Contact Busch Gardens Customer Service

Contacting Busch Gardens Customer Service Center

Busch Gardens is an amusement park with two locations in the US – Tampa and Williamsburg. The amusement park is part of the Sea World Parks company.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service agents are available to speak with customers between 8 AM and 8 PM Monday to Sunday EST. Call the number that matches the Busch Gardens locations you visited.

  • Customer Service Tampa: 1-888-800-5447
  • Customer Service Williamsburg: 1-800-343-7946

Mailing Address

Sending a letter to Busch Gardens by mail is the slowest available option, but one many customers still use for complaints and compliments.

Sea World Parks and Entertainment Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 9205 South Park Center Loop Ste. 400 Orlando, FL 32819


Busch Gardens Virginia 1 Busch Gardens Blvd. Williamsburg, VA 23187

Official Website

There are two official websites for Busch Gardens. The first is the page for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay located at and the second is for Busch Gardens Virginia located at You can purchase tickets, learn more about group orders and contact customer service with any questions or issues you may have.

Customer Service Email

Busch Gardens customer service is available by email with two direct email addresses listed on the company websites.

When contacting Busch Gardens customer service by phone, make sure you include your contact information in the body of the email, including your name and phone number if you’d like a call instead of an email response. Also describe the issue or question in detail so the customer service agent has a better chance of answering your question right the first time.

We sent a message to Busch Gardens Tampa about bad weather and ticket refunds. When customer service replies we’ll tell you just how long you can expect to wait and if the agent was able to answer our question accurately and personally or if the response was just a copy and paste message.

Our Experience

We called Busch Gardens customer service and tried to press 0 to move to a customer service agent, but the automated list of options just repeated, but when we pressed 0 again the call was transferred to another line that requested our telephone number. We entered a telephone number and an agent immediately answered the call. We asked about admission costs for children under the age of three and the agent told us small children were free, but a paying adults would have to purchase tickets for $69.99 each. This cost is relevant as of October 2012.

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76 Comments on “Contact Busch Gardens Customer Service
  1. Williamsburg park is worst place and exsperience we ever had anywhere so far. sad place sad staff. DONT GO THERE… Go to jerry springer for the ghetto life expeience.

  2. I along with 700 disabled veterans came to Tampa. I decided to take my family to Bush Gardens. I am a double amputee (Vietnam) a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. Even though I am disabled I carry a Blue I.D. Card witch meens I get the same privileges as Active duty. Another double amputee (Iraq Vet) went the day before and he and his wife and two daughters got in free with his Blue I.D. Card. I was charged 50% off and 10% for my wife and daughters. I need to understand your policy. We got about 2 1/2 hours in before we got rained out. That is a lot of money for such a short time. Especially when we are not able to go one your rides, I just go to enjoy watching my kids have fun.
    Please explain as we do come down there 5 to 6 times a year. We go to your water park and once a year me and my family get in free, something like a Hero’s Day. That is cool.
    Hope you get back with me and let me know why one double amputee got in free and the other paid over $300.00.
    Thank you, Tim Davis

  3. Please start cooling Grogan’s Pub. I do not feel like buying a pretty expensive beer and then sitting in a hot room to drink it. What a waste of a fine establishment. The service is excellent and the ambience is wonderful. But it is too uncomfortable to visit.

  4. bush gardens in tampa is horrible went there with a sickly child and my family despite 62 degrees spoke to the 1-888 guest relations that stated accomodations would be met for my sickly child as long as she displayed the button in which we did and were denied all accomodations and at the bumper cars my 11 yr old son was humiliated when it clearly states 52 inches to ride the worker mashed his hair down stated hair didn’t count and was ordered to leave the went went to seasame street attempting to put my daughter on hippos of the nile when workers Jennifer and step stated she was to short to ride but shes 3 and was riding with her 7yr old brother and when I asked for there names they began to get rude saying they have been there for 5yrs they don’t know were we come from but need to go back I went to guest services and a old white lady said oh well another complaint put it in the comment box my family vacation was ruined in tampa florida on bouganvilla bushgardens they are so disrespectful and no accomodations

  5. I live here locally and I have to say 2 out of 3 times I have had a bad experience. First was during Halloween and the houses were sooo packed you could not get scared. The cheetah broke down twice. And a drink was 7 dollars for a beer.

