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Contacting Cabelas Customer Service Center

Cabelas is a sporting goods store that specializes in hunting, fishing and outdoor equipment of all kinds. Cabelas is one of the biggest names in outdoor equipment, especially in the hunting and fishing categories. The company is one of the few that still offer a paper catalog, but customers can order from that catalog online or by phone.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service hours are from 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. CST.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-237-4444

There are no dedicated phone numbers for outdoor advice, special departments or ordering, as is the case with some sporting goods and outdoor companies.

Mailing Address

Cabela’s does offer a mailing address for customer service, but it is not published on the customer service page. We found the address listed in the Privacy Policy along with a link to email customer service.

Cabela’s Inc. One Cabela DriveSidney, NE 69160While customers can choose to use the Cabela’s customer service mailing address to connect with the company for general customer service, it is a slow means of contact. It could take weeks for the issue to be addressed and for the customer to receive a response due to mailing times and delivery alone. Phone and email support are much faster.

Official Website

The official website for Cabela’s is located at This is the site where customers can read product descriptions, compare products, find out more information about products listed in the Cabela’s catalog and place an order. Customer service contact information is also listed on the official site, though it appears to be spread out across several pages.

Customer Service Email

Cabela’s customer service is available by email, though you’ll have to send in an email contact us form with your problem, praise or order inquiry. You can include your order number on the email form, but it is not required. You do have to enter some personal information like name and contact email address. Email forms are not idea for addressing financial issues regarding credit cards, debit cards or bank accounts.

Our Experience

The Cabela’s customer service line is the fastest customer service call we’ve ever made. We pressed 0 as soon as the call was answered and an agent immediately picked up the call at the 10 second mark. That is extremely fast. The agent was friendly and seemed interested in the question we asked about first time camping equipment. After about three minutes on the call we requested a catalog so we could leaf through the camping supplies available.

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23 Comments on “Contact Cabelas Customer Service
  1. I want to make Cabelas card payments from my PayPal account, but need an email address at Cabelas to set it up. They do not publish their email, making payments more difficult and expensive for me

  2. We just read in the Omaha World Herald about Cabela’s refusal to sponsor the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. Thank you for upholding the rights and values of outdoors people everywhere!!

    It’s great to know your company knows its customers and stands up for their rights. Thank you!

  3. Their Gift return policy is a joke and an absolute shame. I followed the instructions for an exchange from a gift I had received. Its now been 2 months and I have not received a refund or exchange… after being on the phone with them 4 times and nobody knowing how to handle it. Apparently a “gift” is only a “gift” if it was purchased on a card, you have a receipt, or the person gave their personal info out when they purchased. News Flash: Many people do not want to give out their personal information and if you wont accept a return without the receipt then don’t have the policy. I have been a fan for a long time and carry a high-credit Cabelas card (as do several family members)… that’s all about to end. I guess my gun doesn’t need a scope for a few more months in their opinion.

  4. I recently purchased a pair of hiking boots in your Barrie Ontario store, many years ago I purchased the exact same boot from the USA. I love the boot, it is comfortable from the moment you first step into it. The only problem I have encountered is the metal grommets on the boot cuts through the laces and I am constantly replacing laces. Is there a lace that is compatable with these metal grommets.. Boot description is 81-2861 02505810 PO# 71746481213. Thank you Susan STemp

