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Contacting C Spire Customer Service Center

C Spire is a cellular company that once operated under the name Cellular South. C Spire is a national cell phone company with coverage all over the United States, which leads us to believe the company uses another company’s cell phone towers to provide service to their customers.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

C Spire customer service is available to customers 24 hours daily. If you need to contact C Spire about purchasing a new plan, you can call the sales number between 8 AM and 8 PM Monday to Friday and 9 AM and 5 PM Saturday.

  • Customer Service: 1-855-277-4735
  • Orders: 1-855-277-4734

Mailing Address

C Spire lists two addresses on the customer service page. The first address is for sending payments in for your cell phone bill. The other is for connecting with C Spire corporate office.

C Spire – PaymentsPO Box 519Meadville, MS 39653


C Spire Corporate1018 Highland Colony PkwySte 300Ridgeland, MS 39157

Official Website

Go to to find out more about C Spirewireless, phone and service plans available to customers. The company offers family and individual plans priced lower than national averages, which could attract customers looking to save money on cell service.

For customers on the go, contact C Spire customer service on:

Customer Service Email

You can choose to contact C Spire by email at Email communication should not include any personal information. That includes information about your credit, debit or bank account. If your issue is with the C Spire billing department, contact the customer service desk by phone.

Other unique options to contact C Spire customer service similar to email include:

Our Experience

In the ever popular search for cheap cell phone service, customers often switch to a less expensive company only to find the cell service less reliable than they expected. When there’s a problem, customers often turn to the customer service desk for answers. When we called C Spire by phone the call was answered by your typical automated system. The message suggested customer’s text questions to 611, including billing questions. Simply enter 611 into the number box and text up to 160 characters to customer service. The automated system reads your phone number to pull up your account. If you don’t have an account with C Spire, but still have customer service questions, you must call the Sales number not the Customer Service number.

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31 Comments on “Contact C Spire Customer Service
  1. To whom it concern,My name is Althea Eddins,My husband an i purchased a motorola touch pad with a slide out keyboroad on Jan,2, 2013,at your store in Starkville,Ms.By Jan.28,2013, We had went back to the store four times!The reception was awful,we had troulbe texing out also calling out, as well as receiving them, the phone kept showing out of service and turning off in mid conversation. Later on after speaking with one employee we were told the phones were no good.They wanted us to pay them to take back the phones that never really worked! needless to say we’re no longer with your company.I think it was very unfair for our phones not to be exchange for free since they never really worked. They kept us coming back until the days alloted for a free exchange was up! This treatment was lake a scam and i wont you to know you’ve lost tow good customers.
    Sincerely Mr.& Mrs.Eddins

  2. I was unable to resolve the issure of Being an auto pay customer and experencing automatic disconnection EVERY month. I want to discontinue my services with C-spire, immediately and I want to port my number to my new phone.

  3. My wife and I are long time customers of CSpire and have always been satisfied with the sevice received until recently. We purchased a wifi contract with C Spire and have tried to work with tech support to resolve. Each time we were unsuccessful. We even had to wait serveral days to get in contact with infasturcture team. Which they were unable to resolve. I called tech support again and in the process of waiting we went over 2 day beyond out 30 day return policy. We called customer service and they said we had to go to the store, the store said we had to speak to the store manager who was on vacation. His first day back I spoke to him and refused, but exchanged for a newer version wifi. This does not work either. The problem is my wife’s job requires daily uploads and downloads, which she cannot do through cspire but can go to any wifi hotspot and do but cannot do through cspire. We intend to keep the data card and phone service but need to cancel the wifi contract and pursuse other avenues to allow us not to have to travel to use a hotspot to do my wifes downloads.
    Please restore my faith in your customer service we have received though out the years and allow the contact to be cancelled since service cannot be attained for the purpose in which we purchased.

  4. I paid my bill before the do date on my account only to awake on the do date to fine my service was disconnected,with this company you never speech with a person you get a computer system,and they want a credit card number. You have more problem than how to pay a bill.c-spire is the company I am referring to.

    • I’m having similar issues with this company. I paid my bill before the due date in order to continue my service so that I could port my number to another carrier. I paid two days after the end of the previous billing cycle. After porting my number successfully I asked that I be prorated and refunded the remainder of my payment. I was denied by a phone rep and stated that my request to terminate will be honored at the end of the billing cycle. Why should I “give” you a full month of pay when actually I only used two days of service? It seems that once my resources are in the bank account of your company there is no recourse to being honest, faithful or clean with business transactions as I was. For over the past six years I was a loyal customer who was never late on paying my bill. This company seems to me to be a back alley operation with no regard to good, loyal customers. I won’t recommend this company to anyone else and I don’t intend to do business with them ever again in the future.

  5. I have had a phone from Cspire for about five years. Several months ago i bought a samsung galaxy s with their prepay plans. I have had more trouble with this phone than I have with any other phone from other carriers. My samsung will not let me call out or receive calls. Basically I have no dial out tone and the phone is useless. Now im told that I have to wait until tomorrow to “try” and get my samsung fixed because there is no 24 hour costumer service telephone line. I am now reconsidering my choice in phone carriers.