    Christmas town… not waste your money. It was awful. You expect so much and its mostly vendors and one big building with snow but so many people are waiting and when you get inside you can barely see the snow due to how many people are on it. I thought I would see lots of Christmas trees decorated in different styles…nope just lights on bushes and the oaks. Please do not waste your money you will be very disappointed.

    PS. the bathroom was disgusting. Pee was puddle up that I had to roll my pants up.

  6. Busch gardens had a horrible Christmas town in 2013. and this is coming from a 10 year old, but there was nothing to even enjoy. I only rode 2 things and stayed for a hour. I mean, there was a lady there who told us that every year only ONE roller coaster was open. the lady must’ve been new, because every year only one is CLOSED. My mom and both grandma’s were bored and frustrated and the 2 things I rode were the Little Baloons ride and that was with my 2 year old little sister, and the Divinci’s cradle, which I think the was the best ride there this year. When we tried to get some dinner at the Italian place, my mom and one of my grandma’s were in line and they said that they had to shut down the line because there was nowhere to sit but we already had a table. So I thought that they were not prepared for all of these people in one day and ran out of food, but 5 minutes later they reopened the line and people got food. It was absolute crap this year so we went to the McDonald’s down the road and got better service than that crap you were giving us. And during parking there were open spaces all over the place but you were trying to take us to the extra parking slots across the street. I usally love the park, but you guys took it to a new low this year with that crap. And what was up with closing the Sesame Street area this year. My little sister was so exited to see all the guys on that show, but none were there, so my mom had to explain that they were not there this time and she cried and cried in the car. It was absolutely HORRIBLE.

  7. Busch Gardens was SO crappy this year I stayed for 20 minutes and I had been on a broken down ride.You people are full of Britney spears initials.

  8. My family went to Busch Gardens back in 2007 and we had a great experience with no problems at all. We also spent a day at the waterpark and was very pleased. We would love to go back and experience this again and would like some updated info sent to us in prices for children 3 up to adults and would also like to have a brochure if possible. Our family has expanded since we last came from 4 to 6. If there are any special events or any kind of discounts we could get, this would b awesome! Thank you!!

  9. We had an amazing time at Christmas town and visited on December 20th. It was not too crowded and it truly was beautiful; it looked heavenly with all the lights. We found it refreshing to walk around and hear traditional Christmas music; I had 4 teen girls with me and they had a blast in the snow area; throwing snow balls and sliding down in tubes! Many wonderful photo opps all over the park! We all loved the nativity scene carved out of bushes. Busch Gardens should be commended for not hiding the reason for Christmas—Jesus’ birth:)

  10. Went to see Justin Moore concert. He started by announcing that he was sponsored by the NRA and that he liked to kill things. After a few songs he added that he was a proud Republican and liberals could kiss his ass.I decided to pass on that opportunity and the rest of the concert.With your current PR problems, do you really need to be represented by a Ted Nugent wannabe? i went to the concert because I’m originally from Arkansas- like Mr Moore- and I like country. I’m not part of PETA. I am almost 70 and try to keep an open mind but this guy needs to check his politics at the door. If he won’t, you need to show him the door before he alienates even more customers. He is at Sea World tomorrow. Good luck with that.


  12. Williamsburg Busch Gardens is the best, most beautiful, and most eclectic park in the world. It has something for everyone. I love each “country,” the shopping, the shows, the rides, cleanliness,and the overall experience. Over the years we have watched BGW grow, but maintain the beautiful and accommodating atmosphere. Christmas Town is especially lovely with a “gazillion” lights and breath-taking displays. I am really grateful that we live so close and can enjoy the experience often!

  13. I went to Busch Gardens a few days ago and I almost got killed. I got on loch ness monster and your people forgot to push down the harness. I had to hold down the harness the whole ride so I never got enjoy it. I also blacked out during the ride.

  14. I had grandchildren 2 from Mississippi and 2 from Georgia for mothers day I had told the children about the new ride that Bush Gardens Tampa had they saw it ADVERTIZED on TV the night they arrived at my home and wanted to go we went after getting into the park we went to the ride the ride has not even passed inspection therefore not operating thank for nothing $450.00 later this is false Advertizing
    and they should pay a big fine

  15. I went to Busch on Sunday and did the wine and food wrist band with my husband. We were both held a $50 charge even though it was one account. Our charges came to $44 and some change which you withdrew from my account however for some reason unknown to me you are still holding $50 I would appreciate it greatly if you would release my other $50 since you have no reason to hold it again. The guy stated I did not need to cancel my wrist band because he did my husbands. Apparently he needed to scan my as well. Brian R Devine and Kimberly Devine this is a situation that should have never taken place and trying to resolve this issue is insane no number to contact the park.

