Contact Canada Post Customer Service

Contact Canada Post Customer Service

Contacting Canada Post Customer Service Center

Canada Post is the Canadian alternative to the United States Postal Service. The postal service delivers mail and packages to customers throughout all regions of Canada. Customer service is available for online and offline products and services. The Canada Post website is also available as a mobile website or mobile application for Apple, Blackberry and Android electronic devices.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Residential customers can call Canada Post customer service between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday to Friday or 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Saturday. If you are a commercial customer, you can call between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday to Friday, but Saturday hours are not available.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-607-6301
  • Calling from Outside Canada: 1-416-979-8822
  • Commercial Inquiries: 1-877-683-5895
  • Commercial Technical Support: 1-866-511-0546
  • VentureOne: 1-877-262-5762
  • Customer Service: 1-877-632-6347
  • ePost: 1-877-376-1212
  • Philatelic: 1-800-565-4362
  • TDD: 1-800-267-2797
  • Money Orders: 1-800-563-0444

Mailing Address

There are two mailing addresses to choose from for Canada Post. Choose the address for your region.

Canada Post Eastern RegionAttn: Customer Support400 St. Mark Ave. 7th Fl. Winnepeg, MBR3C 4K5


Canada Post Western/Central RegionAttn: Customer Support35 Hughes St. Fredericton, NBE3A 2W2

Official Website

Canada Post offers online customer service, products and information about postal policies and costs on the official website at The website can be viewed in English or French. If you are interested in ordering products online visit the Canada Post online shop at

Customer Service Email

Emailing Canada Post customer service involves opening a service ticket. Visit the FAQs page at to find answers to common questions. If you are unable to find an answer, go to to submit a ticket. Choose the issue or topic that best describes your issue. Click the topic and follow the directions to open a ticket.

Our Experience

When we called Canada Post customer service we immediately pressed 1 for English. An introductory message played before the list of options started. We tried to press 0 to skip the first list of options, but the list just restarted. Press 1 for residential or 2 for business then press 0 to reach a customer service representative. Our customer service representative, Gavin, was clearly bilingual as his French accent was strong, but not unbearable. Gavin was more than willing to tell us more about the program offered by Canada Post that allows customers to create personalized stamps.

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83 Comments on “Contact Canada Post Customer Service
  1. I am thoroughly disappointed with Canada Post. The package that I mailed from the U.S. to Canada has not arrived to the destination. The tracking number indicates that the package has arrived safely in Nova Scotia. I mailed it to Ontario. I cannot talk to a postal worker and I cannot get a response to my email. Why hasn’t my package arrived to the correct address and yet it says that it has? The package was mailed on March 13th.It is now March 28th. I would like a phone number provided so that I can speak to someone.

    • The US postal system ships it to which ever port of entry it choses. I had a package coming from Florida go to Vancouver then on to my address in Quebec.

      Also, you must remember that the package must clear customs, and that may include assessing duty and/or taxes.

      I’ve had the same problems when shipping things to the USA. USPS can take its sweet time and the package may track arriving in the north-east, but is shipped to middle-of-nowhere and a week or so later shipped to where it was destined.

      Its all par for the course. March 13th and it hasn’t arrived by the 28th: mail crossing a border can take three weeks to and from the USA and Canada.

    • Hi Im with you .Im waiting on a package from USA since March of this year 2015 says it went through customs and that’s the last I heard. I have USA tracking number and it stops in Toronto . its been four months and still haven’t received package.

  2. Hi
    Good morning .May you inform me the status of the tracking number RN009569854CA

    Mohammed Yusuf Aziz

  3. I had a post office box for my personal mail for a number of years, On June 1, 2014 I renewed my PO Box for a 3 month period, I was not able to rent it month to month which is a disadvantage to me as I moved and closed out my PO box on June 21, 2014, so I paid 3 months rental for the use of the PO Box for 21 days, I did get a key rebate refund but am out the rental of the box for 2 months, I find this very disagreeable, and would like to hear from a Canada Post representative above the retail store level. I feel there should be a refund of the 2 months rental

  4. I’ve been trying for 5 weeks to find the location of application forms for “walk-up” service and failed completely. It appears Canada Post has deliberately made it obscure and difficult to avoid having to provide this service. As a family with 2 handicap seniors what can we do since mail boxes are not an option??????

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is Ginalyn Agbayani presently residing at Apt. 709-3 Glamorgan Ave. Scarborough, On. M1P 4N9. I am writing this email as a complain because I found my mails again outside my mailbox today because it was put into a wrong mailbox. I have lost some mails already in the past and I do hope that it wont happen again. Thank you so much and hoping that you will do some action regarding this.

