Contact Cathay Pacific Customer Service

Contacting Cathay Pacific Customer Service Center

Cathay Pacific is an international airline with more than 750 destinations across the world. The company was founded in the late 1940’s in Hong Kong and has a deep rooted history in the country. Although times change, the one thing which remained the same was Cathay Pacific’s commitment to the customer and overall customer experience.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The eService Center department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • EService Center (Hong Kong): +852 2747 2200
  • EService Center (China): 400 880 7488
  • EService Center (International): +800 2747 2200
  • EService Center (Bahrain): 800 04403
  • EService Center (India): 000 800 852 1290
  • EService Center (Indonesia): 001 803 852 2212
  • EService Center (Italy): 800 872 726
  • EService Center (Netherlands): 080 0022 4229
  • EService Center (Saudi Arabia): 800 885 2008
  • EService Center (South Africa): 080 098 1589
  • EService Center (Sri Lanka): (011) 242 2209
  • EService Center (Turkey): 008 008 529 2219
  • EService Center (UAE): 8000 8520 2816

The Marco Polo Club is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • International: +800 2747 5500
  • Hong Kong: +852 2747 5500
  • Bahrain: 800 00 362
  • China: 4006 747 333
  • India: 000 800 852 1002
  • Indonesia: 001 803 852 3888
  • Italy: 800 877 720
  • Philippines: 1800 765 8023
  • South Africa: 0800 99 0638
  • Sri Lanka: 2 543 940
  • Taiwan: 00801 85 6618
  • The Netherlands: 0800 022 3807
  • UAE: 8000 852 03895

The Asia Miles customer service department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Australia: 1800 129 264
  • Bahrain: 800 00 524
  • Canada: 1877 631 6283
  • China: 4006 747 123
  • France: 0800 909 119
  • Germany: 0800 182 6880
  • India: 000 800 852 1001
  • Indonesia: 001 803 852 2765
  • Italy: 800 781 921
  • Japan: 00531 85 3747
  • Macau: 0800 978
  • Malaysia: 1 800 80 3747
  • New Zealand: 0800 44 9044
  • Philippines: 1800 1855 3838
  • Singapore: 800 852 3747
  • South Africa: 0800 99 0647
  • South Korea: 00798 8521 2743
  • Sri Lanka: 2 543 949
  • Thailand: 001 800 852 2755
  • UAE: 8000 852 03880
  • The Netherlands: 0800 022 5710
  • UK: 0800 092 3595
  • USA: 1 866 892 2598

Additional contacts can be found here

Mailing Address

Cathay Pacific Airways LtdCustomer Relations Department5/F, South Tower, Cathay Pacific City,8 Scenic Road, Hong Kong International Airport,Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Cathay Pacific website can do more than merely book flights and check reservations. The company provides information relating to applicable charges and fees, information relating to promotions, deals and the Marco Polo Club. Customers can also visit the customer support center in order to review the FAQs prior to departure or booking a flight.

Customer Service Email

Visit the event customers have questions or concerns relating to customer service. The customer contact form is provided for general and specific concerns. We sent a message relating to traveling with passengers with severe food allergies. We anticipate a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Customers can also contact the customer service department on the Facebook page and the Twitter page.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer support department, we asked for the hours of the general customer support department. On the website, the hours of the Marco Polo Club and the Asia Miles are posted, not the customer service center. The agent explained the hours are all the same, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Now this is customer service at its finest. We didn’t have to wait long and the agent answered our concern. Did you have the same luck? Let us know.

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48 Comments on “Contact Cathay Pacific Customer Service
  1. hello
    im just sending a message to say thank you to your staff from the checking in lady to the staff on boared my flight they done everything possable to help with my flight as im a nervouse flyer. the check in lady was excelent help and i would fly with your company again so thank you again.

  2. Till this day, May10,2013, i have not received a reply from customer relations on my complaint which i verbally and personally delivered to Ms Lu Fudol and airport officer of the day, Frances Chong, concerning the unprofessional behavior of flight attendant kate while onboard CX 828 from HK-Toronto on March 31,2013.Also,please note that i sent same complaint via email to your customer relations on April 8,2013. Aware of Cathay’s commitment to deliver only the best of customer experience on board its aircraft, I am hoping this complaint will get your usual prompt and favorable attention. Thank you very much.