  16. Thank you for a wonderful experience overall at the Williamsburg, VA Busch Gardens. I would like to acknowledge a few people and groups that really gave more of themselves to the guests during our two days there. First, Nora, who was part of the wine tasting in France did a very good job explaining the wines, educating us about them, and taking her time with us. Della, who was the wine tasting host in Italy did a good job with her friendliness to us. The group “Mix it Up” gave us an incredible effort despite the 100 degree temperatures outside. This group really cares about the performance. Another group we liked so much was the animal trainers and show. There is evidence of care for the animals at this park, especially with the heat. Finally, a gentleman who worked at the guest service desk up in the front of the park was very helpful and enthusiastic about our days at the park. The shows were all surprisingly good, lots of energy and smiles coming to us from the performers. Thank you for everything.

  17. i am very upset with the way your lost and found department handles lost items. My son visited the Tampa busch gardens park. Both my son and his friend went on a rollercoaster ride sheikra. My son said his phone slipped out his pocket at the very beginning of the ride. When they spoke with james at lost and found he took my sons info down and explained it maybe on the net underneath the rollercoaster. I spoke to James myself and he confirmed that @12midnight busch gardens has a crew that clears all the nets from each coaster. I was told to call the next day and speak to john. Speaking with John he explained on july 19, @ around 1:30 afternoon, there was only one phone but was not my sons. He explained that busch gardens has lawn crew every other day and if found they will bring in to there department. I called on Sunday the 20 of july in a rude tone john said i told you i would call if we found your sons phone. When i told him what he said about the lawn crew every other day he condoscendingly said you dont expect them to work on Sundays do you? I have called during the week before 4 as told that was lost and found hours. On July 23rd i left a detailed message explaining my concerns on voice mail that said someone will get back to me. I have yet to get a return call. Now today Aida answers the phone for the most part helpful until I asked for her corp number. She said I dont know it look for it online. This was a brand new I phone 5 that was last pinged when i spoke to my phone carrier at busch gardens. I refuse to spend any more money with this park. I have yet to hear from someone that really is concerned. A phone is very important for my son to have. My husband and I work in a diffrent county from his school and keep tabs on him that way. This is a brand new phone that has not been set up with i cloud.

  18. My family and I have been to Busch Gardens Williamsburg several times and have had great experiences.Last time we went I unfortunately lost my cell phone.After reporting this to the lost and found department they actually found it and mailed it back to me.I am extremely thankful to all your staff and hope they keep up the good work.I will be sure to let everyone I know about my wonderful vacations at your park.Thanks again!

  19. you can not reach a live person on the phone. there are some questions that can not be answered on the automated line. our church group concidered bringing over 100 church and underpriveledged teens in december for the christmas celebeation and i needed special answers. i couldn’t get schedules for november and december and they and they are not in the brosure. i am going to have to disappoint many teens I HOPE YOU WILL SHOW A LITTLE CLASS AND NOT SELL MY EMAIL TO EVERYONE.

  20. Busch Gardens website functionality is non-existant. If the websites are having problems or are being reworked, they should be tagged accordingly to let people know when it is useless to try to connect….save your customers some time and frustration.

  21. Our family went to Christmastown last year(1st time).We were impressed with the parks decorations, that I have made this now a family tradition, and even if our family is somewhat miles away, when we gettogether for Christmas,we will now make this our family tradition. I also signed up for your email newsletter. Headin there again late December. Thanks,Marie Hopper

  22. I have recently went on new years eve and I bought I accidentally bought a guick cue dining pass and i ment to buy a fast pass so I got to return it and they said they gave me a full refund and charged me for the other pass but they never refunded me and I’m getting really pissed because I had to pay for the other pass to

  23. My daughter and 9 year old granddaughter went to Christmas town in 2013 and enjoyed it tremendously, especially the ice show. The skaters were marvelous. We invited guest from north Florida this Dec 2014. We were extremely disappointed that we not only missed the ice show twice, but had to purchase a day pass. I am 74 years old and only wanted to walk around Christmas town and enjoy the skate show. That is too much to pay for just the Christmas town and it was too crowded that is probably the reason we did not get to see the ice show. This was a gift to my husband and I celebrating 49 years of marriage.