  6. I sent a registered mail package from Austria that was delivered to Canada Post on the 16th of December but, as yet, the 23rd December, it has not been delivered to the recipient in Montreal. I am unable to trace the package beyond its handover in Toronto as Canada Post does not recognize the tracking number: RO66062566AT
    It is impossible to speak to someone by telephone; just constant referral to the website or failed tracking number requests. An abysmal service. I sent my mail registered so as to avoid such mishap and yet here we are. It is impossible to speak with Canada Post and thus deal with a matter outside your computerized telephone system, such as this. I am shocked and disappointed.

  7. On February 27, 2015 an important letter was sent from Winnipeg to me in Brandon . As of today , the letter has not arrived. Thankfully I became concerned , called Winnipeg and another letter will be sent.
    On march 13,2015 a letter was sent to me from Prince Albert SK. No letter today. Where are these items? I’ve never had a problem with receiving my mail before and now twice in one month.
    Also trying to access customer service is impossible if one wants to speak to a human. Very annoying and frustrating. Not everyone has online access. I had to find customer service on page four, not very helpful.

  8. I mailed an Easter card with a personal check to my Sister in Winnipeg who is under Public Guardianship of Man. The mail was opened by the P.G. and my check was cashed by P.G. of Manitoba an credited to their account. Is this Fraud???
    Bernard Hirkala

  9. Over the years we have had a few problems with our mail serice, Checks that have gone missing, mail not delivered. The latest problem my Income Tax assessment never arrived, it was mailed on the 30th of March. My problem with this is that all my information is out there probably sent to a wrong address. I have reported this but never did get a reply.

  10. My daughter just noticed that her international items will be returned to sender. She spent big money to send item from china and put on her name under the address. She moved out off campus residence. She thought she can still get the mail. Unfortunately, The school refused to recevie her parcel. Canada post will return to china sender. I feel so upset about cananda delivery system. Why canada post did not contact the person under the address and returned the item without any effort to call the recevier.Especially the international items with big cost. Please improve your delivery service. At least give the receiver a call to confirm. at least you try your best.So angary and upset Canada post.

  11. ordered an appliance part in may from wisconsin which was delivered successfully to the WRONG address . it went to halifax nova scotia and i unfortunately live in burlington ontario.
    Thanks Canada Post not sure who has my very expensive appliance part !!

  12. express post is a total rip off. They say its tracked but really? my parcel says delivered and its not. I call and go figure it takes 5 to 10 days to investigate. This is really not acceptable. I sent my daughter a birthday gift i purchased last year in the US, and now where is it? Canada post says they track it, but now they need to investiigate for almost two weeks. The will compensate me for the loss if need be. I dont want to be compansated, I want my mail found, and tracked as it is supposed to be. SO UNACCEPTABLE. No wonder canada post is having problems. I will be using fedex or UPS in the future.

  13. I live in a small community and I have been a volunteer with a breakfast program for 19 years. At the beginning of the school year we send letters around the community/outlying communities requesting donations for our program, and we send schedules to the volunteers. This year when I sent a schedule to a volunteer group, it was sent back to me because there was no po box #. (FIRST TIME EVER). As a volunteer group, it is difficult finding money to take care of making contact with volunteers and potential donors. The workers in our post office have been ordered, or choose, to return mail if there is no po box #. They knew exactly where the piece of mail should go, but chose to ignore it (school name on return address). I think this is disgusting. Government encourages people to volunteer their time, however, a corporation, supported by an individual’s tax dollars, are able to take the liberty to abuse what we as volunteers do. I am asking you to make contact with me so that I can give you the name of the post office I use, and I would hope you will make sure that your workers will STOP this abusive action. Better still, I feel we should be able to send any mail, regarding our volunteer services, FREE. Please contact me!

  14. what customer service? are you making a joke?

    it is impossible to contact you via telephone!!

    my mailman leaves my mail on the porch or on the side of the house. are you hiring only idiots now?

    you suck.

  15. Canada Post does not reply to these comments. Attention to the drone reading this communique…. leaving mail outside a house is something only a moron would do. why do you hire so many morons?

    why do you not reply to our complaints ever?

    why are you hiding?

  16. Your customer service automated service is a piece of dung.
    Press 3, sorry did not get your response
    Press 3 end call.
    Make it so someone can actually speak to a ducking human being!!

  17. I have tried calling your customer service line and was put on hold for 30 minutes the first time, 25 minutes the second and now while typing it might go as high as 45 minutes. This has been the worst experience I have had with Canada Post. But I have to admit if you were in the private section you would have been fired.

