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Contacting Calvin Klein Customer Service Center

The name Calvin Klein often sparks images of models in their late teens and early 20s wearing underwear embossed with the Calvin Klein name. Magazine ads have donned these skimpily-clad young men and women for what seems like forever, but Calvin Klein does sell more than just underwear. The official website, which connects consumers with Calvin Klein customer service and sells products at the same time, lists shoes, accessories, fragrance and home items as part of the Calvin Klein product line.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Calvin Klein customer service number we found is listed as the main number to call for all issues, not just online order customer service.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-513-0513

If you are calling about an order have the order number or packing slip ready when you call. The agent will likely ask for some information to search for the order. You may also have to verify your identity when you call.

Mailing Address

The company behind Calvin Klein and the company you’ll be writing your letter to is PVH. Other brands associated with the company are Tommy Hilfiger and Van Heusen.

PVH CorporationAttn: Calvin Klein Customer Service200 Madison AveNew York, NY 10016

This is not the address for payments, refunds or returns. If you need to return an item to Calvin Klein customer service, address your package to the address listed for your product.

CKU – Calvin Klein Underwear

229 Hollie Dr

Martinsville, VA 24112


Calvin Klein – Apparel and Accessories

Attn: Returns Department

7601 Trade Port Dr

Louisville, KY 40258


Calvin Klein – Home Collection

Attn: Returns Department

654 Madison Ave

New York, NY 10065

Official Website

The website for the famous Calvin Klein brand is In addition to the main site, we also found a site dedicated to just Calvin Klein underwear at The company behind Calvin Klein customer service also offers a website at

Being such a hip, forward-thinking company, Calvin Klein is active on multiple social media pages.

Customer Service Email

You can contact Calvin Klein customer service by email if you have a question about your online order. The contact form asks you to choose a topic before displaying a list of FAQs. At the bottom of the page is a link that reads Contact Customer Service. Click that link and the email form will appear. We chose to test the form with a question about boot dimensions. If the Calvin Klein customer service representative answers, we’ll let you know.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer service department at Calvin Klein, the automated system provided three options. If customers press three (3), they are connected to a live customer service agent. We asked the customer service agent for information relating to the return policy for items purchased on the website. The agent explained the typical timeframe for returns is 30 days. Select seasonal items and clearance apparel items could have a different return timeframe. We felt as if the customer service agent was helpful and detailed in their answer. When you contacted the customer service department, what was the outcome? We would love for you to share your thoughts.

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123 Comments on “Contact Calvin Klein Customer Service
  1. I bought a Calvin Klein lather bought from Marshal in Elmont, New York store the 21st of November. Used ones in January 2013, and found out the bag is pulling apart from the bottom. Cannot use the bag at this time. What can I do?

    • If you haven’t gotten a response yet on this more than likely you’ll only get a merchandise gift card that’s what i was offered fo a falling apart purse

  2. someone at a store in nj saidthey could not order me a coat. i needed an extra small. is that true? i really liked that down jacket

    • I bought a pair of CK-shoes (Brady) on the 8 May in the Outlet store in Central Valley in NY. In the evening when I got back to the hotel I noticed that the shoe box contained two left shoes! I called the CK shop in the morning the following day and spoke with a manager named Wanda. Wanda said that I should send back the shoes to the store in Central Valley and then she would call me to give me my money back. I still have not heard from Wanda or the store and I have not yet received any money. What should I do? I want to either have a new pair of shoes or my money back.

  3. Purchased a king size down comforter set less than a year ago and material is literally shredding. Trying to find someone to discuss this with at Calvin Klein has been next to impossible. Get a round-around or a number to call answered by a representative who never answers the phone or returns call. Extremely disappointed in lack of service and inferior quality of expensive purchase

  4. I would like to model for Calvin Klein do you have a place in Atlanta, Georgia? Please return message, Thanks

  5. Estimated Mr./Mrs.: Knowing the prestige and excellent quality of his products I am very interested in being able to contact you to possess his collaboration, if it is possible, in the launch of a brand of tourism of luxury in Spain. He would be grateful for them very much if they indicate me whom contacting and his direction of e-mail. Thank you very much for his attention, a greeting.

  6. I am trying to contact customer service email just to let them know that i bought a Euphoria Perfume set, paid $93.00 and after i used it, after 10 minutes was gone. Thats the reason that you sell sets and give out totes? I am very dissapointed with my perfume. I used to wear all calvin Klein Perfumes, but what happened with this one.

    • I wear Euphoria all the time and get comments that people like my perfume, even after I worked all day. I do like the fragrance and it does stay on but I think the bottle needs a longer tube in it so you get to use it all. I always seem to have a little left that I can’t get out of the bottle. Every perfume smell different on each person. I found mine with Euphoria. I can’t believe the smell was gone in 10 minutes. Maybe put more on you.

  7. Challenge for Calvin Klein: Design underpants for Rafa Nadal that he does not have to pull out of his backside prior to every serve.

  8. We purchased the shoes from turkish distributor of CL in Istanbul Turkey. After very short time 7-8 months the quality problem appeared. We applied to the store with the claim of the quality but they refused to solve the problem or to replace the shoes. Now we are looking for the contacts we may inform about the service quality. It is not acceptable such customers’ service. It is a world known brand by its high quality, stylish brand. CL should choose their distributors more careful. Ad of cause we still hope that someone will take the responsibility for the bad quality goods they sold us. Hope to get the reply. Thank you and best regards, Yelena Oborina.

