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Contacting CenterPoint Energy Customer Service Center

CenterPoint Energy provides energy to customers in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi and Oklahoma. The company conveniently lists all contact information on the same page so you don’t have to search around multiple websites.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Choose the customer service phone number in your area.

  • Arkansas: 1-800-992-7552
  • Houston, TX (Gas): 1-800-752-8036
  • Houston, TX (Electric): 1-800-332-7143
  • Louisiana (North): 1-866-275-5252
  • Louisiana (South): 1-800-477-0177
  • Minnesota: 1-800-245-2377
  • Mississippi: 1-800-371-5417
  • Oklahoma: 1-866-275-5265
  • Texas (Beaumont): 1-800-376-9663
  • Texas (East Texas): 1-800-259-5544
  • Texas (South Texas): 1-800-427-7142

Mailing Address

There are multiple addresses listed for mailing payments, but customers don’t want a letter of praise or complaint getting lost amid thousands of payment letters. If you need to contact CenterPoint Energy customer service by mail it is best to use the corporate address.

CenterPoint Energy, Inc.
P.O. Box 4567
Houston, TX 77210

If you’d like to sent your letter to the physical address for the company try:

CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

1111 Louisiana St.

Houston, TX 77002

Official Website

The official site for CenterPoint Energy is located at This main page is the starting point for all company locations. There is one general log in at the top right of the page. This is where you sign in to your account or register for new account access. If you need contact information, click the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

Customer Service Email

There is an email form link for each of the divisions of CenterPoint Energy. Choose the location nearest you, if you like in Texas, or the state where you receive service. You’ll need to fill out your account number, meter number, name and email address to send the form. You can also choose to add your phone number if you want a call back from CenterPoint Energy customer service.

Our Experience

We chose to call the first number on the list of CenterPoint customer service lines (Arkansas) to test out the company’s automated system. As soon as the call was answered we pressed 0 to skip the options. We were asked for an account number. You cannot press 0 to skip this part of the call. We chose not to press any of the options to reach customer service and the call was eventually transferred, so non-customers can reach a customer service representative.

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17 Comments on “Contact CenterPoint Energy Customer Service
  1. Good Morning , There is a street light out on the corner of 7300 Antoine at Deep Forest Can you Please replace the light because we wait for Metro Bus there and at night its really dark and something the Metro bus driver passes us its Not Safe there I have Call Metro and 311 and they both said to call you So I hope you can Help ! Thank you

  2. My gas was cut off on the coldest night of the year, it went down to 20’s. I live in shreveport. I called centerpoint and they said that they had not received payments for the past 3 months. I of course sent them funds right away. SINCE, ,I have sent copies twice of where it shows where it actually came out of my account, I had the bank vice president speak with the supervisor ,who stated they needed a canciled check. Electronic funds were transfered from my account to their account, I also faxed these to them. This has been going on for almost 3 months. The payments went to their accounts but obvviously not the correct customers account. I am getting no where with this and will try to refax everything daily for a week and see if they will ever credit my account. It is $300.oo,

  3. A couple of (days) ★WEEKS★ ago a contractor knocked on my door informing me of an existing road project that involves CenterPoint Energy. CenterPoint placed new gas lines that required them to disconnect the old pipes from the existing gas meter, then reconnecting the new gas lines to the same meter. Once the gas was turned on, the contractor inspected the gas-feed appliances for leaks. My issue is not with the appliances. The issue is with the Gas-Meter. Once the contractor left I assumed he also inspected the meter and associated pipes, fittings, and submitted an inspection completion form to his manager or CenterPoint’s project manager.

    After a day or so a neighbor called CenterPoint to report a leak coming from my gas meter. Now CenterPoint is blaming me, and pulled my meter. I explained to the CenterPoint employee that I had nothing to do with the leak, but he completed this job putting my wife and I in the cold. (FOR OVER A WEEK) I got a bit angry with the employee’s attitude and he was angry with my account on the issue. I am disabled due to past surgical procedures to my hips. The Clear Lake Shores Police showed up because they thought I was a risk due to my attitude. I talked to the officers, explaining my situation and disabled condition only to be put in my place. Not sure if I can get resolution from CenterPoint, but I tried, only be told that I have no recourse because the leak is on my side of the meter.