  18. I am writing to notify Canada Post that you have a person in your employ, who in my opinion should be nominated top employee within Canada Post. I am referring to a young lady by the name of Tara Patterson ( Post Mistriss with Coe Hill On. Post Office)

    I have owned and operated my own business for well over thirty years and have had my share of dealings with the service industry. Since my move to the Coe a Hill area I have had the very good fortune to have Ms Patterson as a daily contact at the Coe Hill Post Office. This young lady sets an exceptionally high standard for her position and her knowledge of the postal system is simply indisputable.

    You should be made aware of an incident which took place last month.
    I was waiting for a very important package which inadvertently was misplaced while Tara was on holiday. This translated to lost revenue for me.
    When Tara became aware of the situation, she found the missing package and then “Out of her own pocket” issued me a $ gift card to show good faith and to help offset my losses!” This type of action from an employee should be commended.

    I will continue to rely on the expertise of Ms Patterson and I thank you for hiring her.

    Diane Walker
    Antique Silver Art

    To site

  19. When did Canada Post take on the role of a parent?
    When I pay a retailer for delivery, I expect it to be delivered to my door – not the neighbourhood post office!
    I have instructed retailers that I deal with, to instruct the post delivery service to LEAVE my packages AT MY DOOR!
    I only speak English, so I don’t know how else to tell you what my expectations are regarding your delivery. In the past this was not a problem.
    I asked my postman to leave ALL packages at my door. He told me he couldn’t because of instructions from his bosses.
    This decision belongs with the customer – not you.

    I had for a while enjoyed your service and switched all my delivery needs to Canada Post – this is no longer satisfactory because you seem to think that I cannot make a decision about the safety of my front door.

    I am sure that other services are not so condesending! One can only hope!

  20. Poor customer service. Have to create a stupid ‘ticket’ with endless info.
    Notices from Flexdelivery officially sucks. Used to be a PDF saved to Onedrive that can be printed out and presented at Post Office. Now no PDF, just 5 pages that aren’t printer friendly. Stupid change,,,, change it back!

  21. I have put my complaint in and nothing has come of it. The problem is the postal code generates my PO BOX in Dartmouth

    This is what comes up in the address box

    James Predo
    Street PO Box 103 LCD Lower Sackville
    City Dartmouth
    B4C 2S8
    The city is lower Sackville not Dartmouth
    Can someone sort this out.

  22. All my deliveries arrive to the Canada Post at shoppers drug mart in Grande Prairie (10720 78th ave). I would absolutely switch my pick-up location if it was possible (which my brother and I have tried) because I have had only negative experiences. I have been extremely disappointed with the service quality received at this location since I moved into the Pinnacle Crescent area. Hours of operation are very limited, and every time I can make it during operating hours I typically have to wait 20 minutes to half and hour to receive service as all the attendants are on breaks or not available. I have complained to the shoppers drug mart clerks on several occasions having to request that they call the Canada Post employees, and apparently this is not an isolated event. They have problems with customers complaining on a regular basis as the attendants are unhelpful, often rude, and are not available during posted operating hours. On top of that I’ve been turned away with pick-up tags in my name even though I have 3 of 4 pieces of ID with my name, simply because I don’t have ID that has a matching address. It states right in the Canada post pick up ID requirements that all you need is government issued photo ID to pick up your own items, and that a matching address is only required when you’re picking up something on behalf of someone else. I have never had this problem with any other delivery services, and I receive a lot of parcels in the mail on a regular basis.

  23. got home at 6pm Nov 20 2015. Post office slip for miss parcel drop off. go to Lyden Park Mall Brantford Ont. Nov 21 at 4pm stop in to get my parcel. It’s not here? come back Monday after 1pm?? I said I would not make it back till Nov 28 at the same time. Let’s not forget what time of the year it is!! Now I have to go back. After a 30 minute deal to drive back over to pick up my parcel. I now have to stand in another line for 15 minutes again. Yes I did get my parcel! Dec.2 my wife said another parcel deal?? so Dec3 at 7pm I go back into get my parcel? 15 minutes later puts in the number and said you pick it up? remember the time of the year!! he said we sent this out Nov28?? I pick it up the same day?? so I took the final notice card and here I am saying! WFT! 245852590597038 is the number on the notice!! My address is there and please send me a free roll of stamps! thanks for making my day. Glen

  24. Your service has been exceptional.
    We mailed 11 packages to the US and Canada – early Xmas mailing
    Everything arrived as estimated and some earlier
    We have not had a blip– ever so far
    Thanks Canada Post employers
    Happy holidays

  25. I have security/theft concerns and poor service concerns. Please see ref # 116 349 543. For over 18 months I receive by Priority Post about once a month a sensitive and valuable parcel. I am on disability. I leave a sign on the front screen door pointing to the doorbell and asking to ring for parcels. Earlier today a “attempted delivery claim was made”. The doorbell was not rung(for the 10th? time) and no pickup notice was left.It is very difficult for me with my disability to get up to the shoppers for pickup. I am concerned about theft. I am home and we have a large dog. If someone was at the front door I would know. Please follow up Canada Post.