  9. Hello,
    IM 13 and I know a lot about fashion. I went on googel images to look at your summer line. I took to youtube with my rating and it was a D+. I sugest less poof you went a little over bored. And work a little harder to impress. I love your desings but lately they have been slipping its a catastrify but it is fix able. I would hate to see and amazing designer like you slip thourgh the craks im giving you constructive critisisum no in salts just being a good critic.

  10. I bought a pair of shorts in the united states and I am returning to my home in canada….the bickle on the shorts broke, can I return them in canada

  11. I will never buy Calvin Klein again I bought V-neck tees and the collars like ripped the first time I washed them save your self time and buy Ralph Lauren much better quality

  12. I was visiting San Francisco this past weekend and I walked into the Calvin Klein store located on Grant Street and this lovely lady approched me with a warm welcome..With no intention to buy and just have a quick look I ended up spending close to 200 dollars after using the 25% discount with the help and the many suggestions of Rachel. She was so laid back and just absolutely awesome and did not rush me as it was close to closing time. I’m usually a shopper that knows what they want and dont need help from any associates. But with Rachel she was not pushy nor annoying as I find many associates to be. I just feel the need to thank her once again for the lovely service she gave me. I walked in again the following day to pick up one more item and funnny enough I walked out with more than what i was looking for spending close to another 200 dollars again being service by Rachel. She definitely is great at what she does and I hope to experience more associates like her in the future.

  13. A few days ago,I bought – at Nice Airport “taxfree shop” – a bottle of CK “Be” aftershave. Black bottle. A few days after beginning to use it, I realized that the blue big stains on my clothes, and on my smartphone came from the surface of the bottle. It seems like the black surface is being dissolved, merely by plain water/moisture. Some of my clothes are just spoiled, and I’m still working to get the “paint” off my phone!
    what are your intentions? Best regards, Ole Carlsen

  14. I bought two fragrances Euphoria 100 ml one another to me my child, and a liquid come in purple and the other green. This is normal since it are identical fragrance?

  15. Hi, I bought CL jeans at a Moscow, Russia store (CK ctore in Okhotnyi ryad)half a year ago, and now they tore at the back! though size is fine, they are not too small. Have never seen any jeans tore like this before, along the back pocket- been wearing jeans of dif.brands for many years.. really unhappy with the quality. coldn’t reach the quality dept. of CK

  16. I bought a Calvin Klein watch in Chennai 7 months ago and it has been a bad experience. After 2 weeks the watch stooped and it took some months before a had a new clock work. Now the bracelet cannot close, eventhough I nearly have not been going with the watch. The watch is not made in a good quality and then after 6 months have to pay another amount to have it repaired.
    Not good.

  17. I bought CK shirt, wore it 2x, had not yet washed it and it is falling apart. Small holes have worn right through the material.
    Disgusted with low quality items sold buy big name companies.
    I can’t seem to find a way to just send an email to CK and let them know of my disappointment.

  18. I have been using Obsession men’s cologne (not after shave) since its inception. I recently purchased a new bottle from Nordstrom’s
    and am so disappointed. It has very little scent and none what so ever lasting scent. What have you done to my favorite and only cologne?!Please go back to the original formula!
    look forward to hearing from you regarding this matter.

  19. ı bought a watch on Hamburg airport ,from a store near the departures.Although I tried the size and it was ok at the shop,the saleswoman somehow put a smaller size in the box and I got on the plane.When I ame to Turkey,I just realised the mistake and called the distributor of yours in Turkey ( Swatchgroup in Istanbul,Levent ,they did nothing to help me .What is it to buy a brand?It does mean buying a service as well,isn’t it ? So why sholud I pay more if ther exists no service for any kind of complaint ?I also wonder what it means to be a distributor,isn’t it a being a representative of that brand and be resposnsible for any kind of problem customer should face?I still wait for an answer and help of yours dear CK…Please pay atenttion for your customers2 needs,warn your distributor and make them remember what tehy have to do and keep being my favorite brand.

  20. Wore my long sleeve once when to go wash it and now its stitching is unraveling, $30 to watch something unravel. THE LAST time i buy something from Ck

  21. I love your ck shock perfume but now it’s all done so I was wondering if you can send some samples of some of your other perfumes so I can decide what to buy

  22. I was watching a show last night and your new ad for Euphoria came on. It is completely disgusting. Is your perfume so bad that sex is the only way to sell it? I have enjoyed your fragrances in the past but enough already! I will not continue to buy until you revisit your marketing regarding this product.

  23. Recently purchased 6 Calvin Klein towels and the side seam of each of them is raveling.l What ever happened to good quality merchandise. Thought that CK was a reputable name brand-guess I was wrong. Very dissatisfied.

  24. Not only is the Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume over priced but it also has no fragrance
    This is what I would call the WORST Christmass present I have received
    And I have also spent over an hour trying to locate their customer service e/mail address
    Would not recommend this product to anyone

  25. I was given a Beautiful I Pad cover for a Christmas gift When I go to take a picture the I Pad slips in the case and and covers up the camera view so annoying ,you would think the design would have been tested. This was a leather case and expensive I am really surprised at Calvin Klein

  26. I recently have bought BOLD underwear from Calvin Klein and it’s too small! It fits perfectly around the waist and legs, but my “package” is too big for them. And the bigger pair does not fit! Is there any underwear that is ment for a bigger “package” on a man?

  27. Recently my daughter bought 2 packages of bras Made in Thailand (two to a pak) at Costco. When I saw how the bras were packaged (ie, plastic box approx. 8″ x 5″ x 5″ plus cardboard packaging on the inside) I was appalled.
    While Calvin Klein represents itself as a progressive fashion brand its attention to how it packages its products needs to be reviewed.
    We are living in a non sustainable world and producing excess plastic and cardboard, etc is unacceptable. marilyn brewer

  28. I try to contact to CK customer service by the link but I don’t know I can not open the link, maybe because I am in Vietnam now. I would like to ask you about the CK watche with produce code is K2G23520 available at your web? I want to buy it but can not find it on any websites in USA. I have relatives in USA, so I want to order this watch in order to send it to my relatives’ address.