  5. I ordered the Liberty 18 gun ProVault gun safe from Cabela’s Richfield store on January 9th, 2015. I was very excited with the customer service I initial received at the store with this purchase because they were willing to work with me on when the unit arrived at the store. I travel a lot for work and am not home very much and was concerned because everything I read online told me that the safe would be shipped directly to my house. I did not want the safe sitting on my curb without me being home or asking someone else to take care of it for me. They informed me that I would be able to come to the store and pick up my safe when I would be able to get there. I was told at the time of purchase it would be around 4 to 6 weeks before I received the safe. I was very happy with that because all of the reviews I read said that they received their safe in the told time frame. Well, I neither received my safe in the 4 to 6 weeks I was told nor when I called store did they ever tell me what was going on with it; they said that Liberty never tells them when the safes are coming or what is going on with them. After calling and calling, I finally got an answer on the 10th week of waiting that it should be coming to the store in two weeks. Well, two weeks went by and still no safe has arrived; called the store again and was told that it was going to be shipped from Liberty on the 27th of March and arrive at the store on the 3rd of April. So, if this time-table actually comes true I will have been waiting for 3 months for my safe that I was initial told 4 to 6 weeks. I have been very patient for the gun safe, but it is getting to the point of being ridiculous on how long it is taking and the lack of knowledge from the sales team. It is very poor customer service that you do not inform your customers of delays that are taking place.

    I chose Cabela’s because of them being a dealer close to my location and have always had positive experiences with your store. Through this whole experience the only bit of effort either Cabela’s or Liberty has done was to say “I am sorry for the inconvenience”; which to be honest is a bit ridiculous because the customer service rep saying those words probably doesn’t even care I have not received my safe or had a very poor experience.

    After I receive my safe it will be hard to continue to shop at the store because of this poor experience.

  6. I am wondering why the post that I had posted a few days ago was deleted off of the page? I am looking for information regarding a safe that I ordered from the Richfield store on the 6th of January, which was told it would be ready for pick up in 4 to 6 weeks. Well, I have not received the safe nor any word from the store. Customer service have been below standard I would say. I would like an answer on why my post was removed or why no one has contacted me regarding my original post.

  7. I have been a cabelas customer for years; always shopped them first as they were, in my opinion, the go to place for outdoor clothing and equipment. That opinion was drastically changed about three weeks ago. My wife purchased a rather expensive pair of shoes from Cabelas and after less than one week they started absolutely falling apart. I sent an e-mail to customer service and they replied that the issue had been forwarded to corporate, in which we may or may not receive a reply. Can you believe that? Well they weren’t joking. The other shoe has came apart, and we still haven’t heard a single word from “corporate”. Totally amazed at this “could care less” attitude from a company that I have spent so much money with in the past. Needless to say, goodbye Cabelas.

  8. I went to cabelas on employee discount day on the grand opening of noblesville store and purchased a 357 bonds firearms derringer. Which was not in Stock so they had to get from another store. Which was OK at the time. I then left store. Recieved phone call august 24 that the gun was in and ready to be picked up. I was out of town which was a Monday I told the gentleman that I would pick it up Sunday. Which he proceeded to tell me that the gun will be there upon my arrival on Sunday. So I go to store today to pick gun up and NO gun in store. So im pretty disgusted at this point. Trip number 2 to get this gun. So I asked to speak to vault Manger which I forget his name. He just wanted to beat around the Bush about the gun and make up excuses. Wouldn’t hardly let me speak. All he was worried about asking me was “if I still wanting the gun” it going to be a Christmas present sure I want it. So he proceeded to tell me that they would call me sometime. Dont know when. So 3rd trip is coming in near future to know if gun will be there or not. Very dissatisfied customer here. I’m a big time hunter and gun owner. I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back. Thanks hopefully this will get resolved

  9. Forward your reply
    I was charged a $25 late fee Sept bill, I sent my bill on (/4 due date was 9/11.
    I have tried to call and speak to someone about 15 times. I was was on hold for up to 30 minutes some of those times !!! I am contacting you now because I am not paying the late fee. I have been a member since 2006.I am a black card member.
    My acct# is 8536. Please look into this problem. Wayne Bowman

  10. I have to admit that in my 20+ years of my family and our business primarilly using Cabelas for our hunting and fishing business needs AND as a Cabelas Black Card Member using my Club Visa for all my purchases… I’m completely frustrated and flabbergasted by the recent chain of events and Club Visa’s apparent lack of interest or ability to be contacted or contact me.