    • I wish to follow-up on my complaint sent to Cathay customer relations via email last April 8,2013.I was onboard CX828,MArch 31,2013 HK – toronto when an attack on my person and the airline’s property by flight attendant Kate happened.
      Then Flight Manager Lu Fudol and Airport Officer
      of the Day,Frances Chong knew of this unprofessional and alarming incident.Ms Chong called me on May 4 to assure that a customer relations personnel would get in touch with me which to this day,May 10,2013 I have not received any call or any action on my complaint. Aware of Cathay Pacific’s commitment to best improve its services in the delivery of wholesome customer experience onboard its aircraft, I am hoping for your usual prompt and favorable attention of my request. Thank you very much

      • Dear Melanie,

        Please do let me know if you do get a reply. I have been waiting for over a year and Cathay Pacific doesn’t seem to care on addressing their staff’s attitude or actions.

  3. Not able to reach customer service center, trying for 100 times but since not able to connect with the concerned person, its just on hold status for long time.
    Since we have an urgency to cotact but failed to get the required information for the passengers.Please kind request from us that, get connected when its required for the people.

  4. Was just on phone w/Marco Polo club. Have booked redemption of Cathay miles with partner airline (AA) for a US domestic trip. The Marco Polo rep is asking me for passport data before Cathay will issue tix — but this is a US domestic flight! Two reps have told me they will not issue tix until I provide passport data for entire family. My wife and I have passports, but our three kids’ passports are expired — and in the US, children are not required to have state or country-issued ID. This type of data isn’t required to fly domestically in the US — this requirement is ridiculous. Now they are telling me they’re not sure if they can issue my tickets. HELP!

  5. Customer service at Cathay Pacific is non-existent. It is impossible to call and speak with a live person. And, there is no general email address to send an inquiry to. While their flight service is very good their business/customer relations is awful. How does one ask Cathay general information?

  6. Hi,

    I had booked my tickets to bangalore, India from SFO. Am trying to cancel but no service is available. This is a difficult process so kindly cancel my ticket and get a refund since none of your phone services are available on sunday.

    Manjula Dollin

  7. Cathay Pacific,
    I’m writing this in the middle of rage from the passengers of yours due to your flight’s technical error. I cannot believe this kind of mistake can be happen to an “international world class” flight company like yours.

    I was suppose to be on 0745 PEN-HKG CX692 flight (29th Aug) but due to the carelessness from your party, my partner and I together with other passengers of this flight was delayed 3 and a half hours for NOTHING in the plane.

    Worst of all, the cabin crew disembarked us after they realised the problem cannot be solve within a short period.
    Currently, the crew are preparing us a new boarding pass to “squeeze” us in any flight that has vacancy.

    I hope Cathay Pacific crew can inform us or take actions earlier instead of trying to blame it all to the captain of the plane. All of the passengers were left with questions and inquiries while letting our precious time pass away JUST LIKE THAT.

    Now it’s already 5 hours past my departure time and I’m still here not leaving an inch from this ground.

    I’m a frequent traveller but I have not had this problem before with other flights. This problem wcan be avoided if your technician take extra care. The technical examination SHOULD be done prior the flight. NOT 10 MINUTES BEFORE THE FLIGHT.

    I hope you can make compensation for all the time lost and disturbances caused so that we can continue to choose Cathay Pacific as our first choice flight again.

  8. I recently flew to Amsterdam business class on Cathay from Hong Kong. Sept 3. I have never been on such a filthy delapidated plane. And that includes air India. I certainly will not fly on Cathay for this flight again!! Gary Douglas.

  9. The international numbers do not work, and your honking hotline takes forever to get through and worst of all it cuts you off before it even goes through. I am very unsatisfied with how things are handled and am considering switching to a different airline for my travels in the future.