  24. Could someone please answer your darn phone that you advertise as customer contact number.. due to unusually large call volume we cannot help you at this time. What a bunch of BS……I am trying to purchase a ticket for my Grandson’s birthday…..he’s planning to go there this Saturday…it’s now Thursday night…….you charged my credit card with ease…….I left my phone number in an email…I better get a call back very soon.

  25. I have been calling the Busch Gardens Customer Service line for two weeks and no one is answering the phone. This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had. This company is losing business by not simply having live customer service reps available for customers to interact with about purchasing tickets or making travel plans. Tips and Clues: Your losing business!!

  26. I have been trying for 35 minutes to reach a human to ask a specific question. No where could I speak with someone to answer a question for me. This really gets discouraging when you try every number on your website and still can’t speak with someone.
    I finally came across a number where I left my phone number and supposedly they will call back so now I just wait and see. You need to improve communication and not just automated. I know times have changed; however, this is ridiculous!!

  27. Today my daughter and I took my grandson to Busch. We are members and go often. Today I sent my daughter to the smokehouse to get lunch and was I surprised when she brought a turkey and ham club. What happened to the brisket sandwich? I was really looking forward to that and couldn’t believe what she got. I hadn’t been to the smoke house yet this year and was highly disappointed with this visit.

  28. I can’t even call customer service. High call volumes. It automatically disconnects you. I hate Busch Gardens and SeaWorld. I want to cancel our annual passes. Hell will freeze over before I ever buy another pass. I’m sticking with Disney and Universal Studios. Honestly, I hate SeaWorld & Busch Gardens. They keep taking more and more away and charging higher and higher or making things “extra fee”. They email me pass holder special offers and make it hard to preregister or hard to redeem at park. The staff are indifferent to your complaints. Every time we have been to the parks, we have ALWAYS been disappointed. I can see closing rides because of bad weather but since they’ve taken out most the interactive indoor activities and placed them with cheap quality gift shops or eateries there is NOTHING to do when the rides close except shop and eat (which makes more money for them). If I hear “I’m sorry” one more time, I’ll lose it. I don’t want “I’m sorry”. I want CHANGES.

  29. I am attempting to purchase tickets from the website. I was on step 3 when the website redirected me to more stuff I could buy. It would then not allow me to go back, but just kept looping me to the buy more stuff page. I did not get to put names down for my e tickets and have not received an e mail. It has however cleared my bank and I have no tickets! You can’t actually speak to anyone! I have to wait around for another hour for them to call me back because, I have all day!

  30. tuesday july 14
    arrived at busch gardens adveture island tampa around 12pm. setup and proceeded to wait for one of the slides. about half way up the park was closed because of weather. my family sat under a slide for two hrs baby was not happy. proceeded to exit and wanted a rain check. we were military family and had used our yearly free visit.we are thankful for this but was told only the paying customers can have a rain check.i and most people i talked to do not think this policy is fair please give them the same treatment as paying customers chances are they will return i concider this a slap in the face to the military families it is good relations to change this policy i dont think it will run you out of buisness. thank you john moncrief US ARMY

  31. We did not fill out a lost and found form. I called the lost and found number about a missing phone, and spoke to John… He was very very helpful and was able to locate our phone! Thank you John!

  32. I have just read a article on the Internet saying that you would not let a man into the park wearing a kilt is this true Because. If it is true. Boy. Wait to see the amount of people coming with a kilt on.

  33. I have just read a article on the Internet saying that you would not let a man into the park wearing a kilt is this true Because. If it is true. Boy. Wait to see the amount of people coming with a kilt on.

  34. I purchase tickets to Busch Gardens for 9/25/2015 (the first day of your Halloween theme; I also purchase tickets to the theme diner and show. ) I was extremely disappointed the show was rained out the diner was disgusting, the food was cold and dry. There was no real cover from the rain so we could eat. I really think the diner and show ticket purchase should be returned to me. It was for 3 adults and 1 child. Very unhappy.