  26. Expresspost…..paid for Expresspost, 2 day delivery guaranteed, and now day 4 and the item still not delivered to destination. If Canada Post cannot can’t make this delivery in the specified time during Christmas… why are we paying for it? Never again will I use Canada Post.

  27. I have sent my mom a parcel and it is supposed to be at country club centre post office. it has been there for two days and still my mom has recieved no notice of it. Tell me how I make sure she gets a delivery notice and be sure it isn’t returned to me. thank you

  28. As a former proud employee of Canada Post I am absolutely disgusted with their service. I mailed 2 packages to France at a cost of 65.00 each (for goods of less value). One package made it and the other was sent back with no reason as to why. I am expected to pay 65.00 to get the package back! Then what? My very helpful postmaster indicated I should call customer service. Well good luck finding a phone number. After several searches and some calls to former coworkers I got a number only to be told there was a wait line of 10 minutes…..well they got that wrong too as it has been 15 so far and I am still on hold….and becoming more angry with every passing minute. I hope CPC will assist me with this issue if not, in the future I will drive to Odgensburg New York to mail my parcels.

    • What was that number you have?
      There is no number anywhere I could find that allows you to speak to anyone. This is supposed to be a Crown Service, which means owned by the people of Canada – Canada Post.
      I demand that my company hires people that can give actual customer service!!
      Urgently need to talk to someone.

  29. I can’t get hold of customer services. I have been trying to contact them for over a week. I would like to let them know that their mailman is a monkey! This idiot dropped me a keyholder in my mailbox, instead of the actual key. I can’t get my parcel, and, knowing how bad Canada post is, they will probably return it back to sender.

    Canada post you suck.

  30. ref # 98223516 Our mail delivery to U.S, was supposed to start from Saskatoon to Cathedral City Ca on Feb.1.When my daughter checked our mail box yesterday in S’toon she found three pieces of mail. Why?
    Darrell Collins.
    Thank you

  31. my son ordered something from Japan. It came here with tracking and went all around toronto then back to JAPAN.
    on sat april 2 2016 we went to york mills shoppers drug mart to talk to the lady there. she cant help….april 5th 2016 my son met my wife after work at lawrence station to go to a big postal facility ..they didnt help and said to go to another place that uses our postal code M2P near don mills. after that my son called a number i had found online and she told him it has been sent back to Japan.
    well done. you cant even talk to a person at canada post unless you spend a few hours online or traveling around to speak to different dummys at different places. where is my sons money now? will he get the $200 back? im sure canada post will help him. (we could not even put a service ticket because the senders postal code was way too long. it would not enter it) cant complain or even talk to a person. and the funny thing is. my son has ordered from this place before with no problems. almost like it was done on purpose. or just plain old lazy canada post.

  32. There is no number anywhere I could find that allows you to speak to anyone. This is supposed to be a Crown Service, which means owned by the people of Canada – Canada Post.
    I demand that my company hires people that can give actual customer service!!
    Urgently need to talk to someone.

  33. I had some problems with trying to get new keys for my CMB mail box. After they changed the wrong lock, and didn’t fix the error, I called for the third time to get the mistake fixed. I talked with the most apathetic, and unhelpful “customer service” person over the phone. Not only did she not help nor fix the problem, but she was extremely rude, and accusatory to me the client. Worst experience ever with someone that was suppose to help. Canada Post should be embarrassed to have such people working for them.

  34. I mail Greeting Cards on a regular basis. To date I have sent over 400 cards. Recently 8 cards were mailed on a Thursday afternoon and received the very next day. The recipients were overjoyed with the beautiful cards and messages to the point of phoning me to say thank you. I was surprised their cards had been received so quickly. I want to say a personal thank you to the letter carriers who deliver this mail so efficiently. Many people complain about Canada Post Delivery, I want to say thank you for their service.

  35. Terribly disappointed at the post office located at the 7/11 on 4604 37th street SW Calgary. Went to pick up my parcel at 7pm (they are open until 8pm). There computer system had been down and it’s not the first time this has happened…which I would normally understand, but a gentleman said that he corrected the issue and the computer system was back up and running. But the staff at the 7/11 refused to help the customers waiting patiently. And told us they wouldn’t reopen until the next day. Complete laziness and giving Canada Post a bad name! If the computer is working again is it too much to ask people to do their job?