  10. Flight was delayed due to technical difficulty andstff in. Sri Lanka were not at all understanding. They got another flight for transfers but we had to wait for a long time until they lied and told weather is bad. But common other flights were flying

  11. The hotline is none-existent. Somehow at other carries one phone call is enough to change the booking – in Cathay/Dragon despite trying around 7 different numbers and 20 calls, no-one picked up to help. Cathay/Dragon has dropped to the least favorite airline in my personal ranking.

  12. Does CX want customers to be unable to contact the eService centers>

    Calling the HK phone number has extremely long hold times and is a very unsatisfactory experience…

  13. My flight from vancouver to Hong Kong was late and I missed my connection to Singapore. I was hearded off to one side when I exited the plane and told I was to take the next plane, 5 hours later and was given a boarding pass and a voucher for some good. It turned out to be enough for s McDonald’s burger and fries. I had to ask the attendant about my baggage and was curtly told it would be on the next flight.
    I have been travellng for 2 days and fully expected to be home in Singapore by midnight. I approached the Cathay pacific customer service desk and asked if I could be given a pass to the Cathay pacific lounge so I could clean up The reply was a steadfast “no”. This request would not have cost Cathay pacific any money and provided very positive customer relations to a long time customer. However, after this unfortunate turn of events, I will be looking for alternatives to Cathay pacific for my next travel plans.

  14. I had five repetitive conversations with Cathay Pacific and Asia Miles and they still managed to screw up my reservation. Morons. They made sure I listened to every useless detail over and over yet still messed up the only thing that mattered- my ticket. Horrible.

  15. I am a 69 year old retiree, on 04/07/15 I and my spouse take your cx0873 from SFO to HKG ( transfer ) to TPE on our trip to Taiwan and Japan by Grand-Holidays.
    We forgot to drop our mails in the mailbox before rush to the airport, because our trip takes couple weeks, and we don’t wish to pay the late charges. So on the flight I ash a stewardess in red uniform do me a favor help me send out four letters on her next trip to US, and she ‘s willing to help, and I ask her name she told me her name is Cyndia .
    Later on she gave me the evaluation form and a set of playing-card, after I fill-out including my personal information I returned the form to her.
    We come back on 04/19/15, after I check with my bank, I found my checks still not cashed yet, So I just wait for the next bill cycle and pay for the late charges .
    Now I wish I can get my mails back from her, I think your company can help.
    Thank you very much.
    james tu giang

  16. Your office no. International and locally is impossible to reach. I am trying to reschedule my husband’s flight on line. Always comes to an error screen after multiple try. Tried customer service no. For 12 hours of redialing busy or no response or stupid advertisement of some sort. This a terrible experience since 20 years of travel between US and Phil. I will never use CATHAY PACIFIC EVER AGAIN. In fact I am still trying to reach someone at this point. NOTHING IS HAPPENING.!!!!!

    • I booked and blocked 2 tickets today BOM – LAX under Pay Later Up to 11.00 on 17/08/ my above e-mail.While making payment on line I Could not find Net Banking as I do not want to make payment by debit/credit cards..Is it not possible to make payment by inter net banking.Pl. inform me per return mai

  17. Your staff name minna in terminal 3 NAIA is so rude and need to train her back about customer service..she’s a disgrace to your company.

  18. I have a complain regarding the ticket my sister bought a ticket for my son in the Cebu Philippine’s for coming here in the USA when my son gets here he changed his mind to change the date for going back so I call my sister so my sister went to the agency to changed the date they charge her $150.00 dollars I was very mad because according to law you can change your date once for free but my sister insisted that the agency needs $150.00 dollars to change so just because needed to go back sooner I have to pay, I really needs your help to solve this problem and I requiring for reimbursement hope you really look this problem’

  19. 22 may 2015 just book and paid my tickets with my credit card, but i did not receive any information or e-ticket from my e-mail like always, so i confuse my tickets is confirmed or not ?

  20. Hello, I am currently traveling in the Philippines and have been without internet for most of the time so far. I wrote to customer service immediately after my flight while I did have service and have not heard back in over a week. Maybe it was too small of a problem for them to bother, but still I am disappointed.