  29. A product request. I purchased blue jeans approximately 10 years ago. They have been my “go-to” jean. I absolutely love them. They are NOT stretch fabric. They are a perfect rise (I am 60 years old), great weight for Arizona weather. I want more. Will you please please consider bringing these back. I get sooo many compliments on them. They are a narrow leg, but not skinny, and I can roll them up to a nice cuff when I want. They are absolutely perfect. They were a reasonable price. I bought them at Nordstroms. I have no idea what the style number is or even exactly when I bought them. But if your designers will consider bringing them back, I will some searching. Please please please. Everyone loves my old jeans. They are better than any I have found that are similar…such as Not your Daughters Jeans…these are way cuter. Please contact me if my request will be considered. Thank you.


  31. i purchased a package of 3 men’s medium slim fit white v neck t shirts from Nordstrom. all the online reviews bragged about how long they were. they would stay in your pants. They cost $38.00. after 2 washings they are no better than the cheap fruit of the loom or jockey. too short to stay in pants. Guess they will become high dollar cleaning rags. your company must have written all the reviews just to sell them. they are really crappy t shirts.

  32. I would just like to say that my partner and I have been purchasing your underwear for years and have recently found they are not lasting very long after 3 months they start to come apart at the seams and waistband , within the last 6 / 7 months I have thrown away about 8 pairs not even a year old , I really seem to be waisting my money on these …

  33. Hi i received a CK watch. Didn`t last even 6 mounts. Two mounts after i got it the glass has broke. I argue with the representative, pay for the change. Two mounts later without hitting it or dropping it the glass is broken again. Not only that but now and the battery stop working. Now i have to pay for the glass that is not going to last more than 2 mounts and battery. To waist time and money. I would like to write to them but they don`t have e-mail. The official web site doesn`t work. You can`t create account or nothing. I`m very disappointed that such a huge brand has a 0 customer services. I will advice all of my friends and colleagues not to buy watches or anything from them. This is absurd. You pay so much money for nothing.

  34. Hi Calvin Klein Management. I’m Emma a 28 year old Ugandan who is interested in being innovative and creative. I’m suggesting that u try out a new product design of mainly caps n jackets (overcoats). For the leather jacket u produce it (in such a way that its like a jumper) with a part that covers the head containing small-size headsets with its wire running down just parallel to the zipper. Then another shorter part of the wire which connects t a suitable electronic device (most especially portable ones) for instance an MP3 layer in the jeans pocket, is fabricated separately but when is part of the jacket. Then 4 the Caps it is manufacture in a way that the headset on either sides of the ear location uses blue tooth mainly for phones and wires for other suitable electronic devices (most especially portable ones) for instance in jeans pockets. That’s my innovation idea. It will work for people of all ages as long as they are interested in technology combined with fashion. I look forward to hearing from you concerning this idea. Nice Sunday.


  36. Hi,
    I have a problem. I was shopping at Woodbury Outlet. I tried a shirt, which was good. When I checked out I said next to the seller that if he can bring the same size shirts two pieces more. He brought them to me and I paid the bill. When I came back to Finland, I found that the two shirts were of different sizes. My size, I was on your jerseys 32/33 15 shirts which he brought were 32/33 15 1/2 and 16 This was a very sad thing, because I finally found a great model of shirts that I’m going to use the suit. I am very disappointed. I was excited that I have three great shirt to work. Now I have one on your shirt, which I can use. Two shirts that are too big for me. I have the account details of the transaction. I want the right size shirts, because I want to continue to use on your shirts. What should I do?

  37. 1. I am a customer who picked a ck watch in dubai KIA239-09 on 14-12-12. I wish to discuss some problems I am facing …..and I do not know where to write to you.

    I see no email address on your website, or any other way to reach you from India , I wish to send you some attachments as well.

    Pls advise where I may share my concerns. Thanks – shivani

  38. I own a Calvin Klein watch…serial numberK2K216, for which I need a new strap. Where can I buy one?

  39. Calvin Klein brief
    I am extremely disappointed with this product. I have been buying the white 3 pack for years and never had a problem. Last few years, holes start to appear right below the elastic waist band. I have contact Customer Service, couple of years ago, and did not get any satisfactory answer. I am a garment manufacturer myself, and I know that the holes are caused by needle cuts. This needle cut problem can be avoided easily in manufacturing. I have bought more of the briefs recently, the same problem is happening. So the QA/QC is not existent. Looks like I will have to switch to another brand.

  40. i just read online .. Justin Bieber may be signed for advertising Calvin Klein… then I see him posing in a wheel chair at Disneyland… anyone who does that is mocking the handicapped (who also wear underwear) my father was in a wheelchair for years.. my son wears “wore” CK (not anymore)

  41. I was given a Calvin Klein hawaian shirt (women’s) in 1984. It has been a favorite for a long time. Just to let you know….it finally wore out after 30 years….amazing!

  42. I would like to know where to fix the luggage wheels too. I bought a Bromley upright on 7/28/2014, can I do a replacement?