  36. Good Evening

    Note attachments.

    I have made 4 calls, tried on line and went into 2 different post offices.

    No one can help me cancel this redirect.

    I was told this would be cancelled automatically once service returned to Fort McMurray.

    I have yet to receive mail and no one at Canada post can track any reference numbers on this paperwork.

    Please help with this poor customer service.

    Thank you!
    Roni-Sue Moran

  37. Very disappointed that once again Canada Post wants a raise. Do they really realize how many workers in this country are not getting the pay they should for the work they do? If I am correct Canada Post workers make $20-$30/hour. I worked in the Nursing Department at a local hospital. Lots of education for this job and dealing with life and death every day. I made $20/hour and once in awhile I got a cost of living raise. Every time I go to mail a parcel the rates have gone up. Shame of you people!

  38. I had a Venture card which I did not use for years and now I would like to use it: the card is lost and I got my old card number from the local post office by giving them my phone number. I’ve tried calling to change my address information and no one picks up…is there another email address or phone number I can call to change my personal information for this?…
    with thanks

    • Since April 28, 2017 (this spring) Federal Conservatives mailed out ballots for voting from Ont. I never received mine(Calgary). I called on May 10 to mail-out headquarters, they said it was sent. I called in a week, still not arrived. They sent another one; I checked a few days later, still not arrived. There have been 3-4 mail outs, BUT NO BALLOT HAS ARRIVED! THIS IS VERY CRUCIAL BUSINESS, AS THE BALLOTS HAVE TO BE MAILED BACK BY May 26 NOON, WHICH IS TOMORROW!! OVER A MONTH AND NO BALLOT! But then I meet a couple at church who received theirs long ago. CANADA POST, WHERE DID ALL MY BALLOTS GO?? WHEN THIS SAGA IS OVER, I AM TURNING TO MEDIA, AND THE COURTS!!!! MAYBE YOU HAVE TOO MANY UNQUALIFIED IMMIGRANTS SCREWING UP!

  39. Hi,
    My husband and I who are living in HK are very disappointed with what became the new Canada Post service. My mother in-law is an 80 years old woman, lives alone, has difficulty to walk neither can’t she log on a computer. She asks us sometimes to buy things online to avoid walking. However, she has many doctor appointments and can not stay at home all day long to wait in case there is something delivered. So often, comes back with these notes hanging on the knob of her door saying we will come back tomorrow after that time. In every cases, nobody delivered on the time written on the card (first upsetting situation) Meaning that she staid at home for nothing. After, she has to walk miles to recuperate her mail (second upsetting situation). We are requesting that, if she is not at home when her mail is delivered that it being sent to the nearest post office from her home which is 901, Ste-Catherine West H2L 2E0 instead of 3575 Ave. Du Parc, H2X 5M0 in Montreal. Please can you correct this in your system? I am waiting for your reply. Thank you.

  40. Hello, I am trying to contact you by phone from Spain, but it is impossible to get through… It is very important as I sent a certificated document and I don´t know if it arrived… how can I contact you?

    Thank You

  41. Delivery person always takes the shortest path from house to house. Even if the the house does not have any mail , the delivery person takes the short cut across the grass every day. They were fighting for their jobs not long ago.

  42. Some of the WORST customer service on the planet! Unprofessional argumentative and down right immature behavior. Tone of voice and attitude when you are asking for their help! I expect better from well anyone let alone someone representing something with our country’s name on it.
    Never did resolve the problem btw, but I dealt with attitude from Mirandus at the Golden Mile post office, and then from Helen on the phone when I tried to track a number.
    two words- grow up. omg. or get a new job. Mirandus doesn’t even deserve to keep her job for her behavior and rudeness.

  43. The post person also leaves elastics thrown all over the ground and the foyer of the building.
    Use a garbage pail; animals could get tangled up in that etc. and we shouldn’t have to pick up your garbage. Properly disposing your garbage is a part of your job for which you are PAID.

  44. I called the number when Canada Post did not deliver mail August 30 after I paid big money yo have the mail on hold till August 29. After wading through the IVR I spoke to an agent. After explaining that I paid for a mail stop till yesterday and having her confirm that the mail should start today in that case, she went to get more information and came back minutes later to tell me that my mail should start today. When I again told her that the mailman confirmed today that he has no mail for me, she went away again to open a ticket. Final resolution – someone will call me back sometime, maybe not today, with info. No mail will be delivered today. I said I could take the call today, my day off to pay all the bills that were to be delivered today. She said “good”. Perhaps the test to be hired by Canada Post requires mental retardation???? Then a survey with 3 questions. Poor ratings and answer that the issue was not resolved resulted in …. Nothing!. These guys really care!