  21. Dear Sirs
    Unfortunately I have nothing good to say about Cathay Pacific customer service. I travelled business class with you on 24th June HK – Maldives. The flight and the crew were lovely – no complaints whatsoever there. However – one of my suitcases arrived damaged. On my return i emailed you following your website instructions. To date no one has replied. This is totally unacceptable. I do not even have a claim reference after 2 months. Please reply to me as a matter of urgency.

  22. I flew you airlines on a return flight from Hong Kong to Chicago on 8/15 , I never received my mileage to my AA account . My AA account number is 9JT4402 . My name is Irwin Abrams , I no longer have my boarding pass , please advise

  23. I would like to file a complaint in regards of my experience on a flight that operated by Cathy Pacific for Qatar (flight CX645, then QR009 from HK to Doha, Doha to London Sep 4).
    Basically, My family and I checked in 4 luggage at Hong Kong Sek Lap Kok airport at CX counter. However, once we arrived London, we found that they only checked 3 luggage. So it took a long terrible day at Qatar and CX counters to find out what’s going on. Both airline told me that they had only checked in 3 luggage in the system. I am really frustrated that this. I urged you to check the CCTV at the airport check-in counter coz I think it is should be a theft case if only 3 luggage were stated in the computer. They have filed my case for tracing the luggage (File no. 14083), please kindly check it for me and assume you will get back to me ASAP.

    I am now in travelling in other European countries and unable to make contact via phone. But please advise me the situation coz the luggage stuff is for my son’s new schooling in London, it really make me feel so frustrated. As of today, no one contact me what’s going on and how’s everything is going? Please update me through Thanks in advance for your support.


  24. hello i am calling from bali, indonesia and cannot reach your compant via email nor can i reach them via phone. i am trying to cancel my flight from bangkok to lax. november 23rd. please contact me via email or by phone 081338768505.
    this is very time sesitive.

  25. Today I had a discouraging experience with Cathay service at HK, firstly the lounge staff at Bridge didn’t bother to advise the distance to our boarding gates at 503. We arrive at 11.45 for a 11.50, I know we are asking for too much, but when one is with a sick child along, the callousness shown by boarding staff was an epitome of customer service, the gentlemen spent his precious words ridiculing my arriving late when Avery other business class passenger made it on time, almost racial, I know if I were a Caucasian or a Chinese, I would have had a chance. The aircraft was on Tarmac and I know they will have spent next 20 minutes deporting my check in baggage..but won’t budge for a frequent traveller in Business class with family every 3 months….though one or two wanted to help beckoning me back etc. the stubborn prejudice took over. Possibly I chose a wrong airline who I thought will come help me in a situation. When every service providers real color shows I saw that color of Cathay..what more a racial overture around the same, lack of empathy for a harried traveller transiting and punished for innocuous oversight that too on account of poor information support by Lounge staff..I pay my hard earned money and want my family to travel in comfort in business..only to see that in situations as these I get the support..We were dropped as hot potatoes angst ..just another Passenger from a third world doesn’t need all the will be along time before I look Cathay’s a negligible loss for a mighty airline..what’s 30-35k$ annual spend on tickets for you and I know My issue will be brushed aside…I have to write this in my blog for sure so people see true colors of customer service in Cathay..

  26. I take flight CX846 from Hong Kong to New York last night , I brought 4 bottle of SK2 toner from airport the Security take 2 set of my toner now I’m at New York, how can I get it back .pls contact me ASAP thank you