  35. I am so disappointed in our visit to Christmastown last night, we had a family of 11, which 2 met us there!! In the event of meeting us there it was so crowded we lost part of our family, we were very upset!! You could hardly move around and stay together, for the safety of our grandchildren we left, we were afraid of losing them!!! I cannot believe the amount of people you let in the park, it saddens me that this was party of my family’s Christmas gift, and we couldn’t even enjoy it!!! Soooo disappointed!! I really would like a refund, the excitement for my family is over!!! Thank you,

  36. Good evening

    Unfortunately I write to you with a bad experience

    We are season pass holders (two parks, two adult two children) and make the drive passed kings dominion to go to Busch gardens. I love the family friendly and clean environment.

    Today was supposed to be our first suprise trip for our boys to Christmastown

    After sitting behind a filled tractor trailer for over an hour at Quantico we were on our way. We get to route 60 at 4:06 pm we were stuck until 5:51pm and that is the time we were handed a note saying they were full

    After six hours in a car we are all beat and got no condolences from customer service

    This was literally the day we planned to be here, even booked a hotel and now our mini vacation is looking like it won’t happen. We can possibly squeeze it in tomorrow but after that we will be tending to my mother which is having neck and spine surgery Wednesday

    If there is anything you can do to honor our tickets tomorrow that would be greatly apprieched

  37. We TRIED to attend Christmas Town on Monday. December 21st. After driving an hour and waiting in line 2 hours to get in the park, we were turned away because the park was full. Very, very frustrating and unsettling for our 2 grandchildren. We are going to request a full refund for our tickets.

  38. We went to Busch Gardens last year as a family trip (6 of us). We saved for 18 months to go. We had entered the park and it started raining. We’d stand in line, the attendant would tell us to wait, that they’ll start up again. It did…but in 8 1/2 HOURS we never rode 1 ride! Customer Service gave us comp. tickets. I explained to them that there was NO way we could afford to come back again this year, but they said they couldn’t issue them for 2016. So we worked 117 hours extra to pay $4000 to get 6 people to a place we can’t afford to go back to until 2016. I called customer service and they said that there was nothing they can do. It is unfortunate that I work for a large company and have shared my experience with my co workers within the Twin Cities Area. They too, will be looking to go to Universal Studios or Disneyworld instead.


    Jessica P

  39. I have been trying to find a phone number to be able to actual speak to a human customer service agent with no luck. There is only one phone number to contact your park and it is all automated. VERY FUSTRATING to say the least!

  40. Went to Christmas Town on New Years’ Day 1.1.16. Our experience was extremely negative. Massive crowds. My 87 year old mother in a wheelchair was almost knocked over. no control over the massive crowds by Busch Gardens personnel. I strongly suggest they make wheelchair/stroller lanes along the pathways waking from country to country to avoid having the handicapped mobbed. Every show was crowded over capacity and people were standing up in the backs of the theaters. if this is a yearly event, they need to open more up in the park for people to do. when you have 10,000 people and only 5 rides open or 5 shows to attend the lines are humongous. The wait to get on the train or on the bucket ride across the park was more than one hour. I will never go back to Christmas Town again. Spent 200 dollars for admission, wheelchair rentals, parking and food and stayed two hours and gave up. Busch Gardens you need to be more sensitive and address the needs of the handicapped patrons in wheelchairs.

  41. Hi,

    I wanted to take the survey and pressed one 7 times but the recording kept repeating itself. I had a wonderful experience with customer service. The lady was kind, understanding and very HUMAN! She did things quick and professionally. Loved it.

    Thank you,
    Angela Faiola

  42. Hi,

    The recording keeps calling. I also changed phones to make sure it was not my phone. Oh well I wrote my comments here.
    Bye and thanks again for your excellent service.
    Angela Faiola