  43. On April 28, 2014, I bought three pieces of the Bridgehampton upright silver luggage. It is very beautiful and spacious luggage. Although I read over the warranty details I was not expecting my luggage to look like it was 10 years old after my trip on May 2-5. Of course the warranty does not cover abuse or improper handling. I guess I didn’t think of the very abusive baggage handlers. Long story short the dept. store was shocked that my luggage looked the way it did. They replaced it without incidence. I am traveling on August 10 and I can’t wait to see my luggage on the carousel. I would like to know if anyone else has had an issue. Not sure how to feel customer……..

  44. Last Sat 9/08/14 me and my husband went to one of our Calvin Klein
    Direct Factory Outlet in Birkenhead Point here in Australia we found a men casual shirt which could be very nice for my son’s coming birthday the problem was they do not have the size L available so one of the staff who is very helpful rang one of their outlets which is DFO Homebush and luckily they have available size and he asked the store to put it aside for me under my name Leni So the following day that was Sunday 10/08/14 we went all the way to pick it up when we asked them it was the wrong goods they put aside, not the one that we like i am pretty sure that DFO Homebush was given the right code and barcode. first of all it says on the system there were 3 large sizes they donot have any of that shirt, I was so upset and fuming not happy but i am telling you staff in there were very helpful especially to mention the name is Maryam Esfanani she looks everywhere the fact that the system said had 3 she did not waste time to search even rang the other store and ask to send her the photo of the shirt but no luck at all But i would like to tell you that she is very good in handling her customer she makes me feel better she was able to convinced me to get a different one instead, she got a very pleasant character which i believed everyone in the retail business should be like her, You should have to take good care of her she is an asset in the company I asked for her name she hasn’t got an idea i am writing you In spite of not getting what i want i end up happy getting a different one How good is this I can say not many are like her in the retail industry I am a fan of Calvin Klein maybe if not because of her you might lose a customer Thank you for your time i hope you like me sharing my experience. Good day

  45. I appreciate the fact that ads give MSN game sites free games. However, while playing games directed to children, I was appalled by the ads of Calvin Klein underwear that border on pornography. I would ask you to tone it down. If your product is good, you don’t need erotica to sell the product!

  46. I am Jonathan Naugles,and I sending a Resume ,and Cover Letter and Picture , and 2 Letters from President Obama. Thank you for your time.I am a big fan of Calvin Klein.

  47. I am a pensioner, I sell odds and ends on ebay,I was given a calvin Klein watch to sell, proceeds to go to cancer charity.I asked for a measely £4.99p for the watch, Calvin Klein’s watch dog reported it to ebay as fake,I had no way of knowing if it was,[never had one,], Resulting in me being barred from selling watches or jewellery on ebay,so cancer charities have lost out as this was my pass time and helped out, I am an above standard seller on ebay and was left to feel like a criminal by this company, since I have found out there are thousands of fakes, I hope calvin klein and ebay are proud of themselves.hope their big bosses sleep well at night knowing they got the old age pensioner and cancer charity for £4.99p.

  48. Hello
    On a recent road trip to Buffalo NY from Oakville
    Ontario I purchased 6 pairs of Calvin Klein
    Boxers for my boyfriend .
    They were a size large
    The elastic band is so tight that it cuts off
    The circulation to his legs .
    What can you do for us as this is a total
    Waste of money .
    Please respond
    Thank you
    Nathalie Dewes

  49. Good day

    I had bought one of your product “Obsession night” two months ago. I have noticed a leakage in the bottle and even if it’s not used the product was decreasing continuously. After a little check, i noticed that bottle’s cap was damaged and obviously it caused the vaporization.

    I kindly request your support on this issue, will be appreciated your prompt response.

  50. Dear Sır/Madam,
    I have bought a blouse from your outlet store ın las Vegas Premium outlet.
    But unfortunately at the first washing it has deformed.The white and black colors has been mixed up.
    And I m leaving in Turkey Antalya.I can not turn back to solve this problem from the original store that I bought.
    I kindly request you for solving my problen that it made me really sorry..
    I trust your brand and believe that you will solve as soon as possible.And If I can change it any of Turkey s store of Calven Klein I will be pleased..
    I m looking forward your solution..


  51. ive been buying kelvin klein mens boxers for years at £12 a pair just lately the new ones start o come apart on the waist elastic has anyone else had this problem .

    • Dear Sir

      It took too much time to find a place.
      There is only one question.
      I lack the English skills.

      I went to the Calvin Klein store in the GPO in Guam on November 15th.
      There has bought a Packable Down jacket.
      After the purchase was a problem.
      The feathers come out of the jacket.
      I was so disappointed.
      I’m in Korea.
      Can be processed without a visit to the point of purchase?
      Is there any solution?
      Have the receipts and photos.
      If necessary, will be sent to the e-mail.
      Please tell me your email.

      Meanwhile, Have been very pleased with the Calvin Klein.
      Thank you for reading to the end.

      Quick answer please.

  52. I bought a coat from the Bay Last winter I have wore it twice this years and the zipper has split.Ive called and of course no answer all I want is to have the zipper replaced,Who do I call???? to talk to a real person

  53. Purchased a lightweight down jacket. Feathers continually fall out. Wore a navy blue sweater….when I took the jacket off if was covered.

    Will this stop after a certain amount of time?

  54. I wrote to customer services with a small complaint about rude staff on 23/10/2014, 13 e-mails later I am still waiting for an explanation and an apology from the Uk Calvin Klein customer services..
    This is now over shadowed by miles the initial complaint.
    I`m still waiting!

  55. Dear Calvin Klein what are you people who thinking Justin B as your new model? This kid represents nothing in the way of class, substance, or maturity. I thought CK was a brand that stood for something? Guess not. Part of using a good looking attractive model is trying to make us consumers what to be them by purchasing your products. But no one wants to be that fool! Fail.