  27. I am very very unhappy with the service I have received.
    Me and my partner have travelled to Australia with your airline,when I booked the flights I notified the agent of my partners nut allergy several times to make sure we had a safe trip. When we got to the airport the airline had no idea about his allergy and frightened us that we may have not been able to fly,the member of staff dealing with us barely listened to what we said about his allergy and was feeding incorrect information about it to her staff saying that all he will get is a tickly throat which is not the case, that is a minor reaction that he has had from a nut trace but he still needed medication for it. The lady told us that she had told the airline staff and that they were all aware of his allergy. She ‘advised’ him to buy his own food for the flight which is highly unfair as we have paid money to receive the same as the other passengers. When we got on the plane not one of the staff members knew about his allergy and he was handed 2 packets of peanuts throughout the journey, also handed everyone else on the plane a packet of nuts. My partner felt highly uncomfortable and slightly scared as he has never been in that situation before and there was a very strong smell of it. We told the lady in the airport that he would be OK if somebody sat near/next to him was eating food with traces of nuts in it but what we experienced was pretty extreme considering staff should have known from when I booked the flights, I totally understand that is not the airlines fault it is the travel agents for not feeding the information through properly like I asked. Our whole flight was uncomfortable so when I landed and was ready I emailed the travel agent explaining the situation to them and that we wasn’t happy and do not want to have to go through that again on our journey home and she is just sending documents that need to be signed by Connors doctor which is impossible as we are on the other side of the world. She said we can visit an Australian doctor to get a medical note but that is then going to cost us and medical is not cheap over here, is anybody going to refund that to us? Probably not. I told her that we have a prescription for his epipen but apparently that isn’t enough for your airline to get nuts removed from the plane.It is completely unacceptable and fruatrating that your company are willing to put a passengers life in danger,other airlines are known to have removed nuts from an entire flight and attatch stickers to a passengers chair if they have an allergy, but your airline won’t. I am asking for the situation to be dealt with so that we do not have to experience this on our way home on the 22/02/15 from Adelaide airport to Manchester, I would like to be able for my partner to travel safe like the rest of the passengers on the flight.
    Thank you
    Chloe malius

    • To Responsible person of Cathay Pacific Aieline Group:
      I would like to complain about my unpleasant experience in your airline.
      The ground staffs and the staffs at the departure halls in Hong Kong Airline are very rude, and also impatient. They don’t repect the customer. They discriminate non-Chinese people rather than chinese. Any smile on their face.They are unprofessional and not international standard.

      Why I said the above is that I missed the KA 252 on 7th, Dec,2017 as my personal case. I informed the staffs at the departure hall as soon as I know. I wanted to buy the earliest flight and economy saver flight. They didn’t allow to buy other airline because my baggages are already checked in Cathay Airline.And then, they told my passport is not allowed to check out because they checked my passport without concentration and inquiry. Hence, I bought the KA line again though I don’t.
      After issuing the ticket, they checked again by inquiring to senior level whether my passport is valid or not to pass the immigration.
      Really, my passport is official. So I can enter the HK without visa and can buy other airline on the ground. they must know the rights of official passport.
      Their concentartion is very week on trouble people. They don’t want willing to help the customer.
      Moerover, I faced the unpleasant manner of some staffs in Cathay Pacific & Dragon airline.If I complain about them, I will have to write long letter.

      Also On the cabin, the box was dropped on my head and my glass took off by the cabin crew guy. But he feedbacked me the words ‘sorry’ with icey tone. He didn’t apologiize on me any more till I satisfied.
      Their sevice and relationship is not worth for the ticket price.They repect and take care only the busniess class and above.
      The reponsible person should take care the customer feedback and reform the staffs’s ethic.

  28. I am contacting you regarding our recent flight with you. On both flights cx161 16th Jan and cx146 6th Feb one of our tv monitors were not working. (seat 44A)The first flight was almost full so our only option was for one of us to move in order to have in flight entertainment.Although the staff were apologetic this didnt help us being stuck between 2 bad options. So when this happened again (seat 41C) we were naturally unhappy.Whilst technical issues happen I do not understand why there is no hand held DVD for back up. We have chosen and paid for a flight with entertainment and seating together and 2 of our 4 flights with you failed to provide this leaving us frustrated and disapointed on our flight to and from our hoilday of a lifetime which we had saved 9 years for! I feel we are owed some compensation for this and await your prompt reply.
    Angeline Daniels

  29. I have recently booked and paid thru my credit card twice bound to New York, but it always end up as ERROR after the acknowledgement from choosing Cathay pacific airline, and did not receive any confirmation or eticket in my email. I was trying to call the reservations office and asia miles customer service, unfortunately, no is answering the call the whole day. Hope to hear from your office as soon a s possible.