  43. Good morning,
    I wanted to take a moment to make you aware of my experience with the Bush Gardens website as well as the call center. I have on multiple occasions attempted to access the Bush Gardens website to purchase tickets for the meal deals as well as Christmas Town tickets and 9 out 10 time it does not go smoothly. When I have keyed in my username and password I get a message that says username or password not valid. So I have hit the send password though email button and then I never receive the the past I have spent 30 minutes to an hour trying to access the website. Then I try to call the call center for help with resetting my password or to just make my purchase over the phone. Most times that this has happened there is a extremely long wait to speak to someone. The last time this happened we where planning to go to Christmas Town. Once again I tried the website to purchase tickets with no avail, at which time I called the call center and literally hold on while I took a shower, blow dried my hair, got dressed, and got in the car and head to Bush Gardens. This wait was almost an hour and then I got disconnected. Really! So I called back and the message I received was my hold time would be 50 minutes. The only other choice at this point was to wait in line to purchase our tickets when we arrived at the park. Which is what we did and that add about another 20 minutes to our wait for the day. I am sorry. I do not think this is expectable especially when I am calling or visiting a company the size of Bush Gardens. I think y’all can do better with the way the website works. Therefore I would not have to call in and wait on hold for almost an hour. Get disconnected and call back and find that my wait once again will be 50 minutes to speak to someone, and that is if I am not disconnected again. I am sure trying to accommodate the amount people you guys attract can be daunting task, however I am sure that with the amount of money that we spend to come to Bush Gardens for one day you can come up with a better way of customer service. It was also unfortunate that on this particular day that we went to Bush Gardens it was so crowded that we only saw one show and rode maybe three rides. We are current season pass holders and have been for many years. I really hope that Bush Gardens will take this email serious and really check in to improving their customer service with regards to my above experience. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.
    JoAnn Bennett-Worthy

  44. Talked to your personnel who told me she knew nothing about Williamsburg Bush Garden. Could not give me a number that did or could answer my questions. She hung up without saying I’m sorry I could not help you, Good bye or anything. I was still talking and she had hung up.

    Please, I would like to know if the shows have changed and how many there were. We used to get a yearly pass but stopped as the shows were always the same. Particurally Ireland. We are 79 and 80 and I am in wheel chair so only see shows.

  45. I just bought Busch Gardens fun cards for my family. I saw no where about it including Adventure Island. The special was supposed to last until 3/31. Can you please confirm how this works? Thank you!

  46. Poor customer service experience. Lady that took my phone call spoke poor English and I had difficulty understanding her. My matter WAS NOT resolved.

  47. I visited Busch Gardens Williamsburg with my husband and grandson. While they were riding the roller coasters I decided to do some shopping. I only bought a couple of items because of the expense. I asked the associate if they offered AAA discount and she said no. She asked if I was a season pass holder and I replied no. I asked if they offered military or any other discount and she said no. Not until we were getting ready to leave the park and I bought a t-shirt and paid for it was I told that I could buy a shoppers pass for 12.95 and get 25% off on select merchandise. No one mentioned it earlier and I was upset about it. I would have bought a lot more mdse if I had been made aware of it. I spent over $100 in the park and over $100 for 3 tickets. I would like to know why no one bothered to tell me about it until it was too late.

  48. What an unfortunate experience I had… and I haven’t even made it to the park.
    I purchased ezpass one year tickets online a couple of months ago. Haven’t made it out to the park yet, but my daughter had the opportunity this morning to go with friends as part of a sleepover. My wife and I are home tending to our other daughter’s guests to celebrate her birthday earlier this week.
    I called the park to make sure that my daughter could go and receive her pass without any of us there. To my surprise, they said my wife HAD to be at the park for my 14yr old to get her pass.
    I understand the need for heightened security these days, but it is too easy to identify a persons identity over the phone. I do it all the time whenever talking with my bank/kids school/doctor/etc.
    I can’t help but imagine if I were overseas (where I’ve spent much of my adult life)… Would I have to fly back to Busch Gardens for my daughter to be able to get her pass? All this should have been too easy. There are too many park alternatives to consider getting over $500 in passes.
    But not for the courtesy given by Terria J. (the only good showing from Busch), who took her time with me and was polite the whole… -I would’ve blown a gasket. It stinks that she was having to get direction from helpless managers who kept singing the same song -Mother has to be there or no pass. Managers are there in part, for the purpose of making decisions that are out of the norm.
    I tried to get a full refund back (despite not having been to the park yet), futile -no chance.
    Get it together Busch… and act like you appreciate your paying customers.

  49. Sir,

    My name in Todd Gonring, and I am a special Investigator retained by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). I am presently conducting a background investigation on someone you may know. Please call me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

    I have left a message at your Williamsburg employment line but have not received a call back


  50. Poor customer service. Was told they could not help me nor would they transfer my call to a different department. Was actually told I have customers waiting so have to go at which point I became upset and stated my family have been customers for the past three days..
    Was also asked if my son “even bothered” to address the situation I was calling about. Paulette should not be in guest relations.

