Contact Carfax Customer Service

Contacting Carfax Customer Service Center

Carfax is a company that claims to run background checks on the automobiles you want to purchase. You can also report fraudulent information about a specific vehicle on the Carfax website. When we searched for information on Carfax we found tons of complaints about the customer service team, but contact information for that team is hidden well within the website. We also noticed that the company does not promise to reveal all information on the vehicle – just the information given to the company. So, the report you get from Carfax is literally worthless if information is reported to an agency that does not share information with Carfax.

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Contact Info

There are many reasons why a customer would need the Carfax customer service contact information, but that information is not openly available. The Carfax website does not list a Contact Us page and there is no Customer Service link. What we did find was a help page that answered common questions and listed some contact information.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Dealer Customer Service: 1-800-274-2277
  • Banking and Insurance Customer Service: 1-800-789-6232
  • Consumer Services: 1-877-429-6148

Mailing Address

Carfax, Inc.
5860 Trinity Pkwy.
Ste. 600
Centreville, VA 20120

Official Website

The website for Carfax is online at You can use the website to order a report, request a data correction for an existing report and contact customer service. Carfax reports are not free. You will be charged a fee for running the report. Most car dealerships have an account with Carfax and they will run a current report free for you to view before purchasing the vehicle.

Customer Service Email

You won’t find a customer service email address, but you can get in contact with customer service by calling 1-877-429-6148 and leaving your email address with the company. You can also submit the online form at The form allows customers to add a VIN and attach documents, if needed.

If you need to resolve an error on a Carfax report for your vehicle, fill out the Data Correction Request at You will need to provide tons of personal information to submit the form.

Our Experience

One phone number we found for Carfax customer service was the dealer customer service, not the consumer customer service phone number. The second phone number sent us to the banking and insurance group – again, not customer service. The third number is nothing more than a recorded response telling us to visit the website or leave a message with our contact email. There is NO customer service phone number for Carfax and there hasn’t been a number for at least six years.

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97 Comments on “Contact Carfax Customer Service
  1. I paid for 5 reports. Used 1. My accont expired. After reading the agrement. I did see the 30 day window. This sucks. When 5 reports are bought. There should not be a time linit. Your custumer service also sucks. A message only phone number. Means to me your company doesnt have the back bone to talk to the people who pay you. In short I’m not a satified customer. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

  2. I’ve paid my money, carfax email me an approval code. and I have been trying for a week to set up and account. everytime I go in to set up a password it rejects it.

  3. Carfax locked my online account and did not tell me me I had a 6month agreement. I had not been using Cafax as much as I thought but I had to pay full six months with 4 months of them having a locked account . No customer service just message phone. I do not recommend Carfax .

  4. I am the owner of a 2006 Toyota Camry LE, VIN 4T1BE32K96U674316. On Dec 15,2012, the Lakeside Toyota in Metairie LA showed me a CARFAX Vehicle History Report with errors that my CAR was in the Pep Boys shop (in Baton Rouge, LA)for services,three times during year 2010. I contacted the Pep Boys shop at 225-927-623 and spoke to the manager (Rusty) on Dec 17, 2012. He confirmed the CARFAX reporting error- Pep Boys has neither my name nor my car VIN in its data base. I therefore respectfully request that you correct your reporting errors….Regards, Bea-Lyn Bannister

  5. I purchaed a car and the accident was not reported on car fax and the dealer did not mention that the vehicle had a small dent on the vehicle.

    Not only that, the car was purchased off the show room floor. I mention the dent to the saleman and he said he thought I saw it. It was not mention on the sales paper about a dent sold as is.

    Is there anything that can be done about this?

    • Yes, there is. Next time while looking at cars, pay attention! CarFax, as much as I dislike them does not report dents!! Solution… Man up and be accountable to yourself.

  6. On 1-12-13,I purchased a single copy Carfax report and was charged more money than required by carfax, I requested for a single report, but was charged $54.99. Can you refund me the difference please. Thanks.