  45. I cannot find my Tracking Number for a letter sent to Revenue Canada 3 months ago. They say that they have not received the letter.

    What can I do?

  46. I cannot find my tracking number for a letter sent to Revenue Canada months ago. They say that they have not received the letter.

    What can I do?

  47. Hello

    I am just trying to find a answer to a simple question . Is it illegal for somebody to be driving along a rural road in Ontario Canada and stopping at peoples rural mail boxes , then opening the mail boxes and putting in unstamped advertising flyers .

    Like a flyer to a car show or something like that ..

    I thought that it was illegal for anybody to open somebody else’s mail box , and especially illegal to put anything in that has not been stamped by Canada Post or by somebody that is not employed by Canada Post .

    If it is against the law to do this could you please tell me the code number that would tell about that .

    Thank you very much .. Have a good day .

  48. I used Canada Post Priority Mail to send a small care package to my daughter in France. Needless to say, I paid a lot of money for a tiny package. Number 1, Canada post never told me they use FedEx and have nothing to do with the delivery of the item. Number 2, the item was supposed to be delivered in August, and now it is the end of September….FedEx has no idea where it is. I found that I NEVER again want to pay an exorbitant amount of money to Canada Post…not even being able to deal with them regarding the issue!
    Please do NOT use this service but look for UPS or an alternative courier!

  49. Calgary elections are going on and a Samantha Macleod has decided a place to advertise her running for trustee is to cover a residential mail box with none removable stickers and in reality vandalizing mail boxes.
    If this lady believes it is acceptable to do this then what is expected of the students coming through the Calgary education system

  50. I am very disappointed in Canada Post…they promised a free shipping tuesday parcel, one for each tuesday of the month of october for small business customers. The first week all went well, but yesterday, even though I followed all the regulations to a T, the website would not apply the code. Even though customer service told me today that it should have worked, the company will not stand behind their promise…since the problem occurred after their main office business hours (so tech support was unavailable at the time), there was nothing I could do. I am now out almost the entire value of my order.

  51. Why does Canada Post have a policy of 2 day express to the US? Canada Post is charging for something many of us don’t need or want.

  52. I sent a Parcel by PRIORITY POST yesterday morning the 21st November to my Son in Kitchener Ontario. I paid $60.00 to send it , as I needed him to get it in 1Business day. Today I checked, and it has not arrived. the tracking said it will be
    delivered in 2business days, the 24thNovember. I am very dissappointed after trusting it will get there this morning. When I checked the CP .ca/Ticket, it said the same but also that I paid $53.83.
    I am extremely dissappointed, and in that case I am asking for my money back.

  53. I have had to drive to Dugald, MB in search of a parcel that was sent there for reason(s) unknown however, you would think that when the Dugald, MB Post Office received my parcel that stated the town of Lorette, Manitoba on it, that they would have contact the Lorette Post Office in order to confirm the Box # and/or address as, these are small communities where everybody knows everybody and are neighbor communities too! I had to drive down to the Duglad, MB Post Office because the phone number provide on the internet is 204-853-2143 which gives you a constant busy signal. I advised the lady that when I drove down there and she look puzzled. Yes, my parcel was in fact there! Now I am trying to track down another parcel which I think may have been sent there as well however, when trying this same phone number, still giving me a busy signal a month and a half after!!!??? What is going on?? Now I have to make a special trip down there again because I cannot get customer service by telephone. Please fix your phone number.

  54. After 20 minutes on hold I gave up.
    My complaint is that my mail is being forwarded to my ex husband, although clearly addressed to just myself, with the proper street address and postal code. He has requested his mail be forwarded. I request that you NOT send him mine.

  55. I have ordered a few items from Charmed Aroma this year with no problem of the box fitting in the mailbox. Yesterday the post person decided not to do this and left a card on my door to pick up my parcel today after 1:00. I go across the street to my regular post office for the past 15 years only to find out it was sent to another post office 10 minutes away. I drive over there to see THAT post office had moved some time ago to a newer location a few minutes away. I do not appreciate driving all over town for a small box that clearly can fit in the mailbox. The next time it happens I will call you and you can have it sent to my house at my convenience. They get paid enough money they should do their job properly.