  51. bought a fun card online today and was unable to lprint it– now I can print but can’t find the paper with bar code to print

  52. I lost my hat in the Dark Castle went to customer service gave them a description of my hat been calling them all day Monday, Tuesday, And Wednesday and couldnt get nobody on the phone. My hat was giving to me from my kids on Fathers day, very fustrating. I gave customer service my email the day I left the park havent heard from them since. You all should have a better system than what you’ll have. So when I talk to my friends I can tell them that when they loose something it would be very fustrating to get in touch with customer service!.

  53. I lost my phone in one of the roller coasters in Williamsburg two weeks ago. I filled out a paper form 15 minutes after losing it. And when I have not heard back from them after a week, I filled out an online form. I think my description is very detailed to identify that my phone from the rest if in case they happen to find it. However, another week had passed and I still haven’t heard anything. I called the the customer service number and it doesn’t have any option to connect to the Lost and Found department, but it does have a call back if you want to take a survey. I think I pretty much know what I am going to say if they ever did call me back. 🙁

  54. I think there should be a discount on tickets for handicapped people, especilly those who cant ride on anything. I am the handicapp person but I have custody of my 9year old grand-daughter who enjoys busch gardens but I have to bring her and its a waste because I cant ride a thing

  55. I think its very unfair that you cant cancell your membership if you cant use it due to medical reasons. This pass has only been used two times and now I haave to pay for the remainder of the season. and its non transferrable

  56. Tuesday July 26 myself and 4 other friends, from Taiwan, came to your Busch Gardens in Va. After paying close to $400 , we proceeded to enjoy the rides, attractions and food in your park. However around 6pm, all the rides shut down due to inclement weather. The only problem was that the sun was out and the skies were not cloudy. Since I was told that we had to wait out the storm, the only things left to do was eat and shop as we had already seen the few shows that were available that day. Effectively the park was closed at 6pm and everyone should go home. I was told by guest relations that if a storm appears on their radar within 10 miles, then all rides cease. The storm came to your area around 10:30pm long after the park was closed. This is a ridiculous policy and we definitely feel robbed financially. It was embarrassing to explain to our foreign guests why we had to leave as they could not understand. Either your policy needs to re-evaluated or you need to start refunding money to the customers. I expect to be given some sort of restitution for the time and money lost. It was a 3 1/2 hour ride to and from.

  57. My family and I would come to Busch Gardens and Water Country every year for a week up until our last visit in 2011. So we were very excited to be visiting after 5 years. Boy, were we disappointed. On Friday, 8/5, we arrived and went straight to the Roman Rapids, as soon as we walk up, it closes for difficulties. Go to ride the Gondola, wait in line and that closes due to difficulties, go to ride Mach Tower, that is closed. Return on 8/6, and the only ride that my husband wanted to ride, Roman Rapids is still closed. Didn’t even return to try on Sunday. Very disappointed.

  58. I have been trying to call Busch Gardens customer Service now for 2 days. Your phone service is absolutely terrible, the 4 times I called the shorter wait was 60 minutes and the longest 85 mins……really that is not a service. I still have not managed to get through and now will probably have to resort to driving 40 mins to Busch Gardens to speak directly. Rubbish Service, not impressed.

  59. Are currently at Busch Gardens on 4/14/17 and very disappointed that rides are continually closing. Am visiting from MN with 2 of my children. Rented a locker for our loose belongings at the Cheetah Hunt only
    for the ride to close (still is closed after an hour and a half). Went to board the SkyRide to transport across the park and have been told that is down. Now at the train stop ay Nairobi and have been told that a train is down and the ride is now temporarily out of service for an indefinite period of time.
    Very disappointing.
    Was expecting a better experience since we paid admission comparable to a Disney park-but I would currently rate this as a poor/fair experience in comparison to the job Disney does.

  60. We have been Busch Gardens/Adventure Island Tampa Bay Annual Pass holders for over 20 years. Over the past two years we have a few bad experiences but today was over the top. We arrived at Adventure Island around noon and proceeded to the entrance with our gear and a very small cooler. The attendant informed us we could not enter with our cooler and when I asked why he said we had to purchase everything inside. I then asked how a person with a medical condition who must eat at specific times and cannot the food you sell is supposed to enjoy the park. Then WITHOUT my permission the security person rummaged through my cooler putting his hands on my fruit and drinks, holds up a water bottle and said I could enter with that. I cannot believe you could be so rude to your long time PAYING customers. I have been on the phone supposedly getting a call back to cancel my membership. The recording said the wait was 54 minutes and that was almost three hours ago. There is no link on your website for cancelling. I would like the CEO of Busch Gardens Tampa, Joel Manby to contact me since obviously you do not return calls in a timely manner. By the way Adventure Islands parking lot was at the most half full. Could that be a result of your new policy and rude staff?? In previous years quite often the park was so full you had to turn guests away. You loose Busch Gardens! Janet and Neil Neiman

