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Contacting CarMax Customer Service Center

CarMax is a huge auto retailer that claims to have prices lower than branded automobile companies. You search for the car of your dreams and CarMax does the rest. Even if the car is located thousands of miles away, they will ship the car to a nearby location so you can make the purchase. Many of the transfers are free to the consumer, but some come with a transfer fee. All cars are thoroughly checked and repaired before they are listed for sale. CarMax sells mostly used cars though some available on the lots could be relatively new.

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Contact Info

Contacting the customer service department for CarMax is a little more confusing than the customer may think. Depending on the question you have for the company, you need a different phone number. We’ve listed some of the most important contact information.

The Customer Relations Department is open from 8:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. (EST) Monday through Friday.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • CarMax Corporate: 1-800-519-1511
  • CarMax Auto Finance: 1-800-925-3612
  • Customer Relations Specialists: 1-800-519-1511

Mailing Address

CarMax Home Office
12800 Tuckahoe Creek Pkwy.
Richmond, VA 23238

CarMax Auto Finance
Attn: Customer Service
P.O. Box 440609
Kennesaw, GA 30160

CarMax Customer Relations
Attn: Customer Relations Department
12800 Tuckahoe Creek Pkwy.
Richmond, VA 23238

Official Website

CarMax offers quite the detailed website at You can search for a new car, apply for financing and have the car shipped to a location near you all within a few minutes. You can even make an appointment to have your vehicle appraised so you can trade it in to reduce the price of your CarMax purchase. Customer contact information is listed throughout the website, but most of the information we found was on the Contact Us page.

Customer Service Email

Using the Contact Us page you can contact CarMax corporate or leave general feedback on the website form The general feedback is received by the customer care team, but it is not necessarily the ideal place to ask a customer service question. If you have questions about your CarMax auto finance application or account use the Auto Finance support form

Our Experience

We decided to call the CarMax Customer Relations Department. We were asked to press one of three numbers for different departments within home office. We chose the Customer Relations and Customer Analyst Department (number 1). We were then asked for an extension or to press 2 if we wanted to wait. We waited on hold for the next available customer relations representative for more than four minutes. We were given the option to leave a message several times and some quiet music played in the background. Once in a while a message played to thank us for the call. Finally the call was answered and the customer care representative did give us an email address, but she asked us more than once if she could answer the question we wanted to send via email. Finally we asked a question about car shipment and the representative answered the call without a hitch.

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9 Comments on “Contact CarMax Customer Service
  1. It is absurd that Carmax’s service department reps are not allowed to use e-mail to contact the customer, i.e. me! Instead, they must either interrupt my work day with a phone call, or I must interrupt my work day by taking time out to make a phone call and possibly leave a message because they’re on break or away from their desk, etc. etc…. You get the picture! Why do they want their service reps to pretend it’s 1985 and inconvenience their customers?

  2. I bought a 2012 Altima in August of 2013. On Thursday 2/6/2014 a message popped up on my dash board saying to check the gas cap. I read the book and did what it said but the message stayed on the screen. I called Car Max and explained the situation to the lady in the service department, at first she tried to help me out and told me to hold on she would talk to one of the tecks. She came back on the phone and told me to take it to a Nissan dealership. I asked for a phone number of a dealership and she told me to hold on again, when she came back she told me she did not know a number. I was told when I bought the car that car max would take care of any of my concerns. In closing I will never go to any car max dealership nor will I ever recommend one.

  3. I got say CarMax is a rip off there quality of car are even worst im stuck paying for repairs only two months later to another couple months after that couldn’t find any one to help really got ignored they are making millions of dollars on average hard working people called managers to constumer service just gfopt a run around I will never purchase a car from car max again they do not car about little people like me to satisfy there own greed.please don’t buy a car from them it been a night mare since day one.

  4. RE: Customer Satisfaction and Existing Mechanical Car Problems

    Dear CarMax Customer Relations:

    I visited CarMax several times before purchasing a 2012 Honda Accord on Saturday, May 23, 2015. My sales person, James Sims was very profession and knowledgeable throughout the sales process. There were some issues with the online financing calculations that I did prior to purchasing my car. James along with his Manager, Mr. Couch explained the CarMax online computer did not calculate taxes when I did the credit application online.

    After purchasing the car and having it for one day, I noticed there were some unknown mechanical issues and damages. I contacted CarMax and advise James Sims on yesterday. Again, he was very professional and concerned about my issues and advise me to bring it in the service department today.

    Further, I took my car to CarMax service department at 9 am when they open this morning and was told by Dan Ostenski that my car could not be inspected or looked at today. I asked for a manager and was told there were no managers working today. Dan was very direct with me and explained my car may have to be sent to the Honda Dealership to be repaired (cranking issue, front end shaking, sunroof issues and it may take a few days to repair the damage leather seat and he made me an appointment for Wednesday at 9am.

    Further, I am very dissatisfied with the service department and need your assistance to resolve these issues.

  5. Your commercial with a crazy lady driving like an idiot, to trade her car in is in very poor taste, annoying, and disgusting! I would never go or send anyone to your business ever!!

  6. I really don’t have any complaints about the customer service I have received from the Tampa location they all have been very helpful. My complaint is about the vehicle I purchased which I would like to add I have puchased 7 cars from Carmax in the last 10 years and have really never had a problem until the purchase of my Cadillac. It has been in the shop more than it has been on the road. I’m not asking for much but to trade the vehicle in on another one.

  7. My original experience while purchasing my Jeep Grand Cherokee was pleasant but the very next day I was pulled over for having a head light out. They graciously fixed it for me and sent me on my way. It took a letter to cooperate to get them to address the remaining issues with my newly purchased vehicle. That was a few months ago and I’m still having an issue. My Jeep is currently at the local CarMax dealership and has been there for 2 weeks awaiting repair. They haven’t even begun to figure out what the problem is let alone how to fix it. I suggested they take it to the local Jeep dealership to have it fixed, on their tab.

  8. To whom it may concern: Can you please send a paper bill to my home address.
    2016 Corolla
    Thank you


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