  56. For 23 years people using the community box have tried to get a path cleared from the box to the road. This path was built by Canada Post for use by their employees
    and the public because it is not near a spot to stop and use a sidewalk. Several
    times each year we have the same problem of having to climb over the windrow
    from the street plowing then over very slippery deep packed snow. Only twice has it been cleaned in past years.1St time after a supervisor took a picture of the
    packed snow over a foot deep. 2nd time after a VP from Ottawa called to get it done.

  57. This morning at approx 6AM I observed Canada post 5 ton truck lic #JM3490 speeding thru the northbound lanes of the Massey Tunnel, making an illegal lane change into the left lane INSIDE the tunnel and continuing to speed (100km+) along hwy 99 northbound to Bridgeport exit. It was not the first time I have noted northbound Canada post truck doing this. Really!!

  58. I felt I received poor customer service at the Shoppers Drugmart postal outlet in Harewood, Nanaimo, BC today January 27. When asking the difference in pricing between air vs surface Gillian was unfriendly & abrupt. When I said I would use surface she questioned why I wouldn’t pay the extra $2.00. Then after I paid I told her I needed to access the package. I had not addressed it and the return label was inside. She said to me “are you going to put anything else in it? And are you going to leave the store?” Really?! Well by this time I was seriously annoyed and told her so. Then another customer got involved adding fuel to the fire. This was the worst customer service I have experienced. I told Gillian I wanted a refund so that I could go somewhere else to mail my package. I will take it to the Qualicum Beach or Parksville post office where the staff know how to give good customer service.

  59. If Canada Post had common sense, the corporation might run smoother. They put all this money and effort into their website for tracking registered letters, parcels etc. I don’t understand how incompetent some people are. I had a delivery notice left for me to pick up a parcel January 17th. I went to the postal outlet to pick it up and the courier driver left the wrong delivery notice for the postal outlet where I should be picking up my parcel. I went to the postal outlet where the delivery notice told me where my parcel was and guess what? It was not there, because it was not the regular postal outlet where I should be picking it up!!!!! NOW, no parcel and no one from the postal outlets can help me. WHAT would be the logical thing to do? HOW about leaving my parcel at the postal outlet where the delivery notice told me to pick it up!!!!! VERY

  60. Good morning Canada Post Customer Service,
    We received Register mail each day coming to Alcohol & Gaming Commission at 90 Sheppard Ave East .I recognise recently that when I sign for the Register Mail your mail delivery personal is inputting someone else name who did now sign for the Register mail ,I just like to know whether this is the training Canada Post is extending to this employee in the 21 century.
    Thank you.
    Sidione Sylvain

  61. This aft. I found a sodden letter in a snowbank next to the mailbox at Bloor and The Kingsway in Toronto. The letter was addressed to the Canadian Revenue Agency and seemed to contain a cheque. So I put it in the mailbox as it will be important for the sender for it to arrive.
    So what happened? It looks as if the person who emptied the mailbox let a letter blow away. NOT GOOD!

  62. I went to the post office in a professional capacity today. We were there to address a leaky water pipe and at the end of the visit i asked the lady if i could check my mail from this side(behind the boxes). She said no and so I walked around and checked my mail. When I returned she was going to get my buddies mail for him!!?? The only thing that is different between him and I is I am native and he is white. I am very disgusted by how I was treated by your employee. I dread having to deal with her ever again even if it is to go pick up mail only.

  63. I would like this posting to go to Calgary Post office…..I live in Panorama Hills, and am an artist. I have a number of art magazines which come in plastic mailing envelopes from the publisher as I had directed them to be sent like that, as previously some magazines would come thumbed through, and damaged. I find that sometimes they will have the package on and sometimes not. , Someone delivering the mail has taken it upon themselves to look through the magazines. I want a directive to go out to the post people to stop opening people’s mail and to mind their own business. I received one of my recent magazines 2 weeks late, as I get them before they hit the stands. Please deal with these dishonest people.

  64. I sent a parcel to Belgium on the 2018-01-15 ant it hasen’ t arrived yet.
    I check with the tracking code and it looks like it still in Orleans hasent’ left Canada.

  65. My mail was held for two weeks while on vacation. It should have been delivered
    on Tues 3rd of April, after my return. Today is the 5th and no mail at all has been delivered. My post office tells me I should have it by now, and I should contact Canada Post and get an explanation.
    I am not getting contact and help via the phone, not on-line.
    I paid $31.50 for this service and expect satisfaction.
    Thank you
    Foster walker

  66. I just received a notice in my mailbox that the mailman could not deliver a parcel , I was in all day so I know no attempt was made to deliver , yet the mailman walked past the Royal Mail parcel pick up box in the building I live in to reach my mailbox to drop off the cant deliver notice , now I have to walk 5 blocks to the post office because either my mailman is STUPID OR LAZY

  67. Nebil Sebti – 235 Eugenie St West Unit 218-14 -Windsor ON N8X 2X7 Tracking Number Ch44212922US -June 12 – Wanted Me to Mark Package As gift Or He Wouldnt Pay For the Item 260.00 He Should Pay Taxes Like The Rest Of Us -Ebay Number 123182484790 And he Paid thur Paypal….- Thank You Very Much

  68. I have moved since the 31 st of July to 1945 Grandview st North Oshawa on L1H-
    I have a ticket No 0126806556 since 20/08/20.