  61. Went to BG/Willamsburg for Halloscreem with son and daughter-in-law this past weekend – enjoyed as usual – but really wanted to comment on the food and change in ITALY – the new setup is wonderful – nice selection and food was very good – like the dessert arrangement on the other side – and like the drink section separate with multiple selections — anxious to see Christmas town and what they offer- flowers were beautiful – keep up the good work

  62. I am a Travel Agent, trying to get information on how to access your Travel Agent site. When I try to reset my password, as I had not used it in quite sometime, I was unable to conquer this.It keeps telling me that e-mail address is in use, yes, of course. I also reserved a scooter for my daughter who is disabled, for the 12-29-2017, and gave my Credit Card information never received an e-mail back that it was confirmed.
    I cannot changed my E-Mail as it is imperative and in use with many tour operators.

  63. I have tried 3 days off and on many times to reach someone by phone on your 1-888-800-5447 number listed and it is always busy….I need to talk with a representative about my tickets I have purchased…..

  64. On March 6,2018 I mailed a few photo slides to the Guest Correspondence department at Busch Gardens-Tampa, of both BG, and Sea World taken by me .As of this writing I have not heard if they were received or acknowledged by any one.
    It would be nice to hear if they were of use to the park(s)
    Thank you for your time.

  65. I called for information the day before and asked questions about using my electric mobility scooter, They said no problem they even said I could get a map for recharging. I asked these questions so that my husband would not have to push me all over that park. With free military pass and handicap pass, we were charged for parking, and then security guard said no electric scooter, I asked for supervisor and he stuck his face in my face and he said if I argue with him he was going to kick me out of the park. I was so shocked at his rudeness. If I had know they would not allow my scoot on handicap card I could have brought either a push or electric wheelchair. As it was I had to pay for a push wheel chair since no electric were available. It was hard on my husband and people we ran into since no brake for husband to reach. I was so wanting my husband to go on fun rides, but he was getting tired and his back hurt. I tried to help but I was holding everything since there was no basket. I could go on with more complaints but others have mentioned . I was most upset with security guard being so rude and acting racist. I white him black and husband black so you know I am not racist

  66. We just left the Tampa location at 6:30 on 7/6/18. When trying to get on the shuttle back to the parking lot, the employees there told the crowd that as soon as the tram stops everyone can run toward tram. That was very suprprising to me because people began pushing past others and it was like a herd of elephants. My children got on the nexr tram and my mom and I were pushed by people behind us so my mom and I had no seats. I got my children off that tram and we waited for the next tram and almost got pushed out of the way for that tram too. This is a safety issue. If you don’t have a single que line, then the employees should never tell people to run to the tram when it stops. I hope this gets resolved before someone gets hurt.

  67. I am planning a trip and want to know about joint tickets to Busch Gardens and Water Country, I cant find them anywhere ….. can you help??

  68. I love Busch Gardens and would hate to write a bad review but I have been calling 2 days and have been on hold. On Friday, August 17, I took my mom there. I have a fun pass and I chose to purchase the disabled guest pass for her, at $45.00. When I saw my credit card statement, BG charged me 2 -$85 tickets as well as the $45. When I tried to get through I was put on hold and told I would wait 71 minutes!! Finally I tried to get someone in group sales to take a message today, Monday at 1245 and they refused and a woman named Tiffany gave the phone to a manager at my request and he wouldn’t even give his name, nor do nything but state there would be a callback. I explained this was unacceptable as I’d received no callbacks for 2 days and he hung up. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS no apology or any service whatsoever.

  69. Horrible! Can not find a way to speak to a person about our purchased tickets for Christmas Town 2020 in Williamsburg. I never received a confirmation email, but was charged $184!

  70. I’ve been on hold for well over an hour trying to talk to someone. This is not the first time that I’ve tried to get in touch with a live person. We needed to reschedule our Christmas Town tickets because of illness. I’m very upset that no one seems to be at home there!

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