  56. Just a quick note, thanks for adopting Justin Bieber, as a true Canadian, could you please take him wherever you please, anywhere but here in Canada. And since you have started to use him as a model for your clothes I have STOPPED SHOPPING OR PURCHASING and CK products all together

  57. CALVIN KLEIN KEEPS DELETING MY POST.. My debit card was used fraudulently in Las Vegas 4 separate times in a Calvin Klein store. I live in Texas and have never been to Vegas. I have not lost my card, it is still in my possession. Some piece of work cloned my account and actually swiped the card in the store. No identification was asked for. I have contacted CK and they will not step up and refund my money. The card was used in other stores in Vegas that same day and I have recovered most of that. $400.00 was charged at Calvin Klein. I now have to go thru the necessary steps to recover my funds another way. . I contacted the local sheriff’s dept and sent the case number to CK immediately. I will never step foot in a CK store and am telling everyone I know to beware. I guess I should expect any responsible action taken due to the fact JB is splattered all over the FB page.

  58. I got a Calvin Klein performance sweat shirt. It looked and fit nice till I washed it. when I took it out of the washer it was all pilled up and stretched out , and worn thin under the arms. And this was after only one wash. And I did not even put it in the dryer. It was not cheap but it sure looks cheap!!!

  59. I purchased my 1st Calvin Klein item, which is a packable lightweight premium down jacket, and I have never been so disappointed in a jacket. There is basically no down on the back, just 2 pieces of material. I would not buy another item, nor would I recommend product to someone. Jacket was not cheap !!

  60. Dear Customer Service,

    Good Day! I received my 1st Calvin Klein Crossbody bag as a special gift last week of December 2013, it was my favorite crossbody bag. I only used it occasionally and after few months of wearing it I noticed that the padlock charm became discolored, I was so disappointed in the quality of the material. I love my classy CK crossbody bag.. now it looks cheap. I wanted to attach the picture of the said bag so that you can see it but there’s no options for attached file here.

    I do have a high expectations to the quality of material that Calvin Klein used.
    I hope it will never happen again to other ladies.

    Thank you Calvin Klein for the wonderful minimalist design that makes a woman chic and classy! Keep it up!

    More powers!!!


    Ellen Buniao
    Miami FL

  61. I would like to raise a concern , I am living in India, and I purchased a jacket of your company from U.S. But for some reason I want to get it altered. I spoke to Mr Amol in call center and he gave me the number of a Calvin Klien store in Vasant Kunj ( D.L.F Promenade) . Then I spoke to Mr Rishi in that store , but no one could help me in resolving my problem.

    I request you to help me find a way out so that I can either get it changed from a store in India ( Delhi ), or get it altered. I paid $140 for the jacket and I believe a company like Calvin Klien would surely understand my problem as I bought the jacket going by the goodwill of the company. I have the bill for the jacket and can scan it and send it to you if required.

    I look forward to a solution at the earliest.



  62. I live in Peru and traveled to New York last month. On january 17th 2015, I purchased 8 solid polos and expended $219.44 (invoice # 9473 – Harriman NY). 2 of them have an issue with the collar, if you see the polos you will notice that collar is not even between left side and right side. I can send a picture of the polos and invoice if neccesary. Please tell me how to proceed and contact me urgently.

  63. Dear Sir i buy first time CKU Jeans few weeks ago, normally i don’t buy CK Jeans but i don’t know why i bought it because after two washing there were a hole in it and i cant able to use it any more cuz its look very bad, actually the hole is in the front flap, if it is some where else then i might not have any problem to wear it, i am really surprise why it happened this fast only two wash. Sorry to say i will not buy it any more and will tell to others too.try to rectify this fault. Haider from Canada.

  64. Good night !

    Knowing that Kavin klein is a great brand , safe, secure , bought a bag in November in Las Vegas- USA and it malfunctioned . I have the invoice of purchase, how do I change it ?


  66. Purchased the Calvin Klein women’s Enlace Goldtone Watch at Ashford’s and the clasp does not stay closed. Contacted Ashford to return and they told me that I must contact the manufacturer directly. I’m very disappointed to have spent $138.00 on a wristwatch that will not stay clasped. Falls off my wrist every time I wear it. Please provide an address for me to return this watch to Calvin Klein for repair of the clasp.

    Thank you!

  67. I Purchased a Calvin Klein Sandler 8 Month ago wore it 3 time i notice the leather started to crack the strap burst. i took it back to the store where i bought it and they did not take it back. i am very dispointed in Calvin Klein product. i pay $120.00 I would love to get back some kind of a compensation.

    Thank you

  68. Customer Service Department,
    I just want to inform Calvin Klein that the quality of merchandise is very unsatisfied. I purchased shirts for my son at $40.00 each to find out after you wash them you have get rid of them. They shrink terribly, for that kind of money I am better off buying a $5.00 TSHIRT at walmart that will have a longer time of use. Maybe you should consider better cotton and having your merchandise made in the USA. I will not be purchasing any more merchandise from your store.


    Unsatified customer

  69. Went to the Honolulu store, and I had a bad experience with my rewards certificate. My order was rung up, and the clerk couldn’t find my rewards certificate for $20….She could have cared less. I sheepishly left the store, and then I got REALLY mad because this was not the first time I have had this problem!!! Went back to the store and asked to return everything….she became hostile and called her manager….Manager was very nice and returned my order. She rang it up and gave me the $20…Manager said this was all new to the store….hard to believe. You REALLY need to train your sales people.