  30. This is my 2nd email. On my way home from Bangkok ( confirmation no WJGISO) flight no 750 on 10/29/16 thru Hong Kong to JFK I was charged$150 for a third package. I always fly business class. I explained that it did not weigh much but was odd shape and I had to package it separately. I love your airline and I am requesting a refund for my 3rd package that day. Kindly respond to me this time. Thank you.

  31. Yesterday I arrived in H K on flight CX0250. I bought a watch on this flight. However when I got home, I opened the package only to find that the watch does not work and there was no warranty card inside. I brought it to the Links of London shop in H K. The staff said they could not serve me because there is no warranty card in the box. The warranty booklet she showed was much bigger than the box. The sales girl suggested I should ask Cathay to change a new watch as they had sold it to Cathay Pacific. I tried to contact through the on line complaints form. Whenever I got to the address part I was stuck and was unable to proceed to complete the form. Kindly respond to me asap. Thank you.

  32. I live in HK. Its funny that I have been trying to contact CX customer service the whole morning and still I cannot get through. Pls tell me which telephone number I should call. I have questions regarding my CX ticket.

  33. Hi I wonder if you could help me find the lost jackets. I traveled on CX 174 on 01/02/2018( yesterday) than transferred to KA 636 to Hangzhou. I lost a plastic bag with a dawn Navy color Esprit jacket in it). The bag is a c white Coles shopping bag. I am in hangzhou now and really need that jacket. I can remember where I lost it exactly it was either on the CX 174 or in the HK airport. I am really appreciating if you could check with airline and the airport.

  34. I am Girish Chandra Bhatt, i have booked a ticket in ur Airlines from Beijing to Delhi and back from 14.10.2018 and 04.11.2018 respectively. Now i have printed the ticket. My ticket number is 1602369730629 and my reference number is OSHCLA. I have tried so many times in your china customer service to discuss regarding my baggage allowance. But nobody lift the phone. So kindly inform me regarding baggage allowance(i.e how much kg in Baggage and how much in cabin) and also confirm me the ticket is confirmed or not. In addition to above kindly inform me that how can i extend my ticket.

  35. Me and my cousin have booked to go to Thailand with Cathay Pacific then Cathay Dragon, there and back.

    It is my birthday just before we go and I was wondering if Cathay have any hospitality suites available or access to them at London Heathrow Terminal 3
    on the 25th of February flight number CX252

  36. My wife and I were on flight CX251 from Hong Kong on the 23rd October .May I thank the air crew (RUI LONG,VIVIAN,CASEY,and SUI HAN) for looking after my wife when she became ill on the way back to London .Especially RUI LONG he was absolutely brilliant and kept an eye on her even though he had lot of passengers to look after as well ,his customer service was great ,Cathy Pacific should be proud of the care they take with their passengers,I cannot thank him enough .He was a lovely person and very good at his job .From my wife and myself THANK YOU once again We would definitely fly Cathy Pacific from London to Australia and back again with your airline

  37. Dear,

    We have spent a lot of time travel with cathy pacific. But I really need complaining about your service and system. We have booked the ticket on 7th of Dec, booking reference number is
    VZJSFV from Jinan to Hong Kong and transfer to Dubai. And my company who travel with me has the booking reference of VZZVHB. When we book the tickets, there is no business class at all for redemption using the points, however, just after two days, when we check the tickets again, the business classes are all available. Right now, I am on the plane from Jinan to Hong Kong, as I can see, only two people are in business class, I really don’t know what is the point for redemption if you don’t open the seat when we check? What is the point for membership? Really disappointed on that. We need you to give us an answer on that to give us a better experience on our future travels. This make us feel really bad, thanks for your understand.

  38. I was the passenger of CX830 flying from Hong king to New York JFK 3/18 I left my mobile phone and a pc of neck pillow on my dear no 33 H at the premium economy cabin can someone help me to handle it by returning them for my collection when I return Hong Kong on the 1st April thanks

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