  7. I am selling my car & a potential buyer asked me for a CarFax. As I knew there was nothing wrong with my car I put the VIN # in to make sure there were no issues I was unaware of from the original owner. Your website fraudulantly said it had 21″history records”. When I clicked on the box with the explaination for “history records” it had all the horrible things that were possible. So I was so freaked out that I spent the $39.99 to buy a report only to find not only were there not 21 records, there were only 7 and all of those were for regular scheduled oil change/maintainances NOT for anything remotely close to anything serious. I’m pissed and I want my money refunded. But because you don’t have the integrity to have a customer service number available I found this…..which may or may not get to you. If anyone with any integrity would like to email me and let me know you’re refunding my money it is :

    • Join the club! CarFax has fooled people into believing that they know all and tell all about a history of a vehicle. Their famous Yellow Triangle highlighting an accident report scares people and causes their car to lose value even if there was little to no damage.
      Remember, this…. If you’re ever in an accident, do NOT allow the body shop to type in your vin number as carfax will report the parts written for the repair even if they are not used. This means reduced value to your car!

      • WTHeck you said don’t allow body shop to type in vin number? doesn’t that make it all the worse for us consumers when buying a used car? isn’t that the purpose carfax serves? and in turn why were on this discussion feed? I would like to know the “MOST” I can!!!!!, the question is? why is the car in the body shop in the first place?

  8. I ordered report, but I did not get it. They Already withdrew the amount from my bank. When I requested the refund because I did not get it. I requested the password, they send me one. When I used it to log in. it tell me the either the password or the use name is not right. I lost my money without getting the report. No Idea what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Horrible for a company to have no way to contact them. I paid for a service I cannot even use since it will not allow me to log in. Wrong for a company to take someone’s money and not provide the service or have any way to communicate a problem so it can be solved. POOR HR! Actually NO HR!

  10. hallo ihave been burchase car fax in may 28 2013 I was charge my card 49.99 five cars I try secend car I but my car again you gays charge me$ 54.99 so ineed my many back for my card asp thank u

  11. I pretty sure i did order the one car report and noticed that I was charged the fee for the unlimited service , which I havent use and not planing to. Could you refund the difference , please?

  12. I too signed for one report and they charged me for unlimited. I am going to contact the attorney general if my credit card is not full credited. The initial come on for the car I put in was 17 reports. There were only two and I do not feel I got my monies worth as my accident was not even on there. I smell a con job and I will be contacting attorney general if I do not see a credit back on my card in 24 hours.

  13. CARFAX SCREWED ME!! They are the worst company ever! They made an error on my car’s report stating it was in a major accident where the airbags deployed – totally false. I have a copy of the police report from the accident stating the air bags did not deploy – the car was just bumped. Just a scratch on the back bumper. But because of Carfax, I cannot trade it in or sell it because the value has been reduced to 1/2 of what it is worth. I have a $40,000 car that is now worth 19,000 because of a mistake come stupid entry level “keyer” made. I have left several emails, since that is the only way of getting a hold of these idiots, and have gotten no response. I am going to sue their asses!!!

    • Welcome to the club!! You probably thought Carfax was a good thing until you experienced what many many people have!!
      An error and a Devalued car!!

      You need to contact your insurance company so they will make you whole as if your car really was phyically damaged. Carfax needs taught a lesson!!

      *******In America you a presummed innoncent unless Proven guilty…..With Carfax once the report is issued, you ARE GUILTY and must Try to prove yourself innocent.

  14. After reading all the comments, I am going to contact the appropriate law enforcement people to look into this business, this doesn’t make any sense, send me my refund, or you guys will be dealt with

  15. I also was scammed they processed my credit card and would no me
    to accept the password and was not able to contact them.
    my dealership informed me that there was a lawsui pending from
    one hundred dealerships.

  16. I bought my Toyota Tundra in March 2006 with 20190 miles on it at the time. I am selling it now and got the CarFax report. It states that the DMV in California issued a branded title (Not Actual Mileage) at that time. News to me. I paid the truck off years ago and the title is fine. I went to DMV and they gave me complete records of the title. Nowhere does NAM come up at all in the DMV record. Would the CarFax just make it up or simply screw up their data entry? I understand that “mistakes happen” but let’s just see how quick they are at correction. No way to speak anyone, the online chat seems to be a bot and apparently there is no costomer service at all. Right now they are costing me $2000 in reduced value to the vehicle.