  70. Your latest advertising is not acceptable! It’s immoral enough out there in the world. You shouldn’t add to it!

  71. I always buy and wear eternity eau de toilette i love it been buying it for years.I was in spain this year and bought a 200ml spray it is fake it does not last more than 5 mins I am really disapointed as it was not cheap and purchased in a proper shop in LAZENIA BOULEVARD near TORREVIEJA please beware when buying abroad as ive also the said above in cartagena and thats also fake never again

  72. I wanted to thank the Calvin Klein Corporation for recognizing that not all women are slim and there is a need for clothing to be designed for curvaceous women. If it wasn’t for your designs I would still be struggling to find that perfect dress that makes me feel beautiful and special every time. Your designs are classy, elegant, fit perfect and are priced right. I am grateful that your design team has recognized that women have different body structures and have taken the steps to design clothing to fit their needs. Thank you Calvin Klein for giving women of different shapes and sizes an opportunity to look beautiful in your classy sheik designs!

  73. Calvin Klein watch which lasted maybe 2months after purchase when I sent it back to be repaired now 1year later band has come unstuck(yes that’s all that was holding it together ,a bit of glue )only to be told it’s not covered by the warranty surprise surprise and only another Calvin klein watch band will fit it NO WAY AM I FORKING OUT MORE MONEY TO THIS COMPANY. So now my daughter has no watch thanks so much for the wonderful service you should be ashamed such a greedy company!!!

  74. I bought a Calvin Klein suitcase from TKMAX in the UK one year ago. It’s damaged beyond repair. Please guide me what to do. Who should I call or email ? Thank you

  75. I purchased a Calvin Klein bag approximately 3 months ago.

    I am very dissappointed as the straps have fallen apart. The rest of the bag is in good condition but the straps have just fallen apart and look terrible. The straps started to deteriorate within 6 weeks of buying the item.

    This is very poor for a designer of this calibre. I paid good money for a bag i expected last as my other Calvin Klein bags havee only for it to fall apart within a few weeks.

    I can supply photos of the faulty bag if needed.


  76. I went to purchase Calvin Klein woman’s briefs and went to purchase the medium size, the sales assistant checked for a new pair but she said that was the last one. I go home and find out that she gave me a small size not the medium which I wasn’t happy with and since living far away from the store I am unable to return it.

  77. Re Customer Service – Emporium, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
    Sept 25, 2015. 12.07pm. Served by Bass.
    Extremely disappointed at the terrible service my daughter received in your Melbourne central store. Only have recently signed up to become a ‘member’ and have received better service before we were ‘members’. The lack of interest, help and rudeness by customer service staff is inexplicable.

  78. Hello Customer Service, Calvin Klein: The winter coat purchased from the Bay, Ontario, Canada is good to wear this year as well, thank you. However the hood was carelessly thrown into the dryer and the faux fur has bunched and I would like to purchase a new one. What information do you need from me, I found an RN#54163

  79. There is something wrong with the calvin Klein website. In no way have I been able to get to the store to look at the clothes I may or may not purchase. What is wrong with the website? Whenever I hit the tabs labeled “shop men,” they just take me back to the explore page, not the online store! Someone needs to fix this immediately.

  80. Brutal customer service at the Calvin Klein outlet store in VaughnMills ! I was going to purchase a wallet that was in the 60% off bin. I went to pay an the cashier said it was 50% off. It told her I would show her. She called a co-worker to check. I wet with her and she confirmed to the cashier that it was in the 60% bin. The cashier then came over and said someone must have moved the sign. I said she had to honour it. She kept insisting that she was right and asked if Id like to speak to a manager. I said she needs to learn the business and stormed out! Absolute garbage retailer!

  81. I just exchanged my ladies coat CWP1541H Color OMG from The Bay WEB ID #: 0018-CLP1541H, for another and upon checking it all out when I got home, to my shock many defects; I see the number 5 chalked in just inside the zipper area, then you should notice the seemingly extra chunks of material/thread appearing to be a defect.
    You should notice the seemingly extra chunks of material/thread appearing to be a defect and slight tear. In the front area and much more prominent in the back of coat in the 2nd set of pictures.
    They have also put in (random i.e. white & blue) colours of thread that in places stick out of the coat.

    This is a $220 coat…WHERE WAS THIS MADE????

  82. Hi…I need to exchange ck underwear…got a large size for my husband but he is a medium…got it in chennai nungbakkam store…but they arenot exchanging it….they are all packed and sealed as it was give didn’t even open the boxes…got 5 numbers…pl help me out …

  83. I purchased winter jacket 2 yrs ago at younkers superior wi 54880. Tody I wore it out in the snow an it left water marks all over it. I do not have receipt for item. what can be done about this? This jacket u can tell hasn’t been worn over a dozen times in 2 yrs. so what kind of material are u using to cause such damage. instructions are washable but haven’t done anything. there has to be something wrong with material to have caused this. I do expect an answer from you and what shall be done about this.

  84. my daughter just reminded me of my vest I got last year the zipper went after 30 days and the store would not do anything about it cause it over the time limit an I did have the receipt for it. I pay good money for certain products an they have to hold up because I cannot afford to keep replacing items that are not up to there advertised standards. I am a very disgusted customer an I will be calling the nbr 1-866-214-6694 when there phone lines are up but I don’t know if that nbr. will help or not. thank you for listening and please respond sap.

  85. Hello,

    I am most unhappy about the recent fragrance commercials on television. They are an inch away from pornography. Women are not sex objects.

  86. called customer service about my jacket and still haven’t heard from them bridget was forwarding the info to another customer service that deals with problems for jacket zippers. it has been 5 days since I called , guess customers don’t really matter.