  6. Was a day late paying my bill. My phone tells me to call a number but when I try to call that number, the phone tells me to call that number again. Most frustrating thing I’ve ever experienced. I don’t have a store nearby and I want to pay my bill but for some reason online payments cant be made past due unless its on the phone or in person

  7. I have been a cspire customer for about a year now. I decided I would add my sister to the line to try and help her out we got the iphone 4s for her. Started off great she was paying the bill and everything then she decided to run away with the phone and not pay the bill period ((which it was already over due anyways since she didnt pay her half last time either)). So now im stuck with a $681 bill that I’ve already paid 300$ on already. I sent an email to someone at cspire and told them that she had stolen the phone ((which she did by not giving iy back before she left)) and all they have to say to me is I owe 431$ or I will be disconnected. And I politely asked if their was any way they could help. Nothing.

  8. Cspire is the biggest joke of the south. No wonder they changed their name. They probably already had so many bad reviews they had no choice. I have never EVER had SOOO much trouble contacting a real person to resolve a simple issue. If you really want to get mad. Try to contact Cspire they will really piss you off. Oh I can assure no one will ever SEE this. But I bet they not going to like me very much when I go in to that joke of an office in Pascagoula Ms. tomorrow and give them a piece of my mind tomorrow. Please what ever you do stay clear of these stupid jokers because unless you enjoy confusion sand trying to get past their computer talkers. Just trust me you don’t want Cspire I’ve given them 14 years and cannot even talk to someone. AND IM PAID UP…!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE

  9. Based on the facts that I couldn’t reach a customer service representative by phone, after waiting on hold for 20 minutes, nor chat on line with a representative because they “are not available” at 3 p.m. I would have to say that your customer service department, well to be blunt, sucks.

  10. I just wanted to let everyone know that CSPIRE is the worst company ever and has the worst customer service. I closed my account in May of 2014. They still charged me and now they owe me money back and I have been trying to get the money they owe me since September. It is now January of 2015 and I still have not got my money back. I will never go back to cspire nor will I tell anyone to use them.

  11. I walked into the CLinton, MS store on Saturday to have my voice mail checked. The customer service representative stated: ” You have a funny accent. Where are you from?”. Obviously not from MS…I find the statement insulting, to say the least. I dread the unprofessional reps at that store…..plz, management, do something about your service training!!!!

  12. I always have to call into CSPIRE just to pay the bill. If my card is good enough to pay it that way then it should be by phone. It keeps telling me that the card is not good on the phone, but not when calling. This just does not make much sense to me.

  13. Worse of the worse… a joke….no service ….ihave been with who ever they are this week about ten years…have three phones and wi fy i guess that spelled close enough…lol

  14. There have been numerous times that my phone has been interrupted with no warning, which created unnecessary issues for me. This last time it was rather embarrassing when I had no clue. I had business people trying to contact me. I had paid $100 a week prior. There was no reason for an interruption. The computer told me to pay $40 and my service would be turned back on. Really?? Isn’t there a credit too. I was told once my was $350 when checked 3 years ago. I don’t think it has been checked since. I only owe $125.00 for my regular month. I received no text, no email, etc. I bragged about Cspire the first two years I had it. Now, it has caused nothing but problems. I pay the bill one week and the next my phone service is interrupted. Unless something changes dramatically, I’m not alone in this Cspire will lose my business and others who this has happened to. Please fix your system. Go back to the way it used to be. I never write these kind of letters. It is pretty bad when I do. It has just happened too many times.

  15. I am contantly paying my pay as you go bill before the due date and every month my phone gets turned off and I have to try many times to call to get a live rep to straighten it out. It automatically gets taken from my card, but somehow CSPIRE never claims to get it on time. This sucks, paying your bill on time just to have it still disconnected on the due date. CSPIRE needs to do better

  16. This might not be the right place for this, but I had a question concerning a new bill that affects Internet Service Providers.

    The House of Representatives voted to allow ISP’s to sell private internet history to other companies. Can you ensure that you will not sell our private information for profit? Thank you.

  17. Why is my c-spire account suspended when I show that every bill has been paid and why was I allowed to buy another phone through c-spire recently if my account was in fact not up to date I think y’all need to check your records better and get back in touch with me I have not paid December22nd 2017 because it was explained to the salesman that I needed my account set up for the 3rd of each month at the time I bought the phone

  18. I would like to withdraw my complaints about the Oxford, MS office yesterday. Some were out sick and one had to go to another office to help. The receptionist, Audrey, did a wonderful job keeping things moving. Her recollection of who’s next is amazing.

  19. Terrible reception in the Bassfield area!
    More so in the last week that ever !!! People switching to other companies.
    Why can’t CSpire work on us having better service ?

  20. DON NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY! I bought a Phone that had a rebate from cspire. Y’all guessed it! After several attempts mailing the rebate forms along with dupilciate receipts followed by several trips to cspire offices— still no rebate! I must mention the cspire Staff did try to help.

  21. My C Spire phone shut down
    When powering up it said I needed to enter my password for my Google account to avoid losing my contacts n information
    I can’t get it to accept my password
    Can C Spire help ?
    Pls do not list my name !

  22. Is Cspire putting togather a task force for customers who leave little to no internet service. I was given a number to call & I called & they said they would get back with me. That was 3 weeks ago.The # I called was 1-800-637-7722 my phone # is 662-934-8782

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