    • Another member of the Guilty until proven innocent club! Carfax says you’re guilty and you must Prove the truth! That is Wrong!!!!

  17. I purchased the unlimited searches thinking that it would also include VIN # searches. Biggest waste of $58.00 . I found the order page to be very deceptive and it wasn’t untill after my 5 searches that I found out that it only did license plate searches unlimited. I sent an email about it thru the help got a case#00316739 but that as far as it went.

  18. Carfax needs to be fined for false advertising. The offer of five car fax reports is untrue! They sneak a small print IN THE USER AGREEMENT there is a two month window for usage! Now can someone please tell me why they can show an offer of 5 reports for x amount in large print but can’t show the time limit WITH IT! Intentional fraudulent act if you ask me! I will contact my bbb, my ag office and see if we can do anything . If we can’t that’s fine I’ll start a campaign on fb and show it to my 5k friends ! If I can cost them ten sales and I get more people to post it we can put this dishonest company on the ropes

  19. What ever you do, don’t sign any contracts with carfax.
    I’ve been trying to cancel my service with them for over a year and was still getting billed for the service and now they have sent the account to collections. So I called carfax, they tell me they can’t do anything about it that I need to talk with my rep. The rep will not answer my calls or messages. How do you I resolve the problem when you can’t get ahold of anyone. Very poor customer service, be very carful doing any business with this company.


  21. I have 2011 kia Sedona that an Odometer that says ther is roll back on the vehicle and the last owner accidently wrote down the wrong mileage and we had the ky. state police has verified that there has not been no row back on the Odometer how do we get car fax to remove this from the car fax report



  24. This is a rip off. I did not know that you only get 5 vin searches when signing up. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. DO NOT SIGN UP

  25. Maybe everyone can go into one lawsuit and sue them. I have a junk title linked to my car and it has Never been in an accident. I can’t trade it in now. I submitted a help request online and haven’t heard anything back yet. The problem is the dealers use this as the word and only word.

  26. I had a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe I bought Brand New! The gang at carfax got hold of a report concerning a deer I hit… Really? I live in the country in Western PA known as White Tail Country…. The deer lived, so did my Santa Fe, so I took it to the Hyundai dealer just to check on an estimate for the very minor cosmetic repairs and they handed me a full blown estimate for a new hood, new fenders, new bumber cover, new radiator support, new radiator, new radiator fan, etc!!! They thought they would get a gravy job and the insurance would pay them yet I didn’t turn it in because the damage was very minor… I needed a new plastic bumper cover, a grill, and I chose to replace the headlight because there was a crack in it. That’s it!! Orignal hood, original fenders, original radiator and support, etc, etc…. CarFax listed all the parts the estimate listed and they cost me several thousand dollars on a situation that happened 7 years ago!!!! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!

  27. been trying for over ten minutes to contact carfax phone # to talk to someone in customer service all i got was voice saying press 1 to 9 NO HELP AT ALL.talked to someone in chat but that was also of no use. paid $49,99 for service but she did not know what i talking about told her i filled out form for getting carfax history came back what form? told her carfax report. still did not know what was talking about. you should educate your personel on what to do. said i might as well get a refund she said ok and canceled never even gave me a chanch to ask her another question just ended session which irritated me.

  28. The car Iam purchasing was in a accident w/ MODERATE damage.What does moderate mean in carfax eyes?? Would’t it be nice to talk to a person at carfax,poor customer service!

  29. You guys must not read or care how customers feel about your customer service. I just read 20 complaints, all similar to my experience and cant talk to anyone. Horrible service. Will never use again!!!!

  30. I think you should not charge my bank account if you aren’t going to send me a carfax report. I paid for 5 and then your site said it was having technical problems and I have recieved nothing- no report, no email, no phone call.I have tried unsuccessfully to contact someone at your businessseveral times now . My next cours of action is to have my lawyer file an injunction against your company to cease operations until everyone who you have ripped off is made whole again. The choice is yours.