    I’m at a loss as to what else I can do. CenterPoint refused to deal with me and my medical issues. I don’t get it! Aren’t the utilities responsible for any inconvenience or damaged property caused by anyone under their hiring procedures? Like Contact Labor or a failure to perform proper inspections? Especially when it comes to Dangerous practices. I feel like a victim. PLEASE HELP! WHY CAN’T CNTR POINT PROVIDE ME WITH HELP. IT WASN’T MY FAULT! YOUR CONTACT LABOR WALK AWAY KNOWING WHAT HE DID. IT WAS LATE WHEN HE (CONTRACTORS) LEFT. SO IT WASN’T TILL THE NEXT EVENING BEFORE I WAS NOTIFIED. It’s put my wife and I into undue financial stress. We can’t afford a plumber to due repairs and inspections, and we shouldn’t have too! My neighbor, 4 doors down had his damaged too. BUT CNTR POINT FIXED HIS THE DAY IT HAPPENED. I’M 63+ YEARS OLD. ON FIXED DIABILITY INCOME. I’VE PAID YOU’LL FOR 30 YEARS. NOW I’M TREATED LIKE TRASH….

  4. acc # 8750816-4
    I have auto pay, my bk is still the same bk of amer
    acc# last four #’5073, do I still have to mail a ck or can you just auto
    take it from my bk ?????

  5. Had Centerpoint pull my meter out due to a gas leak, leaving me a note telling me to call a plumber. Three days later, CP calls me up to tell me they finished repairing my meter and to come home so they can reconnect. After waiting at my house FOR AN HOUR (the guy was literally parked in front of my house), he shows up and tells me I have a gas leak so he can’t reconnect, and in fact, he has to take out *this* meter as well.
    All I got (after 15 minutes of runaround) was “We apologize. You should not have gotten a call from our automated system.”

  6. Hello, I am trying to log in to my account and I am not able too. When I login with my login name and password the next message I receive is in a new window that reads “This page can’t be displayed”. Could you please advise what I need to do next to access my account? Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    Eric Riesinger

  7. Worst customer service I have ever encountered. I am still dealing with an issue from November that I have been told by 4 different supervisors that it will be taken care of. Here we are, 5 months later, still no resolution to the issue. I have no idea what it takes to get someone that can make a decision and follow through with it, but I guess when there is only one place to get your gas from you are really at Centerpoints’ mercy and they really don’t care!! I have been promised on two occassions that the issue has been cleared up and a credit will hit my account, and still nothing. Can never get a supervisor to call you back and when you do get customer service on the line and try to talk with the same person you did before, they can only email them and can’t track them down. So guess what, you have to explain everything over again because customer service can’t seem to take adequate notes for the next person you deal with.

  8. Poor serrvice replies….all recording says can not give time frame.Only email i have received was problem was resolved at 7:03.There has been no update.This is very poor customer service if you dont even care enough to have an actual person speak to.

  9. The light post in front of our house was replaced last year, but the cover plate at the bottom was never properly attached. I had to use tape to secure it. This is dangerous as a child you;d pull it open and get electrocuted.

    Please be in touch via email so I can give you details. Thank you.
    April 25, 2016

  10. On July 29, 2017 , there was a power outage on our side of the block on 3924 Woodleigh and Dallas street at 8 PM. Called Centerpointe ,power restored estimated time 10:30PM ( came on for 2mins.) called back power restored estimated time 12:30 AM,never came on….called and was told that the crew that was working on our power outage was moved to a priority outage.My questions are 1.What is a priority outage ( Memorial / River Oaks area) instead of completing the job. 2. Why do we keep having power outages on one side of Woodleigh once /twice a yr. (last 20 yrs?) Who do we address this problem to.THANK YOU

  11. I was told copy of my last paid bill would be emailed to me in 24 hours; that was 48 hours ago. I am a victim of flood sewage water and need bill to receive financial assistance. The account number given to me by automatic service is set to be wrong when attempting to contact the company online.

  12. I don’t have a comment, I have a question about efficiency. In a large room like a banquet hall, if you wanted to save energy what effect would you get from turning the thermostat down another 10 degrees when the room was not in use? For example, instead of keeping the room at 60 degree turn it down to 50 degrees. In one month’s time what would the savings be? It is important that I get an answer from you before Monday evening, the first of April. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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