dealt with more ineptness…No one was able to pull up the bill (the one they say we haven’t paid)…how on earth do we owe money for A: an account for which we have NEVER received a bill for and B: being told that said bill cannot be accessed by persons who work for Century Lin k…We are losing business hourly and there appears to be no end in sight. As I sit here typing this, I wonder why am I wasting my time, as it seems that all of the complaints you receive don’t get addressed.

  99. Never have used this company. Got a letter from their debt collectors telling me I owed $200 and they would be affecting my credit within the month of I didn’t pay up. I immediately contacted their debt collected and explained I never had an account to be delinquent on. They told me to go through the lengthy process of reporting fruad to the gov. I contacted CenturyLink who confirmed the last 4 of the social with the same name as me was in fact different but when they went to transfer me to fraud dept my call was passed around what seemed to be somewhere in the Caribbean with no resolution and continued wrong departments. That took an hour and when I finally got back to America and asked the agent to stay on the line until a supervisor answered, the supervisor herself hung up as soon as the agent did. What a poor excuse for customer service. Not only would it have affected my credit if I didn’t receive the one letter but my futile attempts to resolve this issue were not met by the 5 or 6 different reps I explained this to. Seems as if they want this to happen. They’re lucky I don’t take them to court for this

  100. However did people give this company even one star. My every interaction with them has been bad. Never have I experienced such a low level of customer service. I’m changing!

  101. All employed at Century Link need to take a mandatory course to learn exactly what customer service is and means and how to use skills they learned at course. Just some advice; NEVER do business on phone or online. Make them mail you a written copy of your agreement with them about services. NEVER bundle services from them. You will pay out your butt; and somehow each month, the price of your bill just goes up.

  102. How do I get to talk to a live person. Every phone number I call I am connected to your automated service. I am trying to get my bill lowered. What must I do to talk to someone/? Apparently my next step is to cancel my service to get your attention.

  103. I had this service installed on SEpt.24 2018,guess what I still have no internet access. they said that I needed to hook up to my phone line to do it ,well I don’t have a phone jack in my home, supposedly they are going to send someone out to install one .But I am still waiting!!!!!

  104. I have wanted to make a payment on an old final illb …. I used to work for the company years ago and was a service rep in my early career….. it is harder to do business with CTL no wonder it is failing… the automated “agent” cannot provide a mailing / PO address so I can mail in a check…. neither can a “chat agent” unless I provide my name and address…. this is weird.

  105. I am having the worst customer service in history! I would like a call from someone who knows what the hell they are doing!! please contact me asap!! 480-288-2295
    I have waited on line 3 times for 20 min each time. when it becomes my turn I am disconnected. I am sure it is because you have scammed me out of $200.00. I will go public!!!!

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