  31. No support. Found out too late that the unlimited searches for
    60 days is only by tag number, not VIN. Not helpful at all for
    public auctions which do not have tags.

    Call, and left messages. Only time I could get a person was when I called the dealer support line. Then he quickly transferred me to a pre recorded message.

    Also found that info on my cars that I bought NEW was inaccurate.
    Wrong color reported on one car.

    Don’t waste your $ 55. Worthless Customer Support

  32. I purchased a 2 month unlimited carfax plan I was locked out and never was able to use it.I just lost $60 with nothing to show.

  33. September 12 2014 ,
    It seems after reading the comments that I too have been scammed. I purchased what read as an unlimited amount revealed after purchase was actually only five carfaxes and and unlimited car tag searches ,excuse me!. Well I too will contact the attorney general’s office or whatever is required to get what was paid for or refund my money thank you! Its got to be illegal for someone to operate in this manner.
    It seems to be your way of when purchase is made then you refuse to allow the customer to log in what a scam what a scam shame shame shame!

  34. Transferred my late husband’s truck title to my name and carfax shows it as a “second” owner. Carfax report on same truck sites a rear end collision in August of 2011, but I don’t remember any collision, insurance agent says no claims on the truck, no records of any parts replaced or repaired. Have sent two emails to carfax asking for their documentation of the accident and no reply. With that on the record, now I will have to go through the time and expense of getting an inspection that will refute any damage to the truck. What a pian in the a**! What lousy customer service or rather lack thereof.

  35. I have been trying to reach the claims dept. to find out about a false claim against our truck. I am NOT computer smart. Where do I go for info help?

  36. I own 2 car dealership’s in Ny, we subscribed with car fax to run car fax report on all our vehicles,We signed a contract to run unlimited car fax report on all on June 2012.My rep was Ed Castellon, He is very very big liar he came to me early 2014 and suggested me to try a new additional lead product for $499 on monthly basis so I agreed and when I realized lead program was not working I asked Ed Costellon to cancel the lead portion he would not return my calls he would give me run around and will not give me his supervisor name to cancel the lead portion after several email’s and text message he calls me today 9/26 and get’s very rude and tell’s me he will not cancel the lead program for a yr since I have signed the contract and when I asked him our conversation of 30 day cancellation he denied the conversation and instead threatened me he has the power to suspend my account immidiatley.He send’s me a email today 9/26 to cancel my lead program I replied him to cancel for both stores,he has suspended the entire account. I own 2 dealership’s and today at 9/26/14 like he had threatened to would do he has suspended both my dealership’s complete account unlimited car fax report and lead program. I am in a retail business and I advertise car fax on several web site’s by canceling my account without proper notice to act in this manner for a employee is very un professional and his actions are going to cost my business losses which car fax should take complete responsibility.

  37. I just purchased yesterday a 60 unlimited package little did I know it is unlimited for license plates. People in their right minds don’t show you the license plates in their ads. I want my money back.

  38. Canceling my order # 18EKRBRCE37T0 Approval Code 009967 Placed 11/4 @ 10AM William Bell 11/4 @ 10:55, It is already in dispute with VISA. YOU PEOPLE ARE NUTS!

    I can’ even access my new account – or my old account with 1 report left. Ans yes I have spent hours and hours trying to talk to a real person.

    Carfax S_cks in plain English and that’s from a 73 YO retired motor head.

  39. I have a friend who is trying to trade in his car that has 10,000 miles on it. However an inspection sticker accidentally wrote 38,000 miles on the sticker when it the car actually had 3800 mikes. This mistake is causing him to lose $20,000 invalue on his car, but the reported information was incorrect. He still has two of the original tires on the car where the treads can be evaluated, You can tell by the pedal and the original mats that there is little wear and tear. I would think a mechanic has a number of things to look at to determine to verify that the 10,000 mileage is more likely to be correct Does Carmax have a locations where you can bring your car to be examined regarding disputes so that the information can be corrected?