  87. I purchased a black wool sweater locally and my wife was it as instructed on the label. It was supposed to be washed in clod water and laid out to dry which she did. The sweater was an XLarge and when it dried it had gone beyond small to a size to fit a child. Cheap goods. I could not bring it back to the store because I had tossed the receipt. I will be sure not to purchase anything marked Calvin Cline in the future.

  88. My husband has great looking Calvin Klein jacket that he has worn bout 4 times. The zipper continues to pop open. Can u resolve this problem?

  89. Well, I have seen international students working at Calvin Klein and that too for more than twenty hours which is illegal, not only for the students rather on employer too who is giving them more hours. Such kind of mistakes are not expected from Calvin Klein to perform.
    I’m speaking with reference to the CK store at McArthurGlen Mall, Richmond.


  90. I have a purse bought at the Hagerstown outlets in jult 2015 straps are falling apart all they wanna do is send me a merchandise card and I told them I dont want it

  91. On December 2015 I bought in Manhattan on First Avenue a long black Calvin Klein lightweight Premium Down coat size L for 100 Dollar. the number which appears inside is CW51L966 CWSNO5200 BLK After a month or so the seams in several places are torn and the feathers can be seen when they pop out of the coat. I can not wear the coat and ask you to send me another one or pay me back the money How come a company like Calvin Klein has such a bad item is above my understanding please answer back to the mail above for my address as fast as possible Thenk you Nurit Henig Stern Israel

  92. Hi my name is christy and I was wondering if you happen to have a male modle by the name of johnathan collins vailentine?the reason iam asking this is because he claims he is a male modle of yours. He has been telling me for weeks now that I have what it takes to be a modle which I strongly disagree. He has told me that he showed his female boss pictures of me and she said I have what it takes. He also was saposably in New York this past week and weekend doing shoots for you. He is saposably 23 years old and has been doing this since he was 18 he saposably started in Italy when he became a modle he also claims that he dose not have his face shown that other peoples faces get cropped on to his body. He also said that the scam with justin beiber was because of him that that was his package and his body not Justin’s. I really hope that I here from you because i would like to kno if he is a scam artist and if I need to block his number fromy phone!! I have 3 children I have to worry about I’m not about to take any chances of any thing bad happening to them or my self. He also claims that he moved to michigan about a month ago from Italy. Pleas please please let me kno if he is a fake I would really appreashate it. Hope to here from you soon. Thank you!!!

  93. I have a CK grey sweat shirt that the zipper broke on… I took to a local business and they are going to charge 34 dollars to replace. It apparently goes by inches. Do you offer any compensation for that? I love this sweat shirt and it wasn’t cheap.. so I am uncertain what to do.

  94. Yesterday I purchased King size Calvin Klein pillowcases. I washed them before I used them and they wrinkled so bad that I can’t even iron the wrinkles out. This is the first time I have purchased CK pillowcases and will likely be the last. Very disappointed in this product.
    Yours truly

  95. I had purchased 2 boxers from Phoenix market city store- Pune on 24th March 2016.
    When My husband tried one at home he dint like the fit at all since it was way to short. So we taught of exchanching the other one which was still packed. Obviously we taught the one he tried cannot be exchanged though the tag was still on..

    Today I.e 10th April when we went to exchange this was a series of incident.

    I explained the saleswoman about why we are exchanging . Saleswoman very politely mentioned that lingerie cannot be exchanged,and we cannot refund the amount. I told her I shall buy something else in exchange of that, she said she is not sure and she will talk to store manager.

    When the mgr arrived , she was extremely rude, she snapped at me said we cannot exchange and said”you have come so late to exchange a boxer” (15 days)if it was jeans I would have exchanged at even after 6 months..I did try and tell her to check that it is not used, she just din bother to listen.. She had already taken my bill and boxer was in her hand. I said we are not going to use anyway so you can keep it. She kept the boxer along with Bill.
    I’m So Disappointed by her approach…my entire money is now wasted , she has kept the bill and boxer as well…this was my first purchase from Calvin Klein and I promise I will never ever visit the store again and make sure my friends also don’t visit it.
    There must be certain rules which you’ll must be following but that not the way to talk to a customer…my 3 k is wasted where one of the product lying with me which is useless and other one with Calvin Klein store where you’ll are gonna sell and make money out of it…. The worst part is they have kept my bill as well.

  96. I purchased a Calvin Klein purse about 3 weeks ago for about $95. The small leather strap that is connecting the strap for your shoulder to the purse is almost torn completely. I only started using this purse late last week. How can I resolve this so I can use the purse? I love the purse and would like to still use it but it shouldn’t of broken so easily for the high cost. I am unable to find my receipt and the store refuses to let me return it. Thank you for your time.

  97. Just got back traveling with my “carry-on” black hardcase luggage and the front 2 wheels were missing. I need to replacement but repair shops don’t carry the same size. Where can I order them or where can I have it repair in or around Orange County, California. Thanks

  98. I have been trying to resolve a problem with CK for over a month now , have sent photo’s receipts etc (wheel came off suitcase after one use) lot’s of emails no solution, i’d be quite happy to be supplied with new wheel fitment, but they claim not to have received the photo’s, (which I have verified by sending the same email/attachments to another email address) just seem to go round in circles ,not very happy with the service to date , will not purchase CK in future.

  99. after 4 weeks emailing sending pics of damaged product still no further forward with a solution , in fact I have not even had a response to my last 2 emails

  100. I have made purchases this morning in Calvin Klein Entrepot (Lebourgneuf) in Quebec city.
    10 minutes to shop, 25 minutes to pay… 150 $ paied and clothes thrown without being folded in a bag ! She also has made an error, charging two times clothes, and no excuses !!!
    Not smart at all ! I really like Calvin Klein, an I use to be a good costumer but I’ll nerver return in this shop again !
    A shame for a Calvin Klein shop !!!

