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Contacting Bushnell Customer Service Center

Bushnell is widely known for manufacturing and selling rifle scopes used in sport hunting, but the company offers more than just rifle scopes. The company also produces spotting scopes, binoculars, laser range finders and GPS equipment. There is even a Golf section on the Bushnell website, but as of September 2012, there were no products listed in the section.

There are multiple reasons why a customer would need to contact Bushnell customer service, including warranty and return information.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Bushnell contact information on the Contact Us page is limited to an email form, but the phone number for Bushnell customer service is listed on the Service and Support page.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-423-3537
  • Corporate: 1-913-752-3400
  • Dealers: 1-800-221-9035
  • International: 1-913-752-3400
  • Canada: 1-800-361-5702
  • Europe: 33141449480
  • Australia: 61-2-9938-3244
  • New Zealand: +64 (04) 939-6800
  • Asia: 852-2546-8228

Mailing Address

The corporate mailing address is listed for multiple countries. We’ve listed the mailing addresses for the United States and Canada.

Bushnell US Corporate9200 CodyOverland Park, KS 66214

Bushnell Canada Corporate25A E. Pearce St.Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 2M9

Official Website

Bushnell’s official website is located at On the website you can order products, learn more about current product selections or contact Bushnell customer service for detailed information on products, sales, returns and more. You can also register for an account at no cost to track orders.

Customer Service Email

The customer service email form is located on the Contact Us page of the Bushnell customer service portoin of the site. This form is the same form customers will find if they click the Contact Us button on any page of the site.

Our Experience

You cannot speed up your call to Bushnell customer service by pressing 0. If you press 0 you will have to listen to the automated introduction and options from the beginning. There is no option to speak with a customer service representative unless you’re calling about repairs, warranties or product information. We pressed 2 for product information and the call was immediately placed on hold with recorded messages about Bushnell products. We waited on hold for more than five minutes before the call was finally answered. The Bushnell representative worked with us to find the best rifle scope for a 30-6 rifle used for hunting whitetail deer in an open environment with shots commonly in excess of 100 yards.

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17 Comments on “Contact Bushnell Customer Service
  1. hi a bought a bushnell trophy xlt 2-6×32 pistol scope went too put it on and the front butler creek cover interfered with my setup so i twisted and pulled off the problem is lens and all came off from what i understand they have gas in them and will fog if this happens please help my season is 2 weeks away and i am in a mess

  2. I do hope you will do something to set off the mechanism of “Question/Anwer” in Europe, otherwise the customer am I shoud be very disappointed.

  3. I am very disappointed in your company! I sent back a bushnell rangefinder that quit working, hoping to get it fixed,or replaced.your company said it was obsolete “no parts”.Its always been my understanding that you stood behind your product better than that!I have two of your 4200 rifle scopes and love them and most of my friends and family use your product but if your going to do business like this there are plenty of good companies that will stand behind there product and warranties!!!! I spent $14 in shipping and $10 for you to ship it back NOT FIXED!!! Unacceptable. repair #6447965. thank you and God bless


  5. I have sent in a pair of 10×42 binocular’s for repair and you sent me back a paper stating they cant be fixed and you have offered me a new pair at a discounted price of $ 86.88, and you needed a response within 20 days so I am responding to let you know I will accept your offer for this pair of how can I get these sent to me? Is there going to be shipping cost and how much will that be? I will send you a check in the mail but I need to know the exact amount. Thank you for your help.

    • bought serengetti sunglasses at costco…. film covering lenses is peeling. where can i send for repair ?? need address … any cost, shipping time and cost. thank you for quick response.. love my glasses, many nice comments.

  6. I have a Bushnell neo xs that I purchased last spring/summer. Within a short time I noticed that it did not hold a charge for more than a round and you must charge it through the night to get it fully charged. By the end of the season, it was no longer able to finish the last couple of holes. Very disappointing. When I went to charge it for the first time this season it won’t even take a charge. I bought it on e bay and do not have my paperwork. I am not sure if I filled out the registration form. I do have the box and all the instructions. Where do I go from here? Karen Wassil-Mackey
    Wallace, NC

  7. They will not make my scopes good. I have tried to get 4 scopes repaired altogether and do not have a one that I can use. Bushnell is a sorry company and their warranty is not worth the paper that it is written on. I tried to get a scope with a lifetime warranty repaired, it was obsolete, they wanted $72.50 for a new scope at a discounted price because of the warranty. The warranty says a scope at the same or better quality will be sent at no charge

  8. just got back a scope i sent to Bushnell repair they return my package back never opened and had to pay againg 19$ ,are they banckrupt

  9. I sent my Bushnell laser to be looked at for repair. You indicated you could not repair for a reasonable price, there is no need to return the unit. The repair # is 8484701. Thank you Joe Faulkner Retired Golf Course Supt San Francisco

  10. Hey guys, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up about the company, product support and personal experience with these guys.

    I purchased a Bushnell Pro 1300 lumen flashlight around 10 months ago at Walmart. The tail switch starting becoming “ finicky “. The switch is “ finicky “ meaning it acts up. Does not rotate through modes, switch on/off correctly, or gets stuck. Of course the 90 days were up for any type of return to Wally’s They specify to contact Bushnell directly because it states warranty is 1 year from date of purchase.

    Fast forward I contact Bushnell directly. Never got a live person on phone after numerous attempts. Left voicemail to indicate problem and for them to send email as another from of communication. They did eventually.

    Customer Service specified send copy of receipt, packaging, pictures and description. I indicated that I tossed packaging when light was bought. The receipt was tossed once the 90 days was up because Wally’s will not take it back. The pictures are worthless because problem is internal electrical components of switch. I did not want to mess with removing anything because I was not trained and have not knowledge.

    I explained the problem in detail. CS stated I had to incur return shipping charges to send light back, pay for return shipping if light were to be replaced, Bushnell WILL NOT be responsible if light gets lost during return/re shipment.

    Wow, What type of customer service.product support is that? What a JOKE!!!

    Needless to say, I WILL NO LONGER purchase or support the any Bushnell brand.

    Bushnell is a TOTAL JOKE of retail business.

  11. I have had the same problem with the service dept. they will not answer my call. I want them to check out 2 xtreame Tatical scopes 6x-24x-50mm and cant get through. I agree with the rest of these people. a Joke

  12. I would like to thank the repair service department for the great service I have receive for three different items. I never had a company that did so good for me.thanks again.

  13. I have been trying to contact bushnell about a scope I bought that did not come with the turret caps. It’s been over a week now of me calling every day (more than a couple times a day). Email daily with no response or getting to talk to anyone. I have stayed on the phone numerous times over 30 minutes. I will never buy another bushnell product.

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