    For almost a month now I have been trying to get a fraud issue apparently caused by Cabelas Club Visa’s roll out of chipped cards. Before I even received my new Cabelas Black Chipped Card it was fraudulently being used and 3 charges got through before it was turned off and a new card issued. Since then, Ive been unable to contact or reach the fraud investigator Robin – Extension I have called her and left messages at least 4 times for over 2 weeks now and finally got 1 message back apoligizing for the delay asking ME to try calling back again! And I have now 2 more times (the latest this morning). This is NOT the customer service my business and I have come to expec! This in fact is ridiculous! I’m seriously reevaluating my commitment and that of my business entity. Somebody needs to get a hold of me ASAP

  11. I have recieved the worst customer service I have ever had with any company.I recomend that you realize that we the customers are what make your company what it is.I have never been treated the way I was treated by your customer service team on trying to just exchange a game camera that was bought for me on my birthday.I called in and was trying to explain what was wrong with the camera and all your team was concered about was did I pay for it with cash or a credit card I tried to explain that is was a birthday gift from my family and that I had only had it about 3-4 months and I just needed to exchange it for another one I didn’t want my money back.I then was put on hold for a long time and told to call the manufacture because it was there problem I them was put on hold again to speak with a manager about the problem who the advised me thet were a a teir 1 and that I wasn’t able to return the camera to them which I didn’t take to kindly on how I was talked to but I explained to the manager please look at my history with you we by a lot of merchandise from you all. I was then ask for my email address and that the would send me the return form which I have still never been sent I had to recontact your company and get the info from anothe repersenative that was very helpful and got me the info that I needed.I have sent the camera back and I havent heard anything from Cabelas on my return camera please contact me reference this matter.

  12. I have tried to make a purchase of a firearm that needs to be transferred from one store to another or shipped to the grandville Mi. Store. Why I can’t get someone to call me to take my transfer funds is beyond believe a company that won’t take a customers 900.00

  13. This is inreards to the discount given to veterans. While shopping in amburg I was advised I could not get the discount on sale items What that shows me that as long as a veteran is willing to pay full price he is recognized but if an item is on sale he gets the same price as any other customer that comes through the door. Does not look like anything special is being given to veterans a unhappy customer

  14. I recently had a terrible experience through cabelas customer service and the buda store in texas over a hand gun that was less than a week old . It started with kimber and ended with yall. There was some misinformation given to me and was miss lead by a couple of employees. Yall did work it out in the end and I’m very pleased. The manager bill at the buda store was super helpful from the beginning. He followed through when others failed to. For this Im grateful and will continue to be a loyal cabelas customer. It the future I hope you will continue to educate customer service employees on the regulations of gun sales and train some store employees on giving you’re customers good service and not to agitate a already unhappy customer to the point where they no longer feel comfortable coming to a store in fear of seeing such employees as a antagonist. Once again thanks for making it right with me. And thanKS to bill at the beds store. Hope to see yall on my next firearm purchase

  15. I am not a huge buyer from cabelas but I do shop there. On Friday February 19th I drove 2 hours to get to the Rogers, MN store only to find out a gun that was offered until the 21st. Was out of stock and th

  16. I’m about done with shopping at your store. The W Virginia store has decided to eliminate truck parking. What’s next, green money is no longer accepted? Your on the list with Dick’s and Gouger Mtn.

  17. I was helped by your customer service agen Clifford and just was to say what a great help he was. He was very professional and polite.

  18. Hello,
    I had a great experience at Cabelas Hamburg, Pa. In the Gun check out I had the pleasure to dealing with Adam, Becky and KJ. I want to tell you how politely and professionally your employees are.
    Thank you,


  20. I Purchased a pair of pants that I paid $79.99 for on a gift card and I did not keep my receipt. When I returned them Cabela’s only gave me $32.99 for the pants because the pants went on sale. So need less to say they took $54 from me and I have not one piece of merchandise from the store I cant believe that they are ok doing this to customers. Terrible Customer Service.

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