    I have been on the phone on a 10 min hold and it went on to 2 hours.

    Can you resolve this issue of me not receiving mails at this address now.


  69. hello my name is susanne fowler i just received an expresspost back that i mailed out on August 14,2018 to an address in surrey, b.c. i checked to see if it had been delivered by the 17th, and it had not been. In fact it had been taken back to main delivery place as computer had said it was a no such address. I dont understand why it took so long to receive it back, and why it couldnt have beenchecked into further for proper address in Vancouver, instead of being sent all the way to Ontario.Not only this complaint, but also why I had to pay $14.60 to receive it back. Why wasnt it looked up further and attempted..very dissappointed in all of this service considering I found out the address was only one street off, and still under the same postal code. Would appreciate an answer, and hopefully a refund if possible as this ended up costing me twice, and enclosed were photos and a sympathy card I had wanted person to receive etc. I have sent them out again and this time not using express because of this as I would still like this friend to receive them..hoping this will arrive ok. Thanks

  70. Recent e mail problems resulted in a few lost messages,
    I play contest and when I received a ticket ” no one home” from Canada post I attended the Progress Facility , Scarborough Ontario
    A few days earlier a contest site warned one man signed for a package only to find his car wasn’t big enough ; so I asked to see the package first.

    Counter staff advised me it was on a shelf in the back and you must sign first.

    I declined the package as I could see the size like I would if they delivered to my door.

    I now believe it was a T Fal Optify oven I declined;
    Thanks a lot CANADA POST. I DONOT recommend our service. wayne Smith m1p4m4

  71. your customer service STINKS, you can not talk to a real person, press this button and then it is always another button and then they hang up on you.

    I was out in this heat Tuesday morning to send a package next day delivery (it showed on my receipt that I was there at 8:18am), with it supposed to be there Wednesday, it showed on tracking on Tuesday that it was out on delivery (with delivery for Sept 5), and then later on it showed it going back to IN TRANSIT (with delivery for Sept 6) . WHY IS IT THAT YOU ARE QUICK TO TAKE PAYMENT, BUT YOU CANNOT FOLLOW THROUGH, WHY IS IT SO HARD TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON.

  72. i am totally fustrated with the NON service I I have once again getting. I had great service finaaly for the last8 months. The last 3 weeks if it comes it is dumped on the steps by the front door not even in the mailbox outside the front doot This week it is OOO so far it was supposed to be here yesterday. The person who does show up looks more like a janitor than a postal employee. What will it take this time to get the great service back????????????????

  73. What service I’ve been trying for 3 days to talk to a person. Worst service but government run so I’ll go use private business and only take 5 minutes.

  74. Canada Post Region of Grey and Bruce County
    A letter from the local high school in Owen Sound took from September 24 to Oct 12 to arrive in Allenford, which is a fifteen minute drive to the west. That delay cause me to miss an award ceremony for my child. The address had correct PO box number, the CIVIC address, province and the correct postal code. It was obviously held back in Owen Sound, due the use of black grease pencil that is not used in Allenford. We have had several problems with a lack of education of the local post mistress and what types of addresses she will accept and what she will return. As of late, she told residents that Postal boxes require a physical address outside of the postal code. This is not true, was even posted in the window of the office with the information that supported my claim that po boxes do not need civic addresses. She treated to return all my mail. I have met with one supervisor but I require a second contact. And I am about to go up the chain and if I don’t hear shortly from Canada Post, I will be contacting my MP. Voter registration returned from long time residents seems to upset him a bit too…..

  75. sheet sheet alway in fest strike delay discontinued service you have delay in the head … !
    really perfect service for the sheet country ! never know what need to do with this service ! always a surprise !

  76. I have lived at 960 ARCHIBALD St in Wpg . I have yet had a postal Emp. order me to come to the front door to get my package in four years until today Dec 20 2018 .You should get rid of this SOB. After I told him to come on UP.

    My tracking # is 4010765015243525.
    thankyou B Shaver @ apt 31 960 Archibald St Wpg MB

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