  101. I bought 4 pair of Calvin klien boy cut panties and after washing them twice they have tons of little lint balls all over them inside and out. I have pics of the one pair , but after washing the others they all had the same issue , I do have too notch washer and dryer and use only tide liquid soap. I really would like to be reimbursed cause I wo,t have my receipt anymore I bought them in 2016 and just started to wear them I am goi,g to Florida on a trip and wanted to taped them and I was so upset I threw them away I did have one more pair white in colors and they did the same thing I did take pics of those.

  102. Really bad shopping experience today! I had been shopped in store #404 Rocky View AB( store manager’s name Michael)more than a year , always shopping when received the member’s offer . That’s why I love the membership , because I can use the member’s offer and in store offer together. That’s why I almost shop minimum 2-3 times a month and I’m the long term return customer. But I can’t believe today the cashier was refused to let me use both offer together, only except one offer at the time, even I had been spoke to the supervisor but still same. This is the first time happen and the in store offer just only extra 5 % . I can’t believe that’s happen on me and cashier said before these staff did the wrong thing but I said I had been shopped more than 30 times per year but always except and that’s mistake all the time ? Really? Now , I’m not sure should I cancel the membership and never shopping in any CK ! Also share with all my friends and family members.
    Please advise.

  103. hi , sir , i want to open a Calvin Klein show room in my state ,
    whom to contact please let me know .

    thank you.

  104. Hi,
    I had sent the following email on Monday August 14, 2017, no response so far.

    “My home store is Heartland Center Outlet in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. I went there yesterday Sunday August 13th to buy Dark Charcoal Men’s Jeans Slim Straight 34/30. They were sold out.
    I then called Vaughan Mills Outlet, they said they have in stock & will hold under my name “Naresh” and I told them very specifically that I will be driving for 45 minutes from Mississauga & please make sure you hold this one for me & he(I think Adrian??) said “for sure”
    I got there around 6PM yesterday Monday August 14th & I met the same gentleman who me told me that he had kept by the cash counter but somehow it got sold & also said that this happens every time!!!!
    I then asked him what is the purpose of keeping it on hold??!!
    He said he will bring me another pair which he did but when I was heading to the fitting room I realized that was not the color meanwhile this man vanished.
    I then approached the next sales associate & told him that I have I have wasted two hours including my driving time & this is what I’m getting?! He said there was no more of my color choice of jeans left & sorry.
    I think CK should come up with more professional way/system of handling customers! Rather than telling the customer that these things happen all the time! I’m a preferred member and a regular CK apparel buyer.


  105. Hi is it possible to receive a sample please? Im totally housebound & am unable to visit boots for samples like I used to before my disability. I would really appreciate if you could help thank you

  106. 10-15 years ago I bought at a lost freight type business a bunch of CK bras for one dollar each.So,like any good red blooded American I thought I’d sell them for $5-10 each.One thing stopped me,I couldn’t find any notation of sizing anywhere on bras So,I had my wife (approx 32 DD)try it on. She said it fit and was very comfortable.This bra was black,lacey no wires and stretchy hook and loop with straps, I still didn’t have an answer as to sizing The following Friday afternoon I was in my favorite watering hole,which was also the local stripper bar( very tame,almost a neighborhood strip bar).and started conducting research.Every female that came in we asked them to go try on the bra,still trying to figure the size.We got the same answer from all the ladies(including a couple of Dancers).”This is the most comfortable ,best fitting bra ever”They sort of looked like bats hanging on the walls of my selling booth later(swap meet stuff,not retail).I still don’t know the name of the bra,but I think you had a winner that needs to be resurrected.

  107. I received a Calvin Klein quilted vest for Christmas. The size was 3X. It is quite a bit smaller than any other 3X item I have ever purchased. I can’t even get the zippers to get close enough to zip. A size 3X from KMart will actually overlap in the front.

    When I called the Calvin Klein web site, the person answering the phone was polite but couldn’t resolve the issue. She didn’t have sizing information about items made for Macy’s. She intends to send the information to a supervisor for future reference. That does not do much good for me. Guess I will not be shopping at Macy’s in the future, nor will I buy Calvin Klein products. Good old KMart will come to the rescue.

  108. I recently shopped at your Calvin Klein store at the Great Mall in Milpitas, CA. I paid for my merchandise thinking that it would be a pleasant experience, my bank just call me today that your associates tried to used my card twice today to make purchases at Abercrombie and Fitch. This is incredibly upsetting and it is unfortunate that my second visit to your will be last. I can not shop at a retailer with sale associates that stole my card info and that I can not even trust. I can not begin to reiterate my disappointment.

  109. Hi, Last weekend I bought calvin klein suitcase. The handle is not going totally down. I noticed only after com coming home. Will it cover under warranty?

  110. My husband gave me a Calvin Klein handbag a little over a year ago. They have always lasted a long time. However, this one hasn’t! The covering on both handles is peeling off in chunks and can no longer be used. It is a large black handbag which I only used when I needed a larger bag, so it certainly wasn’t over-used! Is this a problem you have heard of before?

  111. I bought a Lincoln Square 20″ carry on at an outlet store near me (not a CK outlet). There was only one, we really need 2. We thought we would not have a problem finding another one. Boy! Were we wrong! Would you be able to tell me where we can get another one? Thanks!

  112. Hi There! I bought a white printed Calvin klein from Macy’s . I carried it only once and when now I took it out it turned pale at few spots.It no longer looks that great. please let me know what should I do?

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