  40. can’t get back into my login. Incorrect password is keeping me out. Also my report reports adamage 8/11/2003 but no further is provided

  41. What a huge scam. I tried trading my F-250 truck in today and the dealership ran a carfax report and it states that my truck was in a major accident with airbags deployed. Not true. I had my bumper replaced at a dealership because there was a scratch on the chrome that couldn’t be buffed out. I called the dealership that did the work and the work order doesn’t say anything about the airbags going off or being replaced. Also the body shop manager stated they don’t report to carfax and doesn’t know how they got any information about my vehicle. The falsification of information from carfax could cost me $3500+ on my trade in value.

  42. Exact same thing on my F150 report. Accident that never happened and dealer cut the trade $3500.00. I’m still waiting on carfax to respond to my complaint. I really feel sorry for the guy who buys the actual accident vehicle! He’s buying a truck he thinks was never wrecked! Inaccurate and no response from carfax. Dealer is holding my new truck until this is resolved but the clock is ticking!!!

  43. Carfax has a great product but horrible customer service !!! I can’t believe in 2015 the company doesn’t have capability for their customers to call and discuss our issues or ask questions !!!! I sent in an email yesterday, received a receipt of my email but when will I hear from someone who can reset my password? Why should only the dealers have telephone assistance? Please add phone operators ASAP !!!

  44. My car history shows 4 owners instead of 2. I need this to be corrected. Its impact my ability to sell the car quickly on a better price.

  45. it isn’t clear that unlimited reports are restricted to plate numbers. i need to use VIN numbers because the trucks i’m looking for have no tags. most are being sold by dealers. would like a full refund since the service is of no use to me. says money back guarantee. i want my money back.

  46. TERRIBLE. UNACCEPTABLE! I need my report of mileage and service corrected immediately as I want to trade in the car. Lexus RX350 4 wheel drive. Report says in Washington for service and oil change. Not true. Serviced in Omaha, NE and mileage is 69,200.

  47. I need to speak with a customer service agent immediately. Please call 4088521015.,I am extremely unhappy with my Carfax report and I need to know what I can do 4088421015. Please call or email me today.thank you . sandi

  48. I am not sure the the CarFax is all that reliable nor necessary and just about all that I have read on this page alone is very negative towards the CarFax company.I,m a little surprised consumer affairs and the BBB hasn’t hasn’t shut them down. Not really knowing how CarFax really works, it appears to me that the new car dealerships has a supply of these and uses them as needed. I just purchased a brand new chevrolet camaro from the dealership in Ashland, Oregon. The CarFax shows 7 points of intrest regarding this new vehicle and gives everything a clean bill of health and the last page even recaluulates the warranty in a very negative manner : such as from 36 months to 18 months or thousand miles etc, 60 months to 42 months 96 months to months, 72 months to 54 months……….Now comes the clincher,, This car was stolen off the lot and has a repair bill of just a little over $4,000,00 and none of this is even mentioned on the Carfax ..”WOW” You really need to be careful people.

  49. Carfax not a good service.
    thought I would buy since I was looking for a vehicle.
    when it tested the site they pulled up the vehicle and said 9 counts on this vehicle.
    when I purchased – they said there isn’t even a VIN like that…. not true
    It is not good business when you do not have a contact phone – and a person…. to talk to
    I want my account cancelled and reimbursed. I signed up around 1pm today and have not been able to get ahold of anyone to cancel. I have already called credit card company and if within 48 hours it is not reimbursed we are stopping payment and issuing a complaint.

  50. can not print my report for my personal records I have many conversations about this problem and still to no help on doing the above please mail me or email me my report if you can or contact me at my email address on record
    thank you

  51. How dare CarMax join the multitude of rip off companies and waste my time?? I can’t even use their electronic system to request a refund… (they’ve taken care of that). It says my email address is wrong so I can move on to process my request. Another 2016 type company./ Rip Off.
    I would appreciate a call if you see this, Carfax. Paula

  52. I think you all are awful. I want to ask for a refund but your system doesn’t allow it (it says the email address is wrong so I cannot proceed ….. my email address is the exact email address I used to Order up an ill carfax).
    You don’t know how sick of am of these type companies. It’s about the money, EXCLUSIVELY, not offering a service. Paula Massey

  53. Purchased a Fleet 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 from Nissan auto nation, Marietta, GA
    and there is and has been a wiring/electrical problem with the CD/radio interrupting the CD while playing with searching, vehicle moving, etc At first they said it couldn’t be fixed. Then they stated it was the CD, then they said it was the speakers, then the engineer (a total incompetent jerk) stated it was the quality of the Christian recordings. Finally, an honest advisor stated it was the wiring that connects to all the components involved. Mariah Carey is not a poor quality recording. They still have not fixed it. If it can’t be fixed, then there must be a valid reason and Aaron Mallory sold me a defective auto. This was the first thing I had complained about and he stated “Don’t worry about anything it is warranted by Carfax. Several other things have gone wrong w/this auto and I’m really getting afraid to drive this car because of the incompetence of these service centers and lack of leadership in these dealerships. My background is the media. QUESTION: IS THIS CAR WARRANTED TO BE REPAIRED OR NOT FOR THE WIRING/ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS?? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS REPAIR?? ARE YOU OR NISSAN RESPONSIBLE??? I have had nothing but the runaround from Nissan—totally time consuming . EX: They checked the speakers in the trunk and didn’t secure the back seat which fell onto the front passenger side as I was driving down the highway which could have caused a horrible accident if someone was sitting in the back seat. (really competent Town Center techs).. The drivers side door handle came loose and I couldn’t get out of the car except by moving over the console onto the passenger side (really competent techs). The four tires on the car registered 20 lbs in each tire after leaving Marietta Auto Nation. Real competent techs) I’ve had enough of the games. Enough is enough. My safety is at stake and everyone else who enters that car. As they say “the ball is in your court!


  54. I just would like to put in my 3rd of 5 carfax vin’s that I purchased. Please help with this as a vehicle I would like to purchase I need some information on.

  55. My is Patricia Ann Haywood Someone is having a Phone on Car Social Security number use now car from something that someone something that I did not do so when you please give me a call at this number 815-319-9861

  56. Today 2/29 I purchased a one time deal report for 39.99. But I was charged 54.99. This is a rep off I selected the one time report option and only ran the report once. Hit it charged me for 5 reports. Please refund my money ASAP. Please and thanks

  57. You revised and updated my carfax of a mistake.
    How long before Ebay shows the corrected carfax?
    You’re killing me in fees to put it on Ebay just to see the wrong carfax, then I have to remove it and still be charged.
    You guys owe me like 60 bucks.
    C’MON man…

  58. I was charger 74.99 for a 54.99 service that is usless my police system scaning the lic got more uggggg want a refund and cant even call anyone

  59. I got a porsch paramera for my wife birthday I paid almost 80 thousand dollar , carfax history report no accident no damage issue, now I found out from Carnax there 1 accident report from auto check, the car was made 2012 and accident was report 2012 , and we got the car was 2014 , what is going wrong ? This is again law , I need attorney

  60. I agree with the previous customer who stated CarFax is the worse company to do business with. There is no way to contact them about an incorrect email address or even a way to send them a correction. I am so disgusted.

  61. After reading several negative reviews I searched for 10-15 minutes for some way to contact CS and found a chat page in the help section. After a couple of statements I was relieved to have a very quick response and refund to my credit card for being over charged. I will give Carfax 4-5 stars for their speed and hope that they do indeed, credit my card as promised.

  62. Horrible customer service!!! No one to talk to to report Win Kelly Chevy in Clarksville, md wrecked a car advertised here and is going unreported to carfax!! So this shows that Carfax reports are Worthless!!!!

  63. I charged my Visa card on your website and was unable to get website to do anything for me when I put in VIN number, will go to my credit card company and demand a credit. I am so disappointed, I have used carmax reports on every car site while searching for a car without a problem and find them helpful. This is the first time I have paid and find it useless. Nancy Dancu

  64. Disgusted that Carfax has not pulled its ads from the O’Reilly Factor. Women are sick of this kind of treatment – YOU can choose to make the correct statement and support women by pulling your ads.

  65. I need a car report right now due to a accident. But after a search on the net I found out you advertise on the Bill O’Reilly show. Shame on you folks. You lost a sale.
    Best JP Borden
    Tucson AZ

  66. Every weekend people buy and sell cars How can you have no live customer support to help people on weekends.
    I have an active membership and right now I cant run a car fax because your website is prompting me to subscribe,
    Which means this whole weekend now is shot!
    I already cleared cashe & cookies
    This is a poor business policy.

  67. Please cancel our car fax advertising. We want to keep open the ability to run car faxes. Please call me with any questions you might have.

  68. I paid for 5 reports, I used 1 and can not get back to the report screen. It comes up the payment screen instead. Very dissatisfied with the service or lack thereof.

  69. G.Milton did fraud on Panthfinder Plate Number 457AAK look it up ok first accident January 2017 it wasn’t in East. New Orleans East went Tornado smashes it was a lie put water in truck lie to insurance company.Feb 9,2017 was a lie.

  70. Help! Purchased a car fax from you om 3-5-18 confirmation # C18FFXE7CT0TZA
    for a 1988 Rolls Royce Silver Spur, Vin# SCAZNO2A2JCX23466, The Report initially said it had 14 reported items, when I ran the Car Fax and printed it there were only 2 reports, very disappointing, Please advise If you can retrieve these?


  71. I signed up for a Carfax report because I was buying a 2016 chev truck. the cost was 43.00, which I thought was high, but was actually charged 107.00.

  72. I as going to use my 2005 Silverado 3500 seres diesel as a trade in oor another truck we wanted. The CarF__ux eport showed it ws involved in an accident in 2017 that was severely damaged and had to be towed.
    In fact the wife was invoved . in an accident on the same date involving here Suburu that was not towed. Carf__ux put the wrong NIN numbr inn its report on my Siverado. I showed the dealer the report from the HWY REPPORT ON THE suburu and my truck was never involved in a coliision of any sortfoor he 8 years I owwned it.

    &Tied to get repoort corrccted-no contacct, no luck witih this awful company.
    I for one would love to be a perty to a class action suit against them and force them to be more responsible to their customers. PRIVATE OR BUSINESS !


  73. I think it’s greedy and shameful for CARFAX to share mileage information with auto insurance companies so that the insurance companis can comeback on you and raise your premium because you may have exceeded the original milesthe policy was written for. I think this part of the CARFAX business model violates individual privacy and the and the dealers, after market shops, and the insurance companies should all be sued for breach of privacy. CARFAX is supposed to be about the vehicle, the info should not reflect on the individual beyond the care of the vehicle.

  74. I bought a car in 2017; it had a “clean”, no accident report. In 2018 — 1 year plus later — I was in the middle of negotiating a trade-in for the same car and the CARFAX showed an accident that happened in Dec 2015. I inquired about this using the CARFAX portal on line, and I call and left a voice message asking the to explain why and how this happened. The dealership I bought the car from and the new dealership I was trying to use it as a trade in were both at a loss about what had happened. I received zero response from both queries. Who is CARFAX that they can get away with crap like this — providing wrong data and never bothering to respond to inquires. Why go through sham of even pretending that you are responsive. I next plan to use the consumer protection group in Virginia to check into what seems very, very fishy behavior. and people pay for it.

  75. At the time I bought my car, I depended on the CARFAX report (CARFAX 1) showing the car’s history with no accidents reported. I traded the car in 1 year later, and the CARFAX (CARFAX 2) at that time showed an accident that had occurred 15 months prior to the CARFAX 1 report I received when the car was first purchased. In essence they invalidated CARFAX 1. Cost to me in trade-in value? $6,000. Repeated attempts to get an explanation or statement that indeed, they knowingly invalidate their own reports at a potentially substantial cost to consumers, were returned with the message, “we’re working hard to provide you an answer”. But, they weren’t working at all, and I never got a response from this sham organization met with nothing. The dealership was “surprised” and thought the worse of it.

  76. Tried to log on to purchase one report. I forgot my password and hit the link for a reset but the reset email never came. Then I get a email saying my Paypal account was charged for 3 reports. You can’t call these people to resolve any issues. Think I will use another vendor after this.

  77. When I call Customer Service, I want to speak to a real person. I have not got time to leave a message and hope someone calls back. All I want to to be able to print the report.

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